‘That’s not their money’–Enrile

Says Senate no rubber stamp



Leave the Senate alone to do its job, thank you very much.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile assailed Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares’ supposed feelings of betrayal over Sen. Ralph Recto’s reporting out a Senate version of the sin tax measure that would reduce the projected income from the tax from P60 billion to P15 billion.

“Why should they feel betrayed? That is not their money. That is money of the people and for the people,” Enrile said.

The Senate President said executive branch officials should just let the Senate do its job of coming up with a sin tax law.

“Every tax measure is subject to scrutiny by Congress. Congress is the one that raises the revenue for the state, no one else,” he said.

Enrile said he understood that President Aquino would want Congress to approve his priority bill that would  modify and impose a uniform tax rate on tobacco and alcohol to increase government revenues from the so-called sin products to P60 billion.

“[But] we are not the rubber stamp of anybody. We are independent minds elected by the people to do a job objectively for their interest and not the interest of anyone,” Enrile said.

Enrile, an acknowledged tax expert, appears to favor Recto’s proposal of a three-tier tax rate for tobacco and alcohol products.

“Having been in this field for a long time as an employee and as a professional—this is where I got my master of laws—you have to be very careful in imposing a tax,” he said.

During the committee hearings, Enrile, a native of the tobacco-producing province of Cagayan who served as finance secretary under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, warned of widespread smuggling if sin products are taxed too high.

However, the Senate President is sure to encounter strong opposition from the President’s allies in the chamber as well as from Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, one of the authors of the sin tax bill, who called the report of Recto’s ways and means committee a surrender to the tobacco and alcohol lobby.

Sen. Sergio Osmeña III, one of President Aquino’s allies, said he would challenge the assumptions that the Recto committee used in coming up with a bill that prescribes tax rates lower than those that the administration wanted.

Santiago’s bill aimed to generate P60 billion a year from the measure. After the Santiago bill went through the committee approval process, the revenue target was set at P15 billion for the first year.

The House of Representatives earlier passed its own version that projected annual revenues of P31 billion.

Told that Santiago was calling on students and netizens to declare war on Recto’s version of the sin tax bill, Enrile said: “Let her have her war if she wants to do it.”

The President’s allies appear ready to push his agenda in the Senate.

Osmeña, who appears to believe Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima’s claim that it would be possible to collect an additional P60 billion from the alcohol and tobacco industries, said the assumptions used by the Recto committee were wrong.

“We’re going to challenge those assumptions during the period of interpellations,” he told reporters.

He said he didn’t expect to see smokers quitting entirely because of the higher prices of cigarettes. They’d only shift to lower priced brands, he said.


For unitary tax rate


Sen. Franklin Drilon, the chair of the finance committee that goes through the budget proposal, also indicated he would push for a more immediate implementation of a unitary tax rate for all sin products.

Recto’s version allows for a prescribed period before the three-tier tax system is collapsed and a shift made to a unitary system.

“There should only be one rate as soon as feasible. Eight years of a period within which it will become one rate is too long,” Drilon said.

Besides, he said administering the three-tier system would be difficult. It would also make cheaper cigarettes more easily available to the poorest, more vulnerable sectors.

“They are the ones who would go to public hospitals and would have to be responded to by public health allocations,” he said.

Recto has called for calm and sobriety, saying his committee’s version of the sin tax bill will still undergo debate and amendments in the plenary. “Let’s debate on this. This is just the initial presentation,” he said.

“They were not the only ones who lost sleep here. My staff and I also worked long hours the last two weeks to come up with this committee report,” he said in a phone interview.

He said the criticisms would have been deserved if he had just sat on the measure instead of working hard to come up with what he thought was the right balance between revenue generation and preventing industries from getting taxed to extinction.

He said that based on the figures submitted by the finance department and the Bureau of Internal Revenue, his proposal was more realistic about generating revenues and decreasing the consumption of sin products than that of the two agencies.

‘Leap of faith’

“Mine is realistic. Theirs is a leap of faith,” Recto said.

He admitted to having been affected by insinuations that an industry lobby fund had influenced his report.

The senator said he would give up the chairmanship of the ways and means committee, if there were any takers to replace him.

The reason he continues to stay on the job is that he doesn’t want the approval of the sin tax measure to be delayed, he said.

Enrile said Recto’s sponsorship speech for the bill was one of the finest he had heard.

“That is the position taken by the chair of the committee on ways and means. That will be debated. Why should anybody insist on their version?” he said.


Moral suasion

Manuel Mamba, the head of the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO), said Mr. Aquino could always use “moral suasion” to sway lawmakers in favor of the measure.

“This is a health bill. First, because incremental revenues will go to health services programs. Secondly, it discourages new entrants into the vice. The President is calling upon leaders of Congress to see this thing in this light,” he said.

The measure can still be “salvaged” as it is still being debated in the Senate plenary, Mamba said.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the health and finance departments had not given up on the measure.

“[They] will continue to work with other advocates to convince our legislators how important the sin tax measure will be to providing for more coverage for the universal health care program,” she said.

Valte said the team would always have their “eyes on the ball” and continue to provide resources and materials to the legislative staff. With a report from TJ Burgonio

First posted 11:53 pm | Friday, October 12th, 2012

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6PXABXIOMHSM2ADQ4DQN7PRRAY Allan

    enrile, that is precisely why Henares was not feeling good: the money is for the people- the people who everyone in the government had sworn to protect and not the intersest and lobby groups! Time to retire Mr. Senate President, enough is enough- to borrow from your lines when you wanted marcos out.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2WTTL6FMGU4D7YZQNHAXBVO2DU Betz Chui

      It is best, in a democracy,  not to have a rubber stamp Senate and Congress, even in USA and other countries. Kudos, Senator Enrile – the people know you are the lone tax expert in the Senate- thats a fact! And everybody knows, you know what you are talking about.

      Dahil sinabi ni Aquino/Henares na 60 billion ang e-raise sa sin taxes…ay ganun na lang. Data, facts, consultations, economic realities, considerations of other impacts (smuggling etc) has to be considered! What are the basis of Henares/Aquino’s 60 Billion?  What not 1 trillion? All Recto did what present the results and data based on facts, consultations, and economic realities and what he thought is realistic and best, and the “committee report” indicated 15 billion increase in taxes for starters.

      Ngayon most posters here banat ng banat tira, tira ng tira without really knowing what and why there comments are like that. They would rather that the study, consultations etc, was done by Jingoy/Revilla/Lapid and surely the desired 60 billion of Henares could have been 1 trillion hehehe. Why zero on 60 billion???where did it came from??Why is Henares so obsessed with that figure?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLJ27MGIVH6A7DGVMRTLKLGGI Joel

        Tanga mo. Addict ka siguro sa yosi at alak. Para kang lango,

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2WTTL6FMGU4D7YZQNHAXBVO2DU Betz Chui


        This is a tax bill..again, a TAX bill; Recto committee studied it well, consultations, research, projections etc. His committee presented what is best for all – realistically, soberly and objectively – now everyone is faulting him, shortsightdly, IMO.

        I think the question there committee tried to answer or identify was:

        ****What is the highest tax rate that can be be imposed that will generate the highest amount of tax return for the government?*** Note again, this is a tax bill.
        If the tax is increased (there are stat models used), 300 pesos per pack – projections could be that 95% of people will stop smoking or will resort to the crude type of smoking using “pipa” and crude filters, as it could be unsafe, diseases, poisoning etc. could increase. The government target tax revenue of 60 billion could go down to a few hundred million pesos. Smuggling of cigs and alcohol could up – more police/jail would be needed, and government cost on health care, fighting smugglers, mafias, illegal and small time crude cigarette/alcohol manufacturers, will increase etc.etc  As this is a tax bill, it gets REJECTED. (Do you why? Joel?) If this was a health bill…then it is best and ideal increase. What if we just increase the tax by 30 pesos per pack? Projection and models show it will reduce 60% of smokers whose daily net home pay is just 300 pesos or less, will the generate the highest revenue for governmnet, and will not discourage smuggling, will not totally kill the alcohol and tobacco industry, will not unemploy several thousands people depedndin on this industries etc. etc. But this will only come up with something like 15 billion pesos because people here are poorer unlike Singapore or Thailand.

        Rectos committee: this is the result of this committees study, the best in all angles, the realistic and practical, the sober, and objective. so let us present this results…anyway this will be up for deliberations, interpolation, amendments, present it to the people and medai so they can have their say…this is just a committee report for goodness sake!

        Henares, Santiago/ and many posters et al: Recto you are bad, you betrayed us. We want the result of your committee to report to show 60 billion, if not more! Else, we will give the committee to Lapid, if not Revilla! Resign…we want more the likes of lapid, revilla, estrada, sotto etc…..we do not want thinking and intelligent senators who refuse to be rubber stamped!! And who conduct studies and listen to consultations of affected sectors!

        Also, your bad VAT…10%.. it was too much (we hate you Recto because, look at the country now, we are out of financial bind, and the economy is stronger as your bad VAT generated hundred of billions for government to fund all those schools, roads, salaries of government employees, those new armaments for the AFP! Coupled with OFWs remittances we are now a stronger economy!


        This is my take of this whole brohahaha. Now flame me.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G7X5DO3WNUK4ORHZCFW4IAYS24 Lloyd

    It is because of the 60 BILLION  PESOS.

  • $18209031

    Patuloy ang kurakot sa mga trapos . Ay naku, ang sarap talaga maging trapo sa Pinas. Pinakamasarap na buhay….

  • sanjuan683

    Pumapabor pa siya kay Vatman, baka isa ito gusto siyang patalsikin sa puwesto. Nagpapogi ka ba Enrile pera ng tao bayan ang pinag-uusapan dito hindi pera para sa isang senador. hehehehehe

  • duviz7533

    most corrupt of all corrupt sa senate..is the oldest

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MDOEHEMLNVSTET7ZCS2MKQ7WRI Flavio

    oh yeah . then who’s money is it ? the tobacco and beer makers or the lobbyists and more importantly , the senatongs ? buko na kayong dalawa ni mr rectum ,enrile !

  • WAJ

    Mr. Enrile is saying, “That’s not (Henares) their money? Money of the people?” Didn’t Henares meant the projected income of 60 Billion she is protecting will go to the people. So, she is pushing the sin tax bill projected revenue for the welfare of the people. It looks like some member of the Senate is protecting the Tobacco and Alcohol Industry. The making of the sin tax bill is something fishy! 

    • magcalasL

      It;s Enrile’s money…that what he wants to say. He is in tobacco business and protecting the tobacco business in the philippines, what can you expect of him, except to protect his interest…kaya nga pinatatakbo ang anak eh…sorry but he won;t win…baka akala ni Enrile mabango ang pangalang Enrile….it STINKS…. like your family.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PJTH3SHQU3B4TCUVRH2UXZCJDY Balahura

    is it yours?

  • AllaMo

    The biggest, oldest stooge of corrupt corporations speaks out. Must be to fund the candidacy of his get [that has the nerve to aspire to another self-serving senate seat.] Sheesh!

  • tilney

    The Sin Tax bill purpose is deter to youngsters from smoking since the cost of cigarettes will be quite high to ordinary people .Only current smokers will indulge on  said activity who are nicotine addicted and will pay at any price. There will be market for cigarettes but not in large scale as what cigarette manufacturers  want of getting the youngsters hook to smoking if the price is within their reach. 

    During election time remember the name RECTO, ENRILE .. do not VOTE them  as they protect cigarette manufacturers…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UCSY3HW5UNXFQ2HX654EWDG6YI Dit

    I’m just wondering how much money Enrile and Recto got from the tobacco and alcohol lobby.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWS5555HSDDFIVPBZEC2QPBOGM Nelson

      A lot I’m sure!

  • tonybee

    The enforcer of martial law does it again—lie bare faced like he did in his memoir–by saying he doesn’t want the senate to be a rubber stamp of anyone. AMLC records of movements of funds in his accounts will surely expose this chameleon for what he is. Check his past, check his banks, check all his connections and surely one name will ring out–that of a filthy rich mogul who’s made his billions skimming billions off the government, consumers and taxpayers. The one with the initials LT. Check enrile’s bank accounts as soon as possible. If anyone at AMLC can be heroic enough, please leak the martial law enforcer’s records of fund transfers and accounts. Be a hero.

  • superpilipinas

    This is exactly why we MUST not have him in that position anymore and that we MUST not vote for his son!

    He is making this a political issue. That is his solution because majority of the people, as you can see from the comments and blogs, disagree with the bad watered-down version. He is not defending based on its merits. It is indefensible.

    The perception is, of course, that he would get some of the lobby money. That’s not hard to believe at all.

  • magcalasL

    Recto finds an ally on Enrile…why because enrile is a protector of tobacco companies, and the region he is representing is in tobacco industry. Don;t lecture us Mr. lapdog Enrile on how long you’ve been on this business, on your masteral degree, that’s BS. You have a masteral degree on corr_uption, you have not change since martial law time, and you think the filipinos and the legislators are scared of you.. stop bullying the filipino people. your time is up….kahit anak mo di mananalo…you are an old garbage

    • mabyrik



  • mabyrik

    Enrile is slowly burying jackie’s senatorial chance in a very deep grave. well, Philip morris and Lucio have provided a better alternative for jackie anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

    Enrile is consistent. From being chief implementor of martial, to chief violator of human rights to chief defender of Sin tax to protect big time lobbyists.

    Lobby funds are not something to sneeze at, mind you. They run to millions. Go and ask Recto, and Enrile.  


  • John Carter

    Enrile, you are not doing your job.

    • boytz

      On another note, he “is doing his job”, of which hatchet jobs, he is nonpareil.

  • pinoyrocker

    Recto and Enrile are obviously on the side of tobacco companies. The last time I checked we are not under martial law anymore and the people are free to voice their opinion to their representatives. Let’s not allow Enrile to bully us.

  • mabyrik




  • magcalasL


  • MahalKobayanko

    Election time next year, Don’t vote Enrile’s son. Junk Jack Enrile. The senators should support the programme of the Aquino Administration. In Europe, taxes are high on cigarrettes and alcohol products. I think the sin taxes are going to the health programmes of the government. 

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but……is j.p.enrile now an unofficial spokesperson for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages industries? 

    it was not just the taxes issues that are in stakes here. juan dela cruz’ health issues are first and foremost to reckon with. 

    it would be a noble gesture for j.p.enrile if (h)e would start a campaign to de-glamorize the use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages by (enacting a law) observing a time-exposure limitation for young adults on t.v.and mass media advertising and promotion of the products in contention. not a total ban on products’ marketing strategies on employment of audio-visual advertising, but on the time slot,place,area or target audience. i.e. school zones (elem. or high school) should be free from the tobacco products and alcoholic beverages billboards or posters and such that depicts or glamorizes the uses and consumptions of such products.

    young adults’ limited exposure to (audio or visual)  mass media advertising of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages might help in the prevention of future health and social issues caused by the above mentioned products.

    • anak_mahirap50

      I agree with u. Sa akin, the proposed tax of the govt is like isang putok, tatlong ibon ang patay:1) govt is trying to keep his people healthy, 2) reduce govt hospital expenses to take care of the poor people health, and 3) increase govt revenue

      • KapitanBagwis

        Mabuti ka pa alam mo…si JPE senile na…sana kunin na siya ni Lord.

      • anak_mahirap50

        I have an idea para matalo na ang ganitong klaseng politico, send me email: anak_mahirap50@yahoo.com

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

        Nasakit na din ulo ko sa matandang ito.. Nakaka-pagod at nakakasawa na xa.. super yumaman ka sa pera namin!! ngaun para sa amin na gusto mo pa perahin!! lintek ka JPE

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2WTTL6FMGU4D7YZQNHAXBVO2DU Betz Chui

       “juan dela cruz’ health issues are first and foremost to reckon with. ”

      Ask them to pass a law “banning possession and sale of cigarettes and alcohol” period.

  • Garo Ungaro

    at first they called themselves public servants which is supposed to be…the interest of the public is their priority…but as time goes by…now..it selective partly the interest of the public…but its the interest of the lobbyist is being the priority…still MONEY and POWER…thats the bottom line…thats why you can’t blame everybody to run for this public office…there’s a gold pot at the end of the rainbow…

  • MahalKobayanko

    Mr. Senator Enrile, the question is not who owns the money. The main question here is how to raise money for the health programmes of the government. Senator Enrile and the other senators should support the executive branch  of the government because its’ the one that implements the programmes that are beneficial to the people. To be fair to our president, we see our economy is growing compared to other countries because of the good works of the Executive Branch officials. Kaya mga kagalanggalang na mga senador, please support the tax bill.

  • tonybee

    Calling on AMLC to conduct closer monitoring of bank accounts belonging to this liar,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W4RTNUSX3BQCWCDQAA562BFC5I Lito G

    uh oh… too obvious manong… i bet your time is up….

  • albayislands

    That’s not your money Mr. Enrile, give back to the Filipinos your vast wealth that you have acquired since you were defense minister under Marcos, the greatest thief in the world on record.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MDAWMT3LIDHOCW7ZTSYXZEUQQ4 ghe

    It’s people’s money pala eh so why are you protecting these bs tobacco companies? Pareho kayo ni Marcos,Honasan, Recto.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWS5555HSDDFIVPBZEC2QPBOGM Nelson

    Looks like Enrile has already forgotten that the job of the senators is to represent the people. So, listen to the people!

  • reddfrog

    Enrile, just do the Philippines a favor: Die already!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Saan ba pumupuna ang mga taxes manong johnny? sa BIR, di ba? so magiging pondo ng taong bayan yun at hindi mapupunta sa mga tobacco companies’ executives, lobbyists, at mga mambabatas na kasabwat!

  • anak_mahirap50

    The 60-70% that represent the population ( poor people) should control the congress and not these rich, gr. eddy, families! Hindi na uso ang demonstration, ginawa na natin nung 70s-wala ring nangyari. Ay aw naman nating sumama sa NPA! With Internet, smartphone, madali na ang communication. We need a new political party to represent the majority in congress and that is us, the poor people. Pls. Send me email at anak_mahirap50@yahoo.com and we can discuss how the poor will win in the next election. I know a lot of people will say its impossible, pero if we not try, kaylan pa?

