Court excludes Aga, Charlene from CamSur town voters’ list


This August 3, 2012 file photo shows movie and TV stars Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach and Aga Muhlach attending a Liberal Party gathering in Quezon City. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

NAGA CITY, Philippines–A local court in Camarines Sur has ordered the exclusion of actor Aga Muhlach and spouse Charlene from the list of new voters of San Jose town, a court decision obtained by the Philippine Daily Inquirer showed.

In a decision dated Oct. 25, Judge Ricky Begino of the San Jose-Presentacion, Camarines Sur Municipal Circuit Trial Court said the actor, who is eyeing a seat in Congress to represent the fourth district of Camarines Sur, failed to comply with the residency required of a registered voter as cited by the Commission on Elections Resolution No 9149.

In his decision, Begino cited a document “Answer with Omnibus Motion to Rectify Error and to Grant the Petition” submitted in court by the Election Registration Board (ERB) of San Jose town composed of chairman Rosendo C. Vales and Palmetto P. Valencia and Myrna C. Pacamara as members.

The document essentially asked the MCTC to “rectify the error” made by the ERB when the latter approved the registration of Aga and Charlene on Sept. 28.

According to the ERB, Aga and Charlene “could not be residents of Rizal Street, San Juan, San Jose, Camarines Sur having failed to meet the requirement of six months residence in said place prior to their registration on March 19, 2012 and they had filed their voter application on the disallowed period pursuant to Comelec Resolution No. 9149.”

Francisco Dizon, Edgar Malate, Crispin Imperial, Ferdinand Fernando and Felix Monasterio were the petitioners referred to by the ERB who had asked the MCTC to deny Aga and Charlene’s application as duly registered voters of San Jose town.

Dizon had testified before the MCTC that since 2007, he never noticed the presence Aga and Charlene in San Jose town. According to Dizon, he lives in a house adjacent to the house owned by Cesar Chavez, which the Muhlachs supposedly had leased since August 2011.

The testimony of Dizon was corroborated by other petitioners and dozens of witnesses who said the Muhlachs have not been residents of San Jose.

Lawyer Romulo Macalintal, counsel of Aga and Charlene, said the MCTC’s decision was “highly questionable” and he would appeal to the Regional Trail Court (RTC) in San Jose.

“I don’t know how a voter like Aga Muhlach could be excluded from the list just because he registered earlier than May 12, 2012,” said Macalintal.

Macalintal said the Comelec resolution was only “directory” because the Comelec has been urging voters to register early so Aga and Charlene registered early, “something which the Comelec had accepted and eventually included them in the voters list.”

The ERB “cannot undo what they have done … and Aga and Charlene are denied of their right to be heard when the ERB made the reversed decision submitted to the MCTC through an omnibus motion,” said Macalintal.

Macalintal added the filing of the petition to exclude Aga and Charlene from the list of voters at MCTC was “fatally defective” because it did not contain the certification of non-forum shopping that he said is required in all petitions filed.

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  • les21reago

    Even if you registered EARLY does not mean you RESIDE in the place…AGA will not survive in Camsur…Aga’s politics is worst than the prostituted PARTY LIST…His Lawyer Macalintal knows it…Hinde ma AGA ang panloloko ni AGA sa mga taga CAMSUR.

  • Mattino2011

    lulusot yan..pera pera lang

    • jga94

      Di ba pwedeng dahil din sa pera kaya hinahanapan ng butas siya? Someone so entrenched in political power must be worried by now…

  • Magsasaka

    huwag ng bumuto ng artista ganon lang kasimple

    • Jomjom

      at sino naman iboboto ? mga fuentebella?? pwe! Kay Aga na lang.

      • Magsasaka

        ngek, ala na ba ibang pagpipilian?trapo vs. artista lang?

  • johnllander

    Huwag iboto ang mga artista!

    Ibasura ang mga artista!

  • boypalaban

    papa-cute lang yan…

  • MS. F3

    The best way to check if the Muhlachs indeed reside in that particular address is to check whether their kids were enrolled and studying in that same place. I believe their kids are school-age now. If their kids are studying somewhere else (Quezon City?) then obviously and logically, Aga and Charlene won’t live far away from their kids. In such case, then the decision to remove them from the list is right. Why would you want to have a representative who doesn’t live in the same community he/she is supposed to represent? Where is the representation there if he/she doesn’t have idea what his/her constituent needs? Sadly, that’s how PHL politics work. Most representatives are living in plush/gated communities in NCR.

    • boypalaban

       tama ka…
      maraming mga opisyal dati sa ARMM…laging wala doon…nandito sa Maynila…hapi hapi…

    • jga94

      Eh bakit si Dato Arroyo?Paano siya naging Bicolano?(altho I must admit I am not one myself so maybe you Bicolanos know something I don’t). Even Erap–I heard–only bought a place in manila but hardly “lived” there….but of course mas malapit naman iyon…..even Pacquio was not really from Saranggani originally but only bought a place there….

