She only wanted to teach her ‘friend’ a lesson



MANILA, Philippines—Althea Altamirano only thought that Julie Ann Rodelas would only get a lesson for talking behind her back. Little did she know that the “lesson” meant the death of a girl she considered to be her friend.

“Pumayag lang po ako na turuan lang ng leksyon. Di ko akalain na papatayin (I agreed to just teach her a lesson. I didn’t know she’s going to be killed),” a sobbing Althea, 23, told reporters on Saturday night following her arrest in Pampanga.

The one to “give” the “lesson” was her boyfriend, Fernando Quiambao Jr., 32, who was also taken into custody by the Quezon City Police District’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit.

Their arrest came four days after Rodelas, a 20-year-old part-time model, was shot dead and pushed out of a black Mitsubishi Montero on 18th Avenue in Murphy, Cubao on Nov. 6.

The Montero’s license plate TWO 505 was traced to Quiambao’s mother.

Althea, herself a model, said the sports utility vehicle was the same one used when the victim was allegedly abducted near the World Trade Center in Pasay City on Nov. 6 at 12:30 am.

At first, she couldn’t recall the make of the vehicle. But when she asked her boyfriend, Quiambao confirmed that it was indeed the Montero used in the abduction.

Althea claimed she told her boyfriend that Rodelas was spreading rumors about her.

Quiambao then suggested teaching the victim “a lesson” but according to Althea, she never thought that her friend would be killed.

Factual rumors

“Sabi nya magaling daw po siya sa ganun, ginagawa daw nya walang bulilyaso dati. Kaya po pumayag ako (He told me he’s good with that, he’s been doing that without misplay so I agreed),” the woman said, referring to her boyfriend.

Rodelas’ mother Luz, who confronted Althea after her arrest, said the woman was allegedly angry that Jaja, her daughter’s nickname, was spreading rumors that Althea had two kids.

“Di naman chismis yun. Totoo naman na may dalawa sya anak eh (It’s not a rumor. It’s true that she had two kids already),” the angry mother said.

Before Rodelas’s abduction, the two girls saw a movie at the SM Mall of Asia and took a cab to the area near the WTC along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard to meet a friend.

Unknown to the victim, Althea had already texted their whereabouts to her boyfriend, setting the plan in action.

Two men were seen grabbing Rodelas and dragging her to the Montero, leaving Althea shocked and unable to remember even the color of the suspects’ clothes.

“Sa sobrang taranta ko… Gusto ko bumalik gusto ko sya hilahin… Kasalanan ko bakit sya nakuha (Because I panicked, I wanted to go back and pull her out of the vehicle. It’s my fault she was abducted),” she said, before crying loudly.

At first, Althea had no intention of reporting the incident to police—supposedly as instructed by her boyfriend—but responding Pasay City policeman saw her crying on the road.

A Pasay City police blotter entry at 12:40 a.m. showed that Althea reported the alleged abduction to a police precinct near the crime scene.

The woman eventually called up Quiambao to alert him, prompting her boyfriend to also proceed to the police station at around 2 a.m.

Quiambao’s father was also there.

Rodelas was killed in Quezon City at around 5:30 a.m. although her identity was only established a day later when her family came forward to identify the body.

After reporting the incident, Althea and her boyfriend went to Quiambao’s home in Quezon City at around 4 p.m. with her boyfriend’s father to get some clothes.

The couple eventually checked into a motel, after which she met with her and Rodelas’s friends in a Las Piñas City apartelle.

She told them of the alleged abduction and handed them Rodelas’s bag and sandals that Rodelas left behind in the struggle, asking them to return the items to Rodelas’s parents.

Later that day, Quiambao and Althea checked into a Quezon City hotel.

According to Althea, she only learned of Rodelas’s death after her sister texted her about the news on Wednesday.

Shocked of Rodelas’s death

Such was her shock and anguish, she said, that she angrily confronted her boyfriend about it.

“Nung nalaman kong patay na, sabi ko, bakit patay na? Sinigawan nya ako, sabi nya di nya alam (When I learned about her death, I asked my boyfriend why? He shouted at me, saying he didn’t know),” she said in between sobs.

Asked if she knew who abducted Rodelas, Althea said she only knew that her boyfriend had “men” to do the job but did not know them.

That day, Althea went home to her family in Cavite to get clothes and leave some money, after which the couple hid at the Quiambaos’ ancestral home in Apalit, Pampanga.

The woman wanted to go home so badly but her boyfriend forbade her to even answer calls and text messages on her cell phones.

Althea granted an interview with GMA News on Friday during which she reiterated that Rodelas was abducted.

After her arrest, Althea said the initial plan was for her to surface on Monday as supposedly suggested by her boyfriend’s father.

Unfortunately for the couple, they were arrested together in follow-up operations in Pampanga led by CIDU’s Insp. Elmer Monsalve. The Montero was also recovered during the operation.

2 cheeseburger meals

Police were also able to link Quiambao to the Rodelas case based on a video footage from McDonald’s UN Avenue branch, showing Quiambao buying two cheeseburger meals for two at 2:33 a.m. of Nov. 6.

This was based on a McDonald’s receipt recovered from Rodelas, who clutched the plastic bag containing the receipt and the uneaten takeout meals as she reportedly died on the street.

CIDU head Chief Insp. Rodelio Marcelo said police surveilling the Quiambao house in Quezon City saw a black Toyota Innova leave on Saturday afternoon, headed for Pampanga.

Pursuit operations and a three-day stakeout ended in Althea and Quiambao’s arrest at around 6 pm Saturday.

As of press time, police are still preparing murder cases against the couple, who are expected to be subjected to inquest proceedings before the Quezon City prosecutors’ office.

Althea admitted that she feared for her and her family’s safety following the cold-blooded murder of her friend.

No forgiveness

But for Rodelas’ mother, she thanked the heavens that justice has finally been dealt for her dead daughter.

Speaking in an angry voice about her encounter with Althea, Luz said: “Ang sabi ko sa kanya, magsisi man sya, di ko sya pwede patawarin sa kabilang buhay man (I told her, even if she repented, I can’t forgive her even in the after life).”

A mother of six who sold homecooked meals for a living in their Las Piñas City home, Luz spoke fondly of her daughter who had high hopes for her future.

Rodelas would take on modelling jobs to help save money for her schooling at the Arellano University, where she is enrolled in hotel and restaurant management. Because of poverty, the victim had to stop schooling three times.

“Di ko sya (Jaja) pinaghuhugas ng pinggan. Tapos babarilin nila ng ganun ganun. Mga hayop sila! (I don’t even make Jaja wash the dishes. Then they would kill her just like that. They are like beasts!)” Luz said.

No abduction

The mother also downplayed Althea’s claim of an abduction, pointing out that her family had no money to pay any ransom in the first place.

According to Luz, Althea would go to their house in the wee hours for modelling jobs and her daughter would join eagerly as Althea is her idol.

The mother admitted that she sometimes would feel hot-headed whenever she saw her daughter’s friend, not knowing that it was a hint of things to come.

“Yun pa sya talaga magpahamak sa anak ko. Kung naniwala lang anak ko sa akin, di sana sya napahamak ng ganyan (I knew that she is the one who will put my daughter in danger. If only my daughter believed me, this wouldn’t have happened),” Luz added.

For her part, Althea could only offer a belated, tearful apology to her dead friend: “Jaja, sorry… Di ko alam na papatayin ka (Jaja I’m, I didn’t know you’re going to be killed).”

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  • mund_gulid1994

    good job, CIDU, QCPD!

  • wehd1nga

    sorry talaga, maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na murder yun ginawa nyo dun sa kawawang bata, swerte kayo  matagal pa kayo mabubulok sa kulungan bago kayo magkita ni satanas sa impiyerno.

  • muddygoose

    Model? GRO? Quaimbao? Spoiled brat? Political family? Organized crime? Hmmm.

  • Ernesto

    karma na yan

  • speedstream2

    No one and nothing are worth murdering for. Here’s hoping the authorities are able to build an air-tight case, and that justice will be served for the victim and her family asap.

  • dorothyanne88

    Be this incident be lesson to indecent lifestyle persons who thought all the while that life is for fun and sex all the time.

    Fear of God  procreates discipline which is one of the ingredient of a happy and contented life free from dirty lifestyle

  • Lapu Lapu

    Bring back the death penalty!!!

    Why should we keep them in jails for life feeding them with the tax payers money??

