Estrada scolds sons over public spat


Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada has intervened in the public spat between his sons, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and San Juan Rep. Jose Victor “JV” Ejercito, and scolded them for making their tiff public.

“Pinagalitan ko na,” Estrada said. “Mali na ilabas yung samaan ng loob nila sa publiko. Ano na lang sasabihin ng (tao?) Kung yung mga anak ko di ko kaya, paano pa ko mamumuno sa publiko?  (I’ve scolded them.  It’s wrong for them to air their grudge in public. People might say, how can you lead the public when you can’t control even your own sons?)” Estrada told the Inquirer in a phone interview.

Senator Estrada had earlier assailed his half-brother for allegedly using their reported rift to generate publicity for (the latter’s) senatorial campaign in next year’s elections.

In a provincial sortie, Ejercito discussed the “rift” between him and the senator and described their relationship as an “open book.”


 ‘Deeply hurt’

In a statement, Senator Estrada said he was “very upset and deeply hurt over… (JV’s) efforts to generate publicity… at my expense.”

The older Estrada, 75, said he summoned his two sons for a “heart to heart” talk at the family residence in San Juan on Sunday.  He said he was confident that the two could resolve their issues soon, adding that their latest spat was triggered by a “misunderstanding” over a newspaper report.

“They’re old enough to know what’s right and wrong,” he said.

Estrada said he has no idea how the sibling rivalry started. He noted that the younger Estrada was enrolled at Ateneo de Manila University while Ejercito went to La Salle.

“Walang naagrabyado (nobody was aggrieved),” he recalled. “I was very fair to both of them.”

In a statement, Ejercito said Friday night that he had always regarded his brother with respect.

“I don’t hide the fact that I disagree with him on certain, mostly political, issues. However, I’ve never said or done anything that would lead anybody to conclude our relationship is hostile or antagonistic,” Ejercito clarified.

Referring to the Bacolod interview, Ejercito said he was just responding to the insinuation made by a reporter that his brother and him would always take the same side of any question, presumably to the detriment of the nation.

Reporter’s, not mine

“My brother finds the words ‘sibling rivalry’ objectionable to describe our relationship. Those are the reporter’s phrase, not mine,” he said. “If my answers in that interview hurt him, that was not my intention.  Neither did I mean to gain political capital at his expense by making our disagreement public.”

But the former President speculated that the conflict might have started when Ejercito succeeded Estrada as San Juan mayor and brought in his own people. He said Estrada’s men complained about the replacement, a move he described as “natural” in any changing of the guards.

“I think the intrigue comes from their own men,” the older Estrada said.

The Estradas have been criticized for putting up what detractors describe as a political dynasty, initially in San Juan and later in the national government. The former President himself is running for Manila mayor in 2013, three years after he lost his second bid for the presidency.

Should Ejercito win, he would spend at least three years working in the same chamber with his half brother, Senate President Pro Tempore Estrada, who once worked with his mother, former Sen. Luisa “Loi” Ejercito, in the same Senate.

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  • johnllander

    Wala na bang iba kundi mga  barumbado at mga magnanakaw na mga ejercito’s?

    Huwag nang iboto ang mga ejercito’s!

    • Barak_O


      si asiong salonga na anak ni pareng george fvcker

  • John_Galt_II

    Nag away ang dalawang inutil.

    • kevin

      at dalawang mandarambong…kasama ang ganid na tatay.

  • ame mojica

    Sobrang oa itong si corrupt Jinggoy. Walang masama sa sinabi ni JV. He was just being truthful. Siguro galit siya kay JV kasi mas matino at matalino si JV kay sa kaniya. Si Jinggoy lang naman ang nakikipagkagalit kay JV. Mas matino si JV at si Guia Gomez kaysa sa iba pang Estrada.

  • Simon Ward

    Reminds me of the Lucy Liu “event”. PDI, you’re STIRRING again! This story was all played out yesterday, but you couldn’t resist phoning Erap for a hook to keep the story running another day. And of course, Erap took the bait, like any attention-seeking politico. Is the expression “No comment” even known to politicians, unless it is on a lawyer’s advice?

    • Mamerto

      Why., are you uncomfortable in having the subject up for public scrutiny and discussion.?

      • Simon Ward

        I’m not uncomfortable at all. I’m simply drawing attention to the fact the PDI sometimes tries to freshen stories up to keep them in the public eye, but actually has nothing fresh to add. Calling Erap for a comment does not warrant re-running this story for a second day. In the case of the Lucy Liu story, it ran the same story, with the words changed, at least three times. If these were stories with multiple layers, to which the PDI could add each day, that would be consistent with good journalism. But when there’s nothing to add, re-running the same piece multiple times is, like I said, just stirring. As always, IMHO :)

  • George

    blame the morons of San Juan for the Erap’s dynasty and of course blame the morons and future morons of this country who’ll keep on electing this dysfunctional family.

    • rightist

      Do not vote another Estrada/Ejercito in the Senate. Lets stop at one! Political dynasty is an issue only because we, the voters, are allowing it to be. 

  • venfil29

    obvious namang ang dahilan ng away nila ay dahil nagkaka sapawan sila,ang kasabihan kasi ang m ay galit sa kapwa m.


    lets Eject…the Ejecsito…at istrahin ang mga Estrada…


    are these the kinds of politicians who want to serve the people?  omigosh…ang kakapal ng mga mukha, ang lalakas ng loob at ang tatapang ng apog humaharap sa taumbayan at hilingin na iboto sila…Erap and Sons have no place in govt…mga tulad din nilang sira ang ulo  ang boboto sa kanila…

  • beerhunters

    Guiseppe Stradi di Bigotti, capo di tutti capi:”Cut all your quarrel now, except the deligence no. Or else your foolishness will go home to your body”

  • QQU

    It should redound to the national interest if Erap and his family leave the government alone.

    But they have found a real booty in it. Besides, movie making doesn’t bring in good money anymore. And we, Pinoys, simply love the reality show they put up during the election campaign.
    So…as we sow, so shall we reap.

  • Fulpol

    just imagine if these two will become President and Vice President serving on the same period…

  • Ibongpipit

    It is funny and unfortunate that we are being feed a family and dynasty feud over the press.  It is funny to see highly placed political figures behaving like children.  It is unfortunate to see highly elected officials in the Estrada/Ejercito dynasty revealing their true family traits, never worthy of emulation by Filipinos even on neighborhood level.  On the other hand, may be this is a way of resolving inaction in implementing the unconstitutionality of family dynasty – family self destruction.  They possessed strong will to settle disputes on personal level but never a bigger scale of national concern.  Let us not allow the tribe thrive in the national landscape.

  • GintongLahi

    Pulitika and pelikula is one that feeds Filipinos with false hope and illegitimacy.  What the Filipinos need now is more of REALITY SHOW – TRABAHO at PAGKAIN sa BAWAT PAMILYA!

  • citizenH

    What bothers me the most about these people is their lack of SHAME.  No wonder why the country can’t go anywhere.

  • Mabuhay

    boy laway sa senado……cge kurakutin nyo na lahat magpakabusog kayo….pera lang naman namin yang nilalamon nyo e….

  • nes911

    Ito ang isang pamilyang ganid sa power at pera.

  • Flavio

    pinalo mo ba sa puwet ang 2 trantadong anak mo erap ? bweseet kayong lahat…..

  • Political Jaywalker

    Sibling rivalry…. wow, that is really enriching the political debate in this country, LOL. Hoy! Stop the bickering and grow up but then again this is really typical in a nation where political manurity reigns over maturity, LOL……

  • balut123

    All-star cast na ang pelikulang “Ganid”….starring Jinggoy and JV and directed by Erap.


    sabi ni Erap, pinagalitan na raw niya yong dalwang anak niyang pasaway.. kaya pwede ng iboto siya para Meyor ng Maynila at si JV naman para Senador… at pagnanalo si JV eh.. sa Senado na lang nila itutuloy ni jUNNGOY ang laban nila…(overweight division- lol)

  • imongredneck

    I’m going to vote for this two just to make the senate more entertaining. As it is this institution has been reduced down to a laughing stock. Let’s legitimize it by adding more character, get commercial sponsors and make it into a reality show for the whole world to watch.

