Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide



Plagiarism is rampant in the Senate, but some staff members of senators consider it an acceptable practice.

Passages from various authors are included in the speeches of senators and entire legislative bills are being copied and passed off as their own.

The chief of staff of Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto on Wednesday said it was a common practice among Senate staff members to scout for bills that a previous Congress had failed to enact into law and repackage them as their bosses’ pet measures.

For instance, the reproductive health (RH) bill that Sen. Miriam Santiago filed in 1997 has undergone so many incarnations before its current packaging as the committee report that she and Pia Cayetano, chairperson of the committee on women and family relations, now endorse.


Why reinvent the wheel?

“Copying is a common practice. Why do you need to think of a brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists?” said Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s chief of staff.

At a breakfast forum, Villacorta said former senators would sometimes approach incumbent ones and ask them to refile the measures that failed to reach approval during the former senators’ term.

“They request new senators to refile [the bills] because (these are) already in the archives. Why reinvent the wheel? Re-filing is an accepted practice. It is called copying,” he said.

Word for word

There are also instances when a senator’s staff goes through bills not enacted by a previous Congress and copy these word for word.

“It’s really copying …. Why exert effort when these bills are just lying around?” Villacorta said.

He explained that this was an acceptable practice because “a bill not acted upon dies with an old Congress. So when the new Congress takes over, the staff of the new senators will find out that can still be revived.”

Two senators are being assailed on social networking sites for their alleged failure to attribute information from sources on the Internet contained in their speeches.

Sotto was chastised for not acknowledging a US blogger whose work his researcher cited in a speech against the RH bill last week.

Cayetano was similarly ridiculed for allegedly not mentioning two institutions in separate speeches on maternal health and the environment.


Even Villacorta himself was whipped on the Web for saying that Philippine laws do not have provisions that penalize anyone who freely lifts information from the Internet.

Still, Villacorta said it was easier to rationalize the filing of unoriginal bills than delivering unoriginal speeches because even the Constitution was “plagiarized” from the US charter.

“We plagiarized the US Constitution. All the amendments became our Bill of Rights. But do they call us a plagiaristic country? No, because the law is based on precedent,” Sotto’s chief of staff said.

“Even our Insurance Code is a plagiarized document. The proposed freedom of information bill is plagiarized. What’s more, the Senate and House (of Representatives) versions of the RH bill are very similar. So who is plagiarizing who?” he added.

Villacorta reminded everyone that “the Bible reached us today because the monks copied from the Greeks. Everything really started from a little copying.”

All plagiarists

“Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.

Former Sen. Ernesto Maceda was in the Senate Wednesday and acknowledged that the copying of bills from a previous Congress was indeed considered acceptable among his peers during his term.

In the case of speeches, “when we lifted a passage or quotation, we gave the corresponding attribution to the source,” he said.

However, Maceda would not hold Sotto and Cayetano personally accountable for passages in their speeches that might have failed to attribute the right sources.

“I can believe the two senators if they say their speeches were prepared by their staff. It was an omission…. I think to me it’s not a big thing. It’s forgivable if it does not really affect the overall content of the speech…. Almost all senators depend on staff work,” he explained.


Santiago was also magnanimous when asked about the issue.

“Maybe the speech writer just overlooked it…. This is politics so I guess we should give more leeway to the senators as long as later on they admit that they took it from some other source and they acknowledge that source,” she said.

“This is not academe where it is grave, in effect a mortal sin not to attribute something to its source or author,” Santiago added.

Still, Maceda said it would be good if the senators would “express an apology to authors asking it.”

Not on Villacorta’s watch in the case of Sotto. “Senator Sotto was not personally responsible for preparing the speech. He only read it on the floor. Besides, I already apologized to (US blogger) Sarah Pope,” he said.

Too awkward

Villacorta said Sotto’s researchers initially tried searching for the website of US author Natasha Campbell-McBride but could not open it.

The researchers resorted instead to Sarah Pope’s blog, believing her quotes of Campbell-McBride’s work was verbatim.

“We cannot draw up a speech that says ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too awkward. Besides, what would the Senate President say,” Villacorta said.

“A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.

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  • Matt LEEE

    Ayos  Ipinagmalaki pa! ayaw pa talaga humingi ng Sorry. Langya nung pag ka graduate nya naman di pa masyado uso google at wikipedia tapos talamak gumamit ngayon.

    • ryan andres

      In Wanbol University kasi the way they commit plagiarism back in the day was to “hire” somebody in Recto to do their thesis…

      Apparently Sotto retained his plagiarist thesis writer, and he is now known as Villacorta.


    Philippines is feeding to the dogs. 

    Where on earth can you justify plagiarism as acceptable practice? Thieves!

  • John_Galt_II

    What a bunch of idiots! There is no justification for copying without permission or acknowledgement period!

    • Calapan56

       Where in the world did you get the idea that you need to get permission to quote somebody else’s writing? You are all speaking from ignorance here! In academic research, you call it plagiarism if you do not have proper attribution or citation, but you do not need to ask permission of the author being cited! If you are thinking of copyright law, which requires permission of the intellectual property owner, that is applicable only for using copyrighted/patent protected material in commercial use, not in political speeches as Sen. Sotto did.

      • Simon Ward

        Sorry, Calapan, but unless the property owner explicitly indicates that the material is free for others to use, it is not, and it doesn’t matter if it’s for commercial use or not. If the indication is not attached to the property, you must ask for permission.

        This rule of thumb applies for huge chunks of material copied verbatim, as done by Villacorta.

        However, for a paragraph or two, international copyright law generally requires attribution only.

        These are the facts. I’m not speaking from ignorance here.

      • ricardo alberto

         you are another idiot, Calapan56.

      • Calapan56

         I am sorry for being an idiot to you, Mr. Alberto, but if I am, you can only blame the UP for my law degree, the PH Supreme Court and the CA Supreme Court for giving me my law licenses. To set the record straight, I am not an apologist for Sen Sotto, nor do I agree with his arguments on the RH bill articulate in his senate speech or otherwise. I also think, based on his staff’s admission, that there was plagiarism that should be apologized for. The only point I tried to make is that Mr. Ward’s comment (that permission from the author was necessary) totally ignores the “fair use doctrine” of copyright case law.
          I am sorry that in this forum, as in any place in the internet, most commentators resort to name-calling instead of intelligent and reasoned argumentation.

      • Simon Ward

        I could defend my position very easily, but it would take time. Perhaps instead you’d care to comment on the Inquirer’s own User Agreement, re: asking permission. It’s a very typical agreement for a newspaper.

        I tried to post the pertinent section here, but Disqus keeps rejecting it.

      • Calapan56

         Mr Ward, I tried to respond to you, with citations of authority of “fair use” doctrine (per current MLA standards, but I digress) but Disqus rejected. But let me ask you a question: Worldwide, there are probably 50,000 universities and college, all  of them requiring research with strict rules against plagiarism. Not one of those, I believe, requires their student/researchers to require the written permission of book/publication/blog authors beyond proper citation. Can you imagine the paralysis on educational research if they all would be required to obtain author’s permission? That I believe is the theater of the absurd.
          I am enjoying intellectual tete-a-tete with you, as long as it remains cerebral, not emotional.

      • Simon Ward

        Well, in general terms, proper citation is accepted as sufficient not to constitute a breach of copyright, combined with a common-sense limitation on the length of an extract that can be quoted verbatim. This, of course, depends on the length of the original piece.
        But at the end of the day, the decision whether to cry foul rests with the owner of the copyright and no one else.
        Now my professional area of expertise is from the perspective of copyright holders, including a number of academic journals and major newspapers. So as not to go on too long, let me give you a common example of copyright infringement which holders of copyright actively pursue …
        When a scientist has a peer-reviewed paper published by a journal, it is normal for the copyright to belong to the journal, not the author. Indeed, the journal often sells reprints of the paper as a source of income. Unfortunately, many authors ignore this fact and may give permission to others to reuse their work, frequently as stacks of Xeroxed copies dispensed at conferences. This is a breach of copyright, and major journals may well put their foot down.
        In an academic setting such as a university, no action would likely be taken against a student making a copy for personal use. But a professor who handed copies to an entire class without permission would be risking trouble.
        I’m rambling … maybe you get my drift?
        If you want to see copyright enforcement in action, try reproducing an entire article from the Wall Street Journal on your blog :) They WILL come after you.

      • Calapan56

         I just posted a reply to yours, and the notice I got was, ”
        Comment awaiting approval
        Your comment must be approved by a moderator before appearing here.
        ” because I cited an authority. 

  • Beguine

    Plagiarism is OK just as stealing money from the people and 
    becoming unusually wealthy is perfectly OK among these 
    criminals on the loose. 

  • wawa2172

    Saying sorry is no longer an important value of the Filipinos. It died after the Luneta hostage crises when the current president voted by many Filipinos refused to say sorry to the relatives of the victims. What the victims relative want’s is to hear our leader say sorry to what happened but did not get it. As it is like saying, bakit ako mag so sorry, eh yung nag hostage naman ang may kasalanan”. Somehow, hindi naman mababawasan ang pagka pangulo nang bansa kung tatangapin nya nag kamali nang desisyon ang mga tauhan nitya sa ground. Noy was not born to say sorry, so kung ano ang mali nang matanda ay nagiging mali rin sa mga bata. 

  • mahuli

    could someone tell them to shut up PLEASE!

  • aa9922

    A simple apology from the horse’s mouth would have suffice. That would have been the end of it. But NOOOO! They are digging a deeper hole for themselves.

  • totoy_15

    You have very low standards in the senate then, no surprise really.

    • Simon Ward

      Don’t hold back :) VERY VERY LOW!

  • quirinomayer

    Wanbol University mentality din itong chief of staff ni Sotto. Wala ring ethics at wala ring hiya katulad ng amo.  Komo naging common ang kawalanghiyaan ay wala nang kaso. Para na ring sinabing komo laganap ang katiwalian e acceptable na ito.

  • Simon Ward

    Hrruummpphhh! My attempt to educate Atty Villacorta on copyright law 101 has been “unapproved”. I won’t write it all again, but the key point was that if you want to lift the sheer volume of wordage that you did, simply citing the original author is not enough. Beyond a couple of paragraphs, the standard is that you receive permission first.

    All the stuff about recycling bills and constitutions is irrelevant.

    • sked482

      Off topic: I’ve experienced the same with Discus, it seems to block or seek moderator approval (which always never comes) for some posts for unknown reasons, so whenever I make long posts I copy to notepad first before hitting “Post”, just to be on the safe side.

      • Simon Ward

        Yeah, you’re right :) I just forgot to do it this time. I’ve actually NEVER received moderator approval with Discus. Has anyone?

      • Karabukov

        Yes, you’re right. Not once. Disqus does it at random, with practically the same message, that a moderator needs to review it before approval giving you false hope that it will see the light of day. In fact it’s a black hole. What gives, Disqus?

  • Raphael


    • VidaGuerrero

       I agree.

  • jinx

    Obviously, Sotto’s image was adversely affected by that plagiarism incident. Look how they exerted enormous efforts to redeem their beloved senator’s reputation. 

  • Paliwaweng

    Nagturo pa. Napakahirap bang mag sorry? Wala na bang kayong natitirang katiting na dignidad? Ang mamayang Pilipino ang nakakahiya. It just make foreigners believe that we are a nation of cheats.

    • kevin

      I mostly believe so…..

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” – Hector Villacorta

    nagsama ang mga gung-gong sa isang opisina, like boss like staff, all stupid.

    God actually gave man the right to procreate. So how is that plagiarism? e kayong kumopya ng mga sinulat ng ibang tao, meron b kayong paalam? wala !

    Vicente Sotto + Hector Villacorta = Tanga

    • George Lapulapu

      tama ka talaga.. nahawa na yang si villacorta sa kabobuhan ni sotto… jusme dean yata yan si villacorta ng wanbol university e…

    • isidro

      Plagiarism is only a sub issue of RH bill. Sotto’s intention is good, in good faith to highlight or support good points of arguments. It is not a big deal. 

      It is only magnified because pro RH cannot answer point by point Sen. Sotto’s line of thinking. The only way for Pro RH to get even is to look for a crack on the wall. And that crack won’t make the building collapse. 

      Most English words have root words from Latin and Greek. Even some Filipino words are copied from English, Spanish and Chinese words. 

      Contents of Bible are copied from God’s words. 

      Our DNA is copied from our parent. We are an improvement of our parent.

      Look at the original version of Lagman’s RH Bill, the concept, verbatim are copied from United States and UN version of RH. Now, with our Bishops, medical experts, sociologists intervention aimed to erase the evil intentions, you cannot say that it is the original bill.

      Chinese are good for copying even small parts of computer. Now, they are manufacturing millions of this hardware thus increasing their earnings. Of course, Chinese should share their earnings to inventors or who have intellectual rights. 

      How to kill a mocking bird, just present better arguments. 

      • Rj Nieto


      • UrHONOR

          God forgive those who know not what they say.

        “HOW TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD”.  Mawalang galang na nga po at nakikiraan lamang. Mocking birds are not supposed to be killed and you are proposing to kill a mocking bird?  OK, sirit na…are you Joey de Leon?

      • isidro

        You are really brainless. You cannot distinguish what is metaphor. Go back to your basic Literature or English I.

      • PinoyTeens.Net

        Yeah…. like when he whined about his son that died in ’75 because of a pill introduced in ’78. Jeez. Can stupid people please start to shut up? Nakaka-bobo na kayo.

  • walaKA

    Is this guy really a LAWYER??Can’t believe that’s the best argument he can have..Totally out of line..

  • john_constantine

    Villacorta is just making excuses for shoddy work.

  • Roy Rosales

    like father like son,kung ano puno siyang bunga.the bottom line is,and is basic,is to cite the author of the copied sentences or i said before,huwag na natin dagdagan yung 4 na bobong together with their staff sa next election! please functional illeterates

  • edm365f31

    Villacorta has a brain the size of a peanut.   Did anybody with an IQ even question his statements.

  • john_constantine

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” – Villacorta.Something is wrong with this statement.  Did we copy God?

  • edm365f31


  • Ronald

    what brand of reasoning from Villacorta. Caught-in-the-act, too proud to admit, and digging a deeper hole for himself. 

    I am sure he is waiting to be offered an emceeing job at Eat Bulaga, admit it! As Winnie Monsod likes to say (or write), FOR SHAME!!!!

  • Carlos Javier

    My gosh, I can’t believe Villacorta is saying all this crap to excuse his laziness.  What school produced this “lawyer” anyhow?  He should just apologize for plagiarizing, and get this issue over with.

    • George Lapulapu

      dean yan si villacorta ng wanbol university

  • john_constantine

    Villacorta reminded everyone that “the Bible reached us today because the monks copied from the Greeks. Everything really started from a little copying.” WTF.  That’s called translation!  The monks didn’t affix their names on the work did they?

  • tadasolo

    this is is really an admission of historic proportion of stupidity and a total lack of common denominator, no wonder these senators are not effective in setting up policies because they are copy cats and cannot figure out what to do. this is shameful and embarrassing to the core and their lack of original ideas is not good for all of us and should be voted out from office. We need original thinkers and policy makers dedicated to improving our lives

  • ajca82

    Will someone please give this guy a dictionary!
    Copying from old bills, laws, and court decisions, even without citations, is not plagiarism because those are all public information. All of us own that information.

    If we’re all plagiarizing God, then we’re also stealing since everything is owned by God, right? That means we’re violating one of the commandments everyday, so why did God have to specifically mention that we should not steal?
    Given that plagiarism is done in the senate, though not always deliberate, and we should provide leeway for the senators doesn’t mean you refuse to apologize and even insult the source when they ask for are offended by the lack of credit due to them.

    You’ve been found out, the world knows you stole the words, the least you can do is apologize and give credit where it is due. Not act like untouchable jerks who think they can’t do anything wrong.

    Please just apologize properly and stop trying to rationalize your mistake. We get it, you messed up, we’ll forgive you as long as you avoid such mistakes and apologize to the offended party. Otherwise, foreigners may start to think that plagiarism and intellectual property theft are accepted in this country, even to the point where the same people who should create laws to prevent IP theft are the same ones violating them. 

    • dave


  • Anong345

    Surprised?  We should not.  This is part of the culture of corruption…everyone is doing it… but senators and our leaders should be made accountable for their actions…let us remember those who plagiarize and if possible tattoo and big scarlet P on their pathetic faces so we always remember when we go to the polls.  It is still about integrity!

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    apparently there’s a revised definition of the word bullshit in the dictionary

    noun ˈbu̇l-ˌshit also ˈbəl-

    Definition of BULLSHIT : Hector Villacorta

  • KuyaDikongMakabayan

    1. men are created in the image of God-God is the one that created us-so theres no plagiarism there. 
    2.our constitution was “patterned” NOT plagiarized from the US
    3. bill are “re-filed”
    in your effort to defend sotto-you made him looked like a fool. imagine the picture that you paint “he just read it (meaning,the speeches) on the floor”

    wow. parekoy, parang kumunoy kinalalagyan mo-wag kang malikot-lalo ka lulubog-stay still, and just admit your fault-ikaw na lang naniniwala sa pinagsasabi mo-how i wish you get to read all these reactions. katanga tanga mo, kawawa naman ang bayan…kami nagpapasweldo sa iyo, uto ka

  • us_sixtycents

    C’mon guys… You still have the last say when it comes to these shameless and corrupt acts.

    Your VOTE will make these self-serving politicians go away… literally … Forever!  Kick ‘em Out!

  • Monto Gawe

    O cia wala na kayong kasalanan at ang plagiarism ay isang past-time na lamang.

  • athenapallas

    It makes me wonder now if this Villacorta dude can even chew gum and walk at the same time. And maybe Sotto had a lobotomy that he is keeping a secret.

  • ramone

    Gosh, the ludicrous rationalization continues! Copying from a bill filed in a previous congress is different from copying, without due attribution, from a source for a privileged speech. One difference is that the former is supposed to be a legal document. The privileged speech, on the other hand, is supposedly a personal stance a legislator is making on a certain issue. Why didn’t the speechwriter give the proper attribution? Sotto should bear in mind that In reputable schools and universities, plagiarism can be a ground for expulsion!
    But to the extent that the defence of Villacorta is factually correct, it means that the level of scholarship in our Senate sunk low.

  • chuggy

    You know why these people don’t understand the severity of plagiarism? LACK OF INTEGRITY.

    As I’ve said many, many times before: JUST SAY NO TO CELEBRITY POLITICIANS.

  • sked482

    “We cannot draw up a speech that says
    ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too
    awkward. Besides, what would the Senate President say,” Villacorta said.
    “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.


    So saying the truth then would not make the speech credible? Enough said.

  • MarcyPulilan

    I wonder how Sen Sotto will feel if I take all his jokes and I deliver it as if it were mine and not give credit to him even if he was the original author of those jokes. Or better yet, I run for senate and act as if I am Tito Escalera (who knows I might win because I will appear dumb).

  • MarcyPulilan

    Talagang basang basa na iyong papel ni Sotto, baka iboto pa natin siya eh talagang sira na tayo.

  • orchid

    Villacorta does not sound like a legitimate lawyer. Oh Well, when you represent a senator like Sotto, you definitely will share the same level of intelligence with your boss.

    Villacorta is an embarrassment to the law profession as much as Sotto is an embarrassment to the lawmakers of the country. At this level, the public should at least get what their tax money is paying for; an intelligent senator surrounded with intelligent advisors.

    The taxpayers have been ripped off again. And never again will the taxpayers vote for these celebrities who seemed to be lost in any important proceedings.

    NEVER AGAIN to celebrities like Sotto, Estrada, Lapid, and Revilla,  in the next election.


  • MarmadukeFriend

    Sobrang bobo grabe nakakainis. I hope other countries intervene. Hindi naman nakikinig yung mga pulitiko natin sa mga pinamumunuan nila eh. :|

  • MarmadukeFriend

    Sobrang bobo rin nung Villacorta. Parang awa, kunin niyo yung license niya. Siya ang quintessence of kabobohan.

  • Mark

    ANG BOBO MO. Nasa gobyerno ka pa man din, nakakahiya ang mga taong katulad mo. Para mo na rin sinabi na ayos lang magnakaw tutal may mga nagnakaw na naman dati at marami pa rin ang nagnanakaw sa ngayon. Ewan ko lang kung hindi ka matanggal sa trabaho mo dahil sa article na ito.

    Para sa mga pulitiko, at iba pang mga opisyales sa gobyerno, huwag niyo siyang tularan dahil matalino na ang mga botante ngayon. :D

  • Noel

    Assuming it’s a common practice, why practice it when it’s wrong and unethical ?  Ano ba naman itong staff na ito humihirit pa.

  • Hitori

    This is embarrassing. Please fire these people!

  • tweakthor

    Wala talagang mapapala at maaasahan. Yung tiga payo pala ni Sotto ay plagiarizer din pala!!!  susmaryosep!!!!  

  • Htee

    Villacorta, puro palusot ka.
    Mag sorry ka na lang para matapos na ang usapan.
    Humility is a virtue you dont have.

  • 711sense

    It’s all about being lazy or don’t know how to interpret words of a writer to their own words. But the worst of it is, not accepting responsibilities after they got caught using “words for words” MS Pope’s blog. Instead, they try to diminish the writer and making all kinds of excuses to get away from apologizing to MS Pope. When you have uneducated politicians and use lazy and not intelligent staff, you get is a bunch of garbage.  It is equally sad that they made a big thing about plagiarism of what Associate Justice Mariano Del Castillo’s researcher did but they can’t admit it themselves. What is sauce for the goose, should also be sauce for the gander. Politicians are voted by the people and should set a sterling example for everyone to emulate.

  • imongredneck

    Villacorta is giving a wrong message to the students. Shame on you.

  • orchid

    The English language features an anthropomorphic collection of nouns for the various groups of animals: bunch of cows = a “herd”; group of geese = a “gaggle”; bunch of fish = a “school”; group of sheep = a “flock”.
    Less widely known are: a “pride” of lions; a “murder” of crows; an “exaltation” of doves; and because they look so wise, a “parliament” of owls.
    Finally, a group of baboons, which are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.

    What is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? Answer: A  CONGRESS

    Which explains why The CONGRESS of the PHILIPPINES is in such a sordid state.

    • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

      This is funny BUT this is a perfect example of someone taking something they read, copying it and posting it without attribution.  What is it called again, Plagiarism.

      This was lifted word from word, from an article by Frosty Woodbridge.  Unless you are Mr Woodbridge of course.

    • ryan andres

      I thought the collective noun for our congressmen was “failure”… as in A FAILURE OF CONGRESSMEN…

    • vince_bugaboo

      this is the best; million likes.

    • vince_bugaboo

      “Group of baboons: A Congress.”

      Orchid, this is so good. i won’t be surprised if it’s “plagiarized” during the next few days and beyond. kudos to you!

      by the way, do you agree that a “SENATE” can be made equal to a “pack of hyenas” for not so secret reasons? unlimited voraciousness, for example.

      • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

        Actually ORCHID is the one who “plagiarized” this.  Didn’t you see me reply to him/her?

      • vince_bugaboo

        my praise to her comment points to her coinage of “group of baboons: a congress.” i really believe this comes from her.

        also, I think she referred to the “english language” as the source containing the informations she cited about the anthrpomorpic collections….and that removes the connotation of proprietorship on her side, unlike sotto’s total absence of attribution.

        and my tongue was in my cheek when i said i won’t be surprised if it’s
        “plagiarized” because i’m amused by the present overuse of the word.

        what orchid did is quite similar to defining a specific word from a dictionary, like, “according to the dictionary…” where, more often than not, we do not bother to mention webster or oxford, etc.

      • UrHONOR

        WHAT about a pair of crocodiles?  MIKE and GLORIA.

        A pair of leeches:  LAMBIHORN  


  • Joanna Zuñiga

    Ah Hector Villacorta, thank you for proving that idiots like you exist. How did you graduate school again?

  • Alloywheel1

    It is fine if the originating writer does not protest that his/her work was copied.  You got caught.  The sensible step is to admit it and apologize; acknowledge the work of originating writer.  That’s the end of it.  Instead, you – of all people – in the Senate – is spinning it to justify your ‘stealing on other people’s work.  Kahit na milyon-milyon beses mong gawin, ang mali ay habang panahon ay mali.  Motto ninyo, “Deny, deny until you die”.

  • isaac

    PLAGIRISM is not acceptable in any form, it is like a THIEF in a broad daylight. only IDIOT and MORONS do practice and accept this kind of behavior. In our civilized world it is a CRIME, Stealing someone’s INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS. IN THE CASE OF SOTTO.. HE IS A THIEF, OF LOW LIFE.

  • George Lapulapu

    MY GAD!!!!!!!! truly power can addle  the mind. hoy say sorry and move on villacorta. the more you defend you hopeless situation the more clueless you are….

    1) granting, everyone practice plagiarism, e di inamin mo na plagiarist lang iskol bukol na amo mo.
    2) kung lahat nag plagiarize, hindi ibig sabihin genius na yang iskol bukol sotto mo, dapat tanggalin lahat dyan sa sendao ang walang mga intellectual integrity or yung wala na lang intellect.
    3) ang ibig mo villacorta (dean of wanbol university), kung may magnanakaw sa senado ok ang mag nakaw yang iskol bukol sotto mo? –ganyan din ang rason ng mga pari ng time ni GMA, kasi nagnakaw naman ng vote lahat so ok lang magnakaw si GMA…

    ayos yang logic mo.. isa lang ibig sabihin nyang mga sinabi mo.. wala laman yang utak mo.. pero di ako papayag na yung mukha ko pareho sa mukha mo…


  • Rafael Uy

     verb ˈplā-jə-ˌrīz also -jē-ə-  to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source.
    Holy crap. I can’t even begin to… this is beyond stupid. What’s worse is that a lot might actually believe this crap. KAASAR TAKTE.

  • Aleckx Limas

    Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide: SO SAD TO HEAR THIS!!! IF THIS IS REALLY TRUE! NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO CREATE A LAW ON PLAGIARISM IF THAT IS THE CASE. SHAME ON US IF WE CONTINUE TO PRACTICE THIS ENGAGED IN THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY. ALSO, ONE THING,  PLEASE DO not theologize plagiarism. If YOU are not really equip with the proper knowledge on how to theologize better not equate the theology of the image of God to Plagiarism for it is not a good comparison the more you will create trouble on the issue.

  • Guest

    According to Villacorta:
    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.

    Nothing in the Bible that said, our image was copied from God. The Bible says, God created man in his own image. In other passages, God made man in his image. But the word “copied” was never used Mr Villacorta.

    The word “Created” is different from “copied”. Get real Mr Lawyer.

    • VidaGuerrero

       maybe he thinks that by (mis) quoting the bible, he can get away with his convoluted logic easily. good eye mindanao1. i didn’t catch the difference between “created” and “copied” right away.

    • arthur1401

      Pasenssya ka na. mukhang di naman talaga lawyer iyan si villcorta. nagsusuot lang ng expensive suit to look like a lawyer.basahin mo ang mga statement niya, parang statement ng HS drop-out.

      • MTUY

         Baka ma-insulto ang mga HS drop out na mas may kakayanan kesa sa dalawang ito.

  • Alloywheel1

    The bible says “You can catch a fool from their own mouth.”  Very true.  Deny, deny until you die – that’s the motto of Mr. Wanbol and staff.

  • GMMTC11

    Magkaroon naman kayo ng hiya.

  • padrefaura

    atty villacorta, what da fuq is wrong with you? abugado ka, chief of staff ng senador (isang lawmaker), and yet, you are justifying something that is wrong? 

    dapat ma-disbar ka for gross ignorance of the law. 

    kung sabagay, ang bobong senador, kukuha din ng bobong staff, kasama na ang chief bobong staff. 

  • George Lapulapu

    ..ang totoo nyan villacorta, di nyo nabasa ang libro ni wala kang karapatan mag qoute galing sa atong nakapagbasa nyan….ay ang tanga talaga

  • Spartan Akon Ismagul

    What a BS…trying to hide on semantics.  Mga abogado tong talaga, oo.  Instead of apologizing and done over it, they’re trying to dodge out of the issue and the more they do, the more it blows out of their thick faces.  Is it really that hard for this lawyer to be man enough and say, I am sorry? He should go back to kindergarten and read Robert Fulghum.

  • QQU

    We are creating yet another NORMAL here.

    By stretching the meaning of PLAGIARISM, and justifying its use (in our Congress no less)…we are now saying that it’s perfectly alright to PLAGIARIZE.

    Plagiarism is simply NOT acceptable. If it is not a crime, Mr. Sotto, as senator, should help sponsor a bill to make it one.

    For one thing, a palgiarizing congress (this includes the senate) “cannot” impeach a plagiarising SC justice.

    For another thing, a plagiarizing senator or congressman diminishes his character, iintellectual capacity, credibility, etc. etc…and thus, the overall image of the Philippines of which they all represent.

    Mr. Sotto, we, Filipinos, and you know the odious nature of plagiarism, much like the inside of a septic tank…no matter how much you deodorize it.

  • dave


  • Political Jaywalker

    They didn’t call the senate and tongress as Lolong’s pen for no reason, LOL….

  • Bruce T. Rodriguez

    And all hope for mankind had been lost…

  • leadyourself

    i could cut and paste the wiki article here to make my point, but that would be unethical. plagiarism is theft.

  • ryan andres

    Bobo! ‘Namo ka Villacorta, inamin mo na hindi lang kayong dalawa ng amo mo ang inutil, kundi ang buong senate!

    Oh, and by the way, we’re paying hard-earned tax money to your ignorant boss so that he can use his brain and come up with new effective control measures, not rehash old ones! G A G O !!!

    • VidaGuerrero

       also ryan, since villacorta is Sotto’s CS, we the taxpayers are also footing his pay….

      • ryan andres

        SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! Akala ko sa bulsa ni Sotto galing ang sahod nyan…so we’re footing the bill as well??? Sayang ang pera natin sa hayop na yan ah!!!

      • ryan andres

        Oops, caught myself there… kung galing sa bulsa ni Sotto ang sahod nyan, by extension eh tayo rin pala nagbabayad nyan… good catch Vida…

  • ryan andres


  • padre_damaso

    “A whole gamut of according to would not make it credible”
    Wtf!? Would copying a blog, without confirming the contents of the main source make it credible? E mga abugado to, ever heard of the term hearsay? Paano nila nasiguro na yung sinabi ng mere blogger e yun yung nasa main book? Iskul bukol research at its best.

  • dave


  • The_Bogs

    Fallacy Of The General Rule: assuming that something true in general is true in every possible case. 
    Can’t you just say sorry Senator Sotto?????????

  • Doc_A

    Huh!!! Mr. Villacorta! You are a lawyer… and you should know better!!!

    So… plaigarism is a common practice in senate… plaigarism is stealing… so i guess other form of stealing is a common practice in senate… and to the senators it is perfectly fine…everybody is doing it anyway!!!

    Only in the Philippines… while the rest of the world condemns plaigarism… we accept it as a common practice! Imagine! Tama ba yun!!! welcome to barbaric age!!!

  • George

    why not pay the honorable senators and the staff writers a photocopied pinas money?

  • cato_the_younger

    “A whole gamut of according to would not make it credible”

    Ha! Ha! Ha! So the senator in effect says that being found out to have copied stuff verbatim from somebody else’s work would make it credible? You would at least think that with the millions of pesos allocated for staff expenses, the people in the good senator’s office should at least exert some effort (I don’t think merely copying and pasting bills is really hard work.). I’ve always thought plagiarism was a form of intellectual theft. But on the other hand, given that many of the country’s politicians are thieves, I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Kung magnanakaw na rin lang, eh di lubus-lubusin na, nakawin na lahat ng puwedeng manakaw, kahit intangibles.

  • Marnie Tonson

    “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.
    Paraphrasing this, Villacorta seems to say, “Being spoken in the Senate makes a speech credible, not attribution.”

    • Joey

      the main reason why one has to attribute properly what he or she says is for the listeners, mainly the people, to be able to judge appropriately the value of the information they are hearing from the speaker. speakers have to give their listeners the opportunity to actually go back to the actual resources/references the speakers used and examine for themselves the validity of statements they hear, and not just rely on the fact that the speaker is a senator or some other high government official.

  • pilosopo4

    No worries..Mr. Villacorta is a MERE CHIEF OF STAFF OF A SENATOR and not to be taken seriously..simply shrug him off our shoulders like a garden bug..and you can plagiarize this post as well! lol

  • Joey

    it’s not the copying itself that is wrong… even academics copy stuff from other professors sometimes if it will help promote their own ideas… it’s the fact that people working in congress do not acknowledge properly where their ideas came from! as if sila ang naka-imbento ng ideyang pinapanukala nila!!! yun ang PLAGIARISM!

  • Hey_Dudes

    There it is ladies and gentlemen in black and white.  If plagiarism is not something the supreme court nor the upper house of congress find egregious enough to admit wrongdoing, the whole integrity of the Filipino people have just been shredded fine by both institution without scruples. 

  • w33k3nd3r

    Then with this, they have just declared that the Senate is infested with THIEVES! From the senators themselves down to the lowliest clerk! Sotto, you’re so proud that an apology will never come out of you even if we try to beat it out of your filthy carcass! EVEN IF I NEVER VOTED FOR HIM– I’D SAY TO ALL: NO CHAUVINISTIC, PLAGIARIZING, RAPIST, LYING, THIEVES IN OUR BALLOTS FOR 2013!!! THIS IS WHAT WE GET FOR LETTING ARTISTA TRAPOS IN!

    • us_sixtycents

      Thank you Boss! I love that seriously!

      Let’s add – Ex-cons, Boxers, Old Timers (stubborn, narrow minded, older than dirt), Polygamist, Religious Leaders (the worst) … and please whatever you do……. limit one per household.

  • scorpio22

    A simple apology and little humility would have killed this issue. But no. Sotto,his staff,and the senate would like to show the whole world that they cannot and do not do any wrong.

    And they call themselves “honorable”?

  • arnulfo quelones

    bwisit na sotto yan..imbis na maging example, siya pa ang pakana ng katangahan sa sambayanan…dagdagan pa ng mga staff nyang mga tanga, gagawin at hahahamakin na ang lahat para lang makalusot sa katangahan nila…dagdag pa tong demonyong merriam santiago…kung manglait ng ordinaryong tao sa senado, feeling nya diyos sya…tapos ngayong kapwa nya buang na senador nahuli sa katangahan, kokonsentihin nya…

    Sana sa ngayon, matauhan na ng lubusan ang sambayanang pilipino kung anong klaseng mga tanga at demonyong tao ang hinalal natin sa pwesto. harap harapan tayong ginagago..Maging leksyon sana ito sa ating lahat at sana di natin kalimutan na tayo rin ang nagluklok sa mga gagong taong ito sa senado…

  • Karabukov

    Wow, this thing just refuses to die. Too bad, if Tito Sotto just followed Sarah Pope’s advice to make a quick apology and move on, that would have been the end of it. Ngayon tuloy, lahat na nadadamay dahil gusto nilang mandamay and not without truth to it either. 

    Everybody plagiarizes, everybody cheats, everybody is corrupt, everybody loses.

    Don’t take me down because I will take everybody else down with me. 

  • ricardo alberto

    Wow, this idiot just refuses to give up!  I hope Sarah Pope calls the bluff and sues them for their sheer arrogance.

  • Leana Vibal

    So just because “COPYING” is old practice we should let it be? So just because many people do it we should be ok with it? HAHAHAHA following your logic Mr. Villacorta, STEALING, KILLING, RAPE are also ALL ACCEPTABLE just because a lot of people do it and it has been around society far longer than COPYING or PLAGIARISM has. So do you dare extend your logic? you ignorant fool.YOU DISGUST ME. YOU ARE THE VERY THING THAT IS WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY Mr. Villacorta. You have twisted the situation and the context of every single piece of “evidence” you have presented. SHAME ON YOU. You exhibit flawed logic and by some weird twist of fate you have the audacity to make public statements such as the one you gave inquirer. UNBELIEVABLE. HAHAHA. Just because you can talk, doesn’t mean you have to. It takes courage and humility to accept ones mistakes, Mr. Villacorta, I plead you and the rest of your staff– EVEN YOUR BOSS MR. SOTTO, to just say sorry. Stop rationalizing what you have done and just own up to it.It is politicians like Mr. Sotto that make me want to exercise my right to vote. I cannot stand having such arrogant fools “lead” our nation.

