Beijing unveils new attack helicopter


SHANGHAI—China has unveiled a new attack helicopter as it seeks to rival similar aircraft made by the United States and Russia, state media said on Wednesday.

A unit of China Aviation Industry Corp. (AVIC) showed off the WZ-10, or “Thunder Fire,” for the first time in public at the country’s premier airshow in the southern city of Zhuhai, the China Daily newspaper said.

China is displaying a range of military hardware, including a new drone and a model of a next-generation fighter plane at   the show, as it builds up its own defense capabilities and seeks customers for its products.

More than 30 foreign military delegations are attending the airshow, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

For antitank missions

The attack helicopter, designed primarily for antitank missions, aims to challenge the AH-64 Apache of the United States and Russia’s Mil Mi-28, China Daily quoted Chinese experts as saying.

AVIC also showed off another helicopter at the event—the WZ-19, or “Black Tornado,” which is designed for armed reconnaissance and the support of ground troops, the newspaper said.

State television showed the black attack helicopter on a vertical climb during a demonstration.

“The WZ-10 is one of the top three attack helicopters in the world,” China Daily quoted chief designer Wu Ximing as saying.

An unnamed Chinese expert was quoted as saying China’s attack helicopter is more maneuverable at low altitudes than the Apache, but lacks its thrust and firepower.

The AH-64 Apache—made by Boeing Defense, Space and Security—is used by the US Army and several other countries.

The Apache is powered by two turboshaft engines and carries laser-guided precision missiles, 70 mm rockets and 30 mm automatic cannon, according to the website of the Boeing unit.

China’s development of the WZ-10 dates back to the 1990s, when military planners observed the use of helicopters by the United States during the first Gulf War with Iraq, the China Daily said.

Winning local war

Chinese President Hu Jintao last week called on China to step up the military’s technological abilities, saying its most important task was to be able to “win a local war in an information age.”

In late September, China put its first aircraft carrier, a refurbished Soviet vessel named the Liaoning, into service—its first step toward a fleet of carriers expected to be built domestically in coming years.

Hu’s call came amid tensions with several Asian neighbors over maritime territorial claims, including Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as the US “pivot” toward Asia. AFP

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  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    China’s new whirlybird needs to be battle tested; otherwise, it’s only whirly like a noodle.

    • Snoopy S

      agree… their whirlybird needed to be tested..sana lang hindi laban sa atin…kasi hanggang ngayon..habang ang Intsilk ay nagpapalabas ng bagong armas to level up sa Amerika…tayo naman hindi nga mareconcile kung anong armas ang bibilihin…mabilis tayo manghingi…ang level ng ‘BUREAUCRACY” sa atin ay malupit..kung dadaan sa ilang damukal na processo…ganun din ang pagbaba ng budget kasi naubus sa pagbigay ng porsyento kay hepe.(EVERYBODY WANTED A PIECE OF THE PIE!)..kung baka sakali magyera…frontline biRds natin ay CEBU PACIFIC..AIR PHILIPPINES AT PAL……tayong Pilipino..puro yabang sa bunganga..wala naman ibubuga….!lets get our act together

      • joshmale2004

        Well, they may be inferior but with the cash surplus they have amassed engaging in piracy, they can produce these toys by the thousands while the USA and Western allies are trimming down their war machines in numbers. If 10 of these toys engaged 1 F16 in a dog fight, technology for the USA won’t matter and for sure the F16 will go down after downing 5 of these Chinese toys.

    • batangpaslit

      why not declare war against China and see for yourself if they are just “noodles”

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        NO NEED…. are you stil insecure? china’s tech is stolen… stolen goods can’t last long and they could not be the brightest either. getz mo?


    Unless tested in a ” long running major war” like the Desert Storm, and Afghanistan War (did the Chinese saw how the Apache pounded the Tora Bora mountains for weeks) these Chinese made toys will be nothing.

