Sotto should be ‘man enough to apologize’, says US blogger


MANILA, Philippines – The American blogger, who accused Senator Vicente Sotto of being a lying thief for allegedly plagiarizing her in his anti-Reproductive Health bill speech last week, said the lawmaker should be “man enough to say ‘I’m sorry’ and then just move on”.

Sarah Pope, who writes for the US-based, had cited Russian-born physician Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride as a source in one of her blogs on the use of contraceptives – the same source quoted by Sotto in his speech against the controversial measure.

Both Pope and Sotto quoted McBride separately as claiming that contraceptives “cause an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the intestines that breaks down the defense against infection.”

Sotto denied plagiarizing Pope although the senator’s chief of staff, Hector Villacorta, admitted that they had used Pope’s blog without any attribution.

“None of this would have happened if he [Sotto] has the guts, he must be very spineless, to not be able to be man enough to just say ‘I’m sorry,’ said Pope in a Skype interview with Radyo Inquirer 990AM Saturday.

“How hard is that to do?” asked Pope.

When asked whether she would file a case against Sotto, Pope said that while she was seeking legal counsel, this wasn’t her style and that the “right course of action would be for the senator to just apologize and then move on”.

“He should take responsibility for his staff as any leader would,” said Pope.

At the same time, Pope said that if there would be anything “positive” that would come out of this, it would be for “the Filipino people see him for what he really is”.

“He thinks he’s above the law, he can do whatever he wants, then the Filipino people should take action and vote him out of office,” said Pope.

When informed of online efforts to have Sotto subjected to an inquiry by the Senate ethics committee, Pope said, “He does need to shunned by his fellow legislators for very bad behaviour.”

Pope also took exception to Sotto’s comments about her being called as just “a blogger”, saying, “I’m not just a stupid blogger, a stupid mom who’s blogging about recipe. I’m no dummy. When a woman is condescended to like that, that is very rude.”

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  • imnotmyopic

    to admit that his wrong and to apologize is to sotto’s advantage. people will sympathize with him if he readily admits his responsibility. remember, pride eats himself up.

    • just_anotherperson

      What would you say if the research assistant of one of the pro-RH and pro-abort groups identified by Senator Sotto was the one who wrote the plagiarism article?

      The blog The Pinoy Catholic has proof. The title is “Blogger who “exposed” Sen. Tito Sotto gets EXPOSED, BIG TIME”

      • imnotmyopic

        the same—he should apologize for his own benefit. apology is a healing thing. it encompasses lots of healthy benefits. we should make it a way of life. it’s hard to make an apology for people who r in power. tell u, he will being mesirable in his life if he doesnt learn this lesson.

    • just_anotherperson

      Original expose pala is from the blog pinoytemplars

      They dare do that to a Senator of the Philippines. Ded na si RH BIll.

  • $20926843

    The lawmakers particularly the house of representatives want to impeach Associate Justice del Castillo for plagiarism……is their a separate rule for the lawmakers – a senator of the country for that matter?

  • R.Baylon – SEO Specialist

    He is just a washed up celebrity..

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Diba hard din dati nung panahon ng mag sorry sila kay Pepsi Paloma.

    Pero na i raos din naman, diba. So man up.

  • PCD_2012

    Sorry Sarah he will not do that!

    The Eat Bulaga Senator has no balls as he is already CASTRATED in order for him to avoid using CONDOM forever!!!

  • Waldy

    si SOTTO nabuko ayaw pa ring umamin… AMININ…

  • Waldy

    TITO SEN tama na ang kadramahan mu d mu bagay pangcomedy ka lang…

  • quirinomayer

    Sotto will not heed the call of Sarah Pope. The only Pope he listens to and spinelessly follows is the one in Rome.  He is a Romish zealot who wants to impose on the Filipino nation the tenets of the church which once persecuted people for saying that the earth is round and it revolves around the sun.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    It seems to me that people who are orginal, learned, creative, serious or deep thinkers are in favor of the RH Bill, while shallow thinkers, dogmatists, copycats and plagiarists are against it.

    • burubudongstongstoings

      yeah right 100%.

    • boytz

      And fossil minds, if I may add.

  • Waldy

    TITO SEN  nabuko ka nga… huwag ka ng magpalusot… tignan mu c corona gustong magpalusot ayon  tinanggal na punong mahistrado…. hala ka taong bayan baka magalit sa yo mawalan ka pa ng pwesto sa senado

  • Colokoy

    kahit anong sasabihin nyo kay sen. sotto, isa lang ang ibig nyang sabihin “” ayaw niya ng RH Bill labag sa batas ng diyos!

    • Elle_Wayne

      Nasa Bible diba yung :”thou shall not steal”? Sa 10 commandments yun diba? Pangongopya, para sa anu man na dahilan ay isang kasalanan; dapat kinredit niya nalang si Pope. Dahil hindi niya yun ginawa, ang labas ay magnanakaw siya ng salita ni Pope, aka plagiariser si Sotto. 

  • Ratzkey

    How can a womanizer be taking side of the church on the RH Bill!! So bizarre!!

    • mad_as_Hamlet

      Maybe because “the Devil made do it” delusion is just really the same as the “it was God’s will” justification. And the Roman Church offers both. For as long as one bows down his head and pays.

  • ardeen roy diamante

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word

  • watot

    Similar to the rape case he handled, dahil sa nakikipag unahan sa limelight tuloy mga staff nya kung saan saan humahagilap ng mga sources. Me umaamin ba sa katangahan!

  • KpTUL

     Did he really say, “She’ just a blogger”? Shame on him ! Sotto should resign  !

    • reddfrog

      You missed the part about him saying that the RH bill will encourage women to seek abortion because they will get 2500 pesos per month if the doctor botched the operation. As if a typical Filipina will not think twice about aborting for the chance of getting 2500 pesos per month.

      • Elle_Wayne

        He said that? He probably thinks that women are shallow enough to use it as a get-rich-quick scheme. If the RH bill was passed, and sex education was available to everyone, women would know that complications during an abortion could kill her. It is an insult to women, Filipino women especially, for him to say that she would be willing to risk her life for a measly Php 2,500.00 a month.

  • burubudongstongstoings

    Sotto is just a waste of time in the senate. a shallow thinker like this one should be stricken out of his title.

  • Robert Delamor

    Dahil sa kanyang  pagkukunwaring pagtatanggol sa taong bayan? (Mang Tito Sotto)
    Parang siya pa yata ngayon ang MAHAHATULAN!

    • Tonypogi

       Kung puede nga lang sana ay mag-resign na siya kasi katakot-takot na kahihiyan ang idinudulot niya sa bansa. Majority floor Leader pang nasabihan.

