Chavit Singson drops out of Ilocos Sur race


Gov. Chavit Singson. FILE PHOTO

VIGAN CITY—In a dramatic and unexpected twist to the province’s  gubernatorial race for 2013, longtime Ilocos Sur kingpin, Gov. Chavit Singson, announced on Friday he was not seeking reelection and was fielding his son, Rep. Ryan Luis Singson, instead.

The older Singson was supposed to face his former friend and ally, Tagudin Mayor Roque Verzosa Jr., who is this province’s Liberal Party standard-bearer.

But Verzosa, who was once Singson’s aide, said he still believed the governor would run for reelection. “There is still substitution,” Verzosa said.

In another surprise decision, the governor’s son, former Rep. Ronald Singson, who was convicted in Hong Kong for drug possession in February 2011, filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) for the post as first district representative to be vacated by his brother Ryan.

Ronald was caught at the Hong Kong airport with cocaine and was slapped with an 18-month jail sentence by the Wan Chai District Court there.

He was released from prison on Jan. 4 this year. He was replaced by Ryan, who won in a special election for the post he vacated.

Earlier, another governor’s son, Randolf, filed his candidacy for the post to be vacated by Ryan. Randolf is a former Vigan City councilor. Addressing reporters, Gov. Singson said: “It was a last-minute but consensual decision by our party leaders.” He leads the local party Bileg.

The governor said he would focus on the family business and “develop the investment programs and industrialization of Ilocos Sur.”

Both Ryan and Randolf admitted they were surprised at the turn of events. Ryan said he was supposed to seek reelection but was accepting the party decision. “It (running for governor) may be a surprise but I accept the responsibility to lead the group,” he said.

Randolf said he was also surprised although he admitted being briefed about the changes in the Bileg lineup before he filed his COC.

He said the final lineup was announced at a Friday luncheon led by his father and former Deputy House Speaker Eric Singson, who is running to reclaim his old position as second district representative now held by his son, Eric “Owen” Singson Jr.

The luncheon meeting at the Singson’s Baluarte residence here was also attended by municipal mayors and other top local leaders.

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  • Flavio

    Ha ha ha . might as well change the province’ name from Ilocos Sur to Singson province. Bweeseet…

    • Bastonero

      No, Ilocos Singson Province

  • Leo Parman

    will the ‘people’ elect a known drug offender?  Money Talks!!!

  • c

    uy nakakahiya naman yata if tatakbo pa yong anak na nakulong sa HK? hindi sila nahihiya?

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Hahaha akala ko pa naman ititigil mo na ang paghahari diyan sa Ilocos Sur yun pala ipapalit mo lang ang anak mo drug offender! 

  • Isang Pilipino

    Nakakatakot pala sa Ilocos Sur. Hawak pala ng isang warlord. Papano kaya mabubuwag ang mga Singson? 

    • southernsons

       Hire a mercenary and kill them all.

  • calgary2526

    nang mabasa ko yung ‘title’ napakamot ako ng ulo bakit umayaw ang magnanakaw…natuwa din ako dahil natauhan siya, sabi ko sa sarili ko, pero ng malaman kong magnanakaw din ang ipapalit napakutkot uli ako

  • scorpio22

    If Ronald Singson runs and win the whole world would be laughing at us. Especially Hong Kong!

    This family have no shame!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Wala talaga oo.  Pakapalan na lang talaga ng muhka sa atin.

    • nakatutok

      VOKKIN nilalait ka o?? makapal daw foundation ng mukha mo??

      • vokkin

        Bopol comments everywhere. Proving your lack of brain material. 

      • nakatutok

        stalking comments everywhere…proving your obssession with me…

      • vokkin

        Still validating your lack of intelligence?  Why don’t you comment in the current pages anymore?  Are you scared to get embarrassed?  Don’t worry, I will keep my promise, I will make you famous!

        Till your next day off!   

      • nakatutok

        still following my comments?? what an obssession….thank you…

      • vokkin

        Yes, I will keep my promise.  Just like you are confirming that you have nothing close to intelligent to say.  Just keep on going.  Enjoy your day off :-)

      • nakatutok

        wow, will keep your promise?? just keep on going what?? ikaw ate ha?? nag fafantasize ka na yata dyan..

