New Senate majority waiting for sign to oust Enrile—Santiago


Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

While calling herself a “complete pariah” when it came to power plays in the Senate, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago nevertheless hinted that a new majority in the upper chamber could just be waiting for a signal before it ousts Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

“Sa tingin ko, may inaantay lang sila (The way I see it, they are just waiting for something).

“Wait for it,” she added in a radio interview.

Santiago said it was likely that Enrile would be replaced for his noncooperative stand on two administration measures—the reproductive health (RH) bill and the measure raising sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol products.

Enrile is staunchly against the RH bill.  He also expressed concern over possible adverse effects of raising taxes on tobacco on farmers from northern Luzon where it is a principal crop.

“We cannot say exactly what goes on inside the mind of President Aquino but if the Senate President does not give his support to (administration) measures, the President might consider looking for someone who would be more supportive,” Santiago said in Filipino.

Santiago said politicians tended to accommodate a sitting President.

“That is the tendency, to always agree with the President even if they do not necessarily join his party,” she said.

Santiago, however, clarified that she was not being asked to join a new majority, in case one was being formed clandestinely at this point.

“I am not getting any calls.  I’m a complete pariah when it comes to (Senate) reorganizations. My colleagues know I don’t care about intrigues,” she said.

But asked if noncooperation with regard to the two urgent bills could cost Enrile his coveted seat, Santiago said: “Oh, definitely. His time horizon will definitely grow shorter if the two bills are not passed.”

Santiago added that Enrile could not rely on his popularity rating as a deterrent against any effort to replace him since President Aquino, who might support efforts to remove him, is more popular based on the same surveys.

Santiago also dismissed repeated pronouncements made by Malacañang that the executive branch is not involved in any effort to replace Enrile.

“Well, they cannot announce ‘we are replacing him’ so they have to keep saying those clichés. Remember that Malacañang keeps score of how cooperative senators are.  All administrations are like that,” she said.

“Assuming for the sake of argument that the Senate President is really as popular as the press releases say, in any event, there is no question President Aquino is much more popular. If (Enrile) contradicts the President, his popularity could go even lower than at present,” Santiago said.

She reminded Enrile that “all Senate Presidents hold their positions…at the discretion of their fellow senators and of the President who is in power at the time. They do not have permanent security of tenure.”

Rumors of a move to oust Enrile have been floating around since December 2011. At the time, Sen. Franklin Drilon of the Liberal Party was being touted as his replacement.

Drilon has consistently denied these reports.

Only Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV of the Nacionalista Party has admitted working for Enrile’s ouster.

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  • nes911

    Its about time that younger solons take the leadership position. Enrile is about to reach second childhood.

    • boyod

      tama ka dyan, it’s time that solons take the leadership position, then go ahead JACKIE you are that young to lead

    • Ilihanboy

      Yes it’sabout time for the young Enrile to take over the senate presidency of his father Juan. “It’s about time that every juan flies…ala cebu pacific, dynasty not withstanding.
      Gusto ko happy ka Johny !  Dont give up the senate presidency…not until your son becomes senator and potential senate president and future president of this wonderful nation.

  • JK1000

    It’s time for the old man of martial law rule retire, but the problem is Juan Ponce Enrile is just waiting for his son Jack to come a board. Miriam Santiago is the “Queen of all Balambing”

  • indiosbravos2002

    Enrile is on panic mode right now. If he loses the Senate presidency, Jackie Enrile might not make it in 2013. Yan ang nangyayari kasi sa kakaUNA nya at kayabangan nya. The Corona impeachment could have served as his legacy, however, he needed to pick a fight in the senate and to adapt unpopular positions.

    • $20733759

      The fight that he picked alas is not with the Senate alone..but with “The People of the Philippines” meaning, you and us!

  • acaldejr

    I still remember when JPE said “Enough is enough, I think your time is up”.  I was in high school that time, 1986.  I think it is now coming back to him.

  • arthur1410

    It’s about time enrile is removed as SP. He is a non-entity in that position. His response that he is willing to accept his removal with a smile is just a camouflage for he needs that position very badly to elevate his son jackie’s campaign to a higher level. Enrile is aware that sooner, jackie’s star will dim and he will be forgotten in 2013 election.

    It is also the reason why he attempted to change the real history by denying that he “ambushed himself” in 1972 in preparation for ML. It is also the reason why he denied he cheated Cory in 1986. It is also the reason why he wrote an adulterated biodata, which sadly, was dignified by pnoy during its launch. 

    Enrile’s denial came too late, coming after 26 years when history had already been written and no amount of sno-fake, lies, deception and fantasies in a self-serving biodata can alter what had been written . 

