Palace: No road map needed for ‘daang matuwid’



President Benigno Aquino’s “daang matuwid” (straight path) campaign does not need a road map.

Malacañang on Tuesday defended the absence of a definitive plan in Mr. Aquino’s third State of the Nation Address (Sona), saying the speech was “not the end-all and be-all of the President’s commitment” to the electorate.

Several members of Congress said the President presented glowing figures in his speech outlining the impressive gains of his two-year-old administration.

But what the people wanted to hear, they said, was the President’s plan that could rally the nation behind a cohesive national agenda.

No labels

Quick to come to the President’s defense, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte explained in a briefing at the Palace that the Aquino administration had no fondness for labels.

Asked by the Philippine Daily Inquirer whether the President wanted this country to be the next economic “tiger of Asia,” as he somehow alluded to in his speech, Valte said:

“Maybe, let’s not get stuck in names. Maybe, that’s what we’re looking for—a name that is necessary … for everybody to recognize that it’s a road map.”

What is important, she said, is proof of the government’s achieving its goals in just two years in office.

Interviewed separately after the Sona on Monday, Bayan Muna Representative Teodoro Casiño, Senator Loren Legarda and Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman noted that the President had reported to the nation rosy figures about the administration’s gains in the infrastructure, health, education, agriculture, energy, jobs creation and economic spheres.

Good news

Casiño, a third-term party-list lawmaker, said that as expected, the President reported only the “good news.”

Asked if he discerned any road map—i.e., how to achieve the administration’s goals for the next four years—Casiño said he heard none.

“None. He was too busy being truthful and inspiring. We just have to piece the road map together from the smorgasbord of accomplishments and targets he dished out,” Casiño said.

“We beg to disagree,” Valte said. A close study of the speech, she said, would show a themed approach to the annual report to the nation.

Mr. Aquino, she said, reported on improved access to basic social services, conditional cash transfer, health care and universal health coverage, among other achievements.


For an hour and a half, Valte said, the President, laid out his administration’s goals and the plans for achieving them. “How do we generate jobs? We increase spending for tourism, infrastructure—all of that,” Valte said.

On outsourcing, she said, the Aquino administration continued to encourage that industry because of the “multiplier effect” of the business opportunities offered by the sector

“The thrust of the President is really there is—it’s not a top-to-bottom approach. Neither is it a bottom-to-top approach. It meets in the middle. Because you invest in the solid … in a strong foundation,” Valte said.

“It meets in the middle rather than waiting for the effects to (trickle) down,” she said.

Strategic plan

But Casiño explained that a road map is a “strategic plan.”

He cited as an instance the lack of a clear plan for the industrialization of the country.

“Business process outsourcing (and) tourism provide jobs and livelihoods, but the real engines of development are industry and manufacturing,” Casiño said. “There was no mention of policies (on) redistribution of wealth—both in terms of plugging the loopholes in land reform, or increasing wages (in the private sector).”

Mining policy

Casiño also cited Mr. Aquino’s new mining policy.

“Aside from higher revenues and more no-go zones, what does the government want to do about the industry? Are we still focused on pure extraction and export of raw materials, or are we going into processing, reviving the metals industry, using our mineral wealth to build a manufacturing base?” he said.

“Or how will local industry be made to benefit from mechanization of agriculture, which is needed if the government is serious in rice and food self-sufficiency? The strategic linkages of the economic sectors [on] how these will be directed for inclusive development is unclear.”

Don’t be cynical

Legarda said she would support the policies laid out in Mr. Aquino’s Sona even without a clear road map.

“Someone said, ‘great, but where’s the road map?’ I said, ‘let’s not be cynical.’ He set the direction, let’s all create the road map toward that direction,” Legarda said.

Continuing reform

In a separate interview, Soliman said the President implicitly laid out the road map for continuing reform in the justice sector and ensuring that the executive would continue to deliver on its promises.

By going through the nitty-gritty of what he had accomplished since he came to power, the President painted a picture of a “progressive nation with desirable good jobs, with justice and a government responsive to the needs of the people,” Soliman said.

The Aquino administration, Soliman said, is a government by the people, “and the people are themselves working and have the power to effect change.”

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  • arthur1401

    How i wished casino, along with renato reyes were hit in the mouth with a rifle’s butt during their riot in commonwealth ave 2 days ago. 

    Nothing good is coming out from the mouth of these 2 communists.