    The killers got no fear, so the killing spree is on…

    When you take the life of a person especially with no valid reason, the killer should die as well.

    Killing a person to steal few pesos or a cellphone or to score on a grudge / jealousy is not justifiable. The killer should die as well.

    When we put a few in the death row, the killings will eventually reduce. Sow fear in the mind of the would be killers. Now …

    • pinakatagotago

      Watch BBC’s The Criminal Minds so you will udedrstand the mindset of those “halang ang kaluluwa”.

      Criminals figured in heinous crimes often hold dysfunctional behavior – they care less, they have distorted idea of fear, most likely impulsive and they utterly lack our normal sense of empathy. di sila nakakaramdam ng awa. Worst, they are not deterred. 

      kahit pa ipakita mo sa kanila ng may ilang beses yung pagbibitay kunyari ng iba pang mga kriminal kagaya nila, placed in a situation where that brain dysfunction occurs in them and they are in a situation where they felt killing is the right thing to do, they would do it. 

      kung bibitay man ako, i will not employ the deterrence card kseh these kind of people, hindi natatakot ang mga iyan. but rather, i would say, ang masamang tao kagaya nila has forfeited their right to live among rational people and law-abiding citizens of the society. 

      agree ako na patayin na lang ang mga gumagawa ng karumal-dumal at gumagawa nun serially. but i am at the same time, para sa mga first time offender at sa mga di naman sinasadya, parang payag pa rin ako sa rehabilitating nature ng ating penal system.

  • Zen

    ang galing ng puli dito ah. very logical ang pursuit. good job

  • wishfull thinking

    Good job this time. Sana lagi ganito ang ginagawa ng mga pulis….hindi yun magpapasikat sa harap ng kamera na may ginagawa eh wala pala. Dapat tahimik lang sila pero kumikilos. Ako nun una duda na sa kilos ni Althea. Pero hindi mo ipapapatay o pakikidnap ang isang tao dahil sa pagkakalat ng tsismis….may iba pa yan reason. Dapat check ng mga pulis ang tungkol sa inggitan sa trabaho o malamang sa pagtanggap ng mga projects.

  • Janna Aquino

    Someone has bitter issues…

    Seems you’ve been meeting the wrong people. That, or you’re simply deflecting blame because it’s easier to fault others rather than figure out what you did wrong. It takes two, you know. You complain, but likely you’re part of the problem.–On topic:Really unfortunate. It’s beyond sad that people can just take other people’s lives as easily as that.

    Even if she did not intend for the result to be as grave as it turned out to be, she definitely NEEDS to be punished for this. Way to go, calling herself a friend. People should really just be honest with others. If her friend was backstabbing her, she should have just confronted her and ended things with that.

    …and that boyfriend of hers… I guess she didn’t really know too much about him when they got together. Bad judge of character, that girl.

    May justice be served.

    • Carl2012

      Bitter issues?

      No honey, I’m just smart.

      Every guy I know who got married got screwed financially.

      Filipinas are not the same as they used to be.

      They are self-centered, materialistic, “children” who don’t care about others but themselves.

      I am giving life-advices to young Filipinos.

      They should never be duped into marrying or being in a relationship with Filipinas.

      They are no different to their western counterparts.

      To all men reading this:  Be happy. Don’t waste your money on broads. Stay single. You can have all the women you want without the responsibilities!

      • Descarte

        Ha ha. poor guy.  Probably doesn’t know how to handle a family. Life centered on money.

      • beatmanny

        marami namang pinay na matitino.. kita mo yung mga naging girl friend o love interest ni noynoy, pinili nilang humiwalay di sila nagpasilaw sa pera at hacienda luisita

      • icko

        im not sure if racist and sexist or self hating filipino?

      • MangTeban

        Thanks for the “life-advices”… ;-)

  • Bart Simpson


    • Descarte

      literally, she really is.

  • Mananandata69

    Yan mga ganyan kriminial d na nililitis. sa muntinlupa agad. that’s what freinds are for. Dapat pa ba walang death penalty kapag ganito klase ang krimen?

  • Noree

    Kudos to the police for a great job. Dapat makulong ng habangbuhay mga yan. Ituro na rin ni Quiambao yung mga pumatay at nag abduct.

  • randyaltarejos

    Ang hirap sa mga Pinoy ay takot or walang pakialam kung meron mga di kilalalang suspects na pilit kinakaladkad ang isang tao. Sumigaw man lang at para makakuha ng attention ng ibang mga tao, pero wala tayong ginagawa. O kaya kunin kaagad yung plate number at tumawag ng tulong doon sa binigay ni NCRPO chief Leonardo Espina. NCRPO hotline 09999018181.

    • Noel

      Sa Tate, 911 lang okay na.

      • randyaltarejos

        That’s why it is nice to live in Marikina City cause you can always call 161 for Globe landline users. Otherwise, you can call the NCRPO hotline.

    • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

      Witness 1: May kinakaladkad! Dali tawag ka sa pulis!
      Witness 2: Ano number ng pulis? 
      Witness 1: Parang ano yata… smart… globe… 0918… hinde 0925… hindi rin…. 0996… ay putik hindi ko maalala…
      Witness 2: Sige hayaan na lang natin siyang mamatay.

      • randyaltarejos

        Magdala ka na lang ng silbato palagi. Kung ayaw mong tumawag ng NCRPO hotline.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    There is admission, there is an unbreakable chain of events that laid out logically, however circumstantial, there are hard pieces of evidence, and the motive had been established. 

    Most of all, the police did a very good job. I can see a swift justice here.

    This is murder.
    1. Crime is premeditated. Even though the outcome is different from what was originally planned, the consequence of the outcome is borne of the premeditation. Hindi mo puwedeng sabihin na “kala ko, kala ko”

    2. There was mismatched and uneven capabilities on the part of the victim to have put up a fight. The aggregate superior strength of 4 men have put the woman at a great disadvantage to have enabled her to defend herself.

    3. Armed men were employed to do the bidding.

    • Noel

      Good analysis.  But a good defense lawyer can easily handle it.

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Yes, it is a possibility but let us see:

        1. The only way the defense lawyer can counter evidence 1 is to have the defendant recant all her previous statements and prove that she was not privy to any plans of abducting the victim. Although she has admitted that she indeed planned the abduction, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that she planned it on her own free will and that she had ample time to abandon her plans. The events she detailed on the day of the abduction fall perfectly on what could have transpired on that day itself given evidence of their presence in the cinema, previous days’ events, and her reluctance to provide details that could have been most prominent and easily recognizable during the abduction.

        2 & 3. Because our law says that for a homicide to be elevated to murder, certain circumstances must have to be present during the commission of the crime. One being that there is undue abuse of strength on the part of the aggressor and the other being employing armed men. In order for her to become guilty of these charges, the prosecution must have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she indeed hired these men and that these men have used excessive force to overwhelm the victim. The proof, apart from her admission, is that she has communicated with her boyfriend throughout the course of the abduction. The receipt from McDonald’s that was recovered from her boyfriend provides a good circumstantial evidence placing him within the time frame and the vicinity during and within which the victim was abducted.

        If she is exonerated from these charges given the overwhelming evidence and her admission, it is not because she has hired a good defense lawyer. It is because the family’s lawyer is stupid or they were able to buy the judge. In the end, it will still be about money.

  • JK1000

    Great job PNP !   Totoo naman palang may dalawa kang anak , anak ng lipaktong. Sa kulungan kayo mabubulok. DENY TO DEATH ka !  May dalawang anak ka ! Hindi chismis yun, totoo yun.

  • carlorocci

    PNP did a great job on this case…..+1.
    A great loss for Julie Ann’s family, condolence po….

  • JK1000

    Huh !

    • Noel

      If the cops really want to solve a case and put their hearts into their job, it would be that way.

    • Tagalugin

      galing ng english mo ah. san ka natuto mag ingles? sa barbero? haha

  • Camilo_Cienfuegos

    even this modern world, judas escariot is still prevalent.  the lesson here would say…choose your friends, and choose him/her wisely……

    condolence to the rodelas family…hopefully justice will be at their side!!!!

    congratulations gen. espina……nababago na ang paningin namin sa kapulisan sa ngayon!!!!

  • andresa igbac

     carl2012…kawawa ka naman at kung sino sino kasi ang binabarkada mo.
    ganyan ba pakawala ang buhay mo? baguhin mo kaya ang buhay mo at ng may
    makilala kang matitinong tao at ng di mo sinisiraan mga kapwa tao mo?

