Philippine floods a man-made disaster—experts


Shanties built along the bank of the river are submerged under flood water as a river overflows in suburban Cainta City, east of Manila, Philippines, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012. A government report released in 2009 called for 2.7 million people in shantytowns to be moved from “danger zones” alongside riverbanks, lakes and sewers. But squatter communities in danger zones have in fact grown since 2009. AP /PAT ROQUE

MANILA, Philippines—Deadly floods that have swamped nearly all of the Philippine capital are less a natural disaster and more the result of poor planning, lax enforcement and political self-interest, experts say.

Damaged watersheds, massive squatter colonies living in danger zones and the neglect of drainage systems are some of the factors that have made the chaotic city of 15 million people much more vulnerable to enormous floods.

Urban planner Nathaniel Einseidel said the Philippines had enough technical know-how and could find the necessary financing to solve the problem, but there was no vision or political will.

“It’s a lack of appreciation for the benefits of long-term plans. It’s a vicious cycle when the planning, the policies and enforcement are not very well synchronized,” said Einseidel, who was Manila’s planning chief in1979-89.

“I haven’t heard of a local government, a town or city that has a comprehensive drainage masterplan.”

Eighty percent of Manila was this week covered in waters that in some parts were nearly two meters (six feet and six inches) deep, after more than a normal August’s worth of rain was dumped on the city in 48 hours.

Twenty people have died and two million others have been affected, according to the government.

The deluge was similar to one in 2009, a disaster that claimed more than 460 lives and prompted pledges from government leaders to make the city more resistant to floods.

A government report released then called for 2.7 million people in shantytowns to be moved from “danger zones” alongside riverbanks, lakes and sewers.

Squatters, attracted by economic opportunities in the city, often build shanties on river banks, storm drains and canals, dumping garbage and impeding the flow of waterways.

The plan would have affected one in five Manila residents and taken 10 years and P130 billion ($3.11 billion) to implement.

But squatter communities in danger zones have in fact grown since 2009.

“With the increasing number of people occupying danger zones, it is inevitable there are a lot people who are endangered when these things happen,” Einseidel said.

He blamed the phenomenon on poor enforcement of regulations banning building along creeks and floodways, with local politicians often wanting to keep squatters in their communities to secure their votes at election time.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Manila, vital forested areas have been destroyed to make way for housing developments catering to growing middle and upper classes, according to architect Paulo Alcazaren.

Alcazeren, who is also an urban planner, said the patchwork political structure of Manila had made things even harder.

The capital is actually made up of 16 cities and towns, each with its own government, and they often carry out infrastructure programs – such as man-made and natural drainage protection – without coordination.

“Individual cities can never solve the problem. They can only mitigate. If you want to govern properly, you must re-draw or overlay existing political boundaries,” he said.

Solutions to the flooding will require massive efforts such as re-planting in natural drainage basins, building low-cost housing for the squatters and clearing man-made drainage systems, the experts said.

“It will cost billions of pesos but we lose billions anyway every time it floods,” Alcazeren said.

Meanwhile, with Environment Secretary Ramon Paje warning that intense rains like those this week will become the “new normal” due to climate change, there have been concerns about the city’s ability to lure and keep foreign investors.

However, American Chamber of Commerce president Rhicke Jennings said Manila remained an attractive destination.

“Companies will continue to invest in the Philippines for all its positive qualities,” he said, citing well-trained Filipino staff and pointing out there were key parts of the city with good infrastructure that did not badly flood.

Jennings highlighted the rise of the outsourcing sector in the Philippines as evidence that foreigners would not abandon the country because of floods.

Companies such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Accenture have all set up backroom operations in recent years, mostly in slick new parts of Manila where infrastructure is state-of-the-art and which did not flood this week.

From virtually nothing a decade ago, 600,000 people are now employed in the outsourcing sector and the industy is expecting that number to more than double by 2016 as more foreign firms move in.

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  • Vance

    It is pathetic that Govt. thinks they are so omnipotent that they can control acts of nature via legislation and law….of course they will spend taxpayers money to find out in the end they are not so omnipotent.

    The end result being our money is gone and we still have floods, typhoons and other calamities.
    Following this will be the “blame game” as they try to save face once again.

  • Kyle

    pano yang karamihan ng mayors nag aalaga ng squatter para marami boto nila. di iniisip na pag may disaster ang mga squatters ang vulnerable dahil ang mga bahay di naman maaayos at nasa mga location na delikado.

    • filipinaskoh

      kasi pag may disaster- another “kickback” na naman. kaya nga kung pwede nga lang ay patayuan nila ang mga squatter sa lahat ng estero at lagusan ng tubig.

      kapag may namatay, ung mga pasugalan ng mga kapitan ng Barangay kikita na naman.

      Kaya talagang hahayaan nilang manirahan ang mga iyan sa delikadong lugar kasi pinagkakakitaan.

      Dito nga sa aming bayan magugulat ka kasi nabura ang malawak na daan kasi ung mga iskwater umabante-na ng umabante sa daan. Wala namang ginagawa ang Barangay- ikaw ang magsasawang co-complain hanggang sa hayaan mo na lang.

      • nakatutok

        saang side of the fence ka ba ?? ngayon tinitira mo naman ang gobyerno…sa ibang article sipsip ka…ano ba talaga kuya???

  • oldsong23

    sinabi mo pa….mgagaling ang ating mga pulitiko sa mga pangako twing elekson….pero alang political will pag nakaupo na….sariling interes na ang sinserve nila…tsk tsk tsk…it is a vicious cycle indeed,,,

  • filipinaskoh

    kaya kailangan na ang RH bill. Kung bakit kasi ung mahihirap ang mabilis dumami ung mayayaman napakabagal dumami. Ang mahihirap maaga na ngang nag-aasawa madami pa ang nagiging anak.

    Kung ba naman ipinasa batas na ang RH bill noon pa- 25 years ago eh di sana hindi ganito kadami ang mga tao sa Manila.

    • jeray

      ilang taon ka na pala? Kung 25 years below ka. Di sana pasalamat kami… hehehe. 

      • filipinaskoh

        RH bill is a choice, not mandatory. 
        My parents chose to have us all.
        Children are by choice, not by chance.

        Sorry! kahit 50 years ago pa naaprubahan ang RH bill, nandito pa rin ako. Bear with it. 

  • filipinaskoh

    Aling Gloria 10 years kang nakaupo-inupuan mo rin ang mga problema sa baha.

    Hoy! NOLI, ikaw ang may hawak sa pabahay, nasaan na ang mga housing para sa mahihirap- sabi nyo noon mabibigyan nyo ng bahay ang mga mahihirap- nabigyan nga sa estero naman.

    Sorry! PNOY you have to work much harder just to cope up for the LOST AND CORRUPTED10 YEARS of GMA.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehe si GMA na naman ang sinisisi mo samantalang nakita kita nagtatapon ka ng basura sa ilog hehehehehe kasama mo yun mga kamag-anak mo. Tapos kasalanan ni GMA hehehehe unggoy ka rin ano hehehehehehe

    • jeray

      wala bang baha nung panahon ni cory? Nagtago lang kasi sa kama. 

      • filipinaskoh

        Meron mas malala dun – Lahar, Mt. Pinatubo eruption at  ung matinding lindol.

      • nakatutok

        kaya tumahimik ka na lang diyan….pag-isipan mo mabuti bago ka mag=komento..

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Ang sagot ito – 103 times na nagbiaje sa ibang bansa upang gumasta-na gumasta. Nagpasarat sa ibang bayan, nakatira sa mga magagarang hotel na ang obierno ang bumabayad.  

    • nakatutok

      yes..just like the LOST 12 years of PNoy in the legislature…..9 years as congressman and 3 years as senator..WALANG NAIPASANG BILL…NAGBUTAS LANG NG SILYA!!!

  • catmanjohn

    Another clear reason why the RH Bill should be passed,… so that the government can catch up on building low income housing, while rebuilding the water/sewer management infrastructure. The ills of the Marcos’s once again rears its ugly head.

  • Night

    man-made budoy problem…. daming pinacancel na dredging, flood control at flood mitigation projects…..

    tapos ngayon nag hahanap ng ma SISI sa LITEX road…. Man-made Budoy problem nga

  • kapitanvic1

    “A government report released then called for 2.7 million people in shantytowns to be moved from “danger zones” alongside riverbanks, lakes and sewers.”Easier said than done.

    • tskpinas

      It can be done, but the local politicians don’t want to remove them so they have more votes come election time.

  • manongcastro

    These so called experts are telling us problems that we already know of. Pa-ulit ulit na lang. It would be better if they share solutions or are actually building something that solves the problem. 

  • popeyee

    With the Metro Manila Mayors trying to outsmart each other, no wonder they can’t come up with a comprehensive plan to outsmart the flooding…Si MMDA chair Bayani Fernando noon inaalis ang mga squatter but unfortunately ipinagtatanggol naman ng mga mayor…  

    • Peregrino Natividad


  • filipinaskoh

    Mga Pulitiko partikular na ang mga mayor- halos mga kurakot. Meron bang Mayor na hindi ganid kung meron man siguro iilan lang sila.

    Kung saan may maraming squatter sigurado pabaya ang Mayor dun at kumikita na man ng malaki ang batangay captain sa kanila.

    Kasi dapat unang tayo pa lang ng bahay ng ISANG squatter lang ay pagbawalan na kaagad kasi sunud-sunod na iyon sa loob lang ng isang buwan isang community na ang maitatayo.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      There should be a PROPER CHECKING…. AN IDENTIFICATION CARD for all.

  • iyot

    Pinoys never learned. Every year Manila gets flooded but the city planners as usual are useless, the politicians are just busy leeching the government coffers while the infrastructures are dying.

    • tskpinas

      Problem is the Metro has a city planner for each city and they don’t talk to each other.. 

      • Peregrino Natividad

        They they should be sack from their work. They should present an annual report of what they do in their job…. to congress and Malacanang.  No point paying their salarie if they are incompetent! This is how we do to solve the problem here abroad.

      • Lucky Luciano

         kanya kanyang zoning LOL.

  • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

    Flood will be front and center.  A few speeches.  Then all will be forgotten.  You will be hard pressed to find a public official who will tackle the problem of squatters head on since it is almost always a death sentence on their political career.  Ditto with RH bill and Divorce bill.  Public officials are more concerned about what can they do so they can stay in office, how can they be reelected than actually doing their job.  

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Good analysis of the problem.  The Chines are just smiling at a distance!

  • nparvus1202

    Tapos kinasela lahat ng mga flood control projects. Hanggang ngayon walang plano dyan kundi ibigay ang pera sa mga tamad. Man made nga.

  • isaac

    the government should have a mining operation or exploration in every municipality. so that in a calamity like this the blame stop on this mining company not on every idiot mayors of metro manila. Time to think.

  • Rod

    well its time to improve or rebuild Metro Manila drainage system. Rain is normal but flooding isnt dahil may solution sa flooding but ang ulan di mo kayang pigilan.ganito nalang ba palagi sa manila?Hangang kailan ito…

  • gudwil2all

    paragraph 6 is hilarious
    my dose of medicine for the day

  • Firstname

    How truly truly sad. What a country with gentle people who don’t seem to respect reality. It is a people who are nice otherwise, but are living in fantasy land. How can they ever imagine themselves coping with the modern world if they keep denying reality? What will ever make them change? Do they think forieng investors will run to do business here if conditions are these primitive>? It is surreal and bizarre to find a country with this kind of mentality

    • Peregrino Natividad

      They are kept in the dark by the powerful Catholic church and local officials… governors, mayors, barangay captains. …The news of the flooding in Manila was flashed in media overseas.

  • $18209031

    It s in the DNA of the kayumanggis  to be squatters.  Goes back to preSpanish period, migrants from islands of Indonesia , Malaya, New Guinea, Rabaul and Polynesia set up tribal enclaves in many parts of these islands. The real indigenous people of these islands were lumads of Mndanao, igorots and ifugaos of norhtern Luzon, negritoes of negros and panay, Mangyans of Mindoro, and many others. These warlike and landgrabbing Indos and Malays came as squatters and drove the local tribes inland. They like to control the coastal areas and river bottomlands. This is no surprise this kayumanggis are living like bully monkeys , they live, eat, shzt, wash and play in these critical water areas. They feel entitled to own it by virtue of their large numbers and bellligerent behavior. Just as they driven the indigenous people of the past and discriminated them , they are acting like that today in same manner. So let the floods take them to the new journey in life. Fck em…

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

      fck you! if you’re senior citizen already then wala ka pinagkatandaan!

    • Firstname

      kind of extreme comments there, we are not insulting an already suffering people, we just hae to criticize what they are doing right. and pls don;t be racist, there are no pure races any more.

      • Peregrino Natividad

        They are suffering but to some victims it is still fun. Specially those illiterate poor. They are the very same people that can be manipulated by scrupolous politician like MITOS HABANA-MAGSAYSAY. Ask her how she spent her Pork barrel and show proofs of expenditures before she entertain ideas to become a senator in 2013.

  • Sober_One

    There are 105,000 informal settler families who are
    living in danger areas in Metro Manila. This problem is supposed to be
    addressed by the President’s Five-year In-City
    Resettlement Program with an annual funding of PhP 10 billion which will be implemented
    by NHA. If only this program is successfully implemented within the time frame,
    this could be a significant step to the solution of the problem. Let us all be
    watchdogs and check how NHA is implementing this program. After all, this is our
    taxpayers’ money and it should be put to good use.    

    • Peregrino Natividad


  • barada69

    DUH !… the question is… among our leaders who’s got the balls to correct the situation?

  • kinetics09

    “Manila’s planning chief from 1979 to 1989. I lived in Manila from 1982 to 90. In those 6 years we were heavily flooded 5 times,

    Another so called expert who can only talk for publicity, but wasn’t able to do anything when he was in charge. Talk is cheap, dude!

    • Kyle

      it’s better to criticize than do the job…

  • PlumberfromCanada nga….REACTIONARY kasi e..( mag-react lang pag andyan na baha)….and the usual PHOTO-OPS…and EPAL POLITICIANS….

  • Pedro Mateo

    It will happened again and again and again and again until they will decongest MM of people who are the source of the problem, it’s the one putting pressure on the environment. MM is already beyond it’s capacity and the nature are trying to clean its environment and one way of restoring the balance of nature is to kill the people that cause the imbalance. It’s sad but that’s the nature solution. . No amount of flood control or any infrastructure will solve the problem, it’s only a source of corruption. . Once I told my fellow engineer that you made a mistake in your plan because it would not work but his answer is that I’m dumb because if the project will work and last forever we become useless engineer and we had no work, therefore no money for the family, their vices and mistresses. .  . . Corruption is already in our blood and culture that we made these disaster therefore blame ourselves. . .

    • Peregrino Natividad

      CHANGE IN THE MENTALITY OF THE PEOPLE. REFORMS IS BADLY NEEDED. If that engineer made that reasoning then he/she should be sack from the job. No mercy!

  • farmerson

    NCR is sinking ! Honorable Lito Osmena is RIGHT! Balik Probinysa program is one of the better solution  to reduce the over populated area.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      AGREE! all new arrivals from the provinces be forcebly send back to their provinces. They should start a Scientific Farming Cooperative run by Dept. of Agriculture (national).  This repatriation strategy should not be handled by governors. In Cebu, Governor Gwen Garcia is only interested on personal glorification of herself rather than doing something to help the farmers. Her “Pasigarbo sa Sugbo” is just an extravansa that give her public relations mileage but does not benefit the ordinary Cebuano farmers. In all advance nations – farming is the backbone of the country. Why not in the Philippines?

