Cagayan anti-mining leader arrested over Facebook post



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BAYOMBONG, Philippines – The leader of an anti-mining group in Cagayan was arrested Thursday for posting an allegedly libelous account about a mining issue on her Facebook page in May last year.

Esperlita Garcia said she was arrested at her home in Calayan, Gonzaga, Cagayan, on the strength of a warrant issued by Judge Conrado Tabaco of the Regional Trial Court of Aparri.

“What really bothers me is how the prosecutors and the judge determined that I should be arrested when I know that the law that supposedly punishes online libel was passed only this year and was even (restrained) by the Supreme Court,” said Garcia, referring to Republic Act No. 10175 or the Anti-Cybercrime Act of 2012.

Garcia is president of the Gonzaga Alliance for Environmental Protection and Preservation, a people’s organization that has been leading the opposition to the magnetite sand extraction project operated by Chinese firms in Gonzaga. The companies were allowed to mine magnetite sand by the Cagayan provincial government.

The libel charge was filed by Gonzaga Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr. over an account Garcia posted on her Facebook page about an aborted antimining rally in the town on April 30, 2011.

She said she was merely giving a factual account of what had transpired during the rally where she quoted the mayor before demonstrators at St. Anthony Academy in Gonzaga.

The arrest warrant “shocked me because I had not received any notice about the case since I filed my counteraffidavit last year,” Garcia told the Philippine Daily Inquirer by phone.

The Inquirer tried to reach prosecutor Mila Acacio but her staff said she was not at her office in Aparri.

A Department of Justice official based in Tuguegarao City supported Garcia’s objection, saying there was no law yet against libelous statements made online.

“The reason the cybercrime law was passed was that the provisions of the Revised Penal Code do not embrace online libel. But even that law (RA 10175) is not yet in effect,” said the official.

Garcia, 62, said her arrest was an act of harassment, narrating how she was taken into custody by National Bureau of Investigation agents.

“I am a senior citizen but I was treated like a hardened criminal. They did not even give me a chance to bathe or change from my house clothes. They just dragged me into a car,” she said.

The agents brought Garcia to the NBI regional office in Tuguegarao City, about three hours from Gonzaga, where she was detained overnight Thursday.

On Friday, she was released after posting P10,000 bail.

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  • Joseph Abon

    ???????where are the advocates of the anti cybercrime act law?

  • surrey09

    Charge the officers who arrested you so they learn their lesson not to be used by corrupt politicians. This action is typical of politicians who have local officials in their pocket.

  • tekateka

    This is a disgrace… an abuse of power… our mayors and judges are one of Asias most corrupt…. now arrest me!!!… 

  • tonyoks

    this is an enrile territory…any link to the mining firms involved?

    • $26743223

      nothing gets done in cagayan without the blessing of the ‘godfather’! :)

  • cantonese

    That sucks man! Obviously that is the law they wanted to pass and we tape our mouth and say nothing. Para bang estatwa kang sunod ng sunod sa gusto nila and we the people will lost our freedom of speech. Luckily Noynoy change his mind about cyber libel.SUS KA INDO, PAKINGGAN NAMAN SANA TAYONG MAMAYAN!

    • Pia Olano

      Sorry ha pero di nagchange ng mind si pnoy, si pnoy nga ang nagpirma para iapprove ang law na yan eh, ang SC lang ang nagbigay ng TRO. yan ang tuwid na daan wag ka magbulagbulagan kay pnoy. Ni di nga nya masolve yang mining na yan eh.

  • Meow Ming

    disbar the judge

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Freddie73

    The judge who issued the warrant must have not been aware that the SC issued a 120 days TRO against the Anti Cybercrime Law!

    • Mamerto

      “Aware” … tayo, ni hindi tayo abogado.
      SYA PA…, JUDGE…!

  • Josemakabayan

    Power and money talks !!!!!

  • Bengatibo

    Dismiss the Judge for ignorance of the SC TRO!!! This is a clear case of harassment. Calling on the Supreme Court!! Weed out the hoodlums in robes before they destroy the reputation of the Justice System in our Country

  • bbguevara

    ATTENTION:  Senator GUINGONA, please help this lady.

  • rayan

    Here is Article 355 of Revised Penal Code

    Art. 355. Libel means by writings or similar means. — A libel committed by means of writing, printing, lithography, engraving, radio, phonograph, painting, theatrical exhibition, cinematographic exhibition, or any SIMILAR MEANS . . . 

