Senate passed antipolitical dynasty bill in 1987


Former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr. AFP FILE PHOTO

The Senate in the first Congress established after the Edsa Revolt passed an antipolitical dynasty measure drafted shortly after the ratification of the 1987 Constitution that called for such a move, the author of the measure told the Senate committee on electoral reforms Thursday.

Former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr., a senator in  the 8th Congress and the author of Senate Bill No. 82 in 1987, said that a week after the Senate approved his antidynasty bill, a House leader told him that the chamber would not approve the measure.

“The bill passed the Senate. Sixteen votes affirmative, four votes against and one abstention. It can be done through legislation. The problem was in the House,” Guingona disclosed.

“After one week, someone from the rules committee of the House of Representatives came to see me and explained that there were so many inter-relatives among the congressmen that it would be next to impossible to have it successfully approved in the House so they would have to just put it aside,” he added.

Guingona said he told the congressman, who would later become senator, that the Senate could do nothing else about the  antidynasty measure if the House would not pass it.

“We believe that after 25 years, the problem has gotten worse instead of getting better,” Guingona told the committee, chaired by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III.

Guingona, 84, the father and namesake of incumbent Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, made the remarks as the Pimentel panel continued its hearings on the lone antidynasty bill filed in the Senate in the 15th Congress.  Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago authored the proposal.

At the hearing, Commission on Elections Chairman Sixto Brillantes said he believed that the only way an antidynasty measure could be enacted into law was through a people’s initiative, suggesting that Congress—with members of political families as lawmakers—could not be expected to do it.

Pimentel said he intended to bring the hearings on the anti-dynasty bill to provinces that have been dominated by political clans for generations.  He mentioned Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao and Nueva Ecija in Luzon.

Guingona, in a petition, has asked the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution’s antidynasty provision with the objective of spurring Congress to enact an enabling law.

Guingona’s account regarding the first antidynasty bill echoed Sen. Sergio Osmeña III’s own experience with an antidynasty bill getting foiled by the House.

Osmeña earlier told reporters that a committee report on an antidynasty bill had been prepared during the 10th Congress but the House leadership had sent word that Senate approval would not be of much use as the bill would not be approved in the House.

“Don’t send us that bill. It will never pass the House.  So we just shelved it rather than pass it and embarrass the House for not passing their version,” Osmeña said.

Brillantes told the committee of his personal preference for an absolute ban on relatives running for office at the same time.

“I hope there would be an absolute prohibition. If you have a relative in the government, you can’t run for office until he or she retires,” Brillantes said.

“I would rather go into the initiative issue and follow the initiative, where the people themselves would be passing the law themselves,” he added.

Brillantes said he plans to spearhead an initiative for an antidynasty law if no such law had been enacted after he retires from the Comelec.

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  • Mamerto

    If it would take ONLY a “People’s Initiative” to pass an Anti-Dynasty into Law…, then

    Let us VOTE OUT all candidates for Senators or Representatives in Congress unless they pledge, in writing, by way of an affidavit, that they will support, author, and/or pass into law an Anti-Dynasty within (a stipulated period/time)or forfeit their seat in Congress, immediately, thereafter.

    • Political Jaywalker

       That sounds like a good plan Mamerto.

      We should also use the power of networking this coming 2013 election by signing a pledge that we will only vote for candidates in Congress and senate who will pledge and sign a commitment to pass an enabling law on political dynasty with a stipulated time frame.

      We can also include in the pledge a commitment to bring in three (3) registered voters to sign the same pledge and commitment and for the each of the three to do same by persuading three registered voters and so on.

      If that fails, since we have the list of people who are committed to dismantling political dynasty we can utilize them to follow through with the people’s initiative.

      If that fails again we will resort to filling a disqualification case against members of political dynasty for openly violating the constitution and for fraudulently failing for the past 25 years to pass an enabling law.

    • Luthmar

      No conditions, just don’t vote for them.  End of story.

  • kevin

    Who is Guingona referring to?

  • Josemakabayan

    It should have been better if senators guingona and osmena at their time sitting in the senate had filed the anti dynasty bill they crafted so that the people will know earlier who are those congressmen opposed to it. That way they couldnot have voted them into office. Anyway no use in crying over spilt milk., they now can do something about it, like ex senator guingona can lead or join the anti dynastymovement, and for sen osmena to lead or refile the anti dynasty bill which was aborted then, and see to it that it passé s both house of congress, and not to waiver until it is passé d. No to political dynasties !!!!!!

  • ricardo

    yes, i remember this. some attacked it as a bill of attainder.

    anyway, it’s water under the bridge. guingona’s own son has jumped in and began to build their own dynasty. his wife ruthie was a politician herself. it now flies in the face.

  • Mabuhay

    mga engot kasi ang nag draft ng consti…dapat kasi self-executing na yan sa consti without need of additional law…kahit yan lang part na yan

    • Edward Castro

      tama ka dyan, isang sentence lang naman yun na bawal ang kamaganak up to a certain consanguity pag may incumbent o sabay tumakbo.  etc.