  • farmerpo

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.

    Sobra galing nitong si Villacorta.  Pati image ni God alam. Sir, kung alam nyo image ni God, kayo na pinaka … dito sa universe. Kinopya ka ng tatay mo.

  • w4d

    This is serious accusation. If the Senate comes down heavy on this idiot lawyer, then they are saving face. If they let this slide, then maybe Villacorta is telling the truth. Nonetheless, he had an obligation to “stop the wrong” that he has been observing, instead chose to participate. How stupid.

  • Doc_A

    Dear Philippine Daily Inquirer…

    This article is an insult to the Filipino people… a bad example to our children!

    Make this article vanish into the outer space!!! and if it is possible to include Mr. Villacorta… kindly do so…

    I think i am having heart attack reading this article!!!

  • Tommy_Bahama

    why is this “lawyer” still yapping about this issue? he is digging himself a hole he can’t get out of. and he is dragging the senate along with him. enrile should convince sotto to “drop kick” this fool and hire a new chief of staff. unbelievable and only in the philippines.

    • Pinoytoo

      It really is more fun in the Philippines huh.

  • agxo3

    Plagiarism – STEALING – is commonly accepted in the Senate? I guess it’s just a reflection of the morality (or lack thereof) in the Filipino character. After all, the Catholic Church, no less, has condoned – even promoted and encouraged – electoral cheating in its defense of GMA and her cronies. If the Catholic Church will stand behind it, then therefore God must also, yes? Because others do it, it must be right, yes?

    No wonder the Philippines is mired in poverty, doomed to be a fourth world country (3rd world countries are better off) forever.

    Shame on you!

  • agecee

    Plagiarism, stealing and raping  women like Pepsi Paloma common in senate too?

  • OneDelaX

    so basically what they’re saying is if stealing in the senate is a common practice, then it’s OK. god bless this country.

  • gusm

    These morons are still trying to defend their laziness and stupidity. Sotto and his staff did wrong. Stop defending the indefensible. It makes you look even more pathetic. You have no reason to be arrogant and obnoxious because you lied and you thieved. The civilized and manly thing to do is to admit your mistake, give a proper apology, promise not to do it again and move on. It is that simple. STOP THE STUPIDITY. STOP THE ARROGANT ATTITUDE. STOP THE OBNOSXIOUSNESS. GET SOME HUMILITY. You all look like, stupid and arrogant a-holes.

  • efriend

    Raping a woman and asking forgiveness (read: Pepsi Paloma) is also common.  Is it acceptable?  Bribery is also common.  Is it acceptable?  Nepotism is common.  Is it acceptable?  Awarding of contracts to friends and relatives is common.  Is it acceptable. 

    This aide should be fired.  Tito Sotto should resign.

  • arthur1401

    Hector Villacorta’s logic is symptomatic of a twisted and warped intelligence learned from a diploma mill, recto or even wanbol university. What kind of a lawyer is this guy who doesn’t even know when and how to apply a figurative speech and to make appropriate comparisons?
    Hector is saying we are all plagiarists because our image was copied from God.  Using that phrase from bible is a stupid figure of speech and logic because it appears that he does not know that God has no physical attributes. So if my children looks exactly like me, are my children plagiarists? Now, hector, analyze your logic if it makes sense.

    Since when copying laws of the land, codes and other public document without attribution becomes plagiarism? They were published precisely for that reason- to be copied and implemented. Lawyers cite sources of previous cases in their arguments in debates not because of plagiarism but because they want to provide more teeth in  their arguments.

    Just because crimes are committed left and right, will that make committing crimes correct? Just because huweting is rampant in our country, will that make hiuweting noble? 

    What about if a poet wrote an award winning poem and posted it in the web, you copied it without the author’s permission and attribution, and re-posted it in your FB to impress your friends that you’re  a good poet, is that plagiarism? Yes, even if it is copied from web that can be read by anyone at anytime. And to insult the poet that you copied it without citation because it is not copyrighted and was copy-pasted from a public domain is the biggest stupidity that one can make. That is what hector and sotto did.   

    hector’s diversion of issues, citing of facts and examples and comparisons are way, way off the mark and they sucked. It only showed how dumb he is.

    Giving examples as in the above news report only showed that he does not know the meaning of plagiarism and he is such a bad and dumb lawyer. A dumb senator needs a dumb lawyer as company because they complement each other.

    • ampyrms

      You hit the nail on the head. Nothing more I can say than, hahahahahahahahaha to the dumb Senator and his dumber chief of staff.

      • arthur1401

        Funny. But if one is dumber than the other, mag-aaway iyan at ang pag aawayan nila? Mas dumber ako!!!

    • leubas


  • Tristanism

    In fairness to the guy, he is only irritating when he opens his mouth. :)

    He is not asked to reinvent the wheel. He is merely asked to ask permission or at least cite sources when lifting passages from other people.

    Sure, they refile bill because other lawmakers ask them to, but the thing there is they were asked to do it. E pinakiusapan kayo na i-refile e di ayos nga lang yan. Subukan niyong magrefile ng bill na hindi nagpapaalam at sabihin niyong kayo gumawa nun. Tignan natin kung matuwa yon.

    Tapos ang arogante niyo pa. Nangopya kayo, hindi nagpaalam at hindi nag-cite ng source, tapos kayo pa ang maangas.

    Yari ka sa erpats ko.


  • Renato

    These fockers are truly a whole bunch of ignoramus. What is wrong citing your sources when you guys do are nothing but to copy and paste? The word FOOTNOTE is invented so all of you fools can use it, Check your focking constitution you MORON.

  • Pinoytoo

    Villacorta as a lawyer should know better. I wonder why he is still trying to convince everyone that what he and his bossing did is acceptable. Plagiarism is never acceptable in any ways, shape or form. Why is it so hard for them to just say I’m sorry what we did was wrong.  Why try to justify criminal activities as acceptable just because some are doing it. Not just one but multiple times in one speech. What a shame! I agree you should be fired for being an idiot and your bossing should resign.

  • scorpio22

    Villacorta was born without a brain. How he became a lawyer?… God only knows.

    • leubas


  • drefaura

    Mga nag-aral at nakatapos ng kung anu-anong kagatasan ang mga ito ha. Acceptable pala ang mangopya sa inyo. Only in the Philippine Senate, and they’re having fun doing it.

    Buti pa ang apo kong 5 years old, K sa Cerillo School – alam nya masama at malaking kasalanan ang mangopya.

    Kakahiya kayo.

    • ethicsingov

      Okey mangopya but give due credit to whom it’s due by citing the author appropriately. Meron technical writing procedure, di lang basta sinabi ni Juan ….

    • bototmo

      Patuloy mong TURUAN ng MAGANDANG ASAL ang apo mo, baka SA GENERATION NILA MAKITA NATIN ANG TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO NG BANSANG PILIPINAS. Sa darating na election sana piliin na ang mga leaders na karapat-dapat para mag silbi sa taong bayan. KEEP ON KEEPING ON DREFAURA!!!.

  • Crysis_III

    So they accepted that plagiarism is common huh? This means that they don’t have originality and that means they suck…. Therefore Sotto’s team is a joke…..

  • Efren

    Baluktot talaga ang kukote nitong si Villacorta, who is presumably the legal counselor of Wanbol University .  He gave examples of copying after asking for permission (explicitly or implicitly) from
    the original writers .  Copying without permission is totally different from copying with permission !
    Had Sotto indicated the proper attribution or if he made the proper apology (as suggested by Mirriam) ,  SPope would surely give her permission !   Sana huwag ma-influenced ang minds ng mga kabataan (na studyante) sa maling pananaw ng Wanbol University !


  • kayanatwo


    now juan dela cruz really had it.  the words came from the horse’s mouth,  it was confirmed by villacorta, sen.sotto’s chief of staffs- that the senators are all cheaters.

    so, how long are these cheating has been going on ? was all the senators been cheating juan dela cruz for life now?

    • leubas


  • Nilo C

    Nakakahawa pala ang sakit na “Bobo”. Wala pa namang Hospital para gamutin.

  • us_sixtycents

    Good Job Hector… I think he got a point there…

    ….. but starting next payday he will be paid with photo copy money and let see how far he would go.  

    • VidaGuerrero

       he will insist on passing it off as for real in buying pirated DVD’s because there’s nothing wrong with it!

  • Hfxwst

    A culture of excuse making.

    This practice would be considered an indictable offense in any credible democracy – then again, so would religious interference.

  • rey

    so, if kidnap, carnap, hold up, snatching, murder, rape, prostitution, human rights violations, etc. are common practice, why not make them legal? ooops, you may include cheating in elections legal, too. 

  • brunogiordano

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.
    very PRESUMPTOUS!!!!!

    sino o anong GOD ang tinutukoy mo?????

    another BOGUS belief.

  • brunogiordano

    “Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide”



    pakisagot PLEASE bago kami makapagbigay ng makatwiran opinion sa INYO.

  • ethicsingov

    Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide – UNBELIEVABLE! It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about giving due credit to somebody else’s idea and citing the references.

    Our next brand will be : PHL a plagiaristic nation!

    • leubas


  • brunogiordano

    “Maceda said it would be good if the senators would “express an apology to authors asking it.”


    kung nagopya ka at nahuli ka, tapos mayabang ka pa dapat lang talagang itapon ka sa ilalim ng BUS.


    This is the most preposterous statement from our political leaders and advisers. These explains everything how they got the positions-cheating. The practiced in climbing the political ladder in the Philippines-cheating.

    Will he still be showing up his face tomorrow?


      Our leaders keep embarassing themselves. The only thing we can do is to hope they learn how to make their f***kng mouth shut!

      • VidaGuerrero

         very tall order for people who think that the only thing they need to do is talk..including talking their way out of their stupidity

      • BURNtheCHURCH

        Too bad stupidity doesn’t hurt. -Anton Lavey-

    • VidaGuerrero

       i’m sure he will show his face tomorrow BURN. with an air of pride to boot, thinking how good he was in “logically” explaining plagiarism. can’t wait for his reaction (and Sotto’s too!). and to think he’s the chief of staff of a senator. you might want to change your name to BURNtheSENATEtoo haha

  • b

    Makakapal talaga ang mukha ng mga Ipokritong mambabatas at kanilang mga alipores……Ethics anong ethics baka etits.

  • jtclassic

    The more they talk, the more they get themselves in trouble… or put themselves in ridicule.

  • Sarcee

    “Senator Sotto was not personally responsible for preparing the speech. He only read it on the floor.” eh bakit iiyak-iyak pa sya?? drama lang pala!

    • anton kinuton

      sotto cried because the sidenotes on the speech he was reading says “shed a tear, then cry”. i wonder how many times he cried when he rehearsed his speech.

    • leubas


  • Blogie Robillo

    Villacorta’s statements are wrong on so many levels. I cannot believe how he keeps going on and on about this… he’s digging himself deeper into the ground! It’s ridiculously embarrassing already! And the last statement takes the cake: “This is the Senate we’re talking about.” What, senators are beyond reproach? above the law? can’t be bothered to cite sources?

  • VidaGuerrero

    judging from the uproar over villacorta’s excuses, i have a feeling his next statement will be “I was misquoted.”

    atty. villacorta, you will never be misquoted if you simply say, “sorry, our mistake.” mas madali yon. 

    • us_sixtycents

      Too bad, apologizing is not common in Senate.

      These are shameless people Vida, so its time to invest on Fuji Xerox.. make it colored please co’z Hector might start complaining about his photo copied money.

      • Luz del Mundo

        Don;t expect them to apologize.  Takot na takot silang maakusahang nag-plagiarize kung magsabing “I’m sorry”.  ‘di ba kay Gloria ang original ng “I’m sorry”?

  • Hey_Dudes

    It is all about setting the example.  Gloriya Pidal Arrovo was responsible in giving birth to the pangkat khawatan raiders of the Juan dela Cruz kaban treasure and look what it achieved?  Almost her entire cabinet along with their respective machinery became looters to which until now the country is still determining where the money went?

    The supreme court through one of it’s associate justice engaged in a blatant plagiarism only to shrug his shoulders when he got caught?  As a result, now even congressional staffers are saying plagiarism is something that goes on all the time?

    If you forgot how to cry, this is the right time to learn it again.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Malinaw na kung bakit ganito ang Pilipinas, mga pinuno natin mga pulpol para silang iyong Escalera brothers sa Iskul Bukul.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Tito Sotto mag jack-o-lantern ka na lang sa isang sulok dala ang isang kahon ng tissue baka mas magandang alternatibo pa iyan sa RH Bill. Kung ako ang Tatay mo, kung alam ko lang ikaw magiging anak ko, mag jajack-o-lantern na lang din ako sa isang madilim na sulok, tapos hugas ng kamay para healthy.

  • joe__bloggs

    Ok guess who said this Mr Villacorta:”When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging “

  • ApolMakulot

    Ano kaya ang sey ni Miss Tapia tungkol dito?
    Btw, saan kaya nag graduate ng Law si Villacorta? Kasi ang bopels ng mga argumento n’ya… KAKAHIYA KA… kayo palang lahat nina Sotto!

  • Antonio Jr Arevalo

    the idea of copying word for word or even just paraphrasing a copied idea/statement for your boss’s speech or sponsored bill is ok, SO LONG AS YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THE SOURCE/S, otherwise that is irresponsible copying, or plain and simple, lying or plagiarism.
    staff of legislators ought to know that basic principle, otherwise you probably don’t deserve to be where you’re assigned at the moment, and maybe should go back to school.

  • ampyrms

    This people don’t learn, do they? They are just digging themselves deeper every time they reason out, and I’ve noticed that they don’t know how to accept their mistakes. So sad that we have this kind of people in our legislature.

  • Nicolas T. Gatmaitan

    Even Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago plagiarized hehe. 

    http:// fvdb.wordpress. com/2012/08/22/sen-pia-cayetano-another-plagiarist-in-the-ph-senate-how-about-miriam-santiago/

    Or search: “Sen. Pia Cayetano: Another Plagiarist in the PH Senate? How About Miriam Santiago?”

  • ryan andres

    Na-figure out ko na…

    In Wanbol University kasi the way they commit plagiarism back in the day was to “hire” somebody in Recto to do their thesis…
    Apparently Sotto retained his plagiarist thesis writer, and he is now known as Villacorta.

  • johnllander

    Defending a mistake is just like a consent to do another mistake.  We cannot afford to have a senate with plagiarist senators.  Senators should show high level of competence and integrity but most them right now are just a graduate of iskul bukol with no integrity at all to speak of.  What a shame on these senators!

    Sotto resign now!
    Enough of low-level-IQ senators!

  • pogihekk

    T A N G A!!! kopya pa rin yan. San ka Graduate ng Law? Sa Ikul bukol? Nakakahiya ka pati na amo mo. It is very simple, you should know how to respect by acknowledging the author. People won’t laugh at you and won’t degrade your morality neither your inteligence. You mean to say, taga basa lang ang amo mo at hindi niya ni re review ito  bago basahin sa senate? Or maybe because he didn’t understand what he is reading!

  • rickysgreyes

    WHaatdaaaFFF. I almost fell off my bed reading this. Sigh. No hope for the Philippines.

  • ryan andres

    I still can’t get over the statements this pathetic excuse for a lawyer has made:

    “Even our Insurance Code is a plagiarized document. The proposed freedom of information bill is plagiarized. What’s more, the Senate and House (of Representatives) versions of the RH bill are very similar. So who is plagiarizing who?” he added.

    Who is plagiarizing who…ulol! Mukha kang may plague!

  • Cal_Reznick

    Well what else do you expect from a government whose President is most known for doing nothing.

  • anton kinuton

    OMG, anong klaseng mga tao ang mga ito. Ipinagdidi-inan pa rin na tama ang isang napakalinaw na mali. Kung nagkukupyan kayo diyan sa Senado, hindi ibig sabihin na tama ang mangopya.Kahiya, pero di tayo dapat magtaka kung nangongopya sila, kasalanan din natin mga botante kasi sila ang binoto natin. Kaya sa susunod na election, mag-isip naman tayo, mamili tayo ng mga karapat-dapat na maging Senador. Isa siguro sa batayan sa pagpili natin kung “mangongopya ba ang kandidato na ito?”.


    Mas lalong nababaun si sotto.

  • nes911

    this is a lot of bull….villacorta is nuts. plagiarism is theft …so if everyone steals as a common practice in the senate, it is okay lang? wag ka ng magpalusot, magapologize na lang kayong dalawa ni tito sotto dahil guilty kayo sa crime ng intellectual piracy.

  • biancajbbea

    wala talagang manyayari sa pilipinas e mga tanga at magnanakaw ang mga nakaupo.

  • Mikey Blanco

    so our lawmakers are rehashing old bills that did not make the cut WITHOUT even revising it? WTF? our democracy is just about numbers and nothing more. this is SAD

  • ryan andres

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  • ripley101

    Villacorta’s communication with Sarah Pope does not even muster a whiff of apology. His words sounded arrogant and so impersonal. That’s the problem with lawyers nowadays – too much legalese. Villacorta could have delivered a more heartfelt apology but no, his tone was in keeping up with the high-falutin’ hypocrisy that is the Philippine Congress.

  • rei49

    Plagiarism is OK for Villacorta,Sotto and Cayetano! There are many ways of citing or quoting authors/sources of phrases/words/ideas in a speech instead of using “ACCORDING TO” ACCORDING TO YOU!

  • leubas


  • jesussaints

    kaya walang nangyayari sa Pilipinas kasi ang mga Pinoy walang ginawa kundi dakdakan ng dakdakan. I can’t believe that this plagiarism or copying or whatever you call it has become such a big issue…move on.

  • fugeee

    talaga naman si villacorta!!! manang mana sa among si sotto…sige pakita nyo sa mga kabataan na okey ang pangongopya o plagiarism…bad influence kayo…ang kapal!!!! 

  • uriel arcangel

    pwede pala mangopya yan natutunan sa paaralan ang pangongopya 

  • 4kingdaddy

    ipinagmamalaki pa ni villa(T)orta ang pagiging SUPER-PLAGIARISTIC nila sa senado…..kaya pala  walang nangyayari sa kongreso, eh ang sinusweldohan ni juan ay nagongopya lang….baka naman sa katamaran nitong si torta, eh pati ‘yong binili n’yang alimasag ay pinapauwi sa kanila na sariling gumagapang para s’ya ay mas maraming panahong makapangopya pa para ang kanyang amo ay mag mukhang bida……bakit di na lang kayo humingi sa mga screenwriters sa pilikula?  tiyak, ang makakakita sa mga bossing n’yo na nagtatalumpati ay siguradong mapapa-iyak…garantisado…..

  • ano ikaw

    Plagiarism is dishonesty.
    Goodness sake, nakakahiya sa lahat ng pilipino.
    Ang unibersidad, gobyerno atbpa….reputation down the drain…..

  • spearheads

    Villacorta is correct in all counts. Proof? Even my yellow fans and pro RH bill supporters, plagiarized my posts in this website. Mas grabe pa nga. After plagiarizing they gnaw, chew, eat, and delete my comments completely. Worse, they yell and beat their breasts like a wild orangutang for their hard earned achievement. And these are the same guys who shouts plagiarist in this forum.

  • ano ikaw

     THE STUPID GUY SAID “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.

    Really? So now what happened to the so called Senate?

    Reputation tarnished. Filipinos shamed across the globe.

    Resign both of you idiots!

  • MangDolphy

     Siempre naman, ang abogado, pag kumikita ng husto sa amo, ilalaban ka nya ng pitpitan ng kuwan . . . daliri. Di mo syempe kakagatin ang kamay na nagpapakain sa iyo. Si Tito Sotto naman ano naman aasahan mo sa kanya. Kasikatan lang sa pag-aartista at bowling ang puhunan nyan kaya nanalo senador. Ano ba binatbat ng Wanbol University graduate? Ba’t kasi kumakandidato pa mga artista na alam naman nila la naman sila ibubuga. Ano ba laman ng utak nila panday. asyong at pinoy cowboy lapid? Kaya nga bilib ako ke tokayo Dolphy. Kakandidato ka, baka nga naman manalo, ano gagawin mo?

    • spearheads

      Iyan ang maliwanag na katibayan o. Pati pangalan ni Mang Dolphy naplagiarized mo na.

  • NYPinoy

    Villacorta will spend the rest of his life justifying that plagiarizing is common, thus is acceptable.  As he said, even Man is plagiarized in the image of God.  I have never ever seen that take on Gen. 1:27, so, Mr. Villacorta, you finally have your very first original thought.

  • blackcoupe

    This incident says it all about the sorry  state of  politics in our beloved Philippines. Instead of apologizing and making it right, they still have the gall to defend their position. The last statement by Mr. Villacorta and I quote…“A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,”…the fact that they copied and pass it off as Sen. Sotto’s speech, makes the speech and Sen. Sotto not credible…. Instances like these makes me thankful that I decided to migrate years ago to Canada and lucky enough to experience what good governance means…Walang palusot dito sa Canada…..

  • Erlando

    The story is whole lot different from the issue. Look at this ….”Villacorta said former senators would sometimes approach incumbent ones and ask them to refile the measures that failed to reach approval during the former senators’ term.” – Ibig sabihin may pahintulot ng former senator.

    Paano ngayon ang pending Impeachment ng isang Supreme Court Justice??? if Senate would seat as impeachment court.

  • mangtom

    To heck with Hector. He just revealed to the whole world that the Philippine Senate is a den of thieves-plagiarists. Is any wonder that our country is in the shape it is with the kind of high government officials,- shameless, lack of integrity, arrogant,-we have?

    What Hector is a real eye-opener. Now we know the score inside the Senate. Pangkaraniwan lang ang kopyahan. Massive corruption among senators.

    It is possible that not all senators are guilty of plagiarism. I hope we can hear from them.

    Whew! May God bless the Philippines.

  • LabkoPinas

    Shameful! Nakakahiya! Always trying to look intelligent but actually faking it. In Illongo one crazy guy once said to two young boys “Naga pulopanilag kamo pero wala sing pinanilagan” (“You two are trying to act smart but have no education and class”)

  • joe__bloggs

    Just like  in PAGCOR where accepting bribes is ” a standard industry practice”, the same reason is being put forward on plagiarism by Senators.

    Well, it is ok then!

  • bgcorg

    Let’s move on.  We cannot change how people think.  Adding fuel for the fire might burn the real issues.  The rh bill should not be passed.  Worthy bills for legislation that specifically answer the issue or problem that are well thought and real may proceed.  But no artificial contraception and unjust taxation.  A law to be binding should first of all be moral. Respect life.  Respect the Naturral Law.  NO TO THE RH BILL!

    • brunogiordano

      “NO TO THE RH BILL!”

      ikaw no.

      kami YES pa rin sa RH BILL.


    it really is more fun in the senate. institutionalized plagiarism… eeewwwwww. just because that is the way you have been doing it for so long doesn’t make it right. kayo naman, wala nang lusot, pinagpipilitan pa. pathetic.

  • Leonardo J Galvez

    Hector Villacorta should drop a bill legalizing plagiarism and request his lawmaker-friends to file it in Congress. He should also request Mr Webster to take out the word “plagiarism” from the dictionary. If the bill becomes a law, Hector could add this phrase to his biodata:
    “Father of Plagiarism of the Philippines”.

  • boybatal

    Plagiarism is OK for anyone outside of SC. Remember not too long ago they wanted to impeach an Associate Justice for this “acceptable practice”? What a bunch of hypocrites!!!!! 

  • Krizz Ibarra

    Oh what a tangle web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!  – Sir Walter Scott

  • TomasRosario

    Wow.  The guy really does not get it.  And now he is acting like a small boy in flagrante delicto.  He brings in the entire senate to the issue.  And since everybody is doing it in the senate, then that makes it okay to plagiarize.

    At nagpapalusot pa. Talk about arrogance.

    Two wrongs does not make a right.

  • tra6Gpeche

    This Hector Villacorta is really something. Does he understand what he was saying? This is what he said: Why do you need to think of a brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists. With this mentality, this guy must be lazy, a thief and no brain to think of having his very own idea. Furthermore, if you adopt anything that was created by somebody, you must, at least, have the permission of the creator or at least mention the name of the owner. Not asking permission or not mentioning the owner’s name means stealing. Does he have a common sense at all? If it is okay to copy because a lot of people do the same thing, then is it okay for a Senator to steal the money of the Filipino people because almost every Senator in the Senate is corrupt anyway? What a dumb thinking. In short, Mr. Sotto, as a Philippine Senator, is lazy, brainless and a thief. This is so because Mr. Villacorta works for him and Mr. Sotto said the buck stops with him. Again, I blame those Filipinos who voted Mr. Sotto to be a Philippine Senator.


    ibig ninyo sabihin, ok na rin mangulimbat kasi matagal ng ginagawa dyan? more fun… or funnier?

  • miguel

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists.” Lord, sana bigyan mo ng kaunting utak itong si Villacorta. Sana patigilin mo na din sya sa kadadakdak. Salamat po.

  • sowhatifimfilipino

    Oh my. The more he speaks, the more he embarrasses himself. Mr. Villacorta, please do yourself a favor…put a sock in it. 

  • judger_asia

    sino kaya dito ang hindi nangopya sa talambuhay niya? nung elemntary? eh yung mga assigment noong araw? kung nangopya ang mga lawmakers para sa ikabubuti ng trabaho nila, ok lang basta i quote ang author.

    kung hindi pwedeng manghihiram, sayang naman ang good ideas. paanong uusad ang buhay ng tao o ng bansa? tama din naman yung sinabi na tayo din naman ay nangopya ng constitution, amla law, atbp.

    madaling magsalita o manghusga kapag hindi tayo yung nasa sitwasyon na iyon.

  • Vertumnus

    Hector Villacorta and Vicente Sotto DOESN’T GET IT!  Instead of apologizing for their stupidity and ineptitude, they continue to lie and make excuses.  This whole issue could have been dealt with if Vic Sotto just apologized to whoever he stole his information from.  Now Hector Villacorta goes around justifying their action as if their reasoning is good enough.  If  you can’t write speeches and do real research before hand, then perhaps you should resign and let more knowledgeable people run the country.  It’s no wonder the rest of the world laughs at the Philippines.  This is what foreigners see, a bunch of plagiarizers and cheats.

  • mangtom

    bcorg: NO TO RH BILL


    Mangtom: YES, YES, YES, TO RH BILL!!!

  • Reklamador78

    Nakakahiya! I can’t believe even Miriam is tolerating this! No honor at all! They are all THIEVES!!!!

  • JosephJ

    justifying his error ….nonsense …

  • Vertumnus

    Sira ka pala eh!  Vic Sotto denies copying anything, then backtracks and cited a Dr. McBride which where not the actual source of his information. Furthermore, he justifies his actions as consistent with practices in the Senate, so it’s OK. The issue isn’t so much that he plagiarized parts of his speech, the issue is that he never gave credits to those authors that did the work in the first place. Just apologize and don’t copy other people’s work without giving due credits.

    • fugeee

      tito sotto, sir…

      • Vertumnus

        Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto, sir…

      • fugeee

        kala ko vic enteng kabisote, sorry..

    • spearheads

      Of course Vic Sotto is not plagiarizing, he is busy with Eat Bulaga. By the way, you mentioned authors (plural) whom Tito Sotto “never gave credits.” You obviously did not hear Sotto’s speeches. He repeatedly cited Dr. Campbell-McBride as his source. So who are “those authors,” marami pa mandin pero and alam namin hindi author si Sarah Pope sa mga libro tungkjol sa pregnancy, birth control, contraceptives and the likes. Answer please!. 

      • Vertumnus

        His name is Vicente Sotto so what if I refer to him as “Vic Sotto”?.  The fact of the matter is that Hector Villacorta admitted to lifting sentence from blogger Sarah Pope ad verbatim not Dr. McBride’s.  The idea might be from her but the passage was the words of Sarah Pope. All he has to do is apologize what in heaven is so wrong with that?

  • roansanjuan


  • doublecross

    atty ka pa naman villacorta, ubod ka pala ng bobo.
    ibig mong sabihin lahat ng salita ng senador ay kopya lahat….whatta shame!
    pati ba naman mga kopya ay kinocorrupt!!!!!!!!!1

    balik na lang ako kay manang mirriam, lahat ng cnasabi ay may pag-ka-original!

  • Mamerto

    It is but expected of a stupid senator to hire a stupid aide.

  • Pedro Mateo

    Ganyan ang mga politiko sa atin, sa talumpati, kahit sino kinocopya basta magaling pakinggan. Sanay na sa kopyahan at makapal talaga. Isa pa dito, kung sinong kumocopya ay siya pa ang nanalo. . Hay Naku! ! . . Only in the Phlipppines. . . 

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    RH BILL, CONTRACEPTIVES and condoms and abortion, just like ligation and
    vasectomy long championed by the govt, will NEVER solve the problem of
    mass poverty and perceived over population of the poor. WRONG AND

    GOVT AND HONEST GOVERNANCE WILL in the long run! NO to useless stop gap
    and corruption prone solutions like RH BILL and the Conditional Cash
    Transfer dole outs!

    Plagiarism, a side minor issue being exploited by the pro rh bill and almost committed by both public and private speakers like Pia cayetano and Manny Pangilinan, is not the REAL ISSUE here. Let us not make mountain out of a common mistake by almost all public and private speakers.

  • $25995786

    At least now we know what kind of senators we have.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    RH BIll and Conditional cash transfer doleouts are the greater evil compared to plagiarism which is a common mistake among speechwriters with or without the knowledge of the speakers. Let’s not confuse the issues. Plagiarism is a big issue to academics and to justices in the Supreme Court.

    Ang RH Bill and CCTs are like buying the poor during elections which wont help them improve their lot. Exploited pa rin….. Tama na sa mga hipokritong solusyon sa kahirapan!

  • pedronimo

    Villacorta is a dumb lawyer who does not even know the difference between copying an idea from copying verbatim another writer’s words of an idea, which is plagiarism without attribution. For committing plagiarism and for their mutual duplicity, Villacorta should be disbarred and Sotto impeached.

  • doublecross

    it’s showdown…..villacorta+sotto+pia cayetano…VS….members of the SENATE, i-plus kuna ang congress…malay natin baka mayroon din sa kongresso.
    abangan na lang natin!

  • AmanteLucien

    What a disgraceful attitude towards copyright laws and what a disgraceful example to the future generation. This simply signifies that instead of looking up towards the government, maybe the right thing to do is to look sideways.

  • Vincent Rodriguez

    We are MADE in the image of God! Hindi tayo kinopya! Ginawa tayo ng diyos, original work tayo!

    Pero sa case mo baka nga copy ka lang because your reasoning is simply horrible and incredibly stupid!

  • Karabukov

    “Villacorta said Sotto’s researchers initially tried searching for the website of US author Natasha Campbell-McBride but could not open it.”
    The website (blog) of Dr. Campbell-McBride only advertises her two books.  There was nothing to “open”. If they had to read the doctor’s writings they had to order her books. So, by Villacorta’s explanation they did the next best thing, read somebody who read her books.  
    Except, that did not even happen.
    Here’s what (I think) really happened:  They found Natasha Campbell-McBride through Sarah Pope’s blog. They obviously did not “initially” try searching for McBride. Why because there is nothing in McBride’s blog that connects the pill to the harm done on a woman’s gut, which is the point the senator was trying to make as an argument against the pill. The piece that the senator’s staff found was titled “How “The Pill” Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health” It is in this piece that Sarah Pope cited Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. Finding a goldmine of arguments against the pill they then proceeded to lift paragraphs after paragraphs from the blog and incorporated it into the senator’s speech.
    It was only after their plagiarism became public that they probably put forward the reason that they believed “her quotes of Campbell-McBride’s work was ”verbatim”.  Well, the fact is Sarah Pope the blogger did not even directly quote Dr. Campbell-McBride at all. She only described and explained her, presumably using her own words.
    Ah, well, squirming yourself out of a lie by telling more lies only gets you deeper into a quagmire of more lies just to keep your initial story believable.
    Way to go guys.

    • spearheads

      Ang haba ng litanya mo as if what you are “thinking” is true. Ask yourself first, why should Sotto and his staff lend credence to written comments about contraceptives of Sarah Pope who is not even a doctor or an expert in medical terms and practice but a cook and a regular blogger of menus and recipes, if they are not aware that her data came from McBride? Use your coconut.

      • panhase

        Are you really that stupid?

      • brunogiordano

        Kailangan pa ba itanong ‘yon??

        Very obvious!!!

        Aral Kay Sotto.

      • Nothandsome Nottrue

        eh bakit nila kinopya??????

      • Karabukov

        Hey herc, are you in the habit of replying without understanding? Ask your friend Atty Villacorta if he has a copy of Dr. McBride’s book.  (And if he has, assuming he finally got one in feeble attempt at damage control, ask him when he purchased the book.)  My guess is that he has not nor any of his staff read Dr. Campbell-McBride’s book at all. Everything came from Sarah’s blog. The copy and paste job they did on Sarah’s blog is an established fact. Or don’t you know that yet?
        Of course Sotto and staff did “lend credence” to Sarah’s blog because Sarah duly acknowledged in her blog Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride as her source.  That Sotto and staff became aware that her data came from McBride came from Sarah herself! You still think they got to know McBride independent of and before they got to know of Sarah Pope’s blog?
        And now they are making it appear that they were looking for McBride first and went to Sarah Pope later when they (according to Villacorta) could not find McBride’s data. Well they can tell that to the marines, but not to the rest of the posters here (except you).

        One more thing, just think of the potentially embarrassing fallout if it turns out that what Sarah said in her blog purportedly coming from Dr. McBride’s books turns out not to be in Dr. McBride’s book at all. Isn’t it the height of gullibility to believe that what’s in Sarah’s blog are in Dr. McBride’s book when they did not have access to Dr. McBride’s book?

        And here’s proof of their gullibility, assuming we are to believe the staff writer here when she said: “The researchers resorted [sic] instead to Sarah Pope’s blog, believing her quotes of Campbell-McBride’s work was verbatim.” Yes they believed Sarah’s “quotes” which weren’t quotes at all. It looks like they haven’t heard of the saying, “Believe, but verify.”

        Fortunately I am gullible enough to believe in Sarah Pope’s credibility not to have to purchase Dr. McBride’s book just to verify. But I suggest Senator Sotto’s staff to purchase the book pronto to cover their behinds, just in case. That is, if they are using their “coconuts”. You’re free not to use yours herc. You’re not in the senator’s payroll.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    RH BIll like the CCTs is useless and will not solve the poor’s problem:

    A militant group has branded as “useless” the Aquino administration’s
    poverty alleviation programs that include a cash dole-out to the poorest
    households in the country.

    Gloria Arellano, Kadamay national secretary generalalso observed that many CCT beneficiaries complain of the delayed arrival of their monthly allowances.“ Corruption is deeply rooted in (the country’s) bureaucracy… P-Noy must stop his costly and corruption-prone stopgap measures, and devise permanent and realistic solutions…,” Arellano said.

    “Genuine land reform to give opportunities to every poor Filipino
    family, freedom from neoliberal economic polices, and nationalist
    industrialization shall break the bond of poverty. We challenge P-Noy to
    implement them during his term, as no presidents had done in the past,”
    she added.

  • rem1911

    Wala naman problema sa pag kopya, kaya lang dapat naka quote tapos ilagay kung kanino kinuha. How hard can it be to put the name of the original author, Atty. Villacorta & Sen. Sotto are so stupid…“Birds of the same feathers flock together”. What they did is undoubtedly PLAGIARISM and no amount of reasons can change that..

    • spearheads

      Isa ka pang Plagiarist. Yang first sentence mo kinopya mo lang na walang quotation marks at proper attribution. Ganun din ya “Birds of same feather… mo, ormot!

      • Nothandsome Nottrue

        hahahah thats funny

      • rem1911

        It’s a common expression  so its public domain so no need for quotes, please read about plagiarism before you post…but if it will make you happy i’ve already edited..

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    Bagay na bagay si Sotto at ang chief of staff niya. Birds of the same feather talaga.

  • doublecross

    villacorta…you put all the blames to other senator ….???


  • yvette

    As Farinas said at the Impeachment trial, “PALUSOT” lang yan. Hindi bumenta. It may be acceptable practice among themselves but certainly not to writers, photographers, musicians and other folks who rely on their artistic and intellectual abilities to make a living.