  • andresa igbac

    congrats to the police for solving this fast. may i suggest investigating further the boyfriend-killer. sounds like he’s part of a big syndicate of criminals. they should be made to pay big time financially to the family of the victim, aside from imprisonment. mga sira ang tuktok.

  • Descarte

    Matuto ka ng leksyon, traydor na kaibigan. Hindi ka talaga mapapatawad ng nanay ng kaibigan dahil sinira mo kanilang pangarap. 
    Sana marami pang kapulisan ang umaksyon ng ganito kabilis. Promote kaagad para tumaas ang sueldo at ma-motivate pa sila gawin ang tungkulin.  Kung di pa sapat para i-promote bigyan ng monetary reward ang magagaling na pulis.

  • Banana Na

    CONGRATS to PASAY CITY COPS and CIDU at PNP, kahit papaano magaling at may integrity pa ang police natin, di lahat ay nasusulhan ng pera….MABUHAY PNP…at para kay ATHEA, wag mo bigyan ng lesson ang isang friends mo kung di mo gaano alam ang ugali ng boyfriend mo pero nag-hint na siya na magaling siya sa ganoon at malinis ang kanyang ginagawa maski dati pa, di mo na-isip ang sinabi ng boyfriend mo ang sinasabi niya, ibig sabihin ay papatayin talaga niya ang isang tao para wala na siya o ikaw na kumakalaban sa iyo…ikaw pa naman ang idol ng friend mo, sinayang mo lang ang pag-kakaibigan ninyo dalawa, ang tsismis, minsan ay nanggaling din sa ibang tao kasi nasa SHOWBIZ business kayo, hindi ibig sabihin na ang friend mo ang nagkalat ng tsismis against you, kasi nagtiwala pa siya sa iyo nang yayain mo lumabas para manood ng movies kasi alam niya na wala siya ginagawa sa iyo ng masama….buhay nga naman…ngayon, dalawa na kayo ang makukulong at ang boyfriend mo ngayon ang kalaban mo baka ganyan din ang gagawin niya sa iyo sa ginawa niya sa friend mo….

  • Psiitoon Charoenkrung

    After Cyrish then this young model,  why?  It seems that the country is becoming like wild west where guns proliferate and daily killings is normal.  The government should really something for the rising crimes in the country.  If this rising crimes cannot be checked then it will be one of the hindrance for the ongoing economic growth.

    • reddfrog

      Ngayon lang ba? Dati pa naman wild west na ang Pinas. Hindi lang high profile ang mga biktima.

      • Noel

        Si Jack Enrile na anak ni Sen. Enrile ang nag-umpisa ng Wild West sa Phl.

  • geminimind

    There is a saying that goes Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.It is always easy to trust and continue to trust until a betrayal sets it’s last.Friends beware ’cause your best friend can be your best enemy after all.Friends we meet,relatives we share but in “cheeze meeze”we shouldn’t care.

  • bugoybanggers

    Yan ang napala sa inyong mga MAGAGANDANG DILAG, bakit kasi nagkakainggitan pa kayo? Kayo namang mga BF, masyado kayong ngamamayabang, kesyo maganda ang syota ninyo kahit ano na ang ipapagawa eh banat agad kayo? Sige, mag himasan kayo ng rehas at kayo ay pagpipiestahan naman ng mga PAPA sa loob. Handa na ninyo ang inyong PURI!

    • Concade

      hahaha ayos!

    • batangpaslit

      Ang sinabi mo sa bandang huli, ‘yan ang bagay na parusa.
      Si pogi, gagawing “babae” nang mga na deprived sa kulungan.
      Si babae naman, ‘di na maging model, dahil mawala na ang beauty nia.
      Hindi na sia maka make up, di na sia makakain ng pagkaing gusto niang makain.
      Mawala na ang mga beauty regimen nia.

      Skin beauty is vain. But a good character is a joy forever.

  • kilabot

    she taught her friend a lesson, but it’s her who earned the degree.

  • Berteni Cataluña Causing

    If we think always that what is about to happen will happen anyway, no
    matter how painful it is, at least one half of panic is removed from the
    mind. So, the moral of the story is: Even if you know someone
    spreading things on you, true or not, better stay put and do not react
    immediately. Think of a better action plan, which may be a
    confrontational discussion, a case for grave oral defamation, or
    whatever that is less bloody. THE BEST ADVICE I COULD GIVE: Just talk also as answer to a “bad talk” from behind. Hate words should be met by words, not swords. 

    • batangpaslit

      Beauty is vain. Mayabang kasi, eh.

  • Berteni Cataluña Causing

     Look at the Ampatuans! He he he…THE WILDEST WEST!

  • GMMTC11

    Dapat ibalik na ang bitay. Salot na sa lipunan ibabahay pa at pakakainin habang buhay at kung mayaman may sarili pang tennis court sa loob.

    • Psiitoon Charoenkrung

      I agree, death for all the heinous criminal in the country.  This is one way to deter crimes.  Look at China were criminals are executed without mercy.  These kind of crimes can be hardly be seen or felt in that overfilled country

      • Tagalugin

        galing ng english mo ah. san ka natuto mag ingles? sa barbero? haha

      • jamesgeorge

        Ang problema sa death penalty, pati inosente na na-frameup ng mga bandidong pulis ang nabibitay!!! Tama kayo, maraming heinous crime na dapat ang katapat eh bitay! Pero mga kabayan, sa estado ng kapulisan at ng mga fiscal at huwes ngayon, sa palagay ba ninyo, eh hindi tayo magkakamaling inosente ang mabitay???

    • jamesgeorge

      Ang problema sa death penalty, pati inosente na na-frameup ng mga bandidong pulis ang nabibitay!!! Tama kayo, maraming heinous crime na dapat ang katapat eh bitay! Pero mga kabayan, sa estado ng kapulisan at ng mga fiscal at huwes ngayon, sa palagay ba ninyo, eh hindi tayo magkakamaling inosente ang mabitay???

      • GMMTC11

        I agree with you na di nawawala na may possibling inosente ang nakukulong, pero kahit saan ka pumunta andiyan yan. Ilagay na nating sa loob ng sampung taon mula 2002 to 2012 ilan ba sa ilang libong kriminal ang napakawalan dahil inosente? Tandaan mo rin  na araw araw may nagbubuwis ng buhay para magiging mapayapa ang ating lipunan, sa ibat ibang paraan nga lang, katulad ng mga pulis at sundalo. Sa ating mga mamamayan, we have to take a risk otherwise walang matatakot sa batas dahil wala itong ngipin. Kung titingnan mo rin yon ibang gumagawa ng krimen ay sanay sa buhay sa loob na kahit ikulong mo ok lang kumbaga cold blooded na. Once in a while somebody has to sacrifice by well or by accident for the society to thrive. If we keep on hiding in our fear with those conditions you have stated walang mangyayari, dadami at dadami ang krimen.Until such time that we have to arm ourselves and put justice in our own hands because the law failed us.

      • jamesgeorge

        Risk? yung sinasabi mong risk para lang sa mahihirap! Pag wala kang abugado at binigyan ka ng galing sa Public atty’s office or PAO, malamang mabibitay ka nga! Kaibigan, hangga’t hindi nalilinis ang mga “bandidong pulis at hoodlums in robes”,hindi ako sang-ayon sa death penalty mas mabuti pa siguro mag-create ng panel or commission to determine if death is appropriate to a certain criminal,kung baga, case to case basis kesa yung unipormadong patakaran lalo na sa drug pushing na hindi natin alam kung planted ng mga pulis ang ebidensya! Kaya, hindi rin ako talaga tutol sa death penalty, ang gusto ko lang na masunod ang kasabihan na, “It’s better to set free a thousand guilty criminals who deserved the death penalty than to take the life of an innocent person because he didn’t get a fair and just trial!”

      • GMMTC11

        Sang ayon ako sa suggestion mo for a panel or commission to review the application of death penalty in a case to case basis. Parang jury trial na rin yon, at least hindi lang sa kamay ng iisang tao inilalagay ang buhay ng nasasakdal, katulad ng sinasabi mo maraming hoodlums in robes, kaya maigi manigurado.

  • t2jr

    Congratulations to PNP for solving this crime! You really did a great job. Mabuhay po kayo!

  • Noel

    Di alam na papatayin siya?  Puwede bang gawing defense iyan sa korte?