  • duhconsul

    If that’s what it will take, then they will have it. Im sure most educated Filipinos HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE SCUMBAG POLITICIANS! I say yes to a people’s initiative!

  • Chloroform

    ““Don’t send us that bill. It will never pass the House.  So we just shelved it rather than pass it and embarrass the House for not passing their version,” Osmeña said.”… does this mean that protecting the reputation is more noble than upholding the constitutional provision?

    • Jaz

      And there is no more reputation to protect for these thick-skinned politicians.

  • nice_boy

    There is no need for an anti-dynasty law.  The voters have the power to reject members of political dynasties when election time comes.  Let them run and let the people reject them.  If the people still vote for them, this means the people want political dynasties.  The people decides what they want.  That is democracy.

    • Luthmar

      The problem is, the majority of the Filipinos are poor.  Many of them did not attend school.  What they know is that they are hungry and anything that they can receive to get through the day is most welcome.  And the politicians know this.  So, what is P100-200 for these politicians to give away to get their votes.  Once elected they will get back much more than what they spent.  Results,  govt. coffers are most of the time empty?

  • regd

    Rubbish! The guys is a hypocrite! How can he support something he blatantly opposed?

  • simondj

    together they become unprofitable, all have turn to his own wicked ways, not one is exempted. 1987 pa pala iyan,, bakit hanggang ngayon wala pang batas tungkol diyan? tingnan ninyo po si Binay, sabi niya noon ayaw niya sa dynasty, ngayon anong ginagawa niya?
    talagang ang tao nangaligaw at hindi makaabot sa kaluwalhatian ng Diyos, malakas kasi ang hatak ng corruption,,, unless God will have mercy on them, they cant.
    samantalang ang isang taong kinahabagan ng Diyos ay handang ialay ang kanyang buhay at mga ari arian sa gawain ng Diyos. ang mga politico naman ay gusto sa kanya lahat mapunta.

  • Luthmar

    The key words here are PORK BARREL. Why not pass a bill that will completely eliminate the pork barrel.. The people will really see who are sincere to serve the country and its people.

    There are plenty of ways to directly fund the govts. projects.  There is no need to go through the congressmen and senators.  They are lawmakers, not project managers.

    • rey000

      sang ayon po ako sayo. dapat ang mga congressman walang pork barrel sapakat ang tungkulin nila ay gumagawa ng batas.  dapat ang mga congressman sinasahuran lang!!! 

  • Datukalun

    So what happen to the anti Dynasty bill Revilla,cayetano,estrada,Villar,cayetano,Singson,Enrile hello hello hello.

  • captainramius



  • Albin

    Abolish Pork Barrel, and everything follow suit. Leeser of non-deserving politicians will run for office, hence dynasty will die a natural death. But to complete, make a law against Balimbings. No party switching within 18 years.

  • Maldi2

    Sadya bang
    pakapalan ng mukha sa senado?

    bill ay ni kelan  di nila marepaso

    Walang pinag-iba
    sa mga pambobola dati ni Casino

    Na ang pork
    barrel ay alisin pag nahalal sa kongreso


    Kabayan wag
    na tayong pabola sa mga politiko

    Na sa oras
    ng eleksyon kay daming mga pangako

    Pero kapag
    nahalal na sila at sa pwesto’y nakaupo

    Sa pera’t
    kapangyarihan sila ay nagiging kapit tuko!

  • eirons1043

    ..embarass the house for not passing their (senate) version – as if the house collectively has shame in its dictionary.  All the house chiefs from Mitra, de Venecia and Prospero are trapos to the core and Belmonte appears to be going the same direction. Truly only a people’s initiative back-up by a sitting President can do it as the netizens can’t even make a tiny dent..  Otherwise, a true revolution similar to what Mao did is the only solution. And may I add- Noy isang term kalang naman back up muna ang people’s initiative sa anti-dynasty kasi walang kongresista ang gagawa niyan.

  • joshmale2004

    Pag minalas nga naman ang Pilipinas next year, 2 Enrile Senators, 2 Cayetano Senators, 2 Estrada Senators. Wag naman sanang maisipan din ng mga Sotto brothers (Val at Vic) na tumakbong Senators. Napakabulok na talaga ng political system natin. Paging all society and social groups sana maumpisahan na People”s Initiative para magkaroon na ng batas sa Anti Political Dynasty. This is a worst nightmare imagining Jinkee Pacquiao running as Vice Governor. Di na nahiya tong Manny Pacquiao na wala namang nagawang pagbabago sa Congress. Wag naman sana ding maisipian ni Aling Dionisia na tumakbong mayor ng Saranggani. Sa inyong mga taga Manila din. Pag ginawa nyo pang Mayor nyo si Erap at gawing Senator si JV eh, wag na kayong umangal ng political dynasty. Kayo rin ang gumawa ng political dynasty ng mga Estrada pag nagkataon. Kayong mga taga Makati, angal din kayo ng angal sa political dynasty eh tuwing election kayo ang nagpaparami sa politikong nakaupo sa mga Binay. At kayo naman ginoong Noynoy, bilang Presidente gamitin nyo ang power nyo na bawalan lahat ng mga kamag anak ninyong tumakbo sa election kahit habang kayo ay Presidente. Mga lahing Arroyo, sobra na tama na kayo sa politiko.