  • PCD_2012

    Thank you Mr. Eat Bulaga Senator!

    Kudos to you for internationalizing the issue of Reproductive Health in our country!!!  

    This new development will make new Pro-RH supporters around the world!!!

  • Tnosce

    Hindi kaya ang issue dito is how would you use your mouth ?

  • Ali Vergel

    Please do remember that Tito “Escalera” Sotto attended the prestigious Wanbol University and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree. 

    He also passed the bar exam afterwards. I think he know what is plagiarism is all about.

    • Tonypogi

       I thought it was the Iskul Bukol University.

  • john_constantine

    His chief of staff said they and Ms. Pope are quoting from the same book.  Produce that book then.  OR by this time, they have already ordered it online so they can say so after the fact.

    Also, Sotto’s camp have already gone to deep to apologize, i mean that denial and that “Why should I quote a blogger?” statement and then that pathetic non-apology from the staff to Ms. Pope and the admission later on and then there’s the fact that the contraceptive that he said killed his son in 1975 was first produced in 1978.  I can only conclude that they have a different reality than the rest of us.

  • Fulpol

    I never thought that this large scale movements of RH, birth control was invented by the West, a widespread use of contraceptives.. And no wonder, studies showing the negative side effects of contraceptives are also coming from the West..

    who really plagiarized, who really copied??? even the Constitution of the Philippines was copied from US Constitution..

    Lagman the original, inventor of RH program? What the heck..

    • Gerry los banos


    • Tonypogi

       Kitang kita sa mga sinasabi mo. Taas ang noo ko sa iyo. Talagang Fulpol ka.

    • Peter


    • rambe66

       pulpol ka talaga.

  • muddygoose

    Ang problem ni Sotto ngayon ay hindi papaano mag-sorry kay Pope, kundi saan nya kukunin ang susunod nyang speech, dahil ngayon alam na ng lahat na kinukopya nya lang ang mga sinasabi nya.

  • w4d

    He won’t apologize. He’s still confuse about the meaning of plagiarism.

    • Tonypogi

       I beg to disagree. His pronouncements show that he is just too st**id to understand what plagiarism means.

      • Karabukov

        Sounds like you are agreeing.

  • innit1

    Sarah Pope is obviously disgusted and detested of Sotto for denying plagiarism and she is right in saying that Sotto thinks that he is above the law and sadly that is the fact not only in the case of Sotto but mostly to people who are powerful and wealthy in the Philippine society.

    How can Sotto not think that he is not above the law? Pope must know that in the 1980’s Sotto was one of the people allegedly involved in the Pepsi Paloma rape case that Sotto eventually was forced to admit and apologize in the open. He admitted the crime. He is a rapist and indirectly a murderer. Sotto after that moved on like the rest of the people involved in the case including his brother Vic with the exception of one who died because of drugs. His career prospered and was later voted as a senator of the Philippines. That is probably when he started thinking ” I am above the law”. I can always lie and can always escape crimes or offense that I make. I am invincible because I am a powerful senator and I am rich and famous”.

     He has been a senator for too long now becasue the Filipino people probably want him to remain in the senate or probably there are no other famous names to write down on the ballot form. Pope has attacked Sotto and he deserved that but he deserves more than voting out of office. He deserves much much more than that for cutting short the life of a young woman Pepsi Paloma who is now forgotten after her death nearly three decades ago. God does not sleep and God is just. Justice will come.

    • KapitanBagwis

      “with the exception of one who died because of drugs” ~ who are you referring to?

      • innit1

        I meant Richie d’Horsies career died because of drug addiction. Sorry,  I stand corrected and it was Vic, Joey and Richie who were involved in the rape case not the senator himself but mostly likely Tito and Vic were a factor that the starlet’s career went downhill that led to her depression.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Thank you for the clarification, sir.

  • agecee

    Also, be man enough to admit what you have done to Pepsi Paloma 

  • jpastor

    To Miss Sarah Pope:

    I am sorry Madam for somebody who thinks he’s somebody used your blog lines without permission. I am apologizing in behalf of the Pilipino people excluding the copy-cat, retard senator whose head is no bigger than his thumb, that you were dragged into our mess. As you said if he is a man enough he would apologize but knowing him as a product of Wanbull University, I doubt he would apologize.

    I hope you would forgive us as only few appreciates of planning a family well before having one that is why we have a RH Bill being debated by our Congress with so much time but it is going nowhere. 

    Again sorry for what happened.


  • reddfrog

    Lie, cover up and denial. Pwede na maging Pari o obispo si Tito Sotto.

  • wawa2172

    Saying sorry is no longer in the dictionary of the Pinoy politicians. Noy and his K did not utter to the word during the Luneta hostage crises. Hongkong relatives of the victims was just asking for statement of apology but never got it. Now its the plagiarism case, Sotto should  be man enough to say he forgot to cite the blogger. She maybe a blogger but if his blog was copied word for word then she should be cited even for courtesy sake. I guess Sotto wont allow anybody to copy his work. We hate pirates of OPM music, OMB makes a crackdown of DVD pirates, etc. Well, I hope that the Filipino values wont change a lot. Saying sorry kung nagkamali tayo should be instill among the Filipinos.

  • Benjamin

    This should serve a lesson for those who continue to vote for celebrities. These people don’t know anything and are a danger to society. Stop electing them if you want decency in the legislature, to name a few: The Estradad ( father and sons), the Revillad ( husband and wife)’, The Lapids, Alma Moreno ( running this year), and the Queen of all troubles, Annabelle Rama who is seriously thinking of running as congresswoman of Cebu. This nation is really going to the dogs. We also have so many actors and actresses elected as councilors, governors, vice- gov, board members, etc. kaya walang asenso ang Pinas ay dahil mga bobo ang mga ibinoboto at mga bumoboto.

    • Isang Pilipino

      Please include Rodrick Paulate, honorable councilor of Quezon City who was caught padding employees, meaning as in having ghost employees, and collecting their salaries. Look, isang komidiyante rin yan, huling-huli nangangatok. Just like Joey Marquez and his overpriced walis tingting. Hoy mga artista, tama na! Alis jan.

  • andrew lim


    Dear Sarah,

    Let me try to explain to you the psyche and characteristics of the Filipino Catholic male and why Sen Sotto and Atty Villacorta find it hard to apologize:

    They think they are macho, and an apology, a public one at that, is too shameful to do. Loss of face is more dreadful than anything else. Fighting back and doing more wrong is more acceptable than apologizing.

    Catholics dont have a personal relationship with Christ, so their sense of responsibility for wrongdoings they commit is not that strong.

