Marcos based martial law declaration on lies—Satur Ocampo


Bayan Muna and Makabayan coalition president Satur Ocampo. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The airing of the video of Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of martial law on Sept. 23, 1972, reminds activists of the time of the lies that the dictator foisted on the nation to justify his seizure of power.

One of those activists, Satur Ocampo, one of the former leaders of the National Democratic Front (NDF), the umbrella organization of the Philippine communist movement, yesterday said it was important to preserve the videos of the declaration so that Filipinos themselves could hear straight from Marcos his reasons for imposing martial law.

The declaration has a different feel coming from Marcos rather than from his underlings, Ocampo said in a phone interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

By listening to the declaration in full, Ocampo said, people could dispute Marcos’ assessment of the danger to the state that the so-called communist insurgency posed.

Ocampo said he was unable to watch Marcos’ declaration on television 40 years ago because by that time, he had already gone “semi-underground” as a precaution.

He said he only learned Marcos’ reasons later. He had also been unable to watch the present administration’s re-airing of the video on its official website on Sunday evening, he said.

Strength, firepower

But regardless of when he heard Marcos’ reasons, Ocampo said, these were unfounded.

He said Marcos exaggerated the strength of the leftist forces to paint a picture of a country in turmoil so that he could say he had a reason to impose martial rule.

The exaggeration extended to the firepower of the Left, he said. The truth was the Left hardly had any firepower, he said.

On the video, Ocampo said, Marcos said the New People’s Army’s claim that it was well funded had a basis in fact, and it had sources of funds from within and outside the Philippines.

Marcos said the NPA was also capable of landing armaments, military equipment and personnel on Philippine shores.

All that was a lie, Ocampo said. “The overestimation of the leftist forces was a lie,” he said.

Enrile ambush

Another lie, Ocampo said, was the alleged ambush of Marcos’ defense secretary, Juan Ponce Enrile, which the dictator recorded in his diary to justify martial law.

In his televised declaration,  Marcos made no explicit reference to the Enrile ambush, but he cited attempts to infiltrate the military organization and the Office of the Defense Secretary, as well as efforts to sabotage the operations of the Armed Forces and of the national government.

A former party-list congressman, Ocampo cited attempts to gloss over or even deny the dark side of Marcos’ martial rule.

Black propaganda

“Most sinister” of those attempts, he said, were the assertions of Marcos’ son, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., that claims of human rights abuses during martial law were black propaganda.

“He’s insulting the victims,” Ocampo said.

Senator Marcos said last week that most of the claims about his father’s martial rule were just “self-serving statements by politicians, self-aggrandizement narratives, pompous declarations, and political posturing and propaganda.”

Historians’ judgment

Judging whether that period in the history of the Philippines was good or bad should be left to historians, Senator Marcos said.

Charging that violation of human rights was governmental policy during martial law is reckless, he said.

The younger Marcos was 15 years old when his father put the Philippines under martial law in 1972. He was 29 when his family fled to Hawaii after his father’s fall from power in February 1986.

He is touted to be aiming for Malacañang in the 2016 presidential election.

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  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    Here we are again; a fodder to all arm-chair philosophers out there in time to cloud and dampen the egregious diplomatic blunders our fearless leader had in lending his burning ear to a fawning emissary. Reality is, the NOW is more important than THEN, and we need to put our house in order to avoid future gaffes and embarrassment. In an attempt to deviate from the current China debacle, the fickle mob chooses to connive with endless propaganda masquerading as truth, which leads us to an oft- quoted pessimistic saying: “The key to success is to be able to identify someone who can be blamed for the unfortunate consequences.” Does that sound familiar at all?

    • Mamerto

      There CAN NEVER BE an END to this MARTIAL LAW thing…, 
      while the Marcos-es and his many minions continue:1) to hold public office;2) to enjoy the ‘STOLEN’ Billions (maybe Trillions) of Pesos/Dollars, in cash and assets ;3) to “gloat and declare themselves innocent and free of any crime or wrong-doings…!.!.!

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        True! And there won’t be end to such stupidity for as long as there are people who wallow and shriek in their past anger, and could not be constrained of it like a possessed and frothing fallen angel.  Are you going to commit suicide if a Marcos or an ally is ever elected as your new leader? I suggest you get prepared for it for you can only go so far with your seething and lunatic anger. You can use a much needed break.

  • Arthur

    The fight is not over!

    Marcos is still alive, it multiplied, and transformed into equally deadly forms. The evil of Ferdinand Marcos is now in the form of Bongbong, Imelda, Imee, Enrile, Villafuerte, Lucio Tan, Danding Cojuangco, Peping Cojuangco, the Singsons, the Ampatuan, the Garcias of Cebu. It spread to Erap and family, and of all people Jojo Binay, the military establishment, and so on and on and on. They are living proofs of the legacy of Marcos.

    They have to be stopped! Let’s call back the heroes who fought martial law. Let us also multiply. There will no longer be an armed struggle and the need to go underground.

    There is power in the ballot. Let us not vote any of the new Marcoses! Let us expose them. We cannot depend on a media that can be bought. The internet is the new power. Let us use it to drive away the new Marcoses. The good will always prevail. 

    Let us not forget the victims of martial law. The victims of Marcos and Enrile!

    • txtman







      • Karlos Aramil

        Ginamit mo pa ang NPA para majustify ang krimen ni Marcos? Nice try! lol #NoToMarcos! #NeverAgainToMartialLaw!

    • Republika Pilipinas

      The fundamental problem lies with the citizen-voters. I like your idea. However, no matter how good it is, the stupid citizen-voters will always prevail with their overwhelming quantity, and our Philipppines continues to travel along the road to perdition, not the “tuwid na daan”.

  • boybakal

    Marcos based martial law declaration on lies—Satur Ocampo…

    Whether Marcos and Martial declaration are lies…it does not matter.
    Marcos and Martial Law has been Demonized.
    Marcos was pillories not only as lies but devil and evil…it is like adding asin patis and kalamansi sa sugat ni Marcos….masyado ng  mahapdi.

    • johnllander

      Paano naman yung mga sugat ng mga naging biktima ng martial law?  Mas lalong mahapdi iyon kaysa sa karangyahan na nasaksihan ni marcos at kanyang pamilya na namuhay na parang hari’t reyna samantalang ang mga Pinoy ay nagdurusa.

      • droids

        Martial law, o after martial law parehas lang mas lumala pa ang situation. Noon nga lang may masisisi ka, ngayon wala, kasi demokrasya daw. 
        May taxi driver about 1997, 2100H sa baclaran dinidibdiban ng SWAT, walang nagawa – kasalanan lang niya asa likod ang sasakyan ng SWAT nabagalan sa kanya kasi naghahanap ng pasahero. Kung noon yun martial law victim, ngayon WALA LANG.

        Priests, parents, teachers have a big responsibility of teaching kids to live with honor, integrity, fairness, discipline, responsibility, justice etc. to change the countries future and not to teach hatred, vengeance.

      • johnllander

        It’s not about hatred or vengeance. It’s all about history. Knowing the dark side of our past is a lesson for us in the present so that it will be averted not to happen again in the present and in the future.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         Agreed about history.

        But that is not to say one should dwell in it. Martial law happened. I believe there was a healing period from 83 onwards. What do we do next?

        Yes we know the history not to repeat it, BUT we should not still blame and divide the country, as if there was no period to reconcile and make amends.

        “Paano naman yung mga sugat ng mga naging biktima ng martial law?”

        Some of them have a case and will get monetary values as restitution. Some of the victims and their families will accept that they will never be together, as they have since long ago.

      • johnllander

        I don’t think there was healing. There should be justice for the Filipino people and punishment for the perpetrators. Reconciliation shall be based on justice.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Remember, ‘Magka..isa’ (sung to the tune)

        Remember those old words, ‘National Reconcillation.’

        Anyway, it was late Cory and early FVR where the focus was changed from retribution to unity and forward moving focus.

        “Reconciliation shall be based on justice.”

        And it was.

    • Mamerto

      The “demonizing of martial law and Ferdinand E. Marcos” has 
      NOT been DONE ENOUGH.

      In MOST Countries… :
      1) he would not have been allowed to leave the country…&/or;
      2) his family and official family would not have been allowed to return…, or;
      3) his family and official family would have been disqualified to hold public office, for life;
      4) all personal and family assets would have been confiscated;
      5) most of his official families would have been jailed, some jailed for life;
      6) his wife, Imelda, would have been jailed for life;
      and many more…! 
      (NOTE: in some countries…, 
      “Death” would have been the sentence, instead of jail terms)

  • mon key

    When senator marcos states that “claims of human rights abuses during martial law were black propaganda” the martial law generation should do something to remind the whole nation of those years. I remember during my elementary school days that we were asked to sing the “Bagong Lipunan” song. Only to find out later that the new society was only for marcos and his cronies. senator marcos is keeping his fathers lies alive. he has NO place in the senate – even if he got voted into that position. 

  • Mulawin

    There you go again.  Ocampo’s opinion, personally or otherwise, is just as bad hypothesis as others.  You are just continually perpetuating others to, maybe, revolt against the Marcoses.  When are you and others gonna stop; stop dwelling from the past…move on. It is not beneficial to many people of the country since it’s done and over with.  Let’s concentrate on what we need to do to improve our economy, world standing, as well as good governance. 

    • Mamerto

      If you must “reprimand” Satur Ocampo for his comments on Martial Law…, 
      kindly do the same to Sen. Bong Marcos for making his ridiculous comments on those years.

      • Mulawin

        You need to read other readers’ comments about this.  I’m not reprimaning anyone, but, instead, I’m just trying to get my point across.  Dwelling from the past is not gonna do anybody any good.  People must get over it and move on.  What happened in the past cannot be undone. Let me repeat what I said in comment I made in respond to JK100.  “During Martial Law, there were only a handful of crook and human rights violators.  Compare that with GMA’s administration…who do you think is the worse.  I will leave that to you to answer.”  But as a reminder, don’t forget those crooked people starting from GMA, her husband, her son, to PMA generals, former SC Chief Justice, and those corrupt politiicans who amassed unexplained wealth. Just think about those and compare that to Marcos regime. Both are crooked, but I think GMA is the more evil of the two. Don’t take this personally as we’re both victims.

    • JK1000

      Idiot ! Typical Marcos loyalist

      • Mulawin

        You don’t call anyone idiot because it reflects your idiocy.  You must be a low-life-uneducated-uncivilized individual.  I’m not a Marcos loyalist.  I could careless who and what this family is and what this family had done to the country.  During Martial Law, there were only a handful of crook and human rights violators.  Compare that with GMA’s administration…who do you think is the worse.  I will leave that to you to answer.  Finally, if you do not have the capacity to rebut anyone’s statement, just sit still and don’t curse anybody.

  • scorpio22

    Martial Law is one of those good intention but bad results.

