Massacre suspect dies in MPD car

He shot himself in forehead during scuffle—officer



‘DARING, DEFIANT’? Delizalde when arrested by the Manila police on Tuesday. RICHARD A. REYES

Two versions emerged of how Nestor Delizalde Jr. died. But one thing was constant: The massacre suspect took a bullet in the forehead while in the custody of the Manila police.

Midday radio reports quoted the Manila Police District (MPD) as saying that Delizalde—who had admitted slitting the throats of three women in a predawn robbery early this week—was shot by one of his escorts after he tried to grab another officer’s firearm in a police car on their way to the City Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday.

But the story changed later in the day. In an interview with the Inquirer, MPD homicide section head Chief Inspector Joey de Ocampo said that in the tight scuffle inside the car, Delizalde somehow ended up shooting himself.

De Ocampo also said the convoy holding Delizalde was on its way back to headquarters and was passing through Juan Luna and Muelle streets when the handcuffed suspect went after the pistol of Police Officer 3 Michael Pastor, who was seated beside him in the patrol car.

“While they scuffled, the policeman was able to parry the gun (sic) and when it fired it hit Delizalde in the forehead; he shot himself,” De Ocampo said.

Told that this account might again raise eyebrows considering that Delizalde was not the first “gun-grabbing” crime suspect who ended up dead in MPD’s custody, De Ocampo said: “Criminals here in Manila are more daring and defiant.”

“The incident may sound incredible to police critics, but that’s what happened,” he stressed.

Delizalde, a barangay (village) watchman, was accused of killing bank executive Evelyn Tan, 40; her mother, Teresa, 60; and housemaid Cristina Partolay, 22, in a robbery of the Tan residence on Yakal Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila, before dawn on November 12.

The three women were found with their throats slit.

A female witness earlier recalled hearing screams from the Tan residence around 3 a.m. that day and later spotting Delizalde coming down from a tree behind the house. When asked what he was doing there, the suspect told the witness to just keep quiet and even gave her crisp P100 bills from a wad of cash he took out from a bag.

Delizalde was arrested on Tuesday and admitted the crime during interrogation.

According to De Ocampo on Thursday, an MPD team was given orders to bring the suspect out of his cell for him to show where he hid the other valuables he stole.

Delizalde was also supposed to identify another village watchman of Barangay 225, Zone 21, who allegedly took a share of the loot, the homicide chief said.

“During the investigation when he was asked about his loot, the suspect said he left it with his colleagues in the barangay,” De Ocampo said. “We believed him because the recovered materials did not match the list of items that were supposedly taken by Delizalde from the victims,” the police official said.

He said the list included three cell phones, a digital camera and cash amounting to P22,000.

But De Ocampo said the MPD team holding Delizalde failed to locate the other watchman because the village chairman, Arthur Arce, was not around to assist them when they arrived at the barangay hall.

It was on their way back to the headquarters that Delizalde, in De Ocampo’s words, became “daring and defiant.”

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  • Mamang Pulis

    :)) who needs death penalty?

    tanggapin na natin—-may mga nilalang talaga na hindi na dapat pang pinalalakad sa ibabaw ng mundo.

    ilang beses na yan labas pasok sa bilangguan

    hindi ko kailangan na sumang ayon kayo, pero kahit paano, ang mga kaanak ng biktima ay makakahinga na ng maluwag kahit alam nila na hindi na maibabalik pa ang nawala sa kanila.

    • batangsulpok

      Buti at nabawasan ng isa ang masasamang tao sa Maynila, Barangay Tanod pa, yun pala ay bantay salakay.

    • WeAry_Bat

       Cost-effective din.  Isang oras ng judge kumpara sa isang bala sa loob ng isang segundo, guilty naman either way.

  • MonMayuga

    Baka naman matapos malaman kung saan itinago yung ninakaw ay …

    Alam naman ng mga magnanakaw na ganito ang sasapitin nila pag nahuli sila
    pero hindi pa rin sila natututo.

  • Danilo Navarro

    TAMA LANG YANG..yan mga gumawa at gagawa ng mga karumal dumal na kimen dapat di na pinaabot sa husgado..pag naka labas yan mga yan gagawa at gagawin pa rin nila yan…

  • Mang_Ben

    Why not put the handcuffs behind the back instead of in front?

    With the cuffs behind his/her back the suspect would not be “tempted” to grab the gun of the guard(s).

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      helllooo…obvious ba… kaya nga sa harap nilagay yung posas eh …para may pagkakataon sya mang agaw!!! …

  • nti_boohaya

    Kailan kaya mang agaw ng baril yung mga sangkot sa brutal na panghalay at pagpatay dalagang modelo?  Isama nyo na rin mga big time na gumagawa at nagbebenta ng bawal na gamot. 

  • kypros

    mayor Lim’s version of death penalty! tama lang yan. 

  • angtangamo

    Dapat tinorture niyo muna bago pinatay. Kung pinatay agad parang free pass lang yun.

  • eirons1043

    It is said that Wisdom is knowing when to do what is wrong in order to have justice.  I am glad that some pulis has wisdom.

  • Yanong_OFW

    sana maibalik na ang bitay para wala ng salvaged..He deserved it..

