Palparan last of his kind in AFP, says Army chief


ARMY chief Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista EDWIN BACASMAS

Retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, infamously tagged as “berdugo” (butcher) by militant activists, is the last of his kind in the military, so says Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, the chief of the Philippine Army.

Bautista said the Armed Forces of the Philippines had been strictly monitoring the performance of its officers and enlisted personnel regarding the military’s program to instill respect for human rights among soldiers on the battlefield.

In a recent interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer reporters and editors, Bautista said the AFP had been “seriously” addressing allegations of human rights violations against the military by prosecuting erring officers.

“Is there someone like him in the Army? Not any more. Even you can answer that,” Bautista replied when asked if the likes of Palparan still existed in the AFP. “I think even you can say that the military’s human rights record now is much improved as compared to the previous years.”

As for suggestions that the military is helping the fugitive Palparan, Bautista said: “I can tell you I’m not coddling Palparan.”

Asked where the dreaded former Army general could be hiding, he simply replied: “Your guess is as good as mine.”

The Army has no authority to hold Palparan for his supposed transgressions, Bautista said, pointing out that Palparan had left the service and is now regarded as a civilian.

Accused of masterminding several cases of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances involving left-leaning activists, Palparan went into hiding early this year after the Bulacan Regional Trial Court ordered his arrest for his alleged role in the case of two missing University of the Philippines students in 2006.

The retired Army general, described as the face of the Arroyo administration’s counterinsurgency program, has failed to stop the courts from pursuing his arrest.

Palparan, who won praises from then President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, was also implicated in the grisly killings of human rights leader Eden Marcellana and Eddie Gumanoy in 2004 in Mindoro Oriental.

Respect for human rights

Bautista, widely touted as the likely successor of Gen. Jessie Dellosa when the AFP chief of staff retires next January, said the military had incorporated a module on international humanitarian law (IHL) and respect for human rights in the training of AFP recruits.

Col. Roderick Parayno, chief of the Army’s Human Rights Office, said AFP personnel from the brigade level down to the company level were undergoing regular workshops and seminars on human rights issues.

He said even senior military officers and ordinary paramilitary members were compelled to attend courses on human rights education.

Said Parayno: “Our efforts in advocating human rights is continuous. For the longest time, we have been regularly teaching our regulars and enlisted personnel about IHL and other related subjects on human rights.”

He said the AFP had also instituted the setting up of human rights offices in all levels in the military organization.

2 imperatives

“Give it some more time, I think our efforts to educate our personnel would be absorbed by the whole organization and eventually, there will no more human rights violations committed by the military,” Parayno said.

According to Bautista, respect for human rights was one of the two “imperatives” of the military’s new counterinsurgency campaign IPSP (Internal Peace and Security Plan) Bayanihan.

“More than education and training, abiding by human rights is part of our strategy. Adhering to human rights and rule of law, and involving our stakeholders are our two imperatives. They are our ‘must dos,’” the Army chief said. “It’s not a constraint to our strategy. It is an essential element of our strategy.”

While there were still accusations of human rights violations against the military, such as the recent killing of the wife of an antimining B’laan tribe leader and her children, Bautista said the AFP “remains open and is ready to throw the book” on those involved in military abuses.

“That’s the difference. Now, we are going after those who committed violations. Cases of human rights abuses are not tolerated,” Bautista said.

The transformation of the Army is an “ongoing concern,” he said, adding that it starts with the realization that “we want to redeem our tarnished reputation.”

“We want to be a better Army. Not that we are a bad Army, but we want to be better,” he said.

Militants’ charges

But the reality outside the military camps is far from the rosy picture that Bautista paints, according to the human rights group Karapatan.

Cristina Palabay, Karapatan secretary general, said at least 114 activists had fallen victims to extrajudicial killings under the Aquino administration while close to 30,000 people had been displaced by “militarization” in the provinces.

She said at least 12 individuals were abducted by suspected military agents recently and 127 were illegally arrested.

“The legacy of Jovito Palparan is well and alive under the current leadership of the AFP. Extrajudicial killings continue and are committed with impunity as a result of militarization,” Palabay said over the phone.

“Schools, town plazas and other public areas are being occupied by the military to sow terror among residents in the guise of its Oplan Bayanihan,” she lamented.

For Renato Reyes, secretary general of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, Bautista’s statements were mere “empty claims.”

“Aside from the massacre of the [wife of the] tribe leader and her family in Davao, the military arrested a supposed top leader of the NPA (New People’s Army) in Southern Tagalog who turns out to be just an ordinary security guard,” Reyes said.

“All these violations continue. The denials of the AFP are worthless at this point since there’s still no accountability among those involved in human rights violations, especially those in the higher echelons.” With a report from Nikko Dizon

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  • JK1000

    Dapat lang walang kagaya ng mga BERDUGO NG BAYAN na sina Fabian Ver at Palparan.

    • Brahman

      mga NPA di ba mga berdugo, mga salot nga sila sa lipunan eh at dapat nang burahin sa mundo. ang tagal na nilang pinapahirapan mga tiga nayon at nilalason mga kaisipan ng mga tangang kabataan na sumasali sa kanila.

      • jeffrey_01

        People will joined the rebels either what you said is true and or politicians and government screw them over and over.

      • Paz Maunahan

        Minsan tinitingnan ko yung both sides kc may rebelde din na mabait. PERO AKO DI TAKOT SA SUNDALO. KAHIT NOONG PANAHON NI MARCOS DI AKO TAKOT SA SUNDALO. Wala pang napatay ang mga sundalo sa lugar nmin

  • opinyonlangpo

    There will always be “Palparan’s” in the military depending on who and what the president wants. On the outside it toe the line but who knows whats going on in the inside.

  • bongarroyo

    ibig sabihin ba nito wala ng pag-asang magkaroon pa ulit ng isa pang arroyo sa malakanyang?