  • $53950194

    MR Senate President, walang masama kung titigil ang mga tao sa pagsisigarilyo at sa pag inom.  Dapat malaman nyo rin na kahit pa P100 pa ang isang kaha ng sigarilyo bibili at bibili ang mga maninigarilyo but on the other hand discourages others to stop.  Hindi naman pala kay Kim Henares ang pera, sa taong bayan naman pala, eh di ipasa nyo ang Sin Tax Bill na yan!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

      :)  AGREE! malamang mamemera pa tong tandang na toh

  • albayislands

    Majority of Filipinos were treated like SLAVES since the 1500s, during the Spanish era where their Galleon hauled the Philippine GOLD, century old wood and other treasures, for 300 years. Nothing has changed up to now, the Majority of Filipinos are Slaves in their own country.
    Who owns the country? 1. Companies and Corporations with office buildings around Makati 2. Multi-National Corporations, Banks 3. Political Dynasties from Mindanao to the Northern part of Luzon 4. Roman Catholic Church   All of the above profits in BILLIONS and pay SLAVE LABOR WAGES. In other countries a factory worker can own a car and sleep in a soft bed.In the Philippines, a factory worker lives in a squatter and sleep on the floor. That’s is how SLAVES are treated.   The government has allowed SLAVERY because the leaders are part of the Majority WHO OWNS THE COUNTRY!
     PS. Magellan discovered the Philippines Islands during the 1500s. They saw the islands with virgin forest, with exotic birds and wild animals, centuries of hard wood trees, GOLD and other minerals and many more natural resources. Lapu-lapu defended the Island ang killed Magellan and he himself was killed in the battle. The other invaders ware able to report back to the King of Spain. With the vast wealth of the islands and the Filipino natives who will defend their territory to death, in the King’s mind. He then sent his armies of priest and friars to calm down and brainwashed the natives by teaching them to forgive anyone who did them wrong and if someone slap you in the face, have the other side get slap too, ect. They built their churches in the entire Philippine Islands and their GALLEON hauled the the gold and other wealth of the islands for 300 years. NOW THE PHILIPPINES IS STILL THE SAME, MAJORITY OF FILIPINOS ARE SLAVE IN THEIR OWN LAND.
    ONE OF THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHICH HAS EVERYTHING!!!the old saying, “ginigisa sa sariling mantika” ( multi-national corporations using our lands, raw materials, slave labor, marketing their products worldwide and taking their profits out of the country…Corrupt government officials passing laws to protect their loot (nakaw) and their OWN SELF INTEREST. Like for example, the foreign currency bank deposit law where they can hide their ill gotten wealth (in dollars) and laws to silenced the people…

    • pilosopo4

       The ruling class are just taking turns for control, yes, we are definitely slaves to these oligarchs and vested interest groups, the internet will be the platform to promote change and action. The people will need a leader who will be the pillar of change and that day will come.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Galing ng lecture mo! Akala ko democracy tayo. Di ba may botohan? Noon wala, walang botohan. At saka anong slaves ang pinagsasabi mo? Never naging slaves ang great grand parents ko dahil sila mismo may mga farmers na nagpriprisinta magsaka. Your lecture is short-sighted.

  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Enrile, you are a sybatire now, who’s interest comes first before anybody and anything. This is proven in your legacy…martial law, edsa, edsa 2 and now.
    The issue is not just liquid revenue, to come out with the actual benefits. You forgot there two kinds of revenue.. tangible(quantified) and untangible(qualified). The untangible offsets the tangible. This will prove the 15B is wrong. LIFE IS PRICELESS.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SFY4Q6R2K5YUZEXXIJO3TLG2UM Aspo resurrection

      bakit kakunti lang yang list mo?…may natitira pa ba dyan?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

        Bottome-line is outs JPE.. I been hearing a lot people from all walks.. they really don’t like him.. This guy controls media.. a lot un-exposed against him killing our own innocent kabayans.. Masamang damo tagal mamatay

  • jose_guev

    one by one, i am crossing out names of current senators I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR in the future, including their families… mga RECTO, ENRILE, SOTTO, MARCOS, BINAY, ESTRADA.. mga pamilyang sariling pagpapalaganap lang sa pulitika ang nasa isipan o di kaya naman ay yung mga bobong ginagawang tanga ang taong-bayan!

    • j1u2a3n


    • mllacuna

      At sino naman sa mga senators ang iboboto mo in the future? Sino sa mga nakaupo at mga kumakandidato sa 2013 senatorial elections ang mas matino sa kanila? Sino naman sa mga kumakandidato sa ano mang posiisyon, including the presidency, ang hindi sariling pagpalaganap ng pamilya sa pulitika ang nasa isipan? Were you just born yesterday?

      • jose_guev

        pakialamera! but anyway, i am willing to give some new names a try… if it means having new ideas in running government, or maybe moving forward for a change… besides, no one has a monopoly of good, or even great, ideas! sila-sila na lang ba palagi????

  • boybakal

    I pity the old man Enrile. He is the only voice of the Senate. He is the only one who defends, interpellate, express his thought.
    Where are the other Honorable Senators?
    If Enrile is gone, then the Senate will be a useless branch of government, a legislation of brainless people.

  • KapitanBagwis

    That’s the people’s money,therefore, unlike you JPE, Kim Henares et al are protecting it. And at this point, we the people does not believe anything you say. You are only after your own good and the likes of you.

  • JamesBondOO7

    SEN. Enrile for heaven sake broaden up your mind…KIM Henares represents the FILIPINO people in collecting money for the FILIPINOS and it is on her right position to say she was betrayed. We Filipinos were betrayed and WE authorized HENARES to express it in behalf of us. Kailangan kasing lakihan ang SIN TAX kasi naman mapupunta lang naman yang part na tax sa CORRUPTION at least may matira pa sa mga mamamayan…Illustration 15billion minus kurakot 5billion = 10billion na lang. Kung 60billion kita minus 10billion kurakot = 50billion pang natira at mataas na allocation ko sa kurakot.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    Senile Enrile. The badder he gets, the longer life he has.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Netizens, let’s bring the fight against JPE, not just Recto Morris!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    Pag VAT, kailangan at dapat taasan pa. Pero pag sin tax, di pwede kasi liliit kita??? Halatang ginagatasan ang taong bayan ng mga ito.

  • JamesBondOO7

    Hindi mawawala ang tobacco at alak sa version ni Sen. MDS. Kong mawawala man GOOD RIDDANCE! Ang laki kaya ng ginastos ng gobyerno sa pagpagamot ng nanigarilyo.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Grandfather of corruption is JPE, the oldest dog in the senate.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

      Agree!! this guy stays in power to ensure no one goes back on him!! he must be removed!!

  • nti_boohaya

    It’s so absurd that a lot of people in high places think the government is a money making machine.  Yet, they themselves wo are suppose to be the caretakers of government funds spend government funds so carlessly.  Pork barrel, hello?  Senators don’t have any constituency to speak of and their pork barrel is not enough to do anything more than buy votes and line their accounts.  You want to be fiscal then abolish the pork barrel first!

  • nebuchadnezzar5

    You are right Mr. Enrile.  That mongoloid from BIR is overstepping others toes already.  Among her qualitications is just being a shooting buddy (KKK) of Abnoy no more no less.  And to think of it sometime ago, this moron has the gal to say that she is the most qualified candidate for being Chief Justice of the supreme court.

    • j1u2a3n

      Wow! Ayan na naman ang mga namecalling. Tigil na yan. Stick to the issue. Siguro magbasa ka rin kung anong qualifications ni Kim Henares at kung ano nang nagawa nya para sa bansa natin. 

      • nebuchadnezzar5

        Why would I waste the time to research on the qualifications of Kim “Mong0loid” Henares when her actions shows what kind of character she has?  Sometime ago she declared in national media that she is the most qualified among the candidates for Chief Justice and now we have here a situation where she calls and uses strong words like “betrayal” to someone whose office or position is of much higher stature than hers?  As with other Abnoy appointees from KKK she is just one those who is arrogant and full of kayabangan and who is really not qualified in the job that abnoy has appointed them to in the same manner that abnoy himself is also incompetent to be president of the Phils.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/7IIC6GU2QSTZTLKW7N2WWZMIIU Jenny

        nebuchadnezzar5…………… OGAG KA!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OUBE4BYNSKZSVCOD6DY4AKYJ4 mary jane

        This nebuchhadnezzar5 is nothing but a nincoompoop , his IQ is no higher than a  brainless ,lowest kind of animal here in the universe !!! Need I say more ???

      • nebuchadnezzar5

        Prosti ka siguro ano. Ganyan kasi style magsalita ang mga prosti. Magkano ka ba?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OUBE4BYNSKZSVCOD6DY4AKYJ4 mary jane

        No , I am not a prostitute and you cannot even afford me because I am a class of my own . I have been a topnotcher all my school years and I am dignified all the way through . I am a very successful businesswoman , who earns my keeps the honest way and I think you can never  ever compare yourself with me in terms of accomplishments and in terms of character . As I said before and I repeat it again , your response to me justified what I said before of you , intiendes ? 

      • http://www.facebook.com/leonardo.vega.1232 Leonardo Vega

         Obvious ba na avid supporter ni GMA yan?

      • dgboy

         hindi ka sinagot ni Kim nung nanligaw ka sa kanya kaya ganyan ka. Move on!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IMVVAVGYORRXVH27G3GOIR5YXE dominguez

      The easiest way to a rebuttal is ridicule and name calling. One cannot become a commissioner if you don’t have even the basic skills of accounting not to mention that she is a lawyer. The issue is clear, projected income is slashed by half and thus Ms Henares put forth her two cents remark being the head of the collections office of the government. Can we not comment anymore on the work and performance of the stooges in the Senate? Last time I checked we were still in a democratic country and being one of  THEIR constituents, I reserve the right to voice my opinion like you. But I do not resort to inhuman jabs.

      Your guy Enrile deserves more to be demonized and is becoming too sensitive lately, maybe due partly in age. He spits vile and fire from his mouth and projects an image that he has the monopoly in intelligence and experience. For us baby boomers, we cannot and will not forget what you have done in the past HONORABLE SENATOR JUAN PONCE ENRILE.

      • Marx Louis Wang

         Basta ka na lang magko-comment hindi mo alam ang issue. HINDI PA PO ITO NAIPASA SA KONGRESSO, PAG-AARALAN PA!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IMVVAVGYORRXVH27G3GOIR5YXE dominguez

        Exactly my point. Ang mga mamamayan ba ay wala nang karapatang magcomment? Komisyoner man o ordinaryong taong tulad ko? Ang diskursong ito ay kasama sa malayang talakayan bago maisabatas ang panukala ng mga senador. Hindi ba ang unang kwenta ng gobyerno ay 60 bilyon ang makokolekta? Bakit sa pagaaral ni Recto ay bumaba ito ng 15 bilyon. Hindi ka ba nagtataka? Ikaw, alam mo ba ang tunay na isyu?

        Tulad ng kongreso at senado na may interpellation sessions. ang mga tao rin ay may karapatang magdebate kung ang mga ginagawang batas ay makabuluhan. May sinabi ba akong naipasa na ang batas na ito?

      • nebuchadnezzar5

        Hypocrite!  Akala mo kung sino kang malinis.  Pwe!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IMVVAVGYORRXVH27G3GOIR5YXE dominguez

        Hindi ako nagmamalinis dahil batang sanggol lang na kinuha ng Diyos sa murang eded ang malinis. Pero hindi ako nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan, hindi ako nagpapatay ng kapwa ko at hindi ako nagsabi kailanman na huwag niyo akong pakialamanan. BATA hindi mo alam ang mga ginawa ng idol mo.

  • j1u2a3n

    But you are the rubber stamp of tobacco companies.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

    nakahinga si sotto, dahil may kasamang ginigisa

  • echo

    With all do respect Sen. Enrile..in case you forgot, your not living anymore in Marcos era. All has  the freedom to say about this topic. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan

    Naku, Manong Johnny, magkano na naman ang sinuhol na pera sa iyo ng mga yosi makers tulad ni KapiTan? Malamang, malaki-laki para sa kampanya ni Jackie, noh? At meron ka pang warning na widespread yosi smuggling pag tumaas ang buwis sa yosi? Ayaw mo ba talaga ng smuggling sa Cagayan? Ows? Bakit ka aayaw eh kung pinahihintulutan mo din naman ang smuggling sa balwarte mo?

  • al gero

    This the SEnate president that we have, magisip isp naman tyo mga kababayan, ang loyalty ni enrille nasa mga corporation ng tobacco, yan ang pinuno ng UNA ang partido ng mga TRAPO, wag iboto ang kandidato ng UNA sila ang mga TRAPO sa lipunan natin.

  • $29897073

    ogag talaga ang senate prez. Parang sila ay mga Gods sa Pinas. That’s how theythink themselves feeeling “ENTITLED” SOB kung gnayan ang pag-iisip ng mga senators/ tong eh di buhawagin ng poyah na senate na iyan. Parang lumalabas na sila ang dapat pagsilbihan ang mga p*t$ang in* mga iyan.

  • calgary2526

    “Mine is realistic. Theirs is a leap of faith,” Recto said.

    What is realistic to you, Mr. Recto? Saving peoples lives or are you alluding as to how much you ‘realistically’ pocketed?


    • Marx Louis Wang


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MDAWMT3LIDHOCW7ZTSYXZEUQQ4 ghe

    Enrile, maibabalik mo ba ang ang mga namatay dahil sa sakit sa baga? Ang mga negosyo napapalitan pero ang buhay hindi.

  • Fulpol

    very high price of cigarettes because of the sin tax law?

    then expect for underground economy or black market of cigarettes… cheap cigarettes will be illegaly sold,.. lost revenue for the government..

    example: In the UK it has been reported that “27% of cigarettes and 68% of roll your own tobacco [is] purchased on the black market”

    • superpilipinas

      You can already buy filtered empty sticks. And you can also buy the loader as well.

      And you don’t have to purchase ground tobacco from black market. There are many tobacco growers. You know it’s not illegal to grow tobacco right?.

  • Htee

    It seems that a lot of people here were led to a wrong premise that by raising the cost of cigarettes will or can stop people from smoking. At present, look at the cigarette shelf of any sarisari store nearest you. One can see a variety of cigarettes with different prices, why is that?? It is because there are those with higher qualities and there are those with lower ones. Let’s talk about the cheapest ones on the shelf, why are they there? Why are they so cheap??? They are cheap because they are made mostly of reconstituted tobacco leaf that were once considered factory waistes and discarded or just being given to fish pond owners for algae to grow on. This recon leaves together with the lowest grade of tobacco leaves and voilla, a cheap cigarette.
    My point here is, smokers can not be forced into quiting by raising up the price of cigarettes. It will only force them to downgrade their choice of brands. Cigarette manufacturers will still rake in their profits out of it but it will do more harm to smokers, therefore defeating entirely the purpose to remedy our smoke related health problem. To lessen smokers, i still think we relegate this to our educational institutions, beside, we use to have a minister of information , it is suppose to be the government’s responsibility to disseminate infos to us based on research and studies.
    Another point i want to make is this. Who gave these people(sin tax raiser) the right to punish smokers… What makes them so rightious??? Why not put a penalty on poor people who smokes but can not afford to treate the ill effects of smoking.
    One more concluding point is…RAISING SIN TAX OR ANY OTHER FORM OF TAXES IS….

    • http://www.facebook.com/leonardo.vega.1232 Leonardo Vega

       So okay lang sa yo na malanghap namin ang second hand smoke na mga smokers?

      • Htee

        Of cors not, smoker should be sensitive with their surroundings. Pero as i sed, mali ang paraan sa pagsolba sa problema.
        Maniwala ka, mas nanaisin mo makaamoy ng second hand smoke na galing sa Marlboro kaysa galing sa Bataan matamis. Kung hindi ko na maabot kaya bumili ng Marlboro, bibili na lang ako ng Bataan…hehehe

  • farmerpo

    The money from sin tax is like money from jueteng. Little goes to the government and lots to the entrepreneur (and protectors) .  In this case, the tobacco and alcohol producers. P60B planned to be collected lowered to P15B, duh… and also, it is not the money,s…d. it is to discourage smoking and drinking to the max. Both vices kills.

  • sopingac

    Hypocrites are those who believe they are advocating against smoking by supporting a Sin Tax law.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Health bill naman pala, e!! Ito talaga si Miriam, akala siguro niya hindi mag-iisip ang mga maninigarilyo na ihinto na ang bisyo na ito kapag mahal na at di na kaya ng bulsa. Ang gusto ni war freak Miriam, makakamal ng maraming salapi at que se hoda kung ang mga mahilig magsunog ng baga nila ay mamamatay. (Di ba mas magastos ang mamamatay? Magkano na ang isang kabaong ngayon, 50,000 pesos, mahinang klase pa iyon.)  Si Miriam bakit mahilig sa war? Talaga sigurong kulang sa siping ni mister.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

    JPE always looking backward.. always bragging about himself being there for such a long-time WTF!! what a waste in the senate.. We like freedom too much but to extent we don’t see the downside.. While we want changes moving forward we tend to immediately complain.. We don’t care about UK having % underground economy etc.. Just look into the positive result of this bill. You tend to be discourage smoking, drink and I believe it will be good.. A simple basic reality!!

  • Fulpol

    just mere “extortion” or “financial exploitation” for the addicts… 


    a more crazy proposition: tax up to the heaven so that no one can afford to buy cigarettes… so the implications: 

    1) lost revenue for the government, less money to spend for the healthcare of both healthy people and sick people like the smokers who are inflicted with illnesses.

    2. ) non-smokers will pay more taxes just to fund healthcare 

    3). addicts will shift to roll-ups from loose tobacco, that is more harmful 

    4) emergence of black market for cigarettes. the sin tax actually created more sins like illegal selling of smuggled cigarettes or unregulated homemade cigars… or when the addicts become criminals like stealing money to buy for a very expensive cigarette..

    • superpilipinas

      Nope. Like HK, high taxes on cigarette and liquor really helps.

      As for PH:

      Gov’t does not lose revenue since as it is today it is spending much more for medical expenses on smoking related illnesses. None has contested that fact. 

      Addicts to shift to home-made. Let them. But then non-addicts will have one more compelling reason to stop. Non-smokers will be deterred.

      Smuggling is not a problem. That is a story for BoCustoms. It’s their job.

  • yesyesyo

    Katangahan ang comment na to ni enrile. Lahat naman ng pera ng gobyerno sa tao yan. pati budget ng senado sa tao yan. Ano pinagsasabi mo enrile?????

    Magkano ba?????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

    Members of the tobacco lobby hypes on causing rise in cigarette smuggling as an effect of the tax, not noting that infact, along side the manufacturing of cigarettes, some of this scrupulous entities are the same ones smuggling the cigarettes in!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    I don’t smoke.I hate seeing people smoke and puffed smoke in public places making us innocent second hand smokers. I hate seeing them and throw those cig. butts anywhere just like that nonchalantly. But I would keep an open mind on Recto’s Bill. What is so  scary bout taxing too much is driving the poor smokers seeking cheaper alternatives. Yeah the good ole Blue Seal would be back.  Habit can’t be killed overnight but taxes for the government dwindle over time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    Tita Miriam. War uli? Rest muna. Katatapos lang namin  sa Anti-Cyber Crime Law. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AX7A65HBPOATKIEDV77LOLRVUM Colokoy

    magkano kaya ang matatanggap ni recto at enrile sa mga cigarettes/tobacco company na nag lalobby, isang uri din yan ng corruption kasi derecho sa  bulsa nila di mapupunta sa govt.

