Pilot error blamed for Robredo crash


File photo of the wing wreckage of the doomed Piper Seneca plane that killed Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo last August 18. AP FILE PHOTO

Transportation Secretary Jose Emilio Abaya has confirmed that pilot error was one of the causes of the plane crash that killed Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo last August.

Though he decried the leak of the draft report on the crash from the the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Abaya said that, save for a few inconsistencies, the contents of the leaked report were accurate.

“It’s quite disappointing because we had very clear instructions,” he said about the leak of the 14-page report of the special investigating body that probed the plane crash.

“It has a lot of details and there are some inaccuracies, but it’s still fairly accurate,” he said.

Pilot lacked ability


According to the leaked report, Capt. Jessup Bahinting, the pilot and owner of the six-seater Piper Seneca plane that crashed off Masbate last Aug. 18, lacked the ability to handle the aircraft in bad weather conditions.

Bahinting and Nepalese student pilot Khshitiz Chand died with Robredo in the crash.

The draft report said Bahinting erred when he decided not to turn back to Cebu at the first sign of engine trouble. It said   the pilot had ignored orders by air safety authorities to remain at 2,500 feet given the abnormal circumstances.

Data from the Manila air control center showed the plane had climbed to 4,000 ft. before the crash, the draft report said.

The report also quoted the lone survivor, Jun Abrazado, Robredo’s police aide, as saying that “(s)uddenly, he saw the plane slowly veering to the left for (its) final approach to the runway but it seemed to him that the pilot had miscalculated the runway and maneuvered the plane too late, and they went past the runway.”

One of the few inaccuracies in the leaked report, Abaya said, was the claim that Chand was sitting on the captain’s seat.

“When (CAAP Director General) William Hotchkiss was asked by Senators (Panfilo) Lacson and (Ralph) Recto during the Senate hearing, it was clearly stated that Bahinting was in the pilot’s seat,” Abaya said.

The final report will be submitted to President Aquino who will first show it to Robredo’s widow before releasing it to the public, he said.

First posted 9:22 pm | Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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  • pobre0000

    impeach captain jessup bahinting

    • Mamang Pulis

      tasteless joke—

      sagwa ‘dre–respeto na lang sa namatay

      • pobre0000

        respeto, alam mo ba yon?

      • Mamang Pulis

        palagay ko, ikaw hindi.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lolo.mo.73997 Lolo Mo


  • $14334231

    some investigations can be tampered with if there are some alleged persons believed to be conspirators….i am not surprised that mr. abaya made no mention of the wrong fuel used on one of the engines….pray tell me, mr. abaya, what made the alleged engine malfunctioned…why wasn’t it mentioned in the report when that is the critical evidence that the investigators should have looked at vigorously?…what happened to supposedly wrong “fuel” used on one of the engines???….i still think there is a cover up on this “malicious” statement you provided to the public….where there “some” government entities that needs to be protected, come hell or high water?????……

  • Hunter421

    According to the Seneca’s manual the worst the you could do if you lose an engine is to apply full throttle to the working engine. Additionally, the pilot should not have lowered the landing gear until he was much closer to the runway, and sure he could make it. Definitely pilot error killed Bahinting, Chand and Sec. Robredo but it should be called pilot incompetence because Bahinting  did everything wrong.

    • Mamang Pulis

      pilot error—tapos na ang issue, wag ng idiin ang namatay.   wla na tayo magagawa kungdi ipasa ang aral sa mga nag aaral ng aircraft maintenance at mag piloto.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis

    Wrong fuel?…I don´t think so.Sa palagay ko,it is more likely an incompetence at the part of Bahinting.Kahit sinong tao,Kung ikaw ang may-ari ng eroplano,alam mo kung ano ang fuel ng engine mo di ba? Similar din ito kung may sarili kang auto,alam mo kung diesel or gasoline ang ikakarga mo sa engine mo….It´s just the matter of pride at the part of the pilot knowing he is an “experience and an expert” of his own airplane.

    • Mamang Pulis

      pilot error—tapos na ang issue, wag ng idiin ang namatay.   wla na tayo magagawa kungdi ipasa ang aral sa mga nag aaral ng aircraft maintenance at mag piloto.

    • $14334231

      understand mr.bahinting learned the flight to bicol the day before….when he probably told his people to check the plane and fuel, i am sure he didn’t stay to watch them refuel the tank?  would you do that when this plane had been used before and nothing happened?  your analogy between a car and an airplane is far too off….of course he knows it takes aircraft fuel….he may not be an experienced pilot, and that’s arguable…but to make an error on filling an aircraft with a regular vehicle gasoline is something that someone who’s flying it is stupid enough to put his own life in danger…

  • padrefaura

    this is one pilot error that made Mar Roxas a very happy person. 

  • Mamang Pulis

    huli ka nang isang linggo sa balita mo.

  • $20926843

    Its good that the authorities had come come up with the truth on what really caused the fatal crash.  This will reassure the other owners of airplanes of the same model that the mechanical and design integrity of  their planes is still intact and can be depended upon   It is just a pity that this has came out from a leaked report and not from an official pronouncement from this present inconsequential Regime by which there is a chance that it will not be published to cover up for something…..