    • joshmale2004

      Well, they may be inferior but with the cash surplus they have amassed engaging in piracy, they can produce these toys by the thousands while the USA and Western allies are trimming down their war machines in numbers. If 10 of these toys engaged 1 F16 in a dog fight, technology for the USA won’t matter and for sure the F16 will go down after downing 5 of these Chinese toys.

      • Ying Tuazon Sabio

        Germany built better tanks nung WWII but the US made tanks less efficient than their German counterparts pero mass production…at syempre alam natin sino nanalo sa giyera. kumbaga may 9mm Glock ka at ang kalaban mo pamalo lang ang gamit pero 100 naman sila. :)

      • joshmale2004

        Agree. Same thing I was pointing out above.

      • boyod

        paanong hindi manalo, isa (german) kalaban ng lahat (allied forces). think of it man 

      • batangpaslit

        So, Boyod, pro Nazi ka pala? ‘Di mo pala alam ang Axis Powers?

    • batangpaslit

      why not try it if the bombs that China made are harmless toys
      alam mo ba kung sino ang nag imbento ng gunpowder?

      • boyod

        alam natin na galing sa china ang powder pero ginagamit lang nila tuwing new year, hindi ginamit sa gun kaya nga madali silang na invade ng russia, US, france     noon. Hindi mo ba alam na ang mga gamit na made in china will last only for a week ma flat wares, electrical etc. . . kaya wag kang matakot sa saranggola nila 

      • batangpaslit

        Boyod, was it a kite too that sent off the Chinese spaceship to orbit the earth in the stratosphere?

  • Mamang Pulis

    yan na nga–ang Pratt & Whitney ginagawa na sa China–gaano ba kadali kopyahin at remanufacture ang engine nya—

    hindi lang attack helicopter 

    meron na silang stealth –pantapat sa F22-raptor

    masakit sa lahat–meron pang carrier–

    military projection ginagamit dito sa pilipinas puro civilian fishing boats pa lang pero armado

    anu pa kaya kung military hardware na ginamit

    ano panalag natin?

    • batangpaslit

      kaya di ako palo sa panukala ng mga expat na pinamunoan ni Atty Rodel Rodis na maki pag banggian sa China

      • Mamang Pulis

        sino ba yan rodel rodis?

        puede ba ibala sa kanyon yan pag nagkataon o puro dakdak lang sa likod?

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, si Rodel Rodis, kung ma review mo ang Inquirer news, sia at si Ted Laguatan ay mga immigration lawyers sa Amerika.
        Silang dalawa ang nag susog na lahat ng mga expat Filipino ay mag daos ng hostile rally sa lahat ng Embahada ng China.
        Eh, hindi ako pumayag.
        Tinanong ko sila, paano ang mga Domestic Helper sa HongKong, may pang bayad ba kayo sa sahot ng higit 250,000 workers sa HK kung sila ay na deport?
        Paano ang taga Middle East, bawal ang mga rally, kaya ba ninyong tustusan ang mga pamilya dahil na deport ang kababayan natin.
        Nagalit sila sa akin.
        Hindi daw ako Pilipino.
        Sagot ko, kayo ba ay may karanasan na maiki pag barilan sa mga cattle rustlers na nagnakaw ng kalabaw ng mga magsasaka?
        O, humabol ng mga sea pirates na kinukuha ang isda na nahuli ng mga mangingisda.
        Hindi nila ako sinagot.
        Ni hindi nga sila nakaranas makipag suntokan sa kalye, naghanap pa na makipag giyera?

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        intsik pala si batang paslit! sahot ang sabi sa sahod. ni ho ma?

      • boyod

        anong negotiate, bakit ka natakot ssa swakang wala namang bayag ang mga iyan para kang hindi kalahi  ni bonifacio. Pssy-war lang iyan tingnan natin kun puputok ba yang saranggola nila katulad ng missile ng korea nag pufff!