    • nakatutok

      uy ginamit mo na din ito at last..KapitanObyus kumusta?? si efriend kailan mo gagamitin???

  • Lucky Luciano

    Cordon off the flood prone areas para hindi na makabalik ang mga illegal settlers like riverbanks, then start the demolition.

    Relocation? Well….. OK…. Let’s all bear with the flood. Kayo lang pala, nakalipat nako sa mataas na lugar after my ONDOY experience.

    Hindi ba pwedeng i-declare iyang mga lugar na iyan as uninhabitable and poses an imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of anyone etc. etc. etc. (ex. Riverbanks, hillsides)

    Or natatakot na baka umepal si mayor and sayang mga boto. LOL.

    Illegal loggers + Illegal settles = Tragedy waiting to happen.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Thee should be a population statistic office that check the immigrants from the provinces. The new immigrants be send back to the provinces and help them on Scientific farming instead of being standby in Manila. The old immigrant should be given priority for jobs and be house in low-cost housing(10 story appartment) and once member of a family gut a job, the house holder pay off their appartment space.

      • Lucky Luciano

        Nag-work father ko sa Government, Urban poor affairs office or UPAO. Ang nakikita ko lagi mga pictures mga depressed areas na alam mong mga desperado lang ang titira.

        Kaya pala ganun ay, si probinsyano-A luluwas ng Manila to find job, the typical jobs like construction etc., and if he’s successful dito narin siya makakapag-asawa. hanggat hindi pa tapos ang project nila duon muna sila titira sa lot or as building na pinasukan nila as constructors. Sila ang Catalyst. Then Probinsyano-A’s relatives and friends in the province learns about his/her achievements in Manila and decides to try their fate. Siyempre, the ever accommodating attitude ng Pinoy especially sa relatives and friends plus the “ayaw kong mapahiya, baka may masabi” attitude(at the cost of someone Else’s property), Probinsiyano-A (the catalyst) is now the source of employment and siya narin mag-ooffer ng place to stay for the meantime(LOL). Over time itong mga relative na ito and friends magiging catalysts narin and the process repeats itself until over na “boom”.

        Building Tenements style building, housing projects is not the solution, artificial lang yan. Bring the jobs to the people, Sa province. Overrated, overpopulated, polluted na M.M.

        Yang mga pabahay, pang-akit lang ng politicians iyan. sidewalk vendors diyan sa Shaw Blvd.,sa Avenida, or sa Visayas Ave. QC ang eligible for Pag-ibig pabahay loans or other pabahay projects?

        Pinaglalaway lang iyan ng mga politicians. Nagka-isip ako si Jun Simon inabutan ko sa QC and now Herbert.

        The same parin ang campaign slogans “Pabahay sa maralita” even the leftist is exploiting this: “mga maralitang tagalunsod” LOL.

        Illegal settlers and Politics, hindi mapaghihiwalay iyan hanggat walang political will, parang isang Nuclear Family, you’ll just have to live with the waste.

  • Sober_One

    Okay, granting that by nature the “kayumaggi” race are squatter by nature, but there is something that our local chief executives can do to solve the problem. I believe  the above news article only validated what is obviously the root causes of the problem. If only our local chief executives just enforce the laws and implement an honest-to-goodness resettlement program, I think we will be in the step towards the right direction. Right now this problem is supposed
    to be addressed by the President’s Five-year In-City Resettlement Program with an
    annual funding of PhP 10 billion which will be implemented by NHA. If only this
    program is successfully implemented within the time frame, this could be a
    significant step towards the solution of the problem. I would like to enjoin you to be one of our watchdogs to check how NHA is implementing this program. After all, this is our taxpayers’ money and it should be put to good use.

  • Sober_One

    Okay, granting that by nature the “kayumaggi” race are squatter by nature, but there is something that our local chief executives can do to solve the problem. I believe  the above news article only validated what is obviously the root causes of the problem. If only our local chief executives just enforce the laws and implement an honest-to-goodness resettlement program, I think we will be in the step towards the right direction. Right now this problem is supposed to be addressed by the President’s Five-year In-City Resettlement Program with an annual funding of PhP 10 billion which will be implemented by NHA. If only this program is successfully implemented within the time frame, this could be a significant step towards the solution of the problem. I would like to enjoin you to be one of our watchdogs to check how NHA is implementing this program. After all, this is our taxpayers’ money and it should be put to good use.      

    • Peregrino Natividad

      If there is a plan and the budget is release THEN it should be started NOW.

  • tamakajan

    Whoever thought Metro Manila will be like this? I blame the corrupt officials/leaders who rob the people of their security and right to have a quality life. This is the climax of your greed – The death of innocent people will be on your shoulders.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Remember Gloria Arroyo in her 9-years rule have wasted billions during her 103 overseas trips that achieve nothing for the country. Those were pleasure trips staying in luxurious hotels and sight seeing.

  • opinyonlangpo

    I agree, obviously it is man-made regardless of the fact that man didn’t make the rain. Tons and tons of garbage were dumped by men who thinks that God made these river and the seas as garbage disposal. Politicians allowed people to build their shanties & houses along creeks, riverbanks, under the bridges, a treasure trove of votes that guarantees a win in elections. Real estate developers shadily constructed subdivisions on natural floodways- again in connivance with people in power. Dams were built without enough provisions for spillways connecting to the sea. And finally, governments which do nothing despite the fact that there was already an earlier Undoy flooding. A perfect recipe for disaster. . . . an so there goes the blame game again.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      I think the new administration of P-noy should prioritise the building of flood control network themselves and should not give funds for local politicians who will use this money to buy votes of the squatter inorder to retain their office as “public service”. P-noy should create an URBAN PLANNING OFFICE WITH CABINET STATUS TO MAKE A FEASIBILITY STUDY of flood controls in other countries (ex. Singapore & Malaysia, or the Dutch government schemes). That should be more prioritised than building airports or roads.

  • $18209031

    The Kayumanggis are screaming their voices right now. The ones who control them are of the same kind.  And these socalled leaders of Kayumanggis have no qualms whatsoever to get themselves rich by any means at expense of their lowly kayumanggis.  Tribal nature of these Indos and Malays hold their datus and chieftains in contempt but continue to serve them to keep their mouths fed and roof over their shoulders. 

  • Lucky Luciano

    If there is one (to accommodate every faith) I’m sure he is Pro-RH.
    His design of the universe agrees with the RHBill.

  • 12JEM

    ADD: Proper trash (garbage) collection and disposal….LACK OF

    Metro Manilans…..swimming in their own garbage….Mga Salaula….Higit pa sa mga baboy.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Mangyari baboy man ang namumuno sa pamahalan sa mga municipio na ito. Niluluko ang madla…… sometimes I wonder if the squatters deserve this but I would rather not say because I feel sorry for them. They sell their votes to greedy politicians of questionable character.

  • astralrose

    Stop breeding! People have to realize that “go out and multiply” should not be taken literally! It means go out and make lots of friends, not children. Philippines is over populated. Too many people, too many people is the cause of all these problems. No one else is to blame! Any infrastructure that they think could help alleviate these problems are just useless.

    Plant more trees, clean the rivers, canals and drainage. Put some seeds of sense into each other’s head and stop bringing children into this world, mindlessly, thoughtlessly, selfishly. Only one planet  there is to live. Save it. Protect it. Nourish it. Don’t try to overpower it coz it can give back not only floods but many more, and that too, worse than any man could ever imagine. Don’t let the nature decide who or what will survive because it is certain that nature cannot exist without man but man can never exist without nature. 

    Stop breeding!

    • Peregrino Natividad

      In other words effective strategies on educating the masses in the Media and schools.

    • edongski

      I became a priest once to stop me breeding. But then I have to tell people to breed as a catholic. So I gave it up because I make more babies preachin. :(

  • dotCommer64

    The Government should give us Tax Breaks to compensate our loss of property and income, 12 million has been affected because of mis-management of the few.

    Those local government who is cuddling these squatters, i hope you are happy, economy and infrastructure is in ruins.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      There should be a law that the land along the banks of Pasig River and its tributary should be manage by NATIONAL GOVERNMENTURBAN PLANNING OFFICE and not by mayors of various localities. As was suggested here in this blog, a low-cost tenement apartments should be built along the banks for poor squatters for temporary accommodation until one member gets an income to pay off their apartment space. Proper drainage network should be built to channel the course of floods and this project be prioritised. Kuala Lumpur city (Malaysia shows the way how to solve flooding in its city). And lastly that stupid congresswoman from Zambales (Mitos Habana-Magsaysay) SHOULD SHUT HER MOUTH!

  • tadasolo

    It is obvious this vicious cycle of politicians catering to squatter colonies must stop. The national government should create law to remove from voter registration and roles anybody squatting along the river banks and drainage system. This should be done gradually. We need to enforced the law. Inorder to provide alternative location for these squatters colonies the local governments should be force to provide low cost housing within their communities. Enforcement of the law is the key and a massive undertaking to improve the drainage system. It is not rocket science but a dedicated political will to correct. THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY IS US> WE NEED TO PUT PRESSURE ON THE POLITICIANS TO DO SOMETHING.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Politicians taking advantage and manipulate the illiterate poor residents of the squater areas in Manila. Where is Erap and his son Jinggoy these days? Does he (Erap) no plan to run for mayor of Manila knowing that he can get votes from these illiterate fans?
      In times like this when the Estradas are needed, they are off to Cebu City to attend the wasteful Extravaganza of governor Gwen Garcia , the “Pasigarbo sa Sugbo” scheduled this weekend. Erap escape the horror in Manila to be entertained by Gwen who would be most hospitable to him being Gwen’s “Sugar Daddy” and endorser for a senate slot. .   

  • superpilipinas

    “Philippines had enough technical know-how and could find the necessary financing to solve the problem, but there was no vision or political will”  


    The gov’t just have to think about what problem kills and creates havoc year after year. Then spend the most for these until they are well managed already. Why put too much money time and attention on other less killing problems?

  • cato_the_younger

    While man cannot control rain, he should be able to control its effects especially for a city like Manila that had been known to flood for ages. That’s precisely the reason why esteros were built way back in the Spanish times. A major cause of the flood would be the political class who do not have enough political will to do what is right. Informal settlers (with their counterpart voting power) are just allowed to build and cover up waterways. No proper garbage collection is set in place nor are trash disposal laws strictly enforced. Another reason is the fact that there are just so many people in Metro Manila – natural flood plains like the low lying areas of Malabon are now filled up with people. The forests in Rizal, which would have acted as watersheds have now been cut down and the areas turned into suburbs. Unless more political will is enacted especially on the part of local officials, Manila will have to grit its teeth and just wait for the next deluge to happen.

  • Pedro Mateo

    If we want to correct our mistake, we had to follow the Singapore model of urban planning. We had a lot of bright planners but it was not put to good use. I had attended a workshop on land use planning, urban planning and forest management, etc, the model we discussed is a good one but it was not use because of lack of political will. We are only good in planning but not in implementing. We had a lot of Plan that becomes a Leche Plan. . You will be frustrated how our political leader act on their own way that why I had to resign from government service. . We are making our own grave and I don’t want to be a part of it. .. .

    • edongski

      “we had a lot of plan that becomes Leche Plan”. Ang saya dito :)

  • indiosbravos2002

    Low lying farms and fields converted to villages thanks to Manny Villar’s company and other real estate companies. Pati hills pinapatulan just to make tubong lugaw profit. Are those locations even suitable for safe housing?
    Even without Ondoy and the recent calamity, floods have bevome a reality, i see high rise buildings being erected left and right. Question is can the condo’s area drainage able to manage an average of 250 additional settlers without clogging the sewerage pipes?

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Paano mga pulpol ang mga naiwan sa gobyerno dahil sa kanilang impluwensiya ang mga magagaling na kababayan ay naninilbihan sa ibang bansa at may mga reputasyon. Kung hindi sana kontrol ng pulitiko ang mga sangay ng gobyerno maganda sana ang pamamahala. Saan ka ba naman nakakita na ang isang pulitiko ang mag didikta kung ano at magkano ang sa kanya sa gagawing proyekto.

  • boybakal

    Ang ganda ng article na ito.
    Pinaguusapan Baha, napunta sa Business News 
    ” 600,000 people are now employed in the outsourcing sector and the industy is expecting that number to more than double by 2016 as more foreign firms move in.”

    Yan ang gusto ni Pnoy , balance reporting from Flood to Jobs. Dodoble pa ang trabaho dahil sa baha.
    Good News….

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “Yan ang gusto ni Pnoy , balance reporting from Flood to Jobs. Dodoble pa ang trabaho dahil sa baha.
      Good News….”

      natawa ako.

    • edongski

      I agree with kilabot, nakakatuwa ang positivity mo boy! It’s more fun to think positive, in the Philippines! Teka, sarcasm ba ka nyo?

  • Bato’ng Bantilis

    Flood is flood. That’s it.

  • Nilo C

    WALANG mananalo sa mga Squatters. Mga politiko nga saludong saludo.

  • $18209031

    THe flood control system of Metro Manila is antiquated. Worsen by the fact people and govt dont give importance to keep it clean and upgraded after all these years.  So  let them reap the fruits of this disaster, good for the wake up call every now and then.

  • 711sense

    I agree, our politicians has no political will to stop the devastating effect of floods to the people and the infrastracture and the environment. For most, the poor are the ones who gets the brunt of all of the after effect of floods. Our politicians know exactly what the problem is and what they can do to help alleviate the problem but they are busy doing something else besides helping their constituents. And of course that comes from the very top of the political spectrum. Meaning, the President. It’s like what’s in a commercial said; “you pay me now or pay me later”. Politics is bad when it is not use to better the life of the peole this politicians suppose to serve. They become the worst of the worst and the maggots of society.

    • cato_the_younger

      I do not think it is fair to blame the president on the floods. Flood control is normal a local governance issue. If you look at squatting for example, you will see that there is normally tacit approval from the mayor, who needs their votes during elections. 

  • ashleybulls

    Relocation and demolition….sinong polital leaders gagawa niyan? ….lapit na elksyon – takot lang ng mga yan …paulit-ulit lang na kwento yan dito sa Pinas!

  • larry

    may problema may solution naman pala wala lang political power . like what have said kung lahat ng cities sa luzon espeacially sa metro manila mga mayor na ihahalal sa susunod na halalan o yun mga nasa pwesto ngayon dapat asikasohin nila ito they have power and means kaya lang takot sila na mawala ang boto nila pagpinaalis nila mga squatters ……   

  • Jose Camano

    why blame it on the poor.  it is the rich illegal loggers in cahoots with politicians who wasted our forestland. it the businessman in plastic manufacturing that clog the steros with plastic bags. other countries would go back to biogradable materials while were are stuck in plastics.

  • $18209031

    Ang tagal ng nagliderato ang mga kayumangging Tagalegs, Ilocandios at Bicolandios sa Metro Manila at ibat ibang probinsya sa Luzon. Fck you all  for being  kurakots. Wallow in your sewer and dirty shzt . You all deserve it… Huwag ninyong sayangin ang mga botchang kambing, baboy at manok. Masarap yan sa ngayon, gagawing kalyeng barbeque..