    All they feel they need to do is go to the quick rinse washing machine called the confessional box and all is well.

    And this is why corruption (which anti-RH always point to as the cause of poverty, and not overpopulation) persists at high levels in our country.

    P.S. Bishop Villegas, plagiarism is corruption.
    Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.


    • mad_as_Hamlet

      Yes, a Filipino male who is either too dumb or too proud to use a condom and has the brazen arrogance to insist that others should follow his practice, and even shed tears in the process, is unlikely to apologize for a dishonest act.  For such a Filipino male, an apology would be like admitting that the true reason he doesn’t use a condom is that the smallest-sized condom is too big for him.

  • Rex_Ranhilio

     Pope also took exception to Sotto’s comments
    about her being called as just “a blogger”, saying, “I’m not just a
    stupid blogger, a stupid mom who’s blogging about recipe. I’m no dummy.
    When a woman is condescended to like that, that is very rude.”

    – The issue is about Sotto plagiarizing Pope. I do not understand how Pope was able to transform plagiarism to sexism.


    • beeznet

      If you don’t know see the sexism in Sotto’s statement, perhaps you’re a male chauvinist just as he is.

      • loclin

         there is no sexism in Sotto’s statement.  any man or woman can be a “blogger” or a “Senator” for that matter.  the issue here is that a “Senator” condescended on a “blogger”.  period.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

         Thank you, loclin.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        While I do not agree with his statement, I do not consider it sexist.

        You call me a male chauvinist because you do not agree with my statements. That is very sexist of you.

    • Elle_Wayne

      She took it as a grave offence to her person since the words on her blog would be considered her intellectual property. As for mentioning that she’s a woman, well she’s just using her sex as a reason to explain why she feels that way, since in the US, women really do take offence when spoken to in a degrading manner. She never touched sexism as far as I’m concerned, only you did.

      • loclin

         your statements are contradicting… “well she’s just using her sex…” and “She never touched sexism…”.  ano ba talaga?

      • Elle_Wayne

        It’s a way to illustrate a point given an example, like saying someone is childish because of his age or that someone is dumb because she did not go to school. Most people would be insulted if anyone talked back to them that way, wouldn’t you?

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        Your “explanation” does not make any sense.
        Having said that, will you now accuse me of being sexist?

      • Elle_Wayne

        No, I’ll admit that my explanation is confusing.
        How about this, if I say I’m a ball, then automatically you’ll reply that I’m round, aka fat, right?
        Now say I said I was offended by that comment.
        You’ll say that it’s my fault that I’m getting emotional about something because I’m a woman.
        But if I were a man, you’d say that I should stop whining like a woman.
        Both cases present offended people, and both are looked down on for acting “like a woman” making being female a perfect ILLUSTRATION of being easily offended, when in fact, we’re all offended if someone talked down to us.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        If you say you are a ball, then I will automatically reply that you are round. Why? because all balls are round. Unless you are a football, in which case you would be oval. In either case, you would be fat. So what? All balls are fat. They are fat by nature.

        In short, your analogy makes no sense.

        From your confusing analogy, you jump to another argument (which has no relation to fat balls) – that I will say that it’s your fault that you are getting emotional because you are a woman. This conclusion has no basis. You are presuming too much.

        The point I was making was that the issue insofar as the plagiarized privilege speech is concerned, is that Sotto did not acknowledge his source, and initially denied having sourced it from somewhere. The gender of the blogger, the topic of the privilege speech, and the topic of the blog post – these are incidental to the issue of plagiarism.

        Again, I will repeat – I do not agree with Sotto’s statements, but then neither do I believe that his statements are sexist.

      • Elle_Wayne

        My explanation is confusing but it makes sense to me. If you can’t understand that ball equals fat is to women equals being emotional, then it might be my explanation or your comprehension.
        I also don’t agree with Sotto or with all the anti-RH bill people, or that anything he or Pope said was sexist or used to defame women.

      • Elle_Wayne

        Correction, in other sources Sotto said something about women intentionally messing up abortions to receive Php 2,500.00 per month. This implies that he thinks women are stupid enough to risk their lives for such a low pay day, even when Sex Education would enlighten them to the horrors of abortion and the unexpected ‘accidents’ that could kill them.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

         The matter under discussion here is about Sotto’s plagiarism, and Pope’s reply.

      • Elle_Wayne

        Well yes, but the first commenter who I initially replied to inserted the sexism bit, then you replied to, so here we are.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        There is nothing wrong with my comprehension. It’s just that I do not engage in unfounded speculation.

      • Elle_Wayne

        Nope, it’s either I did not explain clearly, you can’t understand, or that my ‘simple’ explanation is not what you consider simple.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        It’s the first.

      • Elle_Wayne

        In my opinion it’s the second, but if you think I’m not good at explaining my point using easy to understand analogies, then I respect that and I’ll work on that. Thanks for pointing it out, no, I’m not sarcastic.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

         Pope said, “When a woman is condescended to like that, that is very rude.”

        You said she never “touched sexism”. How do you interpret her statement above?

        You said I did. In what way did I “touch” sexism?

    • Yugi

      Go back and read again Sotto’s comment about being “just a blogger”. Sotto condescended a blogger that happens to be a woman. And Sotto knows it, whoever made his speech.

      • loclin

         so what are you saying here?  that it is sexist for a man to condescend on a woman but it is not sexist for a woman to condescend on a man?  seems double standard, ain’t it?

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        That is exactly my point… the blogger just happens to be a woman…. nagkataon lang na babae ang blogger. Her gender is incidental to the issue. If the blogger were a man, would her gender be relevant?

    • KapitanBagwis

      You didn’t understand what Miss Pope said? You didn’t understand what Sotto said about her just being a blogger? Maliit ang tingin ni Sotto sa kanya.

    • ano ikaw

       You missed the point….when the cheating/lying Sotto said ” just a blogger”, he was putting the person down. A person who happens to be a woman, a mother at that, who deserves a little respect.
      Sotto was not only sexist, but arrogant as if he has the credentials or the morality to act as if he is above the law.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

         That is exactly my point… the blogger just happens to be a woman… nagkataon lang na babae ang blogger. Her gender is incidental to the issue. If the blogger were a man, would her gender be relevant?

    • loclin

       I agree with this comment.  While I do sympathize with Ms Pope and felt embarrassed at Senator Sotto, what if the situation is reversed?  With Ms Pope as the Senator and Senator Sotto as the blogger?  I doubt any mention of sexes would be involved.

  • agecee

    Sexual Assault is a bigger crime than Plagiarism.  This senator together with Joey , Vic and Ritchie should have been punished for what they did to Pepsi Paloma. 

