Palace OKs P1-B pistol deal, but sets new bidding for rifles


GLOCK 17, Generation 4 9mm pistol

The long and short of it is that the assault rifles that the Philippine National Police wanted to buy were overpriced and the pistols it sought to acquire were not, officials said Monday.

Deputy Director General Emelito Sarmiento, chief of the PNP bids and awards committee (BAC), said the plan to purchase assault rifles was aborted after the late Secretary Jesse Robredo ordered it stopped.

However, there’s no stopping the implementation of the P1-billion contract for the purchase of 60,000 Glock 17 (Generation 4) 9mm pistols awarded on Aug. 31 to Glock Asia Pacific Ltd. and its local partner, Trust Trade.

The notice of award appears to be in order, according to Malacañang, which reiterated President Aquino’s earlier directive to stop the bidding process for a separate contract for rifles.

“Remember, we don’t have problems with the pistols—the (ones manufactured and distributed by) Glock. There’s no problem with the bidding on the Glock. It was the bidding on the rifle that the President has some concerns,” the President’s spokesperson, Edwin Lacierda, said at a Palace briefing.

Online search

Lacierda said the President had discovered, when he checked online via Google search, that a rifle would cost half the price being offered by the remaining bidder.

Sarmiento said Robredo called the committee secretariat on June 25 and ordered the suspension of the bidding process for P408 million worth of M4 assault rifles.

“Of course, we followed (Robredo’s) order although it was already moot and academic by that time (for the first batch of rifles to be purchased),” Sarmiento said.

He explained that when Robredo gave the order, the committee had already considered R. Espinelli, the lone bidder for the first batch of 1,500 M4 assault rifles (worth P178 million).

The bidder was later disqualified for failing to submit the required documents. “The bidder was disqualified within that period … June 26 or June 27. The bidding process did not proceed because there was a failed bidding,” Sarmiento said.

“We then followed (Robredo’s) order for the second batch (of rifles),” he said.


Second batch

Sarmiento said the bidding for the second batch of 1,800 M4 rifles worth P230 million was also suspended because the committee had discovered that the rifles were available at a lower price.

“We suspended the invitation to bid. The second batch was referred back to the (PNP) Directorate for Logistics so that the price could be studied further,” he said.

“In short, no procurement materialized. We stopped this,” he said.

Incoming Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas is expected to begin a new round of bidding for the rifles.

Lacierda said the bidding for the rifles would not continue because the President stopped it. The President has ordered an investigation of the bidding for the rifles.

The bid price was P80,000 per rifle, but the President was surprised to discover that the price had actually gone down to P40,000 per rifle.

Lacierda said the original price of the rifle was P150,000 per piece, but this was later reduced to P119,000. When it was being considered by the Aquino administration, the price was further reduced to only P80,000, he said.

Gas piston rifles

Sarmiento explained that the rifles were priced at P80,000 each because the PNP had wanted to get more modern “gas piston” rifles.

“We wanted gas piston rifles. But now, we’re going back to gas (operated) rifles so that we can buy more units,” he said.

The President also complained that while he had ordered the bidding process stopped, “somehow, some portion reached the post-evaluation process.”

“This is because the bids were opened on May 30 while Secretary Robredo called our secretariat (only) on June 25,” Sarmiento said.

Puno’s role

The head of the BAC said Interior Undersecretary Rico Puno was not a member of the committee and “did not influence” it in its decisions.

“He would sit with us because he is the undersecretary for peace and order. He sits as our overseer, but we are very independent. He did not influence us,” Sarmiento said.

“I’m the chair of the committee and I have four other generals as members. We vote to reach our final decisions,” he added.

Sarmiento said he was not aware of Puno’s supposed attempt to exempt the arms deal from public bidding rules. “I am not aware of that but we did everything based on public bidding. There was no negotiated bidding,” he said.

“Negotiated bidding was done before, but we’ve learned our lesson,” he added.

Process, not person

The Palace, however, gave ambiguous statements on Puno’s liability in the arms deal.

“What we know is that what is being investigated now is the process itself—the BAC. What happened to that BAC? The DILG is investigating the BAC. I don’t know if there is any (investigation) of Usec Puno,” Lacierda said, invoking the oft-repeated line of the Palace that what was being investigated was the process itself, not necessarily the liability of persons involved.