    • Mamerto

      Whatever “good intentions” there were from Martial Law were just “incidentals”.
      Public disorders were mainly “staged” or exaggerated.
      The main reason why FEMarcos declared Martial Law was to perpetuate, solidify and increase his his term and powers in the country.

    • johnllander

      Martial law has only two intentions: to perpetuate marcos himself in power and to amass nation’s wealth by depositing them in the Swiss banks.

  • nes911

    and juan ponce enrile was a significant part of this historical nightmare. people should not forget that.

  • txtman


    SI KUMANDER SATUR???????????













    • JK1000

      Isa ka ba sa mga nabangit niya ? Ikaw ang masahol pa sa hayop.

    • bakitkailangan

       Umarya ka na naman peksman! wala talagang saysay ang mga sinasabi mo.


  • joeybg

    Preamble, we the sovereign Filipino people…. remember those days in our school, then sing the mabuhay ang Pilipino…. bullshit…… daming nawala at napatay at nagumpisa ang kahirapan sa Pinas.

  • Mamerto

    There CAN NEVER BE AN END to this MARTIAL LAW thing…, 
    while the Marcos-es and his many minions continue:
    1) to hold public office;
    2) to enjoy the ‘STOLEN’ Billions (maybe Trillions) of Pesos/Dollars, in cash and assets ;
    3) to “gloat and declare themselves innocent and free of any crime or wrong-doings”…!.!.!

  • sl1

    Don’t vote for Marcos in the next election, ang taong ito ay walang kahihiyan sa sambayanang Pilipino sa isip at puso ay alam ng mga ito na mali ang ginawa ng kanilang ama ngunit away nilang aminin at humingi ng kapatawaran sa sambayan. Let us stop the ambition of this guy to seek the highest position in our gov’t.If elected  he will surely revenge for the ouster of their family 
    in power.

  • bedouintrip

    There are more killings, missing by summary execution perpetuated by CCP- NPAs than what they said of Marcos killings during his term. Even after Marcos, there were still executions possibly done by the Leftist or by the Military. Its wrong to say martial law is bad and evil because of those killings. 

  • dequis

    tuwing dumarating ang sept21 binabangungot si enrile.

  • $14141131

    Instead of telling stories, can’t the Philippine politicians see their nation move forward? Why not talk on the brownouts festering Mindanao, the corruption friendly P45 billion CCT (continuing GMAs corruption and thievery) and other problems that could have been solved if the P45 billion had been given to fisheries and farming and also railway?

  • JK1000

    Salamat Mr. Satur Ocampo, dahil nandiyan pa kayo para magbantay sa mga demonyo na nagpatupad ng Martial Law. 

    • nakatutok

      e yung mga demonyo na kumatay sa mga kasama nilang kadre noong malawakang Purga ng kilusan??

  • Palparan

    This  a*shole satur ocampo is talking garbage again! This guy is on drugs, hallucinating about his so-called martial law experience…

    • Joe

      Wala kang pagkaka-iba sa idolo mong si Marcos. Pareho kayong brutal na sadista at mamamatay tao. Nagtatago ka sa batas dahil alam mong hindi mo kayang hugasan ang mga dugo sa iyong mga kamay.  Isa ka palang malaking duwag na general. Tumahimik ka na lang at humighi ng patnubay kay Satanas at baka sakaling hindi ka maabot ng mahabang kamay ng batas.

      • nakatutok

        wala ka din pinagkaiba sa idolo mong si “JOE “Sison…..ikaw nagtatago din sa username at matapang lang sa satsat..parang yang boss mo, sarap ng buhay sa Netherlands, samantalang yung mga kadre dito e nagpapatintero sa militar…

  • simondj

    to reform the society and save the republic daw ang purpose ng martial law which is a lie. the porpuse is to perpetuate himsefl (MARCOS) in power,,, na sinuportahan naman ni ENRILE na isang talunan, kulilat sa senatorial election, isama mo pa si ka Blas.

  • Verlito

    For balanced reporting it is suggested that Inquirer should also interview ordinary people who are at least in their 60’s and not member of leftist group. As far as we know this bunch of noisy minority has not contributed anything good to the country, except of bringing it down to economic degradation. Their silence in the recent standoff at Scarborough shoal between the Philippines and Communist China, unmasked their real intentions.

    • Anyarf Simon

      i agree..

    • Jaz

      good point!

    • Karlos Aramil

      How the heck na Communist ang China pero may Apple Factory Nor Uniliver na private-owned? pagkaalam ko kasi sa communism ay classless na society ang tanong ganun ba ang China?

  • pangitbudhiko

    satur, just shut the fcuk up, you are one of the ills of the society, you should have been eliminated, unfortunately you are a fcuking coward. you just missed ther boat, you should have been killed long time ago.

    • nakatutok

      aba!!! pa-english english ulit ha?? pero nagmamadali pa din sa pagtype..dami typo..wag kasi magmadali..mamaya pa uuwi yung boss mo, gamitin mo muna yang laptop niya…

    • nakatutok

      sino nga si BARACH????

  • Banana Na

    marcos and the CCP are the same boats, pareho lang sila na nagpapahirap sa bayan, pareho din sila na DIKTADOR…kaiangan sundin ang mga utos ng lider nila kung hindi ay mawawala ka na lang sa mundo nito…mas gusto ko pa si BANANA REPUBLIC….haa  sabihin mo na naging former NDF ito si SATUR OCAMPO pero di lang natin alam kung totoo nagtiwalag na ba siya sa CPP, siya at mga highest members lang ang nakaka-alam…if they can talk lies before, they still can lie you up to now….buti pa si PNOY, di member ng anuman militante, wish ko na lang sa kanya na maka-hanap ng magiging wife niya….haaa  pagnagkataon, bibili ako ng pa-putok sa bulacan at bibilhin ko ang SAWA at whistle bomb….haaaa


    If I were given the choice between the kind of governance the do-nothing Leftists are espousing and Martial Law, I would not hesitate to choose the latter. Communism is far worse than Martial Law many times over and you have the Soviet Union, China and North Korea to prove it.

  • philcitizen

    inamin na kaya ni satur na komunista siya?

  • joshmale2004

    Sourgraping tong si Ocampo. Masama loob kasi hindi nagtagumpay ang Communism nila sa Pilipinas. Hindi pa nga sila namumuno grabe sila kung makapatay pag di ka nag tax sa Communism eh ano pa pag sila ang nakaupong namumuno. Mas tiyak na mas grabe pa silang pumatay kesa nung Martial Law. Alam naman niya na mas marami sa mga napatay nung Martial Law ay miembro ng NDF at kaunti lang ang collateral damage na mga private citizens.

    • droids

      Araw-araw nga nilang kinokotongan ang mga maralitang pilipino. Kung gumagamit ka ng cellphone sigurado nakotongan ka na ng mga komunista, indirectly through these greedy mobile operators. revolutionary tax or else sunog ang cell site, saan kukunin ang pera  eh di sa tao.   

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Ummm. No.

    I don’t think that the lawlessness, chaos and the plaza miranda bombings were not catalyst to the imposition of the martial law.

    Apparently, that bombing that happened during the opposition rally WAS planned by the CPP-NPA. Former Sen. Salonga, like many others may have forgiven the perpetrators as well as the planners, and have moved on. But then it was the aftermath that was prelude to the martial law that was unimaginable.

    Talk about jumping from the frying pan and into the fire.

  • F**kinMO

    Guess what we still have Enrile and Bong bong Marcos in the senate and who did put them in there? You stupid people.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       As they say, the filipino people deserve who they vote.

  • joshmale2004

    Hindi masama ang Martial Law kung naging tama lang sana ang pamamalakad ni Marcos. Inabuso kasi niya power niya. Pero mas lalo sigurong napasama ang lagay ng bansa kung hindi naipatupad Martial Law at nagtagumpay ang mga Kumunismo na agawin kay Marcos ang Pinas.Kaya kahit papano, may magandang epekto pa rin ang Martial Law. Di ko maisip na kung sakali ang mga namumuno for life sa atin eh sina Ocampo, Joma sison, at kung sino pang Kumander alyas diyan.

    • psychosomatic

      Uhmmm, kung di napatupad ang martial law, hindi pa rin mananalo ang kommunismo kasi di naman sila kalakasan noon.  Pinalabas lang ni Marcos na malakas sila para makapagdeklara siya ng martial law. 

      Ang totoo eh, kung di nangyari ang martial law, marami pang buhay na Pinoy ngayon, hindi gahaman ang corruption ngayon, hindi ganoon kalaki ang utang ng Pilipinas sa mundo, at hindi pa rin nanalo ang komunismo.  Sa madaling salita, walang nagawang magandang epekto ang martial law. 

      malamang hindi ka pa buhay noon, pero hindi mo lang alam kung gaano katuwa ang mga Pinoy noon napatalsik na si Marcos noong 1986.  Konti man ang tao sa Manila, pero sa iba’t-ibang probinsya nagdiwang din sila sa pagkaalis ni Marcos, hindi lang nakita sa TV kasi lahat ng action, nasa Manila. 

      Kaya pakiusap, aralin ng maigi ang iyong kasaysayan. Nakakahinayang kung mauulit ulit ang Martial law, at biglang ikaw mismo magsabi na “oo nga, dapat nakinig ako noon at hindi pala maganda ang martial law…” 

      • joshmale2004

        Lampas 50 na ako na ako at ako ang kaunaunahang president ng LFS ng Mountain Province.  Bata ka pa siguro nuon aktivista na ako kaya alam ko kung gaano kami kalakas nuong Martial Law. kaso nakita ko ang liwanag nung ma promote ako bilang lecturer ng KM. Alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng KM? Pagkatapos mo sa KM, non-commission officer ka ng NDF or kung kung gusto mo sa field option mo din. Naranasan ko din tuwing umuuwi ako galing school may nakabuntot sa aking mga sibilyan pero alam ko mga tao ng dictator mga yun. Nung kumalas ako, nagtago ako dahil alam mo siguro ang mangyayari kapag tumiwalag ka sa kilusan.

      • rinom

         alam mo ba kung sino ang pinakapinuno ninyo? anong nangyari sa kanya, bakit ganoon ang paniniwala niya. ang alam ko kasi galing din sa militar. marami kasi akong kilala hangang ngayon hindi nila alam saan nanggaling ang doctrina nila.

      • joshmale2004

        “Sorry na lang. Meron kaming vow na once tumiwalag ka, never na mababanggit mo kung sino mga naging kasama mo. Sorry pre  kung gusto mo malaman, sumama ka muna sa pinaka mababang organization.Tutal marami ka palang kilala sa kanila.

