Cursed, doused with water, Carabuena rushed to hospital



Carabuena at the press con. MMDA Photo

MANILA, Philippines–Robert Blair Carabuena, the man who bullied a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer, was rushed to an undisclosed hospital after he was cursed and doused with bottled mineral water at the prosecutor’s office on Thursday, MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino said in an interview.

Carabuena has earlier issued a public apology for the mauling of MMDA traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros in a press conference.

“Robert Blair Carabuena surrendered to Chairman Tolentino and read an apology to Sonny Fabros, MMDA and the public,” an MMDA’s twitter post read.

Tolentino accepted the apology but said that Carabuena would still have to face the direct assault case filed against him by the MMDA.

When Carabuena reached the prosecutor’s office, “pinagbabato (ng bote ng mineral water) at pinag mumura daw s’ya ng mga tao (he was allegedly doused with bottled mineral water and cursed by people),” the chairman said as per reports reaching him.

“Malamig daw at pinagpapawisan kaya dinala na sa hospital (He turned cold but was sweating that’s why he was brought to a hospital),” he said, but added that he has yet to confirm what hospital Carabuena was taken to.

Nonetheless, the case filed against Carabuena shall continue, Tolentino said.

Carabuena gained notoriety after he was caught on video by a TV5 crew berating and slapping Fabros when he was pulled over by the traffic enforcer on Capitol Hills Drive corner Tandang Sora in Quezon City.  It ended with Fabros keeping his cool and walking out on him.

The video became viral and brought widespread condemnation from netizens.

Immediately after the incident, Tolentino said he wanted Carabuena to make a public apology for his actions against Fabros and to have his driver’s license revoked.

Carabuena is human resources manager of Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corp., which eventually suspended him pending an investigation.

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  • us_sixtycents

    1… .2… 3 …. Go!

  • Kirk_Mustaine

    Swift justice…I hope maging mapagkumbabang tao na sia pagkatapos nito..

  • boypalaban

     mga “mob”….dali….duraan na natin sa mukha yang si angas…..

  • John Ringo McAdams

    Im not sure if I should be worried about him or not. I think that’s just fair. :)

  • RyanE

    “Carabuena is human resources manager of Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corp.”

    No malice meant but I wonder what kind of people the company have with this kind of HR manager?

    • beerhunters

       Of course, graduate of UP. Ateneo, or La Salle!! nya ha ha

  • Fulpol

    doctors and nurses in the hospital, beware.. arm yourselves.

  • window replacement Utah

    Well, that’s indication enough that people are not yet over with what he’s done. Sometimes, you really have to pay the consequences of the bad actions that you have done. Whether it was lapse of judgment on his part or on the part of the people, it is clear that if you do something bad, there will be consequences.


    nasaan ang wheelchair?

    • magiting78

      Lol!…bkit c GMA b sya o c Corona….but sounds same Corona–Carabuena..both ending na…hehehe

  • Macario

    Sinibat ba siya? Sinibat?…waratin ang Volvo ni taba mga bata….tingnan nga natin kung may lumalabas na lobo pagsinalya natin ang sasakyan nya…safest car daw yun…hala waratin….

  • Macario

    Huwag mag-alala…a highly specialized doctor is checking on Mr. Carabuena as of now…the doctor has earned his veterinarian degree in the US…he’ll be given Latigo 500…

  • Kim Le Dy-Tan


  • john_constantine

    this is like carabuena mauling incident all over again.  only this time he is on the receiving end.  so why are we not angry at those who threw stuff at him, granted that they just proved they are no better than him.

    • azkal futbol

      eye for an eye my friend. no more, no less. biblical teachings. magalit ka kung sinaksak sya pero sa ngayon ipinaramdam lang sa kanya ang nagawa nya sa kapwa.

    • albert13

       divine justice

    • Ungski

       Ha ha ha..! You’re right Bro.  kaya nga Bro. sa mga nakakaintindi we have to balance our sanity in this situation. alam natin that there are crowd a, b, c & d. Marami na nagagalit sa mga lower end people natin, kulang na lang na kuyugin sya…ipakita nya na sincere yun apology nang mabawasan ang galit natin sa kanya.

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    You reap what you sow?

    Baka nag iinarte lang yan kaya sinugod sa pinakamalapit na pagamutan.

    • KHING

      umaarte lang yang dimonio baboy nayan..