  • GaryFil

    “Wide spread smuggling…?”  You are worried of smuggling?  In the present state of Law Enforcement in the Philippines, dapat ka ngang mag-worry…

    Kasi kung magmamahal ang alak at sigarilyo, baba ang sales.  Kung baba ang sales, wala kita sina Beer magnate…  E di wala sila anderdatebol…

    1 + 1 = 1 heheheheheh

  • John_Galt_II

    Job killer yan mga tax increases na yan. Kapag nagkaroon ng smuggling dahil mas mura kesa local tapos hihina rin ang production dahil mababawasan ang demand. Maraming mawawalan ng trabaho. Samantalang yun mga tax increase na makukuha nila kukurakutin lang ng taong gobyerno. Kawawa na naman ang pilipino diyan! Yun mga mamamatay dahil sa sigarilyo kahit na mahal o mura ang sigarilyo maninigarilyo pa din kaya hindi effective sa kanila ang price increase. Bibili lang sila ng murang brand o kaya smuggled without taxes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

      Me alam ka pang job killer, e yung cigarette nga e killer, as in people killer, e di mas kawawa ang pilpino dito

      • John_Galt_II

        Papaano naging kawawa ang Pilipino? Sapilitan ba ang paninigarilyo? may nagsusubo ba ng sigarilyo sa bibig nila?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

        So pag namatay sila dahil smoker sila e ok lang? Hndi sila kawawa? I see your logic

      • John_Galt_II

        Problema nila yon. Hindi ang taxes ko ang dapat magbawal sa kanila!

      • superpilipinas

        he-he-he alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng “second-hand smoke”? alam mo ba epekto sa mga anak ng mga nainigarilyo sa loob ng bahay?

      • John_Galt_II

        Ikaw ba mag sisigarilyo sa loob ng bahay mo pag nandoon ang mga anak mo?

      • http://www.facebook.com/leonardo.vega.1232 Leonardo Vega

         Nice analogy. You are right walang pumilit sa kanila na manigarilyo.  Pero smokers are forcing the none smokers to inhale second hand smoke which is worst.

      • Ceazar

        Gusto ko sanang makita na bigyan ng isang maliit na kuwarto ang mga cigarette smokers ng mga call centers. Doon malaya nilang malalanghap ang sarili nilang smoke at yung second hand smoke ng kanilang brothers and sisters. That way they get a double dose of their pleasure.

        Tapos meron namang basurahan sa tabi nila, pero mas gusto pa nilang itapon sa lupa yung upos nila. Napakawalang pakialam sa ikabubuti ng bayan.

        Mga maiitim ang gilagid at naninilaw ang ngipin, umayos naman kayo.

      • John_Galt_II

        Then the solution is do not let them smoke in public places, right?

      • boyod

        meron pang isang killer si JACK, the (giant) KILLER, di ba? anong sey mo hindi ka yata mahilig sa show biz, can you still recall it?

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. Eh kung ganoon, pumayag na rin tayong magtanim ng marijuana para dumami trabaho.

      Maraming addict sa nicotine at marami ring drug addict.

      Maraming may lung cancer at marami ring mga criminal,

      di bale na di ba? basta maraming trabaho. ganoon ba?

      • John_Galt_II

        Ikaw ba pag legal ang marijuana at heroin mag ma marijuana ka at magtuturok ka sa sarili mo?

  • blainz

    “…we are not the rubber stamp of anybody. We are independent minds elected by the people to do a job objectively for their interest and not the interest of anyone” – JPE

    Well isn’t this rich, I remember someone feeling pressured by GMA and Cong. Villuafuerte to split CamSur. Remember Johnny? You haven’t answered anything about that issue.

    Enrile’s “independent mind” has always been for sale to the highest bidder. HYPOCRITE.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

      e ano ba pakialam naten, sabi nya nga kay Villafuerte e “gusto ko happy ka!”

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/LWAIMCK4DSUFZAKIAU4HJI6APQ Gil del Rosario

        Blainz, ask Trillanes to deny the Brady report.

  • franklyn flores

    Ok yan. Parang sa Thailand sobrang mahal ng yosi. Kung magkaka smuggling man, I’m sure napagpag handaan at naisip na nang gobyerno ang mga pusibleng mangyari . 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

    Of course, ‘That’s not their money”, its the tobacco lobby’s money and if they dance to their tune, it could be their money.

  • bbguevara

    Enrile should probably address his complaint to his peer Miriam Santiago, who articulated his disgust with the Recto bill.

    • joshua kings

      why not enrile and santiago debate the issue?
      and the debate shd be open to all suvbject to admission fees like P5,000/pax; the proceeds to be spent for the healthcare and improvement of inmates in philippine prisons.
      the winner being accorded the honor to present such gifts to the inmates; and the loser with recto to make a public apology on tri-media, like what senator enrile did (confess his sins and role re martial law declaration) immediately after marcos and company left for exile during edsa 1.

  • Nic Legaspi

    Tama si Enrile. The Executive should not dictate on the Legislative their agenda. It’s the PEOPLE who should do that. So instead, we should ask Enrile… How do Filipinos feel about Recto’s version of the bill? That’s what the Senate and Congress should consider.


    ‘tong is Berds talaga, oo, kung ano-ano na ang tumitililing sa bao nya.  Not their money…of course.  Hindi pira ng BIR yon ser dahil ang BIR ser, ay pag-aari ng samgayanan at, samakatuwid, ser, pira ng tao.  Si Kim ay nagtratrabaho lamang para sa mga tao, ser.  Kasi ikaw ser, ang tingin mo sa seneyt ay SA IYO at sa inyong pamilya. Ops, hindi lang pala ang seneyt, kundi ang buong Pilipinas….kaya  mo nasabing not their money (because it’s ours…the house of enrile).  Di ba’t  pinamamana mo pa nga sa anak mong ano ang pag-aari mo sa buong Pilipinas na kinamkam mo simulang naging berds ka ng Martial Lew?  ‘Musta na nga pala ang negosyo sa Cag Val na import and sell, ser?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6LZKWWWOJTNBOOZJVX4FLC5MA Marcela

    si enrile talaga! parang hindi niya alam ang strategy ng mga lobbyists. gagastos at gagastos ng malaki ang mga yan para maprotektahan ang kanilang business. hello!!!

  • nes911

    It is not your money either mr enrile. It is ours so heed our call to help stop smoking. Raising taxes for cigarettes at the highest level mqy do the trick

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

    Pinoy cyberpower go!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LWAIMCK4DSUFZAKIAU4HJI6APQ Gil del Rosario

    Hahaha, even BIR’s Kim Henares wants to dictate on what she solely thinks is good for the country. Imagine if she became the CJ.
    Pnoy’s popularity isn’t enough to turns his department heads into dictating wanabees.
    In the senate, it is clearly evident that Drilon has been lurking on the Senate Presidency, and is inching his way into it (despite of his mundane denials). All in the guise of , “matuwid na daan, por favor”.
    And about the ever-negative Osmena, who is such an empty headed senator in contrast to what he wants the people to believe, can he ever be positive when working? .. nah.

    • Renante Avelino

      Ikaw n ang matalino at si osmeña ang wlang alam haha…..osmeña why are u there, wla k plang alam…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LWAIMCK4DSUFZAKIAU4HJI6APQ Gil del Rosario

    Drilon will rise and lunge at Enrile soon before the december holidays,…. like an attacking hippopotamus , with mouth agape !

  • Oliver82

     this is philippine politics.. like to talk all day. Pass that RH Bill, Cybercrime-ek-ek, Sin Tax Bill, Bill-bill at kong ano pang bill na makakaimprove sa health ng mamamayang pilipino..

  • KpTUL

    Leave Senate alone ? You do everything just to hold on power. You should have retired after your stint during the martial law era. The people is to be blamed as well for voting people with tainted backgrounds. Look at at the personalities in the Senate. This country will go down to the sink hole !

  • http://twitter.com/erncastillo ern

    They are not looking at health after all. More smokers means more income. Their 2 objectives simply run one  across the other…. You can never reconcile the two. Why not have two separate bills? One for income generation and the other for health? At least one bill will survive.

  • franklyn flores

    Ang tagal na nyang Enrile na yan sa Senate mahirap pari ang Pinas. Kialngang tanggalin na

  • Mattino2011

    Malaki kitain mo sa suuporta mo kay Recto. Are you nor afraid?? You are nearer to meet your maker? Sin no more, reform for your soul’s sake

    • Ceazar

      A lawyer afraid to meet his Maker? Don’t kid yourself.

      Sabi nga nung kakilala kong lawyer, kaya daw niyang idepensa ang sarili niya kay San Pedro. Such arrogance.
      Siguro Arrogance is one of the subjects they teach in law school.

  • Bengatibo

    Senate goofed with the Cybercrime Law. Senators, pls don’t goof again with the Sin Tax Bill. Think about the future generations of Filipinos who will benefit on the Sin Tax Bill.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6YOSLK74SEBOC3SNZE6NPPJWM ted

    Enrile was caught on tape saying the ambush was staged to justify imposition of martial law and now in his memoir book he said that the the embush was not fake, HE SAID IT ON RADIO AND IT WAS RECORDED AND HEARD BY MILLIONS OF LISTENERS

  • Litong

    This is one bill that should be passed without it being watered down. Para ito sa kabutihan ng nakararami.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6YOSLK74SEBOC3SNZE6NPPJWM ted

    Enrile is 88 year old he is not aging gracefully. Time for him to fade away into oblivion, because there is nothing worthy of him to be remembered

    • boyod

      Anong fade away into oblivion, his physical being, maybe but not his greediness. Hindi mo ba na halata that when he fades there’s someone that bloom parang saging, he is preparing ffor his SON that is why he want to make more money to spend in this coming political race. ANO IBOTO NYO? 

  • kalealaskador

    P60B? We don’t have to raise taxes for sin products or any product or service! Just imagine how much savings the government will have if we abolish both houses in the Congress. The money allotted for Congress can be used for health care! This will be a double win for the people. There will be more money for health care and we will be rid of those thieves in Congress!

    • Rap88

      simply ban smoking, expect the government to lessen its expenditure on health care due to the effects of smoking, imagine the savings we’ll get more than the revenues we expect to collect? plus our citizenry will be healthy and productive. Yah, abolish both houses in  congress ’cause of their corrupt maneuver re: sin tax.

  • joshua kings

    let us not be emotional but examine the assumptions and facts on this issue.
    make this scrutiny/examination open to the public so that the truth may be found: is recto’s P15b the reasonable amount or the P60b projected by the sec of finance (i’m sure both sides have done their homework; hence, it should not be hard to determine the truth).
    sec enrile and santiago shd not fan the fire so to speak but lead to a truthful resolution of the issue at hand.  then, let the people decide.

  • tonybee

    Afraid of smuggling? How about the smuggling of junk vehicles in enrile’s territory in port Irene? A lot of bullsht.

  • Voltes_V

    enrile kumita ka na sa CamSur split and ngayon nabigyan ka na naman ng pera ng mga cigarette manufacturer….

  • http://twitter.com/whipnsaddle Bastonero

    Di mo maisasama sa hukay ang kikitain mo sa Sin Tax Bill Manong tumatanda ka na talagang paurong,,,kaya kaya yung libro mo basura yan walang maniniwala sa iyo kundi yung mga nakinabang sa iyo….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SEELVC6DK2B7HXWCXDMTNQXLLE Jonas

      tanga mo naman ,di ka marunong umintindi,…magbasa ka muna at malaman mo okay

  • gregory robinson

    BIR commish Henares already has the money spent……keep a camera on Henares, to see where the money goes and who she is making deals with.

  • Rap88

    Let the senate do its job? Oh noh… God help us pleaseee.

  • Garote

    Henares and Purisima are the watchdogs of the globalist bankers who are stealing blind the Filipinos through fraudulent and deceptive foreign loans that have destroyed our economy and our people. Henares and Purisima think that taxes are the money of these globalist fraudsters and by reducing sin taxes, it’s an act of betrayal to their foreign masters. 

  • http://www.ofwsinhongkong.wordpress.com/ pinoysahongkong2012

    Enrile and Recto are big fools for not supporting calls for a more forceful and hefty increase in the so-called sin tax!!

    The sin tax isn’t just about raising more revenue for the government.

    More importantly, a hefty increase in taxes on cigarettes and liquor should be seen more in terms of saving lives extinguished by proven cancer-causing cigarettes.

    A huge increase in taxes on cigarettes, which should discourage people from buying costly cigarettes, will save tens of billions of pesos spent by the government for people stricken with cancer and other diseases caused by heavy smoking.

    Billions in savings will clearly feed the mouths of thousands, buy more medicine for the poor, build more classrooms and expand other government services for the general public.

    I’ve got relatives who died as a result of cancer and other diseases arising from heavy smoking.

    Cigarettes and their carcinogenic ingredients have long been proven in the US, prompting many countries to impose steep taxes on them and explicit health warnings.

    Enrile and Recto only need to look at what other Asian countries are doing.

    Don’t they have enough guts and balls to discern more substantive issues, i.e. saving lives of thousands or millions and saving precious financial resources which the government can otherwise use for the poor and needed infrastructures?

    Again, the sin tax should not be seen merely as a revenue measure but equally as an important tool to save lives and limited financial resources which are better used to uplift the lot of the poor in our country.

    Shame on Enrile and Recto for their narrow mindedness.

  • kruger

    After all the hubris these past couple of weeks, I don’t think Enrile’s words hold much sway anymore to the public.

    The influence of the huge tobacco lobby stinks to high heavens in this case and what Recto proposes constitutes high treason already!

    This sin tax bill is a luxury tax for luxury items that poor and addicted Filipinos shouldn’t get their hands into.

    I have been giving Recto the benefit of the doubt, but with Enrile coming into the picture, I’m pretty convinced that these two will screw the country once again if we let them….

  • bgcorg

    There should be a happy balance between raising revenues by government to fund health bills for the poor and taxing them apparently to save them from incurring lung and cancer diseases.  There should be realism here, not just table computations.  It is nice to conclude that we can raise billions from a certain tax measure; whether it is realistic to expect it is another.  We might end up continually in deficit in our collection targets, if we are so unrealistic.  Reason should get the better of us.  Wars are waged due to unjust taxation. 

    • tamumd

      Ah..so the religious fanatic, who loves to pontificate about the sanctity of human lives and morality is for the watered-down version of the sin tax bill. So that more people would spend their meager income on alcohol and tobacco. Substancies that have empirical evidence to cause myriads of cancers. So that more drunken men wreck havoc in their homes and community. How ironic! I know it…those pro-life b…s is just empty rallying calls! Talk is cheap indeed!!! SHAME on you!!!!! You just lost your freaking credibility.

      • bgcorg

        I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  But I suspect you’re a loose cannon.  If I lost my credibility with you, I won’t care one bit.  Intellectual freak! 

      • tamumd

        Something is very WRONG with you! At least there’s a principle and “moral” desonance in your words and ideals. That makes you morally bankrupt and a fake!!! So next time you start rambling about the RH bill coz pills kill the imagined unborn, your pleading won’t mean a darn thing, coz this right here shows clearly how you’re not really for the flourishing of life or protection of life. You choose and pick your battles based on what’s convenient for you. Who knows…maybe you’re benefiting from the tobacco and alcohol lobbies too. Shame! Shame! Shame! What a HYPOCRITE!!!!

      • bgcorg

        Hypocrisy is acting one way but saying another and may I add, an intention to deceive?  You are precisely that no less, Mr. Tamumd!  You lack the realism of a real man, living up to his convictions.  There is no link between smoking and drinking to the rh bill and now you’re bringing it up?  What’s the matter, Mr. Tamumd?  Are the billions of taxes over generations you are alloting for artificial contraceptives, devices, procedures and services not enough that you have to overtax poor Juan this time to enable you to have the funds some more to kill the unborn?  You have a narrow mind, unfit to dialogue intelligently because all what you see are your own self-righteousness.  Think with more balance, not just hold on fixatedly on your arguments which even if only apparently correct, you hold out to be the only truth.  Be realistic, man, and do not condemn so that you won’t be condemned. 

      • tamumd

        Well…your definition of hypocrisy fits you to the tee. Lack the realism of a real man..coz i stick to my principles? Oh so you’re better off coz you flip flop? Not having consistency in convictions? The link between the RH bill and the sin tax bill is the protection of life. Human life and health are both at stake here if you already don’t know that. I was expecting from a righteous-minded, religious fanatic to at least champion this bill coz after all this is for the protection of the health of our people. Not just literally stop disease and eventual death but fund important social programs that would benefit millions while curbing disease-causing vices. Also to stop the social ills that alcohol brings to individuals, families and communities. I am not narrowminded…all my opinions are well-reasoned and evidenced-based. Just look around the world…we’re one of the only few countries with the cheapest taxes on tobacco and alcohol. The developed countries had driven  those tobacco companies out of their countries coz of succesful anti-tobbaco intiatives and programs. Now these greedy, seller of vices want to dump their products in our country to creat new addicts of their products. I don’t have mercy on these opportunists as well as the lawmakers who pander to their whims!

  • regd

    Then you are as clueless as recto! The stupidity of the senators are unfathomable!

  • linobog

    Ask Lucio Tan and Mendoza…. how much is the budget????

  • Pablo Juan

    The problem with a 3 tiered tax system is IT WILL BE ABUSED by the alcohol and tobacco companies to AVOID paying for a higher tiered tax… remember the classification of San Mig light?

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Dahil sa kahirapang itago at gamitin sa sariling kapakanan ang pork barrel, kanya-kanyang raket ang ginagawa ng mga Trapong ito. Kanino pa lalapit at hihingi ng tulong ang mga Trapong ito kung hindi sa mga mayayamang investor at kumpanya. Malinaw na ang mga Alcohol at Tobacco Company na ito ang susuporta kina Vilma at Jackie sa halalan na ito. Sabwatan ni Rectal at Senile-tor Enrile upang dayain ang bayan at ang mga mamamayan. Kaya’t sa darating na eleksyon, panahon na at oras na mga kabayan upang tayo’y magka-isa at puksain at putulin na ang pamamayagpag ng mga TraPong walang ginawang maganda para sa ating Bayan at ating mamamayan. Huwag ninyong iboto ang mga Trapo at ang kanilang mga pamilyang walang magandang ginagawa para sa ating bayan.

  • KenKhoy

    “Why should they feel betrayed? That is not their money. That is money of the people and for the people,” Enrile said…….
    .. you said it your self……..and may i paraphrased what ms. henares said…… the people felt betrayed……..its their money after all….We are independent minds elected by the people to do a job objectively for their interest and not the interest of anyone,” Enrile said…………”.independent”     duh!!!!!!………if so then do it for the interest of the people

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OV276YKVSWQ454LP65IGZ4OZLE aspiras

      QUOTATION from Alexandre Dumas (French writer – 1802 – 1870) 

                          “ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL.”

