True or false: Was 1972 Enrile ambush faked?


Did he or did he not fake his ambush 40 years ago?

In response to numerous requests from our readers, the Inquirer did a fact-check on a controversial claim that the Senate president made in his newly published book, “Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir.”

Enrile, the martial law administrator of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, said in his book that the ambush on his convoy on the night of Sept. 22, 1972, was not staged—a turnaround from what the then defense secretary disclosed during a historic press conference on Feb. 23, 1986, when he and then Lt. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos announced their revolt against Marcos.

In other interviews with certain foreign correspondents, Enrile was also reported as saying that the ambush—one of the reasons cited by then President Marcos to justify his imposition of martial law—was faked.

So, which is which?

In his book, Enrile said that on Sept. 22, 1972, his three-vehicle convoy was driving through Wack Wack subdivision on his way home to Dasmariñas Village from Camp Aguinaldo where he had just briefed top military officers on the implementation of martial law.

“A speeding car rushed and passed the escort car where I was riding. Suddenly, it opened several bursts of gunfire toward my car and sped away. The attack was so sudden that it caught everyone by surprise. No one in the convoy was able to fire back,” Enrile said in the book.

Enrile’s convoy left the bullet-riddled car and returned to Camp Aquinaldo where he reported the incident to Marcos. The soon-to-be-dictator, according to Enrile’s account, uttered some expletives: “Lintik ang mga ’yan!” (Damn those fools!).

In his book, Enrile said his political opponents were the ones who spread the word after the 1986 People Power Revolution that the ambush was faked to justify the imposition of martial law.

“This is a lie that has gone around for far too long such that it has acquired acceptance as the truth … . This accusation is ridiculous and preposterous,” Enrile said in his book. “Whether I was ambushed or not, martial law in the country was already an irreversible fact. So what was the need to fake my own ambush?”

Conflicting accounts

The banner headline of the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s front page published on Feb. 23, 1986 read: “Enrile, Ramos lead ‘revolt’ against FM.” One of the dropheads accompanying the headline read: “1972 ambush fake—Enrile.”

In its research, the Inquirer also came upon several journalists who said that Enrile himself had admitted not only during the Feb. 22, 1986, press conference but also in several interviews that the ambush was fake.

In his 1988 book, “Waltzing with a Dictator,” New York Times reporter Raymond Bonner wrote that while Enrile’s wife, Cristina, said that God had saved her husband, “God had had nothing to do with it. Marcos and Enrile had staged the  ‘ambush,’ as the final justification for martial law.”

Bonner said he had two long interviews with Enrile in December 1985. “He was emphatic that the attack on him had not been staged, but in February 1986, after he had broken with Marcos and led the revolt that ousted the Philippine president, Enrile admitted that the attack on his car had been faked,” Bonner wrote.

“Several American intelligence officers told me that the car attack was phony. ‘Flimflam,’ said one,” Bonner added.

In her 1989 book, “Impossible Dream,” Time correspondent Sandra Burton wrote: “Seasoned observers believed from the start that the attack had been staged. Years later, as he was in the midst of his own revolt from the Marcos regime, Enrile would confirm those suspicions.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine Ellison also said that Enrile himself admitted that the ambush was fake.

In her 1988 book, “Imelda,” Ellison wrote: “(Enrile) revealed that he had narrowly escaped injury in a spectacular ambush of his car—an event he conceded in 1986 had been staged.”

In his 1986 book, “The Quartet of the Tiger Moon,” National Artist Nick Joaquin wrote about the people’s reaction to the “confession” of a certain Capt. Ricardo Morales about an alleged plot to attack Malacañang and kill Marcos:

“The ‘confession’ sounded hollow to people who had just heard Enrile reveal that the 1972 attempt on his life was staged to give Mr. Marcos an excuse to declare martial law. People sneered that Marcos was so used to faking (fake feats, fake medals, fake literary works, fake health) that he would fake even his own assassination and death.”

Lopez remembers

Oscar Lopez, who lived in Wack Wack where the ambush supposedly took place, narrated his memory of that fateful night in the 2000 book, “Phoenix: The Saga of the Lopez Family.”

“After the shooting died down, I went out. I took a peek at what was happening outside my fence, and I saw this car riddled with bullets. Nobody was hurt; there was no blood. The car was empty,” Lopez said in the book.

The car was Enrile’s. At the time, Lopez did not know who owned the car, but he did know “it had been no ambush.”

“Our driver happened to be bringing our car into our driveway at around that time, so he saw the whole thing. He told me that there was this car that came by and stopped beside a Meralco post. Some people started riddling it with bullets to make it look like it was ambushed. But nobody got killed or anything like that. My driver saw this. He was describing it to me,” Lopez said.

Lopez said he decided to call the Manila Chronicle, which was owned then by his family. “My first move was to call up the Chronicle. I told the people that there had been some shooting here in Wack Wack. They sent somebody over, but he was told that Enrile was supposedly ambushed. But I knew even then that the attack had been staged. Enrile admitted that it was all staged afterwards. But Marcos used this incident as a pretext to declare martial law.”

In his column posted on the Sun.Star Cebu website, lawyer Pachico Seares recalled: “In February 1986, while barricading with then PC chief Fidel Ramos in Camp Aguinaldo, after President Ferdinand Marcos learned they were plotting against him, JPE told the nation the ambush was staged. On radio, he confessed that Marcos ordered the bogus attack and called it the ‘final act’ by his enemies and, as the President said 14 years earlier, the ‘last straw’ that made him declare martial law.”

Sources: Inquirer Archives; “Impossible Dream” by Sandra Burton; “Waltzing with a Dictator” by Raymond Bonner; “Imelda” by Katherine Ellison; “Phoenix: The Saga of the Lopez Family” by Raul Rodrigo; “The Quartet of the Tiger Moon” by Quijano de Manila; Sunstar.com.ph

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  • quirinomayer

    It’s not also true that Juan Ponce Enrile was born out of wedlock. 

    • ApoNiLolo

      There are several version of his story. Mine was, he was accepted by the “real” family of which Armida (his half-sister) belongs because the father does not have a son from the “real” family and after he prove to be a “Ponce Enrile” by excelling scholastically and became an attorney like his father. Of course I could be wrong.

      One thing for sure, his mother was the “kulasisi”. >: D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YUPIVSCIBTBHNV6GEQJFNTD7OQ Glorindo

    What else is new with Enrile?  He flip-flopped so many times.  I heard over the radio then when he confessed to the people that the ambush was faked.  Not only once but 3 times when interviewed he admitted of that fakery.  But in his memoir, this old dog suddenly denied it was fake but a reality instead.  This old man is the greatest flip-flopper in the Philippines.  No wonder, Tito Sotto, his loyal servant flip-flops most often too.  Birds of the same feather, flock together!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Of course it was fake.  Ambushers would not have left him alive if it was true.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

    parang TRUE kasi eh, kinakatakutan dati ang PC sa days na bago e-declare ang Martial Law, defense minister pa siya, sino sira-ulo mag-ambush sa kanya, may nahuli ba ang nang ambush sa kanya…dati, pagsinabi ENRILE ay natatakot na ang tao, pagsinabi mo FIDEL RAMOS, sabihin ng tao, sino yun?  haaaa

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

       Hindi si Enrile ang may hawak sa PC noon…si FVR.  Dalawang grupong nag-aaway noon:  Ver-Imelda vs Enrile.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

        dati sila ay magkakasama at mag-kakaibigan, how come they will hurt each others, for what, diba…si ver at enrile, they just listen what marcos order them what to do….

      • ApoNiLolo

        Noel is right. PC belongs to FVR. There are two faction within the inner circle of Marcos, that is; Imelda-Ver vs. Enrile-FVR. There was a 3rd force consisting of businessmen cronies, most notably, Danding.

        Ganyan ka galing mag balancing act si Marcos. Imelda (little dictator) and Ver (AFP chief and macoy’s top enforcer) fitted against Enrile (master tactician) and FVR (PC chief and macoy’s cousin.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

        because MR. MARCOS never trust somebody even his own wife, ginawa niya, balancing but they all listen what he say…sa takot din sa kanya at personal interest din na matatanggap nila…

  • anton kinuton

    i heard JPE say that on tv during the edsa revolution that the ambush was staged. lying? i won’t vote jack enrile.

  • DoitsuKoi

    I hope Senator Enrile’s book will be available soon, internationally. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2YAYHPL4WJCO4FGRTUY56DUSNU maria

      alam ng CIA ang kasinwalingan at mga kalokohan ni Enrile . . . including yung mga high society girls na nabanatan nila ni Angara. alam ba ninyo na si Enrile at Angara magkasangga? research ninyo ito! 

  • JK1000

    TRUE, it’s true that he admitted that it was a fake ambush during a press conference inside Camp Aguinaldo after they took refuged and asked the filipinos to protect them from Marcos and Ver forces. I think the reason why he’s changing his story because he wants to save himself from embarassment. Former Seantor Aquilino Pimentel one time blast Enrile inside the senate during their heated arguments and mentioned him faking his ambush to declare Martial Law.

  • arthur1410

    PDI-“In its research, the Inquirer also came upon several journalists who said that Enrile himself had admitted not only during the Feb. 22, 1986, press conference but also in several interviews that the ambush was fake.”

    When an applicant applied for a job position, he is asked to submit bio-data. In his eagerness to bag the position, the applicant will write down in his bio-data also known as “MEMOIR” that he is a clone of Einstein in terms of wit and intelligence, that he can perform like Superman, that he is as hardworking as Manny Pangilinan, all for the sake of impressing his would-be employer that he is the best there is when in his heart he knows, he is dumb, lazy and only good at sowing intrigues. 

    Is there is difference between Enrile and the job applicant? Yes and No.

    NO-Both are liars. Enrile is lying to his teeth just like the job applicant, to impress the filipino people that he is a hero. After several years, he is now denying he faked his ambushed when he was the one who revealed to media that he indeed, faked his ambushed. Those statements of Enrile were written 26 years ago in all newspapers and read by all filipinos. He never contradicted them except on the day that he launched his biodata few days ago. By his own admission during EDSA 1, he cheated Cory in cagayan in snap election. Again, he denied that admission 26 years after and during the launching of his biodata few days ago.

    YES-Enrile is smart and hardworking, not dumb and lazy as the job applicant. He is so smart and hardworking that he was able to outwit and fool the people that for so many years, he is hailed as   a hero, rather than the chief implementor and chief violator of human rights during martial law regime when thousands were killed, abused and tortured. 

    History has been written 26 years ago. It can’t be “unwritten” by a simple biodata now.

    • mabyrik

      If a stupid senator named tito escalera can insert a stupid provision in cybercrime to criminalize libel, is there one smart senator who can create a law making a faked memoir or biodata a huge crime and punishable by lethal injection?

      If a law making a faked memoir a crime is passed, this will greatly prevent the young generations from absorbing incorrect historical information that enrile wants to feed into the minds of the young who are still very young or still unborn at that time.

      Enrile stated that libel in cybercrime law is necessary to maintain responsibility in internet. THat’s a big lie, just like the lies he boasted when he launched his self-serving biodata, which incidentally, was dignified by Pnoy’s presence who forgot that his parents died a hero and an icon for fighting freedom of speech. 

      Enrile is not after accountability in cyberspace. The only reason why enrile defended libel in cybercrime is to protect his own skin against criticisms for lying and changing historical facts that are already part of our history. 

      Enrile is so smart he knew in advance that the social media will be flooded with contrary views about his lies in his biodata.

      This old man is a visionary. His visions about attacks on his lies are coming to reality just by reading all the comments in this forum.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

        I think he said, sometime or somewhere, that Biblical saying about…
        “the Truth shall set you free”

        Sometimes, when you lie so often, you will find it difficult to differentiate between
        lying and telling the truth.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      His “lying side”, he must have inherited from his “un-named/known mother”.
      Possible, the father…, BUT, I don’t think so.

  • http://www.ninoyandcory.gov.ph/ It’s No Time To Doubt Now

    On our small black-and-white television set, I distinctly remember seeing Mr. Enrile on PTV4 in those days saying that the ambush was staged.

    40 years ago, Enrile faked his own near-death experience.
    40 years later, Enrile faked his senility to retract his previous confession.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      I think he said, sometime or somewhere, that Biblical saying about…”the Truth shall set you free”
      Sometimes, when you lie so often, you will find it difficult to differentiate betweenlying and telling the truth.

      • http://www.ninoyandcory.gov.ph/ It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        “. . . in the beginning there was a lie, a lie that blossomed into an illicit love, an illicit love that was made flesh, a flesh conceived out of a lie, condemned to live and die in the falsities of lies . . .” — from Vimalakirti Sutra

        In a way, wawa din si lolo Johnny. Even before his time is up, I can’t help but shed a tear or two for him. In a way, the fault lies not in lolo Johnny but in the stars.


    We see how liar this man is. More than 20 years ago he admitted that the ambush was fake. Now, he’s trying to twist and tamper the history with his lies. Enrile can’t change the history with his own version of story written in his memoir. Too much lies manong

  • us_sixtycents

    Please leave Fairy Tales to Disney!

  • koaks2

    fake fake fake, sinungaling,

  • Simon Ward

    Good research, but there’s just one thing missing. Surely someone has asked JPE to explain why he said it was fake, but now says it wasn’t – haven’t they? If he claims all the people who heard him say it was fake are lying, it would be good for the record to hear him put this in words.

  • bisayagid

    Filipino have short memories…
    sa madaling salita madali utuin lalo na ang mga BOBOtante.
    Only in the Philippines……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melchor-Sonza/100002356861753 Melchor Sonza

    be god forgive him???sinners of all sins,,fathers of all lies,,,enrile should be shot dead,,, in the eyes of all filipinoes and new generations who doesnt know how devil he is,,, HE MUST VANISH

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Had it not for People Power, Enrile would have been dead by now.  Marcos was about to attack and bomb Camp Aguinaldo.  Enrile only had a handful of security force led by Honasan.  Ramos only joined later but his Camp Crame supporters could not match Ver’s military.  The turning point was when Cardinal Sin called on the Catholics and people to go to EDSA.  Despite portraying Marcos as the evil and most brutal president, he acted on the contrary by not hurting the people at EDSA.  Gen. Ver was itching to attack the people upon Marcos’ signal but Marcos rejected this.  The rest is history.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W57KOCZSEEHMWZXDJBF42GRLYM tulisan

      ………Despite portraying MARCOS as the evil and most brutal president, he acted on the contrary by not hurting the people at EDSA. Gen. Ver was itching to attack the people upon Marcos’ signal but Marcos rejected this.  The rest is history.

  • http://twitter.com/Isagani_Ibarra Ramses

    Many of us heard on national radio at the height of the EDSA People Power revolution when a contrite Enrile admitted that his ambush at the eve of Martial Law was faked.

    That he has the temerity to retract this now and claim with a straight face that his ambush was not faked clearly illustrates Enrile’s capacity for deception of the highest order.  From now on, we should view every claim he makes with suspicion because we will never know when he will retract the same, particularly when it is convenient for him.

    Nakakasuka ka, JPE.  Its time that you resign as Senate President and retire!  

  • OFW Franklin

    During EDSA revolution JPE announced to the world that the ambush was faked. He said that to save his ash. During that time I observed the two FVR & JPE the former was relaxed and ready to die whereas JPE was so serious and afraid to die.

