BOC chief responds to Inquirer columnist: We’re addressing smuggling problem


Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—With its intensified “Run After the Smugglers,” or RATS campaign, the Bureau of Customs’ program against smuggling is a “work in progress,” according to BOC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon.

In a phone interview, Biazon made the assertion on Thursday as he also disputed Inquirer columnist Rigoberto Tiglao’s claim that “smuggling in the country is at its worst under the President Aquino’s administration.”

“It’s true smuggling is still one of the biggest problems facing the Bureau of Customs. However, it’s not true that we’re not addressing the problem,” said the BOC head.

Biazon put the blame mainly on “about 50 percent of Customs operations still being done manually, as well as some antiquated Customs laws.”

But the former Muntinlupa City legislator emphasized that “with our ongoing shift to automation and other technical strategies, we’re doing our best to plug the operational loopholes.”

In his November 15 column “Outlook,” Tiglao claimed, among other things, that smuggling in the Philippines averaged $19.6 billion annually, “an explosion from the comparable figures of $3.1 billion and $3.8 billion yearly during the terms of Presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, respectively.”

“In Mr. Aquino’s first two years in office, the value of smuggling totaled $39.2 billion, more than the $35.6 billion during Arroyo’s nine years in office,” he also said.

According to Tiglao, the estimates were “based on data from the International Monetary Fund’s Direction of Trade Statistics.”

Biazon said they would validate Tiglao’s IMF data-related disclosures.

However, he said the columnist’s “other claims have been addressed by the Bureau of Customs,” such as the alarm supposedly raised by an unnamed group of trade associations that “smuggling of agricultural products is the worst in the last 20 years.”

Biazon pointed out that the BOC’s recent seizure of 420,000 50-kilogram bags of Indian rice that were abandoned at the Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales was the agency’s “biggest smuggled rice haul.”

In a statement issued earlier, he noted there was “clearly a grand design to illegally ship the 420,000 bags of imported rice into the country as not only was the importation undocumented, but its consignee tried to make it appear it was a transshipment originally bound for Indonesia.”

“Had we not stopped the illegal rice importation, it could have caused tremendous damage to our local farmers,” said Biazon. “Add to that other recent illegal rice importations, like the Vietnam rice shipments seized at the Subic and Legazpi ports.”

The BOC, he vowed, would never allow unscrupulous traders to exploit the privileges offered by the country’s various free trade zones, like Port of Subic, to be their staging points for smuggling.

Other BOC districts and ports nationwide are “keeping a close watch over suspected smugglers and erring traders,” said Biazon.

On Tiglao’s tirades against the agency’s failure to meet its revenue collection targets, Biazon explained, “We look very bad every time we missed our monthly targets although we were able to surpass our targets year on year.”

“Higher targets are set for the BOC to collect more revenues. But we should to understand that these collection targets are so stretched, thus making it difficult for the agency to meet them,” he said.

Aside from the BOC’s unrealistic targets, Biazon cited international trade, peso fluctuation and leakages from smuggling activities and corruption as among the many factors why their revenue collection goals might not be achieved.

According to Tiglao, “the runaway smuggling in the country has cut deep into government revenues from import duties.”

“In 2011, while the value of imports rose 10 percent from the previous year, collected duties increased only by a measly 2.2 percent. Biazon, however, blames his agency’s weak performance on what he claimed was the ‘unrealistic targets’ set by the (interagency) Development Budget Coordination Committee, conveniently failing to explain that these goals are based on conservative estimates of the value of exports this year,” said the Inquirer columnist.

Quoting an unnamed official of a trade group, Tiglao added, “Either the smugglers are running circles around Biazon, or the tuwid na daan is really a crooked one.”

In September, Biazon told a BOC media forum that the agency was “handicapped by negative perceptions and prejudgment” that it was one of the most corrupt agencies of the government.

He said the BOC was “faced with a challenge of overcoming negative public perceptions.”

Biazon, however, said he had “also come across positive comments from the public, saying there have been positive changes in in the bureau. So it’s still a continuing struggle.”

