‘It’s a blessing PH spared’—scientists

7.6 quake ‘equivalent to 32 Hiroshima atomic bombs’



The earthquake that struck off the east coast of the Philippines on Friday night packed energy “equivalent to 32 Hiroshima atomic bombs,” but a combination of factors spared the Filipinos destruction from a catastrophe, scientists said on Saturday.

Director Renato Solidum of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said the 7.6-magnitude quake would have been more strongly felt had its epicenter been on land or if there was more vertical displacement of ocean water, triggering a destructive tsunami, as what happened in the Moro Gulf quake that killed thousands of people in southern Mindanao and Sulu in 1976.

Asked if he considered it a miracle, Solidum replied: “It’s always a blessing when damage from an earthquake is minimal. I believe in God … but there are scientific explanations for what happened.”

“We were lucky,” said University of the Philippines (UP) geologist Alfredo Mahar Lagmay. He said the Philippines was fortunate that the earthquake did not meet the conditions of a larger-scale disaster: power, proximity and the kind of structures in the affected places.

The 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck 106 kilometers east of Guiuan town, Eastern Samar, at a depth of 34.9 km, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said. The Phivolcs placed the epicenter a bit farther at 112 km east of Guiuan, in the Philippine Trench.

The Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii raised a Pacific-wide tsunami alert, but canceled the warning shortly after the temblor generated only small waves.

The temblor killed one person in Cagayan de Oro City, knocked out power in several towns, and spurred panic about a tsunami that ended up generating only tiny waves.

Only minor damage

Executive Director Benito Ramos of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) identified the dead as Emelita Ubalde of Barangay Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City, whose house was buried in a landslide when the quake, felt at intensity 3 in the city, struck at 8:47 p.m. on Friday.

Thousands of villagers who fled their coastal homes after Friday night’s quake returned home on Saturday, but hundreds more still jittery from the temblor remained in evacuation centers, disaster officials said.

Ramos said the quake generated no large tsunamis and caused only minor damage, including cracks on buildings and several bridges.

Certainly strong

The temblor was certainly strong enough, Solidum told the Inquirer. He said “a magnitude 7 quake has energy equivalent to 32 Hiroshima atomic bombs, while magnitude 8 would be equivalent to 1,024 Hiroshima atomic bombs.”

Magnitude is a measure of the energy released at the source of an earthquake. It is different from intensity, which gauges the strength of tremors in specific places, and is determined according to its effects on people, structures and the environment, according to the USGS.

“Typically, a large-magnitude earthquake should generate a large-scale tsunami,” Solidum said. “That was also the prediction of the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. So when [it did not happen], we did a review and analyzed the earthquake, we found that there was also a horizontal movement, so the tsunami it generated was not that much,” he said.

Varying intensities

On Friday, the Phivolcs reported earthquake intensities ranging from 5 to 7 mostly in coastal areas facing the Pacific Ocean. Intensity 7 was registered in the towns of Guiuan, Oras, Sulat, Gen. MacArthur and Llorente, and Borongan City, in Eastern Samar; and Tacloban City in Leyte.

According to the Phivolcs, people would feel an intensity 7 quake strongly, with considerable damage to poorly built structures, cracks on roads and dikes, heavy objects and furniture falling, and “most people are frightened and run outdoors.”

This could have been the scenario if Friday night’s earthquake had originated on land, Solidum said. Instead, “what happened was it hit off shore, 112 km east of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, so the shaking was not felt very much,” he said.

On the other hand, an undersea quake also entailed its own set of considerable dangers, especially that of a tsunami, Solidum said.

Immediate evacuation

Expecting a giant tsunami, Phivolcs urged immediate evacuation of residents in coastal towns in the Visayas for three hours after the earthquake struck, but lifted the warning at past midnight, about an hour after the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center canceled its own alert.

The quake generated tsunami waves of less than half a meter off Siargao Island, and 19-centimeter waves off Surigao, heights that Solidum said he considered “nonthreatening,” or, at most, only posed some danger to the beach.

From their seismic readings of the quake, which was tectonic in origin, Solidum said Phivolcs scientists could explain why.

“The motion of the quake was not fully vertical. There were some horizontal elements to the motion,” he said. “This means there was not much rising of the seabed, so the vertical displacement of the water was not significant,” Solidum said.

Solidum said the closest example of an earthquake approximating the characteristics of Friday’s temblor he could think of was the Moro Gulf earthquake of 1976. But that was much more destructive.

The 7.9-magnitude quake, of tectonic origin, struck  in August 1976, with the epicenter in the Celebes Sea near the islands of Mindanao and Sulu. The quake generated a powerful tsunami that killed more than 5,000 people.


Nearly unscathed

UP’s Lagmay said the Philippines escaped, nearly unscathed, from seven types of earthquake-wrought hazards: tsunami, ground shaking, liquefaction (of soil), ground rupture, ground subsidence (sinking), landslides and fires.

“But as you can see, even though we had intensity 6 to 7, which is already strong, there wasn’t much shaking of the ground because the epicenter was too far away,” Lagmay, also executive director of the government’s Project Noah (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards), told the Inquirer.

Lagmay said the heavily hit areas—in Samar, Leyte and Surigao—were not densely populated and did not have clusters of tall buildings and other structures, unlike urban centers. “If this happened in the Manila Trench, there would have been a much bigger effect,” he said.

Echoing Solidum’s explanation, he said a giant tsunami did not materialize because of the “sideways” movement of the quake. Thus, there was not enough displacement of water that could send walls of water crashing on the shores, as in the earthquake and tsunami  disasters in Japan in March 2011.