      • Spocky Farolan

        hehehe…natawa ako sa exchange…Round goes to joshmale2004…any rebuttal psychosomatic? :-)
        Personal note: Without martial law, we should now be in paradise…do you actually believe this Psych!?!? Anyway, there’s this book, “Mga Ibong Mandaragit” by Amado V. Hernandez…it was a required reading for us in High School…it might help you realize that the hellhole we find ourselves in was dug way before Marcos and Martial Law…and we continue to dig this hellhole decades after Marcos had been deposed…

      • Jezzrel

        Baka di mo alam ang sinasabi  mo? Di mo ba alam na kahit mga Marcos Loyalist na nasa lansangan noon kasagsagan ng EDSA para ipakita ang suporta kay dating pangulong Marcos, ipinababalita thru radyo ng kampo ni MAKASALANANG PARI na anti-Marcos… Yan sigurado yan di mo alam yan, pero maraming aktibista ang nakakaalam tungkol sa bagay na yan….

  • Anyarf Simon

    I believe Satur Ocampo and his small group has done more harm than good to our society..

  • arthur1410

    I agree with Satur on this one. Martial Law was based on lies. Who was the biggest liar? It was not only Marcos. IT WAS ALSO ENRILE, HE AND HIS “AMBUSH ME”.

     Enrile is also famous coup-plotter, along with his high profile body-guard Honasan. By his own admission, he cheated Cory by 300K votes, in Cagayan during snap election.

    Now, Enrile showed to the whole world that he is not only all of the above, he is also a traitor by divulging a state secret intended for the eyes of Pnoy and DFA official only. He is not supposed to receive that document, but because he is a traitor, he asked for one and showed to the whole world a “Secret” stamped state document. To him it is not secret. To Miriam it is. But to us ordinary people, whether, it is secret or not, since it is marked “secret”, then it must be secret, no ifs,
     not buts.

    Enrile has and will always be a liar. He will lie everytime he is in trouble. He did it, not once, not twice, but so many times.



    • m1600

      mukang tao ka ni trillanes.

      • nakatutok

        staff niya yan sa senate..dapat sila sumipsip kasi re-electionist boss nila,..pag natalo e di wala na silang datung…

      • arthur1410

        are you sure? don’t judge so u won’t be judged. since ML days, to erap’s impeachment, to this day, I’ve been an enrile critic for he represent the worst evil there is. trillanes is just incidental in this issue.
        if enrile did this to drilon or to honasan (OMG),  i will be doing the same thing.
        enrile is the poster of the user who will slay his user when his ball is on the line.
        Again, enrile is the worst of its kind. he can’t be trusted. he must go. 

  • somsan

    More talk more mistake, less talk less mistake, no talk no mistake. I’ve always heard this statement from my chinese friend. But Hey! what have you done to our country? I’m from Mindanao. life was easier during Marcos rule than any of our Pres. I won’t say, he has no weaknesses but he has done good for our country. He maybe corrupt as some said but at least we enjoyed what he had accomplished. Am not Marcos loyalist but let history judge. 40 years after martial law, what? Ikaw ganon pa rin. bunganga ng bunganga kahit sinong Presinte! I appreciate your boldness in exposing what you called lies. You are a liar, too!

  • densho

    …move on people! no use crying over spilled milk. haven’t you learned from the past yet?

  • дисидент Руссо

    mr. ocampo ,have you done any good things to the country.. none i think…

    • Karlos Aramil

      Search ninyo na lang mga naipasa niyang bill noong congressman palang siya, for sure nakinabang ka rn dun. :D

  • Glen Celis

    Si Satur, komunista (need I say more?). Si Marcos matagal nang patay at hindi na maka depensa sa sarili. Kung titingnan nyo sino ba ang nagrereklamo ng Martial Law? Di ba mga komunista at mga taoong naapektohan ang kabuhayan dahil sa Martial Law? Ang ordinaryong tao na higit na nakadadami keysa sa mga reklamador, naapektahan ba o nakinabang? Katulad ko ordinaryong tao na ang gusto lang magpalaki ng pamilya at mabuhay at maktrabaho ng matahimik, nakinabang ako sa Martial law dahil nawala bigla ang mga ungas, mayabang at mga goons sa lipunan. Pero nagbago ang panahon at nandito na tayo so suggestion ko lang lets move on. Every September na lang sisi dito sisi doon. Sobra na.. itigil na po!

    • psychosomatic

      Tell that to the faces of the martial law victims and their families, I dare you. The main reason why every September martial law is recalled and revisited is in order for the younger generations not to forget the atrocities committed during that time.  True, some of the people talking before the Media like Satur are not credible, but the crimes and human rights abuses that happened during martial law should not be forgotten.

      Oh and by the way, it’s not just Communists who were rounded up and tortured (even killed) during martial law, even innocent “ordinaryong tao” were also jailed, without any hearing, merely because they were “suspected” of being Communists.  It’s a good thing that did not happen to you.  But be sensitive, please, to those who suffered because of that.

      So no, let’s not stop remembering martial law so that it won’t happen ever again.

      • Glen Celis

        I do not discount the fact that what happened happened, the killings, tortures, etc. but why stop during the martial law period? What about after that? Are you saying that killings and tortures stopped after Marcos? Its still happening now! Are you saying what happened during Martial law is more important than what is happening now? My point is let us move on from blaming Marcos for all the evils in the world. If you were a victim of torture or killings during that time, I must tell you that those crimes can still be prosecuted today, not through the media though, through the courts, where the accused can defend themselves.
        Top of the day to you all.

      • Jezzrel

        Komunista at aktibistang katulad mo… Bakit di ba kinakalaban nila ang gobyerno dahil sa sulsol ng mga komunista, maraming narecruit na estudyante ang mga komunista para labanan ang gobyerno… kahit nong panahon ko eh dami, lahat yang mga left leaning people eh kinalaban at gustong ibagsak ang gobyerno at gusto nila ang maghari dito sa Pinas….Mga biktima ng Martial law, kungdi sila aktibista, komunista sila at yan ang totoo…

      • Karlos Aramil

        Porket kontra kay marcos komunista na? nays analogy! at by the way saann mo kinuha datos mo? sa Mass media? hahaha! Magbasa ka muna ng mga history books. :D  ironically, gubyerno mismo ang numero unong recruiter ng NPA hal. nung panahon ni Marcos, maraming aktibista na tinugis nila na kaya naging aktibista ay gawa ng “repressive” policies nito kaya ayun napilitang mamundok. nuff said. nga naman,

  • m1600

    Pa EPAL na naman itong si Sayur Ocampo. NINETEEN KOPONG-KOPONG pa yang martial law. TAMA NA ANG SISIHAN magtrabaho nalang kayo wag panay rally ang pinag gagawa nyo mag aamoy lupa nalang itong mga tao na ito sising alipin pa din.

    WAla na si MARCOS si Simeon na ang presidente wala pa ding tigil ang mga salot na militante alam naman na ang agenda nila ay pabagsakin ang gobyerno. Pasalamat kayo at may mga komunista sa gobyerno ni Simeon kaya nagagawa nyo ang gusto nyo pero malapit na kayong singilin ng Tao.

    • sgt. saunders

      May sampung mga daliri para ituro lahat kay Makoy ang problema kahit mahigit 20 years na nakaraan, pare pareho lang talaga baho ng mga politiko.

  • T. Tinio

     iboboto ba ninyo si BONGBONG MARCOS sa 2016?

    • Jezzrel

      Of course!!!!

  • sgt. saunders

    Based on lies, eh ikaw Satur, isa ka rin naman panggulo ng Pinas eh.

  • Jonas

    You are the living lie satur ocampo …kapal moooooooooooooooo

  • Lukas

    Diba Satur Ocampo, kasama kayo ni Bongbong Marcos sa Nakaraang 2010 Eleksyon…. kasama kayo…. friends kayo… pareho nga kayo nagsabi sa advertisement na OPO…OPO. OOPO kami… hahaha…. tapos ngayon, ano? away ulit? tapus kung eleksyon at may pera grupo ni marcos sama ka na naman… ay nako…. nuong nagsama kayo ni Marcos nawalan na ako ng bilib sa iyo…. mas malala ka pa sa mga tinutuligsa mo….

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      I never seen this advert, where Satur Ocampo and Marcos were together.  But if it was true, then that would mean Satur Ocampo is nothing more than a common politician, and not the idealist some people portray him to be.

      • magiting78

        Satur Ocampo, Ninoy Aquino, Pemintel and Marcos are brothers in Fraternity..hnd lang sila pumayag s gusto ni Marcos, gusto ni Satur at Ninoy maging Komunista ang Pinas…

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Ummm sir,

        I believe the context starting from @Lukas’ thread was that FMJr. and Satur Ocampo was seen to be agreeable. And that it disregards Ocampo’s previous stand against the FMSr. era. Or that politics makes strange bed fellows.

        Did Ninoy really want the country to be a communist country? What say the Cojuanco’s who owns land and more to loose than everyone else?

        Not really that familiar with Ninoy.

      • magiting78

        Ninoy stay in government, he almost got the majority of Cojuanco’s land, most of us don’t know the true color of Ninoy, he is land graber…That’s the reason why Aquino’s and Conjuanco’s have differences. Pnoy carry the blood of land graber and corrupt familiies. Both conjuanco and aquino

  • nakatutok

    dapat i-preserve din yung videos na nakikipagsayaw si Joma Sison sa mga starlet sa isang party sa Netherlands..enjoying his life in exile while the UTO UTOng comrades in the Philippines are doing the dying for him….

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    For using each other in their pursuit of power over the people, Marcos and his cohorts as well as the Communist Leadership and their cadres are both guilty of crimes against the people. Both were and are enemies of true freedom and democracy. 

    Fascists and communists are just two sides of the same 75-centavo coin. Phony.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      I agree.

      I don’t think Martial Law would have been needed had any of the two liars existed, or better, both.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Mr Satur Ocampo, are you a wealthy individual? I don’t care what you were before but if your answer is no, then I have nothing against you. Of course, Mr. Marcos Sr. was guided by lies, by hunger for unlimited power and by greed of money. He had insulted not only the victims of martial law but also those freedom loving Filipinos. As of now, the election of Mr. Bongbong Marcos, his mother, Imelda Marcos and his sister, Aimee Marcos into public office mocked the intelligence, the honesty and the honor of every decent Filipinos!

    • Jezzrel

      Weh, di nga….

  • virgoyap

     I’m a Bayan Muna supporter  but I think Bayan Muna’s alignment with Villar in 2010 election was a big mistake because of the presence of Bongbong.

  • rising_phoenix40

    Kung walang Martial Law, ano kaya kalagayang ng Pilipinas ngayon?

    • kolambogan

      Maraming puwedeng sagot, lalo na’t “KUNG” ang lahat ng simula, katulad ng, Kung wala kaya si Aguinaldo at si Bonifacio lang ano kaya ang kalagayan ng Pilipinas ngayon?

