It’s back to dignified silence in Sereno Supreme Court


Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The “Midas touch” may be gone, but it’s back to the Golden Days—of dignified silence, that is—in the Supreme Court.

That’s the edict handed down by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno Tuesday on her first day in office following her oath-taking on Saturday as successor of ousted Chief Justice Renato Corona.

At the start of her 18-year reign at Padre Faura, Sereno said that she preferred the return to the practice of justices speaking through their resolutions and decisions.

“If the Supreme Court is to return to its golden days, then the Chief Justice must respectfully decline all these well-meaning requests for interview,” Sereno said in her first statement to the media.

“Wisdom leads me to seek to return the Supreme Court to its days of dignified silence—when its justices were heard when read through their writings, and when the actions of the court were best seen in their collective resolutions,” she said.

“By God’s sovereignty alone, the leadership mantle has been given to me, and I accept it in all humility, knowing that without the Lord God anointing my leadership, success is not possible,” she said.

Under the Corona regime, spokesperson Midas Marquez read to reporters a synthesis of court decisions, before these were released. Often, the rulings were posted on the court’s website, long after newspapers had been put to bed and readers got accounts of the decisions as enunciated by Marquez the following day.

Not now, under the first Sereno edict.

Outside the court several dozen Sereno bashers massed, challenging her to side with the poor in such landmark issues as just compensation in the distribution to farmworkers of Hacienda Luisita, the controversial sugar plantation owned by the family of President Benigno Aquino, and the reopening of the case against his uncle, businessman Eduardo Cojuangco, on ownership of P60 billion worth of shares of stocks in San Miguel Corp. allegedly purchased with coconut levy funds.

Although decided with finality, these issues are likely to be revisited, according to the protesters comprising peasants and farmers. Their brief protest was a far cry from the “declaration of war” the fisherfolk group Pamalakaya had promised on Sunday.

Water under bridge

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda told reporters Tuesday that criticisms of Sereno’s appointment were now “irrelevant.”

“I think those attacks are really water under the bridge. The appointment has already been made. She has taken her oath and whether it’s coming from the judiciary or not, they have to deal with the new Chief Justice,” Lacierda said.

“The best gauge of the Chief Justice would be through the decisions … the Supreme Court decisions she has made, the principles that she stood for. Looking forward, we are going to see reforms being implemented in the judiciary,” he said. “Let’s give Chief Justice Sereno a chance to prove herself,” Lacierda said.

“Being here for a good 18 years, that would be sufficient time for any reform to take root,” he said.

“I think the critics would have a better way of channeling their frustration instead of criticizing anonymously Chief Justice Sereno,” Lacierda said, adding that the best thing they can do was help her implement badly needed reforms in the judiciary.


Court reorganization

The 52-year-old Sereno, who will serve as Chief Justice until the retirement age of 70, formally took over the high court Tuesday, meeting and talking with court officials and employees and attending her first en banc hearing with 13 other associate justices.

Sereno also reorganized the three high court divisions effective September 3.

She will chair the first division with Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro as working chair and Associate Justices Lucas Bersamin, Martin Villarama Jr. and Bienvenido Reyes as members.

Sereno designated Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as chairman of the second division and designated Associate Justices Arturo Brion, Mariano del Castillo, Jose Perez and Estela Perlas-Bernabe as members.


First public engagement

Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr. will head the third division with Associate Justices Diosdado Peralta, Roberto Abad and Jose Mendoza as members.

In her first public engagement as Chief Justice, Sereno will be the luncheon speaker Wednesday at the 23rd Conference of the Presidents of Law Associations in Asia (Pola) to be held at the Marriott hotel in Pasay City. The event is organized by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines.

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  • spearheads

    Guess what’s the first order of business of Sereno? Surprise! `She has issued a ban on all media interviews in a bid to “minimize susceptibility to misinterpretation” of the tribunal’s future actions and decisions. The ban takes effect on Monday. She further rationalized that she is returning to the Supreme Court it’s “dignified silence.” Maybe this is her idea of following the governments policy on transparency. Weird.