    • hustlergalore

      ay na-andyan na pala? *scratch in the head*

      (tito sotto)

  • eric

    this    judge    must  hav  been   bribed…………………………

  • Homer Guo

    wtf! this judge deserves a whack in the head.  paano ka naging judge!! ay, magkano kaya nakubra ni judge tabaco

    • Tonton

      Everybody involved in this arrest deserves a whack on the head. 

  • dakilang

    nabayaran yang judge na yan!

  • Tonton

    If you’re a law abiding citizen in this country, you’re a loser. Sad fact. 

  • $29483279

    This is one good example why Cyber law is being rejected. It can be abused by some crooked powerful politicians and government officials.

    The Supreme Court will do a great favor for the Filipinos if  the 120 days TRO they issued vs the Cyber law will be converted into a permanent injunction.

  • Vincent Ribaya

    What bulls*** is this?

  • juancrossofthe

    that Judge Conrado TABACO should follow Corona…. he should be whacked … calling Chief Justice Serreno.. this Judge should be investigated…

  • Mamerto

    This go to show how powerful and corrupt are 
    the people behind the mining industry in this country.
    If they can make a judge do ‘wrong’…, 
    what even a non-lawyer could be aware of.

    Esperlita Garcia.., I know, we are many supporting your cause.

  • vince_bugaboo

    ikaw JUDGE TABACO, tatak CORONA ka, ano?? hindi ka up-to-date sa current events o up-to-date ka at  talagang walang-hiya ka lang??? magpaka-tao ka at lubayan mo si Ginang Garcia!!!

  • Mamerto

    This go to show how powerful and corrupt are the people behind the mining industry in this country.
    If they can make a judge do ‘wrong’…, 
    what even a non-lawyer could be aware of.

    Ms. Garcia.., hindi ka nag-iisa.

  • Mamerto

    This judge reminds me of the Prohibition Period in he U.S.
    Judges and Juries were bought on a retainer and regular basis.

    A case so simple and a judge do wrong.
    There appears to be no room for excuse for this judge.
    Unless…, “newly discovered evidence(s)” miraculously appear.

  • Mamerto

    How ang bayan.
    This two mining firms, Philex Mining and Benguet Corporation…, 
    They have NOT only improved the town but are in the process of NOT PAYING TAXES
    for income realized from their operations. Garapalan talaga .

    How could you expect this town to be the richest in the Philippines, 
    eh…, “kung ino-onse nang mga anak nang pating” ang income due of this town.
    Pati gobierno gusto din on-se-hin. TRUE. HOW True…!
    Ang tagal-tagal na knila roon, walang asenso

  • $14334231

    pera-pera lang ‘yan…tanungin kaya natin ang hari ng cagayan……naimpluwensya kaya nito itong si tabaco at ang prosecutor…..tandaan ninyo, bago mag eleksyon, acquitted ‘yan si garcia…..hinila na parang kriminal tapos ph10, 000 lang ang pina piyansa….ano ba yan…. 

  • Scallop/Scalper

    God am de judge!

  • Abraham Ortiz

    Can we impeach a judge?Then go for it Cagayanos !

  • Jorge Angel Cruz

    So now this Cyber Law is being tested and now implemented? even when the Supreme Court issue a restraining order against it. serve as a warning to people who express their disgust in the internet . The   Law counters the Freedom of Information still pending in Congress, 

  • vir_a

    Ignorance of the law excuses no one. It can mean the loss of position of the judge or be subjected to stern warning and severe punishment.

  • gudwil2all

    a senior citizen treated like a hardened criminal
    while hardened criminals are treated like senior citizens

    • Pa Wee

      I couldn’t agree more

  • Edwin Tambo

    he,he, that’s what you get if you’re environment friendly!

    • mon key

      that’s what happens when there are people in power who have minds like you… utak monggo!

    • stfu_moron


      • AllaMo

        u talkin to yo’self?

  • AllaMo

    Can Ka Pepe’s successors, at the FLAG, please do something for Ms. Esperlita Garcia against the combined forces of this prosecutor, judge, mayor, and, the mining interests?

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    She has a good political issue against the Mayor. As a public official, the Mayor should not be onion skinned!

  • Joseph Edgar Balita

    I thought we had a TRO running around against Cybercrime law.

    What a shame.

  • Joseph Edgar Balita

    Of course, that means the mayor is REALLY butthurt.