      Desperate na LP to remove the political dynsties of CamSur (Fuentebellas and Villafuertes)/

  • wakats

    Another artist in the likely company of boxing magnate paquiao if aga wins the case and the election.  They’ll do nothing in congress except to collect salaries & allowances – and of course the P70M pork – without attending the sessions of the lower house…  

    • Ernesto

      wag mo bro kumpara c aga kay manny,c manny di kumukuha ng sahod .daming pera c manny.di mo alam noong baha sa bikol ilang truck na bigas bigay ni manny ti anong problema dyan.gets mo

  • Janch

    His citizenship is also being questioned.  It appears he acquired spanish citizenship but failed to retain Filipino citizenship under our laws.

  • Boyet Cabanlit

    pabayaan nyo na di naman mananalo yan eh,matalino na ang mga botante ngayon..promise.

    • boypalaban

      mag dilang-anghel ka sana kaibigan…

    • Ernesto

      bat sinong botohin mo bro c fuentebella ano ba nagawa ya sa camarines ilang dekada na nakaupo di ba. di naman nila napaunlad ang province na yan,ang tao may utak na ngayon.kaw man pag di maganda at wala proj sa bayan di ko rin bobotohin.gets mo

  • tamakajan

    Ganito talaga kagarapal ang mga nag-aambisyon na maging politiko, kahit na ano gagawin, makakuha lang ng puwesto sa gobyeno. Sinung maniniwala nakatira sila sa Cam Sur ng anim na buwan gayung nagta-trabaho sa Maynila?

    • Jose

      Maraming naniwala na taga Cam Sur si Dato Arroyo.  Si Aga, bicolano.

  • mnlmad

    Pleasse! No more artistas sa gobierno. We have enough of clowns like Tito Sotto,Lito Lapid,
    Bong Revilla, Erap Estrada etc.

    • boybakal

       Kindly include intelligent looking Jinggoy Estrada among your list.

      • Jomjom

        I don’t see Jinggoy as intelligent looking. He looks like a kanto boy to me.

  • JamezMike

    Di pa nanalo pero gumastos na pambayad kay macalintal ng milyon2x para lang makalusot sa Regional Trial Court. Obviously, kung manalo, talagang babawiin yong nagastos, so dapat ibasura na yang mga artista na yan.

  • Guest

    Its a toss up between Aga vs. Trapo Fuentebella which is the lesser evil?

  • Jess

    Very basic ang sinasabi ng batas, 6 months residency before election not 6 months prior to registration as voter. at one year naman before or during the day of election kung kakandidato. Kitang kita na takot na takot sila kay Aga.

  • bingbong patibong

    i am a registered voter of the district where Aga is supposed to be running as Congressman. i am not a fan of his, and i have serious doubts that he has the technical competence to perform an intricate and complicated a function as lawmaking. But I do know that his opponent for the position is a Fuentebella, and they have been lording it over the district for 100 years. Yet the district remains poor and undeveloped. The Fuentebellas have made this possible by strangling their opponent with their wide array of schemes and magic tricks. And there is reason to believe, they are doing it again– to Aga this time around.

    Essentially, it boils down to this: Should we choose the political dynast who has failed to provide the progress that our district has been dreaming of under 100 years of its rule or the unproven former actor who is looking to provide some sort of change? Hence, please, just leave it to the people. Let Aga run, and see what the people have to say.   

    • kapayapaan_1900

      Well said.

    • tamakajan

      Do not leave it to Aga your future, Whether or not the Fuentebellas has an array of magic trics and schemes, you have the power not to re-elect him. It’s the people of Cam Sur who is at fault, you are the ones feeding a monster.
      Check the other towns, they have learned their lesson and they have succeeded – be vigilant and learn from the past.

      • bingbong patibong

        I will not completely disagree with you on your point re: people themselves being at fault. Sad to say, our electorate have yet to reach the level of maturity of say, Naga City voters. I can only hope the maturity comes sooner than later.

        But this is the fact: The Fuentebellas have the influence, the machinery and money. And because they have been the kings of the district for 100 years, they also have the grassroots stronghold that aspiring candidates can only hope to achieve. This grassroots stronghold is composed of poor folks, and they are the ones most vulnerable to influence and the allure of easy bucks. Aspiring candidates, competent and with noble intentions as they may have, have always thought twice going up against a brick wall such as the Fuentebellas. Sad to say our electoral system is still too weak to enable mere good intentions and competence to win against the powerful. So in the end, because the good ones don’t run for the reason stated above, we end up with a choice of the former actor vs. old dynasty, or in other words, NO CHOICE.

      • tamakajan

        Have faith in yourself and in your people, continue to hope for change. The Fuentabellas will soon get their share, there will always be a choice mah friend. :)

    • George Lapulapu

      people who are well inform like you should not limit your choices between fuentavilla and aga.. and i know makakita kayo ng mga kagaya nyo na matino dyan. why limit your cchoice to aga ang fuentavilla.. tingin ko nga mas qualified pa kayo kesa kay aga..