“So the President asked the DILG, ‘What is the competence of the bids and awards (committee)?’ So he was looking into the process itself. He was investigating the process. But in the meantime, while investigating the process, he already told Secretary Jesse Robredo to stop that bidding and it was stopped,” Lacierda said.

But the official was also mum on reports that before Robredo’s death, he had already informed the President that Puno was under investigation for the overpriced rifles.

“I am not aware of any such statement or statement of Secretary Jesse Robredo to the President,” Lacierda said.

“What now appears is it’s as if he’s the focus of the investigation. But those investigations are all confidential. We don’t even know if he is the subject of an investigation,” he added.

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  • GMMTC11

    Even if Puno just set there in the bidding he could have called the attention of Secretary Robredo or the president. Really needs to be kicked out and roasted.

    • Jose


  • Lolo Mo

    Magkano ang lagay. Noon si Gloria, ngayon, mga galamay ni PNoy, member ng KKK ang mga bag-man. He he he. Chinese talaga!

    • Dionisio

      please ask cong peping baba

  • FreemindOnline

    Which is it?. The government can’t investigate the individual in questions or they just don’t want to investigate.

  • $25995786

    Puno should be out not for being guilty but people perception. Basa at Baho anng pangalan Puno, para si Corona siya. To quiet this case Pnoy remove Puno do nto be hard headed,you are doing good but Puno will ruin you.

    • Jose

      Kaanoano ba ito ng mga Puno ng panahon ni Erap at Gloria?  Mukhang ang mga Puno ay tumutubo kahit saan, sana ganoon din yung mga puno na tinatanim ng DENR.

  • Gil del Rosario

    It’s called a ” Cover Up ” by the President. .. however, the pistol gun deal for the PNP was not bad at all, the prices were low and our law enforcement forces will be boosted by its provision.
    Sect.Robredo just did not have the time to really reform the DILG and the PNP.

    • Flavio

       cover up ?? bakit hindi mo ilabas ang ebidensya m kung mayroon ka. WALA !  BUTA ! mahilig kayo sa tsismis…

  • sigena

    yayaman sa commission mga kkk nito. new breed

    • Dionisio

      itong si usec rico puno eh parang si Jose Pepito Mercado ng white palins nuong si cory ang presidente, ang pagkakaiba lang nila eh si Jose Pepito Mercado eh bata ni Cong Peping na experto sa kanyang larangan at si Puno eh kita naman natin sa pigura palang kung ano ito???

  • joerizal

    Malacanang should just tell the truth.

    • Flavio

       what truth ? the one that you want to hear . hoi supot , sa komiks ka magbasa kung gusto mo ng tsismis…

      • carol

        you are just trying to ignore this corruption, kasi sobra ang paghanga mo kay PNoy, na magaling lang magsalita, pero bisto na siya, bakit ngayon lang aalisin si Puno, alam na niya ang report ni Robredo.

      • boyod

        hindi nagisip itong kumag na FLAVIO sigujro kachupaan ito ni Puno at Pinoy. gi nawa lang niyang F para hindi halata na tatlong “P” sila, ParaPaPap

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        go yellow ribbons

      • BigNoToAquinos


      • joerizal

        Troll. Congratulations you just won the most stupid comment award!!!

  • Ben

    instead of getting more pistols, and be used to kill robbers always in the head 100% of the time. Why don`t they acquire taser or stun gun for crowd control, berserk person, hostage taking, pursuing robbers, etc….as a standard issue for policemen? this way, even if they are not using the three shots warning rule (2 shots in the air and one to the person)….they will be forced to use a stun gun once, and effective in immobilizing any where in the body without killing the person being apprehended….

    • RyanE

      Lawless elements nowadays are using high-caliber automatic weapons. It would not be fair to pit the police against them without enough firepower.

      • Ben

        and where do you think they got those high calber weapons? From the armory of the police or military too or smuggled. Okay, at least they should also buy weapons of less destructive in nature such as taser guns in situations I mentioned above since after all, all encounter should not be leading to the death of those encountered, most policemen are trigger happy almost always killing “lawless elements” (denying their rights to defend themselves if ever they really were lawless elelments) instantly through gunshots on their head or heart rather than maiming them first….the policy is now becoming heart or head first and then two warning shots in the air after….