    • icko

      no….she instigated it, she ordered the bf to do something about it.

  • Tagalugin

    galing ng english mo ah. san ka natuto mag ingles? sa barbero? haha

  • sam_aquino

    good job, PNP!!!

  • divictes

    Ang babaw naman na dahilan para pumatay ng tao.

  • George

    She’s sorry she got caught. If not, she’ll brag about what happens to people who crosses her.

    • Concade

      Tama ka dyan. Pag di nauli yan sobrang yabang na mga yan!

  • batangpaslit

    1 criminal should read crimes?
    2 overfilled should read overcrowded?

    na predict ko rin kung ano ang ibig sabihin in Charoenkrung

  • Mattino2011

    Pati un tatay ni Quiambao dapat kasuhan..Babaw na reason para patayin…Ngayon Althea sa bilibid a mag modelo…Sobrang sama mo

    • Toni Montana

      Mandaluyong yata ang kulangan para sa mga Babae?

  • ever green

    in fairness dapat i-recognize din ang mga pulis na nagtrabaho ng kasong to. I mean they virtually solved the crime in the span of less than a week. Mabilis na iyon. ANG TANONG, GAANO KATAGAL NAMAN ITO SA HUSGADO???? 1 decade??????

    • Mike Henry French

       20 yeears..then by that time, na parole na sila kasi 20 years na silang nag serve. ok lang naman. ang problema ay sa mga na kulong na walang kasalanan

    • Berteni Cataluña Causing


  • Derrick Ross

    Wee hours in the morning for “modeling jobs”. Hmm… Is that a euphemism for…

  • ever green

    “Jaja, sorry… Di ko alam na papatayin ka (Jaja I’m, I didn’t know you’re going to be killed).” —- wtf?!!?!  ano un? alam ko lang na rereypin ka lang??? gagawa pa ng storya……tangna siraulo pala tong babaeng to!!! di kaya kamag-anak to ni ramona revilla

  • batangpaslit

    If Althea claims that Julie Ann, the victim, is a friend, why didn’t she confronted her first if indeed her friend betrayed her?
    Althea is a model? A model of what?
    The mother of Julie Ann must, however, learn how to forgive. To forgive does not mean the culpability of the killers is gone.
    The murderers must face the consequences of their evildoing.
    Forgiveness unburdens the victim with bitterness, from being overcome with despair, and
    from the thought of getting revenge.
    Let the full force of the law bear upon the murderers. My kudos to the police authorities that effected the arrest of the perpetrators.
    May your tribe increase.

  • el_latigo

    Sometimes the police does a good job worthy of commendation. Thanks very much Insp. Elmer Monsalve, Mabuhay po kayo! Mayruon pa rin pala sa ating mga kapulisan ang talagang tumutupad sa kanilang sinumpaang tungkulin na paglingkuran ang kanilang nasasakupan. Kudos! May your tribe increase. Ang bilis po ninyong na-solve ang kaso na bihira naman talagang mangyari ngayon sa ibang mga pulis. Sana naman bigyan ng pansin ni PNoy ang mga ganitong mga exemplary deeds ng mga pulis natin.  

    • Descarte

      1.  Libreng bigas, isang kaban isang buwan for 1 year. Every year dapat my komplisment para tuloy tuloy. 
      2.  Pangalawang huli sa loob ng isang taon, libreng pag aaral ng anak ng pulis, for one year.
      3.  GSIS insurance na mag provide ng tuloy tuloy na pag aaral ng anak ng pulis kung sakaling may masamang mangyari sa pulis. 

      Kelangan talaga may magandang reward mga pulis para hulihin nila ng hulihin ang mga kawatan, ewan ko lang kung  hindi maubos mga iyan.

  • robrano

    Put them into a car, shoot them and throw them out to garbage collection.

    • ever green

      Si duterte ka ata… hahahaha

  • mike con

    potang ina couple yan,mga makikitid utak,ganun lang ang dahilan?dapat silya elektrika tong mga to e,mga hayup kau.hindi ko kilala ung model pero,naaawa aq sa nanay at pamilya nya dahil sa kawalang hiyaan ng dalawang abnoy mag isip!

  • Kromuel

    Bottomline: “Matagal ko nang ginagawa to, walang sabit lagi”

  • riccisan

    these rich kids can kill each other but leave innocent bystanders alone. sorry, it goes to show how ‘uneducated’ they are today..

  • Emerson Pagdilao

    not everyone whos kisses you is your friend “JUDAS”

  • regd

    Sarap sana kung pwedeng unisex ang bilibid. Volunteer sana akung nakawin ang gulong ni Binay para makulong matikman ko lang si Althea. Este…mabigyan ng leksyon ibig kung sabihin. Marumi lang siguro isip ko. 

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      mag apply ka nalang na jailguard! hehehehe..

  • Vertumnus

    ya right!  She didn’t mean to!  She’s 23 and her boyfriend is 32!  Her judgement is questionable and her fake sense of remorse is questionable too!  Why did we ever got rid of the death penalty?   There are people who doesn’t deserve to live among law abiding citizens and should be executed once found guilty.  These people will not change.  They are inherently evil!  

    • suroy_suroy

       Quote: “…Why did we ever got rid of the death penalty?…Quote end.
      Because GMA gave it as a gift away to the Pope a few years ago.

    • willylansangan

      ito ang long term strategy ni gloria alisin ang death penalty kasi alam niya darating ang panahon na makakasuhan siya kung sakali convicted siya kulong lang walang bitay at may pag-asa na ma pardon kung iba na naka-upo sa malakanyan

  • k

    Bravo to CIDU team…clap…clap..clap!

  • Bonggebongge

    Wala kasing death penalty eh, take note yung BF matagal nya na daw gawain yun at walang sabit…nak ng teteng imbestigahan ang pamilya nung sira tuktuk na yun…Quiambao…duwag ka at walang betlog, bayag mo asa panga mo gago…suntukan nalang tayo…isama mo pa tatay mo at GF mo…

  • neverwint3r

    well, what was althea thinking, the men abducted her ‘friend’ to play poker with her? or just rape her to teach her a lesson? she should be given the death penalty or life imprisonment at the least.

    • Elijah

      a girl like that never uses her brains……

      • suroy_suroy

         …coz there is none.

  • koy-bili

    what’s the involvement of Quiambao’s father? on althea’s statement, looks like he’s part of a cover-up plan… sanay ba talaga sila sa ‘ganun’

    • Pio Gante

      he’ll fall as an accomplice if he was there during the abduction/killing, as an accessory, if he was not but discovered it later and took part in the cover up and hiding of his son, the least is he can be charged for obstruction of justice.

  • Sorry Guys

    Very poorly executed senseless crime..

    It show the perpetrators are just fools and highly suspected of being drug addicts. 

    Can we keep them a few minutes on an electric chair please?

  • Meow Ming

    good job to our policemen.

  • intrimaldita

    kawawa both family nila. grabe na talaga panahon ngayon. 

  • geminimind

    People with mental dis-order(too much ego)commits crime to get free board and lodging.

  • Pio Gante

    sorry for her, from now on, no more fb, starbucks, no more designer clothes, no more walking on the ramp, no more dolled up pose in front of the cam, practically the good life she had is gone and that’s gonna be for a very very long time.

    she’s really gonna be one hot jailbird and her guards will soon get a sample of her along with the dykes that will very much welcome and will feast on her at the wcf.

    pity her kids.

  • jga94

    Clearly, Althea and  her boyfriend have personality disorders..”…..teach her a lesson because she waas talking behind her back…..” that sounded like a plot to a pathetic soap opera….these kinds of people do not get to live in the real world….now, in jail, maybe they’ll know what it is like to be in one.

    I hope the police will also be investigating the role of the father of the guy and what the Althea girl was saying that her boyrfriend had done this before and got away with it….ano nasa kidnapping business family nila?

  • Elijah

    Looks can indeed kill. :(

  • jga94

    Congratulations to the policemen for this swift serving of justice….altho hindi pa tapos…wala pa sa custody nila yung hired killers and hindi pa malinaw ano kinalaman ng tatay ng lalaki sa krimen…

    Plus this will go to court….minsan may magic nangyayari dyan…kahit may confession na….