  • Gagi Wah Santiagi

    Don’t tell me that lying and stealing are also common in the senate???

  • KenjiHimura

    Is it that hard for speech writers to acknowledged the source of the passages/statements included in the speech of the lawmakers? 

    Does this mean that if no one knew the source of or have read that passage or statement before, it is the original idea of the presentor? 

    Only in the Phillipines? I hope it is not. 

  • boykomentaryo

    Kung nilagyan nalang sana ng source kung san kinuha… Wala na sanang problema…. :)

    Yung mga malalaking website nga kahit may kinopya , sa ilalim may source ng original site. :)

  • usaf9


  • Lolo Mo

    The blatant admittance that plagiarism is prevalent in Senate is definitely an admittance that moral degenerates prevails in our Senate.These clowns in the Senate Hall has been fooling the people for a long time. It’s time that we abolish their pork barrels and lavish perks such as Representation allowances, bonuses, transportation allowances, and etc, which runs into millions of pesos..

    They are no different from Juan de la Cruz who has to walk to his work no matter how far because he has no more money to support his family. We, the people are subsidizing these clowns in spite of abject poverty we are in right now. We are paying an interest of no less than 750 billion pesos yearly and still rising while our high officials in the government which composed mostly of Chinese are having it so good.

    • spearheads

      “Blatant admittance?” Sinong pinoproseso para iadmit? Saan iadmit sa hospital, mental, o Bilibid? Di na yan typo ha, dalawang beses mo ng binanggit. O nakita mo na, akala mo ikaw lang ang professor ng English language, ano?

  • usaf9

    If Miriam condones plagiarism she must have taken advantage of it also.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    CORRUPTION CORRUPTION is the biggest and most pressing issue the govt of NOYNOY must solve esp so since that was the loudest promise he made during the 2010 elections. WHAT’s the cost of corruption. JUST TOO MUCH – poverty and unnecessary deaths of a very few honest officials. If there is some truth to reports that there is so much corruption in CAAP, then Sec Robredo is the victim of corruption.

    ” But Cesar Lucero, vice president of the CAAP Employees Union,
    belittled the planned CAAP probe, saying such investigations tend to be
    lenient against erring aviation firms.
    “These supposed thorough investigations were conducted so many times
    in the past but aviation firms still maintain a cavalier attitude in
    maintaining their light planes,” Lucero said.

    Lucero said Aviatour Air, the operator of the Piper Seneca plane, was
    suspended early this year after its Cessna 172 crashed in Mambajao,

    The plane was flying a family of tourists from Mactan in Cebu when it crashed one kilometer from the Camiguin airport.  

    Pilot Christian Cebrecus and Norwegian passenger Raquel Strande were killed in the crash.

    “There should be stiffer penalties against these aviation firms. They
    should look into the results and recommendations of past investigations
    into previous air crashes and check if CAAP accident investigators did
    not look the other way on unsafe practices of aviation firms to enable
    them to continue operating,” Lucero said.’ (Phil Star news today) 

    • Gagi Wah Santiagi

      The Bishops should be investigated too for not providing necessary vehicles to all its clergy people despite the enormous wealth that the church has possess!!!  Imagine they are also asking help from the government when in fact they are not even paying tax!!!

  • TomasRosario

    Villacorta should be plagiarized, too.

    Anak ng pating.  Dinawit na lahat kasama na ang Bibliya.


    • spearheads

      Sinabi naman ni Villacorta lahat tayo plagiarist kasama ka so ang tinatawa mo dyan?

      • TomasRosario

        Kasi kasama ka din. Kaya ako natawa, Troll.

  • brunogiordano

    “Even our image was copied from God.”

    very PRESUMPTOUS!!!!!

    paano naging kapareho ang IMAGE ng GOD???

    ang IMAGE ninyo ay tulad ng “_________” (fill the please)

    • fugeee

      try ko…invincible man???

    • spearheads

      Answer: God.

  • isidro

    Plagiarism is only a sub issue of RH bill. If the intention is good and in good faith to highlight or support good points of arguments, then, it is not a big deal. 

    It is only magnified because pro RH cannot answer point by point Sen. Sotto’s line of thinking. The only way for Pro RH to get even is to look for a crack on the wall. And that crack won’t make the building collapse. 

    Most English words have root words from Latin and Greek. Even some Filipino words are copied from English, Spanish and Chinese words.  

    Look at the original version of Lagman’s RH Bill and the concept, verbatim are copied from United States and UN version of RH. Now, with our Bishops, medical experts, sociologists intervention aimed to erase the evil intentions, you cannot say that it is the original bill.

    Chinese are good for copying even small parts of computer. Now, they are manufacturing millions of this hardware thus increasing their earnings. Of course, Chinese should share their earnings to inventors or who have intellectual rights. But it serves it purpose. 

    • martial_law_baby

      Oh yeah? how can a lie justify his argument? Like the contraceptive that he claims killed his son was only available 3 years after the death of his baby. Diba that is his main argument, that contraceptives kills dahil sya mismo ay biktima nito. So what happens to his argument? Hindi ba big deal ito? 

    • spearheads


      I don’t know why these pro RH supporters are focusing on trivial matters when Cayetano is guilty of the same. The only difference is that Cayetano is more knowledgeable than Sotto, academically speaking. More importantly, how can Sotto be accused of plagiarism when he is anti RH while Pope is a pro RH supporter? Para yang mga Pilipino na plagiarists din daw lahat pero ibaiba ang position. Tingnan ninyo: Sa Pampanga ang ibon ay itlog palang pero sa Tagalog ang ibon ay lumilipad na. Sa Visayas ang ibon ay langgam. Pero sa Tagalog ang langgam aygumagapang at nangangagat ng itlog. Sino ngayon ang plagiarist, answer please at meron kayong 50,000 pieces.

      • TomasRosario

        “More importantly, how can Sotto be accused of plagiarism when he is anti RH while Pope is a pro RH supporter? Para yang mga Pilipino na plagiarists din daw lahat pero ibaiba ang position.”
        Ahhh.  Sotto cannot be accused of plagiarism because he is anti RH but the Pope is Pro RH.

        Thank you for making my point clear.

      • Karabukov

        Ahem, what point?

    • John Philip Lim

      Isa ka pa Isidro… Yes we all know that virtually all world languages borrow, or are derived from each other.. yes we know that literary works can be derived from each other. PERO kung WORD-FOR-WORD pareho yung article when compared against a pre-existing article, and without any attribution of any sort, that is plagiarism plain and simple. 

      That makes the person a THIEF and a LIAR. Kung alam mo magnanakaw at sinungaling ang isang tao, maniniwala ka pa ba sa kahit anong sasabihin nya???

    • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

      It is not a big deal.—isdro
      Q: not a big deal? says who?
      A: says; Villacorta + Sotto + isidro = ‘The Three Stooges’

      Contents of Bible are copied from God’s words.—isidro
      nawawala ka utoy,the gospel was always meant for the world, unlike private/personal written thoughts to which you must either acknowledge or seek permission from the author.

      you twisted idiot
      mere translation of words is not plagiarism !
      but copying someones written thoughts and ideas with out acknowledging the source is plagiarism !

      you are a cast from the same shameful mold and
      a graduate from the iskul bukul school of thought just like your compadres sotto and villacorta

  • regina montinola

    REALLY?!  Do you really think we’re idiots with this explanation? Oh and yes Gagi Wah Santiagi, lying and stealing IS common practice w/ some of these SENATORS.  You know who you are.

  • martial_law_baby

    Ang hirap umintindi nitong si Villacorta. You and your boss dont deserve to be in the Senate. Let me enumerate what are the issues against you and your boss. 1. Your boss delivered a privilege speech where portions of it was lifted from a blogger’s work but was not duly recognized. 2. You were caught with your sin but instead of apologizing, you had the arrogance of downplaying the issue and mocking the author of the blog. 3. As it finally turned out, the privilege speech of your boss actually plagiarized not only one author, but 5 works. 4. Again, instead of admitting to your sins, you again have the arrogance of claiming that most works in the Senate are copied anyway. 5. Worse, the quotes you lifted from one of the authors was deliberately twisted to support the argument of your boss. This is the same sin of Del Castillo of the SC. 

    Do not justify your foolishness by claiming that others are doing it anyway. Kung sabihin ko ba sa iyong patayin ko yang boss mo dahil marami rin namang pinapatay, matutuwa ka ba? 

    Senator Tito Sotto claims to be pro life and pro God by being anti RH Bill. Yet his own actions speaks so much of the work of the devil. First, he justifies his arguments by copying from someone’s work. Copying is same as stealing. Second, he again justifies his arguments by lying. He claims his son died in 1975 from a contraceptive used by his wife. But the drug was only available in the market in 1978!

    To Atty. Villacorta and Sen. Tito Sotto, maglaro na lang kayo ng Pinoy Henyo. Baka doon matuwa pa kami. But stay off the RH Bill and stay off the Senate. You don’t belong there. Dun na lang kayo sa Eat Bulaga.

    • Ariel CRUZ

      Martial_law_baby, ang galing mo pare, pasALUDO NGA!!!!

    • Manila Speaks

      Just to add, Sotto in his speech plagiarized a second hand source – a blogger’s opinion at that. Nothing can be more insulting than a lawmaker staking our country’s future in an opinion piece rather than first-hand, published, peer-reviewed and scientific research. 

  • JJ Yacapin

    since plagiarism is also common practice in schools and universities, is it okay as well?

  • coty

    if this is so then what the Filipino people is seeing/hearing/presented from our hounourables is just pretend?! well, jolly good show folks!

  • Nothandsome Nottrue

    eh di ok na rin na mag-copy ng mga video at music copying lang din naman na ang usapan hahahaha

    mas malamang galing ng rehab yan, kasama ni richie d horsy

    o kampon din ng obispo ng maliit na babae, eh lahat naman nandadaya kaya ok lang mandaya.

    pang eat bulaga nga lang kasi pilit pang isiniksik ang sarili sa senado.

  • a1phantom

    The bible was originally written in a different language and was  only translated in english in their own words by some writer.  Does that mean that everytime a priest gives a sermon, the priest should quote the translator of the bible and not the bible itself?

  • TagaMlang

    OMG!!! I am not surprised why our country is going to the dogs.  Cheating is cheating and you cannot justify cheating.

    You senators you are setting a very bad example to our children.  If you guys justify cheating, then our children will also do the same.  

    Villacorta, Sotto, Miriam, Maceda, your values and morals sucks.  SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • joeybg

    Ang mga Staff ni Sotto graduate lahat ng wanbol university aka. iskul bukol, kaya puwede mangopya. Kaya hindi umasenso ang Pinas karamihan ng nasa congress kinokopya ang mga natutunan nila kung saan nagsimula ang corruption, ang mga panahon ng mga Kawatan at Mamamatay tao na Marcos at Romualdez na hanggang ngayon ay may puwesto pa rin sa gobyerno dahil Daming Tanga dito sa Pinas na naloloko nila. Kung ako kay Pnoy dapat sa mga yan assasinate kagaya ng ginawa sa butihing Ama niya si Senator Ninoy Aquino. Ang mga Hukbalahap o NPA ay nagsimula dahil sa mga Kawatan ng mga Marcos.

  • Kromuel

    He is now drawing all the attention to him by playing dumber than his boss.

  • Raymond


  • Copernicus99

    Villacorta = self-righteous idiot.

    Q: “Why exert effort when these bills are just lying around?” Villacorta said.”
    A: Because that’s what you’re (over)paid to do. Employment in the Senate does not place you above the law.

    “Senator Sotto was not personally responsible for preparing the speech. He only read it on the floor. Besides, I already apologized to (US blogger) Sarah Pope,” he (Villacorta) said.

    Why isn’t Eat Bulaga! Sotto responsible for the act? Isn’t he Villacorta’s direct employer, and thus accountable for his employee’s acts and omissions? Also, an apology is meaningless when it isn’t accepted.

  • Ariel CRUZ

    Sotto, wag ka ng mag-pretend masyado na may alam ka. Wanbol University graduate ka lang!

  • bong acapulco

    [QUOTE] “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said. [/QUOTE]

    Ewan ko kung saan gawa itong taong ito plgiarist na ang bobo pa. Diyos ang gumawa sa atin kopya ang imahe niya at hindi tayo ang kumopya ng imahe niya.

    Magdadahilan ka na lang yung pang bobo opa.

  • Jared Sison

    Really Villacorta??? Why cant you just admit you were wrong and apologize sincerely so that we could all move on!

  • Boy Pac

    plagiarism is wrong. just like piracy. but many people believe theres nothing wrong with piracy.

  • Ariel CRUZ

    Sotto, stay away from the RH debate- you just don’t have the brains to get involved in any intelligent discussions! Inartihan mo pa at ginamit ang pagkamatay ng anak mo 30 years ago….Bobo, hindi ka na mananalo sa susunod na elecvtion. Filipino people will not forget your illogical stand on RH bill. Magsama- sama kayo ng mga pari hehehehehehe….

  • KpTUL

    sotto we know that you are dumb ! Why dont you just ask someone to do the debate for you. You are just polishing your inadequacies. Nakakahiya ka ! OK lang sana kung dito lang yan sa Pinas, naging international pa kasi pati bloggers kinokopya mo. Mahiya ka naman !

  • vir_a

    Wow, this is an admission of laziness and lack of respect for intellectual properties of others. Parang China na pala tayo ngayon. Why do we have to pay for people who do not think but just copy works of others. Yan pala ang dahilan bakit maganda pakinggan ang mga speeches at grandstanding sa mga lawmakers natin. This is outrageous.

  • eagleclaw101

    Ang isang Mali…
    kapag marami na ang gumagawa at kumo-copya… ay nagsisimula nang maging  Tama!   Baluktot na talaga ang kaisipan at tuktok
    nitong si Villacorta ano?  

  • andrew lim

    This Villacorta is incredible.  Sinama pa ang Diyos dahil we are images of the Lord.

    So we are all plagiarists!  Susmaryosep!

    What’s next?  Counterfeit money is acceptable?  ha ha ha

    Legalize Recto diplomas?

  • jlarcilla

    WOW, so Tito Escalera and staff think that it is okay to PLAGIARIZE?  Tsk-tsk.

    • GKLer

      I’d like to see his kids try that at school and say it to their teachers.

  • PikonNaKami

    Villacorta is really the Thief of Staff of Sotto.

    To the teachers of Villacorta’s children, I strongly suggest you check their submitted essays and projects.  If the father is an unrepentant plagiarist, then it is not far fetched that the children are too.

  • GKLer

    Mr. Senathieves, let me make this simple:   Plagiarism = Stealing

    Stealing is punishable under the law.
    I know teachers who even gave their students a final grade of ZERO for copying just once.
    You people really have no shame as LEADERS.  That’s why I don’t vote for you thieves.

  • paranoid_penguin

    Villacorta can easily compare the copying of the constitution to a speech copied from a blog site?…what the heck….could you replace this guy…

  • welee1

     Anak ng baka naman ang kapal ng cara nila, ang tamad-tamad, sayang lng ibinabayad sa inyo. No wonder wlang batas kayung naipasa na matino.

  • John Philip Lim

    does he even know what a FOOTNOTE is for? There are a multitude of ways he can easily attribute something to its original writer without having to interrupt the flow of the content. ang tanga tanga! 

    • GKLer

      Maybe he was a product of a K+9 system.

      • PikonNaKami

        Funny. :-)

  • edleon

    Of course it’s a common practice in the senate and in other political bureau because they have been used to stealing…

    • PikonNaKami

      Nice one. :-)

  • Jose Augusto Genio

    The problem with practical jokes is that they get elected ! Ayan , plagiarized yan quote from the recent Inquirer editorial yan ha….or maybe NOT kasi at least ako I have the decency na sabihin  na hindi akin yan  

  • PikonNaKami

    I suggest we all send the word “Plagiarist” to Eat Bulaga as the viewer’s entry to Pinoy Henyo.

  • 4thINFSgt

    Even the staff members are morons!

  • PikonNaKami

    Eat Bulaga for the past weeks has been proud (and rightly so) that an Indonesian TV station franchised their show.  But what if the Indonesian channel did not ask permission and just copied Eat Bulaga’s format?  How would Sotto react?

  • Cav Cav

    Eto ang pinakabobong palusot na narining ko sa isang abogado… 

  • GKLer

    If they easily steal other people’s works, and even think it’s OK, for sure, they steal other people’s money.  Thank you for the confession…. now please resign.

  • Mark Anthony Neri

    oh come on… you guys embarrass me. Sa school nga pag nagplagiarize ka pwede ka ma kick out.

    • GKLer

      K+9 graduate kasi…

  • Obi Reyes

    sa mga ginagawa at sinasabi nilang yan lalo lang nila pinapakita kung anong klaseng tao sila 
    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” that Villacorta says. mahiya naman sya sa kung sinumang god nya yung tinutukoy nya.  

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Atty. Hector Villacorta (Attorney pa naman sana!) needs to close his mouth. It gets worse everytime he opens it.

  • shanmykel

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists.”  – Villacorta. —> but who created us? if you answer God, thus, GOD IS THE GREATEST PLAGIARIST OF ALL TIME. GOD PLAGIARIZES HIMSELF. GOD IS NARCISSISTIC.  

  • bongbong39


  • Pulis Na Pogi

    hahaha.  ang aso kasing bobo ng amo!

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Plagiarism, corruption, concubinage/adultery, receiving bribery, yung iba, murder, at sedition? Ano ba naman ang bago.

    • marionics

      everybody cheats anyway, di ba? sino na nga ba may sabi nun? he he

      • ikulong

        isang bishop yata ang may sabi sa pagtatanggol kay gloria

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


        Si Senator Zubiri? hindi.

        Si GMA? hindi

        Si Archibishop? ummm.


  • Jess

    Just because plagiarism is rampant doesn’t make it ok. It is wrong and it must be addressed as a wrongdoing. This is the problem when you can hardly differentiate RIGHT from WRONG. if fact this is the root of our eroding values. And to have this culture in our Senate is unforgiveable.

    • bobcouttie

       There are more than 400,000 abortions every year in the Philippines. Using Sotto-Villacorta’s reasoning it must be permissable because it is so rampant. There are 4,000 rapes a year, that’s pretty rampant, so rape must be ok then.

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

     ang pagamit ng hindi sayo na di mo ipina-alam sa tunay na may-ari ay isang pagnanakaw.

  • bobcouttie

    The issue isn’t so much the plagiarism but that the person he plagiarised objects to his desire to remove options for Filipinas to decide what happens to their bodies, that he misrepresented the conclusions of scientific studies and, well, claiming that his wife took a pill several years before it was actually available.

  • Bugtong Uyamot

    “‘Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,’ he said.” – the creator/maker becomes the plagiarist?  twisted truth… you are the worst lawyer! saan ba ito nag-aral? who are his teachers?

  • efriend

    The stupidity of the staff members of Tito Sotto blew me away.  I am not surprised anymore.  Look who hired them with taxpayers’ money.

  • Crysis_III

    Ano ba yan si Villacorta graduate rin ba ng Iskul Bukol University? Hahaha.

    • Lateralus

       graduate ng UST yan, nagturo pa sa ust law. ako man na galing dun ay nahihiya dahil sa pinaggagawa nya

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Buti na lang di nag turo ng ethics sa UST.

      • EMarite66

        I don’t think it’s really the fault of the school. They can only do so much. It’s really the person himself, what his values are. UST Law has produced many good and distinguished lawyers.

        But I hope that UST will really reconsider if they will still allow to him to teach after all this, in view of his behavior and his statements regarding this matter.

  • Felix

    maybe McBride is Sarah.

  • Karabkatab

    Two things:  The speechwriter is tamad.  The Senator is bopols. The result is disaster.

  • carlcid

    Ingenuous defense, claiming that plagiarism is OK because it’s a common practice anyway. Eh, di ganun din and masabi ng Supreme Court. Only goes to prove that old saying: Lawmakers = lawbreakers. 

  • boybakal

    Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide….

    Talaga naman si Attorney.
    Sinabi na nga na Sen. Pia na extensive research…umamen pa na plagiarism.
    The lawyer won’t let his client admit his crime but defend whatever cost. Humahanap ng lusot.
    Sa kaso ni attorney,guilty agad.
    Hindi lang si Sotto ang sinabing Bobo o  mangongopya kundi buong Senado.
    At tolerated pa.
    What a puck…hockey.

  • jpastor

    HV is a   m o r o n. But Sotto is worst.

    Normally the boss would take the buck but for Sotto is the other way around. He have no idea what is the chain of command means.

  • Monica

    Oh, so students get kicked out from college and universities because of plagiarism and the people who are supposed to obey laws and set a good example can plagiarize? What a shame. Copying bills to re-file them is okay, imo. There is nothing wrong in re-using bills if it will bring good things to our country But copying what other people have said or written without acknowledgement is purely wrong. Kaya naman pala ganito nangyayari sa bansa natin eh, speech na nga lang hindi pa makagawa. May mga batas para sa copyright infringement pero sariling mga senador ng bansa natin ayaw sumunod, how could they even expect their constituents to follow the laws?

  • Lateralus

    magkaiba naman ang refiling ng bills sa paggawa ng speech. maiintindihan naman ng lahat kung bills ang kinokopya, pero kung gagawa ka ng speech na base sa kasinungalingan at pananakot ng walang basehan e ibang usapan na yan. pambihira ka hector! nagturo ka pa naman sa ust law!

  • john cortez

    anong klaseng paliwanag yan…..hesusmariahosep….sibakin mo yang chief of staff mo Tito Sen. sinisira nya buong senado, the institution itself……LAGANAP BA? COMMON PRACTICE BA ang PLAGIARISM sa SENADO?……WOOOOOW

  • jpastor

    So Former Sen Maceda… are you saying that sin-ators doesn’t even read the speech done by his staff before delivering it? Being a sin-ator he/she should be conscious to whatever to say before the public. You are another m o r on. Mana mana talaga.

  • Freddie Mariano

    “It’s really copying …. Why exert effort when these bills are just lying around?” Villacorta said.

    Tsk,tsk, tsk.  Exactly, the kind of thinking that this country must stay away from. Tamad kang mama ka!

  • simpleng_mamamayan23

    one word: kupal

  • godofthunder16

    Anyone packing their bags already? lol.

  • Fulpol

    if only they could plagiarize the brain and character of great writers, scientists, leaders and so on..

  • john_constantine

    A lot of students from my university got failing grades because of plagiarism.   Since it is common and acceptable in the Senate, one of the highest institutions in the land, where researches/studies are used in support of arguments,  let’s make null and void these failing grades of these poor students and make plagiarism acceptable in all facets of Philippine society. Let’s discontinue that case involving a supreme court judge also.  If a senator and his staff has the right to plagiarize,  let’s opt for equality!  Hehehehe.

  • Fulpol

    for God sake, why is it difficult to plagiarize the footstep of Jesus Christ?….

  • ikulong

    bakit ang pera pagkinopya ay masama?

  • Eduardo M. Uy

     marami naman kumukurakot sa mga politico kaya ok lang kung kumurakot na rin kayo.yan ang ibig sabihin ni atty??? villacorta wow attorney ba talaga ito ???

  • muddygoose

    If Sotto were a decent man, he would just own up to it. YOU hired those people to write what YOU deliver, YOU should ensure that they do things in an honest manner.

  • Lance Cinco

    How bad can this get? WORST! There’s simply no chance for this country when its leaders disregard not only academic integrity but plain honesty as well!

  • Fulpol

    Villacorta is in the edge of losing his job… he tried his best to justify his laziness and mediocrity… 

    buti na lang.. si Sen. Sotto ang boss niya at hindi si Joker Arroyo…

  • albert

    Beauti”fool’ speech…..

    Is this the example that our current leaders and speech writers going to show to our children….copying is ok? …no wonder corruption cannot be eliminated because they justified their wrong doings by saying their that predecessors did the same thing, and there is no harm in doing it again….

    Sayang lang ang binabayad ng taong bayan sa inyo kung manggagaya or kokopyahin lang ninyo ang gawa ng iba…. binayaran kayo para mag-isip sa ikabubuti ng bansa hindi para manggaya.

    Gising Pilipinas

  • Bing

    i can’t believe i’m reading this.

  • Jojo F.

    So lawmakers have a lower standard of accountability than academicians? This explains why we have such a Congress. God help us all.

  • Butch Hernandez

    Copying and plagiarism are not the same thing, but HV wants us to believe otherwise. These people give plagiarism a bad name.

  • muddygoose

    Who’s engaged in the RH bill debates?

    Pro – Ateneo and UP professors
    Anti – Men in gowns, Pacquiao, Sotto

  • ogagako

    ibang lebel na talaga kaadikan ng mga taong ito..
    kaya nga may batas na nagbabawal sa plagiarism tapos ok lang daw yun??naturingang taga-gawa ng batas eh numero unong bumabali nito..
    kapal ng mukha mo.

  • nakawan

    So I guess Villacorta has made history. He has found a way to justify using other people’s words as his own without any liability whatsoever. All hail Villacorta, the new patron saint of plagiarists and cramming college students worldwide!


    HAHAHHA….mga naka-sayang puti’t helmet, MGA MAGNANAKAW kayo ng gawa ng may gawa (plagiarists) sa pagdadasal ninyo ng Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Salve Regina, Gloria, (not pands) etc segundum Villacortam. Magsisi na kayo para hindi kayo mapunta sa im%$^&no.  Ha ha ha.

  • robsinclair01

    Yun ang problema sa inyong mga dabarkads…ibinoto niyo siya eh…hayan tuloy..nagkakalat ang bata niyo ..complain kayo ng complain…hehe

  • Vic

    Copying becomes plagiarism when no credit is given to the author. 

  • markx2012

    Nahuli na nagkaw, nagpapalusot pa. Sottos speech is not a provision of the rh bill, not a provision of any law but a SPEECH! Legal documents could be copied as it is a public document but personal blogs, books, any write ups or speeches?

    Sotto and his lawyers could not comprehend the difference between public and private documents! SHAME!!!”

  • teddy

    isn’t there already a law against plagiarism? if none yet, then it’s a great shame.

  • jason jaucian

    saan kaya graduate itong si atty. villacorta, sa wanbol university?

  • Jorgegabriel

    When a writer copied words for words of an author and the same have been published, The Author of the book and or anything publish is his Intellectual Property Rights, When one copied the same is is called Plagiarism. Nagpapalusot ka? Copying a part of it and quoting the name of the author is called research, Now to resurrect an unapproved bill is different because it has not yet  been  approve and publish. To add an addendum, correction and copied the same stalled proposal (bill) can be called simply innovation? With regards to Jesus Christ being copied such as the imitation of himself? The permission is implied . Read the Holy Scriptures. Gd. Morning.

  • Margie

    Hindi ba pwedeng iparecall itong si Sotto?

  • 3star_sun

    Wala namang masama na gawing reference and isang research work posted on a blog or any official publication, just express it on how you understand and how you can make a better of it.  But not express it word-for-word and fool everyone that it is your own! Initially is sounded like he was so deligent in doing his assignment to make the speech very credibile until it leaked that it was copied or a compilation of works from other people just by copy and paste. Acknowledge the works of other people, don’t just make it as if its your own.

  • kevinmcn

    Why do they insist that it is OK? They serve the People & clearly the People, have an issue with it! Just shows their Elitist attitude & disregard for those they serve.
    “It’s really copying …. Why exert effort when these bills are just lying around?” Villacorta said. Lazy SOB! Sotto is just as bad if he can not hold his Staff accountable.
    Attitude, not Aptitude determines your Altitude, with people like these representing the People, the Philippines will remain in the Basement of Asia.

  • Halo

    Now naniniwala na ako na ang staff ni tito sotto ay mga graduate ng Wanbol University, ang iskol bukol. Ganun na ba kababa ang moralidad at class ng mga senator natin? Granted if totoo nga ang sabi nila ang talamak ang plagarism sa senado pwes ang senado pala ay isang lugar ng mga magnanakaw. Kung gusto nyo gumamit ng mga sinulat ng iba pwes dapat banggitin nyo ang may akda out of respect. Kung di nyo naintindihan  yan pwes wala kayong karapatan magtrabaho sa gobyerno. NAKAKAHIYA KAYO!!!!

    Umamin na lang kasi at humingi ng paumanhin. Wag ng bigyan ng rason yung ginawa nyo lalo lang nyong inilulubog ang sarili nyo sa kahihiyan, baka pati ang sambayanang pilipino mahatak nyo pa sa masama nyong ugali. Kaya di nakapagtataka na napakababa ng tingin ng ibang lahi sa atin. PWEH


    So if we are to believe what the aide says then it is OK to quote someones work without verifying if it is true or not.  Why not go to the Nickolodeon Chanel and lets start quopting Tom and Jerry the cartoon characters.  Same thing.  Real idiots up there at the Senate.  No pity to anyone either, you keep voting them in.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Ang kapal ng mukha mo Villacorta. Ang sabihin mo tamad kayo mag-isip. Malala na talaga ang sakit ng ating bayan.

  • calipso_2100

    Common huh? In other words you don’t deserve to be senators.  Why is it so hard to give credit to whom credit is due? Unless of course you want people to think you are “magaling”. Ahhhh yes.  Because you are politicians first and foremost.  And politicians are the best sa pag-papabilib

  • PapatowtyHantam

    All the more reason to support the RH bill.

    Villacorta’s mother should have had the contraceptive available to her.


  • john cortez

    HARRY ROQUE bakit nananahimik ka….mga bantay ng bayan kuno….nasaan na kayo! supreme court lang ba kaya nyo….itong senado aminado na….ano pang hinihintay nyo

    • Noel

       Dilaw iyan kaya tahimik.

  • Alfred A

    These senators should be impeached – this is worst that what Corona was charged of…..

  • Abby_M

    What a twisted man! Apparently Mr. Villacorta doesn’t understand the difference between plagiarism and copying-then-citing-source.

  • hapiman85

    You were born original, don’t die a copy.

  • blackcoupe

    Sen. Tito Sotto, this is an opportunity for you to shine..Just own up to the wrong doing, apologize and say the buck stops here..You will feel better and keep your dignity intact…People will respect you more…

  • Abi Maningning

    dear sotto’s chief of staff, please stop giving us thousands of logical fallacies. stop justifying yourself and stop hauling other Senate-based writers into your plagiarism boat. Plagiarism is never acceptable, never necessary. if it is true that it has become rampant, why follow suit? why not fix it?

  • MarcyPulilan

    Akala ni Tito Sotto (hindi ko na siya tatawaging senador dahil insulto sa senado yon) na pag gawa ang ninakaw mo OK lang. Noong seventies kasi merong lugar si Tito Sotto na taping service sa Cubao. Piso per kanta, tinetape niya para sa iyo. Puwede kang pumili kahit anong kanta sa listahan niya. Kinalakihan tuloy. Ano pa kaya ang ninanakaw nitong si Sotto?

  • GuRamoy

    Do not drag the whole Senate Staff to your Stupidity! 

  • zirculs

    Pirated DVDs are common anywhere, it’s should be OK in the senate also!

  • Guest

    Villacorta reminded everyone that “the Bible reached us today because
    the monks copied from the Greeks. Everything really started from a
    little copying.”

    The Waldenses and many reformers in the 14th to 17th century translated the Bible into different languages. Some made copies to preserve the Bible because the Catholic Priests were burning the Bibles and the person holding the Bible. But those reformers who copied the Bible also wrote the names of the original authors of each book of the Bible. Not one of the reformers put his or her name as the author of the Book and during those times there were no copyright laws yet. It was NOT plagiarism then. But now, we have copyright laws Mr Villacorta.

    • Noel

       I did not know that the priests were burning the bible.  Why are they now using the bible?

      • reddfrog

        Catholics were not allowed to read the Bible during those times, and confiscated Bibles were burned.

      • Noel

        If the bible contains the words of God, then the Catholics are not following the words of God because the bibles were burned in the past.  Now, the priest reads a little verse in the Bible during Mass and the rest of the sermon is about his personal life and politics.

      • Guest

        The 12th to 17th century, was the “Dark ages”. People were not allowed to read the Bible. There were some who go against the word of the Pope and read the Bible. They discovered the truths that  the “just shall live by faith”, Martin Luther) and salvation is by faith in Jesus alone and not by penitence, forgiveness is free through Jesus Christ and not through the priests.
        Those who were caught reading the Bible were excommunicated and persecuted. Many were burn at stake.

        Today, the people are free to read the Bible but many have no interest in knowing the truth. It is sad.

      • Noel

        You were referring to the Great Inquisition.

  • Simon Ward

    Atty. Villacorta, let me see if I can demonstrate how things are supposed to be done:

    “Oh! What a tangled web we weave

    When first we practice to deceive!”

    From “Marmion”, Sir Walter Scott, 1808.

    • Simon Ward

      Oh, and an afterthought that came to me in the shower … an assignment to improve your understanding of “public domain”. Given the proper attribution in either case, why could I reproduce “Marmion” in its entirety and with impunity, but not the writings of Sarah Pope without her permission? The answer is NOT because Sir Walter Scott is dead :)

  • Ronaldo James

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Lawmakers are justifying that Plagiarism is OK? I’m from the Academe (University), and our university kicks-out and reprimands hundreds of students for plagiarism every year; and now these lawmakers are saying plagiarism is ok – because it is common practice? Plagiarism is also common in Universities and Schools (thanks to Google and Wikipedia) does that mean we should allow this practice now? Plagiarism is both unethical and illegal… haven’t they heard of Copyrights!

    I think we should find out which universities or schools these lawmakers (and their aides) graduated from… With the way they think and do things… I’m quite sure they Plagiarized their way through college. Because in my university they will surely FAIL… I don’t know about Philippine Universities, maybe plagiarism is standard practice there (ask your lawmakers).

    With leaders like this, it’s no wonder why the Philippines is the sick man of Asia…

    I’m totally aghast by this news!

  • big dawg

    haay… hopeless Pinas…

  • GuRamoy

    Tito Sotto,you and your staff are bunch of morons! 

  • virgoyap

    But it’s so cumbersome for Sotto to say according to, because he is following Sarah Pope’s statement almost word for word and paragraph by paragraph. But the only solution is to apologize which until now Senator Sotto denied and made many excuses.

  • GuRamoy

    Tito Sotto at Villacorta, bakit kailangan nyong isama lahat ng empleyado ng Senado sa mga kapalpakan nyo at ng mga staff nyo! Kung magnanakaw at mangongopya kayo at ng mga staff nyo, di kami katulad nyo!

  • Magsasaka

    practice ni sotto iyan dahil wala naman talagang sariling pag iisip ang senatong na iyan dapat lahat ng speech nya ay ipagawa nya sa mga damaso

  • damatannapo

    Ito ang napapala natin…. mga e engot engot na tao ang ating ibinoboto.

    Kailan pa kaya tayo matuto?

  • Boneless

    Disgusting and vile…. Ano kala nya satin…. Mga tanga? Inikot yun issue eh….. Copying of blogs is waaaaaaay different from Philippine the standards of resurrecting bills. He even generalizes the issue, “we are all plagiarists”…. What a brain…

  • innocentyears

    maryosep tama na. sobrang nakakahiya na ang mga banat nyo. kung akala nyo nakakatulong kayo sa amo nyo, wag nyo na ituloy :(

  • paradox1939

    Until now Senator Sotto’s chief of staff is still clueless on what the real issue is.   
    The Law on Copyright which is Part IV of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines contains the following provisions under Works Not Protected:
    SEC. 175. Unprotected Subject Matter. – Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 172 and 173, no protection shall extend, under this law, to any idea, procedure, system, method or operation, concept, principle, discovery or mere data as such, even if they are expressed, explained, illustrated or embodied in a work; news of the day and other miscellaneous facts having the character of mere items of press information; or any official text of a legislative, administrative or legal nature, as well as any official translation thereof.
    SEC. 176. Works of the Government. – 176.1. No copyright shall subsist in any work of the Government of the Philippines. . .
    I am surprised that he is not aware of this law because any lawyer worthy of his degree should be.

  • Boneless

    Somebody please print all posts below and send to his office…. San man nagtatago mga plagiarist justifiers na Yan…

  • Adam Parnala

    Stupid excuses. The senator should resign if he has any sort of conscience inside him.

  • GuRamoy

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists”. I thought Sotto and Villacorta are bible reading people. It was GOD who created man in his image and likeness not man creating himself in the image and likeness of GOD. Following this stupid logic of Villacorta, GOD then would be the original plagiarist unto Himself. 