    Whaaa… when she was just an associate justice, she was the first justice of the SC to submarine and destroy it’s credibility by making known her dissenting opinions to the public. That was why I called her the “Serena.” But when she became the CJ so goes her previous conviction. What a fraud! Worse, she timed her order when the issue of her psychological test result cropped up. Of course, she is leading by example by refusing to answer interviews on said issue. There you go, please welcome your Chief Justice Grade 4, mabuhay!

    • martial_law_baby

      Hindi naman kasi dahil sa kontra ka sa gobyerno na ito, lahat na lang ng developments ay kokontrahin mo. Move on 2012 na. Or better yet, hanap ka na lang ng bagong bansa na aampon sayo, kung nandito ka sa Pilipinas. First, yung dignified silence means titigil na dun sa gawain ni Midas Marquez. Meaning, wala nang press conference which are usually done to grand stand. Kung naalala mo pa, ang problema sa panahon ni Midas, ininterpret nya yung mga decision ng Supreme Court ang most of the time, he misinterprets it. Now what is wrong with letting the decisions speaks for itself. What kind of transparency are you looking for. Yung ang media ay gagawa ng sariling interpretasyon base sa sinabi ng spokesman ng SC? Gawain yun ng mga tsismoso. Second, yung sinasabi mong dissenting opinion nya, public record naman yun, hindi nya yun kailangan ipangalandakan. It was the media who kept on harping on it. Can you cite an instance wherein nagpa presscon sya para ipangalandakan ito? Third, yung sa psychological exam nya, the JBC has already declared that she passed it. Napaka tsismoso mo kasi.

  • Hey_Dudes

    As well as it should be and must be.  It was the Corona/Midas Circus troupe that made the supreme court part of the talipapa scenery.  Rather making it supreme, the constant run of the mill before media has transformed it to a daily horse derby.

    Congratulations on your first significant step towards more steps for this institution becoming supreme in everything except partisanship, tomfoolery and plagiarism.  Enough of the Corona funeral wake implosions and re-direct those who are interested in the in the court’s activities through it’s websites.

    • spearheads

      Midas’ job as a previous spokesman was to defend the Supreme Court from attacks on all fronts led by your idol and your Chief Justice Grade 4. They would have maintained their peace were it not for the those attacks. Did you hear them fired the first salvo? Cite an example expert spinner?

      • Hey_Dudes

        Better re-do your homework kiddo.  Midas Marquez spoke for Renato Corona, worked for Renato Corona and during the impeachment process was seen wheeling Renato Corona in his wheelchair.  Why are you so unhappy do you lack sleep?

      • spearheads


    • spearheads

      Septic tank comment from foreverlove, no less. Hey_Jute, “Those who have nothing to hide should have nothing to fear!” End of story.

      • Hey_Dudes

        If only you managed to finished at least 3rd grade elementary, you will know and appreciate the meaning of the word “Dignified”.  At the same time, you can differentiate it’s meaning to another word “cover-up” and when put together by people who uses their brain to digest it – people unlike you who cannot think positive for once in your life, you will have a better grasp on what the new Supreme Court wants to portray itself.  Napakabhobho mo kasi.

      • spearheads

        The more you click like in your own comments, foreverhate,. the more you are showing that you are not only hey_jute but describing yourself as “Napakabhobho!”

  • Marlon

    what a hypocrite!!!

    as an Associate Justice, she was not gun-shy in tainting the credibility of the SC by peddling to the media her uncorroborated dissenting opinions.

    now as a CJ, she refrains to answer questions from media?

    is Sereno scared being asked about the details of her unflattering and disturbing psychological exam conducted no less than by a team of two psychologists and two psychiatrists?

    is it true that she was found to be a potential Judge “duwende” Floro nutcase?

    if you are going to release your SALN, might as well release your psych evaluation.

    the Filipino people deserves no less.