      • vokkin

        Bobo comment.

      • nakatutok

        wow, will keep your promise?? just keep on going what?? ikaw ate ha?? nag fafantasize ka na yata dyan..

      • nakatutok

        still following my comments?? what an obssession….thank you..

  • PaengSaAmerika

    The people of Ilocos Sur have all the power to kick out the Singsons. But the problem is majority of them still patronize them. Malalim na ang ugat kaya mahirap bunutin.

  • gusm

    Too much money, power and influence to be had in government…..they can’t give that up. They have to have a monopoly of these perks.


    Knowing Chavit, always he has something in his sleeves. Time to cut him out of politics. Savellano is right – Ilocos Suranians – you got a good choice at least! 

  • Datukalun

    Who has the guts to file cases against Singson for all his illegal activities and his Tax Frauds etc.Anyone come on Coup the eta guys Hello Enrile…simply doesnt care dont have the guts or simply afraid????

    • doncleo

       hindi makikialam si Enrile dyan kasi may sarili din syang raket sa Port Irene.

      • Datukalun

        truly I agree


    Where are them law abiding citizens of the Philippines ? If these felons will be running the Phils. expect all filipinos to disrespect the law of the lands…

    • bert

      They are indeed I-Law-ko a-buy-ding!!!

  • $26606290

    to the people of Ilocos Sur, all the best. vote wisely. kung may mas mahusay vote and campaign for the candidate. be vigilant and ensure a clean election. in the end, kung sila pa rin…..sila pa rin. buhay nyo naman yan e.

    • bert

      This is I loko, remember???

  • indiosbravos2002

    His son was dropped in the house roster because his som was convicted of using drugs in another country.
    Isnt there a law that says that convicts can not run anymore for public office?

    • bert

      I loko ngarud! Wen!!!!

  • divictes

    Rh Bill won’t prosper because it is perceived as a threat to political dynasties. he heh he…

  • WAJ

    Jueteng Lord, Drug Addict, Actors, inexperience, felons,  etc, etc, can run for an electoral position in the Philippines? Is there any law that prohibits them to run for public office? This is a joke, I am serious…

    • abot

      nasa pilipinas tayo pare ko. lahat puwede. kagatin mo na lang ang labi mo sa inis.

      • WAJ

        Pare ko dumudugo na nga e! Talaga bang wala na tayong magagawa? Hindi na ba matutuwid ang palakad na ito?

      • abot

        matutuwid ito, kung!
        ang pangulo ay isang taong walang kaibigan ….para bang komunista muna para hindi makasali ang mga trapong politiko.

  • Jhune

    It is good to my ear that Singson will focus on the industrialization of Ilocos Sur, he start on the fake tabaco brand on his compound, how about the milking cow of politicians, a white elephant factory existed on Santa Ilocos Sur? Manipud 1972 sikat nakatugawen lakay Singson, pimmanaw pay dagitay natatan-oken nga kailiam, kukamon dayta Ilocos Sur. Agannad kayo lakay Versosa ta dikay to ma ilinya ken Rafanan.

  • $14334231

    everything wrapped into one….like the enriles…and the binays, estradas, ampatuans…etc…politics in p’nas talks…..bullshit walks…

  • dwenzki

    “Gov. Chavit Singson, announced on Friday he was not seeking reelection and was fielding his son, Rep. Ryan Luis Singson, instead.”
    Inferior grammar! ..should be ” he IS not seeking reelection and IS fielding his son, Rep. Ryan Luis Singson, instead.”

    • ADD

      “announced on Friday” na nga pano magiging present tense un?

      • dwenzki

        “Was” pertains to which day the announcement was made. In this case, the  announcement was made on Friday. But what was announced on Friday is valid from that day until the present. That is why “Singson is not seeking reelection and is fielding his son”. 

      • Bastonero

        Mag tagalog nalang kasi kayo, me pa was-was pa kayong nalalaman, ,,,,

      • abot

        dewnzki, go fly a kite.