    • Islaslolo

      How do you know that we, humans, were created in the image of God? Do you think God has a gender?

      • GuRamoy

        I was just responding to the statement of Villacorta. I am sorry but I am not in the mood to argue and discuss your God or religion thing.

    • reddfrog

       This is something they learned from our esteemed Catholic clergy: Twist passages in the Bible to suit their needs.

  • MM

    Kung common practice, acceptable at ayos lang? Sa totoo lang, ang daming gumagamit ng pinagbabawal na gamot these days.

    • mrcrabdribble

      haha! great analogy

  • Theresa Rañada

    Everytime Villacorta speaks, he’s giving us more and more reason to think he shouldn’t be there working in the Senate.

  • VicenteBoticol

    Villacorta is like Serafin Cuevas….He makes Black as white and he makes White appear as Black…

    • EMarite66

      Hindi naman. Atty. Cuevas is just a passionate advocate of his client’s position. That’s his job as a defense lawyer. Plagiarism is a matter concerning a person’s integrity. It’s a question of honesty.

      And Malayo naman ang level of intelligence ni Atty. Cuevas Kay Atty. Villacorta… :)

  • Natx Bacalzo

    A thief caught in the act and justified his crime by saying there are also other thieves out there  roaming free.

    • benson

      That kind of pathetic justification is rampant in politics. They are hopeless

  • plat2012

    Hector Villacorta go to school again.  You do not deserve to be in your position.  Malamang thesis nito nung college kinopya din.  Nag-college ka ba talaga?  Malamang Iskul Bukol din nag-aral ‘to katulad ng amo niya.

    • damatannapo

      he he napansin ko nga sa reply ni Atty sa blog ni Sarah, hindi niya alam kung kailan dapat gumamit ng capital letter

  • martial_law_baby

    This is a blanket authority from the office of Sen. Tito Sotto that you can use his musical compositions for any use and he will not ask for royalty. Magkaisa!

  • benson

    A bunch of mor*ns. Probably graduates of K+12 minus 13. They are supposed to be the ones with intellectual prowess.

    • Steven Zahl

      WANBOL University grads.

  • John_Derrida

    constitutions and laws are written in such stilted jargon that they will end up sounding the same. even a minimally educated legislator will have his bill drafted by someone who knows the legal jargon and who will have knowledge of legislative wording of the law.

    It’s like contracts and agreements and registrations. That is not plagiarism, that is formatting.

    But oration is a creative act. It needs to be original. Komidyante pa naman sya. Stand up comedians don’t even steal each others materials, when you do you are seen as a fraud. We should spread the newly coined word, “Sottocopy” let his name be associated with plagiarism in academic circles ever more.

    • Dew Fee

       Ill spread it, but ill acknowledge you. Ayoko nga masabihang Sottocopier. LOL!

      • John_Derrida

         hehe, i’d have to own up then and say I didn’t coin the word. I first saw it posted by Carlos Celdran. Pero since it’s an expression public domain na yan. :)

        Wag lang ankinin na kung sino nag imbento :)

    • Descarte

      Ok.  And those who were shortchanged and convicted wrongly, we can say that the case was trialed in a “Villacourt”.  Please wag nyo i-nominate si Villacorta sa JBC para sa susunod na Chief Justice.

  • jr18496

    what kind of example is this to young filifinos? they will grow up more corrupt. No wonder the Philippines lags the Western world and Japan. 

  • benson

    That kind of pathetic justification is rampant in politics. They are hopeless.

  • Descarte

    How stupid… If consent was sought, then it’s not plagiarism.  Citing references is done to avoid the hassle of contacting the original author specially when it longer exists.  The copied part of our constitution was dictated to us by the imperalist US regime and we have to put it word for word, that is not plagiarism.  As a lawyer, is this what Villacorta is good at? Twisting the facts?  I think saw, I remember the movie Law Abiding Citizen, “It is not about what you know, but what you can prove in court”.  Villacorta is misleading us thinking that ordinary Filipinos are bunch of idiots. 
    Yan ang problema ng bansa, marami sa mga lawmakers at kanilang staff ang number one law breakers!  Yan ang ugat kung bakit meron tayong mga rebelde!  Mapapa-mura ka talaga. 

    Sotto should fire Villacorta otherwise he may cause his impeachment. 

  • Dew Fee

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ibang Klase talaga utak ng Sotto and Staff! Iskul BUkol talaga! PWEH! Paano kayo napunta sa senado? Nakakahiya!

    • reddfrog

       Ang mas nakakahiya ay binoto natin sila.

  • magsasakasanayon

    Villacorta’s IQ is way below his A$$! stupid idiot. tsk tsk.

  • Homer Guo

    lame and idiotic excuse. knowing that something is wrong and  do it still is outright wrong. walang ethics talaga ang karamihan sa senado. magdadahilan pa

  • Mai Aydinan

    Plagiarism pag kinopya mo tapos hindi mo binigyan ng credit. Simpleng simple. Wag mo lang angkinin yung pinag-hirapan ng iba, tapos. Kahit wala sa mismong laman ng speechh, pwede naman ilagay sa bibliography. Nag-sorry ka nga, pero napakalabnaw naman at walang sincerity. Sana hindi ka na nag-sorry at pinanindigan mo na tutal makapal naman ang mukha mong kupal ka.

    Hindi mo nga pinagkakitaan ng diretsahan ang plinagiarize mo pero sa paggamit mo ng trabaho nya dahil sa katamaran mong BUMILI ng libro at basahin ito, hindi mo na rin ginawa ng maayos ang trabaho mo. Sinuswelduhan ka pala para lang mag copy+paste mula sa internet. So in a way, kumita ka ng pera dahil sa gawain mong pangongopya.

    Kung ganito na rin lang ang prinsipyo na pinapairal sa sistema ng paggawa ng batas, dapat pantay-pantay. Dapat legal na legal din ang pamimirata ng musika at mga palabas, at payagan din ang mangopya sa school.

    • Descarte

      Isipin mo rin na tax natin ang pinapasweldo sa kumag na to.

  • Alex

    naka-isip na ng malaswang alibi ang mga tinamaan ng !@$$#@ na mga iyan . . . explaining it in whatever way and however way they can, it is still not proper  no more no less . . .

  • Steven


    Ayon sa kasulatan, ayon sa mga nakaraan
    Ayon sa mga nangyayari noon at sa nangyayari ngayon
    Tayong mga Pilipino raw ay may ugaling magnanakaw
    Mula pa no’ng unang panahon hanggang sa kasalukuyan
    Ito kaya’y totoo, ito kaya’y nangyayari
    Ito kaya’y nangyayari noon, nangyayari din kaya ngayon
    Ito kaya’y dahil na rin sa ating katamaran
    Hindi tapat sa gawain at sa iba’y nakikinabang
    Tingnan mo ang iyong sarili, suriin mo ang iyong ginagawa
    Ikaw ba’y isang magnanakaw at taong mapagsamantala
    Hindi nagpapapawis, hindi lumuluha
    Ginagamit ang galing sa hindi tamang gawa
    Ang magnanakaw ay mapagsamantala
    Magaling magkunwari, madaling makilala
    Balat-kayong ginagamit kahit hindi sa pirata
    Magnanakaw pa rin ang nakikita sa kanya
    May nagnanakaw ng oras, talino at pawis
    Pati ang galing kung minsa’y ninanakaw rin
    Ano kaya ang dapat gawin ngayong alam na natin
    Dahil na rin ba sa katamaran, hahayaan na lang ba natin
    Tingnan mo ang iyong sarili, suriin mo ang ‘yong ginagawa
    Ikaw ba’y isang magnanakaw at taong mapagsamantala
    Hindi nagpapapawis, hindi lumuluhaMagnanakaw ng oras, galing at pawis ng iba

                                               – ASIN-  (kelangang i-cite ang banda ng kumanta,this is how thingsshould be done)

    • GuRamoy

      I think we need to post this portion in front of Sotto’s office: “May nagnanakaw ng oras, talino at pawis. Pati ang galing kung minsa’y ninanakaw rin.”

  • Bernard Gatus

    Hector Villacorta keeps using the word plagiarism.. I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.

  • speedstream2

    No matter how you slice it, plagiarism is plagiarism. Is that acceptable in a civilized society? Just because the practice is rampant, of all places, in the Senate, does that make it right? What’s too difficult with proper attribution or some proper explanation? Does this cavalier attitude reflect well on the institution, which is a vital cog in the lawmaking process? For one, ever heard of intellectual property rights? Well, in simpler terms, how about honest work?

    • reddfrog

      It’s the usual. You see it also in the workplace and on the streets. Everyone is doing it, so it must be okay.

      • niceguy60

        It’s true. Like the students that buys their thesis in Recto.

  • peach black

    o di tama ako all the while na nuno ng lkabobohan itong wanbol pulpol na Sottong ito. Nagbabasa lang pala siya. Hindi siya mismo ang sumusulat. Parang si Noli de castro. News reader lang pala ang tukmol na yon. Mga mapagpanggap. Mag-comedy na lang kayo dahil talagang katawa-tawa kayo without even lifting a plagiarized nipple.

  • Adam Parnala

    Other senators should react on this. They are dragging the whole senate down.

  • reddfrog

    These are the kinds of officials afflicting the Philippines like a deadly disease. My God! We are being punished! When the Bible mentioned the plague of locusts, who would have thought the locusts turned out to be politicians in our case.

  • cristobtosnas

    this is the sort of circuitous logic you find in skits in noontime shows – insulting to our intelligence yet entertaining.   atty villacorta and his staff should be hired as scripwriters of eat bulaga.

  • Descarte

    Yari ka Sotto, babaligtad si Villacorta sa RH Bill.  “Sir, marami gumagamit ng condom at saka marami din nagpapa abort”….

  • $14141131

    Shame on you, Villacorta! The readers of this paper are not idiots to believe your stupid statements, you lazy dog. Intellectual ingenuity should be respected at all times. Yes, you can derive some lessons and points from their article but copying in toto is crass. Your gross thinking is not fit in the Senate, more so as a writer. If

    I were in your shoes, I won’t wait a second to resign!

  • Gem Votes #6T.Casino

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” 
    What the heck!

    • reddfrog

       Quotable quotes of a dumb f*cker.

  • marciano3rd

    My niece, who is a lawyer, said that”” there is no more law on plagiarism in our country since an associate justice has been cleared of it anyway”.  

    • Descarte

      we still have ethics and moral to uphold, more righteous than the law, specially when a law is wrongly applied if one lawyer is outsmarted and outwitted by another, specially when a law is usurped by the cloaked power, “it is not what you know, it is what you can proved in court” Law Abidng Citizen, movie.

  • peter alesna

    it’s okay naman for me..xempre kaya nga na imbento ang copy and paste.

  • Descarte

    Paki add sa Wikipedia these new words:

    1.  Sottocopy – n., a plagiarized document, Author: John Derrida
    2.  Villacourt – n. a trial court where innocent were shortchanged in law and convicted wrongly due to use of twisted logic in court trials.

  • Krizz Ibarra

    “plagiarism is a common practice in the senate”; so dishonesty is a common practice in the senate.  at least somebody has finally admitted to the fact.

  • john_constantine

    Either-or OR both:   Villacorta “plagiarized” his diploma.  Villacorta “plagiarized”(ergo) his BAR exam answers.

  • JuanTamadachi

    Hector Villacorta and Bishop Ramon Arguelles are in the same disgusting league. They both find nothing wrong with cheating since  “Everybody cheats anyway”..  

  • droccu

    And everyone doing it makes it okay?! Is it so difficult to acknowledge the SOURCE of your work rather than passing it off as yours? This lawyer Villacorta should just stop talking. As if his previous response to the blogger  has not caused more damage. Now he is dragging down the whole institution after he’s done with Sotto.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Nakakapanghinang mga katuwiran galing sa ilan Opisyal o kawani ng senado…

    Maituturing ko ito sa “Industriya ng Musika” ng Pilipinas na nuon ay kinabibilangan ni Senador Tito Sotto…Mapapansin natin ang unti-unting paglubog ng OPM (Orihinal na Musikang Pilipino) sa dahilan wala ng ginawa ngayon ang karamihan sa atin mang-aawit kundi kopyahin at awitin ang mga luma natin tugtugin (Revival Songs)…nawala na ang mga sariling komposisyon na pinag-isipan at pinaghirapan upang bigyan saya ang mga nakikinig…

    Tulad sa isang talumpati,napakasarap pakinggan na kapag narinig mo ang mga talumpating “Hindi bale na magkawidang-widang ang ating bayan,basta ang namumuno ay ating kababayan…ay maiisip mo agad na si Manuel Quezon ang nagsabi at orihinal na galing sa kanya ito…

    Lilipas ang ilang henerasyon at ang mga talumpati ng ating mga pinuno ngayon ang siyang magbibigay kamalayan at inspirasyon sa ating mga kababayan at hari nawa’y ang mga katagang kanilang binitiwan ay hindi galing sa sinulat o talumpati ng sino man…

    • niceguy60

      Wala ng patimpalak ng balagtasan ngayon. Wala na ring nanghaharana sa mga dalaga kapag nanliligaw.

  • azkal futbol

    can the senators issue a statement on these…milyon milyon ang ginagastos ng taumbayan sa kapritso nyo tapos nangongopya lang pala kayo lahat. noon pa man dapat inabolish na itong senate… laki ng gastos ng taumbayan sa mga walang kwentang bagay….

  • Victoria Alonzo

    Bullshit! This is just bullshit. This is why I extremely dislike the Philippine government. Attitudes like these should be reprimanded and not condoned by anyone. These people are in the senate for godsakes! They are lawmakers and yet when they clearly did something wrong, they use their knowledge of what’s “right and wrong” to manipulate the public into believing that what they did was right.

    I am a blogger and I would not let anyone just plagiarize my words. Proper citation is being taught in all schools. They should know that. They’re already old! Oh god, Villacorta. Seriously, SHAME ON YOU. Please, do us all a favor and file for a resignation immediately.

    • niceguy60

      In Filipino culture no one resigns for these kind of misdeeds. And if someone tries to apologizes no one forgives. So why apologized when no one will forgive anyway. Kaya pakapalan na Lang ng mukha. Nobody admits mistakes. Even if majority knows mistakes are done. Somethings got to change in Filipino culture if we are to advance our standard of thinking.

  • tabitabi

    You just lowered the standard of the senate you idiot.admit your stupidity and keep your mouth shut.what standard anyway my bad.

    • Akho_Si

      Right! The more Mr. Villacorta speaks about this matter, he more foul mouthed he becomes.

    • R.Baylon – SEO Specialist

       What standards of the senate are you talking about? We have actors for senators…. go figure…

  • RyanE

    “Copying is a common practice..” said
    Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s chief of staff.

    I guess this guy was used to copy the test papers of his classmates and passed the bar? by cheating his way through it.

    The issue at hand is not merely copying the works of others but copying without proper attribution or giving credit to the original authors. Nagpapalusot pa isang ito!

  • "KING T"

    Is this a GOOD EXAMPLE from the SENATE ? 

  • juandelacruz69

    “Its a scary sign when students are held at a higher standard than senators” (can’t find the source (really googled it). Manny Pangilingan owned up to his Plagarism and Sotto Can’t.

  • "KING T"

    It is not BAD to use other property but we have to ask their PERMISSION and ACKNOWLEDGE them.

    • Nothandsome Nottrue

      tito sotto: oi mali ka di ako stealing hiniram ko lng, kung gusto mo isoli ko na lang.

  • virtualnook

    A few weeks ago Sotto called it filibustering. We call it bulagaan.


    Atty ba yan si villacorta dapat ma dis bar yan.. Bills are different from articles published. bills and laws should be presented word for word… while articles published by authors are works done with a certain bias made by writers depending on their beliefs..

    If you cannot find it in the net then buy the book.. what’s the use of your funds in the senate you can easily refund your extravagant eating but doing proper research you prefer to steal..

    Dapat tapunan nang itlog at harina sina villacorta at sotto…

    And stealing the peoples money is okay since it’s been a practice  also…

    • Descarte

      Ano yan Kwek-Kwek? samahan ng suka na may sibuyas at paminta…  No! No! No!  Ang kwek kwek masarap kainin, etong dalawang to di mo kayang lunukin..

  • jseesus

    confirm na na mahilig mangopya sa katabi si sotto nung nagaaral pa… pati sa senado gawain pa rin nya.. lahat ng nag post ng comment dito ni isa wala man lang nagtanggol sa kanya… may hiya pa kayo ang tamolmol na yun..  pati cguro si joey at vic kinahihiya sya…..   sempre pati na rin si richie……..Hoy, di ko klasmate yan….sa wanbol university…hahhahaa…

  • Cruxofthematter

    This is the first time I hear a wrong declared to be right, and in no other place, but in the Philippine Senate! Listen Philippines, it is ok to plagiarize, per Senate! Wow.

  • The Dude

    Dude, just STFU. Your grave is deep enough.

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    Ipinapa-alam ni Atty. Villacorta ang karamihan sa ating mga kagalanggalang na mga senador ay hindi na nag-iisip, sila ay nangongopya na lang…Sayang buwis ng BAYAN!!!!

  • Baby B

    nakakalungkot naman po ang headline here that “plagiarism common practice”.  in schools and universities where we educate young minds with what is proper and what is correct and what is noble and what is fair and what is admirable and praiseworthy and what is excellent, it is taught that everybody who writes or speaks needs to cite or quote their sources.  these students carry with them such practice and follows the rule to a T.  then when they go out of their school doors, they see a very different scenario?!?!  that plagiarism is a common practice and at the Senate at that!?!?  i am so disappointed and saddened by this fact.  even our honorable senator Santiago reminded us that “this is not the academe”.  but THIS IS WHAT IS TAUGHT IN THE ACADEME!
    one need not wonder anymore why some of the young grow up to be very different from what and how they were taught. 

    i salute all the young and old who still believe in what is right and what is not just popular.  i hope we will not be weary in doing what is good and correct and noble and praiseworthy and admirable. 

  • Akho_Si

    The classic case of “everybody’s doing it, anyway”. The same case of some bishops saying “others cheat in elections anyway” so why the fuss on Arroyo rigging the presidential elections against FPJ.

    Kailan kaya tayo makakaahon sa perverted sense of morality and ethics na eto? Sa Japan, they commit suicide dahil sa hiya. Sa Pilipinas, pinagtatanggol pa ang mga wala ng hiya.

    Mr. Villacorta, you should not be in Senate. You could work best as photocopier operator.

    • edward castro

      super like ko to!!!

      • Akho_Si


  • Steven Zahl

    Sen. Sotto LYING THIEF

  • Mico Chopitea

    THIS PERSON SHOULD BE DISBARRED. He has tainted the institution of the Philippine Senate with his words and actions.

  • Francesca

    Tumigil ka nga Villacorta!  You are not comparing apples to apples when you gave those examples like the legislative bills and the Philippine constitution. Your excuse for copy-pasting Pope’s work is sooo lame. Kulang kayo sa research at tamad pa feeling nyo mabobola nyo ang mga pinoy, sorry nalang kayo, there are still smart Filipinos out there who will expose you for what you are — trashy….

  • Fulpol

    each Senator received 100 million pork barrel every year… what for?

    every year, they kept on reproducing their projects in ten copies… i wonder why..

    I guessed, Villacorta know the answer.

    • Steven Zahl

      What for?  To Cut and Paste.

  • Akho_Si

    Mr. Villacorta forgot that bills and laws are public documents, while blogs, though posted in public domains such are internet, remain to be private in nature, same as literary pieces and opinion articles published in newspapers and magazines.

  • Descarte

    This is a manifestation of how the brains of our public officials are so corrupted beyond repair that our legislature continues to deteriorate to a state of decay.  We only have one Jesse Robredo and he is gone, we are left with probably hundreds of Sotto and Villacorta… “O taksil na pita….”

  • Albert

    Lesson learned: DO NOT ever vote a celebrity on 2013 election!

  • ben987654321

    so vic eskaler is saying the senate is really iskul bukol? maybe they should play the show’s theme every morning after the flag ceremony – ISKUL-SKUL – SKUL BUKOL, SKUL-SKUL-SKUL BUKOL!! ONE MORE TIME! SKUL SKUL- SKUL BUKOL!

  • Ali Vergel

    Please do remember that Tito “Escalera” Sotto attended the prestigious Wanbol University and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree. 

    He also passed the bar exam afterwards. I think he know what is plagiarism is all about.

  • Ali Vergel

    Ang magnanakaw ay magnanakaw. Ang hindi nyo pag-amin sa pagkakamali ay nagpapatunay lamang na kayo ay “sinungaling na magnanakaw” –  Sarah Pope

  • john_constantine

    Here is another Idea, Sotto et. al. should plagiarize Mr. Carabuena’s prepared apology speech. :D  Para di na kelangan maghirap magsulat ng letter of apology.

  • Jun Go

    hindi dahil marami ang gumagawa, ok na; ang mali ay mali, period!

    pano kung maraming pumapatay ng tao, dahil marami ok na rin?

    ano naman klaseng utak meron ang mga senador natin kung para sa kanila ang mali ay tama.

    gaya na lang sa commercial: “ang mali ay nagiging tama sa mata ng bata lalo pa’t ginagawa ito ng nakatatanda”.

    kailangan na talaga ng tunay na reporma sa mga naka-upo sa lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno ng pilipinas!

  • Bieber_Hater


  • merrylle

    Getting information from a blog, thinking it was lifted verbatim from the original author, is no excuse. They could have emailed the author instead. And this is not as simple as passing a subject or an exam. It is about the women empowerment, health, and informed choice.

  • edward castro

    yan ang variant ng “everybody cheats anyway”.

    • indiosbravos2002

      The same defense on Corona’s SALN? Didnt work then, why work now? Stupid staff.

      • Gurong

        the same defense the Catholic Bishops used in defending GMA…

  • Bong

    Why is it that Mr. Villacorta cannot accept their mistakes?  Apologize  sincerely and move on. Don’t waste government time by making excuses.

    • Nothandsome Nottrue

      “i am sorry” gloria arroyo with quotes 

    • indiosbravos2002

      Thats what you call “isip bata”. Couldnt man up to their mistakes.

  • R3jmeb

    It is true that bill copying is a practice in the legislative branch. The key terms here are attribution and permission. If there is attribution, you can qoute all you want. Even the quoting of the Bible is with attribution to the author (Ex. John, 3:16). he he… A translation is not copying just like the Bible so no plagiarism exists.  A work or passage could be reproduced if there is permission. Permission could be secured from the holder of the copyright or the author if he or she has not effectively transferred copyright to the publisher. Legislative bill refiling is not strictly plagiarism because bills are effectively owned by the institution and that there is really tacit permission from previous authors beaving part of the institution. Hence, it could be argued that there is no plagiarism. The author is really the institution and it is merely sponsored by the legislator. Hence, no plagiarism exist in the strictest since. Speeches of Senators are, however, different matters. These are the supposedly the intellectual products of the person and not the institution. Hence, non-attitbution for a passage or even an idea (Ex. the broken windows metaphor by Wilson & Kelling) is plagiarism.
    It was an honest mistake. An apology will do.

    • Nothandsome Nottrue

      ang alam ko 50 years after death ng author bago mapaso ang copyright pero di ako sure kung after that, kailangan pa rin ng attribution

      • R3jmeb

        A certain time after a work has been published but not the death of a person. You are right lapse of copyright and patents. I am just not sure on the dates.

  • santosboi

    sana binanggit nyo na lang kung san galing un speech at the end of the line like what other’s do when giving a speech. nag muka tuloy kayong eng eng ng mabuking.

  • Sheaffer

    IN U.P. students can get expelled if they plagiarize… In senate, they say that it is ok? well boo the freaking who man! “Ang mga estudyante ay tinuturuan sumunod sa batas, para pag tumanda at nagkaposisyon di katulad ni Sotto at Villacorta!”  

  • edward castro

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20
    ayan a may quotes at reference sa bible..baka ma accuse din ako hehe

    • R3jmeb

      tamo, tama ka!

    • nopassword

      D ka kasi graduate ng Iskol Bukol  Wanbol University kaya alam mo. hehehe

  • manual47

    I knew it……I knew it…… wonder the country was in dire trouble in every way.   The senate is good example of institution being run by inept officials of the government who thought that copying is good thing.  Why am I not surprise…..because ever since I can remember, the Philippines has always been considered “no originality” in doings things.  And we finally has some proof to show…..These inept senators and their cohorts finally admitted it.  And the worse thing about it was, they were even proud of it.  Wow….isn’t that something….Don’t get me wrong, I am still proud to call myself a filipino but shameful of how these senators were behaving.  They were elected by the people and were expected to show some intelligence in serving the country and the people.  Yet they were proud to admit that copying was OK because everyone was doing it anyway.   Mga kababayan, now you finally heard and seen how these senators performing their duties.  I don’t think these senators are worth for the salaries they’re receiving…….what a waste of taxpayer’s money.


     We are Filipino… we are plagiarist… we are Spaniard/Catholics…. why do it ourselves when we can lie cheat and steal it from someone else… three hail marys and its done…

  • Rj Nieto


    Nakakahiyang maging Pilipino kung ganito lang ang namamahala sa pamahalaan. Ang pangongopya ay pangongopya, hindi kailangan ng math para maisip na mali iyon. 

    Gaano bang kahirap na akuin ang kamalian? Ganyan bang kataas ang pride ni Senator Tito Sotto samantalang alam ng lahat na Iskul Bukol lang naman ang naging ticket niya para makapasok sa Senado?
    Hindi naiintindihan ng mangmang na senador na ito na ang mga blog na kinopya niya ay pawang mga monetized na platform. Ang walang habas na pangongopya nila ay may malaking negatibong epekto sa hanapbuhay ng mga blogger tulad ni Bb. Pope. Hayan, sana naman, maging aral ito sa ating mga pinoy na maging mas mabusisi sa pagboto ng mga opisyal sa gobyerno. Kung ganito lang kasi ang uri ng mga tao nariyan sa taas, ay mabuti pang maging anarkiya na lang ang pamahalaan natin.Diyos ko!

  • Bieber_Hater


    • Gurong

      oooops..wag naman…

  • onionskinned

    Someone should file a disbarment case against villacorta.

  • brunogiordano

    Sotto/Villacorta, ipagpatuloy ninyo ang pagdededpensa ninyo sa ginawa ninyong pagogopya.

    Kayo ang lumalabas na pinakamagaling na argumento kaya dapat ng gawin ng batas ang RH.

    Go ahead keep on talking (filibusters).

  • indiosbravos2002

    What you have here is an idiot Senator and his moronic staff. Alam ng lahat mali plagiarism. How come they still try to justify and wiggle out of their predicament.
    The best way to handle this sticky situation is own it up, apologize and move on. The more they deny any fault would just drag them down to deeper sh@t.
    What they are doing now is actually not helpful to Soto’s image nor the image of the senate. Enrile should be concerned with Sotto and his staff.

  • Y Sanchez

    As somebody who writes blogs for a living can I say that plagiarizing other works can get me fired faster than than you can say “senate”?

    Tapos ganun lang pala… it’s common practice? I was educated in the best schools in Cagayan de Oro where I learned how to write and to paraphrase. Ganun lang ba talaga ang kaya ng mga writers and researchers ni Tito Sotto? Copy-Paste lang? sheesh….

    • Marina

      And plagiarizing can also get a student expelled in a University too.  Tapos sa Senate sa Pilipinas eh okey lang ito, per Sotto’s staff eh they do it all the time. Ganun? Akala ko pa naman matatalino mga senador natin… mga copy and paste lang pala. tsk tsk.

  • Drei

    LOL! Geez, you are the Senators of the Land! Show some intellegence naman at wag lang kopya ng kopya! Gagawa kayo ng speeches nyo na parang ang gagaling ninyo yun lang pala kopya lang sa iba.

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.” —-> this really made me cracked up! What an idiot to make this kind of justification!

  • sl1

    You are just giving justification for the blunder the senator got into, why not just be honest and tell the people the truth that you copy it with good intension instead of saying blah..blah..blah to to hide your mistakes. Be man enough to accept your  mistakes made instead of doing palusot which will only prolong the issue .

  • Vic Berdin

    Two words: SIRA ULO!


    WALANG MASAMA sa pangongopya KUNG ang kino-kopyahan ay may pahintulot sa nangongopya.  Kaya may linalagay na “with permission” na note ang mga citations o “kopya na hinahango sa ibang tao.  Lahat ng reproductions o pag-kopya ay hinihingan ng permiso sa may-ari ng gawa para walang gulo o away.

    Madalas talagang nangyayari na ang isang gawa ng tao na tinatawag na intellectual property ay ginagaya ng walang pahintulot sa may-ari…. at dahil sa ma-aaksaya lang ang oras at panahon ng may-ari sa paghahabol o paninita, hinahayaan na lang.  At kung wala namang magrereklamong may-ari na kinopyahan, palagay ko walang kaso.  Pero pag may nagreklamo, malamang kalaboso. Tulad lang ng kanta…..ang daming mga kanta na ginagaya o kinokopya na walang approval sa original na gumawa.  PERO, hindi nangangahulugan na may ibang gumagawa ng hindi tama, e, maaari ng KOPYAHIN yong kamaliang yon.  ALAM ng MALI, e, gagayahin o kokopyahin pa dahil ginagawa na din naman ng iba.  Yan ang CRIMINAL MIND.

    May copy na legitimate at may copy na illegal. Pag walang nanita, OK.  Pero pag may nanita, ang pinakamagaling at pinakamatinong gawin ay humingi ng paumanhin at ipa-alam sa naninita na hindi na yon mauulitpa.  HINDI YONG MAGMAMATIGAS AT MAGYAYABANG kA PA na walang masama sa pangongopya dahil ginagawa na din ng iba.  Kasi kung ganyan ang susundin na batayan, maaari ng pasara ang lahat ng piitan.

    VILLACORTA should be named the next CARDINAL SIN of PH by Vatican.

  • Sober_One

    You can never rationalize intellectual dishonesty like plagiarism as the right thing!
    We are talking here of a speech where simple attribution from the source of the quoted words and phrases should have been done. That’s what we learned in Freshman English in college. And if there was omission or error made, sincere apologies and rectification should have been done. What they just did is a scandalous display of arrogance and ignorance. 

  • onionskinned

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists”
    Ayaw talagang magpatalo.

    “Senator Sotto was not personally responsible for preparing the speech. He only read it on the floor. Besides, I already apologized to (US blogger) Sarah Pope,” 

    Having read your so-called apology, I didn’t see where the apology took place.  It sounds like you were even smug about it.  Can you cite where again is the apology?

    • R3jmeb

      Nagpapatawa lang si Atty. Villacorta. Alam naman nya na lahat ng tao ay unique. Bawal ang kopya. Kaya nga immoral ang cloning eh…

  • ricky

    Pang-iskul bukol tlga ang logic nyo Sotto.

  • wawangpenoy

    Hoy, sa mga taong kliyente ni Villatorta, o sa kakilala ng kliyente ni Villatorta, kaibigan, kamaganak, kabarilan, at kung anu-ano pa. basta! sabihin ninyo na huwag kukuning abogado itong si Villatorta.

    Immoral at baluktot ang logic which reflect his personality and character. Anong mangyayari sa yo kung may kaso ka at itong taong ito ang inaasahan mong magpapanalo. Isa lang ang gagawin nito. Suhulan ang judge.

    Kamag-anak ni Carabuena tong si Villatorta. Pag ito ang naka enkwentro mo sa traffic, sampal at mura aabutin mo dito. Like I said his logic reflects his personality and character. Arrogant to say the least

    • R3jmeb

      I disagree with your characterization of the man. Mabait na tao yan si Atty. Villacorta. Nagpapatawa lang sya.

  • Joshua Cuyos

    “’We cannot draw up a speech that says ‘according to this blogger who
    quoted this author.’ It’s simply too awkward. Besides, what would the
    Senate President say,’ Villacorta said. ”

    – So what if it’s awkward? You still need to admit it’s not yours in the first place.

    • R3jmeb

      It only becomes awkward if you do not know how to construct a sentence with citation and attribution.

  • KenKhoy

    oo nga naman……lahat politico ganun……. kung nkaw si juan…. ginaya ni pedro…ginaya din ni procopio. kung may political dynasty sa luzon…. mayroon din sa vizmin……..kaya lahat yan plyagirista…… kung nagsakitsakitan………. kaya rin yan ng iba gayahin……. kaya kung gustong yumaman gayahin nyo sila….. magpolitiko kayo………gayahin nyo bokol nila..bawat sana wag kayong magkabukol o matilaokan……… 

  • superbok

    I’m a Dabarkad, but simply because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right.

  • JamesB

    The Constitution, the Bill of Rights… we used the US version as a TEMPLATE then made the necessary changes. The US let us use their version as a template because it was in their interest to let us do so and they let us. It wasn’t plagiarized.

  • Paui

    It would be easier to forgive and forget if Sen. Sotto just admitted his mistake. You are digging a deeper grave, Sen. Sotto! Nakakahiya ka at yung buong PR team mo. 

  • Brahman

    iskol bukol pala ang Senado kaya pala puro bobo mga senator doon sa pangunguna ni Sotto

    • R3jmeb

      Sabi ni Mon Tulfo, me extra-ordinary intelligence si Sen. Sotto. Plagiarism is not about lack of intelligence but more like a product of laziness.

  • VidaGuerrero

    let us give villacorta a break. he’s just being true to his name. CORTA loosely translated means cutting…as in cutting corners. shortcut. the easier way!

  • lordson

    Hahaha. Bilib na talaga ako sa lahat nag namuno sa bayan. Kaya pala walang katapusan ang mga kawalanghiyaan ng mga pulitiko kasi kaya pala nilang gawin lahat ng mga gusto nila. Pa sampal nga sa isang pulgadang kapal ng mukha nyo.

  • Lala Sandones

    What is wrong in giving credit to whom it is due? There are 3 kinds of theft: money, time and ideas. Plagiarism is the theft of ideas, po.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Mga Palusot itong taong ito…paano uunlad ang bayan kapag ganyan ang mga namumuno sa bansa?

  • Tonypogi

    By his admission, he also admits that he is INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST. Wala naman talagang masama na kumopya kung bibigyan mo ng importansiya ang kinopyahan mo. Pag hindi mo in-acknowledge ang pinanggalingan ng mga salita mo, nangangahulugan na ang mga binigkas mo ay sarili mong katha. Maliwanag na immoral ang gawaing ito. Umaangkin ka ng hindi sa iyo. Maling-mali na gagamit ka ng isang immoral na paraan para ipagtanggol ang isang moral na adhikain.

    Magpapalusot kayo at noong mabuko kayo pakapalan na lang ang mukha na ipagmamatigasan   ninyo na tama ang maling gawain ninyo. Nakakahiya Kayo !  Dapat mag-resign na lang kayo dahil ang buong bansa ang napapahiya sa inyo.

  • Garote

    How could  Sarah Pope accuse Sotto of plagiarism and lying when Sotto correctly attributed what he said to McBride, who is the author of the findings against contraceptives. If Sotto attributed McBride’s finding to Pope that would be wrong. It was stealing the work of McBride when Pope wanted Sotto to attribute McBride’s findings to her (Pope). And when Sotto refused, Pope accused him of plagiarism and lying. Sotto was right not to attribute McBride’s work to Pope.


      Pope did her research and wrote it accordingly by citing her source to her beliefs which is pro choice and also there was a disclaimer in her site.

      The Sotto Camp was just to lazy to research and just cut and paste the work of pope just because she wrote according to mcbride.

      the book has a different context and wordings. pope wrote it those context as how she understood it.

      In short the sotto camp stole the work of pope.

  • Ye

    di naman natin kinopya ang image ni God eh…God formed us in his image…so how can the creator be the plagiarist? kaya ka lang nagiging plagiarist kasi you copied without the consent or without acknowledging the author of the things you copied…so we cant be plagiarist since we didnt create ourselves…nor can God be a plagiarist…since he is the author…they should look up the meaning of this freaking word before they start looking for alibis

  • boybakal

    Plagiarism has been in our Congress and Senate ever since but never questioned.
    It is only now that we have easy access to information because of internet, we can easily detect if one is copied or not.
    Our laws are patterned or modeled after the US. Even our education systems.
    Though plagiarism is a medieval word, it is renewed now that everybody is claiming their blogs or comments as sign of ownership.
    Unless one’s idea is registered or patented, no one can claim ownership for ideas are universal.
    In short, people are just overwhelmed by this Plagiarism….a  new word to their ear.