  • mon key

    The Department of Justice should look into this. Paging DOJ Secretary De Lima. Pakita mo ang ka galingan mo kay Tabaco. We (who are Legion) will closely observe your action on this!

  • dukaponte

    Tingnan niyo muna kung ano ang pinagsasabi niya. Baka libelous nga naman. Kaya lang ang manner ng arrest ay di dapat. Tanggalin ang nagserve ng warrant kung totoong hindi naayon sa batas. Iyong mga anti-cyber crime law, martsa na. Hindi makukuha iyan sa harapan lang ng computers. Dapat mag exercise din kayo, parang brisk walking para hindi ma highblood.

  • Paglaya


  • Paglaya

    isa lang yan sa mga halimbawa kung bakit isinusulong ng rehimeng aquino ang cybercrimelaw para yung mga tumututol sa mga anti-mamamayan at anti-kalikasang proyekto ay mapigilian at maisulong ang interest nya at interest ng mga ganid na kapitalista.

  • Bart

    Well if telling the truth will get you in jail, where are we heading as a nation of democracy?

    • AllaMo

      This trend, now normal, was instituted by the marcos-enrile martial law duo. I believe, a more precise question is: Is’nt this irrefutable proof that the more things have changed, the more they have remained the same?

  • disqusted0fu

    this is exactly why this law should be junked!

    also, are TROs really ignored in our country now?

  • Blogie Robillo

    This is a clear violation of civil rights, an obvious attempt by government officials to harrass a dissenting citizen.

  • Blogie Robillo

    Another example of why our justice system is truly for the pigs: the government is gettting away with this illegal arrest, and a citizen is made to post bail for the arrest and incarceration she shouldn’t have endured in the first place.

  • iammarcopolo


  • opinyonlangpo

    Maybe the judge do not know yet that the cyber law was suspended, there must be a communications problem or the judge was sleeping the whole time.

    • malek_abdul

      Baka isa ito sa mga judge na tinutukoy ni Mr. T sa On target na kailangan na mag-undergo ng neuro-psychiatric test.

  • james john

    Baka iniisip nila,di pa updated mga tao ngayon sa balita…at may kuntsabahan na nagyari..baka lang naman .

  • Ginno Carlo Padilla

    Magkano kaya natanggap ng judge at prosecutors? This is alarming, knowing that there is a TRO in effect about this Online Libel charge against her.

    Should DeLima be punished since it’s her department? yes. Will PNoy punish her? unfortunately, no.

  • scrEaMing mANgo

    Online, Libel or not, what’s disturbing is how people in power are able to throw their weight around. Arrest warrant for merely saying something against someone? Eh yung mga criminal nga di basta basta ma aresto dahil “due process” daw. So libelous words can land someone in jail. it has to be proven, doesn’t it. if I say here that THAT Mayor is an usurper of power, will they arrest me for saying so? Public Servants my butt. people have a right to disagree with their government, it’s the only thing we have to arm ourselves against their stupidity and greed.

    • Mario_Garcia

      The power of government emanates from the PEOPLE.  Let all public servants remember who really their bosses are, do not wait for their bosses to band together to fire them should they abuse the power that were given to them.

  • iping2sison

    I am worried that the military, police agencies, the judiciary and the NBI are being used by those who want to silence protests against unscrupulous officials and their kind of bad governance. They are also being used by big businesses who destroys the environment.  

  • riganom

    “Garcia … has been leading the opposition to the magnetite sand extraction project operated by Chinese firms in Gonzaga. The companies were allowed to mine magnetite sand by the Cagayan provincial government.”

    The chinese control our nation.  The Philippine Government merely protects their real estate business, rice industry, building industry, mining operations here in our country.

    Cyber is one of the last area where we can make our last stand and the government protector of the chinese is overruning it.  Brother filipinos, let us consolidate and join our brother filipino make this not the last stand but the rallying point to regain our nation.

  • axe musk

    Politicians in general, were more protective of the interest of businesses rather than the general interest of the people, especially in this case Chinese firms were the ones destroying our Natural Resources. Sana makaranas din ng delubyo ang mga pamilya ng mga pulitiko para matutunan nila kung pano pangalagaan ang kalikasan…

  • Axzar

    One step back. Zero steps forward. 

  • Mario_Garcia

    LGU officials benefited a lot from the Chinese firms in Gonzaga.   The government and the people are at a loss because only a meager share goes to them.  It is therefore appropriate to investigate the issue of magnetite sand mining firms and its few powerful beneficiaries vis a vis the environmental impact and the loss revenues of this country.

