Pacquiao talks legislation


Manny Pacquiao. INQUIRER file photo

Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—He may be deep in training in the United States for his fourth bout with Mexican archrival Juan Manuel Marquez in December. But Manny Pacquiao, the congressman, is waging another battle at home.

Saranggani Representative Emmanuel Pacquiao wants to limit the number of times that the President could reappoint a nominee who has been repeatedly bypassed by the powerful Commission on Appointments.

“There is a need to limit this presidential prerogative to prevent abuse,” the first-term congressman said in the explanatory note of House Bill No. 2773.

After a nominee has been twice bypassed by the CA, the appointee can no longer be “re-nominated or reappointed by the President for the same office,” says Pacquiao’s proposed “Non-Renewal of Nominations or Appointments Act.”

At present, there is no limit as to how many times the President could keep a bypassed official, a practice that purportedly dilutes the powers of the CA, a body composed of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

When Congress is in session, a presidential appointment is considered “regular.” One that is made when lawmakers are on break is labeled “ad interim.”

Pacquiao’s bill imposes a six-month jail term or a maximum fine of P100,000 on “the Executive Secretary or any member of Cabinet and any other official working with the Office of the President who knowingly transmits the re-nomination or reappointment papers to the re-nominee or reappointee.”

A nominee who “knowingly accepts” the reappointment could be imprisoned for three months on top of a P50,000 fine. Not only that.

“If, for any reason, such a nominee or appointee hangs on to the office to which the President might have nominated or appointed him or her, the said appointee shall not be entitled to the payment of salaries, emoluments, per diems and other benefits pertaining to the office concerned,” Pacquiao said.

At least four members of President Aquino’s Cabinet are yet to face the CA: Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje, and Arsenio Balisacan of the National Economic Development Authority.

The CA has also not yet deliberated on the appointments of Commissioner Heidi Mendoza of the Commission on Audit and Commissioner Robert Martinez of the Civil Service Commission.

CA members came under fire in August for failing to confirm the appointment of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo. The appointment was supposedly blocked by Camarines Sur Representative Luis Villafuerte, who  denied the allegation.

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  • cali

    sus! ilan bill ba ang kanyang naipasok?

    Kawawa naman kayo mga taga Saranggani, basura ng ibang distrito sinalo niyo! Di naman kayo bobo para iboto ang isang boxer na kunwari ay maka Diyos

    • imongredneck

      Pacquiao will submit as many bill as he can, so that when he runs for reelection he could claim that he submitted 20,000 bills despite his rigorous schedule as a champion boxer, and his fans errrr voters will take that as an accomplishment.

  • jeffrey_01

    Fight for the Elimination fo Political Dynasties.  Don’t be an oxymoron when your proposed bill is identical to elimination of political dynasties.  This is like Pacquiao name will be repeated in Sarangani province. 

  • les21reago

    Does re appointment an abuse on the part of the President?…Is not ABUSE of authority are now well defined on existing laws?

    I supposed WHAT is needed is legislation as to QUALIFICATION Requirements of a legislator like  the one above who filed the BILL…

    Mr. 8 world division champ in boxing,,,your BILL points at YOU…Abuses on your part and NOT being qualified to be a legislator…Your absentee in Congress speaks of yourself.

    • Hunter421

      Agreed! Pacquiao is not qualified to be a legislator, he didn’t even graduate from high school! His wife isn’t qualified to be a vice governor either. It is actually the CA who abuses their powers and likes to block presidential appointees out of spite, because they have someone else in mind and want to force the president to accept them, or simply because they don’t like the person. A presidential appointee should only be blocked for lack of merit.

      • jeffrey_01

        COMELEC should disqualify Pacquiao.

  • Norman Go

    There should be a bill on the number of times a congressman can be absent as well. I’d like to know of what REAL service Hon. Pacquiao has done for the Filipino people in general and for the people of Saranggani in particular

  • Hunter421

    What is needed is a bill requiring a minimum level of education (bachelor degree) to run for public office. Also needed is a bill that forces boxer/congressmen to present any and all documents as required by the BIR!!!

  • $25995786

    Poor Pacman he submitted a bill na walang kabuluhan. Hopefully by now he realizes that he won his position for he has a lot of money and sikat di kaalaman sa paggawa ng batas. He has still a lot of money so he still win election but pls. accept ang galing mo boxing.

    • jeffrey_01

      Like actors senators/congressman and entertainer senators/congressman.  They can keep their day job.  COMELEC should disqualify these candidates. The same with businessman senator/congressman, they should all drop their day job and focus on the service of the country.

  • kilabot

    shut up pacman. gusto mo lang mabenta ang tickets sa laban mo kaya ka umepal. wala nang gusto bumili at laos na kayo pareho ni marquez. gusto nyo pang kumabig ha?

  • Mang Teban

    Even the most seemingly nonsensical proposal has a grain of wisdom. It should not be the proponent that should be targeted for criticism because that is another issue about performance and attendance in his line of work.