  • Pio Gante

    bote, kamusta ka ba noong tenyente kamote ka pa? akala mo kung sino ka mag-salita, nagka-estrella ka lang sa balikat akala mo na kung sino kang self-righteous animal  kung mag-asta.

    so next time before you open your food grinder and yap senseless words, ask around first about the grumbling sentiments of your people on the ground,

    because it doesn’t have to be ignored.

  • Descarte

    Sir po muna kayong magsalita ng tapos…

    Bigyang linaw po muna ang nangyari sa pamilya ng B’laan tribe…

    Ngayong pong election… pakiremind lang po mga sundalo nyo na hindi sila pwedeng maging bodyguard ng mga politiko…

  • superpilipinas

    Really???? So far AFP has proven otherwise.

    That mining activist was in shoot-to-kill order. And those soldiers killed the wife and son and wounded the daughter.

    No one fired first at those cowards. So either they were drugged-up or they were simply happy to kill civilians.

    The only way for AFP to come clean on this is to identify who that mining stakeholder who masterminded the killing. They should get help from CIDG and NBI. It’s so obvious.

    Otherwise, I’m sorry to the other men in uniform with so much courage and pure integrity. While I have the most admiration to you for putting your life in danger, your leadership is still a very disappointing failure when it comes to these things. Either they are incompetent on how to be proactive to prevent or they are corrupt and turning a blind eye. 

    In other respectable countries when things like this happen, usually an officer with a general rank already rolls while the perpetrators are immediately jailed and brought to court martial. That keeps them in line.

    But in AFP, no one will be surprised if the colonel or general in command could still get a promotion when they have this big dirty stain in their uniform already. Because to them, those civilians were nobodies.

    • jeffrey_01

      Emmanuel Bautista is screwing us.

    • Paz Maunahan


      • Carlo Lacanilao

        Paz, malayo ka sa pangalan mong ibig sabihin ay Kapayapaan. Sundalo ka ano (past life, maybe?)

  • Brahman

    bat kasi di yong mga tutoong CPP-NPA ang di nila ubosin at burahin sa mundo simulan sa lider nilang nagpapasarap sa Europe

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Uy, bumanat si Brahman. Sigurado kang nagpapasarap? Ano katibayan mo yung lumaganap na pictures sa internet? Hahaha. Babaw, ha.

  • josefe38

    Kaka iba itong Gen. Bautista na ito.Nasabi ba nya ito dahil magsanib na ang pwersa ng komunista at AFP? Kabalintuna-an sa nakilalang si Gen. Palparan sa kanyang kampanya laban sa mga komunista

  • Jimmy

    Palabay is right…!!! The military in the barangays and plazas are terrorizing some people, but not the freedom and peace loving people..! Only the communist and their sympathizers are terrified..! Good..!! It’s high time that we eliminate the communist movement once and for all..!!!

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Jimmy, go the the rural areas and see the real conditions of the people. Or, if you don’t have the time, go watch Al Jazeera, they featured the insurgency with very factual reporting. How can you eliminate a group fighting injustice? Sige nga, try mo!

  • jeffrey_01

    Dont make any conclusion yet.  Military massacred unarmed mother and 2 children.  Did you investigate the top brass?

    The Usual Suspect:
    Blame it to the bottom rank soldiers who simply follows the order from the top.


    HAHAHAHA   gumagaya si Bautista kay Sotto at kay Lozano sa pagka “crying boy”.

  • boyod

    bakit palparan ng palparan ang alam banggitin ng mga komunista,  pare, human right activitists  (kuno?) at iba pang grupo na KSP bakit yung bergudo na si JOMA SISON na siyang pasimuno ng gulo ddito sa bansa ay hindi man lang inuusig ng mga ito “REMEMBER PLAZA MIRANDA”, “THE MASSACRE OF B’LAAN TRIBE” we back in the late “90s” yung grenade throwing sa Paquito District, Davao City na inamin nila na sila ang may kagagawan pero ni isa ay walang nakulong, PWE! to you CPP/NPA, ipokrito, mandarambong etc etc…..    

  • boyod

    dont you worry, parami pang Palparan ang susunod. Be scared you communist! 

  • Max

    What’s wrong with a communist? CHINA is a communist country.

    • mcgyver67

      not anymore

    • Paz Maunahan

      Nakarating na ako sa 1 bansang communist. Walang baril angnpulis dahil disiplinado mga tao. Pero di pwede batikos. Ang diario puro maganda lang ang report, tulad ng masaganang ani, mga ipinagagawang tulay yon ang mga balita. Bawal ang English newspaper.ngayon meron na english newspaper published ng gobyerno. Puro magsnda rin ang balita. kontrolado lahat. Pag tourist bawal magdala ng English newspaper. Pag bumatikos ka house arrest ka. Pag may cnabi ka na di maganda sa bansa nila di ka papapasukin sa bansa nila. Kaya nung makita ko yon, ayoko ng ganyang sistema.

      • Paglaya

        Wow, nakarating ka na sa bansang Communist. Hahahaha! e hindi pa nga nararating yun e, know the difference between Socialism and Communist. Thank you!

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    e bakit, ang killings ba ng sparru ng npa e within the judicial process at hindi rin extra judicial killings?

  • $20926843

    With this press release, Gen Bautista is slowly positioning to ingrate himself to this inconsequential Regime as a prelude for the selection of the next chief of staff of the AFP in view of the impending compulsory retirement of Gen Dellosa.  Lets pray that Gen Bautista has not imbibed the stupidity of his late father Gen Teodolfo Bautista and make history repeat itself.  Because of his stupid action to meet Usman Sali- the notorious MNLF Commander of Sulu in Patikul with his staff of officers and soldier escorts unarmed, he and his companion officers and soldiers were mercilessly massacred.  The elder Bautista initiated this bold and stupid action out of naive perception that he could coax Sali to surrender and thus please his patron at that time the late dictator marcos and thus enhance his chances of being also appointed as the next Chief of Staff to succeed Gen Espino….