  • Remina Miriam Bastian-tollet

    i would like to protest her imprisonment.she is only protecting her/ their future…and that includes the whole of the community. 

  • Darwin

    Lahat tayo ay MAGPASALAMAT sa PANGULONG BENIGNO AQUINO JR. sa kaniyang WALANG PATID AT WALANG SAWANG SUPORTA SA ANTI-CYBERCRIME LAW. Kung hindi sa napakatalino niyang suporta, hindi makukulong ang mga katulad ni ESPERLITA GARCIA dahil lamang sa paglaban ng kaniyang karapatan. Mabuhay ang mga batas ni Noynoy!!

    • Mark

      This is a crap and BS, FS and Hellish

    • dave

      Uy, tumaas rating ni PNOY ah…alam mo ba yun? naging berry gud daw ulet!

  • wawangpenoy

    This goes to show just how incompetent our law enforcement people are. Not to mention, legally illeterate. NBI pa naman. Puro kasi kurakot lang ang mina-master eh. And to think that the judge who issued the warrant of arrest is also legally illeterate. Imagine!!!! JUDGE?  hindi alam ang batas.

    Anyway, P…ANG INA MO Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr.. You’re suppose to serve the interest of the community and the people. Pero ikaw pa tong nag-patuta sa mga miners.

  • Liam Krow

    Put@ng IN@ M0 S0TT0 at sa lahat ng kasama mo nag draft ng batas n sana yariin na yang si pentecostes

    • Sarkasmos

       Sotto ito ang pamana mo sa bayan. Yung kamang-mangan mo, nandudulot ng malaking perwisyo.

  • Sarkasmos

     Judge Conrado Tabaco is hazardous to the health of a civilized nation. Fire him!  Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr. kahit na ang pangalan mo ay Pentecost na plural pa, ni katiting na kabanalan, wala ka. This crook should be voted out of office.  As for prosecutor Mila Acacio, dapat sa baboy na ito ilechon ni Mila ng La Loma. And fire the NBI agents as well. They act like private security guards following not the rule of law but the instructions of the highest bidder.

    • Brahman

      Ubosin na lang mga yan dahil hindi naman sila mavote out, do the leftist justice to them. Patunayan naman ng mga kapatid nating makakaliwa na kaya nilang ipatong ang hustisya sa mga corrupt na taong ganyan sa Cagayan. Binababoy nila ang kalikasan at binenta sa mga mapagsamantalang Intsik.

  • mark anthony

    WTF!! There’s even a TRO on 10175

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    This is plain and simple abuse of power against a plain citizen. Nothing substantial has changed much in our society. The same kind of people run the govt. People who only recognize the color of money or the powerful.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    When will be the day when we can say we have a truly pro-people respectable govt? Ba’t ba napaka malas natin? Parang walang pag asa and forsaken!

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    Asal hayop ang nbi and all other enforcement agencies natin – walang paki sa basic human rights!

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    I suggest the aggrieved here files administrative cases against the mayor with the DILG; against the judge with the new Chief Justice; against the prosecutor with the DOJ Sec de Lima and against the NBI agents also with Sec de Lima.

    • dave

      HAHAHAHA…tapos lahat ng bossing pabor sa mga tauhan nila…

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    May TRO and SC tungkol dito sa cybercrime law eh bakit inaresto pa din ito? Ganyan na ba kabobo ang mga authority?

    • dave

      of course not…their not stupid, they have 1M.

  • Betz Chui

    That Judge is definitely corrupt!! If not, ignorant of the law.

  • Ray_G

    it is very hard to act on a law which the lawmakers has problems understanding in the first place! i wonder how much online time these politicians have each day before they came up with this abortion…  ahay buhay!

  • PHtaxpayer

    sounds like the anti-cybercrime law is being abused by powerful politicians against ordinary citizens.  this justifies scrapping the Bill as unconstitutional

  • surigao_miners

    Sa Surigao del Sur, kapag kayo ay No To Mining…nanganganib ang buhay mo kasi lahat ng mining company doon, pag mamay-ari ng mga pimentel and pichays and some mgA TUTA ni ex. Pres. arroy…. meron sila malalaking share din sa ibang company….  kulang ng mga documents pero nakapag operate..kapag pumalag ka ..tapos ang birthday mo…

    • Brahman

      Time to get rid of those families from the face of this world, by hook or by crook. Mga kapatid na makakaliwa kilos na.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    what is exactly the reason why netizens are up against the anti-cyber law w used to harass critics of the administration. the fixcal and judge on this harassment should be made to answer why the warrant when there’s no law that covers online libel. we’ll be watching!