  • http://twitter.com/iuragan iuragan

    This is not a fact-check. If it is, then it should have a categorical statement saying which is true and which is false. This is the Inquirer being cowardly and disingenuous and letting its readers do its work. Stop parroting the American press that does fact-check when it is reporting on the fly. You are reporting a piece of history here and you mess up with your first report when you merely regurgitated Enrile’s side. Stick to what you do best: writing headlines that proclaim miracles–more often than the Vatican does (He survived! A miracle! Victim woke up from coma, a miracle!). Saying that it is a fact-check will not titivate a piece that the only intent is to titillate.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2YAYHPL4WJCO4FGRTUY56DUSNU maria

      bayad din ang Inquirer Researcher! People can no longer believe the press! We are on our own!

  • Guest

    Halos lahat ng MEMOIR ay kalokohan. Sinulat ng maykatha para lang ilarawan ang kanyang pangsariling kagitingan at ikubli ang tunay na kabulukang pagkatao. Siya na yata ang pinaka matagal na sakim sa kapangyarihan sa kasaysayan ng bansa. Ganid hanggang sa impiyerno. Mahaharap din niya si Satanas sa katapusan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Teddy-V-Peredo/1585964768 Teddy V. Peredo

    Flip flopping again.  He will be making lies until he dies.

  • tgomeziii

    JPE’s magnum opus will have faired much, much better had he not mentioned the fake ambush, simply omitting it as he has omitted many other relevant elements of his life known to so many. Unfortunately this has now become  the sore point, the spoiler, as it were. Reread: “Whether I was ambushed or not,” is very indicative of the purpose of the corrective allegation.  It almost says:   Nagsinungaling man ako o hindi…..!!!!!    “Martial law was already an irreversible fact. So what was the need to fake my own ambush?”  

     Elementary, Mr. Watson!!!…..the “irreversible fact” still needed a  final finishing touch, that last dot, a contrived credibility, to complete the script.   It is perhaps quite true that in JPE’s mind, being very “in” on the Martial Law preparations, he did not  see anymore need to fake his own ambush.  After all, it was a done deal!!!     But that is only because he was not the “scriptwriter.”  It was Marcos who ordered him to comply and execute that “fake ambush” so that the demented dictator could enter the event into his journal later that evening, to complete his own version of Philippine history.

    Just the same, JPE’s magnum opus is a welcome endeavor.  Revisionism is a continuing threat.  Another evidence why the “vigilance of memory” must be adapted as an on-going exercise of our national  consciousness!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2SAS5EA3XCKC7Z3D7ODUHO2KFE lone ranger

    better title ” Juan Ponce Enrile  a Balimbing Memoir “

  • Hey_Dudes

    Only someone as shameless as this flaky fake can say it was real!

  • $18209031

    Once a  dirty kayumanggi will always remain a dirty kayumanggi, period.  And that s no bs.  Enrile from the long line of dirty Ilocandio politicians who runned this country with Marcos. Tama na ang mag aasa sa mga ganitong kayumanggi galing Luzon. Tama na mga pinoy, select someone new ….

  • indiosbravos2002

    Enrile just want to secure his legacy. So he is cleaning up the history books. Portraying himself a hero. But the fact remains that he already said the truth about the ambush. He must be hoping that people have already forgotten that he admitted at one tme that it was all a
    hoax. Well what do you expect from a man that never spoke the truth? For him truth is relative. Whatever is favorable to him is the truth.

  • buninay1

    I thought flipflopping happens only in SC.  The senate has the its own version after all.

  • Htee

    Well, one thing is definitely true here, this flipflopping story serves the benefit of only one single man and that is JPE. Whether the version of 26 years ago or the present version, it only serve his purpose. True or not, 26 years ago or now, actually carries now weight. It only make us know this man a little better. That his words are worth §hït, and to be flash down the toilet just as it is everyday when we visit the can. It will go whirling with the flash water for a while and brush with the sidings a little, but eventually it will go down and disappear…no big deal.

  • $18209031

    He has had many years to rewrite history and put himself in a good light. This is how wily this man has and had been. Kayong mga kayumanggis Pinos from all the provinces, tama na sa nagpapagamit kayo sa ganitong mga politiko marumi. He was the master planner of Martial Law  together with Marcos, ang sabi ni Enrile pinag order lang sya ni Mackoy to study the imposition of martilal law in context of growing unrest, he is trying to cover up what his participation was. Ang daming mga kaiklats itong si Enrile to cover his dirty deeds, mga parekoykoy. 

    He needs to be brought to justice. He is hiding in the skirt of Utang na Loob sa mga kasamang mga politikos so he will fade into obscurity. His crimes are yet to be brought to light. Mga parekoykoy, we neeed the like s of Sen Trillanes to stand and bring out the dirty past of this man . Time will come. No one should be immune and above the law.

  • ApoNiLolo

    I have this notion that he made his book not for the present reader but for the future generation, hoping that future Filipinos will judge him differently. That may work for casual readers with only one hitch. Serious future historians got plenty of other books to cross-reference what he said and may brand him as “The Greatest Liar” of this generation. >: D

  • spearheads

    The answer is: Trulse. By the way, does this issue really matters? The Dictator has been eliminated a long time ago so what’s the big deal? To me like former Pres. Ramos, he was a traitor to the people by siding with the former Dictator but both of them realized their mistakes and made amends so, what’s the big deal really? When Corona was removed, the yellow mob almost put him on a pedestal and worshiped him like a saint including the mainstream media like the PDI. Now, what has Enrile done to reverse the mind of these desperate PNoy supporters? Exposing another traitor like Trillanes? Is that a sin? Of course, he will expose another traitor since he knows the ills of being one because of his personal experience. Now, what is so bad about that?

    • Joe Umali

      Yes, you’ll find nothing wrong from a guy with bloodied hands if you’re an idiot.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Enrile has a penchant for story telling. I remember that right after the impeachment trial of Corna, he showed a reporter a list he made kuno of those he thought will vote for guilty and not guilty. The list was a deadringer on how senators voted on the issue. That is when I started doubting the guy, because obviously there were senators who changed their votes last minute. I guess he enjoyed the thought that people were considering him and Cuevas as the all knowing gods of the impeachment court.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000637195017 Geoffrey de Asis

    He is a big liar just as when he betrayed the filipinos when he partnered with marcos in imposing martial law. I thought he reformed his character already but to turnaround and lie again about his staged ambush? Sucks bigtime…..

  • jayoliver

    But of course it was faked.  Think about it,  assassins of old especially coming from the ranks of the then very ideological NPA will not be able to go near a VIP’s car, riddle it with bullets and therefater leave a high-value target survive.  Not even the current crop of riding in tandem amateur assassins will miss at that range for crying out loud!

    • Aris Kalayaan

      According to his memoir, umiihi sya sa poste ng Meralco kasama ang kanyang mga escort ng pagbabarilin ang kanyang sasakyan kaya di sya tinamaan at hindi nakaresponde ang kanyang mga escort.

  • al gero

    What can you expect from a trapo who doesn’t want to give up the power

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    enrile attempt to clear himself. his autobiography is a deodorant….he is lying..
    truth is even after 1986 he has been involved if not gave his blessing to several coup attempts…. he has not apologize for those….

  • MakaBayanPo


  • jakesanjose

    False…not true………every trouble or insurgency before martial law was fabricated so that Marcos can declare Martial Law. Two of our family friend was gunned down 7 years after Martial Law for working undercover before the impositioned of martial law.

  • kayanatwo


    j.p.enrile is a master of political survival. (h)is chameleon-like instinct made him to outlast his cohorts and political enemies. that chameleon-like character made j.p. enrile to last this long in the motherland’s geopolitical environment.

    his j.p. enrile: the memoirs is nothing but an act of desperation to save his political dynasties.  the book was all for jackie’s political future and the continuation of the clan’s survival in the motherland’s dog-eat-dog politic world.

  • doncleo

    SINUNGALING TALAGA YAN SI ENRILE!  Naglabas ng libro  para linisin lang ang pangalan nya sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at para matulungan ang kandidatura ng anak nya…Ilang beses na nya inamin sa mga interview na fake ang paglkaka-ambush sa kanya para makadeklara ng Martial Law si Marcos at sya nga ang administrador nito..Ganid din ito sa kapangyarihan at malaki ang obsesyon na maging presidente kaya nga ilang beses syang nagplano ng “coup d etat” kay Cory Aquino..  MATANDA NA SINUNGALING PA!!! PWEEHH!! PWEEEHH!! PWWEEEEHHHH!!!

  • WAJ

    It is ignorance, if you want to believe it…Remember the book of Marcos when he run for President of the Philippines? “Who is responsible for the death of Nalundasan”. It is the same thing for Enrile, his book is nothing but a cover up…By the way, Marcos was a member of the LP when he approached Speaker Laurel at that time when the late speaker told him “Quote, Pare, if you want to become the President you better join the NP, Unquote”.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WEBQQWQDFI3HXAMQFTUHVVUHNU ame mojica

    So who wants to vote for UNA candidates? This party is doom , led by three corrupt guys

    • joshua kings

      sino yung 3 corrupt guys, kabayan?

  • $18209031

    Enrile and Marcos were the architects of the martial laws, so goes with Pres Ramos. Dont  try to rewrite history Mr Enrile, your hands were dirty with mud, now you are trying wipe them clean with bleach again ? Dios ko mga kayumanggis, time to bring this man to justice.  The law is the law. There will many polticians who will try to cover up Enrile in his retirement years,  and will know them by their actions. Yang si Col Honasan , he is also not clean.  Gen Ramos, yan talaga as he implement orders of Sec Enrile from Marcos. Ramos was head of the para military PHil COnstabulary. Ang daming pinag arrest nila at pinatay . Mga suspects and innocente, dios ko ….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3FNJOC5A4YB7ODYLGNKFRV5V7M rolando c

    juan ponce enriLIE CANNOT BE RELIED ang lahat na nagcompanya kay EnriLIE ay puro sinungaling. Isa na ang sa Surigao del Sur. Victima na nga ng Martial Law nagpaluko pa.rin. Sige nah ! magsama na kayo kung ganyan kayo sa makati. Binayaran kayo ? Nagkapera?  Bayad naman muna kayo ng Utang., Tingnan ninyo si Juan kong anong ginawa niya kay Corona, BINAYaran na ang taong bayan? Katiting l;ang yon Johnny.

  • asarin

    hay naku, ENRILE…ginago mo na kami, in the words of susan roces when GMA cheated FPJ, ‘ONCE, TWICE BUT NOT THRICE’ nakaiskor ka lang noong IMPEACHMENT akala mo nauuto mo na kami sa mga naging kasalanan mo in the past… HINDI. ito na lang ang payo ko saiyo. MATANDA KA NA, ILANG BUWAN O TAON NA LANG ANG ILALAGI MO SA MUNDO… TIGILAN MO NA ANG PAGSISINUNGALING… maging totoo ka bago ka humarap at husgahan ni LORD! hmmmp…

    • spider69

      wala siyang alam sa Lord na sinasabi mo. Ang kilala niya ay si Taning.

      • asarin

        sinabi mo pa! as in taning talaga. at ang anak nyang si jack… napakasalbahe nya noong nasa up diliman kami at nag-aaral… circa 1974-1975. mayabang at may kab@stusan pa… hmmm dahil lang sa papogi points nya noong impeachment… mahahalal ang isa pang nagbabait-baitan na fake. mga boboto sa 2013, maawa kayo sa bayan!

  • asarin

    hay, ang mga tao talagang nasa kaibuturan ang kasamaan… nuno ng kasinungalingan. ikaw yun ENRILE…bulaan…

  • asarin

    napawi na sana ang galit ng taong bayan saiyo dahil akala nila, naging truthful ka na at hindi berdugo at walang budhi katulad noong martial law… hindi pala… ang kasamaan mo ay sagad sa buto… sinungaling over and over again… hmmmp nakakagalit ka…

  • asarin

    kung talagang hindi faked ambush yun… sana noon ka pa nag-react na ‘totoong ambush’ yun! bakit hindi mo kinorek agad… ngayong mabango na ulit ang pangalan mo… sasabihin mong faked ambush… aba, aba… pinaglalaruan mo lang pala kami, ang aming mga damdamin at isipan… 

  • $18209031

    Okey , ito yung mga nakahimulos sa panahon ni Ilocandiong  Marcos na nasa mataas na posisyon . Sen Enrile and Honasan, both played high and mighty during the dark martial  law years . Gen Ramos, Dios ko santisima, this man is as dirty as Enrile. Another Kayumangging Panggalatok, all he does is pakitang hilas manabako . But make no mistake this man was the highest in the chain of command. He was head of Phil Constabulary, the terror paramilitary force. HE also was head of the police. And daming napatay nila under orders of Marcos to eliminate political rivals. . 

    • Nobayan

      Di lang yan. I-check niyo kung gaano na yan kayaman after he left the presidency. Simple lumaro yang si tabako.

  • asarin

    dapat talaga ay may TRUTH COMMISSION na dapat imbestigahan ang lahat na katiwalian hindi lang noong panahon ni gloria, kundi pati na noong panahon ni marcos, cory, ramos, at erap! para matuldukan na ang lahat….baka kasi yung pag deklara ng martial law ay itanggi ni enrile…. sasabihin nya.. wala namang martial law… new society meron…. hmmmp

  • cogito728sum

    The only truth about JPE’s memoirs is that it is a living proof to Felix Frankfurter’s observation that “Memoirs are the most unreliable source of historical evidence.  Events are always distorted by refraction through the writer’s ego.”

    The refraction Enrile is trying to apply to subvert the historical truth he himself has admitted, when it was expedient for him to do so, was a gift from another liar, Corona, without whose impeachment trial Enrile would not have found the unexpected and sudden shining light of popularity to bend the ray of truth in the  hope that it will alter the peoples’ contempt of his persona.  My dear Conrado calls this serendipity.  I call it the relentless cruel twist of fate testing the Filipinos capacity to endure evil.

    Folks, I can see a sinister motive here, in this memoirs of Enrile.  Knowing himself the irrepressible desire of Bongbong to be president himself to realize another tandem in Philippine presidential history, he is laying down the ground work, this early, for Bongbong’s candidacy in 2016 with the selfish motive that by then his son, Jackie, would be well prepared to be Bongbong’s runningmate.  And after that, his failed dream of being president will come to reality in his son’s persona.

    Folks, the more vigilance is required of every Filipino who wants to effectuate change in the political landscape for the better.  Every pinoy of common decency cannot drop his guards now and must constantly bear in mind the danger of another evil regime just lurking around the corner.
    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    • fasoriamd

      I could not agree more. Thank you for a clear explanation.

    • Nobayan

       Bongbong-Jackie/Marcos-Enrile sa 2016? Aaaaaarrrrkkk!!! Ngayon pa lang sukang-suka na ko. Please lang wag naman sana po…..Never! Never! Never! Neverrrrrr!!!!

  • farmerpo

     An ambush is far from a drive by shooting. Properly executed, an ambush is almost always successful. By all accounts, what happened to Manong was a drive by. True or false, it is ineffectual. Conclusion, it was staged.  

  • $18209031

    Be this a warming to all Pinos far and wide , Sen Enrile and Bong Bong Marcos are setting their eyes on 2016. This is the target date , tandaaan nyo this will be the return of the Ilocandio bloodline again. Dios ko santisima, ginawang sawsawan tayo mga oligarchy mga ito.  The Enriles and Marcoses have secretly reconciled their past and and now planning a comeback , do not be naive mga parekoykoys. This is another martial law in the making.

    Alam na ninyo ang 11 th IB, PA , ay handa na hindi ito mangyayari. We will be heading to the abyss of no return again !! Same old dirty kayumanggis of northern luzon mga parekoykoys..

