Family feud rocks Estrada dynasty


The controversy over political dynasties took a dramatic turn Thursday with the outbreak of a dispute involving two sons of former President Joseph Estrada.

Senate President Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada released a statement Thursday saying he was “deeply hurt” that his younger half-brother, San Juan Rep. Jose Victor “JV” Ejercito Estrada, discussed their long-rumored “rift” in an interview with reporters during a provincial trip last month.

Jinggoy said he believed JV was now bringing their rather uncomfortable relationship to the fore to create publicity for his run for the Senate next year.

JV is running for senator under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA). He decided to use the surname “Estrada” instead of “Ejercito” after the name change bolstered his ranking in the polls.

Estrada is the screen name of Jinggoy’s and JV’s father, the former President who was a movie action hero before going into politics. Estrada’s real last name is Ejercito.

Jinggoy was also a movie actor before he ran for the Senate and won in 2004.

Former President Estrada is running for mayor of Manila next year, challenging reelectionist Alfredo Lim.

If he makes it, JV will join Jinggoy as the second Estrada in the Senate. The brothers will work with siblings Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano if Alan Peter’s bid for reelection is successful. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s son, Cagayan Rep. Jackie Enrile, is also running for the Senate. If he is successful, there will be two Enriles in the chamber.

Jinggoy himself shared three years with his mother Loi in the Senate, where she served from 2001 to 2007.

Senate insiders said JV’s name change did not sit well with Jinggoy, who, for the longest time, was the only son of the former President using the name Estrada. His mother, Luisa “Loi” Ejercito, also used his father’s screen surname when she ran for the Senate and won in 2001.

“I have never been a party to what others regard as sibling rivalry… I am very upset and deeply hurt over… (JV’s) efforts to generate publicity… at my expense,” Jinggoy said.


Tepid relationship

Jinggoy admitted to a “tepid relationship” that he said “is perhaps understandable considering our family’s circumstances.”

Jinggoy and siblings Jackie and Jude are Estrada’s children by Loi, a psychiatrist whom the former President met while doing odd jobs at National Mental Hospital.

JV is Estrada’s only child by former movie starlet Guia Gomez, now the mayor of San Juan City.  JV is often heard claiming he is Estrada’s favorite child.

San Juan has been an Ejercito-Estrada stronghold since 1970s, when the former President was its mayor. Jinggoy’s turn at the helm in the then San Juan town came in 1992 and he served up to 2001.  JV took over in 2001 and served up to 2010.

Attached to Jinggoy’s statement to Senate reporters was a hard copy of the interview that JV gave during a visit to Bacolod City in late October.

The congressman was quoted as saying he expected his entry into the Senate “to be exciting,” as it could provide “a check and balance” in the chamber.

There was no explanation given for the remark.

An open book

JV also said his relationship with his older brother was “an open book” and that “the public knows [about] our rift.”

The congressman said although he and Jinggoy were “not buddy-buddy or textmates,” they were civil to each other at gatherings.

JV added that one of their father’s frustrations was that his two political heirs were not able to thresh things out even when they saw each other regularly during his  incarceration for plunder.

The congressman said their common love for their father was the only reason no hostilities had erupted between them so far.

This early, Jinggoy preempted all expectations of fisticuffs or a full-blown word war over JV’s comments.

“Any statement insinuating hostility… is far-fetched and very unfortunate,” Jinggoy said.

“I admit that we may not agree and even argue on some social and political issues… (T)his does not mean that we have to be at each other’s throats at all times, though it seems that my brother thinks otherwise,” he said.

No fireworks

Jinggoy said JV should not expect his elder brother to initiate fireworks between them in case the congressman moves to his turf next year.

“If (JV) happens to be elected  senator and there comes a time when there is something to point out (regarding) legislative work or sociopolitical concerns, I will carry out the task as a seasoned legislator and as a statesman considering that my brother is a younger colleague,” Jinggoy said.

The senator assured his brother that he can “rise above any petty and unjust remarks against me from my own brother.”

“I sincerely hope that as a senatorial aspirant who I look forward to being a colleague in the Senate, he can do the same,” Jinggoy said.

He said his father did not know about his issuing a statement to the press, but he expected him to talk to him and JV soon.

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  • ame mojica

    Jinggoy is so bitter . Between the two I’ll go for JV. Jinggoy is corrupt, bitter and vindictive. Look what he did to Reyes. He should not be mad with JV because he was the son of Erap outside of his marriage. He should blame his father for having so many affairs and children Sinong matinong tao ang kukupkup kay Rabusa na ubod ng corrupt para lang makaganti kay Reyes.

    • j1u2a3n

      And JV is not? Pare-pareho lang ang mga yan.

  • Populovich

    Kaya nga sangayon ako sa KONTRA ni Mr. Penson.  Ginagawa lang nga mga dirty trapos na ito na family affair ang buong bansa.  Akala nila pagaari nila ang buong Pilipinas at nagbabangayan pa sa publiko kung paano paghati-hatian.  Kawawang mga Pinoy, pagdating sa eleksyon pinapanalo mga IMMATURES.  Sana magkaisa ang buong sambayanan na wag iboto ang mga  YAN.  Buwagin ang political dynasties.  Pag may nag-raise ng fund pambayad doon sa hindi bobotO sa kanila magko-contribute ako.

  • Lloyd

    dont vote for this guy

  • JK1000

    Huwag niyong iboto si JV Ejercito at Jack Enrile, Si Jinggoy ay masyado kasing arogante at mayabang. Dapat ay palitan na sina Honasan, Jinggoy Estrada, Enrile, Lapid, Revilla, Tito Sotto, Trillanes na wala naman silang silbi sa bayan. Sayang lang ang ibinabayad sa kanila.

  • CN

    Please Filipino people, don’t vote for families who reflects political dynasties. I’m here in Saudi Arabia because of them. Please have pity on me Filipino people. Sana ay maging matatalino na kayo sa pagboto sa darating na eleksiyon.

  • George

    it all started when the morons of San Juan let this family thirve politically. then ,the morons all over the country  also joined the stupidity.

    • kevin

      I agree…..

    • manual47

      Let’s see if these morons will still be morons on next year election.  Hope these morons will be using some common sense, now that we’ve seen and heard what kind of attitude this family (the Estradas) have…….toward anything else.  It’s all about drama and much ado about nothing………only in the Philippines can we see this kind of politics.

  • jeffrey_01

    This political dynasty think they own the senate and congress as their playground.  
    Time to get rid of these two donkeyholes.  They’re a waste of time and money of Filipino people.

    Wake up Patriotic Filipinos, time to kickass these two donkeys from congress and senate.

  • jeffrey_01

    They’re already eyeing big pork barrels.  The other not contented of a mere P50 million pesos of port barrel wants to join the other in the senate to get P150 million in pork barrel.  

    To EPAL, they created a theatrical drama to get notice by the voters.  The quarrel is nothing but they let the media pick it up to let the people remember their names come election time.

  • quirinomayer

    There is absolutely no justifiable reason whatsoever for the public to vote JV Ejercito in the Senate and that’s beside the fact that his entry into the Senate is a patent  violation of the anti-dynasty provision of the Constitution. 

    But since the electorate of this country is more than 50 percent bakya, it is very likely this  person who may not even get elected as sanggunian if he is not connected with the actor Joseph Estrada will become a member of the Senate.

    • parengtony

      I am guessing that you voted for GMA.

  • boybakal

    So sad to hear the story of Jinggoy JV rivalry.
    Don’t worry Jinggoy, everything will be alright. Just ask for Divine Guidance and your family will be together again.
    We the Filipino people sympathize the sorrow and sadness your family is going through.
    Again, we hope that the sibling rivalry will become sibling love and more love.

    • johnllander

      Don’t vote for joseph ejercito’s blood line!

      Don’t vote for the scalawags in the senate!

    • Luthmar

      Excuse me.  Speak for yourself.  I have no sympathy at all for this family.  Nor, feel sad about what they are going through.   And, I will never, ever vote for any of them.

  • rocky92

    The people should be vigilant on who to vote. Jinggoy should not have been elected to the Senate in the first place, therefore, this JV should not also be voted to prevent further erosion of the Senate which is supposed to house statesmen and intelligent people which these two m_rons aren’t!

  • farmerpo

    Sa pula, sa puti…. politics knows no boundaries…. walang kamakamaganak, walang kumpare, wala kaibikaibigan…Erap. 

  • johnllander

    Not anymore for ejercito’s!

    Not anymore for enrile’s!

    Not anymore for cayetanos!

    • gil

      how about the revilla’s of cavite and olivarez and bernabe of paranaque and many more

  • kevin

    Mga bobong taga san juan lang ang may gusto sa mga mandarambong na yan…..