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    yung mga tanod din s may JP Laurel s tabi ng malakanyang nagnanakaw ng mga manok panabong hehehe..huli na kinampihan pa ng kapitan

    Sana taga maynila sila Jimenez para ipaturo kung saan itinapon yung bangkay ni barrameda hihihi

    • George

      sana ikaw sunod grab baril ng mamang pulis, tawa ko lang!

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

        kumag-anak k b ng mga jimenez ng mamatay tao?

  • George

    i don’t care how you do it, “Just do it!!!!!” I luv u meyor Lim.

  • boybakal

    He deserved it…He is too much menace to society.
    Killing is the best remedy. He will do it again and again as he is in and out jail.
    Whether he killed himself or killed by policeman….Good Job.

  • allandel

    there is no place for this kind of savagery in the civilized world. kaya may batas tayo, para magkaroon ng order. don’t let emotion get the better of us.

    yung dalawang version ng mpd, parehong hindi credible. if i were them, id’ just shut up and wait till the heat dies down. pero it is scary if our lawmen are not able to protect us by deterring crime. salvaging is already remedial, not corrective. may susunod pang delizalde so may susunod pa ring salvaging.

    • KonsensyaNgBayan

      Don’t know if you read and watch the whole story and how Delizalde answers to newscasters questions. This Devil deserves it, his barangay trusted him to be one of the “Tanod” but instead he is the menace, culprit, and murderer. Put your yourself as a relative or loved ones of the Victims and ask yourself if the summarily execution is not necessary. Drug addicts knows no law when they are flying high. Maraming Salamat po sa mga MPD at kay Mayor Lim. 

  • pedronimo

    Another one bites the dust.

  • DirtyHarryLim

    Sabi ko kasi huwag ng lalaban hihihihi.

  • DirtyHarryLim

    Huwag nyo sisihin ang mga pulis ko.  Nang agaw ng baril eh! yan tuloy hihihihi

  • tata_boy

    maraming inutil na pulis, dapat ang posas ay nasa likod, nasalvage ito dahil mukhang alaga ito ng mga pulis. 

  • ApoLapullapu

    The Commission on Human Rights must also see the difference between human rights and human wrongs!  Those policemen know the difference.  It must be noted that when the killer – not a suspect because he admitted the crime – did not show a feeling of remorse.  If set free, he would do it again.-

    • Albin

      Na sa likod ang posas. Kaya sa noo ang tama. He, he, he.

  • D_BystandeR

    The fate of those female robbery victims who died in their house with slit throats is more horrible and painful compared with what the apprehended suspect got from the hands of MPD “executioners” where he died instantly with a bullet hole in his head. His death is not as painful as the death of his 3 victims. The MPD authorities should have made the “punishment” more painful to appear fittingly compensating to what he has done to the 3 female innocent victims. Maasahan talaga ang mga tauhan ni Mayor Lim. Good job! 

    • Alex

      I would agree in part, but the possibility that the suspect was protected by someone from the MPD, or linked to a member of the MPD, is now glaring after this incident. 

      Had I been a relative of the victim I would be glad to separate him limb by limb while keeping him alive as long as possible, but first I would prioritize knowing all other people involved in the crime.

  • divictes

    Suicide. No doubt about it.

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    tama lang yan kasi kung ikukulong yan gastos pa nang taong bayan..

  • Albin

    Baka talagang may foulplay sa pagkamatay ng suspect. Pero, good job MPD. Justice for the 3 dead women is served.

    • fiveoclock

      tatlo ang pinatay niyan sana kumatay pa ang MPD ng 2 kriminal para parehas at tunay na served ang JUSTICE…..

  • Ernesto

    tama naman ang ginawa ng pulis ,syempre tatlo pinatay ya anong kapalit dyan di patayin din.ikulong mo gastos pa dami pang asunto

  • Albin

    Yung maga pumatay sa modelo, sana mang-agaw din sila ng baril.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      taga QC yung nakahuli eh..SAYANG!!!!

  • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

    Yon ang dapat, Congrats taga MPD!!! well done!!! sana marami pang pulis na katulad nyo,,, next time magpagasgas naman kayo ng kunti o kaya bukol sa ulo o sa noo ba para mukhang nang agaw talaga….. Sana paghearing sa kaso nila Quiambao at Althea ganito rin mangyari at si Quiambao ang mauna o kaya si Althea….Limang kaso na magkasunod at ganito ang mangyari sa suspect 99% baba ang crimin sa ating bansa…

  • DirtyHarryLim

    Bakit ba ayaw maniwala ng iba sa mga pulis ko.  Sinabi na nga nang agaw eh (sabay kindat) ;-D

  • pilato47

    Why the fuss ? He was not even worth the bullet that entered his head. Case closed.

  • Mananandata69

    The empire of evils are happy again. They have a new member

  • Sinugba

    Police execution! This is the standard police story when they execute a handcuffed prisoner inside a close quarters of a police car with police officer at his side. An angle of this is maybe police officers are in cahoots of this criminal and tried to erase any links before they come to light. Our police officers are still far away in being a professional organization. General Purisima has a lot work ahead of him.

    • generalproblem

      kesa naman pakwalan ng ibang pulis. alam nyo naman na may kanya kanyang protektor na pulis ang mga sigue sigue at sputnik. ginagawa silang tirador ng mga protector nila.