  • TagaMlang

    In order for the AFP & PNP to get the best price, send invitation directly to gun manufacturers to join the bidding.

    The reason AFP & PNP were not doing that, was because if they did that, they won’t be able to bloat the price to get commissions.

    No legitimate gun manufacturers in the world would ever participate in the bidding shenanigans.

  • RyanE

    USec Puno is a known big-time dealer of guns and ammo before he was appointed by PNoy to DILG. It’s not rocket science to determine his involvement in all these mess. 

    • scorpio22

      Unless Puno has imported a container load of guns before he is not a “big time gun dealer”.

      Show me proof of this then I will believe you.

  • spearheads

    While PNoy again haphazardly approved the midnight deal of Puno as regards the 1 billion porchase of Glock machine pistols from Trust Trade/Glock Asia-Pacific, what will happen if the US and Austrian governments’ investigations as to the alleged gun smuggling of said firearms are found to be positive? Will PNoy just sweep it under the rugs?

    PDI should run this story because the details of this new smoking issue might be one of those :confidential documents in Robredo’s possession. Transparent daw yong deal ng 1 billion Glock machine pistols sabi ni Bartolome kaya minadali ni Puno ang pagaward sa Glock kahit wala na siyang puder noong August 31, 2012 dahil si Mar Roxas na ang DILG Chief. Pero itinatago nila na colorum pala yang kausap nilang bidder na Trust Trade at Glock Asia-Pacific. Here are the details:

    Trust Trade entered into a joint venture with Glock Asia-Pacific but submitted the track record of another Glock subsidiary, Glock-Austria, to comply with bid requirements. Glock Austria has it’s plant in the U.S.A. but it’s products are considered Austrian made. In sum, there is no purchase order and authorization to import co-signed by Glock Austria that is why the US and Austrian government are now investigating this Philippine arms deal for possible smuggling because 28,000 units of Glock machine pistols have already arrived in the Philippines on September 4, 2012. 

    The Glock-Austria, through Trust Trade, had stopped exporting weapons to the Philippines after the Austrian government found that Trust Trade was involved in “large scale and wholesale diversion of pistols nominally intended for the police forces in the Philippines.”“The Austrian government said Trust Trade has routinely falsified police certificates as the basis for importing large numbers of Glock handguns, which it then diverts to the private market. It said the certificates appear authentic as these were obtained via collusion from police officials, but in the end, the PNP would simply say they did not want the Glock and these would then be sold to the black market with Trust Trade simply removing the serial numbers assigned to the PNP,” Palmones said.

    Sirang sira ang imahe ng Pilipinas sa international community tapos dadagdagan pa sa ganitong klaseng transaction na pinangungunahan ni Puno at Bartolome. Imagine we have a situation that the Philippine government is legalizing and authorizing gun smuggling, what kind of president do we have?

    • BigNoToAquinos

       If what you are saying is true, this is very disturbing, I hope all these details will be uncovered in a senate investogation. Are you able to provide a web link to the source of this information?

  • Night







  • scorpio22

    GMA also canceled the NBN-ZTE contract because of irregularities but is now being prosecuted for it. Could we see the same thing happening here (someone being prosecuted) or is it just wishful thinking?

    And here is an amazing thing; Aquino is aware that Robredo is investigating Puno, but who does Aquino send to recover documents from Robredo’s office? None other than Puno himself! The one being investigated. Does this make any sense? Why not send the Depatment of Justice who is probably the most appropriate agency to do this? Is it because De Lima already tried to go after
    Puno for the Luneta hostage fiasco and Aquino is aware of this?

    This is another example of Aquino’s “Tuwid na Daan”.

    • Dionisio

      ang taas kasi ng grado ng salamin ni pnoy kaya ang tingin sa baluktot  eh TUWID  pa rin PAG KKK ang gumawa nito

  • kawawangpinas

    Karamba! Lumalabas na mga pinakatatagong kabulukan ng gobyernong ito. I don’t think Carandang and his hundreds of MacPro blogging zombies can sway public opinion this time.