    • R3jmeb

      there is a difference between patent and copyright. Registration is not necessary for the copyrights. An idea just has to be presented and it becomes copyrighted. Thus, you cannot copy a term paper of another student and present it as your own.

  • Sj San Juan

    Atty Villacorta, the proper way to handle this point via crisis communication is that you have done your best to locate the original source but when you failed, you instead copied the blog. There was no intention to plagiarize, and you were sorry for the mishap. Then promise to do things differently, and exert more efforts to be diligent in your research. Then move on!

    When MVP was hammered with allegedly plagiarizing his speech, he apologized then offered to resign his seat as Ateneo’s Chairman of the Board. And he was praised after that.

    So instead of digging a very deep grave for you and your principal, maybe you should backpedal a bit, and be magnanimous instead.

  • Gabsmeister

    Villacorta, please do not plagiarize your race anymore. We do not need disintegrating brains like yours. Kthnxbye.

    Paki chech nga ang lisensya, baka plagiarized din.

  • blade_29

    Plagiarism can never and will never be right or ok whether one is in the academe or in this case in politics…period. I just hope that this villacorta clown knows what he is saying otherwise he is not fit to be where he is right now. He sets a very bad example.

  • gerryjoaquin

    stupid chief of staff. the more villacorta denies and defend the indefensible, the more he digs the grave of his boss deeper.

  • teraytaray

    Why don’t you just shut up! Yang mga pinagsasabi nyo puro basura, kaya bawat pa press release nyo lalo nyo lang nilulubog ang mga sarili nyo sa dagat na basurang nilikha nyo. Obvious na ginawa rin nina Santiago at Maceda kaya okay lang sa kanila. 

  • dsuarez113

    mr villacorta, if you cannot issue a simple apology and admission that you made a mistake, just stop talking – the issue will eventually die a natural death.
    The more you talk to justify your error and look for excuses, the more you show your lack of integrity and how small you are, intellectually and morally. Your latest statements are ridiculous and pathetic. Nakakahiya!

  • tonto_ka

    justifying the end to qualify the means??? common in senate only???

  • Garote

    It seems like Sarah Pope is now claiming McBride’s findings as her own because she used it in her blog by just adding some words of her own. She thinks McBride’s findings has become her intellectual property. To think of it, if you take out McBride’s findings from Pope’s sentence she wrote, what do you have? You have only articles, verbs, and connective words, etc. when read together they meant nothing. In other words, without the McBride’s findings in that sentence, what Pope has added sound gibberish.How could Sarah Pope now honestly claim McBride’s work as her intellectual property?  My God, this is stealing without shame! The nerve of Sarah Pope accusing Sen. Sotto of plagiarism, when she is the real lying thief!

    • magsasakasanayon

      idiot. have you read sarah’s blog? she acknowledged dr. mcbride’s findings and never claimed them as her own. she even has a list of references at the bottom of the blog. tito sotto, on the other hand, refused to acknowledge that he used parts of sarah’s blog word for word (even if his chief of staff already admitted it). go figure.

    • wakats

      Garote, if you’re another staff of sotto, stop mingling around.

      Sarah properly attributed the source in her blog by mentioning Dr. Mcbride.


  • Cubano

    Masisipag pala kayong mga taga senado.  Dapat mag sara na kayo..

  • perry

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said. 

    mr. Villacorta hindi tayo ang kumopya sa image ng Diyos, ginawa tayo ng Dyos sa kanyang imahe, mali ata ang takbo ng reasoning mo…
    kung ganyan pala sa senado na ok lang ang mangopya ng gawa ng iba, kawawa naman pala ang sambayanang Pilipino na ang mga senador ay puro mangongopya lang… at ang mahirap pa nito sila sila ang nagtatanggulan, haayyyyyyyy…kawawa naman si juan dela cruz….

  • Titan

    So if everyone’s stealing does it make stealing the right thing to do?

    I rest my case, your honor. Oh, that’s right, you have no honor, so it’s only fitting to call you lawmakers and their staff Dishonorable.

  • Rex

    ipag patuloy lang ang laban. kelangan maging matatag. karamihan ng mga speech ay gamit na. di na bago yung ganyang isyu.

  • tita_cacayan

     tama na awatin nyo na ang mangmang na yan ,lalong nababaon eh , ngayon nang dadamay na. yan ang hirap sa mga nag aral sa iskul bukol., knock knock ….who… plagiarism… who….of course ang  tito soto nyo…. hay naku .calling all mangmang in the phil. iboto nyo uli ha .Buti pa si lito lapid di nangongopya .paiyak iyak pa ang tigas naman ng mukha

  • Descarte

    May kabarkada si Villacorta sa international media, si Todd Akin, ang kanya naman ay “legitimate rape”;  so baka ibig sabihin din dito ni Villacorta ay “legitimate plagiarism”.  Kapag sa Senado, it is a legitimate ba?

    • brunogiordano

      “May kabarkada si Villacorta sa international media, si Todd Akin,”

      sabi ni OBAMA KAY TODD AKIN “somehow missed science class”


  • Juan_Mapalad

    Hays.. This Villacorta guy is really dumb, he justifies his laziness and ineptitude by saying: “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,”  Did he not think that preparing an original speech would have been better and also take out the use of “according to”? 

    His speech for Sen. Sotto did not really have to be too technical… it was a speech that should have shown the good senator’s feelings about the RH Bill and his experiences relating to it… A speech touching on emotions…. hays, bopols talaga.

  • Maverick

    Grabe na to…. Lawmakers, lawbreakers!!!  Whatever happened to our intellectual property rights? This could be the reason we’re not taken seriously by other countries. 

  • hopelovefaith

    Aba eh tayo pa yata ang hindi maka-intindi according to Villacorta. 

    Please stop putting more salt in our wounds. We are being punished by putting up with Sotto, while Villacorta is joing the bandwagon by bullying us.

  • Fulpol

    Scene: Eat Bulaga’s Q&A portion of Little Miss Philippines. Contestant number 3, english speaking 5-year old girl. Host: Tito Sen and Vic Sotto

    Girl:  Hellow powh!
    Vic:  Hi! How are you?
    Girl: I’m fine, thank you!
    Tito Sen: Do you speak tagalog?
    Girl: Konti lang powh!
    Vic: nosebleed tayo sa kanya Tito Sen.
    Tito Sen: oo nga.

    Vic: how old are you?
    Girl: i’m five years old powh?
    Vic: do you go school? 
    Girl: yes powh.
    Vic: what level?
    Girl: kindegarten powh.
    Vic: what is your favorite subject?
    Girl: English powh.
    Vic: Good.. parang hirap ako dito ah. Ikaw naman Tito Sen.

    Tito Sen: what do you want to become when you grow up?
    Girl: i want to become speech writer powh.
    Tito Sen (surprise): speech writer? really?
    Girl: yes powh. to be more specific powh, speech writer for a Senator… powh
    Tito Sen: wow, that is a great ambition. why do you want to become speech writer?
    Girl: you know powh. to become a speech writer for a Senator.. is no sweat powh.
    Tito Sen: no sweat? why naman?
    Girl: because powh, just copy and paste powh the speech from the Internet.
    Tito Sen (shock and don’t believe what he heard.. get numb for a moment)..

    Girl: Tito Sen… do you copy?
    Tito Sen (back to consciousness): yes, copy that…

    • libraocto

      Hehehehe, parang mga indiano dito sa M.E., copy paste din….. memo, tech. spechs., software etc…… walang pinag-iba..

    • wakats

      A good one Fulpol.  Let’s have more of it…

  • Bayan Muna

    Yeah, awkward… You stupid moron… It was a blog site and not an official publication of medical study… How stupid of you to quote from a blogger! Just to get a good impression form the Senate President?! What the!?! Saan ka ba nag-aral?!

    • Steven Zahl

      Sa WANBOL University

      • arthur1401

        Wanbol U, gold medal-ability to copy a classmate 4 rows behind, 

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    //“Copying is a common practice. Why do you need to think of a brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists?” said Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s chief of staff.“Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.// Ginoong Hector Villacorta, hindi magtataka ang taong bayan sa iyong pagkatao…nakuha mo pa idamay ang Diyos sa kasinungalingan mo?  Your “twisted”values is a shame to all Filipino people; you do not represent all of us…you are only a part of this God-loving people…you’re only part of the dark, distasteful political atmosphere here in our country… 

  • GKLer

    I learned today you can replace the $taff and $peechwriter of any $enator – with a Xerox machine.

    • Bayan Muna

      Yeah! Cheaper value though the staff has a cheaper character…

  • Steven Zahl

    SOTTO is a LYING THIEF, no more no less.

  • Karabukov

    Potentially, there is a greater sin that Sotto and staff committed than plagiarism.

    It’s gullibility arising from the use of wrong information obtained from the internet. In other words, sloppy research. Everybody knows that the internet is a big source of all kinds of information, right and wrong, verified and unverified, scientific and unscientific, good and bad, true and false.

    Sotto’s staff admitted lifting paragraphs from Sarah Pope’s blog. Then they proceeded to credit Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride which was the acknowledged source of information in Sarah’s piece entitled “How the Pill Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health”.

    Eto’ng siste. What if Sarah Pope just made up her so-called info (I’m just saying “what if” for the sake of argument.) Sotto’s research staff relied entirely on Sarah Pope as the direct source of medical information purportedly from the credentialed McBride. In other words, hearsay. Why, because they did not have direct access to Dr. McBride. But after completely trusting and relying on Sarah Pope through her blog, they rudely dismiss her as not deserving of credit because she is no doctor and is “just a blogger.”

    But let’s not go too far. Let’s just say, what if her blog is subsequently found to contain inaccuracies that Dr. McBride subsequently declares as wrong. Ah, simple. Sotto would now blame Sarah Pope.

    For plagiarizing a secondary source, I believe the dangers posed by doing that (the risk of inaccurate information) is also the answer to Senator Enrile’s justification of Sotto and staff’s indescretion (Enrile says the plagiarism – while wrong – is still okay as long as what he’s saying, plagiarism and all, is true.) Plagiarism from a secondary source then crediting the primary source (Dr. Campbell-McBride) without having direct access to it exposes you to risk of using wrong, inaccurate and therefore false information.

    Kawawang Sarah, kinopyahan na nga minata pa.  She will not get credit for being right (it
    goes to Dr. Campbell-McBride) but she will be blamed for being wrong (because she is just a blogger). Oh, the injustice. I think she should sue. LOL.

    I take it back. I forgot that she owes Senator Sotto her new found popularity. LOL

  • hopelovefaith

    Can the senate do something about the blunder of Sotto?

    Up to when will the Filipinos put up with this continued insult?

    Gumalaw naman kayo diyan sa senate.  Lahat yata kayo eh bahag ang buntot dahil takot kayo kay Enrile.

    Is there anyone among the senate who will speak up for the truth? 

    Lahat ng Filipino including the honorable senators, were insulted by this blatant lie and still no one will lift a finger.

  • raffyb0i

    so this is why piracy prevails :)

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    I stopped reading from the second paragraph.

    This aide is obnoxious, arrogant, lazy, and he says the most atrocious statements.

  • jener

    seryoso ba talaga itong aide na ito? dapat ito tanggalin na sa trabaho. since everyone cheats, its okay to cheat. parang corruption lang. nakaka hiya

  • Bayan Muna

    Sen Sotto, magpalit na po kayo ng Staff.. Lalo po kayong nilalaglag ni Sir Villacorta.. Lalo tuloy kayong nagmumukhang tanga sa mga taong bumoto sa inyo.. Sarili nyong speech di nyo  mareview and yet you have time to go to Eat Bulagta…

    Yan ang mahirap sa puro karisma.. Puro wento wala wenta!

    Sayang ang pasweldo ng gobyerno senyo Tito Sen… Bigay nyo na lang sweldo nyo sa mga nabahaan.. Malay nyo dun manggagaling ang taong magbabago sa takbo ng pulitika sa Pilipinas… Magbibigay na lang ng citation para sa speech questionable pa ang credibility ng source! Nakakanginig ng laman!

    • beerhunters

      during his college days, all the reports and term papers that he submitted were full of passages lifted without citations from the works of other people,  ghost written in CM Recto ave. as well.

  • Bon

    Idiots… ang daling i-quote kung saan kinuha yung source…magpapalusot pa e…

  • Daphne

    ‘“A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.’ 

    And they think a plagiarized speech is credible? Bobo. I can’t believe lawmakers allow this!

  • Leigh Anne

    o, all together now, lahat ng bumoto kay tito sotto for senator…pakiumpog na lang mga ulo nyo.  you did this country a great disservice!     :(

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    yes, Mr.Hector Villacorta…yung blog ho ay private property…nde public documents kagaya ng sinasabi ninyo…nag-aral pa naman kayo kaya nde madaling maintindihan ang pagkaka-iba…

    //We plagiarized the US Constitution. All the amendments became our Bill of Rights. But do they call us a plagiaristic country? No, because the law is based on precedent,” Sotto’s chief of staff said.//


  • M_Sakay

    the honorable thing for villacorta to do is resign. but then again, resigning is an honorable act that i doubt he will do.
    gad! what is hapening in our country??

  • 1tiago2bangkilan3

     “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.

    ‘…so we talk as if we we made our own researches to make our statements credible,” he added some more.

  • 1tiago2bangkilan3

    i thought it was this very same senator who told us NOT to accept statistics as facts…

  • samarutan

    It’s is alright to steal because everybody else is doing it. Ganon ba ‘yon, Hector Villacorta? Naman!

  • Bayan Muna

    Sana ma-ban na tong staff na to sa net and mag Public Apology for giving statements as if all Filipino’s are corrupt and plagiarists!

  • Kiks de la Tonga

    Request is totally different from copying without permission. So, request to refile a bill is totally different from copying an 8 sentences from a “blogger lang”. Wag nang palusot. Say sorry and do the right thing. The more palusot, the more chances of winning one of the titles from the hall of shame.

  • peter r

    So sad, in a country where honesty is rare to come by. The people learn it from the top, their own National representatives.  Sayang Talaga

  • wakats

    Kudos to Mirriam and Ernie for telling Hector what to do on the hullabaloo they’ve created and for having too much pride, especially sotto…

  • beatmanny

    nag time machine ako sa year 2013 at nahatulang guilty sa “plagiarism” case si justice del castillo at bumoto ng guilty si tito sotto. 

    ang saya saya!!!

  • zelebrate

    ang yabang talaga nang mga senador! pag sila ang mangopya…”there’s nothing wrong with it”, they always make light of any wrongdoing they or their colleagues do. but when others do it, they crucify them in senate inquiries, call them “bastos”, and embarrass them publicly. double standard. sus! 

    • Bayan Muna

       Remember Revilla and Kho.. Parang ganon lang din.. As if si Revilla hindi babaero..

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Sa isang Pagsusulit sa isang silid-aralan,Ano ang tawag sa isang mag-aaral na kumokopya sa kanyang kaklase? Maraming puwedeng itawag sa mag-aaral na ito.Una,puwede siyang tawagin Tamad mag-aral,Mahina ang kukote,Bulakbulero,Pala-asa sa ibang tao,at ang panghuli ay Ginoong Hector Villacorta!!!!

    Sa parte naman ni senador Vicente Sotto de Third,simpleng pag-amin ng kamalian at paghingi ng paumanhin ay maiintindihan na ng bayan ang kanyang nagawa.ngunit palibhasa’y mayabang na tao,imbes na magpaumanhin ay siniraan pa iyong taong pinanggalingan ng kanyang kopyang talumpati…ayan tuloy,kabi-kabila ang batikos ng bayan sa kasalukuyan tagapagtanghal ng programang “Eat Bulaga”…Senador,kaunti disenteng pag-uugali at pagpapakumbaba lang sa bayan iyong pinaglilingkuran!!!

    • Bayan Muna

      Meron pa… Senator!haha!

  • suburbanmother

    Seriously?!!! Just because it is common doesn’t mean it is right and okay. Nakakahiya naman ‘tong mga ito.

  • zelebrate

    when a senator / mayor / governor or boss reads a speech prepared by a staff, it becomes his.  (duh!)…….so it’s not an excuse to say he shouldn’t apologize because he didn’t prepare it anyway.  how dense can you get?

  • missus_potts

    Oh great, I’ve been teaching my children that just because something is commonly done does not necessarily mean it is correct. Now we have people in the Senate saying plagiarism is ok because it’s common practice. I think this is the defense of the intellectually lazy and undisciplined. Let our children know this is what they shouldn’t be as they grow up and take their places in society.

  • Jamm3r

    sana naman po ay hinay hinay tayo ng pagbibigay ng mga maanghang na salita sa ating kababayan dito. hindi po ako maka sotto or maka villacorta, but i’m trying to look at the picture as an outsider. ang isyu po ay nag-akusa itong sarah pope ng plagiarism at sabihan ang ating senador who happened to be sotto in this case as a lying thief. ang isyu po ay itong sarah pope na ito ay nanggaya or nangopya rin naman. ang idea niya ng intellectual property rights is distorted.

    halimbawa po ba yung darwin’s theory of evolution ay inilagay sa isang blog at ito ay ginamit sa isang speech ng isang kilalang tao, ang dapat po bang i credit ay iyong blogger or yung darwin’s theory? ganyan po ang isyu na sinasabi ni sarah pope ang gusto niya eh sa kanya mapunta ang credit? sana naman po ay maging maingat tayo lalo pa at ang involve ay kababayan natin at ang pinapanigan natin ay ang maling akusasyon ng isang hindi naman yata filipino? isa pa po ang mahalaga po ay tignan natin ano ba ang mabuting mensahe at hindi yung puro paghahanap ng mali sa ginawa ng kapwa natin. ipinapakita lang dito ang pagiging crab mentality ng isang tao kung puro kamalian at pagpuna ang gagawin sa kapwa natin. pilipinong kababayan ba natin o ang isang sarah pope na hindi naman natin alam kung ano’ng pinanggalingan?

    • VidaGuerrero

       mawalang galang na jamm3r. tama ang mga sinasabi mo. pero yung sinabi mo tungkol kay sarah pope, yun ang unang isyu. pero dito kay villacorta ngayon, hindi na yun ang isyu. para kay villacorta, OKAY LANG ang mag-plagiarize dahil ginagawa naman ng iba. sa tingin mo ba tama pa rin yon? mali na di ba? hindi na yung pangongopya nina sotto and staff ang isyu kung hindi yung sinasabi ni villacorta na tama ang ginawa nila. pati Diyos binaluktot pa ni villacorta ang creation. hindi na usapin ito ng pilipino kontra dayuhan. usapin ito ng TAMA o MALI na gawain ng mga naturinangan pa naman na opisyales ng gobyerno.

      • Jamm3r

        oh yes i agree with you. ang post ko ay para doon sa mga hanggang nagyon ay nagpost pa rin against sotto and accusing him being a lying thief. kasi marami pa din na ang sinasabi dito ay yung tungkol sa plagiarism daw ni sotto.

        thanks anyways.

      • wakats

        Jamm, advise hector TO SHUT UP and this issue will die a natural death…

      • VidaGuerrero

        loud and clear bro. salamat din.

    • Mark Javier

      Jamm3r tingin ko ang essence ng message ni Villacorta ay “ang mali ay nagiging tama pag marami ang gumagawa”. Labas na dito ang sinasabi mong “kababayan”. Kung sabihin ni Villacorta / Sotto na “OK lang mangurakot kasi LAHAT ng opisyal nangungurakot” kampi ka pa rin ba?

    • Red

      You are an idiot. You’re explanations just goes to show how little you know. 

      The fact of the matter is a SENATOR, someone elected into office and bestowed trust by the people, plagiarized and even lied about it. And even when he was caught he tried to deny it and make excuses. He should’ve just manned up and admitted his mistake but he just brushes it aside and his staff now even says everyone does it. 

      And you’re even trying to say that just because he’s a Filipino we should back him up even though he’s in the wrong. Idiot.

      • Jamm3r

        i am respecting all comments here but to call me an idiot is totally uncalled for, you simply show how arrogant you are pa ingles ingles ka pa bastos ka naman. pwede mo namang sabihin ng maayos ng walang pagsasalita ng masama sa kapwa bakit yung iba naman nagagawa bakit ikaw eh masyadong highblood? ikaw ang idiot sa assumptions mo bobo wala naman akong sinabing i-back-up ang gawang mali intindihin mo kasi aanga anga ka eh. to others, i am not even working in the government and i don’t even know how villacorta looked like sotto of course napapanood ko sa eat bulaga. but fo you RED wag ka aanga aanga hah dami mong assumptions na puro kaangahan. :)

    • wakats

      “ang isyu po ay itong sarah pope na ito ay nanggaya or nangopya rin naman.  ang idea niya ng intellectual property rights is distorted.”

      Sarah Pope didn’t deny that she got her materials from Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride but Sarah PROPERLY ATTRIBUTED HER SOURCE in her blog – unlike sen. sotto and atty hector villacorta, who justified the wrong with another wrong… 

    • Descarte

      Most of the blogs are condemning not the person but his act which if not illegal is grossly immoral and unethical.  Hindi nangopya si Pope dahil rephrased yong blog nya, hind verbatim, etong kay Villacorta, as in copy paste talaga.  Rule of thumb nga ay if you copy word for word at least consecutive 5 words from another source, that is plagiarism. I can’t tell my kids that what he has done is just ok.   

    • EMarite66

      I have a sneaking suspicion that you are a staff of Atty. Villacorta (I could be wrong, of course.) So I appreciate the humble and gentle tenor of your comment in an attempt to defend him and I understand your reason for defending him. Pero hija naman, look at your twisted reasoning again and you will understand, (I assume that you are a lawyer too,) that it is utter nonsense.

      First, if you discuss or write about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, it will not be plagiarism because the attribution and acknowledgment of the source of the theory is already inherent in the name. Kaya nga ang tawag e Darwin’s Theory, kase kay Charles Darwin yun!

      Now, it would be different if you write about the Theory and then you claim it as the product of your own mind and you put your name on it and call it Jamm3r’s Theory of Evolution. THAT WOULD PLAGIARISM, plain and simple.

      In case another person (say, another scientist) discusses or writes about the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and this writer or blogger makes his own analysis or comments about it and IF YOU COPY HIS WORDS VEBATIM WITHOUT ATTRIBUTING, THEN YOU WOULD BE GUILTY OF PLAGIARISM, plain and simple. That blogger or writer will not be guilty of plagiarism because he acknowledged that it was Darwin’s Theory, not his. But his analysis and comments are his own, the product of his own thought processes. And since you copied it without permission and attribution, you are the one who have committed plagiarism.

      This same logic is applicable even if you discuss Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or Newton’s Law of Gravity or any other ideas or concepts that are the product of another person’s intellect. You CANNOT USE IT WITHOUT ATTRIBUTING IT TO THE REAL AUTHOR OR OWNER OF THE IDEA.

      Unfortunately for Atty. Villacorta, he copied the exact same words of Sarah Pope and pretended that he got wrote and analyzed the facts himself based on the work of Dr. McBride. He even admitted that he never read the work of Dr. McBride at all! Clearly, he plagiarized.

      Sarah Pope, on the other hand, cited her openly cited her direct and primary source as Dr. McBride.

      Atty. Villacorta is obviously at fault here. He may not want to admit it. But it’s true, nevertheless.

      (Btw, my suspicion that you work for him was aroused by the fact that I heard him state this same twisted, illogical reasoning in an interview somewhere. But I could be wrong.)

  • Night

    hanep na argumento yan ah!!!!


    G A G O 

  • KapitanBagwis

    Pass the RH Bill…huwag ninyong ibahin ang usapan!!

    • willylansangan

      kapitan r u back in the states now di man tayo nagkita

      • KapitanBagwis

        Hi willy, Im still here in Manila, planning to go back to US 1st week Sept. Oo nag di tayo nagkikita pa, kc daming bagyo at baha.


    dito ko  lang napatunayan na sadyang walang mga utak ang ating mga hinalal na senatong ng bayan.

  • iv borromeo

    He needs to shut up or he will keep burying himself and Sotto.

  • Dennis Bitare Francisco

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” Pati Diyos dinamay, nak ng tokwa nmn. Makapag palusot lang.. If I were Sotto I should at least admit my fault – hindi ung gagawa pa ng mga palusot…. …And I think, Villacorta is indeed resposible for this… kaya napahamak si Sotto.

  • Bewareiftheworldagreeswithyou

    No to RH Bill!.. everybody now!… No to Rh Bill! No to RH Bill!

    • magiting78

      bakit ka no? site reasons? have you read the bill? me I didn’t so I cannot say I am agree or not, I leave it to congress, coz I think they know what they are doing (hope so).


    “Give credit to where credit to where credit is due…”

    1) “Our Constitution is copied from US Charter…is, in itself, PLAGIARISM…” 
    [Comment:  Wrong.  Copying the substance of the US Charter as a model of democracy, THAT BENEFITS THE PEOPLE, is not PLAGIARISM]

    2) “…even our image is copied from God…” 
         [Comment:  Wrong.  The line “our image is copied from God” where God has no physical image, and it is stated to mean that, we, as HUMANS, HAVE DIGNITY as OUR CREATOR GOD made us in his likeness.]

    One thing is true, that even the devils defend each other for self preservation, just like the Senate and all other polticians, to include Noynoy and his KKK’s…

    Objectivism and not actions for self preservation…is it.

    • Diepor

      We are not copied from god because the earth has been around for millions of years.Everything was not created in one week some 6000 years ago. You need to be pretty uneducated to belive thet.

      • JOSE RIZAL

        The line “…made in his likeness…” is taken from the book of Genesis and is obviously from the Bible.  And the line interpretations are used for religious purposes and to the faithfuls…and is not meant to interpret scientific findings, discoveries and studies…
        Hahahaha, comprende?

      • GKLer

        You know this for certain because you were there at the time the earth was created?

  • 88Cindy

    stupid but still arrogant

  • Jon Salonga

    Labanan natin ang mga taong yan, mauubusan din yan ng kokopyahan nila

  • iv borromeo

    Ang issue ni Sarah Pope ay dahil ni-lift verbatim sa blog nya yung linyang yun, sana man lang ni-paraphrase nila kung ayaw nila i-attribute dun sa kanya. :) Tapos instead na apologetic eh arrogante pa ang dating nung post ni Villacorte dun sa blog. Sana di nalang sya nag post dun, nag issue nalang sana ng press statement. Naging cheap tuloy yung dating nila (Sotto’s camp). Tama ka, di tayo dapat mag focus dun kasi tapos na yun, eh kaso sila itong salita ng salita at di yata maka move-on.

    • EMarite66

      I agree, Viaacorta should just stop talking already. He’s not doing the Senator any good. He’s not gaining any points.

  • Dominic

    Teacher ok lang pala mang copy.

    • magiting78

      Bakit mali ba mangopya? Ang mali dun kung kokopya k n rin lang mali pa..Sabi dati ng prof ko s college Ok lng mangopya wag lang pahuhuli kc pagnahuli ka tyak singko ka…Kasi pag nahuli ibig sabihin bopol ka, kokopya n lng pahuhuli pa…D2 nag kamali c Sotto kokopya n lang nag pahuli pa…ibig sabihin sya ayyyyy….lol

  • williev

    And to think the tobacco exec whom earlier caught in the act of bodily harming an MMDA employee already apologized for his wrongdoings publicly and seek forgiveness – this arrogant egotistical lawyer aide of Sen Sotto still has the guts to justify a shameful act. Worst, Sen. Sotto is not doing anything and in fact condoning this disgraceful act by keeping him in his team.

  • damon steine

    so if you rationalize it, there is nothing wrong with what the staff of the senate are doing when it comes to the issue at hand.


  • clavenilo

    Our good senators especialy those who were elected because of their huge fan base by hoisting TV shows for decades should realized that we know they have P 200 million annual pork barrel and all they can hire is this people who just rely on blogs and past bills to re submit ?  The middle class should really wake up , our hypnotized voters keep on electing these show biz people and basketball players in the senate what to entertain us ?  Qualifed public servant like Robredo cant even get  confirmed by these clowns ?

  • clavenilo

    No wonder we still cannot eradicate corruption and poverty in this country we put unqualified people in the senate who are prop up by these well paid lawyers ( 200 million of pork barrel will buy you anything ) while those who silently toiled are not even confirmed.   Good thing the RM award need not have the ok of the CA.

    • magiting78


  • filipinaskoh

    Nothing is wrong if you copied word for word a certain work but you have to acknowledge it. Every book publish there is and there is notes copied from other books but they never failed to acknowledge the original author of it.

    If you don’t acknowledge it that is plagiarism.  

  • jsncruz

    I don’t even think we should waste our time reacting to the new standards of bad PR being set right in front of our eyes.

  • Diepor

    We are not copied from god because the earth has been around for millions of years.Everything was not created in one week some 6000 years ago. You need to be pretty uneducated to belive that.Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.  

    • Gagami Tuladyu

      Hihihi! So you’re saying that you’re a
      wiser man than most of those who believes in God & creation including Albert
      Einstein himself eh??? You’re just showing your ignorance by thinking that God’s
      time is the same as its human’s interpretation! Bawas-bawasan mo kasi kaka
      shabu mo, wise As$Z! RoFL! ;) 

      • Diepor

        I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings. (Albert Einstein)

      • GKLer

        Einstein believed Jesus Christ existed by the way.  Darwin also believed in God.

      • Diepor

        I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings. (Albert Einstein) We have devolopted from animals over millions of years . most people understand this.

      • GKLer

        Einstein also believed Jesus Christ existed. Darwin believed in God.

      • GKLer

        Evolution 101:  Single atom iron based life forms evolved into my Hyundai all on their own after zillions of years.

        Evolution = Nothing + Accident + Lots of Time = Everything.

        Evolution is the stupidest theory ever conceived.  Darwin compared his own children to dogs.  I am not surprised he couldn’t tell the difference between an ape and his wife.

        Whatever you saw in books, such as humanoids with a human like hairdoo and a face of an ape are all artists interpretations based on a fraction of a skull or jaw.  

        The coelecanth, a 400M y.o. fossil was found alive in 1930s.  It was still a fish that couldn’t talk, walk, build submarines.  It was unevolved.

        Cyanobacteria – 4billion year old fossils – still exists today unevolved.

      • Diepor

        Im wiser than you . You need try to insult people when you have no arguments. And to belive that we are are made in the image of god is ignorant . There is proof that our forfathers are monkeys. 

      • GKLer

        There is no proof.  Flimsy evidence perhaps, but NO proof.

    • GKLer

      And Diepor knows this because he was there at the time the Earth was created?  You seem 100% sure of yourself.

  • virgoyap

    Plagiarism common in the Senate especially sa mga senador na walang alam. Kaya deny na deny. Admission for them is foreign and bawal even if they indirectly admitted.

  • filipinaskoh

    “Copying is a common practice” Villacorta

    Hay! naku! Don’t mention that to grade school pupils but you can say that to college students.

    I don’t wonder why stealing is a booming and flourishing business. The bigger you stole the better lawyers you can get, the higher your position is the higher you can steal.

  • Pork_Republik

    Asus, eh kung yun kurapsyon nga common practice, plagiarism pa kaya. Meron pa isang common diyan sa kanila- ‘fakery’. Every time I hear these fakers give speech about ‘serving in the interest of the Filipino people’, my BS-meter explodes from their load of crap!

    • Harold

      Fakery? What a word! Their speeches are based from research!

  • Vannessa Ebron

    People just don’t know how to own their actions. Where did the sense of responsibility go? It is so frustrating that even the so-called leaders of our society cannot be man enough to recognize and admit their fault. Why do we always resort to blaming others for our actions? It was not you, Senator Sotto, who wrote the speech? But you’re the one who read it, not your speech writers, and in the process, the speech became yours. At least, have the balls to apologize for the flawed system, instead of letting your subordinates face the battle for you. Tsk. So disappointing. A simple act, and what a revelation of character…

  • williev

    But what can you expect from this aid-lawyer of Sen. Sotto when his fellow lawyers themselves accepts plagiarism as something that can be played on?

    I thought that our Supreme Court has shown that plagiarism is an offense based on their recent ruling. However, they have also shown us a way how to encircle this IF the person can prove that there was
    no malicious intent to pass off someone else’s work as one’s own.

    How lucky indeed Associate Justice del Castillo was when he was charged with plagiarism when “he” penned and ruled that comfort women case during the Japanese occupation. Well, he was cleared by his peers! Hahahahahaha !!!

    So if the lawyer’s own house is soiled with dirt – can you expect the households to be crystal clean? I doubt. So students, copying is really not an offense and tell that to your teachers!

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    //“Copying is a common practice. Why do you need to think of a
    brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists?”
    said Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s chief of staff.//
    Totally misses the point. The issue here is that Sotto and his equally inept staff failed to properly cite their sources – a practice that even a high-schooler understands.

    And besides, saying that it’s “common practice” is an obvious appeal to tradition – that’d be like saying because corruption is rampant, we shouldn’t fight against it. Sotto’s just shown everybody how big a trapo he is. I hope his voters are reading this and his comment – always remember that it was because of you that this man is able to practice is unethical behavior in public. You should be proud.

    • magiting78

      Yan nga mali s mga pinoy lagi kinakatwiran common prcatice n yan kaya ayaw baguhin. Pag maypagbabagong gustong ipatupad ayaw natin kc common practice. Its quite funny for us Filipino we still leave in a double standard era…if it would affect us we don’t want because it is not a common practice, but if someone did wrong because he followed common practice we crucify him, why we don’t just stay on one set of standard.

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    Protip to Senator Sotto: Acting like an arrogant, self-entitled, and imbecilic bully is not the way to win popularity points. 

    • tilamsik

      Sadly it is … took at “agag”

      • tilamsik


  • a1phantom

    The bible is originally written in a different language.  It was then translated in english by a writer in his own words.  Priests only quote the bible and not the writer who translated it….this is basically what Sotto did…he quoted the original author and not the blogger who re-worded the the piece.


      Don’t indulge in something you don’t know…and make awkward conclusion.

      • a1phantom

        Hey Rizal…Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are originally written in Spanish…..Some writers then translated it in english in their own words…..who do you quote then when you use some of the passages on those novels in english…would it be Jose Rizal or the translator who translated it in their own words?

      • ganda

        translation is not the same as plagiarism. plagiarism is passing off the content as your own without acknowledging the source.I think you made a mistake in giving that example because all passages from El Fili and Noli are always attributed to Rizal. he is the author. 

      • a1phantom

        That is correct…you should quote the original author…and not the blogger who just re-worded the words of the original author……Sotto quoted the original author and not the blogger


         Buy the book of mcbride and read it.. Sotto did not quote mcbride but copied what pope wrote about the book..

        Pope wrote the article first not sotto…

      • EMarite66

        But that’s exactly the problem, that Chief of Staff DID NOT CITE DR. MCBRIDE’s (the original author) WORK. He and his legal staff lifted and copied the words of the blogger (Sarah Pope) word for word without attributing it to her. Villacorta instead pretended that he had read the work of McBride by citing her as source, and then proceeded to pass off the actual words of the blogger as his own.

        Sarah Pope did not plagiarize because she cited her source. Villacorta did when he passed off the words of Pope as his own.

      • pinoypasty

        trans·late  (trnslt, trnz-, trns-lt, trnz-)v. trans·lat·ed, trans·lat·ing, trans·lates To render in another language.2.a. To put into simpler terms; explain or interpret.
        b. To express in different words; paraphrase.3.a. To change from one form, function, or state to another; convert or transform:translate ideas into reality.
        b. To express in another medium.4. To transfer from one place or condition to another.5. To forward or retransmit (a telegraphic message).6.a. Ecclesiastical To transfer (a bishop) to another see.
        b. To convey to heaven without death.7. Physics To subject (a body) to translation.8. Biology To subject (messenger RNA) to translation.9. Archaic To enrapture.