  • patriotic_act

    again.. all we need is political will..

    a Law that will imprison people who throw garbage in the streets or the river.. 1 month imprisonment or 1 week community service as “Street Sweeper”..

    a Law that will “suspend the right to vote” of squatters/illegal settlers.. this way they wont become a “tool of the politician” thus will wont be “indebted” by them..

    a Law that will “criminalize” a couple if they dont put their children to school..

    a massive infrastructure repair program to de-clog sewerage systems and new drainage systems altogether with strict implementation of the 3 laws above..

    in 1-2 years we will start to feel the difference.. on the 3rd and 4th year we will have less floods and by the 5th year we will have a very “disciplined society” with zero floods on the 6th to 7th year.

    again.. political will

  • patriotic_act

    illegal loggers and plastic manufacturers are one thing.. those who protect those illegal loggers and those people who throw those plastic bags in the streets and the esteros is another..

    lets not be “one way thinkers” here.. we have to concentrate on the “root” of the problem which is “lack of discipline”..

    to bring back discipline amongst our citizenry we have to enact “Harsh Laws” and “Implement them and Enforce them diligently”.

  • regd

    Until people wakes up and finally realize that Manila is just an over-hype land of opportunity and promise, there is no solution!

  • dodong1

    BULAG PIPI AT BINGI ang mga Politiko natin pagdating sa mga ganyang bagay kaya walang asenso ang bansa…pero pagdating sa kurakutan mabilis pa sila sa kidlat…kaya kawawa ang Pinoy, lalo na yung mga mahihirap…

    • Lucky Luciano

      Yung mga nag-bubulag bulagan, nagpipipi-pipihan, at nag bibingi bingihan ang dahilan kung bakit may mga nahahalal at nakakaupo sa pwesto.

      • dodong1

        pero ngayon sinong bulag, pipi at bingi???nasan na yung mga politko’s??

    • nakatutok

      ang sisihin mo ang mga pilipino na PATULOY NA NAUUTO ng mga politikong ito tuwing eleksyon…

      • dodong1

        agree ako dyan sir, pero marami ring mapagsamantalang tongressman gaya ti TIY..

  • Philip Machika

    sa ganitong klase ng mga politiko/politika sa pilipinas meron pa kayang pag-asa? malapit na ang takip silim hindi ko na siguro masisilayan kahit kunting liwanag man lang.

  • $18209031

    Time for the rich Pinos abroad to donate . Open your hardearned money to help . If you want to have more fun, come home for its more FUN in the Phils.

    • boybakal

       Dala na ang mga Pinoy sa abroad.
      Cycle na yan. Baha,  relief,donation.
      Every year ganyan ang pangyayari. Wala naman ginagawang solution.
      Kahit nga International Communities, parang ayaw na ring magbigay ng tulong.

      • Pro

        sino magbibigay?? Europe? Amerika?? asus.. mga POOR na rin mga countries na yan… PUNO ng UTANG sa CHINA… wahahahahaha

  • $18209031

    FUN time in Luzon , mabuhay  to all kayumanggis.

  • filipinaskoh

    response to sanjuan683
    Mas unggoy ka! kasi sinungaling ka!
    Paano mo akong makikitang nagtapon ng basura sa ilog eh pro-environment ako. We practice garbage segregation. We bury garbage that are biodegradable and segregate plastics and other garbage that could be sold then we give it to neighboring children for them to sell it or recycle it para pakinabangan nila ito.

  • sitsiritsit

    man made disaster oo tama kasi yung malaking ilog na marikina river ginawang kanal dahil sa mga developer… pero yung basura parang small factor na lang dahil.. talagang kahitmay basura eh mababaha.. dahil sa lakas na rin at sa liit na ng mga river idagdag pa ang mga nagsitira sa tabing ilog na nag squat….

  • initrd

    We can only blame it to everyone of us on this flood disaster. The pictures is very clear there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. To live in safe house with a safe community comes with  a cost which the majority of the poor will never be able to have. With poorly designed waterways, roads and highways i don’t think we can ever solve this problem soon. The dream of having a safe community for any disaster, rest on our leaders and the educated population. Kung ganito tayo ngayon sana magtulong tulong tayo at tulongan natin ang ating govyerno para maging maayos tayo bukas.

    • edongski

      I couldn’t say it better

  • migratorus

    I’m telling you there will be more of this coming if not soon… very soon. Urban planning must not soley be dependent on its local government but it should be coordinated with the National Urban Planning development, DPWH and Environment department. This 3 government agencies should not only be working on sustainability and short term goals but must look ahead into the future. 

    Napaka obvious ang problemang ito taon taon tayo binabaha, hinde pa rin natututo ang karamihan sa atin.. No wonder we are still facing the same problem over and over again, and its getting worst. I pray that the LGU will do something in getting this people out from the river banks and canals. How many more lives needed to be lost… How many more billions of pesos needed to be wasted… There’s a way and only a fool will say there isn’t!

    • edongski

      Well not many lives were lost this time, many households claim to be prepared.
      This means we’ll forget about this soon enough as we move on with our busy lives and the media finds a new story.
      Many will call this – resiliency, unfortunately. It’s in our positive nature, religious even (God-willed). Too bad we never learn.

      But here’s the silver lining, those who do like you are growing in numbers. Let’s multiply.

      • migratorus

        I agree on you since the number of casualties is lesser compared to Ondoy. But these kind of issues needs to be further look at so as to minimise the damage not only to our fellow countrymen but also to our economy.

        I do hope that a lot of people back home felt that we’re more prepared now than before, yet still a lot more needs to be done. Let’s just continue to be optimistic and pray that everyone will move on with faith and hope.

  • Phenoy

    Too many people squeezed into a small land area + no money for infrastructure + corruption = death and suffering.

    We must pass the RH bill.

    • Pro

      the RH Bill is pushed to reduce population of the POOR…. sigi Mr. PNoy wag ka na mag antay nabumaba popolasyon ng mga pobre thru condoms and pills.. kasi d yan mag succeed…. ayaw kasi nila gumamit ng mga yun…. para mag succeed ka sa paglago ng popolasyon ng mga pobre… gibain ang mga bahay habang may baha nga MALUNOD NA SILA… o d kaya pasabugin na sila ng bomba….

      You wanted to reduce the number of poor people and stop their growth kaya atat na atat ka sa RH Bill na yan…. gawin mo na ang massacre ngayon…..  NOW NA…

    • Pro

       japan has more people living per sq.m. land area… mas di hamak na mas mataas population density nila dun… ITS NOT ABOUT POPULATION but more about governance…

      • Harvey Diaz

        its about families being able to govern how many children they want — and not the Vatican, and the government helping provide choices as they are doing in all other Catholic countries except here. That’s good governance, and please stop your dark age catholicism. everyone can see through it.

  • sugbu

    as it is..the usual suspect..

  • Anne Torre

    Planners Einseidel and Alcazeren are correct in noticing the lack of coordinated planning of cities comprising Metro Manila and nearby places to contain the deluge every heavy rain. Anti-squatting laws, river and sea easement law and building codes have very poor enforcement because of unscrupulous political motives. If you’ve watched the tv news reports, tons of garbage and thousand of squatter households are the main features. Lack of political will was perfectly pointed out as one of the setbacks of this government. Mayors and other political officials belonging to different parties will never agree for the good of the masses. Sadly, the Pwesident himself exemplifies the rule of partisan politics in the Philippines.

    But Einseidel and Alcazeren were too kind not to directly criticize the administration programs that serve stupid political popularity projects like the CCT (continuing corruption and thievery) with a proposed P45 BILLION of taxpayers’ money to land as dole-outs to the so-called poor. Nhoyhoy preferred this than use the money to improve the economy in the countryside to dispel migration to cities and attract squatters to go back to their origin by increasing opportunities there through modern fishing industry, improved farming technology and ample electric power. Mindanao alone suffers from daily brownout  like the brownout in the Pwesident’s “love” stories. The disparity in giving opportunities to the urban squatters colonies and the discriminated rural communities speaks of the mean political tread of Nhoynhoy. Looking at the whole national perspective, there is no straight path in governance but a straight path to poverty and lawlessness.

    Sydney is an ideal model of urban planning. It is implementing a 25-year and a 50-year urban planning program whoever the head is. But Australia is different from the Philippines. Although how good the urban or countryside plan will be, complete with all the forms and aspects to contain sustainable development, such will end up in the shelves or unimplemented because of the stupid and crazy political culture that rules the nation. A change of leadership will surely mean change of government plans without giving due process to its importance. Nhoynhoy summarily discarded or stopped all plans of the previous government including those necessary and important ones EXCEPT CCT (continuing corruption and thievery), a corruption-friendly program since the Gloria Arroyo’s term. Sec. Stinky Soliman must have the magic touch that turns her proposal gold to the Pwesident.

    • edongski

      Hi Elena! How are you? :P
      Lemme tell you Gloria needs a neck massage.

      • Anne Torre

        No, that’s too light. Gloria needs her neck broken. So with Mike A. Or maybe have both necks and hands pilloried. 

        Edongski, why don’t you invite some Olympic wrestlers to take turns in “massaging” Gloria’s neck and yours. lol.

      • Pro

        hahaha.. si GLoria na naman?? Si PNoy kaya kailangan ng masahista… yung hubot hubad na masahista lang… para masahiin ARI nya… at i masturbate nalang sya or sya ang magmasturbate sa masahista… hahaha

      • Anne Torre

        I don’t think that is still possible. ED, you know what I mean. lol.

    • LabkoPinas

       I so agree.It is time we elect officials who not only have good intentions but also with brains and of strong moral fiber. Is there no one like this in our country? I do think there is however our electing populace are either to dumb or elect by advertisements molded be slick ad men and women.

      • Anne Torre

        Now, they got what they deserve. I remember one radical said that the strategy of the late Mao was to Poor the people to Control the people. That is what’s happening now. If some politicians campaign by giving sardines and bread, the administration is using taxpayers’ money to give dole-outs and entice the poor to spread and prostrate before his balding figure and rule the election and the nation. His father must be sad in the heavens now.

      • LabkoPinas

        Yes, they got what they deserve but the whole country suffers. As a filipino it cannot be a solution or an end. It has to be stopped.

  • JK1000

    Dapat nagsimula sa Barangay Captain ng lugar, kapag ayaw umalis sa bawal na lugar ay si Kapitan ay magsumbong kay Mayor. Itong si Mayor naman ay padala niya mga tao niya ng municipio para tulungan si Kapitan sa enforcement. Tamad kasi mag patrol sa mga nasasakupan nila para i check kung may mga illegal squatting, violations of building codes,sanitations at iba pa. Ginagamit sa eleskyon ang mga squatters. Kahit saan nagtatapon ng basura.

  • 1GeorgeTolentino2

    Informal settlers have gained enough political clout to control the disposition and use of land in most LGUs. By sheer numbers alone, they have taken over the leadership of most Barangays in QC.Take for instance Teachers Village, Central, Pinyahan and UP villages. The leadership and control of these Barangays now belong to the informal settlers. This has led to apathy and lack of interest among the formal residents of these Bgys to participate in the actual governance of their areas. And I do not blame the formal residents. 

    The same trend is expected in other more affluent areas like Loyola Heights and Varsity hills where a sizable population of informal settlers have now established residences along the narrow creek that cuts through the village.The monitoring and enforcement of laws against squatting assigns the primary role to the Bgys. But how can the Bgy. officers penalize themselves when they are the violators of the law? the same rings true for crime prevention, the Bgy. tanods are often relatives of the perpetuators of the crime. Something has to be done to correct this absurd situation.

    • Anne Torre

      1GeorgeTolentino2, may I suggest to you to use “illegal settlers” or “squatters” in describing the squatters. These bunches of unruly, lawless slum colonies should not be given politically embellished description that could mitigate their crimes. “Informal settlers” is a politically motivated classification designed by advocacy groups with special interest to circumvent the law. 

  • Romeo

    Man-made? But of course!


    They and thier sons are in Congress.

    Common knowledge in the Philippines

    Filipino race is devoiid of memory , unfortunately.

  • athenapallas

    isa-isahin nyo ang mga mayor sa bawat city sa Maynila. sila ang dapat sisihin dahil sila ang nagbibigay ng lugar sa mga squatters and illegal settlers para maraming boto sa susunod na election time at ng naka cling sila sa power at nakadikit na sila sa trono nila forever plus political dynasticsm. sila rin ang nagbibigay ng permit sa mga real estate developers basta may padulas na ilang milyon at libreng units para sa mga mistresses nila pag condominiums ang pinagagawa  (hello Binay, isdatyu?). natakpan na ng konkreto ang karamihan sa floodways and waterways.

    Bagong title ng isang documentary movie: Maynila: sa ilalim ng lawa.

  • JJF724

    PNOY has a master plan but like what he said, the project will take years to complete but the construction will start very soon.  But we need cooperation from people who used on dumping garbage everywhere to stop.  Also the illigal settlers to cooperation with the government relocation projects.  sa mga mahilig…  use condom if you don’t have money to support a child.  In short disiplina sa sarili.

    • reddfrog

       ….and don’t dump used condom into the estero.

      • Pro

        reusable na daw ang condom so wala ka ng waste…. huhugasan lang or i bibilad lang sa araw OK na…

    • nakatutok

      talaga..PNoy HAS A PLAN???  hallelujah hallelujah…….zzzzz..nggrrkk..zzzzz

  • jinx

    That’s why pass the RH bill. More people means more damage to the environment and more mayors cuddling them.

    • Pro

      the RH Bill is pushed to reduce population of the POOR…. sigi Mr. PNoy wag ka na mag antay nabumaba popolasyon ng mga pobre thru condoms and pills.. kasi d yan mag succeed…. ayaw kasi nila gumamit ng mga yun…. para mag succeed ka sa paglago ng popolasyon ng mga pobre… gibain ang mga bahay habang may baha nga MALUNOD NA SILA… o d kaya pasabugin na sila ng bomba….

      You wanted to reduce the number of poor people and stop their growth kaya atat na atat ka sa RH Bill na yan…. gawin mo na ang massacre ngayon…..  NOW NA…

      • jinx

        Reduction is so different from prevention. There was nothing to reduce in the first place. Just prevent a potential, but tragic disaster from happening. Look at all the pitiful victims after each disaster.  It’s always the poor who suffer, especially the children.  Go to all evacuation centers, and you’ll see the prevailing lack of food and materials but plenty of children.  If you only procreate within your means, your children will not suffer like this.  And again, there’s no killing or massacre done, just preventing another pathetic creature from undergoing the same fate.  You anti-RH are just masters of deceiving the public in the name of religion.

  • gerp

    everyone is enjoying the bureaucracy and politics which it is treated like a showbizness…every citizen…old and young…rich and poor…may trabaho o wala…really enjoy these….to eliminate this… the funding system on local and national elections should come from the Government budget…so the people who will run for public offices will not think about of getting back the money they spent…and the money who spent for them…then politics will become pure politics…and the trapos will stop running…why?…there will be more stricter rules because if there are violations made by them…they can be easily sued by the Government itself…kaya lang ayaw ng mga Kongresista yan at mg Senador…lalo na kaya ng mga Mayor at Barangay Kapitan…wala ng payola…mahirap ng magpalusot lusot…naisip na yan noon…but never happened….kasi nasa isip pa lang hehe…ano pa aasahan natin pagkatapos ng ulan?…e di baha!