  • lapasan

    Kudus to one of the best in the government today- Sixto Brillantes. If you initiate a people’s initiative, chances are that people will be behind you. If that endeavor will result to the passage of  a law, then people will be very grateful that a public servant who is not even a legilator was the one who worked for it. Filipinos of this generation and beyond will always remember you of your deeds. It will be an enduring legacy to treasure not only for your descendants but also for all Filipinos.

  • Beguine

    This is going around in circles.

    The problem of Political Dynasties won’t stop if the candidates
    continue to use their money and influence and existing power
    base to get elected.

    The people, the poor vast majority anyway, are known and have
    always been known to vote for Political Dynasties, thinking it’s
    what’s expected of them, and that they can at least sell their votes
    and get some dough.

    But slowly the voters are getting smarter, especially due to cyber
    and internet power. We may see it happen, a reduction at least
    in Political Dynasties in 2013, and a natural killing of Political
    Dynasties thereafter without seeking a law against it. Just the
    people getting smarter themselves. Smarter than Political Dynasties’
    candidates, anyway.

  • elmersvd

    If Congress would not pass this legislation, let us not be hypocrites. Just remove this provision in the constitution. It is a useless provision. 

  • est

    kailangan siguro mag punta nanaman tayo sa edsa para mag people power 

  • virgoyap

    So mayron pa lang  anti political dynasty bill which was approve by the senate last 1987 sponsored by Teofisto Guingona jr. but the house blocked it. Sayang. Now it’s becoming a big problem and becoming more and more complicated. If we want to find out how it’s becoming a big headache just look at what the Jalosjos are doing in Zamboanga peninsula.

    • Ceazar

      Paanong papasa sa House of Representatives ang anti-dynasty noong 1987, eh ang unang-unang kumokontra ay si Peping Cojuangco na kuya ni Cory. Siya noon ang Speaker of the House at ang katuwiran niya ay higit siyang naunang nahalal kaysa kay Cory, so bakit niya isasakripisyo ang sarili niya?

  • Tolits Yap David

     That was then, VP Guingona when the
    anti-dictatorship and anti oligarchy sentiments were strong in the
    Senate in the aftermath of the ratification of the Constitution. Not
    anymore now. The oligarchs are back with impunity in and out of
    government with President Noynoy leading the pack. Sadly, that was what
    Tita Cory restored in the guise of democracy – that should read ELITE

    • Guest

       I strongly agree 100%!!!

  • Fred Mil

    name names!!!!

  • fuctore

    Philippine elections equals business as usual.
    Asserting your right to vote only legitimises the crocodiles to devour more than what they can consume.

    If every promises made by these politicians during campain were realized.
    E di sana, walang nagugutom, may mga eskwelahang mapapasukan, lahat ng graduates may trabaho at may available na gamot at serbisyong medikal para sa mga mahihirap.

    This so called “Democratic” exercise ironically put thousands of filipinos in the constraints of poverty and deprivation.

    at walang katapusang pambobola…

  • $14334231

    will not happen, now or in the near future….ONCE TASTED, ALWAYS WANTED… the saying goes….and this will go on until we all perish to kingdom come….., still, i am optimistic that one day, out of nowhere, majority of these politicians will wake up and say, enough is enough!!!….. 


    asa pa ba tau sa mga ganid sa kapangyarihan,, they are not peoples representatives,, they are clan representatives,, they wont decide what’s good for the people but what is good for their family,, sabihin nilang taong bayan ang pumili,, sa panahon ngayon kung sinu ang may pera sila lang ang mananalo ung tunay na mglilingkod at walang maibigay,, di mananalo,, dapat kasi alisin ung mga pursyento at sahod tingnan naten kung sinu ung tunay na maglilingkod,,,,

  • dukaponte

    Napaka presumptous naman ng senate. Bakit hindi nila ipasa at hamunin ang house na ipasa ang counterpart? Hindi tama iyong sabihin na hindi iyon ipapasa ng house dahil wala pa naman silang ipinasa sa senate. Obligation nila iyon dahil nandoon iyon sa constitution. Pag ganoon pwede natin pala balewalain ang mga provisions sa constitution.