  • 12JEM

    “Carabuena gained fame after he was caught on video by a TV5 crew
    berating and slapping Fabros when he was pulled over by the traffic
    enforcer on Capitol Hills Drive corner Tandang Sora in Quezon City.  It
    ended with Fabros keeping his cool and walking out on him.”

    What fame? The appropriate word is NOTORIETY!

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    dapat sayo binubogbog OGAG

  • MaySenseBa

    I think the worse punishment for this guys is indeed the revocation of his license.  Kahit makulong siya ng 3-6months, that’s just temporary.  But to lose the right to drive, that is permanent, and anytime he gets pulled over, imagine an MMDA officer or a TMG cop seeing Carabuena driving without a license, he will always get the full force of the law thrown at him. 

    Get his license revoked, that is the worse penalty that will befall the guy!  Chairman Tolentino, please.  Pursue revocation of his license.

  • Andres Bisaya

    yan ang epekto ng sobrang tapang na wala sa lugar, pati malamig na bottled tubig, nung tinamaan sya kala nya lilitsunin na sya

  • us_sixtycents

    Obviously, this is another case of “Rich vs. Poor” drama in the Philippines. This would go down the drain fast if would have been this guy drives a beat up car, motorcycle or bus.

    The harsh comments (translated to me) on the previous articles reflects the mentality of Filipinos when presented such situation. Can’t blame them and I respect their opinions.

    Now the question would be, what would it take for this guy (driver) to be accepted and forgiven?

    I think being born “rich” in the Philippines translate to “we will be watching you”… hey even poor people have the worst attitude and temper anyway but of course nobody really cares until the rich guy show up in the picture.

    Well, its my personal opinion. The guy screwed up so bad beating a traffic Officer and was caught in the camera. He need to face the repercussion of his action.

  • Night

    buti nga ganyan lang ginawa sayong Carababoy ka!!!

    nakita ko yung picture mo katabi si Tolentino, baboy ka at yung hitsura mo hitsurang kupaloid…. Buti hindi ka kinuyog at iniwang lantang gulay diyan!!!

  • KenjiHimura

    “Do unto others what others want to do unto you”. He just got a dose of his own medicine.

    Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi…tsk tsk.

  • MaySenseBa

    Teka, teka, saan siya dinala?  St Lukes?  Sino lawyer niya Fortun brothers?

  • JuanTamadachi

    This kind of Street Justice is good to hear.. Carabuena got what he deserved..

  • tilamsik

    what a shame to Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco!!!!!!  that’s  your HR Manager?????  

  • adscity_info

    Bakit lahat ng nagkakakaso nagkakasakit? Erap, GMA, Abalos, Corona. And now, Carabuena!

  • Mellow

    He looks like bam Aquino

  • jinx

    Ayan isa pang hambog, umaani ng samot-saring problema. Buti nga sa iyo.

  • litenshadow

    frozen bottled mineral water?

    • tilamsik


    • Ungski

       aray masakit yun…mineral water lang. medyo tatalbog pa!

  • dapitan_QC

    Mga sir!   Nag-sorry na iyong tao.  So can we just stop condemning and cursing the man.   We don’t know what’s going in his mind right now that he is about to lose his job and his license. Don’t you think that is already enough punishment for him to bare?   

    • batang-gas


    • JuanTamadachi

      I think the only person with the right to answer your question is 
      MMDA traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros..

    • Macario

      I agree that he has apologized publicly but you know, I can’t see his freakin sincerity in doing so…what if there was no video in what he has done and the public did not violently reacted on it, do you think he would apologize?  As he has said, he’s got a lawyer to talk to  and most probably if there was no video that got his stupid and violent act against Mang Sonny most probably we’ll only see his lawyer representing him, madami syang pera e….kahit na may revocation of license yan na penalty and a criminal rap tapos walang video, maniwala ka’t sa hindi, abogado ni taba ang haharap sa publiko at di siya….

      • dapitan_QC

        Well if that is what you believe then you go and proceed. But just make sure that you won’t cross too much lines. Dahil kapag ginawa mo iyon eh ano pa ang pinagkaiba mo sa kanya?

        Well just a reminder.

      • Macario

        I agree…denounce the act but not the person…

    • Ungski

       Talagang ganyan, he has to face the consequences and move on for the better ika nga…We have our  justice system and the people of MMDA knows what the’re doing and I’m quite sure the’re wise & intelligent enough to file a proper action on this. I think in due time, this scandal will defuse it’s heat as the guy already made an apology(hope it’s a real one) and people’s rage deviate their focus on him.