  • Fulpol

    Aga is not qualified. he registered earlier than May 12, 2012.

    • Edwin Edwin

      Bagay nga sa yo ang pangalan mo. Hindi mo ba alam na Comelec has been urging voters to register early? 2 years ago pa sila nagsimulang mag-register!

      • Fulpol

        hindi applicable kay Aga yang early registration… questionable yung residency niya kasi. mahihirapan si Macalintal…

      • Jose

        Bakit, di na ba pangkalahatan ang rules at klase-klase na ngayon ang pag register ng Comelec?  Nauna pang nag register si Aga months before lumipat si Erap sa Manila, who will dare disqualify Erap in Manila, anyone?

  • Cubano

    Alam natin lahat na hindi taga bicol si Aga.

    • Jose

      Alam ng lahat na Bicolano ang mga Mulach.  When I was in college there during the 1984 eruption of Mayon, they were there to help as bicolanos.  If he claims to be a bicolano back in 1984 how can he not be a bicolano now?

      • Janch

        His being Bicolano is not in question.  Yung compliance niya with residency requirement ang pinag-uusapan.

      • Jose

        Basahin mo muna yung original post kung saan ako nag react.  On the residency requirements, Jess has his answer below. 

      • Janch

        For some reason the posts were sorted by newest first, thus your post did not appear as a reply. 

        As for the residency requirements, the MCTC found that the Muhlachs did not comply with the 6 month and 1 year residency for a fact.  They just registered as voters but did not really set up residence in the area prior to registration. 

      • George Lapulapu

        o well, Mel Tianco has been in bicol many times she a bicolana and qualfied to run in bicol?

        all the people in Camrines Sur know that Aga is fromo Manila.. nag wakeboarding lang naging taga bikol na?

        maniwala ako ko maging taga bikol si aga kung ibenta nila lahat na property nila sa tagaytay at lumipat sa bikol..

        aga is actually an insult sa mga taga bikol.. kala nya maloko nya sa magandang mukha nya…

      • Jose

        they were there to help AS bicolanos… They were there AS bicolanos in 1984 so your analogy regarding mel tianco does not hold water.

  • dikoy321

    GMA’s son, Dato Macapagal, was NEVER so harshly-questioned, W H Y, W H Y, W H Y ???

    The Fuentebella’s, deeply-CROOKED and CORRUPT, will do everyhting to STOP one who could beat them fair and square!

    Let Aga Muhlach run and let the Bicolanos in the district CHOOSE their Leader!

    Forward Philippines!

  • Mamang Pulis


    very good.

  • Ernesto

    ang comelec talaga walang kwenta. pag may malakas na kalaban ang fuentebelle di daw pwede tumakbo kasi di qualified pag di malakas ang kalaban ok ka agad ang comelec.tingnan mo kung sino ang ugok at walang alam.pero may alam ko dyan binayaran siguro ang comelec ni fuentebella.hehehe

    • ern

      Wag ka po padalos-dalos. Pag qualified ka talaga di ka nila pwede ideny. Mana pa na yung disqualified ay iqualify nila, pero yung qualified, ano magagawa nila dun kung wala silang makitang butas?

  • ern

    I think the court has a point, because approval of the registration is not automatic…it is subject to evaluation and approval by the election board. 

    In the application for registration, you state how long you have been resident of the place. If the court believes that the applicant perjured himself by lying, they have reason to deny the registration. On the other hand, looking   forward 6 months prior to the election, the board also cannot grant the approval until the 6-month residency is satisfied….meaning, the approval will be pending, and if you do not receive a denial notice as of election day (or your name already appears in the voters list), then it means approved and you can vote. 

    During the 6-month or so period, comelec can watch you out if you really reside there. One day less and you are out, they do not even have to wait 6 months.

    The bigger problem of Aga is his candidacy. How can you be a qualified candidate if your voter registration has not been approved and the deadline for filing candidacy has elapsed? Yes, he can be a qualified voter, but being candidate is something else because comelec will finalize and close the list of candidates much earlier than election day. On that closing day, the voter registration approval might still be pending due to the 6-month requirement.

    • Janch

      Aga is already registered as a voter.  Someone filed a petition “to rectify error” (should be petition for exclusion of voter) with the Municipal Circuit Trial Court.  He can appeal the MCTC decision to the Regional Trial Court.  If the RTC upholds the lower court decision or overturns it, that decision will be final.  The RTC has ten days to decide the appeal.  There is ample time to resolve this before Comelec finalizes the list of qualified candidates.

  • kevin

    Fuentebella is better than an actor who has not done anything good in the provinces….

  • regd

    It’s just one less idiot polluting our hopeless political system.