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehe disision ni nasira bautista yun hindi ni good dictator marcos, kung baga ay diskarte niya para pogi points niya pero nadali siya. kaya pala ito anak niya nagpapapogi at sinumbatan pa niya yun kapwa sundalo niya si Palparan mukha kampi ito ni Joma alias tago at mga NPA. hehehehehe

  • mcgyver67

    The problem in this insurgency is
    that in conventional war, 1) when you see 
    an armed enemy you can  shoot and
    annihilate all of  them and you will be a
    hero with medals. Here, if u see the NPA you try to arrest him. Do not shoot
    him unless he shoots you first otherwise you are guilty of murder. If u managed
    to kill the shooter but his gun was recovered by his comrade the soldier is
    guilty of killing an unarmed civilian and will be charged by Commission on
    Human rights and in a  court of law..2)
    In a conventional war, if an enemy was captured in a firefight , he will put in
    a concentration camp indefinitely as a prisoner of war just like in World war 2.
    Here, if you captured an NPA  in a firefight,
    you have to read him his Miranda rights 
    and charge him in the next 24 hours otherwise all legal front
    organizations will be picketing your camp calling the troops fascist pigs and
    murderers. If no soldier was killed in the fight, the NPA will be out on bail
    after a day and he will be back in the field fighting the soldiers after a few
    hours. Since, there are a lot of intelligent people here, any suggestions on
    how to have a peaceful country?

    • Paz Maunahan

      NAPUPUNA KO LANG TO. PAG NAKAPATAY ANGNREBELDE AT NAKULONG , RALLY YUNG IBANG LEFTIST. PALAYAIN! PALAYAIN! Pag sundalo nakapatay ng rebelde rally uli cla. Ikulong! Ikulong! againts human rights yan!! So dapat intayin ng sundalo na patayin cla ng rebelde. Noon may naing kaibigan ako. wala ciang ikinukwento sa akin kundi kasamaan ng sundalo. Wala daw awa kungmpumatay sng mga sundalo, tapos sa mga liblib na lugar daw yung mga tanim na mais ng magsasaka kinakain ng mga sundalo, mga alsgang baboy iniluluto. Di binili kundi pwersahan daw. Later on nalaman ko na leftist ung family nila. Sirang sira ang image sa akin ng mga sundalo nung panahong yon.

      • sanjuan683

        halo halo na yan minsan yun sibilian pinoprotekhan nila yun NPA laban sa mga sundalo. kaya sila dinidali ng mga sundalo eh papaano nagiging asset sila ng mga NPA nadadamay na sila sa giyera. Kapag giyera wala na yan miranda law sila ang nagdeclare ng war versus govt.

    • vinzerx

      You are mistaken if you think there are a lot of intelligent people here in discussion threads. :)

  • manual47

    The question is………why did this officer was even able to accommplish what he did without the knowledge of the AFP.  Are the officers in AFP are just having blind eyes and didn’t even do anything to stop it.  Or is it a higher up in the government was giving Palparan the blessing because of some people critical of the government at that time.   Gen. Bautista, are you even that naive that an officer with that rank doing astrocities without the knowledge of any member of the army.  Please don’t treat the filipinos as if a “no brainer”.  Someone in the military knows something and didn’t have the guts to do something………is it because code of ethics you follow, or the army are just doesn’t care, or because one of your officer was doing it and none has the balls to do something……So, Gen. Bautista, don’t explain now after the harm has been done because none is buying your alibis.  One thing good you can do is try to redeem the army’s reputation and help at least the authorities locate the fugitive or fugitives whoever they are.   You have already lost the army’s credibilities…….

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       Because at the time, he was useful. Now, he is the scapegoat.

      At the time, politicians too regarded GMA as their party leader. Then after stepping away from power, those same politicians lead to castigate GMA.

      I would say because she no longer serves their purpose.

      • manual47

        And now the AFP is trying to clean their image when they could have done something at that time for the sake of justice.   As you can imagine,  according to Gen. Bautista, Palparan is now the last of his kind in the AFP.  So, what it means was, there were a lot of officers like Palparan in the military who may have committed astrocities and human rights violations in which filipinos didn’t know.  And why in the world the Ampatuan massacre happened if not for this Ampatuan clan became so powerful due to some influencial people in governemnt giving them the backing.  Is it because the Ampatuan may have been owed a big favor.   Get my idea….kilabot.  Same with this officer Palparan, influencial people giving him the blessing.  And now that these big shots are out of power, of course, Palparan only alternative is to run.  But the question again, where were these big shots and officials in the military doing while Palparan was committing astrocities and human rights violations………..

  • 444mangyan888

    Hmmm…I just came from Mindoro for the undas after having been absent from my place of birth for decades.
    For all the impressions and images Palparan left after his stint there, kamaganaks told me that the army recently stayed there for months to do lots of cvic works. Something i called programs to win back the hearts and trust of the people. They enumerated, in their own manyanish way, the things our soldiers did. And i got emotional.
    If the army can really do these things, we do not have to fear moro or communist insurgency anymore.
    Tama nga ata the statement of a former vice mayor of a town in Basilan that i saw on tv years ago…” di daw matatapos ang giyera sa Mndanao kasi factory ito ng army para  magkaroon ng estrella mga comm officers ….”
    Let us give our soldiers the chance…..

  • Paz Maunahan


  • kilabot

    nah. the present pma and its graduates will produce worse. time to cut taxpayer funding to the pma institution that has now become a habitat of crooks.

    • mcgyver67

      I think that will be good. We should also cut funding to UP and other state universities because they produced not only crooks but also the likes of Joma Sison, Nur Misuari and their gangs..while doing these we should also abolish the church because they have corrupt priests and produced a lot of rebels such as Fr Balweg, Fr jalandoni, Fr fernandez and others.