  • rtgrtg

    I hope Bongbong will run in 2016. Para mapalasap ng mga Pinoy ang sampal sa mukha sa pamilya nila. Sa kangkungan siya pupulutin…at ng mabawasan ang pagka arogante niya! Makakpal ang mukha…pamilya naman ng mga kurakot! Pwe!

    • Jezzrel

      In your dreams.. LOL.. go go BBM 2016….

  • m1600

    Marcos was able to stop the take over of CPP/NPA what happened next if it is good for the country or not it is being debated until today despite the propaganda of the govt. to dis-credit ML it is not succeeding just look at all  the post here in INQ7.

    Same with what PALPARAN he was able to throw the CPP/NPA time table 10 years back. They said that he is the BErdugo of the militante HR violator.? But who are these people asking for his head . kilalan aman nyo ang mga yan. These militant like karapatan is always there when there are issues against the AFP pero yung mga vilation ng CPP/NPA WALA SAY ang mga ito just recently 50 person were injured two died in a grenade explosion perpetrated by CPP/NPA in brgy FATIMA, DAVAO may karapatan bang n ag imbestiga? WALA!

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Ka Satur, we cannot move on because of the short memory and soft heartedness of Filipinos who still chose to elect the Marcoses into public office. I also place the blame on you and Liza Masa for running side by side with Bongbong in the last election. You not only approve the return of this family into our society and help erase their sins. You have lost all moral ascendancy to lecture us about the misery of Marcos regime. Your declaration now becomes sour grapes. 

  • kilabot

    marcos and the communists were co-conspirators of martial law. it wouldn’t have happened without one or the other. both were/are liars and opportunists. good riddance to both.

    • Karabkatab

      It takes two to tango.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


  • LendingWanted

     Tapos?? . ano Mr. Ocampo. mababago mo pa mga nangyari noong martial law?? di na diba.. kaya move on na kayo. . at Kung Maging President yung Jr. ni Marcos, dun dun kayo ulet magmagaling. para may magawa po kayo.

  • wilms1963

    ka satur..di ko masikmura at di ko  ma-intindihan ang ginawang  pagpatay at pagtorture  ng mga NPA sa kapwa nila mga NPA….ano na ang pag kakaiba nyo sa militar na  kung bansagan nyo ay fasista at berdugo? o baka mas malala pa dahil mismong mga kakampi nila ang nagtorture ..
    nagtatanong lang ….

  • LucasPacascas

    You talk about human rights violation during the Marcos regime and yet you also violate the rights of your comrades in the NDF/CPP/NPA organization.marami din ngayon ipinapatay Wag ka ng maingay masyado Satur dahil wala ka din namang nagawa noong isa kang Partylist Congressman. Ginamit ang taxpayers money para ipamudmod sa kapwa mo leftist. Kayo nina Riza Hontiveros, Ronald Llamas, Dinky Soliman, Teddy Casño et al. Wala namang magaling na lider sa inyo. Gusto nyo kayo lang ang masusunod. Nasaan ba si Joma Sison? Nandun sa Europe nagpapalaki ng bayag. Kung talagang palaban yang amo nyo, umiwi siya dito sa Pinas at dito siya mag ngangawa.

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Please DO NOT vote for Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for president. We will be going back to a rotten society where history will be re-written to tailor fit and justify the mis-deeds of his father.

    Next thing we know, stiffdead Marcos is our national hero and his remains will be interred at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    If Marcos ever becomes the president, believe me, everyone, even the electric posts will try to leave.

  • Jezzrel

    “Marcos said the NPA was also capable of landing armaments, military equipment and personnel on Philippine shores.
    All that was a lie, Ocampo said. “The overestimation of the leftist forces was a lie,” he said.”

    Ka Satur, baka di mo nabalitaan yong isang eroplanong nagbagsak ng mga armas sa may Ilocos Sur province, yong eroplanong iyon eh nag “dive” sa WPS para makaiwas sa mga ‘humahabol’…

  • Jezzrel

    Common, go go BBM 2016!!!!

  • 0pps_hindiakohalfhalf1

    ito naman si satur o umamin na nga si victor corpuz sabihin pang lie ang basis ng martial law antayin nyo na lang lumabas sa pilipinas yung ginawa ni victor corpuz na libro…

    • Karlos Aramil

      para namang anlaki ng kredibilad ng ahente ng AFP na si Corpuz? lewls

  • $18209031

    ENough of Ilocandio trapos in govt. Tama na tama na , mag isip kayo mga kayumanggis. You sold your souls to Marcos Sr long time ago. Dont sold your souls and your youngs souls to the same fate this dirty politicians promises. Nothing will happen , it will only be bad karma.

    Marcos Jr is  gonna run and wants to win so he can bury his dead father in Libingan ng Bayani. This is the reason….

  • nti_boohaya

    So what’s the big deal Mr. Ocampo?  It is without a doubt that your NPA and Marcos used deceit and lies to achieve your respective objectives.  Marcos got his and done with it while you and your comrades are still struggling and fighting to get yours- using everything to include lies and deceit. Kung serbisiyo sa lipunan talaga ang pakay po ninyo, e di tulungan po ninyo ang pamahalaan na SAMPOLAN kowrahkowt to the bone na dati ninyong kasama noong kayo ay congressman pa, mga tiwaling opisyales na naka uniporme, mga protector at manufacturers ng ilegal na droga, ilegal logging, pasugalan, human traffickers, smugglers at iba pang gawaing pang pahirap sa nakakarami na dapat sampolan ng gobierno pero tuloy pa rin ang mga modus nila.   Stop blaming Marcos and martial law alone for the setbacks of the country.  The communist movement and insurgency are equally responsible.  Since the Aquinos have been linked to your movement, they, too are to be  blamed……….that is if I chose to play the blaming game.  BUT I’m not.  

  • rafael

    What?  Senator marcos aiming to be president?  God forbid!! I dont know how he got into the senate …that son of a murderer, plunderer and downright liar should be booted out of the senate!!!

    • dlanyer

      YES!~  It’s only YOU and your comrades in the NDF/CPP/NPA are saying these foul words…

    • Jezzrel

      Yes yes you!!! Inggit ka ba????

    • magiting78

      Marcos murdered those dam* leftist that creating noise and criminality in our Nation, I do hope Bong Bong would declare another martial erase these dam* people

    • Karlos Aramil


  • Facile1

    I wonder why.
    Why is Bong Bong Marcos’ presidential bid credible?

    Why is Marcos’ suspension of the writ of habeas corpus not evidence enough for the claims of human rights violations?

    Why are the rich who steal from the nation idolized while the poor are blamed for their poverty and allowed to starve?


    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “Why is Bong Bong Marcos’ presidential bid credible?”

      Perhaps because we think that the sins of the father should be paid up by the son?

      Perhaps we should think that since we can no longer do anything to FM, perhaps we can will FMJr. to rot in the cell in lieu of his father?

    • Karlos Aramil

      Nice analysis, mam/ser! sana dumami pa mga kagaya ninyo! :D

  • lakayamaya

    we must not listen to these left leaning organizations. they are all liars. they are pro china. they have different ideology. look at joma sison. where is he now? still hiding from whom? why dont you comdemn china’s aggressive behavior? liars, liars, liars…….

    • Karlos Aramil

      Manang, Sa pagkakaalam ko po makailang beses nang nagrally ang left-leaning org ukol sa China, samantalang kayo, hanggang internet lang ang pagtirada. Eh? napakapatriyotiko talaga ng mga Pinoy! MABUHAY! lol:D


    We show tolerance…but will never listen to this crap.
    Up to now, their followers have been the victims of their ideology…using them to form the crowd of their street parliament…for the hungry media…
    Being used by the oligarch’s to create a stir on politicians they didn’t like and are not supportive to the oligarchaic rules.
    This is how the remnants of the obsolete communism…their masa brainwashing propaganda is still effective…even most of the students in government universities are victims…instead of studying more on science & technology, they concentrate on street parliament and noisy protests…that made the government universities fell behind international rankings.
    Hahahahaha!  Objectivism is the key!

    • Karlos Aramil

      “instead of studying more on science & technology, they concentrate on street parliament and noisy protests…that made the government universities fell behind international rankings.” – so kasalanan din ng mga komunista kung bakit taon taon tumaas ang matrikula at kung 20K per sem na ang tuition sa U.P? lol

    • Karlos Aramil

      at wag mong sabihing nabrainwashed din ng CPP-NPA-NDF pati ang mga Amerikano at buong mundo? everheard of Socialist/anarchist movement Occupy Movement? lol

    • magiting78


  • superlucky2

    you’re right Satur, Marcos declaration of martial law was based on lies, LIES, na feedback ni Enrile. Enrile is the unrepentant crony of Marcos. Si Bong2 Marcos mag-kakandidato for president sa 2016, huwag nyo iboto si Marcos kasi balik naman tato sa paghihirap. Mag-rerevenge iyan si Bong2

  • edmanuel

    All politicians lie. Communist and rebel group leaders are also politicians.

  • dodong1


    • joyce miranda

      Only in your dreams….We will never forget!

    • magiting78

      Marcos again…bicol region will support him, bicol was in good shape in time of Martial Law…Martial Law again to kick leftist dam* as*

  • observer1356

    these accounts of events – before, during & after martial rule — just further show how dirty the state of Philippine politics is…  it further shows the background of Enrile, as a reference to current fiasco (CAMSUR vs BACK-CHANNEL) within the lawmakers of the land ..

    as these events unfold, credibility and history of the 2 protagonists in the Senate drama are becoming more visible – and pointing to who’s the traitor and who’s credible – and, adding colors to the drama is the barrage of pros & cons from among the most stup!d to the most articulate commentators who come tagging along..


    this scenario could have never happened during the time of Marcos & Enrile, under martial law – they were the two, most powerful persons, in the Philippines – during this time… jointly, they ruled the Philippines!

  • Donardo Cuago


    • magiting78

      Martial Law again…For us to kick leftist dam* as*, these people creating chaos to our society, they must be eliminated..

      • The Franchise

         sige martial law pero this time I hope one of your relatives suffer the way other families lost loved ones during Martial Law

      • magiting78

        I think it won’t happen, my relative is a law abiding citizen…even during martial law no one of us has been incarcerated or not even arrested. Even up to now no one of them has been caught to any minor cases, even they are against on it, they still follow the rule..

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “I think it won’t happen, my relative is a law abiding citizen…even
        during martial law no one of us has been incarcerated or not even

        hehehe, ok sa rebuttal.

        I had an uncle who went missing then in Martial Law.


        Why twice, you ask?

        Well both times he was picked up during the curfew. Incarcerated in what you would would describe a ‘place to wait off the alcohol.’ Was forced into hard labor, by picking up trash along Roxas boulevard under police supervision. Then returned home again.

        Not much story of woe there. Just a clean Roxas blvd.