  • rapas_gamrud

    We the people are bosses as Pnoy said….so why don’t we come together and unite not to vote these political dynasty clans all over the Phil. and one most important thing…we should demand the abolition of the pork barrel which is the real cause of these political problems the nation is now embracing.A person with much integrity and care for the nation’s progress must have to lead for the outcry if not public demonstration. So what are you waiting for Mr. SB act now not after you retire.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Sarswela in the name of  politics! Congressman and Senators were given a chance for about 25 years after the Dictator was toppled. Now it’s worst than the Dictator because of Political Dynasty. That is what we have inherited after Edsa revolution.
    The people should act now before it’s to late. Don’t focus to useless politicians. Start the signature campaign, educate our fellow kababayans. Referendum is the answer!

  • tonyoks

    brillantes, you’re the man…
    i think it realy was a sound judgement from the admin to take you in as the Comelec chair.
    ang kakapal talaga ng mga “representatives” natin…
    nire-represent lang yung mga dynastiya nila….

  • neverwint3r

    well kung ayaw ng mga senador at congressmen, then the only way to pass the anti-dynasty law is thru a people’s initiative.  iyan ang challenge sa mga pinoy.

    sabi ng mga pinoy ayaw nila ng dynasty o sige tingnan natin kung kaya nila gawin yan. if it’s the same tens of millions of voters who keeps the dynasty families in power, then i doubt they can do it.

  • RyanE

    High time to amend our constitution. Abolish the bicameral congress and shift to modified parliamentary system, like the France model where the president is still to be elected by popular vote. With a parliament, the number of lawmakers will be less therefore lesser pork barrel. Also, the problem of having a bill passed by the first chamber and not acted by the second chamber will be eliminated.

  • billy gunner

    somehow brillantes is earning my respect..

  • Fulpol

    “I hope there would be an absolute prohibition. If you have a relative in the government, you can’t run for office until he or she retires,” Brillantes said.

    Brillantes, shut up!.. by Bam Aquino, Tingting Cojuangco and B.S. Aquino III

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    Then dont vote these traditional politicians!

    Your vote should count.

  • Fulpol

    spearhead initiative?

    you need a budget approved by Congress…. first, justify it… then ask for budget.

  • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

    Regardless of where you stand on the issue of political dynasty, there’s no denying that the Aquinos and Cojuangcos have given this country so much. They have done right by the Filipino people throughout history since the founding of our first Republic in Malolos. These two families sacrificed a lot for our nation-building and values-formation. Ninoy made the ultimate sacrifice by taking a bullet in the head. Cory led us to democracy and bowed out from limelight when her time was up. In a way, both Ninoy and Cory died for our sins so that we may become a better nation. We should also be grateful that we have their only son PNoy who is leading us out of the darkness and into a better future. I most certainly don’t mind putting Bam Aquino and Ting-Ting Cojuangco in the senate to speed up the needed reforms. Like those who came before them, they too have set their personal careers aside and put their personal lives on hold in order to continue their family’s long standing tradition of public service. The entry of Bam and Ting-Ting into the senate will consolidate our dear leader PNoy’s power and fortify his mandate thereby fast-tracking Daang Matuwid.

    Let’s go with the flow. Let’s go with Daang Matuwid.

    and may I humbly suggest:
    vote straight LP in 2013
    vote Ting-Ting if Miriam resigns
    Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino
    Cory  2.0 = Ting-Ting Aquino

    • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

       You’re brainwashed by Aquinos and Cojuancos. Learn from history lots of people from liberal parties who came from that clan didn’t do anything like Butch Aquino, Tessie Oreta Aquino, Danding, the Mad killers of Hacienda Luisita, and of course your idol Kris who have lots of husbands.

      I prefer to vote those who are simple, never enriched themselves and they have love for their country like Andres Bonifacio who came from the masa not the Elite group that you adore.

    • Malik62

       Yeah right Benigno Q. Aquino the grandfather of BS Aquino X3 was charged with treason for collaborating with the Japanese during the puppet government of Jose P. Laurel. Benigno Jr. was a Communist who had several people murdered in Central Luzon and even had his comrades in LP bombed in Plaza Miranda. BS Aquino X3 is leading the country towards economic perdition and even signed that treasonous framework agreement with the MILF.

      Isidra Cojuangco the mistress of Antonio Luna ran-away with the money of the Katipunan which Luna gave to her for safekeeping.  By the way, please tell Ting-Ting Cojuanco to return to the Treasury the sequestered jewelries of Imelda Marcos. Also advise Bam to stop taling drugs because he already looks like a zombie.

      • pangitbudhiko

        you know your history dude. and by the way good words

      • fuctore

        Geez! a thousand likes!!
        thanks for the juicy info!
        Nice one bro

    • Gerald Abueva

      pootangna mo!

      pootangna ni bum aquino!

      pootangna ni titing cojuangco!

    • JuanTamadachi

      lol.. I trust you’re having as much fun as I am reading your posts and the reactions they elicit. hubba great weekend.

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        Hubba great weekend too.

    • opinyonlangpo

      The first three did nothing appreciable, this current one remains to be seen and hopefully he will do good. It should have been okey till you showed up damaging the image.