But Lagmay said the decision of the Phivolcs to issue a tsunami warning and advise the immediate evacuation of coastal residents in affected areas was justified, as there was no surefire way of predicting the impact of an earthquake.

“While the event is occurring, it is just right to issue a tsunami alert, because at that point, you still don’t know what’s going to be the [effects] of the earthquake,” he said.

“Just because we were lucky this time does not mean we should be complacent,” Lagmay said. The Philippines, one of the countries sitting on the Pacific Ring of Fire, remains a place where big earthquakes can strike at any time, he said.

Other big quakes

The last big quakes to hit the Philippines were the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mindoro in November 1994 and the 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Baguio in July 1990, the Phivolcs’ Solidum said.

In the meantime, Solidum said residents of the coastal villages affected by Friday night’s quake should prepare for aftershocks, which could be felt “for weeks, or even months after the earthquake.”

He said the strongest aftershocks, so far, were two that immediately followed the main seismic event, one 6.4 in magnitude and the other 6.8 in magnitude, at 9:14 p.m. and 9:27 p.m. on Friday, respectively.

As of Saturday morning, more than 150 aftershocks have been felt in the quake-affected places, most of them mild, Solidum said. “In general, most seismic events will be followed by smaller events,” he said, meaning weaker aftershocks. With reports from Philip C. Tubeza and AP

First posted 12:37 am | Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

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  • http://twitter.com/iuragan iuragan

    Ganito na ba ang lebel ng kabobohan ng mga reporter ng Inquirer? Magtatanong sa mga volcanologist at geologist para malaman kung isang kaganapan isang himala o pagpapala? May editor pa ba ang pahayagang ito? Hindi ba p’wede ang headline na simpleng nagsasabi na nagkaroon ng malakas na lindol at halos walang pinsala? Kailangan ba talagang mag-editorialize at magpabango gamit ang paniniwala? 

    • Alajero

      …i know what you are talking about…balance reporting is gone down the stream…emotional insights replaces what is factual..

    • Bato’ng Bantilis

      Write your own news about the earthquake.

    • John_Galt_II

      Matagal ng ganyan ang mga yan! Puro mahilig sa himala at kababalaghan. Natutulog lang sa pansitan ang mga editor niyan! Sira tuktok din noong volcanologist, blessing daw.

      • Odin Matanguihan

        Leading question naman kasi yung nag-interview.

      • http://twitter.com/urbanguru urbanguru

        isa ka pa. hindi ko alam kung anong isyu mo sa mga volcanologist.  siguro napakarami mong alam kaya ka nakakapagsalita ng ganyan. 

        congrats!  ang galing mo!

    • jeproks2002

      Is it stupidity to wonder why an occurrence that, in all likelihood could have caused so much devastation never did?  Is it stupidity when “acts of god” are discussed with reference to a God? Our scientists and experts base their conclusions on many years of studies on past similar incidents.  Logic would have dictated that an earthquake of such magnitude would have caused so much loss of lives and properties.  But it didn’t. Now is it not understandable to ask why?  And when it cannot be explained, is it stupid to believe in a miracle?  
      Had this calamity caused thousands of deaths, millions more would be blogging about it and an outpour of comments from sympathies to finger pointing on who to blame for “unpreparedness” or “incompetence” would flood the cyberworld. But since “nothing happened”, we don’t even hear or read a word of thanks to the heavens?  But you could be an atheist and I respect that.  I just hope you also respect those who believe in a superior being or even lady luck.  Perhaps the article was meant to make people realize what an “act of god” really means.

      • john mark santos

        people just dont know how to appreciate life, siguro kung andon sya at naramdaman nya yun lindol at nag evacuate sila baka dasal na sya ng dasal at after nya malaman na safe na sila sa tsunami kahit papano siguro magpapasalamat sya at walang nangyaring masama

    • Dong Villatito

      Eto namang si iuragan ang daming sinabi, pag may nagyari namang tsunami.nakatunganga lang.Tama na sa pag gagaling-galingan!!! 

  • OneScorp

    praise God!

  • http://twitter.com/urbanguru urbanguru

    hindi ko maintindihan ang punto mo iuragan…

    siguro dahil bobo din ako katulad ng nagsulat at editor ng artikulong ito o sadyang wala ka lang sa lugar kaya ka inuuragan tulad ng pangalan mo.  

    hindi ko alam.  wala akong alam.  hindi ko maipaliwanag.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MVQTXYYHXZF5LNAQFNQ6CU6W6M P P

     Wag munang magsaya kailangan mag observe pa ng 2-3 days mula ng Friday
    31 Aug 2012. Ang nangyari sa Japan ng 11 Mar 2011 na Magnitude 9.0, me
    naunang Magnitude 7.2 yon ng 09 Mar 2011. Maraming aftershocks na nangyayari pa.

  • NYPinoy

    I prayed to Kukulkan that it was still August not December 2012.  He relented, so He did not caused too much damage.  Gods are very temperamental. 

  • Alajero

    …JUST nature’s  FAIR WARNING to the PHILIPPINES not to rely too much on luck and FOREIGN AID for disaster preparedness…
    …as evident from the recent FLOODS that are evidently man made…as there is no accompanying storm or typhoon….

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Alerto kayo dyan! Traydor ang tsunami at lindol.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VYXYGXRL3JOWI4SLBX6KA5AKTA angelito

    what happend wheres my posted comments..