      • sanjuan683

        Sa simbahan katoliko nagsimula yan graft and corruption basahin mo ang history kaya ganito ang mga ugali nang nasa gobierno. Na-influence ng mga banyaga kastila na may dala ng religion ang mga ninuno natin pilipino. Kung hapon ang nakasakop sa ating nang matagal na panahon nadisiplina tayo ng husto tulad ng pagdisiplina nila sa south korea na ngayon isang maunlad na bansa.Mga tulisan ito sumakop sa ating na may dala krus. hehehehehehe

      • TsuPaeng

        Your absolutely correct. I agree….

  • generalproblem

    nagsalita ang pmayeer. mas magaling pa din ang mga hindi galing pma kasi nasasabak talaga sila sa giyera di tulad nitong si bautista dahil natraydor sa mindanao ang tatay nya sya ay pinoprotekhan ng afp kaya sa mga lugar na di magulo sya dinala. palparas is not the last kind in afp im sure hanggat marami ng mga npa sa pinas

    • nakatutok

      nagpapapogi lang yan si Bote….gusto maging  Chief of Staff, AFP…

      • generalproblem

        kung gagayahin ng mga sundalo ginawa ng tatay nya bobo at nadengoy ni misuari eh malamang wala nang mag sundalo.

      • nakatutok

        hindi si misuari dumenggoy sa tatay niya…si usman sali…

    • sanjuan683

      Mukha kinakampihan mo pa gen bautista yun NPA at may pa human right violations ka pa. Papaano naman yun napapatay na sundalo ng mga NPA, nasaan yun human right violations para sa mga kapwa sundalo. Mukha kampi ka sa kanila at kinalaban mo yun kapwa sundalo mo. Yan mga NPA sigaw ng sigaw na berdugo si Palparan eh sila naman HALIMAW hehehe humingi ng revolutionary tax bakit mo pinapaygan yan.

      • Benjamin Brillantes

        kasi ngayon sa AFP…tinatanggap na ang BAKLA  magsimula sa itaas pababa..kaya malambot ang pamamalakad..ang unang e solve ng AFP ay ang pamumulitiko o pag gamit sa kanila. security ka ni CORY general kaagad DND pa …papa ano naman yong mga senior officers nasa malayo at hindi bata ni SUMA?

      • Paglaya

        in the first place outlawed ang mga NPA. Pero ano bang katungkulan ng AFP? Serve and protect the people o kill the people?

    • Paglaya

      sa tingin mo bakit po kaya maraming NPA sa Pilipinas? maaaring sumama yung pamilya ng biniktima ng karahasan ng militar. tama po ba?

  • $31552910

    The Philippine Army chief should provide assistance to the authorities in capturing Jovito Palparan. President Aquino, as Commander-in-Chief, should order an end to counter-insurgency operations in the country to prevent more military atrocities and civilian casualties. The AFP is being used as a mercenary army by the ruling political and business elites in waging war against the indigenous and poor Filipinos. All AFP units should return to their camps to undergo human rights training and be supervised by local and international human rights observers and U.N. peacekeeping forces.

    • Paz Maunahan


  • Philcruz

    I don’t understand why it takes so long to inculcate this respect for human rights among our military.

    All it takes is a command to stop those extra-judicial killings and forced disappearances and that command should be able to go down the line of command very fast. Less than a day in fact. The military is organized that way. Super fast relay of commands and no questions asked. Just obey.

    So why is the military asking for so much time to inform, educate, orient, etc, etc the troops.
    ..?! Incredible.

  • nakatutok

    sigurado ka SIR?? wag ka na lumayo..diyan na lang sa Ofc ng CG,PA…madami diyang idol si Palparan…

  • Paz Maunahan


    • Paglaya

      sa lugar namin pinatay ng AFP yung pamilya  ng isang anti-mining activist– isang buntis at dalawang bata, eh?

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      San  yang lugar niyo Paz? Sa Mendiola?

  • florence457

    Gen. Bautista, best looking forward to the reality of your pronouncement. .It’s easier said than done as one says, however, the benefit of the doubt is given to you, so I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be a man of your word not a mere talking bird.

    Good luck general. . .The people awaits your action

  • Danny Garcia

    This may be true for the AFP, but what about the paramilitary organizations?

    Who is holding them accountable?

  • speedstream2

    Can we hold you to your word? As they say, action always speaks louder than words.

  • Batz61

    Ho hum… so after all the years in denial about the true violent and abusive character, nature, and actions of Palaparan, finally you’re saying he is TRULY a bad person because his violent and abusive behavior and orders are the very actions and behavior that you are trying to educate and improve regarding the military. Takipan kasi kayo ng takipan sa isa’t-isa kahit maling-mali at abusado na ang pinag gagagawa ninyo.

  • billy gunner


    in samar alone, palparan managed to curb communist insurgency to a nil. order was restored. you can ask samar folks and they will surely agree with me.

    the reason why palparan is still at large is due to the fact that the military itself is providing him cover. why? becoz he exemplifies a true leader.

    • Paglaya

      true leader pala ang magpadukot sa dalawangbabaeng estudyanteng walang dalang armas– pinagahasa pa. Sana dumami pa ang kagaya niyang lider. #doomsday!

      • billy gunner

        “true leader pala ang magpadukot sa dalawangbabaeng estudyanteng walang dalang armas– pinagahasa pa.”

        you should have ventured writing fiction. seems like you’re good at it.

      • m1600

        papaano mo nalamang na rape eh until now wala ngang body of evidence ikaw siguro ang dumukot at ng rape sa dalawang babae na sinasabi mo gawa ng mga NPA yan!

      • billy gunner

         pls read my comment again. i think you have misread it.

      • Carlo Lacanilao

        Billy, m1600. I do admire your unique handles. Pang AFP lang talaga. Ang fiction yung hindi nangyari, di ba? May witness nga eh. Bakit hindi humarap sa mga akusasyon kung talagang hindi totoo?