  • Nic Legaspi

    I wonder how many floods should occur before the government wakes up and does something about this problem. It seems we are far worse than we were in 2009. We still lack discipline and the government lacks political will to enforce our laws properly. That’s 3 years! And we still haven’t moved forward.

    • reddfrog

       Actually this serious flooding problem has been going on since the Marcos years. But what do you expect? It’s been the tragic story of the Philippines.

  • tekateka


    • Felix Alcantara

      Correct! A budget of 100 million for road or drainage improvements: 50 million for the politicians, 10 million for workers, 20 million for the contractor, 20 million for actual materials. In short, 20% will only be actually spent for the project as material cost. grabe! 

  • guest1500

    I think the government should start decongesting Metro Manila by transferring all universities and colleges in Metro Manila like UP, Ateneo , La Salle etc. to provinces so that students will not go to Metro Manila anymore. Metro Manila should only be site for government offices like congress, senate, Malacanang Palace, etc.

    • reddfrog

       Buti nalang hindi ka urban planner. Kawawa ang publiko sa mga planning mo. ahahahahahahaha!

      • guest1500

        This is just my vision for Philippines already being done by country like Canada. Besides students will not learn good in a congested and noisy environment like Metro Manila.

  • Dixon

    “Deadly floods that have swamped nearly all of the Philippine capital are less a natural disaster and more the result of poor planning, lax enforcement and political self-interest”…..and above all ??????? DISCIPLINE. what kind of expertise this expert have?……

  • tekateka


    • Pro

      the RH Bill is pushed to reduce population of the POOR…. sigi Mr. PNoy wag ka na mag antay nabumaba popolasyon ng mga pobre thru condoms and pills.. kasi d yan mag succeed…. ayaw kasi nila gumamit ng mga yun…. para mag succeed ka sa paglago ng popolasyon ng mga pobre… gibain ang mga bahay habang may baha nga MALUNOD NA SILA… o d kaya pasabugin na sila ng bomba….

      You wanted to reduce the number of poor people and stop their growth kaya atat na atat ka sa RH Bill na yan…. gawin mo na ang massacre ngayon…..  NOW NA…

  • Noel Rose

    salamat joey lina for the squatters

    • JK1000

      Nagsimula ang squatting mga late 60’s pa, masayado ka naman late sa record mo.

  • reddfrog

    That is why I’ve been saying to the paranoid – do not be afraid of China attacking. They won’t. They’ll just sit back and wait for Filipinos to self-destruct. Filipinos are their own worst enemies.


      Itong ogag na ito. Calamity na nga, pinasok na naman ang issue ng mga tsekwa. Di mo talaga alam kung kailan ipapasok yong point mo.

  • Anne Torre

    By the way, Jennings is just some common nostrum or jalopy salesman trying to inveigle the political dealers.

  • ofwme2807

    Sino b yang nagmamarunong na expert urban planner na kung sino???ng-investigate na ba sya ano ang basis ng sweeping statement ng nagmamarunong na yan??ano ba pinag-aral nya at ngsasalita sya ng ganyan…Mga experts kuno na ano ang credentials itong mga news reports ang mga iniintervew mga pulpol na experts saan ba expertise??Magaling lang mgbunganga gustong magpapansin walang pumapansin dyn sa pulpol na expert na yan pweeeh…Ano basis nya ay pag-aaral ba syang ginawa tungkol dyn??ano ang solusyon nya??

    • Pro

      mayroon syang pag aaral… na interview na ito sya after Ondoy… and naipakita na nya mga causes sa gobyerno…at nag warning na sya about the scenarios that we see now…. matagal na kaso di sya pinaniwalaan…

      • ofwme2807

        ang pag-aaral napakadali nyan at solusyon ang problema…ang sistemang umiiral sa Pilipinas ay isang problema kaya hindi masosolusyon ang ganyang malalaking problema dahil ang sinumang Presidenteng mahalal a 6 years lang at ganyang problema at nangangailangan ng long term solution,,at ang masterplan sino ang gagawa at sasang-ayon ba lahat sa masterplan every city at municipality may kanya kanyang plan para sa lugar nila at never mong asahan na mag-aagree sila sa iisang solusyon o masterplan..

  • Bazzinga0914

    Exactly! now the DPWH will need 300B pesos to fix the problem which will be completed in 20 years! Ano kamooooo?!%$$*(&#

  • Pro

    the RH Bill is pushed to reduce population of the POOR…. sigi Mr. PNoy wag ka na mag antay nabumaba popolasyon ng mga pobre thru condoms and pills.. kasi d yan mag succeed…. ayaw kasi nila gumamit ng mga yun…. para mag succeed ka sa paglago ng popolasyon ng mga pobre… gibain ang mga bahay habang may baha nga MALUNOD NA SILA… o d kaya pasabugin na sila ng bomba….

    You wanted to reduce the number of poor people and stop their growth kaya atat na atat ka sa RH Bill na yan…. gawin mo na ang massacre ngayon…..  NOW NA…

  • JK1000

    BGY. CAPTAIN : Mayor, dumadami po mga squatters sa barangay namin. Kailangan namin tulong niyo para maalis sila.

    MAYOR :  Capitan, relax ka lang !  makakatulong sa akin yan at sa iyo.

    BGY. CAPTAIN : Huh !  Papaano po Mayor ?

    MAYOR :  Kapag dumami yan bago eleksyon, isa lang ang ibig sabihin niyan….Boto para sa akin..Boto para sa iyo.

    BGY. CAPTAIN : Wow !  Ang galing mo Mayor.

  • Guest

    well, everyday is election day in the philippines. everything is being politicized in the philippines. every politician is deciding based on surveys and ratings. this is it, what can you expect?

  • robrano

    Of course there is enough money for drainage, anyway it is not done in one year only. But of course too, a gambling city at the recreation area and billions for chacha are much more important than f;oods and dead people. That is just some kind of fighting overpopulation.
    And of course politicians are not interested to projects which are not finished during their term. They can not use it as “accomplishment” for next election. Better to bring some goods to victims and show it on TV and other media.

    • Felix Alcantara

      Yes, our “beloved” politicians are fun of media exposure. they keep on pretending that they loved the poor but actually they only wanted to become richer by siphoning the “pork barrels” into their respective bank accounts. 

  • ofwme2807

    To Mr. Nathaniel Einseidel urban planner expert who you???ano expertise mo mgdrawing ka lng puro drawing ka lang sa papel at alam mo….Im sure 100% ikaw s mga projects mo kung meron k mang nagawa at nadesign na project mo wala ka ring master planning, maski yung mga nadesign mo na project na drainage system Im sure wala ka ring impact study at master planning at environmental assessment Im sure alam mo wala ka ring magagawa dahil hindi mo hawak yan ang alam mo lang mgdrawing bolahin ang mga kliyente mo pera pera lang din ng habol mo??Aminin mo yan ang systema mahirap ang sistemang umiiral sa Pilipinas hindi po madali yang pinagdadakdak mo mr expert gaano ka na ba nakatira sa Pilipinas???alam mo namang 6 years lang ang termino ng Presidente at hindi nila kayang solusyunan yung ganyang problema in 6 years at kada bagong Pangulo may bagong projects at hindi tuloy tuloy ang projects na sinusundan ng bagong Presidente yan ang sisteman umiiral sa Pilipinasat yan ang isa sa ugat ng problema..Wag ka ng manisi at magsalita at mamuna.

    • JK1000

      Kabayan, easy lang ! buti nga may solusyon siyang naiisip. yung iba diyan puro REKLAMO ng REKLAMO.

      • ofwme2807

        nasaan ang solusyon may nakikita ka ba??sino ang ngproposeng solusyon??sistema na umiiral sa Pinas yang ang problema sistema…election every 3 years ng Mayor at Congressman??sa palagay mo makakisip ng solusyon sa problema sa baha squatting at basura an mga yan kung every 3 years may election silan haharapin???ang Presidente ma-elect ng 6 years sa dinami-dami ng problema ng bayan kahirapan poverty sa palagay mo uunahin nila ang problema s baha at squatters na pinoprotektahan din ng mga pulitiko natin sa tingin mo may masterplan solution dyn??every city municipality meron silang sarilingproblem na hinaharap kaya wag mo expect na may long term solution dyn sa Metro Manila nga iba iba ang mga batas hindi magkasundo sa simpleng problema ng traffic kanya kanyang solusyon diskarte sa baha pa kaya???

  • JK1000


    BARANGAY CAPTAIN – Lider ng Barrio para manatili ang katahimikan sa lugar

    MAYOR – Lider ng Bayan para maglingkod sa mga kababayan.

    (  Parehong nagpalala sa squatting dahil na rin sa kanilang katamaran, pang sariling interes )

    MMDA – Nagpapatupad ng batas para maging maayos ang Metro Manila.

    ( kahit anong gawin namin na pag-aayos sa ating mga lugar, mismong mga taong bayan
      ang sumisira sa ating Bayan )

    SQUATTERS – Kahit saan nagtatayo ng mga bahay sa lugar na hindi naman sa kanila.
          ( Hindi kami ma demolish dito, PATAY KUNG PATAY..Sabi ni Mayor sa amin na ito )

  • Noel

    It’s woman-made disaster.  Blame it on that Little Evil Woman who illegally managed the country for nine years.

  • Banana Na

    what do you expect from the philippine culture in running a government, mostly are greeds for money, no diciplines government official and the peoples also, expert say poor planning, nanjan ang mga MPI, DCMI, AYALAS, LOPEZ, MEGAWORLD at iba pa, they have engineers na good planners…ang problema lang naman dito ay ang government, senator, congressmen, local government kagaya ng mga mayors hanggang councilmen…isipin mo na lang kapag mga OFW na nag-wowork sa ibang bansa ay bakit sumusunod sila sa batas ng ibang bansa, bakit ang mga tao sa pilipinas ay di sumusunod ng batas ng government kasi KENKOY sila, sila na ang protector ng country ay sila pa gumagawa ng kalokohan…last few days ago, two expert ng US ang sabi ang philippines ay magiging TIGER ECONOMY, papaano ka magiging TIGER, kung 2 years ago ay binaha ang pilipinas ng dahil sa ONDOY, tapos, ngayon, ay mas grabe ang baha…ang mga gamit ng mga tao kagaya ng appliances at furnitures nila ay masisira dahil sa baha, ang mga businesses ng mga companies na nasa first floor ay masisira din, ang mga crops ng farmers ay ganoon din, mga fishermen na may fishponds ay mawawala din ang mga fish na ina-alaga nila, sino magbabayad ng mga costs nito, hindi ang government kundi ang mga may-ari din ng mga na-pinsala….baka sa susunod ng 2 years pag-ganyan ang moonsoon rain or typhoon ay balik ulit ang pilipinas sa baha kung mahina pa rin ang mga tao sa government, maski sino ang lider ng government basta mahina ay repeat pa rin itong FLOODS sa MANILA, CAPITAL of the PHILIPPINES….


    “It’s a lack of appreciation for the benefits of long-term plans. It’s a vicious cycle when the planning, the policies and enforcement are not very well synchronized,” said Einseidel, who was Manila’s planning chief in1979-89.
    Itong si Einseidel pala ang planning chief ng Manila from 1979-89. Ito pala ang dapat ikulong!

  • athenapallas

    That’s why the government needs to develop the countryside by creating jobs and sustainable means of livelihood para sa mga taga probinsya para hindi sila sumiksik sa kaMaynilaan.Alisin ang pork barrels at ilagay ang malaking chunk ng funds sa feeding programs for public elementary schools and even high schools, hire local denizens as cooks and kitchen helpers, this will also benefit the farming/agriculture industry because they will supply the produce.

    It will eradicate malnutrution among poor school-age children and it will help create jobs for their parents and people in the country side. Tapusin na ang pagbibigay ng gobyerno ng limos sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan sa mga probinsya. Trabaho at self-reliance ang kailangan nila hindi limos.

  • JosephNess

    we have overslept blaming one another, the blaming must stop now, this will not solve anything, time for political will and start getting serious in working these existing problems out…time to stop talking, there are works to do…

    • nakatutok

      start with yourself…..

      • JosephNess

        sure, let’s go!!!

      • nakatutok

        ladies first

      • JosephNess

        right, you’re first…

      • JosephNess

        after you, mam….

      • nakatutok

        you were first in line fraulein..

      • JosephNess

        oh, you again mademonselle…go ahead, don’t be shy…move now…

      • nakatutok


      • JosephNess

        never give up eh! mademonicelle…fart your arse out!!!

      • nakatutok


      • JosephNess

        nakatuk na!!!

      • nakatutok

        sino nakatuk??? dati na yang may katuk ang boss mo…high school pa lang..tanungin mo si Fr Calauag…

      • JosephNess

        see!!! grabe na nga ang pagka nakatuk na nito, since high school pa pala nakatuk na ito, kaya, ayan lalong nakalog na, may sinasabi pang boss, si little girl nga itong boss nito, kaya nakatuk na lalo…hahahahahaha, this nakatuk na, really make my day…keep on nakatuk na, you’re good when your brain is nakalog na…hahahahahaha…

      • nakatutok

        oo, since high school pa…kaya nung campaign TINAGO yung PSYCHIATRIC REPORT ng boss mo…

      • JosephNess

        so inamin mo na high school ka pa nakatuk na…kaya pala nakalog ka na pati idol mong si boss mo di mo na makilala, idol mo pa nga, ayan ang patunay image mo…hahahahahaha…nakatuk na…so pathetic…so pathetic!!!…why don’t you just lap your boss arse!!!!

      • nakatutok

        dont think na what you are doing e ginagawa din ng iba..grabe ka MAKAHIGOP sa pwet ng boss mo,wag mo na kami isali…ayos ba Rica ..este..Ricky Carandang???

      • JosephNess

        nakatuk…ikaw na naman???? sobrang nakalog na nga utak mo, naghahalucinate ka na sobrang wala ka na sa sarili,tinatawag mo na ibang tao, magpaparaos ka lang siya pa tinatawagmo, hahahahaha!!! tumahol ka na lang kaya, dami lalapit sa’yo diyan askal…yahahahahaha…

      • Guest

        ladies first…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Before I left the country for better life, only once in my life (early 60’s) have I experienced wading through  flood waters at my workplace in Makati  and never once in my ancestral home in Batangas. Of course during the time Manila Bay was pristine and one will hardly find any garbage strewn in and out of the bay.  40 years later, not only are the metros suffering from garbage woes, it also had been invaded by squatters who are so uneducated and insensitive to the environment yet the first one to complain about government lack of help during a calamity.  It is a big problem one that the few politicians brought to millions of Filipinos.  What a shame this has to happened.

  • George

    looking at the picture above, duuuuuhhhh!!!! nothing chnage since early 70s.

  • gyvv

    the citizens know far better what is happening in the streets and local areas than those in position who sleep in guarded subdivisions… wawa naman Juan dela Cruz…

  • WAJ

    Drainage system has been a problem for many years, but it is being neglected because the politically the people who lead the country has other important priority  and it is “Self Interest” combine with over populated area like Manila. As I said before, humans are the main source of environmental problems. People produce garbage and unnecessary debris which cluttered the drainage and can cause severe flooding. Who are these people, they are the squatters. They should be relocated, but politically they wouldn’t do it because they are the political party supports for the up-coming election. They are being promise of something but to no avail there’s none. Country by partisan leadership must put especial attention to this issue. They must, I mean must create abatement to this problem.     