    Unfortunately for enrile, his strategy backfired. It opens the wounds of ML, the sins of his son Jackie as a spoiled brat who lorded it over as the premier bully of the ’70’s and his participation as the brains of honasan’s coups during Cory’s presidency.

    Enrile is fighting vehemently for the cybercrime law, in particular, the libel provision. That is a no-brainer because he knows that social media will be the most effective medium that will expose the real Jackie Enrile and the reasons why jackie must be rejected as a senator in 2013.

    Enrile, you old bee itch, it’s payback time. Your attempt to deodorize and sanitize your biodata has failed and it will rub on to jackie.

    Just stay home, and enjoy your second childhood.  


    • ame mojica

       Bravo, I totally agree with you. We are done with the Enriles, Marcoses, Arroyos, Estradas , Singsons, Revillas, Dys etc.

      • Jack

        idagdag mo mga aquinos at cojuangcos

    • $20733759

      To be more complete and precise better yet……REJECT ALL UNA CANDIDATES NOW AND HEREON!

      • arthur1410

        BRO- I AGREE 100%. 

  • Datuitum

    This is telling us that Pnoy got the three branches of government under his influence and control ! This is not healthy for a democracy ! No wonder why Pnoy has been acting like more of a dictator recently than a president of the people. It could get worst when his head is getting bigger and bigger every day. JPE is a one heck of a politician and it’s about time to hung up the hat.Serving as a Defence Secretary under Marcos matial law and up to his current status,is considered one of the greatest scape of a man from justice.He is still responsible for the death, disappearances, torture,massacre,dislocation of families, harassment and all kind of human rights violations during the Marcos regime when it was his decisions and command responsibility at that time as a Defence secretary.But we Filipinos are known for being a short memory minded and very forgiving even to our oppressors in fact we have the tendency to put them back to power so they can oppress us more…That’s what separate us from other Democratic nations.

    • $20733759

      Filipinos are masochist??

    • Jose

      Fools like you were the people insisting that after Corona was impeached, the Luisita rulings would immediately be overturned.

      How’s those predictions turn out?

      P-Noy wields a lot of power, but nowhere near what Marcos had, and more importantly he hasn’t abused said power.

  • ame mojica

    In principle I agree with you. But at this time Pnoy needs to consolidate his power  and influence to accomplish a lot of stuff within six years of his term. We cannot wait for Congress to dilly dolly on things very important to the Filipino people. I trust Pnoy and his cabinet. They are doing a wonderful job.

  • regd

    My young nieces knows Enrile hence he is popular alright. But they say ‘he makes bombs’. I have no clue why but probably refers to his fake assassination. Where they get this, beats me?

  • Ron Larus, Jr.

    An effective President should exercise all legitimate means allowed him under the Constitution to obtain the cooperation of the Legislative department’s support to his agenda for good government. And this includes adopting strategies to put side obstacles, such as ousting obstinate Senate Presidents who pose roadblocks to  the passage of desirable legislations, like the RH Bill.   

  • marionics

    ang tagal naman

  • prangka

    That is the evil of pork barrels. Remove pork barrels and expect the two house of congress to be independent as expected.

  • Joe

    wakasan na ang pag hahari ng tunay na BERDUGO NG BAYAN. sipain na yan!

  • prangka

    I would rather reject political dynasties which are present in both parties.

  • agustin

    Pnoy should be decisive , immediately order the ouster of Enrile, the jailer of his father. he should know this. know your enemy.

    • blowcoldblowhot

      Pnoy sleeping with the enemy Bong Bong.

  • Datukalun

    Oh come on w/ this politicos they already have millions but our New Heroes needs Help how can this message reach the proper person or govt. agencies.Seaman OFW needs Hospitals and Medical assistance.They have mandatory medical lab test when they are found positive they spent lot of money w/ expensive lab test when they need operation so that they can have a fit to order work they pay high prices where the medical laboratory will refer them to specialist.Because PGH will take time before they can put you on schedule its becoming a very lucrative business for medical lab.When they get old and sick the only things they have is Philhealth yes it help but not enough.If the govt .POEA etrc. Can make all OFWS mandatory to be a member of any medical care like AMOSUP it will be very beneficial to them.Help them…And let this politicos fall in line in PGH getting their health benefits so they may know how hard to be there they dont know that because they are always treated VIP’s and using tax payers money paying hundreds of thousands even millions for their medical check ups they never fall in line.Yet even their coffin when they die are made of BRONZE paid by the peoples tax money wow.