    I think that readers must see the logic behind Pacquiao’s proposal. It could be about the need for the appointing power, the president, to focus on qualifications and competence rather than political expediency and personal favors. The assumption of the proponent is probably that the Commission on Appointments (CA) needs to see people appointed by the president who are unblemished and can withstand the rigors of the job.

    It is, of course, another issue about some members of the CA who use their powers to hold hostage the appointed and the appointing power. I don’t think that this anomaly in the CA can be resolved, however, by legislation. It is an internal affair between the Senate and the Lower House to make their own internal rules about reminding CA members to act expeditiously pending matters that put the appointed persons in government like “contractual workers” who are not officially confirmed to be worthy of their positions. 

    When can this happen that the CA will act with professionalism among their members? Not with this present batch of membership. A lot of appointments are pending and the CA does not care about the sensibilities of appointed persons working without “official authority” for lack of confirmation by the CA.

    • generalproblem

      agree with you and also to pacman. the CA most of the time hostage the appointed person.

    • CRID

       So why not sponsor a Bill that penalizes the CA members who sits on the confirmation of a qualified appointee and has complied with all the requirements?

  • imongredneck

    Emolument? This is a big word from a guy whose English vocabulary can be counted only by the number of his fingers and toes. Only shows he is just mouthing some one else’s

    • jeffrey_01


  • Bonggebongge

    Ito ang nagagawa ng Pira at Kasekatan….nananalu sa kung ano…

  • Jim De Garman

    pacquiao has a wide vision against the authority of the president, yet he don’t know his self doing remarkable absenses in particular he can’t even write his own speech and read distinctively before the hall of congress. 

    what really disgusting for pacquiao he can’t even read correctly his speech prepared by his staff..and now he has the gall to file a house bill that would surely could not stand without a lawyer congressman to co-sponsor.

    paksiw este pacquiao should not receive salary as sarangani representative while he is incurring absences out for training..what he is doin should also in line with legislation.. the people of sarangani has voted him to represent them in congress and not in wild card gym.

  • Rex

    Kung Anti-Dynasty Bill sana ang ipinasa mo sasambahin pa kita pacman.

    • $5699914

       He can’t, his family is just starting “to climb the pedestal of public service” just now….wait and see this coming election period.

  • tonyoks

    But Manny Pacquiao, the congressman, is waging another battle at home.
    Mr. esguerra, galing mo namang bumild-up…another battle at home pa kuno…
    magkano hatag ni paksiw sa yo????

  • johnllander

    Ano naman ang punishment sa mga congressman o senador na hindi nag-attend ng session?  Ilang taon dapat ibilanggo?

    Ano naman ang punishment sa mga congressman o senador na hindi gumagawa ng batas ngunit abala makipagboksing?  Ilang taong dapat ibilanggo?

    Ano naman ang punishment sa mga congressman o senador na nagmumungkahi ng batas na walang quality?  Ilang taon dapat ibilanggo?

  • John_Galt_II

    Kawawa naman si Boy Toyo. Punong puno ng katangahan. Wag ng panoorin yang bopols na yan!

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Ang galing mo Pacman!!! Luv u Idol!

  • John Loyd

    Mabuti pa manood na lang kayo ng laban nya sa sinehan para matanggal sama ng loob nyo. Isa pa makakatulong tayo sa bayan sa pagbili ng ticket kesa bumili ng numero sa mga anak ng heuteng lord. Makipag tulungan na lang tayo sa mga pangarap ng presidente na ikauunlad ng mga Pilipino. 

    • jeffrey_01

      He’s one of the problem that’s dragging this country down.

  • RyanE

    For sure Manny is just wasting his staff’s time and effort. The President will surely not support this bill and so will be his partymates. The President could even veto this bill if passed by Congress.

    There are better bills to file like the anti-dynasty, amending the foreign bank secrecy law, anti-pork barrel or a bill slashing the pork barrel to only 1/4 of present amount, bill to discipline absentee representatives and senators, a bill to regulate the party-lists, etc.

    • jeffrey_01

      That’s impossible.  Your list is anti senatong and anti tongressmen.

  • mon key

    Sarangani Province is very fortunate to have the Pambansang Kamao as their representative. He has done a lot for their welfare. Here is a list of his TOP 5 ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
    Christian V. Esguerra can actually report on his “Legendary Accomplishments”

    • tonyoks

      ang dami pala…

      wala ng dinagdag si “god”?
      balita ko madalas na daw silang naguusap ni pakyu-t…

  • Cal_Reznick

    This is a good battle.

    Manny Pacquiao vs. The President.

    Popular vs. Popular. Power vs. Power.

    I wonder if the President will be upset at Manny and have the BIR investigate him again right before his fight??

  • julieboy

    Bai stick to boxing,you have money coming out your ears.Politics will be your downfall..People go into politics to get rich or richer.You are rich bai,so no way but down,specially with the people around you.Do you need politics?you can live happily ever after with the money you honestly made for yourself and your family.Cherish it bai,swerte ka na kaayo sa kinabuhi ayaw pa tunto sa mga kawatan ug sobra ka bright.You have accomplished more than any boxer in our history,keep it that way.You mean well bai but be careful daghan Wise sa ato.