    • ngidigop

      Pre sayang naman ang “peoples money”, kapag naging dalawa ang Estrada sa senado.

    • imongredneck

      Pare, ours is a failed democracy. Our government machineries are not working and we can not also get rid of them. Election is about putting another artista or kapamilia ng artista, by our well informed (Showbiz wise) electorate. Why not capitalize it into a reality TV. No tax money will be wasted because there will be commercial sponsors. Where else can you find Jinggoy, Padilla, Revilla, Sotto, and other actors like Gringo and his friends, in one place, just about all of them are natural actors and actresses. Did you notice how they act when there is a big audience? The commercial sponsors will be fighting for a slot. It’s a win win situation. So we need more entertainers in the goverment.

  • moshki

    …heard one of Jingoy’s interview in some news channel…and he said something with regards to the need of anti-dynasty law which he opposed…he said “why deprive people who are running for politics (mga kamag-anak) and to those who are already in POWER”… my opinion on this is that working for the government is not an empowerment…its a service to people who gave their faith and trust…i wish he should have used “people who are already in SERVICE…

  • johndcross1

    Bulok talaga itong ama.  Bulok ang moralidad, boluk ang kokoti, etc.  Isang anak ay sa tunay na asawa at ang isa ay sa KABIT.  Yung kabit ay mayor ng San Juan na ang pangalan ay si Florence de Guia.  ANO ANG MAIBIBIGAY NITONG BULOK NA FAMILIA SA BAYAN?  Puro kabulokan lamang.

    HUWAG IBOTO SI JV EJERCITO na anak ng kabit ni Erap!
    HUWAG IBOTO SI ERAP ESTRADA as Mayor of Manila dahil bulok itong taong ito at KAHIHIYAN lamang ang idudulot nito sa siyudad ng Manila!!!!!!!

    • kapayapaan_1900

      Wala tayong karapatang husgahan si JV na siya’y anak sa labas. Ang husgahan natin ay ang walang delikadesa at garapal na paggamit niya ngayon ng apelyidong ESTRADA sa darating na eleksiyon. Masyadong halatain na sasakay sa popularidad ng ama na nagkataon namang nahalal na presidente ng bansa hindi dahil sa kakayahan kundi dahil sikat na aktor sa pelikula. Ang kuwalipikasyon niyang ilalahad sa bayan ay ang kasikatan ng apelyidong Estrada. Ano’ng masama sa Ejercito na kung saan ka nakilala. Kung tuso ka sa isang bagay, tuso ka rin sa maraming bagay! Isa lang ang boto ko at itinuturing kong sagrado kahit walang bilang sa’yo. Wala ka sa listahan ko, sorry!

  • Mamerto

    Another family who who will-fully and totally dis-regard the… 
    “Anti-Dynasty Provision” of this Constitutional…!

  • noreligionhavefaith

    Here are things the world should do for the Philippines to move on.!

    1. Let China take over 2. All males should be castrated and females ovaries removed. (this stupid race will cease to exist)3 . Burn all mosques and churches4.  Amputate legs/arms of all elected govt. officails & judges 5. And….nuke Manila, that gets rid 80% of the population & corruption & filth

  • boybakal

    Well, i commend the sibling rivalry between Jinggoy and JV.
    The rift is not about family matters, it is of national interest, more of a brain clash.
    Nothing personal.
    The Estradas are not Dysfunctional family, more like Adams Family.

  • quphal

    scripted ang lahat ng ito. there is no such thing as bad publicity pagdating sa pulitika lalo na para sa pamilya ng mga aktor.

  • LegalJustice

    That is the reason why Political Dynaties should be implemented – there can be a blood-bath between this two siblings.

  • fuctore

    That answers the question what kind of politicians does juan dela cruz elect into office…
    tapos magrereklamo kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang bayan.

  • kulittwit

    Gimik ito ng mga estrada para linlangin ang mga tao. kunwari nag aaway sila!

    Ibasura silang lahat!!

  • Datukalun

    They were truly a bad leader imegine all family including mistresses in politics wow they want to take almost everything.Many people who has more better intent and ideas to lead the country but will never have the chance because they have no political connections power and money to do so.But having a dynasty even their Idiot sons can win in an election.

  • Datukalun

    Dynasty will always lead to hunger for power.Will never give chance to other who have more better intent and ideas to run the government.Because they have no political connections money and power. So having a Dynasty you can even let some Idiots in the family run and be elected.

  • sl1

    Mr. former president your are already in your prime time …atleast you could leave a legacy by supporting  the anti-dynasty campaign . Don’t run for mayor just leave it to younger generation and persuade your son not run for office as your other son is already a senator. Be a vehicle of change for the better. Help in the selection of good young leaders for our country. Running for mayor is too much for being a former president already…if you do,you have no difference to GMA …give others the chance to rule !

    • joshua kings

      talaga namang erap and gma have no disimilarities; similarities yes.
      erap was convicted for corruption by gma’s sandiganbayan but immediately pardoned even before erap set foot in bilibid…..
      gma is going to be convicted soon also for the same crime (PCSo, may tulog sila dyan dahil malakas ang ebidensya)……
      vehicle of change? si erap vehicle of change? maybe yes for the worse….

    • moshki

      …instead using the word RULE…it would be best if let’s give others the chance to SERVE…

  • joshua kings

    scripted lahat yan, yang away na yan na kunya-kunyari lang; for what motive? to gain media mileage and drum up interest on jv for his senatorial run next year, without violating comelec rules like electioneering…..
    jv’s run for senator is merely expanding their political clout…
    wala tayong magagawa dyan; merong mga taong suwapang na ganid pa sa kapangyarihan na nagdudulot ng kayamanan na nagdudulot ng marami pang kapangyarihan na nagdudulot pa ng maraing kayamanan…
    gets ninyo ibig kong sabihin?
    wag kayong paloloko nang walang manloloko, lalo na kayong mga manilenyo….
    biruin mo, taga san juan ang maghahari sa inyo kung sakling maging mayor si erap? malamang,yung mga bata ni jinggoy na tinanggal ni jv at ni guia sa san juan ay siyang ilalagay dyan sa maynila…..
    mantakin ninyo: taga san juan, naghahari sa maynila?
    payag ba kayo nun?

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    “They’re old enough to know what’s right and wrong,” he said… erap kaya…alam kaya nya kung tama na iba iba nanay nila..

  • Dave Panganiban

    Malupit pala si PAPA erap!….MODEL ! DAD !

    I know..kc malapit na eleksyon.!

    sige pa KYUT pah!

  • nick delos santos

    kasi naman jinggoy dapat di ka tumakbo sa pulitika eh hinayaan mo na lang kapatid mo na si JV. mas karapat dapat naman sya kesa sayo. mas madami syang nagawa at gagawing maganda. puro ka lang kayabangan at galit!

    • Noel

      Mas matino, mapagpasensiya, malamig ang ulo at edukado si JV.  Noong unang balak niyang tumakbo sa Senado, pinagbigyan niya si Jinggoy sa pakiusap na rin ni Erap. 

  • PaengSaAmerika

    PR gimmick from Estrada camp. Ang masama baka mag-boomerang. Isipin ng tao eh kung sa labas pa lang nag-aaway na, eh gasino pa kung pareho nang senador! Kaya ang remedyo, STOP political dynasty na lang in 2013!

  • dukaponte

    Maganda ang tanong ng reporter kay JV. Sana ganoon ang mga news reporter at sana itanong kung hindi ba sila nakokonsensya na sila na lang ang humahawak ng gobyerno at hindi na nila binibigyan ang iba na makapagsilbi sa bayan? at paano na ang constitution na araw araw ay nilalabag dahil sa political dynasty.