    • Luthmar

      Talaga lang.

  • 88Cindy

    kahit naman nuong unang panahon ay pinapatay ng mga kamaganak ang hari para sila ang maging hari.

  • athenapallas

    I hope they just stab each other in the heart and both meet San Pedro at the pearly gates but don’t get to enter; and instead get kicked down straight to the impi-erno. Political dynasty sucks more than ever. Go down Estradas! and the others, too!

  • Hey_Dudes

    I want to make sure I got the list right.  Jinggoy Estrada is currently a Philippine senator.  J.V. wants to get elected senator while his mother Guia is currently mayor of San Juan.   Erap Joseph Estrada is also running for mayor of Manila?

    Is there something wrong with this?  Are we missing anyone else from this respectable family?  Just imagine, if all these personalities get elected joining members of the family already in politics, napaka-suerte naman talaga ng mamamayang Filipino.  They are look after well and we have not even talk about the Revilla family yet.  OMG.

    • Luthmar

      Did you say “respectable family”? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.   What is so respectable about them?  The father was convicted of plunder.  The mayor was or still is a mistress.  Her son is an illegit, etc, etc. 

  • parengtony

    Obviously JV has no intentions of being plastic about his relationship with Jinggoy.

    Likewise, Jinggoy is clearly trying to project JV to be the “black sheep” and that “pinapag pasensyahan nya lang si JV.

    Bottom line : I did not see JV crossing the line in the Bacolod interview; I thought it was Jinggoy who did so by way of his self-serving statement to the press the obvious purpose of which was to create controversy where there was none and to portray himself as a victim but who is more competent than his younger brother.

  • Mabuhay

    puro kayo kuhpal……

  • altair22

    Sibakin na ang political dynasty.  No siblings, no father/mother/son/daughters in the same branch of government.  Humanap naman kayo ng ibang career.  Itigil ang overstaying sa gobyerno  by putting an upper age limit, or absolute number of terms.  Hindi na umuusad ang Pilipinas dahil sa inyo!!

    • Luthmar

      I completely agree to what you say.  But then again, why should they look for another career?  It is very easy money in the govt. service.  They don’t have to work hard.  After the roll call on attendance (if ever there is one) they disappear to do all sorts of personal things.  On top of that,  they feel powerful.

      Filipinos should stop looking up to them.  Our tax money pay their salaries.  We are their bosses.

  • $14334231

    so, this old adage; “the more, the merrier” doesn’t really exists to the estradas, aka, “ejercitos”…..what a shame!!!!!!!…..well, what else is there to say…..need i say more????….hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • Adrian Espiritu

    Wala na bng ibang choice ang mga botante???? Nakakasawa na kau. 

  • Oscar Ungson

    Mga Pilipinong pikit ang mata, ibuka ninyo at tignan ang pinagboboto nyo, sa totoo lang mas maraming Pilipinong mas higit na karapatdapat kaysa sa mga pamilyang ito. 

  • sigena

    dadami  na mga onggoy sa senate next year

  • MG

    This is all part of the Erap Estrada master plan, the more talked about the more chances of winning. The Senate is living up to its notoriety as a chamber of privileged fools. Only in the Philippines. The entitlement fever is truly addictive. Oh yes this comment is meant to all political dynasties in government. The perks of government service is hard to resist.

  • richard butac

    hindi na talaga magbabago ang pinas….,,????????????????

  • boybakal

    Don’t worry Jinggoy, everything will be alright.
    Talagang ganyan ang pamilya may sibling rivalry. Pero sa totoo lang sa puso ni JV ay mahal ka pa rin niyang Kuya.
    Buti nga kayo political differences lang, yon iba walang makain kaya nagpapatayan.

    Ikaw ang matanda, ikaw ang umunawa.
    Umaasa kami at kaming mga Pilipino ay maayos na ang sigalot ninyo.
    Napakasakit man Kuya Jinggoy ay talagang ganyan ang buhay may hidwaan.
    Ipagdarasal ka namin na sana ay manumbalik ang inyong pagmamahalan magkakapatid.

    • Glenn

      Hoy boybakal. Masarap ba mga puwet ng mga Estrada??? Magkano ba pinarte sa yo sa mga ninakaw nila?? 

  • PaengSaAmerika

    I keep saying: 2013 is the best year to fight political dynasty in the Philippines. Just don’t vote for the candidates that belong to the dynasties in the likes of Estradas, Enriles and Binays. Can you imagine, 2 Estradas, 2 Enriles, 2 Cayetanos in the Philippine Senate?

  • el_latigo

    “Family feud rocks Estrada dynasty”

    Well, what can you expect from political dynasties?

    The “desire to serve (duh?!)” among dynasty members  is not only overpowering, but like
    flesh-eating bacteria, so contagious within the family itself that pretty soon they will be fighting among themselves.  They will not only destroy  the place which  they are allegedly “serving” in the long (or short run?) but  the very lair where they are nesting as well, when the  turfs they are “serving” becomes too small for all members who also want  “to serve” to accommodate. Not only the Estradas but also the Villafuertes of Camarines  and the Osmenas of Cebu come into mind. What is most appalling among these political dynasties is their tendency also  to dismember and divide  the territories  they are “serving” just to accommodate every family member who is  also itching “to serve”.

  • regd

    Kahit anong ingay at reklamo ang gagawin natin dito, pikit mata pa ring boboto ang mga bobo sa mga taong ito. Matagal ng nawala ang tiwala ko sa mga kababayan natin tuwing halalan. 

    Ang tiwala ay mapupunta sa wala, kaya ako ay sadyang sariling sikap. Wag magpanggap na magbabago pa ang Pilipinas. Mamamatay ka lang sa sama ng loob.

  • RiverHorse

    why don’t these personalities of political dynasties do what the aristocracies of old did and KILL EACH OTHER??? buti sana kung nakakatulong sila sa bayan, ang kaso lalong lumalala ang government (dis)service!

  • Rap88

    Boo, kumita na yang Zarzuela nyo, ‘wag nyo kaming utuin, mga angkan ni Erap style nyo bulok, mga plunderers…

  • Akho_Si

    It’s really more fun in the Philippines, kung saan pinangangalandakan at hinahangaan pa ang pambababae at pangagaliwa na taliwas sa panuntunan ng moralidad at etika.

    At pwede gumamit ng anumang pangalan at apelyido basta kumakandidato. Samantalang sa ibang dokumento pag malaki ang pagkakaiba ng pangalan sa birth certificate mo kaysa sa ginagamit mo, tulad ng Estrada sa Ejercito (hindi simpleng letra lang ang nabago), sangkatutak na gastos sa pagpapalit ang kailang gawin mo…tsk! tsk! Sa kasong tulad nito sa pulitika na nagpapalit ng ngalan o apelyido, parang di naman natin binibigyang halaga ang birth certificate bilang isang official public document, manalo lang sa eleksyon.

    Pero sa certificate of candidacy, kahit anong ngalan o apelyido, pwede pala… Bakit di na lang Aquino ang gamitin ng lahat, habang sikat pa ang Pangulo?

    Matanong ko lang, di ba isa sa mga qualifications ng kandidato, eh, dapat registered voter siya? So kung ang registered ay Ejercito, pwede bang ang kumandidato ay Estrada?

    Makisagot po, COMELEC.

  • brunogiordano

    “sinong bida, sinong bandido???”
     tanong ni kalabaw.

    dumarami ang botante ngayon na naniniwala na ang mga ESTRADA ay mga bandido na ng BAYAN.

    kaya hindi katakataka na si ERAP at JV ay matalo sa 2013 election.


  • Datukalun

    The Estrada never were they for the people but they are for themselves.Lust greed for Money Power and women but no other politicians dared to question this because many of them too are not for the People but for themselves ask the revillas etc.Political Dynasties.Kawawang Pilipinas dapat ang botohan ay gawing parang sa US every city or every province na lang.Baka sakaling mabago.

  • maypakialamtayo

    showbiz na showbiz ang dating nyo!

    • disqusted0fu

       like father, like sons!

  • Datukalun

    Ginamit ninyo lang kasikatan ninyo para matamo ang mga pansariling pag nanasa sa kapangyarihan sa pera at sa babae kawawang Juan de la Cruz 1 buong pamilya kasama pa mga kabit wow what a greed sana magkaroon man lamang kayo ng kunsensiya anti Dynasty law please come now.

  • pulis

    Mga hangag kong kababayan, ilaglag nyo ang mga trapong ito! Kawawa naman kayo…

  • est

    mga useless itong mag kapatid na ito 

  • galejan

    in the real end, we, the voters are to be blamed for this. we are the ones that put these people to power and even having our votes for sale to the highest bidder.  that is why elections cost millions  of pesos to spend per candidate.  they even kill or liquidate their rivals so as to stay in power.  that is the the kind of politics we have in this country.  only in the philippines.