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now


    • amanda leigh

       its no doubt nangangampanya ka na kaya lang wrong timing ka, ngayon pa namang nanggagalaiti sa galit ang taong bayan sa political dynasty. at dalawang aquino pa, come on, you are not the very best are you? tumigil na kayo, tama na ang 2 aquino namuno na ewan kung ano klase leadership. maraming coup at tulog ng tulog naman ang isa

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now


        Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino
        Cory 2.0 = Ting-Ting Cojuangco

        One Aquino and one Cojuangco.

    • Josemakabayan

      I think you should stop posting your comments, because the more you do it the more people get angrier with your idols. You’re doing your patrons a disservice !!!!? Now people are really doubting !!!!

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        Hush hush. people don’t really have a choice. they will have to go with the flow sooner or later. the flow means rule of majority, the mob. We got the mob, that makes our beloved President PNoy the king. or maybe the queen. Hush hush.


      Ito ang Daang matuwid. Ma EPAL.

      Porke admin ngayon, pwede na mag early campaign din.

      Anong klase ito? Only in the Philippines.

      Hay naku, kailan tau matututo?

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        Lenlen Bautista-Horn, ang epal mo! May sakit yung anak mo sa labas. Yung pinadala mo sa Tate. Malubha na raw!

    • Lolo Mo

      You are a Filipino-Chinese aren’t you? All your candidates are Filipino-Chinese. What’s wrong with you is that you are twisting history in your favor. Let’s speak of the Cojuangco’s. When they took over the Hacienda LUistia, the agreement is just for 10 years. How many years do you think they are in it right now?

      About the Coco Levy Funds and the UCPB bank? Danding Cojuangco was merely the custodian of these Coco Levy Funds. Now, he invested these funds in San Miguel stocks. When the investment on the stocks became profitable, he dastardly claim it as his own. This is nothing but vested interest. If the investment in San Miguel went wrong, he will say, it was a bad investment for the Coconut Farmers. But when it profited and the stocks sky rocketed, he said, it is his.  Where on earth do you see such kind of animal? 

      He heh e. You Chinese you!

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        You’re most likely a super envious negrito who will never be as white as my family and me. We are pure Iberians, untainted by mongoloid blood or arab-moorish blood of southern spain. We are pure unadulterated Castillians, which you never will be.


    • fuctore

      Nation building daw ang pagiging kasapi ng mga NPA itong si Ninoy
      Values formation pala ang pagkakaroon ni Kris ng dalawang asawa at diniklara nya pang illegitimate ang bunsong anak para lang ma anulled ang marriage.
      Ultimate sacrifice? or staged Tarmac assasination.
      Cory never bowed out from limelight. just check the records of the EDSA rallies.
      We continue dying for their sins by having their son dictating the country and divide the nation by donating money to CPP and Mindanao to MILF.
      Finally, we should be grateful for their son for leading us INTO the darkness by allowing thousands of pinoys suffer the ever increasing hike of Meralco.

      Values formation din pala ang pagsuway ng anak sa 1986 constitution mismo ni Cory, na nagbabawal sa political dynasties.

      Daang matuwid nga naman.

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        My mom, my dad, my uncles, my aunts, my grandparents and everyone here says you are a revisionist of the worst kind.

  • wakeupbayan

    Why wait till you retire Sir Brillantes ? The longer you leave it, the more it will get worse. Next time you will see and learn that a 17 years old grandson or grandaughter of a chronic political dynasty, has already introduce.another sure to win candidate.  Hahahahahahahahahah! What a rotten smelly foul dead fish political system we have here!  What about the supreme court ? Anything my dear respected intellectuals ?????? Deadma ba kayo na lang ?  Hahahahahahaah!!!

  • Francis81

    Naku si Tito talaga, e bakit pinatakbo mong Mayor ang asawa mo at sendaor ang anak mo? E ikaw pala ang pasimuno ng ant-dynasty!

  • wakeupbayan

    I blame no one but the crazy stupid filipino voters !!!  No one else must get the blame for now except the many mentally derained registered voters of this country. I say again,,,, the many many ill and mentally derained not all, maybe 90% are and the minority falls into the intellects. Funny,,,, hahahahahahahah  but its a reality and facts. POLITICAL DYNASTY WILL FOREVER STAY.  Its worse than an embedded bone cancer that will go on and on and on. AMEN !!

    • Gerald Abueva

      Why not blame the constitution for giving every Filipino the right to vote? The constitution assumes that every Filipino voter will be well educated enough to vote in his own interest. Obviously, the constitution made many seriously flawed assumptions.

      • wakeupbayan

        Constitution is there fully written but not everyone has even had a chance to read and glance on it. Lets be honest maybe in the whole population some 2% has read or even saw the front pages of it. Common reality is that Filipinos are mad and crazy with politicians of strong famous, good looking personality and most of all who can deliver their even a day`s subsistence to put food into their children`s mouth. Most dont care what can they deliver to the filipino people. It is true isn`t it ! Political dynasty would not and would never exist without being voted by us. So who shall be to blame ? Sorry mate, its a fact. However I respect your opinion. God bless us all ! This is the beauty of democracy.