  • 12JEM

    Master of Disguise…Master of Deceit…The Best in Decades

    ITE, MISSA EST. (Go, You are Dismissed)

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Defensor Santiago is only threatening because she wants to put the RH bill to a vote hehe. Obvious ka naman Miriam!!!

  • $14334231

    the ghosts of yesteryears are beginning to haunt him…..ang bawat nobela ay may katapusan…..ang kasaysayan mo ay wala nang karugtong….ang isinusulong mong anak ay tiyak na hindi mananalo…….ang “enrile, part 2″ ay lalangawin sa darating na eleksyon…….

  • Lakan Dupil

    Panahon na para palitan si Enrile.

  • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, the biggest obstacle Enrile must be taken out of the way.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, PNoy must be allowed to consolidate his power now, now na.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, a straight LP in 2013 will fortify the mandate of PNoy.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, Llamas has to give the order now for Enrile’s ouster.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, PNoy must step up the use of his soft power. Now na.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, CDQ must demonize, dehumanize & demolish Enrile now na.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, let us vote straight LP in 2013.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, let us bear in mind that Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, it is no time to doubt now. Doubt is the enemy of faith.
    For Daang Matuwid to succeed, let us not lose sight of our ultimate goal — Bagong Lipunan.

    • marionics

      medyo halata ka na dito sa mga hirit mo chong. anti pnoy ka pala talaga he he

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        sir, nagkakamali po kayo. pabor po ako sa ating mahal na Pangulo. kahit maging diktador pa man siya. sapagkat siya lamang ang may malinis na puso, siya lamang ang may karapatan na maging diktador.

        Kayo? Sino ang inyong kinikilingan? Sino ang inyong pinoprotektahan? Sagutin mo iyan ng walang kasinungalingan, pawang katotohanan lang.

      • marionics

        ako? aba ewan hahaha. sa sarili ko siguro

        ika nga ni Hillel the Elder-

        “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’?

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        you are for your karakter. just don’t break karakter. lol!

      • marionics

        he he you probably refer to “karakter” in the same meaning as persona in theatre. i would think that i am like the japanese in the james clavell novel shogun, i have many faces and many hearts that i show to my friends, the public, to my enemies and only to myself he he. i wish i could find the exact quote. that was great quote but it’s been so long seen i’ve read it he he

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now


      • marionics

        i think i found the quote, but i rremember there is a better one but this ought to give you an idea of the language-

        “It’s a saying they have, that a man has a false heart in his mouth for the world to see, another in his breast to show to his special friends and his family, and the real one, the true one, the secret one, which is never known to anyone except to himself alone, hidden only God knows where.” ― James Clavell, Shōgun

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        Hmmm …. an incisive insight on our politicians and all things human.

      • Paliwaweng

        mapang uto ka, obyus masyado mga post mo. korek ang sabi nila, di ka nakakatulong sa pangulo, bagkus nakakasira.
        sabagay, opinyon mo yan, linalabas din lang namin ang sa amin.

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        mabuti naman at hindi ka nauuto ng weder weder lang.
        anuman ang panahon, laging pakatandaan:
        magplano, magsiguro at makibalita.

        at sa darating na eleksyon:
        vote straight LP in 2013
        Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino

      • sanjuan683

        Doubt is the enemy of fake. hehehehehe

    • 444mangyan888

      Dami mo ng comments na ganito ang laman ah…baka akla mo nakaktulong ka sa LP..!!! hindi uy..!!!
      Tekaaaaaaaaaa….hmmm pakawala ka ni Binay noh….????

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        Diyan po kayo nagkakamali.

        At sino naman po ang boboto sa mga tinaguriang “tried & detested” ng UNA? Maaaring si Ting-Ting pupwede pa.

        but then again, may I humbly suggest:
        vote straight LP in 2013
        Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino

    • sanjuan683

      ito na naman si Buquino bulag

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        Anti-PNoy ka naman masyado eh.

  • Jose

    Kick him out.  He’s a trapo to the core, and he’s going to stand in the way of progress.

    • sanjuan683

      Asus lahat naman yan mga trapos, ano ka?

  • virgoyap

    Enrile have to go. We need a new generation Senate President.

  • Jon

    Sinong papalit, si Drilon?
    Utang na loob, mawawala ang independensya ng Senado.
    Tututwad na lang ng tutwad ang Senado sa lahat ng kagustuhan ng palasyo. 

    • sanjuan683

      Eh mamili ka si Drilon o si Lapid. Talagang wala mapagpilian sa mga senators natin. Si Villar sana kaya lang nasa real estate ang business nito baka gawin kalsada at gawin subdivision ang buong Pinas. Wala na tayo taniman ng palay at mga prutas. O kaya si Calungzod na lang para maging estatuwa at bato yan mga senators natin.