  • Albin

    Huwag iboto ang mga political dynasty na yan!

  • Ed Molina

    at sino naman ang director ng palabas ng dalawang unggoy na ito? hoy jv, jinggoy, magsaksakan na lang kayo at baka may maniwala pa sa drama niyo.

  • azkal futbol

    kasi TANGA ang botanteng pilipino… ano ba ang nagagawa ng mga estardang mag to, magnakaw, mangurakot, manakot at manloko ng pilipino…. aangal tayo bat naghihirap, e TATANGA tayo.

    • Cyndy

      baliw,.,kung TANGA ka wag mung isama ang lahat ng Pilipino…

      ang pagboto kay JV ay hindi katangahan!!!!!!

  • palakasantayo

    Ang mga walang hiyang pamilya na ito… pinaglalaroan lamang ang bayan at mga tao. Ito namang mga tao na ito believe-na-believe sa mga kalokohan ginagawa sa kanila. When are we Filipinos going to get serious about the issues of the land? Ang Pilipinas ay hindi puting tabing na sila lang ang mga bida. Filipinos…. wake up … sack this family, enough is enough.

    • Shedgumboy

      Ang gusto lang nang mga  gagong iyan ay magpayaman pa at magpasikat. Panawagan sa mga Pilipino voters. huwag iboto ang mga magkakapatid  at mag aama sa senado.

      • kevin

        pagdating ng panahon ,ubos ang pera ng pilipinas sa mga estrada,ejercito….

  • joshmale2004

    Pag minalas nga naman ang Pilipinas next year, 2 Enrile Senators, 2 Cayetano Senators, 2 Estrada Senators. Wag naman sanang maisipan din ng mga Sotto brothers (Val at Vic) na tumakbong Senators. Napakabulok na talaga ng political system natin. Paging all society and social groups sana maumpisahan na People”s Initiative para magkaroon na ng batas sa Anti Political Dynasty. This is a worst nightmare imagining Jinkee Pacquiao running as Vice Governor. Di na nahiya tong Manny Pacquiao na wala namang nagawang pagbabago sa Congress. Wag naman sana ding maisipian ni Aling Dionisia na tumakbong mayor ng Saranggani. Sa inyong mga taga Manila din. Pag ginawa nyo pang Mayor nyo si Erap at gawing Senator si JV eh, wag na kayong umangal ng political dynasty. Kayo rin ang gumawa ng political dynasty ng mga Estrada pag nagkataon. Kayong mga taga Makati, angal din kayo ng angal sa political dynasty eh tuwing election kayo ang nagpaparami sa politikong nakaupo sa mga Binay. At kayo naman ginoong Noynoy, bilang Presidente gamitin nyo ang power nyo na bawalan lahat ng mga kamag anak ninyong tumakbo sa election kahit habang kayo ay Presidente. Mga lahing Arroyo, sobra na tama na kayo sa politiko.

  • Jimbox88

    Enough to Dynasty!!!

    Sana mag barilan then ubos sila lahat….haaaaayyyy!

  • walangutak

    Mas malala dito sa Cebu, gumastos ang pamahalaang probinsya para sa tinatawag na “suroy suroy sa Sugbo” with Gwen “Balili” Garcia as the main supporting actress towing with her Cong(Tong)ressman Pablo John Garcia as the main actor, at hindi raw ito pangangampanya para kay Pablo (Pabla) John Garcia kundi pagpakilala lang sa taga probinsya na tatakbo siyang gobernador bilang kapalit ni “outgoing” Gwen “Balili” Garcia. Isa na sa may pinakapal na balat sa mukha sa Pilipinas ang pamilyang ito idagdag pa si Mnsgnr. Garcia na “involve” sa pagsuporta sa ivory smuggling.

  • heaven

    all I can say is that “don’t vote to these candidates in the coming election” . If political dynasty prevail in this country we will have too much problem in the future. Imagine relatives being  governor ,vice governor,congressman,mayor and etc running our district or provinces…it will be disastrous for the country. So don’t vote relatives in gov’t! Our constitution clearly state that political dynasty is prohibited but our politicians are not doing anything on this to address the problem for they are using the gov’t position as their milking cows.

  • litenshadow

    mga pinoy boto sila diyan. mahilig kasing manood ng telenovela.
    abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

  • alex_diaz2014

    wag iboto pareho!!!!

  • divictes

    O, siya, tahan na , sumbong mo siya sa tatay mo.

  • kevin

    It’s an open book of the Ejercito-estrada -the plunderer….

  • Fred

    Madrama si Jinggoy.
    Kaya lang baka maapektuhan ang kandidatura ni JV
    dahil lumalakas ang panawagan sa anti-dynasty.
    Ikaw din Jinggoy malamang maapektuhan sa 2016.

    • Angela

      maapektuhan tlga,.,kasi mas sure na ngayon na mananalo talaga si JV…:))))

  • PH2011

    PDI: “If he makes it, JV will join Jinggoy as the second Estrada in the Senate.
    The brothers will work with siblings Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano if Alan
    Peter’s bid for reelection is successful. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s
    son, Cagayan Rep. Jackie Enrile, is also running for the Senate. If he is
    successful, there will be two Enriles in the chamber.”






  • calgary2526

    masarap subaybayan ‘to! Away ng magkakapatid na parehong magnanakaw.

    itong ina ni jv na si guia namagaypay din noong panahon ng nakaupo pa ang ex-con na si erap. i research ninyo kung ilang real estate properties ang nakamkam niya sa looban ng forbes park. Si mareng winnie alam niya yan

    • Yeng Milby

      sinung magnanakaw??? 
      baliw may sariling business ang pamilya ng estrada d na nila kailangan ang pera ng iba..,.
      magreresearch k na lang din namn mali2 pa,.,anu bang research ang ginawa mu???

      • calgary2526

        gigil na gigil ka, yeng melby. lol yang BP mo baka tumaas…

        gaano mo kilala ang paamilya estrada? kilala mo ba si guia? nakasama mo na ba si jinggoy? eh si erap mismo nakasama mo na kahit sa isang kapihan man alang?

        sa dami ng nag comment dito ay isa ka sa mga naagtatanga-tangahan na ang pamilya estrada ay malinis.

  • nakatutok

    mas lalo dadami ang boboto kay JV..MAHILIG ANG PINOY SA DRAMA e….
    all this talk and hullabaloo about the advocacy of anti political dynasty ay walang saysay as long as IMMATURE at UNINFORMED pa din ang filipino electorate…

    • sl1

      Tama ka dyan, kaya we have to inform the Filipino electorate on this so they will learn and this type of politic is stops for the good of the country.

      • Aldelyn Quilon

        sa tingin ko po..wala pa man tong isyu na to madami nang sumusuporta at boboto kay JV.

  • eirons1043

    Kaya po nanalo ang mga artista at anak ng mga artista na madalas sabihin eh mga bobo kasi iyong mga nakaupo o nanalo ng mga nakaraang panahon ni Garcia, Diosdado, lalo na ni Marcos, pati na si Cory, FVR, Erap, Gloria at Noy na matataas ang pinagaralan at   karamihan eh abogado ay walang  tunay na ginawa para sa bayan kasi sila lang na naupo ang umunlad at naging dynasty pa nga samantalang ang bayan eh puro taas  EVAT tax at presyo ang inabot. Lalo na ngayon na ang me ari ng koryente, tubig, shopping malls, condos, mrt/lrt, toll fees, shipping franchise, lumber concessions, mining, Smart, globe, cable TV at iba pa eh isang dosenang pamilya lang ang me ari di pa kasali diyan iyong private pier ni enrile sa cagayan na legal ang smuggling at iyong kay chavit. Mas marami pa daw eroplano si enrile at chavit kesa sa Philippine Air Force. And finally puro secret pa ang income tax ng mga iyan.

  • Spike

    they should both disappear from politics -that would be much better

  • disqusted0fu

    its funny that the senate and the congress become a teleserye whenever the elections are near. keep it within the family! we dont care about your feud, the Filipino people will not get anything out of that!

  • kishbuff


    • Weder-Weder Lang

      dre, tama ka. kakasuka ang plema ni Jinggoy. sa senate office niya pa dinudura ang smoker’s phlegm nya. at may second hand smoke pang nilalanghap ang mga senate staff niya. walang modo yung baboy na yon.

      • ngidigop

        Pre ,please huwag mong insultuhin ang mga baboy.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        oo nga, kawawa ang mga baboy.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Nakakahiya tayo mga Pilipino pinapayagan natin ang ganito. Kaya naghihirap ang ating bansa dahil na rin sa kapabayaan natin lahat.