    Dios ko santisima , mga pinos, huwag nyong ibuto itong mga pangalan na nakasira ng ating bayan. Ano na ba kayo,  nag amnesia na kayo sa ginawa nila noon !! Short term memory na ang mga bagong butante by 2016, they are wating for this exact moment to get back to power !! That will make it 30 yrs post 1986 revolution. They are banking on the new generation to vote for them. 
    Dont do it.  Mga kayumanggis , maawa kayo sa sarili nyo , no more Ilocandio +  Ilocandio in the highest office of the land.  Maawa kayo sa sarili !!!

  • Guest

    No need for a true or false survey. Politics and money sometimes require drama.

  • fasoriamd

    Enrile wants to be on both sides of the aisle period. 

  • $18209031

    Mga parekoykoys,  the Marcoses and Enriles have reconciled their animosities and conflicts for the sake of regaining power again in 2016.  Enrile as we all know is prepping his legacy and his son to run for presidency together with Bong BOng. Tandaan nyo yan , dont be naive !! These are wily kayumanggis of the northern provinces, time for the rest of the country to be aware and take note. NO more dirty Ilocandio plus dirty Ilocandio in the highest office of the land. Tama na sa mga karantaduhan na ginawa nila !! Pinos have short term memories , and they know how to tap on these weaknesses. No more Marcoses and Enriles  !!!

  • justicePhilippines

    For a person like Enrile the truth does not matter, it is all about what benefits him most at the moment. 

  • Simplify1

    The biggest giveaway that Enrile is lying…. he said Marcos uttered “lintik ang mga yan”!  “FAIL”!!  Marcos would have sworn “OKI NAM”!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003850045276 Meeko Pal

    Martial law made him rich!!  Ngayon kaya sabihin ni Enrile na hindi sya nagnakaw noong panahon ni Marcos… 


    Ang tunay na adhikain ng talang-buhay na isina-aklat ni Enrile ay upang iligaw ang pananaw ng mga kabataan (na di naranasan ang panahon ng Batas Militar ) tungkol sa kanyang nakalipas na kasalanan sa bayan at masang Pilipino. Ang mga kabataang ito ang kinkasangkapan ni Enrile upang masilbihan ang kanyang sakim na pangsariling hangad s ngayon at sa hinaharap. Malaki ang tungkulin ng henerasyon natin na dumanas ng Batas Militar at nasaksihan ang katusuhan ni Enrile na liwanagin sa ating mga anak at kaapo-apuhan na huwag maniwala sa mga isinulat ni Enrile. NEVER FORGET, NEVER AGAIN! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS AT MASANG PILIPINO!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Kung bakit kasi hindi pa uso noon ang riding in tandem.  Kung nagkataon tiyak na tigok siya.  Isipin na lang tadtad ng bala yung kotse niya ni isang galos wala si Mang Ulupong?

    • spider69

      maybe, baka hiniram niya ang Agimat ni Nardong Putik.

      • Kanalo Maasim

        wala naman kc sya sa loob ng sasakyan, nka baba na bago pinagbabaril

  • $18209031

    Dios ko Santisima, it s been 50 years that these Phil Islands were controlled by Ilocandios and Tagalegs, pucha !! Ang labas ay kurakot lang at pagpapayaman sa kanilang pamilya at ka susyo ! From Macapagal to Marcos to Aquino to Ramos To exconvict Estrada to GMA to now Pnoy. 
    Ano ba kayong mga Pinos, na hypnotized na kayo sa mga Ilocandioks at Tagalegs ? Saan na ang identities ng Bisayas at Mindanao ? Ginawang wala nalang since Marcos ordered the tagaleg dialect to be the national language. Dios ko santisima, tama na sa mga karantaduhan ng northern people running this govt.

    • 12JEM

      D. Mcapagal..Kapampangan

    • TimeTraveller123

      d naman po siguro dahil sa northern people lang po….nagkakataon lang na karamihan sa kanila naging ulo..pero gaya ng katawan, useless ang ulo kong walang mga kamay, paa at iba iba pang parte ng katawan. Hindi lang naman ilocandios ang masasamang pulitiko, marami rin bisaya, tagalog etc.. Look at the magindanao massacre at marami pang ibang incidents…kaya huwag naman po natin sabihin na ilocandia ang masama sa government. Salamat po. 

    • Sammy Delarna Antonio

       It was Quezon who declared Tagalog based Pilipino as the national language, not Marcos.

      • $18209031

        Actually there was no appetite for the bisayas and MIndanaoans who speak cebuano dialect to learn this luzonian dialect. Since Quezon was a tagaleg , of course , he wanted to shove his dalect into the throats of  the rest . Pucha talaga.  And almost everything from then on centered in Luzon and the tagaleg regions.  ANg labas ay superior ang pakiramdam ng mga tagalegs . Their regional culture is being extolled by no other but tagaleg writers as well. From books , art and culture are all talking of tagaleg superiority. All others are mere PROBINSYANA daw and less superior.  This is elitist attitude in itself until to this day
        .  All central govt offices are located in Manila. Fck this centralization.  

        ANd once Marcos took office and began his KBL slogan of NEw Society he had no choice but to reiterate the need for the rest of the country to speak this foreign and elitist tagaleg dialect. He was supposed to impose his will which was for the Ilocandio cr p to be shove into the rest of the new society but went with tagalegs instead. . This was how dirty his plans were. But he was successful in consolidating his power base mainly his northern clan to control the halls of power and especially the military, the bullwark of his martial law control…

  • johnllander

    If a portion of the book has no integrity to tell, then the whole book is nothing but a fib, a fiction and therefore fit to be displayed in a Fiction Section of a bookstore and has no right to be found in a Biography shelves.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

       Who would write something bad about himself?  If Enrile’s detractors write a book about him, I’m more excited to read it.

      • isellnuts

         How could you enjoy reading a fake book?

      • joshua kings

        simple lang sagot sa tanong mo, igan:  i-fake mo rin na enjoy la reading it, hehe….

  • 12JEM

    D. Mcapagal..Kapampangan

    • $18209031

      Noy and the Aquinos are not kapampangans. They are Tarlacenos. They have affinity to Pangalatoks, akin to Ilocanos.

      • 12JEM

        The Aquinos are Kapampangans from Concepcion, Tarlac.  Did you hear Pres NoyNoy, in the proclamation of Among Ed as LP candidate for Governor of Pampanga, when he said that he’s the only Kapampangan who has not been invited to come or visit Pampanga?

        The groups in Tarlac are the Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Kapampangans, and Pangasinenses. As far as I know the people or language of Pangasinan is not called Pangalatoks.

    • dipadadaig

      Una sa lahat na nabanggit sa itaas…Andres Bonifacio y De Castro…Tagalog noon…Pinoy ngayon…

  • gets_mo

    Memory fades with age.  In fairness to Mr. Enrile, he is now at the point in his life when he could no longer delineate fact from fiction.  Truth has become relative.  At 88, he has earned the right to believe only what he wanted to believe.  However, it doesn’t mean we’ll go along for the ride.

  • $18209031

    The ambush was all staged accdg to plan hatched by the US CIA ops right in the US Embassy . The US at the time was worried of the Pinas going down the drain as Maoist inspired NPA were gaining followings . So they had to have drastic control of their bases in Pinas. To ensure this  they wanted a govt favorable to them . THere comes Marcos and the Ilocandio Clan . Enrile and Ramos made up this consortium . The ambush was all faked .  No one got hurt. It was typical of the CIA playbook. Remember the days of the Shah in the 1950s. The US propped him up to insure US had an ally in the middle east until it backfired on 1979. The US embassy hostages came along. 

    The Martial Law of 1972 was already planned long before . It was the perfect plan to ensure total control of the Pinas. Lahat hindi mangyayari kung wala ang US nagsusupport.   Dios ko santisima, huwag nyong lulukuhin ang bayan. Marcos was so willing to implement this plan as he was so ambitious . He also wanted to be the sole ruler and implemented his vision of Ilocandio Supremacy . That was all in the plan , mga parekoykoy.

  • MG

    Manong Ernie is as sly as they come. History will not change by this book, as he thinks. He will be judged in due time not now. Maraming utang iyan sa bansa.

  • johnllander

    The enrile fake ambush by communist was a template for a fake communist assassin in the Aquino-Galman double murder case.

    How could the communist was able to operate an ambush just so near to and in between military campounds (Camps Crame, Aquinaldo and Fort Bonifacio) is unbelievable and much in the same way how a communist assassin was able to pass through unnoticed a military cordon of about 2000 soldiers and fired Ninoy.

    Killing, faking, cheating, thieving, among others, were the thumb marks of marcos.  He killed Nalundasan and ordered Ninoy killed.  He was awarded with fake medals.  Fake an ambush to justify implementation of martial law.  He cheated to win the 1986 snap presidential elections.  He stole a huge money from the government coffer.

  • mangtom

    AFPakoCollapseDios ko Santisima, it s been 50 years that these Phil Islands were controlled by Ilocandios and TagalegsResponse: Ikaw, AFTako, the Mao subversive agent, ay inggit ka lang. Nais mo ang pure-blooded insect ang maging president ng Pinas. F#ck off.

  • lionheart58

    We are not that naive to believe what this old man claimed!!!  Tama na sobra na!!!!!

  • $18209031

    We will only have  closure if we see Enrile’s crimes against Filipino people be brought to light. We need Sen Trillanes to step into the fray and take this dirty trapo to the light. If Trillanes will be brave enough , bubuto ako kay Trillanes  to run for presdient in 2016 rather than see old trapos and descendants of trapos like BOng BOng and Jack Enrile come to take the presidency . 

    Calling on sen Trillanes to take the brave steps to bring the crimes of Enrile to light. Hindi dapat ito brush under the rug.  He has so much crimes in his time as sec of Defense that should be known. What we are seeing now is , criminals like him are glorifying their deeds of the past and rewriting history. The many injustices committed are swept under the rug. Kawawa naman ang mga biktima.s

  • Kanalo Maasim

    during the 1st people power i among thousands used our bodies barricading camp crame to protect ramos & enrile. akala ko kc nagbago na c manong, sus yon pala ginamit lang ang madlang people. i hope this article will enlighten the rest of the population of the country who had no idea what was going on – sa campaign lang na txt boboto na kay enrile – ngayon anak naman ang patakbuhin para lang manatili sa puesto. sana ang taong bayan matuto naman. but we can’t fault them, really. kami nga na uto din noon. that’s how sly and bad they are.

    • johndcross1


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IG57Z23KAJA5HOUDYILHQETYIA Yociv

         Siya ba yun pumatay daw kay Alfie Anido? Naku kung may power yan delikado na naman tayo

      • Nobayan

         Yan ang tsismis — na kasi binugbog daw ni Anido si Katrina na syota niya kaya hayun….pero sa libro ni JPE, kasinungalingan daw yun na kinalat ni Gen Ver dahil sa inggit dahil sa kabit niya na taga-banko…napaka-detalye ng mga pangyayari. Ika nga too detailed to be true….chos!!!!  

  • nes911

    The enrile ambushed was stage managed. This is the truth no matter what enrile says now.

  • Panch1t0

    A writer will do everything to make his book popularly sell. On the other hand does this book his step for his application to become one of our heroes? Think about it…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7QZGSD2PKH75PUIZY5TVTQJKTI Broton

    I think the only best selling book of all times is: “Memoirs of Deception and Lies by: Juan Ponce Enrile”. or The Memoirs of My Life’s Dark Secret by: Juan Ponce Enrile.” Tandang Johnny can no longer fool again the Filipino people. He’s too sensional for his dark secrets. I will be more excited and be more forgiving if this old man will walk on bended knees at the Quiapo Cathedral asking for forgiveness for all his sins rather than publishing a book of his memoirs. Remember, much of the misseries of this country is attributed by this “Untouchable Man” of corruption.

    • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

      bravo!  I like what you said, ”  .   .  .  he’s too sensational for his dark secrets.” 

      the man has always underestimated the Fillipinos.  He assumes that Filipinos are still all timid and lazy.

  • $18209031

    The CIA was worried of the domino effect of communism in SE Asia in those days. The US was tired of Vietnam and so they started the socalled Vietnamization of SOuth Vietnamese military. The bullwark of defending S Vietnam fell into the hands of the ARVN forces. But they see the Philis as the next one falling as Maoist NPA was gaining ground. To prevent the Pinas into another Vietnam they needed to act quickly. They also wanted to make sure their Subic and Clark bases are not gonna be affected. To effect this plan into motion, they wanted total military control of PInas. It can only be achieved by a strong man and they got Marcos with is Ilocano Clan to run this plan. The rest was history . And Marcos got full support and money into his pocket to ensure full control for 20 yrs. Tama na ang mga Ilocandio sa govt. They will go as far as subversing the law to ensure their power grab. From the halls of PMA to AFP heirarchy, lahat ay nilagyan ng mga Ilocandios at tagaleg commanders. Total control kaya mayayabang mga ito at abuso talaga.
     The abuses of Ilocandios  in AFP werer so bad during Marcos time.

    • Alajero

      …that’s not good…AFPAKO…are you trying to spread chaos in this country…why will you do that??? …you are trying to hit two birds with one stone…not only did you try to maligned or “hate monger” the ilocanos…but, you also accused the US of conspiring….you are so vile…
      …what good will this do for your chinese bosses…???

      • $18209031

        Hahahaha, Ilocandioks and Tagalegs were always in cahoots in just about anything under the Philippine sun to rule this country, fcken azzes ! They connived with the dirty Kastilas for 333 yrs and 48 yrs with the Americans. Then not only that but kowtowed to Japos in WW 2 so their heads and azzes wont be touched by Jap samurais.  Then they began their  cahoots with the Americans  which pinnacled during the dictator ship of MArcos. Dont sugarcoat this dark history of Pinas. Kayumanggis will always backstabbed fellow kayumanggis even if they have to kiss whtieazzes or Jap azzes so they can be in positions of power.  NOthing is new and why would you worry , the damage had already been done since 1946. Bisayas and Mindanaoans hate the Luzonians esp tagalegs and ilocandios for monopolizing the halls of power and manipulating the laws of the land to their advantage.

      • Alajero

        …afpako…some people including me would try to unify this country for their common good…and here you are trying to raise amok…to divide this people…you are an ENEMY…and so you know…the good people of this country will be watching your moves…be wary…

      • $18209031

        Unifying your dirty azz, parekoykoy ? There is no such thing as unifying in this country, only unifying kurakots to kurakot the whole country . Dont kid your self and sound silly. 
        We ve seen it before, now and foreever. The enemies are kurakots  in sheep’s clothings. Are you one ? You speak like the unifier, if so, you are another  in sheep’s clothing . We should be wary of your next moves, my friend….

      • Alajero

        …afpako..i don’t know who you are…and what you stand for…but your agenda is not for the good of this country…that’s one thing i know…

      • $18209031

        Are you Kayumangging Ilocano ? Are you Fil Am ? I dont know who you are But one thing if you are true Pino , you know these dirty northern tribes of Luzon are up to something new again, beguiling the rest of the nation that they are new blood. But the truth is, they carrying the same legacies their fathers and mothers did to the nation. Many have suffered and many of these trapos had had their best of days being brutal and stealing the wealth of this nation. ANd oh yeah the crimes of extrajudicial killings they had committed . Now you tell me if you are pino or living outside the Phil Area of Responsiblity ?