      • southernsons

         bakit kailangan mo maging grammar police?

  • kevin

    The devil family rides again…..

  • est

    i would be happy kung silang lahat mag drop out

  • txtman






    • Rene V

       i read the man meant to develop his family’s investments as well as industrialization programs. did i read right? so from behind your wall and blanket, what would you say?

    • $25214711

      It must be raining pig. Wow, at least ngayon pareho tayo ng side. Nothing but love my brother!!

  • andre_iboy920

    buhay pa si chavit ipinamana  nya na ang ilocos sur sa mga anak nya, grabe dapat mamatay ka muna..

  • Rene V

    is there a law against convicted drug offenders running for public office? even if they were convicted outside the Republic of the Philippines? even when their own house of representatives kicked them out because of such legal offense enough to put shame upon the said government institution? just asking. masama ba?

    • Bastonero

      Brod nasa Pinas tayo wala tayong magagawa, kung si Rapist Jalosjos pinayagan who is a convict dito sa atin si Drug Addict Sinson pa,….

      • abot

        basta sa pilipinas, puwede lahat.

  • $25214711

    Itong convicted drug addict (Drug peddler pa yata umamin lang kaya gumaan ang kaso) na Long Mejia look-a-like na Ronald ang kapal ng mukha.

  • AllaMo

    Puro malaswa. Pero, dahil ilokoslovakia, tiyak mananalo pa rin. Marcos(Pwe) pa rin.

  • doncleo

    itong mag aamang to ang dapat bitayin e..pi nakyaw na ang posisyon sa Ilocos Sur…1 gov 1 Congressman at 1 mayor ang laban nila..sana pakandidatuhin nya na din yung mga kabit nya at anak sa labas..tanga lang ang boboto sa mag aamang ito..lahat ng ilegal nsa kanila na..mura na ba droga dyan Ronald?

    • rezli

      Kaya nga tinawag sa SOLID NORTH po..! si manong CHAVIT sa SUR, si manang IMELDA sa NORTE, at di lang yan, si manong JUAN sa CAGAYAN, daming sasakyan sa port Irene bat kaya..?

  • Bastonero

    Pag nanalo ang mga anak para na rin syan nakaupo, eh Ano pa nga ba, bussiness na lang daw, syempre, lahat ng pwesto sa kanila na, sa kanila na rin lahat ng kita, saan ka pa, Chavit yung utol ni Jinkee wag mong kalimutan at saka lagyan mo ng marka baka yung isa mahimas mo….

  • George

    mahina ba ang hueteng? hoiw about kickbacks? ahh i know it, ronald’s business was shutdown. what was ronald’s business again? right, export of medicinal leaves. try Manny P baka may barya barya pa, kaya lang sa kamag-anak na kandidato tsaka kay pastor at pastores, ‘ala ng natira sa ‘yo.

    • eirons1043

      Sir George para ka namang bago ng bago.  Gaya lang ni chavit iyong idol niyang si Macoy na hawak ng pamilya Marcos ang Ilocos Norte since 1965 pa.

  • abot

    mahina na ba ang koleksyon sa jueteng? hoy! mabahong matanda, matagal ng sinusunog ang kaluluwa mo sa impiyerno. magpakamatay ka na kaya para makita mo pa ang natitira mong kaluluwa sa impiyerno. walang salita na makapaglalarawan sa iyo kung gaano ka ka-corrupt. you are a disgrace to the Ilokano race.

    • rezli

      Malaki ang kita sa BUHANGIN NA PULA, barko kung hakutin ng mga taiwanese ah.. tanong mo pa kay, manong CHAVIT..

  • rjimenez1226

    Another hobgoblin of  Philippine politics.

  • rjimenez1226

    Talagng dapat itigil na ang mga political dynasty sa Pilipins, kasi si Noynoy kahit walang anak wala ring delicadeza. kaya yan whatever na lang.

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    Vigan and Ilocos Sur deserve what they elect.

    Cor rupt at drug pushing family as leaders. Only in this country.

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    MARCOSes AND SINGSONS: Ilocos, wala na ba kayong ibobotong matino???