      • magiting78

        Will if it is the case, >I guess even this time that policy should be implemented to discipline the citizen. Look at we are now, we are in democratic country, we are free to throw our waste anywhere, we can walk on the street while drunk, we can sing on karaoke even in the middle of the night without considerations to our neighbor. Youngster can walk freely on the street, and take drugs,Drugs pusher, hold-uppers, prosti, rapist and molester are free to walk on the street at middle of the night…Question: does those people exist in the street during martial law?….

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        oo nga naman.

      • The Franchise

        How can you even properly judje how Martial Law was when during that time, only news that were pre-approved by Marcos was allowed to be shown in the media ? Any news that will paint the APO badly of course was censored. 

        and yeah…I had two uncles who were arrested for no reason at all during the 70’s coz they’re free to do that no need for warrant of arrests, pag napaguspetsahan ka. dedbol ka kagad. good thing they lived to tell their stories, otherwise, people like you will brainwash us new generation of filipinos to make us think that MArtial was good for the country…NEVER AGAIN ! Never again to banning VOLTEST V, NEVER AGAIN to banning Rock and Roll,, Never again to banning Long Hairs. NEVER AGAIN to MARTIAL LAW!

      • magiting78

        How are you sure that they don’t do nothing?..its their story but what I experienced is different, I live on that era, so I experience the good and the bad of Martial Law, and I prepared to have martial law

      • The Franchise

        Our family is not a family of liars. Sorry to tell you that, Not being victimized by “riding in tandem” criminals right now does’nt mean that there is no existing crimes being done by riding in tandem motorycles. plus there were TWO uncles not just one. the fact is. it is wrong for a President to overstay in power bcoz of an alleged communist threat when the very reason why Communism started to grow in this country during the 70’s is bcoz of Marcos himself. There was no NPA before MARCOS And yeah, MNLF exists bcoz of the JABIDAH massacre conducted by Marcos Soldiers. This was the killing of innocent muslims which caused the formation of MNLF

      • magiting78

        There is no NPA exist because it was Hukbalahap by Taruc….before marcos they already exist.. they just change their name.

    • Guest

      Sira talaga ang tuktok ni Enrile. Si Marcos pa rin daw ang the best presidents in the country. Ugok. Matapos mong iwanan, sasabihin mong best president? Patawa si Enrile.

    • medipobladoor

      Maraming pinadukot, maramin pinapatay si Marcos noong Martial Law. Paano nagging best president si Marcos Sen. Enrile? May tama ka ata.

      • Donardo Cuago


  • The Franchise

    NEVER AGAIN !  A ranking american cabinet member of the Reagan Administration once described this country as ” A Nation of 40 million Cowards and one son of a Bi%ch ! ” If the son of the dictator wins as president again ? I can already see ourselves being described by the world as “A Nation of 90 million Son of a Bi%ches ! “

    • daldahlyta

      Inabuso nga niya ang pagdeklara ng Martial Law, paanong the best president si Marcos. Nanag-inip ng gising si tandang Enrile.

    • magiting78

      And now we are a nation of 90 million stupid dam* as* citizens…We always elect those Trapos…We always shout on the street “ibagsak emperialistang kano” but we cannot even stand on our own foot…sh*t Filipino how pathetic…hypocrites.. We always go against American but Filipino’s idolized them….

      • Karlos Aramil

        “We always go against American but Filipino’s idolized them….” Not “We”, hindi ko idolo ang mga teroristang nangwasak sa libya, afghanistan, iraq, marami pa, para sa langis este democracy pala. Baka ikaw o kayo pero hindi lahat. :D

      • magiting78

        Oh really? Ok if you are not Idolizing american, don’t watch english movie, don’t talk english, don’t read enlish books and news, your computers convert it to filipino language, don’t listen english songs…dont use anything that has english words and letters on it…English is British and American…look around you, throw everything that has english written on it, I dare you…

      • Karlos Aramil

        Don’t watch english movie, don’t talk english, don’t read enlish books and news, your computers convert it to filipino language, don’t listen english songs” well, 
        . English language originated in England not US and why civilized society do not associate English language to the British people? kasi nga, may mga closeminded na tao. LOL Language is a tool for communication for interaction between communities and societies. International language evolve as a tool for people to interact with others in the exchange of their product, to do business. So language is above class and above nationality. Nice try lol! Then, I dare you to study more! hindi dahil ginagamit ang English na lenguahe, gusto na nating maging Amerikano.. hahaha

      • magiting78

        Lolz!…Have you been to those countries promoting nationalism? Do you know that they don’t teach english on their school?…If you would ask me I did…Like for instance in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan and other part of EU and Middle East, books, newspaper, Road signs, etc…are written on their own language…Not necessarily you are using english you want to be an American, but you are promoting and patronage of American…so if you really nationalistic…try to used Filipino and Philippine products in your daily life.

  • anu12345

     “Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., that claims of human rights abuses during martial law were black propaganda”

    I recall the Iranian president denying that the Holocaust ever happened.

    • Ricar_Andang

      Nilimas nga pamilya Marcos ang kaban ng bayan, nabaon sa utang ang PIlipinas, matindi ang kahirapan at kagutuman noong panahon nya. Paanong best president si Marcos?

      • Karlos Aramil

        Best in torture, best in EJK, best in pagnanakaw at pagtatago ng ninakaw! Indeed, Marcos is the best president!

  • Ivan_Esguerra

    Ivan_EsguerraThe question.. is may napala ba tayo sa Martial Law? Ang sagot: wala, wala, wala!

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    If not for the attrocities made by Satur Ocampo and the NDF-NPA group, then Marcos will have no valid reason to declare Martial Law.  Just read the book written by former Senator Jovito Salonga. Without Marcos declaring Martial Law, China, with the help of Satur Ocampo and the NDF-NPA group, would have been successfully occupied our country.

    • Rolly257

      Jovito Salonga was one of the victims of Marcos, before and during martial law. 
      Had not for Marcos, Philippines would have been one of the three most progressive countries in the whole of Asia.

  • Cal_Reznick

    Yeah and the current Administration is basing their fight against corruption declaration on a lie too. What’s new??

    • benny

      Parang kagigising mo lang Cal_Reznick sa mahabang pagtulog…

      • Cal_Reznick

        I’ve been awake which is why its so disappointing to the country in the state that it is in. After all the big promises and big words in 2010 from the President…its been a major let down thus far.

  • Noshairalawever

    Fact: Enrile staged the attack on his person before Marcos declared martial law.
    Fact: Satur Ocampo is now in the same political party as Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
    Fact: Kris Aquino once invited FM Jr. on her talk show, even kissing him on the cheek.
    WHY should we believe or trust any of you people?  Every single Filipino politician seeks only to MANIPULATE his fellows, with the convenient justification that they believe they know what’s best for all of us.  

    • Martin Cruz

      Correct!  But I wish you put your true identity on the line.  I am having trouble reading your monicker.

    • magiting78

      Correct…ever since, our government is a big stage for sarsuela….and we Filipino are the dam* stupid audience, but behind stage this people are friends, and laughing on us..

  • Martin Cruz

    Ferdinand Marcos is a political genius.  He planned and carried on his political career every step of the way with nothing but absolute power and lifetime presidential authority in mind.  He was able to do this and succeeded because he knows the way of thinking of the great majority of Filipinos, their habits, their attitudes, their strength and most of all their weaknesses.  What he forgot is that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Absolute power is a roaring, angry tiger.  He mounted the tiger…and the tiger devoured him in the end.  
    But the present danger confronting this country is that another Marcos is about to try and duplicate the story of Ferdinand Marcos because the Filipinos have not learned and will never learn the lessons of the past.

  • petebarr

    Huwag nating kalimutang imulat sa ating kabataan ang kasuklam-suklam ang ginawa ni Marcos sa ating bayan. Kahiya-hiya tayo sa buong mundo na sa winalanghiya at maraming pinatay na Plipino at ngayon ay nasa puwesto sila sa pamahalaan. Gising mga kababayan!

  •án/1614760226 John Mark Batu-de Guzmán

    Yeah, while FM´s declaration of martial law was based on lies, so do the “doctrine” of the communism. Whereas the martial is the evil thing that happen to the country, a good produce might be deduce, that is, that the communism principle wasnt able to enter our country. As we Filipino shouldnt forget the evil of martial law less we also should not forget the evil that is communism.

    • MULEN

      Martial Law is a necessary evil to avert a far greater evil in communism which had already taken over much of Indochina. The threat was imminent and the declaration of Martial Law was the only viable option at that time. Had it not been for Martial Law, I don’t think we would have experienced this degree of freedom we have been enjoying all these years. We might be chanting the name of Joma Sison everyday of our lives like the North Koreans do to honor their beloved Kims. 

      • The Franchise

        So you would rather have the MARCOS FAMILY rule for life in this country ? No way. Communism and Marcos Family, there’s no difference. Parehong mga Diktador

      • Ronald_18

        If that’s the solution not to fall our country to either communist or oligarchs. I’ll gamble on it. We gambled with Cory and what did she brought to us? FVR fixed some of those; but had some kickbacks as well. ERAP tried and his poor relationship with the civil society made it difficult and GMA, we knew what happened.

  • The Franchise

    How can you even justify a PRESIDENT who was supposed to end his term 1973, but since there is a need “kuno” for martial law to be declared, instead declared Martial Law in 1972, thus scrapping totally the next Presidential Elections, where MArcos was supposed to be disqualified to run having served two full terms already. Dun pa lang  MALI NA. Instead this PRESIDENT ruled for 13 more BONUS YEARS ! Subukan eto gawin ni PNoy (which I doubt he will) to try extending his term again which is supposed to end on 2015, I would be one of the first who will voice out my opinion LOUDLY in the streets. MARCOS have no right to decide by himself to just EXTEND HIS OWN TERM. 

    • MULEN

      Fact:  Communist countries are far worse. How can you explain having presidents for life? Fidel Castro has been ruling Cuba for more than 40 fOckin years and the Kims of North Korea have had taken turns ruling the impoverished country through succession.

      • The Franchise

        Precisely. Dapat hindi tayo sumunod sa mga bansang eto dahil even up to know, panay mahihirap pa ding bansa eto. 

      • Ronald_18

        Compared with the two countriesl, the Philippines remained poorer. Mag research ka naman.

      • gerry albert

        sa cuba at north korea, walang nagugutom, lahat nag-aaral, lahat may trabaho. lahat may basic services, may matinong tirahan ang mga tao, hindi problema ang transport system, walang traffic, at higit sa lahat ang mga presidente nila naglalakad at nagbibisekleta sa kalsada ng walang body guard, walang korapsyon 

      • MULEN

        I have a hard time figuring out if you tried to be sarcastic or you’re just being plain ignorant.