  • $18209031

    Huwag ninyong ipadala ang BRP Del Pilar, dapat safe muna sa Sangley Pt. Yan ang pangbato natin sa mga Red Chinese Navy, parekoykoy. ANg suerte natin nito , kung nangyari ang malaking trahedya ,  naku another iyakan naman tayo sa telebisyon. Hindi pa tapos ang iyakan pagkatapos sa libing ni Robredo at Dolphy, ito naman ? Basta magdadasal sa Santo Papa  , okey na yan parekoykoy.

  • anu12345

    ” Asked if he considered it a miracle, Solidum replied: “It’s always a
    blessing when damage from an earthquake is minimal. I believe in God”

    This kind of statement is giving me goosebumps. What if damage is not minimal?

    “Director Renato Solidum of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and
    Seismology (Phivolcs) said the 7.6-magnitude quake would have been more
    strongly felt had its epicenter been on land”

    Do we need to take a course on seismology to figure that out?

    • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

      And what do you suggest?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G7ROPG2J6GSEKG6KUYD3D5K6AE enteng

      ” Asked if he considered it a miracle, Solidum replied: “It’s always a 
      blessing when damage from an earthquake is minimal. I believe in God” ”
      This kind of statement is giving me goosebumps. What if damage is not minimal?”
      Probably if the damage is otherwise, ergo he doesn’t believe in God. I am confused with the logic – kung walang nangyari maniwala ako sa Diyos, kung meron maniniwala pa ba ako?

  • Love God

    When righteous people lead a nation, it will be spared from disasters and calamities.

     (Word of God)

    • Jazzeroo

       If I get this right, you mean this nation is led by the ‘not-so’ righteous because disasters and calamities occur almost monthly with unparalleled regularity or——
      This nation is led by the righteous because it is spared from more disasters and calamities–than what is already happening as it is really beset with so many every year.

      I think that that is what they call ” a bet each way ”.

      • Love God

        We were spared from a big disaster. It could have been devastating due to the intensity of the tremor. 

        We are saved by the mercy of our Lord.

        I feel we have righteous government in place working for the welfare of the people. Never heard of any corruption scandal since it came to power. 

        We don’t see news headlines of corruption allegation now a days unlike in the past, it was a usual scene everyday.

        We don’t see people demonstrating / protesting on street now a days. We also don’t see protesters are water cannoned and beaten up or arrested.

        We see and feel freedom for real. We see economic progress of the country, if this trend continue, soon Philippines will be the tiger economy of Asia.

        Above all, God is watching over us especially our leaders. 

        To all our new admin people led by PNoy, I want to thank you all for your honesty and righteousness.

        God bless our nation!

  • ThudOthwacker

    I wished the epicentre is somewhere west. Like near or dead on centre on the giant Chinese oil rig and their garrisons on stilts.

  • p00rd0y

    Sheyt hapins….

  • Hey_Dudes

    Sayang kung ganun’?  Mitos was already preparing her text claiming the earthquake is again a signal from heaven calling for retribution against those pushing for the RH bill………sayang ano Mitos?

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    God’s hand or luck? Solidum thanked God. Lagmay though we’re lucky. I always believe in life nothing happens by chance but always for a reason which we cannot sometimes comprehend….

  • charlie_oscar

    Thank You America!   You were the first to notify the Philippines that this quake ocurred 10 miles of our coast!  Bless you!

  • jabungan2001

    This are one of the sign, its a call to every man kind. Don’t dare the power of God. Lets just always pray and avoid cursing to anyone. And be thankful to him. Instead of punishing us, he give us still a chance and warning.

  • kevinmcn

    God spared the Philippines so that the RH bill could be passed.

  • Guest

    Not imaginable if such earthquake had struck Metro Manila.

    • Uragon Draggon

       rely u canot imagen earthquake metro manela..erealy?lol..

  • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

    The intelligence of Mr. Solidum is remarkable.. Seen him being interviewed in TV one time.

  • ashleybulls

    “I believe in God … but there are scientific explanations for what happened.” – if only CBCP could listen and reflect on this words – Spirituality and Science.

  • Uragon Draggon

    eto nanaman comparison na walang coneksyon, ang lindol ay lindol..ang bomba ay bomba.

  • turin55555

    Can’t this paper’s reporter just mention simply as geologist instead of UP geologist? Why does this paper keep on mentioning the schools of professionals where they come from? Simply telling as medical doctor or physician, registered nurse, architect, engineer (or, mechanical engineer or civil engineer) or CPA would do. Unless, the school is involved in a research or use of their facilities then credit must be on the government agency’s official, director or spokesperson. Nawawala tuloy ang respeto sa mga puno ng mga ahensya o kaya yung pagiging professional na isang tao. Does this mean that the news reporter limited his resources to someone he personally knows and did not extract much of information from the Philvocs?

    • http://www.facebook.com/gabby.reyes.58 Gabby Reyes

      The reason why he’s being interviewed is because he has been helping people during times of disasters. He has been doing it for almost a decade and had learned a lot of lessons from it. It is one thing that one has knowledge and another to use it to help the Filipinos. 

      • ano ikaw

         Agree. Daming inggitero sa pinas, lalo na yang hindi naka=pasa sa UPCAT!

  • ano ikaw

    Is there a problem mentioning that he’s from UP?  UP is a more credible agency /or organization that produces professionals than any all other agencies combined in the Phils.

    Besides he is head of Project Noah a govt agency, which I believe is partly based in UP.

    • turin55555

      Lead agency in this matter is Philvocs. Extract more information from them.