At the same time, he urged the public to “keep an open mind on the reforms and changes that we’re doing at the BOC.”

“We’ve been trying our best to improve the BOC image,” he said, adding that he was confident “it could be done, first, through good performance and second, how you convey the positive image to the public.”

Meanwhile, some Customs old-timers brushed aside Tiglao’s column, saying it was “more like some drum-beating for an upcoming anti-smuggling summit.”

“Connected to that is their lobby for certain Customs policy proposals,” quipped one of the BOC insiders.

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  • jeffrey_01

    another generic word ‘address’ and ‘validate’.  Is Biazon not reading anything about smuggling?  He didnt read about IMF reports?

    Biazon is sleeping on the job.

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

      napakalungkot ngang isipin na tuloy pa rin ang ligaya dyan..may kilala ako dyan n bigla n lang naka montero in just a short span of time e small time lang yan

  • LabkoPinas

    The question is: How long do we have to wait for this supposed changes happen to reform this very porous system of the Bureau of Customs? Will it take the whole sis years of this administration? Remember: We are watching You! And stop delving on the mistakes of the previous administrations. Just do your job.

  • EOJ

    Clearly, the values of smuggled goods are bigger under PNoy precisely because more apprehensions are done.

    Biazon is many times better than the customs commissioners during arroyo’s 9 years of corrupt regime.

    • Adonis Abril

      Do you have statistics to prove your claim?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Funny, my data says otherwise. hmmmm

  • $20722540

    kong meron man changes napakabagal naman?  bakit?  hangang ngayon marami pa rin corrupt diyan…i haven’t read anybody removed from service due to corruption or illegal acitivities

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      mas mabilis pa mag tanggal ng employee na gumamit ng baril at manutok/magpaputok sa SLEX (which is totally unrelated to your work), kesa tumulong ang mag propagate ng smuggling.

  • agustin

     2000 container vans missing but no investigation initiated by congress, the gov’t loss billions of pesos from these smugglers who are relatives or close friends of this administration. tuwid na daan is only a ploy. most filipinos now are embarrass with this regime.

    • jeffrey_01

      the country is too small to hide those 2000 containers.  who’s looking anyway?

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    BOC Commissioner Biazon should just doggedly go ahead with the reforms he is implementing, especially those designed to combat corruption in this agency which for so long a time has been usurping legislative power by repealing or suspending  the  effectivity of our law on anti-graft and corrupt practices.

    As for Mr. Tiglao’s “concerned citizen’s” salvo, he has simply used the “statistics” during GMA and the First Gentleman’s privatization of the entire customs operations—-statistics which were doctored precisely to hide the massive siphoning of duties and fees that ought to have entered the public treasury.

    Indeed, the proper and true twist to Mr. Tiglao’s own words is that smuggling was at its best during GMA’s nine-year pillage of the whole country.

    • WeAry_Bat

       …Because what was unreported during G & FG times would have been bigger.  Maybe the current statistics means there is better reporting.

      I didn’t bother to read Bert’s column.  Incidentally, on that day, was it yesterday, was a published letter from a concerned group in Greece recounting Bert’s accomplishments especially social climbing ooopps socializing.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Yes, that’s right!  And Mr. Tiglao did slowly progress from first idolizing Marx to his present worship of Dionysus.  He did it by licks and bites.  The guy is a complete ideological wreck.

      • blainz

        Washington Sycip, a founding partner of SGV, pretty much confirmed suspicions of smuggling (and jueteng) links with the former FG. No way will the real numbers be reported in those years. Tiglao would know this, since the wikileaks report coincided with his stay as Presidential Spokesman.


        Note: You’ll have to share on Facebook or donate to be rid of the popup, if there’s one. If you don’t want to do either, your friendly local geek will know what to do otherwise.

      • WeAry_Bat

         The page went offline… no worry on the security thing for me.

  • batangsulpok

    Ang customs ay puwedeng itulad sa isang punongkahoy na puwera na lang tanggalin pati lahat ng ugat at palitan ng ibang kahoy ay maaaring mabago dahil kahit sinong commissioner ang ilagay, nandiyan pa rin ang lahat ng sanga at mga dahon na tuloy tuloy ang bulaklak kasi sagana sa dilig.