    They would rather see the Philippines be invaded by chinese and to be ran like h ell than to see a progressive philippines ran like heaven by a legitimate and duly elected Philippine president.

    While the rallyists ( paid using he pork barrel of casino) were wreaking havoc in commonwealth ave, their godless leader joma was cozily drinking blue label in Europe and murmuring to himself, “sige, mga tanga, magpakamatay kayo, tuwa lang namin ni oscar cruz, ehehehe”     

    • walangdiyos

      you know there’s nothing wrong with what Casino had said, it’s sensible.

      the actions of these group are the nonsensical one.

      • dgboy

         then let’s hear their so called “strategic plan”. Dyan ang mga politiko napapako sa puro pangako. Kasimple simple lang ng gagwin kailngan pa ng strategy. Bobo!

      • hormel delata

        yup, i agree. sensible naman ang sinabi ni Casino, komunista man siya or hindi. Industry has always been the way to go forward. We have to industrialize. We can’t be forever dependent on Chinese goods or on outsourcing. Para tayo rin ang makinabang sa minerals and other resources natin na hindi pa halos nagagalaw. And yes, dapat magkaroon ng redistribution of wealth in some form. Poverty breeds rebellion or revolution. Having so many poor people contributes to political instability. Kaya mas lumaki pa dapat ang middle-class. So far kasi ang nakikinabang lang sa economic growth ay ang very rich. Kaya lang umaasenso ang iba nating kababayan kasi nag-aabroad sila ang nagpapadala ng pera dito. Ang maganda sa atin ngayon, madaming pera pumapasok sa ating bansa–maraming salamat sa mga OFW na nakalimutan pasalamatan ni PNoy–at dahil sa perang ito may construction boom at lumakas ang consumption (lakas ng benta ng mga kotse). Still, ang dami pa dapat gawin and it is only fair for people to demand a plan or blueprint from government in a language they can appreciate and understand. That said, Agree ako kay PNoy that it’s great to be a Filipino during these times.

    • ApoLapullapu

      By tagging Casiño and Reyes as communists can we just drive through a road that leads to nowhere?

  • isalexus

    “President Benigno Aquino’s “daang matuwid” (straight path) campaign does not need a road map.”– THAT is because Wangwang has no clear cut vision as to where he wants to lead the country. Without a road map– means no can can definitely say “WERE LOST” or “WE LOST OUR WAY!”

    • dgboy

      ikaw lang boy naliligaw. Tara dalhin kita sa lost and found section. Siguro parati mo kasama yaya mo noong bata ka bibili ka ng ice candy.Haha!

      • isalexus

        Si Wangwang ang dapat mong isama –at mukhang walang yatang tunay na direksiyon ang kanyang lakad– pa-warde warde na lang at palusot palusot ang sistema niya sa patakbo ng administrayon niya! Pati yung tunay niyang pakana– na idepensa ang HCI ay nabitin! Galit tuloy si Danding Cojuangco sa kanya!

      • nakatutok

        ang alam kong palaging may yaya ay ang haciendero mong boss…tanungin mo mga ka-batch niya sa ateneo high school…

  • prangka

    Paano makakasiguro ang president kung walang road map ang matuwid na daan?  Paano kung papuntang bangin ang matuwid na daan na yan?

    • nakatutok

      problema mo na yun…basta ako matulog muna ..zzzzngrrkk…zzzzz

  • g

    PNoy should really just stop pretending that he is different from GMA, when he sounds exactly like her, speaks of the state of the nation the way she always has. we should also just stop expecting more from him, even more so putting words in his mouth: the stand on responsible parenthood IS NOT a pro-reproductive health stand, anobah. – from radikalchick

  • g

    save for better speech writing, there is nothing different about the way the SONA is about the president patting himself on the back while keeping the more powerful among us — the Church, the capitalists | oligarchs | landlords, those who commit extrajudicial murders — happy. – from radikalchick