  • KurakotNaPinoy


  • Lateralus

    ang gahaman galit sa kapwa gahaman, pare pareho lang kayo

    • Yeng Milby

      ah korek kaya nga hindi galit si Jinggoy kay JV,.kasi JV is not a gahaman…

      walang rivalry…galing lang lahat to sa media..

  • KpTUL

    Bakit ngayon ba ay nag uunahan na kayo kung sino ang maging standard bearer sa political dynasty ninyo ? Halos tumakbo na nga kayong lahat ehh , huwag namang masyadong swapang. Pagbigyan namn ninyo yung ibang tumakbo. Hakot nyo na lahat … Maawa namn kayo. 

  • Leonard Formoso


  • allandel

    san juan is smaller than tondo and yet walang maipakitang extraordinary. tapos, ang matandang erap, lalabanan si lim at ang dala-dalang accomplishment ay ang pinaganda ang san juan? citizens of san juan, wake up! hindi pwede ang pwede na. you must choose the best person that will carry you through the 21st century. nahuhuli na kayo.

  • Guest

    Si Jinggoy masyadong jologs. Barumbado na walang utak. Malakas ang inferiority complex, kaya galit kay JV at laging may umiiral ang defense mechanism niya pag kaharap mga mas matalino o may pinag-aralan sa kanya. Pero mabait naman sya pag binarkada mo na. Yun nga lang, wag mong pupunahin yung ugali niyang pagdudura. Medyo sensitive sya dun.

    Si JV masyadong dikit sa mga intsik. Laking intsik si JV sa chinese school sa sanjuan. Kaya intsik ang mga kanegosyo, kadikit, kachokarat nya. Hindi pa ba tayo natuto sa mga kebigang intsik ni Erap?

    • Marian Rivera

      bagay sayo name mo BITTER…

      anung konek ng pagaaral ni JV sa chinese school sa isyu..
      may masabe ka lang ei nho…
      mga tao tlaga parang si jinggoy..puro daldal…

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      Uy pano mo nalaman yung sa ugali ni Jinggoy? Malamang senate staff ka noh o dating tauhan niya sa munisipyo? Kadiri ng amo mo! Di pa rin ba sya natututo? Minsan na syang nadali nung impeachment, bago mag holy week, may plema sya sumabit sa kwelyo niya, mabuti nalang nakatago sa ilalim ng impeachment robe niya. Kadiri yang amo mo. ambaboy!

  • Nouvel

    di ko talaga maintindihan mga Filipinos, ang Pilipinas the only Roman Catholic nation in Southeast Asia, di ba monogamous marriage dapat ang mangibabaw, To deviate fr that religious norm is taboo that is supposed to resonate up to elections! Pero dito sa Pilipinas, parang pamacho-han epek na may queridas, at may mga anak sa labas, a glaring example itong pamilya Estrada (Ejercito), why pinapayagan ng mga Katolikong Filipinos na mag-rule over them mga taong ganito! Look at the Americans, they are so liberated in their sexual lives pero the moment they run for public offices, any slip activities fr their marriages meant expulsion from politics! When are Filipinos, particularly those Roman Catholics, expel these kinds of members from their fold! May be that’s why Philippines one of the most corrupt nation in the world, because  people tolerate extramarital relations, thus implying toleration of corruption! 

  • Seaflip

    Let me them duke it out in public until every Estrada/Ejercito self destructs.

  • Angela Ives

    Pinalalaki lang to lahat ng media…
    Political Dynasty,…anung problema??edi kung ayaw nio iboto edi wag..bakit nio pinipigilang tumakbo ang mga taong nasa iisang pamilya..magkakamaganak lang sila pero hindi sila pare-pareho ng mga kayang gawin at ugali..kung ayaw niong iboto edi wag.,,hindi naman bawal mamimili ng mga gusto niong iboto ei..d lang napapalaki ng media tong isyung to ei..kundi pati n rin ng mga taong BITTER sa Estrada..sinisisi ang Estrada sa kahirapan ng buhay nila..try niong magtrabaho..HANEP ANG BUHAY PAG MAY HANAP BUHAY,,.,dre…
    Natural lang na magkaroon minsan ng sagutan ang magkaptid sino ba sa inyo ang hindi nakasagutan ang kapatid…SANTO kayo???lahat binibigyan ng kahulugan, lahat ginagwan ng paraan para mag karoon ng butas ang pangalan ng Estrada..
    Gumugulo lang lalo ang eleksyon natin dahil din sa mga taong patuloy na naninira sa mga tumatakbo ei..
    Haist.peace on earth mga dre..gulo2 ei..

    Advice lang vote for the right person at sa tingin ninyong dapat at kung kanino kayo naniniwala..
    Basta ako..i really do believe kay JV..walang papalag..yung mga bitter jan ay naninira sa out lang po..mananalo siya..:)))))

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      Gela, gusto ko sana si JV. Kaso lang pwede bang 2016 na lang. Para isa isa lang. Olats kasi si Jinggoy, pero hindi pa tapos ang termino. 



  • Benjamin

    palakihan na lang kayo ng tiyan..para malaman kung sino ang mas masiba….

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    This duonasty deserves decapitation.

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      Between the two, ok pa ako kay JV. Pero kay Jinggoy, sagwa ng pagkatao, pag-uugali at wala namang utak. puro asa lang sa senate staff and researchers.

      • msmakabayan

        Magkakalayo pa ba yan eh parehong pakwan ang pinanggalingan? Sana mag artista na nga lang, yung pinapakain sa buwaya, tinutulak sa bangin o binibitay ng patiwarik!

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Tinerndawn na po silang dalawa ni mother lily. lugi raw.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Hindi naman kagalang-galang si Jinggoy. Sa loob pa lang ng opisina nya sa senado kung sansan sya nagdududura, lalong-lalo na kung matindi ang smoker’s cough niya. Kahit sino sa staff nya nandidiri nga sa kanyan eh. Kahit nga si Charlene G na minsan niyang natikman nandiri nga sa kanya kaya nga sila nagsplit. Pagwalang basurahan, sa lapag na lang dudura, tapos kukutkutin na lang nga swelas ng sapatos para matuyo. Ang baboy ng senador na to. Ang kapal talaga. Tapos yung mga staff ang lumalanghap sa natuyong germs at plema ni Jinggoy. Bukod pa yan sa second hand smoke. Senador nga naman oh.

    • firmelilia_12LAF

      Whew!!!! What epic unveiling!  I’ve always thought so.  I’ve never had an iota of regard for this family.  Kung di ba naman kapal muks, na convict na’t sukat sa kasong plunder, e nag-uumapaw pa ang believe sa sarili para pasukin ulit ang pulitika.  He was pardoned by Gloria but look how he pokes jokes at her. What an ingrate!  It’s a shame we have such siblings in our senate. Could Binay and Enrile be no different from voters who stick it out with them in paradoxical reality. The wonder of wonders is why they are there at all.

    • niceguy60

      Totoo ba to? Di sya pwede sa Singapore.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        galing sa loob to. lam mo naman, pag nagreklamo ka sa loob, chugi abutin mo. wala kang remedyo, kahit may unyon pa.

  • JosephNess

    they’re defecating all over in media, what a smell…whew!!!…ew!!!

  • Stephen

    Time for you guys to quit politics…. How can you run the country if you can not keep your house in order? Nothing good has come out from all you politicians…

    • niceguy60

      Don’t be surprised if both one day become president and vice president at the same time.

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    Jinggoy will always have a chip on his shoulder. Jinggoy was old enough to remember when his dad Erap left home for a second family. He always blamed JV and JV’s mom for depriving him, his siblings and Nanay Loi the love, time and money they always imagined the other woman got more of. Through the years, Jinggoy never succeeded in shaking off his deep-seated inferiority complex which becomes apparent whenever his half-brother JV is around. An inferiority born out of jealousy, hatred and perhaps the longing to have attended the same expensive chinoy jesuit school as JV did or have the same circle of rich fancy friends as JV does. On the few occasions that JV was present during the impeachment trial, Jinggoy would suddenly become tongue-tied, suddenly lose his thuggish swagger, suddenly diminish like a shrinking violet and sometimes even stutter uncontrollably. Despite Jinggoy’s best efforts to feign confidence, his tense shoulders always gave him away. Watching from afar, Jinggoy would furtively observe his half-brother JV do the rounds, comfortably shaking hands with Quimbo, Tiangco, Umali, Angara, Tanada, Tupas, Maceda, the Senators and even the defense team. JV has a way of cozying up to the who’s who of Philippine politics with the natural air of an heir apparent. Watching from afar, Jinggoy is once again reminded of the breeding and the class that have so eluded him but not his siblings. Sadly for Jinggoy, he can only watch from afar, always on the outside looking in. Sadly for Jinggoy, his insecurities run too deep. And therein lies the divide between the feuding Estrada brothers. A divide that JPE clearly knows how to exploit, a divide that Erap the philandering father could not quite bridge, a divide that almost erupted while father and son were confined in VMMC many years ago.