  • Fulpol

    Macalintal added the filing of the petition to exclude Aga and Charlene from the list of voters at MCTC was “fatally defective” because it did not contain the certification of non-forum shopping that he said is required in all petitions filed.


    failure to comply the req’t certification of non-forum shopping is a sufficient ground to dismiss the petition.. 

    basic requirement… i doubt it if they missed to provide that requirement..  but who knows really…

  • Joey

    a choice between two evils… trapo vs artista!

  • Pio Gante

    better luck next elections

  • George Lapulapu

    if Aga is indeed sincere about helping the people of Bikol, he should help them even if he is not a congressman. but if congressman lang ang habol nya.. o well, Oragons know better.

    • anton kinuton

      gusto ni aga tumulong, pero hindi yung galing sa bulsa niya, pera ng tao ang gustong pantulong. saka iba na rin yung tawagin kang congressman ariel mulach. ano palang tulong ang ibibigay niya, di naman tumira dun, hindi niya alam kung anong problema ng mga tao. mga kapitbahay nga di siya nakikita. ano ba yan, onli in the philippines.

  • weeewit

    how about Annabel Rama? Tapos nag-hakot pa ng mga flying voters like Ruffa, Richard, Raymond, Sarah Labhati, ect..ect.
    COMELEC needs to look at these too, madali mag-produce ng ID sa atin, sana maging basis po ng COMELEC ang driver’s license nila.

    • boybakal

       Iba naman si Annabel, purong Bisaya, Bisayang Dako.
      Kita mo kung magtagalog, Bisaya pa rin.
      Lahi talaga niyan Bisaya sa Cebu, dayo lang yan sa Manila.

  • amapangarap

    naghahanap na ng ibang raket, wala na pelikula eh.

  • sitsiritsit

    hayyy buhay walang kadala dala… sabi ng mag register ng maaga para hindi mabulilyaso at pati mga extra citizenship bawal hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ano yan PTA election pag gusto nyo pumunta o kumandidato ok agad… hayyyyyyyyyyy uli hehehehehehe

  • boybakal

    Good man with good intention.
    But the law is law. We must follow the law.
    Aga is not a resident of Bicol, much more he is not a bonafide bicolano.
    Aga is a transient voter and candidate.

    Why go far, when Aga can run in Quezon City. His comrades are there Herbert, Roderick.
    As they say, it takes time to build a character in new place to be accepted.
    You should be an oragon to be bicolano.

  • dequis

    wala lang, si aga muhlach may anak kay janice de belen

  • ushldcallme

    personal interests bringeth no firm foundation even with good intentions…….

  • feargo

    aga and charlene should admit the deception – they have not actually resided in that town and no amoun t of legal maneuvering can change that fact.

  • $18209031

    Mga kayumanggis , ayan buto ng buto sa mga artista, mga lowminded talaga. Walang pinag aralan mga itong artista . ANg alam lang nila ay maging famous at paiklats sa TV. Dios ko santisima.

    • Hagler

      kayumanggis? ano ka ba puti, dilaw or hilaw?

  • robrano

    Anyway, there is no need for more actors and actresses in politics. Stick to their job, there they can play president or king.

  • dennis

    The logic is very simple! If the qualifications require to every candidate to have “at least” fulfill the required number of residency then he can be a candidate! Makita man or hindi ng mamamayan yung pagkatao ni Aga Muhlach.Well,kung hindi naka-comply eh walang magagawa diyan! It is a law! Pero ang tanong ko lang eh “What guarantee awaits every candidate kung ang mga VOTERS are not 100% resident of Bicolano?…Or an Ilocano…Batangenyo…etc! In each respective region? Let me say,i´m a Cebuano and a week before election,me and my family migrated in Manila or somewhere in Luzon….Will the Comelec do something about me to refrain from voting which is my right as a Filipino?

  • EREC

    Sorry po Mr. Aga Mulach….. the truth comes out …. you are not a resident of Barangay San Juan, San Jose, Cam. Sur. Whatever Atty. Macalintal said and whatever defence he will do the truth will comes out…that Mr. Aga Mulach was only used by Villiafuentes camp and Mr. Aga Mulach used Liberal Party as a ladder in political arena in CamSur. I attest on one petitioner in the name Mr. Crispin Imperial(father of a close friend of mine during high school years) a well-known long term barangay captain of San Juan, San Jose and what I knew a trustee of properties of rich family(Obias) on that place aside from highly respected person being a responsible elected official and a low profile father.

    Mr. Aga Mulach give high respect with your name and your family, don’t play dirty games there and be used by Villafuerte’s camp…there are RAM there, PMA graduates there who are just watching your games.

  • dennis

    Kung talagang kulang ang bilang ng residency eh pwede namang sa susunod na election? Siguro naman eh maituturing ng legal resident ang mag-asawa! ..Better luck next time!