        Be proud to be a pilipino, yan kung pilipino ka o baka kasama ka ni pinoy

      • batangpaslit

        Boyod…are you acquainted with the so called geo-politics?
        Do you understand what is meant by psywar?
        Haven’t you heard that China have sent a spaceship and orbited the earth?
        Did you have an experience working with Foreign Affairs department, and National Security both in the Philippines and abroad?
        If you think that negotiation is false security, why do you think the Americans did not bombed China during the Koean War, or even in recent times?
        Don’t be blinded by your partisanship against the incumbent Philippine President.
        Since Marcos time, Cory, Ramos, Erap, and Gloria I had been engaged in arms supply to the Armed Forces and the Phil Constabulary.
        Hence, I know what is the capability of the birthland, and the capability of our neihboring countries.
        Lahi ni Bonifacio?
        I do not engage in fighting without brains. I fight with well thought out strategy and tactics.
        Pamangkin ako ni Teresita Magbanua, the lady warrior that earned the moniker the “Joan of Arc” of the Visayas.
        Pag sinunod ang panukala mo ‘Adre, maraming inosenteng mga batang Pilipino ang mamatay.
        I fight not to die. I fight to live.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Ever wonder whose copyright China infringed this time? Last one was from the Russians.

  • joshmale2004

    Sunod sunod ang pag announce ng china ng makabagong armas nila ah. From fighter jets, to aircraft carrier and now attack helicopter. The Western Bloc should be aware of this.

    • batangpaslit

      Josh, kung may karapatan ang U.S.A., ang Russia, ang France, ang Scandinavian Countries na gumawa ng mga war materials, bakit masama loob mo kung nag develop ang China ng ganung gamit?

      China have likewise the same right to develop their armaments for self-defense.

      • joshmale2004

        Batangpaslit. I never said masama ang loob ko sa pag develop ng China ng war machines niya. china has all the right to build up their armament as they have their resources. Likewise, same with USA and its allies. What I am referring to for Western Bloc to be aware is that while China is building up, the Western Bloc is trimming down the numbers and relying more on small volume of war machines with better technology than the rest. This may not be good in the long run. This a personal point of view and does not in any way indicate I am and anti or pro to any country. So next time before you comment on other people’s comment, understand deeper and don’t create any statements referring to other people’s point of view especially on statements they never said. If you read again my comment, it is more of an observation and not a position on a subject. Observation is different from a Position.

      • batangpaslit

        you’re caught in the snare of your own making. i am refuting both your position and observation

      • joshmale2004

        Bobo mo naman. How can you refute my position when I never stated my position on the subject. Can you prove that I said “masama ang loob ko”? I give you 1M if you can prove masama ang loob ko. Did you go to school by the way? Cmon wala namang masama if you admit na hindi mo talaga naintindihan comment ko sa taas. Nagmarunong ka lang.

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        Kung sakaling magkaputukan ang bansang Insect at bansang Kalabaw, sa forum na ito pa lamang malalaman na kung sinong papanigan ng kung sino.  Napapaligiran na tayo ng Insect na kunwari’y Pinoy at marami narin ang utang ng Pinoy sa kanila.  Corruption nga kasi ang dahilan kung bakit pinapasok ang maraming palusot (illegal) na Insect noon.  Naloko na! Sagot ko na ‘yong tatlong Insect sa kalye namin.  Papano nayong mga Pinay na napangasawa na nang mga Insect. Nagpaka- dummy nga kasi, eh.

    • generalproblem

      no worry kasi yung aircraft carrier nila actually casino pala yun. meron balita sa china na nag report daw ng bagong fighter jet yung PLA at pinakita yung blue print kaso meron mga kabataan na naalala kung saan nila nakita yun. guess what. si voltes 5 pala yun. sinibak na daw yung general na yun dahil yung budget sa pag gawa ng tunay na eroplano eh sinikwat na hehehe. kaya wag kayong maniniwala sa mga yan dahil malamang yan eh hindi lilipad. yung mga gawang china na eroplano actaully illigal copy nila sa russia.