    Philippines has a culture of impunity .Criminals rule in this country

    • Felix Evangelista

      Sabi ni papa Jo, move on.

  • Tonypogi

    Senator Sotto should not only apologize to Sarah Pope but also to the other writers  whose work he plagiarized.  Naging ugali na niya ang talagang mangopya. Tapos magpapalusot.  Tapos sasabihing he is above the law. Naalaala ba ninyo si EX-Chief Justice Corona? Hindi ba ganyan-ganyan din ang mga ginawa.

    • Elle_Wayne

      To the common Filipino mind, plagiarism isn’t as grave an offence as tax evasion, but thank you for pointing this out.

  • pilosopo4

    Folks, the Senator will only apologize to a man. Ms. Pope, Mr. Tito Sotto is JUST A COMEDIAN SENATOR!

  • hammie

    Nagmamarunong ang senador kaya ‘yan ang napala. Akala nya hindi mauungkat na kopya lang speech nya. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Akala nya EAT BULAGA PA RIN! Siay nagyon ang NABULAGA. Wala kasing alam sa nagagawa sa net. Hahahahahahahah.

  • RyanE

    “…When a woman is condescended to like that, that is very rude.” – Sarah Pope

    Absolutely! First, Sen. Sotto and his brother had wronged before a woman – Ms. Pepsi Paloma. Now, he would like the government to deny assistance to women with post-abortion complications and worst, would like to deny poor women and mothers the choices concerning their reproductive health.

  • Felix Evangelista

    Nagpapasikat lang si Pope, that’s my opinion.

    • Elmer Sarmiento

      Nangongopya lang si Sotto, that’s my opinion

  • Handiong

    Yan ang mahirap sa isang comedian who wants to sound intellectual. Walang originality.

    • noelpogi

      Maski nga sa comedy, korny pa rin.  Dami kinopia na pampatawa para sa mga nauulol sa kanya.

  • beeznet

    Sotto won’t apologize. He’s still trying to understand the word, plagiarize. Now you’re giving him another difficult word.

  • Charlie B

    sino kaya mga bumoto dito kay sotto?, dati na tong sablay eh, pero nananalo pa din sa eleksyon, ganito yung klase ng mga tao na nagpapahirap sa pinas para madali tayong mauto, ano kaya ginagawa nito pag hindi nakaharap sa camera? naisip na ba natin kung ano lifestyle ni sotto, o baka naman masyado na tayong ginawang uto-uto kaya hindi na tayo makapag-isip ng maayos para naman sa sariling kapakanan…  tsk tsk pag madaming kagaya ni sotto walang pag-asa umunlad ang  pinas!!!

  • noelpogi

    Tigas ng mukha mo Sotto.  Wala ka talagang alam sa usapin ng RH Bill.  Nagkukunwari ka lang na alam mo kasi nangongopia ka.

  • Peter

    Why is the name of PEPSI PALOMA dragged in this issued, this must be karma for those responsible for her death, watch out Joey, Vic and Richie, karma is now on the move to haunt you…This plagiarism, lying thief, etc. are just minor issues, Our Most Highly Respected Honorable Senator Sotto must answer this SERIOUS accusation or is he responsible for her death?

  • noelpogi

    Marco, Yatot tulungan nyo si Sottot!!

  • sugbu

    Only one thing is impossible for God ; To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.

  • Lolo Mo

    Sotto is now in dilemma.  If he is adamant to apologize, then, he will be branded as a fool and a cheat. But otherwise, he will really have to bite the bullet. The damage against his person and official capacity as Senator is now irreparable and irrevocable. I would rather die than to be called a Liar and a thief. He he he. “. Para kang sinambal at dinuraan sa mukha,tapos, ikaw ngayon ay mag-aapologize. He hehe. Double jeopardy. Ang sakit, “Kuya Eddie.”

  • sitsiritsit

    palusot… hehehheeh weder weder lang yan.. nasayang ang pang famas award na speech.. buwisit kasi yung thief of staff nya wahahahahaha next…

  • DamayDamayLang


  • Lolo Mo

    Absulto na ang SC Judge na gumawa ng Plagiarism. Kung impeach ang SC Judge, ganoon din dapat si Sotto. Both are guilty. Dapat lang. Akala ko ba, “daang matuwid tayo?” Bite the bullet, sigina Sotto. He he he. Ang brod mo na tatakbo bilang Mayor sa Q.C. siguradong damay din sa ginawa mo. Tignan mo ang ngiti ni Bistek, halos wala ng mata sa galak. What a timing to commit a blunder. 

  • Yugi

    Bakit ba kasi sobrang hirap sa kanya ang humingi ng sorry. Naiintindihan ko nahihirapan siyang lumunok ng pride dahil Senator siya. E kaya nga siya tinawag na public servant para maging mapagkumbaba sa mga tao.

    • popeyee

      Never in the Philippines…kung may dugong Hapones siya baka pwede pang mag apologize…

    • KonsensyaNgBayan

      Kailan pa ba tayo may nakitang nagmamarunong na Pilipino na nagpa-sorry!!…at Senador pa!!!…

  • DamayDamayLang

    May Boy Kopya rin pala sa senado! ha ha ha! :)

  • Amboy123

    Buking si Sotto…ngayon problema niya next speech niya kung saan niya kukunin.  Tumatayo balahibo ko matawag itong honorable senator.  Ni hindi marunong itong sottong ito mag compose maski memorandum lang.   Puro porma lang.  Makipagdebate kaya itong sottong ito sa mga legitimate well educated senators?  kelangan niya tulong ng mga bloggers…yang hirap sa mga artistang kulang sa aral, kakandidato pag nanalo akala mo kung umasta biglang tumalino. 

    • Patrick Casas

      hehehe, artista nga talaga, need pa ng script.

  • Margie

    I found this on the internet and she could be the doctor both Sotto and Sarah Pope quoted.

    Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is a medical doctor with two postgraduate degrees: Master of Medical Sciences in Neurology and Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition.
    She graduated as a medical doctor in Russia. After practising for five years as a Neurologist and three years as a Neurosurgeon she started a family and moved to the UK, where she got her second postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition.
    She is well known for developing a concept of GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome), which she described in her book Gut And Psychology Syndrome – Natural Treatment for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia, now in its second edition. Thousands of people around the world follow the highly successful GAPS Nutritional Protocol to help themselves and their families. 

    • Yugi

      Sarah quoted it from McBride’s book. While the Chief of Staff of Sotto got it online from Sarah’s blog.