  • I_kabod

    matagal“Sabi nya magaling daw po siya sa ganun, ginagawa daw nya walang
    bulilyaso dati. Kaya po pumayag ako (He told me he’s good with that,
    he’s been doing that without misplay so I agreed),” the woman said,
    referring to her boyfriend.- matagal na palang gawain ito ng bf nya at nakakalaya pa?

    bring on death penalty, now.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    Kung ibabalik kasi ng mga politiko yung death penalty, maraming mamamatay sa kanila.

  • amelius23

    This is another crime of passion wherein the  couple culprits via the woman involved in the crime, Althea Altamirano, the sweetheart of Fernando Quiambao Jr., the victim Julie Ann Rodelas, the father of the male culprit who tired to help hide the crime as accesory to the crime, the black Monteiro  SUV that was used on the crime and we believe the other 2 killers directly involved in salvaging Julie Ann are all accounted for. The McDo receipt for the chesseburgers that was bought by Fernando Quiambao Jr., the bag still clutched by the victim when she was shoved out from the Monteiro in Cubao and shot at while lying down in the pavement. Ang principal supsect ay umamin na, ang mastermind at ang kanyang ama ay hindi aamin (mayroong pagkakataon na makakuha ng de campanillang abugado para dumepensa sa kanila, ang dalawang triggermen ay naaresto na rin, na identify at nakuha na rin ang SUV na involved sa krimen at ang mga recibo na nagpapatunay na si Fernado Quiambao Jr. ang bumili ng cheeseburger base sa CCTV recording na identified siya. Kung baga ang judge na maglilitis nito ay nakumpleto na ang recados. Kung ako ang judge, in 1 week or 2 weeks time ibabab ko na ang sentesya sa mga nagkasal. Mgunit sa totong buhay, kailan mababaan ng snetensya ang mga akusado dahil sila ay amy kaya, baka mauwi itong kaso sa Barameda case na ang mastermind ay nsa hospital arrest at for the last 2 years ay nasa ospital nag kukuyakoy. Ito ba ang gustomng palabasin ng ating pangulo na ang death sentence ay hindi pa pwedeng ibalik dahil posibleng  ang walang kasalana ay mapaparusahan ng bitay. Pero papano yong kaso na lahat  na elento ay mapapatunayang ginawa ng mga akusado, bakit tinatagalan pa ang pag baba ng sentensya/ Baka sa kalaonan ang biktima na si Julie Ann Rodelas ay mapapatunayan na nagpakamatay (suicide)? Sana  matulungan ng VACC o cause oriented  na mga bugado ang pamilya ng biktima para ang tunay na hustisya ay makamtam at ikatatahimik ng kaluluwan ni Julie Ann. Sana po ang judge ay hindi magpatumpik tumpik at igawad ang maximum na kaparusahan sa mga nasasakdal.

    • Tagalugin

      galing mo mag english ah. san ka natuto mag ingles? sa barbero? haha jejemon

    • willylansangan

      isa lang ang paraan hikayatin ang senado,congresso at comelec na ilagay sa balota ang RH bill,anti-epal bill,anti-dynasty bill,FOI bill,death penalty bill,pork barrel bill,etc.let the people decide kung kailangan ipatupad ang mga ito,palagay ko hindi susuportahan ng mga politicos ito dahil ito ay isang bato na ipupokpok nila sa kanilang ulo,so people let us decide on this thru the ballot.

  • virgoyap

    What a waste!! She was just killed out of nothing. A nice future is suppose to be waiting for Rodelas. Althea and his boyfriend is answerable to all of this.

  • boymanok

    ganun lang pinatay na? 

  • jrmagtago

    guys this is the facebook link of julie ann rodellas murder suspect friend so bahala na kayo guys:


    To all congressmen, senators, and Pres Pnoy: Please restore death penalty in our country to save you and your very own families.

  • $23257130

    grave naman mga bagets ngayon dapat dyan sa mga i bartolina, ikulong habang buhay. ppppwwweeeeehhh kadiri

  • jon

    Kung kinausap na lang sana nya nang masinsinan ang kaibigan nya.. eh di sana pareho silang masaya ngayon.. tsk tsk tsk.. wala talagang nagagawang maganda ang paghihiganti.


    GMA 7 had an exclusive interview with the supposed friend of the victim. Tears can be deceiving.


    sa pilipinas, pag ang kriminal ay mayaman –  hospital arrest lang
    pag mahirap –  kulong agad
    yan ang  “demograsya”  – may grasya ka, pwede ka bumili ng pabor………………………

  • INQ415

    ^ ganyan talaga pag babae na kapampangan, inggitera. tapos ipapasubo boyfriend/asawa para gawan ng “paraan”. maayos naman mga kapampangan na lalake.

    • willylansangan

      pre hindi siya kapampangan isa siyang cavitenya

  • padrefaura

    sa bahay ko ikulong si Althea. ako na ang bahala nang magturo ng leksyon sa kanya.

    • markus32

      Cge pre.. rerequest ko.. pero kailangan maka sampu ka.. walang hugot.. kung hindi.. sya ang lalaya.. ikaw bibitayin.. baka hanggang isa ka lang.. yabang mo! hahaha


    dahil sa inggit mo, parehas na kayo walang kinabukasan….. sya ( julie ) ay dahil patay na ,  at ikaw ( althea ) ,  dahil ikukulong ka .                                     

    • venfil29

      at least buhay pa may pagkakataon pa siyang magbago at magsisi,buhay siya na pwede niyang gamitin sa kabutihan kung magbabagong buhay siya,yong biktima patay na hindi mo na maibabalik ang buhay.

  • EREC

    Ang pag sisi ay laging nasa huli…. huwag mag padala sa simbuyo ng damdamin. Sa mga magulang ng biktima, tama po kayo walang kapatawaran ang ginawa sa anak ninyo dahil hindi kayo ang DIOS. Ang DIOS lamang po ang makapag papatawad sa karumal dumal na krimen na pag patay sa inyong anak. Pag patay sa taong walang kalaban laban ay isang karumal dumal na sa akin.

  • EREC

    Sasabihin nila lalo na ang punong ministro ng relihiyon “KUNG ANG DIOS NAKAPAG PATAWAD, BAKIT ANG TAO PA KAYA”…… sa akin ang para sa DIOS ay para sa DIOS, ang para sa TAO ay para sa TAO……DIOS lamang ang may karapatan mag pagpatawad sa mga pumapatay dahil ang buhay ay sa DIOS nag simula.

  • EREC

    The common problems in the Philippines is the CRIMINAL LAW itself……. it encourages the lawless elements and criminals to do so, either or not protected by the wealthy. The proof… why is it every year there are crimes happen in the Philippines and every year the prison are increasing in numbers…..means the lawless/criminals (for them to commit crimes is a business) was NOT AFRAID to the penalty of the LAW in the Philippines. For me, im infavor for lawless/criminals(killers) to penalized maximum of DEATH or BORN TO DEATH or CUTTING PINIS & BORN TO DEATH(for rapist) is absulutely right… long as there is equal due process.

    • Tagalugin

      galing mo mag english ah. san ka natuto mag ingles? sa barbero? haha jejemon

  • resortman

    Lesson learned, do not trust anybody…look what “friends” are now…sadly she will be doing her catwalk in the prisons..pysta mga tomboys

  • berdengleon

    like transformers…more than meets the eye…as the investigation progress, a deeper reason will be spotted…as they say, like a plot in a telenovela…

  • Ct

    Let them rot in jail.  If lethal injection can be applied to all of them, so be it.   

  • Mr. Suave

    Ihanda mo na lahat ng butas sa katawan mo pag dating mo sa preso. Tiyak pagpepyestahan ka dun ng mga tomboy pati na ng mga jail guards. Good luck na lang sa butas ng pwet mo.

    • magdalena24

      baka pati butas ng ilong at butas ng tenga ni ALTHEA hindi paliligtasin hhehehehe dahil sa dami ng mga preso…baka magsabay sabay silang pagpyestahan si althea….enjoy guys hehehehe

  • tamaraw2020

    23 anyos

    2 na anak

    ang bf : 32 y.o.

    and she’s saying na gusto nya lang turuan ng leksyon? nasabi nya kaya sa sarili na turuan nya sarili nya muna? yari ka ngayun, itsura modelo ka pa naman. pati wetpaks mo walang pahinga.

    • Mhil Alejandro

      Be careful not to drop the soap on the bathroom floor. lol 

  • Boypickup555

    Isa namang pangalatok ito lahing Gloria nanaman….talagang walang gawang magaling BITAYIN na yan ng huwag ng pamarisan ng iba…

    • Pitbulldog

      P-noy na P-noy talaga kaabnoyan ng damuhong ito.  Dapat tulad mo ang napi-pick up at sinasagasaan ng pison, engot.