      • KenKhoy


        Don Quixote de La Mancha: [singing] To right the unrightable wrong / To love, pure and chaste from afar / To try, when your arms are too weary / To reach the unreachable star. 

  • speedstream2

    If the so-called ‘sin taxes’ were applied on essential items like food and medicines, then that’s worth a really big brouhaha. Are tobacco and alcohol worth the concern on taxes on these products, knowing full well the attendant health costs that, ultimately, are shouldered by taxpayers? Well, given the kind of lobby that’s involved in tobacco and alcohol, does one have to wonder about the ruckus? On the other hand, why is it that practically there’s no more to be heard about the Freedom of Information bill, a piece of proposed legislation that has great impact on good governance? Why is it that legislators seem disinterested in taking a second hard look at the resurgence of political dynasties?

  • abbaj

    typical enrile. walang pakialam sa kapakanan ng kapwa pilipino. kung noong noong panahon ng martial law pinirmahan niya ang mga papeles para ma torture at ma rape ang maraming political detainees eh itong sin taxes pa na obviously piniprotektahan nila ni ralph santos and philip morris at mga negosyo ng mga intsik na katulad ni luciofer tan kapalit ang malaking lobby money. ang kapal mo talaga enrile tapos gusto mo pang maging senador ang anak mong kupal. mamamatay ka na lang ayaw mo pang gumawa ng maganda. mabuti pa sa yo ang buwayang si lolong nabubusog. ikaw at ang pamilya mo hindi mabusog busog suwapang ka enrile!

  • Pinoyexpat

    Enrile’s statement is right. He, together with all senators & congressmen, should return their pork barrel and not spend it like they own it with their names & faces on bills. If pork barrel is cut, BIR could then reduce withholding tax on workers. Phils has one of the highest withholding in the world at 33%, with very little devt vs other ASEAN countries. Imagine if taxes could be reduced to 15%, pinoys would have more money to spend. Employers dont have to give more, businesses don’t have to increase overhead & prices on products, it’s a WIN-WIN. And the best part is, people would run for these elective positions mostly to serve and not be served.. Any senator & congressman who have the guts to do this, will have my vote anytime.

  • divictes

    “…money of the people and for the people.” What people are you talking about? Moneyed people? You been in the limelight too long we can see through your rhetoric. Time to go, senator.

  • bisdak2008

    This is all about the campaign funds of Vilma Santos Morris. With a strong opponent who has money, the need the help of Phillip.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TBH6TYEASRY3LFRXFHGOJ6CE5Y FortCity


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SEELVC6DK2B7HXWCXDMTNQXLLE Jonas

    ang daming tanga nagcocoment di naman naintindihan ang binabasa

    • damatannapo

      Pakipaliwanag nga po kung ano pong mga katangahan iyon?

      • boyod

        ang sabi siya daw ay tanga

  • boyod

    “That is the money of the people and for the people”, so why feel betrayed. Anak nang pagong naman kung pera pala ng taong bayan ok lang kasi sabi nya it’s not your money. WHAT A HECK!!!!!!!

    Mga kababayan ano sa palagay nyo, down with this RECTOism and rally against   JACK, THE (giant) KILLER  

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    To Senators Enrile & Recto—

    “When your heart’s for hire, you must realize
     Smoke gets in your eyes. . “

  • boshog

    This proves the strength of lobbyists or should say rich lobbyists.  Its election time an candidates need campaign funds. Read between the lines.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TBH6TYEASRY3LFRXFHGOJ6CE5Y FortCity

    magkano ba ba hah?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      tinatanong pa ba yan?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KEMRDEGWDXCSIBN44QK74VEY74 TOM CRUZ

    not your money as well mr. enrile!!!!!!!!!!! thats their job.. let them do their job also.. 

  • divictes

    “Mine is realistic. Theirs is a leap of faith.”_ Recto.
    Ever heard of “Aim high and hit the mark” , senator? But I do agree with your definition of ‘realistic’__means ‘ in the pocket’.

  • Bengatibo

    That money will be the People’s money and not Enrile’s money either. Babantayan nang Netizens lahat nang kilos ninyo!!! If it is detrimental to the interest of the people, there would be an outcry and condemn you. If it is within reason, they will sing praises about you. The Voice of the people is the voice of God. Just do your job the proper way, not the way you wanted it. Kami ang BOSS ninyo so may karapatan kaming magsalita!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MHDYXOESUU67AMH324WVZKNFSI nilphil

    “Why should they feel betrayed? That is not their money. That is money of the people and for the people,” Enrile said.

    But Senator Enrile, for so long a time now, we filipinos are betrayed by politicians like you! You are the very reasons why the Philippines is poor. A lot of people are suffering because of politicians like you! WE THE PEOPLE ARE BETRAYED!

    • indiots

      yong “we” ay in-interprete ni enrile na sina henares… ang “‘we” na yon ay we the people.

       huwag nang iboto yang recto na yan. ewan bakit nakalusot pa yan?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      Yes, after his some sixty years in “public service”…, 
      mostly in positions “near the top”…,
      the Philippines, during this sixty years, have gone,
      from second place in the economy (and sports) DOWN, …,
      to very near the “second place, from the bottom”.

      Malas yata kayo sa Pilipinas…, sir, Juan.

  • $23257130

    kim henares tuta ni abnoy. pppppwwweeehhh. kadiri

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      smoker ka ano?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PUXMTJYAIPHFTJMDH6UU73DX4Q Crystal

    ayan enrile, yariin mo yang si henares…isa din yan sa nagmamagaling….

  • ashleybulls

    The Godfather to the rescue…. TROPA-TROPA!

    • damatannapo

      Tama ka ashley. Estelito Mendoza, Lucio Tan, JP Enrile panahon pa ni Marcos iyan

  • pabulaka

    I am with you in this fight, Senator Santiago. May you come out the winner in this one.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    Enrile needs funding for the candidacy of his son Jackie Enrile. Estelito Mendoza has already deposited Php200Million to the bank account of Jackie Enrile. It’s all over but the shouting. The only thing that we can do now is not to vote for Jackie Enrile and all UNA Senatorial candidates

  • padrefaura

    bitayin ng patiwarik si Recto!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    This puts the candidacy of Vilma Santos in peril. The opponent of Vilma Santos in Batangas is now a sure winner!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      for keeping quiet while his husband is wrecking havoc…..

  • ThudOthwacker

    LOL Counting the chicks while still in its shell. If the people stops their vices immediately. Even the 15 billion pesos is a wishful presupposition.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5XUATIBTIKC46HFFV7IDJAARY Ed

      If the people stop their vices immediately then the better. That should be the main purpose of the bill. Millions of sons and daughters will no longer have to endure the second hand smoke of their fathers and mothers, thus, we save on billions of government funded health care caused by millions of lungs failing. For the tobacco industry, its about time to pursue trades with real benefit to the nation..and to the world.

  • tarikan

    “Why should they feel betrayed? That is not their money. That is money of the people and for the people,” Enrile said. Sometimes I love Enrile for his brilliance sometimes I hate him for his dullness. This time it’s for the latter. Surely it’s not the administration’s money it’s for the people but the P45B that could not be collected because of Recto’s watered down version could go a long way for the government’s project.

  • AngelMananquil

    “[But] we are not the rubber stamp of anybody. We are independent minds elected by the people to do a job objectively for their interest and not the interest of anyone,” Enrile said.On Selective National Issues only…Why??? Just wanted to know….

  • Philcruz

    Enrile: “Congress is the one that raises the revenue for the state, no one else.”
    Huh? The BIR does not? The Customs does not? The PPA does not? The LGU’s do not?

    And who spends and slurps off the taxes collected? The Senators do not? The Congressmen do not?

    Enrile’s temper, ego and penchant for telling untruths have always been his misfortune.

    • marcopolotorres

      Gusto ko happy ka….hndi yata happy si manong johny ngayon a…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=748620128 Yasmin Ong

    tax experts who included vat in our electric bills. should we say “salamat”? expert sa panghuhuthot!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    henares is looking after the interest of the people, so enrile shut up!

    • $20733759

      So true!! How can he misinterpret Secretary Henares’ concern which obviously favors the peoples’ interest? Dementia seems to be creeping in or just a case of  conceit and feeling of self-importance?

  • Philcruz

    Recto was Gloria’s right hand man in raising taxes. He fought hard to have the E-Vat approved. And Gloria needed it to save the floundering economy which she and her caboodle caused by her corruption. Recto now fights hard to prevent government from increasing tax revenues when most people acknowlede those taxes will now be spent for the right purposes under PNoy.

    Enrile better keep his biases to himself. It smells. Of tobacco.

  • Ben Smith

    Enrile, nang uuto ka na naman!!! 

  • marionics

    tanginang matanda ito ang tagl naman mamatay

    • marcopolotorres

      wag nman…killing me softly lng

  • acaldejr

    I hope Enrile’s son will not win a senate seat!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      we can make that happen…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      And, never will he win the hearts and votes of the voters.
      (oh, sorry. That’s almost saying the same thing, you did.)

  • Gerald Abueva

    2013 Elections Alert: (part 001)

    Slowly but surely, Manong Johnny is gaining allies. He comes to the rescue of Recto just when the latter needs him most. 


    Slowly but surely, Manong Johnny’s son Jackie is gaining ground. His TV ad about his farming and irrigation projects are gaining ground among rural supporters. With 51% of the Philippine population living in rural areas, he’s definitely targeting the right voters. Slowly but surely, he will dismiss his bad reputation during the Martial Law years as part of urban legend. Targeted campaigning, very smart.


    Slowly but surely, Sonny Jaworski has been seen on several Ginebra San Miguel TV ads of late. The return of Jawo’s face on television will be useful in endorsing Ting-Ting Cojuangco’s candidacy later on. With Jawo’s face appearing more often on TV these days, it will bring back the fond memories of the fabled last-two-minutes-never-say-die spirit of Barangay Ginebra. With Jawo appearing together with Ting-Ting on TV ads later on, it will shore up the support for Ting-Ting. By being the mother-in-law of Dudut and the balae of Jawo, Ting-Ting practically has the support of Barangay Ginebra in the bag. From basketball to pambobola TV ads, bilog nga ang mundo.


    Sya nga pala, with election season unofficially underway, TV stations stand to gain a lot from early campaign ad revenues. GMA7 was smart to let the talks with MVP fall through. Big revenue ahead despite a maturing free-to-air industry. Not bad at all.

    • marcopolotorres

      Nice analysis..

      • Gerald Abueva


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5XUATIBTIKC46HFFV7IDJAARY Ed

    It may be the senate’s money, but it’s the people’s health we’re concerned about.

  • hustlergalore

    That is not their money, it is Lucio Tan’s.

    Malapit na election, payroll time.


  • Guest

    The most crazy is Kim Henares’ reaction. She’s claiming that Sec. Recto betrayed them. But
    Henares could not it justify it. Sira talaga ang tuktok!

    • KapitanBagwis

      Mr Rectum, who is Sec Recto?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    “[But] we are not the rubber stamp of anybody. We are independent minds
    elected by the people to do a job objectively for their interest and not
    the interest of anyone,” Enrile said. 

    Are you sure Mr. Senate President? How about the RH bill? Are you not toeing the line of CBCP? How about the proposed division of CamSur? Are you not toeing the line of ex-PGMA?

    I guess the good senator has done enough (good or bad for the country?) and its high time to retire and revise your memoir to reflect the real truth.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

    I was not at all surprised at Recto’s actions… They host the biggest cigarette factory, what can you expect? He smells like tobacco…

  • deadlyshooter

    first the evat, now the sin tax…every time he tinker with tax, he always end up in sin…you know, bad weather…maybe, he’s just saving his face this time, for the consumer, lest he’s blame again for making the sin products too expensive…

  • tvnatinto

    bottomfeeding much?

  • Panch1t0

    If you will take literally statements of Kim and JPE, Kim’s sounds reasonably correct. The money will eventually go to the government that would in turn go into projects that would benefit the people.

    JPE’s statement is more of direct outcome lacking how effectively it will work.

  • Unah_Know

    Recto is the chairman of Senate ways and means committee at hindi siya pwedeng diktahan, gusto lang nya balansehin ang lahat. Nasa gitna llang siya noh!

  • Editha Tuason Angeles

    Akala ko noong campaign ang declaration walang imposition of higher taxes…bakit ngayon left and right? Make it clear, are you imposing higher sin taxes because of the money that could be derived or you are after man’s health condition in general?

    • damatannapo

      Kalusugan ang layunin ng pagtaas, pangalawa lang ang revenue generation. Isa na ang Pilipinas sa mga bansang may pinakamababang halaga ng sigarilyo, Halos lahat ng mga bansa sa ngayon ay may matataas na buwis pag dating sa bisyo at ang dahilan ay sugpuin ang masasamang bisyo

      Kaha ng Marlboro: Philippines 35 pesos, Singapore 350 pesos, Thailand 100 pesos at sa New York US$11 x 43= 473 petot

      • $20733759

        No matter how you look at it, higher taxes has a dual benefit for the government and the people at large. Higher taxes means more revenue for government spending plus a direct effect on the health problem brought about by smoking which is projected to be proportionately reduced…. so ano ba ang angal nitong si Enrile at Recto?Kahinahinala tuloy sabi ni Mang Juan sa kabilang column…”Dont fool the public!”

      • sam_aquino

        we already know that this old man is a LIAR (based on his “memoir”) & a CHAMELEON…  whatever he says from hereon, i should believe in the EXACT OPPOSITE…

  • Editha Tuason Angeles

     Tama si JPE…do your own job, walang diktahan…

    • juantamad99

      “walang diktahan” wala sa bukabolarya ni JPE iyan dahil dati siyang DIKTADOR noong Martial Law.

  • damatannapo

    A healthy citizens make a better Philippines
    Kill the tobacco. kill anything that is bad

  • wakeupbayan

    Enrile is now becoming like a little crying baby contradicting almost every proposals from the executive branch just because of the ringing bells in the air  of his leadership in the senate.  Typical Pilipino attitude, parang bata kunwari okey lang but deep inside it hurts and kills him softly softly.  A busted ego ?????? But lets have a little practical sense on this, isn`t it time for him to relax and enjoy his few years remaining.  Gosh naman  !!!!!  Sobrang power gr,,,,,y na yata yan. Give others chances to reign and show what they can do.  For Kim Henares, as BIR chief, of course she is for a higher revenue collection,,,, it goes back to the people anyway one way or the other, di ba ?   Di ba iyan ang trabaho ng mga senador sa senado, ang gumawa ng batas na angkop sa need ng bayan ? Not laws na angkop sa mga need nila !!!!  That is why the people elected you. I better not comment further as the column would not accept a full freedom of speech here. About the rubber stamp,,,, who said you are?????  ,,, but since you admitted it Sir, I leave it to you to further enlightened yourself of the correct and logical answer.

  • Guest

    The Senate is independent. Hindi naman pwede silang maging sunod-sunuran sa Executive, kaya leave the job to the Senate. Huwag na kayong makiaalam dahil trabaho yan ng Kongreso.

    • marvingaboysantiago

      But you know they should understand what the administration wants to do. Its for the people who will benefit in this new taxes from tobaccos. There is nothing wrong to the assumption prescribed by the executive. The amount to be collected is for the use of building new hospitals and other related health services that will primarily augment the government in its subsidizing function…. Senator Enrile is a respected lawmaker but if he really wants to help in attaining adequate hospital and health services in this country he should try to cooperate and help in passing this new law on sin taxes….

      • sam_aquino

        he opposes higher “sin tax” since the old man is from the “north” (cagayan province),  i would assume that he has connections with the “tobacco industry”, one way or another… 

      • marvingaboysantiago

        I believe you”re right. He”s a wealthy man with vast land use in tobacco farming or he has shares of stocks in one tobacco company….

      • boldyak

        iba ideya nyo iba naman kina Enrile, sa tingin mo mali siya, sa tingin naman nila mali ka…paano ngayon…

      • marvingaboysantiago

        He should cooperate with the government. As a legislator he knows the government needs the money for the deliverance of social services. And this is basic if you are an official in public service. I know that the senator owns vast tobacco land in Cagayan and presumably he will be affected in this issue…

  • jimiji

    plainly politics…nothing else

  • deadlyshooter

    if the purpose of the bill is to generate more revenues, will taxing it too high make it possible? taxing too high would make these sin products expensive, thus, can’t be readily affordable to ordinary users, how will this generate more revenues then? if few consumers will buy the products, and taxing these products too high, will this really generate the targeted revenues? on the other hand, will the company producing these products survive or will it just cease to operate having lost their income from too high taxes? with more companies producing sin products shutting down, what will this affect our economy? surely, it will benefit the health programs of our health sector by killing the industry but it will not generate the big revenues they’re dreaming to get…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Klein-Mo/1764894963 Klein Mo

      In the DoF/DoH proposal, they cited the cases of Thailand and Singapore wherein tax rates were raised substantially but revenues still increased while keeping the industry alive. I just forgot the exact numbers. But this tells you that it is possible to get the three-pronged objectives: higher revenues, lower consumption and thriving industry – so long as the demand-price elasticity is estimated properly. Ex. if price goes up from 20 to 40 and demand drops from 100 to 80.. you will still get higher revenues – from 2000 to 3200.. And higher revenues mean higher tax intake… And so long as the net income (income net of tax) stays positive, then there’s incentive for companies to continue operating

      • deadlyshooter


    • damatannapo

      Health issue is primary and revenues take the background
      Increase the price and reduce consumption will make us healthier and a better nation yan ang thought ng pagtataas ng sin taxes

      • boldyak

        tuwang tuwa na naman ang smugglers nito…

      • deadlyshooter

        correct…yet, smoking will not be addressed by imposing high taxes…people will still smoke, there are other means to do it, just look around, there are abundant dry leaves to burn, it only need the ingenuity of the one who wanted to smoke…small kids learned from this…*-)).

  • iping2sison

    The House of Representatives has its own version and the House of Senate has another. It’s time consuming and expensive to enact laws when two different sets of people do the job. After the Senate passes its own version, then the two houses meet to consolidate their versions into one bill for submission to the President to sign into law. Very complicated process. Simplify law making process and engage the people to share inputs into all proposals.

  • 12JEM

    Recommendation pa lang sa tax on cigarettes
    Sobra na ang dramatics…hysterics
    Lalo na itong si Henares
    Feeling betrayed.

    Feeling betrayed?  Hindi pa nga tapos sa Senate.

    Participate in the Debate.


    Malapit na ang election…mag-kano na naman kaya ang political contribution ng mga tobacco at alcohol companies sa mga trapo…este..finest senators na ito..FBS talaga.

  • Ciano Malandag

    dapat ang presidente mismo ang unang titigil sa paninigarilyo.akala ko ba ang purpose nito para sa ating kalusugan.siya mismo di nya kaya!!!

  • Guest

    Ang sabi nga nila gradual lang at hindi bigla-bigla ang pagpataw ng dagdag ng buwis para naman di mahirapan ng todo ang taumbayan. Eto naman sina Purisima at Henares, todo agad. Ano kaya kung batuka ko mga to?