  • Benjamin

    kapag natimbog si Palparan ipasok sa kulungan ng mga Ampatuan sama-sama silang mga alipores ni Pandakekok…

  • 711sense

    All talk General and no basis for bragging rights. What happens if one of your soldier does the same thing that the accuse Palparan is facing?are you going to immediately resign and give up all your retirement and other benefits or perhaps commit hara keri? You and other people like you are a bunch of hypocrite by saying something that is not totally true. As an officer and a gentleman, you should be honest in all your talks and deeds.

  • tonto_ka

    sorry but i don’t think so PALPARAN is the last of his kind in AFP…you mark my words and write it in your diary….

  • Abdul Rashid

    Don’t ever say Palparan is the last? Just say you will be loyal to the constitution and you will uphold the law. What has happened is that MARTIAL LAW has made a berdugo out of the AFP. kAYA I blame Enrile for being the brain behind MARTIAL LAW. How can he unwind these human right abuse, you all trace it back to MARTIAL LAW.

  • lakayamaya

    mabuhay ka general. alam ko na ginawa niyo lang ang trabaho niyo. tumino ang samar dahil sa inyo. ganyan talaga ang doctina ng mga militante. blame all disappearances sa militar. kahit sila mismo ang may gawa. yan ang style communist na walang Dios. iisa naman ang tuno ng mga yan mula pa sa panahon ni marcos hanggang ngayon. the truth is, they have different ideology.

    • Magsasaka

      may tama ka at may diyos para sa iyo ang pumatay ng mga estudyanteng babae na hindi sandatahan, sa gera hindi ka dapat mandamay ng sibilyan at kung madamay man sana ay hindi sadya hindi yaong sinadya na katulad ng pagdukot mismo doon sa dalawang babaeng estudyante ng UP.

      • agustin

         si palparan ba talaga ang pumatay ? wala ka bang duda ? UP student ba ay inosente ? hindi ba nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa ?

      • Paglaya

        Alam mo ba ang kanilang ginagawa? malamang hindi.

      • Magsasaka

        syanga ayon doon sa magsasakang nakatakas, hindi mo ba nabalitaan

      • m1600

        eakatakas eh nagtago lang yan sa boondook kasama ng NPA tapos lumabas na tinuro na si Gen.

      • Magsasaka

        interviewhin mo kasi yong magkapatid na nakatakas hehehe

      • Magsasaka

        yong magkapatid na magsasaka?eh talaga namang gumagawa ka ng kwento nagmamaangmaangan ka pa pero alam mo naman na nasa pangangalaga sila ng witness protection program dahil ipinapapatay pa rin sila ni palpa-run, gandahan mo kwentong barbero mo hehehe

      • Carlo Lacanilao

        Agustin, basa-basa tayo ng balita ha. Ayan nabara ka tuloy ni antonioluna.

    • Benjamin Brillantes

      TAMA KA LAKAY…walang kasalanan si GEN PAL naging boss ko siya sa JOLO 24th IB at instructor sa GSC, wala siyang bahid na mamamatay tao. panay lang ang encounter namin pahinga lang pag R & R sa LUZON.. masipag siya at ni hindi man lang namolitiko maging sa mayor at gov ng sulu kaya takot ang muklo.. kaya inilipat sa central luzon ang 24th IB the best BN in the army

      • Carlo Lacanilao

        So why is he hiding if he is the moral and upright man that you claim him to be? Explain!

  • edgar

    if you are left leaning, you can sympathize with the NPAs and the so called victims of palparan. and if you are on the other side, palparan is one of a kind! try visiting an NPA infested area, you can see an anti-people policies. people has no right to voice out there concern, otherwise, you’re certain of your death. 

    • George Lapulapu

      You dont have to be a left leaning to see the cruelty of Palparan –with the blessings from GMA (remember, GMA paraded Palparan in Congress during one of her SONA).

      My problem with framing this issue as communist vs capitalist like in the 1960s coldwar is—- we all get the solution to the social problems that is applicable only during the 1960s.

      Palparan should be man enough to face his accusers!!!

      • xmb458

        Palparan is a horrendous criminal… extortionist, murderer and a rapist bounded as one! He must be shot on sight baka lumaban pa!

      • Solomon


      • Carlo Lacanilao

        Tsk, tsk, tsk. Out of medicines aren’t you?

      • m1600

        extortionist mga NPA yan, rapist NPA dinyan , criminal si SISON YAN berdugo si kdr yan I think ur DRUNK!

    • Magsasaka

       ganyan ang pag iisip ng mga taong walang options hehehe, mapakanan o kaliwa ang mali ay mali

    • David

      Bollocks! I have been in an NPA area in Ormoc City, I visited a village just a few minutes motorcycle ride from the city and NPA rebels were roaming freely (without arms). I can see that the villagers were actually at ease with them when they are around, which is also very much different when soldiers are there when they conduct a combat operation. 

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Fulpol

    NPA just killed 4 soldiers in Davao…

    if AFP treat this just an isolated case, no Palparan will emerge again. however, if soldiers take this personally and with the help of a supporter, Palparan’s image will never die.

  • Talahib

    Iboboto ko si Palparan pag kumandidatong mayor ng Manila after Lim….balance of nature, para me kumain sa mga masama…

    • Magsasaka

       pwede pero malamang kainin nya sarili nya hehehe

  • Talahib

    panay pa-pogi points itong mga naka-posisyon o ma-militar

  • Natx Bacalzo

    stop talking like spolied brat. just present palparan in court where he has a warrant of arrest. saying ang tax namin pangsweldo ninyo.

  • Ronald Manlapao

    ibig sabihin inaamin nyo na butcher sya?