    • spearheads

      Worse, this new “dignified silence” of the Supreme Court is very eerie and disturbing since it can prosper to being a “silent partner.”

    • psychosomatic

       Check her psychiatric report in the Manila Times a few days ago.  She’s emotional and depressive.  Probably why she decided not to agree to any interviews.  She might be interviewed on a “bad day” and the entire nation will see how emotional and depressive she truly is. 

      • Malik62

         She is a bi-polar and suffering from chronic manic depression.  The bad news is that she makes her decisions according to the mood of the moment.

  • Hey_Dudes

    We Filipinos are truly a strange lot, culture and perhaps mental capabilities.  The sitting president Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III was voted back in 2010 and will be president till 2016.  There are those to this day who continue their daily harangues unable it seem to accept the election has been over since June 2010.  Today, a new supreme court chief justice just got installed and yet – the usual crowd of happiness deprived intolerant fools cannot accept a simple fact there is a new chief justice appointed to replaced an impeached corrupt appointee to the court.  It is the same as a newly untainted president voted in by the people replacing the most corrupt the country ever had sitting in power.

    You wonder what these happiness deprived professional bellyachers eat that their way of thinking has deteriorated so badly?

    • ApoNiLolo

      Alimango, alimasag o talangka. Mamili ka. >: D

  • pinoyrocker

    Midas Marquez, when will you resign?

    • Hey_Dudes

       Don’t even think about it.  The supreme court need dedicated individuals like him cleaning up toilets.

      • OneScorp

        hahahahah tita midas, pati pala toilets, may alam ka na. pero alam ko di ka magre-resign, ano ba naman kasi ang alam mo sa hiya di ba? mabuti pa ang halaman sa ‘yo, may makahiya, ikaw wala. kumusta na ang mga beauty & ugly salons mo? malakas na ba kita natin? pwede na ba lumaban sa f salon?

    • doublecross

      malapit na…dawit kc siya sa mga anomalya.

      walisin ang nag-sira sa SC…lalo na si sister midas, sakapuputak niya nung panahon sa impeachment trial.

  • kayanatwo

    28aug2012  1205R

    the justices of the supreme court are just that, justices. (t)hey are not politicians or media outlet to vie for popularity contest and “inside-scoop”. precedence dictated it.  if any justices wanted to make “wakes” for his/her own good, he/she should join a political party and be proud to join the circus crowds, but should vacate his/her seat in the supreme court.

    the executive and legislative branch of our govt. are design to do just that, their ever wanting of political pa-pogi-points.  it is like to whomever from either “side” (branch of govt.) that can stand atop of his/her own “soap-box” and squawks loudly is the “talk-of-the-town and becomes the “flavor-of-the-month”.. and thus remind me of sen. sotto and the rest of the trapos.

    chief justice sereno is very astute and very aware of the power of the “fourth estate. IMHO,  (s)he would tread lightly, reciprocate generously and with aplomb to the members of the “fourth estate”, and on the same token cautiously reminding herself on the “anointed position of leadership”, as she eloquently described it, not to jeopardize her esteem position of leadership because of some whimsical parody.

  • OneScorp

    first woman cj, congrats! i concur with this dignified silence. and please no justices seen on every party there is, much worse, a boxing match in las vegas. please again, find a way to make cases here finish in our lifetimes. and if ever del castillo plagiarized again, please punish him, put him in the corner and let him stand without skelan. plagiarism seems to be the new ‘hobby’ of the ‘respected’ creatures now as evidence by another ‘respected’ comedian masquerading as senator

  • zahraff

    We fully agree with Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno that media interviews must never be allowed by any member of the supreme court, especially the Associate Justices and the Chief Justice. The media must remember that they are not a part or will never be a part of any deliberations that happens inside the confines of the supreme court. The media or the public can agree or disagree with any decisions rendered by the supreme court, but that’s all they can do. The decision as handed down by the supreme court as a collegial body must be final (no flip-flopping), and you can take it as ordered. Let’s hope that the supreme court as a whole will study, discuss, and deliberate case/cases seriously, and not in haste, so that any decision/decisions will be considered “FAIR & JUST” thereby avoiding controversy that will lead to FLIP-FLOPS.