      • Boypickup555

        Hoy Pitbullhotdog siguro pangalatok ka ano sama ka na kay Gloria ng pati ikaw  ay adobong patuyo….

    • Crysis_III

      hahaha. tumpak…

      • Boypickup555

        Diablo tingnan mo sa baba si Pitbullhotdog kumakahong gusto maadobong  patuyo…

  • $26606290

    Excellent job PNP!!!  Yan!

  • alex_diaz2014

    Good police work.. kaya naman pala, sana sa lahat ng cases ganyan kahusay magawa ng PNP…

    Sana rin sa mga nakabasa nito, makapulot ng aral… kung gusto nyong turuan ng leksyon ang kaibigan o sinumang kakilala nyo, i-enroll nyo sa school…

  • Ernest Hontiveros Serranzana

    ayaw ko man pero kailangan na ibalik ang death penalty 

    • Descarte

      Kalaban natin ang CHR at simbahan.  Pero di ba Pinas meron 7,102 islands at yon daw iba nawawala pag high tide.  Ilipat ang bilibid prison doon para sa mga convicted ng heinous crime.  Yong malayong isla na maraming pating sa paligid.  Magtanim ang mga preso ng kangkong, mag alaga ng baboy at manok, pagkain nila. Ilayo sila sa ordinaryong mamamayan.

  • erica

    Wow.. ang husay namang PNP, solved agad. Huwag namang lahatin yong mga nasa lugar ni dating PGMA, mali yon.  Hindi lahat ng taga ron, tulad ng mga Quiambao.   Si Althea taga Cavite pero siya pa nagpahamak sa victim – i will refuse to use the term “friend” here dahil hindi sila tutuong magkaibigan, magkaaway sila sa tutuo lang.
    BTW, base sa sinulat ng reporter dito, parang accesories din yong family ni Quiambao dahil tinago pa nila ang mga ito sa prov nila. hmmmm

    • magdalena24

      correct na correct ka diyan erica, dapat pa imbestigahan din ang father and mother ni fernando quiambao jr, gaya ng sabi mo tinatago pa ng tatay ang anak at ang gf niya…tapos ang gamit nila ng kunin si julie ann rodelas aycar ng nanay niya….baka spoiled brat itong si aquiambao jr, sunod agad ang mga magulang sa mga gusto niya.

  • Descarte

    Isa syang modelo: Modelo ng kawalanghiyaan.

  • Heidi H

    Mala-ending ng Detective Conan naman ‘tong storyang nabasa ko!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Good job PNP. It is surprising that somehow the PNP have some knowledge in investigating, follow up and solving a case so quick. I thought all PNPs are crooks who can not be trusted, somehow there are still some who knows what is their role in society. Again kudos for a job well done.

  • Rodel

    Very good PNP!!!!  The evil of envy is at work which results to murder. Total justice will be in the afterlife even if these bastards serve in jail for life.

  • blainz

    I’ll join all the others in commending the PNP. Job well done. Hopefully, this sets a precedent for getting the likes of Ecleo, Palparan, etc. to justice.

    Althea and the boyfriend seem to be a couple of sociopaths. Rot in jail.

    • Crysis_III

      justice for Julie Ann well served..

  • Francis81

    Bumababa daw ang antas ng krimen ayon kay Lacierda. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  • Tamakana

    KUDOS sa mga pulis, tinarbaho talaga yung kaso – imagine mahirap lang tong pamilya ng biktima kaya hindi sila nagtrabaho dahil nabayaran sila – mga TOL SALUDO AKO SA INYO! 

    • Crysis_III

      tama ka talaga bossing…

  • ealicer

    i-salvage na kaagad yang mga potang yan. 

  • Leighton

    Congratulations for our PNP for a job well done. :)

  • watsupketchup


    You deserve to rot in prison and have your as*es ripped up everyday.

    You don’t deserve to die, you deserve to suffer heavily for a long time that you would eventually just beg to be killed.


  • axe musk

    Police should dig deeper into this case, as it seemed that the Quiambao’s have a liquidation group/gang ready to execute people instantly… Proper background checks on all the suspects apprehended to fully identify their members (killing participants or not) and be put behind bars….

    More to prove from the PNP…


    job well done to our PNP!!!

  • mutalag69

    Mabuhay ka CI Marcelo and
    your men for the swift action taken. Wish ko lng na di ito matulad sa ibang kaso na after all the efforts made by the PNP..pagdating naman sa korte ay  napapawalang sala ang mga salarin dahil sa kinang  ng pera.

  • Jun de Luna

    galing talaga ng cctv…… galing ng teknolohiya natin…

  • Jun de Luna

    JUNDELUNA: galing ng teknolohiya natin, bukod sa resibo malaki naitulong ng cctv…

  • Alajero

    …this is not an isolated case…it just show easy for filipinos to harm each other even…from simple jealousy, envy…something civilized countries don’t do anymore…altheas and her boyfriend should be condemned to …HELL

  • OFWs – symptom of sick economy

    the boyfriend said:

    “Sabi nya magaling daw po siya sa ganun, ginagawa daw nya walang bulilyaso dati. Kaya po pumayag ako (He told me he’s good with that, he’s been doing that without misplay so I agreed),” the woman said, referring to her boyfriend.

    therefore there are a chain of crimes this person has committed and even involved in conspiracy they should be exposed and pay for the crime.

    let them be the first to taste death penalty…

    • n

      I totally agree.. they have to investigate further that person.. make him speak about all his killings then let him be put to death, that’s the only way he can be released from all his killings. Senate, Congress, Pnoy and Church, can you hear this out? Don’t tell me you’ll let this serial killer roam the country. Clean the government. clean the streets of killers!

    • miyamoto_musashi666

      ibalik ang silya elektrika at lethal injection, dapat nga firing squad eh, cnu ba nag pasimuno na tanggalin ang Death Penalty??? edi ang LOLA nyu!?? ang LOLA ng bayan c Gloria.. bakit kanyo?? nde nyu ba nakikita pinagagagawa nia? para daw pag nahuli xa, nde xa masampolan? hahhahaha! sampolan na mga yan.. f under ni p-noy admin? lethal injection?? asa pa din tau jan, eh isang bala nga lng na papakawalan sa mga tarantadong chekwa ayaw eh, binangga ng barko kababayan natin hanggang sa mamatay, tpos nagka mayor pa ang mga singkit sa spratlys? anung ginawa ng LOLO nyu?? wala?? asaaaaaaaaaa! pinas bulok! hahhahaha Gen Espina at PNP! nakabawi kau dito.. 3 applause to u guys..

  • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

    Sana di makapyansa yan, tulad sa kaso ni Ecleo nahatulan na nagkasala pero nasa labas parin ng kulungan, kasuhan na sana yan na walang pyansa……

  • resty144

    I should say that this case is 99% solve….. The boyfriend of althea is the mastermind of the operation. He had guys to do it/ and had the money to pay for the doing. That’s all .. Let them rutten on their cage or malamig na bakal ,almusal, pananghalian at haponan at of course snack ….bye…

  • resty144

    I like action… I commend the Cops who made an early  capture/arrest of the suspects.. I salute you guys!!!!!

    • $2931613

      LOL!!! Commend ka jan.. Kumilos lang ang mga yan dahil #1) ABS-CBN
      talent ang biktima, kung di dahil sa backing ni Lopez, walang mangyayari dito…
      #2) merong toyota innova at mitsubishi montero na “reward”.

      • Kurt

        Tanga ka pala eehh.. di ba kalaban ng pulis ang abs cbn at iba pang networks. kung ako pulis lalo kong papatagalin ang pag imbestiga para makabawi kay noli, ted at korina at iba pang tao ng abs cbn. toyota innova at montero na ibibigay sa mga pulis…? ang likot ng isip mo DIGOYBULOY pwede ba yun.