  • EREC

    Mr. Aga Mulach … San Jose, Cam. Sur mostly of resident are intellegent ang highly educated thats why that place is peaceful….. you just got wrong place to play with.

  • $18209031

    Aga, sa sulok ng Sorsogon ka nalang sa baluarte ni Loida Lewis. Or sa may lugar ng Babuyan. Kung nagpatayo  ka ng rest house dooon , di okey na maging residente….

  • jga94

    Huwag iboto ang mga artista…
    huwag iboto ang mga celebrities (including boxers)….
    huwag iboto ang galing sa political dynasties….
    huwag iboto and epal….

    Wait…..sino na matitira? : (

  • jga94

    I am not a lawyer but isn’t the Comelec supposed to say if a voter is rightfully registered or not (it being a quasi-judicial body which has a say in things related to voting)So di ba dapat Comelec ang may say-so sa kasong ito?

  • rjimenez1226

    God job Camarines!

  • rjimenez1226

    Mga ]sinungaling pala itong si Aga at Charlene. Mga kupal!

  • jga94

    Ang hirap naman ng mga taga 4th distric ng CamSur….yung political dynasty(sobrang ganid sa podergusto pa gumawa ng baging probinsya para mapalawig ang kapangyarihan) ba o yung artista na baguhan? (bagito….walang experience sa pagiging public servant)

  • EREC

    Hindi ko po minamasama ang pag pasok ni Mr. Aga Mulach  sa politika lalo na sa Partidio district dahil ako rin naghahanap ng pagbabago subalit ang naiiba lang po ako sa galaw niya at laro sa politika dahil bulok din ang style…. mas lalong mapapasam ang lugar.  Sorry po.

  • dodong1

    sa dinadami ng artistang naging politko wala pa akong alam na nagawang mga kabutihan itong mga kolokoy na mga taong ito..puro pasikat ang …TIGIL NA YANG POPULARITY CONTEST!! IBOTO YUNG TAMANG TAONG MAKAKATULONG SA MGA PILIPINO..ITIGIL DIN IBOTO YANG MGA UNGAS NA POLITIKAL DINASOURTY NA YAN…

  • Jomjom

    In normal times, I will not vote for Aga. But looking a his opponent, a Fuentebella, I will take Aga anytime!

  • Raul

    Sa China appoint lang tapos. Padamihan ng utot tapos na ang butohan. dito daming pa utot. Na lahian kasi ng Intsik kaya naging bulok ang pinoy. Mahilig sa switik.


    BAKIT kaya hindi sa MM tumakbo ang mga ito,e , doon talaga sila naninirahan.  Tulad din nung isa pang artista na kakandidato sa Bohol.  Ano, mas madali bang goyo-in ang mga botante doon dahil kilala na ang kalidad nila sa MM?  Pabayaan na lang ang probinsiya sa mga taga probinsyano…sa MM tumakbo yong mga naka-talaga sa MM.  Labanan ninyo kapwa ninyong mga nagpapa-cute na tulad ni Herbert Bautista sa QC, o si Lapid, Revilla, Sotto, at Estrada!

  • anton kinuton

    aga huwag kang mag-alala, kayang-kaya ni macalintal yan. siyang bahala sa yo kahit umabot pa sa supreme court. pero aga, hindi ka ba nababahala sa pinaggagawa mo? hindi ba nababagabag ang iyong kalooban? hindi ka ba nahihiya sa sarili mo, sa mga kaibigan mo at lalo na sa mga tag-san jose? honestly, paano matanggap ng iyong sarili na ikaw ay taga sa jose, camarines sur kung sa tutoo ay hindi naman talaga? kailangan ba talagang gumawa ng sabihin natin na kalokohan para sabihin na ikaw ay residente sa nasabing bayan? sa tutoo lang ang residente ay di lang naman kailangan magregister ka as voter sa isang bayan. ipakita mo naman na kahit papano tumira ka ng matagal na panahon, marami kang kaibigan, nakikihalubilo ka sa kanila at meron kang sariling tahanan. i know the definition of a resident or residency in the omnibus election code is different pero ito yung real essence ang tutuong residente. 

  • weeewit

    kulang po talaga ang resedency, kung gusti nya talaga lumaban sa 2016 na lang sya humabol.

    • nakatutok

      ang “GUSTI”nga niya ay tumakbo ngayong 2013 kahit pa sabihing kulang sa “RESEDENCY”….

  • Noel

    Good decision.  Some celebrities think they’re special people and must be given special privileges.  Aga is a good actor.  He’s the father of Janice de Belen’s son whom he abandoned.  Other than that, what does he have?  The problem with some movie stars is that when their stars fed away, they no longer have the same lifestyle they used to enjoy and look for other means like entering politics where there’s money.

  • $20722540

    ang tao ayaw na sa mga fuentebella puede ba iba naman o kahit sino para umansenso ng kahit kadikit ang partido

  • miiron

    akala ata ni Mr. Muhlach pelikula pa rin to!  mahiya naman kaung artista na palaos na!  gusto nyo namang gawing gatasan ang bayan!  