  • Pedro


  • regie


    • Magsasaka

       kumausap ka ng mga baliw baka sakaling maniwala sila sa iyo nyahahahaha

      • generalproblem

        agree ako kay ric

      • Magsasaka

        eh di agree ka, malay mo isa sa mga kamag anak mo gawin din nilang suspect at isalvage nila hehehe

      • generalproblem

        ok lang basta masama ang kamag anak ko di naman katuald mo na masama na nga  kamag anak mo pilit mo pa pinapabuti. kaya daming tao sa pinas na walang takot gumawa ng masama. good work pnp

      • Magsasaka

        suspect pa lang, marunong ka bang umintindi, hayaan mo pag naging suspect ka papasalvage kita kahit hindi pa tiyak kung may kasalanan ka nga hehehe

      • generalproblem

        ok sigi simulan muna. kung ganyan ka ba naman kabobo kahit wala kang ksalanan masasalvage ka

      • Magsasaka

        yon nga ang punto na wala sa iyong sentido kumon nyahahaha, oh di ba narealize mo ang ganon dahil sa sinabi ko kaya sino ang bobo hikhikhik

      • generalproblem

        hay naku alam ng lahat na yung tao na yun ang pumatay ganun kana ba kabobo. ewan ko sayo sana masalvage kana nga wala ka namang alam hehehehhe.  sya hintayin mo si lord kukunin ka mamaya

      • Magsasaka

        alam ng lahat ng tao?may verdict na ba ng hukuman, dumaan na ba sa trial at napatunayan?at ito ha dahil isa kang nagmamagaling kahit na umamin ka baliwala iyon kung walang presensya ng iyong abugado dahil ang ating saligang batas ay binibigyan ka ng protection against self incrimination, aralin mo muna kasi nagmumukhang kang mangmang eh hehehe

      • generalproblem

        alam ko lahat yan kaso ang dimo alam ang utak ng kriminal bobo

      • Magsasaka

        kita mo na, hindi ka na makasagot ng matino dahil ampaw ka talaga, walang alam hehehe, hari ka ng sablay repapits mag aral ka nga ulit ng may matutunan ka naman, lagi mo na lang linalait ang sarili mo sa pagsasabi ng bobo, nakaharap ka ba sa salamin hehehe?

      • Marko

         Ok na pre patay na eh wala ka narin magagawa.

      • Magsasaka

        ang tanga mo namang mag isip na may magagawa ka pa sa patay na nyahahahaha, ampaw

      • Mamang Pulis

        hira basahin ‘dre—stret layn

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        Tama si genprob alam ng lahat ng tao dahil inamain ng salarin ang di alam ng lahat ng tao ay kung magkapera pa ba ang hukuman doon?

      • generalproblem

        hehehe ano di ka makasagot nag rereview kaba ng sasabihin mo. siguro taga commision on human rights ka hehehhe puro npa tao dun baka masalvage ka nila.

      • Magsasaka

        isa akong taong marunong lang mag isip hehehe, ikaw galit ka sa kapwa mo kriminal ano nyahahaha kaya gusto mo isalvage sila para masolo mo loots nyahahaha

      • generalproblem

        ngeek dahil dyan sa pag iisip mo kaya dumami ang kriminal na pinuprotekhan mo

      • Magsasaka

        ano kamo protektado mo mga kapwa mo kriminal?bakit biglang nagbago isip mo hehehe

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        gumising ka nga inamin na ng salarin na ginawa niya ang krimin na yon, eh ikaw suspected pa, nagbasa kaba? o baka ikaw ang di marunong umintindi sa binasa mo?

      • Magsasaka

        ang tanga tanga, akusado ang tawag sa isang tao hangat wala pang desisyon ng korte, mag aral ka baka matuto ka pa hehehe

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        Korte? o baka ang abogago ay hindi pa nagkakotse? alam ng karamihan nyan, at huwag kang magpakabuta’t bingi sa proseso ng ating hustisya! hanggat may pera pa ang magkabilang paning walang katapusan ang kaso, at kung walang pera ang argabyado sya pa ang talo…. Ngayon very simple case anong nangyari sa kaso ni ECLEO bago nahatulan na nagkasala ilang mga mababait na tao ang napatay.. at nasaan siya ngayon nasa kulungan ba? saan ngayon ang hustisya… Bakit yong pag amin ng suspek na siya ang gumawa ng krimin kulang pa ba yon na tawagin siyang kriminal o siya ang salarin? siguro ikaw ang mwas TANGA TANGA gumising kana nga baka nanaginip kalang!!!!

      • Magsasaka

        mata sa mata ngipin sa ngipin yan ang hinihingi mo at huwag kang mag alala darating sa iyo iyan dahil yan ang gusto mo, ok lang sana ang salvaging kung lahat ng akusado mahirap o mayaman ay kayang gawan nito, subukan mong isalvage ang mga ampatuan isama mo na rin si ECLEO kapag hindi mo nagawa o napagawa sa mga kakilalang mong pulis habang buhay kang TANGA hehehe