    • Bulakenyo Ako

      ang nangyari kasi dito ay mahirap na tao at nag-iisa pang bumubuhay sa anim?na anak yung biktima ni carabuena kaya ganun na lang ang simpatiya ng publiko.

  • mrmkhs1

    Fame? More like infamy or 
    opprobrium! I suppose he will appear in a wheelchair next. There should be a TRO on doing that.

    • 12JEM

       Pls add  NOTORIETY.

  • ריקי נאה


    Hehehehe! XD

  • virtualnook

    i wont be surprised if the next news about him shows a high profile doctor announcing that he needs surgery abroad


    di kapa na tepok baboy ka….arteh nalang yan..bumula pa sana bibig mo baboy ka..sorry???ganun ganun nalang ba yun ha??sorry??panu kung di na kunan ng video??ano?sorry sa MMDA?NGANGA??mga ganyan pag uugali dapat binabalatan ng buhay at patakan ng kalamansi ang katawan..saka lagyan ng toyo..:p:p

  • sondo1968


    kelangan namin ng mga stupidong komento dito sa inq…

    batangpaslit !

    PASOK !

  • isaac


  • ריקי נאה


  • ApoNiLolo

    Nagkasakit sya dahil sa kombinasyon ng tubig at salita?
    Mula ngayon iiwasan ko na ang bendisyon na may kasamang orasyon. >: D

  • Christene Pearl Fernandez-Aran

    i found the apology insincere and impersonal. Carabuena says he is ready
    to face the consequences. Well, revocation of your driver’s license is
    one of the consequences of your actions so man up! Having a driver’s
    license is a privilege NOT a RIGHT! you have the temerity to ask that
    you still be allowed to drive?! You are a menace to society! I think you
    need to eat more humble pie! Your true colors are still showing. You
    are still arrogant and you still act like people owe you something! And
    don’t pull the “I am sick, pity me routine”!

    • Karabkatab

      Titingnan tingnan na lang nya ang green volvo nya.  Hindi maka maneho kasi walang driver’s license. Wawa naman. Yan kasi panay pasikat.

  • Crew Consumers Welfare

    Robert Blair Carabuena has now learned a good lesson for his high handed manner of treating poor and defenseless people. Good for him lol !

    • Noel

       Atenista yata iyan !

  • Mananandata69

    wala ka ampaw ka pala. public apology nya ay cheap gimmick. stupido ang taong maniwala ka sa kanya

    • jimiji

      ikaw ang stupido…..pangalan mo pa lang stupido na

      • Night

        PAK U

    • Noel

       Ang nagsisisi ay galing sa puso at hindi binabasa.

  • John Adrian Tan

    natatawa ko sa mga comments nyo binabasa ko na lang. hehehe..

  • venfil29

    galit tayo sa ginawa ni carabuena pero masyado namang grabeng parusa kung tatangalin sa trabajo at pagbabatuhin ng publiko,ang pinakamabuting parusa dyan ay mag multa sa kanyang damages at mag community service sa mmda,mag traffic enforcer siya para malaman niya kung gaano kahirap tumayo sa gitna ng calle at mag traffic,sana ganyan din ang reaksyon natin pag may oficial ng gobyerno na nagkukurakot batuhin din pag nakita,kaya lang kadalasan galit tayo sa small time na nang aapi pero sa mga nasa gobyerno na lantarang nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan wala tayong reaksyon.galit tayo kay carabuena pero may mga taong mas matindi pa kay carabuena kung mang api sa kanilang mga katulong sa bahay,sa kanilang mga empleado,sa kanilang kapitbahay,sa saleslady sa department store,sa tindera sa palengke,sa taxi driver.

    • Tebu2

       Tama ka, isa din ako sa mga taong kumundina sa kanyang ginawa. lahat tayo ay nagkakamali at may pagkakataong magbago, ang pagkakamaling ito ay isang sampal o kaya  tapik sa atin upang ituwid ang di tama. Marami dyan ang mas matindi ang kasalanan tulad ng rapist holdaper, snatser na walang awa kung pumatay makuha lang gusto nila palagay ko dapat patayin na din o e firing squad agad kasi wala nang paraan para sila mmagbago at marami pa silang mabibiktimang mabubuting tao.