  • pugadlawin

    Aga Muhlach for congress? Seriously?

    Aga Muhlach a resident of CamSur? Hilarious!

    No wonder we are a laughing stock!

  • titolim

    Mr. Muhlach, think a thousand times b4 you decide to run nasa puso ba na talagang malinis ang iyong pakay? sige ipag laban mo ang karapatan mo na kaya mong maging taga silbi sa bayan,  pero baka pork barrel at kapangyarihan tulad ng ibang politico dyan ang iyong target, aba ipagpatuloy mo nalang ang pag artista, pakainin mo ang pamilya mo sa malinis at pinagpawisan na kita mo.

  • kilabot

    aga’s backers include krisaquino and noykapon. sige subukan nyong banggain. baka matulad kayo sa pamilyang pinahirapan dahil gustong kumain sa jupiter restaurant kung saan andun si noykapon.
    buti pa lunukin nyo na lang laway ni noykapon. di ba yellow insects?

    • Ding

      Si Noykapon ba ‘yung kumain ng $2 hotdog sa New York, Presidente na yata siya no’n…wow,ang laki ng diprensiya ng $20,000 na nagastos naman ni GMA do’n…kasama ka ba kumain sa $20,000?   Wow…nakalimutan mo yung first name mo — Kakila…para mabuo ang kabuuan mo…KAKILA KILABOT!   Wow!

      • BS

        LOL…$2 hotdog pla kinain para lang mag photo-op. Ganun sya katotoo ah ? Kailan pa ba naulit yun ? Kumain pa ba sya uli sa kalsada ng ganun ? Parang naaalala ko yung pinalabas na picture nya na kunwari ay subsob sa trabaho nung inakusahan syang Noynoying. Dali namang magpahanga ni Penoy sa yo.

  • nakatutok

    magsusumbong yan kay Ngongoy….lagot kayo…..ano say mo VOKKIN???

  • m1600

    HEHEE sayang yung nagastos ni mullach jan sa bicol pwede pa si nino mulach nlang ang tumakbo mas comedy pa.

  • ApoNiLolo

    Dapat gumawa sya ng ala-pacman. Hindi nanalo sa Gen-San, lumipat at nagpatayo ng bahay sa Saranggani kahit katulong lang ang nakatira doon… and the rest is history. >: D

  • San Antonio Padua

    i don’t care if aga is not a legitimate voter nor a legitimate resident of san jose… what i care is to try new leader for our place… fuentivilla’s is nothing but a junk

    • anton kinuton

      wala na bang mas magagaling pa kay aga muhlach sa inyong lugar? hindi sampal sa inyo yan?

      • turfwaybox

        @Anton: I understand SAN Antonio de Padua … a lot of my friends does not like AGA pero they’ll go for him para lang mapalitan ang mga Feuntebellas kse daw sila ang longest reigning political dynasty sa pinas at wala naman daw advancement sa place nila in the last 2 decades

  • mapicchu

    it doesnt take a grade school grad to understand what aga and charlene have done, just to be able to run for congress. susme…pls just be an artista..dont join politics anymore..1st salvo palang, sira ka na.

  • randyaltarejos

    In the first place, how come Aga is so eager to represent Camarines Sur in Congress? Why can’t he pick Lipa City where he has a property? Is this some kind of an election-type of forum-shopping?

  • randyaltarejos

    Congress is already filled with half-baked lawmakers. I wouldn’t wonder why some of our laws are half-baked, too.

  • Sabian

    Utang na loob, si aga ay hindi edukado. He is just Another artista taking advantage of our ignorant people.

    • Rodolfo Garcia

      Mawalang galang na po. . . ano po ba ang ibig sabihin ng EDUKADO? Nakakabasa? Nakakasulat? Sapat na po ba yon? Kailangan din po ba marunong siyang gumalang sa karapatang-pantao ng iba? Ano po ba talaga ang mga requirements para matawag na EDUKADO?

  • anu12345

    Okay ito kaya lang si erap ba ay talagang nakatira sa Maynila for six months? Bumili lang bahay alam ko. Sapat na iyon?

  • RiverHorse

    magkano kaya binayad sa judge nung makakalaban ni aga? pero kahit binayaran or hindi, tama lang!

  • The Franchise

    Matagal nang kinukurakot ng makakalaban ni Aga ang Bayan na ito..Di man aKo pabor na tumakbo ang mga artistang eto. Pero mas gugustuhin ko na si Aga kesa dito sa TRAPONG Kurakot na matagal nang naghahari sa Cam Sur

  • maypakialamtayo

    Mang Dolphy: madali ang tumakbo, papaano na kung manalo?