      I have no question about the credibility of UP. Reporters from print, radio and TV media must concentrate on getting info from the professionals of the concerned agencies. These are professionals who earned their license (from PRC) so it is but natural and appropriate to listen on what they have to share to the public. Otherwise, they might as well surrender their professional license or, worse, Filipinos will get so fixated on the schools where the professionals studied and not from the professionals themselves.  It is also detrimental to the Filipino’s way of life and thinking if media keeps on repeating this type of reporting.

      • ano ikaw

        I think we all accept the fact that UP produces most of the professional geologists in the country. And my wild guess is that most of the scientists, if not all of them, are graduates from UP.

        It is not only Filipinos fixated on schools where the professionals studied, also the Westerners and Asians.

        Also I do not believe in PRC, it is not recognized abroad.

        As I said this guy is working in a govt agency that also liases with Philvocs. So I don’t see  the problem with getting another comment from another agency outside of Philvocs. If the reporter just quoted it from a registered geologist do you think we will even believe what he says? Credibility always  tied up from where you built it from. While I do understand the sentiment, we must also accept that, although some may disagree, earning ones education especially from a premier university is a privilege.

        Obviously you did not get your professional /undergrad degree from UP.

      • turin55555

         One thing that we may agree on is the PRC. However, contrary to your statement, the agency/commission is recognized abroad. Agencies from abroad though do not regard of it highly due to its shameful past (i.e. board exam questions leakage) and presence of shady characters in the commission.

      • fedup_pundit

        turin i agree. what people also are not aware of is that government institutions like phivolcs pagasa etc are also replete with graduates from reputable institutions such as u.p., u.s.t., la salle, etc., who have years of specialized professional experienced-backed expertise and post-graduate degrees to boot.  i am also bothered why Inquirer and the GMA network group likes interviewing this UP professor on anything under the sun. is he omnipresent? go ask a geologist not from the academe on what they think about this geologist.

      • ano ikaw

        I can feel some air of envy in your statements.

        Oh please set aside crab mentality.

      • fedup_pundit

        and i can feel your lack of any perspective in your statements. you should tell yourself to stop your own crab mentality.

      • http://www.facebook.com/gabby.reyes.58 Gabby Reyes

        You are right Ano Ikaw. Jealous fedup_pundit? there is really nothing wrong with the write-up. You will be interviewed when they want to. In the meantime, rest. 

      • fedup_pundit

        it’s pathetic how some people think getting interviewed by the media is such an awesome thing. a lot of people actually avoid it. read the posts and check how irrelevant your comment is. sheesh. and go bond with the resident bully here.

      • ano ikaw

        The reporters choose who they want to interview, not you.

      • fedup_pundit

        and may i add how ignorant your statement is, that this professor liases with phivolcs. he does not.

      • ano ikaw

        How did you know that he doesn’t?

        You must be an envious colleague who happens to be desperate to get a better air time?

        What a crab….

      • fedup_pundit

        what an ignorant bully you are.  a lot of people hate attention hungry jerks, and you are the biggest crab in this forum. jerk.

      • ano ikaw

         I am based overseas, so I know. Most of the so-called PRC passers have to take another set of exams to be able to practice their profession. PRC is not recognized in America, UK, Australia and most Asian and European countries.

        Lesson, it is what the University taught you to be able to succeed. But it is its credibility that can bring you opportunities to make a name for yourself.

      • turin55555

         PRC gives out the licenses for professionals so they could be recognized abroad. Even if we do not agree on the ways and policies of the graft-ridden and incompetent people in that commission Filipinos are left with no choice but to take the different licensure exams that they could offer.
        For one, an overseas-based Filipino can not take the “another set” of exams you  just mentioned if he could not produce a PRC license. The PRC card is a pre-requisite. You can not do away with it unless you are now a citizen of the country you plan to seek employment.

      • ano ikaw

         No. As I said I live and work abroad. So I know.

        You only need to show your university diploma to sit another set of exams.

      • turin55555

         Go tell that to all Filipino doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists and all who wish to seek employment abroad. Just recently, I had to seek PRC verification for a friend so he can continue working in Australia. Include too all my doctor-friends who work in Singapore, Middle East, Canada, Australia and US.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OFGR7SOMZW2WQQMFZ7ZJKMDCY rank

        parehas namang UP si sir solidum at si sir lagmay. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H225J62UZJRMG2PMZ6BB6UOYCI tipay

    there’s a white long haired lady in one of the town facing the pacific who then spared the island of samar more so in leyte (pacific front) from disasters in ages. believe it or not?? haha

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IA55DHO6F2UA4FN6MQMH5DOBJ4 fabian

       The provinces of Leyte and Samar are a God loving and fearing people and their faith in GOD saved them.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Spiritual or Science, as a Nation we should be Thankful to GOD that we were spared from another sure destruction. Imagine if the same Tsunami that hit Japan struck us at that darkness hour, each and one of us will surely be devastated as a Filipino. Huwag nating gawing katatawanan o daanin sa biro ang nangyayari sa ating Bayan, maraming ibang bansa ang nilindol at kumitil ng maraming buhay ngunit sa atin ay iisa lang. Ang paniniwala nating mga Pilipino sa Diyos ay siyang nagbibigay Himala sa nangyayari sa ating Bayan ngayon. Philippines will one day become a Great Nation. Mabuhay sa lahat ng Pilipinong naniniwala sa Diyos na Maykapal at sa Tuwid na Daan.

    • Martin

      Ah, what you seem to be saying is that a beardy man in the sky has pressed a few buttons and made the tsunami avoid 1 nation state ? But last week he must have been asleep or something (maybe what he was doing before the creation of the universe), during the floods and typhoons.
      Silly me, i always thought an earthquake was a shift in defined tectonic plates on the earth’s crust, not an event to be manipulated at will by a divine deity. Can I ask him to save a few million African babies too and rid Philippines of corruption ?