  • Paul

    erap: kahit magka-iba ang nanay nyo, ako pa rin ang tatay nyo.

    • AngLagay

      re: “ako pa rin ang tatay ninyo.”…. are you sure? hehehe

      • Paul

         haha. ang lagay pala ay naisahin din si erap. sino kina loi at guia?

      • 444mangyan888

        haha…good thing we don’t have yet that cybercrime law. These powerful nincompoops could have just popped us out of existence.
        This is one of few ways we can get back at them and regain our democratic rights.
        Si manong Tulfo halos di na makpagsulat tulad ng dati … hehehe … buking lagi eh.
        This is freedom, and we shall pay with our blood for it..!!! hahaha..but the estradas might not know the irish wisdom…

  • Jazzeroo

    What a pathetic and indulgent sense of paternal authority. These are sadly deluded grown men who have believed in their self- importance for far too long.
    Who gives a flying duck what these people do. They can air their dirty laundry however they like and no one would really care.

  • lolo_Jose

    “Partido Pamilya Ganid” ang dapat na partido ng mga Estrada.  Ang malibog na tatay 
    ay tatakbo bilang mayor ng Manila, ang anak sa tunay na asawa na si Jinggoy ay 
    senador na, ang kabit ng malibog na tatay ay mayor ng San Juan, ang anak sa kabit
    na si JV ay balak tumakbo na senador din..Si Jude kaya kailan tatakbong senadora?
    Mga ganid kayo sa pwesto sana magsara mga pwet niyo…Hayyyy tumataas na 
    naman ang presyon ko mga apo…

    • D_BystandeR

      Mabuti sa ‘yo huwag ka nang sumali sa mga “kwentong kutsero” lolo baka ma-high blood ka pa at hindi ka na aabut pa sa sunod na eleksyon. Tama ka na, lolo, magpahinga ka na para makatulog ng mahimbing.

      • lolo_Jose

        Ay apo, sisiguraduhin kong makakaboto pa ako sa susunod na eleksiyon at
        ang siyento por siyento ndi ako boboto sa mga angkan ng mga estrada, enrile at binay..Ndi ko rin iboboto si Masing Maceda, sus ina ng awa bka kulutin ang buhok ni Juan don sa senado ahahayyy

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Mga impostor sina Jinggoy at JV !
    Si Echuserang_Tadpole and totoong anak sa labas ni Erap Estrada.
    Si Echuserang_Tadpole lang ang may karapatan sa Corona !

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Now we see what happens when public service becomes a family affair, meaning several members of the family occupy various government positions. This was the wisdom of the framers of our constitution but apparently some political families do not see it as wise in so far as their political interests is concerned. That is why they ignore completely and making palusots to justify their political dynasties!!!

  • lomwell

    Let the Law on Political Dynasty be enacted now!!!

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Dahil wala naman tayong maaasahan sa mga mambabatas na ipatupad ang anti-dynasty provision sa constitution, dapat magising na tayo na HUWAG na iloklok sa pwesto ang mga GANID  na ito. Napakaraming matalino’t matitino na pinoy na nararapat sa pwestong inuukupa ng mga ganid. Tayong mamamayan ang may kagagawan lalo na ang mga kinakapos sa lipunan na hindi nag-iisip kung sino iboboto; mananatiling ganon ang katayoan nila habang nasa kapangyarihan ang mga katulad ng estrada family at mga binay. Hinahagisan lang ng buto-buto ang mga maralita upang laging nakatingala sa kanila, puro porma lang ang kaunlaran para sa karamihan habang ang mga ito ay tumatamasa ng katas ng bayan. We need voter education to reject the people who accumulated wealth and continue to wield power for their own benefit out of the folly of the majority.

  • kuraratsa

    taong bayan isip-isip….kahit sila pang lahat kumandidato, kung di naman natin sila bubotuhan eh di wala din….. taong bayan naman gumagawa ng political dynasty.

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    Jinggoy will always have a chip on his shoulder. Jinggoy was old enough to remember when his dad Erap left home for a second family. He always blamed JV and JV’s mom for depriving him, his siblings and Nanay Loi the love, time and money they always imagined the other woman got more of. Through the years, Jinggoy never succeeded in shaking off his deep-seated inferiority complex which becomes apparent whenever his half-brother JV is around. An inferiority born out of jealousy, hatred and perhaps the longing to have attended the same expensive chinoy jesuit school as JV did or have the same circle of rich fancy friends as JV does. On the few occasions that JV was present during the impeachment trial, Jinggoy would suddenly become tongue-tied, suddenly lose his thuggish swagger, suddenly diminish like a shrinking violet and sometimes even stutter uncontrollably. Despite Jinggoy’s best efforts to feign confidence, his tense shoulders always gave him away. Watching from afar, Jinggoy would furtively observe his half-brother JV do the rounds, comfortably shaking hands with Quimbo, Tiangco, Umali, Angara, Tanada, Tupas, Maceda, the Senators and even the defense team. JV has a way of cozying up to the who’s who of Philippine politics with the natural air of an heir apparent. Watching from afar, Jinggoy is once again reminded of the breeding and the class that have so eluded him but not his siblings. Sadly for Jinggoy, he can only watch from afar, always on the outside looking in. Sadly for Jinggoy, his insecurities run too deep. And therein lies the divide between the feuding Estrada brothers. A divide that JPE clearly knows how to exploit, a divide that Erap the philandering father could not quite bridge, a divide that almost erupted while father and son were confined in VMMC many years ago.

    Quite frankly, both Jinggoy and JV should just stay home and settle their unresolved childhood issues first. We don’t want the business of the senate to be hampered by this senseless sibling rivalry.

    • UrHONOR

      PAANO yan….sabi ni B for Binay, e, “sa yan ang gusto ng tao”, anong magagawa mo?  Hindi makukuha yan sa sali-salita….ang kailangan dyan ay FOOTWORK sa pagpapamulat ng diwa ng mga botante tungo sa kung ano ang nararapat na gawin sa ikauunlad ng bayan.  Kahit na ang lahat dito ay magdadadakdak na WALANG KWENTA at HUWAG NG IBOTO pa ang mga ESTRADA, kung ang karamihan o majority ng mga botante ay tulala pa din sa arte ng mga artista, NO CAN DO.

  • virgoyap

    Is this not a political drama-drama for the readers to enjoy? Sige magbanat-banatan kayo and you will be remembered by the voters during the election time.

    • ever green

      yun nga po ng hirap. Their name will be remembered by the voters pero hindi ung mga katarantaduhan na ginagawa nila. In the end sila pa rin ang maboboto. 

  • Ai

    PR Release para pag usapan tapos magbabati sa national television and yehey!- Iboto sila sa Senado! Enough of this family in the national government – dun na lang sila sa San Juan…dami rin kayang squatter dun at napakadungis na lugar!

  • Beguine

    Washing their dirty linen in public!

    Who do they think they are?

    Just don’t vote for them anymore. They do not deserve to be in high public office.
    They should just be janitors cleaning public toilets, instead
    of a plundering the people’s money family! All voters, wake up!


    ANG susunod na yugto ng palabas ng mga artista sa pulitikang tabing:  Nagalit ng lubusan si Erap sa kapit-bahay nito ng hindi masaway ang pag-iingay ng aso ng kapit-bahay.  Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa relasyon ng mga  magkumpareng kapit-bahay?  Saan hahantong ang ngitngit at sama-ng-loob ni Erap sa asong ayaw tumahimik sa gabi.  Abangan ang nakakapigil-pusong yugto ng palabas na ito. 

  • tolits31

    yan ang mahirap sa iba ibang NANAY…akala ng isa lamang siya,,akala ng isa agrabiado siya…kaya ikaw erap itali mo na lang etits mo,,,

  • kilabot

    pinoy electorates, majority of whom has showbiz-mental-insanity, will vote for erap and his tribe. the show must go on. the electorates stay as unwitting milking cows, the estrada’s continue as adulated suckers.