  • suburbanmother

    I agree with Mr. Enseidel. It takes political will to successfully implement the project that will mitigate the effects of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains. This is not a very easy problem to tackle as there are lots of players involved. Most people will not understand and will not cooperate. Some bloggers here attack Mr. Enseidel as if he caused the flooding. He’s an urban planner so  he sees the overall picture and can recommend solutions so that the metro area will not experience these kinds of problems.

  • belairskycrapper

    …no contra,  sad to say, truth always hurt. very true. filipinos citizens , as a  whole entity, its
       hightime they should be responsible for their own action and stop blaming someone else
       for their miseries. the government could only do soooo much . think what you could do
       to improve your government and not what the government could do to you….discipline and
       charity should begin at home …

  • dabu

    This is the same scenario in Metro Manila when I left almost 30 years ago and nothing has changed.I thought that the devastation caused by Ondoy was an awakening call for government officials and Filipinos as a whole but it seems this did not matter at all. People still throw their trash everywhere and government officials did nothing to improve drainage system in Metro Manila. Squatters who invade river banks and water ways are untouchables because they are protected by these dirty politicians who are after their votes.

  • Jude Fawley

    government should relocate informal settlers away from river banks and drainage system. There should be a comprehensive housing for poor families to avoid shanty living in the city. The main cause of the flooding is clogging of the drainage by plastic bag, wood, and other small things coming from shanty homes.

    Current drainage system in Metro Manila must be re-evaluated. If you think of it, rain here in the country is nothing compare to rain in Vancouver, Canada. Over there, they get one to two months non-stop rain but you don’t see flooding. It’s because they have very good drainage system.

  • fernan107

    Panahon na para ang sambayanan ay magbago na na pananaw sa buhay….

  • Joey Pogi

    Good article, very well said. 

    It’s also high time to start building high rise housing units as this will require less land usage instead of the normal landed properties in a subdivision. Singapore style housing units can be a good model.  

    Another thing is to implement a new building code in construction requiring new buildings to be built to have a water storage compartment at the basement.

        *  It can serve  as a temporary storage for rainwater during monsoon season which can then be                 pumped out as and when the weather condition permits.

       *  It can also be use as a water storage tank for fire hydrant during dry season or as a water for gardens. 

    • Brahman

      The problem with squatters eh pag narelocate at nabigyan ng pabahay eh bumabalik sa dating pinanggalingan at mga bahay na binigay ng gobyerno eh binibenta o pinapaupa. Maraming professional squatters ang nangaagaw ng mga bakanteng lote di lang sa Metro Manila, ganon na rin sa ibang siyudad. Kaya tama lang ginawa ni Duterte ng ipakain nya ang pekeng titulo ng mga lupa sa isang professional squatter na nangkakamkam ng lupa sa Davao.

      • CDurrr

        Congratulations, you are ready to become a Philippine politician. You have just as much grasp of reality as most of them. You think just giving these squatters houses is enough to solve the problem? How are they supposed to work? How will they get to their previous jobs? Are there new jobs waiting for them that’s near their new houses? They don’t even have cars much less motorcycles, of course they’re gonna want to go back to their previous slums. Your kind of nearsighted view of the issues is the same kind of view that most Philippine politicians have which makes this problem unsolvable.

  • pasthaunts

    The massive squatting problem always reminds me of Joey Lina.  He authored a law that decriminalized squatting and he, as a lawmaker, basically failed to push follow-up legislation to make sure that squatters are given relocation homes whether in-city or out-city with livelihood opportunities.  We, Filipinos, love digging our own graves, and we start out with the best of intentions.  Is there a way to fix Metro Manila?  There are, but it needs a tough and determined leadership and middle class vote that will support that leadership.

    I believe that squatters should not be allowed to vote.  They don’t have legal residence, di ba?  Why should they vote?  They will only be allowed to vote if the locality where they want to settle in has a low-cost housing program that can accommodate them, dahil legal residence na yun.  Restore the law that defines squatting as a crime. Puwede namang suspended sentence but at least it will empower the local authorities to demolish when the time is right. Where do we place the squatters, then?  Back to their provinces, where they were born.  That will compel the local governments of the provinces to really start thinking of providing jobs to their constituents who migrate to the cities due to lack of opportunities at home.  Moreover, give the local governments more power to draw investments in their provinces, including foreign investments.  Why not?  We need to be bold, to take a risk to change.  The past decades have shown our lack of resolve and weakness.  We totally misunderstood democracy…

    I also believe that a law must be passed allowing Metro Manilans to elect a governor, who will be empowered to plan the rehabilitation of the metropolis.  The Metro governor should preside over a council of city mayors, who will coordinate urban planning.  No city will be autonomous in their urban planning.  Why, because they simply can’t.  Any development in one part of the city, affects traffic flow in other cities. At the same time, the Metro governor should make sure that most of the city mayors are his allies or party mates so he can push his agenda to fix Metro Manila.  Otherwise, lameduck siya.  That’s democracy.  Simple lang, the Metro governor should be elected on the basis of his program to Metro Manila.  I still believe Filipinos can take bold, decisive moves to fix Metro Manila and the rest of the country… Let’s not be jaded, let’s not wallow in our weaknesses.

    • Andre Mitchell

      Somebody please shoot that Joey Lina in the head!
      Sawa na ba kayo sa krimen sa lugar nyo?
      Sawa na ba kayo sa nakawan?
      Sa professional beggars?
      Sa watch-car ‘kotong’ boys sa bawat paparadahan nyo?
      Sa baklas-side mirror boys?
      Sa mga rumble nila?
      Sa basura, baha at dala nitong mga sakit?
      Sa illegal na talipapa?
      Sa walang malakaran dahil sa illegal sidewalk vendors?
      Joey Lina might as well have encouraged all these with his “Lina Law”.
      Daming legal land owners ang napeperwisyo ngayon gawa nya.
      Tax money natin na sana napupunta sa pagpapaunlad ng syudad natin, napupunta lang sa mayor at botante niya.
      So, somebody please shoot that Joey Lina in the head!

  • pasthaunts

    The mainstream media, especially TV, have not been resolute in looking at the roots of the squatting problem of the metropolis… kasi tv viewership din yung mga squatter…

  • enteng

    This recent flood is a sequel of Ondoy. More sequel coming if we don’t stop this stupid throwing of waste and garbage on waterways. When will we ever learn? The government should be more serious about this urban planning suggested by experts.

    • Brahman

      never, mga matitigas ang ulo ng mga Pilipino. pag nasa ibang bansa, sunod sa patakaran don pero pag nakatuntong na sa Pinas, sa NAIA pa lang balik na ugaling walang disiplina.

  • Teodulo

    Manila the capital of our country is very,very popoulated already that’s why there are many squatters in the sides of river banks.If 50 percent of the population of metro manila will be transferred to visayas and mindanao and jobs also like major factories transferred in the provinces so the people have work, manila can be controlled and cannot be flooded.Why are we filipinos don’t transfer and lived in the provinces and make a big city or mega city there.we can make a mega city in negros,in iloilo in middle or heartland of leyte.In the big heartland of Samar we can also make a mega city with no floods and traffic jams or even in the mountains of bukidnon so that no flood can overflow a city.And flights from international should not only in manila it should also in the visayas and mindanao.They must build international airports also in visayas and mindanao.that’s why manila was submerged by flood because of drainage systrems cause by many people who are undisciplined about garbage system.if this flood would repeat again and again during moonsoon rains then the people cannot go to work the students cannot go to school.Every work and activities are paralyzed.Let us pray and hope that manila would not be a submerged city like the city of venice in italy.there could be a possibility that it could happen if the popolution would increase more.but if the people would realized and transfer to other cities of the country mostly visayas and mindanao then manila could recover itself,then the government could impose a population control limit in living in different parts of metro manila.and manila could be save by severe flooding.

    • Anne Torre

      Some countries like Germany observe an investment cap or ceiling for their cities and states. And these regulations are of course linked to material sources, kind of factories or products, environmental effects, tourism attractions and demographic and institutional distribution. One significant goal is to pervade the population to avoid congestion which consequentially could lead to social and economic disorder and uneven national growth.

      These are what politicians never consider in the Philippines because of greed of power and money. You can see them nosy for and infatuated with popularity and entertainment looking alone at the government programs. Education failed, Philippine culture buried, nationalism dead, sincerity feigned, talking is passion, dignity lost, and God an effective props – these are the conditions of politics in the poor nation when it should have been proper public affairs management. There are few good men but they are defeated by the clans and organized administration syndicates manipulating a diffident and impaired leader.

    • Brahman

      The solution is population control kasi sobrang libog ng mga Pilipino kaya ang daming mga anak ang mga squatters. Para silang mga daga na dumadami at nagiging peste sa lipunan kagaya ng mga politiko.

      • CDurrr

        people like you are the worst.

  • Robert Delamor

    Ganu kalaki ang sukat ng ARAW? 
    Ganu kaliit ang sukat ng ating MUNDO? 

    Sa Taon na ito (2012) nabilang na ng mga Eksperto
    kung ilan beses nag BUGA ng malakas na init ang dambuhalang ARAW?

    Alam nyo rin po ba na malaki na ang natunaw na yelo sa parte ng mundo?

    Sa madaling salita po. tumitindi na ang “Evaporation and Condensation”
    ng tubig ng mundo!

    Syanga po pala napansin ko lang…

    Ang Title:       “Philippine floods a man-made disaster—experts”
    Ang Picture:    (Sa Likod),  Karamihan Lugar daw ng mga Negosyante”
                          (Sa Harap)  Karamihan Lugar daw ng mga Peste”

    Ang nasa likod ng Picture     Karamihan    “Pro RH Bill”

    Ang nasa harapan ng picture karamihan    “Anti RH Bill”

  • Felipinaz Balita

    Squatters presence in floodway structures is one evidence  of corruptions in Philippine  government ..This is government failure to improve living conditions  of Filipinos .

    • TonySpark

      and the corruption starts from the barangay captains of those areas where there are squatters and maybe the people who voted them in place

      • CDurrr

        try join the rest of us in reality tony. how do you think a barangay captain is supposed to prevent flooding in his squatter’s area? By building a dike with his massive government budget?

      • TonySpark

        because they’re the first level of authority in their area, if they make sure there are no squatters in his area of responsibility, then those people who are not supposed to be there wouldn’t be affected. he could have coordinated with his mayor or congressman what his community lacks or what have to be done, all solutions should start from the smallest unit of the government

      • CDurrr

        Do you think a barangay captain has powers to evict people to such scale without a sensible relocation policy? And to you think a mayor or congressman of a big city has the time to listen to the issues plaguing a barangay captain of a squatter’s area. Your view of the political system is too rosy.

      • TonySpark

        so that’s their problem to solve, maybe you’re a relative of a LGU officer or you’re a lazy barangay captain yourself, I’m not

      • CDurrr

        Ad hominem attacks won’t win you this debate. You don’t expect a man to build a mansion given the resources to make a payag. So you say you’re an active barangay captain? When was your last mass eviction of a squatter’s area? Did you initiate or do it by yourself or did you have the mayor’s support?

      • TonySpark

        if you were following what I said, “I’m not”. debates are pointless if the subject aren’t even listening or reading your opinion, and you won’t resolve anything with all of what you said.

      • CDurrr

        You’re the one who’s blaming all of this on the barangay captain. I’m just pointing out that saying barangay captains can do anything to change the situation is pointless. Also, your comment accused me of being either ‘a relative of an LGU member’ OR ‘a lazy barangay captain’ to which you claim you are NEITHER. This doesn’t exclude the possibility that you are an active barangay captain. You should construct your sentences better to remove ambiguities.

      • TonySpark

        sounds like you’re the smart guy, I guess you can solve this 

      • CDurrr

        Hah! I wish! The Philippines is going to heck in a handbag. I’m of the opinion that it would take a nuclear bomb to fix the country’s problems (not to be taken literally)

  • James


  • Steven Zahl

    SQUATTERS get lost!!!!

  • anu12345

    Seeing the affected poor people (or maybe some middle class) and lots of garbage, I still cannot justify what the priests said about the RH bill. China before (and up until now?), had one-child policy in place. They might be a bit cruel in implementation but seems it worked. Of course, what Mitos has said about “heaven crying” is really dummy.

  • Alfredo

    this article is very true its not the rain cause the flood but it is the people because either squatter or rich people are no discipline they just throw there carbage anywhere and its not the government must be blame to this kind f disaster but all people must be blame because of lack of discipline,and  aquino said he will plan for a long term solution  my comment about that was he create a house for a squatter relocate them and give them a house i hope they will going to do like singapore or united kingdom that every  poor people have their house

    • Brahman

      Buti pa nong Martial law malinis ang kapaligiran at meron pang Green Revolution and Family Planning ang gobyerno.

      • rosamistika16

        ilan po ang population noong martial law?
        ilan na po ang population ngyon?
        meron na po bang climate change na nakita ang mga siyentipiko noon?

      • tskpinas

        Doesn’t matter how big the population, it’s about discipline. Having a big population is not an excuse, just look at our neighbor the to north. Tokyo have more people than Metro Manila but they manage to have a very good garbage disposal system.

        Also other nation have good flood control infrastructure even before climate change, why wait for the floods to come before doing something about it. 

  • Cal_Reznick

    Who’s fault is this this time?

    Don’t blame the previous Administration because from recollection after Ondoy in 2009 the previous Administration set out on programs and projects to prevent a catastrophe like that from ever happening again. Then ironically enough this current Administration scrapped all those programs and projects.

    Instead of replacing them and focusing on preventative measures for calamities like this present one, the Administration focused their time and resources on jailing the former President. I’ve been saying that this Administration needs to dedicate their time, energy, and resources on resolving current issues the PI is facing today rather than waste the countries’ money on filing cases against the former President. The money could have been used to create that “comprehensive drainage masterplan.”

    • Cholo

      One important matter does not necessarily diminish the importance of another. And as always, hindsight is 20/20.

      There is a reason why we have a national budget. If the assigned agencies used their allocations properly, then the flooding problem would have been partly solved. Other factors that contribute include our citizens’ discipline in disposing of their garbage properly and proper execution of laws that prohibit structures on waterways.

      Don’t blame this solely on the “administration”. It is so easy to place blame on them. Local governments have their purpose too. That’s why we vote for them.

      • Cal_Reznick

        You have a couple of good points.

        However, there are reports coming out now from the DPWH which quotes Sec. Singson that several projects designed to rehabilitate flood control facilities in areas that were recently flooded were cancelled by this Administration. The reason for the cancellation was apparently merely because it was initiated by the previous Administration.

        Hindsight is 20/20 but one cannot help but think that if these projects were allowed to push through or even if it was cancelled yet replaced then maybe there would not have been as much damage and victims of this current calamity.

        Maybe its not about one matter diminishing another but its just the Administration needs to prioritize better.

        Jailing the former President should not be a priority as we saw with her being released on some weak evidence. Philippines being prone to flooding and needing to have preventative measures is, on the other hand, definitely a priority especially after Ondoy.

      • tskpinas

        Local governments won’t have enough resources to solve this problem, on the national level there is as you stated. Even if they did all 16 cities that make up the Metro will have differing “solutions” to the problem and won’t work with each other. This should be a national issue.

    • TonySpark

      its the local leaders of those affected area’s fault if they’d been doing their job checking their area of responsibility, they could have seen that there are squatters in their area, blame it to the barangay capt for a start

      • Cal_Reznick

        That is a possibility.

        However, at the end of the day the major decisions to implement or cancel projects designed to prevent severe flooding as we have seen is made by the President.