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        Sabi ko nga sayo pagka walang pera ang argabyado siya pa ang talo di mo ba na intidihan yon? Yan Tingnan mo kaso sa mga Ampatuan Ilang taon na nakalipas ang dami tumistigo pero pinaglaban parin sa abogado nya ilang witnesses na ang namatay dahil yan sa abogagong pera lang ang nasa isip d man lang naiisip ang nangyari sa karamihan. Paano ba yan magawa sa mag pulis di pa nga nakalabas sa selda ay may mga medya at abogago ng naka abang d naman ganon ka bobo ang mga pulis katulad sa isip at inisip mo. subukan kayang lumabas yan mula selda mag isa at mga pulis lang ang kasama papuntang korte kung aabot ba yan sa patutunguhan? Nakaranas na ako dyan, kaya ganyan ang pag tingin ko sa mga abogago. Grave treat, illegal posisyon at tres passing ang kaso sa akusado dahil nakunan ko siya ng baril mismo sa katawan nung bantaan nya ako pero anong ginawa ng abogago nya nung sinubukan kung sumunod sa tamang proseso? nakalabas agad isang buwan lang dahil hiningian ng malaking pera at ipada ang subpwena habang nasa ibang lugar ako at nang nalaman ko ang sitwasyon ay tapos na ang kaso alam nila every 5 days babalik ako pinag laroan nila, kaya simula noon, I will prepare sa sadakdal artikulo 45…..

      • Magsasaka

        kung natatandaan mo ang balita tungkol sa isang hepe ng himpilan ng pulis na malapit sa manila zoo, sinalvage nya ang isang adik na anak mayaman alam mo ang ginawa ng tatay ng adik?pinapatay mismo sya doon sa harapan ng himpilan nya, nangangarap ka lamang sa sinasabi mong kapag walang kasamang media ay isasalvage ang mga ampatuan hehehe

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        Kung napatay man yong hepe na yon ok lang atleast nakapatay din sya, at ang napatay nya ay adik pa malamang kung d nya napatay yon maraming krimin ang nagawa non….Sa kaso ng mga ampatuan kung talagang walang media at subrang bantay d pulis ang titira sa kanila, tumira ka nga dito sa mindanao at ng makita natin yong pinagmamalaki mong napag aralan kumbaga.

      • Magsasaka

        yon nga ang punto ok lang kung hindi pulis dahil ang trabaho ng pulis ay para sa kaayusan at kapayapaan

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        Eh paano kung mang agaw din ng baril d dapat lang barilin sa noo kay sa naman ang pulis ang mabaril sakaling maagaw ang baril.

      • Magsasaka

        nagpapaniwala ka sa nangagaw ng baril hehehe

      • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

        totoo man o hindi kung talagang may nakita, inaamin, o may kongkretong ebidensya, mas ok na yonk aysa gastusan pa ng perang taong bayan ang mga kriminal na may posibilidad pa na makatakas at makagawa ulit ng krimin.

      • Magsasaka

        kung totoong nangagaw ng baril wala tayong pagtatalunan dyan

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        kahit kamag anak ko kung gumawa ng ganyan klaseng krimen mas mabuti pa yung mamatay na sila..

      • generalproblem

        sino kaya ampaw sa atin. hehehe ako eh pakuyakoyakoy na lang at pasagot sagot dito sa forum. i make my money work for me hehehe. ikaw nasa work ka hehehe. kaya maraming tulad mo na asa pa din sa work eh kasi maawain ka sa kriminal hehhee cg wrok ka muna at ngat ka baka maholdap ka dyan paglabas mo. matalino ka nga sa batas bobo ka naman sa diskarte sa buhay parang yung napatay ang laki ang katawan pagnanakaw pa ang gusto..

      • Magsasaka

        huh?saan galing pera mo?ninakaw mo hehehe, sagutin mo maayos ang argumento natin kasi base dyan sa mga sagot mo ikaw na talaga ang obobs nyahahaha, teka ha magwawalis pa ako hehehehe

      • generalproblem

        hehehe yan ang maabilidad ginagamit ang pera para magtrabaho para sayo di tulad nyo na magnanakaw an ang alam lang magnakaw at pag nabuking papatay ng tao. so obobs na obos magwalis kana lang dahil mga tulad nyo na magnanakawa eh walang mangyayari hahahaha cg tol walis ka muna wag palabas at lalabas din ang swerte

      • Magsasaka

        tamad ang tawag sa gawain mo pagkatapos mong magnakaw ininvest mo hehehe, abilidad ba yan nyaknyaknyak

      • Marko

         Wala ka narin naman magagawa eh, patay na kapatid mo. wag na kayo magtalo diyan.

      • Magsasaka

        di ba kakambal mo yon

  • kevinmcn

    It should be that suspects have their hands cuffed behind their backs, making it impossible for them to reach for anything. Should another suspect happen to reach for his escorts gun & end up dead, then the police officer did not follow SOP & would be subject to dismissal. 
    Even these despicable suspects need to have their rights protected, otherwise we are all at risk! 

    • generalproblem

      yan kana naman hmmm siguro taga human rights ka

      • Marko

        Oo kasama nya rin ata yun “vir_a”

  • Magsasaka

    may pinagkaiba pa ba ang kriminal at mga pulis, parehas na lang sila mamamatay tao, parehas lumalabag sa batas ang mga ungas
    dapat isalvage din nila si palpa-run na isa ring katulad nilang kriminal hehehe

  • manuel malit

    manilas police district has a lot of cases like that,suspects shot while being transported and escorted..what else is new…this kind of suspects has no place in any it salvage..fine so that their tribes doesn’t incresed anymore…sana drug lord naman…

    • generalproblem

      meron dati yung mataba na tinira ni jaylo sa van.. drug lord ba yun o gambling lord

  • bert / teddy

    tama lng ang nangyari sa suspect,sa totoo lng sa ganitong kaso, di na dapat ginagamitan ng human rights, kasi sa krimen na ginawa nila, di rin naman nila isina alang alang ang human rights ng mga pinatay nya,

  • Trollollolloll

    now that he’s dead, there’s no way to positively identify his cohorts. FAIL.