      Philippines may become a great nation one day, but it will be due to free thinking, educated people and NOT by the brainwashed.

      Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. If Mr Beardy of Heaven walked down the road now, i would be the first to shout “Halleleujah”, but Faith is the denial of observation, so that belief can be preserved

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CIXF7EZ3JDDBPMD5USSLS77EY badboy24

        to each his own… respect ones belief as we respect your paganism… 

      • Martin

        The “ism” in “paganism” is the clue,Badboy, you must learn to question WHAT you are being told, WHY you are being told that, WHO benefits, then you MAY come round to asking “is it all true”.

        Faith is the denial of observation, so that belief can be preserved.

        By the way, do you REALLY TRULY believe that Mr Beardy stopped a tsunami, nobody is that gullible, are they ????

      • http://twitter.com/jordiecruz Jordan Cruz

        God bless your soul!

      • execute

        Go to hell..kawawang nilalang..

      • maharlika27

        You cant get respect from the one who dont have God…We will pray for his soul and May God have Mercy on him..

      • KonsensyaNgBayan

        Well just because you are educated and living well today that makes you better than Us. Remember ME when things in your life gets rough and disarrayed and your health shattered, your wealth crumbled and when your family in pain. God’s foolishness is greater than man’s greatest knowledge and God’s weakness is powerful than the Strength of the strongest human. Give your best LAUGH now for it will be the last….and Hallelujah!…

      • NYPinoy

        While the tsunami did not come, Mr. Beardy still sent people scampering to the hills and screaming in terror.  He was squealing in delight.

  • http://twitter.com/isaganilla isaganilla gella

    pasalamat ayo sa tagapalikha una sa lahat na hindi tumama derekta sa kalupaan ang naturang lindol..Ang pagaaral ay pawang espikalasyon lang pagdating sa mga ganitong klaseng trahedya..kailan man walang nakakaalam ni sino man para sa akin sa maging kaganapan na maaring mangyayari sa alin panig man ng mundo”UP?????? HA.HA.HA”UNAHAN NG PALENGKE!!!shit……………………….tttttttttttttttt

  • Fulpol

    instead the bomb went to the safe house of criminals… and exploded…

  • Fulpol

    the Japanese aren’t so lucky to have the same blessing, the same miracle..

    • Martin

      or filipinos 2 weeks ago during the typhoon, what could have changed ?

  • Kowboy Santos

    with this logic, you can pretty much make anything up as a blessing…

    • maharlika27

      But japan earthquake had the horizotal movements..we knew what happened…God protect the land of Filipinos from great destruction..Floods are not actually intended for destruction but for cleansing of a nation..tsunami is true destruction purpose.

  • samarutan

    Thank you Lord!

    • Martin

      It said in the article why there was no tsunami – sideways tremors, depth and location, it was not due to a beardy man in the sky pressing buttons.

      There has NEVER been anything scientifically proved to be “religious” or “magical”, EVER EVER, there may be things not yet discovered by science, but they will be one day.

      Read more, question more, do not  accept tooth fairy stories, father xmas stories, read about science, there are a BILLION books to read, not only one written by very simple desert dwellers over 2 thousand years ago, yes, dirty your brain a little.

      Religious rituals are designed to wash your brain, nothing more

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OFGR7SOMZW2WQQMFZ7ZJKMDCY rank

        It is funny martin how you question such faith yet you believed in these scientists. Do you even know if their opinions are scientifically correct? Of course, you don’t. You need to trust them, in good FAITH, that what they are saying is correct. Same is true for ALL the scientific findings. Even Newton’s law were incorrect in more general universal problem PERO people accepted it as if it were perfect before theory of relativity was published. Alam mo yun, we people have so much faith in our system that we use it all the time. Kelangan lang siguro respect.

      • maharlika27

        yes that’s the BIG TRUE…if people in the world knows what were science mistakes and how many were  but they hide the truth…the scientist think they knew everything…but most the time they tell you theories, not facts…theories are product of their human logical imaginations…The science never invistigate or maybe they dont tell us that the earthquake in Japan has horizontal movements but still tsunami showed up.

      • maharlika27


      • execute

        magpakamatay kna at wla k nmang silbi haup ka.

  • rarq23

    I was watching tv when pag-asa and ndcc made the warnings for tsunami and they’re saying people to evacuate from coastal towns.  I wish they could mention the estimated time the big waves should make landfall based on the distance from the nearest shore but in around 10 mins that they are being interviewed they did not mention anything.  I also notice different tv stations are in a frenzy calling the ndcc chair, governors, congressmen, mayors wherein it is the time that these leaders are needed the most during evacuations.  You’ll hear phones ringing in the background while these tv stations are talking to them for a lot of nonsense questions.

  • Guest

    Nagkalat ang mga mapamanhiing panatikong bugok na isipan. Dahil sa kabaluktutang pangangatuwiran parati na lang sinasangkalan ang MayKapal, na kung talagang ‘blessing’, ay dapat hindi Niya na pinabayaang lumindol sa umpisa pa lamang.

    • http://twitter.com/isaganilla isaganilla gella

      bakit ang science ba lahat tama…..?putok ka sa buho….? i guest anak ka ng tipaklong” ipinanganak ka ng nanay mo”Blessing yan….”ikaw ang panatiko eh”

      • maharlika27

        The scientists tried to expalin anything just to ignore God’s Power…if it is true that there is horizontal movements that avoids the raising of water, it is still because God made that to happen…you cant take away the protection of God just because what they found as the reason of no tsunami? Give full credit to God the Creator of all things.