        The fact that the Palace themselves has commended the work of the lgu’s is saying something.

        Its starts up top with the President. He may be out of the palace in his comfortable settings now visiting places for once, but it can’t hide the fact that there should have been projects completed and measures in place to prevent this type of devastation from happening. If we didn’t know that 4 years ago then we for sure should have known it 3 years ago after Ondoy.

      • tskpinas

        Filipinos have very short attention span, we will forget this in a few months.. sad really.

      • Cal_Reznick

        I hope that’s not the case although you may be right.

        If this issue doesn’t get resolved soon and in the next few months the main story being promoted by this Administration once again is the former President then it will be sad.

      • CDurrr

        RTFA. Local leaders cannot do anything to avert a disaster such as this. They can only mitigate the consequences. For the flooding problem to be solved, there needs to be a strong coordination by all local leaders in the area. You can do that with a strong leadership or a coordinating body all of which we don’t have.

        And where are you gonna place the squatters? In your gulags?

  • Thomas Edison

    nobody hurts you like yourself

  • MJ

    national and local leaders should really consider decongesting the the Metro Manila by focusing the development of the rural and countryside areas. this way people will be encouraged to return to their provinces. and it should also fall on us citizens to demand from our government to improve the services and commerce in the our provinces so that we will not be enticed or pushed to migrate to NCR to find better opportunities.

  • Anne Torre

    Some countries like Germany observe an investment cap or ceiling for their cities and states. And these regulations are of course linked to material sources, kind of factories or products, environmental effects, tourism attractions and demographic and institutional distribution. One significant goal is to pervade the population to avoid congestion which consequentially could lead to social and economic disorder and uneven national growth.

    These are what politicians never consider in the Philippines because of greed of power and money. You can see them nosy for and infatuated with popularity and entertainment looking alone at the government programs.

    Education failed, Philippine culture buried, nationalism dead, sincerity feigned, talking becomes passion, dignity lost, and God an effective props – these are the conditions of politics in the poor nation when it should have been proper public affairs management. There are few good men but they are defeated by the clans and organized administration syndicates manipulating a diffident leader.

    • Brahman

      That will not happen in the Philippines, too much corruption in the government and politics and undisciplined people kaya very poor ang urban planning. Di nasunod ang design ng mga Kano tungkol sa Manila at Quezon City, sana isa ang mga city sa pinakamaganda sa Asia.

  • Anne Torre

    Rebellion is a classic subterfuge strategy to drive the economy crazy. And politicians are the reason why the rebel groups are not contained and stopped. Some are supporters, financiers, masterminds, kibitzers, and stupid. The second reason is the military using the national threat as a tool for corruption and the last reason, the most vital one, is the President of the nation for lack of political will and patriotism.

    With a wracked economy especially in the unprotected countryside, rural folks flock to cities’ slum colonies and are easy prey to professional squatters and swindlers. 

    Well, of course, the uneven, discriminatory and improper (read as stupid) economic planning and implementation tops them all in forcing people to squat. Consequently, social and criminal problems surge. Lawlessness increase as the government itself practice the deplorable trait.

    And the said economic recovery remains a vision or an entertainment issue. 

  • Crysis_III

    What can we do? Those people who died were in restricted areas..The more the population the more people are affected. If we have less population… less garbage and more quality of life…

  • Roslee

    Storm heavy rains, I really love, I remember it was raining and we were all looking out of our window until our neighbor’s roof was swinging up and down in the motion of the strong until suddenly it just flew away and all we could was to laugh.

    • Rene V

       funny, isn’t it? what if that roof was yours? next time it should be your roof…

    • David

      Shame on you Roslee,I agree with Rene V, some poor family losing their roof (Squatter or not) is harldy a joke or laughing matter!

  • Roslee

    Reading some of the comments I am shocked how one commentator “Pasthaunts”, said thatt”squatters should not vote”, are you a Filipino?  Filipinos even the riches will not say what you said, so, you must be some foreigner taking residency in the Philippines. What I can I say but Filipinos knows their “Bill of Rights” go find some other planet to reside.

    • Brahman

      Are they really voting according to their rights, o binibenta lang mga votes ng mga squatter tuwing election kaya hindi sila pinapalayas sa mga lupang di nila pagaaari at sa mga estero na nagiging dahilan ng pagbara dahil sa kanilang basura, kaya hayan baha ang kapalit?

    • Andre Mitchell

      No, squatters shouldn’t be given any rights when it comes to voting for the local officials!
      Squatters do not have the best interests for the community. Thus the public servants they elect will also not have the best interests of the community.The article above is spot on!
      The vicious cycle should be broken!

    • tskpinas

      Actually only in the Philippines that illegal settlers have more rights than legal ones.. 

    • Nagagalitna

      For me talking of voters…only taxpayers has the rigth to vote.

  • AJ Giorgio

    ulan, baha, evacuate, relief goods..

    after a year,

    ulan, baha, evacuate, relief goods..

    after a year,

    ulan, baha, evacuate, relief goods..

    ano kaya kung every month mangyari ito? or every 2 weeks?
    haay.. when will people learn?

  • joboni96

    F = I – O -C

    1. bawasan ang input
    small holding dams, hindi malaki delikado

    2. palakasin output

    3. increase carrying capacity

    para bawas floods

  • cute79

    tumpak!sana mbasa ito ng presidente ,pulitiko at yong mga tao na naninirahan sa mga sinasabing danger zone.sana kusa nlng silang umalis para sa kanilang kaligtasan at para sa lahat ng mga mamayan sa metro manila.dahil isa sila sa naging dahilan kung bakit nangyari ang trahedyang ito pero lahat damay na sa baha.

  • cute79

    sana mabigya ng solusyon ang problema ito ng ating govt.tama na ang paggamit ng mga taong nsa squatters para sa pulitika.

  • cute79

    pauwiin sa kani-knilang probinsya ang mga taong nktira sa danger zone kung wla nmang trabaho sa maynila.overpopulated na masyado ang maynila para rin mbsan ang mga kriminal.

  • Andre Mitchell

    Confusing naman ang article.
    Nagsimula tungkol sa man-made disaster, tapos nagconclude nanam ng tungkol sa BPO boom…
    About the squatter issue, I thought may programa na para dyan si bistek?
    I thought tataasan nya ang land taxes namin sa QC para sa housing ng mga sqautters nya?
    I thought tatanggalin nya ang mga brgy captain na di mako-control ang paglaki ng mga squatter colonies?
    Tapos malalamin natin na “squatter communities… have in fact grown since 2009″
    Pero paano nya nga ba aayusin yon? Eh mga botante nya ang mga yon?
    Kawawa tayong mga legal residents ng Q.C.
    Tax money natin napupunta lang kay bistek at sa relief efforts para sa mga botante nya…
    How to break this vicious cycle???

    • cute79

      wag na iboto si bistek kabayan ang solusyon.subukan iboto ang iba yong wla pang experience sa pulitika,yong may magandang hangarin para sa bayan at sa mga mmayan.tapos pag wala pa ring mgwa,subukan ulit ang iba.nkksawa n kasi mga mga pulitikong papalit palit lng ng position pero wala nman tlgang ngwang mganda para sa bayan at s mga mmmyan.

      • Andre Mitchell

        Kung pwede nga lang sanang di iboto yan. Pero wala tayong laban sa masa na mga squatters.

        I wish tanggalan ng voting rights ang squatter, especially sa local elections. Sa national elections sige pwede sila. Pero kapag local elections, yung mga legal land owners or tax payers lang sa community ang pwede bumoto ng mayor at brgy captain nila.

      • cute79

        baka may solusyon dyan kbyan.dapat siguro gumawa kayo ng aksyon lahat na legal residents sa metro manila para malaman ng govt natin na di kayo sang-ayon na maraming squatters sa metro manila at yan ang isang matinding dahilan kung bakit kayo binaha at posible na taon-taon na mangyayari yan,posible nga twice or trice a year yan mangyayari pag di aksyunan ng govt.may krpatan kayo kasi nagbbyad kayo ng buwis smantlang ang mga squatters hindi.kung walang aksyon ang mayor nyo,so mas mabuti narin siguro wag na rin kayo magbayad ng buwis nyo.

  • Dan Fernandez

     Forgive me to use a cliche, but it’s a no-brainer. This lack of
    foresight can only be described as reckless. We may have little
    control over the seemingly intractable proliferation of slum dwellers,
    but the government does not lack the resources and the wherewithal to
    curb the now colossal refuse pollution. It is my submission that
    irresponsible behavior can still be deterred by strict implementation of

    laws. Further, the decades-old drainage system is in obvious need of
    reworking. We are also in dire need of a far better drainage
    infrastructure; taking into consideration urban flood and weather
    models. More important, we have to invest more on cutting-edge weather
    forecasting facilities [and water treatment and landfills]. Case in
    point, Brazil. Brazil not so recently launched DEEP THUNDER with IBM, a
    weather modelling project that can predict weather ACCURATELY up to 48
    hours into the future. Imagine if project NOAH/PAGASA have this kind of
    capability and the extent of benefits this could bring to our
    disaster-preparedness efforts. Immense. Millions of lives and properties
    could be saved. If we can afford to splurge and lose millions or
    billions of pesos in half-assed government policies [not to mention
    corruption], why not spend on economy/life-saving technology such as
    Deep Thunder [with a price tag of around $750,000 or more or less 30
    billion pesos]?

  • wofie

    isang ultimate solution pra di na pabalik balik ang mga squatter sa tabing ilog
    at magiging maganda  at malaki ang pakinabang kapag nangyari eto. lahat
    ng tabing ilog dapat ay gawing kalsada at least 4 lanes. ang mga
    sumusunod ang magiging resulta:
    *magiging maayos ang daluyan ng tubig sa kalsada/drainage dahil wala ng makakabara na mga pader ng bahay o struktura.
    *wala na direktang magtatapon ng basura at mga pollutants.
    tayuan ng mga restaurants at resort ang side na hindi katabi ng ilog
    para walang nakaharang na struktura sa gilid ng ilog.
    *pwedeng lagyan ng mga scenic gardens at parks ang side malapit sa ilog.
    *pwedeng maging alternative na daanan ang 4 lane na kalsada papunta sa iba ibang siyudad sa metro manila.
    *mas malaki ang chance na lilinis na ulit ang tubig sa ilog.
    *pwedeng lagyan ng wall o riprap ang parteng mababa ng tabing ilog pra panangga sa pag apaw.
    *makikita agad kung may magtatayo ng barung barung o anumang struktura sa tabing ilog.
    *wala na ililikas na tao tuwing tag ulan o bumaha.
    *masarap mamasyal sa tabing ilog kung magkakaron ng parks o garden.
    *magiging malawak at maganda ang tanawin kung lahat ng tabing ilog ay gagawing kalsada.*magkakaron ng mga bagong work opportunity sa mga negosyong itatayo tulad ng mga bar at restaurants.

    sa ibang bansa ganito ang ginagawa nila diko lang maintindihan bakit
    hindi ginagawa dto sa  atin samantalang lahat naman ng mga namumuno ay
    nakarating sa ibang bansa at nakita ang ganito haaaayyy… hindi lang kasi iisa ang dahilan ng pagbaha kundi marami at kapag
    nagsama sama eh sabi nga sa english meron ka recipe for disaster.budgetan nyo po ang pagpapagawa ng kalsada sa mga tabing ilog at tiyak gaganda pa ang tanawin natin at saka baka sakali makakita ulit tayo ng mga naglalaba at naliligo sa ilog.

    • cute79

      agree ako sayo kbayan.pag nangyari yan sinabi mo pwde pang gawing tourist attractions ang mga ilog.pwde ng magkarron ng mga bangka para sa mga turista .

      • wofie

        pwede talaga mangyari ito kabayan dto sa atin political will at vision lng talaga kel. dapat gayahin ang dubai creek na napapalibutan ng kalsada at pwede pa gamitin ang ilog sa mass transport ng sa ganun marami option ang tao at makabawas traffic.

        ang ganda siguro pag nangyari yun dadami mapasyalan lalu pag summer at tiyak kikita din ang gobyerno dahil sa mga negosyong maaring itayo malapit sa ilog.

        eto lng tanging paraan pra mawala na din ang squatters sa tabing ilog na may marami at malaking pakinabang at isang beses lang gagastusan.

    • Mariz

      ang nakikita kung malaking problema mismo kababayan natin… nagsisiksikan sa mga squatters area , malayang ginagawa ang mga gusto nila ( snatching – taktakbo sa squatters area… holdapan – tatakbo sa squatters kasi andoon ang mga ka tropa na mag ko cover sa kanila  … drugs market… gina gawa pang CR ang mga saradong building …
      NO DISCIPLINE , wala kasing nakakatakutan at  WALANG NERERESPETO 

      • wofie

        tanong: anu ang dapat gawin para mawala ang mga gumagawa ng di maganda katulad ng binanggit mu? Sagot: dapat ma eliminate ang lugar na usually ay ginagawang squatters area para mawalan ng takbuhan ang mga gumagawa ng masama kagaya ng binanggit mu. tama o mali?

        parang lamuk lang yan. anu dapat gawin para di dumami ang lamuk sa paligid? di ba unang ginagawa natin ay sirain ang lugar kung san sila nangingitlog at nagpaparami? tama o mali?

      • wofie

        pero bakit ntin sisirain ang lugar na ginagawang squatter area kung pwede natin pakinabangan katulad ng kalsada di ba? siguro naman wala na magpapatayo ng barung barung sa gitna ng kalsada.

    • Jezzrel

      Gawing kalsada? Hindi ok yan, tingnan mo na lang ang Marikina RiverBanks, submerged pa din di ba pag malakas ang tubig ulan. Imbes the gawing garden or kalsada, dapat iwidening then idredge ang river. Ang nangyari kasi, kahit part ng river or catch basin, ginagawang tayuan ng bahay or subdibisyon..Halimbawa na lang ang Marikina River, wide yang river na yan kaso, dami na bahay, yang Tumana area sa Marikina City, part ng river yan eh, kumbaga river basin pero ginawang human settlement ng mga iskuwater….

    • Renski1970

      Tanong mo sa matatandang squatters diyan, sampulan mong tanungin kong gaano na sila KATAGAL sa lugar.. SAGOT PA SA INYO.. BATA PA DAW SILA O DIYAN NA DAW SILA PINANGANAK. Anak naman oo, ipakita ninyo o ipaliwanag ninyo sa ISTORYA ng lugar kung totooong nandiyan na sila.. PURO sila SINUNGALING. WALA NG NAKATIRANG ORIGINAL NA TAGA-MANILA, lahat karamihan nasaabroad na, ang mga nagko konwaring taga MANILA kuno ay talagang mga DAYO lalo na ang mga TAGA GILID.

  • Platypus09

    Poiticians keeping squatters in their areas to secure election votes is just pure GREED.

    This type of political plan seems WRONG and seems INHUMANE if allowing these squatters to stay in the area causes the destruction of our rivers and water sheds with their human
    destructibility which leads to floods like this destroying peoples’ lives and massive or billions of personal properties.

    These types of politicians should be liable for perpetuating squatters in their areas. They are not helping our communities but DESTROYING them big time such as this massive flooding.

  • boybakal

    Philippine floods a man-made disaster—experts….

    It is not the weather, not the typhoon not southwest monsoon rains.
    I thought it is Climate Change.
    It is our own fault.
    Very Good.