    • jeffrey_01

      He will be respected win or lose if he stick to boxing.

  • wakats

    Congressman manny paquiao of sarangani, a member of good standing of the committee on absenteeism, is speaking from his power-packed fists. His laudable proposal cannot be acted upon by congress but by amending Sec. 18, Art. V1 of the Constitution through cha-cha.

    Instead of limiting the prerogative of the president “to prevent abuse,” manny should instead file a bill penalizing members of congress for repeated/perennial absenteeism – to prevent abuse and wastage of public funds for not doing their jobs as expected of them by their constituents…  

    • jeffrey_01

      Sabihin na lang sa Bisaya baka hindi ka maintindihan.  Mabuti pa ipatranslate mo kay mommy Dionisia sinasabi mo.

  • $5699914

    Isa ka talagang alamat, Boy Pacman!
    Haizt! tama, alamat ka na lang……

  • LuwigVonMises

    the road to an image of hope to utter disgust! that’s pacman. don’t you dare fight mayweather because every body knows you will lose, it will only reduce you to nothing but dirt.

  • jeffrey_01

    Here are the unfinished works:Cybercrime 2012 – hastily approved without using brains. They just copy/paste from existing laws.

    Elimination of Political Dynasties – not favorable to the donkeys in the senate and congress. Gathering dusts.

    Freedom of Information – another bill not favorable to the donkeys in the senate & congress.  They have to pickup their own shhiitts.

    Anti-Money Laundering – not favorable again to the donkeys in the senate & congress.  What are they going with the crap they stole from the Filipino people.

    Let’s see if they can approve it as quick as the Cybercrime law.  Marcos already complained that he can’t understand Anti-Money Laundering.

  • tonyoks

    kaya pa kayang maipa-disqualify ng COMELEC sa susunod na eleksyon si Pak-yut???
    On what possible grounds???
    1. ngayon palang ay nagtatatag na ng kanyang dinastia…Jinkee for vice governor…et al…

    2. madalas ng makikipagusap kay God, sa panaginip man o sa gising…kung yung may hotline ke obama nuisance candidate, pano pa kaya si pacman???

    3.  pera pera lang eh marami na siya bakit kailangan pa niyang mangurakot???hindi pa ba???
         darating din  yan jan…alalahanin mo ang mga financial adviser nyan sila Singson, mike arroyo     at lahat ng top class gamblers??? saan ka pa….

    • jeffrey_01

      Ubos na pera nya sa sugal.  Papaano kasama pa naman ang mga namention mo.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Wait a minute here……..congressman Pacquiao was already a member of congress when CRaul Gonzalez, Angie Reyes and other bypassed appointees during the GMA regime were re-appointed time and time again?  In fact Angie Reyes never got confirmed.  Yet, the late cabinet secretary remained in GMA regime serving under various capacity.

    Are you saying this congressman, who will be again be absent from his duties in congress to defend his boxing title, just woke up and thinking of this dream bill?  Ang tagal naman matulog pala niyan sa pancitan.

  • Luthmar

    Packie, humanda ka sa debate na haharapin mo tungkol sa bill na gusto mong ipasa.  PAGING Miriam Defensor Santiago.

    • jeffrey_01

      This will be a fight of his life against Miriam.


    WORTHLESS proposal.  The President has certain prerogatives in the choice of people to assist him in his programs best according to his judgment, whether popular or not.

    Sports and Politics don’t go together like  a horse and carriage.  Ask the local gentry, and they’d tell you it’s elementary.

  • Darwin

    This is the type of bill we get for voting into congress the likes of Pakyaw who lack tertiary education in their resume: out of place, out of time, out of this world bills.

  • tonyoks

    Wag nyang sabihin na dahil sa dami ng pera Nya kaya Siya pumasok sa politics, kundi sa subsol ng dalawang super gahaman sa pera at sugal. Si mike arroyo sr. At ang jueteng na drug lord pa na si singsong.malamang ang ulot ng mga yan ay, sige pak yut at siguradong mananalo ka.ang dami mo na atang fans…young Umayaw kami na bahala.lalo kang yayaman nyan…amen

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Mamang Pulis

    naks—si idol umeepal—

    sino ba nag isip nyan para sau ha? si manong sabit o yun mamang laging naka hawaiin shirt?

    mag concentrate ka na lang sa pork barrel na ipamamahagi mo sa saranggani para mas safe na yun savings nyo ni jinkee—

    si idol talaga–

  • Mamang Pulis

    mukhang nataranta ka ata idol—

    kelangan ata ng comelec na may naipasa ka man lang na ruling at dapat masigasig ka na maisabatas yun

    nasampolan na yun kalaro mo sa basketball–si pareng mikey mo—wujajajaja

    dapat yun tulad mo rin hindi na pinatatakbo at halatang halata naman ang pakay nyo mag asawa.

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