  • generalproblem

    natural sino pa ang sisihin mo eh di yung patay para tapos agad ang kaso. di naman yun makakatayo para idepensa sarili nya. sana lang multuhin kayo hehehhe

  • nakatutok

    dead men tell no tales…..di na maipagtatanggol nung dalawang piloto ang mga sarili nila….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    who else it is to be blamed?

    case closed.

  • tikboy50

    Asus….one of the causes is pilot error..eh madami nga daw…award yon being a trained pilot…kalukuhan. isa lang ang cause ng plane crash…..scrap na ang kondisyon ng plane pero ginamit pa rin panghanapbuhay….ayon..hanap patay nangyari. parang mga BUS sa edsa…scrap na ang itsura namamasada pa rin.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2H52TOW7P7RAWOOXTOLNXEPEZ4 Andy

    There are so much contradictions that would raised more questions than answer ! It would be stupid if this will be going to be their final report of the investigation…. “The are some inaccuracies,but it’s still fairly accurate!” he he he…you only hear this kind of statement from lawyers,not from aviation engineers who are more qualified to do such investigation. The death of Robredo raises more questions than answer because of the circumstances behind his death.He could be a collateral victim of a turf war with in the govt.It was reported that before he died, he was seriously investigating a subordinate who’s a very influencial to the president, and was being suspected of a  Billion peso irregularities with in the DILG !… Pnoy should have released it to the media the content of Robredo’s investigation or it could be just a major cover up.

  • Marcial72

    Si Nantes na may maraming alam sa fund raising ng LP nuong nakaraang eleksiyon namatay sa helicopter crash.  Si Robredo na may nadiskubre tungkol sa jueteng at sa PCOS namatay sa plane crash.  Coincidence? Ganito ba sila ka brutal?

    • joshua kings

      mukhang tama ka, kabayan; nakakaduda nga eh….
      at di moba napansin, agad nilang binugbog ng papuri si sek robredo, abot abot sa langit ang knailang mga hosannahs para sa kanya, kulang na lang gawing santo…

  • SUMMER_OF_71


    This article is pretty amusing.  Noticeably, it doesn’t say if the good Secretary has called a press conference to tell us about these things.  Significantly too, he refers to a “draft report” – meaning it remains to be completed – and adds that the “final report” is yet to be submitted to the President who in turn will first show it to Mrs. Robredo before releasing the same to the public.  If so, the Secretary has no business blurting out this info before such report is even given to his boss.  Gosh, he’s decrying the “leak?”  What in heaven’s name do you call this?  I suspect this is an “off the record” interview.  If true, the Secretary, new on the job, still has a lot to learn about talking to reporters.

    • Seroquel55

      It is called a SPIN in otder to condition the mind of the public that the cause of the plane crash is pilot error.  But there is a loophole here.  The “leaked” report says that Capt. Bahinting is not qualified to handle aircraft in bad weather.  But the weather during that time was very good.

  • Seroquel55

    According to earlier reports the engine malfunctioned that’s why the plane crashed.  What’s the connection between a downed engine and pilot error?  The msytery deepens…

  • tikboy50

    “It’s quite disappointing coz we have a very clear instructions”…Asus…..kunyari pa kau na galit sa leaked report…kato rin naman may pakana nyan..evidensya? Eto “It has a lot of details and there are some inaccuracies, but it’s still fairly accurate,” he said. naku naman Abaya..You can fool some people at some of a time, all the people at some of a time but not all the people all the time…english yon ha! he he he

  • $16638896

    inaacurate pa rin lahat yan hanggat di official, pinagulo lalo ni abaya, sana di na lang sya nag comment. kailan pa naging accurate ang inconsistencies?!? ano ba tlga ang dahilan? bad weather or engine trouble? duirng that day eh ok naman daw ang weather so di issue ang weather. the issue here is how he handled the emergency situation, dun ang pilot error. out of the question na ung weather. kahit good weather yan, kung nataranta naman sya ng husto nung nagka engine problem, babagsak pa rin sila.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lolo.mo.73997 Lolo Mo

      Ang tanong, sinabi ng pilot na babalik sa Mactan, bakit straight towards Naga parin ang heading ng eroplano. Di kaya na over-rule na naman siya? Very simple, he intended to return to Mactan for two reason. One is safety, and the other is economy. Mactan is his home base. It would take a fortune to repair the airplane anywhere else. Why didn’t he turn the airplane back to Mactan? He hehe. Hindi ba very obvious na ang Chinese boss on board wants to dictate his desire to reach Naga hook or by crook? Huag na kayong maniwala ke Abaya. That guy is NOTHING! He is just serving his President to commit lies to cover up the truth.. Mantakin mo, ang isang matigas ang ulo, gagawin mo pang hero. He hehe. Itong mga Chinese  nga naman. Very good in lying.