  • wofie

    walang technology, drainage system, o malalim ilog na maaring makapigil sa ganitong magnitude na ulan. pero may long term na solution upang mababawasan ang damage, mabilis humupa ang baha, mabilis umagos ang tubig baha sa kalsada kung gagawing kalsada lahat ng tabing ilog. imagine ang hitsura ng tabing ilog kung walang nakaharang na mga squatters, factories, bldgs.

    imagine kung ang mga tabing ilog ay magiging katulad sa may guadalupe papuntang pateros.

  • aofosersd

    There you go!!! These squatters are being protected by politicos because they carry his votes during election time. It really boils down to political will!! We are not overpopulated, we’re just cramped in Manila.

  • aofosersd

    In addition, there must be a law enacted to HEAVILY PENALIZE anyone throwing garbage in any esteros, waterway, river and in drainage systems.

  • Magsasaka

    well said, it is really a man made disaster

  • disqusted0fu

     its definitely man – made! no discipline in keeping the country clean. obviously the primary cause of floods are the trash we throw just anywhere. plus, the politics here in our country is as dirty as the trash scattered all over the place. on top of that, how do you expect to prevent calamities like these from happening when the administration has cancelled 19 projects for the urgent rehabilitation of flood control facilities? why were they cancelled? who knows! but its just a dumb move! for a country who experiences dozens of typhoons a year, not prioritizing, and even cancelling out projects for flood control is just ridiculous!

  • Johnlove

    squatter power + political power = total disaster

    • Andre Mitchell

      Nice equation!

      Tanggalan ng voting rights ang squatters, especially sa local elections.
      This is probably the best measure to break the vicious disaster equation.

      Squatters have no care for the community. Yung mga ibinoboto nilang mga politiko wala rin naman paki sa community, they’re just concerned w/ their political dynasties.

      • cute79

        korek kbyan!sana mangyari yan sinabi mo.pag nagkataon sigurado plyasin agad ng mga mayors ang mga squatters sa kanilang nsasakupan.

  • Chito

    cutting trees and replacing it with subdivisions isn’t included… i dunno why.. 

    • Renski1970

      hahaha, iyan isa pa iyan.. development at pabahay. Ang kabundukan sa paligid ng Rizal pinatayuan ng subdibisyon kasi malapit daw sa Manila. Iyan na.. sige sugod, ubusin ninyo kasama na ang mga dating bukid. Ginawa na ring subdibisyon, ano na ngayun? Gahaman sa PERA. per square meter ba naman ang bentahan.. dati barya barya ngayun libo libo? So why not convert everything to CITIES. Bahala na tayo mag dusa sa galit na kalikasan. Pera pera na lang daw ang laban.

  • Anne Torre

    Has aquino tried riding a boat and surveying the coastline of Metro Manila and the Pasig River? If he’d not get nauseated then he must be abnormal. 

  • Mariz

    eh papano mag segregate na walang basurahan , if ang bawat bahay ang maglalagay ng basurahan hindi lahat ng tao makakabili ng basurahan … sa lahat ng bansa na napuntahan ko kanto-kanto ang basurahan tatlong drum , sa China halimbawa may CR sa bawat kanto at ang CR parang bahay may nagbabantay at EQ: 10 pesos ang bayad sa pag gamit strict sila walang squatter na natutulog sa CR ang mga mahirap sa kanila nakalagay sa mga apartment ng mga government… China ang pinaka malaki ang population pero nadidiciplina sila kunti lang tayo kumpara sa kanila bakit tayo di na didiciplina? Abusado kasi tayo… umaasa lagi sa government na pagdating ng ganitong problema may magpapakain umaasa sa bigay…
    1.) Proper waste disposal 
    2.) Let the Government discipline us ( lalo na ang mga tao sa mga  squatters)   
    3.) Remove/ ban the squatters

    • manks

       Kc kahit basurahan ay ninanakaw..

    • cute79

      dapat maging mahigpit ang govt natin kasi likas na matitigas tlga kramihan sa ating mga pinoy.dapat govt ang magcontrol lahat at kung ayaw sumunod ng tao may penalty or ikulong,sobra sobra kasi ang freedom sa pinas.kramihang mga pulitko ay wala ring mlskit tlga sa bayan at mamamayan ,bc lang sila lagi para sa kanilang mga sarili pano yumaman.kita nga natin kahit sa trafic sa pinas di masolusyuanan.di tulad ng ibang bansa npaka organize.d ko rin nman msbing mga tanga or bobo ang mga nasa govt,baka sadyang wla lang pakialam

  • boybakal

    Philippine floods a man-made disaster….Damaged watersheds, massive squatter colonies living in danger zones and the neglect of drainage systems …

    However, American Chamber of Commerce president Rhicke Jennings said Manila remained an attractive destination.

    600,000 people are now employed in the outsourcing sector more than double by 2016.

    This is a very Balanced News.
    From Negative to Positive; From Flood to Job, From Bad to Good,
    From Disaster to Call Center.
    From single to double.

    However, don’t mention that outsourcing 600K jobs to double, americans will get mad.
    They are losing jobs even though no flood.
    Good News…Forget that flood.

  • Brando Guerra

    chinese  made  if  you  know,,,  removing  of  coral  reef,,,,,flood  is  the  answer

  • MarA

    The perenial flooding of Manila and the adjacent cities will always be a problem
    unless something big has to be done.  During the Marcos era, only the Cultural Center
    and the PCCI areas were reclaimed.  Nowadays, from Manila all the way to Cavite, the bay
    was reclaimed.  How much volume of the bay was covered with soil?  This same volume of covered land has displaced the same amount of water in the bay when there is huge rainfall. 
    Saan pa pupunta ang tubig?  Wala nang pupuntahan, tataas na lang, kaya heto bahang
    malaki.  Likewise, we should plant trees where there are available areas to plant.  The soil
    has become hard that when it rains, water just flow to the lowlands because the soil which
    is already hardened can not absorb the water. The trees would keep the soil not to become
    hard so that when there is rain, water will get into the bottom of the soil.

  • anu12345

    “Philippine floods a man-made disaster—experts”

    Maybe partly. Don’t forget that even in rich, efficient and clean countries, they are not 100% flood-proof

    • 4kingdaddy

      but they don’t have that many trash floating….we allow people to dump anything and everything anywhere that are not consumable…first on the agenda, dredge the silts in our rivers….this will allow a deeper river which, though may not stop the flood, will at least miimize the depth of flooding… our province , trash are picked up daily….how about MM….

  • pepengkabayo

    Philippine floods a man-made disaster—experts….

    Akala ko pa naman si Habagat at si Bagyong Gener at isama pa si Ondoy sa mga pagbaha sa Metro Manila at karatig.
    Hindi pala.
    Bumalik ulit kayo Habagat at Bagyo, hindi kayo sinisisi sa pagbaha.

  • philpatriot

    Look at the pictures those are the main culprit of flooding. Rivers are belong to water occupying it with garbage and squatting resulting to serious flooding. It is pure simple. You blocked the water water way then next to it is flooding. The definition of man made disaster is greed. Sa tagalog walang pakialam sa mundo basta mabusog lang. Kung walang nakahalang sa water way patungong rivers mabilis na dadaloy ang tubig. tayuan mo ng structures ang daanan then hinto ang tubig sa pag daloy. Para di maipon ang tubig sa kalsada gibain ang structures na pumipigil ng pagdaloy ng tubig. Karamihan sa ating mga Pilipino ay utak Biya. lalo na ang mga politiko at tao sa gobyerno. Ilog naging tapunan ng basura, dahil walang matapunan ng basura, ang perang panghakot ng basura ay binubulsa, Tabing ilog tinatayuan ng bahay at pinapayagan ng barangay at ng municipality to earn more voters. 

  • randyaltarejos

    To President Noy Aquino:

    The Philippines is bracing for the rainy season. Starting July up to November this year, many typhoons are expected to come and bring disasters to the country. And we will never know how many more lives and properties will be put at risk.

    Therefore, we have no other choice but to be prepared all the time. But while the government is preparing all it could to introduce programs that will mitigate, if not stop, the worst disasters that any man could ever think of, many of our countrymen are insensitive to what the government is doing. They continue to ignore the environment. Others are building shacks along the rivers and creeks, oblivious of the dangers that await them when typhoons come. Those who have nowhere to go are forced to live under the bridges, while others live along the wet pavements and carts with their families.

    Mr. President, I think the responsibilities that you had entrusted to the NDRRMC and the provincial disaster coordinating centers are not enough to put a stop to these flooding as what the millions of residents in central and northern Luzon had experienced when the southwest monsoon rains and typhoons Ondoy and Gener hit the country recently. I knew how bad you felt upon seeing your millions of constituents experienced these sufferings. But you can only do so much.

    Perhaps, we need to work harder and harder so that the people will understand what your administration needs to accomplish. But without discipline among the citizenry, the good disaster programs that you had put in place will be inutile.

    Mr. President, I’m just an ordinary citizen whose family had experienced the sad impacts of the monsoon rains that resulted in the flooding at Provident Village in Marikina City. The trauma that was experienced by many families, especially the innocent children, was more than enough to, perhaps, rethink of possible ways to introduce reforms on how your government can mitigate, if not stop, these inundations.

    The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), under the leadership of Atty. Francis Tolentino,  has been doing a good job. Yet what the MMDA personnel can do to clean up every clogged rivers and creeks are not enough to keep this cleanliness. I’m wondering if the Department of Public Highways has ever went out of its way to dredge the heavily silted rivers like the Marikina River and Pasig River, where most of the water flow out into Manila Bay? I have no idea if the Department of Environment and Natural Resouces (DENR) has thought about enforcing laws that will penalize people who indiscriminately throw garbage into the creeks and rivers?

    Mr. President, I have a suggestion to make. With all these shenanigans in government, which involves some of the politicians and local government officials who continue to encourage, if not protect,  thousands of illegal settlers to build their shacks along the banks of rivers and creeks so that they can use in time of elections, the disaster programs that you had put in place will remain inutile if many of our people will not take heed of your administration’s safety precautions.

    I think it is high time for you to create an inter-agency commission that will be composed of ranking public officials from the DOJ, DENR, DPWH, MMDA, DILG, NDRRMC, DOTC, local governments  and the private sector. The proposed agency shall be named “National Public Safety Commission”, and it shall be directly under the Office of the President.

    One of the main responsibilities of this Commission is to oversee the implementation of public safety measures to mitigate the negative impacts of  impending disasters that may hit the country. Among its thrusts include the following: a) prevent illegal settlers from building shacks in public areas deemed dangerous to live;  b) prevent people from throwing garbage into rivers and creeks; c) monitor the implementation of public safety and building standards in cities and localities; d) ensure that the flood control infrastructures are working properly;  e) the rivers and creeks are free of garbage; and f) the coastal areas are free of illegal settlers.

    The proposed agency shall be authorized to issue citations and warnings, and arrest those who are caught on the act of violating the code for safety standards,  in cooperation with the law enforcement authorities. As a safety net,  the agency shall put in place the fencing of along side the rivers and creeks. This will prevent illegal settlers from encroaching and building their shacks along the banks of rivers and creeks all over the country. The Commission shall also be tasked to coordinate and assign inspectors to all local government units in the country.

    If this agency is created, I doubt it very much if these illegal settlers will still build their shacks along the edges of rivers and creeks. When this happens, I’m sure the bulks of garbage that we see floating on stagnant water ways will no longer be a big problem for the government.


  • dongvee

    MetroManila should have started on this long time ago: massive decongestion! Hindi po tutuo yang hindi magalaw yong mga tao na sa mga lugar hindi dapat tirahan. A thorough census on these people identifying what provinces they come from, then giving them realistic incentives (the carrots) or else (the stick) to go back to their province of origin should be done right away. Then and only then can there be a realistic talk of massive clean up in clogged esteros and drainage systems for long term solution to this perennial flooding problems.

    • Renski1970

      kaya nga nagsiksikan sa Manila ang mga taga Probinsiya dahil mismo ang mga taga MANILA ay masuyadong mayabang. Lahat ng factory, development, trabaho na lang, diyan. Eh ikaw taga probinsya papano ka mag aaply eh ang mga main office nasa MANILA na naman. O ngayon sisisihin ninyo ang mga taga Probinsya? ang mga eskwater ay nabuo dahil sa kasakiman ng taga MANILA. Lalo na’t ipinagmamalaki pa nila na maganda ang buhay MAYNILA, sikat at asensado. O ngayon ano na?

  • Jezzrel

    Kailangan na talaga ang political will para sa relocation ng mga illegal settlers along river banks and creeks then pagkatapos non dredging naman. Maliban sa rehabilitation ng ating mga sewage/drainage system, gumalaw ang gobyerno at mga tao para sa“reforestaion sa mga bulubundukin east of marikina/san mateo, rizal, mountainous eastern parts of bulacan. Mga bundok ay denuded na at ginawang mga subdibisyon (san mateo & antipolo)..Me darating pa kayang maging pangulo ng bansa na may political will at vision? Meron, BB2016!!!!!

    • tamakajan

      In New York, they have maintain the Eco-balance within their urban areas. They leave green spaces and trees to grow, in Metro Manila it’s quite the opposite.

    • boldyak

      pag alam ng tao, na kung maging illegal settlers sila, bigyan sila relocation sites….hahaha…subukan ko nga maging illegal settler para mabigyan ng relocation site, tapos benta ko at balik ulit ako sa pagka illegal settler, gandang negosyo ito..wahahaha..susmeeooo…masyado tayong mabait sa mga tiwaling tao….dapat minsan ipatupad ang bawal at pasensyahan na….daming naperhuwisyo sa mga kagagawan ng iba…pasensyahan na lang, ang bawal bawal..walang kinikilingan…

  • 4kingdaddy

    flood is here to stay…for 10 years, eisendel did nothing…now it seems he’s blaming his successors…. what a country we are, really…….

  • tamakajan

    Keep a close watch on your Congressman, Mayors and even Governors, they should use their pork barrels on times like this, ask them for help. Additional na lang ang tulong ng mga NGO’s, e mukhang sa NGo pa sila umaasa ng relief goods. Baka nagastos na nila yung parte nila keya walang umaaksyon…

  • Renski1970

    REFORESTRATION? Papano? hay naku 1970’s pa nagti-treeplanting kami hanggang pag college ko (10 puno para maka graduate, requirement). Nasaan na? Ilang kabataan at ilang taon na ang naka lipas? Hay naku naman pala eh.. di nale ng mag UULING. Sila ang dahilan bakit nakalbo lalo ang panot ng bundok. Mismo man totroso nag rereklamo dahil wala ng punong matroso. Aba naman, ang dahilan ng mang uuling eh, pangkabuhayan nila at MALILIIT NA PUNO lang naman daw ang inuuling nila. Kaya pala hindi lulalaki, isa pa alam ng DENR iyan. Bakit hindi nila kayang pigilan dahil mismo ang mga pamilya nila gumagamit ng uling dahil MURA daw kaysa LPG. Papano na? Pangkabuhayan na naman ng maralitang PINOYS. DAHIL SA KAHIRAPAN KAYA TAYO BINABAHA. Wala na bang paraan? 70’s to 2012 na paulit-ulit na lang. O sige sugod na lang tayo sa BAHA. Tayo din naman pala ang may GAWA nito.

  • Rodel

    The responsibility of handling our garbage properly comes from within us. If we were, responsible years back, We could have prevented this disaster. The disaster has become a man-made since we have taken forgranted our responsibilities towards nature.

