Robredo’s ill-fated plane: Chronology of events


THE GOOD TIMES. The best of possibilities was at hand when then Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo met then presidential candidate Sen. Benigno Aquino III upon his arrival at the Naga airport in March 2010 for a campaign stump in Daet. In this photo illustration, Robredo’s photo is superimposed on a stretch of shore off Masbate where his plane reportedly crashed Saturday afternoon. JONAS CABILES SOLTES, INQUIRER SOUTHERN LUZON/PHILIPPINE RED CROSS

MANILA, Philippines – He was originally booked to take a commercial flight, but “for reasons known only to Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo,” he decided to take a private plane that crashed off Masbate waters Saturday afternoon.

Hours before the plane crash, Robredo was at Consolacion, Cebu to attend the ground breaking ceremony of the new PNP Regional Training Center.

At around 2:30 p.m., he left the site and proceeded to Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) to book his flight  to n Naga City .

Based on the information acquired from Police Center for Aviation Security 7 (PCAS-7)/DILG and MCIA Public Affairs Division, Robredo was booked on Cebu Pacific 5J572, Cebu-Manila  ETD 3:50 p.m.

“For reasons known only to Secretary Robredo, he decided to take a private plane instead of taking the commercial flight,” said a statement from the office of Transportation   Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas posted in government’s official website.

“The Secretary opted to fly using one of the planes of Aviatour Air, an aviation company based in MCIA,” it said.

Aviatour Air provides professional pilot training, charter, aircraft sales, and maintenance services.

Robredo then proceeded directly to MCIA’s General Aviations area without passing through the MCIA main terminal building, the statement said.

At 3:06 p.m., the Aviatour aircraft, a twin engine Piper Seneca, with Registry No. RPC 4431, took off at MCIA with four persons on board: Capt. Jessup Bahinting, the pilot who is also the owner, chairman, and CEO of Aviatour Air, co-pilot Kshitiz Chand, a Nepalese national, Secretary Robredo, and his aide Police Chief Inspector June Paolo Abrazado.

But at around 3:30 p.m., Abrazado sent a text message to Col. Ritchie Posadas, PCAS-7 chief to tell him that they were returning back to Cebu because the six-seater plane was experiencing problem with one of the propellers.

Abrazo requested to rebook for the earliest flight possible out of Mactan and so they were booked for the 5:05 p.m Cebu-Manila flight of Cebu Pacific 5J570.

At around 4:20 p.m., however, Abrazado informed PCAS-7 and DILG personnel that they were making an emergency landing at Masbate Airport.

When asked if they were okay, Abrazado replied, “Okey naman.”

That was the last communication received by PCAS-7 from Robredo’s aide, the statement said.

The last communication received by the MCIA control tower from the plane, on the other hand,  was that they were 150 feet, descending, on the final approach using instrument flight rules (IFR) to Masbate Airport and that they might undershoot the runway.

As of 10 a.m. Roxas said Robredo is still missing and search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

Abrazado survived the incident while the pilot and co-pilot of the plane remained missing.

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  • kilabot

    please check if jesse received a call from lacson or anyone to take the private plane instead. likewise, do a background check on everyone with him in that flight. let’s not leave any stone unturned to get to the bottom of this.

    rest in peace, jesse. you must know that from dust we came from, to dust we go back.

    • Tadyak

       bat naman si Lacson pa ang namention?

      • gerp


    • maria villamor

      bakit po rest in peace? hindi pa naman patay eh. missing pa lang po

    • Emboy

      pinatay mo naman agad si secretary robredo, dinamay mo pa si lacson….non sense

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Mag toothbrush ka nga muna. Masama tabas ng pananalita mo eh.

    • Bugtong Uyamot

      nakaka-kilabot ka!

  • PeteJrfern

     One of few good men in Philippine politics, sad day if indeed.

    • Joji

      no we dont consider him him as one of of few good men in politics trapo din ang pamilya nya virtue of his JMC No. 10 pinahirapan niya ang LGUs in terms of the utilization of AIP fund which counter runs the provision of LGC 7160 giving autonomy to LGUs.

  • speedstream2

    One of life’s great mysteries: why do bad thing happen to good guys? I’m still holding on to the hope though that Sec. Robredo, Capt. Bahinting and is co-pilot were able to survive the crash.

  • alconce

    Once worked with this guy.He was a simple and a good man who would listen and inspire.  Am shocked.