  • spearheads

    While Sereno issued her indefinite gag order obviously to evade transparency, majority of House leaders issued a statement indubitably as a reply, promising that they will “strip the Supreme Court under Sereno of it’s financial autonomy.” meaning every single expense must be accounted. Hence, the order of Sereno is only good as far as the opinions of of the justices on matters under judicial determination is concerned. Belmonte, Gonzales, Abaya, and even Tupas said that Sereno should not be exempted since “we will lose what has been achieved in the impeachment” they said. Since this is about transparency and accountability then we might after all see the SALN’s of these justices. Really? A lot of rhetoric but we will see.

  • Cal_Reznick

    Dignified silence in terms of words are fine. But the SC shouldn’t be silent in action which is what the Administration is exactly doing, being silent in action.

  • pangitbudhiko

    sereno good move. now, next year  are you going to publicly state and reveal your saln and every year after that.

    • Bart

      it’s done.

      • psychosomatic

        I’m sorry, but Sereno did not release the full details of her SALN, contrary to the SALN law, and the tenets demanded of SALN disclosures as a result of the impeachment trial.  Sereno only released the sum totals of her SALN.  But I hope that things have really changed and that CJ Sereno will walk the talk of “daang matuwid.”

  • RomyLitz

    The previous SC spokeperson who eagerly loved the limelights and ala-paparazzi coverage interviews must be kicked out ASAP and the SC unions of employees must be dissolved to expunged the “fixers” and politicas inside the Padre Faura under the great enabler Atong.

  • eirons1043

    Let’s see if the new CJ can lower the atrocious filing fees and acceptance fees of Lawyers.  Diyos ko mabuti pa sa Divisoria me tawad ang presyo. Sa sobrang mahal ng hustisya eh malapit na tayo tayo na lang ang gumawa ng sarili nating hustisya.  Simpleng kaso ng koleksyon ng utang at renta inaabot ng 10 taon o higit pa yumayaman ang mga abogado at ang PAO naman nagiging kurap sa tagal ng kaso.

    • magiting78

      Kasalanan ba ng hukom yun? Sa tingin ko hindi, sa tingin ko nasa systema yun. Try to think ang simpleng kaso pag n hatulan s lower court i aakyat s court of appeal, pag nahatulan may motion for reconsideration, pag nahatulan ulit i aakyat s supreme court pag hinatulan may motion for reconsideration, meron pang second motion for reconsideration, pag minalas malas may third pa. Wala naman magagawa ang mga hukom kundi entertain mga ito otherwise they are violating our basic rights in the constitution…..Do you think it is not the rigth time to amend the constitution, and to make a fine tuning. Or did the SC can make a rules on it, I don’t know kung pwd, my knowledge on it is limited. What I am sure is that hnd kasalanan ng mga hukom bakit mabagal ang hustisya, ma iaatribute natin tong kabagalan n ito s mga tusong abugado din, alam n talo n ang kaso pagnakita ng khit ga alikabok n butas mag aapela..

  • JJF724

    let it be…. let it be…. let it be oh let it be…..

    • magiting78

      Speaking the words of wisdom…..

  • Homer Guo

    mabuti naman… mami-miss ko lang masilayan ang kilay ni midas

  • jorge cruz

    The Changing of the guard are well taken with much hope noted by the people. As expressed the Law of Omerta is now in place. The divisions member are now neatly positioned. Good luck to our peoples,

  • joel genese

     It’s back to dignified silence in Sereno Supreme Court

    Unang iskor ito ni CJ Sereno. At mukhang magandang pangitain. Sana hindi lang ito pangitain.