    • RobertoMagtuytoy

      oo nga pre’, pero sa malas na aktuhan sya.  Public’s ire is unpredictable.   Walang iniwan sa KUYOG ng MASA ang nangyayari ngayon kay Carabuena..GALIT ang taongbayan, no amount of apology can calm down the masses’ ire…CARAMALAS lang sya.

  • MonsterAllergy


  • WeAry_Bat

    Tama na yang mga assault at pag-insulto.  Undergoing trial na.  

    A man is judged by how he treats people he considers or considered by society to be lesser.  In this case, the tables have turned.  Halos wala nang pinagkaiba ang mga tao to what Carabuena did.

    The scenario reminded me of the video of a middle-east woman supposedly having an affair.  The execution by AK47 was viewed by many men.  That is not justice.

    The previous scene is already close to that.

    • Noel

       Eh ano?  Kung nagkataon Semana Santa ngayon, you would say he’s being crucified. 

      • WeAry_Bat

        That may not make the son of God happy, because a fair trial is in process.

        I can only guess people think Carabuena is a higher creature than them.  Thus the ongoing bad reactions, because of expectations.

        I am not sure if this is true, that the father of the errant driver had supposedly apologized to Fabros during the incident.  In the old days, this was a heavier weight than the words of the children.

      • Noel

        You got a point.  But when the bad son was beating up the poor Fabros, why did the father not immediately get out of the car and stop it?  Or his father like the brother saw the media taking video of the incident?  With his son’s behavior, it tells us who the father raised his son.

      • WeAry_Bat

        The video was taken from behind raised glass.

      • RobertoMagtuytoy

        At kung Fiesta naman, ni-lilitson?.

      • Noel

        Kung Pista, itatali sa isang kahoy at itataas na parang santo.

  • ruthieem7

    Carabuena got a taste of his own medicine. Di niya siguro nakayanan kaya napunta sa ospital. 

    Regardless if the apology is sincere or not, he needs to undergo disciplinary action. Let the law do its work. Buti na rin ito para malaman ng mga Pilipino ang limitations with regard treating an officer in uniform.

    • Noel

       Marunong din gumaya kina GMA at Abalos.

      • ruthieem7

        Trending yan ngayon. Kapag napahiya, sugod sa ospital lol

      • Noel

        Isa pang dahilan diyan ay iwas kulong.  Sasabhin sa Fiscal o Judge na hindi maka-attend ng hearing dahil nasa ospital.  Turo din ng abogado iyan.  Pero kung ako ang mga doctor at nurse sa ospital, mumurahin ko rin iyan at buti pa lasunin na lang.

  • drukins kaz

    basta ipatuloy lang ang charges. call na ng philip morris un if they will fire this guy or lift his suspension after he does his time or renders community service. as for the curses and throwing that he received, well, life’s like that mr. carabuena. what goes around comes around.

  • Noel

    He deserved what he did.  It was even a light reaction by the public.  Tolentino should not have demanded that this pig issue a public apology.  He should have done it on his own.

  • Noel

    Another black eye to Ateneo.

  • Dondon Cruz

    if Philip Morris continue to hire this man..then boycott Philip Morris.. 

  • Amanojaku Yokai

    Nag so sorry lang yan ngayon kasi ramdam na niyang gipit na siya.Hindi naman nagbago yan, natatakot lang.

    Pag nagsawa na ang mga tao sa isyung ito, balik sa tunay na ugali itong si taba.

  • Jerome

    Mali talaga ang ginawa ni Carabaona, pero mas marami pang Camelna out there na di nakita sa media. Tama din lang na parusahan sya sa pagka arogante nia. How about us? madali kasi magturo.. Cheers..

  • Ungski

     ha ha ha ha ha…..napapaihi ako sa tawa bro. !!!

  • Ungski

     he he he…..ayos!!

  • Night



  • Night



  • marilou

    Lesson learned yan sa lahat ng arogante at mayabang. “Character is who you are when no one is looking” says a wise person. With cameras all around us, one should really exhibit restraint and good education.

    • Ungski

       Absolutely right!!

  • tamakajan

    Kung ang mga mahihirap napaprusahan, bakit hindi si Carabuena?
    Mungkahi ko kay Tolentino; isang linggong magsilbi sa trapiko itong si Carabuena, ewan ko na lang kung hindi sya magtanda. :)

    • RobertoMagtuytoy

      Anong isang linggo ! hehehhe…sigurado ako Sir , isang minuto pa lang yan sa kalsada me sasagasa na ryan !