      • $2931613

        pwede nga COCAINE at SHABU.. ung sasakyan pa kaya?  Kelan ka ba pinanganak?  May gatas ka pa sa labi eh.. LOL

      • miyamoto_musashi666

        DIGOLOYBULOY bagay sau pangalan mo, buloy ka tlga, lumutang kna isa ka sa nagtatagung gunman, wag m na antayin na c Lim o c hagedorn ang humanting sayu, tinamaan ka ng magaling, kaw ang my gatas sa labi, siguro minolestya ka ng pulis nung bata ka, kaya ka galit na galit sa pulis kahit maganda ang ginawa nila, hahahhahaha

      • miyamoto_musashi666

        asa naman brad? toyota? reward? galing kay lopez? eh ung sa oil leak nga nila sa makati ayaw nilang aksyunan e2ng model model lang gagastusan pa nila? asa naman brad? aminin nyu nalang kasi magaling ang NCRPO chief ngaun na c espina?? in 2 months lahat ng lokong pulis 53 exact sibak! cge try nila pumatay patay sa trabaho kundi dishonorable discharge ang abot nila,, galing mo Gen. Espina sir.. sana kaw nlng jan sa NCRPO at di kna mapalitan sir.. :)

  • Benjamin

    lahat ng suspect dalhin sa MPD …siguradong mangaagaw ng mga baril yan,,,tapos ang kaso…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Benjamin

      parng hayblad ka bro…easy lang…

    • Noel

      Alam namin galit ka pero may pagkabastos na puro capital letters ang sulat mo.

      • miyamoto_musashi666

        tama naman c edgardo dapat bitayin sila, at hindi naman masama na All CAPS ang message nia, meaning nun galit xa?? tama lang naman na magalit ka, kung sa kapatid mo na babae mangyari yan? o sa GF mo? o sa barkada m girl mangyari? mag isip isip din bro? wag insensitive, GO edgardo tama lang na bitayin ang mga hayop na nagpapanggap na tao.. :)

  • rofllma0

    Althea Altamirano – POKER Ka – Yan sige pareho kayo ng BF mo….!! Dahil lang sa chismis na totoo yan na pinagawa mo sa BF mo! LOOOOOOOL

    Model modelan ka lang dahil sa kaka model mo wala namang kumukuha sayong magandang company loooooooooool magsama kayo ng BF mo na Gangster!! Buti nga sa inyo nahuli na kayo!

  • mark1205

    and I so thought that our police are just like in american movies eating doughnuts and sleeping while on duty. as it turns out this is a great proof of how they would also love our country prosper! KUDOS! I hope this is only a start of more solving with how high tech our systems are now!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Pedro

    Congratulations PNP ! Nakabawi ngayon ang PNP ! Pero teka sirs, sabi sa istorya, 2 men grabbed Rodelas. . . ASAN PA YUNG ISA? DAPAT MAHULI DIN YON. . .

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      may nahuling 2..yung pang 3rd nakipag “barilan” kaya pinatay este napatay…may followup operation pa sa 2 pa daw…

      magaling ang imbestigador kaya nahuli kaagad..buti di pinagtagal…

      to althea…wag ka tutuwad sa cr neng..sigurado lahat ng butas sa katawan mo papasukin…

  • boyboy9797

    Tiyak mabubulok sa bilangguan ang magsyotang baliw na Fernando at Altheang yan hahaha.  My condolence to the Rodelas family.  

  • Luthmar

    Why is life in the Phil. so cheap?  What has become of the morals and values of life.  Phil. is supposed to be a catholic country, but why is crime so high?  And this latest killing just because of tsismis?  

    Then, bring the capital punishment back.  One way of really getting rid of a cheap life; criminals who kill, for nothing,  rape (especially when children below the age of 18 are victims) with homicide.

    There are now many ways to prove guilt or innocence of a person involved in a crime.  One of the best is DNA test.  It has been proven to be very effective. 

    Calling Congress, Senate, and every authority concerned to please reinstate capital punishment.    

  • tamaraw2020

    turuan ng leksyon dahil bumaba ang kikitain sa pagmomodelo sa chismis na mey 2 anak na…

    tsk. tsk.

    ayan, sikat ka na. pagpipiyestahan ka na.

  • Tristanism

    Pano nga po namatay yung biktima?

  • geminimind

    When you say PNP,I say “kotong cops”.This time I give you the credibility with-out a doubt.


    meron bang criminal liability yong  father ng BF ni Althea?  


    hmmm.. kudos to the QC CIDU of Chief Inspector Marcelo… and to the officer Inspector Monsalve..for solving the case ala..NCIS… style… these two officers deserve promotions for giving honor to the PNP…di ba, Director General Bartolome sir, bago man lang kayo ma-freezer ni BSA….

  • jrmagtago

    guys if you want to know althea just search her name keyword:”althea altamirano” on facebook account then you will see her account in guys bahala na kau kung ano ang gagawin niyo sa account ni althea.

  • jrmagtago

    if you want to know althea then search her facebook account named althea altamirano then bahala na kayo guys!!

  • deadlyshooter

    lusts for money will change your moral values, change your outlook and make you cheap…thus, is what happen to this woman, who lusts for money, sought fame and do oddities…it made her have a shallow mind, forgot her upbringing and succumb to the whisper of saytan, making a Judas to her best friend…nakakaawa itong babaeng ito, sinira ang buhay dahil lamang sa pera…also, gossip is a very bad habit, it will make your best friend, best enemy and hate you at your back as you do gossip…lusts for money and gossip can destroy lives…never indulge your desire too much on these two things…

  • Night

    susme, mga model modelan lang kayo!!!! hindi naman kagaganda ng hitsura ninyo nag ka ganyan pa!!!

    taena mag model ka sa kulungan ngayon! 

  • Practicalandconcerned

    Just another loser…

  • Dirkhaim

    Parang kimmy dora part 1 lang – si Kimmy si Althea, si Dora si Julie Ann at si Baron Geisler si Fernando. Kung gagawan ng movie ‘to, alam na natin agad kung sino yung magpoportray na boyfriend – si Baron na agad! Convincing! The kidnapping plot is the same. One mastermind would misunderstand the other – hindi lang pala kidnapping, murder pa. 

  • Armando

    Good Job PNP. To you and your boyfriend, Rot in Hell!

  • Gallant Galant

    hindi alam ng boyfriend nya na low class prostitute to? 8k for 3hrs lang to tapos papatay sya ng ibang tao para lang sa babae to. tsk tsk tsk! baka hindi yung may anak sya ang talagang tsimis, baka yung pagiging prosti nya kaya pinapatay nya.

  • Gallant Galant

    hindi alam ng boyfriend nya na low class prostitute to? 8k for 3hrs lang to tapos papatay sya ng ibang tao para lang sa babae to. tsk tsk tsk! baka hindi yung may anak sya ang talagang tsimis, baka yung pagiging prosti nya kaya pinapatay nya.

  • HotGurl

    fernando quiambao jr. – ito ata yung matabang lalaki na may-ari ng mafioso tattoo. nakita ko to sa dutdutan 2011. tsk.tsk.tsk.

  • Pork_Republik

    Reminds me of the movie, Mulholland Drive in 2001.

  • Almira

    plastik! ang sweet nio pa nmn smga pictures nio sa fb! tapos ganyan ka ALTHEA! tsktsk Ang laki mong sayang!!!

  • Jay

    The matured thing to do ay sana nagusap nalang kayo tungkol sa mga sinsasbi niya sa iyo.Nassan kaya ang utak mo nasa paa.

  • Dylan Thomas

    reminds me of the movie “alpha dog” 

  • virgoyap

    What kind of lesson? She is already gone. Is this the lesson she wanted to teach her?

  • DennisApolinario

    Palagay ko inggit ang nagtulak kay Althea na “turuan ng leksiyon” kuno si Julie Ann. Mas bata at mukhang mas maganda sa kanya ito. Pwede na siguro ang 20 years kay Althea at sa boyfriend at habambuhay sa mga pumatay.

  • Skittlebop

    curios lang diba pag last name ang ginamit mo sa reporting dapat consistent na last name lahat..dapat Quiambao and Altamirano at hindi Quiambao and Althea kasi parang  ang dating apelyedo ang Althea..

  • Argueva

    Quiambao’s father should also be investigated, he appears to be an accessory after the fact. 

  • magdalena24

    tutuo palang may 2 kang anak althea bakit mo itinatago? hindi tsismis yung sinabi ni julie ann rodelas.  ngayo sino na ang mag aalaga sa mga anak mo, wala ka ng trabaho, kasi sabi mo bago ka pumunta sa apalit para magtago nag iwan ka ng pera siguro sa nanay mo iniwan at siya ang nag aalaga sa mga anak mo….sa kulungan wala kang makukuhang pera para sa mga anak mo….kahit na mag model ka sa kulungan walang pera doon….gagamitin ka lang ng mga tomboy doon, unless may pera sila para i share sa iyo….dapat mabulok ka na diyan sa kulungan pati na ang boyfriend mo at tatay at nanay niya. mabulok diyan….life imprisonment dapat ang sa inyo…hindi ko masabing selya electrika kasi wala naman yan sa atin.