  • RealityCheckX

    The SC was silent until Noynoying commenced scolding, bullying and insulting CJ Corona in public. Give no respect, get none.
    Sereno suffers from the exact same defect Malacañang  accused Corona of: she has shown partiality toward Noy2’s landed interest in her dissenting opinion about using 2006 real estate valuation for Luisita.
    You cannot reform the judiciary if you appoint a toady and if you withhold budgets meant for them.
    The timing also stinks to high heavens: just before the govt. appeals about the Luisita decisions were to be heard. Truly, there is no integrity and justice in this woeful presidency.

    • Nilo C

      Parang sirang plaka itong issue tungkol sa HLI. Parang pagmay-ari ng Presidente ang bu-ong HLI. Wala na bang ibang issue??????

      • Shynon

        Ahahaah akala kasi ni RealityCheckX ang HLI ay buong Pilipinas na…  kaya nga reality para sa kanya yun…

      • Bert

        see how a minute yellow brain works……true, the HLI is not Pinas, but sereno’s previous rulings on the case certainly reflect the questionable independence of the new CJ, hence?

      • Flavio

         magsitigil nga kayo bert supot at reality bugok. hindi pa naguumpisa si sereno ratsada na ang mga bunganga ninyong amoy imbornal…

      • Bert

        galit ka kuya? ako hindi…hehe

      • magiting78

        Magsitigil ka…khit naman bomoto c Sereno in favor s HLI hnd n ngangahulugan walang ng independence ang SC remember ang labanan s SC padamihan ng boto. At lahat ng mga Ass.Justices may kanya kanyang interpretation s batas…kuha mo or gets mo.. Kaya tama n sour graping mo…..

  • joboni96

    why not start
    by releasing all prisoners
    who have served the maximum
    for their still undecided cases

    luluwag mga selda
    bawas trabaho sa korte

    aangal mga abogadong
    mawawalan ng appearance fee

  • doublecross

    tama ang hula ko….isang reyna ang uupo sa SC. good riddance po, ma’am.

    sorry ka carpio….bading ka kc.

    • Pitbulldog

      Sana sinabi mo na lang na na-doublecross si Carpio.  tinambakan lang naman nila ng candidates ang JBC para sabihin maraming choices.  Nang makita ni P-noy ang kabayo na siyang kakabayuhin nya, ayun, nauna pa sa libing ni Robredo ang pag-okay ng Ogag.

  • JosephNess

    to those dissenters, sour grapes, no good for nothing, selfish, full of contradictions, losers misunderstood, blind, row four, lopsided people around here who have no good words to say to the people running this country and this government, especially to the newly installed CJ, prepare to be sour for the next 18 years, maybe by the time when her tenure in office ends, you’ll not distinguish all your acid sour faces anymore, just wonder how your sour faces look by that time…LOL.

    • psychosomatic

      I truly and sincerely hope you’re right, and the judicial system is improved under CJ Sereno’s watch. Otherwise, we’ll be no better than we were (if not worse) under CJ Corona.  18years is a very long time to have a bad CJ (or a puppet CJ at that).  Really hope CJ Sereno does good by the Filipino people.

      • JosephNess

        let’s open whatever trust left we have, and by the look of it, she will not be corrupted…let’s just be on guard and steadfast to cite her shortcomings, excesses, etc…to help her re-evaluate herself…this media blackout may just be her way of showing that she needed no funfare or media image build-up for whatever achievements the supreme court will have during her tenure. media through this HLI farmers (are they really farmers?) has started their gimmicks to sensationalize the dead issue of HLI which should not be taken seriously now, being the issue is already left for DAR to act… what we need to watch regarding this SC dead issue should be the DAR inactions on the distribution of the farm to the qualified tenants, to know, where are they now…

  • Ragdeleafar

    “Silence’…’Dignified Silence’…’Silence’ are…..  “Words are like leaves on fruit bearing trees where there be plentiful and mostly abound  fruits are  rarely found but for if there are less words like leaves where there abundant fruits all over its branches are most likely to be found for we hope all the branches of Court of Justices may soon bear fruits for the Nation be found….so help us GOD”.