    • spearheads

      Lielow si Carandang sa isyung ito. Carandang belongs to Mar’s Balay Group, I suppose. Mabibilang lang ngayon ang mga yellow posters at diehards ang mga yan kay PNoy at sa Samar Group ni Ochoa. Tingnan mo si Mar Roxas, after being so enthusiastic in his interview when he was appointed as DILG Secretary and proclaim that Puno is out because his appointment is coterminous with Robredo, ngayon super tahimik si Mar at parang basang sisiw na nakayupyop sa kanto. Paano ba naman mukhang dating gawi pa rin at wala pa ring kapangyarihan ang DILG Secretarty dahil ipapalit yong partner sa negosyo ni Puno na si Gen. Bartolome. Kalalabasan niyan Bartolina ang aabutin ni Mar kay Bartolome. Ang laki siguro na sisi ni Mar ngayon kaya super tahimik. He deserved it anyway, pareho lang sila ni PNoy na sukab.

  • Jon

    We don’t even know if he is the subject of an investigation,” he added.

    Taga Palasyo kayo pero di niyo alam?
    It’s either puro kayo mga tanga diyan o nagtatang-tangahan lang kayo para pagtakpan si Puno.
    In the interest ot tranparency and accountability, ano ang alam ninyo para mabigyan ng linaw ang taongbayan tungkol sa mga anomalya ni Puno?
    O di ba kasali ang mga KKK sa pautot niyong transparency and accountability?

    • Dionisio

      bakit ba ang mga puno except for ex chief justice eh punong puno ng controbersya at maraming kinasasangkutang anomalya. aba eh hindi na nadala ang gobyerno sa pag empleyo sa mga puno na ito. meron pa puno na naging PUNO’t DULO ng dayaan sa eleksyon (kuno) pero wala lang OK din umalis sa gobyerno at tuloy ang ligaya ng mga BUWAYA.

  • kilabot

    hone$t¥  i$ the be$t po£ic¥   —  noykapon admin

  • boypalaban

    baril….sana magbarilan at mag-ubusan na ang mga pulitiko at mga opisyal ng gobyerno para may bagong breed na ng mga leaders…

  • 189COWARDS


    “The Austrian government said Trust Trade has routinely falsified police certificates as the basis for importing large numbers of Glock handguns, which it then diverts to the private market. It said the certificates appear authentic as these were obtained via collusion from police officials, but in the end, the PNP would simply say they did not want the Glock and these would then be sold to the black market with Trust Trade simply removing the serial numbers assigned to the PNP,” Palmones said.“We noted that the general representative of Glock in the Philippines, the company Trust Trade-Manila, falsified thousands of police IDs [obtained via collusion from police officials] and sold the pistols in the black market,” Palmones said, quoting the intelligence report.“Due to this fact and an extremely negative report of the Austrian Embassy, Manila on the corruption situation in the Philippines, Austria completely stopped weapon shipments to the country and in particular to Trust Trade,” the Austrian government said.“The Government of Austria now considers all export transactions to Trust Trade to be bogus,” Palmones quoted the exchange of cables and intelligence reports.Peter Go Cheng of Kolonwel Trading, a losing bidder, said he objected to Trust Trade’s entry into the bidding but said he was ignored.The Glock-Austria was neither a bidder nor a partner in the joint venture of Trust Trade and Glock-Asia Pacific, Cheng said.

  • 189COWARDS


    Citing intelligence reports, Palmones said the Glocks are assembled in the US but the Austrian government has a standing condition that the pistols are only for domestic use in the United States, and that Glock-USA is barred from re-exporting them to other countries, including the Philippines.Palmones said Puno and Bartolome were made aware of the standing ban of the US and Austria to export Glocks to the Philippines but the two officials still went ahead with the deal with Trust Trade.“Had Puno and Bartolome done their due diligence, they would have found out that Trust Trade had been involved in anomalous transactions in the past in collusion with PNP officials,’’ Palmones said. With Macon Ramos-Araneta and Maricel Cruz

  • TuwadNaDaan

    Something fishy here……!!!!

    • Jose

      Indeed! Overhauling of the rotten system should continue.