      • indiosbravos2002

        The constitution is being taught in elem and HS. I think its just that people in the Philippines are not taking the cnstitution seriously unlike in the US where people appreciate their rights.

      • wakeupbayan

        @indiosbravo: Really ? Sorry my friend, I do not remember the constitution of the Philippines were or are taught in school as part of a curriculum or a subject or even as a topic for discussion? I remember some part of were done in my political science, law 1,2,3 and 4 only subjects in college. However,,,,,,,,, maybe recently in private schools for the have and can afford ones, but I doubt very much in public schools. DISCRIMINATORY ????? BUT YES OF COURSE WITH OUR GOVERNMENT !

  • joboni96

    GO people’s initiative

    tama si brillantes

    GO pilipino netizens

  • popeyee

    Ano kayang masasabi ng mga taga lower house sa pahayag ni Guingona? Wake up, Belmonte and Neptali!!!

    • Gerald Abueva

      Belmonte kamo? Pootangna yang kastilang yan. May anak na bise alkalde, may anak na konsehal, may anak na kongresman. Ginawa ng gatasan ang buong lunsod ng Quezon. Yang anak nyang babae na bise-alkalde, ang hilig hilig makisingit tuwing may media TV camera. Ang tulis ng baba, hindi naman makapagsalita ng maayos gawa ng sobrang babalu. Mga pootangna mga Belmonte na yan.

  • RomyLitz

    This Anti-Dynasty Law has a very slim or nil chance to prosper since it is pro-democratic ,pro-socialist, and pro-communist. Our democratic country is 99% either chrisitans or Catholics, and inside these organizations, like the INK, only the Manalos will control the daily routine. The CBCP or the JIL likewise will use their relatives and friends to occupy juicy seats of leaderships. The catholics or christians used another form of heavenly designed government called “autocracy”. So, this anti dysnasty law does not sit well with the christians nor catholics citizenry. Well, the Bible also uses dynasty systems if you read the books of Kings, or Judges or Exodus.

  • dennis

    My best option is to Boycott the Election! Why vote?Then after a while,tayo-tayo din na mga Pilipino ang magsisisihan sa bandang huli!…Sila-sila din naman ang magsisisihan at magkaka-problema to declare the winner kung hindi nakaabot ng tamang bilang ng bumoto ang nanalo.

    • fuctore

      Tumpak na tumpak ka dyan brother!
      Kalokohan lang naman talaga ang eleksyon sa Pinas.

  • dennis

    Every loser in election has the ground to protest kung hindi sapat ang bilang ng mga botante na bumoto…Hindi ngayon made-declare na winner?

    • Brahman

       have fun, konting lagay lang sa mga botante at sa COMOLEC wala na yang iniisip mo

  • rouelcalzita

    A sequence of leaders in the same family will continue the evil activity in the Congress and in the local district. So, the solution is to spell out them in a corruption so that basic services would be attended to reach the poorest level in our community.

  • jawaini

    tingnan mo nga nman ang congress di ipasa ang bill kasi maraming masagasaan at kontra sa sariling interest nila..dyan natin makita at mapatunayan na ang mga ito ay di nag iisip para sa kapakanan ng bayan kung di pansarili lamang na interest nila…tama!!!! tayo lang ang makagawa ng paraan para maputol ang mali na ito…kung ang mga botante ay mag isip din para ka kapakanan ng bayan…kung ayaw natin ito..pwes huwag iboto ang mga kandidato na may balak magtayo..o meron ng dynasty…nasa kamay natin ang pag alis ng dynasty sa bansa natin…we have the stop this political malpractice..with or without a law…

  • Cal_Reznick

    This political dynasty thing in the Philippines has been around a long time and it looks like it won’t be going away anytime soon. Its sad that Philippines does not accept change well even when it is for the better. Even the current President although he came into office with the idea of change things seem to be the same. Politics is still politics. Going into public service is no longer about serving the public but serving a political few and play the game of politics

  • inquirercet

    they should pass a law that will address the root cause of the problem – our lack of solid, ideology based political parties. without them trapos and dynasties will only be replaced by the same quality of politician but called a different name. 

    we should pass a law setting aside public funding for duly authorized and sanctioned political parties that:

    1. adhere to “ALL” COMELEC guideline.
    2. audited by COA.
    3. must have atleast 300,000 members nationwide and this must grow to atleast 800,000 within the next 5 years.
    4. must have legitimate vetting process for potential candidates – similar to the primaries in US election. the process must also be monitored by COMELEC.
    5. phase out private funding of elections nationwide in 12 years.
    6. put limits to election spending by position. example president – 50M, Senator – 30M, Congressman – 5M down to the lowly barangay captain at 500k
    7. ‘ELIMINATE THE PORK BARREL’ – if this is not doable forget passing the law, because the new breed of political parties will only be corrupted by the pork.

    on the 12th year after we implement this law (2 election cycles) i bet we will have a better government.  