  • nakawan

    all I can say is, Aga is a terrific actor… in 1997

  • CyberPinoy

    ayan nanaman po artista gusto tumakbo sa congress, ok lang sana kung mayor or vice mayor kaso a congressman involves making laws at wala naman kakayahan gumawa ng batas itong si Aga mulach, bakit congreso agad masyado ambisyoso ipapahamak pa yung mga constituents ng camarines sur. Maging matalino sana tayo sa pag boto at tignan mabuti kung yung mga kandidato nyo ay capable sa tinatakbo nyang posisyon. Kung sa pag aaply nga ng trabaho kailangan may specific experience ka with related academic credentials para maka perform ng tama yan pa kaya sa public office lalo na kung involve ka sa pag gawa ng batas. kung mananalo yan mga hindi capable na kandidato ay aasa lang yan sa mga adviser at researchers nya na ang taong bayan ang magpapasweldo.  Maawa naman po kayo sa Pilipinas!

  • sl1

    If they really intended to serve the people in this area, they should planned it in advance to comply with the requirement of the law. It is very obvious naman that they just registered for the purpose of being able to run this coming midterm election. I am glad it was uphold by the court. I am sorry to know that  lawyer Romulo Macalintal would support this knowing that this is not right. 

  • opinyonlangpo

    Somebody wants Aga out. Its all part of a master plan to put the entire Philippines under the rule of celebrities. If given the opportunity they may as well have a big chance to get elected. . . . and everybody will be happy with all the entertainers and celebrities at the top. Thats why a cyber law is needed to cover up their acts.

  • Jack

    the judge of  San Jose-Presentacion, Camarines Sur Municipal Circuit Trial Court has no jurisdiction on this case, the Commission on Elections should be the one to resolve this issue


    SI Mulach, pinagtatawanan ang kanyang RESIDENCY sa CamSur….hindi naman talaga siya taga roon at nakikisilong lamang ng panandalian para mapasali sa halalan.  Tapos, halmbawang nanalo yan, hindi na makikita pa yan sa CamSur at sa MM magbababad kung saan sita talagang naninirahan.  Maaaring bumalik paminsan-minsan sa CamSur para masabi na ang puso nya ay para mga taga doon.  Ganyan din ang istrokis na ginamit nung isang anak ng dwende at si boboy Syjuco sa Iloilo.  Mga batikang mga mangloloko ng kapwa nila Pilipino.  Minsan nga ay naiisip ko na kung ang mga ito ay mga tunay na Pipilino o nag-Pipili-Pilipinuhan lamang para makalapit sa kaban ni Juan. 

    Hindi ba ganyan din ang ginawa ni Estrada, yong may wrist band, sa pag-register sa Manila….bumili ng bahay sa kung saang TNL na lugar sa Manila, e, tapos, Manilenyo na daw siya dahil sa Manila naman daw siya pinanganak kahit na nakatira siya sa Greenhills sa San Juan.  ‘Tong mga artistang sumasampay sa bakod ni Juan ay may nakakatuwang pagtingin sa mga kapwa nilang Pilipino na syang nagtaguyod sa kanilang career….pinalalabas nila na parating eksena lamang sa shooting ang nangyayari sa kanilang buhay at, tulad na ng nakasanayan nila sa trabaho nila, PANLOLOKO sa nanonood o tao ang tanging alam nila sa makitid na kaalaman nila sa buhay.  Hindi po panghuhusga ito, kundi a statement of fact.

    • joshua kings

      tumatanda na kasi sila at mahina na sa takilya at madalang ng gumawa ng pelikula; meantime, yung mga kinita nuong kasikatan nila ay ubos na…kaya ang nakita potk barrel sa kamara….biruin mo nga naman, may poder na sila, madatung pa ‘pag sila’y naging kongresista…

      • UrHONOR

        SADYANG ganyan na talaga ang papasok sa isipan ng mga kabayan sa bagay na yan…..kahit na SIGURO hindi.  Kung bakit ang mga TNL na mga uma-arteng ito ay gusto pang sabakan ang larangan na wala naman silang kamuang-muang.
        Kahit isa-isahin pa ang lahat ng mga ARTISTA na lumahok sa pamumulitika, wala kang makikitang kabutihan na may nagawa para sa bayan.  SIGURO… siguro lang naman, si VSantos ng Bats ay ka-iba sa lahat.  Pero ang mga iba pa, PURO PORMA at gastos lamang ang kontribusyong nagawa para kay Juan.

        Ang dapat na itaguyod ng mga kabayang may pagmamalasakit sa bayan ay ang masigasig na pangangampanya laban sa mga namumujlitikong artista….may kakayahan man o wala, para maputol na ang cycle ng pagka-humaling ng maraming kabayan sa mga napapanood nila sa sinihan at TV.  Napapanahon na upang ang ating diwa’t damdamin ay ma-ialis na sa mga PABULANG wala namang mabuting pinatutunguhan.  Ibigay ang pangkakataon sa paninibilhan sa bayan doon sa mga may pinag-aralan tungkol sa government or public service …
        hindi sa mga gustong magpatuloy ng kanilang trabahong pag-aarte sa tunay na buhay na pamamahala o paggawa ng batas ng bayan na ang tanging karanasan lamang nila ay yong nababasa nila sa tabloids o tiktik. 