  • pinoy_po_ako


    • UrHONOR

      LEARN from the past?  Sen Marcos,  Cong Marcos,  Gov Marcos, Cong Romaldez, Gov Romuladez, Cojuangco, Maceda, Enrile, Ramos, etc…a replay of the past. 

      “The younger Marcos was 15 years old when his father put the Philippines under martial law in 1972. He was 29 when his family fled to Hawaii after his father’s fall from power in February 1986. He is touted to be aiming for Malacañang in the 2016 presidential election.”

  • alikabok357

    Look who’s talking!

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    They SHOULD be REMINDED about Marcos DARK DAYS everytime—–

  • dikoy321

    We do NOT need any MARCOS, senator or president!
    We do NOT need JOMA SISON and his minions either!

    Filipinos are FREEDOM-LOVING, not abusive, honest, hard-working, kind, humble, polite, etc. etc.

    Forward PHILIPPINES  !!!


  • The Franchise

    The FACT is there was no solid communist movement before MARCOS. Wala pong Communist Party of the Philippines at NPA’s bago naging Presidente si Marcos. At wala ding MNLF or Muslim rebels bago naging President si MARCOS. They were all formed during MARCOS’ term because many filipinos became disgruntled by his leadership. Therefore, kung wala sanang Marcos eh wala din sanang Communism

    • MULEN

      The founding of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas in 1930 did not happen. The HUKBALAHAP (HUKS) did not fight the Japanese Imperial Army. Luis Taruc is a figment of someone else’s imagination.

    • nakatutok

      Jawo magresearch ka muna bago ka bumanat…

  • dudes

    At dahil sa martial law galit ang mga kapatid natin muslim sa christyano kaya nagkawatak watak ang mga pilipino ngayun may marcos na nman senador nalimutan na naman yata nang mga pilipino kung anu ang ginawa nang ama….

    • Ronald_18

      Wala pang Martial Law ang Muslim ay galit na sa Christians. Evident ito noong pnahon ng Kastila at Amerikano. Kaya binoto si Bongbong ay dahil sa performance sa Congress or sa political ad. Bottom line, meron tiwala ang karamihan ng Pilipino sa kanya compared sa minority na galit sa Marcos at Martial Law.

      Hindi aasenso ang bansa kung panay ang lingon sa nakaraan. Ikaw nga magmaneho sa EDSA na sa likod nakatingin. Ano sa tingin mo ang mangyayari sa iyo? Kung di mo masagot…isa kang Tanga.

  • isaac


    • Rolly257

      You have a point, we should move on, but at the same time, let’s not forget the passed. We learned from mistakes and let that be our guide in days ahead.

      • Ronald_18

        Look who’s talking?

    • rodelgsantos

      If Mr. Ocampo is claiming na FM declared martial law because of lies. We should assess what Mr. Satur Ocampo is doing those days. He is hidingin the mountains for what? We should also put him in the annals in our hitory/books  that he was before an NPA. We should also put into records pictures another materials what he is doing in the coountry as an opposition of the country at that time. FM like other leaders have to decide what is the best of the country if someone sees trying t overthrow the government.

    • Carswell Chong


  • Lightbearer2914

    Let us be thankful for the MARTIAL LAW, kung wala ito, wala nga naman tayong kalayaan. Lalo lang tayong naghirap sa kamay ng mga komunistang gaya nila Satur Ocampo, Henrietta Rosales, at Joma Sison at sa mga symphatizers ng mga komunista gaya nila Ninoy Aquino. Tama si Marcos, mahal na mahal niya ang bansa at mga Pilipino. Tama lang na supilin niya ang mga walang malasakit sa bansa, kundi pansariling interes ang iniisip. At nagtagumpay ang EDSA, ngayon silang mga pasaway, komunista at symphatizers na ang mga nakaupo sa gobyerno, sila na ang tumatamasa sa kaban ng bayan, ang mga iilang mayayamang pamilyang patuloy na dinedemonyo ang pangalang Marcos. Hindi maitatago ang katotohanan. lalabas din ito sa takdang panahon.

  • James


  • opinyonlangpo

    One of the reasons of martial law is talking.  At least the government and the people are now used to seeing these activists on the streets of MM and on TV.

  • Roby

    mr satur, what have you done for the country? Nada.

  • Edwin

    dahil sa mga komunista kaya nag-declare ng martial law…gusto ng mga tsekwa na gawing communist country ang pinas..

  • dominator1

    Satur, Casino, “baba” Reyes , anak pawis, bayan muna, Gabriella at iba pang komunista.. Mga salot kau ng bayan! dapat sa inyo mabulok sa kulungan! Vote palpalaran for president! Para maubos na lahi nyo!

  • concern_netizen

    Dear Inquirer,

    Never mind posting my comments.  Don’t understand why messages need to be approved by a moderator.  This is very unusual more so from an agency who is supposed to aspire free discourse.  I just hope your paper observe the same caution in publishing gossips, hearsay, and unverified scoops. 

    One more thing, perhaps you will be professional enough to acknowledge your mistakes and laziness to verify stories before publishing.  If you commit errors on your front page reports, don’t you think it deserves a front page apology?  Don’t bother to answer, this will be my last.  Posting comments here is a total waste of time.

  • benny

    Bago mag martial law ang mga Pulis at mga Militar nuon ang isa sa mga tinitingala sa Pamayanan, takbuhan at umaayos sa mga Pamilyang may alitan tagapangalaga sa kapayapaan. Matapos ang Martial Law kapag ang isang taong bayan ay may makakasalubong na Pulis o Militar nagkakaruon ng agam-agam sa kanyang seguridad at ang masakit kahit mabuti pa ang Pulis o Militar ang tingin ng nakakarami gumagawa ito/sila ng masama ito ang pinakamasakit na bunga ng Martial law.

  • orlyrondo

    Si satur na rin ang nagsasabi na siya ay komunista noon pa at mga nakaraang pangyayari nagpapatunay na malakas ang npa. Nagbaba pa sila sa digoyo point ng mga armas sakay ng barko at takbuhan ng mga rebeldeng kabataan ang china. Maraming oligarch ang galit kay marcos kaya nakipagsabwatan sila sa komunista, gaya ni ninoy na kasama sina joma at dante. Kinalaban ninyo ang gobyerno tapos ngayon pag nasaktan kayo sasabihin ninyong torture. Anong gusto ninyo trato, sa inyo. Dapt ang militat tularan si palparan para mawala na ang mga komunista na panggulo. Hanggang ngayon marami pang komunista kasi ang mga aquino me history of association sa komunista. Dumalaw pa nga si cory noon sa china atinalabas niya lahat ng nakakulong na reelde! Pati si noynoy pinalaya ang morong 43 kahit na napakatibay ng ebidensya na sila ay maka komunista!

    • dominator1

      I agree with you.. Dapat lahat ng generals Katulad ni gen. Palaparan. Para maubos na ang NPA! Mga salot ng bayan! Kung nasa ibang bansa kaung mga NPA kau ubos na kau!

      • yatot

        Si Gen. Palparan ang tunay na bayani!

        Ang Aquino-Cojuancgco  ang tunay na benefactor ng mga NPA!!

      • Karlos Aramil

        Yeah, bayani siya kaya nga kahit estudyanteng walang dalang armas e, pinagahasa niya. LONG LIVE PHILIPPINES! #doomsday

  • kolambogan

    People should know, what are the inherent features of any of the governing system before they comment? Individual research is recommended for he or she will be able to grasp what one may want for himself or herself and family. Here is a list of choices not complete, but enough for anyone to consider which they prefer to embrace:

          1. Democratic
          2. Communistic,  
          3. Socialistic,
          4. Military rule or Martial law, and
          5. Fascism.

    It should be noted that from number 2 to 5, most of it’s adherents use democratic principles to convince people, though their real intentions were to control peoples lives and curtail most freedoms one can truly enjoy in a democracy.

    Martial law was normally used as a ploy to snatch power and their tool was to blame Communism not to defend and protect Democracy but purely plain power grab.

    Communists, use also the decadent tendencies and the corrupting influence of the power hungry to stay perpetually in power, to convince the people to turn to their side and set aside Democracy in their favor.

    These two system (Communism and Martial Law) complement each other without regards to Democracy.

    I hope people will understand that when one attacks the other, it is for themselves and not for the peoples’ interest, they need each other to survive and perpetuate their greed, both hate Democracy.

    Martial law and Communism, both trample upon peoples’ and human rights that should never be allowed to dominate freedom loving peoples lives. Both adherents and followers of these two opportunistic form of governance must be exposed for what they really are.

    The above were just part of so many that could be researched on the above enumeration. I leave it to you readers to know what is best for you so as not to be fooled by politicians and political operators who only work for their own selfish interests.

  • m1600

    NINETEEN KOPONG-KOPONG pa ang martial law , hangang ngayon itopa ang sisnisisi ng mga tao na kagaya ni SATUR OCAMPO pero tanungin nganatin siya kung ano ang nagwa niya sa loob ng 40 taon? Dapat kay Satur Ocampo magbagong buhay na sawayin na niya ang mga kapanalig niya na mga salot na NPA sa pangongotong at paghahasik ng kaguluhan.

  • yatot

    Aquino-Cojuangco’s highest desire to preserve Hacienda Luisita, this country have a hard time moving forward.

    It started from Antonio Luna stealing the first Philippine treasure given to Isidora Cojuancgco.

    They loaned from the government to purchase Hacienda Luisita on 2 conditions…

    better watch in youtube: Aquino Cojuangco things they don’t want you to know

    • bagombong

      You are right, I just could’nt believed that this peoples who has a case in the gov’t. holds the highest position in Philippines…just like Nonoy, there hacienda is supposed to be distributed already since the Donya Luisita died, that was I think the first aggrement that was not materialized.That time when Ninoy start making noise against Marcos bec. he knows Marcos were going to distribute it to the farmers since their is this masagana 99 program for the farmers. 

  • Pola

    Marcos ruled the country from 1965 to 1986 (or almost 21 yrs)  put the country under ML from 1972 to 1979? Dethroned in 1986 or gone for 26 yrs already – stepped by 5 presidents. But after the length of time why still blame to the Marcoses the many failures of every administration. If we stay in this set of mind walang mangyari sa atin, lalong mabaon sa maraming problema ng ating bansa. Mahilig sa scapegoat.

  • $27317632

    Free speech is one concept of democracy, tama si Mr. Satur nagsasabi lang siya ng totoo. Fighting for your rights and freedon is not communism that’s an inherent essential qualities given to all human being. I have witnessed the ruthlessness of martial rule.