      • jeht2003

        Maigi nga kung may magsagasa sa kanya, magandang kaso yon. Kasi kung sya magtayo na enforcer doon, meaning person of authority na yan. Ano klaseng sagasa ang suggestion mo, yung baldado o patay? Either way, mas malaking kaso pa rin yan kesa doon sa hinaharap ni BABS. Ano, ikaw ba ang gagawa nyan?

        Hindi naman sagot yun sa baba nito sa tanong ko sayo. Sige nga, ikaw na sumagasa.

      • RobertoMagtuytoy

        let’s be realistic here,  sa kwnentuhan parang cartoons lang yun, pero sa totoong buhay hindi mangyayari yung mag sisilbi sya sa kalsada bilang parusa sa kanyang ginawa.

        Ang MASA ay galit sa GINAWA ni Baboy dahil ang MASA ang kinabibilangan ni FABROS.  Ang simpatiya ng MASA ay nakuha ni FABROS dahil nasaktan ang damdamin ng karamihan sa sambayanang Pilipino na may dugong hindi nag pa pa api.

        Ngayon, open your eyes, you self-righteous people, amid a lynch mob you don’t stand up with your BIBLE on hand and try to break it, patay ka dyan.

  • jeht2003

     “pinagbabato (ng bote ng mineral water) at pinag mumura daw s’ya ng mga tao (he was allegedly doused with bottled mineral water and cursed by people),” These people are no better than Carabuena himself. Maliit na baboy lang yan eh, kung matatapang talaga kayo baket di nyo gawin yan sa mga Aroyo?

    • RobertoMagtuytoy

      ang layo naman nag comparison mo TSONG.  BAKIT NANAMPAL BA NG MMDA SI ARROYO?

      • leubas


      • RobertoMagtuytoy

        Ginago ka, ginago ako, ginago tayong lahat ni ARROYO.  Nahuli ba sa bidyo? Nagalit ba ang masang Pilipino?

        Ang punto ko,  mag magkaiba ng kwento ang kay CARABUENA at ARROYO para ipaghambing sa galit ng taong bayan. 

        Sige pag tabihin mo ngayon si ARROYO at si Carabuena sa LUNETA.

        Sino ang babatuhin ng tao?

      • leubas


      • RobertoMagtuytoy

        Hindi binato si Arroyo ng taongbayan pag post nya ng bail at nong lumabas.  Nag protesta lang ang mga contra-Arroyo.

        Pero ang galit ng taongbayan kay Carabuena sa mga oras na ito ay kumukulo pa. Kaya naman sa oras na makita sya sa kahit san lugar na pampubliko, tyak ko sa iyo na may mag sisimula ng alboroto at tyak na kukuyugin yan ng MASA.

        Ang argumento ko, hindi mo pwedeng ikumpara ang kasalanan ni Gloria sa kasalanan ni Carabuena, kung ang MASA ang mag huhusga.

      • leubas


      • jeht2003

        Precisely my point… yan kasi kuyog mentality, marami sila at hindi matukoy kaya ang tatapang lalo na alam nila hindi makaganti yung kinukuyog nila. Kaya nga sabi ko doon kaya nila kay arroyo gawin yan, saan kaya sila pupulutin…

      • ike1684

        pareho silang babatuin pero mas marami ang babato kay gloria. hehe..

      • jeht2003

        Gusto mo i-like ko ang reply mo?

  • RobertoMagtuytoy

    Ala GMA stunt.  Its getting obviuos.  Saan law-school kaya tinuturo yang DEFENSE move na yan?
    He publicly apologized but where is Fabros? It would have been better and shows more sincerity having Fabros faced to faced with him. An eye to eye apology is more acceptable. 

  • Edwin

    kunwari dinala sa ospital para may maawa sa kanya….drama lang yan,,

  • nakawan

    piggy squealed

  • Andre Mitchell

    ** faceb00k,c0m/CARABUENA,PATROL… **

    An FB page where the community can learn all about this bully’s whereabouts, residence, hangouts, new car, his tropa, etc…

    Naah.. the poor thing has already apologized.
    Let’s just see if the Philippine just-tiis system is capable of doing the right thing.

  • Hunter421

    He was scared to death. Good.

  • casa negro

    Parang si GMA lang ha.