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. where’s the big-time smugglers? I haven’t seen one in jail yet. Sec. Biazon should throw some big-time smugglers together with some of his corrupt people in jail and by then the public might believe in his sincerity to prevent smuggling in the country. 

  • $26606290

    I’m not sure you’re on top of things pards. It seems you were totally surprised by Tiglao’s data.

    You are quite slow to implement reforms. Major busts? Smugglers? How many BOC personnel have you dismissed or put behind bars?

  • Maldi2

    UNMASKED!  The people now had learned that all these rants by Panot towards GMA and it’s critics are to conceal discreetly all the illegal activities at customs – bwhehehehe!  Unti unti umaalis na ang mga smugglers kagaya ni Banayo..bwhehehehe!  TUWID NA DAAN NGA NAMAN oh! bwhehehehe!

  • Night





    • j1u2a3n

      Depends on who’s presenting the numbers. Up to the last days of the US elections, Republicans were short of claiming victory because of their “numbers”. Oo nga pala, ang mature ng comment mo. Di ko na sana papatulan kaso di pa ko inaantok eh. Nasabi ba ni Tiglao sino ang involved sa smuggling nung panahon ni Erap at ng amo n’yang si GMA? Alamin mo.

      • Night

        why is Erap and GMA relevant here….ang punto lang mas malala pa today despite “Daang Matuwad” and “Proud to be FIlipino” statements ni mongolyd prince… tanga!

      • j1u2a3n

        Hahaha! Gumagamit talaga ng mababang uri ng lenggwahe ang mga taong naiipit at walang argumento. May kinalaman si Erap at GMA dito. Isipin mo. Yun eh kung may ginagamit ka sa pag-iisip. Hahaha ulit!

    • meg

      Puro ka dada, wala ka naman ring nagawa para sa bayan. dapat pakain ka kay lolong kasi wala silbi. bunganga lang malaki!

      • Night

        meg….kamusta pagiging uto uto ng yellow…. bilib anything Pwenoy and Ruffy says….. tanga!… mag analyze ka puro ka dada din

  • mousy

    oo ruffing naniniwala akong you’re addressing the problem– sa pamamagitan ng panggigipit sa mga magke claim ng padalang parcel na iniipit niyo dun sa customs para lang tumaas ang collection niyo mga hayop kayo! kayo sana ang mabulok sa storage area niyo hind yung mga pinadalang package ng mga mahal namin sa buhay na di namin ma claim dahil sa unreasonable fees na pinapataw niyo mga ungas!

    • agustin


  • $14334231

    hindi pwedeng hulihin ang mga tumulong kay penoy nung nakaraang eleksyon….kaya nga mga nag abuloy ng pera para hindi sila tirahin……and the fact of the matter is, biazon probably knew some of the big time smugglers and employees of custom, but i think his hands are tied because of the so-called “connections”….all we want to see are some custom employees (big fishes) brought to justice…then you can say, “there is progress”…”work in progress” can forever be uttered without results…this is the proverbial words of “palusot”….”pa-epal,” in other words…..our country is fed up with words without effects….no more press releases or interviews until you catch the fishes, big and small, in your pond, commissioner……

  • Loggnat

    Could it be that somebody is just accumulating spending money for his next run for Congress which is clearly an easier way of enriching his bank accounts? A couple of big time smugglers caught and charged in the Court will be a great start to minimize and/or overcome negative public perceptions. If the BOC does not clean up their ranks of corrupt and greedy employees, any upgrade and automation in running the Customs will not succeed. It is still relying on the individual who will be operating those machines and electronics. And if that person is corrupt and wants to steal, he will find a way to do it. Grow some ‘cojones’ and go after those insiders who facilitate and make it easy for smugglers to obtain false and illegal documents. If not doable, just resign and make way for somebody else who will and can do the job properly. Only my opinion, I could be wrong.=))

  • meg


    • speaksoftlylove

       Smuggler ka rin?