    Quite frankly, both Jinggoy and JV should just stay home and settle their unresolved childhood issues first. We don’t want the business of the senate to be hampered by this senseless sibling rivalry.

    • Simon Ward

      That’s a nice summary from someone who obviously has inside knowledge. I’d just like to question this …
      “Watching from afar, Jinggoy is once again reminded of the breeding and the class that have so eluded him but not his siblings.”

      After all that has happened, does Jinggoy seriously believe that his father represents breeding and class? I don’t see any of either – though I am tempted to make jokes about the “breeding” :) 

      • Pia Pilar Francisco

        Lol! That would be an apt joke for his father’s machismo, onscreen and offscreen.

    • Descarte

      Fortunately for Jinggoy, he is already a Senator…

      Sadly for JV, his father and brother did not fare well enough to convince the voters to vote another Estrada in the Senate…

      It’s time for Jinggoy to do everything just to prevent JV from Senator, his last remaining edge over JV…

      Let the Estrada’s self destruct again…

      • Pia Pilar Francisco

        I hope they do.

    • Mario

      and so what ? and who cares ? I don’t give a hoot!!!

      • Pia Pilar Francisco

        Reading your reaction, I sure hope you did not feel alluded to. Have a great weekend.

  • resortman

    Nakikita nyo ba mga ibinoboto nyo mga katropa?! hahahaha…Lumalabas na tayo ang bobo,hindi sila, tayo bumoboto eh…parang sa sabungan, tumaya tayo sa pato!!

  • superlucky2


    • niceguy60

      But who are the alternatives? Please list them so people could recall their names.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

     Magkapatid sa magkapatid laman sa laman iyan ang dahilan ng gulo…..
    Isulong na Ang Anti Dynasty Movement para malaman ng ating kababayan kung paano nila binababoy ang sistema ng Pilipinas.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Sa susunod na iboto ng mga mangmang natin na kababayan mga kabit anak sa labas tunay na mga anak, tunay na asawa, apo na galing sa anak sa labas, lolo,lola,tito,tita,etc. etc. Ang resulta parang John En Marsha sa Senado haha.

    • msmakabayan

      At mga senadorang hiwalay sa asawa! Dapat, kung hindi marunong mamili ng mabuting asawa, o mag alaga ng kanilang familia, disqualified na! Kaso Noynoy is also not setting a good example. kahit na may graft and corruption case, inaappoint pa niya sa constitutional position, at sya pa mismo ang nag ba bail out…so bad standard does not matter!

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Nuts voted into office by fools! More fun in San Juan.

  • ruthieem7

    Useless news. Calling CMFR!!! This is not newsworthy at all. Kung may alitan ang magkapatid, let them deal with it at home, through Erap. Magkakabati rin naman iyan dahil mageelection na, kelangan ng family “unity”.

  • MonMayuga

    One Estrada in the Senate is one Estrada too many. In fact, one Estrada in government is one Estrada too many.

  • justyouraveragechinoy

    People of the Philippines isang malaking PLEASE Don’t Vote for JV.  This is too much already dati pa power lang ang habol nyan nakisawsaw sa mga issues na wala naman alam, a pot calling the kettle black

  • virgoyap

    If you really love this country please don’t set a bad example where many ambitious politicians will imitate you. Political dynasty are like contagious germs that are contaminating from the national scene down to the remotest town and barangays. Political dynasty is really scandalous aside that it will affect the efficiency of service in the different offices in the entire country.

  • Glenn

    As if they are very sure that JV will win. Well, I hope that the Filipino people will wake up this coming election. Jonggoy is one hell annoying senator (kuno) then we will add another one? What a pity for the PH senate.

  • beerhunters

    Just another gimmick of  a contrived controversy just to keep themselves in the limelight for the voters attention and recall for the 2013 election!!  Naive voters!!

    • msmakabayan

      Tumpak! Akala nila lahat ng Pinoy uto-uto! Kaso, alam nga nilang maraming uto-uto, so okay lang!

  • The Greed Wall of China

    Kaya gusto makapwesto ang mga yan sa gobyerno eh para makakamal ng pera ng bayan. Classic example ng magkakamag-anak na nag-aaway dahil sa politika (at pera). Money is thicker than blood…

  • virgo57

    This media hyped is plain scripted designed for attention getting and name recall. Philippines politics requires popularity regardless of your personal or family background and this proven effective in the case of Erap. To strengthen his image, Erap jokes was a daily recipe that captured the senses by most Pinoy making him a comic but penetrating deeply the C – D – E classes where these segments belong to majority votes. These segments installed a VP to President though his competence is good enough for barangay and not contented he will testing the ground for mayorship in Manila kaya gumawa ng pakulo ang pamilya Estrada to condition the mind of their classless voters. Try to look who are at Estrada’s panel but devil ever since in the persons of Enrile, Maceda, Tatad, Reli German all but remnants of the dictator Marcos. This family is trying to create a political dynasty despite of their mosquito capability. Malas talaga ang P’nas lalong palubog. God bless to all of us.

  • RomyLitz

    The rock-the-boat incidence among siblings is not new to us when we recall the murder of Ramgen by his sister, or as protrayed by Al Pacino killing his own brother  in the movie Godfather. Well if we go 4,000 years ago, the Bible is rich with brothers killing their own brothers as shown in Genesis Chapter 2 about Cain and Abel, when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments he ordered sons to kill their parents and vice versa and in the book of Kings, King David’s children were competing for the kingship of Israel. Is it unpredictable among siblings? Nah, majority of the Filipinos are afflicted with amnesia !

  • Lakan Kildap

    is it libelous to suggest to these honorable gentlemen to mutually take each other out?

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    Ang bumuto sa mga dregs ng pulitikang mga dynasties na ito ay walang … awa sa sarili. Tawa lang nila dahil mga tanga tayo. Gusto natin yun? For once, ipakita naman natin na we are not fools.  Matitino naman tayo, di ba?

  • msmakabayan

    Yehey! Ang bagong theme song ng Senado and Philippine politics ay :
    “We are family!” by the Sledge Sisters.
    We are family!
    Tatay, Nanay, Ate and Me!

  • Descarte

    Isipin natin na ang karamihan sa mga botante gusto ‘yong matatapang ang dating, macho… kaya nga hindi manalo-nalo si Manoling eh… tingnan nyo naman mga action star panalo.. si bwakanang ina at si anak ng panday saka si Leon Gerrero at Diego Bandido…di importante kung ex-convict or hitman, mas gusto nga ng tao kasi macho ang dating… kasi sa mga pelikula justified ang kalokohan nila, lumalabag sa batas pero tagapagtanggol ng mga naaapi.. tingnan nyo panalo rin mga Ramboys at saka si Trillanes..
    Pag macho iniidolo ng mga gustong tawaging macho at tinitilian naman ng mga babaeng…

    Si JV tingin ng tao malambot, kaya para maiwasan na mapagaya sa kapalaran ni Manoling… hinahamon nya si Jinggoy at pinapakita nya na kakasa sya kahit sa kapatid nya…

    Yan na rin ang dahilan ng political dynasty sa Pilipinas, hindi sila magkakaroon ng dynasty kung hindi maipapakita na angkan sila ng mayayaman.. tingnan mo si Enrile isang “Hello Boy” lang.. convincing kaagad sa mga taga Cagayan… 

  • J

    Enough with actors. Enough with dynasties. Enough with the Estradas.

  • AJ Giorgio

    Hindi na lang ako boboto, kesa iboto ko yang mga kandidatong wala namang alam.. grabe rin tong si erap, naging presidente na, gusto pang bumalik at maging mayor.. tinalo pa nya si gloria..

    yan ang nangyayari pag laos ka na artista, at wala kang ibang alam na pwede pagkakitaan.. pasok ka na lang sa pulitika..

    ang malungkot pa, marami talagang bumoboto sa kanila.. tsk tsk tsk..

    • jeffrey_01

      gagawa rin ako ng party list ko.  Kawawang Pinoy party list.  Laban sa political dynasties party list.  Against Donkeys party list.  Laban sa Magnanakaw party list. 

      Maganda siguro Magnanakaw party list, tiyak panalo na dahil sa dami nga namang magnanakaw sa Pinas. Marginalize nga naman sila wala tumulong kung bakit sila nagnanakaw.  Kasama na dyan mga pulitiko na magnanakaw.