      • $16638896

        well you have a point, dapat cguro tanungin din ung survivor kung nagsabi si robredo na ituloy nya. pero bka natempt si bahinting na ituloy nalang kasi nga mas malapit na ata ung masbate. sumobra ang liko nya kaya sila nag stall at dumiretso sa dagat, un ung pagkakamali nya.

  • dequis

    Hindi naman COLORUM ang eroplano ni Capt Bahinting, ano ba iyong eroplanong iyon, iyon ba iyong nilalambitinan muna ang ilise pag pinaaandar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lolo.mo.73997 Lolo Mo

    Let us put the record straight. If only the late Jess Robredo relent to the decision of Naga Tower not to proceed because of the risk of landing at night time condition, he would be alive up to now. Instead, he himself ordered Naga tower to accommodate his flight “because he is a high government official.” Naga Tower stopped the flight precisely because of safety factor. There is no alternate destination for the airplane if it happens that they will arrive late, except for Manila which is too far, and actually doubles the distance.

    I can only surmise that to save face, Robredo ordered the pilot to proceed with just one engine no matter what the consequence. The pilot was pressured by the high government official. No pilot in his right mind would land with a disabled engine on airport without any rescue facility. Let us not blame the pilot. He know what he was doing but was over ruled by these Important Government official. Abaya, a presidential appointee has no choice but to lie considering that Jess Lobredo is a close friend of the President and the wanna be President which is no other than Roxas.

    • Mamang Pulis

      parang hindi ata tama sinasabi mo–let it rest na lang—yun namatayan sasama pa ang loob pag nabasa ito

      • http://www.facebook.com/lolo.mo.73997 Lolo Mo

        It has to come out in the open because our Chinese Dominated government is confusing the issue. Why blame the pilot who was intimidated by a Chinese VIP in the government. First, Robredo ordered to open the Naga Tower after it was closed for safety issue, now, Jess ordered the pilot to proceed to Naga even if their are no more wings left. He heh e. This guy has a different personality when he is alone with a Filipino. He is the boss, the other is just a follower. I will say this again, there is no reason for the Pilot not to return to Mactan if he were not intimidated.As the last word of the Pilot, “We will return to Mactan!” What else thus this mean. It’s plain and simple, his decision was, again, over ruled by Jess. Guto mo, blame the pilot but not the VIP? 

      • Mamang Pulis

        I am not in the mood to play blame game, you are basing your facts from transcripts from the plane to tower which can mean anything…did you bother to check the statements of the aide?–I’m sure you will say–ah pinagtatatakpan na lang nya

  • joshua kings

    i do not know but my sense says otherwise… it is easy to blame someone who can not speak nor defend himself anymore that it was his error of judgment that caused his plane to crash…..
    now they are even blaming the late robredo…..who wants to die, anyway?
    and what does the blackbox contain (how come no mention was made on this?)…
    the fact that it took them longer to retrieve it already says a lot about the sloppy investigation.
    that being the case, i rest my case knowing and believing that there is Someone up above who knows everything because He is an all-knowing God, from whom no one escapes final jugdment.  one day, God will judge the living and the dead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lolo.mo.73997 Lolo Mo

    Ang Mactan ang homebase noong piloto. Sabi niya, babalik na lang siya, as testified by the lone survivor. Di kaya na miss noong lone survivor na pini-pressure ni Jess Lobreto na itoloy ang biahe? Pati ang lone survivor, umaasa na liliko ang eroplano patungo sa Mactan katulad nga ng sinabi ng pilot. Ang tanong, bakit hindi bumalik sa Mactan? Bobo itong si Abaya. Hindi niya binasa muna ang report noong Lone Survivor. Basta pilot’s error. He he he. Parang “parrot” itong presidential appointee na ito. What PNoy and Roxas says, he repeat it not knowing the implication that he will lose his credibility. Yan ang masama kasi sa Chinese government natin, puro Chinese retired Generals from our Arm Forces ang ni-a-appoint nila sa gobyerno kahit na walang alam. Bobo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lolo.mo.73997 Lolo Mo

    Gusto pa yatang gawing bayani ang matigas ang ulo. He hehe. Pati flying pinapakialaman niya. Akala niya hindi malalaman ng taong bayan bandang huli. For you people who wants to blame the pilot, I would suggest that you read the transcript of the lone survivor. Base on his testimony, he heard the pilot saying that they will turn back to Mactan. O, is that not obvious?

  • bugoybanggers

    Tama nga naman, isisi na lang ninyo sa PATAY. Alam naman ng lahat na dahil sa PATAY namatay ang idol nila. Sino ba naman ang magsisi kay IDOL nila baka masira pa ang career nila sa election balang araw. Kahit saang kaso sa BANSA kapag sa patay sinisisi, TAPOS. Ang galing mo ABAYA.

  • hustlergalore

    pilot error naman talaga.

    pfft! ang daming nagmamagaling. juice mio, kahit sino pang piloto sa pilipinas ang tanungin ninyo right away pilot error ang sasabihin niyan.
    gumagawa pa kayo ng mga tsismis. lol

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