  • Ryan Christopher Sorote

    After his trip from Consolacion, the secretary went first to Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) to deliver Pnoy’s message for some attendees of a National Convention sponsored by CIDG. He was one of the honored guests together with Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia and several others. After his well applauded speech, at around 3pm, Robredo left for his trip back to Naga City after a brief interview with members of the local media.

  • Emboy

    you’re right, walang PNP Regional Training Center sa Consolacion…..kasi ground breaking pa nga lang, baka damuhan pa lang….kung maka wrong ka naman…relax….LOL

  • ben311

    aircraft has 2 independent engines, probably ran out of fuel. check record for fuel load from place of departure!

  • Jhoedick

    dba nila tig check f okay?

  • robrano

    to kilabot

    You write nonsense. Why Lacson or anyone else should tell Robredo to take this plane? Nobody knows in advance what Robredo will do and at which time he will be finishing. So, who could prepare a plane for a crash? The more if the owner of the plane company is the pilot?
    There is much more the question why the pilot was not immediately making the nearest possible emergency landing? The twin-engine plane can easy fly a good distance with one engine when the other one is off for propeller problems. If the damaged propeller was still used intead, it could break away, at least partly, and hit the cabin or the pilot or damage steering tubes and cables, causing an uncontrolled downcrash. Only the wreck can show it.

  • bagombong

    150 meters away is not far, how come that they were not seen the plane crash, and sent emergency rescue asap at that time, its emergency landing that means something wrong with the plane, probably all the remaining passengers are all dead by now if they gone thru that deep of the sea. 

  • Lolo Uman

    “150 feet, descending, on the final approach using instrument flight rules (IFR) to Masbate Airport and that they might undershoot the runway.”
    @ 150 feet IFR is a bit strange probably it was VFR and runway was in sight. Rescuer should refine their SAR operation along the runway path. I still hope and pray that the good Secretary and the 2 pilots are safe.

  • guest1500

    Why Robrero will take the private plane which is more expensive I think is the big question. I would not like to speculate on this but there are lots of questions that need to be answered.

    • aramco92

      my frriend di mo nabasa yng news kaya sumakay si robredo doon kasi inimvite siya mismo ng piloto which kababayan niya doon na lng sumakay kasi iisa lng nman ang destinasyon nila ,naga city

      • guest1500

        Kinopya ko ang report sa itaas na sinabi ni Mar Roxas:

        For reasons known only to Secretary Robredo, he decided to take a
        private plane instead of taking the commercial flight,” said a statement
        from the office of Transportation   Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas posted
        in government’s official website.

      • sammm

        thats the official statement of Mar Roxas. syempre mar ROxas has no right to say the personal reasons of Robredo in taking the private plane instead of the commercial plane. The real reason why he took the chartered plane has been out in all forms of media (neswpaper, online, tv). Its because of his family, nagmamadali sya because he wants to treat/ give a blowout to his daughter who just won Bronze medal in Singapore for a Math contest. It really helps if one reads the other articles as well. not just this article.  

      • guest1500

        Thank you. I read also in the daily tribune online.

      • JunPyo123

        Sorry wala sa news na ininvite siya mismo ng piloto. Hindi niya rin kababayan ang piloto. Taga-Cebu iyon, most probably.

        This is just my personal thoughts, pero probably Sec. Jess would have wanted to save time to be with his family soon. Flying back to Manila, then travelling by land (according to Sec. Mar) to Naga will take probably around 10 hours. Isang malaking u-turn ang byahe.

      • Joji

         saving time against saving people’s money which is reasonable? to save time in order to spend time for the family? unless chartered plane is paid out of his own pocket but i doubt coz it is so expensive. public service above self!

  • $18209031

    Ang lapit ng crash site. Lubog kaagad yata ang eroplano in second s and not in minutes. High angle of drop di wala talagang pag asa mabubuhay sila. If it didnt slide to land on water but like a kamikazi attack , sigurado wasak ang eroplano.

  • Bernard John

    Puzzling ..

  • Peter Chua

    Conspiracy theorists are always an entertaining bunch (though I do believe Bin Laden is still alive). Fact is, life itself is a series of random events and incidents. Good and bad things happen to good and bad people every second. Only some of them are more famous than the rest. We should all hope for the best, but be prepared for the worse.

    • Noel

       But let’s not discount other reasons.  Given the sensitiveness of Robredo’s position and the enemies he has acquired during his term, anything is possible.

      • JunPyo123

        Especially his possible enemies as soon as the order from the President to work on the illegal settlers along waterways in Manila was handed down for him to lead.

        But again, I would really like to brush ideas like this aside muna. In respect to Sec. Jess and high hopes that indeed he is still alive.