  • julieboy

    How about human rights for the soldiers,hindi ba mga tao din sila.I will admit some military over react because of certain reasons.How about the atrocities of the NPA against them?It should be fair treatment for both sides.What happens is an eye for an eye,bawian lang yan.Its an old recycled issue,if your found guilty of violating a persons human rights to be alive,apply the law whether military or NPA,communist or dissident or whatever you what to call them. 

    • David

      Here we go again with that “what about the human rights of those soldiers killed” joke. There is a big difference between killing an unarmed and hogtied activist or suspected rebel sympathizer begging for their lives and killing soldiers who are armed to the teeth in legitimate NPA-initiated military actions. The former is a clear violation of human rights while the latter is a clear act of war. Know the difference. 

      • Solomon


    • Paglaya

      in the first place outlawed ang mgA NPA. pero ano bang katungkulan ng AFP? Serve and protect the people or kill the innocent and civillian people?

  • Benjamin Brillantes

    kahit anong OPLAN ang gawin ng military at training kuno sa human rights walang magagawa sa lakas ng AGIT/ PROP at PSYOPS ng CPP/NPA. NO MATCH tayo sa kabila. ang kailangan natin military ay malakas at mabisa na PSYOPS at kailangan may hanay na BERDUGO na mag nuetralized ng HARD CORE members. kung ano ang ginagawa nilang pagpatay sa suspected military agent ganoon din ang ating gawin walang buking at ibintang din natin sa kanila.. si COL CANLAS ang the best. hard core ang kalaban natin kaya hindi pwede gamiting ang santo o tinapay na pangbato.sinira nila at idinigkit kay GMA si PALPARAN para mapaniwala ang mga tao maging politico o military. hindi kaya ng kabila si GENERAL. ang mga NPA din ang pumatay pagka release ng dalawa para ibintang sa AFP

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Clearly your last name doesn’t match what you just wrote. Dull

  • Rene V

    saan ba nag umpisa iyang palparan na iyan? pma ba, lateral entry o rotc? i do not respect the communist underground who masquerade as human rights activists but also killed their own during their oplan ahos or any other similar operation after that.

  • dikoy321

    Carry on Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista!

    You are doing a difficult job of balancing between Army goals and putting a STOP to human rights violations, but you’re getting there!

    The CPP/NDF/NPA will always murder/kill, then blame the Phil Army/AFP.  We know that.

    Forward Philippines !


    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Sure na sure si dikoy321. Wagas ang pagmamahal mo kay Palpy ano? Ooooh, you have a crush on him, I’m sure.

  • xmb458

    Palparan must be shot immediately on sight. Baka maunahan pa kayo kaya ratratin na kaagad… 

    • Paglaya

      mismo! Hahaha!

  • dominator1

    Gen. Palparan is a true patriot! I wish there is 1000 palparan in the army right now so all the stvpid activist will be terminated! Kaya d umuunlad ang pilipinas dahil sa inyo babalu Reyes, Teddy ” ambisosyo” casino et al. Walang ginawa kundi mag reklamo at mag rally! Sana nasa Singapore kayo para nilatigo at binitay na kayong mga mangmang NPA!

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Repeat after me: mahal na mahal kita Palpy, will you marry me?

      • Paglaya


  • caronaoutgloria2

    Shame on you Lt. Gen. Bautista. where there is a will there is a way, and you certainly have enough insight and contacts to be directing the capture of palparan. as those officers keep him secreted, you can unlock those secrets and play power politics if you truly want that maniac to be captured. none of your quotes have any substance and who do you think you are fooling???

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      I agree.

  • kismaytami

    No mr. bautista. As long as soldiers let themselves to be used as mercenaries of the rich, the politicians and of foreign mining companies, the palparan legacy will endure throughout the years of AFP.

  • agustin

     If Gen. Palparan is the last of its kind, a true and dedicated soldier who fights for the enemy of the state, then it is the end of our democracy. a democracy dream by our KKK founder ANDRES BONIFACIO.

    • arao_liwanag


    • David

      Sad thing is this is not the kind of society the great Andres Bonifacio fought and died for. There is no democracy here, there is only a perversion of it. 

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

      A monster praising another monster!

      • m1600

        MABUHAY KA GEN PALPARAN sana dumamimpa ang kagaya mo LABANAN ANG KOMUNISTA,  

  • Nani

    Si Gen Bautista is out of touch of the reality of human rights abuses of the AFP under P-Noy. He can’t even catch the butcher Palparan despite the millions upon millions of intel funds.

  • David

    Hinding-hindi magtatapos kay Palparan ang mga human rights violations at extra-judicial killings. Katunayan nyan, maraming mga military officers at politiko ang umiidolo sa kanya at sumusuporta. Hinding-hindi mawawala ang mga katulad nya hanggang naririyan pa ang paghahari ng iilang mapagsamantala’t mapanupil dahil kailangan nila ng mga kagaya ni Palparan para brutal na puksain ang ano mang pagtutol ng bayang lumalaban.

    • Solomon


      • Carlo Lacanilao

        Is this what the (mental health) doctor prescribed, Solomon?

  • Colokoy

    Yong mga mass graves ay kgagawan ng mga CPP-NPA, hindi ba yan human rights violation? yong mga police at sundalo na di naka uniform hindi naka duty tapos pinatay ng CPP-NPA-Sparrow unit di ba yan human rights violation? ang pwersahang (pananakot) pangolekta ng revolutionary tax lalo na sa mga poor farmers di ba yan human rights violation?? tama na ang black propaganda, para kayong mga santo, mga demonyo tigilan na ninyo ang panloloko sa mga mahihirap..

    • Paglaya

      well HINDI pa rin nan majujustify ang gnagawa ng AFP. Kung ganon anong pinagkaiba ng afp sa npa? in te first place outlawed ang mga npa, pero ano bang katungkulan ng afp? serve and protect or kill innocent and civillian people?

      • Solomon


      • Paglaya

        Well, ang pangarap ko ay mabigyan ng hustisya ang pagkawala ng tatay-tatayan ko. Then, goood for you! porket galit ako sa AFP ay komunista na ako? nays analogy dude!