      • Alajero

        ..go to hail…afpako…if you have your way…you want a racial civil war in the philippines…and you are not going to get it…tell your chinese bosses…it’s not going to happen…

      • $18209031

        I knew well you are an Ilocano azz, right ? Kayumanggi of the same bloodline always come out of the woodwork. I wish your dog, Bong Marcos, will not make it. The Pino nation  are not dumb to be lured again to this trapos lurking again for a comeback.
        For the Pino nation can smell a rotten rat from afar , so no need to let them eat botcha meat. Let the botcha be thrown out . SOrry, no botchas for now.

      • ApoNiLolo

        There is a grain of truth in what AFPako said. During Martial Law, look at any government agency in all region of the Philippines and you’ll find an Ilokano sitting in its top management. Ang problema kay AFPako, his generalizing everything and everyone, which is unfair to the rest of Ilokanos (not to mention his derogative name calling) who got nothing to do with Marcos.

  • JLFS

    He also said that Ninoy talked to him about Joma’s request for an alliance of toppling the government then, Can anyone believe that Ninoy would reveal this to him as the then defense minister? And Noynoy was giving credence to the book by attending its launching.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    “… martial law in the country was already an irreversible fact. So what was the need to fake my own ambush?” so says the Senate President, NOW.
    The ambush was staged for the benefit of the general public, and show the world and the Filipino People, that the Philippines was now(then) in “uncontrolled chaos”.

    Come on, Mr. Enrile. You already admitted before that it was faked. 
    How many times do you have to lie to prove your point…?.?.?

    • Panch1t0

      until alzheimer’s disease and dementia sets in……

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      And to think that so many, with the powerful and famous, went to his book launching.
      Were these people present then…, giving credence and integrity to the “Author”…?.?.?

  • joshua kings

    jpe may be likened to the boy who cried ‘wolf.’  he’s lost his credibility such that even if may tell the truth, nobody believes him.
    i am just thinking how he will answer God’s questions when he comes face-to-face with Him:
    G:   manong johnny, alin ba ang totoo? yung bang ambush mo noon ay tunay o fake?
    JPE:   ah eh…..yun pong ikinumpisal ko nung 1986 pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng edsa 1 ay totoo….pineyk ko lang po yung ambush sa akin para ma-declare ni apo M ang martial law…
    G:   eh bakit ngayon sinasabi mo na tutoo yun?  ano ba talaga, manong?
    JPE:   ah eh…opo….eh…ah…sori po, di ko na matandaan talaga kung alin ang totoo….pero siguro po yung sinabi ko nung 1986 ang totoo, kasi bata pa ako nuon at oks na oks pa memory ko po…at di pa po kumakandidato ang bunso ko nuon…pero ngayon kailangan kasi po manalo siya para may proteksyon ang iiwan kong yaman at poder sa kanila… 

    • Joe Umali

      Teka muna Joshua, bakit mo inisip na he will come face-to-face with GOd pag namtay na siya?  Malabo yata yun, di ba? (Again, nagtatanong lang, hindi libelous yan.)

      • Nobayan

         Oo nga ano?

      • joshua kings

        lahat tayo mamatay, joe, una-una lang; ngayon, since nasa pre-departure na siya dahil sa edad niya na 88?, di malayong mangyari na ire-recall na siya, altho walang edad-edad sa kay kalayot; pag oras mo na, oras mo na…kanya lang, probability-wise, mauuna siya kesa sayo dahil sa tingin ko wala ka pa namang 88, di ba?  At LAHAT tayo, haharap sa paghuhukom ng Diyos; walang duda yan.  kaya advise ko sayo, mag-isip-isip ka na rin ng isasagot mo sa Kanya, ‘pag face-to-face ka na rin sa Kanya.  God bless.

  • Bengatibo

    The truth comes from the horse’s mouth. He admitted before that the ambush was faked. And there are witnesses who heard him said that. It is up to him NOW to confirm which is true. Having said that, i doubt if he will do that! It will stay in our history no matter what he says now. It’s unbelievable.

    • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

      Enrile uses truth only if it for his convenience.  Or only if it will serve his personal interest.

  • Fulpol

    truth or fake? i don’t really care..

    Martial Law was executed.. 

    the question is: he still running for office? no, but his son Juan Ponce Enrile, Jr will run as Senator..

    now, what is the motive? name-recall but in negative perspective..

  • Fulpol

    what I really want to know is if he will fake his death after he retires from office as public servant..

    will his fake death ushered Juan Ponce Enrile Jr. to Malacanang?

    remember, Ninoy to Cory.. Cory to B.S. Aquino III.. death springs a new sprout in the rooftop of Malacanang office.

    • Joe Umali

      Fake his death and collect insurance too?  Just asking, hindi libelous yan ha.

    • passingthru2u

      will his fake death USHER, walang -ED dapat..ang hilig hilig mo sa -ED. diba kakasabi ko pa lang pag ginamit mo yang WILL (kaya nga future tense yand diba?) wag mo na sawsawan ng past tense. kuha mo? tigas mo rin haha

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    A liar, in the course of life, will be inconsistent.
    This is just one and if we dig deeper there would be more.

    But we should not be surprized. To stay in power, Enrile has always been.

  • johndcross1

    As I said before, a memoir is a story of one’s life to correct past mistakes.  In other words, all that corrections are what we called now as “PALUSOT”.  If Enrile thinks that we are going to buy his “palusot” , he is flatly wrong.  The Filipino people now could not be cowed, threatened, or keep silent!  You lied several times already, don’t make this another Sotto episode.


    • leubas

      YES I AGREE!

  • Noypi11

    Sa simula pa lamang itong si Enrile ay sinungaling na. Akala niya may maniniwala pa sa kaniya?
    A liar is a liar, is a liar. Bakit hindi pa tumahimik at magsisi  ng kaniyang mga kasalanan ang tinamaan ng kidlat na taong iyan? Down with him, down with his son, Jack. Never vote for any Enrile.

  • agaylaya

    Yung mga magagaling na Abogado dian…wala ba kayong maisip na charge sa kanya para man lang matikman ni JPE ang loob ng kulungan maski isang minuto man lang?  Sa dami ng kalokohan na ginawa ng taong ito sa ating bayan, hangang sa huli sinungaling parin. Dalian ninyo lang baka i-fake niya ang kanyang kamatayan.  

    • leubas


  • LegalJustice

    Here’s the answer :
    When a person is consistently being inconsistent – I can guarantee you  this person is a ( Fill in the blank )!

    You don’t need to be Sigmund Freud to find that out.

     Its an illussion of grandeur – where a person wants to correct His-Story.

    Its your call if you think there is a 100% accurancy on his memoir.

  • Rap88

    Dios ko tulungan Mo po kami sa masasamang plano ng taong ito na si JPE.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    I was listening on the radio when Enrile admitted his ambush was faked.  He mentioned it not only once but twice.  Now, at the twilight of his career, he suddenly reversed course and claimed that it was not faked at all.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this old dog is the greatest flip-flopper in Philippine history.  After telling the public he faked his ambush and he cheated Cory of more than 600,000 votes, now he confesses to us that those were not true. Sabi nga ni Susan Roces patungkol kay GMA…. ANG SINUNGALING AY KAPATID NG MAGNANAKAW!  Tjhat’s why Tito Sotto, his protege is the Majority Floor Leader and we all know that Sotto is a plagiarist or the great cheater and a liar to boot.

    • batoph

       I too witnessed that radio interview.  The truth of the matter is that a majority of those eligible to vote next May were not even alive in February 1986.

      That an 88 year-old man who has danced so many differing political tunes over the years seeks to re-write history is hardly surprising!

      Just pray that name recognition does not rule the day and that the Senate welcomes another with blood on his hands

  • scorpio22

    Regardless if it’s true or false, Enrile cannot deny that he was instrumental in the declaration of Martial Law.

  • joeybg

    Before the Martial Law, ang diktaturang Marcos accusing Ninoy and the opposition as a communist or NPA, the bombing in Plaza Miranda “opposition rally” the Marcos government pointing fingers to the NPA, kahit noong magdecide si Ninoy na umuwi ng Pinas the Marcos government warn Ninoy na may mag-assasinate sa kanya na NPA…. if the opposition was communist or NPA on that time why they bomb or assassinate those opposition leaders during the Marcos regime…… Puro kasinungalingan ang “diktaturang kawatang” Marcos, sila ang nagsimula ng kahirapan dito sa Pinas.

    • $18209031

      Like i said the plan to implement martial law was already planned in CIA hq in Langley, VA and in consultations with US CIA ops and the Marcos camp long before the end of the first time of Marcos in 1969. THE USA was very concerned at the time of the spread of Maoist ideology  and they saw Phils as the next flashpoint. South Vietnam was not gonna be defendable but they tried very hard to Vietnamized the war by turning over the defenses to ARVN forces. USA as far they were concerned were done with S Vietnam . They wanted out ….
      Phils was their next worry. Thus Marcos was their perfect man on the ground.

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

        yes. i agree on the maoist ideology spreading like a disease in late 60’s early 70’s….

      • johnllander

        Please state the source of your CIA Langley version or I will believe that your fiction is one of the covert operations of Robert Ludlum.

      • $18209031

        parekoy, that is not on books or what not, these were top secret CIA files, for need to know basis lang . Sorry, you have to have top secret clearance kaso wala ka ….

      • johnllander

        Mayron ka bang top secret clearance kung bakit nalaman mo yung sinulat mo? Share us what you got. Thanks.

      • $18209031

        Top secret nga parekoykoy..  It was all in top level  plan by the CIA , the case was closed. The plan was to have Marcos declare Martial Law and have him as a US puppet . In turn Marcos will have full US support in aid, military backings and dollars. In return US keeps  their mouth shut of the subsequent rounding up of suspects and extrajudicial killings, etc.   Also US bases in Pinas will be unfettered and will continue its presence. 

      • johnllander

        Please show us black and white rather than a summary of what Madam Auring was telling you. Or, is that the effect of too much hunger and poverty?

      • $18209031

        Kayumanggis dont need to be shown proof. Just follow the Ilocandio man, thats  all you need to know.  The proof is in the killings and extrajudicial killings for 20 th years. 
        Or is it your kayumanggi brain thinks all things have black and whtie prints? So Emilio Aguinaldo needs proof from the Americans they were coming in as liberators? Once he realized he was fooled by whtieazz talk , it was all too late ! He got his azz whupped big time by the Americans. The Kastilas and Americans had it all planned by themselves without even Emilio Aguinaldo knowing the details.  Thus you got your brown azzes raped by the Kanos….. 

      • johnllander

        Therefore you have nothing, no proof to back up your fables, just only a little bit of arrogance coagulated with mixtures of boastings and trickery.

      • ApoNiLolo

        This one was “declassified”: The CIA was concerned of the “Domino Effect” theory about once a certain country in a particular region becomes a communist state, the rest of its neighbor will follow.

        That’s why the US supported all the dictators in Latin America in the ’50s up to the ’70s because of Cuba.

        Now, imagine a similar scenario in South East Asia!

      • johnllander

        Please back up your story with documentation, or else it would be safe to say that your imagination is another effect of too much hallucination.

      • ApoNiLolo

        I’ve got a paperback in my college day entitled “CIA Diary – Inside the company” (something like that, I can’t remember the author). It tells about how the CIA manipulates other countries into their fold including the Philippines. It even tells about how they were involved in the HUKBALAHAP crises.

        BTW, being a skeptic has its merits but to accuse somebody of imagining things and even declaring “it would be safe to say” as if you have weight-in the probability and have ample proof of your assumption is too much pretension in intellectual ability on your part.

        You don’t know who you’re talking to. Perhaps you’re talking to someone who is intellectually superior than you.

      • johnllander

        Then show us your CIA Diary rather than spread rumor. Don’t tell us that everything happened in the Philippines were intended and planned by the CIA.

        Yes, I am talking to an intellectually superior, so superior that can even concoct stories beyond everybody’s imagination.

        Just show us your proof.

      • ApoNiLolo

        “… show us your CIA Diary rather than spread rumor.”

        LOL! You’re a dimwit. I don’t know if you realize what you
        wrote was so stupid or you’re just doing this to save what’s left of your pride.
        Mag basa-basa ka para hindi ka mag mukhang tanga!
        >: D

      • johnllander

        So you have nothing to show a proof, but you still have the infinite time to look for it. Just flick us if you happen to find it already. Good luck.

      • leubas


      • $18209031

        All top level orders from Marcos goes to Enrile and then to the generals and down the troop level. Just think of the extrajudicial killings ? Do you think he is responsible or not ? Im asking you ?

      • leubas

        *you dont answer a question by another question,,, thats basic,,nice talking to you..Bro!*

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Inconsistencies don’t really matter to politicians in the Philippines. Flip-flopping is always the name of the game. Enrile was truly successful maintaining his influence as a politician. Kung saan makakasingit, doon siya. He ran for congressman in Cagayan because then Speaker Mitra promised him to be the next House chief. Mitra lost the presidency and JPE became an ordinary member of the lower house. He ran for president in 1998 making his separation from his wife, Gretchen a big drama. And he lost. He got lucky this time he became the Senate chief and gaining lots of attention from the Corona Impeachment Trial, and lately about his book.
    About that ambush in 1972? It was orchestrated. Manong would not ride in a vehicle that was the ‘subject’ of the orchestrated drama. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know it. 

  • PaengSaAmerika

    AFP ako is a typical racist by nature. He is more focused of polirizing the country rather than unifying our people. That’s how he was raised.

    • $18209031

      You talk of unifying but only benefiting the northern tribes of Luzon. The rest of the country has been marginalized since time in memorial. Its only on paper this country is suppose to be democratic but the truth is, its an oligarchy  . The top dogs are the tagalegs in tandem with Ilocandios. What more can you add ?  They hold a tight grip in the halls of the three branches of govt and more so in the AFP heirarchy. Even the PMA is in the mountains of northern luzon and by Ilocano s.

  • nti_boohaya

    Faked ambush or real is irrelevant.  Enrile is not denying that he has a pivotal role in the martial law years. The fact is it happened.  Too bad it did not totally destroy the government as an institurion or the people as a nation.   The Philippines is a young country and it needs to experience massive suffering and destruction to raise up, IMHO. The U.S. was about 100 years old as a nation when it almost broke up.  South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam suffered tremendously as a nation due to wars.  My point is that perhaps the nation needs retooling.  E paano naman ma reretool kung pareperehong trapo ang mga kumakandidato.  NO to TRAPOS and dynasty!

  • 12JEM

     34. Schopenhauer:
    “If we suspect that a man is lying, we should pretend to believe him;
    for then he becomes bold and assured, lies more vigorously, and is

  • Morskie52

    Boycott the book. Don’t buy it. Why should JPE profits from his big lie that caused so much death and misery to the Filipino people.

  • wazgoingon

    Ano ba talaga Kuya?  I believe coming up with the book at this time will be JPE’s biggest miscalculation.   He should just have let the judgement to history.   But that’s too late now.  From redemption as a result of his handling of the impeachment trial, JPE has put himself at the center of a controversy which could very well hasten his downfall.  

  • Rudy Fuentes

    I personally heard and saw Enrile tell the whole country in TV during the EDSA revolution in 1986 his confession that THAT AMBUSH was staged. Hundred of thousands of Filipinos heard the same. Now in his book he is saying otherwise, a book that will be read by hundred of thousands of Filipinos.

    Whichever is the truth, the other one is a lie.
    What is clear here is that Enrile has the gall to tell a lie in front of Filipino people. From now on I won’t trust anything he will say. 