  • Cal_Reznick

    Part of the Presidents job is being able to properly delegate. But even after delegating the President should still be aware of what’s happening within all parts of the government and his Administration. The President looks like he doesn’t even know what the BAC is and probably had no idea there was such thing as a DILG.

    There’s something fishy here indeed and its a mess.

    It would be funny to see if the current Administration tries to somehow put the blame on the former President. It wouldn’t be a surprise though.

    • Jose

      Have you read the article?  The article says the President stop it after checking the cost on-line and he delegated the job of getting it straightened to Sec Robredo.  Looks like your mental faculty is in a mess.

      Yes, this overpricing thing can be traced back to the former administration/president.  She spoiled every branch of government that they all smell of rotten fish when this new administration took over.  Come to think of it wasn’t all projects of the previous administration overpriced with all kinds of tongpats?  The problem became systemic and the suppliers knew what the system requires, ergo tongpats are built-in on their costings that’s why they would – as this particular case shows – price a 40K rifle 150K.  Good thing the new dispensation is not on the take and they reduced it to 80K which is still high and was scrapped.  Time to review previous purchases and learn the lessons to be learned, nay, teach the lesson to perpetrators however painful it may be.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Well if i wasn’t going to be surprised of the Administration trying to put the blame on the former President, then i’m certainly not surprised that an individual swayed by propaganda, like yourself, would try to unnecessarily blame her as well.

        So you are telling me that the President did his expert Presidential research by googling the cost? Irregardless, maybe your mental faculty is a mess or more specifically your reading comprehension is a mess. There is nothing in this article that states the President after his thorough research ordered and delegated to the late Sec. Its more like the late Sec. did all the research, made a decision to stop, and now the President is trying jump on board and take credit for it.

        Please read between the lines and know the actual truth. Don’t fall prey to clever journalism and black propaganda or else you might be fooled into the thinking that the Philippines is awesome just because the President jailed the former President for a few months.

      • Peter L

        Cal_Reznik, just a slight correction…Please write “regardless” or “irrespective.” There is no such word as irregardless. Keep posting. Cheers.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Will double check that. But your comment is noted. Cheers right back!

      • Jose

        Hak hak hak! Anong propaganda?  Bago pa man lumabas na kandidato si PNoy eh asar na ako sa kapal ng mukha ng mga Arroyo at crony nila dahil sa kahit anong anomalya lumabas dawit pangalan nila.  Ang pinarurusahan ay yung mga whistle blower, remember Atty Ong, Acsa Ramirez and then Jun Lozada? Ikaw kaylan ka ba pinanganak? O ikaw yung anak na smuggler ng kabayo?

        Read between the lines? He he he tindi ng amats mo tsong! pati wala kaya mong basahin.

      • Cal_Reznick

        The propaganda that i speak of is the same propaganda that has clearly tricked you into thinking that what you believe is true.

        Fyi, Jun Lozada is no whistle-blower. He’s just an actor who is corrupt and can’t be trusted. He’s a known liar. He even has several cases pending right now. So if you believe that he is some upstanding witness or some light amongst the darkness then you are very mistaken and like i’ve said have been clearly tricked into thinking that what you believe is true.

      • Jose

        Hak hak hak!  Yun na nga eh, sobrang sama, pati kakampi tinatalo.  Di ba si Jun Lozada muntik nang i-“byahe” kung hindi nasundan ng mga reporters?  Say mo tsong?  Di propaganda yan, all over the place yang news na yan.  Si Acsa Ramirez kaya na i-prinesent na siyang suspect at kinasuhan ng magsumbong? 

        Tindi pa rin ng amats mo tsong sa kasisinghot ng mga pautot ng lumang administrasyon, parehab ka na kaya?

      • Cal_Reznick

        Are you insinuating that Lozado was somehow working for the former President??

        Your information seems to be all screwed-up.

        The allegations are just that, mere allegations. No proof. Nothing concrete.

        If you want to believe in fantastical stories from questionable characters then go right away.

        I however don’t have time to discuss regarding fairy tales and myths.

        The court documents are all there online or something…maybe go ahead research facts.

        Good luck with your theories and notions.