        Kung mayroong kilusang laban sa mga dynasties na pamilya, dapat ito ay may katapat na kilusan laban sa mga artistang gustong umarte sa pamumulitika.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Hindi pa nga nananalo hindi na kayang sumunod sa batas. Pano na lang kaya kung nanalo na? E di puro mali din ang gagawin o hindi alam ang gagawin.

    Naknampuțsa naman oo. Aga, ano tingin mo sa mga tao sa CamSur mga tanga?

    Anak ng puța naman talaga oo. Wala na bang pagbabago sa bayan na ito? Sigurado ako, pag na qualify yan si Aga panalo din yan kasi bobo yung mga taga CamSur e.

    Anak ng tinapa naman talaga oo. Punyețang bansa to, lugar ng mga bobo at tanga. Wala nang pinagbago.

    • jeffrey_01

      Gayahin nya si tito Sotto. Copy & paste.

  • paul

    buti at nabawasan ng artista…yaman na niyan….hindi naman taga diyan yan eh….dagdag raket lang yan..

  • $14334231

    the 4th district of camarines sur is the kingdom of the fuentebellas and cannot just be dislodged by another power hungry…find another leni robredo to destroy the reign of king arnulfo and his heirs to the throne…hehehe…hehehe….beep…beep…….that’s all folks!!!!!!….

  • bugoybanggers

    Yan na nga dapat. Bago kasi tanggapin ng COMELEC ang taong ito para mag sumite ng pagkaKANDIDATURA suriin mo na nila kung saan talaga sila nakatira. Tira ng Tira kasi kesyo artista at GWAPO. Kayong mga taga COMELEC, bawasan ninyo ang pag tanggap ng mga BAKLA sa OPISINA ninyo, natataranta agad kasi kapag nakakita ng nga GWAPO. Kayo namang mga ARTISTA o mga nagkukunwaring TAGA DIYAN KUNO, makunsiensya naman kayo, wag ninyong pagLARUAN ang mga mang-mang na BOBOTANTE, masyado na kayong mapagsamantala! PAUWIIN NA NGA NINYO SA MAYNILA YANG MGA IMPOSTOR NA TAGA BIKOL KUNO!

    • maypakialamtayo

      meron pa si philip salvador na taga bulacan daw, na dating natalo sa mandaluyong.

      • Bulakenyo Ako

        ah! yun bahay ni Ipe sa Pandi Bulakan na half-finished lang at tila abandonado hanggang ngayon?

  • Filpino

    Go Go Aga! ok lang kahit di ka taga Camsur basta kung ikaw naman ang magpapataob sa mga clan ng mga political families na naging political dynasty na. Pataubin natin ang mga yan. Mas nakakasama pa ang mga political dynasty na yan sa bayan kaysa sa mga artistang mananalo sa halalan. Ang mga political families/dynasties ginawa nang gatasan ang pera ng bayan para hanap-buhay nila. Yung mga artista nagtrabaho na yan labas ang pera ng Bayan. Tama na tayo sa mga political families. magbanat naman sila ng buto at gamitin ang mga natapos na kurso sa matataas na school sa mga pribadong kumpanya. Hindi puro gobyerno lang ang alam nilang paghanapbuhayan.

  • Opel

    parang mundo ni harry potter and judiciary madaming wizards at magician dagdag mo pa COMELEC may troll at ibang magical creatures pa. 

    • bugoybanggers

      Yan ang resulta ng napakarami ng ABOGADO sa PILIPINAS! Nananawagan po ako na sana mamulat mata ang mga PILIPINO. IPASARA NA ANG MGA SCHOOLS na may kusong LAW o IPATIGIL na ang kursong ABOGASYA sa PILIPINAS! Gumagawa ng batas kuno o taga SANGGA ng BATAS, Palusot at madahilan kayo!

  • Emman

    ano ba pinagkaiba ng case ni erap kay aga…….parang halos pareho lang…di naman talaga taga maynila si erap..katunayan nagingmayor siya ng sanjuan….pinaglolokoloko nalang tayo ng mga kawatan atkawatan to be na mga to

  • Carlo

    boi sa laiking kasong ito..malabo bayaran

  • fair play

    all that Aga wants is three years, if he below par , lets kick him out. The Fuentebellas had 110 years governing Partido area still it is backwater and dullsville!

  • fair play

    Before National Agencies can work in Partido area, they must pass the scrutiny of the Fuentebellas,walang papasok doon pag di nila ginusto!

  • pinoy

    its more fun in the philippines”’lets give him a chances 3 yrs and the camarines sur will be a celebrity capital

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