    • generalproblem

      ok na din yan kesa makalaya pa

    • 56del_11

      yaan m na pare, matatakot na mga katropa nyang kriminal na yan, sana sa kyusi ganyan din mga lespu

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Tama lang sa mga kriminal yan kaya isunod niyo na rin si berdugo, magkapatid na reyes, ecleo, ang biik na leader ng carnap gang ng davao at yung mga kabaro niyo din na mga kriminal1

  • poldapipol

    Tama lang yan. Kung sa pamilya ko man mangyari yan, I will probably ask somebody para ipatumba yan. Mga ganyang klase ng tao ang peligro sa lipunan at wala nang karapatan mabuhay. Magsilbi sana ang istorya na yan sa mga iba pang kriminal.

  • killerelite

    Whatever version it may be…justice is served instantly for the victims!…nice work MPD.

  • Guest

    Posas sa likod!! Ano ba naman yan MPD? Buking na buking. Na paka aga. Paano ngayon malalaman ang kanyang kasabwat? Maghintay man lamang ng isang linggo. Padadalhan ko kayo ng bulaklak, KFC, at pizza sa susunod kapag hindi na kayo aporado.

  • Kugutsumen

    edi case closed! good job! fast justice!

  • incus media

    kudos to Mayor Lim and the MPD !!!!!
    pag ganito ng ganito eh malamang matatakot na yan mga hinayupak na iya !!!!

  • GaggedOrdered

    case closed! *clap* *clap*

  • Francis John Dacillo

    its better him than the police escort GOOD JOB

  • dickenhead

    i don’t give a flying f****ck how he died! good job police

  • Sauyo

    Salamat Mayor Lim ! Salamat MPD !

  • haybuhay69

    haha sabi na nga ba mang-aagaw ng baril to eh.. mga bad guys sa maynila takot na sumakay ng police mobile.. 

  • $26606290

    Mayor Duterte will be proud of you. Ingat lang baka maagaw talaga at masaktan pa kayo.

  • $14170612

    better he die in a firing squad

  • OFW Franklin

    dapat dito imbestigahan din ang Bgy Chairman kasi sangkot ang mga tanod niya.

    “During the investigation when he was asked about his loot, the suspect said he left it with his colleagues in the barangay”

     MPD team holding Delizalde failed to locate the other watchman because the village chairman, Arthur Arce, was not around to assist them when they arrived at the barangay hall.

  • AllaMo

    Beh, buti nga. Baka naman sana sumunod na ang mga ampatuan na mang-agaw ng armas nang mga escort.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • rouelcalzita

     Good job MPD…that’s the way to kill criminal…no need to tried in court…he was an ex-convict…he has no right to live in.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    sunod na man jan yung ampatuan mang aagaw din ng baril yun patay din yun”’

  • ruel

    Tama lang yan..bakit kailangan bang ang mga p8inatay lang ang may lamay. Dapat din sa kanya.Dapat din siyang paglamayan ng kanilang mga kaanak at kapamilya.Upang di pamarisan ng kanilang mga kaanak. Buti nga di ginawa sa kanya ung ginawa niya sa kanyang mga biktima. Sa Davao City last August 2012,may ninakawan at pinatay na babae sinaksak ng labing pito (17). Nong nahuli ng mga police.kung saan nila tinapon ang biktima..doon din siya tinapon tapos sinaksak ng dalawamput apat(24) na beses.Dalawang araw lng yon matapos silang mambiktima.
    Ang taong ito ay wlang puso at walang kinikilalang Dios o batas dito sa lupa.Kaya para sa mga ganitong klaseng tao..DAPAT LANG SIX FEET BELOW THE GROUND din ang tungo nila.Mabuhay MPD and Mayor Lim.Dagdagan niyo pa.

    • c7cinbox

      lalo na at itong taong ito ay isang RECIDIVIST. dapat pag RECIDIVIST tinutuluyan na. wala ng pag-asa itong ganireng clase ng tao. A Tooth for a Tooth and An Eye For An Eye !

  • Flexiblechair

    The way Philippine justice system works now, I may say this is swift justice hehehe…..given the fact that a case on PAL took 21 years to finalize the decision in favor of the complaining passengers….I can’t imagine how long will this take if filed for a case.

  • $25995786

    Thanks MPD and Mayor Lim.

  • Vernie V.

    swift justice, better than the courts in Phils.

  • Vernie V.

    swift justice, better than the courts in the

  • maniniyot kho

    OK lang yan salvage man o hindi ang mahalaga nabawasan ng isang kilabot na mamamatay tao ang ating lipunan. Halos lahat ng nagcomment ay pabor sa instant justice dapat lang kasi umamin na yong kriminal, at sa TV hindi mo siyang kakikitaan ng pagsisisi at parang proud pa siya sa harap ni Dirty Harry kaya tuloy nang agaw ng baril…ha ha ha congrats. Isulong natin ang pagbabalik ng parusang kamatayan sa mga karumaldumal na krimen, at pati ang  mga pulitikong napatunayang nagnakaw ng kaban ng bayan. Ito ang tunay na magpapabago sa ating inangbayan, hindi kun ano ano lang na mga batas ang pinag uusapan na iilan lang ang makikinabang.