  • ztefertilizerscam6

     Wake up Ilocos Sur….

    • rezli

      meron si ERAP, kung lilipat cya ng tirahan sa ilocos sur…

  • Brahman

    who giver a sh1t if he drops out, he is already rich sa pagnanakaw, di na nahiya ang inasaw eh 14 years old lang nung nakuha, di statutory rape yon

  • Isaganilla Gella


  • Noel

    What I wanna hear is Chavit drops dead.

  • Francis Cobb

    Mr. Ronald Singson, hindi ka ba nahiya sa pagkakandidato mo? Nakulong ka na sa Hong Kong dahil sa illegal drug possession pero meron ka pa rin kapal ng apog na tumakbo as congressman. Nakakaawa naman itong mga taga-Ilocos Sur at nakakatiis ng mga ganitong liderato sa probinsya nila.

    By the way, Ronald, natatandaan mo ba si Jon-Jon Vasquez na kaklase mo sa freshman year sa Ateneo de Manila HS? Di ba nung nagsuntukan kayo at natalo ka niya sa maginoong laban, eh nagdala ka ng goons ng tatay mo kinabukasan sa Ateneo? Nanutok ka pa ba ng baril noon, right? Nagtatanong lang mula sa dati mong ka-batch (Ateneo HS’ 86). Just correct me if I’m wrong.

    (Ronald, siguraduhin mo lang na hindi isa pang ka-batch natin, tulad ni Trandy Baterina, ang kalaban mo uli sa eleksyon. Attend ka sa susunod na batch reunion natin sa Katips, ha? Wag ka pakukulong.)

    • jdelacruz13

       iyang si Ronald eh nasa gitna ng binti pala niya ang buntot eh , nasaan kaya iyong yagbol niyan  ( baka wala na … PAPA help ? ) . mga hypocrite kayo !!!

  • rightist

    Pag binoto ninyo ang isang drug addict, huwag kayong magreklamo kung ninakaw ang pera ng pamahalaan ninyo.

  • angtangamo

    Nagtataka ako at bakit wala sa ating gobyerno ang merong tapang na ipakulong itong buwaya na ito.

  • abot

    Tignan mo ang mukha ng taong ito. Nakakainis talaga. Lalo na kung may laban si Pacquiao, malas ang mukha ng taong ito.
    Wala naman talagang nagagampanan ng mga politiko sa Pilipinas para sa mga pilipino, nagpapayaman lang sila.

  • anthony dindo

    Politics sucks in Ilocos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poor ilocanos…..

  • Josemakabayan

    Truly it’s up to the voters to decide to get rid of political dynasty, until such a time an enabling law against political dynasty is passed…..

  • pepengkabayo

    I admire, Mr. Chavit for not running as governor  of his province.
    This proves his critics wrong that he is a Dynasty ruler of Ilocos Sur.
    Mr. Singson, you are a Man of Principle.
    Congratulations….sana maging huwaran ka ng mga politiko.

  • atreus88

    The Singson’s are indeed the FEUDAL LORDS of Ilocus Sur. 

    Come 2013 – Ryan Luis Singson becomes governor.  Ronald Singson becomes Congressman of the 1st district. Eric Singson becomes Congressman of the 2nd district. Randolf Singson … to another local elective post. 
    Ilan pa kaya sa mga mayors, councilors at mga barangay captains ay mga katropa sa Kamaganak Inc.?  And to think the Singson’s take their oaths and swear to defend the laws and uphold the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines which explicitely prohibits…POLITICAL DYNASTys.  Hypocrites!!!!

  • boybakal

    Isa kang Huwaran Politikong Pilipino….Ginoong Singson.
    Kahanga hanga ka Mr. Chavit sa iyong di pagtakbong Gobernador.
    Marahil ito ay sampal sa mga nag aakusa ng Political Dynasty.
    Mabuhay po Kayo !!!

  • Tess Vilar Comer

    Ee, mayroon bang magagawa tayo ee ang mga voters ang may gusto sa kanila? Tayo man ang tumakbo laban sa mga iyon ay masi-zero lang tayo.

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