      • Margie

        Well, what this shows is that even if Sotto quotes directly from McBride, it will have no credibility because she is not an expert on the effects of pills or contraceptives to woman.  This also shows the lack of preparation or knowledge of the staff of Sotto and Tito Sotto himself on the topic that he is fighting for.

  • Chiqui Toh

    yan ang napapala ng mga bobong botante na bumoto kay sotto. mag eat bulaga kna lang at mas marami ka pang tao mapapasaya.

  • mangtom

    Ms. Sarah Pope: I just want to let you know that not all Filipinos have the mindset of this accidental Philippine senate leader. If you read our Philippine history, which you may have, you will run into personalities with integrity like the late President Ramon Magsaysay and Carlos P. Romulo, to name two. 

    Unlike in the US, where it is common for people in high places who blunder, will apologize, that is not the style here in the Philippines. The person would rather be ridiculed than apologize. Many big names here in the Philippines have adapted the thinking that they are like the Pope in the Vatican: infallible.

    You can ask your fellow Americans who have spent some time in our country. I am pretty sure that they will tell you the same thing I have just stated.

    • Yugi

      So now what? Ms. Pope will just believe you and move on? To just forget about it because anyway Filipinos would rather be ridiculed than apologized? I don’t think so. Sotto and his Chief of Staff is the shame of the Filipino race.

    • DamayDamayLang

       ..and I would like to add:

      Those are people that we would like to kick away from the government. To Ms. Sara Pope, thank you for bringing out your voice against this plagiarism case. Many thanks to you.

  • pinklace88

    Sotto obviously doesn’t know how to choose his battles, that there is a saying, sometimes… “losing is winning”… humility is a virtue mr senator

  • mody33rd

    ang problema natin ngayon ay 4 ang bobong senator na nagkakalat sa senado.yung manga bobong botante na bumoto dito sa 4 nabobo sa senado,,sana naman sa susunod magisipisip naman kayo bago bumoto

  • KapitanBagwis

    Man up Mr Sotto, you are not worth calling Honorable if you will not take responsibilty of your stupid staff’s stealing of Miss Pope’s blogs.

    Or you are just good in hosting your favorite variety show “Eat Bulaga”.

  • mangtom

    Question: What is the stand of the “honorable” mitsubishops in this sorry plagiarism mess? They have big mouths when it comes to issues like RH Bill, but unusually quiet when it comes to the question of integrity of their attack dogs like Soto. Nasaan sina Arguelles and yong cohorts niya? Will you start singing praises and put S(otot) in a pedestal? Realize it or not, one of your defenders in the senate, the other two are Enrile and Punasan (punasin na natin ang bugok na tatlong ito sa Philippine history and politics) has just dragged down your anti-RH bill cause. You now have a bigger damaga control to do than the damage wrought by Gener and Helen.

    Suggestion: give up your fight against the RH bill. You are goners, believe it or not. The Filipinos, including a large sector of the Catholic church are fed up with you. 

    As many commentators in this forum, if you really have the numbers to win, why then are you scared to death to put the issue to vote? Again, this is 2012, and not 1521 when our country was discovered by Spain.

    The Filipinos have come a long, long way, baby.

  • sinagbayan

    Sen. Sotto not only embarrassed himself, he showed how ignorant, arrogant and indeed, as Ms. Pope has so clearly expressed, a COWARD of the highest order. 

  • Atagalong

    This diversion re blogger’s feeling sad because of her words being used by others, is not conducive to the rooting out of corruption in the Philippines. It is just one person’s feeling against what is more important to all the people as a whole. Just a reminder. Don’t let the politicians get away from what the recent impeachment have imparted to all the citizens. There is a midterm election coming. Don’t forget the waiver to foreign accounts as well as other accounts in the banks. This is one way to find out if politicians are indeed snookering the people through their PDAFand other public undertakings. The “daan matuwid” is accountability and transparency. Don’t forget to ask candidates about all of these. Don’t get carried away by other political diversion.

  • alienpatriot

    I think the key comment from Pope was that Sotto thought he was above the law. That is very much the problem with many arrogant Pinoy politicians and it is true of Sotto.
    Sotto has made supporting his Church regardless of the facts a personal crusade. He does not care about anybody who is hurt along the way. He is prepared to effectively kill unborn children in the womb through lack of medical attention if it assists his church.

  • Karabukov

    Even famous writers such as Time magazine’s and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria fall prey to this kind of “mistake”, something so easy to make right by simple attribution of source and a quick apology. To his credit he did apologize, admitted his error and as Ms. Sarah Pope advised Senator Sotto, moved on. Sotto did not and instead dismissed Ms. Pope as a “mere blogger.” Hah! Problem is, and I don’t know if this is a problem common to Filipino leaders, humility is a virtue that’s not quite easy to wear if you’re not used to it because it requires sincerity, character and integrity and the courage to put yourself on the spot. Sorry, Senator, you cannot just squirm yourself out of this. The Pinoy Supreme Court justice who was guilty of this same offense had his powerful cohorts to defend him and institutionalize his error as merely one of forgetfulness. These powerful people forgot what they learned in grade school: “Honesty is the best policy.” Last time I heard, it still is.

  • Bonggebongge

    Komedyanteng Senador…

  • Bonggebongge

    Ganyan Talaga kapag graduate ka ng WANBOL UNIVERSITY…

  • JuanTamadachi

    Tito Sotto, you are a barefaced lying plagiarist.. You have no scruples whatsoever.. The corrupt bishops got what they deserved in you. You are too dumb and ignorant to know that in this day and age of the internet, uncovering plagiarized materials is a piece of cake. You are a hopeless DUMBA$$..

  • Isang Pilipino

    Wow na kakahiya si Super Comedian Iskul-bukol, hangga ngayon “copying” pa rin! Hahahaha di paiyak-iyak pa kunwari, pa drama-drama pa. Nakakahiya isang senador ng Pilipinas napagalitan kasi “copying!”

    Yan ba ang bata ni Enrile? Tangengot! 

    Oh, Mr. Iskul-bukol, papano ka i-di-defend ng klasmayt mong katok, si Mon Tulfo! Hahahaha, nakakahiya kayo!

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Lacking in context:  “Both Pope and Sotto quoted McBride separately as claiming that contraceptives “cause an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the intestines that breaks down the defense against infection.” -Inquirer failed to mention that several sentences and words used by Sotto in his speech mirrored sentences in Pope’s blog that was not lifted from McBride’s book.

    • Yugi

      Isa pa itong pabibo. Pope quoted McBride’s work with credit to McBride, while Sotto copied the “word after word” of Sarah’s blog.