    • $18209031

      There you go, a backstabbing kayumanggi stabbing his  own boss , Pres Marcos.   NOw after the storms had died, they are back in tandem again in the names of Jack Enrile and Bong BOng Marcos. Tandaan nyo mga parekoykoys. Itong mga ilocandios ay babalik na sa puesto. Mga descendants of trapos  , seasoned by  time and money , they are coming in a big way. By hook or crook , they will win this 2016.

      • inquirercet

        sad but possible.

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    hugas kamay si enrile…..he doesn’t want to be remembered like his “partner in crime” na si marcos…..push him to the grave na kase….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOUFGSQHQIKNRLTOKV53IU4MJI JS

    MY GOD THIS GUY IS THE REAL FRAUD! … Bakit me mga nagsasabi pa din ng whether the ambush is true or was he telling the truth or not? Ano yun, wishful thinking?!! People wake up!

  • rjimenez1226

    why are there no protest  in the  streets  against  the Lopezes, against National Bookstore and other bookstores carrying this  book of lies? Why are there no book burning? Why are Filipinos so complacent  when  someone try to rewrite their history.? is it because  the 1986 revolution is  now  exposed also as a sham itself? That it did not benefit the  people but only the few such as the Aquinos and the Lopezes?

    • SoulEdge

      pwede naman wag na lng bumili di ba?, saka bat ka bibili ng 1,600 pesos na libro para lang sunugin? Boycott nalang, saka pag nag protesta e baka ma curious pa ang marami e baka maging best seller pa. Tama na rito sa Cyberspace, where almost everything is free.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FOPMU3EOVKFANYIWAADV7EZAXU Divina Wind

     Why believe that pure evil, self-serving liar? Have you not observed consistently that if someone asked him trapping questions, tumatawa siya ng malakas bago siya sumagot ng malaking kasinungalingan? Dapat ang scum na iyan matagal na siyang patay- politically. Ngunit mayroon siyang nine political lives kasi magaling siyang magsinungaling and so many political reporters (mabuti na lang- nobody is working for PDI or else I will quit reading PDI) sa atin are in his pockets. (Bayaran reporters or journalists- mga scum na nagpapalakas din ng corruption sa atin.)

  • mon key

    This article is so zen like. . . stating the obvious without really saying. So i will break the zen like atmosphere set by the writer. JUAN PONCE ENRILE – LIAR par excellence ! ! !

  • Chloroform

    It really does not matter if it was an ambush or a fake. The martial law was signed sep 21, shooting of the car happened sep 22. if somebody says he declared martial because of things that is going to happen then he is a clairvoyant…

  • $18209031

    Kung puede lang ang 11 th IB, PA.  will take out Mr Enrile and bring him to justice . This will be the most awaited court cases in Philippine history. The man has so much blood in his hands.  And  to know that entire  Pino nation has been hypnotized and beguiled by this man for far too long, ano na man kayo ?

  • To_Be_Continued

    Manong Johnny, sa kaliwa ho ang liko, hindi kanan, papuntang rest room. Andun na ho yung nurse and adult diaper nyo…

  • VicenteBoticol

    Si Senator Enrile at Senator Sotto ay mga sinungaling….Congenital Liar si Enrile habang si Senator Tito Sotto ay isang Plagiarist,,,,,nangongopya.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Liar din ang nangongopya, he cheated kaya liar din si Sotto.

  • To_Be_Continued

    To all those who already purchased my book entitled “Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoire” please return it to me by mail at my senate address, postpaid. I already issued a PRODUCT RECALL so I can replace the cover title to JUAN PONCE ENRILE: MY SENILE YEARS MEMOIRE.

    Please include your mailing address so I can mail it back to you after changing the cover and the pages where I claimed it was not a fake ambush.

    Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat na naniwalang hindi pa ako senile–Manong Johnny.

    PS, “Anong month ba ngayon…Aaah Abril 1, 2012.”

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Sana mabuhay si Macoy para gumawa rin siya ng libro. Ang pamagat nito ay: “Ang Totoong Nangyari”

    • Paking

      Mas malilito tayo dahil kasinungalingan din ang laman ng libro.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Kinopya nila siguro yung pagse-self-ambush doon sa pelikula ni Evita Peron ng Argentina.  Naglagay ng bomba sa ilalim ng kotseng sinasakyan niya tapos dinetoneyt ito ni Evita, pumotok tapos inaresto pati inosenteng butcher inaresto.

  • kamots

    Twisted BIG BRAIN of the Philippines, that’s JPE… ang utak ng lahat at ang totoong presidente sa likod ng mga presidente ng bagong generation… Should we say ‘Devils Advocate’ haha…

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    May naniniwala pa ba kay lolo. Siya ang Stan Lee copycat ng Pinas sa senate, Stan Ponce Enrilee. Pero unlike Stan Lee na ang characters niya ang ginagawa niyang superhero, itong copycat natin Sarili niya ang ginagawa niyang hero.

    Mas kapanipaniwala pa yung kumakalat na balita na nakita si Elvis sa Cubao.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    That’s why whoever voted for Enrile in the Senate must have loved magic. Enrile is all phony by himself! In the impeachment of Corona, he is actually all set to vote not guilty but when he realized that people will not forgive him due to the obvious guilt of corona, he voted “guilty”.  He also voted guilty against Corona because he wants his son to win a seat in the Senate!  That’s Enrile for you!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VKXUKFOID3EPNFDJRKSG2TQ5IE Rex

    Pinag uusapan pa ba yan? eh sinungaling nga yang matandang hukluban..

    • leubas


  • Paking

    Why do you think JPE is still around and in fact, doing good in politics? Anyone who is able to stay this long in the dirty Philippine politics is obviously very, very dirty. People who have conscience and with good intention to serve the country would have left after doing so and give others the chance. I salute the likes of Cory Aquino and Fidel Ramos. They could have stayed in power but they choose to let go. Those who overstay and establish political dynasties are greedy and corrupt and the reason for all our sufferings. JPE is one of them.

    • KarmaGMA

      Fidel Ramos was a crooked too….

  • arangel625

    don’t vote for jackie enrile!!!!!!stop political dynasties!!!!

    • KarmaGMA

      100% w/ you on this issue. They enter politics to protect their own business…even pres noynoy can do nothing about their illegal activities in cag valley…rampant smuggling, etc….

    • leubas


  • $18209031

    The ones who planned the ambush, Pres Marcos, Gens Espino (chief of staff AFP), Sec Enrile, Gen Ramos , in concert with US CIA ops.

  • KarmaGMA

    don’t buy his book, lot’s of inconsistencies…lies lies lies…

  • anu12345

     “three-vehicle convoy with the secretary of defense”

    Then a speeding car with very brave if not suicidal people who fired at them who sped away without any response from the the convoy. Nobody was hit in supposedly very armed convoy. In the movies, it will sure be a car chase

  • rickman2002

    bottom line? this old senator is a big lie in our government! and we never learned… we never grow up politically!!!

  • INQ_reader

    “Ang gusto ko happy ka”

    Yan ang pangako ni Enrile noong nangangampanya pa siya. Bababa raw ang singil sa koryente.

    Nagkatotoo ba?

    • indiosbravos2002

      Kabaliktaran ang nangyari. Hahahaha

    • damatannapo

      Late 2009 inumpisahang banatan ni JPE ang Smart at Globe sabay labas ng ‘Gusto ko hapi ka’ jingle ng election time.
      Maging matalino huwag magpabola

      Vote: NoBinaysNoEnrilesNoEstradas in 2013
      Vote: NoBEEs in 2013

      GOD Bless the Philippines


      nakuryente lahat sa pangako niya……..

  • droccu

    Why don’t we ask the people who were supposed to be there during the ambush? Do we have the names of Enrile’s bodyguards during the “ambush”? But then again, knowing how shrewd and screwed JPE is, I’m sure he already has ALL the bases covered and got to these guys already (dead or alive?). On the reported EDSA “confession”, it was a well documented revolution. I’m very sure someone has a video or audio recordings of the said “confession”.

    Nevertheless…I repeat my whole stand on this….The political legacy, power and influence of JPE should stop once he retires from the Senate NEXT year. Masyado na syang swerte if his SON gets to inherit and perpetuate all of these…Don’t vote for JACK!

  • andrew lim

    Thanks for this, Inquirer!  I recommend that you have this regular column on “Fact Check” where you do research on certain issues or claims made by politicians/leaders.

    Sort of a ” Keeping Them Honest”  campaign. It’s worthwhile doing, and is of great service to the public!

    This makes you wonder about Enrile’s views on RH- how valid are they?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melchor-Sonza/100002356861753 Melchor Sonza

    , pinoy start to investigate enriles illegal smuggling talamak in cagayan,,and pin him down,,,damned this old bug,is the dirtiest insect that could destroy earth!!!vanish him!!!his the father of all devils,,,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NDH6O6PNTAJ23SNYTA6LSYY47Q Butuan

    FAKE!  Ang TANDA muna malapit ka nang mamatay SINUNGALING ka pa rin!  Wa ka gaba-i! lol. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSNMBBLLZ43XPQQIROO7XCR62E Den

    JPE is a revisionist with a one-way view of history. I had followed closely the events of EDSA 1986 when he did confess to staging the fake ambush so Marcos can justify his martial law declaration. It was part of his mea culpa to the nation, and he was granted the forgiveness that he sought. But it was only a matter of months when he would show his true colors.  

    JPE’s good fortune is that he lived long enough to find the right time to tell his own version of history. Forgetfull as we are, and coming from a spectacular performance during the Corona impeachment, JPE must have thought this is the best time to burnish his image and permanently etch his place in history – in his own terms.

    I hope that people who know only too well will continue to speak up and tell the truth, the real truth. God and history will ultimately judge the man, but for the sake of the future generations we must not let lies and half-truths put a veil on his real participation in our country’s decline.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IG57Z23KAJA5HOUDYILHQETYIA Yociv

    Ambush true that it is indeed fake!

  • doncleo

    Lord, pwede po ba kunin nyo na to si JPE..matanda na kasi naghahasik pa ng kasinungalingan dito sa mundo..may masamang balak na naman dahil papasok ang kanyang anak na si Jacjie sa Senado at makakasama na naman si Bongbong…sana hwag na rin dumating ang 2016 at baka kumandidatong presidente si Bongbong at baka manalo pa dahil napakarami pa din na tanga at bobong Pilipino …kung ayaw nyo po sa kanila ay sa Impyerno siguro ay malugod silang tatanggapin ni Satanas…sawa na po kami sa mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno at sinungaling na pulitiko kaya kunin mo na po si JPE at isama mo na po  ang kanyang anak …EEEEMMMMEEENNNNNN!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PGVQOPFS4IF2U7UVDQD3DH2BEM Manny

    Enrile calls his book a memoir but he does not seem to remember anything. At 88, memory loss is already at a critical state so I will not believe anything he has written there.


      wahahaha…..nicely said….

  • Bull88

    It’s time to turn a new leaf. These phony guys nearly destroyed generations of Filipinos while passing themselves up as heroes!

  • damatannapo

    Windang windang ang kwento ni JPE, mahirap paniwalaan.

    Vote: NoBinaysNoEnrilesNoEstradas in 2013
    Vote: NoBEEs in 2013

    GOD Bless the Philippines

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DGIQO562HSTVVDEX4YAQ5YHMBY christian

    we need more articles like this…”fact check”…a great service to the public.

  • azkal futbol

    bakit kasi nagpapa-uto ang mga botante. noon pa tayo niloloko ng mga pulitikong ito… ngayon, magpapabola pa ba tayo sa UNA? bobo tayo pagdating sa halalan tapos numero uno tayong reklamador sa klase ng gobyernong nagpapalakad sa atin. maging mapanuri, maging matalino. huwag na sanang magpauto

  • wazgoingon

    Why am I not surprised at JPE’s latest statement?  This guy believes he’s above everyone else, including the law.   Even the Supreme Court seems to be afraid of this guy. Just look at their rulings on the Subic and Cagayan free ports.  In Subic, the entry of used cars is considered as smuggling while it rules that the same is legal when coursed through Cagayan.  So, who’s afraid of JPE and why?

  • tra6Gpeche

    Mr. Enrile has a forked tongue. He will definitely say anything that will benefit himself depending on the circumstances. Any first statement will be more credible than the second. He is a successful & powerful politician, money wise, power wise and longevity wise! That question of yours is an insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people!

  • Pert Cabatana

    Enrile will only say and do what is expedient and convenient under the particular situation he finds himself. This is the mark of a master of machiavellian machinations.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    Sabihin na naman ni Enrile nyan may conspiracy to oust him. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZKCGLVFAGUVX7NIUY4E5PIPRKQ Gene

    If I remember right, during the February 1986 revolution, he admitted padding votes in Cagayan to favor Marcos during the snap presidential election.

  • rapas_gamrud

    The best writers who could give us the real truth on the said ambush would be those who have  participated or actors of the said act. But do they still exist or just as mum as those who  masterminded the killing of Ninoy? 

  • Dell Keyboard

    We are a nation of tabula rasa. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    I can still remember Enrile’s press conference at the height of the People Power. In mixed English-Filipino, Enrile confirmed the the ambush was faked, “peke”. He also admitted rigging the elections in his Region 2.

  • AgapitoBagumbayan

    So with this, can we officially declare Enrile a liar?

  • bol pen

    there must be a background check to be done with this old man. he had been in power for such a long time only raking millions for his own benefit doing less for Cagayan that embraced and loved him. He even wants his son to take his place in the Senate yet he was rarely to be seen when Jack Enrile was at the lower house nor even seen by the people of district whom he representing.

  • Ed Molina

    o anong say mo enrile? inquirer na nag-fact-check sa yo. baka mamya sabihin mo na naman kagagawan lang ni trillianes ang article na ito.

    Gusto ko happy ang anak ko. Kaya paniwalaan niyo lang lahat ng sasabihin ko.

    • damatannapo

      Ang pambabatikos niya kay Trillanes ay paraan o preparasyon para sa kanyang anak sa darating na senatorial election


      Vote: NoBinaysNoEnrilesNoEstradas in 2013
      Vote: NoBEEs in 2013

      GOD Bless the Philippines

  • $29483279

    Senator Enrile, please be reminded that to do another maneuver of event to change your fake ambush story this late is impossible. Same with your suicide story about actor Alpie Anido.

    People just don’t believe you anymore. Sayang lang ang pagod mo sa pagsulat ng makapal mong libro.

    This may even adversely affect the candidacy of your son Jackie in the forth coming senatorial election in 2013.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FSUYZMDWYSATZWOMC4IXHZZQHE ligaya

    I never trusted that opportunista Enrile.

  • carlorocci

    Ano pa ba ang aasahan mo? Wala, wala sa kanila ang katotohanan…..

    Puro na pang-sariling interes ang alam….Wala, wala sa kanila ang malasakit sa kapwa….

    Wala, wala kang mapapala……

  • leodegardompruna

    Let us just leave it to history to correct whatever wrong or falsehood was written about the issue. The major actor (Enrile) has written his memoir and hopefully people who are still alive and kicking and who would know about the issue would come out to either confirm or deny what is written on Enrile’s book. We have to give JPE the benefit of the doubt. During those critical times, lives were at stake and human as he is would certainly take the safest road possible to protect his life. God bless the Philippines and may God bring us to the truth.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Don’t worry. There are plenty of books, for serious history buffs, to cross-reference and debunk his fairytale.

  • 12JEM

    Enrile and Lies and attempt to deceive……Figure it out: Do not be deceived!