  • Albert Einstien

    I’m an anti-population control because our country needs a HUGE patriotic army & population in the near future….but it is ok with me if jpe should rest now as SP….he has done a lot ….it’s time to give leadership to YOUNG BLOOD!

    Pnoy just used JPE & JPE  used Pnoy & the public….he has been calendared by Pnoy since day 1….jpe should know it……pnoy’s personality is easy to read…..removal is just  the beginning ……… he may shake hands & smiles but Pnoy NEVER forgets…..bullet scars  in his body are constant painful reminder… one of which is still embedded in his neck……….my prediction before Pnoy returns there will be new senate leadership….just hope pnoy will not be consumed by power when he consolidates it……most men do!

  • kilabot

    that’s how it is. if you don’t dance the pandango sa dilaw, you’re out. if you don’t sing the ballad of the yellow insects, you’re out. if you don’t su ck noykapon, you’re not prosti enough.
    you had your time, jpe. you bled the people for too long. as your last act, just make sure the rh bill is dead, and the sin products banned.

  • My mom

    THE lady senator misses the point entirely: it’s not PNoy’s popularity versus Enrile’s that matters. Because 2013 is an election year, it’s Enrile’s popularity versus that of his fellow senators that matters. The backlash of an Enrile ouster won’t affect Malacanang, agree. But it will certainly impact the people’s votes against back-stabbing, coup-plotting, and conspiratorial senators who blur the line distinguishing Legislature from the Executive. 2013 may yet be the year of the intelligent vote.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehe Matagal na yan intelligent vote but what happen after election wala rin puro bulok ang naboto puro magkakapareho pa ng pangalan yun pala dynasty. hehehehe

  • Pedro


    • sanjuan683

      Basta ipalit si Lito Lapid ok ba yun. hehehehe

  • $23257130

    mabuhay si senator enrile. ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan. ang bumangga,giba!

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    It has become more apparent that Mr. Pnoy needs to put JPE under the bus. This needs to happen for Mr. Pnoy to justify his other and more urgent political objectives. And, that includes controlling the Senate with a sweeping victory for LP senatorial bets in the next elections. There is great temptation for Mr. Pnoy to prove he can do it. Mr. Belmonte already has the House under wraps by dangling juicy pork barrel money to all fishy “guppies” under his watch. But as always, there is a caveat to everything that one can do. Beware of the tail of a dying dragon, as they say.  Once JPE is ousted, he just can be like that beast flail his limbs and throw his Parthian shot on his last days in the Senate.  We’ll see if Mr. Pnoy will listen to his better sense. Too much pride sometimes has a way of blinding the direction of an otherwise prudent person.

    • My mom

      AND you must be Sen. Antonio Trillanes! LOL.

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        It’s amazing how you didn’t really get the drift of my discourse, and still yet, 2 lost souls managed to “like” your fatuous assumption on your post. Indeed this country has a remote hope of resurrecting itself from being a second-rate if people like you keep the same mediocre political discourse. By posting single liners that you think make you look a bit smarter doesn’t really cut the aesthetics and pretensions. Nice try but still no cigar.

  • Bengatibo

    It would only be a matter of time and he knows it. Just waiting for the right moment para hindi halata!!! He is starting to become a liability. He has outlived his usefulness. Many of you would not agree with me but just wait for Senators to make a move, we will see!!! It’s gonna be a power move as election time is near.

    • My mom

      BENGATIBO is Sen. Frank Drilon himself. LOL. I ask him to disprove it. Anyone of them may reply. Hahahah!

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    If indeed he is a roadblock in passing these 2 important bills, then replacing him is a good idea

    • boldyak

      and show to the world that the executive controls the legislative…OMG

      • sanjuan683

        Gustuhin ko man palitan si JPE, pero ayoko naman hawak-hawakan ng executive at kontrolin ang legislative. Pakikialam na yan pero siyempre pulitika yan. Sige palitan muna si JPE nakakasawa na mukha niya. Kung anuman ang ginawa niya kay Corona, siya naman ang mangyayari sa kanya na patatalsikin siya mararamdaman niya ang sama ng loob. Kay sakit pala kuya Eddie ang ginawa ko kay Corona. hehehehehehe

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Kelan ka ba pinanganak, ever since, lagi naman legislative eh under ng executive kasi hawak ng executive ang kaban ng bayan. Magtataka ka pa ba? at least progressive yun measure ng current admin with respect to sin tax at RH Bill

  • disqusted0fu

    “That is the tendency, to always agree with the President even if they do not necessarily join his party,” – because they know very well what the president is capable of doing if you do not agree with what he wishes for. he will get you, legally or illegally.