  • kapatad

    Kayo naman, ang tirahin ninyo ay iyong idiot na Chief of staff ni Sen. Sotto. The good senator has just trusted his idiot staff na abogado pa naman. So dapat ay iyong staff ni Sen. Sotto ang magbigay ng apology kay Ms. Pope kung mayroon ngang pagkukulang. 

    • efriend

      Where does the buck stops?  TITO SOTTO

    • Robbie

       Senator Sotto should still review and check what is being handed to him by his staff. It is still HIS speech. And not just an ordinary speech. It was a speech meant to argue his position about the RH Bill. How dare he speak on the Senate floor without scrutinizing the content of his speech?

      Oh, he has all the reason to apologize to Ms. Pope. After copying her words, he has the guts to say that Ms. Pope is just a blogger. Such a display of arrogance. 

    • Wellkraft

       what?!! He was the one who delivered the speech, right?

      • nopassword

         If not caught copying, then he will get all the credits at sasabihin nya ang galing ni tito escalera. Eh ngayon tamimi…….

    • john_constantine

      Command responsibility ata ang tawag doon.  The actions of the underlings reflect the character of the leader.

  • Krizz Ibarra

    bakit kasi merong bumoboto dito sa mga kamote na ito.

    • Yugi

      Si “herculubus”, sampu ang boto nyan kay Sotto! Ayan tuloy.

  • mangtom

    BonggebonggeCollapseGanyan Talaga kapag graduate ka ng WANBOL UNIVERSITY…Dagdag: Si Soto(t) ay illustrious graduate ng “prestigious” Recto University. 

  • ano ikaw

    WHAT A SHAME—- the last time, it was a SC justice, now a Senator……NAKAKAHIYA!!!!
    Ang kapal…. buti pa si GMA nagapologize….
    Kapal talaga nitong SOTTONG ito….babae pa naman ang kaaway

  • ano ikaw

    O Wanbol university== read=== university of dumb wits

  • samarutan

    Masyadong mataas naman ang standards nyo! Given na yan! Iskul bukol nga!

  • akoombulator

    on the roll na ang pinas!!! sunod sunod ang bagsak ng mga corrupt at walang silbi susunod na dyan ang simbahang katoliko hehehehe

  • Serom

    That only shows that Sotto has no brains of his own.  Plagiarize the ideas of others…. I think he is a cheater at school during his school days.  What a shameful senator…

  • Batz61

    Ayan, lumabas ang tunay na kulay ng senador. Papaano mong paniniwalaan ang senador na ito na hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkakamali at magpaumanhin? At walang modo… mababa ang tingin sa bloggers….nagdudunung-dunungan kasi. :)

  • Borogol


  • Vero Lee


  • Wellkraft

    Mam, pasensya na po ganyan po talaga dito sa Pilipinas kung mahal.

  • tekateka


  • tekateka



  • spearheads

    There is no iota of reason for Sen. Sotto to apologize.

    The fact remains that it would be the height of stupidity if Sen, Sotto would have credited Sarah Pope than Dr. Campbell-McBride who is the original author of the piece of work or idea that Sarah Pope translated. Sarah Pope admitted that she just translated the work of McBride and made her own blog. Translating is not an original idea, blogging is not protected by any copyright laws in the Philippines including the US.

    Stop the misleading non issue. Go back to the more important discussion on RH Bill. Sen. Sotto has an expose, answer it Pro RH bill fanatics if you can.

    • Monto Gawe

      Either what you just said is too profound for comprehension or it’s pure non-sense.

      Hair-splitting distinction is rationalizing; rationalizing is defense mechanism.

    • KonsensyaNgBayan

      Dahil GAWA mo ang pangongopya, LEGAL din sa’yo ang ginawa ng Tito Xenrox mo ano!!!….Huwag mo nang ipagtanggol ang mali dahil lalo lang kayong nabubulok!!!…Utak Komedyante, laging dinadaan sa ngisi at patawa ang kamalian!!!

    • Yugi

      Pabibo ka na naman. Sarah translated McBride research into her blog to discuss her own understanding and with credits to the author of the book which is McBride. While Sotto copy the whole paragraph of Pope’s blog word after word. Do you, with your tiny brain understand the responsibility of copying even just a sentence from somebody else’s work? Oops, I mention you have the tiny brain. So probably you don’t.

    • mad_as_Hamlet

      “There is no iota of reason for Sen. Sotto to apologize.”
      I think this statememt would be true and meaningful if the words are rearranged and “apologize” is made a noun, thusly—-
      “For Sen. Sotto’s iota of reason, there is no apology.”

      • Htee

        Iota reasonning sen. Soto has none…apology there is no…

        Beware of the dark forces….jedi.

    • ajca82

      He made it a mudslinging battle but at the same time he put a big target on himself.

      Also, it reveals that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, he just got some researchers to do the work for him.

    • efriend

      You said there is no need to apologize for this while Tito Sotto had the nerve to ask for an apology from Dr. Esperanza Cabral.  See the disconnect?

    • Simon Ward

      “Translating is not an original idea, blogging is not protected by any copyright laws in the Philippines including the US.”

      Wrong on all counts :( Intellectual copyright is so poorly understood these days.

      • spearheads

        Cite a copyright law that protects blogging (public domain), Ward of Simon (or Ward of Mandaluyong?)

      • Karabukov

        Sarah Pope is not suing. She only asked for an apology and a simple attribution or acknowledgment of what the Senator’s staff lifted from her blog. But Sotto thinks he’s too big to apologize to a mere blogger. Talk about adding insult to injury. Or a brain that’s too small to accommodate an oversized ego.

      • Simon Ward

        What a curious comment about my name. What does it mean? Rather than going into depth about international copyright laws that cover blogging (or any other form of writing, photography, music, and even translation), or an explanation of what “public domain” actually means, I’ll just offer a general rule of thumb about any original content on the web. Unless the creator explicitly indicates that he/she is placing it in the public domain, it is wise to assume that it is not.

    • efriend

      You are the one misleading everyone.  The issue is INTEGRITY INTEGRITY INTEGRITY.

      Sadly, Tito Sotto doesn’t have that. If they had the courage to apologize to PEPSI PALOMA, why can’t they apologize to a “mere blogger”?

    • Leonardof

      This not about crediting Sarah Pope, IT IS ABOUT PLAGIARIZM, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  Only the nitwits, the dumbs and the uneducated cannot understand it. Expectedly, sotto who cannot even comprehend the importance of the RH Bill, is bound to commit such criminal act of plagiarizm.  

      One thing noticeable about you is your uncanny way of showing your true color. Calling those who are for the passage of RH Bill as fanatics is simply passing the bucks. Because fanatics are found in the flocks of the church, not in the thinking populace who understand the RH Bill. The fanatics are called by the church as their flocks, meaning that they are sheepish individuals who just follow without question whatever the church leaders say.