  • lostRunes

    “..Justice Sereno, by stating
    what are allegedly the result of the deliberations of the En Banc and the votation on cases or incidents, appears to encroach
    into the functions of the Chief Justice. 
    This should not be countenanced as once a vote is taken on an issue, the
    majority view then becomes that of the Court. 
    To say that such was not the case, as is the position of J. Sereno,
    would sow doubt and suspicion on the veracity of the resolutions of the en banc as authenticated by the Clerk of
    Court.  Else the stability of judicial
    decisions and resolutions is compromised. ”

    Written in SC decisions for everyone to see. A newcomer breaking the rules of SC then becoming its head. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk..


      Good point!

  • lostRunes

    Dignified silence? She can’t keep her mouth shut about the deliberations of the SC.

    It is not true that the Court or the Chief
    Justice has declined to promulgate Justice Sereno’s dissenting opinion..The Court
    did not deny her the right to have her opinion promulgated together with the
    main Resolution.  She broke agreement by
    not submitting it on the date set for it…..

    2.  Confidentiality of court sessions.  – Court sessions are executive in character,
    with only the Members of the Court present. 
    Court deliberations are confidential and shall not be disclosed to
    outside parties, except as may be provided herein or as authorized by the

    “Justice Sereno has breached this rule,
    narrating in her dissenting opinion her recollection of the En Banc’s
    deliberation in executive session”…


      Hat’s off!

  • Jon

    Akala ko ba na sabi ni Budoy na “transparency at accountability” ang gusto niya?
    Eh dito, simpeng interview lang pinagbawal na.
    Ano ang kinatatakutan ninyo Madame at binubusalan ninyo ang kapatan ng tao na malaman kung ano ang ginagawa ninyo?

    • Magsasaka

       dahil kapag ang isang hurado ng supreme court ay laging nasa radio at tv wala na syang pinagkaiba sa pulitiko, mahirap bang intindihin iyon

    • rosamistika16

      sana naiintindihan mo ang kaibahan ng judicial branch sa congress at executive branches.  kung alam mo yun cgurado ako na hindi ka magrereklamo sa hindi pagpapainterview ni sereno.


    Wow!  By just mouthing it, presto, it’s back to dignified silence…whew…mesmerizing speech…just like Noynoy delivering his smoke & mirrors speech…a commonality.
    How can she lead the SC to be dignified when she had her dissenting opinion sold to the Cojuanco-Aquino?…a 400-page of it detailing every nuts & bolts to its perfection.
    While a lowly age old business of prostitution exist among our women…there’s also this high level prostitution of selling one’s dissenting opinion, making her one of those lowly “justice for sale or dissenting opinion on sale”. 
    Wow! They’re making so much media spin on her appointment…projecting an angel out of her…


    They want to project a “MYSTICAL SUPREME COURT” during her leadership, but her previous gossipy-tabloid-type hearsay dissenting opinions make her the kind of  Chief Justice she is.  She sold it for the post on a 18-year servitude…  Well paid!  Bravo!
    Hahahaha! Objectivism, & not political patronage is the key to liberate this country, economically & politically!


    Noynoy is running this country like a monarch and the Philippines is Cojuanco-Aquino’s resources.
    Lacierda is saying: “Manigas kayo” [paraphrasing “Water under the bridge” paragraph].
    True, “Manigas na ang mga umaasa ng patas at makabuluhang pagpili ng Chief Justice”— si kawawang Juan iyon.  Dahil, as always, KKK-base pa rin ang basehan.
    Dinadaan na lang sa mala-bibliya at mala-prophetang pagtatalumpati, na para bang si Noynoy lang at ang KKK ang personal na binulungan ng Maykapal para sa pagbabago. Epektibo nga naman ang brainwashing.
    Ihahayag at ihahayag ng Filipinong may malasakit sa bayan, ang mga manipulasyon na ginagawa at gagawin ng mga taong, hanggang ngayon ay lumapastangan kay Juan at sa kaniyang bansa.  Sa ngayon, marami pa rin ang sa isipan ay nalason at nilason.  Di tayo titigil!
    Objectivism, and not de facto monarchy, can liberate this country economically & politically. 