  • Beguine

    Wait a minute. Why is Miriam doing an “Et tu, Brutus?” casting
    herself as Brutus in this ongoing plan to oust Enrile?

    Which just goes to show all politicians are shameless opportunists
    and shameless strange bedfellows, they will do anything and
    everything just to ensure survival in nasty and without conscience
    and without feeling a bit guilty to assassinate one another whether
    character assassination or assassination for real and no jokes
    about it, it’s dead serious until the bitter end, the final curtain.  

    Goodbye even now, Enrile. And pretty soon, we may be saying,
    Goobye, Miriam as well. Well and good. Bloody good.

  • RyanE

    Contrary to his previous pronouncements that he is working for the interest of the public, Sen. Pres. Enrile is actually working for the interests of two big lobby groups: CBCP and the tobacco and liquor industry. 

    High time to replace this old and almost useless senate president along with his protege the plagiarist senator.

    • Bert

      And if Porky Drilon will take Enrile’s post, you can be assured that he will work for the interest of Pnoy, his KKK and his LP alone…..

      Haayy, kawawang pinoy, wala nang pagpipilian….

      • sanjuan683

        Gusto ko sana si Lito Lapid as “Guerrero” ang maupo senate president. Dahil kapag siya ang senate president obligado sila magsalita ng tagalog dahil yan mga senators daw bobo sa tagalog. hehehehehehehehe Kung bobo man siya sa  English  eh mayroon din naman bobo sa Tagalog. Ano say mo, ano malay mo yan na ang daan para tagalugin nila ang Constitution ng Pilipinas para lubos na maintindihan ng mga Pinoy.  Sa Japan ang constitution nila nakasulat sa wikang Japanese.

    • 12JEM

       And Honasan. Do not vote for this Obnoxious Character.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehe yun mga aso niya sina Sotto “the plagiarist” , si Jinggoy Estrada “the artist”, si Honosan “two time coup plotter” and the rest.

  • Aber!

    Truth be told, we all hate the Enriles, father & son. So who does not want Enrile out?
    Truth be told, will the ouster of Enrile usher in an openly pro-administration substitute?
    Truth be told, will the ouster of Enrile compromise the independence of the Senate?
    Truth be told, will the ouster of Enrile complete the so-called Pnoy dictatorship lite?
    Truth be told, we all hate Enrile. But are we ready to embrace a well-intentioned dictatorship?
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but dislike Puno. But Pnoy’s friends always get away with ……
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but we have our misgivings about his coalition with Bong2x ….
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but we have our doubts about the people around Pnoy.
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but why is letting Bam Aquino ride on his coattails?
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but why is he not getting rid of Tito Peping who is a liability?
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but why is he pro-cybercensorship & anti-FOI Bill?
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but why is the more qualified Tanada out of the LP slate?
    Truth be told, we all love Pnoy but why is Quimbo off the hook in the Globe Asiatique scam?

    Truth be told, all the senators are not pro-Filipinos. They are all for self-preservation.
    Truth be told, a very strong executive under Pnoy is bad for the senators’ self-preservation.
    Sad truth of it all is, the interest of the Filipino people is always last in their calculations.

  • Fred

    “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain”

  • My mom

    HOGWASH! This forum’s just been invaded by Palace trolls!

  • Benjamin

    JPE…tsupii…now na !!!

  • sam_aquino

    releasing his “memoir” proved to be the opposite for this “oldest creature” in the senate…  he wanted to clean his name but it backfired on him…  people only confirmed what they already knew about him…


    he wanted to stay as a senate president as long as he can, even he knew that people despises him only because he wanted a safe passage of his junior – jackie as senator…  if he was removed before election, then enrile & son’s fate is doomed… 

    your time is up, old man…  retribution is about to come upon you…

  • Paliwaweng

    Enrile miscalculated the sometimes promiscuous Filipino mindset. His performance during the Corona trial was undeniably a masterstroke that endeared him or shall we say ‘reinvented’ himself to the people. 
    That popularity had ‘spoiled’ or clogged his mind to the extent of trying to change history, making a turn-around or ‘make-believe’ accounts of his fake ambush for justification in declaration of martial law.
    Indeed, it backfired, as stated by this reporter.
    He forgets the fickle mindedness of most Pinoys. 
    They can sing hosannahs today, but will shout ‘crucify him’ tomorrow.
    This early, the death of UNA and its candidates is looming.
    A good relief for the Filipinos.
    Recycle them to the recycle bin

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehehehe pinatalsik niya si Corona ngayon naman siya na ang tatalsik. hehehe Inaantay na siya ni Corona para sabitan ng Corona pagsementerio. hehehehehehe Kung ano ang ginawa mo sa kapwa mo iyun ang gagawin sa iyo. Bastos ka

  • rudy_boy

    Time to rest…i mean retire.