      • Jose

        Hak hak hak! Asar talo ba? Ganyan talaga technique noon nina GMA, anlakas nga ng loob na magsipag sabing “O di mag demanda kayo” pero lahat ng taong gobyerno (tuta?) bawal tumestigo o baka naman nakalimutan mo nang may EO pang inilabas at inapprove ng Corona SC? Si Neri na corrupt din ini assign sa SSS at doon binusog – magkano na nga ba iniyaman sa loob ng 3 taon doon?  Theories? Nahhh. Fantastic? No, more than that and it’s true.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Hak hak hak! No.

        Hah hak hak! Yes theories.

        Hak hak hak! Yes these allegations ar fantastical.

        Hak hak hak! Hopefully by speaking your language your able to understand now.

      • Jose

        Now you are serious, hak hak hak! But no rebuttal of facts. Guess who’s on propaganda.

      • Cal_Reznick

        You are!

  • regd

    Let me get this straight, these people (including the President) own guns and basically knows the market prices of guns, rifles and ammos and it’s only now they noticed it’s overpriced?

    • Jose

      It is only now that they are buying…

      • Dionisio

        YES it is only now that they are buying coz previously THEY ARE SELLING he he he …………!!!!!!!

  • marciano3rd

    Why can’t they buy directly from the manufacturers? Why pass thru a middleman? Can the police not import these duty free, to lower the costs? The anomalies have always happened because purchases are made thru these middlemen!

    • brentcom

      tama ka. alam nyo ba kung sino madalas na middle man nila? yung kabit nila. basta related sa kabit. si kabit naman bukangkang kahit nakatali na. ganyan ang labanan. 

  • lex

    yan ang tuwid na daan ! kaunting liko lang sa middleman! what do you expect of the abnoy government?

    • rem1911

      Nagbabasa ka ba ng article? di ba mismong si PNOY and nagpa-investigate

  • Fred

    To cut a long story short, all members of the Bids and Awards Committee of the PNB
    should be relieved, put in a floating status, until the investigation is finished. Pero
    mukhang sabit lahat sila.  Puro pa naman generals ang ranggo.
    Gen Bartolome, ano ba ang masasabi mo sa mga bata mo?

    • Dionisio

      they are the GENERAL PROBLEMS of the institution, and I presume that all of them are alumni of the |PHILIPPINE MILLIONAIRES ACADEMY (PMA) so there’s nothing new. GOD please save the Philippines.

  • agustin

    U.S & Austria is now investigating the gun shipment which arrived in Manila last Sept. 4, 2012. please read the manila standard.


    Wow!  The Mediocre president took it upon himself to “Google” the gun price, inspite of his “hectic” schedule.  It’s the staff’s job.
    Now, it goes to show that Noynoy would do his research in “Google” and “Youtube”….where one can get unverified info.


    Now, Inquirer starts exercising censorship on my post…it must have affected the emotion of the touchy president. 

  • Albert Einstien

    ILLEGAL SALE…..yet palace approved it…governance of hypocrisy…False Prophet of change..
    that is PLUNDER…..if gma ,marcos or erap committed it they are now in prison without benefit of strong evidence against them…

    “The Austrian government said Trust Trade has routinely falsified police certificates as the basis for importing large numbers of Glock handguns, which it then diverts to the private market. It said the certificates appear authentic as these were obtained via collusion from police officials, but in the end, the PNP would simply say they did not want the Glock and these would then be sold to the black market with Trust Trade simply removing the serial numbers assigned to the PNP,” Palmones said.

    so sad.. : < (

    • Dionisio

      diyan magaling ang pinoy lalo na ung mga nasa puesto at kasangga ng mga nasa itaas at the expense of people’s money.

  • mekeni62

    new bidding pa pala eh bakit may nakarating ng 28,000 units  na shipment? ano yun sample? he he he.

  • JJF724


    • BigNoToAquinos

       Crabs na pala tawag ngayon sa mga kontra yellow zombie. Filipino/Australian ka ba? Di may CCT ka na, meron pang Centrelink. Hahaha.

    • carol

      Just because pinuna ang maling ginagawa ni pnoy, crabs na? ano ang dapat, tumahimik kami or purihin ng purihin maski mali? ganyan ba ang mga pinoy sa australia, dapat tumahimik maski minamata na kayo ng mga puti ha?