  • mangtom

    From all indications, the Anit-RH ship is sinking, and fast. A big gash in the hull caused by Captain Soto(t)’s idiocy. Abandon ship, mitsubishops. Just jump into the ocean. Your big fat belies will keep you afloat-maraming taba.

  • Joey

    Lying thief ang tawag sa kanya ngayon.Meron ba kayong natatandaang Pepsi Paloma?

  • mangtom

    herculubusCollapseThere is no iota of reason for Sen. Sotto to apologize.hercubulus: tama ka; pareho kayong ignorante. You just don’t get it. Another way of putting it, kapa muks ninyong dalawa. You are a basket case.

  • aristotle cristobal

    na bulaga ko kayo lahat no, ahahaha – tito sen

    • walaeh


  • ajca82

    Plagiarism is definitely a big issue, especially for one who’s primary occupation is filled with words and originality is an important concept.
    Of course, this is even bigger if your other job requires honesty and dignity.

    Please just apologize Sen Sotto; copying+pasting without citations is not acceptable for our legislators.

  • MrJoseRizal

    This is what you get when you elect clowns to public office.

    • efriend

      Agree.  Lalahatin ko na: Huwag iboto ang sino mang artista.  Waste of taxpayers’ money.  I thought Roderick Paulate would be different.  Look what happened!

  • AllaMo

    There are no stupid moms, even if they blog recipes. There are only stupid bloggers, and, stupider senators.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Huling huli na si Sotto.  Pero ayaw pang magapologize.  Hehehe.  eto yong lulusot pa kung pepwede.  Aastang galit para isipin ng tao sya tama.  Bully!  Bottomline,  MAGNANAKAW sya! SINUNGALLING at DI MAPAGKAKATIWALAAN.

    Sige boto nyo pa yan sa next election.

  • regd

    Nagbibigay aliw ika, yun lang alam nyan, kaya ayan ang napala nyo. Binoto nyo, tapos magrereklamo kayo? 

  • common_juan

    wow! an American blogger accused a Philippine Senator for using her blog post on a Senatorial speech? What the heck is happening on this RH bill or Responsible Parenthood bill mania or whatever it is? One issue after another? What’s next? 

  • indiosbravos2002

    Sotto is no better than Corona, both are criminals.  One sells his influence over the judiciary,  the other steals ideas verbatim and passes it as his own.

  • Coolegleg

    Come-on guys……what do you expect from him??? Some were raised believing that cheating is OK…. politics is  a popularity contest and does not require a functional brain…..publicity, good or bad, will keep you on the tabloids’ front page……etc. I’m speechless and embarrassed looking at the quality of the people running our government!!!

  • disqus_ZrxaGjUzMQ


  • disqus_ZrxaGjUzMQ


  • sked482

    Pope also took exception to Sotto’s comments about her being called as
    just “a blogger”, saying, “I’m not just a stupid blogger, a stupid mom
    who’s blogging about recipe. I’m no dummy. When a woman is condescended
    to like that, that is very rude.”

    What else can you expect? With his stand, only the gullible will really believe that the comedian senator really respects women.

  • walaeh

    hoy Tito, alis na sa senado, wala kang kwenta. Pati nga sa Eat Bulaga walang tumatawa sa mga jokes mo. Umarte ka pa, kala ko totoo yung iyak mo, lapit namin si Uncle Johnny Enrile tsaka si Bong Revilla-me. Non pala iyak iyakan lang, siguro kaya sya naiyak eh alam nyang kopya lang yong mga sinabi nya?


    The trouble is Sotto is not man enough. Sotto has no bastante cojones to say I am sorry. If I am Sotto I will just go back where I came from and never come out. The words Sarah said about Sotto will make a responsible, mature, intelligent person cringe or commit a harikiri. Unfortunately Sotto is not that kind of person and most of our politicians are like Sotto. They are spineless, immature, irresponsible and has no principles.

  • rudy zulaybar

    Eat Bulaga ka nlang

  • spearheads

    With Sen. Sotto’s stance as anti RH bill fighter, he is a leading contender for Vice President and even for President next election, tiyak yan. Marami na namang dilaw na mangungunsumi at aatungal dyan, promise.

    • Karabukov

      I’m afraid this is the most inappropriate time and place to bring that up.

  • Karabukov

    “Sotto denied plagiarizing Pope although the senator’s chief of staff, Hector Villacorta, admitted that they had used Pope’s blog without any attribution.”

    There lies the problem. Senator Sotto and his staff deny committing plagiarism because they don’t know what it is.

    Well, here it is Senator:

       [pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-]  
    1. an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work asone’s own, as by not crediting the original author: It is said that he plagiarized Thoreau’s plagiarism of a line written by Montaigne. Synonyms: appropriation, infringement, piracy,counterfeiting; theft, borrowing, cribbing, passing off. 

    Lest I get charged for the same offense, I admit I copied and pasted it from dictionary (dot) com.

    Okay then, you can argue it’s not plagiarism. It’s plain ignorance. Or if the dispute reaches the Supreme Court, it’s really just forgetfulness, a lesser offense. Plus, because the source is just a blogger, an even lesser offense, of rudeness.

  • katutubongfilipino

    wow a phil. official will say sorry even caught red handed they will deny it

  • Oliver82


  • Htee

    Ako pa kay sotto, tumahimik na lang ako. Tignan nyo si sen. Lapid, smooth sailing sa senado.

    Less talk, less mistake…no talk, no mistake…
    Kasi nagsasasama ka kay Manong JPE, mataas ang kalibre noon, dehins mo yaka yun dre.
    Hala puntahan mo si lapid at hindi na makahinga sa kakatawa sa nangyari sa iyo.


  • robustgrowth

    copying ka pala sir

    • sked482

       I think we should coin a term “sottoing” to refer to plagiarism.

  • RS

    well…so much for Tito sotto’s re-election plans :)

    • sked482

      Naaah, a significant proportion of the clueless masa probably wouldn’t even understand what sottoing or plagiarism is all about. This issue might even give the comedian senator more name recall.

      Baka nga yan reason kaya kinokontra ang RH bill. If we had a more manageable population given decent education (thru higher per capita education spending), the likes of this comedian senator will probably not be voted. Just my take.

      • unattended_monkey

        That’s why we, the middle class, should exercise our votes. Don’t let them win the election without counting the votes of the educated.

  • $25214711

    Yan ang mahirap sa taong nagmamagaling. Hindi komo nakakabasa at nakakasulat nakakaintindi ng kanilang sinasabi, Buking na naman ni Ms. Tapia itong si Escalera.