  • Anj Always Shop

    he deserves it, walang ganitong gulo sa kanilang mga Carabuena kung marunong gumalang at rumespeto sa law at sa tao. Nag-sorry dahil alam nya na even the highest official of different sectors and businesses asar sa kanya, pero nung sila lang ni Mr. Fabros kulang na lang kuyugin nilang magkapatid. tsk tsk, nasa huli pagsisisi. hindi kasi puro yabang lang. Sana kanselahin ang lisensya mo, magpahatid sundo ka nalang o kaya magcommute ka para magtanda ka.

  • Anj Always Shop

    Wag po tayo magpadala sa drama ni Carabuena. Drama lang po yan parang GMA lang, pero sana this time magkaroon talaga ng hustisya ang minaliit at inabuso nya.. Carabuena, asan yabang mo ngayon nagpa-ospital ka pa? please lang kumita na yan. clap clap clap

  • Hey_Dudes

    Iwanan na lang yan astig na yan sa isang madilim na kalye sa Tondo bahala na sila sa mga taong tulad niya.

  • Troy

    Paano naging HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER ang kuh-mag na ito ?????? 

  • F alonso

    Pa eksena ka rin Chairman,why did you accept Carabaoena’s apology without the presence of the victim.Ikaw ba ang sinampal dito?Alamin mo naman sana ang tamang protocol.Sana dinala mo rin diyan si Fabros para nag harap sila.Personal injury po ang ginawa sa kanya kaya personal din ang pagtanggap.Wala kang feelings.anong akala mo kay Fabros walang pakiramdam?Agay eksena ka.

  • F alonso

    the damage had been inflicted,even Carabaoena will cry a river,the apology won’t be enough.He should be required to undergo community service 100 hrs as traffic enforcer.So that he will experience MMDA’s life who took smoke belch for a breakfast,scorching heat of the sun as lunch,and slap for a dinner.Chairman be sensitive in accepting apology.

    • Christopher Peralta

      coomunity service as traffic enforcer…superlike!!!

  • sacrebleau

    Yes he was wrong, but why should people be a lynch mob? Cavemen stoning the adulterer? Carabuena is no worse than this lynch mob, kicking a man when he’s already down. Let the law decide his fate. He was already charged with assault and his work has already been affected. Let me just remind some of you that for every decent and honest mmda enforcer like Fabros, there are another 10 out there wanting to make a quick buck.

    Reality bites. Your perversion sickens me.

    • onionskinned

      Democratic country kasi mob rule or democrazy.

    • Spread

      I despise that mans actions, but i agree

    • skip_20

      and there are thousands more of the likes of mr. carabuena who think they were high and mighty that no one can touch them. the only saving grace in this whole story is this pig  is caught on cam. he is just reaping his just reward when he humiliated fabros in public.. quid pro quo.

      • sacrebleau

        Well, don’t let the “thousands more like Carabuena” get into your skin hanggang gusto mo na ring manapak, because you will end up exactly like Carabuena whom you detest.

  • $17531445

    This is what happens when the people have been conditioned to hate – mob rule. Carabuena may be a despicable character, but there such a thing as rule of law. He was precisely haled to court to answer for his offense, Civilized people would not have taken the law into their own hands.

    • onionskinned

      We live in a democratic country where the rule of the mob supercede the rule of the law.

      • $17531445

        I’m sure the founding fathers will appreciate your redefinition of democracy.

      • sijuwanako

        man, in the first place, civilized people would not assault a poor traffic aide who is just doing his job. and im sure policemen were there to protect him but you could not control people some times. good thing it was just bottled water and not boiling oil poured into him. or he is well at ease with boiling oil being the pig that he is…..

      • $17531445

        I said he might be a despicable character; you’re saying he is uncivilized,  a pig –  are there any more names you’d like  to add – so, he is all of that. And that justifies civilized people to stoop down to his level. Yes, I can see where you stand.

  • im_not_convinced

    angas angas, duwag pala sa paligo. akala niya siguro cooking oil yung binato sa kanya…

  • Jim De Garman

    carabuesit natauhan at himihingi ng kapatawaran sa MMDA at kay Mr. Fabros..all is just drama ituloy ang kaso laban sa kanya and revoke his driver license..maglakad na lang siya papunta sa trabaho.

  • Edwin

    Forgive and forget na lang ba ito??? sabi ni Pnoy ay di pwede. Tuloy ang kaso. Mayabang kasi itong kupal na baboy na ito.