  • vir_a

    How could he have grabbed the police gun when he was handcuffed. Inside the police car, there was not enough space to move his hands if he was between two guards. If he was handcuffed in the front, he had practically no way to move his hands on either side and got the gun from a holster. If the holster was lock, it would take time to get the gun. As long as they have dirty harry as their boss, this kind of incident will continue to happen over and over again. They must be frustrated by our legal system and they want to solve cases and crimes this way. The Chinese killed in Luneta were also due to dirty harry’s mishandling of the situation. Just imagine lives of foreigners and pinoys lost during that unfortunate occasion and dirty harry was never punished.  

    • Marko

       Kawawa ka naman.

    • Coolegleg

      Vir_a…..Kaya nagkaka-litson-litson ang buhay ng mga pinoy dahil sa mga vovoong katulad mo na nagdudunung-dunongan…bakit, naka-GLUE din ba sya sa kina-uupuan kaya di maka-ikot? Ha ha ha….sige mag-volunteer ka sa CHR at kurutin mo sa singit yong mga escorts.

      There are 2 Mayors that I admire most in crime fighting…..(ex & future) Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao and Mayor Alfredo Lim of Manila  . Mabuhay kayo!

      • etsubayno_64

        kalahi din pala kayo ni pol pot

    • R.Baylon – SEO Specialist

      No sheeet Sherlock… who cares about your theories???

    • Edwin Edwin

      Tell that to the Marines!

  • Fred

    Umamin sya ang pumatay.
    Pinatay sya.  Swift justice?
    Case closed.

    • Edwin Edwin

      Tama. Case closed na. Wag na kayong umepal pa para ipagtanggol itong kriminal na ito.

    • ofwme2807

      the people wished it and got it…he very well deserved it he is not human after all no chance to ever be changed or rehabilitated under the present circumstances…

  • RomyLitz

    If he is the killer, or was ordered by his co-watchman, he was silenced. However, he deserved it. I want the police who scuffled with him interrogated immediately.

    • Marko

       Right away sir!

    • Jezzrel

      Sir, yes Sir!!!

    • Edwin Edwin

      Roger that Sir!

  • 56del_11

    inamin na nya sya ung kriminal, ayos na ung swift justice sa kanya, para di na gastusan ng taxpayers ang pagpapakain sa kanya sa jail at bka mamaya makatakas pa yan problema na naman sya ng lipunan o makabiktima na naman sya

    • Abdul Rashid

       It was better for him dead, then the MPD can share the loot. Simple mathematics!

      • tolits31


  • mikemarrymiguel

    one down millions to go!

    • wheelers

      agreed… millions of corrupt government officials.. they are worst because we even pay them for stealing the peoples money… tapos iboboto p ng paulit ulit jejejeje

  • Homer Guo

    baka epal na naman ang chr dito ha. pero sure na gumaan loob nung family ng biktima nitong taong to.

  • wawa2172

    case closed..a murderer with no the punishment..a swift one and he is killed too so as not to hurt other people. I am a god fearing person and respect life but a beast who slits necks of innocent people deserved such end. 

    • ofwme2807

      like na like bro…he deserved it…

  • Coolegleg

    This time, I very much agree……the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.  Why spend money to feed, house, and guard criminals serving ONLY life imprisoment due to heinous crimes?

    Keep it up, MPD!  Don’t mind CHR, they are full of it (SS hit).

    • Brahman

      CHR, they are full of NPA (at mga kriminal), kaya pag mga makakaliwa ang binanatan eh human right abuse daw.

      • zeroko

        Lol! Leftist is entirely different form a murderer. Pwede ba e- tune up mo ang utak mo!

  • opinyonlangpo

    That is one quick justice. So the saying goes justice delayed is justice denied. Only the CHR will complain.

  • okabato

    This only shows that criminals who kill their victims do not deserve their day in court, a very strong message to would be killers in the city of Manila. Ninakawan na pinatay pa at hindi lang isa, tatlo. Maski kamaganak ni Delizalde matutuwa. Mabuhay ang MPD!

    • etsubayno_64

       Paano na lang kung napaamin lang ang suspect kasi tinurtyor para lang masabi na basta MPD madali malutas.

  • charlie_oscar

    look at photo close up…He is drug addicto!

  • dennis

    Dapat lang maubos ang mga criminal na yan! I will not regret loosing criminal than loosing lives of innocent people!….Kung gusto nyo ng ideas may mas maganda akong idea na walang nakakaalam kung anong nangyari at paano nangyari?….MPD,yung mga “Most wanted Criminals” eh isakay nyo lang sa isang Helicopter,pretending that you are transporting a criminal to Muntinlupa or to the most secured Detention place….Kapag nasa itaas na at you are crossing to a forest area,IHULOG NYO LANG!….Did anyone see?…Wala di ba?…Then make a report na nanlaban at tumalon sa helicopter!…Ganun lang!….No smoking guns!…No positive in Paraffin Test!…Be sure na kapag inihulog nyo eh TIGUK NA!…Just my 2 cents of opinion!