    Give our younger generation a chance to lead for a change.

    Enough is enough, Mr. Senate President.


    • Guest

      We’ve been suporting Chiz Escudero, ever since the world begun. Hehehe!

  • Mang Teban

    Just goes to show how “illiterate” our present batch of senators are, including the squealer Miriam Santiago, is the fact that majority of them would kowtow to the sitting president.

    They not ashamed to admit that they are violating the Constitutional doctrine of equal branches of government. The Legislative Branch should be completely independent of the other two branches, Executive and Judicial. There, people of the Republic of the Philippines, take a close look of your senators. We have a bunch of selfish senators whose main motive in being elected to have more and more of people’s money for themselves while they concern themselves that those who displease the Chief Executive must be ostracized and replaced. They only care for the president to release their pork barrel shares ahead of others as long as they vote for bills that the president has a personal interest. Is this the kind of government we want?

    I distinctly remember Sen. Miriam Santiago hesitant to return the one million peso “balato” she got from then president Erap who won in a poker game or something inside the presidential yacht. What do you call that? Pariah?

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Go Johnny go!!!

    • Bidang

      Go johnny go!!! go to h3ll johnny…

  • Ed

     Tagal na gusto nilang patalsikin si Manong Johny, Hadlang sya sa matuwid na daan ni Pinoy kuno…Lahat ng Politiko, manggamit, ika nga ni Erap-WEDER WEDER lang yan.

    • vin reyes

      ano magagawa mo kung hindi pa pinapatawag…masyado kang atat na atat..gusto mo mauna ka na eh..hehe

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Why is Brenda still in the Philippines? Pwede bang magkoleksyon ng pamasahe niya para doon na siya sa ICC magkalat ng lagim? O baka naman kinalimutan na siya ng ICC? OMG, huwag naman.

    • vin reyes

      ano magagawa mo kung hindi pa pinapatawag yung tao..atat na atat ka ah gusto mo mauna ka na dun..hehe

    • Fayha


  • Albin

    yan ang gusto ni trillanes…kaya sunod ang dyowa nya at nag order na pataliskin si jpe

    • Felix Alcantara

      Siyempre, ang dyowa ay makapangyarihan at saka baka di siya painumin ng sariwang gatas. 

  • vin reyes

    kung totoo man na may nakaabang ng “papalit” kay enrile bilang senate president..sana ibang ‘mukha” naman at hindi mga “datihan”..sana mangyari yan now na..huwag ng paabutin pa ng next year o ng holiday season…sa undas okey pa..hehehe

    • popeyee

      Si Pimentel at Guingona lang ang bago sa kanila. Pero lahat sila ay lumang politiko at trapo..

  • Rosauro

    What the President wants, the President gets. 

  • nti_boohaya

    Dada kayo ng dada.  Cut the BS and kick him out if the numbers are there.  Bigyan naman ng pagkakataon ang mga iba lalo na mga artista, eyers, at trapos na ipakita kung anong ibibuguga nila. 

    • Marcial72

       Si Drilon talaga ang sumosulsul kay Peenoy na tanggalin si Enrile kasi gusto niyang maging Senate President.

  • neverwint3r

    if they want new faces, they can jsut replace the current senate president enrile with either lito lapid, bong revilla or tito sotto.or the other ‘pampagulo’ senators like honasan or trillanes.

    that’ll make a lot of entertainment for the public.

    • Felix Alcantara

      support ako dyan para makita ng taong bayan if me ibubuga ba. 

    • otoling

      Kay Litol Lapid ako.

  • iping2sison

    Enrile should resign now rather than voted out by his peers. He should give other senators the change to lead the Senate.

  • Rizalina Rizal

    Ano ang makukuha ng mga tao sa isang self-serving kurakot (hindi siya gagalaw politically kung ang result doesn’t benefit him and his relatives)? Wala! Dapat talaga- patayin na siya politically.

  • Bullseye

    If Enrile is man enough, he should not wait to be kick out.

  • Guest

    Lamang sa mga senatorial surveys ang mga candidates ng UNA sa LP-led coalition. Di nakakapagtaka, mahina talaga kandidato ng LP. Chiz pa rin kami!

    • Guest

      Kaya nga walang kwenta yang mga black propaganda na ibinabanto laban kay Chiz Escudero. No. 1 pa rin siya sa amin. Wa epek hahaha!