    • damatannapo

      Kalusugan ang isyu dito, taasan ang halaga para mabawasan ang masasamang bisyo at makinabang ang kalusugan ng mga mamayan. Tayo na ang isa sa  may pinakamababang halaga ng sigarilyo ang Marlboro natin 35 ang kaha sa Singapore 350 pesos at sa New York 475 pesos (Tax ang dahilan) 

      • boldyak

        magkano naman sweldo ng mga tao doon?….prehas din ba sa atin per hour?

      • damatannapo

        For a serious tobacco control, cigarette affordability must be decreased

    • damatannapo

      Taktika yan ng Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Company (halos monopoly ito dahil Philip Mboro Fortune Hope Champion iisa na ngayon 50/50 ang share walang majority) 
      Natural gusto ni Lucio Tan at ng Philip dahadahan itaas at tuwing ika lawang taon lang para hindi masyadong masakit sa may mga bisyo imbis na biglain dahil may impact sa mga consumer at malamang dadami ang titigil
      Sinasangayunan ni JPE itong dahan dahang pagtaas para sa interest ni Lucio Tan at ng Philip

    • Branch_Warren

      Anu kamo?para di mahirapan ang taong bayan?you must be kidding. First it is to discourage smoking ang drinking. Then not waste tax money to provide health care to those illness brought about by smoking and drinking.
      I dont think you really understand what this law is for. Or you just want to continue your vice and pay less.

      • boldyak

        i love smoking…and still continue smoking..

    • KapitanBagwis

      “Ang sabi nga nila gradual lang at hindi bigla-bigla ang pagpataw ng dagdag ng buwis para naman di mahirapan ng todo ang taumbayan” ~ Yun ang sabi ng may ari ng cigarette factory kina Recto at Enrile. Inulit lang nila na para silang loro dahil sa lobby money.

  • deadlyshooter

    logic and reasons will indicate that this sin tax scheme will not gain the government the desired revenues, but will favor its health programs…

    • damatannapo

      probably you’re correct
      aanhin ang pera kung may sakit naman

  • shikamaru

    kaninong interest kaya ang pinapangalagaan nina enrile at recto? pag cybercrime law, ambilis.. freedom of information, naghihingalo.. value added tax ni recto, na nagpahirap sa marami lalo na sa mahihirap, aprub sa kanila.. itong mga bisyong ito (alak at sigarilyo) na sanhi ng kung anu-anong sakit at walang saysay na kamatayan, kailangang taasan ng buwis, ayaw nila? kasalanan ninyo yan kung bakit nakabalik sa pwesto yung dalawang yan sa posisyon.. natalo na nga yang mga yan, pinabalik niyo pa.. buti na lang at di ko ibinoto, at di ko iboboto ang dalawang yan sampu ng mga kamag-anak nila, mga walang kwenta..

    • sam_aquino

      here in the interpellation of Sin Tax Bill, you can clearly see who we voted to the senate…  these senators that are supposed to be “for the people” is exposing themselves they are working only “for their self-interest”… 

      1) Cybercrime Law Bill (for their interest) – immediate approval agad
      2) Freedom of Information Bill (for people’s interest) – PENDING!!!

  • 12JEM

    Gawing 100 pesos ang pinakamababang precio ng isang kahang sigariilyo.

    1. To prevent young people to become smokers and reduce the consumption of tobacco among  present smokers.

    2. The govt will be able to collect 90 billion pesos from those who will be continuously smoking and new entrants who can afford the price. This 90 billion pesos will be used to improve the health system in the Philippines

    This is the claim of Dr. Galvez Tan, former Secretary  of Health.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    JPE..ang pinkatusong politiko sa history ng philippine politics…


     galing na abogado ni manong johnny. magkano kaya ang bayad ni lucio tan sa kanya.


  • Guest

    Enrile is right,
    it’s the senators who will ultimately decide that bill. Kung maka-react naman
    itong mga pro sin tax advocates na to. Bayaran din naman kayo!

    • damatannapo

      Sino pong lobby group ng pro sin taxes? may links ka ba para suportahan ang iyong komento?

  • tuldok

    Where are the coco farmers’ levy funds?   enrile knows who got them.  And it’s also not their money!

    • batangpaslit

      naka banat na naman si Tuldok. natuldok sila….hehehe

  • boymanok

    the senate is the servant of the people, no less than the other branches of government. the filipinos’ can’t just leave the senate alone to do its job if the senators are screwing up. did u get that manong johnny?

  • butilngbayan

    Sen. Recto betrayed our people not the BIR.  
    The 2 senators (JPE & FM) who are supporting his senate version report are from tobacco rich region. Obviously they are only protecting their vested interests. 

  • LuwigVonMises

     this tax would only make people use other things like rugby or glue. then when the government see this they tax rugby or glue too. this kind of stupid actions from the government makes the government seem like a thief. they rob us from the fruits of our labor through taxes…

  • mydel

    hay naku, RECTO, ENRILE, MARCOS, look kung anong ginawa niyo sa Pilipinas…ang dating maunlad nating bayan na pangalawa sa japan sa asia…ngayon ay baon sa utang…at lawit ang dila ni Juan sa hirap ng buhay.  samantalang kayo, sarap ng buhay.
    kung nabubuhay si Rizal, tiyak isa siyang matapang na BLOGGER.
    kung nabubuhay si Gat Andres, tiyak muli niyang itataas ang ITAK para utasin ang mga GANID na politicians.

    si manong johnny at ang senado hindi “rubber stamp”?  eh di ba kayo ay rubber stamp ni Lakay Marcos noon? 

    hindi kayo pabor sa RH bill dahil ito ay pumapatay ng SEMEN.  
    pero hindi rin kayo pabor na patawan ng mataas na buwis at mawala ang alak at sigarilyo na pumapatay ng TAO? consistently inconsistent kayo.

    mas inaalala niyo ang mga gumagawa ng alak at sigarilyo na maaring mawalan ng trabaho kaysa mga taong mawawalan ng buhay dahil sa sakit na dulot ng alak at sigarilyo. (400,000 registered nurses walang trabaho, wala kayong ginagawa para mabigyan sila ng trabaho?)

    taxed to extinction — mas mabuti nga kung mawala na ang mga salot na kumpanyang ito dahil makakatipid pa ang bayan sa laki ng subsidy sa medical expenses kaysa tax generated by these sin items – at maraming buhay pa ang masasagip sa masamang bisyo.

    rampant smuggling? — di ba mas mahal sa labas ng pinas ang sigarilyo at alak…ibig mong sabihin bibilhin mo sa labas ng mahal at ibebenta ng mura sa pinas?  and besides ang pagpigil sa smuggling ay problema na ng executive branch.

    bakit ba mas pabor kayo na liitan ang buwis sa mga salot na kumpanyang ito na wala namang pakinabang ang bayan? wala bang kinalaman ang LOBBY FUND? DI BA SILA KAILANGAN SA DARATING NA ELECTION?

    well, basta ako segurado —- kailangan niyo ang PONDO.

  • 12JEM

    Cancer cures Smoking…

    Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.

    The best way to stop smoking is to carry wet matches.

    Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.

  • disqusted0fu

    bottom line is, the bill was completely revised last minute. it doesnt matter who’s money is it or not. what matters is whats the legit reason why there was a sudden and drastic change?

  • $20733759

    Want more information… read Ms Solita Monsod’s column today “Sold down the river”, revealing details which  justify the sentiments of many  who contributed here.

  • Gerald Abueva

    2013 Elections Alert: (part 002)

    Slowly but surely, our voting population is getting younger than older. In 2013, somewhere around 20 million of Filipino voters will be between the age of 18 to 35 (according to data extrapolated from PH Census). To capture the youth vote, expect politicians to purchase the face time of young popular showbiz personalities. Some politicians might even use LGBT celebs to appeal to LGBT voters and the more morally-tolerant youth of today. If Jamby succeeded by having Judy in her TV ads, who gets to buy and benefit from Ryan Agoncillo’s face value and his Talentadong Pinoy masa appeal? To the other young stars, this is your time to shine and make lots of money by selling your face without compromising your flesh. Or maybe a little.


    Slowly but surely,  Bambam is losing his Ninoy look. At the rate his hairline is receding and thinning, Bambam might not be able to take full advantage of his resemblance to Ninoy in 2016. According to brain science experts and field researches of ape-families, facial recognition among primates inspires trust and confidence significantly. Running as a Ninoy lookalike in 2013 is not too premature at all, according to some calculation.


    Slowly but surely, something might be happening behind the scenes. Kapunan recently surrendered. Will his surrender enable the administration to go higher up in the chain of command? Will this lead to two sitting senators? How far will this play out leading up to the 2013 elections? Will this tip the balance in favor of LP? At any rate, Jackie can always run in 2016.

  • 12JEM

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

    Alcohol may be one of your worst enemies but the Bible says love your enemies.

  • robrano

    Nowhere in the world anyone denies the wxtreme influence of tobacco and acohol on health. And therefore the extreme costs of treating victims,
    Why then in RP, with one of the poorest health systems, alcohol is cheaper than healthy milk?  In western countries, tobacco and alcoho; are heavy taxed and mostly a part of the tax money goes to the health system, to age pension funds and to support treatment of misuse victims. Means, such alcohol caused costs are paid by alcohol consumers, not by the general tax payer.
    There is Octoberfest in Munich, one of the0.7 liter glasses cost more than 500 pesos. Prosit….

  • robrano

    to LuwigVonMises

    If drinking and smoking are “the fruits of your labor” the you are a;ready ripe for an emergency treatment.
    Millions of mothers have not enough money to feed the kids well, because the husbandwasted money for drinking. And countlessbabies are created by drunkards who then rape their spouses. Not to mention that drinking often leads to gambling and later to trouble up to killings. Put 200% tax on alcohol and tobacco. Nobody will then go and sniff glue Or exempt alcohol and tobacco misuse from health insurances.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G7X5DO3WNUK4ORHZCFW4IAYS24 Lloyd

    No rubber stamp Senate and Congress is best though we are in a democratic form of government.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001870324729 Doming Buna Jr.

    Mr. Enrile, bkit nmin kau pababayaan e karamihan sa inyo utak corrupt, icipin mu, pinaboran p ng mgaling na Senator Santos ang mga tobacco company kesa sa kalusugan ng mga taong bayan at kapakanan ng bansa! tapos sasabihin nio pabyaan kau! ang dahilan ni Senator Santos bka wlang bumili? Mahabaging Langit, hindi na kailangan pa cgurong maging abogado ka o ekonomista ka para malaman mu ang tama at mali, icipin nio kung ilang tao ang nmamatay dhil sa mga bisyo ng alak at sigarilyo, at ilang tao pa ang mamatay, kau ok lang sa inyo, mayayaman kc kau, mamatay man kau mamamatay kaung masaya  kasi mayaman kau, pero tandaan nio ito may KARMA!

  • rjimenez1226

    It’s our bribe money, says Enrile.

  • rjimenez1226

    Enrile will not come to the defende of the people, but of his own personal interestn and those interest that he want to potect. The guy is corrupt to the core.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      Why…, during that EDSA-1 Epic…, 
      he was defending himself (actually, hiding)…,
      NOT Defending the People of the Philippines.

  • rjimenez1226

    Huwag pabyaang lokohin na naman ni Enrile ang taong bayan!

  • santosboi

    lowering the tax to avoid smuggling? what a stupid pronouncement!!!

    • santosboi

      instead of thinking that sin tax are made to lessen people’s consumption on this for health reason. eto sige yosi pa kayo kasi mura naman!!! 

    • Tama Lang

      This is the reason why his son Jackie should not be elected senator dahil may vested interest. And I think the real color of Recto is coming out. And tawag dito hawak ng special interest group.

  • juantamad99

    “Why should they feel betrayed? That is not their money. That is money of the people and for the people,” Enrile said. I don’t know if Enrile understood what he just said. Of course it’s people’s money, Kim Henares, being the BIR commissioner represents the people’s interest.
    I guess what he really meant was it’s their bribe money.

    • sam_aquino

      i think i have to agree with your point here, parekoy…  as enrile says, “IT”S NOT OUR MONEY”…  then who’s???  maybe, tobacco companies???

      i rest my case then, : )

      • juantamad99

        The money in question here are the tax money being imposed on tobacco and alcohol, technically it’s people’s money and it’s only the amount that’s being argued.

      • sam_aquino

         i agree with you, juantamad, but the point is – it’s just the smokers & drinkers money & not the general public that is going to be taxed…

        anyone who does not smoke nor drink, they are safe from this “sin tax” as it does NOT apply to them…

  • carlorocci

    Senatong Enliar galing lang po sa taxes na binabayaran ko ang mga irresponsabling may sakit dahil sa paninigarilyo at pag-inom ng alak, na nagpapagamot sa PGH…..

    • boldyak

      di ipagbawal na ang sigarilyo at alak completely para masiyahan ka…ako naman ayaw ko magbayad ng condom sa mga irresponsableng manayakis…ipagbawal din ba natin ang free condoms?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6XYM5KVOEPID4OYKAESCWET54U Bernie

    mr. senate president sir, they felt betrayed po kasi they spent long hours para mabigyan si recto ng tamang figures, they researched and did their job hoping that recto will find their figures useful and worth considering. pero recto, even with the well-computed, well-researched numbers, still used the numbers favoring the tobacco companies. that’s betrayal. di naman nila sinabing pera nila yon. mukhang tumatanda na po tayo. over-sensitive na.

  • D_BystandeR

    This case should be considered and analyzed with sobriety because nobody can claim the monopoly of truth and wisdom. Most of the comments I read are based on a “rage of uncontrollable dislike to some of the personalities involved here especially to Manong Johnny who claimed in all honesty that Congress cannot be dictated by the Executive Department because Congress is not a “rubber stamp.” Perhaps blinded by emotional outburst that is why some can hardly accept and understand the stand presented by Manong Johnny. Wisdom is not a monopoly of the Executive and those of their supporters, like Kim Henares and Mirriam who authored the “sin tax bill.” Who knows the group of Enrile and Recto working on that bill and arriving at a different result of only P15B is based on a much deeper and realistic approach rather than the other one which probably disregarded all the other factors just because they are under the “marching order” to realize the targetted P60B which is the one widely endorsed by the current administration by hook or by crook?

    • rjimenez1226

      Enrile claims in all honesty? Bangag ka ba?

  • rjimenez1226

    Hindi daw rubberstamp ang Senate. Rubberstamp lang ng mga corrupt. Enrile and Recto have lready duped the people for too long. End corruption. Give Filipinos a chance.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

     magkalaban sila ni trillones pero magkasundo sila sa sin tax bill version ni evat recto. himala !!!

    • rjimenez1226

      Si Trillanes walanghiya din pala.

  • sam_aquino

    here in the interpellation of Sin Tax Bill, you can clearly see who we
    voted to the senate…  these senators that are supposed to be “for the
    people” is exposing themselves (recto, enrile) they are working only “for their

    1) Cybercrime Law Bill (for their interest) – immediate approval agad
    2) Freedom of Information Bill (for people’s interest) – PENDING!!!

    what ever this old man says, i always believe in the exact opposite…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFDGBGI6RTVYTYN3X6OP2DVX4A droids

      bakit hindi mo isinama ang kamag-anak mong si noynoy sa cybercrime law pati sa FOI na kanyang pangako…eh kasama siya sa mga culprits.

      ano SIN TAX bill para daw sa HEALTH..may bago na naman kamong gatasan ang gobyerno…If noynoy really wants to be a model for this sin tax bill he MUST STOP smoking.

      • sam_aquino

        whether he wants to smoke or not, it’s NOT your problem… 

        whether he wants to kill himself by drinking or smoking, if he’s willing to pay for the high taxes himself is also HIS problem, NOT yours…  if you were not smoking or drinking, it should not bother you…

        why worry yourself???

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Maganda ang inensiyon ng administrasyon, pero realistic nga ba ang pamamaraan?  Pag nagsara ang mga gumagawa ng sin products sa laki ng tax, maraming mawawalan ng trabaho.  Tama si Recto at Enrile.  Mas maganda kung may ibang punto de vista aside from the administration’s.  Pag-debatehang maigi–at objectively ng walang pataasan ng ihi–para masala at maging tama ang lahat.  At habang masidhi ang hangarin ng palasyo for the measure, mas maganda kung titigilan na rin ni Penoy ang paninigarilyo.  Hehehehehehe….

    • suburbanmother

      i agree the president should set a good example of kicking the bad habit. leading by example also extends to how he handles his health. after all, many people look up to him especially our youth.
      lolo basyong, your concerns about workers connected to this industry, losing their jobs , is valid. however, it only affects a few. the effects of smoking and alcohol by far affects a greater number of people-in the millions. this is a  very serious public health concern. just look around you. i’m pretty sure you know someone who died of a disease in which smoking and alcohol are identified as risk factors.

  • tita_cacayan

    wag kayong maniwala ke enrile ,tignan nyo nangyari sa electric bill at celpon text bill 

    • sam_aquino

       the old man is a LIAR & a CHAMELEON…  that’s what he truly is…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSNMBBLLZ43XPQQIROO7XCR62E Den

    The old man has delusions of omnipotence.

    He thinks that just because he was able to somehow refurbish his image during the Corona impeachment trial, he now has license to act and speak as if the nation owes him its very existence.

    His book of lies, also known as his memoirs, was just the beginning. Then his very public tiff with Trillanes where he spilled national security secrets, followed by his dare to his fellow senators to unseat him as Senate President. Now he has the gall to question the intentions of people who are fighting against the ill effects of tobacco. And he wants us to elect his son to replace him in the senate. The man is on a roll.

    Mr Enrile, it is time to go – cut and cut cleanly. Does that sound familiar to you?


    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      Not just yet…he still have some job to do…like the smoke & mirrors busting…
      “Hey, it’s not your money”…lazy mediocre 5-year old man.

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    Recto is a brilliant guy…who has the “feel” of what he does, esp. in taxation.
    But the Noynoy god cult wanted to praise their god…
    Kim Henares is a nobody but a tool of the yellow cult…

    Kudos to Senator Recto…

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    “Hey, it’s not, AFTERALL, your money!”
    A very nice “smoke & mirrors” brainwashing BUSTER!
    For sure, the cult of the “Tuwid Na Daan” smoke & mirrors strategist would demonize him…and tell the public that the move is “PRO-GMA”…

  • Danny Bravo

    mahinang  makiramdam  itong  si  mr.  enrile….paano  sila ??,,,walang  laman  ang  bulsa

  • suburbanmother

    cigarettes and alcohol are considered luxury items so the government should be able to impose a hefty tax. why are many people complaining when it’s not like these products have nutritional value. where in the food pyramid does it belong? nowhere, right? the argument that the poor will be much affected by the increase in taxes is a good thing. it will make them think twice about choosing between cigarettes or food, alcohol vs milk…mahirap na nga, may gana pang manigarilyo at uminom.
    tatang enrile, please lang po. maswerte ka at umabot ka sa matandang edad. there are many who died early due to tobacco and alcohol related diseases. maawa ka naman sa ating mga kabataan. they will suffer the same fate.  you should focus on them, not serve the interest of the few favored friends.