        Verb1.plagiarize – take without referencing from someone else’s writing or speech; of intellectual propertyplagiarise, liftcrime, criminal offence, criminal offense, law-breaking, offense, offence – (criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act; “a long record of crimes”crib – take unauthorized (intellectual material)steal – take without the owner’s consent; “Someone stole my wallet on the train”; “This author stole entire paragraphs from my dissertation”
        PS. di ko ito galing sa isang blog.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Hindi ka kumuha ng Technical Writing 101, ano? If you’re doing a “research” you should quote the author where you first found your subject of interest and then quote the succeeding authors where your first author got the idea. Kung masyadong mabusisi, gawin mo na lang na “footnotes” and lahat ng authors. Ang mahalaga is you give credence sa lahat ng “sources” of your “research”. Ganyan ang tamang pag gawa ng “research” may decorum and etiquette na kasama. Hindi garapalan!

  • EMarite66

    In the world of politics, a Chief of Staff is supposed to protect his Senator and as much as possible help deflect negative comments from him and diffuse bad situations involving his boss. But in the case of Hector Villacorta, he is doing the exact opposite!!! How in the world did he get this job? He’s dragging his boss down.


    MAG-IINGAT kayo ng kapipintas kay SOTTO….hindi ba ninyo napansin na may suot siyang malaking krus na nakabitin sa leeg niya?  Gusto ba ninyong padalhan nya kayong lahat ng kaparusahan sa pamamagitan ng mahiwagang kapangyarihan nya sa tulong ni Enteng Kabisote?

    Hindi ba ninyo napapagtanto na kayong lahat ay PLEYGIYARIS dahil lahat ng mga words o salitang ginamit ninyo sa pagpapaskel dito ay KINOPYA NINYO sa dictionary?  Lagot kayo kay Hecky Villacorta.  Pag kumuha kayo ng Law at naging titser hinyo siya, magsasawa kayo sa cinco.

    • magiting78

      Sya naman ang isisinko ko pag nag karoon ng evaluation ng

      • UrHONOR

        HINDI mo maaring gawin yang inisip mo dahil titirahin ka nya ng PLAGIARISM.

    • EMarite66

      Oh no! I hope they won’t let him teach anymore. What school naman will allow him to still teach after this humongous embarrassment and his indefensible conduct in this affair? I read somewhere that he use to teach at UST Law. I hope they will take a serious look at his values and behavior during this time.

      • UrHONOR

        BUT they do.  That’s what’s sad about the set-up in the country.  Pinababayaang magturo ang mga di dapat…..tulad din dito sa forum na ito, hinahayaang mag-post na HALOS kahit na anong kabulastugan ng mga nagdudunung-dunungan na sa katunayan ay wala namang alam—at sila pa ang malakas magmura at manliit sa paggamit ng salitang pang-kalye.  Yeah, may it not come to pass, but always brace yourself for shocking realities. 

  • ApoNiLolo

    Napaka estupidong palusot! No wonder Sotto got burned… he got stupid and incompetent staff!

  • Edgar

    RESEARCH is different from PLAGIARISM! Cayetano is a plagiarist while Tito Sen is a researcher!

    • AntonioPeYangIII

       So let me get this straight: The person who corrected their mistake accordingly (Pia) is the plagiarist, while the imbecile who adamantly defends his act of plagiarism (Sotto) is the researcher?

    • Kelvs

      ASAN DUN YUNG RESEARCH? WORD PER WORD KINOPYA NA NGA NI TITO SOTTO. Pati staff niya umamin na nga kinopya lang nila yung speech. RESEARCH PA RIN TAWAG DUN? BOBO KA BA?

    • ApoNiLolo

      Please expand your thought why? Para hindi ka ma bara ng mga nag “reply” sa baba.


    Well, even Noynoy made his so-called ORIGINALLY-CONCEIVED speeches from the BIBLE and take it as his own to “smoke & mirror” his character and overshadow his mediocrities & underachievements.
    In so doing, he declares himself as clean as the annointed one, to include his untouchable KKK’s and allied oligarchs.
    Narrating an already conceived idea, is not at all bad, when ones intention is for the GOODNESS of the people, but not to make him the Saint out of that idea… It should be for the greater benefit and not for the politician who uttered it…
    Objectivism and not cheating, is it.


  • magiting78

    Weeeee hnd nga. Tama nga bakit ka mag iisip ng bago kung meron nmn n present n magigi epektibo, but the point is wag mo itong angkinin bagkus isulong mo, bigyan mo ng pagkilala ang nakaisip nito…..Wala nmn nag sasabi n mali ang pangungupya, kung mali ang pangungupya ibig sabihin lahat tau mali kc ang saligang batas natin ay ibinatay sa saligang batas ng America. Ang kinikwestyun lang naman ng mga tao hnd nyo binigyan ng pagkilala ang nakaisip nito.

  • tilamsik


  • cefirrh

    Own up to it na. Stop rationalizing. The more you justify the more you go down. People are not stupid. They know from elementary that copying other people’s work is just unacceptable, illegal and even crass!

  • alejandro

     Walang mali sa ipinaglalaban ni Tito Sen. Si Senator Pia nga nagplagiarize para sa RH Bill na hindi naman tamang ipaglaban!

    • Harold

      Pinaglalaban ni Sen.Pia ang RH bill para makapang kurakot sya sa bayan ng madali!

    • Kelvs

      So pag “tama” ang pinaglalaban tama na ang magplagiarize? Edi bigyan rin ng penalty si Sen. Cayetano! Unang una, hindi naman mali ang ipaglaban ang karapatan ng babae para pumili para sa sarili. Ang pinaglalaban ni Sen. Cayetano ay ang freedom to make informed choices. Anong mali dun? Kung bibigyan kita ng dalawang lata ng softdrink, yung isa Coke, yung isa walang label, alin ang pipiliin mo? Malamang yung may information diba? Anung mali sa ipaglaban na maging educated ang mga tao regarding sa contraception para matuto silang pumili para sa sarili nila kung paano nila ipagpaplano ang pamumuhay ng pamilya nila?

  • ruben_bush

    Parang sinabi ni Sotto na lahat ng mga Senador mandaraya at magnanakaw!!!!

  • Micashan

    There is intellectual property ownership in an original idea. When another party uses this idea, without attribution, it is similar to theft in that sense.
    That others do it, or it is the common practice doesn’t mitigate the offense.
    Can we start with a better norm? And live honest lives?

  • Vin

    I still believe that any literature should indicate their sources (verified sources) to give it any kind
    of credibility. Sotto’s chief of staff’s reasoning is just unbelievable… Sotto should have at least tried to review the speech for heaven’s sake… That is why I have never voted for celebrities that doesn’t have early exposures to public service or better yet finished their studies…

    • clavenilo

      Aga is running for the Senate.

      P 200 million of pork barrel per year is better than living on endorsement alone, now that local movie industry is not that good.

      We elected Robert Jaworski and Freddie Webb before, then Erap, Ramon Revilla and Lito Lapid, all forgetable members of ” what am I doing here club ” in the senate.

      They pay these people to do the work for them and all they have to do which is no different from acting is read on it and act a little .   Even Corona tried the same trick kaya lang huli na ang lahat.

  • Oliver

    Si Senator Pia ba ang gusto niyong suportahan? Mapagmalinis at mali ang ipinaglalaban! Walang maitutulong ang RH Bill sa Pilipinas!

    • pinoypasty

      tama!at walang maitutulong ang edukasyon sa pilipinas!haha.

  • Benjamin


    • Harold

      KUPYADOR?! BAKA YANG SI SENATOR PIA ANG KUPYADOR! Ginagawa pa nyang mangmang ang mga tao!

  • Elmer Pagaduan

    ika nga “Don’t judge the book by its cover” parang ung gingawa nyong paninira kay Sen. Sotto. ALam nya ang gingawa nya. Kaya nga siya naging senador ee. kayong mga walang alam manahimik n lng kyo.

    • ApoNiLolo

      “Don’t judge, I’m not a book” – Melanie Marquez

      O ayan ha, I properly quote kung sino ang author. >: D

  • Kelvs

    Ang kikitid ng utak niyo.

  • Antonio

    Wag ninyong ubusin ang panahon at effort ninyong ibatikos si Tito Sen dahil walang mali sa ginawa niya. Research ang ginawa niya at natural lang naman iyon!

    • Harold

      Mabuti pang si Sen.Pia na lang ang balikusin dahil mali mali naman ang impormasyong binibigay nya sa publiko para mapasa lang sa senado ang RH bill!


    The only failure one can see, at this point, is that to acknowledge the author of that particular idea.
    It is not hard to draw the line…if the intention of presenting that particular idea springs from the giving emphasis in sharing/distributing the goodness of the idea.  If the direct or indirect economic or political benefit is centered only to that particular person sharing/distributing that particular idea and not to the common goodness of the people, then it is PLAGIARISM. 

    • ProRH2012

      So ang sinasabi mo pala Mr. Jose Rizal, na okay lang na kumopya at hindi magcite ng source as long as maganda ang intention at kinalalabasan? Na okay lang to make the words your own and not give credit to the original author as long as it’s for the common good?

      And who’s to say that it is for the common good anyway? Ikaw? So wala na pala point itong debate na nagaganap e, o etong voting ng congress and senate. Kasi yung sinasabi pala ng favorite senator mo, yun yung “common good.”

  • aldo

    Sino ba ang makikinabang sa RH Bill nato. Gustong gusto niyo itong maibatas dahil kayong mga kurakot ang makikinabang!

    • ProRH2012

      Siguro kuya, hindi ikaw, kasi nandiyan ka lang naman lagi sa bahay mong bato, kumakain ng caviar at pinanliligo ang Evian, nasa likod ng mamahalin mong Macbook at nagkokomento sa mga thread ng hindi mo man lang binabasa ang puno’t dulo.

      Subukan mong lumabas sa lungga mo at pumunta sa lugar ng mga kapos palad nating mga mamamayan. Makikita mo ang mga pamilya dun na nabubuhay sa ilalim ng barong barong, na walang matinong pagkain. Ang mga bata na sa murang edad ay nagtatrabaho, imbis na mag-aral. Ang mga magulang na kayod kalabaw sa pagtatrabaho para mapakain ang mahigit sampu nilang mga anak. Ang mga nanay na nagkakasakit dahil walang matinong paggagamot na nakukuha matapos manganak.

      Ngayon kuya, kung di mo maintindihan kung bakit ko sinasabi ito, subukan mo muna kaya basahin ang RH bill bago ka magkomento dito.

      • Danilo

        at ang solusyon sa sinasabi mong ”
        Makikita mo ang mga pamilya dun na nabubuhay sa ilalim ng barong barong, na walang matinong pagkain. Ang mga bata na sa murang edad ay nagtatrabaho, imbis na mag-aral. Ang mga magulang na kayod kalabaw sa pagtatrabaho para mapakain ang mahigit sampu nilang mga anak. Ang mga nanay na nagkakasakit dahil walang matinong paggagamot na nakukuha matapos manganak.” ay ang pagpapagamit nila ng contraceptives? pagpigil sa populasyon? hindi bat ang tamang solusyon ay kabuhayan? hindi natin pwedeng pigilan ang tao na mag-anak kung gusto nila pero mabibigyan sila ng pag-asang umunlad kung may sapat na kabuhayan. tama kelangan kilalanin ang rh bill pero hindi lahat may source para mabasa to tulad ng mga sinasabi mong “kapus palad”.. hindi bat obligasyon dapat ng mga nagsusulong nito na ipaintindi sa tao ito imbis na siraan ang mga kumakalaban dito

      • ProRH2012

        “ay ang pagpapagamit nila ng contraceptives? pagpigil sa populasyon?”– Kuya, tinatawag mong pagpigil sa populasyon. Ang tawag natin diyan talaga ay “responsible parenthood”. Matuto tayo magcontrol ng pagpaparami ng anak, kundi ay mag-anak lamang ng makakaya nating buhayin ng maayos at marangal.

        “hindi bat ang tamang solusyon ay kabuhayan? hindi natin pwedeng pigilan ang tao na mag-anak kung gusto nila pero mabibigyan sila ng pag-asang umunlad kung may sapat na kabuhayan.”
        — Wala ba tayong mga batas para dito? Wala pa bang mga batas diyan na nagsusulong sa pagpapaunlad ng ating ekonomiya at ng ating kabuhayan? Huwag kasi tayo short term mag-isip, layunin natin na magkaroon ng long term goals. Kung ang bilang ng anak natin ay yung sapat lang na kaya nating buhayin at pag-aralin ng mabuti, hindi ba sa kalayaunan ay makakatulong din ito sa pag-unlad ng ating kabuhayan?

         “tama kelangan kilalanin ang rh bill pero hindi lahat may source para mabasa to tulad ng mga sinasabi mong “kapus palad”.. hindi bat obligasyon dapat ng mga nagsusulong nito na ipaintindi sa tao ito imbis na siraan ang mga kumakalaban dito”
        — Kaya nga ba nilalayon natin na maisatupad ang batas, Nangsagayon makapagbigay ang gobyerna natin ng sapat na pondo na mapupunta sa mga lokal nating pamahalaan para maipalaganap ang maipaalam sa mga “kapus palad” na meron silang choice, meron silang mga maaring gawin upang maging responsible parents. 

        Yung sinasabi mong paninira sa mga kumakalaban, ibang usapin na ito. Dito na pumapasok ang usapang tama o mali. Tama ba ang magplaigiarize? Mali ba ang humingi ng pasensya at tanggapin ang pagkakamali? Tama ba ang magpalusot para sa kamaliang ginagawa?

      • JOSE RIZAL

        You’re saying that to be responsible parents, an RH Bill must have to be passed into law inorder for the poor to have that same amount of sexual intercourse without the consequence of having children because the latter are the reasons for the multiplication of poor people under the current economic situation in this country.
        WOW!  Your pretended to “feel for the poor”, yet your giving them RH Bill for it.
        Hahahaha! Objectivism = context, not just some good to be true hunches. 
        Sen. Sotto’s case (on plagiarism) didn’t weaken the stand against the RH Bill.

      • ProRH2012

        It is not THE reason, rather, ONE of the reasons. 

        WOW yourself, since you haven’t gotten to a point to read the bill yet, yet here you are delivering comments saying “the same amount of intercourse without the consequence o having children”. Is that the ONLY point of the bill? How about unplanned pregnancies? How about sexual education? How about the health of the poor mothers after giving birth? How about providing better knowledge to our uneducated masses and delivering that they have a choice?

        Objectivism = context? How about, long term vs short term goals?

        Lastly, WOW yourself again, for wanting to burn the house to roast the pig.

    • Kelvs

      Basahin mo muna kasi yung bill para malaman mo ang sagot jan.

    • Ganymede

      Pare pareho talaga kayong mga anti RH Bill.. masyadong mapanghusga! Masyado kayong presumptuous parang siguradong sigurado kayo sa mga mangyayari sa hinaharap.

  • Jasmin

    Mas marami lang ang mahihirapan sa pag naisabatas ang RH Bill na ito!

    • ProRH2012

      Sino ang mga mahihirapan? Kayong mga mayayaman na nasa likod lang computer at nagcocomment sa discussion ng bill na hindi niyo man lang binasa?

  • Diego Austria

    You’re so plastic Sarah Pope. Well, go Tito Sen. Tapusin mo ang iyong nasimulan. ApiR!!!

    • ProRH2012

      Kuya, bakit naman siya naging plastik? Ano ba ang mali sa ginawa ni Sarah Pope?

  • ruthieem7

    Nakakahiya si Villacorta. I can’t believe a Chief of Staff has a nerve to say that plagiarism is okay. C’mon, you’re in one of the highest offices in the country! Nasaan ang competence at credibility?

  • ruthieem7

    Kung di pala credible ang dating ng blogs, why lift the idea or quote from it? Sigurado ang tatamad ng researchers at writers ni Tito Sen. Unang hit lang sa Google about RH Bill, kinukuha. Mali pa ang source na kinuhanan, pro RH! *highblood*

  • Juancho

    sa umpisa pa lang sinabi nani tito sen na hindi sa kanya galing lahat ng sasabihin niya but from a research ( i know these are not the exact words used) kaya pano magiging plagiarism yun aber? alam kong alam nyo yan! wag kayong magbulag-bulagan, magbingi-bingihan o magtanga-tangahan dahil lang gusto nyo manira ng isang tao. well, kung hindi nyo narining sa speech nya un problema nyo na yun

    • ProRH2012

      Ikaw ba kuya, pinakinggan mo yung speech niya? Pinakinggan mo ba ng buong buo? Narinig mo ba yung partS (emphasis on the plurality) ng speech niya na sinabi niya word for word yung passages na nanggagaling sa blog ni Sarah Pope?

      Sino bang ang nagsasabi na cineclaim ni Senator Sotto na sa kanya lahat nanggaling ang lahat sa speech niya? Meron kasi tayong tinatawag na “paraphrasing”. Alam naman natin na nireresearch lang nila yan e, pero nung kinopya nila verbatim yung passages sa blog ni Sarah Pope without any citations, nagstep na sila into the realms of plagiarism. 


       kung gamitin natin yung “disclaimer” ni sotto eh di pro choice sya kasi si pope pro choice.

      pope has also a disclaimer that she is no expert but only writing base from her research..

      So since kinuha ni sotto k pope yung mga pinag sasabi nya. eh d dapat pro RH bill sya..

      o baka sabihin nyo bakit ako mag quote ng blogger lng

      d nga sya nag quote.. Cut and paste ginawa nila hindi lng k pope kung di 5 blog site..

      which 3 of them does not have any medical experties..

      Bumili na lng sila nang libro at mag pa refund sa senate kaysa yung mga kinakain nilang mamahalin yung inuuna nila ipa refund…

  • clavenilo

    Arrogant na din itong mga chief of staff , nahawaan ng isang Senadora dyan who always demand people she perceived as inferior to bow and respect her.  Thats why Robredo touches so many cuz of his humility and simple life while doing actual work as a public servant ito mga senador natin ubod ng hangin lang.

  • Harold

    Kaya gusto maipasa ni Cayetano ang RH Bill dahil sila lang din ang makikinabang dito.

  • Prince

    Sa ipinaglalaban ni Senator Pia, pinapakita niya lang na makasarili siya. Hindi iniisip ang iba katulad na lamang ng mga Pro RH Bill dyan!

    • ProRH2012

      Prince, sama sama kayo nina Harold, Lourdez at Alfredo. Para kayong mga sirang plaka o kaya e latang walang laman. Kayo ang mga nagluklok kay Senator Sotto sa pwesto no? Mahilig din kasi kayo magconclude ng walang basehan e. 

      “Ay!!! Artista tatakbo sa senado. Nakakatawa siya sa Iskul Bukol. Iboboto ko yan!!”

      • david laxa

        Magsama kayo ng Sen.Pia mo! Gusto lang naman talaga masabatas ang RH bill kasi gusto nyang mangurakot eh. Mali mali pang impormasyon ang binibigay nya sa publiko, ginagawa nyang mangmang ang lahat gaya mo!

      • ProRH2012

        Talagang magsasama kami ni Senator Cayetano. Sasama ako sa mambabatas na marunong mag-cite ng sources niya at tumanggap ng pagkakamali.

        Sasabihin ko sana, magsama din kayo ni Tito Sotto. Pero alam ko naman di ka na aalis diyan sa likod ng computer mo habang nagcocomment sa mga bagay bagay na di mo man lang binasa ang puno’t dulo.

      • airvengeance

        Cayetano was similarly ridiculed for allegedly not mentioning two institutions in separate speeches on maternal health and the environment.

        basahin mo muna ang buong article kasi ang taong gusto mong sundan eh magkapareho lang ang kasalanan sa taong iyong kinukuntyawan

      • ProRH2012

        Ikaw kuya, binasa mo ba yung buong article? Nakita mo ba na ayaw nila tanggapin na nagkamali sila?

        Nabasa mo din ba yung isa pang article na tungkol naman kay Pia Cayetano? Na dinagdag na niya sa footnotes yung mga citations niya dahil aminado siya kailangan gawin yun?

        Hindi ko kinukuntyawan yung paborito niyong senador sa comments ko. Nagtataka lang ako bakit hindi niya maamin ang pagkakamali niya. At eto namang mga pro-sotto e kung makasabi ng kurakot si Cayetano, wagas. Para bang sure na sure sila. 

      • airvengeance

        so kung tatanggapin ni sotto na nagkamali sya eh hindi nyo na sya titirahin sa ginawa nya?

  • Dominic

    Did Villacorta just dignified copying which is also stealing? The gall of this man? re-filing bills is totally different from copying somebody’s thoughts or words. Why don’t this bunch of lying thieves pass a bill that legalizes plagiarism and sheer copying? Tutal yun naman pala gawain nila. Sh*t, napakalaking sh*t.

  • Jasmin

    Ang kikitid ng utak ng mga PRO RH Bill tulad ni Kelvs! Tigilan niyo ang pagissue kay Tito Sen! If I know, hindi niyo alam ang sinusupotahan niyo.

    • ProRH2012

      Ikaw ate, alam mo ba ano ang sinusuportahan mo? O nabubuhay ka na lang sa kasabihang “Ignorance is a bliss”

      Sige sama sama kayo ng mahal mong Senador.

      • Benito


      • ProRH2012

        Ignorance is me? Hahaha. Alam niyo ba ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging ignorante?

        Nakakatawa kayo.

      • pinoypasty

        ^hindi pumasok sa english class

  • Jasmin

    Itigil niyo ang paghusga kay Tito Sen. Alam niya ang ipinaglalaban niya. Wag niyo siyang personalin.

  • Melchor

    ibang klase talaga. ang daming pinepersonal si Sen Sotto. kung ganyan lang din naman . edi gumawa kayo ng grupo mag rally kayo sa Senate.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehe may nag-rally na nga mga ipis at daga sa senate para manood ng SITCOM. Ang title bakit umiyak at paluha-luha ang si OTTO. hehehehehehe

  • Benito

    sorry, kitang kita na ang talunan..sino pa? edi ang mga PRO-RH wala ng magawa kundi manira lalo na sa mga ant-rh palibhasa palubog na sila.. pro-rh eto lang masasabi ko NGANGA!

    • ProRH2012

      O Benito, eto na nakanganga na kami. Meron bang nangyari? Humingi na ba ng paumanhin ang paborito niyong senador sa mga kamaliang ginawa niya? Tinanggap na ba nila ang pagkakamali nila?

      • pinoypasty

        pro tigil mo na pangaaway sa kanila haha pabayaan mo na lang, medyo hirap din silang umintindi praaaamis haha. pag kausap mo sila mawawalan ng point lahat ng pinagaralan mo sa skul haha.

      • ProRH2012

        Naglilibang lang tol. Pero eto nga nagsasawa na din. Para kasing kausap mo pader. Kahit ano pang eksplanasyon ang ibigay mo, wala din, hindi rin pumapasok.

        Yung iba sa kanila, iisang tao lang gumagawa ng iba’t ibang user para kunwari marami sila. Nakakatawa,

      • sanjuan683

        tuloy ang laban pasasaan ba iyan tinatablan din yan ng hiya anong malay  mo bukas magresign na sa senate yan dahil sa kahihiyan. araw-arawin mo iyan magreresign din yan. hehehehehehehe

  • Precious

    ano bang mapapala nyo kung maisasabatas ang RHbill?? bakit ba itong pangongopya ang tinutukan nyo. haha nakakatawa lang tong mga nag huhusga kay Tito Sen. wala na ngang magawa sa bayan puro pa dada.

    • ProRH2012

      Kaya po tinututukan itong pangongopya ni Senator Sotto ay dahil ito po ay mali. Hindi po relative ang pagiging mali nito, mali siya in a general sense. Ang ikinasama pa nito, hindi niya ito ipinagpaumanhin, bagkus ay nagdadahilan pa siya at nagiging arogante.

      Mahirap po bang makita na nagkamali ang pinakamamahal niyong senador sa aspetong ito? Bakit po ba hindi niya ito inaamin?

      • sanjuan683

        tama ka diyan. nagpapalusot pa kakampi kasi siya ni rudy farinas alias palusot heheheheheheheh

    • sanjuan683

      una kasi dumada ang paborito mo senatong hehehehehehe

  • pinoypasty

    villacorta, villacopya na lang sana lastname mo haha.

    • GKLer

      hahahaha funny!

  • Sam

    Di naman talaga lahat ng sinasabi ng ibang Senador ay gawa lang nila. kaya nga sila meron staff dahil meron silang kanya kanyang gawain. at nag kataon lang na nasearch ng staff ni tito sen. yung blog na yun, pero at least sa ginawang yung nalaman din ng iba kung ano ba pwedeng maging kahinatnat ng RH bill.

    • sanjuan683

      Malinaw ang kinahatnan eh nangopia ano pa? Maganda ba yun mangopia. ah oo nakakahiya nga eh. parang gusto ko na magresign kasi nangopia ako….sign Sotto hehehehehehe

  • joboni96

    kaya nga nagka wendang wendang tayo
    kopya ng kopya sa
    u.s. congressional record

    kahit hindi angkop
    sa ating sitwasyon
    ng mga

    parang tsonggong gaya ng gayang
    mga colonized utak

    • sanjuan683

      Oo nga lagi nila isinasampol ang US, sa US ay ganito, sa US ay ganoon, sa US ay maganda, sa US maraming puti. hehehehehehe

  • Camila

    wag mawindang sa nangyayari. mag masid, tumingin, mag saliksik, mag abang, tignan muna ang sariling dumi sa balikat bago tignan yung  dumi ng iba sa balikat. di lahat ng ginagawa masama nagiging masama kung binibigyan ng malisya. pinuna nyo lang kung ano ung mali e. nakita nyo ba kung ano yung naitulong nya sa bayan.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Tama ka, teh. Hoy! punasan nyo muna ang mga muta nyo sa mata bago nyo pansinin na hindi pantay ang pag drowing ng kilay ng iba!

      Ano nga pala, teh, yung naitulong nya sa bayan?

    • ProRH2012

      Ano nga ba ang naitulong ng paborito mong senador sa bayan? Yung pag-eliminate ng drug lords? Naubos na ba? Wala na bang drug lords sa pinas?

      Ano pa?

    • sanjuan683

      kaso mas maraming mali kaysa naitulong sa bayan. 9-1 siyam na mali at isa ang naitulong at kinopia rin pati ba naman sa pagtulong nangongopia ka rin Sotto. hehehehehehe

  • GKLer

    I’d like to ask Villacorta, Sotto, Maceda, Santiago:  Do they allow their kids to copy the assignments,tests,work of their classmates?

    • brunogiordano

      “Do they allow their kids to copy the assignments,tests,work of their classmates?”


      basta ‘wag lang daw pahuhuli.

      ang problema nila SOTTO/VILLARCORTA huling huli na red handed.

      ‘yong mga palusot lahat palpak..

      inihingian lang silang mag-sorry para tapos na ang issue, ano ang ginawa???

      nag-galitgalitan, nagyabang at kilos mga BARUMBADO pa.

      ngayon nagalit at isinusuka na sila ng mga tao, nagtatangatangahan pa rin.

      • GKLer

        Yeah, they do have to train them young…because at some point they need to take over the family business of being in the Senate or Tongress…

  • Primer C. Pagunuran

    Two points and as Rules of either chamber dictate:

    1.  acknowledge the original author of the bill
    2.  redo the explanatory note at the very least

    Then, let committee work reconstruct every part of the bill itself but it can remain the way it did as a refiled bill from the old congress.

    But of course, the chief of staff said a lot of unacceptable alibis.  But that is beside the point.

  • DinngMae

    Our trapos have no shame at all. They admitted in essence that, like plagiarism, stealing is common in the Senate.

    Yes, you are right Atty. Hector Villacorta. Why reinvent the wheel when stealing is an acceptable crime in the Senate? Copying, as you said, is common so there is no need for the Optical Media Board to do its duties as well?

    The problem with these people is they are trying to trivialize plagiarism when it is something akin to a criminal act. Can stealing be justified because it is common? Can corruption be justified because it is common in the bureaucracy?

    Plagiarists in Congress, like Sen. Tito Sotto, could hide behind the mantle of parliamentary immunity but the same cannot be extended to his integrity and credibility.

  • jlarcilla

    Hindii na actually RH bill ang issue dito eh, ang issue ay kung talagang NANGOPYA si Tito Escalera. We only heard from his aide who said its okay daw to plagiarize (the gall indeed of this guy, he ought to be fired, btw). Ang mukhang sablay eh, yung reaction ni Tito Escalera na todo deny pa eh, huling-huli na?  Ang sabi niya —
    “Ba’t ko naman iko-quote ‘yung blogger? Blogger lang ‘yun,”  Classic Iskul-Bukol lines huh? Maybe the good Senator still thinks that he’s role-playing.  Worse, he refuses to apologize for his plagiarizing — Just MAN UP, senador ka pa naman!!!!

    • sanjuan683

      Bakit ganun kapag justices inakusahan ng plagiarism i-impeach nila, itong si Sotto kitang-kita kopiang-kopia  ay dapat i-impeach. hehehehehehehehe wala ka na Sotto nakakahiya ka tumalong ka na sa ilog. hehehehehehehe

  • r_19

    this just makes atty. villacorta and sen. sotto’s office more ridiculous.

    this shows how sen. sotto’s office is, lazy, incompetent and doesn’t have integrity.  

    not because it is a common practice it is the right thing to do. let’s put this into a bigger picture. if you’re a gov’t official and you’re surrounded with corrupt gov’t officials that corrupts left and right, will you do the same? you still have the choice to do the right thing. not because it might looked like it is accepted practice that you should do it as well. this kind of people who thinks like this is the reason why the Philippines is not progressing.

    sen. sotto and his camp are embarrassing the whole senate. is this the kind of leaders we have in our senate? 

    im not pro or anti RH bill. it is a very subjective issue and everyone is entitled to their opinion. im also not anti-sotto before but i have to say how he handled the situation is very disappointing. it showed that sen. sotto is arrogant, lacks integrity and has poor leadership skill.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehe kung ako si Sotto nabuking na ako nangongopia magreresign na ako hehehehe dahil kahihiyan sa taong bayan na bangsagan ako nangongopia heheheheheh wha ano pa hinihintay mag-alsa balutang ka na sa Senate. Mabuti pa sa iyo si Corona nagsabi ng totoo. hehehehehehehehe pati pagboto mo ng guilty kay Corona ay kinopia mo rin kay tandang Enrile uto-uto ka hehehehehehehehe

  • alex_diaz2014

    Re-filing of an unpassed bill is way different from making a speech out of another’s article or blog word for word without making any reference to the author. Hence, the old practice of re-filing an unpassed bill does not in anyway justify Sen. Sotto’s plagiarism.

  • neil

    What’s the CBCP bishops’ take on copying the works of others?   Why so quiet now?  Is morality not involved here?  Copying, cheating, stealing… This notion of “common practice” is eating the moral fiber of our society.  Shall we have another prayer rally?  Speak moral experts!  

    Ah I remember.  You were also deafeningly quiet on everything about your gloria and her very generous b-day gifts. 

    • damatannapo


      Calling the attentions of our beloved Catholic Bishops


    If it is exercised by many it doesn’t mean it is the right & honorable thing to do. The Filipino people already suffering enough from descrimination & scornful abuse mainly because from the incompetencies & action & practices of our leaders. Why still the need to tell the whole world about it?
    In order to restore the respect & honor of his and her name from shame they must submit voluntarily to die by hanging.

  • Guest

     “We cannot draw up a speech that says
    ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too
    awkward. Besides, what would the Senate President say,” Villacorta said.

    “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.

    Ano????? The same sentences/paragraphs, without reference to the blogger who originally wrote it, becomes credible kasi si Sotto ang nagsabi???
    So, ang weight ng argument ni Sotto ay dahil sya ang nagsabi, hindi dahil sa malalim na argumentation and wise reasoning and articulation???

    kung awkward ka at hindi credible kung i-quote mo yung blogger, bakit mo kinikopya???  admission lang ito na bobo yung kumokopya, tapos pupulaan pa na hindi credible  pero kinopyahan naman nya. 

    • jlarcilla

      Both Tito Escalera and Hector Villacorta have no shame at all.  Not even an iota of guilt.  As if the fact that Tito Escalera plagiarized the blogger’s work should make the latter feel honored because it is “the Senate we are talking about”?  Messrs. Tito and that guy Hector are both “lazy, incompetent and doesn’t have integrity” (as quoted from a previous comment of r_19). 

    • sanjuan683

      Ugali ni Sotto ang mangopia. hehehehehehe nakakahiya ka ang bago mo pangalan mula ngayon COPYRIGHT hehehehehehehe

    • Gurong

      truth is Sotto did not read Mcbride’s work. That is intellectual dishonesty. He simply copy from someone who read mcbride work.

      and you are abosolutely right. villacorta dont know how to write a precise or a paraphrase–that is the first thing you learn in college. His defense is a proof that he cant go beyond writing “..according to etc etc”.  paano nangopya nga e…becuase there is nothing  between his  ears 

      • beerhunters

        well said, “state it in your own words”, in summary, villacorta should build up his vocabulary in order for him to digest other people’s ideas.

    • EMarite66

      Citing the blogger is simply too awkward? What will the Senate President think? Really! This was what Villacorta was worried about! This was more important to him than honesty and integrity in citing sources? He has a warped sense of priority of values.

  • isprikitik

    what a lame excuse…kung ganyang ang kokoti nila, wala silang pinagkaiba sa mga chinese imitators…maraming ganyan sa china…kahit patented kinokopya…just a humble apolize was needed…pero ang arogante…tsk..tsk..

  • isprikitik

    what a lame excuse…kung ganyan sila mg-isip (villacorta and sotto), wala silang pinagkaiba sa mga chinese imitators na kahit patented ay kinokopya pa…wat was needed was a humble and sincere apology…pero ang arogante nila…tsk..tsk…

  • marionics

    Though plagiarism in some contexts is considered theft or stealing, it does not exist in a legal sense. “Plagiarism” is not mentioned in any current statute, either criminal or civil.[14][17] Some cases may be treated as unfair competition or a violation of the doctrine of moral rights.[17] The increased availability of intellectual property due to a rise in technology has furthered the debate as to whether copyright offences are criminal.[citation needed] In short, people are asked to use the guideline, “…if you did not write it yourself, you must give credit.”[32][unreliable source?]
    Plagiarism is not the same as copyright infringement. While both terms may apply to a particular act, they are different concepts. Copyright infringement is a violation of the rights of a copyright holder, when material restricted by copyright is used without consent. On the other hand, the moral concept of plagiarism is concerned with the unearned increment to the plagiarizing author’s reputation that is achieved through false claims of authorship. Plagiarism is not illegal towards the author, but towards the reader, patron or teacher. Even when copyright has expired, false claims of authorship may still constitute plagiarism.


      Well said.

      • LucilleT

        marionics, you plagiarised the wikipedia entry on plagiarism … hindi ba tayo magtatanda?  may nag-like pa sa ‘yo, at na-praise ka pa ni  JOSE RIZAL.  sana itama mo ang iyong pagkakamali at h’wag gumaya kay Sotto … edit your entry and identify that you copied and pasted this from wiki and not your own words

    • edongski

      Sure hope he got this. Clear as day

  • KarenR


  • airvengeance

    Cayetano was similarly ridiculed for allegedly not mentioning two institutions in separate speeches on maternal health and the environment.

    so kung against ka sa RHbill at mag plagiarize ka ay issue ito, pero kung proRH ka ay ok lang … wow anlabo

    • EMarite66

      Yes, the issue here in plagiarism. Everybody should be held to the same standard.

    • LucilleT

      sabi mo “similarly ridiculed”, eh ‘di ibig sabihin hindi rin ok … mas mainit lang si Sotto dahil arogante at ‘di marunong magpakumbaba kahit huli na nga, nadagdagan pa ng kabobohan ng kanyang aide … kung nag-sorry lang sana sila agad, baka si Cayetano na dapat ang pinag-iinitan ngayon

      • airvengeance

        hindi lang naman tinitira si cayetano dahil pro RH sya .. . please dont deny the fact na ang favoritism ng tao sa kanilang panig sa isyu na ito ay magdudulot ng bias sa kanilang pagtingin sa isang tao …

    • Tonypogi

       Even Cayetano was cited for plagiarism. Ang naging problema kay Mr. Sotto ay sinamahan niya ng paiyak-iyak pa kaya nag-attract siya ng attention. Pangalawa, nagpakatanggi-tanggi siya gayong nakalabas na ang ebidensiya. Pangatlo, kahi’t inamin na at “bastos na nag-apologize” ang staff niya, tumatanggi pa rin siya. Pang-apat, noong makorner na si Mr. Sotto nagmamatigas siya na hindi raw kasalanan ang mangopya ng mga sinulat ng iba.  Panlima, iyong pangalawang speech niya mayroon na namang plagiarism.  Kung baga sa kriminal ay repeat offender o recidivist.