    • wheelers

      aaaaahah!!!!! ciguro tga Quirino province ka ano? hehehehe narinig ko n yan before…
      akala ko e hearsay lng pro msa lamang n totoo.

  • Bino Rocha

    Good job MPD men…call it salvage, call it anything you want that criminal deserved to die.

  • hagakhak

    mga pare koy halos lahat ng masasamang elemento dyan sa manila at pasay mga padreno nyan ay mga pulis. kapag tagilid na ang sitwasyon di na pinatatagal pa tinutudas na agad baka kasi lumitaw pa sa imbistigayon ang pangalan ng opisyal ng pulis na padreno nitong mga halang na kaluluwa.

    • Jezzrel


    • wheelers

      I salute you… Nakita ko n din yan e lalo n s mga akyat bahay, drug dealer at hold up robbery.. anong ilalaban mo s kanila e ung nag iimbestigang pulis e sya ang may pakana s krimen.


    di ba dapat papanagutin yong jaguar niya for negligence…imagine. nakaposas pero nakapang-agaw pa ng baril… gaano ba kasikip sa police car… tatlo sila doon sa last seat…nasa gitna si, di nga ito makagalaw dahil sa mabibintog na mga tiyan at katawan ng dalawang, one cant just imagine how the suspect was able to grab the gun of one of the escorts and shot himself…ala-suicide daw according to Officer deOcampo.. ha ha ha..gusto mo bang bilihin ni Madam CHR chairwoman yong istorya sir de Ocampo?  di ba dapat kasuhan yong mga escorts for negligence and murder of a still to be convicted suspect who has his rights too…?  

  • anu12345

    Okay lang na matodas na siya kung totoo nga na siya ang kriminal. Masyadong malupit ang ginawa niya sa tatlong babae. Pero ‘yung story ng mga pulis ay masyadong puno ng imagination. Buti pa sinabi nilang may Santa Claus, baka maniwala pa ako.

  • impending_raptor

    Another one bites the dust, good riddance!

  • Pedro


  • TheMightyOne

    mga tol ubusin nyo na yang mga hayop na kriminal na yan! dapat buwagin na ang human rights eh …tpos para sa lahat nang snatcher at holdaper,dapat maglabas nang batas kaagad na shoot to kill!!! para masaya.. its more fun in the philippines :)

    • wheelers

      teka, masyadong mainit ang ulo mo… paano ung mga mastermind????

      • TheMightyOne

        dude hindi mainit ulo ko , nagsasabi lang nang ikabubuti nang ating bansa :)

  • Alexis_Ferro

    Good job. Perwisyo lang yan sa kulungan, pakakainin, patutulugin, gagamutin.
    Sayang lang ang tax dyan, magagamit pa sa iba.
    Ganyan din sana mangyari sa case ni Rodelas.

    • ofwme2807

      plus yung rapist killers na magkapatid ni ms. cyrish magalang…they all deserve to meet and enjoy life in hell….forever…

  • Dag Erickson

    Next—-  the PDEA Inteligence chief and the 15-agents.

  • tolits31


  • tolits31


  • dodot24

    Dapat talagang imbestigahin ang pangyayari dahil gumastos pa ng isang bala ang mga pulis.  Sa mga kriminal na tulad nito tama lang ang kuwerdas ng gitara. at puwede pang re cycle next time.
    Sino mang pulis ang gumawa nito saludo ako sa inyo. dapat talagang patayin iyan.

  • Jezzrel

    Mga rapist, robbers, killers, drug dealers, dapat pinapatay ang mga iyan…sa mga drug lords, firing squad ang gawin…

  • jinx

    Why waste time investigating how this murderer died? Get on with it and kill another criminal.

    • wheelers

      mahina ang batayan mo. bka ung pulis n pumatay sa suspect e siya ang mastermind, o may kinalaman sa massacre.. may mga pulis n ng aalaga ng mga notorious people? pg nabuking e kunwari lumaban pra hindi n makakanta.

      • jinx

        Baka, puro ka na lang maling hinala. Inamin na ng kriminal, at meron pang very reliable witness. Kung ako kamag-anak ng mga biktima, babayaran ko pa mga pulis para lang iligpit mga ganung klaseng halang kaluluwa.  Tingnan mo nga itsura niyan kung di ba wanggabu. 

    • boypalaban

      sa usaping RH Bill, kontra tayo…
      pero sa usapin ng mokong na ‘to…pareho tayo…di na kasi dapat pinatatagal ang mga ganyan…

      • jinx

         salamat namn at pareho tayo ng stand tungkol dito….

  • JosengSisiw1

    If this happens many times already my question to MPD is why the_hell you’re still putting an arm policeman beside a suspect. Why can’t you have a car with a CAGE on back and let the suspect sit there alone and YES its incredible story again and I can’t digest anymore how_IDIOTIC our policemen have become.

    And de Ocampo has still a face to explain as if all the Pinoys are all the same_idiots like them.

    • bugoybanggers

      Sinadya iyan kaibigan para madaling TIGUKIN (malapitan para sure na sapol) ang KRIMINAL na ito. Good JOB POLICEMAN.

  • Edwin Edwin

    Good job MPD!!! The people doesn’t care anymore kung mapatay man ang mga kriminal na yan sa kung anong paraan. Ang mahalaga ay mabawasan ang mga kriminal.