    • Francis81

       Klarong klaro na ang dahilan sa impeachment ni Corona ay Hda. Luisita. Klarong klaro na ang dailan sa pagkatalaga kay Sereno ay Hda. Luisita.

      • Magsasaka

         klaro ba?itataya mo ba kaluluwa mo na babaguhin at gagaguhin nila ang mga desisyon na katulad ng ginawa ni cheap dog corona hehehe

  • 12JEM

    CJ Sereno was most impressive in her speech in the ongoing conference of  Law Associations of Asia being held at Marriot Hotel.

    Give a listen or wait for a copy of her speech. 

    Impressive…establishing intellectual prowess….that will establish that she is the first among equals in the Supreme Court.

    Augurs well for the Philippines…for the Filipinos.


    And the Cojuanco-Aquinos are currently OPERATING THE 3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT in a REMOTE CONTROL…
    Now, it’s Sereno, with a MYSTICAL MONA LISA smile (smiling all the way to the SC, as CJ, for a “good 18 years of eternity”)…
    Manigas kayo!
    Hahahaha!  Objectivism is it!
    Bravo!  Well done!

  • Bayan Muna

    Mga TALANGKA!Para namang may nagawa na kayo para sa gobyerno! Kung wala kayong tiwala sa mga uupo sa gobyerno, kayo ba kaya nyong gawin ang trabaho nila?Tumulong na lang kayo, di puro putak!

    • Bert

      and i am assume you’re a LEECH? 

      • Bayan Muna

        Just someone who swore to protect the constitution. I have credentials and I don’t need to do any leeching. If you are really concerned about the government, bakit di mo simulan sa pagboto ng matinong tao at yun ang ipagkalat mo at hindi puro paninira sa kapwa. 

      • Bert

        And who told you critics whom you called talangka are not capable of doing the same in protecting our constitution? Without these critics or talangkas, we wouldn’t have kicked out macoy, erap or even arroyo. And you think the yellows alone have the monopoly of credentials and the heart of protecting this country from leeches?Critics are normal in a democratic society, especially if you have a president known for his easy ways and who have not proven anything in his 12 years in congress and the senate and whose only qualification was being the son of a martyred father and a media proclaimed saint mother. SO LIVE WITH IT…..

      • Bayan Muna

        yeah, yeah. And when was the time Philippines gained its strength in economy and civil defense after Macoy? Never. because of the talangka roaming around PH. And you are referring Ninoy as martyr? dude, you really have to review your history-that I think you are ignorant with. There are more on things of PH politics than meets the eye.

    • magiting78

      Hehehehe may kasabihan pag maingay ang tubig mababaw…Kung sino yung maiingay at panay reklamo cla yung mga walang alam at walang silbi s lipunan….Lol

    • Magsasaka

       agree agree agree

    • Pitbulldog

      Aba, alisin mo ang mga linta at ipokrito dyan sa gobyerno.  Unahin mo si P-noy at ang mga tuta nya.  I am very sure, mas tatakbo ng mahusay ang gobyerno ng Pinas. 3 years na Dong, nakagulapay sa hirap pa rin ang Pinas, alam mo ba yan?