      • airvengeance

        galit ka kay sotto kasi umiyak sya na namatay ang anak nya?! wow pare sana di mangyari sa iyo ang mamatayan ng anak.

  • walangbolahan

    yun naman pala e. e bakit ang mga universities ipinagbabawal pa ang plagiarism? now it’s open season on all published works. wag na mag-isip, kopyahan na lang.

  • walangbolahan

    i don’t remember that villacorta’s character in iskul bukol. but the way he speaks, he definitely graduated from wanbol university.

    • AntiEpal

      i agree with you 100%

  • owenkenobi

    Trust in small things, cannot;
    Bigger things, how much more?

                         – Yoda 

                          (dela Torre, kapatid ni Jograd)

    • Krizz Ibarra



    This is not about RH Bill…this is about the extent of tolerance, or lack thereof, on plagiarism.

  • Andy

    wahahahaha……and the poor guy stiil has guts to brag that plagiarism can be justified as an acceptable practice.
    did you really earn your university diploma?

    • Steven Zahl

      Yes at WANBOL University. Hahahaha

  • Philcor

    eeeeeeat bulaga!

  • Steven Zahl

    SOTTO LYING THIEF Resign!!!!

  • Ramon Sta. Cruz

    Now we know what kind of people we have in the Senate. I wonder what other shameful common practices are OK in the Philippine Senate.

    • reddfrog

       If you know everything you will seriously consider immigrating.

  • F alonso

    “Copying is a common practice. Why do you need to think of a brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists?” said Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s chief of staff.
    Ka hector,ang kailangan ng taong bayan po ay yung tamang saloobin mula sa puso at isip ng Speaker na Senador base ka kanyang experience at pakiramdam nya.Sana kayo na adviser niya tulungan nyo siya kung wala siya niyan.Wag ninyong tulungan na ipag tanggol amo mo na IT’S OK mag copy paste.Wag gumamit ng speech sa Phil Senate na made in China.Wala kayong originality.

  • kruger

    Damnn!  Where did Sotto find this moron Villacorta in the first place?

    His arguments totally missed the point and while at it, he managed to admit in public that the Senate is just a club of incompetent copycats!

    • Steven Zahl

      Found him at WANBOL University Hahahaha

  • penatbater

    He apparently doesn’t know the meaning of plagiarism :|

    • edongski


  • jlarcilla

    I can now say most confidently that Sen. Lito Lapid is better than Tito Escalera.  At least, si Sen. Lito, aminado sa mga kakulangan niya.  Akala siguro ni Tito S., comedian pa din siya at ang Senado eh, Eat Bulaga.  SENADOR, hindi ka nakakatawa, sana mag-RETIRE ka na soon.  You will not be a great loss to the Senate, I am sure.

  • AntiEpal

    talagang umamin na nangopya at nilaglag pa ang mga iba.. ayos! kakaiba ka Villacorta.. tsk tsk tsk.. sasakit leeg ko kaka-iling sa ginawa mo.. 

  • F alonso

    Tignan ninyo kawalang hiya ng ibang tao,i justify maski mali.Mabuti pa yung kalabaw pix sa taas nakaka intindi.Mamaya sabihin niyo OK LANG magnakaw kasi ginagawa naman ng iba,ok lang mag tago sa batas kasi ginawa naman ni pink.Tignan niyo si Reyes at Jovie nagtatago ok lang ba.malapit na talaga katapusan ng mundo.mabuti pa magbalik loob kayo sa Lord ninyo, si Rolito Go.

  • mhelvz

    I don’t understand what is so difficult about just apologizing and getting this all behind you.

  • neo

    Kapal ng mukha mo Villacorta.  Wag ka nang mag justify.  Ituwid mo ang iyong pagkakamali!

  • neo

    The Philippine government is wasting its money to pay for the salary of this Villacorta when all he does is plagiarize…

  • walangbolahan

    suspetsa ko ito si villacorta e nangopya nung bar exams.

  • Komentador

    sayang pasweldo sa mga staff na tulad ng kay Sotto…papaswelduhin para sa cut and paste? mag-effort man lang sana na i-rephrase and passage or sentence…kung kopyahan din lang pala ang labanan eh,, sayang ang pera ng bayan…

  • $25214711

    Hindi problema sa tao kung may reference ka sa sinulat. Pero yung pag copy-paste yun ang idiotic. Pwede namang baguhin yung style at pagbaliktarin yung paragraph para hindi mahalata pero TAMAD ka eh. Sana na tweak mong konti. Yung mismong sinulat ni Pope yung kinopya mo ng deretso. Hindi kalang bobo TAMAD kapa.

    • edongski

      E kasi elementary pa lang natapos nya sa iskul bukol.
      Pag high school na, they will learn to be a little more creative, hopefully.

  • oh_noh

    yan ang sinasabing, “may masabi lang”!
    copy+paste, samahan ng konting drama (with luha effect pa), patok sa mga ignoranteng masa!!!

  • Komentador

    Not on Villacorta’s watch in the case of Sotto. “Senator Sotto was not
    personally responsible for preparing the speech. He only read it on the
    floor. Besides, I already apologized to (US blogger) Sarah Pope,” he
    That’s bull…The moment you deliver a speech, responsible ka sa lahat ng lalabas sa bibig mo, whether someone else wrote the speech for you or not. Conviction mo yon, naniniwala ka sa sinasabi mo. Bottom line, the senator should also apologize to Pope, who Tito called “blogger lang,” (this lang added insult to injury. What if the blogger responded “senador na nangopya lang.”

    • Harry

      She called him a liar and a thief.

  • $25214711

    Sotto at Villacorta, yang ginagawa nyong “plagiarism” madaling unawain at intindihin. Pero yung pag copy-paste mo nung sinulat ni Pope at ni hindi mo man lang na tweak or kahit pinagpalit yung paragraph AY ISANG KATAMARAN. Gaano kalaking oras ang uubusin sayo kung baguhin mo yung style? yung pagpalitin moman lang yung paragraph? UBOD KAYO NANG TAMAD!!!
    Ipro-proof read molang senator hindi mo ginawa. Kung iyan ay hindi katangahan, KATAMADAD iyan.

  • Malik62

    Have they gone this low to claim that plagiarism is ok? It speaks a lot about the integrity of the Philippine Senate!

  • labcu

    all plagiarists? cited the Bible? WHAT??????????????????????????????AN INSULT TO THE HUMAN RACE AND TO GOD!

  • Alex

     Bupols talaga tong mga anti-RH, super!

  • regd

    Happens all the time. Ako rin guilty as charge. Elementary pa lang alam ko na yan, kaliwa’t kanan plagiarism ginagawa ko. Sa assignment pa lang, kahit na maling tuldok ng kaklase kopya din. Medyo humina lang nung high school dahil takot na ako sa lumilipad na eraser, laging puntirya ang pisngi ko.

    • Andre Mitchell

      Keep it up! You have a good future as a senator!

  • Andre Mitchell

    Kaya pala naman nagkakalokoloko ang Pinas eh…
    We’ve got kids running our senate!
    And very very lazy kids at that!

    • Andre Mitchell

      Spoken like a tried and true Wanbolian!
      Wanbolian and proud!

    • clavenilo

      We elected basketball players, actors and comedians in the Senate , we even have a full time world boxing champion in Congress doing part time work in politics, TV, religion what have you and to top it all a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee cant get himself confirmed by these clowns.

  • Yen Lim

    Enough you indecent, rule-bending, old carabaos! You set a horrible, horrible example to our people, especially the students. But we know better. And right now, these are what I know: (1) Plagiarism is never, NEVER OK, (2) Just quit, Sen. Sotto. The damage you’re causing gets bigger and more stupid each day. We’ve had enough and it’s really a shame to keep your post in such reputable position wherein apparently you make a perfect exemption. QUIT, NOW.

  • MonMayuga

    A wrong which is being done repeatedly does not make it right, never. That many have been doing something wrong most of the time does not justify others to do it too.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Could these jokers in the senate be charged? I think our copyright law is enough to do it. If not, then they have some work to do to ensure that we respect the intellectual property of others.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Assuming their reasoning about plagriarism passes (assuming only). They still have a bigger crime against the Filipino people. And that is KATAMARAN!!! They are paid to think but they copy, that is a bigger crime!! O baka naman they will reason out, thgey are not paid to think, they are just paid to create laws?

    • clavenilo

      Dont expect these clowns to work, they have P 200 million pesos every year to burn.  The only one who really do his work is Joker Arroyo.  He returned his pork barrel to the national treasury every year .

      • Andre Mitchell

        I really wouldn’t mind if the taxes I paid went to Joker and his staff.
        The great tragedy right now is, some of it will have to go to Senator Copy A. Paste and his aide.

      • clavenilo

        Hi Andre

        Last time I heard Joker Arroyo doesnt have a staff. He dont need one he is very competent, the accidental senators in which we have many need a batallion of staff to help them of course . Thats why Senator Sotto was just given a paper to read and he does not know per his equally fool chief of staff it was copied.

  • Racine Castro

    “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.

    So NOT providing proper attribution would make the speech credible? Wow. Such logic, Sir.

  • LucilleT

    ignoranteng masa na gusto ni Sotto na paramihin pa para ayos sa botohan … hehehehe

  • labcu

    now i admire Sen Lapid for admitting he did not have enough education, he can’t speak fluent english, he is nervous everytime he is in session and just thinking how his colleagues show their might on the floor. now i admire Sen Lapid for his simple words and humble ideas spoken in tagalog but truly his own!!!!!!

    • reddfrog

       Unfortunately he is not qualified to be Senator in every sense.

      • labcu

        that was not my point! you missed it moreso, you’re mistaken for saying he is not qualified in every sense, you missed again!

  • edongski

    The speech writer plagiarized. Lol
    “sen Sotto… Only read it on the floor” is parroting. Lol
    My guess is even his sobbing was on cue like
    Read , read , pause, cry, sniff, sniff. Read, smirk :)

    • Harry

      He recalled how Lozada gained public sympathy in the Senate hearings and he copied Lozada. Nothing original about that guy.

  • juanamboy

    “Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide.”

    Gano’n ba ?  So, dahil common practice lang din naman ang pangungurakot sa gobyerno at OK din ata sa mga ilang taga gobyerno, we might as well mangurakot na rin.  Gano’n na rin ba ‘yon, atty villacorta ?  Sen. Sotto ?

    Please watch your logic, sirs. Ang tao nga naman, tulad ng isda, nabubuking ang kabobohan sa kanilang mga bunganga !

  • Andre Mitchell

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool
    than to open it and remove all doubt.”  
    -Mark Twain

    • boybakal

      It is better that people know you that you can talk, and not doubt that you are deaf and mute.

  • clavenilo

    He he he… the senators have 200 million pork barrel every year congressmen P 60 million. Try checking out their website and you will be amazed of the long list of supposed bills they authored ( kuno ) and sponsored when the truth is they pay people to do this or submit bills already done before but not yet approved. Katamaran ? Yes, but they have the money to let other people do their job its out fault we put these clowns in the Senate or congress

  • Kismayas

    Manny Pangilinan quickly apologized when he was accused of plagiarism in his Ateneo speech. Fareed Zakaria of CNN apologized for plagiarizing in his column at Time magazine. Pangilinan still earns respect and moved on. Zakaria was reinstated by both TIme and CNN. The longer Sotto won’t apologize to the author the longer the issue drags him. The more his top aide Villacorta speaks the deeper he buries his boss down the pit. Definitely not in the league of MVP and Zakaria. Low class.

    Sotto+Villacorta = 0 vs Public opinion = 100

  • boybakal

    It is funny how Filipinos are intelligent. Sa salita lang.
    Plagiarism, plagiarism, akala mo kung ano. Big Deal na agad.
    Salita ng unknown bloggger, kinondena ang mahal na senador Sotto.

    Yan China,Taiwan, di lang plagiarism. Copy and Make pa.
    Bibili ng produkto ng  made in USA or Germany. Babaklasin at bubuoin, made in China na.
    Di lang kinopya ang mga invention ng mga malalaking  bansa, mass produced at ibenenta pa  sa kanila.
    May nagreklamo ba ng plagiarism or infringement, wala. Gayong purong purong imitation.

    Ang hirap sa atin masyado tayong mapanghusga sa ating kapwa.
    Kaya di umaasenso….salita lang ng salita, daldal lang ng daldal. Akala mo mga  Henyo.
    Henyo nga sa salita.
    Nakabasa lang ng salitang plagiarism…..akala mo kung ano na.
    Magaling lang sa debate, debateng walang katuturan.

    • reddfrog

       boybakla, sumakit ulo ko sa kababasa ng kabobohan mo.

      • boybakal

         papaano di ka makaintindi…baba ng utak  mo. buti pa ang hayop, may silbi ang utak….bulalo.

    • kevin

      Ikaw ba umasenso na…..

      • boybakal

         Oo, asensado na. kaya panay ang post ko,aking ito.

    • jlarcilla

      Hindi UNKNOWN blogger, Sarah Pope ang pangalan ng blogger. Alumnus ka ba ng WANBOL University?

      • boybakal

         kung ayaw mo ng unknown blogger, unknown Sarah Pope, whoever she might be.

      • Harry

        People now know Sarah Pope but who is boybakal? Sotto should also steal boybakal’s material too.

      • boybakal

         He can’t steal me, I am heavy…bakal.

    • Bayan Muna

      Kung gagawa kasi ng speech at hindi mo material ginamit mo, sabihin mong “I’ll quote”.. Nakakahiya, mambabatas pa naman maling material pa ang nai-quote…

      Buti pa ang dinakdakan may utak, sila wala!

      • Andre Mitchell

        Buti pa ang bulalo!

    • Rogelio Bernardo Cruz

      kaya siguro mabagal ang justice system ng pilipinas. nag-iingat tayo na hwag maging masyadong mapang-husga.

      • Spartan Akon Ismagul

        kasalanan mo ito.  nabugahan ko ng tubig ang keyboard ko.

    • Al

      Boy Bakat kinakalawang na ata utak mo..!

  • Andre Mitchell

    “As great minds have the faculty of saying a great deal in a few words,
    so lesser minds have a talent of talking much, and saying nothing.”
    -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

  • Andre Mitchell

    Plagiarism is not the bigger issue here.

    It is Senator Copy &. Paste’s mental capacity as a legislator to decide for this nation.

  • pilosopo4

    Both houses where crooked and questionable legislators outnumber the good ones..perhaps WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD STOP PLAGIARIZING OURSELVES FROM ALWAYS VOTING THE BAD ONES into office and make a change!

  • Andre Mitchell

    Pucha, si mareng Winnie Monsod di pumasok sa senado.
    Tapos si Senator Copy A. Paste nakalusot?

    Ano ba namang Pilipinas ito?

    • Rogelio Bernardo Cruz

      FUN pilipinas! FUNong FUNo ng FUNgongopya.

  • Rianna

    “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added. —> But if something is truly ‘a whole gamut of ‘accordings to” then so be it. If it truly isn’t credible, why try to hide that?

    • ajca82

      In addition, they didn’t need to mention the sources during the speech. Sotto’s camp can simply say “the sources are in the printed/released copy, they’re not in the speech to reduce time”

      You’re right, “according tos” don’t diminish credibility, it even improves credibility since it gives the illusion that the data are well researched. Everyone knows Sen Sotto is not scientifically nor medically inclined, citing Drs and scientists will give their cause a rational backbone.

  • Simon Ward

    Attempting to respond to a previous poster, I’ve tried a dozen times to post an extract from the Inquirer’s own User Agreement regarding the need to ask permission to use copyrighted material, but Disqus has repeatedly turned me down.

    For the very few people who still believe Sen. Sotto did not breach copyright, it might be interesting reading.

  • pipsirho

    P165 (Politicians Insensitively Gorging Slop) are incapable of creative legislation, original ideas, proactive thought, critical thinking, system orientation, foresight, intellectual honesty, dedication, imagination, integration, rationalization, sound judgment necessary for EFFECTIVE and CRITICAL LEGISLATION.Their INCOMPETENCE IS SO GLARING they cannot even hire good people to help them out. PORK, PORK, PORK, PORK is all that matters to them. Shameless.

    • floydelyn

      and how about envelopes from large corporations pushing/lobbying for legislation friendly to their business.

  • JosengSisiw1

    These brainless idiots$$ will try evrything to hide their laziness. We have tons of issues around the country you dont have to copy anythig from anybody. You a$$holes just need to do your work!

  • Daang_tuwid3

    Enough Me. Villacorta, you are nothin but a second rated ,trying hard, COPYCAT!! 

    • boybakal

       He  looks more  of a PUSSYCAT.

  • boybakal

    What is wrong if copied from Sarah Pope, an American.
    It is made in USA.
    If Sotto copied that whatever from Chinese,
    It is made in China.

    At least si Tito may taste pa.

    • Harry

      Regardless of the source, it is bad taste.

      • boybakal

         McDonald or Siopao ?

    • Andre Mitchell

      At least imported, hindi local!

    • hustlergalore

      asus, ang sabihin mo. he just cant understand chinese. LOL

    • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

      taste over INTEGRITY? how stupid !

      a statesman should know better !

  • ajca82

    The good Senator’s camp should stop with their press releases. Less talk, less mistake.
    When you’re already in a pool of crap, better not open your mouth, lest you eat more than your own words.

  • Bayan Muna

    It is given that there is no such thing as original speech because every speech can be the same in terms of content depending upon the listener and its (speech’s) theme.. Nevertheless, who makes a speech can claim it as his, that is if making a speech is the case and not just a copy and paste one.. But to use an opinionated blog as a source of an important info for the speech and copied it verbatim, that’s just crazy…

    To trust someone who was given the authority to govern yet cannot be trusted on small things like these is just a bull…

    • boybakal

       I think we should revise our education system.
      Our education system is focused on copy, memorization verbatim, spelling, grammar and good hand writing.

      Our education system should focus more on expression, let the kids express, let them speak up what is in their minds.
      In this  case, our brains will be working as Thinking  Brain and not Memorize Brain.

      As to Sotto, a I applaud him for being verbatim, he has good memory.

  • mangtom

    Let us try to redeem ourselves from the ridicule and disdain this Soto issue has caused us in the worldwide community.

    How? We will confine him in the Mandaluyong nut house and have a shrink declare him as psychopathic. That way he is not responsible for his acts. Then the world community will say, “aha, this whole mess is now understandable and we will forgive this nut for his indiscretions. Then, we are once more seen in the eyes of foreigners as “ok pala ang mga Pinoy’.

    Another puzzle is that why would a senator pocketing 300 million pesos hire a five-peso lawyer? Soto is a cheapskate. With that kind of money under his disposal, he could have hired a high-caliber lawyer that understands what the word plagiarism means. Yan, sa kakuriputan niya, ng hire siya ng low-class lawyer who was probably at the bottom of his law school class and the last in the list of bar examinees and what did he get? Low class service. He got what he paid for.

    Isa pa, bakit hindi niya magaya yong kapatid niya na si Vic. Decente ang dating niya samantalang itong Tito ay parang drug addict ang personalidad niya. This Tito is a mess, mentally and physically. He needs professional help, fast. 

    • EMarite66

      I agree that he should overhaul his whole legal staff beginning with that chief of staff VILLACORTA who gave really, really, really bad legal advice on what the law is and equally horrible, horrible, horrible advice on how to handle the new social media and how to deal with this media crisis. 

      As someone who had been in a position where I had to rely on a lot of staff work, I can symphatize with him because his LAWYER AND CHIEF OF STAFF REALLY LET HIM DOWN BIG TIME. They should all be fired and replaced by diligent and harworking and more intelligent lawyers. He should offer better pay in order to attract these type of lawyers.

  • Harry

    It is alright for legislators to copy works of other individuals but not alright for a judge to copy decisions of other judges? The SC Justice is subject to impeachment for plagiarism and the legislators are immune from copyright violations?
    Only in the Philippines!

    • boybakal

      Res Judicata…SCRA.

  • athenapallas

    It is regretable that the likes of Tito Sotto who is arrogantly stupid and stupidly arrogant gets elected to Philippine senate and trusted to make our laws. I fear for our children and the future generation of our country.

    He has no shame nor pride nor moral principle so for him tendering his resignation is suntok sa bwan. He doesn’t deserve any respect for he has no respect for others. He is a DISGRACE.

  • ProRH2012

    Mang Teban, hindi nga tayo lahat sigurado sa mangyayari sa hinaharap e. Walang nakakaalam nun. Kaya nga ba mas nararapat na tayo ay magplano, para mapagpundaran natin ang mas magandang kinabukasan ng ating bayan. Hindi yung bira lang tayo ng bira, short term goals lang lahat.

  • mangtom

    Pangilinan quickly apologized when he was accused of plagiarism in his
    Ateneo speech. Fareed Zakaria of CNN apologized for plagiarizing in his
    column at Time magazine. Pangilinan still earns respect and moved on.

    Sagut: You are comparing good apple and rotten orange. Does not work. May class si Manny Pangilinan. Walang class si (S)otot.

    Si Manny Pangilinan ay graduate ng prestigious Wharton Business School sa University of Pensylvania. Yan ay isa sa Ivy League Universities. Sikat. Let’s see where (S)otot is coming from: Siya ay alumnus ng WanBull University. Puno ang bull ang utak. Wala pa kalingkingan ni Pangilinan itong lying thief.

    • boybakal

      Anong kinalaman niyan kung Wharton man siya.
      Yon  kakilala ko master degree pa sa Harvard…nagtratrabho sa McDonald pero happy.
      Ano nasilaw ka na agad sa Wharton.

      Bat si Bill Gates drop out, Mike Zuckenberg, dropout….pero Billionaires. Ibig sabihin nasa tao yan.
      Name Dropping but more of a Bird Droppings…in short, ipot ka lang.

  • ProRH2012

    You applaud Sotto for being verbatim? He has a good memory? Kuya, gamitin mo yung mouse ng computer mo, highlight mo tong mga sinasabi ko, pindutin mo ctrl+c tapos ctrl+v. Ayan! Verbatim ka na din! Congrats! You have a good memory na din!

  • ProRH2012

    Also a lesson to everyone, hindi kasi purkit sikat at artista, tama na iboto sa Senate.

  • adam_d_ant

    senator sotto, lahat ng tao nagkakamali.  pero meron recourse palagi.  humingi ng apology kung kailangan.  mas pupurihin ka pa ng tao kung aminin mo na mali ang ginawa mo.  huwag mo na i-justify ang kabobohan at katigasan ng ulo.

    nothing wrong with quoting from other people’s work.  kailangan lang i-acknowledge ang source.  simple lang naman.  kesyo sabit na lalo pang dinadagdagan. hindi porke sinulat ng aide, ‘yong aide ang hihingi ng paumanhin.  hindi ang aide ang nag-deliver noon sa floor ng senado.

  • ashleybulls

    Sotto talaga ohhh!….damay-damay na…walang kupyahan 

  • EMarite66

    Based on this interview alone, Sen. Sotto should immediately overhaul his whole legal staff beginning with that chief of staff VILLACORTA who gave really, really, really bad legal advice on what the law is and equally horrible, horrible, horrible advice on how to handle the new social media and how to deal with this media crisis. As someone who had been in a position where I had to rely on a lot of staff work, I can symphatize with him because his LAWYER AND CHIEF OF STAFF REALLY LET HIM DOWN BIG TIME. They should all be fired and replaced by diligent and harworking and more intelligent lawyers. He should offer better pay in order to attract these type of lawyers.Edit

  • Bright

    Even if it’s a common practice, that does not mean it is a good practice. An article originally written by an individual is an intellectual property and if that article is used, the author should be acknowledged. 

  • Tonypogi


    “We cannot draw up a speech that says
    ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too
    awkward. Besides, what would the Senate President say,” Villacorta said.

    This statement proves the total ignorance of Atty Villacorta despite his rationalization of their plagiarism.  They were simply copying for the sake of copying without even understanding what they were copying.  Sarah Pope had stated that she used HER OWN WORDS to describe the work of Dr. McBride. Simply stating “according to Miss Pope or the blog” would have been sufficient.

    Even Senator Santiago was rationalizing the blatant judgement error of his fellow senators. Except for the fact that they wouldn’t have acknowledge the copying were they not caught.  A simple admission plus an apology would have sufficed. What was worse was they compounded the mistake by committing another one.

  • Ding

    Plagiarisms plague the law-making body, it seems…PLAGUE-IARISM, a new word, created by this practice, necessitates its inclusion in the dictionary. Use of intellectual words from anyone can be excusable, provided it is acknowledged. It does become an expression of admiration in the highest form. Committed for the deliberate purpose of owning same, I believe, is beratable…If it was merely an oversight or a mistake, apology should be in order. It s safe and advisable to acknowledge the original writer, if priorly known, if the words or sentences in the write up or speech are not original. Apologize, where the original writer emerges.

  • EMarite66

    That Villacorta is more concerned with how awkward it will be to cite the blogger and how the Senate President will feel than in doing the right thing is just incredble to me. His values are warped. He’d rather please powerful people instead of doing the right thing!

  • MarkMen2000

    “Common practice” does not make it right!  
    Another stupid remark from the chief of staff of the Philippine Senate’s Majority Floor Leader. Mahiya ka naman!
    Kapal talaga ng mukha mo Tito Sotto.

    • boybakal

       Common practice becomes customs and traditions.

    • Bulakenya_po

       May God bless all your soul

  • philosophia

    Quick to judge. Quick to downplay.

    S: “Oh, it’s okay if we do it, ’cause they’re just speeches, plus our staff did it.”
    S: “And it’s not as if we hid $10 million here in this godforsaken country. It’s in Swizerland, so its okay.”

  • 김에다

    Just because it’s a common practice, doesn’t automatically make it right.
    For instance, if murder was a common practice, would they be able to say the same thing? Would murder be right if it were a common practice? Sotto and his aide are committing a big fallacy! I’m so disappointed. D:

  • Papu Mendoza

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.

    – He just made a new all-time-record for “The Most St*pid Statement” ever made by Philippine Senate staff.

  • shootafar

    Villacorta should shut the eff up.  He is humiliating himself, adds to the embarrassment of Sotto and the whole Senate.  He should realize that the end does not justify the means.

  • abot

    Corruption in the Philippines is a common practice. That’s the reason it is acceptable and makes it RIGHT.

  • mangtom

    Anong kinalaman niyan kung Wharton man siya.
    Yon  kakilala ko master degree pa sa Harvard…nagtratrabho sa McDonald pero happy.
    Ano nasilaw ka na agad sa Wharton.

    Bat si Bill Gates drop out, Mike Zuckenberg, dropout….pero Billionaires. Ibig sabihin nasa tao yan.
    Name Dropping but more of a Bird Droppings…in short, ipot ka lang.Totoybakal, yong kakilalamo ay co-graduate mo sa WanBull. Gaya mo sira ulo. Pinatawa mo naman ako. Kumain ka na lang ng Bulaga, bigay ni Soto na kuya mo.

    • boybakal

      talaga ikaw mangtom, utak mo biya.
      wharton, wharton ka pa. sa klase ng posting mo di ka nakapag aral.
      Si Tito winawanbull mo eh, graduate yan sa Letran.
      At ang Lolo niyan ay si Vicente Sotto, congressman at senador.
      Noon pa man poltiko na yan.

      Wharton, wharton, crash course lang ang kinuha.
      MangTom, eh si Tomas ka. Mang Tomas, mabuti pa sa iyo si MangTomas litson may pakinabang.

      • ApoNiLolo

        Ang Letran, kapit bahay ng school ko yan. Magaling sila sa basketball.
        Politiko pala ang angkan ni Sotto. TRAdisyon lang na sumunod sa apak ng lolo ang apo sa POlitika. >: D

      • jlarcilla

        Now, it has become clear kung paano nakapasa sa Letran si Tito Escalera.

        Do you think he would have made his LOLO proud sa ginawa niyang pangongopya? 

    • boybakal

       Mangtom di ka marunong mag copy and paste, tapos ang galing mong maghusga kay Tito Sotto.
      Kokopyahin mo lang ang aking post, mali mali pa.
      magtigil ka na Mang Tom, sa klase matanda ka na. bumabatikos ka pa.

  • paul

    more fun in the philippines!!!!!!!!! ang pangnanakaw ay karaniwang pamamalakad sa gobyerno ng pilipinas. ito ba ang dapat natin ituro sa susunod na henerasyon?

  • buraot1234

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said. – pinasaya ako nito 

  • hustlergalore

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.

    – Huwat!!!!! – paolo of eat bulaga

    • arao_liwanag

      Your god only exist in your retarded mind.

  • hustlergalore

    naks naman. ganito rin ang palusot ni mikey arroyo. nang huling-huli ni mareng winnie sa national tv dahil sa kanyang kaduda-dudang SALN.

    “eveybody’s doing it”


  • WAJ

    Talamak ang plagiarism sa Pilipinas kahit pa sa labas ng Politics. Ang ibig sabihin ng Freedom of the Press and Speech ay pwede kang sumulat at magsalita ng nais mo, pero huwag mong kokopyahi o gagayahin ang ginawa ng iba. At kong gagawin mo ito, ibig sabihin ay hindi mo kayang ipaliwanag sa sarili mong pananalita ang ginagawa mong talumpati (speech). Nakakahiya yata ito a! Natagurian kang mangongopya. May katonkolan pa naman sa Gobyerno… 

  • jeff justice

    masturbation is common practice by priests and bishops, so its ok to do it in church?

    • RomyLitz

      maturbation without erection is a grievous offense.

  • Chris

    Kaya pala walang mangyari sa Senado! Asa pa tayo!

  • arao_liwanag

    Plagiarism is thievery. because it happens in the goverment high places (Supreme Court and Congress).  It only shows the kind of culture and vaues the government officias have: dishonesty and stealing.

    As in MARCOS TIME, the countries’ reputation remain the same: A country governed by thieves and those who are not involved are sidelined or the die early like Robredo. This explains why the country is riddled with corruption and graft.

    • Ding

      kaya ‘yung tinanggal at produkto ng people power, nakakapit pa rin, parang mga linta…Marcos, Estrada, Arroyo, atbp…tulad ng cancer pabalik-balik…Social Cancer or El Filibusterismo, sabi ni Rizal.

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Sen Sotto should create another portfolio for his staff : Copy-Paste Department, to be headed by, again, his chief of staff Hector Villacorta. Instead of apologizing, these guys are justifying their immoral acts of lying!

    • beerhunters

       Thief Staff Hector Villacorta!!

  • dennis

    Kung sa Senado,ang tawag eh PLAGIARISM…Sa Divisoria,ang tawag eh PIRATED!…HAWR..HAWR..HAWR!!!

  • mangtom

    Anong kinalaman niyan kung Wharton man siya.

    boybakal (a.k.a. totoytanso):

    Your statement reveals your ignorance. Kawaawa ka naman.

    • boybakal

      Your statement reveals your Stupidity. Poor Tom.
      Wharton, sa iyong mata.

  • beerhunters

    Digest the author’s idea, and express them in your own words! There you go!

    • panhase

      But exactly there lies the problem.
      In order to express the ideas in his own words, he would need to digest the author´s ideas.

      • beerhunters

        why, do you have a suspicion that these are reading comprehensionally challenged guys? I think they’re just plain lazy, taking the easy road(short cut= tuwid na daan).

  • WestSydneyGiants

    Nahuli na ngang nag-plagiarize lumulusot pa, imbes na mag sorry.  What a hardcore steotype liar.  Obviosly this VILLACORTA have not experienced living in western countries like here in Australia, US, or Canada.  Pag dito ka lang himas ka na ng rehas.

  • NeilHTG

    This certainly is one of the situations where the best is just to admit one’s lapse of judgement, make an apology and retraction… or to shut up (certainly the grave is being dug deeper as the blabber continues)…

  • RomyLitz

    The plagiarism violation is not strict nor subject to legal offense due process when committed by Senators or congressmen or any politician making written or impromptu speeches. It is a serious issue when used by judges or justices in issuing written verdicts or resolution. Sen. Sotto showed his low IQ once again for the umpteenth time,

  • Renmin Villanueva

    I can imagine how he might be introduced at speaking engagements. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hector Villacorta, Senator Tito Sotto’s chief of staff and accomplished plagiarist!” *clap clap clap*

  • RomyLitz

    Better for Sotto and Villacorta to go back to Eat Bulaga!

  • Allan

    when you cite your source/s, it is not plagiarism. ang hirap sa inyong mag-amo, mangongopya kayo tapos sasabihin nyo mas matalino pa kayo sa kinopyahan nyo. you might have the streetsmarts and abilidad but not the real smarts. smarts is something you cannot steal from a person. you didn’t even have the decency to own up to your thievery. it seems to me that you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar and yet you are saying “not me”.

  • mangtom

      boybakal Collapse
    Your statement reveals your Stupidity. Poor Tom.
    Wharton, sa iyong mata.

    boytanso: ngayon mo lang yata narinig ang word na Wharton kaya walang idea kung anong klaseng school yan. Sa internet ka lang kumukuha ng information mo. Pagsinabi mong nakita mo sa dalawang mata mo, hindi sa internet kasi any fool like you can do that,  ang Wharton, suku na ako sa iyo. Second hand lang ang information, totoy. Para sa WanBull ka lang gaya ni kuya mong (S)otot. Comprende, hijo?

  • Steven Zahl


  • mangtom

    Pass the RH Bill

  • rollydomingo40


  • unleadedzeppelin

    Kung lahat naman pala ng gagawin nyo sa Senado ay kokopyahin lang eh ano pa silbi nyo? Kahit pala sinong ungas pwedeng maging senador dahil kopyahan lang pala ang diskarte dyan. Nakakahiya tong wanboll alalay ni Sotto na si Villacorta bobong dalisay ring tulad nya.

    • Igy Fuentes

      totoo yan. i know this is harsh but.. Villacorta is so STUPID!

  • joey mallari

    that is just dumb

  • mariatiu89

    The lawyer is merely saying that people should not make a mountain out of a molehill from what happened.

  • joanne velasco

    This is a smear campaign against sotto and those who stand against the controversial RH Bill.

  • Fernando Cresente Hernandez

    What a Wanbol excuse. Ma’m sila din nangongopya o.

  • Lee

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,” he said.
    is he even thinking straight? this is so stupid. it’s not like we created ourselves, God created us in his image, how can he even link this to plagiarism?

  • Alvin Sison

    Most of the people who commented in this site are perfect examples of those self-righteous individuals and their habit is to criticize other persons for committing mistakes or errors in their lives.  That is a manifestation of a very negative trait among Filipinos.majority would rejoice over the wrong of others especially in times of great downfall or defeat.. Instead of looking at the good side of  Senator Sotto’s speech, many of us went to the point of even mocking the said senator. Some even went further by attacking the college where he came from.  Senator Sotto is not the one guilty of Plagiarism, and it is not also correct to attack his chief of staff because of the single act which most describe as plagiarism. People should scrutinize the RH BILL and not Senator Sotto and his staff. The passage of the RH Bill will greatly affect our society and so we must and we should focus more on this.   ENOUGH of the baseless accusation against the Senator!

    • Hein S

      Sotto did LIE and STEAL.

      • Alvin Sison

         You don’t have any legal standing to accuse Senator Sotto of that… What did he steal or lie to whom perhaps?

      • Guest

         In denial stage?

    • panhase

      Senator  Sotto is not the one guilty? Ever heard of command responsibility? And it was his, the Senator´s, speech. Not the speech of someone else.
      Baseless accusations, baseless?

      It´s ok when you are happy with such a clown, but that does not mean others have to be happy also that the Filipino people are represented by such a $$$$$.

      • Alvin Sison

         What you are doing is  a hatchet job against sotto and those who stand against the RH Bill. It’s a waste of time discussing about the issue of plagiarism.. You should be more concerned with the effects  of the Rh Bill to the people if it will be passed. Senator Sotto had that in mind, he only wanted to protect the people from the evil of the RH bill. Try to be appreciative to that rather than criticizing the senator because of his flaws. That is what a conscientious citizen should do.