  • g

    from radikalchick katrina stuart santiago — i’m sure there is truth to much of what PNoy said in that SONA — propaganda after all, as with press releases, have the facts that we need so that a google search should reveal those to be true. and of course the State of the Nation is the nation according to the government’s statistics, numbers always look better than real life, and that isn’t new either.
    PNoy should really just stop pretending that he is different from GMA, when he sounds exactly like her, speaks of the state of the nation the way she always has. we should also just stop expecting more from him, even more so putting words in his mouth: the stand on responsible parenthood IS NOT a pro-reproductive health stand, anobah.
    save for better speech writing, there is nothing different about the way the SONA is about the president patting himself on the back while keeping the more powerful among us — the Church, the capitalists | oligarchs | landlords, those who commit extrajudicial murders — happy.
    and of course PNoy doesn’t care how the police are treating the activists holding their own SONA ng Bayan outside congress. of course he doesn’t care, that if there’s anything that reeks of his similarity to GMA, it’s that the police have been given this power to hit activists, watch them bleed, and hit them some more. and PNoy and the police get away with this because they will easily and constantly have the middle and upper classes on their side when it comes to these “rabid Left” they so despise!
    but i dare anyone who went to EDSA Dos to kick Erap out: what did you think of rallying then? what did you think of the Left you were at EDSA Dos with? what did you think of occupying the streets and fighting for your right to kick out a president — illegal as it turned out to be, and having GMA as a horrid replacement in the end?
    see, what this reveals really is that when it’s you, with no clear ideological leaning other than capitalism and consumerism, or whatever other advocacy you might have, who decides to use the streets to fight for your rights, rallies are ok. when you benefit from stepping out into the streets, when you see your friends doing it to boot, not to mention those on your FB timeline, it’s suddenly fashionable to go rally.
    and when it’s about real concrete valid issues of what goes on in nation beyond those government statistics, when it is about real hunger and poverty, when it is about a president that has spent money on celebrating his own achievements, you would rather side with the latter. when it’s about issues that are so deeply ingrained in the follies of our systemic dysfunctions, when it is about unjust practices long being committed by government, it’s not about the streets for you.
    you consciously forget that to go out to the streets is our right, one that you invoke when it’s convenient for you, or fashionable to do so.
    and then really one can’t help but wonder, what is there to fear about activists moving closer and closer to the gates of Congress?
    in fact since PNoy says the people are his boss, then doesn’t that make the SONA ng Bayan the real state of the nation?

    • Nilo C

      Mahirap busugin ang lahat na ta-o. Pagkatapos ng EDSA hila-an baba.
      Micro-Management pala ang gusto mo sa Presidente. Di i-dissolve na lang ang mga sangay sa pamahala-an at Presidente nalang lahat. Hindi ka mapalagay???

  • spearheads

    Para ito sa mga yellowtsuwarewaps, lalong lalo na kay dgboy na di daw naliligaw kahit walang roadmap:

    There are four directions namely” East, West North, South. Kundi ka naliligaw, saan papunta ang “matuwid na daan” aber? 

    Kamukha ng sinabi ni PNoy sa SONA na tapos na raw yong bidding ng armas para sa kapulisan at idedeliver na lang daw yong 74,600 na armas *alam na alam pa ni PNoy kung ilang pirasong armas). Pero hayan sa balita ngayon ng PDI na sinabi mismo ng PNP na tinesting pa lang yong Glock na baril at di pa tapos yong usapan. At higit sa lahat 59,904 pirasong armas lang pala yong pinaguusap sa bidding. Saang “tuwid na daan” idedeliver yong natirang 14,696 na armas base sa datus ni PNoy sa kanyang SONA? Sa East, West. North, South? O diretso sa “tuwid na daan” papunta sa kanyang koleksyon ng armas. O di kaya, diretso sa “tuwid na daan” papuntang garrison sa Hacienda Luisita. Sige nga, sagutin mo dgboy at mga yellows kundi kayo naliligaw? 

  • thecop

    di na raw kailangan ang road sabi ni Pinoy?! Kasi pag na road map, makikita na tatamaan 
    pati kabarkada at kamag-anak. Mas madaling malusutan ang accountability para sa tao nya.

  • BimboCabidog

    Perhaps, Ms. Valte is right. What the president unveiled – results along the current leadership’s approach to good governance, economic growth, basic social services, energy, education and defense by themselves, already pointed to a particular direction. But she is misleading by saying that what the hearers of the SONA missed were just labels. What we missed were directions that chart a fundamental departure from the past, since it is change that we are talking about. 

    Courting foreign investments, for instance, had been there all along since the Marcos era. Rural electrification, lighting the farthest and most inaccessible hinterlands of the country has come to this archipelago four decades ago. Lighting 1,700 sitios more doesn’t strike a difference in policy, but level of diligence. Banking economic growth on GDP measurements, rather than on increased wages or better quality of life of the actual wealth creators – the country’s workers, has been going on for very long. So what’s new? We are still dependent on imported oil, and are too helpless under  the battering of price increases in the world market. What difference does it make?