      • Christopher Peralta

        maghanap buhay ka kasi…

  • Pio Gante

    for a tail sweeper, 18 years would just be enough to cover some guy’s tracks.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    in silence there is corruption

    in silence there is no transparency

    • marionics

      A Country-man that was to pass a River, sounded it up and down to try where it was most fordable: and upon Trial he made this Observation on’t: Where the Water ran Smooth, he found it Deepest; and on the contrary, Shallowest where it made most Noise. There’s More Danger in a Reserv’d and Silent, than in a Noisy, Babbling Enemy.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        your analogy does not fit…

      • raul n

        he probably means that it should be less talk but more work. or saying it another way let the work speaks for themselves.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        that is why his analogy is wrong

      • marionics

        well you have the right to fit anything you like he he. it’s a nice fable though, right? he he

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        palusot na naman

      • marionics

        he he bagsak na naman vocabulary mo chong

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ganun ba???bakit???

        at ikaw yata ang malayo ang response….

      • asdafaa qwesda

         their decisions are available online. If you’re too lazy to read them yourself or the summaries of the media then you aren’t fit to be a member of a democratic society.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        democracy is transparency…

        democracy is the voice of the people…that them be heard… not in silence…that they only care on what they think….

        that is democracy you idiot!!!

    • magiting78

      Mas mahirap nman yung puro ingay lang wala nmn nagagawa…transparency naman hnd nmn n susukat kung ganu k kaingay s media, minsan yung ingay natatakpan yung corruption kc naka tuon yung attention natin dun s mga sinasabi nila, hnd dun s nagawa nila….

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        the devil is working in silence

  • Francis81

    Dapat ipalabas ni Sereno ang 11-page psychological report niya.

    • Magsasaka

       sabagay si asong corona pasado sa psychological test nyahahaha

      • Pitbulldog

        Op kors, pero ang engot at mongo mong idol, questionable pa rin kung talagang psychologically fit to be Barangay Captain. Itanong mo yan sa mga taga-Ateneo.

      • Magsasaka

        eh bakit mo binoto hehehe, di ba isa kang bobotante

      • Pitbulldog

        Por your inpo, di ko kaylanman ibinoto ang ungas na yan at kung may chance man ako na bumuto noon ay di ko iboboto ang di-kaboto botong bobong hangal na yan. Ang pagka-asar ko sa taong yan ay kasing tindi ng pagka-asar nyan kay GMA. Yan ay para malinaw ang lahat sa mga dilaws na tulad mo.

      • magiting78

        Hahaha kaya pala bitter k nanalo yung hnd mo ibonoto. Pero ako Ibinoto ko c Gibo sayang natalo sya…mas Ok sana sya compare d2 ki PNoy, pero no choice mas binoto sya ng nakararami..

      • Magsasaka

        ako dilaw paano mo nasabi eh hindi nga ako member ng mamang, inc. hindi ako katulad mo na basta sikat iboboto hehehe

      • Renato

         HAHAHA. TALUNAN PALA YUN BINOTO MO! ako binoto ko si Gordon, Talu din pero ok lang ganun talaga ang buhay.

    • marionics

      well, i can’t imagine what for. e na shortlist naman siya at valid ang appointment. di naman yata impeachable offense ang bagsak sa psych test. di naman mababawi na yung appointment kasi nag oath na siya. so wala nang silbi yan kundi i-black pro lang si sereno

    • magiting78

      Malisyoso ka brod…baka gusto mo isama s SLAN nya…lol! Bkit kailangan p yun knowing the fact n Associate Justice sya…cguro naman hnd sya komokunsulta s dwende pag nag dedecide sya.

  • $20722540

    itong CJ ito maraming maraming pasakalye…just release your saln, now!!! para makita natin kong nadeclare niya nga yung prof fee from being a lawyer of piatco

  • Nueva

    hahaha sa mga ugok na contra pa din wait for your turn till 18 years from now. its better than kampon ni gloriang demonyo ang maluklok tapos 

  • Lucy Antonio

     O Where,O Where is MIdas Marquez? I like to know if he is still with Corona.

  • lex

    no interview policy!? siyempre para ma-cover up ang mga anomaly! o nasaan ang tinatawag niyong transparency, pag may gusto kang malaman i-schedule ka bwa ha ha ha! mga gunggung na sumosuporta kay abnoy! bwaha ha ha magdusa tayong lahat bwa ha ha 

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