  • Homer Guo

    erap naman….pano mo naman ma sweto mga anak mo eh hindi ka naman magandang halimbawa


    PANO yong VERY DIRTY LINENS ng SANGKATUTAK na asawa at kabet?  Tomador?  Sugarol?  “Execu-tiveR”?  Plunderer?  Waiteng coddler?  Kaibigan at Kamag-anakan?  Maruming mga pundilyo ng kalsunsilyo?  Isang tambak ng mga anak na hindi na kayang langyan pa ng numero na pinamamarisan ngayon ng iba?  Paano lahat yang malilibag ng mga yan?  Ang kailangan dyan isang napakahiganteng commercial washer at isang gabundok na laundry detergent at ilog na DOWNY para malinis ang tunay na DIRTY LINENS et al.

  • Miko Suria

    “Pinagalitan ko na,” Estrada said. “Mali na ilabas yung samaan ng loob nila sa publiko. Ano na lang sasabihin ng (tao?) Kung yung mga anak ko di ko kaya, paano pa ko mamumuno sa publiko?

    Nice lines for a telenovela. Poor Philippines, being run by shmooks like him!

    • disqusted0fu

       even our president seems to be very showbiz! i guess thats the only thing you can do when you dont have much accomplishmetns

  • inca

    Hindi mananalo iyan!

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Bossing Erap, tama po yung sinabi niyo. Hindi maganda yung nag-aaway ang magkapatid sa harap ng publiko.

    Pero pakisabihan din po si Jinggoy na sobrang walang modo. Kahit san san kasi dura ng dura. Kahit sa loob ng senate office nya dura ng dura. Kung walang basurahan, sa sahig dumudura tapos kukutkutin ng swelas ng sapatos para matuyo. Kung matindi ang smoker’s cough nya, walang tigil ang paglabas ng plema at pagdura. Ang matindi pa nyan, may second hand smoke pang nalalanghap ang mga senate staff niya, bukod na sa germs mula sa pinatuyong plema sa lapag. Ambaboy po ni Jinggoy. Ok lang sana kung sa panciteria ng intisk of Wensha spa nagdududura si Jinggoy. Galangin naman po sana ang senate office.

    Sya nga pala, speaking of dirty linen, yung kwelyo po ni Jinggoy natalsikan ng plema niya nung impeachment bago mag holy week. Mabuti natakpan ng impeachment robe, kundi kitang-kita sa publiko. kadiri. Sana napalabhan na po yung damit niya.

    Higit sa lahat po, sana magbaon na lang ng arinola si Jinggoy sa senate office niya. Yung may cover po sana. May janitor naman po taga tapon at linis nun.

    • D_BystandeR

      I could almost die laughing at your comment. Just imagine, Jinggoy being pictured as the man who cannot control himself to keep on spitting even inside the halls of congress. Your suggestion for Sen. Jinggoy to bring “arinola” for him to spit is not advisable because it is not a “people friendly view” for him to do. I suggest you advise him a smaller bottle for him to spit on as it is easier for him to hide in his pocket. And I don’t think Sen. Jinggoy cannot afford to buy a new polo shirt if his collar was “stained” by his successive spitting of phlegm. I appreciate your “jokes” and I had a hard time controlling my “uncontrollable” laughter because of you unique jokes. I just hope Sen. Jinggoy will not feel offended with it. 

      • Noel

        I don’t think those were jokes.  Very detailed at alam ang mga baho ni Jinggoy.

    • Noel

       Coming from inside source iyan ah.  Inner circle yata ni Jinggoy na galit sa amo niya.  Pero tutoong walang modo si Jinggoy, barumbado at pikon.  Mas okay si JV kaya paborito ni Erap at inggit si Jinggoy diyan.

    • Guest

      Dre, let me guess ……….. you used to work in the senate or mayor’s office in san juan?

      Jinggoy is one h3lluva phlegmthrower. Malalim ang pinanghuhugutan niya, makapal at malapot, kaya solid ang trajectory ng phlegmthrowing niya. But how is that different from Loi, who’s a bungangera flamethrower at home, kaya Erap stays away from her as much as possible. Nagger to the max. Bitterness runs deep through mother and son. Buti na lang Jude is soft and mellow, otherwise he’d also be made to run for office. Patay tayo dyan. Mother and son, flamethrower and phlegmthrower. Eeew.

      • pelang

         ha ha ha! How did you know that, Kadiri?  did you work as janitor at the senate or mayor’s office in San Juan. anyhow, nakakdiri talaga. What do his co-workers at the senate say to that?

    • pelang

       i could die laughing at your comments. i don’t know how to sotto copy it. p’wedeng paki-post copy sa facebook mo? ha-ha-ha!

  • usaf9

    Sons like father, father like son hahahaha!

  • vilmavee

    The Philippine state of politics is indeed so abominable. We pay these supposed honorable men to craft laws to put order in our society, but sadly, they can never rise above these telenovela rivalries be it between women legislators, or a neophyte and very, very old politician and soon to be between half brothers. Really now, did er vote for them in order to amuse the public? Please, fellow Filipinos, let us use our head come election time. Send the biggest message to these abominable people……”never again. You have fooled us for the longest time, but no more.” Vote for the lesser known personalities, they may even be so much, much better than these men.

    Bad tree can only yield equally bad fruits, as a rule. Can they be any different from the father?

  • No Mind

    Wen politics and showbiz merge, the result is Philippine politics. hu hu hu……uhaaaa…..arf arf arf…awoooooo………

  • pilosopo4

    La Salle VS. Ateneo

    • Noel

       Nagtapos ni JV sa La Salle pero si Jinggoy special class lang sa Ateneo para masabi lang na galing siyang Ateneo.

  • Darwin

    Nyeta. Wlang kwenta. Gawa gawa lang to get media mileage.

  • Darwin

    Para lang masabing it’s OK to have 2 Estradas in the Senate. Hindi dynasty, kasi they will always takes their own side in every issue. PWEH!

  • pilosopo4

    Kwela “Pinagalitan ko na”..okay na show that there will be impartiality between the two sa senado..if ever manalo..Sa tingin ko ang mga botante natuto na din..don;t vote for these dynasties..

  • disqusted0fu

    why do they have to make it public? this doesnt have anything to do with the people. just keep it private. and this feud has been going on ever since, why do they have to make it a hot issue now. plus the dad dipping in?! isnt this a little too obvious? election drama!

  • ruiznelli

    Don’t worry ERAP, Di na namin ‘iboboto kahit sino mong anak! para fair nga nman…

    • etsubayno_64

       Problema sa Manila ngayon talagang walang mapipilian. ERAp dipping fingers on jueteng . Lim on lotto maski sa panaginip lang nakuha niya sa totoo.

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

    hintay ko na po yung next chapter sa telenobela na to. exciting na e. ung mga nanay naman po interviewhin nyo sa susunod, tapos ung mga kumpare…pahabain nyo para umabot sa eleksyon. 

  • NYPinoy

    Bakit ba nababalot na ang buhay pulitika natin ng mga Estrada?  Ang gagaling seguro ng mga ito at sila na lang ang palaging ibinoboto ng mga tao.

  • kishbuff

    Publicity lang ng mga estrada yan! Matagal ng magka-away ang magkapatid, pero dapat sa loob na lang ng pamilya. E gusto naka-publish para nga naman mapag-usapan. tsk tsk tsk… kala nila makakakuha ng boto wahahahaha! 

  • Edward Castro

    pakulo lang yan para may media mileage..

  • virgo57

    It seems that media reporters are plain paid hack and trash is considered news.shit

  • Noel

    Do you not notice that people not necessarily politicians or movie stars with many children from different women or men have children who are mostly ill behaved?  Aside from the Estradas, look at Dolphy’s sons as well as Revillas’.

  • J

    Erap being as ex-convict who dipped his filthy has on jueteng and other corrupt practices during his term has no credibility to lead a political party. 
    I will not vote any candidate of his party.