  • Yugi

    OMG! HR Manager pala tong taong to? Pano nagkaroon ng HR Manager na ganito ang Philip Morris??


      Sanay pumatay ng tao ang mga yan, tulad ng Philip morris!

    • Andre Mitchell

      It is even scarier to think kung ilang empleyado ng Philip Morris ang binastus nyan.
      Anyone here from PMFT Corp?

  • Cristina Reyes

    lumang strategy na yan! Politics ba ito? parang everytime may hearing, naoospital. Baka mamaya, nakawheel chair or brace na din si carabuena! kawawa naman, bote ng tubig lang, naoospital, this guy is sooo healthy and only 32-years old. Please naman, tuloy pa rin dapat ang charges.


    Sa totoo lang, maswerte na nga yong nagyari kay carabuena kanina. Tubig lang ang hinagis sa kanya.

    Kung nandoon lang kami ni darling first gentleman, sa galit ko, malamang si darling first gentleman ang hinagis ko kay carabuena. Hindi lang sa ospital si carabuena pupulutin. Malamang, sa sementeryo na din.

    • reddfrog

       Paano mo hahagisin si tabachuchi baka bumigay titanium plates mo.

  • Nart Potico

    Style mo bulok!!! Tutal bulok naman utak mo buti pang tunay na baboy me pakinabang, maski yung baboy maiinsulto pag kinumpara ka sa kanila. Bakit hindi ka pa natuluyan, buti nga sayo baka hindi mo alam na me Carabuena Haters Club na and were growing big.


    Advice ko lang sa mga doctors, nurses, and nursing aide sa ospital. 

    Ingat sa pag tranfer kay carabuena using stretchers, kasi pag nagka-traffic ang mga strecthers sa intersection dyan sa ospital ninyo, malamang papaypayin kayo ng mga nursing caps ninyo and sabay sampal ang aabotin ninyo!

  • speedstream2

    You reap what you sow. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. What goes around, comes around. Take your pick.


    Naalaala ko tuloy yong mga lumang pelikula nila panchito at dolphy.
    Siguro nagalit ang taong bayan sa public apology nya kasi di na feel ang public yong sincerity ng apology nya.

    Tulad ni panchito, sana ang ginawa ni carabuena pakatapos basahin yong public apology, sinampal sampal nya ang sarili nya 10 na beses at sabihin na di ko na po uulitin, 10 beses din. Siguro, ma-awa ang taong bayan dyan sa kanya at pababayaan na siya. :)

  • Pluma Mana

    sana binato na lang ng mga bulok na kamatis at mga bugok na itlog….

  • ryan andres

    Let me guess…St. Luke’s din dinala itong si Carababoy…?

    Dapat sayo sa slaughterhouse dalhin para katayin at i-por-kilo na.

    • divictes

      Huh? Me Veterinaryo rin ba ang St. Luke?

  • Guest

    This writer and his/her editor need to look-up and understand the meaning of the verb “maul”. Saturnino Fabros was not MAULED- what is Blaire, a bear?

    • Flavio

       yes , carabaobuena is a bear-carabou hybrid !

    • Francesca

      lol, mauling!!! exaj ever! poor barney, he’s no bear haha. writer sucks

  • orchid

    LOL. Carabuena  was diagnosed with a swine flu in the hospital. And he thinks his apology will buy him his freedom !!! This is only the start. The Filipinos have had enough of pigs like Carabuena. The Filipinos will see to it that he suffers the full consequence in terms of maximum jail time for what he had done to a hard working Kababayan.
    And the Filipinos will see to it that he doesn’t get back his driver’s license. He should go and take a walk to work or use other mode of transportation. 
    On his first and  last days in the New Bilibid Prison, he should be made to walk the plank that is 100 feet long with a line of people on his left and right side and each one will give him a pimp or b1tch  slap. Just to welcome and bid him goodbye to the fraternity where he belongs.

  • Political Jaywalker

    I can understand if it was glass water bottles that was thrown at Carabuena on why he was rushed to the hospital and we thought he was a tough guy, LOL. Tough guys don’t easily buckle on curses and water bottles thrown at them but I guess this one is a closet coward whose tough macho stance was just that a stance. Ang ibig sabihin pala ay puro porma lang at takbuhin itong si taba, hehehe.