  • Shirley Anne

    JV versus Jinggoy? my god. kay JV na lang ako! kahit ba na nauna si jinggoy sa senado eh ibig sabihin mas magaling na sya? kahit ba na ganyan si JV may nagawa naman sya na maganda sa SJ. 
    basta hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong bilib kay jinggoy. sana nagkasabay na lang sila ng pagtakbo sa senado para pagalingan na lang kung sino mananalo! (wag lang mataon na pareho sila mananalo! isa lang!  hahaha!)

    • Nick

      kawawang JV. hinahatak pababa ng kanyang apelyido. sayang ang kanyang potensyal. napakaganda pa naman sana ng kanyang pamumuno sa sanjuan. 
      pano kaya kung di sya naging ejercito o estrada? ganto p rin kaya tingin ng mga tao? kung ganun lang din at di sya iboboto ng tao dahil sa kanyang background sa pamilya, sana pala di na lang nya naging kadugo si erap at jinggoy. kasi sayang ang magagandang bagay na magagawa nya para sating bansa.

      sana matuto ang tao at wag padadala sa lahat ng nakikita sa balita. kilalanin muna lahat ng ilalagay sa balota. 

    • jeffrey_01

      both are donkeyhole.

  • Descarte

    para magkaroon talaga ng dynasty kelangan ang history..

    Past:           Nagnakaw si tatay
    Present:      Nagnanakaw si kuya
    Future:        Magnanakaw din ako, di ba Daddy, Bro?

    O wala libel dyan ha kasi wala ako mention na pangalan….

  • Cal_Reznick

    Its still hard to get over that actors and people with famous last names get elected to high positions in the Philippine government. You’d think that a good track record and good resume supported with necessary qualifications would merit being in office but i suppose that is not the case Philippines. No wonder the Philippines takes a long time to improve and at times doesn’t.

    • Nick

      may mga tao lng talagang minamalas. pinakamagandang example nito si jv. kung hindi lang talaga nya naging ama ang dating pangulo malamang hindi negatibo ang magiging tingin sakanya ng ibang tao. eh kaso wala eh.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Who knows…if he didn’t have that last name he may not have ever been elected in any office. Again its just sad that famous people get elected into office over qualified and really experienced people.

  • Nick


  • Nick


  • Ugly Bunny


  • joshua kings

    ang mga estrada, kasama na ng mga nerile, cayetano, angara, binay, gordon, duterte. atbp ay isa sa mga dahilan kung bakiy kailangan ng bayan ng anti-dynasty law……..tingnan nnyo itong 2 supling ni erap….anong mahihita ng mga taongbayan sa kanila?  eh magpapayaman lang ang mga yan…wag kayong patatangay sa 2 yan;;;script nila yang away kuno na yan para sila ay pagusapan…o di may libreng media coverage pa sila, di ba?

    pero talagang magkaiba sila:  yung isa bunga ng kasalanan at yung isa naman ay bunga ng araw, jejeje….

  • indiosbravos2002

    Ano ba yan Jinggoy, pati nakakabata mong kapatid walang bilib sa yo. Elder statesman daw??? Wahahaha.


  • jeffrey_01

    gagawa rin ako ng party list ko. Kawawang Pinoy party list. Laban sa political dynasties party list. Against Donkeys party list. Laban sa Magnanakaw party list.
    Maganda siguro Magnanakaw party list, tiyak panalo na dahil sa dami nga namang magnanakaw sa Pinas. Marginalize nga naman sila wala tumulong kung bakit sila nagnanakaw. Kasama na dyan mga pulitiko na magnanakaw.

    Actors party list na lang kaya, dahil maraming laos na artista, dami siguro tatakbong senador at kongresista.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Guys, moro moro lang to. Pagnaelect yan. Ganon pa din. Kung anong sabihin ni daddy, yon ang susundin ng dalawang bugok.

  • wakats

    In not too distant future, in a galaxy far, far away, the people will finally wake up from deep slumber and finally realize their immaturity in electing movie and tv personalities who know nothing about legislation except acting in make-believe movies or constant exposure to popular tv programs.

    Just imagine erap’s tainted name as a convicted plunderer did not affect his children’s ascension to power as if being an ex-con’s children  is now a virtue and a passport to fame and fortune.

    No wonder many pinoys are getting out of the country and can’t wait for that time when pinoys are expected to vote for the right leaders based on knowhow and unquestioned integrity… 


    • niceguy60

      Voters could learn in another 1000 years. I’ll bet you the grand sons will be elected as well. It’s the culture. What else it could be?

  • magiting78

    Parang awa nyo n mga bobotante wag nyo iboto mga to iba naman para nmn mabago ang bayan natin..Simula’t simula p ankan n nila nkaupo wala nangyayari s bayan natin….For once sana magkaisip namn tau pag bomoto..

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    DUMP these two idiots and any other Estrada or Ejercito showing up for any public office, a public Trust!

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Descarte

    Bagong release na single to ng D’ Nasty Boys…

    Mukhang magpa-platinum ah… matatalo ang Gang Nam..

  • Descarte

    May I present to you the other members of D’Nasty Boys…

    Allan, Jackie, Sonny, Bam…

    At syempre di rin nagpapahuli ang D’Nasty Girls,
    tinitimpla pa nila ang kanilang single..
    Nancy, Ting2, Cynthia…  

  • deadlyshooter

    sabi ni kalabaw…’sinong bida, sinong bandido…’ sabi ng sambayanan..’WALA, LAHAT SILA PUZONEGRO!!!…’ ..hahahaha…

  • luzviminda88


  • carlorocci

    Alam nyo na  kung sino ang hindi dapat iboto pagka-senador……


    ILANG estrada na ang nagsilbi sa bayan sa ilang mga taon na….MAY NAGAWA BA SILA para ka ikabubuti ng bayan bukod sa pagpoporma at pamumudmud ng nakaw nila sa kaban ni Juan? MERON ba?  

    Dinaan lamang kasi sa pagka-popular ng isang artista na ang tanging alam ay ang PAG-AARTE lamang…. na siyang binigay at inalay nila sa bayan nang sila ay binigyan ng pagkakataong manilbihan.  PURO ARTE na lang ang mga ginawa.  At ang pobreng mamamayan na manonood ay humaling-na-humaling sa PAG-AARTE ng mga TNL na mga estradnag yan.  Hanggang ngayon MARAMI pa din ang nagpapadala sa PAG-AARTENG yan na siyang talagang nakakalungkot sa kalagayan ng ating lipunan, dahil karamihan sa ating lipunan ang panonood ng mga palabas sa sinihan at TV ang syang tanging aliw at paraan ng pagpapalipas ng kanilang paghihirap at gutom na sanhi ng mga PAGNANAKAW na gawa ng karamihan ng mga naturingang pinuno at namamahala ng bayan.  At, dahil wala din namang trabahong makuha o makita sa kapaligiran gawa ng pagnanakaw na naman, TV at sinihan ang kanilang unang pinupuntahan, kung saan ang kanilang paghanga at pagka-humaling sa mga TNL na mga ARTISTA ay nakikintil sa kanilang diwa’t damdamin. Pag dating ng popularity contest o election, e di sino pa nga ba ang kanilang unang matatandaan, e, di yong mga napapanood nilang mga HEROES o bayani sa kanilang buhay na mga palabas sa sinihan o/at TV.

    Kung papaano YANG sitwasyon na yan lulutasin ng ating sistema ay lubhang napakalaking suliranin ng bayan.  Parte na ng kultura ng mamamayan yan na mahirap ng buwagin,  Kaya, tumingin kayo sa ninyong kapaligiran at nagdagsaan ang mga artista o mga basketball players o kahit na sino pang sikat na madalas nilang mapanood sa TV o sinihan sa pamumulitika na ang ginagamit ay ang kanilang pagka-sikat sa paghikayat sa mga botante na IBOTO sila.  Sa aking tantiya,  mahigit na 20-25% ng mga elected officials in the entire nation belongs to this class of our kabayan.  Si WILLIE REVILLAME lamang, kung tatakbo ng kahit na anong position yan, ipupusta ko ang asawa ng kapit-bahay ko na mananalo dahil sa kanyang show.

    sotto, estradas, revillas, lapids, alma moreno, marquez, lucy torres, guia gomez, laarni enriquez, vilma santos, jaworski, webb, isko moreno, yllana, imelda papin, ilarde, rico puno, martires, and a host of others that everyone else might know.

    • Yeng Milby

      DAMENG DALDAL NITO!!!!!!!!!

      basta JV will win:))))

      • UrHONOR

        BASTA’T kabet ni Erap, maagap!

  • JV7797

    Kahit katukayo ko si JV di ko sya iboboto…. tama mga siblings sa senado… down with the dynasties…. Estrada,Cayetano, Enril atbp… Utang na loob naman … ang iitim ng buto nyo… ang senado na sisira… No to dynasties!!!!!