  • 100345roselia

    To summarize Abnoy’s misplaced slogan, if you are politically allied with Abnoy – like Puno, Biazon, Erap, Ramos, Marcos descendants, Enrile, Cojuanco, to name a few – “baluktot na daan” ang ipinatutupad.  If you belong to the political enemies of Abnoy – like GMA, Corona / others, “matuwid na daan” ang gagamitin.  Ano ang tawag mo diyan? Di ba selective justice.     Sa aking pananaw, what Abnoy is doing to GMA is plain & simple – hatred & vindictiveness.

    If Abnoy is “man enough” & true to his “matuwid na daan” slogan, I am challenging him to file cases against his political allies who are known for graft & corruption not to mention “fake ambush, cocofed anomaly, murders & human violations” during Marcos regime.  Is Abnoy AFRAID or it is POLITICALLY CONVENIENT FOR HIM NOT TO DO SO.  I am already so tired   of Abnoy’s showmanship.

  • randyaltarejos

    Criticisms are going in circles. The public is no longer amazed at how some people view each administration’s faults. This is a never-ending cycle of tirades that the disgruntled few make to be heard. But has Mr. Tiglao looked at the improvement in the GDP the country has ever recorded. What does the Philippines’ new brand as one of the “emerging Tigers in Asia” meant? Is that something that was  fabricated to please the public? Nope. Perhaps, critics are beginning to be pushing themselves on the brink of dementia. Hope not.

  • Fred

    Thanks but no thanks Tiglao.
    Well, the BOC will have to work double time to all the ‘expose’
    of Tiglao which are all half truth, half lies.

    • kamandag

      Only the die hard Gloria fanatics believe TIG-LAOS na. Just see his face and then read his column. His article is as SOUR  as his face !

  • Night



    • Paolo Hernandez

      Desperadong Bata! Hahaha

  • les21reago

    The explanation of BIAZON do not delve on the ISSUE raised by TIGLAO….Biazon clearly deviating to some form of bad PUBLIC perceptions to the BUREAU…The 80% rise in BILLIONS in smuggling is NOT only ALARMING but is ECONOMIC sabotage to the country by the PRESENT Administration of the BUREAU…No amount of HIGH Tech or Computerization can be the measure to curb OUT the figure simply because the LAST 2 President has only 20% of the smuggling which is even MANUAL…So how could BIAZON say that HE is addressing this smuggling at its worst…
    BOY, am NOW starting to BELIEVING Tiglao…I thought all the while that the columnist is but CGMA precipitate BUT NO, Tiglao has sense of duty for this COUNTRY well being…
    This is the PRODUCT of Party Protegee which is WHY this country is moving HARD…

  • Night




    • Paolo Hernandez

      Haha Poor boy! How desperate you are? Just talk to your mama Gloria in Veterans hospital and she will listen to your problem. The time is Ours. Gone are yours croks!

      • Night



      • Paolo Hernandez

        Kw BA yan tiglao? Hehe

      • Night

        Tiglao of Evil Gloria’s camp!!! NO!!!!!

        I’m on your team Paolo!! the uto uto squad

      • Paolo Hernandez

        Greer aw aw aw aw whop . Sit dogy tiglao!

      • speaksoftlylove

         Smuggler ka rin?

      • WeAry_Bat

         he’s not a boy nor girl, he’s a s-he

  • yesyesyo

    Biazon is doing very well. I have no doubt he will have the highest value of smuggled goods apprehended by the time he is out of the BOC.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ruffy Biazon says that the BOC will validate Tiglao’s allegations. What is their to validate Biazon when Tiglao is citing and IMF record and that is “Direction of Trade Statistics”? Come on, IMF’s Lagarde is in town and take note, to discuss REFORMS with PNoy. Validate it to your heart’s content but what then?

    The reality is Ruffy Biazon does not deny it but “will validate it” as if smuggling happened in a faraway place other than the Philippines. These inept and incompetent people in the government are making a mockery of the people’s intelligence.

    • Night

      Ruffy is doing a great job spitfire, how dare you!!!!