  • Anqui

    His hands were caught in the COOKIE JAR… typical Movie Actor with an EMPTY head. HE WAS A THIEF AND ALWAYS A THIEF… CABRON SENADOR SOTTO!!!

  • Jose

    He’d apologize if he had any class.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t, and he’s Tito Sotto.

  • Bansot

    Pope is right, that she is not just a stupid blogger. Senator Sotto must be man enough to accept the truth and the consequences of his action. He tried to be smart but the truth eventually surfaced to prove oherwise!!..Tito sotto please bear in mind that not all of us bloggers are naive same as the people  who elected you to your position!!

  • Banana Na

    ok din si senador TITO, nag-speech nga sa senate ay kinopya pala ang mga words sa blogger, pwede na rin ako maging senator ng pilipinas….haaa

    • sked482

      At hindi lang yun, ayaw pa aminin at ininsulto pa yung taong plinagiarize niya. Mabuti pa nung si Manny Panglinin nag sottoing, inamin agad, nagsori, at nagoffer magresign sa Ateneo.

      • Banana Na

        artista kasi si TITO at pang comedy pa ang mga movies at T.V. programs niya di katulad ni MVP na CEO ng malalaking companies sa pilipinas….

      • Morozov Igor

        sottoing nice….magagamit ko to sa school, prof eh tinamad ako eh kaya nag SOTTOING na lang ako

  • gikiness

    what do you expect from School Bukol alumni?

  • Kyab Gon

    Ngayon nyo lang nalaman na walang modo and WALANG UTAK yang si KUTO? Grr.

    Na-involved sya pati UTOL nyang si BIC Kuto sa RAPE nuong 1980s eh naAbsuelto sila.
    Tapos nga eh panay ang pangVictima nila lalo na si BIC sa mga batang babae na inanakan lamang at ngayon nga ay NABOLA din pati si POLA, gr…

    Mga hinayupak yang mga KUTO na yan!
    Kaso mga TANGA karamihan ng bumoto sa kanila…ARayTISTA kc eh, GRR.

  • Leonardof

    It is sad that the Philippines have leaders like sotto whose only credential is his celebrity status. Leaders like him are part of the problem of the Philippines. They like to grandstand, and in doing so, they exposed their lack of intellectual giftedness.

    Indeed, it is about time that the Filipinos boot out of office Sotto.

  • theoklab

    bakit kasi etong mga filipino hindi pa rin marunong pumili ng bobotohin kandidato tuwing eleksyon. kung naalala nyo eto si senador sotto nasira na nuon dahil sa koneksyon nya sa kay drug lord tiongson habang sya ang in-charge sa senate laban sa drugs. hanggang ang mga filipino nagbenta ng kanilang boto wala mangyayari sa pinas kahit sino pa ang presidente ng pilipinas.

  • kalaban_mo

    It is a shame that Sen. Tito was scolded by a woman and he cant do anything about it. I don’t think he can have the guts to say sorry, with his records as a clown. Dr. Sotto could debate as long as he wants without stopping, but will never be believable. 

  • kalaban_mo

    Tito Sotto just destroyed the 33rd years anniversary of Eat Bulaga. With him in the show, it became a circus. He had the time to apologize on TV, but never did because of larger than head ego. Well, what can we expect from a crying liar poker faced thief senator.

  • Andre Mitchell


    I spend too much time talking, and not enough in thought.
    Is it Nature? Or is it Nurture?   Or a virus that I caught
    From former colleagues who were set on a career,
    Calling out for meetings filled with verbal diarrhoea?

    The family record shows that I spoke at ten months old,
    The subject, uncontested, that my bottle had gone cold.
    But as the years went by, it was very plain to see
    That very many people were much cleverer than me.

    The subject surfaced briefly at a meeting just last week,
    I heard a lot of rubbish as I began to speak. 
    So here’s my resolution for the future – check it out.
    If I burble and talk twaddle, please give a mighty shout!

    Plagiarized from.. Harry McQuillen, The Ambler
    Oh, I meant “Sottoed from” Harry McQuillen…

  • kalaban_mo

    He is not man enough because he did not apologize.

  • gerryjoaquin

    hindi pala tutoo yung kasabihang ang magnanakaw ay kapatid ng sinungaling. ayon kay pope si sotto ay magnanakaw na sinungaling.

  • tomtom

    joey de leon…… ano ang pagkaka-iba  ni Willie V.  kay Tito Sotto ?

  • Hein S


  • Ben-Hur

    No amount of justification even if this reflect “good intentions for his anti-RH stand” can cover up Tito Sotto’s plagiarism.  He and his staff should be penalized. They even belittled the blogger whom they stolen the idea for his grandstanding in the Senate. What do you expect from Tito Sotto- a braggart, an uneducated lying thief who was also a suspected rapist (remember the Pepsi Paloma case)? He is not even credible in defending the anti-RH stand of his geriatric CBCP masters. People should see Tito Sotto for what he is- a mediocre wannabee pretentious politician riding on his popularity as a comedian exploiting star struck voters strutting for a seat and benefits in our august Senate.  Let him be humbled and be thought a lesson- NEVER VOTE AGAIN THESE LYING DECEITFUL CLOWNS IN ANY PUBLIC OFFICE.  Tito Sotto, kung may delikadeza ka man, mag-RESIGN KA NA SA SENADO at doon ka na lang sa Eat Bulaga mag-drama at magpatawa.  

  • Mia Meekella Petalver

    kung mka react wagas?! resign agad agad??? Isang honest mistake lang ipaparesign agad agad?? Anong klaseng mentality nman yan!

    Minsan di natin alam na big deal na pla sa iba kung ano yung di nman big deal satin.. For me, the senator just cited Pope’s blog and used it as information with regards to his stand against the bill.. Dapat nga matuwa pa c Pope eh! Eh yung original na may ari ng statement di nman nag react kung mka react c Pope over naman!!!! 

    • unattended_monkey

      Should Pope be happy for being insulted? You’re kidding right?

    • unattended_monkey

      Nope, a senator who doesn’t want to admit his mistake and apologize deserves to be asked for a resignation.

    • Eboy Alamodin

      May source kasi eh. Plagiarism ang issue rito. Theft of information yung nangyari eh. The least that Sotto could’ve done that time was to refer to her as the source, pero hindi niya ginawa. As a public official, to plagiarize is a big no-no, kasi you’re handling facts, and you’re creating policies. Hindi pwedeng hocus-pocus lang.

  • Hein S

    SOTTO LYING THIEF Resign!!!!

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