  • Dennis

    1. Cayetano
    2. Enrile
    3. Estrada/ Ejercito
    4. Cojuangco
    5. Aquino


    • Marian

      Unang unang iboto:

      1. JV Ejercito Estrada!!!!

      lahat ng negative na sinasabi sa kanya..MALING MALI!!!!!!!

  • boybakal

    Family togetherness is better than senate sibling feud. So,Only one Estrada in the senate to prevent sibling rivalry.
    Kung sino ang matalino at guapo siya lang ang sa Senado. Both are qualified.
    Jinggoy or JV your choice, voters.

    • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

      Wala kasi lahat sila panget tas bobo.

      • Marian

        kasing bobo mu Iggy??

        parang d naman,.,lamang lamang sayo si JV ei

      • Alaysa Tagumpay

        KOREK ka ms. Marian..tignan mu nga sa kabobohan yan ni Iggy..bobo na sa English bobo pa sa spelling..

        JV wont be like you,.,mananalo siya for senator!!!!

      • Yeng Milby

        hahaha..natawa naman ako dito kay Iggy Ramirez..kayo naman Ms. marian ang Alaysa.hindi namn siguro BOBO yang tao, wag namn kayong masyadong manghusga kasi sa ginagawa nio parang kasing-kaugali nio lang din siya.MAPANGHUSGA!!

        And to you Mr.Iggy Gwapo ka ba makapangit ka naman sa kanila.baka pag itinabi yang mukha mu sa mukha nila magmukha kang aso.hehhehe..wag lang po kasi maydong magfiling para walang naggalit sayo:))

        JV is the ryt person na maging senador, lets vote him:D

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Matalino ka ba sa tingin mo? Choice mo pa lang si JV kitang kita na ang kabobohan mo e. Pa cute ka pa. Di ka naman cute. Bobo ka lang.

  • Harry

    Take away the scum, what is left?

    • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

      Beef in boiling water.

      • jeffrey_01

        where’s the beef?

  • boybakal

    Magkasundo na kayong magkapatid, Jinggoy JV.
    Baka maaltapresyon si Papa Erap at baka matalo ni Lim.
    Sige kayo, lahat pa naman kayo kandidato.

  • Descarte

    basta ako bibili ako ng sticker at pentel pen,,, isusulat ko “ANAK NG MAGNANAKAW” tapos ididikit ko sa mga poster ni JV doon sa lugar namin.. di bale gumastos ako wag lang manalo yan…

    • Angela Ives

      bakit d mu try na bumili ng sticker at pentel, isulat mu ” ADIK AKO” at idikit mu sa noo mu..baka mas maniwala pa ang mga tao sau..worth it pa gastos mu..

  • JosengSisiw1

    maniwala kayo dyan, drama lang nila yan para pag usapan. kung talagang gusto nilang di pag usapan then dapat di na lang nya sagutin yan. Jinggoy talaga, akala mo ba maloloko nyo lahat ng Pinoy…

  • balut123

    What do you expect from an actor????…e di DRAMA.

  • oh_noh

    nag-aaway ba? para walang away, parehas wag iboto!

  • boybakal

    Jinngoy looks more intellectual and intelligent than JV.
    Talagang mukhang napakatalino ni Jinggoy.

    • Cyndy

      FYI lang huh..intellectual and intelligent din si JV..ay mali, he is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE intellectual and intelligent than Jinggoy. 

  • Mel Manalo

    the flippins will become one of the top 20 economies in the world by 2050 (hu cares!!, most who read this will be dead by then). FAT CHANCE!! more like bottom 20 as long as flippinos keep electing jesters, clowns like these as their leaders

  • w33k3nd3r

    Please, we don’t care if you want to shoot each other in the head; that’d be one less joke in public office. But stop turning the country’s people into collateral damage with your crassness.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Q: Anong tawag sa mga pinoy na boboto sa mga walang hiyang to?
    A: Bobotante

    Q: Anong tawag ke JV kapag nanalo sa Senado
    A: Senatong

    Q: E kay Jinggoy
    A: Mas senatong

    • Anne Thok

      Q: Anong tawag sau?
      A: Boploks

      Q: Anong tawag sa mga bitter gaya mu?
      A: Pampam

      Q: Sino ang kambal mo?
      A: Si Abnoynoy

      Go JV…bleeeehhh…:P

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Bobo mo Anne. Choice mo si JV. Grabe namang kabobohan yan.

      • Marian

        BOBO MO IGGY RAMIREZ kung di mo iboboto si JV Ejercito..!!!!

  • AllaMo

    ROTF LMFAO! Check and balance at the senate?! Checks will come from favor seekers. And, the balance will AGAIN grow in this cursed dynasty’s bank account.


  • hustlergalore

    sumushowbiz lang sila. bad publicity is still publicity.

    nek-nek nyo!


  • ern

    kunwari lang ang away na yan para sabihin ng tao…..”oh hindi issue sa kanila ang dynasty dahil magkaaway naman sila, di magsasabwatan.” ….They know it will create for them more good than harm.

    Huwag nga kasi gamitin ang term na dynasty para walang palusutan. Bakit di na lang “within 3rd degree of consanguinity or affinity” tulad sa ibang batas?

    By the way, ano ba naman kasi ang wisdom sa dynasty law kung matatalino ang mga botante? They also have the right to choose the officials who will govern them. Kung may katiwalian, nasa constituents na rin kung ipipikit nila ang kanilang mga mata. Ano ang trabaho ng ombudsman?

  • randyaltarejos

    It is the people who will decide their fates in politics.  Voters must only pick one of them. Otherwise, we will have a market-like Senate..

    • boldyak

      voters should never pick one of them…

  • randyaltarejos

    What the Comelec can do right now is to spearhead the revival of House Bill No. 82 filed by former VP Teofisto Guingona in 1987, if it cannot do it, the Comelec can craft an order that shall set the guidelines as to who can and can’t run for public office.

    • MikedChopper

      Tapos eto naman gusto ni Loi na tumakbo sa
      pagka-mayor ng San Juan last 2010 elections kaya lang ng kumontra si JV. Si
      Mommy Guia na lang daw. Lalong lumala ang away ng 2 family ni Erap.

  • isidro c. valencia

    Ang manga ay di mangbubunga ng santol kahit na grafted pa. Itong si JV grafted ito kasi iba ang kanyang ina. Pero iisa ang kanila ama. 

    Kaya ang kanilang masamang ugali ay iisa (inherited from their plunderer father)  at pinakikita pa nila sa madlang tao ang kanilang kasamaan.  

    Alak, Babae, Sugal (ABS),  Cantutero ng Babaeng Nahiwalay sa Landas (CBN). 

    I think the people are tired of these demagogues (demo means people) gogue (nangagago sa  tao). That is the meaning of demagoguery. 

    • Cyndy

      Hey Isidro…watch your words..
      kung may nanggagao dito baka ikaw un, siguro lahat ng iyan gingawa mu..kawawa naman asawa mu kung merun man..pero sa ugali mung yan tingin ko walang papatol judgmental..
      ibahin mu si JV… mananalo siya  and tutulungan ka niya..paparehab k niya.kawawa k naman

      • isidro c. valencia

        Yan ba ang Alay mo sa Tagumpay ni JV? Is that also your real photo? Are you one of JV’s Young Ladies?
        Please watch your words, type “Isidro C. Valencia” in Google Websearch” so that you will know who is going to be rehab. 

      • batangpaslit


      • Cyndy


      • Cyndy

        yup, try to search me too…this is real me..i dont want to waste my tym p na i-search ang isang non sense guy lyk you..
        sure naman ako hindi ako ang marerehab..its you Mr. Isidro C. Valencia!!!!

    • batangpaslit

      You must be bright.
      I am impressed of your acronym about ABS-CBN.
      It is new to me.
      I know two famous Valencia’s. One is Ka Doroy, whom I met during my student days in Journalism.
      The other is a Real Estate Broker that writes a news column on investment. I think, he writes with the Bulletin too.
      I did not meet the second Valencia, but, he’s a bossom friend of my former Venture Capitalist (my post grad training is Entrepreneurship).
      Which Valencia you have the affinity, Sid?

  • Endo Dontics

    The “feud” is just for publicity, actors indeed! Another clown in the senate should voters choose to elect another gfn politico.

  • sl1

    Don’t vote for candidates that are relatives. Pumili ng isang magaling at walang kamag-anak na naka puwesto na. We should not tolerate political dynasty in this country if we want our country to progress. Voting mag kamag-anak in gov’t will cause more corruption as they will be able to hide anomaly transactions in gov’t thus less services and progress will be accomplished as most of the money will go to the pockets of these trapo politicians. 