      I am an uto uto of this Yellow Gov’t…. Pnoy approves of this message

      • Paolo Hernandez

        People of the Philippines, may asong ulull na nakalabas, hulihin at ibalik sa kulungan. Baka may makagat. Hehe

      • Night

        nuni nuni nuni nuni nuni nuni nuni nuni nuni

        i love Pnoy and Biazon… they are doing everything to curb smuggling……

        Uto uto kool aid anyone????

      • Paolo Hernandez

        Aw aw aw ! Jump dogy! Turn dogy! Hehe aw aw aw

      • Night

        aw aw aw!!!! I love you Pnoy

        Mwah xo xo xo Uto Uto Night

      • rex alfeo II buac

        have you tried transacting in the BOC? i’ve tried… from guard to lawyers yan diyan :)

  • Lolo Mo

    May tiwala parin ako ke Biazon. Ngunit, very formiadable ang kinakaharap niya. Smuggling is a $70 billion business. Hindi gagawa ang mga big time smuggler without the approval of Malacanyang. The style is, apprehend a small amount of smuggled goods just for Press Release purposes, then let the 90% smuggled goods push through. Yan naman talaga ang style. 

    Ang SM, bakit, mga fake and substandard ang pinagbibili gamit ang “Name brands.” Shoes that does not last long, name brand men’s belts that crack and deteriorate in a short time. He he he. Just mentioning a few. No wonder, SM is building Malls like Mushrooms. Laking kita nila. The question is, are they paying the right Customs duty?

    By the way, this morning, the news is American goods are being sold in China like hot dogs because even the Chinese realize that “Made in America” goods last many times longer than fake and substandard products of China. The motto of China products is “built no to last.” With the same price, how can the Chinese producer lose?  

  • captainramius

    BOC is always in the running for the most corrupt govt agency since time immemorial.  Its a cancer and Biazon is fighting a losing cause… Pnoy will leave by 2016 and I am pretty sure smuggling will still be there.   The solution is a game changer.    Govt should leave customs collections to the private sector.  Have this run by the Ayalas and audited by the straight forward Singaporeans….the savings on smuggling will in the billions .

  • Night

    after reading above most likely what will happen
    a) Uto uto fanatics in Yellow start barking like dogs with rabies 
    b) Gloria loyalist will attack Pwenoy like crocs with no food for months

    c) Rational Filipinos think about the issue and stop being tanga uto utos….

    I hope C….!!! xo xo xo from uto uto night

    • Paolo Hernandez

      Ang dapat gawin m lolo tig, mamahinga ka na kc Amoy lupa na at ulyanin. Kailan ka pa b kunin para mbawasan ang problema sa lipunan. Pasyalan m mama m s veteran para naman matuwa sya. Masahe m ang liig Nya para gumaling.

      • Night

        Victory parade for Pnoy and Ruffy!!!! 

        Xo Xo Xo Mwah Mwah

        Night “uto uto” Yellow champion

    • meg

      musta na tiglao? musta mama mo na c Gloria? hehe

      • Night

        kapag talo na sa argumento… SISIHIN SI EVIL GLORIA!!!

        WHat a game plan!!

        From Uto Uto NIght

  • nti_boohaya

    Addressing the smuggling issue by piecemeal solutions is as good as treating the symptoms of a disease with band aid without treating or addressing the root cause of the symptoms.  Rotating the heads of BOC (or any kowrhapt agencies for that matter) does not do the job without honestly shaking down the worker bees.  Until the heads do a lifestyle check on the rank and file, life in the smuggling city goes on.  Mga nahuhuli ay mga pinapakawalaan lang mga yan as a smokescreen to let the bulk of the goods in.  Wala naman kasing na co convict at nabibilanggo sa kasong smuggling e.  Tiglao, Tulfo, Biazon, EX-gen Lim, et al, can bark all they want but until some big fish and insiders get convicted, big time smugglers continue to enjoy, tully ang ligaya eka nga.