  • kilabot

    both sides are doolally geniuses. if the real intention of the sin tax is to discourage people to commit the sins of liquor and cigarette, eradicate both from society. then, they won’t be wasting time debating about the sin tax.
    but i suspect noykapon wants this money to fund the rh bill. he is willing to sell unhealthy products so that he can finance another unhealthy endeavor, the rh program. abnoying state of mind.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6LVAN7WBZHVKDAY7A65MB4V34I Rolando

    Talaga itong SIN na ito, malusog, kaya ginagatasan. Why not put Metro Manila under a NO SMOKING AREA! After all, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Gusto mo bang magkasakit ito ng cancer?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

    Simple lang yan, sa mga naninigarilyo, kontra diyan, sa mga hindi pabor in imposing hefty taxes for the sin products…Lolo Juan… sige na… kailangang mataas ang taxes para kokonti na bibili yosi at mga alak….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMRXSOYS6ZCDDW43HZ4Z2XKVMQ BrAX82

      naninigarilyo ako pero I would want high taxes for these products… Utak mo lng siguro ang simple.

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    The yellow cult members call Sen Enrile as a liar and a chameleon…but call the 5-year old mediocre man in the palace “god”, full of wisdom and genius…(based on his track record)…hahahahaha! Too bad for Noynoy, he ployed Trillanes (a known lowlife traitor and a mediocre, too) to do the planned ouster of Enrile…and now the businessmen who supported Trillanes, for their benefit, are very dismayed…
    Hey, it’s not your money!

  • ManongOsang

    First of all, Recto’s viewpoint is EXTREMELY BEHIND! Practically the ENTIRE Advanced Nations led by the United States has really taken a Very Strong Stand against TOBACCO thru Crippling Taxes for Tobacco users. Canada & Europe followed that pattern.

    The PHILIPPINES is One of Five Poor Countries that has BECOME the DUMPING GROUND of Tobacco which causes Millions of Filipinos dying of Lung Cancer yearly!  They are doing everything to KEEP FILIPINOS ADDICTED to NICOTINE because we are their LAST & ONLY CASH COW !!!!

    Tobacco Profits in the Western Countries are on its LAST BREATH ! The Profits are NOT THERE anymore because of POWERFUL Anti-Smoking laws by Western Gov’t’s led by the United States. Particularly Democrats in the US are Very Big Anti-Tobacco politicians due to the BILLIONS of Dollars in Healthy related costs due to 1st hand & 2nd hand smoking!

    After 15 years of hitting the Tobacco industry, the U.S. cases of lung cancer due to smoking &  has literally DROPPED by 60% . The massive billions of dollars in treating lung cancer victims has had a dramatic drop in the US. The Only demographic group who is still smoking are the 25 yrs & below which the US Govt is targeting for their ” Dangers of smoking campaign.

    But use among EX-SMOKERS in the age group  30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s has DROPPED massively due to POWERFUL Legislation !

    So they have NOWHERE to Go but the Poorer, Uneducated, MASSES of Asia led by China, the Philippines & India !

    Recto reminds me of the Republican Party. They tried desperately in the 1980’s & 1990’s to PROTECT the Very Powerful Tobacco lobby because Tobacco was one of the Largest Donors to the Republicans. ( EVEN if Republicans KNEW the MASSIVE Health Risk & CRIPPLING COST of Healthcare for Lung Cancer patients)

    Recto is thinking 100% like a businessman, a lobbyist, instead of a Senator who has to always put people first !!!!

    BOTTOM LINE>>> The Philippines will NEVER ELEVATE its Economic Status unless they Tackle the VERY COSTLY issue of Healthcare !!!!

    Sa end, kawawa lalo na ang mga masa dahil many will DIE a PAINFUL death without proper medicine & treatment!


    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      Wow!  A long and winding explanation but it all boils down to, “IT’S THE ECONONOMY, STUPID!”.
      A yellow fellow signature, indeed…

      • damatannapo

        It’s not taxation/economics, health ang issue rito
        Kill the Tobacco Kill anything that is bad

    • Mali_Galig

      That is very true! It would be good if people read your blog, understand and view it beyond the political colour lines so they will be awaken to the depth of evils of the tobacco industry. 

  • Guest

    Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile claims that taxing cigarette too much will only encourage smuggling. So what good is the Bureau of Customs if it can stop smuggling in this country? Is this how low governance has become in this country that government can no longer uphold the public interest against special interest and corrupt government agencies? P-Noy should really do more on his pledge of Matuwid Na Daan.

    • el_latigo

       Let’s see & open your eyes very well @kogiks in the next few days. PNoy has the last say on all proposed bills from the 2 houses of congress including the latest proposal to increase taxes on the tobacco industry. They  only become laws if the president finally  approves it. But knowing the tobacco industry’s power especially in poor countries like the Philippines  with their  huge lobbying budget they usually always  get what they want. A case in point is exactly the Recto proposal. Imagine from BIR’s 60% proposed tax to a “measly” almost-token-only 15%?  That’s how powerful the tobacco industry is not only around the world but notably corruption-ridden countries like ours .

    • otoling

      Sira na ulo ni Enrile.  He must have left the congress at age 80.  Dapat tigilan na niya – he’s talking a lot of nonsense even before Corona. 

      He is useless.

  • Fulpol

    this is the problem with the yellow cult… they are narcissist people.. sobrang laking tiwala sa sarili… sila magagaling, sila malilinis.. sila ang popular.. sila ang totoong namumuno.. sila ang representative ng mga tao…

    but all pseudos…

    this is the reason why they are so rude and uncivilized… 

  • Philcruz

    That’s not their money? Neither is it yours, Mr. Enrile.

    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      Ayusin mo naman ang pagbasa at pag-intindi mo sa iyong binabasa…  Di ba sabi nakasulat nga na, “That is money of the people and for the people,” Enrile said.”
      Napakadami niyo na…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

        owsss sinabi lang niya na people money pero ibig talaga niya sabihin ay huwag nyong pakialaman yan, akin ang perang yan…

  • CustomsNeighbor

    Ang sa akin lang po, dahil ako din po ay naninigarilyo, at isang brand lang ako, I expect that a stick of cigarette, after this sin tax have been passed, will cost me P7.00 to P10.00 each….at that price, I will be forced to quit the habit, and in exchange, will bet 3 to 4 number combinations in Lotto daily…..

    • otoling

      Tama ka.

      Sana ang pera na makukuha sa sin taxes ay ibili ng mga lupa para lumaki ang mga school yards, playgrounds, school fields, parking lots, builiding toilets, water supplies, libraries, books, open spaces and parks.

  • Philcruz

    Mareng Winnie has an interesting column today about the senator and his meeting with the tobacco people. Senator Recto may want to shed more light on the confidentiality of certain points they discussed. Very very bad for him, if he just sweeps this under the rug.

  • sam_aquino

    after more than 40 yrs in public service, his true color is obvious…  i always believe in what he says is exactly the opposite…


  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    Ngayon lang kasi ang grupo ni Noynoy nagkakataon na magpropose ng economic bill kaya sobrang excited…a bunch of OJT’s who’s OVERANTICIPATING everything…
    We know of these OJT EXTEME EXCITEMENT long back since the SC decsion on the “TRUTHLESS COMMISSION”, the Mindanao Peace Accord (“EO 2″), etc.
    And the tendency is to blame it on somebody, and call them PRO-GLORIA, if someone of MATURE ECONOMIC disposition would OPPOSE it.
    Hahahahaha!  Halata na ang modus operandi.  Wag na kayong kokontara, dedemoniyohin lang kayo sa media.
    Hey, it’s not your money!

    • damatannapo

      “It was clear that the tobacco lobby was under the gun. The evidence presented by the health/finance lobby was overwhelming based on surveys here and abroad by both economists and medical experts” …Solita Monsod/Get Real/Sold down the river /PDI/10.12.12
      Ang nabasa ko nga experts

  • JosephNess

    yes, not their money…our money!!!

  • prince_janus

    Impose bigger taxes for these SIN products.

  • neverwint3r

    recto and enrile probably bowed under the pressure exerted by the powerful tobacco and beer billionare titans like lucio tan(fortune tobacco) and cojuangco(smc)

  • rudy_boy

    It’s not their money !

    What money JPE is referring to?

    The BRIBE/LOBBY money?

    Well, JPE and Recto is correct…that
    money is for them.

    Yan ang CLARO. Thank you very much
    Lucio, JPE said.

  • otoling

    Matanda na si Enrile talaga. 

    Hinde tama ang bill ni Recto.  Enrile should die away and stop trying. 

  • malek_abdul

    The real issue here is not actually the people’s health. It is about the 60 billion pesos revenue that the BIR is salivating to collect.

  • otoling

    Ilagay mo ang taxes upang makinabang ang taombayan. 

    Recto may have been paid a lot of money to pursue a minimal taxation sa mga . . … . tabako giants atbp na mga ito. 

  • sam_aquino

    as enrile says, “IT”S NOT THEIR MONEY”…   i wonder to whom enrile is pertaining to…  then who’s??? 

    was it people’s money???  BIR’s money??? or maybe, tobacco companies money…

    i rest my case then, : )

  • Morskie52

    Why is this called SIN tax? Is it because it is a God forbidden product? If it is then, it is bad. Bad for your health and it is killing people by the thousands. Therefore, hit them hard in their pockets both the manufacturers and the addicted users. Tax them hard.

    • romeyo chill

      aw man, you don’t understand

  • boldyak


    • damatannapo

      Ang pakay ng sin tax ay kalusugan pangalawa lang ang tax generation
      Taasan ang halaga ng bisyo and decrease affordability to minimize consumption of vices
      Health is priority Revenue takes the background

      • boldyak

        tama nga ako sa sinasabi ko na hipocrisy nga….kung kalusugan bakit tahimik ang DOH, at BIR ang maingay….nagagalit ang admin dahil sa bill ni Recto, 15b ang kikitain samantalang 60b ang target ng executive…wag na tayong hipocrito…pera ang gusto 60B at hindi 15B…pera pinag-uusapan at yan ay maliwanag…nagtatago lang sa benefits na maaring resulta…ang bill ni Recto ay gradual at hindi bigla…gusto ng executive biglaan na para naman laki agad ang kita…sussss…kung concerned kayo sa health, ayusin nyo polution sa Manila. ,mas maraming namamatay dahil sa pollution, mga basura at nagkakalat ng sakit..dami pa kunyaring concern pero Pera lang ang talagang pakay…

  • sam_aquino

    “Don’t fool the public.”

    Former Sen. Juan Flavier on Friday denounced Sen. Ralph Recto’s
    committee report on the proposed sin tax bill for allegedly putting the
    interests of the powerful tobacco lobby ahead of the health of millions
    of Filipinos.

    “The sin tax bill as originally proposed would have moved us forward.
    Recto’s version keeps us all in the same place. There is also a
    preponderance of evidence worldwide that higher taxes achieve two
    things: they reduce the incidence of smoking by raising prices, and they
    raise more revenue that we can hopefully plow into health care,” he

    between recto/enrile against flavier, who is credible???  it’s your choice…


  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    The Modus operandi:
    1)  The yellow cult member (some of them are the “intellectual pretenders (i.e. expert daw) and interlopers, not only to those Catholic school professors but to the top gov’t university) who would give their yellow opinions on this, at every yellow media…their kind of lobby towards the bill…and they don’t want the Senate to do their job on it;
    2)  Float these argumements (interspersed with “Tuwid Na Daan” smoke & mirrors morality on it) and dramatized it;
    3)  Known personalities who would just do the real job, would be demonized, if they’re against it.

    Retired Justices, Health professionals, professors at toptier schools are so indulge in yellow politics.  With special mentions to those “intellectual pretenders & interlopers…

    • Lakan Dupil

       Huwad na Rizal.Mahiya ka sa paggamit ng pangalan at larawan ng dakilang bayani.Kung buhay si Pepe, mahihiya sya dahil sa katulad ng iyong pananaw.

    • damatannapo

      Matagal na tayong niloloko ng mga mambabatas, 
      Ang diskriminasyon sa tax na ipinaiiral para mahirapan makapasok ang mga bagong players at pabor ito sa establisadong Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Company PMFTC Inc. Isang malinaw na malakas ang lobby group ng mga manufacturer
      Ang multi tier o tuwing ikalawang taon na pagtaas sa loob ng anim na taon ay inpluwensa ng lobby group iyan upang mabawasan ang impact sa mga may bisyo. Kung talagang kontrol sa bisyo ang layunin dapat once lang ang pagtaas para mas maraming makaramdam at iwasan na ang paninigarilyo

  • basilionisisa

    felt betrayed because they (BIR) were asked to provide reports and statistics by the Recto committee, spent so much time researching and preparing reports, and then were just ignored.

    ‘Leave the Senate alone to do its job’? NOT, if it isn’t doing its job intelligently and honestly! You shouldn’t just look after your own electorate, Mr Enrile, but the good of the entire country.

    True, it’s not Henares’ money, but neither it’s yours Mr Enrile nor Recto’s. Yes, it’s people’s money and welfare and vote! 

    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      “FELT BETRAYED”?  Man, the line is good only for DRAMATIC ACTOR & ACTRESSES.  Kim Henares has perfected her acting career (just like Leila De Lima).
      Senator Recto’s just doing his job…leave him alone.  He’s been drafting good tax measures and the Phil did reap the fruits of it…while the lazy 5-yr old mediocre man in the palace reaps the popularity as the result of it, including the best actress Kim Henares.

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    Why is it that everytime the “Tuwid Na Daan” measures, may it be tax or other policy issues, the yellow tried to win them over by mere popularity and not on the real merits of it?
    Never ever be a buster of the “Tuwid Na Daan” smoke & mirrors strategy…or you will suffer…

    • Lakan Dupil

      Malayo sa kaisipan at adhikain ni Gat Jose Rizal ang iyong pananaw. Palitan mo ang iyong pangalan at larawan.Nakakahiya. Huwad na Jose Rizal.

      • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

        Dahil ba kontra sa “Huwad Na Tuwid Na Daan”?

      • Lakan Dupil

        Lumipas na ang panahon ng mga naghaharing uri. Lumipas na ang sabwatan sa pagitan ng simbahan at Malacanang. Sila na ngayon ay nag-aani ng kanilang itinanim. Ang paghahatol ay kasunod ng kabuktutan. Yaong mga ayaw sumama sa tuwid na daan ay yaong naglalagay ng hadlang upang hindi maging maayos ang daang pinagsisikapang ayusin matapos sirain ng mga naghaharing uri. 

        Noong panahon ng mapaniil at mandarambong na Marcos hanggang kay Gloria, ang kilusan at idelohiya ay nararapat para sa bayan. Napakasarap ang mahirapan sa pagsusulong ng katarungan at katuwiran. Marahil napagod na yaong nakikibaka subalit ang kanilang diwa ay nagpapatuloy sa pamamagitan ng bukas at nakikinig na adbokasiya.

        Marami na sa ngayon ang pumupuna hindi para sa bayan kundi dahil sa kanilang suporta sa mga nais nilang pulitiko na kalaunay sila ang iluloklok sa mga tanggpan ng pamahalaan.

        Manira, sumira at pagpalaganap ng hungkag na kaisipan-yan ang paraan ng mga susunod na maghaharing uri. Kawawa ang dakilang lahi. Saan patutungo ang Lupang Hinirang?

        Mabuhay na nawa si Pepe at tanungin ka- para saan ba ang dunong mo? Payak at maigsi lamang ang panahon sa lupa. 

  • tamumd

    Shame on Recto and Enrile for pandering to the powerful tobacco and alcohol lobbies!. Mr.Enrile you’re right that this money is for us..the people. So why would you support the watered down version of the bill that would only collect a measely P15 billion instead of the P60 billion tax revenue as originally planned. Also this is not just about economics, the health benefits that this bill would bring to millions of our citizens is enormous. It would literally SAVE countless lives! Just remember…. you guys have been elected to your current office to serve the people and for the common good and not your vested interest for your own political survival and to stuff your deep pockets.

    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      No, shame to the 5-yr old mediocre man in the palace and the pack of  KKK OJT’s…and shame on the “Huwad Na Tuwid Na Daan” dealing of the real economic issues…

      • tamumd

        Yes shame to both of them and now that includes you!!! If you hate the president to the max call him in Malacanang and let him know that, otherwise this thread is about the sin tax bill. Go find another forum to express your disgust of the Aquino administration coz this one is NOT about that! Are you bitter that your little lady is back in the VA faking some heart condition this time?

    • IanAlera



      • tamumd

        Apparently it’s worth every little space here….otherwise you would have NOT bothered responding to the point of typing your response in all caps! lol

        With the urging of the filipino citizenry…Recto was forced to resign from his Ways and Means Committee Chairmanship….so apparently these rants here are not waste of ‘blog space”! lol

      • IanAlera

        Replying to tamumd

        Your biased uneducated views regarding the sin tax, as well as your personal attacks against Recto, is idiotic. 

      • tamumd

        Might be “idiotic” to you.. but definitely not a waste of space. Again Recto resigned!!! If all of the living former and current Secretaries of Health from Flavier to the incumbent Ona, all agree the health benefits of the Sin tax bill..all of them physicians, who are you to say who is not even in the health field that that stance is “Uneducated”? Your opinion is the ‘uneducated one and idiotic”.

        I am just wondering why the catholic church is not issuing any condemnation on tobacco and alcohol..since both of these substances make people sick, eventually killing them and ruin lives and families. What happened to the pro-life stance? Hmmm..I guess some of the priests love to smoke and drink maybe? lol

      • IanAlera

        Replying to tamumd

        You mean the Secs of Health that promote promiscuity and abortion services? The issue is not just smoking but the RIGHT OF PEOPLE TO CHOOSE and to have due process with regard to their personal choices — SMOKING IS A CHOICE.  You cannot just impose an amount of tax that is so high because that will be like ‘stealing’ from the people.  

        And here you go again, making this issue an issue of the Church.. Whether the Church issues or not a statement for or against the sin tax is not any of your business.  WALA KANG PAKI-ALAM SA CHURCH NAMIN. 


      • tamumd

        The issue here is exactly about smoking and alcohol use. Two substances that are known to cause disease and kill people. At least not some imagined “unborn”. These are real humans that develop COPD and myriad of other cancers coz of tobacco and alcohol use. The state has the responsibility to curb the use of these substances. Lots of countries like the US, Canada, Australia and even just here in our neck of the woods…have all some sort of Sin tax laws resulting in high prices for tobacco and alcohol products while garnering higher tax revenues to be used for social and health services for their citizens. The Sin tax is not designed to irradicate tobacco and alcohol..but to tax them high so that those that are comtemplating to start..like the young ones would be deterred. As they are addictive..those who are using them now would buy them no matter what. There fore the government would still be earning from these addicts who cannot do away without these substances. Hence their choice is still there.