    • rodelgsantos

      Ang masasabi ko lang kay Mr. Ocampo e hanggang salita lang siya. Naging Congressman at ng lahat pero dininig din ba ang boses niya sa kamara sa mga bagay na gusto niyang iparating sa tao? Hindi nagmistula siyang api at natapos na ang pagkaKongrehista niya pero ang nagyari siya kanya ay tiga “complain” tiga “kontra” lang sa lahat ng bagay na gustong ipagawa ng gobyerno. Kayat sana maging open minded si Mr. Ocampo na kung meron siyang prinsipiyo noon ay sana nakipagtulungan na lang isya sa gobyerno instead na pinahirapan pa niya arili sa pagiging  oposiyon. Iba talaga kasi ang ideloyia ng mga kumakaliwa kahitanong buti sana ang tuntunin mo. Humahanap sila talaga ng gulo.

  • bagombong

    Actually, we are better before than those 5 presidents that came out, para di sila ma-blame sa ginagawa nila, laging kay Marcos isisisi ang lahat..sabi nila scapegoat ..during Martial law naman mga pulitiko lang naman at mga nanggugulong mga militante ang apektado lalo na yung mga kriminal sa kalsada..tahimik nga ang buhay noon at napakalinis ang Maynila.

    • parrot_moe

       totoo po yun sinsabi nyo, napakamura ng bilihin noon, maglakad ka sa avenida ng madaling araw di ka matatakot, napa ksarap ng buhay nun, ngayon panay kasinungalingan ang sinsabi nila na wala kwenta buhay nun

  • zdrx

    i had distant cousin who was fond of beerhouse. napasarap sa goodtime…forgot there was curfew and went home drunk at 12 a.m with 3 barkadas. they were picked up on the street by capcom and brought to bicutan. they were roused from sleep at 6 a.m. to do calisthenics and jog 10 laps around the building, then were ordered to clean the detachment and the garden for 30 min. after 5 min rest from janitorial job….. HORRORS!!!…..they got free haircut and shaven in return! given 30 min to take a bath and eat breakfast…they “should” be at the frontyard for the flag ceremony.

    their parents were also “invited” from their houses to join their kids hear some “sermon” at the constabulary office. as ordered, they came with a clean set of change clothes for their kids. the lecture was no more than a propaganda on the “benefits” of martial law and the “new society”. his mother was very happy with his son’s new look…clean haircut and shaven. but my cousin hid from the neighborhood for 2 weeks…because he was embarrassed with his haircut. gone were his hippie looks…and he could not forgive martial law for that.

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

       sana nga ibalik yan…ang pilipino kc ayaw pa-disiplina…pa-macho epek, di baleng paktay basta atapang

  • boybakal

    How could Martial Law be lies?
    The NPA was growing, militant rallies were everywhere, students were in the streets…everything was in chaos…and Marcos was right when he said….There is Clear and Present Danger…the danger is imminent and the Communist will take over….
    Martial Law was declared.

    On the other hand, why all blame the country’s misery to Marcos.
    The Japanese did all the devastation in the country, they were brutal rulers, millions Filipinos died.
    We have been ruled by the Spanish for 400 years as we were Indios…the most ignorant description.
    We have been ruled by the Americans where many died too.
    But nobody is howling protest, everybody is deaf and mute.

    In short, we are hypocrites…we love foreign but despise our own.
    We are still an independent country with colonial mentality…sarap sa abroad as they say.

    • The Franchise

       There was NO NPA before Marcos became president. Therefore kagagawan ni Marcos kung bakit nagkaron ng Komunista sa bayan natin. Madaming pinoy ang na disgruntled sa pamamalakad niya

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

         so ngayon wala n si marcos bakit ayaw pang maubos ng mga yan? dahil masarap b mangolekta ng revolutionary tax at di n lang magpapakasipag katulad mo? ano sabi nila nung araw, marcos tuta ng kano, no to us bases..ngayon wala n sila ano pa pinaglalaban nila?

      • Ronald_18

        Napakatanga mo naman pala. Nagpalit pangalan lang ang communist dito noong panahon ni Marcos. Baka naman kasalanan ni Ninoy ang magkaroon ng NPA? Si Ka Dante ay trbahador sa Tarlac at kilalng malapit din kay Aquino.

      • cion

        There was a comment on this forum that reports Benigno Aquino was also “Komander Dante” If that is true ,” he should not be buried with the other heroes,  in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani”  because he was not a heroe.

      • nakatutok

        mag basketball ka na lang Jawo..o kaya mag research ka muna bago ka bumanat ng comment….tingnan mo yung timeline kung kailan nabuo ang NPA at kailan naging presidente si Macoy…

      • m1600

        mas matanda pa sa lolo mo ANG komunista sa pilpinas. tanga!

  • JoseG

    Typical propaganda ni Satur !!!! Malakas kapag nagre-recruit, mahina kapag nagpapa-underdog.  Saan kaya tinago ang kanyang PORK BARREL…hehehehehehe 

  • The Franchise

    The FACT is there was no solid communist movement before MARCOS. Wala
    pong Communist Party of the Philippines at NPA’s bago naging Presidente
    si Marcos. At wala ding MNLF or Muslim rebels bago naging President si
    MARCOS. They were all formed during MARCOS’ term because many filipinos
    became disgruntled by his leadership. Therefore, kung wala sanang Marcos
    eh wala din sanang Communism

    • rodelgsantos

      Basahin mo ito kabayan…tumulong pa nga ang US para mapuksa sila dahil kung natuloy ito baka kumunistang bansa na tayo.

      The New People’s Army (NPA) (Filipino: Bagong Hukbong Bayan) is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). It was formed on March 29, 1969. The Maoist NPA conducts its armed guerrilla struggle based on the strategical line of ‘protracted people’s war’.
      The NPA forcefully extracts so called “revolutionary taxes” from business owners in areas where it operates. The Communist Party of the Philippines refers to the NPA as “the tax enforcement agency of the people’s revolutionary government”.[4]
      The NPA is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. State Department[1] and as a terrorist group by the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.[2] The Government of the Philippines, however, has delisted the NPA as a terrorist organization in 2011 [5] and has recently resumed preliminary peace talks pending formal negotiations with the NPA’s parent political organization, the CPP.[3]
      In 1981, The New People’s Army (NPA), mounted an all out threat to all military personnel and installations located within the Philippines. In answering this immediate threat the United States Defense Department created a highly specialized counter terrorism unit to search, locate and eliminate these terrorist threats. The counter terrorist expert leading this group, Craig Goodwin, Special Agent, lead actions including counter terrorism, counter narcotics (to remove funding for the NPA), and, hostage recovery. Members of this team were recognized and awarded medals due to the extreme conditions and danger along with each of their personal sacrifices they each endured.

    • m1600

      CPP was established  on Dec. 26,1968  in sitio dulacac,  Mabini Pangasinan by Sison and activist students one of them is  Arthur Garcia, They discussed the future of the CPP/NPA over a case of beer and left over noche buena foods courtesy of Arthur Garcia’s relative who live near the house where they held their  first meeting. Arthur Garcia aka ARMANDO GUERRERO was elected vice chairman of CPP (2nd to Sison) a very handsome and charismatic  kid .Despite Sison being the chairman of CPP Arthur was chosen by the central committee  to  be the implementor of CPP policies with the reason that Sison will be more valuable in the expansion of the infant organization .A power struggle between the two immideately erupted  and  Arthur become the FIRST VICTIM of CPP/NPA CLEANSING . He was killed by his NPA bodyguards in Mabalacat Pampanga.

      CPP was formed dec 26, 1968
      NPA armed wing of CPP march 29,1969

      There is no truth in your comment that the CPP/NPA was not in existence during Marcos term.

    • nakatutok

      think/ research before you post….

    • m1600

      before the cpp/npa there was the PKP mas matanda pa yan sa LOLO mo! Sila yung pumaslang  sa anak na babae ni Quezon . Magbasa ka bay.

    • antok_antik

      mr.franchise.. eh ano po ang tawag nyo sa mga hukbalahap noon? wala pa si marcos nun diba?may mga taong labas na po noon.hindi nga lang kasing aktibo pa masyado. lumakas sila at lumabas sa lungga nila dahil tinutugis na sila. at for your information NPA is not only in the time of marcos only.

    • cion

      @ Franchise: Marcos was a very compassionate President and Nationalistic and he only wish the best for all Filipinos, and your message only promotes division for the welfare of the marginalized Filipinos who up to this time couldn’t find jobs at home and after a college degree has no other option but to land a job much less of her dream- as a maid in the Middle East.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    communism is 1 reason why martial law was declared..e kung wala si marcos parang north korea na tayong sumasamba sa pangit na tao

  • Ronald_18

    Oh, common. Satur is a communist, what can we expect for a man like him? We shouldn’t vote for party list group identified with the Reds. Up to now the peace process is still on a deadlock. 5 Presidents after Marcos came and they are still terrorizing the people.
    It seems Marcos was right when he declared Martial Law. Those people who continue to react are identified from a communist, while the others don’t want to be disciplined.

    • cion

      Si Cory Aquino ang nagpasimula ng Party-List movement at binago ang Constitution, kaya sisihin ninyo yong mga maka  komunista na si Cory Aquino  na nagpalaya sa leader nila na nasa Netherland ngayon, na nag-torture sa maraming Pilipino para e blame kay  Marcos. Bombing ng Plaza Miranda ay isinisi kay Marcos ni Rafael Yabut, yon pala eh mga CPPA/NPA ay may gawa.

  • $26606290

    Una,  magpasalamat ka Satur at buhay ka pa.  May mga nagdesisyon siguro noon na buhayin ka.

    Pangalawa,  since wala ka namang nagawa,  gawin mo na lang misyon ng buhay mo ang mga Marcos, na makapagbayad sila sa mga atraso nila sa bayan.  

    Pangatlo,  di ka pa rin ba naniniwal sa Diyos?  tick tock pards isip isip.

  • Avery_23

    Here we go again with Martial Law. It is long over! Get over it! And obviously it wasn’t as bad as they portrayed it to be. The likes of Satur Ocampo are still alive, aren’t they? If it was that bad, they’d all be gone.

    • Karabukov

      “And obviously it wasn’t as bad as they portrayed it to be.The likes of Satur Ocampo are still alive, aren’t they? If it was that bad, they’d all be gone.”

      You certainly have a high bar for what’s evil, Avery Solco. Martial law wasn’t bad enough because Marcos didn’t kill them all.

      • Avery_23

        What I said was it was not as bad as you portray it to be. What’s what happens when people exaggerate, when people lie.

      • Karabukov

        If anything, martial law has not yet been portrayed for the evil that it really was. Proof of that is now hearing people what a good time it was and even that Marcos was the best president the Philippines ever had. Just watching that lady “political analyst” a teacher I believe she was who was saying in that PDI interview, that she wouldn’t blame people who had their loved ones killed say how bad martial law was but say in the next breath that martial law was the only solution to the government’s problem at the time and that Marcos was the best president we ever had, that just made me shake my head, shake my head, shake my head. Dumb dumb dumb.

        Martial law to date has been under-exaggerated. The truths of martial law has not yet come out. People know too little.