  • magdalena24

    paimbestigahan din ang tatay at nanay ni fernando quiambao jr, kasi tinulungan sila na magtago sa apalit….at marami na palang nagawang crimes yang si fernando quiambao jr.  bakit nakakalaya pa, mga kapulisan imbestigahan niyo po sila at ipataw ang karampatang parusa at bayaran nila ang mga pinatay nila ang mga kamag anak ng mga napatay nila. mayroon silang hired killers kaya panay ang deny ni fernando quiambao jr na may kinalaman siya…pero siya ang mastermind.

  • boyboy9797

    Isang malaking bangungut sa iyo kapag naging friend mo c Althea hahaha kakabwisit ang pagmumukha eh pramiz…

  • Platypus09

    Who can trust a friend nowadays?

    It is hard.

    You can still try to trust but be careful. You might be the next victim.

    • desertvoice

      Trusting is extremely difficult these days. Por esta razon, yo no tengo ningun amigo ni ninguna amiga en el mundo. Tengo confianza solamente en Jesus y Virgen Maria! Look what Eve did to Adam. Because of her, we still die!

  • Mabuhay

    yang si quiambao ay carnapper at miyembro ng gun for hire…….

  • Shedgumboy

    I think it’s time to revive the death penalty law… Wala nang takot pumatay ang nga tao diyan sa Pinas dahil alam nila makakalaya din sila.. It’s only in the Phil. where you can see a criminal become senator, congressman , mayor. etc..   And now guys in motorcycle.. they killed anyone they like to kill , lahat may baril and the government do nothing.. Maysado nang rampant ang
    criminality sa Pinas…

  • $29897073

    Parang comedy ito with a very very sad ending. No pun intended but looks like Quiambao hires goons which cannot understand instructions. Sabi niya bigyan iyon ng leksiyon e bisaya pala pagka-intinde e litsonin ay buhay nga namin – senseless killing. Ibalik ang lethal inpections

  • jamesgeorge

    In fairness to Althea Altamirano, she really didn’t know it would lead to her “frenemy’s death” and neither did she order her killing but just the same she was at fault for not knowing fully well who her boyfriend was!!! Althea’s simple mind thought “teaching a lesson” by her BF is a few slaps and hair-pulling, but again, she didn’t know what kind of person is her BF! Julie Ann or Jaja was thrown into a bunch of “soulless animals”(I deliberately avoided wolves coz wolves are more dignified than these creatures!)

    • Jerry_SeinfeId

      We can never tell for sure whether Althea ordered Julie dead or not. Fact is Althea is guilty as hell and must pay the price of her demonic act.

      • jamesgeorge

        Oo pwede ngang si Althea nag-order na patayin pero according to the witness statement, inorder ng BF ni Althea na patayin na nung nakilala sya ni Julie Ann na nagpa-kidnap sa kanya! Natanggal daw yung blindfold at nabosesan sya ni Julie Ann! Sa katapusan ng imbestigasyon,lalabas din yan lahat!

  • Retrogirl86

    What kind of a person who will let her friend go through that horrific experience?  She should have just confronted her about it.  What is wrong with having children?  My gosh!  What cruelty.  If I have my way, I will let those people responsible to experience what the victim has gone through… so so sad…

  • MenchieL

    this althea acted like a selfish child here. buti pa yung anak ko na 20 months old, nakakaintindi ng feelings ng ibang tao aside from herself… in her own simple way she can demonstrate empathy… now this woman… she is sick. hope she pays for the price of what she did… kasi even her kids are not safe with her… why? she would only think about herself. there’s no use crying… one life was lost and can never be taken back… the thing that hurts… binaboy pa nung mga nakisali sa issue. may balik po yang mga mali na ginagawa natin… 

  • JosengSisiw1

    There are so many Julie Ann in our midst. These women are victims of poverty. They know for sure that what theyre doing entails mixing with dangers but they still continue because of the responsibilty for their siblings. Even Althea Altamirano could be one of them. Its just so sickening that we never talk about the main reason why Julie Ann has to do that kind of work. Modelling? What modelling in the wee hours of the morning? Simple word is PROSTITUTION! As long as we have children sleeping hungry at nights we will see a lot of Julie Ann in the future.

  • simonibarra27

    Eh gusto mo palang maging teacher bakit di mo agad sinabi? Cgurado marami kang matuturuan sa kulungan. Turo turuan mo ko nyan!

  • yonoh

    utot mo ikaw ngayon ang naturuan ang leksyon………….

  • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

    May tama si JOSE_MERCADO si Julie an a posible victims of poverty, kung balikan natin ang estorya sa pag aaral nya eh ilang beses siyang napahinto. Consedering  word PROSTITUTION ginamit ito  sa mga babaeng nagtitinda na laman loob na matagpuan natin sa mga kalye, beerhouse o night club na ang dahilan kung bakit sila pumasok sa ganong trabaho ay POVERTY DAW.Sa katayuan nila Julie sorry peace be with her, at HAYOP NA ALTHEA, ang tawag sa kanila VIP scort social name sa PROSTITUTION kung ginawa nila yon ayon sa ibig sabihin ni Mr JOSE ang dahilan naman ay MATERIALS at SOCIAL LIFE NEEDS., Tama si Mr. JOSE, MARAMING tulad nila ni ALTHEA na nag aaral sa mga mamahaling unibersidad at mayaman pa pero pumasok din bilang bilang VIP scort o PROSTITUTE, kung tanungin mo bakit sila pumasok sa ganong trabaho simpling sagot lang, nasarapan na daw sila napakadali pa sa napakaraming pera, at safe naman sila sa mga kitakutan dahil NAN DYAN ANG CONDOM NA NAPAKAMURA MAY VIBRATOR PA NA SUPER SATISFIED SILA KAHIT MATANDA ANG TITIRA.At NANDYAN DIN ANG DIAN PILLS PARA SA MGA NAGTRABAHO NA NAGLUKO SA ASAWA NILA DAHIL AYAW NI AMO MAGCONDOM SAYANG DIN NAMAN ANG MALAKING PERA KUNG AYAWAN NIYA, kung nahuli ng Mr. bakit maypills siya nawala  naman napag usapan na mag pills, simpling sagot din lang, para daw mapanatili ang busog niya didi at makinis na balat. Kawawa si POVERTY pinagsamantalahan ng karamihan para unawain ng bayan para sa kanilang personal na pangangailangan at katamaran…

  • simonibarra27

    Nakakaawa naman yun mga suspect! Wala kasing moral values na natututunan sa mga simbahan! puro abala kasi sa fund raising ang mga pari at SUVshop. Sa ngayon nga ang pinag mimeetingan nila eh kung papaano nila mapapakapal ang mukha ni Pinoy gaya ng mga mukha nila. Masyado raw sensitive sa critism… Tignan mo sila insensitive talaga! may statement ba sila tungkol sa mga crimes  Meolah!  Chising! Chao lah!

  • Sweet Disguised

    Some of the comments below are completely disgusting and unethical, as it does not relate with the topic above. It’s so sad to see these abusive words and lowering their standards. So, for those people who has written some hateful comments, I wish that they would wash their mouth

    with salt because their mouths are so bitter. Show some class, this is not Youtube.

  • palakasantayo

     Its a simple operation. Quimbao is the pimp and those girls are prost…The pimp giving Rodela a lesson got out of hand.

  • jamesgeorge

    May magandang aral din na makukuha dito, kilalanin ninyong maigi ang magiging BF o GF ninyo lalo na kung sino ang kaibigang tunay at kung sino ang “frenemies” ninyo! HIndi pwedeng gwapo lang o maganda, baka sa huli buhay ninyo ang kapalit!

  • ukoysakabu

    stupid B I T C H!!!

  • pasaway008ako

    I do not buy Althe Altamirano’s story. This is simple Judas Scar…strategy to get off the hook. She is a liar!!!

  • innocentyears

    doesn’t matter what she thinks now. important thing is that she will rot in jail. and then in hell.


    You do not change a person by harming or hurting him/her. Learn the ways of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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