    2 Thumbs up!

  • noypisiTED

    Ok lang. Pag pinasok pa sa kulungan ‘yan e gagastusan pa ng gobyerno galing sa buwis ng mamamayan. Kaya, Mayor Fred Lim approve po!

  • Mangku Kulam

    Spot promotion nararapat sa mga pulis na escort. Congratulation po sa inyo naway marami pa kayong makatay na kriminal mga pestet salot sa lipunan…

  • LuwigVonMises

    now that he is dead the others who helped him with the crime wouldn’t be identified.  people should not be happy about a person dying criminal or not because they are people too.

  • ofwme2807

    he knew it was coming to him…he deserved it to live life in hell forever…

  • krizzibarra



    dirty harry on the go? make my day boy!!!

  • gyvv

    wag abusuhin ang kinauukulan, dahil hindi cla lahat mabait pero meron clang awa sa pamilya ng biktima ng mga salarin na busabos…. hindi man malinis ang buong maynila, nabawasan ng isa ang maaring mambiktima ng nakararami na maaring kaibigan o kamaganak… ung mga walang takot, dapat may katakutan.

  • denzel_alfonso

    Dyan sa may Vito Cruz malapit sa La Salle ay maraming kawatan na nambibiktima ng estudyante. Sa may Luneta ay santambak ang snatchers. Sa Univ-belt ay maraming holduppers sa dyip at sa kalsada. LINISIN NYO PO YAN MAYOR, ok lang na I-SALVAGE NYO LAHAT YON. 

    • bugoybanggers

      Pare BUONG METRO MANILA na lang.

  • Yum Yum

    another possible angle, after the suspect pointed them where the loots are, cops pocketed them then silenced the suspect for good, have you noticed that he was only killed when going back to the station, if this suspect really planned on grabbing one of their fire arms, he should have done that on their way to the place where he hid his loot, at least he could have kept them to suspect’s relatives to enjoy..

    i dont believe in “salvaging” suspects, everybody must have a day in court..

    this is a barbaric act in modern day situation..

    dont get me wrong but what if this suspect is just a fall guy?

  • simonibarra27

    !Criminals in uniform, No accountability! patay tayo dyan! This is not true justice.Wag kayong matuwa. This is exactly what the devil wants you to believe. CBCP wala nanamang comment! @#$% ka talaga

    • bugoybanggers

      Ang CBCP ay walang pakialam dito. Kahit sa DEATH ROW kasama sila at witness pa. Ang CHR ang tumbukin ninyo.

  • Abdulrahman Jameela

    Dont put in jail instead put in hell, well done… good job MPD…

  • Opel

    simply shooting him was not justified, nagmadali nanaman mga g@g0ng pulis. they should have given him a taste of hell first bago tinuluyan. they could have boiled his eggs first.

    • popeyee

      Takot silang ikanta ng suspect yong mga otoridad na nag-aalaga sa kanya..

  • $8278216

    ????????????yan lang po

  • cargante

    There are two glaring facts here. First, suspects in heinous crimes  in the custody of the police have the habit of grabbing the firearms of the police custodians, and second, the police are so proficient in handling their firearms in a scuffle with these suspects that they always seem to hit their targets right where they aim at, the forehead. Looking at it positively, this is  a very effective means  of de-clogging court dockets, and depopulating our overstuffed jails. 

  • pasaway008ako

    Well, whether that’s the whole truth story or not, he killed three women already without pity, so justice is served, to me that is…

  • bugoybanggers

    Mabuhay kayong mga PULIS, tama ang ginawa ninyo! Kailangan nang PILIPINAS ang justicia. Kayong CHR, dapat ang managot. Kayong mga KONSENTIDOR ng mga KRIMINAL! Sana isa sa mga mahal sa BUHAY ninyo ay mabiktima nila para maramdaman ninyo ang puot at galit ng mga nabiktima ng mga KRIMINAL na ito.

  • JosengSisiw1

    We should not accept readily the police’s story behind this shooting. Of course he admitted to the crime but he is still a suspect. We will never knew his cohorts if there is any? It could be the policemen that shot him? Its very easy to close a crime by killing the suspect but did they really solve it? There is a very big difference between solving a crime and closing it. Killing somebody could mean hiding something like nobody knew now where or how much are the valuables he had looted? If the police can continue executing suspects like him, we will return to the same martial law era where innocent people are killed like flies by the military. De Lima should look into it, she should not let de Ocampo close this crime as easy as that. Theres something fishy on it, like why he is sitting beside an armed policeman, while handcuffed and with his frail body he managed to grab the polices gun. The story is as de Ocampo said Incredible.

  • zeroko

    As long as “Dirty Harry” is our Mayor, walang mangyayari sa Human Rights. Ang alam lang niya ay KILL! KILL! KILL! He is against drug pusher, but when his son was caught and branded as drug pusher, and he said, let the law takes it’s course. Yet, mysteriously, his son’s offense was watered down to drug user. Same a the son of “Sabit” Singson, from pusher to user. 

  • bong

    I don’t mind the killing by the police.  The suspect readily admitted his crime and has witnesses pointing at him.  I am in deep sorrow for the families of the victim even though I don’t know them.

    To hell with human rights.

    Just imagine if you are the family of the VICTIM.  I believe that is the MOST IMPORTANT.

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