    How to lie 1. Dr.
    Johnson: “

    Yesterday I tried to get some clarity on what constitutes lying. I came
    up with this inelegant definition: What qualifies something as a lie is
    not its truth or falsity, but the conscious (or unconscious) attempt to
    deceive (or be deceived by) others (and/or oneself).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ON7OVYELIEWW7U25MAF7XD36WU Cubano

    Sometimes he said it was, sometimes he said it was not.  Sinong niloloko niya?  

  • cong_lolong

    Except for Enrile’s name, everything in the book is a lie.  He was a principal martial law
    conspirator and greatly benefited from it. He should be held liable for his crimes against the Filipino people during martial law.  Let justice be done.

  • divictes

    History would have been kinder to him if he stood fast on his former declaration. Now he has exposed himself as a ruthless opportunist.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KL4ECDG7MH6X6OWLY7SMQXBLN4 Gener Gozum

    does his son,Jack Enrile deserves to be a top senator and why is he ranked high in the surveys? just asking.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

       Because of the name Enrile.  People surveyed thought it’s the elder Enrile running for reelection. 

  • edleon

    Many would not believe JPE anymore…

  • Pablo Juan

    I’m reading the book now.. exactly that ambush chapter while in the loo this morning..  I’m vacillating whether Ill believe 80% or 50% of whats in there.. probably just the old testament (ie childhood up to the time he entered marcos’ orbit).  I read Obama’s and Clintons books and JPE’s a lot more interesting than those two combined LOL even better than Grisham or Clancy in plots and sub plots!

    • Pablo Juan

       and btw, Chavit has been figure apparently in northern politics since the 60’s.. how old is this guy?!! in his 80s?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CBBPG4SGSURB5V5A5BBQX4HF2Y Peter

    like his master, the despot Marcos, Enrile is a congenital liar.

  • $14334231

    i heard that this martial law actually had been planned for a year or so and that scenario where enrile supposedly was ambushed was the culmination of the plan…….by the way, was there a general named hamilton dimaya who was part on the planning of martial law….maybe enrile should be asked about this….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    pinakatusong pulitiko sa history ng philippine politics…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MHDYXOESUU67AMH324WVZKNFSI nilphil

    Ang ginagawa ng matatanda, gagayahin ng mga bata. Kaya tayo di umuunlad dahil maraming kasinungalingan sa ating bayan. We have to stop the lies and promote the truth. We have to stop the liars from gaining wealth and the position of powers because this is what the younger generations are seeing that will make them take the same direction. Nice one Inquirer! Go and expose more lies and liars!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F7U5GJ7LTBKEIF2YVXIDSXCIIM ROSARIO

    And yet, Filipinos continue to vote for him in every election. Filipinos- you deserve to OWN him. You curse at him but you still vote for him. 
    am I to believe that more than half of Filipinos are mentally retarded?

    • kapayapaan_1900

      I can’t really figure it out!  He keeps on getting good performance rating in surveys after surveys and might even surpass the other 2 topnotch performer.  LOL!

      • Loggnat

        It is easy to figure it out. The two big regions with rich votes and easy to rig for cheating are the Maguindanao area and the Cagayan-Cordillera area. Add to that the small enclaves and provinces of corrupt dynastic families such as Marcos in Ilokos Norte, Singson in Ilokos Sur, Jalosjos in Zamboanga, Ecleos in Dinagat, etc. Add them all up and is enough to get one voted for the Senate for a long time. Those days before automation was easily controlled and cheating was  mastered by corrupt and unscrupulous politicians. It was called back then as ‘the political machinery’ by corrupt trapos and political parties. Surveys can be bought and even subtly controlled by the selection of questions asked, creative interpretation and editing of the people who controls and runs them.

      • ApoNiLolo

        Bull’s eye!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPDAZIXLRDOGCON42ETFG4AG3A TonTon

    para madami bumili ng libro nya.. kasama sa marketing yan ni Enrile.. hehe

  • Arem Dee

    He’s a fake…. I too heard that interview through the radio. 

  • $18209031

    Enrile is the face of Hudas ,  parekoy. Ano  pa !!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XGNDA3DZHGOEJI6H3RPWVOGZU Jonathan

    Not only did the above journalists say that Enrile admitted to the fake ambush, everyone heard it on radio. Enrile said it “live” on radio and it was replayed over and over again.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HUM77DUBLEOWKV73AYZBIJV3LQ Khaye

    Please no more Enriles in the Senate.

  • manongjuan

    oo naman, siya talaga ang utak ng fake ambush na yan!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNWCMVMPABEZBCMA36S7FJAKQM orchid

    Enrile has changed his allegiance multiple times in order to protect his own family’s business interests and not the welfare of the Filipino people he was supposed to protect as a public servant under multiple titles and positions he has held since Marcos times.

    His main loyalty is to his own  business and not to the general welfare of the Filipinos. And now, he is close to the last call, and he he certainly wanted to be remembered the way he wanted to, and not the way history has witnessed it. He is a vain fool, a vain sidekick of Marcos who went to the other side when he knew that Marcos’ term is up.

    Who else would side with smuggling of used cars coming into the ports up north of Luzon but Enrile due to his son or other relatives involve in this business. For a man in senatorial position entrusted by the people to protect their own turf, he was protecting his family’s business.

    And now, the end is here

    And so Enrile face the final curtain

    My friend, I’ll say it clear

    I’ll state his case, of which I’m certain

    He has  lived a life that’s full

    He traveled each and ev’ry highway

    And more, much more than this, He did it in a bad way

    • kahol aso

      walastek…ang corny mo bro. find a diary and do your “creative” writing there

      • john mark santos

        ok na corny, kesa ikaw naniniwala sa kasinungalingan, ano tawag sayo, uto-uto

      • ApoNiLolo

        Kung “corny” sya, bakit 15 ang “likes” nya, ikaw wala? >: D

    • don2011

      Kaya nga na banggit si Enrile ung nagkahulian ng rice smuggling sa subic, akala ng may dala ng barko e teritoryo ni Enrile nyahahaha. nagkamali ng bagsak. toink!

  • marivon

    The dude is lying. It was a fake fake fake ambush. Marcos declared martial law because he wants to rule indefinitely; after his death he wants his wife and children to take over. This was very clear on the next movements of his clan years after he declared martial law. I do not think ulianin na si JPE, sinungalng lang. Pag si Jr naging presidente (wag sanang mangyari), declare niya na national hero ang tatay niyang mandarambong.

    • robrano

       How you know it? Have you been there or have you been involved?

      • damatannapo

        Simple lang(ang pagsisinungaling ni JPE)……pabago bago ang statement, paano ka pang maniniwala?

        Vote: NoBinaysNoEstradasNoEnriles in 2013
        Vote: NoBEEs in 2013

        GOD Bless the Philippines

  • Agat Sumi


  • kahol aso

    mas magaling ako kay enrile! – trillanes

  • virgoyap

    In this report the true and real Enrile came out. The double faced Enrile. The Enrile who flip-plopped. The Enrile who is bogus. And you still read his autobiography? Blah!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RYKPN7653264DJP6IHLNHINBNI Edith

    are there no video/audio of enrile admitting that the ambush was staged so it can be shown publicly?

    • Grade6langpo

      I can’t forget that fateful interview on the night of Feb. 22, 1986 on radio veritas. Enrile told reporters that the ambush was staged. I’m sure millions heard the declaration. Bilib na sana ako k Enrile

  • robrano

    To orchid
     Yes, Enrile adjusted himself to the current situation. But if this is bad, then near all recent politicins starting with Noy are bad. All of them adjusted their conscience to the ruling powers, many from Cory to Ramos, Erap, GMA and now Noynoy, he himself included. Steadfast is very honorable but soon it cuts one from the powers and perks. Therefore, opportunity is the usual manner. But how ever, this has nothing to do with the 1972 happenings.

  • Dong oppus jr.

    L I A R !

  • wood68

    being a member of the “omega 5″ and the “seven wise men”, i find it hard to believe that mr enrile’s ambush wasn;t a moro moro as he wants us to believe.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    I have not yet read the whole memoir but so far from extracts being reported, seems that Sen. Enrile’s memoir is no more than a compilation of half-truths and lies.

    Better for him to have just waited history to write his tales..

  • inquirercet

    we can rant all we want but the sad truth is jpe is laughing all the way to the bank. he does not need his book to sell millions of copies, all he wants is to plant a seed of doubt in our collective mind that somehow deep inside him is a human being and not the monster that he is. if he succeeds in doing this he will earn an honorable place in our history somewhere in the future. look at aguinaldo – he is now one of our heroes being taught in elementary history. this is what enrile is doing. in the end he had his cake and ate it too. 

  • 12JEM

    True or False

    It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.
       H. L. Mencken


    • sam_aquino


  • john mark santos

    Manong Enrile nag uulyanin ka na, baka nakalimutan mo na inamin mona dati na fake ang ambush mo.

    para ka ng si Imelda, sa 10 sinabe , 11 ay kasinungalingan

  • eyshmechanic

    akala ko magasasabi na sya ng tutoo sa mga huling sandali nya . . . tsk tsk . . .

  • Jimbox88

    FAKE….this is synonymous to his name…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    fake is enrile; enrile is fake

  • robrano

    The Lopez story may be true but sounds very unbelievable. If they want to fake an ambush to such a high positioned official like a Ministry of Defense, I am sure they would care very well that nobody is around and not do it just beside houses they can not control. Or they must have been extremely stupid.
    And most of the comments are from people who at that time were not even born or still kids, nobody has a real own knowledge. The discussion now is probably just part of electioning.

  • Jimbox88

    Pag maniwala tayo jan. darating ang araw baka maging santo pa yan….hehe

    • Karabukov

      Ha ha ha!  Oo nga!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VBYSH5LGWE4KKUQUMQT4BAEZOU Feel It

    The so-called truth for Enrile, is what is politically convenient at the moment. The title of the story is quite weak.  Maybe we can try “Enrile flip-flops on ambush tale” or the bolder “JPE lying on ambush story.”  Surely there can’t be two versions of the truth.  So at one point, Enrile was not being forthright. The book could have might as well been written by Hans Christian Andersen or published by Walt Disney. Let us revere this honorable man by voting his peace-loving son Jack Enrile to the Senate. This very son who did NOT murder Alfie Anido and who did NOT terrrorize  those who as much as looked at him the wrong way– with his coterie of bodyguards– during the Marcos-era.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VU7UR7IFREZKES3JGAOS4EW2I4 Jun

    Trillanes fight for the soldiers right, and corrupt in the Military. JPE is one of the part of the darkest time in philippine History which is the Martial Law.  Let the history decide.

    • Nimrod Suaez

       Era call trillanes crazy…..

    • leubas


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D43HNM5FGPPBKAPKHJ42SHJXPQ Rey

    Whether true or false….

    Only GOD knows……..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

      everyone knows it was faked,even enrile himself admitted it was faked,it is you who is in doubt.

  • PHtaxpayer

    JPE and his wife claim to be righteous Catholics because they believe they can buy their way to salvation.  They got wealthy and powerful off the blood of their poor countrymen and should have been strung up from an EDSA lamppost if not for their cowardly support of the EDSA Revolution.

  • Vikka Velo

    Enrile is now in the twilight zone.  Trillanes is now at the beginning of the end of his thrill seeking years.  Both are kaput.

    • leubas


  • joerizal

    Of course it was staged. Why would JPE ride the escort vehicle in the first place? He’s too arrogant to do that. The way JPE described it, it was not an ambush but more like a drive-by shooting. Big difference between the two, because an ambush would have incapacitated all the vehicles and would have first targetted the escort vehicles (in which he was riding, anyway) before targetting his own vehicle. By flip-flopping on his accounts, he’s not only made himself out to be a liar, but it also casts doubts on everything he said in his book. Indeed, his revisionist account of the last 30 years is an attempt to make him look like a saint amidst the nation’s implosion and near destruction of which he was a major player.

  • junhernan

    liar! liar! liar!

  • Philcruz

    Enrile has got to be either already too senile or too desperate to laundry his name before he goes. But it is clear that the man has got to be one of the biggest purveyors of untruths this country has ever seen. In this article, he is immediately exposed several times over as such.

    Does he need a whole book of testimonies of witnesses who heard him say in person and on radio that his ambush was faked?

  • Ben Smith

    Trying to rewrite history again. Bong bong will make sure that this will happen. Filipinos never learn.

  • akoombulator

    just like every story in the movies and in the bible the villain will unleash all the evil at his command in his time but the inescapable conclusion every final sequel we’ve all witnessed comes his total destruction

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    You know what?  Gloria Arroyo is much better than Enrile.  Enrile faked his ambush while GMA faked her presidency.

    • sam_aquino

       sooo TRUE…

    • ApoNiLolo

      I beg to differ. I think they’re just the same. The result of their action tip the scale against the people they are suppose to served… us!

  • $18209031

    NO more Marcoses and Enriles in Senate and Malacanang , they had their  best of  times in the past . That best of times in kurakot, consolidating their power base,  and vice versa. Mga kayumanggis ng buong bayan, mag isip kayo naman!! Stop being naive and easily beguiled by these same trapos . They like to charm you new generations of Pinos,  itsapwera ninyo sila . Same dogs of the past coming back to bark. Same rabid dogs. They need to be relegated to the ashes of the past. Its so painful for so many people who had suffered the rule of Marcos. These two will sing the songs of , Hey i was not involved with the crimes. DOnt ever believe for they hold the same values of their fathers and mothers. Tama na mga parekoykoys.

    • leubas


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Yes, there is a video. Enrile with Ramos on the table at Camp Crame. Feb 23, 1986.

  • soylentgreen2012

    ambush me please!

  • Nimrod Suaez

    Leave it at that , let history judge Sen Enrile….1986 were torbulent times, nobody wanted to be identified with the dictator including Sen Enrile, it was a brilliant strategy being hero of the EDSA REVOLT,  he had to absolve himself on perceived sins under the dictator.and save his neck….what is truth?

  • Karabukov

    The answer: TRUE

  • Hey_Dudes

    He was a major player in the destruction of Philippine democracy.  Philippine democracy was a thriving and vibrant governance with problems like any.  However, with the imposition of martial law engineered by messrs Enrile, Ramos etal. and approved by McCoy himself, that the was the beginning of the downfall of the country, it’s democractic institutions, constitution that continues to destroy society even today.  Enrile and others are very lucky individuals.  In other countries, for what they did, they would have long been hanging in tall tree so that others will not repeat their evil and selfish goals.  In our country, they became president and senator something is indeed wrong with us.

    • leubas


  • joboni96

    i watched the tv pronouncement of enrile himself
    in february 1986

    maybe enrile is counting on mass public amnesia or
    ulyanin na – disproven by corona trial

    in short
    he’s on a legacy mode
    politician style

    he said on tv and radio
    that his ambush was faked

    if you ask lawyers
    halos deathbed confession yan
    pupulbusin na siya sana ni ver noon
    if not for the people power protection

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZBCPCO2JKAPD2SB7WXAYZJJLNA Jing

    what was written in his book are the things he wanna want the people to remember about him. however, the publishing of the book cannot disregard the fact that the filipino’s shared history is saying otherwise. matanda na si manong, dapat he’s ready to confess his sins to the people para sa langit pa din sya pupunta.    