  • divictes

    Hospital na naman…

    • Jones

      Looks Familiar! hahahaha

  • Mananandata69

    kalahi ka ba jimiji ng mga demonyo. nanggigigill ka

  • jlarcilla

    Bakit wala ang kapatid ni BARNEY?  Hindi ba kasama din siya sa video na hawak hawak sa balikat si Mang Fabros?   Pati tatay niyang nagpa-interview at pinagtanggol pa ang ginawa ng anak?  I believe they also owe Mang Fabros an apology. 

  • Spread

    I agree. Ako rin po ay galit na galit noong nakita ko ang ginawa ni Carabuena kay Mr. Fabros. I cried when I saw him on video–his shocked face–his hurt–being berated by Carabuena especially that hurt in his eyes habang minamaliit siya. Mostly because I was thinking kung akoy anak niya o asawa how hurt would I be to see my love one treated like nothing. Then I read comments online and partly felt better dahil people were venting their anger..all gusto natin siya isumpa. I felt so sad and sorry for Mr. Fabros.. Pero huwag po padaloy daloy na lang sa masasamang pananalita dahil nagbubunga ito ng behaviour exactly like Carabuena. Too much anger. Too much hate. Ego. Kaya agad nanapak ginawa niya. Kaya po tayo ay mag-excercise to think before we talk, naguumpisa po sa isip- para wala po agad nasasaktan at nakikipag-away. Kahit na po online dahil maraming kabataan anak natin naka online natutunan asal at pananalita natin. Maybe we can heal as a nation dahil ang mga anger po natin maraming pinagmumulan sa mga sariling buhay natin. Frustrations (and yes masarap iyvent kay Carabuena hehe). Because we see and know of people like this Carabuena guy sa Pilipinas bawat sulok maraming ganyan. Marami po tayong anger kailangan iy-vent, idaan na lang po sa sports o sa arts!. Turn your anger into paintings, sports or just throw sticks at some wall then forget about it. May paraan po to not feel ‘minamaliit’ by turning it into positive things sa life natin–by working harder and having dreams and having plans!. Wag po tayo ‘mobrule mindset’ (mobrule parang sa India read about it) medyo backwards thinking po yan–or just open our minds and learn better ways. I instantly liked and felt for Mr. Fabros dahil napakababa po ng kanyang loob at minabuting hindi manlaban sa oras ng kanyang trabaho–to me that is very professional ( especially for the MMDA). It’s admirable how he controlled his emotions to physically fight the guy back while at work. Sa akin lang naman po–to me Mr. Fabros is the real meaning of bravery– not to succumb to anger and emotions lalo at mukhang walang logic ang kalaban. I have never heard him utter one word of hate on his interviews. Mahirap po labanan ang mga taong baluktot na ang tuwid. I hope and wish Mr. Fabros heals inside sa panglalait ni Carabuena dahil yan po ang killer sa life natin—hurts insid–turns into anger and bitterness in turn failure. But i believe napaka gandang loob ni kuya. Carabuena should have just gone to his house, brought flowers and really say sorry to him and his family, take it like a man as he dished it and uplift kuyas feelings na binugbog niya. But then I’m dreaming.

    What I love about us pinoys though…we are so passionate haha..of standing up for the needy and the downtrodden..huwag lang po tayo gumamit ng marahas na paraan at pananalita. We can help by petitions and supporting in better ways.
    Stop Hate. Spead love not misery.

    • sacrebleau

      Also, there was a silver lining for Mr. Fabros in all this. It highlighted his poverty and his being a single parent supporting, what, 6 daughters? He got a promotion, his house was renovated, there was outpouring of support for him, people were quick to donate. . . . . .

      It never should have happened but it did. Who knew that a slap in the face would bring positivity in his life?

      That day, there was a convergence of energy in that very spot to make Fabros’ life better. Carabuena, the Channel 5 TV crew and the set of circumstances that led to Fabros being slapped.

      Mysterious ways. . . . .

    • jlarcilla

      Barney Carabuena and his brother should undergo ANGER MANAGEMENT courses.  They can take a lesson or two from Mang Fabros himself.  

      • indiots

        he he he kaw naman…

  • Diepor

    The people throwing bottles are showing the same sort of behavior as the guy they don’t like.

  • Joaquin

    we should empower and train our government workers so that ordinary civilians with some degree of wealth would never have the illusion that they are above the law. Ang daming kumag na ganyan sa Pilipinas nakakahiya

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