  • Jhonny

    Estrada Films proudly presents…

  • regd

    Funny how these idiots make us believe they are a family. Who would ever believed these people are capable of moral discernment and rationale thinking to say the least.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Don’t underestimate the gullibility of the Filipino people as a whole.

  • Lloyd

    maganda jan wag na nating iboto tong c Ejercito para walang political dynasty as simple as that.

  • surigao_miners

    Mabuhay si Erap! ang palitan ng dollar noon ay almost 60 pesos. Tingnan nyo kay arroyo at panot na pnoy, aabot na ng 40 pero mga bilihin hindi bumaba ang presyo! halatado na itong si GMA at PNOY eh hawak ng mga malalaking business man sa ating Babsa! kawawang mga OFW!

    • graciano82

      di ka ba nahihiya at ikaw lang kabit ni erap dito, ano masarap ba siya. he he he he

  • bonsaiman

    A show of Ejercito/Estrada type of breeding, awayan and aiming for higher post. Never again!!!

    • khamelot

      Noon daw kasi, gusto ni Jinggoy na ang other niyang si Loi ang maging
      mayor ng San Juan City, kaso itong si JV humirit siya na lang daw. Ayun lalong
      lumala ang away nilang mag-utol.


  • captainramius

    Who cares about JV and Jinggoy ?   The future of this country will be better if none of the Estradas will enter politics. 

  • captainramius

    Frankly I cannot understand anything these 3 say especially pag mag english na sila…..

    When will our voters become mature ?

    • Derikk

      Hmm. There’s nothing wrong with speaking in Filipino as WE ARE Filipinos. Jinggoy graduated elementary and high school from Ateneo though, and college (A.B. Economics) from UP so he speaks straight, educated English. JV is from La Salle naman (according to this article). When did you hear them speak English and couldn’t understand them?

      Convicted plunderer Erap’s (carabao-)English, I would guess, on the other hand, is scripted to make him look more pang”masa”.

      But I’m digressing. The issue isn’t whether our elected “public servants” can speak straight English or not but the depth of their platform(s), integrity in meaning and doing exactly what they’ve promised to the people, and consistency in living as true servant leaders.

      I am no fan of political dynasties nor of the Estrada clan but I think one sign that our voters are becoming mature is when we ourselves learn to double-think before we post, when we learn to research before we give out an opinion, and when we learn to analyze before we form conclusions.

      • captainramius

        Mr. Genius…. my comment is a form of analogy or sarcasm…. even when ( I will not mention the name to avoid libel ) when he talk straight that Atenean graduate even on a simple topic… he is trying very hard to sound credible and intelligent but end up being incoherent… that is what I mean I cannot understand him.

        Gets mo ?

      • captainramius

        Mr.. Genius… I hear them speak during interviews and press conference… while  I can stand hours listening to a  Rene Saguisag, Teddy Locsin  or Joker Arroyo explaining their opinions on certain matters…. but this Atenean and UP graduate…. trying hard and frankly not really worth listening… so off the TV or change channel.

    • ever green

      hopefully soon.

  • Benjamin

    dapat nakakulong itong plunderer na ito at hinde binigyan ng pardon na galing sa isang pekeng president…

  • captainramius

    Yon sa America… head of CIA resigned cuz of extra marital affairs….. dito sa pinas . pinaparade pa paramihan ng kabit……

    Pwede ba Inquirer ilagay na lang mga ganitong news about the Estradas dyan sa  back page ng classified ads.     Ang future ng Philippines is out there someone ( ala Obama ) who has the brains and leadership to lead this nation  yon dapat nating hanapin na tao …hindi sa tatlong ito.

  • malek_abdul

    Its better if people will not vote any of the Estradas and Ejecrcitos anymore. They already had their time in politics. Kailangan iba naman ang iboto natin. Mas marami pang mas qualified at mas matatalino at hindi corrupt na mga kandidato. Natatalo lang ang mga ito dahil wala silang pera sa pangangampanya. Pag may bumili ng boto natin kunin ang pera pero wag silang iboto.


      Baka naman kasi may pinapaboran itong si Erap. Ang
      alam namin, mas gusto ni Erap si JV kasi mas love niya si Guia kay Loi. Tama?

      • leubas


  • deadlyshooter

    eh, anu ngayon kung pinagaalitan mo na, di mo pa rin nasaway…tulad mo, pasaway ka rin, kanino pa ba magmamana mga anak mo…anu pa ba ang gusto mong patunayan? para kang trompong karagkarag na di mapakali sa isang tabi…nanilbihan sa bayan na wala namang silbing paninilbihan, tapus ayan ka na naman, gustong pa ring bumalik, magpapasaway muli…tumigil na nga kayo…mga katulad nyo, di na dapat pang pinapabalik sa gobyerno….  

  • tunderlulo


  • agustin

     scolding the sons in public will not remove the bad publicity created by the family but instead it will add more hatred to the Ejercito -Estrada political dynasty.

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    If the Estradas or Ejercitos aim to bag in media mileage for their public spat, let them, anyway it gives the voters a very negative view of their intimate and very personal “kadiri” ways enough to make them throw up their idolatry of movie heroes.  Worst collateral damage of these media exposures is ZERO VOTES FOR THEM come 2013 midterm elections.
    O, di ba? Go ahead, Inquirer, educate the readers through your dutiful but fearless reportage.

  • farmerson

    LEADER??? check the family background for a better Philippines….NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTY.

  • seyntlooks

    Sinabon na ni Erap sina
    Jinggoy and JV. Hindi lang dapat sinabon, dapat pinagbabatukan rin niya.

  • sakinlang


  • Mario

    and so what? and who cares ? and I don’t give a frikin hoot.  

  • Cal_Reznick

    Ah Manila Mayor candidate papa joins into the “let’s get some attention game”.

    Sadly, politics and even the Presidency has become a popularity contest based off of who’s more famous and not who’s more qualified.

    • Descarte

      Reading between the lines, gustong sabihin ni Erap na uliran syang ama at kikastigo nya mga anak nya kapag nag aaway.

      Mabait naman siya talagang tatay, nakahanda nga syang magnakaw at makulong para may ipalamon sya sa mga anak nya eh.  At yon din ang natutunan ng mga anak nya, kung ang pagnanakaw tinatanggap ng publiko at kapwa nya mga politiko, ok din lang ang mag away sa publiko.  Saka yong political dynasty, sabi ng Constitution mali, pero sabi ni Erap kay JV walang problema kaya puede pa rin syang tumakbo.

      Hindi na alam ng pamilyang ito kung ano ang tama o mali.  Simple lang qualification para makatakbo sa public office, marunong bumasa at sumulat, AT ANG PINAKAIMPORTANTE ALAM DAPAT KUNG ANO ANG TAMA AT KUNG ANO ANG MALI.  Kung mahalal man, syempre lahat lang tama ang gagawin para sa ikabubuti ng lahat.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Bottom line, being the President, Senator, Congress, or any political position should be based off of proper qualifications like having a proper education and achievements and accomplishments…not the riches or most famous or by having a particular last name.

  • Kobrador

    Sabagay kanino ba magmamana sina Jinggoy at JV, eh di sa kanilang tatay na si Erap. Like father, like sons!

  • ApoNiLolo

    The fact that PDI knew about it, not only vilify erap’s action but also suggest his need for publicity mileage. No different from what his sons are doing. It all runs in the family. >: D

  • ikulongnayan

    Sabagay. Si Jinggoy kasi maitim na punggok noong
    bata pa siya compared to JV na medyo tisoy at kamukha ni Erap. Kaya pala
    paborito ni Erap.

  • Descarte

    “Pinagalitan ko na,” Estrada said. “Mali na ilabas yung samaan ng loob nila sa publiko. Ano na lang sasabihin ng (tao?) Kung yung mga anak ko di ko kaya, paano pa ko mamumuno sa publiko?

    Parang alam nya kung ano ang tama at mali ah.  Manong, matanda ka na at panahon na para gawin mo kung ano ang tama, gumawa ka naman ng makabubuti sa bayan bago ka man lang mabura sa mundo.