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Esperlita Garcia, here is the truth you seek. Wala talagang kwenta sa Pilipinas.

    Judge Conrado Tabaco  – paid P1,000,000.00
    Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr.  – paid P1,000,000.00
    NBI Tuguegarao City  – paid P10,000.00

  • Brahman

    Calling on our leftist brothers to implement your justice to these corrupt mayor, judge, prosecutors, and NBI. They are abusing the law which is not even approved yet by SC.

  • Rolly257

    Reposted from other article:

    Calling all bloggers, let’s show strongly we are opposed to this Law.

    The Cybercrime Prevention Act is tyrannical and oppressive. Please have this Law repealed or amended.

    No to to libel clause of this Cybercrime Prevention Act. Everything that Sotto inserted in the last minute of that Cybercrime Law (RA 10175), should be removed in totality.

    Sotto, the lying thief plagiarist should be investigated by stealthily slipping in that unconstitutional libel provision in the Act.

    • Rodne Galicha

      Please help Esperlita Garcia in her crusade. Like and share her Official Facebook Advocacy for Cyber Freedom: Search for ‘Cyber-Perling’ on Facebook. Spread the word, spread freedom!

  • Rolly257

    Our leaders, especially PNoy hopefully would be awakened to the consequence this Cybercrime Prevention Act will bring.

    This RA 10175 is subject for abuse, as we see it now.

    PROTEST…….PROTEST…….PROTEST!!!   I protest.

  • Rodne Galicha

    Please help Esperlita Garcia in her crusade. Like and share her Official Facebook Advocacy for Cyber Freedom: Search for ‘Cyber-Perling’ on Facebook. Spread the word, spread freedom!

    • dave

      di ba tayo makukulong din kung i like natin yun? Nagtatanong lang po!

      • Mali_Galig

        oo nga ano! baka mapagkamalan tayong surot. kawawa naman si Juan Makabayan.

  • zeroko

    Yan ang sinasabi ko. Our government is dominated by Filipino-Chinese who does not care about the destruction of our environment. Look what happen to Mr. Pangilinan’s mining firm. The entails from the holding ponds of Philex mining, thousands of tons of toxic waste like Mercury, sulfure dioxide, arsenic (rat killer), and many more toxic substance spilled over the tributaries and poison the river, the rice field, and fishponds from Mountain province to Lingayen golf. Remember, Pangasinan raise not only milk fish (Bonoan bangus) and tilapia. Now, the Tilapia is mutating because of the toxic waste. Imagine, the potable water in these area is no longer safe. The fish in the Lingayen gulf is also at risk. He he he. Tapos i-kakasuhan mo si Esperlita Garcia of Calayan, Gonzaga, Cagayan? Gustp yata ni PNoy na gawing bayani si Esperlita! We are no longer in a Democratic form of government. Our Senators wants to impose the Cyber-Crime on Libel to silence our dissent which is guaranteed by the 1987 Constitution on Bills of Human Rights. Mga ulupong. You people want to have the pie and eat it too.

    In Mindanao, these Chinese are using our Military to kill indigenous people who are fighting for their ancestral land. This is also the reason why that Italian priest was killed. He was trying to top the eviction and marginalization of the indigenous people. Hayop. One Mayor in Digos, a Chinese, sterilzed the indigenous women to prevent them from giving birth. He he he. The population of the indigenous tribes in Mindanao are fast decreasing because their environment and ancestral land are being claim by Chinese investors. He he he. Balukto na yata ang policy ng ating gobyerno, which is to suppress and intimidate the freedom of dissent, as I have said, which is guaranteed by our Constitution. 

    In fact, our Constitution says that no other law is prohibited to supplant these rights. Ang anti-cyber crime with libel is a violation of our freedom of speech… Hoy! Gising! He he he. 

  • Mark

    deta ngarud ti kunak…Apay nga haan nga amu ni Enrile nga adda ti Black Sand Mining dita Cagayan. Haan na nga mamati na awan ti amu na.
    …This cybercrime law was and will be the tool of oppresion for this BS Politicians. The issue in Cagayan is Black Sand Mining, where is Enrile — the issue happens to be in his hometown (He is from Gonzaga). Philippine politics makes me sick from Marcos to PNoy. Down with Cybercrime Law, Down with Trapos, Down with Black Sand Mining in Cagayan. Pnoy wake up your time is ticking, soon you will suffer the fate of Erap and Gloria.