  • GlenMJacob

    “Someone said, ‘great, but where’s the road map?’ I said, ‘let’s not be cynical.’ He set the direction, let’s all create the road map toward that direction,” Legarda said.

    The above statement is the best from Senator Legarda. We the people should all help create the road map towards one goal – progress. The president is there as an executive – to execute what the people (Pnoy’s bosses) wants.

    • nakatutok

      sounds like an excuse….

    • Bert

      so baligtad na ngayon, tayong mga bosses na ang mag sabi kay Presidente, “pnoy liko, pnoy kanan, kaliwa, kanan, diretso”? hehe. Dami natin no (90M). Gulo mo pre….. 

  • isalexus

    “let’s all create the road map toward that direction” Buwahahaha! Palusot– ang ibig sabihin ni Legarda– ” O sige, kanya kanyang paraan at bahala na tayong umabot sa patutunguhan– kung saan man ito!!!”

  • Arcsolo

    Ted Casino is an old-school dog, who follows certain strategic paths, so it only goes to show he is expecting a road to follow. Road-map? The problem with some people is that they are too narrow-minded to expect what their government will do to them. That is communism. a true democracy is ruled and governed by the people, and for the people. not the dictates of some single lunatic, who sits inside a palace and orders things to happen. grow up Mr. Casino.

    • marionics

      ang tawag nila diyan ay “linyado” he he

  • im_not_convinced

    of course di siya mag bigay ng goals or road map, e pano kung sumablay. mabuti na yung mention lang niya pag successful ang isang sector whether he saw it coming or not (kahit wala sita kinalaman with the success).

    this way iwas accountability for fault and maximum credit for success.

    chumachamba lang ang pinas ngayon habang nalulugi ang mundo. wala talaga plano si pnoy kundi to take credit for any gains that naturally occur. pag pangit yung numbers, either revert to last year’s numbers (na positive) or dont mention at all.

    hurray for the philippines.

  • Count

    Pnoy already has a roadmap called the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016

    • nakatutok

      at sa palagay mo BINASA niya yan??? ASA KA PA???

    • warper

      You are right the NEDA came out with the PDP 2011-2016. In fact I am reviewing it now. The PDP is a list of strategies but how about the execution? Things are great on paper…PNoy could have used the PDP 2011-2016 as a franeworjk for his SONA, but I doubt if he even read it himself.

      • spearheads

        Therefore, NEDA’s Chief and Mar Roxas should bang their heads against each other. One said there’s a roadmap while the other said there’s none in fact, no need for it. Even the path to heaven has a roadmap because a roadmap does not only provide the map itself but more importantly the best mode on how to reach your destination the fastest yet the safest mode.

  • kilabot

    just follow the long and winding road that leads to the red district door.

    • nakatutok

      tama ..sundan nyo lang si pakit ochoa….libre toma at tsiks na yan ….

  • ApoLapullapu

    As a local legislator of our City once said, “If its good management, we are in it, if its bad management, we have nothing to do with it.  So, no road map, no checkpoints, no basis for measurement so that there is no standard of performance against which actual performance can be compared.  This is a typical Filipino trait.  That’s why only the Chinese businessmen are making money. No road map – later on the people will realize that there is no road at all.

  • dnayellowkulayko

    kung ang simpleng manggagawa at OFW ‘eh kinakailangan ng roadmap .. ang gobyerno nde kailangan? wow! so “BAHALA NA BUKAS” ang sistema ganun? tsk! ang matuwid na daan ‘eh wala palang direksyun naku! nga naman 4 na taon pa hayyyy ..

    at kailangan lang linawin na ang paglago “KUNO” ng ekonomiya ‘eh hindi sa kung anung nagawa ng gobyerno yun ‘eh dahil sa laki ng pinapadala ng mga OFW sa ‘pinas .. dapat nililiwanag yan!

  • manggoding

    Palace: No road map needed for ‘daang matuwid’….

    There is really no road map needed in daang matuwid for there is only one straight path and that is EDSA….The straight traffic congested path.
    Just like the Straight Path of Pnoy, EDSA is not easy path, there’s always problem, traffic, accidents, drivers errors.
    As always there’s light at the end of the highway. Nothing is Impossible after traffic.