  • OpinionChan

    Grapevine has it his wife is the collector. It was bad during GMA’s time but at least your containers were released in a timely manner after you forked out the bribe. Now, they take the money and sit on their behinds. No wonder Haagen Daz left this god forsaken country. GIVE ME BACK MY HAAGEN DAZ!

  • mxsclxmxn

    I still have to see the news of smugglers going to jail. Smugglers! Plural yan. Hindi lang mag isa un ikulong. Marami. May na balita na ba? What the news have are all smuggle goods. But where are the smugglers? Sa customs ba? Hahaha. Ay naku! Same monkey!

  • mxsclxmxn

    Yun customs are like NBI. Raid ng raid ng shabu labs. Pero saan un mga gumagawa ng shabu? Wala. Kaya nga raid kasi dapat pati mga tao dun huhulihin. E wala. Ano un na e tip na may raid sa kanila? Excellent intelligence ng shabu makers. Ay naku! Naglulukuhan pa tayo. Binalita pa na may raid. Like this…dapat gawin mga entrapment para sa mga smugglers. Di un harang ng harang ng smuggle goods. Di naman nahuhuli un smugglers. Use ur coconut naman po. Nag retired na mga lolo dyn sa customs, di pa rin alam pano hulihin mga smugglers? Ay naku!

    • nti_boohaya

      Paano nasa payroll e di wala kami huli.  Lipat kami lugal pala gawa mas malami iwas pa laid.

  • vir_a

    I thought Biazon was the right guy for the Customs. Now, he has many excuses. Worst, the smuggling in one in Pnoy’s term is worst than the smuggling during GMA’s nine years term combined. In short, he is a failure. This guy was planning to run for senator but he finally decided to remain at the Customs. The Customs really must be a very lucrative position that everybody wants to be there.

  • IbigMongSabihin

    ibig nyong sabihin ay hilo pa rin kayo sa slogan scam na “kung walang corrupt ay walang mahirap” na siyang platform para paniwalaan ng masa ang political scam na ang unqualified and underperforming candidate ay gift of heaven to uplift the country by just becoming the president. and now, ladies and gentlemen, the slogan scam and the political scam ay walang ibinungang maganda, in fact paurong ang lahat sa Pilipinas. mga scams lang kasi e.  

  • Night

    I blame Gloria for all of this smuggling!!! 

    Kapag sinabi ni Pnoy yan, approval rating ni Pnoy 300%….. From the Uto Uto Nation

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Yung kapitbahay namin dito na nagtratrabaho sa BOC akala mo may malaking negosyo, yun pala nasa opisina lang sa BOC tapos pag uuwi nga may body guard at driver pa, saan nya nakukuha yung pangsahod nya na pangbayad nya sa dalawang luxury vehicle at tauhan nya?

  • IbigMongSabihin

    ibig nyong sabihin ay talsik lang ng laway ang public criticisms na binitiwan ni Pnoy after winning the election na bubuwagin niya ang RATS ng BOC kasi walang namang ginawang maganda. e, ngayon bakit RATS is still mentioned as operational. ano ba iyan Pnoy, halos lahat ng lumalabas sa bibig mo ay dala lang ba ng ignorance mo o stupidity. remember na sabi mo Pnoy ay maraming bigas ng 1st year mo sa office at di kelangan bumili sa ibang bansa, pero nagpabili ka.rin. then sabi mo ng 2nd year mo ay sobra-sobra na ang bigas sa Pinas at tayo na ang magbebenta sa ibang bansa. if so, bakt meron pang mag smuggle ngayon ng 420,000 bags of rice sa Pinas. Either may kililing ang utak ng negosyanteng nag smuggle ng bigas o baka ikaw Pnoy ang dapat matuto muna bago salita ng salita.

  • Jon

    Tuwad na Daan – puro palusot.
    Lahat may kasalanan pwera lang yung mga inutil sa gobyernong ito.

  • kindness in kind

    yehehey!!! sarap sa customs di ba ruffy

  • Alejandro Canda

    Maniwala ba kayo kay tiglao? Ang mga die hard GMA loyalists lng ang maniniwala sa kanya, isang mouthpiece ng rehimen na napakabaho. 