    • maria

      Guest use your brain.  We should be thankful to God.  Ang Pilipinas ay nasa ring of fire.  Wala tayong choice but to pray.  Pasalamat tayo at hindi tinamaan ang inland at walang major tsunami.  Nangyari ito sa Indonesia na nasa tubig din ang malakas na lindol.  Marami ang countries ang damay dito  including Thailand.  This is really miracle.  God is with us.  We should continue praying to avoid major tragedy.

    • maharlika27

      How you know that there is God and He protect us…Calamities like this will show His Protection to the nation who really believe in Him…Thanks God you belong to Filipino nation the nation of Faith..Do you think your father loves you if he dont discipline and protect you? If you father will tolerate your wrongdoings so I tell you he dont love you as his child…If it is your way as a father (if you are a father/mother), you are not guiding/teaching your children to live as better human in the future

    • Alupasi

      palagay ko isa kang Atheist, at sa iba pang nag-post dito na di naniniwala na may Divine intervention dito, iba ang Dios nyo, kung maniniwala kayo sa biblia dapat di ganyan ang asal nyo, para sa akin may kinalaman ng Dios sa himalang ito, nasa biblia kasi ito e, Job 9:5-6, kung may biblia kayo mga kaibigan, basahin nyo.

    • Guest

      Walang saysay ang makipagtalo sa mga hibang mula pa sa kamusmusan at talamak ang kabalastugang  bulag sa katotohanan. Ang mahigit 230,000 na kataong nasawi ng isang sulyap mula sa 14 na bansa noong Disyembre 26, 2004, ay wala sigurong matapat na  pananampalataya sa kanilang mapaghinanakit at mapaghiganting Panginoon. Kulang siguro sila sa pagdadasal kaya sila pinabayaang malunod ng Maykapal. Bata, babae, matanda, Muslim man, o Kristiyano. Puro makasalanang pinatikman ng kanilang Dakilang Makapangyarihan upang dapat takutin ang ibang nakaligtas ng trahediyang tsunami. Pagsisikapan sana lalo ng mga panatiko ang pagdarasal oras oras para hindi malilintikan sa susunod na masamang pangyayari. O kaya, minuto-minuto ang gawing pagdarasal para wala ng mangyaring kapahamakang dulot ng kalikasan. Siya nawa.

  • amelius23

    We believe the divine intervention of God the Father has again showed to us Filipinos how Poon Ama has shown HIS love for all of us, Filipinos,  by minimizing the destructive effect of the recent 7.6 magnitude earthquake with epicenter off  in Samar  and Leyte and other surrounding provinces in the Visayas and northern Mindanao. God the Father’s unseen hands,  in the same pattern of  minimizing the effect of typhoons that have crossed over the Phil. area of responsibility (PAR) for the last 2 months,  but not hitting or making landfalls on the path of typhoons. God the Father so loved our country and the Filipino people that HE make sure to divert the destructive effect of natural calamities that cannot be avoided but we as devout Filipinos,  our unfailing faith and prayers to HIM will avoid further disastrous effect on the remaining months of the year knowing that we have HIM above who is always guiding us, HE enjoin devotees of all faith to surrender to HIM our undying love and devotion to HIM.

    • maharlika27

      Thru Emma de Guzman the filipina visionary, the Blessed Virgin Mary told her that there will be no tsunami for Philippines because Her Holy Mantle is always protecting the Philippine islands from any tsunami…Philippines will always and never be hit by tsunami and that is Her Promise to all Filipinos because Her Beloved Son Jesus Christ loves so much the Filipinos regardless of belief…Filipinos show your gratitude to our God the Almighty Father in Heaven for His Love to all of us inspite of our sins.

  • fedup_pundit

    @rarq23: it was phivolcs that issued the tsunami warning, not pagasa, and the warning that early was precautionary since no hard data could be obtained until the tides hit the first tide gauges. also, people in susceptible coastal communities are taught to run to higher ground after feeling a strong earthquake, since there is not enough time for scientifically complete warning to be issued down to the lgu level (a tsunami can arrive in 5 minutes). but i agree about the nonsense about interviewing the governors etc. when they should be attending to response and evacuation. some of them were even saying they did not receive warning, and this shows how unaware some lgu officials are about how the warning protocol is supposed to work in the government infrastructure. it is ndrrmc, or ndcc, that should disseminate to the lgu the warning since they have the national infrastructure. the ndrrmc recieves all warning from the government agencies for dissemination and proper action.

  • Yxon

    A clock cannot will
    itself into existence, it must be created and caused into existence by
    something else. A clockmaker creates a clock and causes its existence, and yet
    the material of the clock and the clockmaker did not cause themselves to exist.
    Something else must have caused their existence. All things can attribute their
    existence to a first cause that began all causes and all things. We call this
    first cause God.

  • VicenteBoticol

    Wala sanang Tsunami ko si Senator Tito SOTTO  ay hindi na ngopya sa kanyang privileged speech. nag sinungaling pa…. Senator SOTTO ..para syo ang LINDOL na to.

  • jex somotzki

    matter cannot be created or destroyed, therefore the need for a “creator” is irrelevant.

    • maharlika27

      That is a theory of a man who cant solve the origin of everything.  Where is the fact? The fact is beyond the human comprehension. Only God knows…

  • dodong1


  • ano ikaw

    God is looking after the Philippines!