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7T2BPPGLG457K5BUPQBPOKDPA4 Marlon


    kahit anong sipsip mo sa CBCP sa pagkontra sa RH Bill sa impyerno pa rin pupulutin ang kaluluwa mo G*GO!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PZR7JI7G2WD2CTVMZ7LM667FD4 Ugly Bunny

    Whether it happened or not. A liar will still be a liar. And definitely not fit to hold such position.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GG4T5UNZ3P7SCHSRNJ7PF5JZMM Jimmy

     Sa totoo o hindi na inambus si Enrile ay wala na ring halaga..!!! Like everyone else, he is in the twilight of his years..! And like Enrile, Enrile will not allow us to make conclusions..!!!!!

    • ApoNiLolo

      Ano kamo, hijo? Paki “rephrase” nga itong sinabi mo. 

  • disqusted0fu

    i honestly dont care. this was 40 years ago. long over with.

    what i want to know is did Trillanes have personal dealings with China which could harm the country? Is Pnoy involved in it? True or False?

    • ApoNiLolo

      Ask that question on another thread with similar topic or issue. This page deals with Enrile, not Trillanes or China. If you don’t know the dance step, sit down!

      • leubas


      • leubas


      • ApoNiLolo

        No problemo, I know who your referring to. : )

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000532465679 Donardo Cuago


  • sam_aquino

    enrile has been with marcos, cory, ramos, erap, gma & now pnoy, serving all 6 presidents continuously…  he has clung to power for the longest time in philippine history, one for the guinness book of world records!!!

    he has the capacity to change color whenever the need arises… from marcos (1966) to pnoy (present)…  after marcos – to protect himself from prosecution by the family of those he had murdered during martial law years & now with pnoy – to protect all the wealth he had acquired from then till now… 

    his “memoir” proved what enrile really is, a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR…

    back to to the subject – Was 1972 Enrile ambush faked?  from all angles, YES, people know it’s faked…  SOOO TRUE…


    • Ilihanboy

      Most are afraid to use the name enrile in vain. Even Pnoy, whose father was murdered, Imelda who fled for her life, and many other “enemies”paid their respects to Enrile in his book launching last month.

       And you just called him a murderer, a thief and a pathological liar   Trillanes got a sample of the famous enrile temper and the devil broke loose.By gam, Sam ang tapang mo and WE SUPPORT YOU !

      • sam_aquino

        enrile is still in a position to fight back, kaya quiet lang ung mga opponents nya, except of course for trillanes…  we’ll see once he gets off in public service & jackie losses in the coming polls…  then judgement day will come…

        because that is what enrile is…


      • leubas


  • $18209031

    He is as wily as a fox. His clan and the Marcoses have now reconciled..They are sureball of 2016 elections. Theres no stopping them either Bong BOng and Jack will be in tandem or separate, is the likely scenario.

  • Adarna


  • PaengSaAmerika

    There will be another Enrile who is posturing for the senate. I think it’s time to remind the people that having the old guy is good enough for the upper chamber.

  • $18209031

    Ready na ang mga vultures kakain si Enrile once he leaves office. HE will be target rich , yan ang kinatakutan ni Enrile. There will be no mercy kaya takot sya. He will try to stay and be immune to lawsuits against him. He is that wily but he cant  be a peace. He will escape the country once he leaves office. Tandaan nyo. 

    • sam_aquino

      if jackie lost, then, enrile will be GONE!!! 

      he will be pursued by his opponents (maybe trillanes, hehe) for his “ill gotten wealth”…

  • don2011

    Number 1 Chameleon of the Philippines. No vote to his son coming from my family.

    • sam_aquino

       a son of a CHAMELEON is also a CHAMELEON…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H47CPJUE4QYKFUCKSUXK3LNBGI Allan

    True or false: Was 1972 Enrile ambush faked?

    are you serious?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NMM3BZ5SAKNWSIDYG3BSIOFNKY Stephen

    I think he’s too old to remember it? Rest now old man….LOL.

    • sam_aquino

       yeah, REST IN PEACE, would be more appropriate…

  • Fayha

    Para sa akin Fake yung ambush.

  • dequis

    gumawa kaya ng poll ang Inquirer, true or false lang naman parang grade one, now na.

    lintek na ambush iyon ah sa wack wack nangyari baka kasi may tamaan puro pader lang naman ng mga mayayaman paibaba ang ratrat.

  • ah_ok_fine12

    Fake- it has been long known

  • Gerald Abueva

    As it turns out, Manong Johnny spent his entire life in the wrong profession. He would have definitely done a lot better writing fiction and churning out bestseller after bestseller.

    Can someone tell me how to nominate this book for this or next year’s Pulitzer Prize for Fiction? Kahit Palanca Awards man lang, para Manong Johnny can have his closure before he rests in peace.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

      magiging best seller lang kug siya mismo ang bumili lahat ng kopya ng libro nya.

  • captainramius

    Isa ako sa million na naniwala sa radio broadcast nya noong nag tatawag sila ng support ng 1986 EDSA.  His voice is convincing , now he hide behind the protection of words in print and a memory trying to sanitize his place in History.  I believe the ambush was indeed staged.

  • sagbotgamot

     what is he up to? hmmmm maybe it is high time to admit that he is indeed a Marcos loyalist.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KL4ECDG7MH6X6OWLY7SMQXBLN4 Gener Gozum

    Trapo ba o hindi Trapo si Enrile?


       KUNDI TRAPO EDI VACCIUM.ganon ba yon

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PL6XCF6BMNUO7LZ4TJN6SUYP4A nikki boy


  • sam_aquino

    you can fool some people some time, but not all people all the time…




  • http://twitter.com/epingdsonjaco Epifania D Sonjaco

    i don’t know what to say…


    One thing reminded me of this guy; ‘J P E’, modern J.udas (P.iliino version) E.scariote… That’s all.. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BJWOSERENIZQCR35IJH6SLXBUI cali

    kala ko JPE finally wants things to be resolved….repentance before this world is good for the peace of each one’s soul after life here on earth….



  • 12JEM

    What is a Liar?
     He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death.
    H. H. Munro

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir




  • neverwint3r

    it’s obvious the ambush was a fake and staged by enrile but why he suddenly made a turnaround is the real question.
    he was the architect of martial law. naghuhugas na sya ng kamay as he is conscious of how the people will remember him?

  • noypisiTED


    • RomyLitz

      I hope Sen. Trillanes will include this issue as one of his falvor-of-the-month tirades agains an ailing but either inveterate liar or ultra-senile Enrile which will make or break Jackie’s poitical future.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VBYSH5LGWE4KKUQUMQT4BAEZOU Feel It

    Whether the ambush was faked or not, one fact stands out.  Enrile lied to us all.  There can’t be two versions of the truth.

  • RomyLitz

    Senator or Senile Enrile should have written his memoir when he was at retirable age of 65 or 70, but at this age at 89 or 90, the senility syndrome is inevitable as what we had witnessed during his many gaffes committed while presiding the Corona Impeachment trial. Hope there will another memoirs of major participants from EDSA 1986 days like the Dioknos and theTanadas and most of all the archived TV interviews where Senile Enrile mentioned the words, staged or faked about his assassination that would settle the issue whether the senile senator’s memoir is full of reversible truths or lies.

  • Mamang Pulis

    At lahat ito [ mind conditioning] ay inilalatag sa paghahanda ng kanyang anak…wlang iba kungdi si Jackie Enrile.

    at nagkataong pumapalag sa ngayon kay Manong Johnny ay si Mr Trillanes.

    napaka galing na operatiba ni Manong Johnny—kaso naamoy ni Mr Trillanes ang mga kilos nya, so ngayon siya ang target ni Manong…

    pang tele nobela talaga–ang kaso ako/ikaw/tayo ang magdudusa sa mga kasakiman ng iilan.

  • RomyLitz

    If the car has many bullet holes due to the shooting, then the car that ambushed them should have a shooting angle of 3 or 5 degrees from horizontal view, which made it impossible for Senile Enrile to survive ! The scenes of Godfather 1, 2, and 3 disproved his claim that he can survive such attack!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EHBEIOLRUJTM7TNLVB7EMFZNJ4 Kims C

    Sana meron pang mga naka preserve na tapes sa mga interview ni enrile noong 1986 na magpatunay na inamin nya na fake yung ambush nya as justification para mag declare nang martial law si marcos para mabalatan ng husto tong sinungaling na enrile..para namn mamulat at malaman ng lahat ng Pilipino ang pagkasinungaling ni enrile

    • leubas


  • Randy Belino

    it was fake!
    even trillanes leave the NAVY still the support from lower rank and his mistah will be the same!
    Enrile was a FRAUD GUY every thing he said was reflect to him that’s why he said that against Trillanes and if Trillanes never help from this disputed Island then we will see a WW 3 around the world and this Enrile will leave the Phils. and go to US to avoid getting caught in the crossfire and after the War he will came back as mediator to settle everything and be cron as a modern Hero of the Phils.

    lahat ng pinaggagawa mo dito sa mundong ibabaw pagbabayaran mo ito sa kabilang buhay at hindi sapat na panakip butas ung pagtulong mo sa iba kung ikaw mismo ay hindi “nag-REPENT” 

    he can FOOL us but he can’t fool GOD and he Can’t escape from the AMBUSH of HELL Guards

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PL6XCF6BMNUO7LZ4TJN6SUYP4A nikki boy


  • xmb458

    Yes he faked his ambush. This cretin himself said it. Tens of thousands of people was raped, maimed and murdered because of him and his boss Marcos! He is a certified liar!

  • kilabot

    jpe’s memoirs is not worth reading. it’s suspect.

  • rudy_boy

    You can fool
    the Filipino people sometime.

    You can fool
    the people Filipino one at a time.

    But you cannot
    fool the Filipino people all the time.

    He gambled
    in trying to rectify his major error in life, the admission of 1972 staged
    Ambushed. That’s his lifetimedilemma, pag mi nakasagutan Enrile yun ang binabato sa
    kanya ( remember Jamby Madrigal accusation to JPE during heated argument in the
    senate before? Sooner or later,  Trilanes
    will do the same).

    Undeniably, his AD ( Alzheimer
    Deceased) is now progressing. Time to retire….

    Enough is enough
    , Mr. ( Senate ) President.

    That’s also
    his word to Ferdinad Marcos during 1986 
    EDSA revolution.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDLJBVQKYUSWJAK6ICQITGFTUU Toni


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    Sen. Enrile forgot that he made an anouncement during EDSA revolution over the radio that it was Marcos’ idea regarding the STAGED AMBUSH.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KL4ECDG7MH6X6OWLY7SMQXBLN4 Gener Gozum

    Enrile: “Gusto Ko Happy Ka!”
    Filipino Masses: “Lets vote for him and his son”

  • barry_geri

    Who do you think was the enemy of Marcos and Enrile at that time? They made Ninoy look like a bad guy but was not capable of staging ofa flop ambush. If it was real then Enrole would have been long dead. Marcos and Enrile was a fake all along just so they could get their way to their experiment in creating change. Their plan did not work because the people behind it was so greedy for wealth and power.
    Manong, wag mo na kaming lukohin? Kawawa na ang mamamayan. Just imagine the damage you have done to your experiment? Rape, toture, execution, dissapperance all human rights violations just because you wanted power. Don’t you have a sense heart to the Pilipino people. Are you human?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Its a conspiracy of tactical strategy to reasonably and factually implement Martial Rule of late Ferdinand Marcos….. thats so simple. If we noticed after Martial Law how many Marcoses and his allies, cronies still in power? Even late Ferdinand Marcos was severely ill…. they hide it in public, how many person used by Marcos regime a puppet to run for president to fight him in presidential elecetion? Those time when Marcos was severly ill they can call for snap election but what they do? The people sorounded him hide it to public and enjoy the powers that they have. They role play the government in their own hands!  People of the Philippines open your minds….. Sen. Enrile is the co-author of Martial Law of Marcos regime.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    That book is for politics & business purposes only…as simple as that! No patriotism and nationalism purpose. Better lets ask Sen. Juna Ponce Enrile & Family Marcos’es where are the revenues of logging activities done by Marcos regime all over the country?

  • wakats

    Here comes the 3rd highest official of the land telling us, in his memoirs, that the controversial ambush on 20 September 1972, was real and not staged, as he himself declared over the radio as faked in February, 1986 to convince the people to join the uprising and protect them from imminent marcos counter-attack.

    By next year, enrile will come to us again and request us to vote for his junior, jackie, for senator of the country.

    WHHAAHHH to you, jackie and all the UNA candidates… 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    If it was not fake, he would have been dead and seriously injured. Why should we waste our time reading fiction.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JC4FZSEBGFSRT26VSKEH674XNU Estong

    True – fake, true – fake, true! This guy is a ———……….——–……!

  • generalproblem

    yan nagkakabukuhan na manong johnny. imposible naman kasi na tadtad ng bala ang kotse walang tinamaan kahit daplis. ang alam ko lang na nakakailag sa bala ay si senator guerrerro lapid. manong johnny magsabi kana ng tutuo dahil si trillanes ang magbubuko sayo. dapat lang na magsabi ka na ng tutuo dahil malamang walang maniniwala sa memoir mo. wag po natin iboto at wag nang dugtungan pa ang enrile sa senado.

  • sinful_lustful69

    ano kanyo! si MANONG JHONNY naambus! PATAY NA BA XA?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Who remember for those time of Martial Law(the darkest days of the country) late Presidente Ferdinand Marcos propagate a book also for himself to let the reader convince, sorry I just forget it(pls. help remember), Im just still young those days. I knew this because may grandfather is barangay captain during Martial Law. …. Sen. Enrile cant fool me for those time Im already existing…that is why Im asking Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile for the revenue of the logging transactions all over the country during those times of Marcos?  Wala po si Sen. Enrile at Marcos na dapat ipagmalaki sa mamayang Pilipino. Kung maibabalik lang ang panahon at di nila pinagnanakaw ang pera at resources ng buong Pilipinas wala po sanang OFW ngayon kundi lahat na Pilipino ay masaya ang pamilya. Nuong panahon kukunti pa po ang population ng Pilipinas subalit ang rehimen Marcos pinagkait sa mamayan ang kahalagahan ng pera sa society, they just let the Pilipinos to be a farmer while they keep the money for themselves including the financial aid ng America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Mainly fictititious all the facts will be generate in this book during Matial Law to white wash Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile participation in adoption of Martial Law in the Philippines, but the truth is Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile is a co-author of Martial Law. What happened to him was a tactical conspiracy to advance and adopt Martial Law in the Philippines by regimen Marcos.

  • Bayawak

    Enrile is a politician.Ten of whay he said, 11 are lies.
    They were like movie actors, work in senate,congress and other public office and see them together in social gathering.And they are plundering our nation!

  • delpillar

    Ni-ambushed man talaga o hindi si Manong Johnny ay tuloy pa rin ang Martial Law. Eto dapat ang linawin sa article na ito. Hindi na kailangang i-justify ang imposition of Martial Law kasi it was imposed already a day before (Proc 1081 was signed Spet 21) with a lot of justifications (narrative examples of events) already. Those narrative examples were already more than good enough for Marcos to justify his imposition of Martial Law.

    For short, with or without JPE, martial law would still continue because the man behind it was determined to execute it. Thousands would still die or suffer because of Martial Law with or without JPE’s ambush. No need to justify a day after Marcos declared it because the communist armed rebellion, Akbayan’s massive riot, Victor Corpus tactical offensive and the MV Karagatan massive arms shipment from China were all true

    Fake or hindi yung ambush is a subject on its own, … Martial Law is another.
    Even if JPE admitted in 1986 that the 1972 ambushed was fake, it is still not sufficient enough to judge that the AMBUSH WAS FAKE …… BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Maaaring ang totoo, as other forum members said, JPE is a liar beyond reasonable doubt.