        If your church has no strong opinion about tobacco and alcohol..then it’s credibility about “protection of life” is just a lip service. It’s a joke. Just like the way it treats gambling. It pretends to condemn gambling on the fascade yet they love to receieve money from gambling sources and they don’t complain about them. Hypocrites!!!

      • IanAlera


  • Descarte

    HELPPP!!! I am very confused.  I am a smoker and I really wanted to quit and I was thinking for years, Why don’t they raise cigarette prices to like P300 a pack?  I believe it will make me quit.

    But what is the bottom line that they want here?  Do they really want me to quit and do they want me to continue buy and smoke so that I can help raise revenue for the government?

    When I smoke in front of friends, they would tell and ask me?  It’s bad for your health, what benefit do you get from smoking? 
    Now I will answer like this, Yes I know it’s bad for my health, but at least I help the government a lot with the tax of every cigarette I buy. 

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Yeah, its like a drug, that once you get hooked, they suddenly decide to jack up the price since ‘demand’ is high, and that it would produce more revenue.

      probably the better thing to do is to actively help people remove the addiction. rather than to punish them by collecting more from them.

    • tamumd

      Sure why not… you can definitely make those justification to your friends. Only if you want to fool yourself though coz you already know that it affects your health in the first place. lol
      Sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol are put in place NOT to make people stop using those addictive substances but to prevent new generations of smokers and alcohol users from starting. So since you’re addicted to tobacco now….you will do whatever it takes to acquire them even if a pack would cost the price of a decent restaurant dinner. Goodluck to you and good health!!!

      • Descarte

        It’s a satirical comment my dear..

      • tamumd

        well…I nor anyone of the people here know you’re a satirist!!!

      • IanAlera

        Replying to tamumd

        HAHAHA. Ano ibig mong sabihin?

      • tamumd

        Why do I have to explain to you….things that don’t concern you? It’s none of your business.

      • IanAlera

        Much as you have the right to express yourself, the same law applies as we have the right to express our own.

    • frudo

      pag nag ka cancer ka na sa lungs titigil ka na, sna nga taasan na tax sa tobacco at alak para kumunti na ang mga naninigarilyo mabaswasan na sila at makakabawas din ng pulution. dito sa place ko sa sobrang taas ng presyo ng sigarilyo dahil nga sa mataas ang tax. nababawasan ang mga naninigarilyo.pag tinaasan na price ng sigarilyo sa pinas malamang yung mga naninigarilyo, magiisip na sila kung bibili pa ba sila ng sigarilyo or tataya nalang sila sa lotto.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melchor-Sonza/100002356861753 Melchor Sonza

         bili na lng nila ng lion toothpaste,baka makaskas pa nicotine na naninilaw sa ipin  nila,,

      • frudo


    • Yul Dorotheo

      By helping the government with your taxes, you are also helping society as a whole and yourself in particular if you will benefit from the government’s health and other services.  But we would prefer that you quit and live a healthier, more productive, and longer life. (Btw, I do not work for the government; I’m just an ordinary citizen advocating for health for all.)

  • Lakan Dupil

     Nakakahiya huwad na nilalang.Ang katulad mo’y laway ng mga naghaharing uri.Walang pakialam sa iyong lahi, sa kanyang kinabukasan. May karapatan ka subalit ang iyong pananaw ay kahihiyan ng lahi.

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    The OJT’s wanted to it to be implemented IMMEDIATELY, while the real economist wanted to cushion the ECONOMIC effect of it…
    But the “Tuwid Na Daan” smoke & mirrors campaign of the lazy mediocre man is always intervening the process…

    • damatannapo

      Natural pabor sa manufacturer ang dahang dahang pagtaas twing ikalawang taon sa loob ng anim na taon to cushion consumers’ negative reaction (marketing 101) Ina adopt ng mga senador na naimpluensahan ng mga manufacturers lobby group

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melchor-Sonza/100002356861753 Melchor Sonza

       carabuena ikaw ba yan!magbaon ka ng isang truck na philip morris sa kulungan,,para di ka ma asspalt,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IFH25DOIW5AV7S5I7GE2LSXIVA killswitch

    So smuggling will become rampant? What is then the use of the military and police force and other gov’t agencies tasked to handle smuggling? Are they that inutile that we have to compromise and water-down the bill?

    • Descarte

      Smuggling?? Look who’s talking?

  • Mattino2011

    Rest old man

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KXYE2WU3WIE4YJYZCKXVJ2PWBE Kurak Ding

    Well, follow the U.S. standard of implementing sin tax… we should guard our poor people being enticed by cigarette manufacturer to continue and yet affect not only their health but the public and worst if public funds are bing use…not to mention pollution that even the butts alone can definitely pollute our rivers and clogged our drainage.

    It is just few called smart businessman that wants their trade to continue though killing humans indirectly is their trade..you can see them and now billionaires. Pay lesser tax but have gone to be one of the world richest…Let’s impose the maximum sin tax. It will be good for all.

    Down with RECTO and his supporters.  Even Senator Enrile…they should know this long time ago…..TRAPOS being lobbied to put lesser  penalty or tax to these sin products….

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    The “Huwad Tuwid Na Daan” cult members (Purisima, Kim Henares & Drilon) is anticipating & salivating on the “possible” (well, everything is possible) Php Billions projected collection.  They have it projected based on THE NUMBER OF USERS WHO’S WILLING TO PAY HIGHER REGARDLESS OF THE KNOWN HEALTH RISK BUT JUST TO SATISFY THEIR ADDICTION”, while, FLAVIER is FLOATING THE ARGUMENT BASED ON THE DETERRENT OF USERS ON HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS…If there are very limited users, then the projected tax collection would be minimal…and Flavier would be happy but Kim Henares, Traitor Purisima, and Baby Drilon would not.
    What a mediocre predicament…

    • rey000

      magtatanong lang po…ano naman pong opinyon nyo sa report ni Ginang Soledad? Kung gusto nyo lang po magbigay.  Maganda din po kasi yung mga punto mo tungkol sa isyu po. Maraming salamat

    • damatannapo

      That is the essence of sin tax is to deter vices which are harmful. A high tax implementation will decrease the affordabity of vices which will be benificial. What is wrong with such implementation?

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Because of nicotine addiction, many chronic smokers will continue to smoke (hopefully smoking less than they used to); hence, it is possible to have increasing revenues, while also decreasing consumption. That is what excise taxes are for. They have a sumptuary function, meaning to discourage consumption of socially undesirable products. There is no country in the world that is close to approaching the point where revenues will start to decline as consumption declines. This is a theoretical point in the Laffer curve that Recto and Enrile refer to, but it has not happened yet in any country with high tobacco taxes, what more the Philippines with such low tax rates.

  • Descarte

    Si Senator Flavier lumitaw! Sabi ko na nga ba eh, basta yosi kadiri usapan sya agad papasok sa isip ng bawat Pinoy.  Look at him, hate nya yosi kaya still alive and kicking (the #@# of Recto) Enrile sucks!!… the #@# of Recto)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      Si mang Juan hindi nag yoyosi, yata.
      Kaya malinaw na malinaw ang tingin at isiip.
      At malakas pa ang mga tuhod.
      A good example for our youth…, Ang kanyang Physical Condition..

  • rjimenez1226

    Enrile is eyeing tobacco money for his son’s election. Doubleng pagtraidor sa bayan.

    • sam_aquino

       of course!!! : )

  • Rap88

    Leave the senate alone and do its job, yah, ..leave the likes of Sotto, Recto, Jinggoy, Lapid, Revilla, Marcos et al,.. patay ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas

  • Descarte

    OK, To conclude…
    VOTE NO for Jackie Enrile. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

    Enrile: “It’s not your money.”

    The Fipino nation to Enrile: “It’s not your senate. It’s the people’s senate.”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNKCS4HPD3AJP7G3LHCSRW3MEA BoyTanG

      Looks like Enrile is becoming less and less popular every time he opens his mouth because his logic doesn’t make sense anymore. Sign of senility or misplaced loyalties?

  • Sarkasmos

    Precisely it is the people’s money, our money, so why leave Recto alone? We must rectify what has been RECTOfied. Enrile, as Senate President, you are the leader of the Senate and Senators are the representatives of the people. Stop defending the likes of Sotto and Recto who have betrayed the citizens they are supposed to serve and protect. Kala ko pa naman, after your stellar performance at the Corona trial, you are already in legacy mode. Apparently the only legacy you want to leave behind is your so unworthy son and namesake to be another Senator Enrile. I agree with the previous post, do NOT vote for Jackie Enrile. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      We were led to believe that a person over 85 years old “can do no sin”..!
      Sen. Pres. Enrile…, you have disproven that “in spades”..!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/45JYBDVWBJ3QNFJQ6NGUCRWL7I Noree

    The govt is looking only after its interest — to raise revenues. But how about the interests of the tobacco farmers and their families whose livelihood and income would be affected? How about the tobacco-producing provinces whose regular income would be lost? How about the workers who will be displaced if these companies scale down operations? How about the micro entrepreneurs like sari sari store owners and ambulant vendors whose sales will plummet coz of the prohibitive price of cigarettes and liquor? Sa sin tax kasi madali ang koleksyon kaya gustong gusto ng gobyerno. Bakit di nila habulin mga tax evaders na professionals at mga informal na negosyo na malalaki ang kinikita. Dahil ba sa mahirap silang kolektahan? Maraming loopholes ang taxation natin na kung gagawin lang ng BIR ang trabaho nila ay sampung doble pa makokolek nila sa makukuha sa sin tax na eto.

    • Yul Dorotheo

      According to the NTA, we have around 50,000 tobacco farmers, around 7,000 people working in the manufacturing sector, and around 2 million people in the distribution and retailing sector. Since chronic smokers will not stop smoking right away even with higher prices, retailers and vendors will continue to make money from cigarette sales, but hopefully, we will be able to discourage the poor from smoking and the youth from starting to smoke.

      Most, if not all, distributors and retailers do not carry/sell only tobacco products, so the bulk of those who will be affected are the farmers, and there are available alternative food crops that they can profitably plant if given the right support, which is possible under the proposed bill of Sen. Santiago that allocates revenues for such.
      The matter of tax collection is a separate matter. Dapat talagang habulin ang mga tax evaders (gaya ni Lucio Tan ayon kay Liwayway Chato), but that is NOT an excuse to not reform the ineffective sin tax structures and impose effective tax rates. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/45JYBDVWBJ3QNFJQ6NGUCRWL7I Noree

    Habulin ng BIR mga professionals na tax evader at nag a-underdeclare ng kanilang income, mga informal business na sa totoo ang laki ng kita, mga negosyo na nag a-underdeclare ng kanilang income. Bilyon bilyon ang pwedeng makolekta sa mga iyan kung gagawin lang ng BIR ang trabaho nila. Ang problema mga BIR personnel kumikita ng under the table sa mga eto kaya ayaw nilang habulin legally dahil mawawalan sila ng kita. Kaya sa excise tax sila nakatuon dahil madaling kolektahin eto.

  • noelpogi

    Kolektahan nyo muna ng husto ang mga professionals (doktor, abogago, inhenyero) . sila ang matindi sa pangdaraya sa kanilang kita.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melchor-Sonza/100002356861753 Melchor Sonza

    kasi smoker rn c recto,,ilang kaha kaya nauubos nya sa maghapon?take notice w/ his teeth stripe  black and white na kulay,,if not mistaken bka gold plated na ang loob,,instead na e promote yang yosi,,why not try LION TOOTHPASTE,,IPAKITA MO SA TAONG DPAT KANG TULARAN,,KASKASIN MO MUNA NICOTINE SA NGIPIN MO,,MASYADONG OBVIOUS NA SMOKER KA

  • wakats

    “That is not their money.” Enrile is off-tangent and way-off the mark. 

    Nobody is saying it’s his money and everybody knows it’s the taxpayers’

    Just say leave this matter to us – who are bestowed with the power to legislate 
    money-making measures.

    This is the first campaign salvo of jackie, compliments of his father…

    • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

      Enrile is so full of himself.  Before he does anything worthwhile, he makes sure papalapakan muna siya.  It’s more important to him to be acknowledge as smart a** than to serve the Filipinos.

      What does he care for the common Filipino–we are just a sore in his eyes.

  • PutingAgila



    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      It could be that you’re ignorant about the thing called “REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY”…not the “Huwad Na Tuwad Na Daan” fake moral suasion DEMOCRAZY.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

        Are you “talking” to Enrile…?

      • http://enria.org/ scconcern

        Representative Democracy does not exist in Pinas. What we have is Plutocracy, the goverment run by wealthy, warlords, oligarth, capitalist and dynastist; not represented by pluralistic citizen, who was bought, fool and off the system.

        Fidel Castro (haciendero) was not against capitalism but Plutocracy, which he fought and oust.
        He braces socialism because of the people around him, was popular at that time  and US didn’t want him to lead Cuba. To neutralize US he sided with Russia.

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    The OJT’s are only thinking that if the they raise it to another higher tax percentage then the collection would be higher…they assume that the taxable base would remain constant or higher.
    To the health intellectual pretenders, the higher the tax rate the lesser the mortality of SIN related toxics.
    To the yellows, they just say, at all times, “Hallelujah” to the “Huwad Na Tuwad Na Daan” moral suasion.
    To the senate, esp. the good Senator Recto, it’s doing the real job to cushion any untoward economic impact.
    To Noynoy, WAIT & SEE, who has the best argument (TULOG MUNA, MAG-AWAY KAYO)…a lazy predicament.

    • ted duallo

      di bagay sa yo ang pangalan ng  ating pambansang bayani tol!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TP6YY66XPT63YFGHDKYTMIO4CM Daniel

    Dump all the “trapos” and “bogarts”…..election time folks!

  • balahura1

    heto na ung epecto ng pakikiaalam ng ehekutibo sa ibang sangay ng gobyerno. nagbabangayan na at ayaw masapawan ng isa….precedent na kasi ung ginawa ng PPPPNNNNOOOOYYY kay CJ Corona…..rambol na ito sugardo….” no more fun in the phis””””””

  • balahura1

    hindi na nirerespesto ang independence ng other branches kayat heto na ang madalas nating makikita, maririnig at mararamdaman sa mga susunod pang panahon….ngayon sabihin nyo kung tuwid na kalye yan….

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.pnono Chris P Pnono

    say nay to jacke enrile…no vote to jackol enrile..

  • razorsheyt

    It actually makes sense. If you raise the taxes too much, nobody will buy cigarettes/alcohol anymore because of high prices. Or nobody will buy them from proper channels. When that happens I don’t think we will be able to raise that 60B or worse we might even lose taxes because how could you tax when nobody’s buying them.

    But the trade off will be saving MUCH MORE on what we spend on health which is good. But that also depends on how well we police this law. We might even see ourselves spending more resources for this. And also the benefits are not immediate. It will take years I suppose. Also longer life expectancy as an added benefit means we need to support an older population later on. We need to get ready for that too.

    Another thing is this could kill the tobacco industry. And the problem is our country doesn’t have that many industries that contribute to the economy to begin with. If we
    manage to kill that one industry a lot of people will lose their jobs and that means taxes lost too. A chain of taxes lost.

    I’m gonna have to agree with the ‘BAD GUYS’ on this one. I’m all for added tax but
    we need to be realistic here. Just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it’s all good. There are a lot of factors we need to consider. This should be debated thoroughly and please, please, please think before signing this time lawmakers?

    • Yul Dorotheo

      This has been debated very thoroughly already.  Even with higher taxes and prices, chronic smokers who are addicted to the nicotine will not stop smoking overnight. Like in many other countries that have seen declines in consumption, it will happen over many years, long enough for the government to help farmers and workers find alternative livelihoods. And it should not be that difficult, as we have only around 50,000 tobacco farmers based on NTA data, and there are other crops that can be readily planted to the same land areas as tobacco. The majority of the tobacco industry is actually people in the distribution and retailing sector, and they already do sell other non-tobacco products. It’s just like when tobacco advertising was banned. The tobacco industry claimed that the advertising industry would die, but it obviously did not; many other products can take the place of tobacco.

    • mrsimpatiko

      like na like! tumpak idol!

  • ted duallo

    mali naman tong si Manong di naman nasasayangan ang mga tauhan ng BIR sa pera dahil di sa kanila nasayangan lang sila sa trabaho nilang nabaliwala.

    • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

      Ang totoong trabaho ay hindi nababalewala.
      Ang nababalewala ay ang kunwaring pagtatrabaho sa kadahilanang itinutok lang ito sa inaasam-asam na mataas na koleksiyon.  Kumuha lang ng datus para masuportahan ang maling “assumption” ay nagtatrabaho na.
      Pare nakapagtrabaho ka na ba ng managerial level, o di kaya, gumawa na ng totohanang thesis?
      Hahahahaha!  Akala mo ganun ganon lang.

  • tilamsik

    this bill will kill the rich faster and make the poor steal more lols  why not shut the cigarette companies down?  NO BALLS? or MONEY OILS?

  • Bengatibo

    There is two point of discussions here. Is it for tax generation reasons or is it for health reasons. Which is which? Both, Okay. i cannot agree that you kill the tobacco and alcohol industry when you increase the tax. They will only have lesser profit. Health wise, if it is more expensive, lesser number of people will patronize it, but you cannot stop people from smoking and drinking. That will be their personal choice.

    • sam_aquino

      exactly, bengatibo… 

      so in reality, only the smokers & drinkers will be affected by this “sin tax”…  if you have a clean living, there is nothing to worry…  that should be good for the general public… 

      my 2 sticks (yosi) worth…  : )

  • sam_aquino

    anyone who does not smoke nor drink, they are safe from this “sin tax” as it does NOT apply to them…

    so, in reality, that should be good for non-smokers as there’ll be less people who will smoke (less passive smoking) & non-drinkers as there’ll be less people complaining being bothered in the middle of the night because some drunkards are singing videoke in their streets…

    i’d say YES to “SIN TAX”…

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Actually, even those who do not smoke or drink are affected by LOW sin taxes, because if more people get sick or become less productive or die prematurely, that will traslate into a socio-economic burden that affects the whole of society.  But if we were to have HIGH sin taxes, then all of society also benefits.

      • sam_aquino

        that’s exactly what i said, bro, cheers!!!  : )

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HSXYNSHLT4MLYZDT7RHGYRUMLM romi

    If they’re going to pass this sin tax bill, make sure that part of the taxes generated will go to anti-smuggling drive. Being an archipelago, there are a lot of holes to plug. Tama si Sen. Enrile, baka tumaas ang incidence ng cigarette sumggling dahil sa sobrang mahal nito. Imbes na makakolekta ng buwis, sa smuggler at corrupt customs official lang napupunta. Tapos ganun din, mataas pa rin ang gastos ng gobyerno sa health care. Isa pa baka maging mas mahal pa ito sa marijuana, which until now di pa rin masugpo. 