  • PBA

    Trillanes for Senate President ! Para sa matuwid na daan.

    • Mike

      gagu mo

  • vir_a

    Nakiramdam lang siya. If he sees his peers are moving to oust him, he will be ready to go. He should retire now. He has not done any good to the country since the Marcos years.

  • Guest

    Kahit san magpunta si Chiz Escudero dudumugin pa rin siya ng taumbayan. Parang si FPJ lang yan si Chiz, love ng masa.

    • boldyak


    • xmb458

       Hah! Si Escaldero? Hahahha! Ang lakas mong magpatawa manong ah… nautot tuloy ako… hahahh!

    • Lagotka

      Si Chez, itong batan ito, sobrang bilib sa sarili niya. Puros kayabangan di tulad ng tatay niyang si Sonny. 

    • sinful_lustful69

      ask mo yan ke HEART EVANGELISTA

  • Marcial72

    Ang tagal naman! Now na! Para kumanta na si Manong J sa nalalaman niya tungkol sa PCOS at sa legitimacy ni Peenoy bilang presidente!

    • Bidang


    • romulo

      OGAG ka pala eh! Do you want to imply na there was cheating on the part of the President being elected. It was a landslide victory remember you punk!

  • Guest

    Well given na yan. Dalawang lang naman yan, it’s either Chiz Escudero is No. 1 or No. 2 in any senatorial survey. Congratulations Chiz!

  • Cal_Reznick

    Politicians playing politics instead of being public servants and fixing the problems of the nation.

  • adscity_info

    Basta lahat ng humaharang sa matuwid na daan kuno ni Pnoy, tumabi-tabi na kayo.

  • basyong

    topak din kasi yang si tandang enrile.dapat nasa ilalim na ng lupa eto kesa sa pangugulo ng bagong bayan. ibigay na sa mga batang senatong at manahimik ka na lang enrile.sobra na ang ginawang pagnanakaw sa bayan

  • edm365f31

    Rh Bill; sin Tax; and AMLA he also complains about this…he wants to hide money he stole from lobbyist.

  • opinyonlangpo

    As long as the replacement is not a puppet of the administration.

  • sakinlang

    I SAW THE SIGN!  $$$$

  • xmb458

    Mukhang sisipain yata ito gaya ni Corona ah… Tila yata walang epek yong ginawa niyang librong hindi mabili ah…Hehehehe!

  • Oscar Ungson

    Mr. Enrile, ibig sabihin niyan magpakatuta ka.  Sanay ka naman ng ganyan di ba?

  • Lagotka

    Kapag si Enrile na sibak sa senado, tapos na din si Jackie the Killer, at tapos na din ang kaharian nila sa Cagayan. Let this be a warning to the two other UNA clowns – Jojo Binay and ex-convict, impeached ex-president Erap, may katapusan din ang lahat. Kung si Marcos isang diktador na sibak ng tao and UNA pa kaya? 

    “the bigger they are, the harder they fall!”


    Games people play. And the Filipino republic is watching…

  • Lagotka

    . . . and Binays!

    • Prince Neps

      Binays, yes. 

  • Lagotka

    . . . . tama at idagdag ang mga Angara!

    • Prince Neps

      And what have the Angaras done to flame your anger? Have they been corrupt? Magnanakaw ba sila? The Angaras I think is an exceptional dynasty. Tingnan mo muna ang track record nila.  

  • BruinBearDad

    Enrile is one of the biggest and shrewdest crooks ever to hold office.  What he has stolen from the Philippines dwarfs even what Arroyo has stolen.  Tignan mo rin si Singson….two yachts???  Private planes?  Come on people!

    • efriend

      and a pedophile (Chavit).

      • nakawan

        oh ya, he got his current mistress when she was just 15 or 16. of course, the girl and her family were elated at the fact that this rubbery old turtle was going to take her with him and eventually enter her. to most other sensible human beings, that was just gross.

  • rafael

    Its about time Enrile should go as senate president. This should have been done a long time ago,  Why should that senile liar continue to go on?  He should be sacked not just as senate president but as a senator as well,

  • Rolando

    Sex is a gift from God, don’t use it other than what was intended for, and that is procreation. I am pro-life for life. The reason for this RH bill is to reduce population, especially from the poor. Sa madali’t sabi, “habang may RH law, may mahihirap”. O kaya, “walang mahirap kung walang RH law”.

    • allandel

      RH bill is not for reducing the population. to reduce the population, you will have to terminate the living. RH bill is to slow down the runaway rate of the population growth in the philippines.

  • bsf

    Matutuwa niyan si Senator Pangilinan.