    • Martin

      There is probably no such thing as god ( note the probably – religious people are always 100% sure) , it is all about weather and natural explainable disasters. You should read more and not be so brainwashed, look at the actions of the people who are in charge of these churchesThe

      • andresa igbac

         o sya martin, explain mo na lang yan ke God pag patay ka na at nameet mo na sya.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AEOOQMZLLQMJ6NASFVDL7T36HQ Janet

    To God be the glory… He spared our country Philippines from a deadly tsunami.

    • Martin

      And 2 weeks ago during the typhoon? I think you misunderstand the concept of “cause and effect” and you are brainwashed by the rituals of churches

  • boybakal

    Blessing from Above. Thanks God Almighty.

    • Martin

      It is all about natural phenomena, there is no beardy man in the sky pressing buttons, next week there may be a devastating typhoon, don’t be brainwashed

      • maharlika27

        What is phenomena? Why the word exist? and who are behind creating this word phenomena?

      • andresa igbac


  • maharlika27

    “we did a review and analyzed the earthquake, we found that there was also a HORIZONTAL movement, so the tsunami it generated was not that much,” he said…this movement is always there when there is an earthquake…Japan tsunami last year had this movements also…horizontal will definitely creates big waves even without scienctist will explain it..we experience it every day in our homes…7.6 quake creates only tiny waves because of horizontal movements? how the science supports that theory…? For all scientists out there, submit your analysis to God dont make any excuses because you are scientist and not a servant of God…Be real and give full credit to God who knows everything…even great scientist said that the most human can use of his brain capacity is only 10%…that is why most scientists give us theories because they dont know and dont want to submit to the truth which is God.

  • maharlika27

    That is a theory of a man who cant solve the origin of everything.  Where is the fact? The fact is beyond the human comprehension. Only God knows…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VYXYGXRL3JOWI4SLBX6KA5AKTA angelito

    Hello Mr Moderator paki post naman yung Comments ko..Hacking yan ginagawa mo.Plus theft..and againts sa FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

  • Armi_DXB

    this is mother nature… and NATURE IS CRUEL that is why dinosaurs vanished on earth. kelangan nating isa-utak na ang pinas ay nasa ring of fire… anytime pwedeng maglindol ng malakas katulad ng nangyari sa Japan. lagi nating tandaan hindi pa ito ang huli, may darating at darating pa at hindi natin alam kung gaano ka destructive ito. there is no problem believing “god”, sure he is merciful but “he” can  be also merciless.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VKUHIQWXOCP3SDSNOAI3WUK5KQ Elieser

      God is always Merciful & Just my friend but He can punish.

  • MG

    We cannot be always lucky so we have to be prepared for the worst case. Are we ready. It will come.

  • ApoNiLolo

    “It’s a blessing PH spared’—scientists”

    I find this ironic!

  • virgoyap

    “It’s a blessing PH  spared” It’s a blessing from whom? No other than from God Himself. So let’s all give our thanks to God.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYXTXAZ2FRQ6YMK5SFNH2NS7AU dyan

     Call me a fool but the Gods of “Biringan City” saved the whole of Samar.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TIVN4C2Q5DOBDD7HJMNU7RZBD4 Eagle from Davao

    In Isaiah 24; God declares judgment and punishment to all who sinned against Him and violates His Laws.
     (Isa 24:1)  The LORD is going to turn the earth into a desolate wasteland. He will mar the face of the earth and scatter the people living on it.(Isa 24:2)  The same will happen to people and priests, male slaves and masters, female slaves and masters, buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, debtors and creditors.(Isa 24:3)  The earth will be completely laid waste and stripped because the LORD has spoken.(Isa 24:4)  The earth dries up and withers. The world wastes away and withers. The great leaders of the earth waste away.(Isa 24:5)  The earth is polluted by those who live on it because they’ve disobeyed the LORD’S teachings, violated his laws, and rejected the everlasting promise.(Isa 24:6)  That is why a curse devours the earth, and its people are punished for their guilt. That is why those who live on the earth are burned up, and only a few people are left.In the Book of Revelation (Rev 9:18)  These three plagues-the fire, smoke, and sulfur which came out of their mouths-killed one-third of humanity.(Rev 9:19)  The power of these horses is in their mouths and their tails. (Their tails have heads like snakes which they use to hurt people.)(Rev 9:20)  The people who survived these plagues still did not turn to me and change the way they were thinking and acting. If they had, they would have stopped worshiping demons and idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood, which cannot see, hear, or walk.(Rev 9:21)  They did not turn away from committing murder, practicing witchcraft, sinning sexually, or stealing.The greatest sin committed by filipinos ,is the worship of idols,worship of images of gods,changing God’s glory to image of man,worship of dead persons(maria,pedro,john,magdalene and others),the worship of money,worship and putting up things above God and disobeys all of His commands as written in the Bible. Killings,abortions,sexual immorality and sexual perversion and stealing,graft and corruption and others too many to mentioned.That big earthquake is just a reminder that all filipinos must repent and must stop sinning against God starting TODAY .

    • regd

      You’re presenting a vengeful & a cruel God who’ll punish even the innocent, hardly good news to me. And the gospel is supposed to mean good news? No wonder people simply do not care because the message is the same either way – destruction! So, why bother!

    • malek_abdul

      I commend your being expert of your Bible. Let me ask you…are you a pastor or a priest? You have the wrong venue… Go preach in your church or chapel!!

  • aristeosj

    we thank God for that blessing.our country has more than enough share of calamities already–foremost of them and the worst are our traditional politicians!!! 