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Mali si JPE. Kahit isabatas ang mungkahi ni Sen. Santiago, wala pang doble sa kasalukuyan ang magiging presyo ng sigarilyo…mura pa rin ito masyado, lalo na kung ikikumpara sa ibang bansa. Kulang pa rin ang insentibo para magpasok ng smuggled na sigarilyo. Pero tama na dapat palakasin ang anti-smuggling enforcement natin, mababa man o mataas ang buwis ng sigarilyo.

    • KapitanBagwis

      Saan ang mga smuggler kukuha ng sigarilyong ipapasok ng mura sa pinas eh sa pinas na nga pinakamura ang sigarilyo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BJWOSERENIZQCR35IJH6SLXBUI cali

    even if may smuggling, itaas ang sin taxes kasi sila Chavit and Enrile ay may interest sa tobacco industry aside from their own monkey business

  • Guest

    What? Ang gobyierno pa ngayon ang mag-adjust sa mga mandarayang negosyante at mga kurakot na government agencies! Diyos na mahabagin ano nang nangyayari sa bayan natin.

  • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

    Wala na government maisip kundi taasan ang tax. Bakit di kayo gumawa naman batas bawasan ang tax. Lahat na lang may tax. Baka pati pag hinga
    nang poluted na hangin may tax na rin pag nagkataon. Bawasan kundi man wala nang tuloyan ang corruption ng sa ganoon wala na panibagong tax.
    income tax, sales tax, toll tax, realty tax, flood tax, value added tax, sin tax, energy tax, distrubution tax, generation tax, fuel tax, documentary tax,
    service tax, lahat may tax, TAXi…..

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Kung pwede talaga, bawasan or tanggalin nga ang maraming klaseng tax. Pero dapat taasan ang tax sa mga bagay na nakakasama sa tao, tulad ng tabako at alak.

      • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

        Nasa culture na kasi ng Pilipino na kung minsan inom ng alak o di kaya beer, red wine, brandy, pag may important occasion halimbawa, kasal, birthday, family reunion, graduation, christmas, new year for the boys in moderation naman. May kasabihan kung ayaw mong uminom , magpainom sa bisita o kamaganak, et al na may gusto. Some singing, kwentuhan, and get together party. Mas masaya pag may kaunti alak not necessary tabako that we can live without.

    • sam_aquino

      parekoy, kung di ka nag yosi o nag inom ng alak,wala ka apekto sa “sin tax”…  dahil di ka nabili…  gets???

      • mrsimpatiko

        hinde gets? may trabaho kaba? 

      • sam_aquino

        sorry ka na lang kung di mo gets…  meron, baka ikaw asa???

  • simplylang

    If we could stop smoking in this country, we can save P149 Billion annually while we can collect an amount of only P23 Billion in sin taxes. Think about it.

  • ofw2011

    it is true that cigarrette kills but how about air pollution? 

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Air pollution is also unhealthy, but tobacco smoke is much deadlier. There are many air quality studies that prove this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XOGJZG3FOESSFFM3WEC6TUXDOU clodualdo sr.

    This is the result of the secret meeting between Sen. Recto and the tobacco lobby group. Columnist Solita Monsod claimed that such meeting took place sometime last September. The people has been sold down the river. People will surely not forget Recto and Enrile.

  • kapayapaan_1900

    Had this atmosphere of free expression thrives during martial law, I doubt JPE could even be elected senator in the post EDSA era.  I’m amused reading all these comments per this news.  LOL!!!  Kudos to the internet.  I am disappointed with Senator Ralph Recto.  He’s off mark being a “Recto”. 


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3GMKZUIF7RKUBBW44LVHMX4RAU Juan Dela cruz

    Ralph Recto you destroyed the name of your great nationalist grandfather. Mahiya ka!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3GMKZUIF7RKUBBW44LVHMX4RAU Juan Dela cruz

    I like to quote a contributor’s view in answer to Enrile’s it’s-not-your-money. He/She said in reply “it’s not your senate either, Mr. Enrile. It’s the senate of the people!”

  • Yul Dorotheo

    Mr. Enrile, that’s not your money either, nor Recto’s, nor any of the senators’. Is it really in the best interest of the Philippine public that you, Recto, and Marcos claim to represent when you push this bill that favors the industry over public health?  This very weak bill will cause more of our people to smoke, become sick, and die prematurely.  The money that is spent for their healthcare and the money that their families lose…is that your money?  Mayaman na kayo. Think of us little people naman. Mahiya naman kayo.

    • bgcorg

      I misjudged you!  You’re not only a hypocrite, you are an incorrigible fanatic with despotic tendencies.  You see a problem where there is none and you bloat your facts when they are not there,  Who says that I am against anti-smoking and drinking moderately or paying more for “sin” to raise revenue for government?  If you have nothing to do, please stop making things up.  You have too much imagination to be credible. Don’t make stories up just so that you could write abrasive comments without basis in fact or in words.  You look ridiculous, to say the least!

      • Yul Dorotheo

        Oops, sorry, Mr. Enrile. Looks like I touched a cord there. Truth hurts.

      • bgcorg

        Your apology is accepted.  We should have a balanced view here.  By the way, if truth hurts, what is the truth?

  • Yul Dorotheo

    Indeed, you, senators, should do your job. Do not be a rubber stamp for the tobacco industry.

  • Ganymede

    Itong JPE na to yumabang dahil sa mataas ang ratinng niya malamang dahil sa pag handle niya sa impeachment ni Corona. Hindi rin naman pera ng mga senador itong sinasabi mo ah.. pera ng taong bayan yan! Kung magsalita ka kala mo pera mo yan!

  • aramco92

    yes mr enrile your free to do your job,but rmember also kaya ka nsa senado ngayon bcoz of madlang pipol,so dapat pakingan mo ang nkakarami at di yong iilan lng at ang totoo namn niyan eh pinoprotektahan ninyo ang tobacco co.magkano ba ang binayad kay recto ni mr lucio tan????

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XLAYGSIXK2ZYTYWAONHLW6ZKW4 Frank

    The downfall of Enrile is coming kasi kung ano-ano ng ang sinasabi niya! Rattled na yung manong!

  • virgo57

    Haaay naku Manong Johnny lalong umaasim laway mo at masyado ang posturing mo to your true agenda to be a PRESIDENT. Kaya Mga kababayan just be vigilant of the script floating around it is too dangerous because the ghost of Marcoses are zombeeing rewind to martial law era and the architect along with his disciples Honasan & company is just waiting for the right time.Ingats tayo mga kababayan.

  • maximus_meridius

    Tax kayo ng tax!  Yun na nga lang outlet namin ng aming problema at stress (kasama sa lifestyle ng isang filipino middle o lower class) yung paminsan minsan uminom ng 2 o 3 bote ng beer o di kaya ng grand matador tapos tatax nyo pa ng pagka laki laki?  Ang dami at ang laki laki na nga ng tax na binabayaran namin ngayon sa gobyernoo nato na walang kwenta? Tingnan mo na lang yung tax sa sweldo (income tax), 33% pag single ka considering na mababa na nga yung salary scale natin.  At meron ba tayo napapala sa gobyernong eto kahit nagbabayad tayo ng napakalaking income tax?  Crime dito kaliwat kanan.  At ang mga criminal hindi lang basta criminal kundi pulis pa minsan. Sasakay ka nga lang ng jeep, FX, bus o taxi di na safe at madalas may holduper. At pag malas mo pa totodasin ka ng mga holduper na yan.  At nandyan din yung kung mag travel ka abroad.  Meron din travel tax na napakalaki (P1620).  Mag travel ka nga lang itatax ka pa.  At di lang yun.  Napakalaki din ng terminal fee na sinisingil ng hayup na gobyerno na to.  Dati umabot ng P800 at ngayon binabaan nila sa P550 pero tingnan mo yung airport terminal natin.  Bulok at mabaho pa ang CR.  At pag balik mo naman galing abroad nandyan naman ang mga linta at buwitre na taga customs na nag aabang sayo ng lagay o di kaya kotong.  Tapos dadagdagan pa ni retarded yung tax natin? Ano klase gobyerno at bansa meron tayo?  Sine swerte ka yata retarded.  Pati na rin yung mayabang at may Down’s Syndrome mong BIR Chief.  Kung may choice nga lang ako pumili ng nationality bago ipanganak, hindi ko pipiliin na maging isang pilipino! Ang malas ko.

    • wildo78

      May choice kamo?

      1) why don’t you go ahead and run for president in the next presidential election and see if you can solve all the problems you are ranting about…see if you can do a better job than the retard you’re talking about.

      2) haven’t you heard? Migration is not only for animals. People do it too..even retards know that. Go ahead and fly abroad for good. If you hate being born a Filipino so badly, then why are you still here? People have done it. So why haven’t you left? Is it still because of the gov’t and the retard and the rest of the Filipino people that you can’t leave for good?

      But if you really strongly feel you are condemned to your fate to being born a Filipino and can’t do anything about it, well, there’s always one final choice left…

      S@ck it all up and live with it if you can’t deal with it!

      • Abraham Ortiz

        Or you commit suicide.End of story isn’t?

    • Abraham Ortiz

      Ang tax ang bumubuhay sa mga tao natin sa senado o sa congreso o kung saan man sa ating gobyerno.Pilipinas man o America ang tax ang binabasihan sa araw araw na pagtaguyud sa gobyerno..Sa tax nabubbuhay ang isang gobyerno.Kung hindi mo tataasan ang tax,saan ka kukuha nang pambayad sa ating utang sa international Banks katulad nang World Bank at iba pa?Saan ka rin kukuha nang pang suweldo mo sa ating impliyado sa gobyerno?Sa tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kung walang dagdag na tax ,wala ring dagdag sa sahod nang ating mga impliyado sa gobyerno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7Y76EPC6SKXCKUAU2VXSRXHWOI leamsi

    its all about about money..kunyari tumutupad sa tungkulin bilang isang mamabatas but behind of this are the money involve as they performing their duties and at the same time collecting the protection money..

  • basyong

    isnt it the same tune when cj corona was asking them to leave the SC alone? why they cut their budget and made more missery in the judiciary? common senatongs, we should be fair if one is applicable to one it should be applicable to everybody no exceptions hehehehehe

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Mukhang sira na tuktok ni Lolo Juan. He thinks the people owe their lives to those bumbling moronic Senators. What ingrateful nincompoofs!

  • https://twitter.com/rj_nieto Rj Nieto

    “We are independent minds elected by the people…”

    — Then the whole session hall immediately turned its gaze on Senator Sotto.

  • BatangSingapore

    ANg hina ni Recto, kinailangan pa tulungan siya ni JPE.  Isang malaking hamon sa mga senador ang pagsagasa sa kanila ng mga ordinaryong dilaw.  Para lamang silang mga sisiw sa mata ng publiko.

  • turkak

    Isa lang naman ang malinaw ng mensahe ng pamahalaan ni Panot kay Lucio Tan sa batas na ito. Ang liit kasi ng ibinigay mo na financial support sa kampanya ni abnoy noong presidential election last 2010 kaya ayan binalikan ka ni Noynoy abnoy.

    Pag napatupad itong batas na ito sigurado tuwang tuwa ang mga smugglers na kkk ni abnoy lalong lalo na si Lucio lao Co ng Puregold. Katakot takot na imported cigarette smuggling ang dadagsa sa Custom nito ngayon.  Bawing bawi na sila sa daang daan milyones na inabuloy sa kampanya ni Panot nung election. Libo libong container vans na smuggled cigarette brands ang laman ang mawawala na naman sa bureau of customs nito ulit. Go go go Lucio Lao Co !! arriba arriba arriba !  strike while the iron is hot ika nga !

  • NoWorryBHappy

    ‘That’s not their money’–Enrile
    No sh*t. It’s OURS ?
    Mr. Enrile is trying to muddle what is already obvious.
    Of course, he knows that Commissioner Henares was referring to Mr. Enrile’s, Ms Henares’ and the Filipino people’s money. OUR money. Ms Henares was simply taking the side of the Filipino people. Mr Enrile should try it for once. Funny how Mr Enrile refers to ‘people’s money’ and not
    ‘my money’. Well, that’s a first.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Naprapraning na yata itong si JPE. O tama lang yan ng bato o cocaine? Kaya ka nga iniluklok diyan ng tao para itaas mo ang koleksyon ng bayan hindi yong mga kapitalista lang na tulad mo. Palibhasa may hacienda ka ng tabako sa Cagayan. Akala mo lagi mo mabola ang mga tao!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AOJRPOW3T22ADLX6V64J6MC6BI JoseG

    Nuong nangangampanya si Enrile, nangako ang MATANDANG TRAPO tungkol sa mahal na singil ng MERALCO.  At nanalo siya sapagka’t isa ako sa bumoto sa kanya.  Ano ang nangyari ?   WALEY !!!!  Hindi ko iboboto  ang anak nya sa SENADO !!!!!! 

  • txtman

        ILOCOS SUR


  • Rolly257

    Sabi ni Enrile: “we are not the rubber stamp of anybody”, pero nung panahon ni Marcos, di lang rubber stamp ang Congress and later, Batasang Pambansa…may tali pa sila sa ilong, at isa si Enrile sa pangunahing tuta.

    Dapat, mai-bulgar ang yaman ni Enrile na galing sa kurakot sa panahon ni Marcos, Ramos at Gloria. Republic Planters Bank, San Miguel Miguel Brewery, Coconut Levy, ay ilan lang sa kanyang mga sosyong yaman na dapat sana sa taong bayan.

    • bol pen

      And the wealth he got from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority…

  • brianitus

    Recto, takes a beating and keeps on ticking.

    Somehow, this guy always ends up as the one left holding the empty bag.  Remember eVAT?  I remember the guy being vilified for it.  Now it’s the members of the Senate and Congress out to scalp him.  Le yikes for this man!

  • Beguine

    Sin tax is just the government’s way of raising revenue the easy
    way, it is mostly a big burden for the poor since they’re the ones
    who turn to vices like tobacco smoking and drink to try to
    get by in their miserable lives.

    The senators couldn’t care less. If smokers, they can afford the
    finest luxury cigars and cigarettes. If they drink, they only quaff
    expensive luxury imported liquor.

    Life can be so unfair, and no more unfair than in this
    despicable sin tax!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPFSQKMZIOPWJYBXM3GTBUQBPA bangenge

      ur argument makes no sense. u say when life is miserable they turn to smoking and drinking. now if they get sick or suffer from cancer – it is not miserable? and how would they pay their hospital bills? or atleast support their vices?

  • rjimenez1226

    Hay nkju Enrile, kita na ang halang mo na bituka. Hindi na mga tanga ang mga Filipino. Ang dami mong kiyeme, ginagamit mo lang ang Senado para pagpayamanin ang sarili nyong pamilya. Ngayon kampi ka naman sa mga tobacco interests. Wlanghiya kang matanda ka.

  • Tamakana

    Ano bang klaseng argumento yan Mr. Senator, – Eh! pinapunta punta niyo sa senado yung mga taga BIR, kinunan niyo ng impormayon at rekumendasyon – all the while thingking na they are one with you sa Senado – yun pala ang gagawin niyo dyan imbes na makagawa ng batas na papabor sa gobyierno eh!  papapobor lang sa iilang interest  – tapos sasabihin mo hindi nila pero yun – eh! di ba dapat purihin pa nga sila dahil kahit hindi nila pera pinagmamalasakitan nila? At kung sasabin mong elected official ka – eh ano ngayon!

  • anu12345

    “He said he didn’t expect to see smokers quitting entirely because of the
    higher prices of cigarettes. They’d only shift to lower priced brands,
    he said.”

    Ask anyone in the health industry or who understands the risk of smoking, he will say a different thing.

  • maximus_meridius

    Kung talagang sincerely concerned etong mga vovo at inutil na cabinet secretaries ni Abnoy retard like Sec Ona of DOH at BIR Chief Mongoloid Henares sa kalusugan (health) ng mga pilipino,” bakit hindi na nila outright i prohibit o ipagbawal ang sale ng tobacco at alcohol”?  Di ba naiisip ng mga tinamaan ng magaling na mga to na ang maapektuhan ng mataas na tax ay ang mga “low income groups” lang na mas marami ang bilang? Di ba “discriminatory” ang batas na to?  Bakit di nyo na lang ipagbawal ng todo ang mga eto kung nag cause pala to ng cancer?  Bakit di nyo na rin ipagbawal ang asukal na pinanggalingan ng diabetes na masama din sa kalusugan?  Napakahayup ng mga to lalo na ang abnoy na yan!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPFSQKMZIOPWJYBXM3GTBUQBPA bangenge

      this post gave me cancer.

      • Janeth Molo

        and emphysema, too.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZWVVOOCSIDTIEAVGDDBAXN6K4 Jim

      Dapat ang pangalan mo maximus_stupidus…

    • Rap88


    • bol pen

      maximus ignoramus

    • teraytaray

      ilang pakete ba nauubos mo sa isang araw at gigil na gigil ka?

  • Janch

    Sorry senator, the people are with Henares, Purisima, Defensor-Santiago and Osmena on this one.  The senate is doing a lousy job, Recto did a hatchet job on the sin tax bill.  That’s why the public will not leave it alone.

  • philcitizen

    Why worry about smuggling? Singapore has a high sin tax. Do they have a problem in smuggling?

    • argz

      Isang airport at seaport lang ang Singapore. Hindi pa nalalagyan ang customs nila.

      • bgcorg

        Unlike Singapore, we are made up of islands and a wide swathe of water.  Smuggling, despite our customs men, is rampant here because of these reasons, among others.  The situation is different. 

  • argz

    Sino kaya sa mga nag-comment (at may mga nagmura pa) na nabasa na ang proposal ni Recto at ang rationale nito? Pati na rin ang proposal ng executive agencies? Ewan ko lang kung meron. Pero ang gagaling nila lahat magsalita at maghusga ng walang basehan.

    Dadaan pa din yan sa deliberation bago pagbotohan ng Congress at bago pirmahan ng Pangulo. Cool lang muna kayo at sa Senado kayo dumulog at magtanong pag inusisa na iyan dun.

  • Cal_Reznick

    People in the government always fighting and can’t get on the same page.

    What’s new? Can they ever get along long enough to do more than a couple things to significantly improve the nation??

  • JosengSisiw1

    “Mine is realistic. Theirs is a leap of faith,” Recto said.
    Which leap of faith is “Smoking Recto” is talking about? What is not realistic when everybody around Asia is doing it. If Thailand can do it, why is it not realistic here? Singapore did it, is it a leap of faith? Of course it will be a leap of faith if RECTO and his kinds continues to be on the senate.

  • yatot

    Democracy is working!

    Trabaho lang dapat, walang personalan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


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