    Mali po ang political dynasty.  Meron na po kayong anak sa Senado at ang tama bigyan nyo ng pagkakataon ang ibang tao.  Ang maganda at tamang gagawin nyo ay paurungin nyo sa pagtakbo ang anak mong si JV.  Okay po ba?

    • Brahman

       ang galang mo naman, ikaw ba ginagalang nila kita mo na nga binabastos nila ang madlang pilipino, yang mga honorable estrada and ejercito

  • captainramius

    Bakit Erap ano paki alam namin sa away nyo ?   Pwede na din kayo mag retire sa politika pasalamat pa kami… baka may mag takbo dyan mas matalino sang sa inyong tatlo.

  • Benjamin

    This is the result of Erap being Babaero. Tulad NI Ramon Revilla na sandamukal ang mga anak as iba-Ibang mga babae. Ang masama pa, ang mga Ito ay kunwari’y mga deboto ng simbahan. Ilan sila sa gobyerno na maraming anak sa labas? Lito Lapid, Sotto, Entile at iba pang nakaupo sa lokal na pamahalaan. It is really fun living in the Phil.

    • Brahman

       hoy wag mo silang tirahin kasi balang araw buong angkan na nila magpapatakbo sa pilipinas, lagot ka nyan sige ka

  • Anton_Agaton

    Puro mga anak sa pagkakasala ang mga ‘yan kaya ano pa aasahan mo kundi puro mga KATARANTADUHAN!!!

  • athenapallas

    These coyote brothers should just shoot each other in the temple so in that way we have less garbage politicians in our midst

    • Brahman

       agree ako dyan, pero dapat gawin nila yan sa loob ng kulongan ng mga Ampatuan para madamay naman sila

  • boybakal

    Estrada Feud….Dynasty or Dysfunctional Family

  • felipe

    anong pamumono, mayroon ba ???? away-away na ang mga ganid !!!!

    • Brahman

       pamumuno sa pagnanakaw at pagswapang sa kapangyarihan-mas maraming pera at kapangyarihan mas maraming asawa at anak

  • marivon

    If ERAP’s statement was copied verbatim; it does not make any sense. I am not surprised because this guy rarely makes sense. The horror is his DNA might proliferate the senate. I hope na walang manalo sa mga d i e nasti. In another article, Binay blasted the anti dynasty supporters and authors. Mr. black dude of the phil politics, not all things legal is moral but on hind sight I do not think you know the meaning of delicadeza.

    • Brahman

       yan si nognog na si binay ang susunod na presidente pag di natuto mga bobong botante, kunting bola lang ni erap eh pasok na si binay.

  • felipe

    the legacies of his leadership—corruption, jueteng, drinking, womanizing, barkada system & what else , this is the kind of leadership he can speak-of without qualms and the people will remember him .. hopefully  will be engraved in his epitah !!!!!!!

  • Jack

    huwag na natin silang iboto sa mayo 2013 eleksiyon para wala ng gulo sa kanilang pamilya at balik artista na lang sila, mas marami pang matutuwa sa kanila

  • joerizal

    Sana yung mga bobong botante eh wag nang bumoto kasi sila ang mga bumoboto sa mga engot na politiko.

    • Brahman

       di pag ginawa mo yan wala nang matitirang botante maski isa.

      • joerizal

        e di magaling…bokya lahat ng mga boto nila. Walang panalo.

  • joshmale2004


  • CN

    Please Filipino people, don’t vote for families who reflects political
    dynasties. I’m here in Saudi Arabia because of them. Please have pity on
    me Filipino people. Sana ay maging matatalino na kayo sa pagboto sa
    darating na eleksiyon. 

    • Brahman

       salamat sa remittance mo at kumikita gobyerno, pero sige magdasal ka pa sa dalawang santong pilipino kung sakaling mabago ang sistema, pero alam ko wala nang pagasa mabago kasi sakit na yan na wala nang lunas unless mamatay. Yung talino wala na rin yan mga botanteng Pilipino kasi nauuto at nalalagayan lang sila at panalo na yan mga makakapal na trapong yan. Awa, wala rin yan makapal na talaga balat at mukha ng mga yan,mas makapal pa kay lolong. Kaya wala silang pakialam kung magtiis ka dyan sa Saudi. Kaya ibang Pinoy kagaya ko ayaw nang bumalik sa Pinas dahil sa bulok na sistema ng gobyerno.

  • Felipe Torres

    Ano naman ang ginaling ng mga Estrada at atin silang iboboto. Arte lang nila na kunwari para sila sa mga mahihirap. Eh hindi naman sila nakaranas ng hirap.  Kunwari lang silang nagbibigay ng mga de-lata tuwing may nasalanta ng bagyo o delubyo.  Ang tawag diyan ka-plastikan. 

    Ilaglag na rin ang pamilyang yan at ibaon sa limot

    • Brahman

       ano mang iyak natin dito sa mga komento natin, marami pa ring bobo at utoutong mga botante na boboto sa kanila kaya mananalo pa rin mga yan at dyan natin malalaman na marami ngang mga walang utak na botante (sa Manila).

  • PutingAgila

    Bahala ang matatalinong Manileno kong paniwalaan nila si DRAMATISTANG  ERAP.

    “how can you lead the public when you can’t even control your own sons?” sabi ni Erap.
    Tanong: meron ka ba control sa alak, babae, JUETENG? 

    • Brahman

       wow meron ba non sa manila o sa pilipinas, binuto nga nila si erap na maging presidente noon kaya alam ko mga bobo silang bomoto sa kanya

  • $8278216

    Isa pa itong reporter esguera,,,,,malaki ba mag tip si erap?….??.?.?.

  • vince_bugaboo

    sana naman ang mga “Sardinas Crowd” tanggapin na lang ng tanggapin ang mga de-lata at bigas, pero h’wag iboto ang mga tulongges na mga estradang ito, tsaka binays, enriles, at iba pang mga surot, linta, anay, buwayang pulitiko!!

  • vince_bugaboo

    “Pinagalitan ko na,” Estrada said. “Mali na ilabas yung samaan ng loob nila sa publiko. Ano na lang sasabihin ng (tao?)”

    erap, maski patayin mo ang mga ‘yan, and then magpakamatay ka, ang sasabihin ng mga tao: AYOS and good riddance!!!

    • tunderlulo

      Pre. .ha ha ha ha ha. natawa ako ng husto sa komento mo, Ayos a tama good riddance erap para sa mahirap kuno.

      • boldyak

        mahirap dahil kay erap…

    • Brahman

       di maintindihan ni erap yang riddance, baka sabihin nya eh dapat nakapula ka pagpasok sa cabaret.

  • vince_bugaboo

    kayong mga estrada, linisin n’yo ang mga baril ninyo at baka sakaling makalabit n’yo accidentally   habang ino-holster n’yo at tamaan kayo sa noo o kaya sa batok o bumbunan!! ngek ngek!!

    • boldyak

      sana nga!!!

    • Brahman

       parang apo ni enrile, he he nakarma yung matanda at anak

  • sangandaan

    “… Ano na lang sasabihin ng (tao?) Kung yung mga anak ko di ko kaya, paano pa ko mamumuno sa publiko?” 
    Well, what can I say? Sinabi nyo na!

  • blainz

    The people need elected officials who perform their duties, if they needed a Famas performance, there are movies and DVDs. Get back to showbiz if you want an audience for your drama.

    Pathetic useless family feuds shouldn’t see print in broadsheets. Leave this crap to the tabloids.

  • $26606290

    Mga anak kayo ng tatay niyong criminal, lasenggo, babaero….

  • nayve

    result its more fun in the PHILIPPINES re-cycle trapo should not held public office, kapag ang involve family mistress.