  • efriend

    It is time for Senator Enrile to go.  He is nothing but a paper tiger.  Jack can go down with him.  Enough is enough.  The majority of the Filipino people are sick and tired of the Enriles.

    • zeroko

      Approve! Let us get rid of the traditionalist. He heh e! Mga trapo. They think, the world will stop without them……… 

  • jga94

    Enrile should go as Senate President…and son Jack shouldn’t join him next year as senator…

  • joshua kings

    meron tayong kasabihan na ang isda ay nahuhuli sa bibig.
    parang isdang malansa itong si brenda starr sa senado.
    she is lying under her teeth: consider this: she says that she ‘doesn’t care about intrigues’ but look what she did?  she was quoted here as saying this “sa tingin ko may inaantay lang sila” referring to what she hinted that a new majority is just waiting for the signal to oust the senate president; and then, later also here she was quoted as saying that she is not or has not been invited by this new majority, in case THERE IS ONE BEING CLANDESTINELY formed………
    in the first quote, she is quite sure that a new majority exist; in the second quote, she says in case one is being formed clandestinely…
    this is pure and simple, INTRIGUE.
    and by her two quotes above, she must be a certifed liar?
    sira na nga ulo, sinungaling pa?
    paano naging senador ito?

    • calixto909


  • joshua kings

    sa nangyayari sa kanya sa ngayon, ang  laking sisi siguro ni manong j at di pa niya kinampihan si former CJ……..
    ok na sana siya; kasi ba naman pinipilit niya na ang anak ang papalit sa kanya….eh itong anak ay para ding bunga ng diktasdura at ng diktador na di pwedeng ibenta sa mga taongbayan, kahit kailan; gaya ng mga kurakot na mg ammoyo, na sirang-sira ang pangalan.
    kung ako ay anak o apo ng mga ito, magpapalit na ako ng apelyido; para di madamay sa sumpa….
    imagine: a pupil’s roll call: ‘ammoyo, miki jr!” present, ma’m!  teacjer: ammoyo ka pala. ano mo yung nakabilanggong dating pangulo?  “lola ko po.”, sagot ng pupil.  aaah, apo ka pala…….
    si manong kumambyo pa sa role niya sa martial law.  hayan, binagyo tuloy ng batikos, kaliwa’t kanan…
    manong, parang tapos na po ang yugto ng inyong papel dito sa pulitika ng bayan…magpahinga na po kayo.  be kind to yourself.
    yung inyong nalikom na bilyung-bilyung kayamanan, ipamahagi po ninyo sa mga mahihirap at nangangailangan at magtira na lang ng konti sa inyo at sa pamilya.  di naman po ninyo madadala yan sa langit na kung saan lahat ay haharap sa paghuhukom ng Diyos.  di rin po magagamit at ikakatutuwa ng mga anak ninyong si sara at jack at ng mga apo ninyo…ang lahat ng iyan; manapa’y baka mitsa pa yan ng kanilang hindi ikaliligaya..

  • LuwigVonMises

    i admire enrile’s obvious intelligence and i do agree in a lot of things he said.  but when he supported the cybercrime law, i can see clearly now that this man is not in the side of freedom nor a genuine servant of the people.  people that doesn’t stand for freedom and for their people doesn’t deserve to be a leader….enrile should step down.

  • Noel

    The sign has been there for a long time now.  Kick him out as Senate President.

  • FortCity

    I admire the courage of Enrile and his toughness. Mentally gifted bastards really attain success in their lives…JPE is one. As an atty. he has that sterling record both in legal and criminal prosecution? His sagging jaw fat and his squinted eyes, are but mirrors of martial law architecture. “Gusto ko happy ka” was a liar’s multitude of deception…and JPE is guilty as charged. The charge? Fake promises. Fake ambush. He will be a victim of senate’s ambush.


    What an outstanding initials this dude has…J. udas P. (pinoy version) E. scariote…AMEN…
    After turning his back to you know who? Years ago….

  • 12JEM

    Master of Disguise…Master of Deceit…The Best in Decades

    ITE, MISSA EST. (Go, You are Dismissed)

    • calixto909


  • indiosbravos2002

    Enrile’s uneasy because it would only be a matter of time before he becomes an ordinary senator. Jackie’s chances dimming. Praise God! Hallelujah.

  • indiosbravos2002

    He should have been contented with how he performed during the Corona impeachment. It was the peak of his political career. However, he needed to bring in his son, pick a fight with Trillanes and show his true colors. Now, its back to square one. People do not trust him. When he is kicked out of the senate presidency, his ratings will plummet, Im sure.

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