  • divictes

    “The proof of the pudding is in the eating…”

    • UrHONOR

      WALA silang pudding….meron sila TIKOY.  SO, the proof of the Tsek is in the tikoy.


    O, ayan ankol Sam, dinuduro ka naman ng mga taga tsaynatawn…..mas astig daw ang bagong gawa nilang saranggola ni Mao. 

    • batangpaslit

      sarangolang pumuputok

      • UrHONOR

        WALA pang kasiguraduhan kung puputok nga yong dapat na pumutok….it all reamains to be tested, heard,  and seen.  ‘Lam mo naman, basta’t gawa ng Tseks, medyo kadudaduda. Yon ngang double-hull na carrier na ginawa ng Tseks na galing sa kalawanging surplus ng USSR, e, ni hindi nila sigurado kung lulutang, yon pang lumilipad?

      • generalproblem

        actually lumutang naman ang problema kung makakalanding yung kanilang eroplano dipa daw kasi nila makopya yung pangkalawit dun sa eroplano. medyo nahihirapan yata silang maglagay ng spy sa carrier ng kano hehehhe. meron an din silang drones kaso ang makina  ay diesel kaya maingay di tulad nung sa kano na di baterya hehehe

      • UrHONOR

        ANG katotohanan nyan ayon sa aking taga-bulong, sinubukan na daw ng Tseks na gumamit ng batirya sa kanilang experimental DROONG (drone), pero hindi daw umubra dahil mabigat.  Tinanong ko kung bakit mabigat ang batirya.  Ang sabi, e, batirya daw ng truck ang ginamit para malakas at matibay.

  • Jon

    Padala nyo si Trillaning para humingi ng kahit isa.

  • fiveoclock

    likes din ng kano yan para sa tsina para maibenta ng kano yung mga karag-karag na pang guerra nila sa atin at pag pinaputok natin sa kalaban…. mismo sa pinas sasabog…yan nanginggnig si Pnoy at susunod niyan yung de kalawang naman ang ibebenta ng kano sa atin….hayyyyzzzzz….at tatapunan pa tayo ng mga basura nilang TOXIC ng NUKES….

  • boyod

    Psy-war naman itong ginawa ng swakang na ito. Sabi pa nga ni “Ur HOnor” sa baba “iwan lang kung puputok ba yung  saranggola nila katulad ng missile ng Korea na parang kwetes nag duds he he he. Alam naman natin kapag gawa sa china walang “binesa”. Kahit yung katabi mong swakang pitikin mo kung lalaban ba sa iyo. Hay! “intsik sibay (singkit) kaon kamay (sugar) inom ihi largo (dritso) patay” he he he 

  • boyod

    it remain to be tested,  replica lang yan

  • generalproblem

    actually ginagawa ito ng china para bumilib sa kanila ang mga tao to justify the communist part leadership. bakit ba inaagaw ng china ang spratley? same thing ginagawa nila ito para mapabilib ang mga tao sa kaniala dahil kung hindi pa kayo nakakapunta sa china actaully naghihirap na din sila. china gdp is similar to us or maybe lower. marami na din investor ang umalis sa kanila tulad ng mga japanese at US and of course europe dahil sa mahal na din ang labor sa kanila. communist party need to do something to unite the people and thats including going to war. kasi pag nawalan ng tiwala ang tao sa party goodbye sila. there is only 50million communist party memebr comapre to 1billion peasants and workers

  • ryan andres

    Made by CD-R King yang helicopter nila… after a year or so bibigay din yan…

    Let them make their own inferior products and let’s just hope that these products will be their own undoing.

    Sana pag umatake ang china gamit yang helicopter na yan eh magmalfunction…wahahaha

  • lex

    Nagdududa lang ako! Baka matulad yan sa mga FIREWORKS nila sa isang nakaraang FESTIVAL, sa lupa nagputukan, mahigit 100 tao ang injured!…  lol….

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