  • graciano82



    • etsubayno_64

       pina anakan pa kasi niya ang kabit kaya ayon nag karibal na ang anak niya sa kabit at anak niya sa tunay na asawa

    • Brahman

       pamilya, sino sa kanila, kala ko ba walang legitimate na pamilya at asawa yan kagaya ni ramon revilla at dolphy

  • Rap88

    Erap scolds sons, part of the plot, what’s next? They’ll bring their rivalry in the senate, that’s how the story will go, PWE, huwag nyo kaming gagohin sa mga plano nyo. u lol. NO PA RIN SA POLITICAL DYNASTY.

  • josephine82

    If only Estrada remained as an adviser of his sibling devoid of a plan to return to politics then this antagonisms coupled by heckles and malicious potshots meant to put to shame his family would had been averted in lieu, maybe a vote for his son. JV

    But due to his usual flair and demented mind that he’s well liked by the masa, his family is now the object of unsavory comments fitted only to the dogs.

    Estrada, just like Enrile, Arroyo and Corona, you all belong to the gang of thieves and scalawags of the government

    • boldyak

      be kind to animals, please don’t insult the dogs…

      • josephine82

        oops so sori but it’s figuratively speaking

      • Brahman

         wow animals pala sila, kala ko mga aliens o monsters kasi mas may asal, loyal, at mas mabait pa nga animal keysa sa kanila

    • mct

      and Binay, Too!

      • Brahman

         marcoses and thew pinedas also

  • Mananandata69

    Wag na muna iboto si JV para sigurado hindi  mag away ang dalawa sa senate hall. sayng alang pera ni juan de la cruz para sa mga ganitong walang kakawenta kwentang isyu

    • Anne Thok

      Walang away na mangyayari between kay Jinggoy at JV chizmis lang ang gumagwa ng away..

      Lets all vote JV for senator:))))

    • Jerry Manilag

      Happily, nasa likod ni JV ang masa at kapataang Pinoy. Besides, we will campaign for him! So shut up anon! 

  • jga94

    Estradas/Ejercitos….hindi lang political dynasty…trapo pa….they represent everything that is wrong with Philippine politics…

    • AllaMo

      Hindi laang trapo. Mga pandewang yang mga iyan. LOL!

    • Brahman

       They also represent the right model of a very broken family with no real mother and father, puro anak sa labas, sama mo na rin mga revilla dito

  • randyaltarejos

    Pinoy voters should not be taken for a joy ride. In politics, only permanent interests persist. That’s for sure.

    • Brahman

       wow kelan pa naging matino mga pinoy voter, kunting bigas at delata at saka dagdagan ng mga artistang kumakanta at sumasayaw eh nauuto na para iboto mga political dynasties kagaya ng mga Ejercito-Estrada (ano ba talaga ang mga apelyedo ng mga yan).

      • beerhunters

         “when hunger knocks at the door, principles jump out of the window”,

  • calixto909



    • Brahman

       sana si Erap ka na lang at nababasa mo to para naman lalo tayong magenjoy dito

    • Michelle

      sinasayang nyo lang mga comments nyo dito e kahit ano pang gawin niyong paninira sa magkapatid wala na kayong magagawa sigurado na rin mananalo si JV these coming election asa naman kayong matatalo siya.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Its too late Mr. J. Estrada. No need to say anything to public. It really shows that even indside your family your useless_idiot trying to show that you are the macho man we need it politics who can control things. You and your sons are just a bunch of braindeads and palingkeros that Pinoys should avoid to elect. Mag gawa na lang kayo ng pelikula, at least makatulong kayong malimutan ng mga Pinoy ang prublema habang nasa sinehan. Mga kabayan, sana po eh madala na tayo sa ganitong klaseng pamumulitika…


    Matanong lang po sa mga blasters dito, meron po bang nahalal sa pagka Presidente ng Pilipinas na hindi dumaan pa pagiging isang lider pulitikal… dahil sa pagkaka-alam ko, kapag pinasok mo ang pagiging lider sa isang Purok, isa ka ng pulitiko, sumunod sa Barangay, Munisipal, Probinsyal, Congress, Senate, at Presidential… ang ibig bang sabihin nito, lahat ng pulitiko sa ano man antas na halal ng bayan eh TRAPO… wala na akong masabi, dahil ang pinakikita ninyo lang dito eh kung gaano kayo kagaling magsalita… pero kung aaralin ang mga sinasabi ninyo, at pagbasihan ang nakalakihan natin kulturang pulitika… parang sinasabi ninyo na kayo lang ang magaling… pero sa ganang akin puro salitang walang kapupulutan ang mga pinagsasabi ninyo… To what my simple mind can bring out, what we need is to get rid of corruptions in all level, if we can do it then we will have a better political leaders… remember, no country will survive wihtout leaders, and those leaders are practically politicians… what we don’t need is the corruption that works 24/7 with in….

  • Rolly257

    Si Jinggoy kamukha ni Erap…yung isa, walang hawig, baka napalitan sa ospital.

    • vince_bugaboo

      baka kamo nasalisihan si erap.

      • Marian

        mga BOBO din kayo ie nho…bakit d b peding sa nanay nagmana a ng istsura…WALEY

    • Jerry Manilag

      shuga lang ah. tsismosong-tsimoso ka kuya. bakla ka ba dre? For sure, baksak ka sa Biology nung High School. Hindi mo alam ang Heredity! SHAME! 

      • Vladymir

        ikaw ang bakla,sa pananalita mo halatang halata ka day…hereditary nga yong pagiging kurakot,alam ma naman siguro kung ano ang puno siya ring bunga …

      • Cyndy

        Anu naman kung bakla  nga siya..kurakot!!!walang kurakot sa kanila especially JV..

        Waley ka din ei!!

  • tarikan

     “Pinagalitan ko na,” Estrada said. “Mali na ilabas yung samaan ng loob nila sa publiko. Ano na lang sasabihin ng (tao?) na ako bilang isang plunderer (it’s in the records, hwag kang mag-file ng cyber libel) eh hindi ko madesiplina sila? Sa palagay ko malalim ang hidwaan ng dalawang mag-half utol. Ang tunay kasi sya pa ang fake ang apilyedo. Ang sa labas sya pa ang tunay ang apilyedo. There lies the conflict. 

  • To_Be_Continued

    Who the heck cares kung magkasundo silang dalawa or not. Kahit na magpatayan ang dalawang yan, wala namang pakinabang ang Pilipinas diyan.

    Inquirer editors, wala na ba kayong pampuno sa pahina niyo?!?!?!

    What is this, reality news? Bakit naman away pa ng latak ng Philippine politics ang naibabalita dito???

    • Micah

      Latak ng lipunan ? mas latak ka nga jan may na gawa kana bang maganda sa bansa  . JV and Estrada’s Done many good things . These doesnt change anything i still believe they can settle this .

      • To_Be_Continued

        Nasaktan ka ba? Talagang ganyan,,,truth hurts. Ang linaw ng sinabi ko…latak ng philippine politics, hindi latak ng lipunan. Karapatan mong magpakagago. Matuto kang umintindi. Wag sabat ng sabat lalo na kung hindi naiintindihan ang usapan.

      • Vladymir

        Erap is proven plunderer and womanizer,and you idolized them?where do you place your brain?sa puwet? siguro si ikaw rin si jerry manilag .parehas kayo ng pagiisip…

  • AllaMo

    ROTF LMFAO! Sabi ni erap(pwe): Ano na lang ang sasabihn nang tao?! As if me kiber siya kung ano man ang sabihin nang mga tao sa kalaswaan nang buong buhay at administrasyon niya. Ngayon, may kapal pa lalo nang apog para kumandidato pang muli. ROTF LMFAO!!!

    Sige, iboto pa ninyo…

  • Fernando

    This is a broken family who would like to be “gods” of Philippine Politics. Bad example to the people who are patronizing them. 

    I also don’t know if I am wrong based on what I learned from school of long ago that convicted felons are banned for life to run for public office. We can recall that Ex-President Joseph Estrada was convicted of plunder and was only pardoned by Ex-President Gloria Arroyo. Pardon does not mean that he did not commit the crime of plunder which he was convicted by the proper court. Pardon gave him only the chance not to serve the sentence. And now, he is running again for public office?