      • Carlo Lacanilao

        Solomon. I can picture you now all red-faced and fuming and frothing in the mouth like a rabid dog. Inom ka muna ng gamot, baka makatulong.

      • Paglaya

        There seems to a lot of confusion to leftist label–a label that connotes something evil and demonic. You see, the label Left and Right dates back to the French Revolution where those representatives coming from the landed class, the bankers and capitalist class literally sits on the right side of the hall of the French parliament; and those representatives of the working people and petty proprietors literally sits on left side. The Rightist came to be known as the defenders of the status quo while the Leftists represent progress and reforms as spelled out in their political programs. Because of the strong currents of anti-Communist hysteria and demonization campaign foisted by the Western capitalist powers centered in the US, the leftist term degenerated and evolved into something else in the popular psyche–from something that promotes progress and advancement to something evil and demonic. I come to this insight as a practical student of history, economics and politics.
        So you see, in the Philippines, when you are advocate of reforms and critical of the ills of society you’re branded Leftist, Communist and enemy of the state. This brand is a death warrant for security forces to haunt you down, incarcerate and be subjected to the cruelest condition of state prison and the art of torture perfected by the state, denied of the basic human rights and Constitutional guarantees. This condition practically happened during the Martial Law years and this is still happening now.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    The last of its kind? eh sino kaya ang nagbibigay ng proteksiyon sa kanya?

  • pulis

    Gen. Palapran, hangang hindi sumosuko ang lahat ng mga NPA, ay hwag kang sumoko kasi unfair itong mga Human rights advocate..Puro sa iyo ang sisi kahit sila ang may kagagawan..Sila ang kumidnap at pumatayng mga UP student na yun..Magaling silang gumawa ng drama, kaya lugi ka tsaka maliit pa ang pabuya..Pag naging isang Billion na saka ka sumoko, para may pambayad tayo sa mga Judges..Whaaaaa!

  • Paglaya

    Ako ay personal ang karanasan ko— dinukot ng AFP ang tataytayan ko 6 na taon na ang nakalilipas— dahil kontra ito sa pagpasok ng minahan sa bayan namin– 6 na taon na hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin namin nakikita.

    • Lolo Mo

      Tama ka. Mga tuta ng mga Chinese mining firms ang mga military natin. Kasalanan ito ni PNoy na isang Chinese din. Gusto ibigay sa China ang ating mga minerals.

      • Paglaya

        not only chinese IMHO, at nangyari yun under ni GMA hindi kay PeNoy

    • Solomon


      • Paglaya

        Solomon, afp ka ano? isang kriminal na AFP din, sigurado. Sabagay kriminal lang ang pupuri sa kapwa niya kriminal.

    • Benjamin Brillantes

      pagpag…sigurado ka ba na AFP?

  • Lolo Mo

    Itong mga spokeman ng military, talaga naman! Hindi ba nila alam ang massacre na pinatay ang bila’an na buntis na Mrs. at dalawa niyang anak?

    • m1600

      loLO WAG KANANG maki alam dito baka remnants kapa ng UP commune baka madapa ka pa.hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo.

      • Paglaya

        sus, totoo naman dahil anti-mining yung pamilyang yun, (na pinoprotektahan) niyo. kaya niyo pinatay. Tama po ba?

  • Olibo

    Both government and rebels sides have history of summary execution, extra-judicial killing or ‘salvage’.Many cases are unsolved or still undergoing legal battle in courts.Panahon na lang ang makakapagsabi kung kailan mabibigyan ng hustisya ang mga biktima at kailan matitigil ang krimeng ito.

  • Rednaxela VD

    Do criminals respect human rights?

    It may be unpopular but we need more of Palparans kind in the military.  In fact, we need more examples from him on how to treat criminals and no good militants.

    Screw human rights for criminals and militants!

  • m1600

    yup , Gen. Palparan is last of his kind indeed the THE LAST WARRIOR ! he is not a graduate of PMA nor have the look of a snappy  soldier never been involve in corruption like some of PMA graduates ( Gen Garcia, euro Generals etc) but have the guts to face the communist terrorist heAd on giving them the dose of their own medicine ! MABUHAY KA GEN. PAPARAN the real WARRIOR!

    • Paglaya

      warrior din pala ang tawag sa magpagahasa sa dalawang babaeng niwalang dalang armas? wow!

    • Carlo Lacanilao

      Take care. People will think you’re in love with Palpy. Oh, you are? Bagay kayo.

  • allandel

    As for suggestions that the military is helping the fugitive Palparan, Bautista said: “I can tell you I’m not coddling Palparan.”

    yes, he is not coddling the guy but he did not answer the question. it’s a case of “i did not lie, i just did not tell the truth”. luma nang style yan, bulok na. 

  • WeAry_Bat

    Criminals which may have little sympathy from the public.  The (brutal) killings, disappearances and torture of militants will add to the fire, especially in cases where there is no battle. 

    Commentators should note the fine line between commenting against authority and rebels is that we don’t carry arms.  The finer the line becomes with abuse, the sooner it reaches any of us.

  • pilato47

    Kaya nga, Mr. Palaparan, sumurinder ka na, para bigyan ka ng dagdag sa medalya mo. pag wala kang kasalanan, ba’t tumago ka ? You know you are a former soldier being sworn to in accordance with the law, alam mo na ang batas ay hindi game ng hide & seek. Labas! Palparan! Labas!

    • m1600

      walang makukuha na pantay nA LABAN SI Gen Palparan habang  DeLima na pinsan buo ng asawa ni Sison ang na sa DOJ at si Simeon na codler NG cpp/npa YANG DALAWANG YAN ANG nag palaya sa MORONG 41.