      • Alvin Sison

        BE a concerned citizen…

      • panhase

         I do not need to do a hatchet job against Sotto, he is doing it himself better than I ever could. Just read what he told about the death of his son, that he attributes to the use of a pill, which was not yet introduced to the market at the time when his son died. In other countries this would be called lying.
        And I or others should not criticize the senator? Why, is he above everybody else? Or is this a special kind of democracy where it is prohibited to criticize a senator? Maybe you want me to be penalized for criticizing him? Isn´t he, as a elected politician, a servant and not the master of the people?
        In case he can´t stand being criticized, maybe he should not open his mouth or better yet he should cease to be a senator. So nobody will criticize him.

      • Alvin Sison

        You are free to have your own thoughts about the issue on hand but I just want to remind you that under the 1987 constitution, ART 6 sec. 11, No member of the Congress shall be questioned nor be held lible in any other place for ANY speech or debate in the congress or in any committee thereof. This is what we call as PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGE OF SPEECH. This includes utterances made in the performance of official functions such as speeches delivered, statements made, votes cast, as well as bills introduced and other acts done in the performance of official duties. As a consequence, Sanator Sotto as a member of the Congress and in the performance of  his official function is covered by such privilege. I hope this will help enlighten you.     

      • panhase

        You told me before I should not criticize the senator. What you are citing now is an article about the liability. That is a different issue.

        You told me I was doing a hatchet job. But how could I do that?
        If the “good” senator likes to make a clown of himself, then it is his privilege. And as you mentioned before, in so doing he is protected by the 1987 constitution, ART 6. sec.11. So do not deny him that right.
        Maybe this will enlighten you.

      • Alvin Sison

        Again, let me just remind you that the privilege granted to the legislators is to protect them from being procrastinated by people like you. We are forgetting that it is their role to deliberate bills before the same will be passed… Allow them to serve their purpose as lawmakers of the nation.

      • Alvin Sison

        Is that all you can do? To attack Senator Sotto for the issue of plagiarism? What can You say about the impending passage of the RH bill? What have you done for the country?

      • Ding

        You mean because of that parliamentary privileged speech, there are privileged people who can tell the people what they want to say without being responsible for what they say?  I am sorry, I’ve always been on the belief that we are not in a civilized society, where irresponsible speeches could be protected by another irresponsible privilege given only to privileged people, but not to the people who are supposed to be the people in a government governed by the people, for the people and of the people. Is that the reason why we have lawmaking body… to protect the lawmakers? They have no responsibility to the people? Your answer will enlighten us, Mr. Alvin Sison. Thank you.

      • Ding

        A followthrough to the above, I wish to remind those who want to enter public service,  that unless we receive unlightening and convincing answer, you should, I repeat, you should not cover your irresponsibilities with privileged speech for anything that concerns or involves the people, who in a democratic form of government, are your boss in the real sense of that word.

      • alvinsison

        Of course that is part of their job as legislators, and the privilege granted to them is only incidental. The said immunity afforded the members of the congress is to allow them to perform their task in legislating laws. If we are going to limit that power then that is equivalent to  delineating the power accorded to them by the Constitution.

  • heartmercado27

    It’s funny reading comments about Sen.Sotto and his affiliation in showbiz. Ibig sabihin fans pala kayo ni Tito Sen. Ang sho-showbiz ninyo. You are not able to get past the facts he has presented. very superficial ang pagkaintindi ninyo sa bill at wala na kayo masabi. Nakakainins na wala talaga kayong pakialam sa kinabukasan ng bayan natin. Im not a fan of his, pero napa-isip talaga ako sa mga expose’ nya. May mga dayuhang ahensya na gustong kumontrol sa atin.

    Isa pa, di ba common practice na ang pagcopya sa net (pati nga higschool students, yun ang ginagawa para sa mga assignments/projects nila) Na-sensationalize lang kasi galing siyang. showbiz. Si Pia Cayetano kaya, di ba ganyan din ang gnawa sa speech pero di masyadong na news.

    People let’s be pro-active and say NO TO THE RH BILL 

    • jlarcilla

      Yes, I also say NO to the RH BILL but I didn’t like the way Tito Escalera and his lackey handled their argument. The end does not justify the means.  They’re lazy, incompetent and lack integrity.  This thread is not about the RH Bill, it is about a person’s CHARACTER.  

      • heartmercado27

        and so with pia cayetano’s staff.. everything wasn’t copied.. sotto was just trying to make a point.

      • K

        Can you please not generalize all students? Sorry, but some students actually do honest work. I know I did when I was in school.
        Una, Sotto’s links to showbiz are being highlighted dahil hanggang ngayon, with his actions, he does not seem to be taking responsibility for a grave oversight on his part, something magnified by the fact that he is holding a very high office.

        Pangalawa, maybe you mean get past TO the facts he has presented. But yes, you know what, we got past the “facts” that he presented and on to the fact that – he STOLE someone else’s works.

        Pangatlo, kung napaisip ka, then go on and do your research fully and form your own opinion. In my case, I don’t subscribe to the overpopulation thing they are peddling around as years of study have shown me how poverty comes about from different angles, mainly due to the greed of the “big ones” and the abuse of the environment. But let me ask you, have you ever even read the RH Bill in its totality? If you haven’t, you’ve no right accusing anyone else, particularly those who support the existence of an RH Bill (not necessarily THE RH Bill being debated upon today) as having no concern for the country. For surely, you will not know the concerns of those who push for it’s approval, nor what sections and provisions may be questionable. Makipag-usap ka din muna sa mga grassroots, like yung mga mahihirap or those who work sa hospitals, for instance.

        Pang-apat, medyo huli ka na sa balita. Mga dayuhan na gusto kumontrol sa atin? Read up on colonization; read up on the Asian Crisis of 1997; read up on the big industries here. You might also reconsider your views on vaccinations and meds and even the food you eat. Pero siguro, do mo pinapansin kasi wala syang kinalaman sa sex or reproduction or abortion, topics way toooo sensitive for Filipino culture because it’s been so drilled into us, the shame we feel around these all-too natural God-given capabilities and desires.

        Pang-lima, are you kidding me. So assuming na may anak ka, mga batang inaalagaan, mga mas nakababatang kapatid o pinsan, yan talaga sasabihin mo? Na ang mali nagiging tama pag ginagawa ng iba? Alam ko may commercial nyan dati…

        And as for Pia – and everyone else in the Senate – let this be a lesson to them. Ang difference lang nila, Pia isn’t making hare-brained excuses, di katulad ni Sotto. 

        Tama. Let’s be proactive. Let’s do our research. At huwag natin hayaan gawin tayong angat. Kung pati taxi driver na nakausap ko nito lang alam na may maling ginawa si Sotto. At huwag na natin paghaluin ang RH at plagiarism. He did something wrong. That’s it. He should say sorry and resign, kung pwede lang.

      • heartmercado27

        Actually K sotto admitted already that his staff copied some part of his speech regarding about the negative effects of contraceptives. it is pia cayetano who’s making excuses. she should apologize and admit that she plagiarized. to be fair.  

  • opinyonlangpo

    The good senator is obviously implying that plagiarism is rampant, he might as well sponsor a law scrapping copyright laws in the country. Does he even know he is a senator who should set a good example in respecting international laws? The senate is either very quiet or taking his side and not one of them even stood up to contradict his statements, so it seems then that those enforcing copyright laws or antipiracy laws in the Philippines are just for show to appease other countries.  

    • Ding

      Sponsor a law scrapping copyright laws?  That’s suicidal for him…you are asking a copier to prohibit himself from copying other’s rights laws.  You saw it already, they’d rather say the practice has been going on in our lawmaking body.  So, to speak …Sotto has spoken.  That’s it, so to speak..

      • opinyonlangpo

        Uhumm. Read again.

  • mangtom

    hoy, totoytanso, hinihintay ko yong sagut mo. Todas ka na pala. Just goes to show you are made of tanso and not bakal. Mabuti you are shutting your f-ing  mouth. Hanggang tsismis ka lang, boy.

  • clemente

    atty. villacorta, bakit dinadamay mo kami sa pagiging plagiarist na gaya mo at ni senador sotto? pati Diyos dinamay mo? anong klaseng argumento yan? di na dapat lumaki yan kung inaknowledge na ninyo yung kasalanan nyo without justification or palusot. sana nagpakumbaba kayo at humingi agad ng tawad. you are in public office and as such, you should be behaving the way ideal public servants should. you are servants of the people and not their superiors. sayang lang ibinabayad sa inyo kung ganyan ang asal nyo. mind you, that is taxpayers money that you are being paid so be models of society.

    plagiarism is plagiarism kahit saang venue yan. i do copy quotes and excerpts from publications or written documents but i always make it a point to acknowledge my sources or seek the authors’ permission. walang problema sa pagkopya kung inaknowledge saan galing yun na manunulat….at kung nabuko na na di nagaknowledge, sana huwag na mayabang at maangas….sori lang sana na sincere, ayos na, at huwag nang ulitin.

    sen. sotto, pls be man enough to own your mistake and apologize. pls. tell your chief of staff to shut up. better still, pls remove villacorta as your chief of staff because he is reflecting on your image/personality/character very poorly.

  • Igy Fuentes

    WHAT. THE. FVCK. So we, students, are also okay to just plagiarize our home works/researches/assignments. WOW. Senate (oh, not generalizing, just Villacorta and Sotto), VERY GOOD EXAMPLES!! *slow clap*

  • juanamboy

     “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists,”

    Haaay nakuuu, walang katapusang katangahan na ‘to.

    Man did not copy God’s image.  God created man in His image.
    At saka, hindi plagiarism kung ang tao ay gayahin ang gawain ng Dios dahil ito nga ang dapat gawin ng tao. Di po ba itinuro sa inyo yan Sen. Sotto at Atty Villacorta ng inyong pari o pastor o katikista ?

    • GKLer

      He should have at least read the first page of his bible.
      Now we know he didn’t, and even used it incorrectly.

    • Felix Alcantara

      Bobo ang Villacorta na yan, ang created ay the same pala sa copied. dapat sa bobong abogado na ito ipa disbar permanently. bobong senador bobong lawyer bobong staff

  • jlarcilla

    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists”.  – CLASSIC statement that will forever be attributable to a heretic and blasphemous lawyer from the Philippines, an aide of a Philippine Senator, no less. Wonder what the Catholic and other Christian groups think about this?  But wait, baka naman that idiot lawyer has again plagiarized such a statement?  

  • mia esteve

    Straying away from the
    issue and facts


    I want these
    people to prove that there is indeed Overpopulation, if there is indeed a
    growing number of infant and maternal death, if its really safe to use Cytotec
    and other contraceptive drugs that Sentaor Cayetano herself promotes as

    I did my own
    research. So I want them to disprove what I just read, each offices should
    present local based research not just research for comparison from
    International Organizations

    Wag nilang
    irailroad ang bill na to, Dont just give us the picture of squatters area in
    Payatas and other squatter infested areas in the city, give us numbers, prove
    your Science 

    • Ding

      You have astrayed too much away from the issue and facts…for one, prove that there is indeed Overpopulation,,,kinapitalayzd mo pa…hindi ka ba lumalabas ng bahay…hindi ka naman siguro nakatira sa Scarborough Shoal or somewhere in West Philippine Sea…You did the researching; yet, you want other people to produce the product of your research…from where did you get such kind of mentality?  I doubt if you learned it from Sen. Sotto.   So, don’t stray away from issue and facts, nor quote any unquotable quote without quotable quotability.

      • mia esteve

        Call it like you read it.  Nahiya naman ako sa expertise mo.  And you dont get to say if I stray too much on the issue, because everything is just related.A little self-check please, you can lash out if you read all the books in this world. Instead of critiquing what I commented, why don’t you comment on the real issue?  Who’s the one who strays too much now? hahahahahah, you’re worth a laugh!

  • Angel de la Flor


  • Lolo Mo

    Plagiarism is common. No surprise, these greedy and corrupt bunch of law makers. Dapat, abolish ang very extravagant perks such as allowances nila. These people are living high, beyond our wildest dream. They are no longer civil servants. they are our boss. Mantakin mo, to maintain one Senator, Juan de la Cruz will shelve 30 million for each of them on top of the 200 million pesos pork barrel?

    And 30 million to maintain each Senator is beyond the COA scope. O, paano kung may isang dosenang secretary na na hire si Senator, tapos, hindi nagrereport sa opesina. Kung baga maintainance lang, sa ATIM nagwiwithdraw ng sweldo. D, talo si Juan de la Cruz. Mantakin mo, isang dosenang Secretaries, lahat, mga bata at body beauty? He he he. Sa hirap ng buhay, hindi ko malaman kung anong moralidad mayroon ang mga Senators na living high standard paid by Juan de la Cruz. Hindi lang  sa Senate, the whole Chinese government system we have are ;living like they are our masters.

  • eleonorcastro007

    Instead of accusing and criticizing Sen. Sotto people should focus on the main issue, the RH Bill. What they are doing is a hatchet job against the Senator.

    • Roberto

      Yes. Ang bigyang pansin dito ay yung RH Bill at hindi ang paninira kay Sen.Sotto. Supportahan natin siya na wag maipasa ito.

      • EMarite66

        I think the Senator should hire a new chief of staff so the focus can go back to the issue of RH bill. That’s the right thing to do too.

      • Ding

        Ano ba ang susuportahan kay Sen Sotto, kung wala pa siyang naisu-submit na sariling kaniya.  O, baka naman mayro’n.  Ingat…baka pag-aaari na ‘yan ng iba.

  • Roberto

    Wag na siraan si Sen.Sotto! Mabuti nga siya at nagagawang ipaglaban kung anong tama. 

    • Yolanda

      Si Sen Cayetano ang tunay na hindi makatao dito!

      • Ding

        Wow !!!  Nasaan naman ang fairness diyan?  Ke maka-tao ‘yan o maka-pagal, dapat ang applicable sa isa, applicable sa lahat.  Di ba?  So…to speak.  Teka, mukhang nagkakalabuan, alin ba ang tama:  So…to speak or Sotto speaks?  Siguro, kayet ano, puwede na ba?  Kawawa naman si Cayetano. In the first place, that’s been going on in the Senate, sabi ng mga lawmakers natin. For them…it’s not plagiarism…it’s rather a plague plaguing the system…so, its plague-arism.

      • Ding

        sabi ko nga idagdag na ‘yan sa dictionary…coming from the lawmaking body of the Philippines.

  • Angelica Saubon

    “We cannot draw up a speech that says ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too awkward.”  – dahil lang awkward pakinggan, hindi na dapat i-cite yung source? Pwede niyo namang sabihin this way: “According to (name), as cited by (name), (statement),” ‘di ba? Kesa naman walang source.

    • Ding

      Palagay ko gawain ‘yan ng walang sarili…kung puro according to, eh, talagang walang sarili ‘yan…gagawa ka ng speech, tapos puro sinasabi ng iba ang sasabihin mo, aangkinin mo pang sa iyo, hindi lang awkward ‘yan, that is un-angelical, don’t you think so?

      • Angelica Saubon

        Kasi yun ang proper way to acknowledge a source, sina-cite. Tsaka hindi lang naman “according to” yung pwede mong gamitin, ang daming ways to acknowledge your source in a speech, kailangan lang ng good writing skills.

        Tsaka one more thing, you cite the ideas of others not necessarily dahil lang wala kang sariling idea, minsan kailangan mo yung ideas ng ibang tao to prove or to make a stronger argument, hindi yon pag-angkin. Ginagamit talaga ang citations sa studies o theses, sa mga libro, sa speeches, at iba pa. :)

  • aldo

    The bill will not do any good to the country but instead, make the current situation worse hindi lang sa aspect ng population but CORRUPTION!

  • Prince

    Suportahan natin si Tito Sen at ang pinaglalaban niya. Kukunsintihin lang ng RH Bill ang pagiging iresponsable ng mga tao.

  • Andy

    Hindi makakatulong sa bansa ang pamumudmod ng contraceptives sa taong bayan. Gusto niyo lang kumita kaya gusto niyong maipasa ang RH Bill! Mga kurakot na opisyal!

    • Ding

      Dapat yata opisyal ka.

  • alejandro

    Hindi tayo dapat nagbubulag bulagan. Wag natin idisHonor si God para lang kumita! Mga kurakot kayo Unlike Tito Sen! Tama ang pinaglalaban.

  • Oliver

    Hindi nararapat si Senator Pia sa posisyon niya. Gusto niya lang naman kumita ng pera!

    • Ding

      Ikaw ba ayaw mo?  …o, puro liver ba ang gusto mo?  Ano ka bang talaga?

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    “We cannot draw up a speech that says ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too awkward. Besides, what would the Senate President say,” Villacorta said.

    “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about,” he added.

    look at the reasoning of scumbag villacorta.
    he and his boss sotto would rather take credit for themselves by stealing other peoples ideas.

  • Guest

    At least it can be expected from Honorable that he understands what he read(s) if he is already plagiarizing. I am fatalistic on that matter, but then at least do it and present it in intelligent matter. If not he should then be consulted better, prepare more carefully and spend less time in afternoon shows.

    If still unable, better, replace Honorable by a better representative of the pro-life group. Names?

    I would suggest Bernardo Villegas. At least that guy has brain cells enough to present his cause in his own words. He would be a much better representative.

    (No Bernardo Villegas is surely no Atheist. :) )

  • Modesto

    what can you expect from the aide of senator sotto.?nada,nothing.the senator and his staff are all functional illiterates

  • carlo

    Hey Mr & Miss. Senator, as you said that plagiarism is common practice in the house of senate. So, you considered yourself as plagiarist. I remembered few months past the senate grilled the man for the charged of culpable to graft and corruprtion. In this situation, how can you differentiate your action, which is really proved that you are a plagiarist, & the man being grilled for culpable of graft & corruption?

  • virgoyap

    Sa mga senador na walang laman ang utak it’s easy for them to copy from other’s works.

  • Mamerto

    Is this why our country is “going to the dogs” because our leaders have these immoral values?
    Senator Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto and his aide & chief of staff, Hector Villacorta, have this questionable sense of moral values.
    “A wrong”…, often repeated, doesn’t make it “a right”;

  • GKLer

    HEY Inquirer, any more news update on this?  Where is the follow-up????
    I bet the senators threatened you guys in some way…because you revealed their disregard for Intellectual Property Rights, thievery, stupidity, arrogance….and the public is angry at them…but IT ALSO SHOWS NO BACKBONE on your part.

  • clarencevincentimed2019

    First and foremost, i don’t see why a senator would need to quote certain passages from another person’s work. Aren’t senators’ speeches supposed to be a synthesis of their own thoughts and ideas, an expression of what they think would be right or wrong for the country? In this light, I think it is simply not right to copy words from another person’s work and incorporate them in your speech as if they were your own. An idea is the possession of the person who conceived it and anyone who utilizes an idea which not his own for convenience and in order to suit his purpose and interests is no less than a thief. Plagiarism is equivalent to robbery. 

    What is more distressing about this issue is the fact that Senator Sotto’s party wouldn’t concede to admit this erroneous action and instead sought to defend their ground even if it means using fallacies. They keep on saying that they’re allowed to do it because everybody else is. But that doesn’t make the mistake right. Even if all people are doing it, plagiarism would always be wrong. Moreover, their other arguments are too irrelevant to the issue. It’s funny how they used God’s name to defend themselves. All for the futile attempt to wash their hands of all sin. Fortunately, God can’t speak for himself.

    Whether in the academe or in the Senate, the culture of plagiarism should not be encouraged and promoted. Government officials should be the epitome of righteousness and justice. Their busy schedule should not be an excuse to lift ideas from the works of others because right from the start, they knew what being in the position entails.

    Perhaps, if they’d been humble enough to admit to themselves that there is a limit to their knowledge, they would have cited the source of the information that they used for the speech. And they certainly wouldn’t be grilled by the public right now. 

  • WannaBeMabini_Imed2019

    I think certain logical fallacies are found within the context of this news. The first thing that we can see is that fallacy called ad populum. In this news, it is stated that people find nothing wrong with copying or plagiarism because everyone is doing it. However, it does not mean that since everybody is doing it, there is nothing wrong. Another fallacy is ad misericordiam. When Sen. Miriam said 
    “Maybe the speech writer just overlooked it… ” it should not mean and appeal to us that we should readily feel pity for the people who made the mistake and forget about it. The fallacy of ad hominem is also found. In every mention of the “defense side” that everyone is committing plagiarism, ad hominem is present. It is found in every instance when a person also blames other people for the same mistake committed. It gives people the idea that the mass should also get mad with these other people who are doing the same thing.

    I also found the following statement controversial. “This is not academe where it is grave, in effect a mortal sin not to attribute something to its source or author,” Santiago added. Does that mean that the academe and the world where this issue is “hot” are not the same? What was the purpose of the academe as our training ground if the things that are taught there are not brought up when we enter the so called “real” world? Does this also mean that since old people are doing it, then it is already correct or “not that” bad?

    These ideas that I have mentioned are the results of the discussion I had with my colleagues and some educators.

  • ace_imed2019

    ace – imed2019

    There are several problems with the statements of the senators and their staff members. 

    A majority of their statements imply that if something is a recurring practice it is okay to jump and join the bandwagon, even if we know that it is wrong. There seems to be no one willing to accept responsibility for the wrong that was done. Instead of owning up to the blame, they are all pointing fingers and evading the real issue. Sotto’s Chief of Staff went so far as to cite the examples of our plagiarized Constitution and the Bible. I think this skirting around the issue instead of being brave and honorable enough to admit that they committed a mistake shows that some of our politicians are lacking in integrity. 

    I also have a problem with all the statements about the copying of old measures. “Why exert effort when these bills are just lying around?” Um, I don’t know, maybe because that’s your job? That statement, coupled with “Why do you need to think of a brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists?” makes me think of how apparently lazy the senators are. They are actually trying to avoid trying to come up with new laws that will help solve the problems of the people. Instead, they just copy each other’s rejected bills and pass it off as their own. 

    Also, the statement of Miriam Defensor-Santiago really irked me: “This is politics, so I guess we should give more leeway to the senators as long as later on they admit that they took it from some other source and they acknowledge that source.” The statement insinuates that the laws that apply to regular people do not apply to politicians. That in turn implies that politicians receive special treatment and are above normal citizens. I believe this is wrong because senators are citizens of the Philippines, and all citizens of the Philippines must be judged based on the laws of the Philippines. In fact, one could say that as public figures, they have an even greater duty to be more concerned with the moral aspects of their behavior.

    I wish that our officials – these supposedly esteemed authorities – would man up and be humble enough to admit that they don’t know everything, that they quoted the work of someone else, that they were caught, that they were wrong and that they are sorry. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t be in such hot water. 

  • nayramIMED2019


    “This is not academe where
    it is grave, in effect a mortal sin not to attribute something to its source or
    author,” Santiago added.

    It was very irresponsible
    for the part of Senator Miriam Santiago to oversimplify the transgression of
    Senator Sotto just because they are not “in the academe.”

    Students are chastised for
    lifting ideas from other sources without proper citation. However, Senators are
    allowed to commit this act.

    Why does a double standard for plagiarism exist?

    Sen. Santiago implied that
    it was okay to lift the thoughts of other people and use them as if they were
    your own as long as the one doing so is not in an academe.

    Why then do we train our
    students to abide by the rigid rules that govern term paper making if later on
    in life, when they take over as the leaders of the nation, they will be excused
    for plagiarizing because they are not in school anymore?

    Not only is her statement
    illogical, it is also very irresponsible because it tries to excuse an obvious
    wrongdoing. Instead of asking for an apology, excuses were made.

    The children who know about
    the issue and hear figures of authority such as Sen. Santiago defend a wrong
    act may think that committing a grave mistake can be excused depending on a
    situation (i.e., it is okay to plagiarize because Senators are not in school anymore.)

    We Filipinos have to walk
    the talk. If we make rules and others follow it, we do not have the right to
    exempt ourselves.

    Yes, Sen. Santiago, you are not
    in the academe – which gives you all the more reasons to be held accountable
    for misdemeanors.

  • monmon_imed2019

    These seem to be the main points/ideas of Villacorta and Santiago, (I don’t know they may have had a staff member write these for them, or they may have searched on the internet for ideas, as it is “acceptable” for them to do so (Villacorta, 2012)): everybody on the senate considers it acceptable since everybody started doing it, and thus it became the norm, we have all plagiarized from God, and in history, everybody has adapted ideas to suit themselves without giving a thought to credit (such as the Greeks apparently),”we have to give more leeway to the persons in the Senate, since this is not the academe” (Santiago, 2012), it would be too awkward to cite that this work was cited by this and so on.

    Attack on the points:
    1. When the wrong becomes the norm, where does it end? Does one wrong become right in the presence of other wrongs? 
    2. For people who believe in creation, God created us in his image, so obviously, we are not responsible for the way we look. The same may be said about reproduction (in case somebody may raise that). Are we to say that we plagiarized from our parents because we are in their image? Most definitely not, and to think that way would be a pathetic excuse and an illogical  response to the original issue.
    3. The mere fact that you know that the Greeks were one of the reasons the bible reached us today goes to show that it went down in history, and some credit was given to them. In the first place, the convention of citation and giving due credit to the ideas of other persons, was for the sake of decency and the acknowledgement of our ability as civilized persons to know better than to “steal ideas”( and also because it was considered not only disrespectful and worthy of scorn to pass off that which is not yours).
    4. Really? I cannot believe that this argument was even mentioned. It is akin to saying that the senate is more lax than colleges that know how to deal with plagiarism and enforce rules. Pardon the words used, and I am speaking with all due respect, but this argument is most often applied to children or others who are deserving of leeway due to reasons that they exercise limited control over. To apply this argument to senators, persons involved with formulating decisions that affect the country on a massive scale, would suggest that they are incapable of giving credit compared to college or even highschool students who can. I dare not ask what else should be given more leeway in the senate.
    5. It seems that the argument of convention of speech, grammar and (wow!) even the quality of the speech in terms of diction were given due attention. One cannot help but wonder why citations were not even considered. 

    In summary, it seems that nothing was presented as a valid argument, and the reasons were little more than the excuses of one who refuses to admit he is wrong and is looking to pass the buck. The excuse that it was the member of the staff who committed the plagiarism also shows that the senator did not review “his” speech”. Honestly, are we to give him more leeway than a student who complains his answer is wrong when he copied from his classmate (forgive this argument if this seems to be irrelevant, but it seems to follow the same logic)? 

    I am sorry to say this, but the only way to recover the lost respect at this point is admit the wrong committed. It is much better than burying one’s own self for the sake of not being wrong. Perhaps, the senate may wish to reevaluate their policies on plagiarism and give more thought to it, as it causes the people to view them in a bad light, especially since they are the ones entrusted with handling the country’s affairs. “…After all, this is the Senate we’re talking about” (Villacorta, 2012).

  • Feverish_Imed2019

    “Copying is a common practice. Why do you need to think of a brand-new measure when a good one that was not enacted already exists?” said Hector Villacorta
    – Why don’t you enact the good one while stating your source? This comment already implies that you’re too lazy to think, and yet you’re still too lazy to merely say where you copied all your ideas? So basically, you get elected for office to copy old works, and then take credit for it to get re-elected? This further implies that your whole job is just to copy and paste. Anyone can do this, why then should we vote for a senator like you? Shouldn’t we be voting whoever made that old bill or someone else who can make their own better bills? What happens when all you senators who think it’s okay to plagiarize run out of old, good bills? If we keep up with copying like this, we, as a country, are screwed in the long-run.

    “They request new senators to refile [the bills] because (these are) already in the archives. Why reinvent the wheel? Re-filing is an accepted practice. It is called copying,”  (Villacorta, 2012)
    -And the huge difference here isn’t visible to you? In your example the senators were requested to re-file, and in essence were given permission to use the old material and possibly not to say where the old bill came from. What you did was just copy without permission and without sourcing.

    “the Bible reached us today because the monks copied from the Greeks. Everything really started from a little copying.” 
    -Supposedly these were all sourced. Gospel ACCORDING TO Matthew, etc. The various writings were made by disciples and prophets, WHOSE NAMES ARE MENTIONED IN THE WRITINGS. And the Scriptures were all supposedly passed down to human minds from God. That’s why there is no one source. Translation isn’t plagiarism when you don’t take credit for it. Unlike what Sotto and you did.
    “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists.” (Villacorta, 2012)
    – According to the Catholic/Christian doctrine, yes, God made us, and yes, in His image. So from your statement, you’re saying God plagiarized Himself? But further than that, this statement shouldn’t even be considered part of the argument since it’s a belief, not a fact. What about the non-catholic/christian Filipinos? Does this mean only they aren’t allowed to plagiarize? 
    “I can believe the two senators if they say their speeches were prepared by their staff. It was an omission…. I think to me it’s not a big thing. It’s forgivable if it does not really affect the overall content of the speech…. Almost all senators depend on staff work,” (Maceda, 2012)- The person in charge of his staff is responsible for what he or she does, especially if the thing being done was for him. Also seeing as we seem to be so very religious at the moment, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” (James 4:17. The Bible). This passage talks about the sin of omission. And as seen above, it’s not okay by God, why should you senators find it okay, then?
    Also it might be forgivable if he actually asked for forgiveness, but no, they all just continue to defend themselves and say they did no wrong. You can’t forgive someone who refuses to acknowledge he made a mistake.
    “This is not academe where it is grave, in effect a mortal sin not to attribute something to its source or author,” Santiago added. 
    – see below comments on this quote. They are quite good.
    “We cannot draw up a speech that says ‘according to this blogger who quoted this author.’ It’s simply too awkward. Besides, what would the Senate President say,” Villacorta said. “A whole gamut of ‘according to’ would also not make the speech credible. This is the Senate we are talking about.”-So Mr. Villacorta, you are implying that saving face and looking good are more important in the Senate than giving credit where credit is due. If this were true of all our officials and their staff then I think I just found the problem in our government. Also I think your boss just lost a whole lot more credibility than he would have if you did your job properly. Sotto, if you were smart, you’d fire Villacorta. You’d also apologize. But then from everything I’ve heard, all I can say is “may you both serve as a cautionary tale to everyone”.

  • dnd_imed2019

    Before I make
    any conclusions, let me first straighten out my facts. To maintain a stance of neutrality,
    let us first forget all these comments about how our leaders are incompetent,
    and disregard the arguments I consider having terrible logic behind them (i.e. Villacorta
    stating that copying is fine because everyone else does it, or that we are all
    plagiarists for being copied from God).

    First off, how
    do you define plagiarism? The Merriam-Webster website defines it as the act of claiming
    another author’s work as one’s own. This includes words and ideas, and is
    considered to be a form of theft. Villacorte may say it is not punishable by
    law, but by most standards, it is still considered an immoral practice.

    The defending
    side argues that they cited the original author of the ideas said to be
    plagiarized. Unfortunately, they failed to cite the blog where they got the
    ideas in the first place. The argument may have had some strength, had they not
    copied the blog almost word-for-word. By definition, we can say that they did,
    in fact, commit plagiarism.

    Another notable
    argument, though, counters this. By stating that having to cite the blogger
    would make the speech awkward, Villacorta invokes a sort of artistic license.
    Now, here is where the lines between art and plagiarism are blurred. The arts
    tend to turn a blind eye towards copying, as some believe it to be part of
    artistic freedom. Maybe they also considered the words of the blog to be
    artful, and decided to copy them, as they could not find any better way to
    express them. Personally, I wouldn’t define the resulting speech as artful,
    though, but who am I to judge?

    Maybe they truly
    wanted to create a good speech, at the cost of proper citation, and that they’re throwing in whatever other reasons they can think of to defend themselves. Or maybe they
    really didn’t know how to cite properly. Maybe they are just too afraid to
    admit they are wrong, and that they are trying, albeit desperately, to prove
    themselves right. Either way, I am not supportive of what they did.

  • monmon_imed2019


    The main arguments of Villacorta and Santiago (or perhaps
    some internet source or their staff. I am not sure who to give credit to, so
    please excuse me for miscitation on that count) are as follows: plagiarism has
    become the norm in the senate, we have all plagiarized from God, the only
    reason why we have the Bible is because the monks copied from the Greeks, the
    senators should be given more leeway than those in the academe, it would be too
    awkard to cite that this was cited by this.

    Attacks on points:

    One wrong is frowned upon. Few wrongs are the
    crimes of those who cannot conform to the majority. The majority’s wrongs is
    the norm. This seems to be the logic that the senate follows when it comes to

    Did we also plagiarize from our parents, because
    we look like them? It is very sad, but at the same time revealing about the way
    some people think. In the first place, God created us in his image. It was God’s
    idea to do so and completely his choice (for those who believe in creationism).
    This is by far the most illogical and irrelevant point raised (it beat argument
    4 by a hair), as it appealed to a higher power and used him as a reason to
    justify a fault.

    The mere fact that you knew the Greeks were the
    reason why we have the Bible goes to show that in history, they were
    acknowledged and due credit was given to them. On a side note, persons in
    history can commit a number of atrocities, but it is considered illogical to
    use that as a reason for committing what we consider wrong today. Wrong then
    but right now is that it?


    4-5. I
    am not certain if this argument was serious, as some highschool students and
    most college students are have the decency and are capable of giving credit
    where it is due when it comes to using ideas. We usually apply the concept of
    giving leeway to persons who are impaired in some way, or those who are
    affected by factors they exercise limited control over. A classic example would
    be age. Would this imply that the persons involved are in some way impaired
    compared to highschool and college students in their capability to reason that
    plagiarism is wrong? Is it that they are incapable of giving credit where
    credit is due? Or is it in reality that the senate, which affects the country
    on a national level with its decisions is really in some way less serious than
    the field of research? I would argue not, as they gave ample attention to
    grammar and even the quality of the diction as evidenced by them stating that
    it would sound awkward. 


    It appears that the arguments above are the
    rationalization of a person ( or again a staff member or some other source) who
    refuses to acknowledge the gravity of plagiarism and its implications regarding
    the person. It can be suggested that the person salvage the remaining respect
    that the people have and admit his faults. Also, persons speaking in defense of
    the person should reevaluate their reasons for their statements, as it only
    reinforces the continuation of such. Moreover, it will only add their names to
    what is becoming a sinking ship.

    The attempt to pass the buck is also
    deserving of pity, but also pathetic. I suppose that the same reason given by
    Senator Santiago is applicable here. It is expected that we are to give more
    leeway to a senator who asks his staff member to write his speeches compared to
    those in the academe. I suppose that by following this logic, we are to come to
    a conclusion that one who copies his homework and has wrong answers as a result
    is not guilty in the same way that a senator who asks somebody to write his speech
    without him reviewing it. It is not necessary to expound on the use of such


  • sleepygirl_imed2019

    “Ang mali, nagiging tama kapag ginawa ng matanda.”

    The picture is so appropriate. These wrong things done by elders, by the majority or by people in power often become true. But it is time to give light to the situation. Senators, such as Tito Sotto, hold high positions in the government and therefore are the role models of society. Accidents such as that which he has recently done, show his incompetence as a leader and even more so, destroys his integrity.

    Maceda claims that it was the senator’s staff who worked on the speech. But they do not hold the blame entirely. Senator Sotto should not have relied merely on these men he hired to create his speeches. Whatever points he say, whether these give him praise or criticism from the public, is his responsibility. If he takes credit when praised for these, why not be accountable for the blame? Also I disagree with former senator Maceda’s statement He says we are all plagiarists because our image is copied from God, but as I see it, this is a false and inappropriate analogy for the issue.

    Santiago’s statement comparing the academe to politics must also be noted. What are the reasons for such a change in standards with regard to the two? Is there really such a difference that causes people to be lax in politics, or is it just an excuse for their incompetence? Does that mean what we have learned as students would soon be ignored in their so called “real” world?

    I also disagree with Villacorta’s point that plagiarism is a common practice, done in our constitution, in our codes, bills, documents, and even the Bible. Does that make it acceptable? Just because it is done by many or that it is common does not mean its correct. This violates the fallacy of ad populum.

    Senator Sotto could have admitted his mistake and apologized. But instead, he and his staff went looking for other examples of plagiarism, called mankind plagiarists and even went as far as God related issues involving the Bible and Creation to prove they are right. It is after all Sarah Pope’s creation, and she has the right to be protected from people like the senator.

    Personally, I believe it would have been much simpler if he ignored his pride, said sorry and settled the issue so that everyone could moved on. How hard could that be?

  • Maxine Lally Alba

    How to delete this?

  • Maxine Lally Alba

    How to delete this?

  • isha-isha

    The best way to resolve this issue is to simply admit the error and apologize. Defiance is good in the defense of the good, not in the denial of a mistake.

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