  • Ernesto

    walang kwentang paguusapan.tumigil kayo

  • almostcad

    Sayang naman.

  • andresa igbac

    napansin ko ang daming girls na bagong salta sa inquirer forum na eto. ngayon ko lang nakita names nila. lahat pabor kay JV. nagsulputan bigla?

    • FlorensyoAhbad

      Kung ako kay Erap, hayaan ko lang ang magkapatid na
      magsapukan, matira ang matibay. Malalaki at matatandan na mga yan. Alam na nila
      ang tama at mali.

      • Pandakekok

        Bakit si Laarni Enriquez di pinapatakbo ni Erap sa
        election? dapat pinatatakbo niya para mas lalong tumibay ang political dynasty
        ng mga Estrada. taas ang kamay ng mga nag-agree.


      • boldyak

        baka mabaril sya ni Doc…hahaha

      • Ding

        Isama na rin si Morato?

      • Shai

        Baka marunong syang mahiya.

    • Cyndy

      malaks kasi sa kabataan ngayon si JV. kasi naniniwala kami sa kanya, bilang pasasalamat sa pagtulak niya na mapataas ang budget ng mga universities and for sure dahil dun makikinabang din ang mga apo mu. 

      malakas ang puwersa naming mga kabataan at dahil diyan mananalo si JV. 

  • J

    Para kay Jingoy ayaw niya ang anak sa labas…. lol.

    Kung mananalo ang isa pang estrada at isa pang enrile ang mga bomoboto na ang may kasalanan niyan.

    • batangpaslit


  • $18209031

    Mag bokseng kayong dalawa para malaman kung sino ang matapang.  Ang referee is excon Estrada, the John Wayne of Phil cinema.

  • Andy

    Does JV really think he will win as a senator now that the people are getting more conscious about politcal dynasty issues? Let’s just wait and see if more electorates are getting smarter.

    • Magandana

      SURE yan madam. mananalo si JV, wag din po kasi masyadong magbase sa mga kwento, duhn po tayo tumingin sa mga achievements. 

  • No Benta

    Mga botante, maawa naman kayo sa Pilipinas at sa mga susunod na henerasyon..iboto nyo naman yung mga karapat-dapat, hindi yung dahil lang sa popular.

  • malek_abdul

    Wag na lang natin iboto ang mga taong ito. Ginagawa nila ang away nila as a national issue just to gain publicity. Ang kakapal nila. No more vote for Jinggoy, No more vote for JV and No more vote for Erap. You already had your time in politics. Tama na…sobra na kayo.

  • Paliwaweng

    The biggest shame in Philippine politics. People keep on voting these Estradas. Most of our electorate are stupid.

    • Shai

      You’re so right sir… couldn’t agree more.

  • Guest

    Yan ang mahirap sa maraming pamilya, di napalaki ng
    maayos ni Erap  ang kanyang mga anak, kaya nag-a-away-away. Ang dami kasi
    niyang anak eh.

    • Shai

      Mangyayari din sa kanila ang nangyari sa mga anak ni Ramon Revilla…nagpatayan…just wait.

  • Cal_Reznick

    Is this a real issue or a campaign strategy?? It looks like the latter. Sadly, this is what has become of the Philippine government.

  • BownDoctor

    Dapat pinitik ni Erap ang mga itlog noong dalawang
    bugok na sina Jinggoy at JV. Mga lapastangan kasi.

    • Magandana

      hampas ko kaya itlog mu sa mukha mu..

      misunderstood lang to lahat..pinalaki na lang ng media at ng mga chismosang gaya mu!!!
      JV is a good man, sa kanya na nanggaling noong una na maayos ang kanilang relasyon ng kapatid niya. 

    • Shai

      Sana pinitik nya sarili nyang itlog… para di na nakagawa ng maraming anak na iba-iba ang ina.

  • Anton_Agaton


  • Taiko_Kauna

    Philippines will probably  be better off if  your tribe will disappear, mag rido kayo within

  • tunderlulo

    Mga Estrada mas lalong ibinaon niyo sa kumonoy ang dangal niyo at ngayon masangsang na ang amoy. Sino pa kaya ang boboto sa inyo na matino ang isip?

    • Shai

      The problem is maraming hindi matitino ang pag-iisip sa mga Pinoy.

  • batangpaslit

    hahaha….amusing posts
    nag away kunwari ang mag half-brother na Ejercito
    pero, ang mga partisan followers nila, nag aaway ng tunay dito sa feeback section.

    kung tutuo ang away ito, eh, talagang mahirap nga kung iisa ang ama, pero iba
    ang nanay

  • tarikan

    The true blooded Ejercito is named Estrada. The diluted blood Ejercito is named Ejercito. Sino ba naman ang hindi mag-iinit nyan? Tsaka sabi ni Jayvee kung sino pa ang pangit sya pa ang naging artista. Sino ba naman ang hindi mag-iinit nyan? 

    • Shai

      Scandal in the family… mga corrupt pa, lalo na ang ama nila…Huwag na iboto PLEASE !!!  Maawa naman kayo sa bayan natin.  .  

  • Michelle Porquez

    JV still Doesn’t want to hurt his brother he already said it . We already know its not his intention its unintentionaly he just said his comment about it.

  • Percy Sr Cabrera Agoncillo

    dapat na manalo sa senado abogado di mga artista kasi batas ang ginagawa dyan.sana matuto na mga pinoy at wag ibenta ang kanlang mga boto.

    • Anne

      buti na lang hindi artista si JV…tsaka kahit di siya abogado may nagawa na siyang mga batas na for sure nakikinabang ka na..:))

      JV for senaor. sure win na yan

  • Jerry Manilag

    FYI, the two brothers’ problems go way back. JV was often at the losing end. He’s always the one giving in. When he first wanted to run for Senate, Erap asked him to back out in favor of Jinggoy. JV is more decent and better tempered.

  • Paul

    Sikat talaga si JV problema kasi sa mga news report lagi nalang nadadagdagan or nababawasan para kumita lang . JV already apologize to his brother we don’t need to open this conversation

  • Angela Ives

    Ang lumalabas kasi ngayon ang tao na ang nagsasalita pra sa dalawa kaya parang lalong gumugulo lang ei, bakit d na lang nating pabayaang sila ang magaayos ng problema nila. 
    And naniniwala naman akong may mabubuting puso ang mga Estrada lalo na si JV kaya for sure maayos din nila yan kung meron man talagang misunderstanding between them, wag na po kasi masyadong mang husga yung ibang tao. Malapit na botohan, iboto natin ang tunay na tao, tunay na tumutulong sa atin. LETS PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY. 
    Vote for the right person, try JV. vote for him. 

  • nick delos santos

    nobody’s perfect. all siblings experiences misunderstanding with each other at some point or most of the time. JV Ejercito and Jinggoy is not an exception to this. that only proves they’re like ordinary people.=. so do not judge them right away and do not let this judge the way they perform as a Congressman of San Juan and a Senator. cause as i can see it, even with their family problem, both of them are performing very well.

  • Roseee Sanchez

    Kung babasahin at iintindihin mo ang balita, lumalabas na pinalaki lang talaga ni Jinggoy ang isyu sa pagitan nilang magkapatid. According to the news article, the congressman (JV) was quoted as saying he expected his entry into the Senate “to be exciting,” as it could provide “a check and balance” in the chamber. Which I think, the best things that JV should do once elected at the Senate! 
    Pinapakita lang ni Jinggoy dito sa balita yung pagiging arogante at pagiging hambog niya. Pinapakita niya lang na masama talaga ang loob niya kay JV and I quote (1) “I admit that we may not agree and even argue on some social and political issues… (T)his does not mean that we have to be at each other’s throats at all times, though it seems that my brother thinks otherwise.” (In short, matagal na yung ganitong thinking ni Jinggoy kay JV) 

    (2) If (JV) happens to be elected  senator and there comes a time when there is something to point out (regarding) legislative work or sociopolitical concerns, I will carry out the task as a seasoned legislator and as a statesman considering that my brother is a younger colleague,” Jinggoy said. (YABANG AT ANGAS LANG NG LOLO MO DIBA!)

    You judge!

  • Betty

    Pag ganitong mga issue talaga buhay na buhay ang mga haters! Kaya lalong lumalaki ang hindi naman dapat. Dun tayo sa mga ginagawa nila para sa bayan. Masyadong nagfofocus dito pano niyo nalang makikita ang mga nagagawa nila? Let’s all be professional.

  • Sophia

    Bakit pagkakamali ang bilis ng usapan pero kapag maganda yung nagagawa wala lang. Pag kasiraan kitang-kita natin kaya nabubulag na tayo sa mga katotohanan dahil ng aabang nalang ng mga pwedeng pag-usapan para mapasama ang tao.

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