      • pilato47

        Hindi naman si Presidente Noynoy at De Lima ang kalaban niya kung di ang mga alleged victims at mga caso na isinampal laban sa kanya. We cannot blame anybody if Mr. Aquino became president at si De Lima naging DOJ, ganyan ang politica. They are the voice of a democratic mandate. It’s not a good excuse for Palparan to keep on hiding. 

      • m1600

        if you can recall sir yung issue sa fil am na  si melissa roxas pinagtangol ni Delima laban sa AFP but lo and  behold may lumabas na video caption na nag training maging NPA.after na nalipat siya sa DOJ may roon pala si de lima na confidential info fron insidenthe CPP/NPA na sila ang may gawa sa pagdukot kay melissa roxas ( CHR APRIL 26,2011 REPORT SIG BY ETTA ROSALES) ANG TANONG BAKIT hindi linabas ni De Lima ang report na ito nung siya ay nasa CHR ??? BAKIT PINAGTAKPAN NYA ANG CPP/NPA kabaliktadan ng pang banat nya sa AFP????

      • pilato47

        Those are only reports without any proof that can sustain judicial action. It can be true or manufactured to mislead the truth. On the part of Mr. Palparan, he is still entitled to the Constitutional guarantee under the principles of presumption of innocence until proven otherwise and he knows that. He can avail legal assistance at his own expense or the state will provide him one if he is not capable to hire one.Why would he not come out to disprove the allegations against him ? I was once upon a time an officer of the Military of the defunct Philippine Constabulary with 2 more ranks to be a General but I resigned after finding out my true principles are not compatible with some routines of the military which were not in harmony with the rule of law and humanity when you have to follow unlawful orders like Gen. Palparan might have experienced during his time with the military. He should come clean and tell all and let justice be done do heaven falls.

      • m1600

        I agree to you sir that he must come clean to all the accusation but first si LACSON muna he had done this houdini act but until now no charge is file against him meaning na may tinitignan talaga ang gobyerno na ito pag kadikit  ka ok lang. 

        You have my respect sir and to all those who served and serving our country. GOD BLESS!

      • pilato47

        True or not but seems to be reliable. Ex. Gen. Palparan has been in hiding at the instance of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo for fear that the ex-General will tell all and could prejudice the cases filed against the Arroyos. He is at the moment allegedly funded by them. So, here we are with loyalty still at play even they have to seek momentary footing even on sliding stones. As to Mr. Lacson one has to prove and produce evidence to prove his guilt in the same token as when Palparan surfaces to face the charges if he is really innocent of all the crimes adduced to him.

    • Paglaya

      Duwag kasi ang “kriminal” na yan e, dapat pagkahuli barilin na agad!

  • maypakialamtayo

    human rights? para sa mga makakaliwa lang yan, pag sundalo inambush walang human rights.

  • Leo Calo

    Mabuhay ang AFP… 

  • elias_6

    sinong maniniwala dyan,kahit na di ko alam ang subject alam ko nang nag-sisinungaling yan e
    tignan mo ang mukha kalahati nakasimangot at kalahati naman ay nakangiti.

    • Paglaya


  • Paglaya

    Halata namang sila-sila rin ang pumupuri sa kanila, AFP nga naman! JUSTICE TO MY FATHER! AFP BERDUGO, MAMAMATAY TAO!

  • Paglaya


  • etobsify

    Etong si GENERAL BAUTISTA ang problema ng CPP-NPA-NDF. Sila ay tuluyang nagiging IRRELEVANT dahil sa strategy ni BAUTISTA. Hirap silang mag isip ng issue para gamiting pang AGITATE sa mga kabataan para makibaka sa kanayunan. Hirap din silang maghanap ng issue pang justify sa  request for MILLIONS na donations mula sa International Groups.

    This is very interesting to watch. The CPP-NPA is dying a natural death.

    Kongkretong basehan dito ang magiging KULELAT na performance ng EXTREME LEFT/NPA SUPPORTING Party List groups such as Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, ngayong darating na halalan. Pustahan tayo.

    Sa totoo lang, SAWA na kase ang masa sa parang sirang plaka at walang basehang REKLAMADOR na mga rallyistang ito, sa totoo lang.

    Maghanap kase kayo ng legal na trabaho at MAGBAYAD NG TAMANG BUWIS!

    Yan ang isang paraan ng tamang pagtulong sa bayan hindi yung puro DADA lang.


  • dikoy321

    You are absolutely, definitely and TOTALLY WRONG Carlo Lacanilao.  Palparan must be hailed to court and have his FAIR Trial, answer for all accusations filed against him!  Let the court do its job!

    Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista is one of a kind of an Officer and a Gentleman, son of BG Teodulfo Bautista, who wanted to bring PEACE to Mindanao, but traitorously Murdered by Usman Sali and his bandit group!

    He is gentle, treats everyone (friend or foe alike!) FAIRLY, is respected by his troops!  I have known him since he was a 1LT and company commander of a Scout Ranger Company back in Southern Luzon.

    While the CPP/NDF/NPA have resorted to BANDITRY, you have placed HUMAN RIGHTS as core of your Battle for  P E A C E  in the country-side! 

    A sure WIN for the Filipino Nation!

    You have CHIEF OF STAFF Material in you!

    GO GO GO LGen Bautista and SHOW the NDF/CPP/NPA what you’ve got, the guts/courage and talents/skills plus Leadership to erase the communist scourge from the face of the Philippine landscape, thru methods that are PRO-FILIPINO, PRO-NATION, PRO-HUMAN! 

    GO GO GO P-Noy, AFP/ARMY !!!

    Forward Philippines !!!


  • m1600

    HIS FATHEr gEN Teofilo Bautista was the CO of 1st inf Tabak division a true soldier he was killed in  patikul sulo by usman sali’s  group near the public market there was only one survivor PFC CALZADO  more that 100 soldiers were killed. ang usapan nuon the army will come without their guns but it was a set up it was the most tragic page in the history of AFP.

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