    Walang special procedural  police/crime team specialists sa Pilipinas na katulad ng “COLD CASE” sa CBS (sa US) or AXN Channel (sa CATV and Satellite TV) na pedeng balikan at imbestigahan ang decade-old cases using modern forensics and logical procedural investigations.  All personnel sa convoy, (drivers, sundalong bodyguards, mga tambay, people living the areas at pati na rin si JPE) ay tatawagin ng COLD CASE team to evaluate all information with lie detector, combined with the techniques used similar to the TV Series from FOX “Lie To Me”

  • boybakal

    Whether Enrile was ambushed or not, it does not matter.
    It is a foregone conclusion, it’s history.
    Just like whether Aguinaldo killed Bonifacio is a question that does not interest filipinos, historians maybe.
    There are many important things than this not so important question.

    • romfagen

      truth matters and truth is important boykalawangingbakal.

  • mahuli

    kaya pala di ko mahanap sa non-fictional section yung libro ni manong dyani.

  • Bumble Bee

    Whatever his (Senator JPE) reason now of restating that his ambush was “NOT FAKE,” in my opinion it has something to do with the future, the future of his name that will be inherited by his son and the sons of his son. The LIES in the Philippine history are slowly being learned by the new generation of Filipinos, and that is undeniable to Enrile’s mind, lies like Ninoy Aquino was a hero, Cory Aquino led the EDSA people power, Aquinos were icons of democracy etc. Who made the history of the Philippines? Was the history of the Philippines made by both sides or one side? Why is it not written in the history books that Benigno Aquino Sr. was a spy for Japanese during the Japanese occupation of the country? Why is it not known that Ninoy Aquino was communist sympathizer and a communist in ideology? Why is not known to us that President Marcos and Ninoy Aquino were more than friends? These are the TRUTHS hidden and intentionally kept for the benefit of hidden forces who wants Philippines to suffer politically and economically so it cannot move forward. Enrile knows that truth shall prevail in the end and he knows very well that a “hero could turn out into a traitor” which will definitely affect him and so that is his declarations now.

  • Beguine

    Enrile is drunk with his wealth and power. He thinks he can tell lurid lies
    in a self-serving memoir and the people have no choice but to swallow
    such fetid lies  hook, line and sinker.

    But take away his wealth and power, and what have you got? Hopefully
    a repentant and apolegetic Enrile, which is as it should be. He and his
    family should be stripped of their ill gotten wealth, and punished for
    their evil and unrepentant crimes against the people of our nation.

    This is a big job for our justice system, the Ombudsman and local courts,
    and should be implemented at the very soonest. There is now a big chance
    to try and punish Enrile in our courts, especially with Sereno now Chief
    Justice of the Supreme Court.

    Thanks to Inquirer for this very well done research feature story, it is indubitably
    the true story vs. Enrile’s stinking memoir. Now, how about
    delving into the killing of that actor who was bf of Enrile’s daughter by Enrile Jr.?
    The truth about that which everybody already knows, but is covered up, will seal the fate
    of Enrile Jr who’s so thick-faced and drunk with his father’s power and influence
    to run for a Senate seat next year. Enrile Jr is only a kid following blindly what
    his old decrepit and liar father tells him to do, and we have so many senators
    already who are just silly kids.

  • simondj

    Enrile’s statement is like a shifting shadow,,, one version in the morning and one version in the afternoon. do not listen to him.

  • romfagen

    Enrile was pushing Marcos to go ahead with the declaration of Martial Law, which he prepared himself, knowing the vast power that he would get his hands on…thats why he  faked his own ambush.

    he knows how to create scenarios

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K72H7FUJZXWZXKFTXNQL2PMFRE Paul

    there is only one truth…. no to jackie enrile in senate. no no no.

  • Datukalun

    of course it was a fake where did the behest loans used how did Mr Enrile get very rich.How did He use His power during martial law

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SALRW672NRCQ2SUWONVJCPCHSQ Ronald D

    I don’t trust him anymore.. His a mafia.

  • LegalJustice

    The answer is Trulse !
    He knows the truth whether his memoir is fiction or non-fiction.

    To Senator Enrile,

    People trust take years to built it.

    But it will just take second to destroy it.

    And take a life time to regain it.

    But there is no guarantee you will get it.

    From Poetic Justice.

  • BruinBearDad

    How can you rely on the veracity of his “memoirs” when just this proves that this whole thing is a lie?  Talaga naman…

  • jurbinsky77

    Enrile has self-destructed in the later days of his life.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    See? how can you trust this man? But he can still vindicate himself by pinpointing the brains of Ninoy’ assassination. He knows it, Filipinos know it long time ago and all they need is confirmation.from one of the directors himself!

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Does Mr Enrile think the people will forget the charade called Martial Law ?
    With all these revelations, which Mr Enrile himself admits to be true,
    the book should be appropriately titled :

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000412010699 Gem Arroz

    I personally watched a tv program in Bacolod City where Senator Enrile was a guest and this discussion about the fake ambush was brought up.  He never corrected the person who was speaking to say that the ambush was real. He just kept quiet when the speaker emphasized that the ambush was fake. This tv program probably happened about a week or two after the EDSA Revolt.  He was then the focus of everyone’s attention because the revolution was still fresh in people’s mind.  In short, he was considered a hero at that time together with Gen. Fidel Ramos and Col. Gringo Honasan.  I could not forget that program because what irked me was the death of his personal driver as a consequence of this allegedy fake ambush.  I was telling myself at that time that this guy (referring to Senator Enrile) cannot be trusted because if he allowed a “fake” ambush to happen at the expense of somebody’s life ( his driver ), what kind of a person is he?  This is the reason that I NEVER voted for him ever since.  This is also the reason that I highly doubted what he wrote in his latest Memoir when I read about it. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UA2YLCJLAQEVVGBTIZBHEGKB3Q jimmya

    Enrile will do anything and everything to clear his hands on the declaration of 1081.  Filipino people should be wary of his motives now as was his his motives in faking his ambush 40 years ago.  A liar will always be liar as proven again by Enrile.

  • $23228448

    if he wants to rewrite history…..lets  reenact the event and make it real….

    • omangat

      huwag na lang at baka gawing martyr pa ng ibang taga media. Mga uto-uto at nagpapasilaw sa pera.

  • http://twitter.com/AlimtheWrath Alim A

    america wanted Pres. Marcos out when he tried to shorten the years of occupying subic and olongapo bases and demanded rental payment after knowing america was only giving humanitarian aid in exchange for the use of the two bases instead of yearly rent. the CIA used the opposition parties and enrile to take Pres. Marcos out so who wanted aquino dead is a question that obama can answer.

  • aim_up

     Where is that car now?  The car that was peppered with bullet holes
    ?????  Forensic experts should be able to determine if the ambush was
    faked or not.

    • magiting78

      Wala n po yung sasakyan nasa manila bay n pinakakapitan n ng tahong lol…tagal n nun kinain n ng kalawang

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    “A speeding car rushed and passed the escort car where I was riding.
    Suddenly, it opened several bursts of gunfire toward my car and sped
    away. The attack was so sudden that it caught everyone by surprise. No
    one in the convoy was able to fire back,” Enrile said in the book. 


  • pinoyobserver

    Why is he still in an elected office after changing his story to suit the times?  Filipino people wake up! You only have yourselves to blame for continuing to support unethical and self serving politicians.

  • kampitan

    Hindi nyo kaya ang matandang hunyangong, di mamatay-matay

  • kampitan

    hindi nyo kaya ang matandang   hunyangong, hindi mamatay-matay

    • duviz7533

      masamang damo..hirap madedbol

  • kampitan

    dapat me batas  against politicians publishing  fake biographies

  • Marcial72

    TRUE! Di ba inamin niya naman na fake yung ambush niya.

  • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

    enrile thinks that writing and selling his story in this book is like throwing food to the dogs. 

    the new breed of filipinos have far better education than breed of filipinos during the martial law days and most of them have risen from economic hardships that equipped them the ability to stand up against the intimidation and oppression of the abusive in power like enrile.

    goodbye, mr. enrile.  history is not only that which is written in deceitful books like yours.  history is also the things we tell our children.   about you, i have nothing nice to say and rather impart the abuses and corruption you engage in with your partner, ferdie marcos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jose.p.rizal.79 Jose P. Rizal

    Dapat pa bang pagkatiwalaan ang mga taong katulad ni enrile? dapat di iboto ang mga kagaya nito….TRAPO!

  • duviz7533

    your security head during that time was the famous col honasan..nobody was able to fire back.kala ko matinik si gringo….tell it to the marines

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ED6A2XHBBMQQYM4MFSZ7BMIB4M batang-gas

    medyo marami-rami pa rin ang nagpapauto sa matandang yan

  • PhilippineSolutions

    It was a pretense so Marcos can declared Martial Law and stay in power for an additional 16 more years beyond his two terms from 1964-1972.

    I hope he really got to enjoy the Rolex that was given to him as the senior ranking member of Rolex 12 in celebration of the imposition of martial law.

    I don’t think Enrile would ever admit to anything that indicts himself.  As martial law’s chief executioner or enforcer, he will never be able to repay the injustice that the regime has inflicted.  He pretends to be a gentleman, he can only fool so many.  End of the day, he is what he is.  Cold blooded and will cling to power for himself and his family.

    At least, Imelda’s petrified photo at Enrile’s book launch was classic.  BTW, Pnoy should not have insulted his parents memory by being at the charade, he did not have to be there.

  • omangat

    Ang masama pati ibang media personalities kulang sa kaalaman at nagpapauto sa hudas na ito.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZMYIL5FXLVIHRZXBQGONZS6U4 Jhune

    What ever happen to to these man on eve of Sep. 22, 1972, sa ngayon nagpapakalinis lang, we know all how these man become rich on the shoulder of dictator and till this days they are there to protect their interest.

  • http://twitter.com/d3marketers SAMMY


  • superlucky2

    Si Enrile ay huwag dapat paniwalan. Sa mga voters DON’T VOTE FOR THE SON OF ENRILE. Enrile is too greedy. 

  • $25214711

    Sabi nya nun fake ngayon sasabihin nya totoo. Niloloko nya yata ang tao eh!

  • est


  • rinom

    he betrayed Marcos, what more could he do?

  • est

    i hope mabasa naman niya ang negative comments na ito para naman matauhan siya 

  • magiting78

    True po yung ambush s kanya..actually ako po ang nag tanim ng ebak ng kalabaw s dadanan nya…lol! dapat pa bang pag usapan to iba naman..

  • Oliver82

    I don’t know if it’s TRUE or NOT but who give the $hit anyway..  I only knew 1 thing that is TRUE, this Power Sucker for a very-very long time in Philippine Politics is already old & rusty but trying to show us that he can still kick some A$$. EPAL KUPAL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=548812272 Яique BulosaИ

    Sa Politics, kailangan mong maging balimbing para manatili sa kapangyarihan. Baka kung nagdefect din si Fabian Ver kontra kay Marcos noon, hindi sana siya naexile sa America at kasama niya sila Honasan, Enrile, at Ramos sa Pulitika ngayon,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FFCQNX2TROQZQS3DJRDTWMQDE abot

    Gawa-gawa lang ito ni Enrile. sana magsalita ang mga dating Philippine Constabulary para marining ninyo ang kasinungalingan nitong Enrile. si Enrile pa ang nag-susulsol kay Honasan na mag-coup d etat para siya ang uupo na presidente. Gunggong na matanda, mahiya ka sa sarili mo. limampung taon ka na sa politiko, wala pa ring pagbabago ang pilipinas, payaman ka ng payaman. Meron ka pang helikopter. Hoy! sa Philippine Armed Forces yan. Na-corrupt na naman ang Armed Forces diyan sa helikopter. Kahit na kaya mong bilhin ang helikopter, huwag naman sa Armed Forces, nakakahiyta. Mag-order ka sa Japan o kaya’y Taiwan at Singapore ng helikopter. Corrupt ka talaga. Umiiyak pa rin ang kaluluwa ni Alfie Anido dahil wala pang hustisya sa pagkamatay niya. Abogado ka kaya alam mo na walang statute of limitations ang murder na kaso, kaya natatakot kang magbitiw sa politiko at lalabas din ang isyu tungkol sa criminal mong anak na si Jackie.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FFCQNX2TROQZQS3DJRDTWMQDE abot

    Enrile is himself a FAKE.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FFCQNX2TROQZQS3DJRDTWMQDE abot

    sa kasinungalingan niya, hindi na niya matandaan ang mga sinabi sa mga nakaraan na interview niya. paiba-iba kasi. hindi na niya matandaan kung ano ang totoo. typical political liar.

  • Anton_Agaton

    Juan Ponce Anido y Enrile. Prince of Lies.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose

    Thanks Inquirer.

  • doublecross

    no matter what, the shadow of martial law embedded in my spirit and my soul. you are one of the architect of the reign of terror…tnks for the history…apo johny.

  • tonto_ka

    JUAN PONCE ENRILE – Grandfather of all LIES!!!

  • dequis

    Depende sa sitwasyon siguro. Kung kailangan magpabilib sa sambayanan tulad ng sinabi niya noong 1986 EDSA, FAKE. Ngayong kakandidatong senador ang anak HINDI FAKE. Pag natalo anak niya FAKE na naman.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CBBPG4SGSURB5V5A5BBQX4HF2Y Peter

    Like his mentor, the despot Marcos, Enrile is a congenital liar, and has no qualms about it. I heard him saying in radio in hysterical manner that the ambush was staged managed, now he is changing the tune. I pity him, at his age, he should be remorseful, but true to his colors – he is a liar, period.

  • rnoldrmada

    This is so much like the Schwarzenneger book launch a couple of weeks ago. You see, folks, controversy, brings publicity and in turn rakes in money. JPE’s about-face on what really happened on that fateful night is no different from Arnold’s reason for writing a book….money!!!
    Arnold claims he loves his family that hurting them was the last thing on his mind. So, WTF write the book?
    JPE knows very well that he had already admitted that the ambush was indeed staged and now he’s saying otherwise to create controversy and curiosity which would make people buy the book. This is not only insulting to filipinos but also so darn annoying. I hope the book tanks. 

  • wilfel

    What can you expect from a LIAR. He just want to be known that he is pure and clean. Since he become the Head of the Senate he need to show that he is clean and got known in the CJ case.
    Now that he son is running for Senate he need to be clean in order his son get elected. This is what politician will do by telling lies in order to get elected. How come he was not elected the first time he run for office.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ETNUG6HPDQOSLORHMP6IHT4XDU ricky

    Enrile’s memoirs finally confirms his lies and sins of the past. Instead of making him “a great Filipino statesman”, his memoirs brough him down like dirt with no dignity. He has not repented of his lies from the past and they are still haunting him even after he has pbulished his deadly memoirs. 

  • jimmyboy809

    I had watched that press conference in Feb 1986.  From Sen Enrile’s  mouth,  he confessed that it was a fake ambush.  Now in his book,  he claims it to be true.

  • 4thINFSgt

    Is the pope catholic? 

  • tolendoy

    enrile wants to rewrite history by persisting on a lie about his supposed ambush. yes i recalled in 1986 at the height of edsa revolution, radios broadcasted enrile’s admission that his ambush in 1972 was faked and that they were manufacturing the votes in his region to make it appear that marcos won in the snap presidential elections by about 100,000 votes. did enrile believe that people who heard and read his admission in 1986 would forget it now? there are many of us yet who has not forgotten it! or, is his memoirs in the category of “fiction” as a book? i hope so.

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