    • Brahman

       nice dream bro, it will not happen kasi kapit tuko sa pwesto mga yan

  • Lolo Mo

    My gush! What kind of line of thinking this is. Our government is no longer the servant of the people but our Master. Fortunate if they speak of good governance and laws that would benefit the masses. But, with this kind of revelation, who will believe that we are not in an Oligarchy kind of government wherein the government is exclusively for the rich and famous. He he he. What a stupid and corrupt government we have!

  • pangitbudhiko

    botante ang dapat turuan,  na wag ng iboto itong mga pamilyang ito, Estrada’s, Aquino’s, cojuangco’s, Guingona’s, Pimentel’s marcos’es.Tinga’s at marami pang iba. Tapos ang kuwento.

    • Brahman

       sige simulan mong magturo siguro abotin ka ng two lifetime bago mo makamit ang mithiin mo. good luck.

    • nakatutok

      ” MARCOS ‘ES”????  ikaw dapat simulan turuan…..BOPOL…hirap na hirap na moderator sa kaka-edit ng comment mo..grabe kasi grammar at spelling mo…

  • altair22

    It is time for another People Power…only this time to put pressure on the legislators to approve the anti-dynasty bill.  Enough is enough with this shame faced practice in Philippine politics.  To all fellow citizens: PLEASE DO NOT VOTE INTO OFFICE ALL THE POLITICIANS WHO HAVE SERVED MULTIPLE TIMES IN GOVERNMENT, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE RELATIVES IN GOVERNMENT!!!  TAMA NA PO!!

  • altair22


  • captainramius

    What is our rank, 16 th most populous nation on earth , 96 million and counting, in 20 years we will surpass Japan in population … and we will be ruled by no fewer than 30 families…? gotobekidding me…lets ignore congress … and go people initiative.  Its not acceptable the leader of this nation we will be choosen among 30 families only…. 

    Lets go people initiative and lets not stop now…

  • $8278216

    Ito na nga ba ang pinangangambahan ko e,,kapag hinde ayon sa kanilang interes, babalewalain nila ang para sa kapakanan ng bayan,,tama lamang ang suhestiyon ni gng. Brillantes na ang mga taong bayan ang syang mag botohan tungkol dito”….congres o senado pare-pareho ang mga eyan…

  • Lolo Mo

    You do not enter politics if you are not greedy. The motivation is to cheat, lie, and steal. Mayor of Q.C. has a basic salary before 2012 at not more than P16,000, which is Grade 27 on the government salary standardization scale. The reason the government made it this way so that no junior officer will receive higher than his immediate senior. Now, the salary of vice-mayor is Grade 25 which is between P15,000 and P14,000/ mo. Now, the Quezon City Councilors belongs to grade 24 which is Between P14, 500 and P14,000/mo. The question is why did the Belmonte group (Bistek, his daughter and two sons, and a nephew plus other City Councilors that belongs to the Liberal party) spend no less than P300,000,000.00 in the last May 10, 2010 election? It is one for the book, from Salary of P15,000 downward to P 14,000 and here you are spending so much?

    Santisima! Can’t you read between the lines? These people are a bunch of corrupt, cheaters, and devoid of moral values! I’m running as Independent Mayor Candidate of Q.C. precisely to go after these culprits. I will really file a case of plunder and corruption against, if not all of them from Bistek down to the entire City Councilors. House Speaker Belmonte is also involve as previous mayor. In fact, before he left, COA cited Q.C. of P427,000,000.00 of disallowed expenses on top of millions of pesos unliquidation cash advances. There should be a stop on all these foolishness. 

    Pati ang Legislative, nahawa na sa political dynasty. Santisima! Our country is going into the dogs!

    • Brahman

       dogs, mas maganda pa nga ugali ng mga dogs bat di na lang natin kumpara sa baboy at buwaya mga ugali ng mga yan,

  • simondj

    simplify life,,,  Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31. why make a law applicable only to them (epal law, plunder law, anti dynasty law) at kung ano ano pang law.. it is a waste of resources.
    ibig sabihin wala nang magawa. dahil Golden rule pwede na kung bibigyan pansin.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Its a crime that 25 years after the constitution was drafted, congress has not lifted a finger to follow its antidynasty provision. Pustahan tayo if the constitutiin is revised, tatanggaln na lang yan.

    • Brahman

       meron palang constitution kala ko wala na kasi di naman nasusunod mga sinulat dyan dahil lahat nilalabag ng mga nakaupo sa pwesto sa tatlong sangay ng gobyerno

  • jeffrey_01

    Filipinos are in danger of being enslaves by political dynasties.

    It has to stop now!!! Stop paying taxes if anti-political dynasties is not approve.

    People power is needed lets show up in front of congress and senate.