    • Night

      so maniwala nalang kami kay Ruffy at Pnoy???????????

      baka me symptoms ka ng uto uto fever

    • vender

      Its a case of estimates vs actual results, the reality is Tax collected is on the rise so is it now directly proportional tiglaos statistics dont make sense at all.

    • BoyTanG

      Alam ko si Tiglao batang Gloria pero hindi ako naniniwala na malinis si Biazon. 

  • Concerned Citizen

     Computerization naman ngaun ang rason ni Commissioner? Wala ng pag-asa talaga ata Pilipinas.

  • maria

    Why don’t you make a sworn statement that you and Danny Lim haven’t taken a single centavo for “under the table” from smugglers, Raffy Biazon!

  • BoyTanG

    I hope Raffy Biazon will stay honest at the BoC.

  • intsik

    Grabe nga naman:
    — Check out supermarkets, ang mura na ngayon ng US angus steaks, hamburgers puro imported  mga binebenta
    — Nagkalat ang mga CD-Ring outlets.
    — matatalo na ng Pure Gold  ang SM
    — grabe ang rice smugggling
    == maski plywood iniismuggled na ito
    — punta ka sa sulit, kung ano anong electronic items binebenta
    – nagmumura ang mga scotch whiskey kasi panay ang pasok sa smuglglin

    Lahat tayo nabobola nitong si Abnoy

    • indiosbravos2002

      Are you accusing these businesses eg. CD king, Puregold etc… as smugglers because their prices are “mura”. Ingat lang because its easy to accuse but its very hard to prove those accustions. At the end of the day, sinisira mo lang names nong businesses

      • Marcial72

         Dati kanya kanya ang pag smuggle, ngayon centralized na, covered na ni Lucio Co na may ari ng Puregold. ANg Rustans, SM, etc., kay Lucio Co na kumukuha ng smuggled goods. Siempre mayin fairness nag reremit naman si Lucio Co kay Ochoa, Purisima at Abad. At sila naman nag reremit sa Aquino Sisters. Alaw kaya ni Peenoy to?

  • Concerned Citizen

    The country’s losses are actually very much bigger because the BIR cannot trace the subsequent sales of these smuggled goods to the wholesalers, retailers and end-users.  Income Tax Returns won’t match the assets of those involved in this system.  Maybe it’s time to just follow this trend and start only thinking of ourselves since this is going nowhere.

  • Your_King

    Smuggling is the worst that it has been during Aquino’s Administration…this is not being disputed. Who is Aquino going to blame now? This is under his watch, during his term. It was reported that Aquino does not fire inefficient people in his Administration so it just makes sense that he and his Administration has been inefficient…especially with smuggling. Time for Aquino to buckle down and get his priorities straightened out.

  • agustin

    it is better to privatized customs so that smuggling will die a natural death. smugglers can no longer seek protection from  the president or from the nearest relatives.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Jim De Garman

    BOC under Raffy Biazon is doin job correctly, Tiglao allegations are merely just allegations and nothing to do with the actual BOC operations and ongoin automation.  Rigoberto Tiglao is nothing, he is a spoiled brat ambassador to greece during arroyo admin, he don’t know even his statistics.. since he has no other means to get public sympathy he became a mole of insects turn to disturb the aquino administration.  This parasitic and courier of lies could not do anything in his life, if tiglao needs immediate reforms he should subject his self to a psychiatrist, his collective efforts are obvious and one sided which couldn’t consider as common to the previous and present administration.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Cal_Reznick

    Smuggling involves corruption and its the worst that it has been during this Administrations term. If the President’s main objective is to fight corruption and smuggling is the worst that is has been in a while plus with all the other corruption activities still going on with gun purchasing and with the BuCor and BI along with customs and even with the PCOS process…corruption is clearly still alive and well. The President’s fight against corruption is not going so well i suppose..either that or his fight against corruption is not focused on the right area.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Lahat ng kilala ko sa Bureau of Customs CORRUPT.
    Nagbubulag-bulagan kayo dahil pare-pareho kayo.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • dukaponte

    Sus, naniwala kayo kay Tiglao? Die hard fanatic iyan kay GMA.