  • wawa2172

    I was passing through McKinley on my way to The Fort last week and I told the taxi driver what do you think will happen to those skyscrapers if a strong earthquake or a big fire hits the place. Well, the driver could just joke sana huwag mabagsakan ang taxi niya tiyak dido siya. Well, despite the risk, we Filipinos, especially the real estate sector is to greedy to put the life of millions at risk. I’ve been to Rome several times and it has a building code that disallow construction of more than ten story buildings, condos or apartment for safety purposes. In case of fire and earthquake lot’s of lives could be save as compared to skyscrapers. I was at Lim Kit Kai movie theater about to watch the movie The Expendables when the strong quake hit. It started with an increasing rumble and followed by strong shakes that caused some of the movie goers to panic and rush outside the theater. I stayed put on my seat and analyzed that the quake would not just destroy the theater because I was able to see the strong foundations from the on going projects done at the mall. Well, umuga but it did not cause the building to collapsed. Thanks God. Well the quake is just a reminder to the Filipino people, its more of a warning. Mabait pa ang diyos sa atin but sana mag handa na rin tayo for the bigger na darating.

  • NYPinoy

    “Blessing” is a wrong word to use.  There is no need to use a word with very religious connotation.  Think of it, a whimsy God decided to shake Samar, sent its people scampering to the hills, children screamed in terror, and old people dragged through dark hillsides.  Think again of that God chuckling on the sight and decided not to send the killer tsunamis, liquifaction, etc.,, etc. And you called the chuckle part a blessing of a God?  A sadist God, perhaps.  

    • andresa igbac

       palampasin mo na yan, kelangan pa ba pagdebatihan yan? basta sa mga nasa affected areas, BLESSING yan, kahit ano pa sabihin mo sa kanila. kundi patay na silang lahat ngayon.

  • browndarwinian

    “once you assume a Creator and a Plan, it makes us objects in a cruel experiment…”
    – Hitch

    • blainz

      One of the “blessings” of the internet is seeing Filipinos familiar with the likes of Hitchens. How I wish to see more of these [and Dawkins and Dennett and Harris and Shermer and Myers etc.] rather than the endless, and apparently mindless, quoting of scripture infesting this and various other forums – not to mention facebook. It gives me hope that the culture of this country is turning more and more away from superstition and towards reason.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

    WE are a blessed nation…praise and thanks be to the Lord.

  • http://LendingWanted.com/ LendingWanted

    Though philippines have many people doing bad deeds, it is agreed, we are still as blessed as ever.

  • andresa igbac

    madami kasi ang nagdasal

  • Ted Windsor

    The Bad, Good and Ugly
    The Filipino Nature of seeing good things in the bad is quite commendable,
    “it was a bad earthquake, but good thing it happened way out in the open ocean”the ugly part is that the Philippines 
    cannot handle massive casualties or injuries
    no specialized equipment in rescuing people trapped inside collapsed buildings
    Imagine that magnitude hitting metro manila, makati city turned into rubbles’
    MRT, LRTs damaged beyond repair, Hospitals will be without power, the injured will be treated in open fields, the massive fires that will follow, most major roads will be blocked due to the toppled elevated LRTs railway, skyways.  Areas around Mall of asia might liquify… so responses from medical and fire services will be greatly impeded
    it would probably take months –  in a worse case scenario years to restore power back to 100% capacity

    Call it a blessing or luck or whatever superstitious mumbo jumbo you can think of..
     The Philippines was spared from disaster and so we must learn how to prepare for it in the future.

  • KpTUL

    “I believe in God … but there are scientific explanations for what happened.”
     What is it really you believe in ? Why try to mix Science and God and why try to confuse the people with your feelings ?

    • veritatis_splendor

      There’s no necessary contradiction between science and religion. Science observes and describes the general pattern of natural events. Religion explains their supernatural relevance and how they fit in with respect to man’s relationship with God. Since the two explanations are from different perspectives and both seek the truth in distinct aspects, they need not oppose one another.

  • amelius23

    Natural disaster like typhoons, tornado, tsunami. earthquake and other  weather deviants are indeed an act of God and what t is bound to happen can happen but the merciful hands of God can lessen the effect or impact of  an occurring natural disaster. Our country is  blessed because we have a merciful and loving God Almighty who always try to sidetrack the harmful effects of  weather and nature’s disturbance because of HIS continued concern to all of us inspite of us forgetting sometime to thank HIM for what HE is doing for us. The flooding that struct Metro Manila and surrounding provinces due to incessant raining spawned by the south west monsoon  last month was not an act of God but was rather  caused by man’s folly, i.e. in the provinces by the continuous proliferation of illegal logging and illegal mining operations  and in the suburb, the undisciplined disposal of non biodegradable wastes and the illegal construction of  temporary shelters along river banks, creeks and esteros  which are natural waterways of rainwater that are practically clogged up during continuous raining are the cause of  uncalled for flooding, with the slow action of govt. to prepare the people for the next disaster to happen but PNoy should really act now to redress this perennial problems  of our stakeholders in MM and surrounding low lying provinces. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CHASLFOABRFQ65B7ZMMCIYRTYY Steve Hicks

    Let us be thankful and grateful for the mercy of the God of Israel, the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. To God be the Glory.

  • vilmavee

    Mama Mary, thank you for interceding for us. Thank you for placing the Philippines under the mantle of your divine maternal protection. Mama Mary, the Filipinos love you.

  • SP One

    wow.. and those who struck by Earthquake are not blessed? Poor countries! (pun intended)

    harr harr harr..

  • Jianne Garcia

    To God be the glory!

  • http://LendingWanted.com/ LendingWanted

    Thanks GOD!, one and only God.
    and don’t forget that whatever happen in the future, The Philippines is always Late !” Filipino Time” eh. =)

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