    Gising naman mga Pinoy!!! Huwag nang iboto ang mga iyan!!!

  • Brahman

    sarsuela lang yan para manalo sila sa election. maniwala naman kayo sa mga kabulastogan ng mga yan sa pamumuno ng corrupt nilang tatay nas si Erap.

    • Coo_laM


      pinalutang ni Cong. JV Ejercity ang sibling rivaly issue, siya rin ang
      maapektuhan. Baka mawalan ng gana ang tao sa kanyang kasutilan.


      • Jerry Manilag

        I don’t think so. Matalino na ang botante. Track Record will matter this coming elections. And because of his track records, JV will surely grab the third spot bilang pinakamaraming boto. And besides, we will campaign for him! 

      • Vladymir

        Sige daw i-itemized mo nga kung ano ano ang track record ni jv na sinasabi mo?…ikakampanya mo at sino ka naman para maniwala kami sa ‘yo?

  • Rednaxela VD

    Tigilan ang kalokohan!  Dont vote for JV this elections.  We dont need another Estrada in the Senate

    • Jerry Manilag

      Sadly, the masses and the youth will VOTE for JV. May access na sila sa internet at nabasa na nila ang track records ni JV kaya IBOBOTO nila siya! 

      • indiosbravos2002

        May access rin yong matatanda kasi sila nagbabayad ng internet bills. Att alam rin nila track “records” ni ERAP. Wahahaha.

  • dagohoy620

    It gives me the creeps and scares the heck out of me to think that there’s c fearsome chance that next year’s Senators’ List in Congress might include the following in the same room:

    Brothers Jinggoy Estrada & JV Ejercito
    Husband/Wife Manny Villar & Cynthia Villar
    Father/Son Juan Ponce Enrile & Jack Enrile
    Brother/Sister Alan Peter Cayetano & Pia Cayetano*

    Para bang wala nang mahusay na mga Pilipino kundi sila lamang?  What are their claims to fame, anyway? 

    And what do they have in common that makes them viable candidates?  Only one: MONEY and lakas ng loob… some say, kapal ng mukha!

    *The Cayetanos are probably the ONLY team that gets above average ratings.

    • indiosbravos2002

      I agree you get more mileage from he Cayetano siblings while the rest on the list will just take space in the senate. Additional non-performing assets in the senate.

    • Joseph Aquino

      Binay has his son and daughter. In Makati, he had his wife to cover his disqualification period.

  • Junya C Malabanan

    The older Estrada, 75, said he summoned his two sons for a “heart to heart” talk at the family residence in San Juan on Sunday.
    If he is still considering calling where he currently lives in San Juan as the family residence. Then how clear is the law on residency, since he wants to be the next mayor of Manila?

    • indiosbravos2002

      Huli! The house in Manila is empty because nobody lives there.

  • 2pascio

    Nagbati na pala sina Sen. Jinggoy and JV Ejercito-Estrada. Sa media lang yun, pero pagtalikod mortal enemies pa rin sila.

  • Guest

    Magsapukan na lang sina Jinggoy at JV. Matira ang matibay. What do you think ex-President Erap?

    • Marian

      bagay sayo name mu. puro ka dakdak..kasing ingay mu ang mga pato..
      di sila ganyang mga tao..marunong gumalang si JV sa kapatid niya at higit sa lahat sa tatay niya..
      yung ugali mu wag mu ipasa sa kanila..

  • Shai

    Huwag nang iboto ang mga Estrada / Ejercito please !!!   Hindi na ba kayo nadala?  Corrupt ang mga yan !!!  Wake up Filipinos !!!

    • Jerry Manilag

      Kung totoo ngang corrupt sila, bakit sila nanalo. Ibig sabihin lang yan, hindi totoo ang pinagsasabi mo. HEARSAY! Nikiki-tsismis ka lang teh Shai! 

      At kung corrupt sila, bakit naka-three term si JV as San Juan Mayor? Shuga ka lang teh! 

      • Shai

        Nanalo dahil artista sila (ama at half- bro nya) …alam mo naman ang mga Pinoy…pag artista ibinoboto.  Pinalitan nga nya surname nya ng ESTRADA para maka-ride-on sa popularity, di ba?  BOBO mo naman kuya.

      • Yeng Milby

        Ei un naman talga ang apilyedo nila diba..,malamang magama sila…
        tingin mu sa sinabi mung yan nagmuka kang matalino, mas bobo ka pa kay Jerry Manilag..

        Hindi lahat ng artistang tumatakbo sa pulitiko ay nananalo..sadyang nagtitiwala lang ang mga tao sa Estarda..!!!!

      • indiosbravos2002

        Where have you been Jerry? Yong idol mo convicted plunderer. Ano ka ba!?!?

  • JoseG

    “He noted that the younger Estrada was enrolled at Ateneo de Manila University while Ejercito went to La Salle.”
    Ang taas ng tuition fees sa Ateneo/La Salle.  Saan kaya galing ang pinanggastos dito ? Ako PUP/UE lang….Hindi kasi ako anak sa labas ni Erap o hindi ko tatay si Estrada !!!!

  • DennisApolinario

    Susme, si Jinggoy nga lang isang pagkakamali na na naging senador, dadagdagan pa ni JV. Dami kasing mangmang na botante na nadadala lang ng kasikatan ng isang kandidato. Walang pakialam kung babaero man, corrupt, tumatanggap ng jueteng payola, o undesirable ang isang kandidato basta nakikita nila sa telebisyon, iboboto nila.  

  • Joseph Aquino

    Ang mga makakapal ang mukha!

  • Stephen

    What can you expect from this family? Like father like son…. good luck sa Pinas kung iboto ninyo sila… it’s fun in the Philippines…

    • Alexandra

      Oh comm’on they have their on track record see first before you judge them .JV already apologize on his brother you just make this a big deal .  

  • Paul

    Ang punot dulo lang naman ng pagkakaroon ng di pagkakaunuwaan ng dalawa ay dahil sa mga newspaper report na yan their triggered Jingoy to his brother JV para magkaroon ng di pagkakaintindihan ang dalawa buti nalang mapagkumbaba si JV humingi kagad sya ng tawad sa kanyang kapatid.

  • Chunmay Young

    regardless of being part of a political dynasty, especially being a son of ex-president Erap and having a turmoil with his half-brother, IMHO i still believe in JV kahit papano. he knows what he’s doing  so whoever his enemy is, he still deserved a senate seat. and his record has proven it.

  • Vladymir

    erap is korap

  • aurelius marcus

    Tangina tong kurap na mga Estrada! Salot sa bayan… WAG IBOTO!!!!

  • aurelius marcus

    Dapat magpatayan na yang mga ESTRADA na yan at mabawasan mga salut sa bayan!

  • petebarr

    Sino ba ang may kasalanan at ang pamilyang ito ay naluklok sa mga puwesto na hindi naman sila karapatdapat kundi ang mga mamayan na basta nalang bumoboto na wala ng busisian ng kakayanan. Basta sikat o artista, ayos lang sa kanila. Kawawang bayan.

  • Borogol

    ganyan talaga ang pulitiko… THERE IS NO KINSHIP or SHAME in putting family feud in everyone’s attention… ano ba pakialam ng public dyan???? mga artista kasi e…

    don’t vote for these people…. ngayon pa lang, sariling pasikat na inuuna e… 

  • Betty

    Masyado lang pinalaki ng Media ang issue na to. Pwede naman nating ipa-ubaya na sa pamilya nila kung nagkaroon man ng hindi pagkakaunawaan. Wala naman magandang naidudulot kung patuloy natin silang mag-uusapan. Cong. JV already did his part.

  • Marky

    Wag na natin dagdagan at bawasan ang mga bali-balita na ayun sa hindi pagkakaunawaan na to. Nag-sorry na si Cong.JV, end of story. Nag-sorry na nga kasi ang dami padin sabi ng mga tao. 

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