  • zeroko

    Hindi yata nagbabasa yong Fiscal na nag approve nitong case against Esperita.Garcia. May TRO na pinalabas ng Supreme Court on the Libel aspect of cyber crime. Etong si Gonzaga Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr., expect to kill your candidacy goodbye. I’m sure the people in Gonzaga will side on what is right. He hehe. You may be a kingpin in your place, but the issue on mining is nation wide. I’m sure, many lawyers will volunteer to fight in favor of Esperlita.

    • dave

      Nagbabasa naman po siya…ng lamanng cheke…he he he

  • 711sense

    The warrant of arrest was issued by order of  Judge Conrado Tabako of RTC, Aparri. This Judge may been asleep when the Supreme Court issued a TRO on the Cybercrime Act of 2012. Mr. Midas please email the judge to get his act together and to recall the warrant of arrest before he will also issue a shoot to order warrant for MS Garcia after she already posted a P10K bail. Judges should also be held responsible for their mistakes and it should be much harder and tougher than the average crooks.

  • isidro c. valencia

    Please remember other names other than Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr. during election.

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Mayor Pentebaco and Judge Tabacostes are one and the same. Mixing-up their names won’t change anything.  Quite obvious, these two are scratching each others’ behind to intimidate one of us. Those chinks must have put some magnetite sand in their pockets or maybe their brains, for them to act this way against a fellow Filipino. I hope next time we hear the news, these two are covered by the same sand lying face down in those Chinese mines. The prosecutor? A lone Acacio tree will suffice. 

  • parak_obama

    bakit hindi na lang kaya magpasa ng batas ang mga tongressmen,senatongs  at pulitikos na naghahayag na sila ay may karapatang magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan at nakawin din likas na yaman ng bayan sa kanilang nasasakupan at ipakulong ang mga kokontra sa lahat ng gusto nilang gawin.para hindi na nalilito ang mga tao .

  • Mali_Galig

    This goes beyond Cybercrime Law. Open up your eyes boys! Who’s turf is that? must be on the “take” because this are very visible operations? This foreign mining companies are like termites eating away our natural resources for our future generations and are being stolen from us courtesy of a few guys from the top. It is currently happening almost everywhere in the country. It seems that nobody wants to investigate this things. Either they’re on the take or just afraid. Puka beach in Yapak,  Boracay is one classic example. Anybody who have been there before the late 70’s will tell you that is now only a fraction of it’s original size. and thank you for the few officials who were on the take. I suspect that they also did it to White beach. Philippine sands are being syphoned, sold overseas and still going. This is BIG money operating under the nose of the Filipino people that only a handful are benefiting. Any big boat sitting near our shores pretending to have engine trouble should be reported directly to Malacanang and not to the Police or any other agencies. I think that Pnoy should look into  this and take the matter seriously in his hand because the damage is far bigger in the environment especially marine life and the effect on the local livelihood than what is actually being received from it. It is sad.

  • goldilock

    Before, a nice black sand beaches of cagayan valley shown on link A. Then mining companies destroys it and the result is shown on link B.

    Below are youtube link. 
    Link A before — >>  youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=HA72efVwOBU  <>  youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=CsJkXs0r5kU   <>  << double arrows but don't copy the arrows. Paste these link to your browser address bar. Change the DOT to a . (period) of youtubeDOTcom to make the link work. See the destruction of your fine black sand beaches. These beaches takes millions of years to develop. These mining companies destroyed it within a year. Take photos and document them. Let the uninformed and future Filipinos know the destruction.

    Protect your land whatever the cost. These mining companies does not care for you or your communities. They will go away after they destroy it while you and your communities is now without your nice beaches, is face with constant flash floods and fast rising swells. The owner of these companies dies at 80 years. Don't allow them destroy your your environment in their lifetime. Don't let them bury you and your children. That beach is for you and your communities use.

  • dennis

    My advise: Kung may galit ka sa tao,”You have to beat him/her personally as what Matt Evans did instead of harassment in Facebook! At least you will be bail out for 200 pesos only instead of 10,000 bail?”…Tingnan mo nga naman ang batas sa atin! Just my 2 cents of opinion.

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