  • Harry

    The entire Metro-Manila has 17,000 policemen. With 60,000 Glock pistols, the entire country’s policemen will have brand new pistols.

  • Joey

    With the huge amount of money spent on importation, we can way develop our very own Danao gun industry!!!  

  • wawa2172

    Whose responsible to the rifle and gun fiasco, the BAC and not Puno whose just an observer according to Lacierda. The Palace is not investigating the people involved but the process of bidding according to Lacierda again. Sorry, Lacierda I am not a graft buster and  I am not an expert of anti-corruption but the people doing the processing knows the strict requirements of bidding policies at tao na rin ang nag papalusot sa process. Puno cannot be just an ordinary observer of the multi million rifles and guns procurement, he is the one handling the PNP affairs as far as DILG is concern. He is the boss and has the capacity to review and disapproved proposal and bids. His family vacation to Israel is a fact that is difficult to deny of his involvement in the deal. Coincident lang? Old tricks, para nagamit na ni Naguiat sa family trip sa Macau yan courtesy of a japanese investor of a casino project in the country. Kung mga tao ni The Pandak ang gumawa nito..tiyak senate at house invistigation na may hold departure order pa. Well…its weder-weder in politics at iba talaga ang KKK ngayon.

  • katabay1106

    The purchase of Glock pistols is already tainted with allegation of corruption. The lowest bidder was disqualified for failure to submit documentary requierement. We know that it is common practice to have a sham bidding where suddenly the winning bidder will be disqualified for failure to submit documentary requierement like advance payment of tongpats and the next bidder will be declared the winner. We are not born yesterday. Let Sec. Roxas have the final say since he is now the Secretary of the DILG. 

  • Albert Einstien

    NOT so FAST..scammers & plunderers…FALSE PROPHET of Change….HUWAD na DAAN!
    if the OBJECT is ILLEGAL ( smuggled ) the CONTRACT is ILLEGAL…
    Palmones said Puno and Bartolome violated their
    own rules when they allowed Glock Asia Pacific Ltd. to submit the papers of a
    sister company to get around the requirement that it be able to show a track
    Glock Asia Pacific, Trust Trade’s partner, was
    registed in Hong Kong with an authorized capital of only HK$10,000, Palmones

    “Despite the glaring
    failure of the Trust Trade and Glock to submit a contract of its own as proof
    of its track record, the BAC chose to ignore the same and impliedly post-qualified
    it for purposes of conducting the required tests on the firearms it offered,”
    the bidders said in their letter of complaint

    Palmones said the Glock caliber 9mm pistols arrived in the Manila South
    Harbor on Sept. 4, only four days after the notice of award was released to
    Trust Trade and Glock Asia Pacific Ltd

    “This is highly anomalous because the shipment can only be released from
    its point of origin if the bidder had an import permit to show from the
    contracting government-country,” Palmones said
    CUSTOMS BIAZON said there is no such recorded SHIPMENT…SMUGGLED then NO TAXES PAID to country of origin & country of destination?  there is the meat of it..the TAXES must be the KICKBACK?
    REMEMBER 2thousand MISSING CONTAINERS,MEAT, ONION & RICE SMUGGLING? Pnoy government must be the HAVEN & FAVORITE of SMUGGLERS and who is APPROVING all of these?
    If these GUNS are smuggled they  should be SEQUESTERED… why pay 1 billion, WHY the RUSH of PALACE approving it?
    they should file charges of tax evasion against these smugglers…and PLUNDER case to CONSPIRATORS.

    Commenting on the notice of award, Palmones said: “Granting that everything is in order, what was the rush to award the P1-billion contract when Secretary Roxas has yet to settle down. What’s the rush?” NAGLAGAYAN na ba bakit FAST BREAK pa kahit BOUNG BANSA ang SUMASALUNGAT dito?

    is PNOY the OMNIPOTENT involved? are there DUMMIES? Who is the DEMI-GOD smuggler?

  • Dionisio

    SUS GINOO IPAPAHAMAK BA NILA ANG IMMIDIATE BOSS NILA????? saka ung R. Espenelli di ba suspendido dahil duon sa mga pinautang na sidearms sa mga bagong pasok na NAGTTRAINING  pa lang para maging pulis sa southern part of PH

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