      • Avery_23

        My mind boggles as to how you twist the facts. Your logic is extremely flawed as well.
        If your kind had portrayed Martial Law as worse than you have already done, then it would mean that no one in the Philippines was a civilian going about their own way, unfortunately, the super majority of the people would tell you otherwise; so you cannot lie about that.
        Don’t get me wrong. I am not for F. Marcos, nor was I for Martial Law. But I do not like being lied to. Aquino and the likes of you said you will get rid of corruption; but 25 yrs later, the Philippines got even more corrupt and you people are still blaming Marcos and Martial Law, both of which are decades gone! So don’t use Marcos or Martial Law why you haven’t fixed the corruption problem in the Philippines!

      • Karabukov

        What facts did I twist? And what logic of mine is flawed? And what “kind” am I? Let me repeat to you again what you are saying and tell me if it is even understandable: “If your kind had portrayed Martial Law as worse than you have already done, then it would mean that no one in the Philippines was a civilian going about their own way, unfortunately, the super majority of the people would tell you otherwise; so you cannot lie about that.”

        And we’re not even talking about corruption. We’re talking about martial law.

        Gee, Avery, you really have a problem communicating. No wonder. Your mind is “boggled”.

      • Avery_23

        I have already explained them to you.
        lol! What was the point of quoting me when I can read what I wrote earlier? And that was basically what all you wrote! lolz.

      • Karabukov

        I was hoping that you might want to edit it and make it intelligible.

        But…forget it.

      • Avery_23

        OMG! It just proves that you don’t understand English.

      • Karabukov

        Yours, I don’t.

  • oraman

    Ok diktador na kung diktador si Marcos kasalanan nya ang martial law pero bakit ang CCP NPA nag-apologize na ba sa plaza Miranda mga biktima nila…kung si Marcos lang ang dahilan kung bakit may NPA e bakit may NPA pa….. dahil ba masarap mangolekta ng revolutionary tax? Sa totoo lang gustong gusto ni Satur Ocampo ng maraming naghihirap para me pamunuan siya LOL

  • Juan Tamadachij

    I agree with Satur. Preserve those video tapes and air them every now and then, lest the people forget how difficult life was during those years; and for the young, to get a glimpse of how terrible life can be without the common every day freedom that we now enjoy and at times, take for granted that it will always be there. So I join those of you who said, say and/or will say – Never Again -

    • Jhune

      Sa bayan namin sa Ilocos bago mag martial law, bago mag takip silim sarado na ang mga bahay, kapag may kumatok ng isang beses, huwag mong pag bubuksan, dahil kung binuksan mo patay ka. noong may martial law nawala na ang isang katok. Noong martial law wala kang takot na maglakad sa kalsada kapag araw, ngayong wala ng martial law nakakatakot mag lalakad sa kalsada laluna kapag may relo kang maganda

      • Juan Tamadachij

        In my neck of the woods, a knock on the door at night right around 2200 hours meant a member of your family was going to be forcibly arrested by the military never more to be seen again. They were called the desaparecidos. The most notable among the desaparecidos was a bright young man who was full of potential. His name was Edjop. Do you remember his name??? If not, google him and read for your erudition..

  • antok_antik

    sa lahat nang nabasa ko dito…..lahat tama ang mga nag comment..bakit ba isang tao lang ang sinisi nila(MARCOS). at ang mga tunay na magulo ay sila(activist). Ang communista ay ang mga yan.lahat laban sa gobyerno.wala namang naitulong kung hindi puro salita at wala sa gawa.matagal nang panahon na nawala si marcos….ngunit ang tanong bakit parin tayong mga pinoy ay lubog pa rin sa kahirapan at mas maraming krimen pa rin ang nagaganap??? Ngayon si marcos pa rin ba ang may kagagawan nang mga ito?..hayyyy!! naku!!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Say No to China and Let’s Talk Peace. Everybody wants change for the better. But the problem is when we disengage ourselves from society, the chances of having change become much lower. But when we stay within the society, we slowly are able to achieve gains. Just look at the performance of Rep Teddy Casino. I think he contributed the most in the House of Representatives. BUT he probably concentrated so much in his job at Congress that he was not able to show much love for country when China was threatening us with war everyday. The other Bayan Muna representative was not helpful either because he seems more focused in staging anti-US protest at a time when most politicians were in silent mode and when the US was the only one who expressed support to Filipinos then.

  • Jhune

    Satur Ocampo, Enrile are the culprit of martial law declaration. as Ocampo said he already on the  underground movement before September 21. You are welcome to the lower house Mr. Ocampo trough party list by not using the issue of Marcos. if you are good enough to our country you can win in election, but since the topple of  the so called dictator you never win.

  • berdengleon

    it has been a never ending struggle for these people, its really sad because after so many changes, nobody was good enough for them..their causes are now relegated to petty issues which really has no global/ universal relevance anymore..their ideology complements an ideal and perfect world, but you and i know so well that’s not gonna happen ain’t it mr. ocampo?

  • m1600

    kaya ayaw ng umuwi ni sison sa pinas takot na dahil sa mga post dito na anti cpp/npa. lol 

  • zdrx

    1) they are so red with “righteous” anger…and views the world in black and white. if simpletons like that is to rule the world…disaster is not far behind. 
    2) they want to change the world…when they can not even change themselves for the better, than being run by remote by some murderous and insane “revolutionary” hiding and enjoying life in europe.
    3) they want to help the poor…when they don’t even have the capacity to feed themselves…and ended up fooling and exploiting the poor. they simply use the miseries of the poor, as an excuse to stay “relevant”…and continue their KOTONG business.
    4) they want to be belligerent, troublemakers and fighters…and the military obliged and beat them up. AND THEY CRY FOUL.
    5) they are a bunch of hypocrites and can see the mote on their opponent’s eyes…but they can’t see the dirt on their own faces.
    6) they accuse the government of any corruption imaginable…but it is they who are biggest extortionists in the countrysides bordering into banditry.
    7) if they ambush soldiers…it’s alright. if it is the soldiers who ambushed them…it is a violation of human rights.
    8) they cry for justice and human rights…but they are the worst violators. they simply kill people in pursuance of their “revolution”…or assassinate, on mere suspicion.
    9) they should be thankful…they’re allowed to live. in other countries, they could have been lined against the wall and shot in the head. 

    • cion

      Good point.

  • bentot

    tagal na nito ! di pa rin maka move on ! wala pa rin naman nagbago ! pareho lang sila na maraming pinatay ! wala kwenta puro kwento !

  • Noel

    Why should we believe a Communist like Satur?  What does he have to say and what is he doing  at China’s bullying?  Silence.  Marcos’ enemies also lied.  Satur and the political opponents lied when they blamed Marcos for the Plaza Miranda bombing which later turned out to be the works on Joma Sison and NPA.

    • Paglaya

      Nakailang beses na po silang nagrally ukol sa tsina, habang kayo hanggang internet lang ang pagtutol. hahaha!

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    Ano bang magandang nagawa ni Satur Ocampo at ang kanyang CPP-NDF-NPA comrades? WALA. Puro gulo, strikes, bombing at iba’t ibang sakit sa ulo ang ibinigay nila sa mga Filipino. Let’s get rid of this guy and his minions.  Stop believing in their non-sense ideologies.

    • Paglaya

      you can research it, kung ano ng batas at inihahaing batas ang isinusulong niya. For sure, nakinabang ka rin dun. :D At by the way, ano po ba ang may sense na ideolohiya para sa inyo? ang apihin habang buhay? :D oh, kung nonsense pala yun, kaya pala pati sa U.S ay lumalakas ang ganoong movement. :D Everheard of occupy movement? :D

      • cion

        @paglaya09: How can you say that the gov’t itself recruits for the NPA????  NPA in fact is  a communist faction whose only purpose to de-estabilize the gov’t. so they can  advance their communistci ideals -like China.

  • Kuya_Orot

    Of course, the desaperados were proof of human rights abuses during the dictatorship. But by Ka Satur’s own admission, the communist movement then was well funded then there is truth that they can buy and land armaments anywhere in the Philippines. Enrile’s fake assasination attempt did not really trigger the imposition of Martial Law. It was the bombing of LP’s Plaza Miranda bombing a month before the declaration that did it. Who were the real perpetrators of that hideous and terroristic act?? If Marcos lied so are the communists like Ocampo….

  • pfc_kulapu

    The Truth is, It was the CPP/NPA who benefited of martial law..
    They used martial law as there profitable propaganda.
    They able to recruit more people for that propaganda.

    What a hypocrisy for telling us that they hate martial law..

    • Paglaya

      Ironically, gobyerno mismo ang numero unong recruiter ng NPA gawa ng repressive policies nila. :D

    • white scorpion

      sayang at hindi natyenpuhan si ocampo.  NA-GAROTE na sana.

  • jhunko

    If not because of the Martial Law, were already part of the communist China a long time ago. Shut-up communist mind Ocampo!!!!!!!!

    • Paglaya

      HOW the heck na communist ang china pero may apple factory nor uniliver na private-owned? at alam mo ba kung ano ang definition ng communism? base sa komento mo, hindi. at Alam mo ba na si Marcos ang nagbukas ng relationship ng china at pilipinas? nah. basa basa rin. :D


    Whether MARTIAL LAW is a black propaganda made by Marcos, it is way better than what is happening in our country at the moment. HEINOUS CRIMES, DRUG TRAFFICKING, BLATANT CORRUPTION, just to name a few. Lee Kwan Yiew once said that the problem with Philippines is too much democracy, which is true. Where in the world can you see people peeing in the sidewalk, people building shanties near railroads, waterways, and even under the bridges. Every year we have hundreds and sometimes thousands of engineers graduating, how come we always end up with inferior infrastructure. People in the government are simply too proud that they are enriching themselves at the expense of the poor majority.


  • white scorpion

    if the objective of marcos in declaring martial laws where lies. i would have want it to stayed that way. it was a lie because dahil kayo ang panagtutungkulan. o ano hindi ba totoo kayo ang magiging sanhi ng paghihirap ng bayan natin. during those years, i was still young and does not totally understand things surrounding national issues. ngayon, i,m a bit loder na. i can really see what marcos sis talking about. say for instance:
    1) ilan business establishment na nagsara dahil sa kauugyok niyo sa labor uniion. may binigay ba kayong trabaho sa nawalan. BAKIT ayaw niyo subukan magnegosyo. pano hindi niyo kayang ibigay ang SINUSULSUL niyo sa labor union. 
    2) nagkakagulo lagi ang demolisyon ng squatter (na duon naka-base ang mga vises) dahil din sa kasusulsul niyo. may partylist na kayo di ba? o, bakit wala pa rin bahay ang mga kasapi niyo.
    tama lang na nagdeklara ng martial law si marcos. dahil kayo ang mga nagpapagulo sa MAAYOS na pamumuhay ng tao.

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