  • bugoybanggers

    Napakatanga naman pala ng mga PILIPINO? Ano ba talaga? Noong 1987 pa pala na pinag usapan ang POLITICAL DYNASTY? Bakit ngayon may mga JR, III,IV na mga anak o apo? Napaka inutil ang nagpasa nito o baka sumasakay lang sa popularidad. Mga kababayan, binaboy na talaga ang batas ng republika. Ano na ba talaga ang nangyayari sa mga makabagong PILIPINO? 

  • malek_abdul

    Let the congress and senate held responsible for the scrapping of the bill on antipolitical dynasty and even violating the constitution on antipolitical dynasty. Marami na silang magkakamag-anak, mag-asawa. magkapatid, magpinsan, magbalae etc etc na nasa politika both local and national. I think the Comelec has a big role in screening the candidates. If there are two or more relatives either by affinity or consanguinity running even in different national or local position, Comelec must approve one only.

  • sam_aquino

    if we cannot let legislation (congress) take care of this problem, then the supreme court with the initiative of comelec through chairman brillantes should take the cudgels to bring to law ANTI DYNASTY BILL…

    it’s about time the Supreme Court put an END to this illegal activities of our politicians…

    • Brahman

       good luck baka ubos na buhok mo sa kilikili o pumuti na di pa rin papasa yan lalo na sa supreme (kangaroo) court

      • sam_aquino

        the reason why our country is not moving is because of people like you…  always on the negative side, no matter what the issue is…

  • bugoybanggers

    Ang inaalala ko baka maIMPEACH pa si BRILLANTES niyan. Ang dahilan kasi pinapakialaman niya ang FAMILY BUSINESS ng mga POLITIKO. Wow, hirap na sa PINAS ang dami na kasing ABOGADO. Hala sige, maka MIGRATE na nga sa MARS.

  • boldyak

    let me sign in that initiative…..lahat ng angkan ko, lol ..may dynasty rin pala ako…not political though…lol

  • Anton_Agaton

    Ano nirereklamo natin? Alam naman natin na kung sino ang nasa pwesto ang syang numero unong lumalabag sa batas.

    • Brahman

       kaya nga nagagalit sila pag pinapalabas sa teleserye na masama sila, nasisira daw ang honorable image ng congress, kung honorable nga sila.

  • Anton_Agaton

    Ayaw ni Guingona nyan. Kaya nakaupong senador ang anak nya!

  • Descarte

    Sino raw po yong kausap na Congressman ni Mr.  Guingona, na would be Senator?  Bakit hindi interviehin ng Inquirer para magkaalaman.  Matatapang naman reporter di ba, para naman malaman ng tao kung sino ang humarang para hindi na maiboto yon. 

  • rey000

    dapat ang mga congressman walang pork barrel sapakat ang tungkulin nila ay gumagawa ng batas.  dapat ang mga congressman sinasahuran lang!!!  ganun din ang mga senador!!

  • hustlergalore

    sino yang congressman na yan, aber?

    tsk tsk tsk

  • hustlergalore

    mabuti pa nga ang mga pa-kontest bawal ang mga kamag-anak ng nagpakontest hanggang third or fourth degree of consaguinity. LOL

  • abbaj

    brillantes mag retire ka na at umpisahan na natin ang people’s initiative bago pa maging senatong si dionisia pakyaw.  

  • boldyak

    ang kakapal ng pagmumukha ng mga poiltiko sa tin…ewwwww…kakasuka na

  • ah_ok_fine12

     Congress—with members of political families as lawmakers—could not be expected to do it.
    ** weeeii its like, they dont, or maybe they refuse to do it! kainis!!

    “Don’t send us that bill. It will never pass the House.  So we just shelved it rather than pass it and embarrass the House for not passing their version,” Osmeña said.
    **Garapalan lang.. so wala talaga kayo balak review man lang… puro mga pansarili at pamilya ng politiko lang eh no!!!

  • Brahman

    good luck passing it, para mo nang tinaga sa bato yan, lol. la nang pagasa pumasa yan dahil sa daming makakapal na mukhang political die-nasty sa congress at senado, at local na pamahalaan.

  • Pedro


  • damiranda126

    USA is using Electoral College to determine its leader. This is to protect the country’s best interest. Popular vote like what we have right now usually put unqualified people in power because the voting population, like mostly in the Philippines, are ill informed. Installing unqualified people in power is detrimental to the progress of the nation as a whole. So I believe, we need to adopt the electoral college system. How about that COMELEC? Do your job and conduct research Brilliantes, give away na ang isang ito.

  • damiranda126

    Hoy Guingona tumigil kana sa kakaeksena mo, laos kana.  Ang tagal mong naging senador wala kang nagawa katulad ng anak mong bobo rin sa senado. 

  • Platypus09

    This shows how strong family values in our Filipino society are but is ruining the essence of what democracy stands for, equality for all.

    Equality equates opportunities to improve life, achieve happiness and prosperity for all.

    Two-party system eliminates this issue but with the House consisting of family dynasties, passing a law will be close to impossibility.

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