  • remyr

    It is fortunate that Police Chief Inspector June Paolo Abrazado was able to escape and was able to regain consciousness in the nick of time to escape.  Hoping that the rest are still alive.  However, reality, they may no longer be.  The impact may have knocked them unconscious parang yung kay JFK jr and his wife.  They were not able to escape kasi the hit knocked them down.  I like 
    Secretary Jesse Robredo, he has this aura of gentleness and humility.

    • F alonso

      personally i dont like Sec Robredo,but I dont know why I like to listen to his interview on TV.mukhang sensible kasi sha at simpleng tao.

  • boyaxski

    Kaya bang magtext in flight? Nkakuha ng signal? Puzzled lang….

    • JunPyo123

      Yes. Especially if nasa low altitude. And yes din if for immediate/official/necessary functions. Ipinagbabawal lang naman ito sa commercial flights kasi this interrupts sa communications ng pilots/cockpit.

    • F alonso

      granting na may signal,(dapat sagutin ng mga small plane pilots),wala man lang sapat na load ang aide para makatawag?
      Nagtataka lang ako yupi,putol ang plane,sha galos lang,ano sha palos?

  • turkak

    The biggest question is -kailan susunod ang airplane ni Noynoy Aquino ? sana naman sooner than later !!!!

    • nullidot

      E, kung ikaw kaya ang maunang pumanaw!!! Harinaya, sa pagtulog mo, di ka na magising. Ang sama ng ugali..

      • turkak

        Bakit naman kasi di yung tamad at naglalaro lang ng playstation sa Malacanang ang  nasawi ? bakit yung may pakinabang ang bayan yun ang kinuha?

      • nullidot

        Kung may hinanakit ka sa presidente natin, huwag dito.. humanap ka ng ibang page kung saan ka kakahol. At saka, pwede ba, tama na ang ibaling ang sisi sa iba. Ang hirap kasi, kamalian natin, mahilig tayong manisi sa iba.. Kung tamad ang presidente, pabayaan mo cya.. kumilos ka para sa ikaganda ng buhay mo..-)

    • F alonso

      offshot na yang tira mo na yan,dina yan biro.

    • Playstation

      An insensitive freak indeed…

    • Allan

      Ikaw na lang turkak dahil wala kang kwentang tao! Hindi namin kailangan ng mga tulad mong unbgas sa mundong ito!!!

  • randyaltarejos

    How could it be possible that the twin-engine private plane would experience engine trouble all at the same time? Normally, if one engine malfunctions the other engine can still be used to land the plane safely. In this case, I’m puzzled. Aviation probers must do something to find out the cause of the crash.

    • sammm

      isang engine lang naman ata yung nagka problem. nakapag attempt pa nga sila nang landing. nakapag text pa nga yung aide sa Mactan Cebu Airport na OK naman sila at magpapa rebook nlng sila sa Cebu Pacific. it mentions in the article above that “they might undershoot the runway”… so most probably, lumampas sila sa runway. short lang cguro yung runway dun sa Masbate. I heard in tv news they were mentioning the word “cliff” so cguro baka elevated na lugar yung runway na yun  at pag lumampas ka disgrasya…..

  • Terence Dave Pelingon

    I was surprised to see a grammatical error at inquirer’s news article. Return and back are words of same meaning. They can never be used together. 

    “PCAS-7 chief to tell him that they were returning back to Cebu
    because the six-seater plane was experiencing problem with one of the

    It must have been “…that they were returning to Cebu…”  or “…that they were going back to Cebu…”


  • Jianne Garcia

    I hope that he’d be found alive along with the pilot and co-pilot of the plane.

  • haneylore

    I’m just curious about certain things. Do airplanes like Piper Seneca have life vests too such as those found in commercial planes? Aren’t electronic devices like mobile phones turned off while on flight as “these may affect aircraft communications”? 

  • lemon88

    Diba standards procedures, sa ganitong situation nakasuot na dapat lifevest at nakaready na. Bakit yung close in security aide nya nakatalon si Sec. Robredo di nakatalon. 

  • F alonso

    Ask ko lang sa mga pilots if gumagana ang CP pag nasa taas sa case ng mga small plane.
    Bakit txt ang ginamit ng aide kay Col Posadas nung unang SOS at 3.20pm,then nung tinanong few moments bago bumagsak “ok lang” daw cla.Yupi yupi ang plane sha galos lang,at bakit pigil ang statement nya sa media,nasaan ang interview ng GMA,ABS CBN,mamaya maunahan pa kayo ng CNN at Al Jazeera jan.

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