    On the other hand, why dream of being Economic Tiger in this Global Recession of Economy.
    Even the super and the mighty nations are spiraling downward.
    We are no Spider man no Batman, but probably Joker is we wish to be.

  • nakatutok

    there’s no need for a road map…oido lang tayo…go with  the flow..kayo talaga..YOU EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM THE PALACE MEDIOCRES!!!

  • sebastian abao

    the president delivered the state of the nation. maybe, he should deliver again another speech or publish a policy report regarding the road map for the nation so that ted c. and others will know where they can help and contribute their services.

  • ely

    inteligent people understand were we are going without roadmap…

    seems pnoy government thought pilipino people are stupid like them…

    ever since PNOY don’t have ROADMAP — 9 years in congress and Senate ZERO passed Bill….


    Objectivism = Planning & Control (not controlled by some psychotic intuitions).

  • screwdisk

    ROADMAP is strategic but at the same time this is an opportunity for PNOY’s enemy to make sure that his plans will not succeed and then they could use it to criticize the administration.

    • Bert

      But if Pnoy SUCCEEDS in implementing the roadmap, then what is there to criticize? So what is there to be afraid of? Is it some sort of DEFENSE MECHANISM then, just in case he fails in moving this country forward?

  • pangitbudhiko

    ayun naman pala no road map needed. So ang gobyerno ni abnoy ay parang barko na walang ””””LAYAG”””kung saan dalin ng hangin duon pupunta ang barko ni abnoy.sabi na nga ba
    more fun in the philippines 


    Mediocrities = afraid to detail his plans & only gives “catch-all phrase” to defend the inability to come out with one;
    Objectivism = presents a detailed plans, knowing consciously of the obstacles/variables.

  • filipinochristian

    Wala kahit A. I. (Appreciative Inquiry) from the the grassroots kong di magkakasundo ko ano ang tuwid na daan ang mga nasa posisyon at oposisyon? “Where there is no vision people perish” the Bible says- our Road Map at God’s Kingdom. Anyone knows how to play DART?

  • yatot


    T. Anong daan na walang mapa? 
    S. Daang matuwid!

  • yatot

    S – Satsat
    O – of the
    N – Noynoying
    A – Abnoy

  • popeyee

    Miss Valte, how can you measure achievement if you don’t have goal? 

    • spearheads

      Aaahhh… basta, basta – Roxas and Valte.

  • magiting78

    Magastos tong construction ng tuwid na daan na to, pano kung may bundok bubutasin nila? pwd ba lagyan konti kurbada, wag lang sasanga. lol

  • Jon

     Palace: No road map needed for ‘daang matuwid’

    Wala naman kasing kapupuntahan.

  • tskpinas

    Naka cruise control yata, easy easy lang no stress…. 3 more years

  • spearheads

    Ang pagkakaintindi ko sa sinabi ni Mar Roxas ay di na kailangan pa ang roadmap kahit matuwid na daan pa yan, kung ang sasakyan mo naman ay may aberya, as in, na-flat tire and gulong (double emphasis).

  • manggoding

    1. Palace: NO ROAD MAP  needed for ‘daang matuwid’;
    2. Malacañang on Tuesday defended the ABSENCE OF A DEFINITIVE PLAN

    No Road Map, Absence of Definitive Plan, etc etc.
    Does it mean to say, that Pnoy and his men is running the affairs of the gov’t by Intuition or Instinct or like a guitarist, Wido lang.
    If that is the case, it is Bahala na Attitude.

    However, I cannot blame these young public servants, they are young ang they have the feel and guts to run the gov’t.
    I may then suggest that if they don’t want a Road Map, Have a BLUE PRINT of what you are doing.
    Or if you really don’t want a road map, just have a GPS not a compass just to track where and how you are going and doing.
    In this high tech world, make it easy even Thomas Guide of maps run out of business because of GPS.

  • pangitbudhiko

    the more the people of abnoy and abnoy speaking to the media the more they sink sa kumunoy.

    This is one government existing on planet earth, wherein  the government HAS NO PLAN OR ROAD MAP TO DRIVE THE COUNTRY TO PROSPERITY. SALITANG ISTAMBAY HALA BASTA BIRA LANG NG BIRA.



  • pangitbudhiko

    AND SPEAKING OF NO NEED FOR A ROAD MAP, yung budget for 2012-2013 of about 2 trillion pesos. ano yung basta na lang ito ang budget na isasubmit na Namin sa congress and the senate for approval. Isip ng pagkakagastusan

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