  • jeffrey_01

    papogi lang gawain ni Biazon sa site ng BOC.  hindi naman makita yung 2000 containers na nawala.

  • Maitum

    The last thing that I will do is believe that Biazon is corrupt.They are under watch. And they know that. It would be a fool of them to steal.

    • Marcial72

       Corrupt yang mga Biazons. Si Pong Biazon na tatay ni Ruffy nung Sup sa PMA pati twerka ng sasakyan gustong pagkakitaan.  Nung naging CS iniwang bankrupt ang AFP. Maluho kasi masyado ang asawa tsaka marami pang anak sa labas.

  • lex

    TIGLAO, kung umasta ka parang sa kasalukuyang Administrasyon mo isinisisi ang CORRUPTION sa BOC!  Naniniwala akong matindi ang CORRUPTION sa BOC at definitely, mga taga BOC ang involved. Tanong ko lang sa yo TUKLAW, Tiglao pala, yan bang mga kasalukuyang empleyado ng BOC ay gaano na katagal sa PWESTO? Panahon pa ni ARROYO yan, ng AMO mo. Hindi naman puedeng tanggalin sa trabaho kasi mga regular employee yan. Sa makatuwid, ng dumating si PNOY, di lang bulati ang mga yan, kasing laki na ng BUWAYA.  Hayaan mo, kapag napalitan ng lahat ang mga BUWAYANG nakapwesto, mawawala din ang CORRUPTION dyan at pati ikaw, sana RETIRED ka na kasi walang lumalabas sa BUNGANGA mo kundi negative pagdating kay PNOY   (Pero si ARROYO amoy melon o MELON amoy?). Ewan ko ba sa dinami-  dami ng Columnist na binabangungot, di ka pa mapasama!

    • Marcial72

        Tanungin niyo si ES Ochoa bakit mas lumaki ang smuggling ngayon.  Malakai din kasi ang tara ng mga taga Customs kay Ochoa.

  • Marcial72

    Si BGen. Danilo Lim deputy lang P15 M a week, magkano pa kaya ang kay Ruffy Biazon na Commissioner?

  • Francis81

    Simple lang ang issue ng pagtaas ng smuggling sa dalawang taon pa lang ni Pweenoy, isisi lang kay Gloria yan! Tapos ang issue!

  • wawangpenoy

    PRIVATIZE CUSTOMS and ban union in it. Better still PRIVATIZE the GOVERNMENT. The whole government bureaucracy from top to bottom, national or local is soooooo corrupt it will be impossible for anyone to cure it. 

    The Aquinos are probably the few exceptions that we could have hoped for to give the  government a semblance of change but… tadaaaaaaa pareho din dahil sa mga ganid na KKK.

    Gusto kong umiyak dahil sa kawalan ng pag-asa buti na lang nandito ako america. Ang problema pangarap kong mag retire sa Pinas pano na yan kung ganyan kabulok tapos susunod pa si binay. Pagsamahin mo ang corruption ni ramos, erap, arroyo at ng mga KKK ni pnoy, those will just be drop in the bucket when binay begins his “smooth operations”

  • Concerned Citizen

    Dapat tax-free lahat kapag hindi tumigil eto.

  • Pepe Smith

    Ilang porsiento kaya ang napupunta kay Pnoy at kanyang mga alalay? Alam nating lahat na hindi lalala ang ganito kalaking smuggling kung walang basbas galing sa Malacanang. Next month pag bumili ng bagong Porche sports car si Pnoy, alam na nating lahat. Pero teka, palagay ko magtitiis muna sila nagyon para hindi halata. Hahaha, huwag ng magtago, dina tanga ang mga mamamayan.

  • AmpJr

    We have a lot of unemployed “honest” people why not fire all those old corrupt officials of BOC and hire new blood??Alam naman ng BOC kung sino sila…For so many years the BOC is a big source of corruption and bribery bakit mas lumalaki yata ang smuggling??

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