  • Choi Bali

    The changes and habits of handling our own garbage should be taken into account. I agree on the expert and it is a TRUE FACT that there is no concrete drainage system to be found in any city/town/metro in the Philippines.
    In my opinion, if each one of us Filipinos respect the nature by preserving our forests, the rule of law especially in handling garbage in each households, and a genuine discipline amongst ourselves, we can avoid and/or minimize this floods before hand.
    Pero ang tigas kasi natin, astig masyado, bahala na si batman attitude etc, ma epal, ewan ko ba, almost all na cguro na mga negative/bad words na makita mo sa dictionary na sa ating mga pinoy. Although not all Filipinos are like that but mostly 90% of us are like that, right.
    So if we want to change, then we should start it from our ownself. Be proactive to the incubation of a better society in the Philippines.

    • Lovingly_yours

      Japan is known of being organised and have good garbage management…but they are not flood proof country……garbage alone..we cant see water level on the second floor of those houses…but the sea water goes up so that the water in the city would stand still…even there is no garbage, the flood is still possible as experienced by other countries who are good in garbage management…and then we will ask why these things happened and will happen again?

  • malek_abdul

    The government should de-congest Metro Manila. Its time to relocate the some businesses and new enterprises in the provinces. There are a lot of potential areas in the Philippines.

    • Alex D

      agree. if i may comment, the train system extending to the provinces would be good investment since this transport people and good at least cost. people don’t have to live in the metropolis since they can travel long distances in less time.  in Germany, i observed an efficient train system connecting Munich to towns and other states. while nlex and slex and other expressways are good, in the long run, their costs will progressively increase, as we have already seen.  my two cents. 

      • MonMayuga

        Here in Germany, goods in containers are transported efficiently via rivers and man-made canals which are dug deep enough to allow barges and inland ships to sail to and fro. This helped ease traffic congestions in motorways. 

        Germany, being at the center of the European continent suffers from heavy traffic as vehicles from other European countries around pass through its excellent freeways and autobahn networks which is among the best in the world. Trucks loaded with containers are allowed to use the roads on specific times of the day only. This is strictly enforced by the highway police which regularly check the roadworthiness of the vehicles. Banks of rivers and canals are clean which are maintained and used as recreation areas for joggers, leisure walkers, bikers, etc. No motor vehicles are allowed to use them. 

  • Lovingly_yours

    Disasters are man made…it is true…because the man made mistakes “sin” which invites disasters…The sin of the nation…will brings disaters to her people…a sin of a man will bring him to destruction in Fire…No SIN no calamities for the God who love world so much but our sins allows Him to bring disaster on the land as reminder of His existence which the sinners tried to ignore…

    • Raphael


      • Lovingly_yours

        Singapore’s former minister mentor concerns about low birth rate08-12-2012 03:30 BJT

        SINGAPORE, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) — Singapore’s former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew expressed his concerns on the country’s low fertility rate on Saturday.He said that the reproduction rates for Chinese, Indians and Malays in Singapore are 1.08, 1.09 and 1.64 respectively, representing their declining will to give birth to the next generation.”If we go on like that, this place will fold up, because there’ ll be no original citizens left to form the majority, and we cannot have new citizens, new PRs to settle our social ethos, our social spirit, our social norms. So my message is a simple one. The answer is very difficult but the problems, if we don’t find the answers, are enormous,” local media Channel NewsAsia quoted as saying when Lee attended the National Day celebration dinner in his own group representation constituency.He emphasized the important role of work permit holders who build the roads, homes and dig the tunnels. And without the permanent residents, Singapore’s population would be older, smaller, and will lose vitality, he added.He said it’s important for the Singaporeans to have a change in mindset for the long term, although in the short term the city- state could accept migrants and make them conform to Singapore’s values and have others on temporary work permit holders to help build up Singapore and improve.”So, just ponder over it and you will know the solution is not simple. But we’ve got to persuade people to understand that getting married is important, having children is important,” added Lee

    • cute79

      ganun ?ok lng pala kahit dadami pa yong mga taong maninirahan sa tabing ilog at ok lang din lahat ng mamamayan magtapon ng basura kahit saan basta magdasal lang pagkatapos magtapon na sana di babara sa canal ang basura tinapon mo para pg umulan di bahain.pag wala na akong pera magnakaw nlng din ako pero magdsal muna ako bago magnakaw.kahit magdasal ka ng buong araw kung wala k namang ginawa ,wala ring mangyayari.

      • boldyak

        kasalanan ang tumira sa tabing ilog, nilalabag mo ang batas…kaya its a sin…wahahaha….bawal tumapon ng basura kahit saan may batas yan, nilalabag mo ang batas….kasalanan din yan…susmeeoo…kasalalan din ang sabihin mo na magnakaw ka at saka manalangin ka lang….niloloko mo mga tao at ang Diyos…ano akala mo sa kanya pede mo lokohin?….haysss..hindi pa ba natin alam ang kasalanan at ang hindi?…kaya nagkalokoloko bayan natin..

  • jbadge

    Urban planner Nathaniel Einseidel said the Philippines had enough technical know-how and could find the necessary financing to solve the problem, but there was no vision or political will.

  • pasaway008ako

    Lahat kayo may tama! Amen ako diyan. Kung ang lahat o karamihan sa atin ay may malasakit sa bayan, di sana mangyayari iyan. Pero kung babaguhin ngayon at itatama ang lahat ng iyan, hanggang kailan maayos ang, sabihin ng 80% ang naayos? Baka puti na ang uwak hindi pa nakikita ang resulta. Iton lang admin ni Pres. Aquino, siya mismo ang nagkukumahog na gumanda ang buhay sa pinas kong mahal, pero karamihan naman ay kontra! Ano ba iyan?

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Floods are not manmade, they’re natural. They happen everywhere even in the desert. It’s the failure of man to remember history that gets him into trouble. Specially Pinoys whose memory is very short and whose obsession is always for short-term gain. It’s these traits that ensure that Pinoys will always lose.

  • rnoldrmada

    WTF…of course it’s only properJennings would say all the positive things about our country even though we know it’s all sweet talk and nothing more . And yes,american companies will continue to invest in our country but not as much as they do in other asian countries like China, So. Korea, et al.  We’ll always be the place of last resort for them unless a precious resource such as oil or gas is found in our country which changes the whole game for them as to their relationship with us. Otherwise, it’s samo-samo…..

  • MonMayuga

    The recurring disasters that visit on the Philippines cannot and should not be attributed solely to nature. These are a confluence of several factors, mostly manmade which have been contributing enormously to the occurrence of these catastrophes. Global warming is one of them. A small country like the Philippines may have contributed to this but the main culprits are the developed nations whose factories have been discharging huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But we should not take comfort that we have contributed lesser than others. In fact we have helped aggravate the already worsening situation by wantonly cutting the trees and not replacing them with new ones, thus lessening the ability of nature to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and at the same time adding to the production of the poisonous gas. 

    Those who planned our cities in the past did not foresee the huge population growth in our cities. They did not allot spaces for recreational purposes in urban areas, nor set aside enough “breathing space” for road arteries such that buildings were built close to the streets which could not be widened anymore to address the growing number of vehicles that the expanding population brings. 

    As is common in third world countries, people from the provinces and rural areas flock to the cities in search of jobs. Most are non-skilled workers who would accept any kind of dirty work to subsist and settle in any available space just to live. This helped bring about the existence of squatter communities which filled up areas along rivers, creeks and railroad tracks.

    Fed up with the smog and the crowd that filled the cities the well-to-do ones now opt to build their homes far from the “madding crowd,” as land developers reverse the trend and “occupy” farmlands, venture into housing projects in the surrounding rural areas and made them into subdivisions. The erstwhile arable lands that used to be irrigated rice paddies to absorb water became concrete pavements  of road arteries and sprawling housings. 

    • 4kingdaddy

      global warming had been proven to be wrong….al gore, the man who started it all, had stopped preaching about it…, there…..

      • MonMayuga

        Global warming or not, whatever. 

        We should not fill creeks, canals, waterways with waste. We should not allow illegal settlements along their banks nor allow squatters to live on them. We should not deforest our  mountains, hills and national parks. We should not allow land developers to convert plains and other arable lands into residential subdivisions. 

        All these have contributed to the unusual deluge that we are experiencing now. 

      • 4kingdaddy

        with these reasonings, i agree….

  • Alex D

    if i may comment, the train system extending to the provinces would be good investment since this transport people and good at least cost. people don’t have to live in the metropolis since they can travel long distances in less time.  in Germany, i observed an efficient train system connecting Munich to towns and other states. while nlex and slex and other expressways are good, in the long run, their costs will progressively increase, as we have already seen.  my two cents. 

    • white scorpion

      development of the train system can partially decongest metropolis. unfortunately the gov’t is not allocating enough budget to deveolped the train system. our ultra rich tycoon naman, puro MALL, CONDO, EXPRESSWAYS, CONVERSION OF AGRI LAND TO RESIDENTIAL ang alam na investment. one politicain developer; and others even fill the river to give way to developing subdivision. we could HARDLY heard somebody is investing on RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. the very reason why our natural mineral has to go to foreign country and return as finished product which has a higher cost already. employment din yun nawala. and good profit rin.

  • malek_abdul

    Its funny…everybody knows what are the cause of the flooding of Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. Everybody also know the remedies and solutions to the problem. The main issue here is nobody is taking responsibility to solve the problem. People and government must make the first step and begin at one point to start a continuous process of deterring floods. First step maybe is to de-congest gradually Metro Manila. Convince investors and businessmen to relocate their businesses in the provinces. There are a lot of business potentials around the country not just in Metro Manila. Try Mindanao. We need some factories here to process coconut coir and coco peat which is very in demand in countries such as Saudi Arabia, USA, New Zealand and Europe etc. We have to utilize our plentiful coconut trees in Mindanao and other parts of the country.

    • 4kingdaddy

      just what i suggested long before this horrendous calamity occurred….governors should start convincing businesses to explore their provinces…this will stop the migration of “probinsyanos” from taking their chances in MM….. 

  • eltee mulawin

    >>>last election campaign for VP  in a television program most of candidates were the guest, and Mr. Bayani Fernando (MMDA chief on that time) and Mr. Binay are among the present.  I remember Mr. Binay on that night of the show told Mr .Bayani F, that there are no squatters and/ or illegal settlers in Makati City  and even challenged Mr. BF to name a place where the squatter or illegal settlers are. Most of the candidates aspiring to be a VP didn’t agree with Mr. BF that one of the MAIN PROBLEM IS THE ILLEGAL SETTLERS OR SQUATTERS ALONG THE ESTEROS OR CREEKS IN THE METRO MANILA. 
    >>>so hindi pa rin ba tayo magigising sa katotohanan, kung anong uri ng mga pulitiko mayroon ang ating bansa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imjerome

    the journalist mynard macaraig wrote it all right and correct expect for the last part that he seems to justify that investmests are coming regardless of his very own report that whats happening is man made disaster. mr macaraig, why did you made the BPO as your illustration? ang bilis tiklopin ang mga ganitong business ikaw naman… you werent born yesterday, did you? these are not your permanent business that gives job for filipinos unlike manufacturing like nestle, goodyear, procter and gamble etc etc. eh bpo call center bukas lang kung ayaw na nya pwede na silang magsara at ilipat nila sa india because primary investment are just communication.

  • pepengkabayo

    If you look at the picture and analyze, those shanties are not really the main cause of floods.
    Eye sore lang at masakit sa mata.
    On the contrary, these shanties can easily be swept away by running river because it consists of light materials.
    In short, it won’t block the passageway but carried by the water and dump to the sea.

    The cause of flood is really climate change. The clouds carry too much rain that even habagat now carries rain.
    Squatters are blamed because during flood they are always saved, given shelters, food relief.
    In short, the gov’t time is spent on this people.

  • Renato

    Gumawa kayo ng batas na kapag sa squaters area nakatira di pede BUMOTO. 

  • Pedro

    Dear Fellow Filipinos,

    Let us all contribute our suggestions to the government. . . so that we can stop these floods. . My suggestions are:

    1. Ten(10) years moratorium on land development and massive backfilling of lands  that used to store rainwater  during rainy season. Many land  developers are very greedy  for profit  and corrupt. And equally corrupt are the local government officials and DENR  officials who are giving them permits to convert rice fields to subdivisions. A very rich  land developer who ran for president during the last election and lost  had  bought  a large area of former rice field in Taguig  and had  converted these rice fields  into an expensive subdivision BUT NO drainage. There is now massive  flooding in Taguig. . .


         a.  Relocate all squatters who had  built their shanties at the river banks and in water ways.  
              These squatters shanties and houses  obstruct  the flow of flood waters. These squatters 
              also indiscriminately throw their garbage including human wastes into the rivers and 
              canals. . 
         b.  ONE -STRIKE -POLICY  sa  Mayors  who allow  squatters to build houses  on water ways 
              and river banks. Pag may nag-tirik  ng bahay sa ilog 0 sa daanan ng tubig baha, dapat
              sibakin agad ng DILG  ang Mayor.
         c.  ONE – STRIKE – POLICY  sa Barangay Chairman  who allow  people in the barangay to 
              throw garbage in rivers and water ways. Dapat sibakin agad ng DILG ang Barangay 
         d.  All local governments in Metro Manila – should launch  ” BALIK PROBINSYA 
              PROGRAMS “.  Uncontrolled migration of people from the provinces had contributed to
              proliferation of  squatters in MM. Many of these squatters who came from the provinces 
              have not finished  any degree and have no skills, hence they have no means to really live 
              a  decent life in MM. Kawawa talaga. They also end up committing crimes. . Most of the 
              jails in MM are  filled with offenders from the provinces. One example is Pasig,  sobrang 
              dami na ng squatters . . ang gulo na talaga lalo na sa palengke. .  sobra sobra na ang 
              tricycles. . pati trapik, grabe na. . .
               With all due respect to all politicians in the provinces, Sana po ay tulungan nyo ang mga
               kababayan nyo na magkaroon ng sariling lupa at trabaho sa probinsya. Hwag naman 
               yung puro kayo na lang ang yumayaman. Mag isip  kayo ng mga livelihood projects para
               sa mga constituents nyo para hindi na mag- MIGRATE pa sa MM. Mahirap din ang buhay
               sa MM. At sana WALA ng mangungurakot  sa pondo ng gobyerno. Matakot  kayo sa 
               KARMA or ” The Law of universal Retribution “.  May balik sa inyo ang anumang 
               masamang ginawa nyo. . 

    3.  TOTAL  LOG  BAN – life imprisonment to  illegal loggers and corrupt law enforcers who are tasked to enforce log ban but ” SAW  NOTHING and  HEAR NOTHING ” because a bag full of money are obstructing their sight and some money are stuck in their ears. . 

    4.  Training of children in kindergarten on proper waste disposal and love for the environment including rivers, forests, seas, mountains and other creations of God. . 

    • 52pbefi,manny,ui,5th,'68

      I agree to all your recommendation.  Problem is, will there be an honest government, officials, authorities, and  public or people’s acceptance, understanding and cooperation to all of these?  This is a total remake of the almost 99 % of the Filipino people including foreigners living, visiting and having businesses in the Philippines.   A grandiose change for the very best and fun to live Philippines, my native land.   God Bless !

  • The Truth

    Amend or REPEAL the Joey LINA Law. This is the root of the problem!!

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