Sen. Arroyo to skip fashion parade of legislators



Admittedly, Senator Joker Arroyo pays more attention to women legislators dressed up to the nines than to the President’s speech when he attends the annual State of the Nation Address (Sona).

“The one thing I really like about the Sona is that the senadoras and congresswomen are all beautiful. Obviously, they’ve been to the parlor, all made up. The coiffure, the ternos,” Arroyo gushed in a radio interview.

And even the men refuse to be outdone.

“They wear barong that are obviously being worn for the first time ever. It’s all beautiful. It’s really a fashion parade,” Arroyo said of the yearly spectacle.

Still, the senator does not plan to attend this year’s “party” at the Batasan complex—maybe the nearest Filipino equivalent to a Hollywood red carpet event.

In fact, Arroyo said the last Sona he attended was back in the time of then President Fidel Ramos when he was still a Makati congressman.

And on that occasion, he remembered leaving the congressional hall before anyone else did.

“Nobody calls the roll, anyway,” Arroyo told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“Attendance is not compulsory … Nobody notices that I’m not there. Nobody misses or looks for me,” he added.

Still, he makes up for his once-a-year absence by being present in all sessions of whichever chamber he is a member of.

“I attend faithfully the everyday sessions just not the one where everyone needs to go to the parlor first,” he quipped.

Arroyo said he had been to a lot of Sonas since those dating from the time of the late President Corazon Aquino, who appointed him her first executive secretary.

“It’s always the same,” he said. “The President would note the things he achieved and what he plans to do next. But that is to be expected.”

“Every President undergoes this ritual,” he explained.

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  • efriend

    This is what I cannot understand why it should be a fashion parade.  The Senate and Congressional Sessions are already circuses.  The parade of ternos or barongs serve as fronts if not coverups for the ineffectiveness of these two Houses of Congress.  The majority of the public is appalled by this show of insensitivity.

  • Gaudencio

    mga parada po ng mga hipokritos… diyan ninyo makikita kung sino ang malakas kumurakot.. magandang terno o barong.. gawa ng mamahaling modista sa Pilipinas na kaya lang bayaran ng maraming pera…. Pinoy nga naman.

  • johnllander

    Parada ng mga artista, magnanakaw, sinungaling, coup plotters, mga walang laman ang mga utak!

    • pizza ria

      iparada sana ang ataul ni cory aquino!

  • Maldi2

    What do you want to hear? Noynoying, doctored stats, and blaming here and there? A waste of taxpayer’s money!

  • pepengkabayo

    Why Fashion Parade in Sona? Hindi naman celebrity.
    Dapat Fashion Parade of Brains…dahil gumagawa ng batas.
    This is to divert the attention that Legislators have no brain at all when it comes to legislation.

  • migg2

    arroyo would love to sleep rather than getting involved with the country’s affair. an old guy ready to retire.

  • pinoychinese

    Yes, everyone is better of if Arroyo does not attend. These ‘odd ball’ is trying hard to be different. In short, he is a spoil sport. Noticeably,he was so active during former ExPresident Gloria Arroyo’s term, but now that his relative (perhaps) is no longer the boss, he would settle comfortably at home and view the SONA from the vintage point which is infront of the T.V. screen. 

  • 12JEM

    Marami sa mga legislators sa both houses of Congress….ang mga Hiya

    ay absent sa Mukha…..

    Kahit ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino (even around the Batasang Pambsansa area) ay naghihirap
    tuloy pa rin ang parada ng karangyaan….

    Philippine Soceity….69% Poor….16%.. both less poor and somewhat rich….5%…Superrich.

     Definition: Superrich…. compared to the poor

  • pinoychinese

    Makikita ninyo, lahat ng a-attend ay mga Filipino-Chinese. Ganoon din noong panahon ni Gloria Arroyo, puro mga Chinese na magaling magtagalog. Unfortunately, now, we see how disadvantageous electing another race in our government. PNoy is undoubtedly a Filipino-Chinese, and he is committing TREASON left and right. Just today’s news, he is about to transfer ownership of the 74 hectares Food Terminal Inc. to the Chinese, a government owned storage facilities so that perishable goods would not spoil and  to prevent Chinese Cartels to jack up the price. Worst, just like the 240 hectares sold in Q.C. by no other than the government agency which is responsible to provide affordable housing, transferred ownership or worst, lease the 240 hectares government land to the Chinese.And the informal settlers who should have benefited with the SALE, being bonefiled Filipino citizens and co-owner on all government land and asset, never received even a centavo from the transaction. 

    Among the 240 hectares government land lease or sold to the Chinese in Q.C. are the 64 hectares Philippine Veterans Hospital, the former PCSO/PAGCOR site (Quezon Institute), Q.C. Home for the Aged, the North, South, and East Triangle. Even part of U.P. CAMPUS did not escape the ravaging of our Filipino-Chinese in the government and lease it  to private individuals and Corporations. 


    Our Filipino-Chinese government are merely the custodians on the PEOPLE’S PROPERTIES, and they absolutely has no right selling or leasing these properties if it does not benefit the common Filipinos. We, as Filipino Citizens has the right to say NO, to selling these properties that belongs to us. We are the real owners. 

    The flagship project of PNoy, the PPP or Public Private Partneship is a gross deception of transferring all government lands and properties to the Chinese. PNoy has not warm his Presidential Seat when he took his Oath of Office when he embark to sell all big government properties. He nearly sold the PAGCOR/PCSO, an agency that earns for the government a whooping P36 billion pesos a month. The question is,why was he so interested in transferring these asset to the Chinese? Then again, he planned to sell the Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame to the Chinese again, fortunately, the donor and the military promise to utilize these area strictly for military purposes. He was even tinkering the idea to sell our INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. 

    In short, for the sake of our future generation, we should discourage these Filipino-Chinese in leasing or selling government assets to the Chinese. It is not only economically disadvantageous, but it is a national security risk. LET US NOT VOTE THESE FILIPINO-CHINESE in our government. Our nation is better off POOR THAN UNDER THE CHINESE RULE!

    • Atagalong

      To add insult to injury, the citizens of the Philippines are gagged or strapped by the CARP/CARL from owing more that 5 hectares of land, yet the oligarchs are keeping 5,000 or more hectares. Small landowners were the first to relinguish whatever land they have, but helpless to see that others with the right connection keep their own 100 or 500 hectares, just by merely putting all names in the family and relatives, to make it appear that each has 5 hectares or the sleight-of-hand way by making it a corporation.  Now Senator Enrile and Representative Belmonte are gung ho on letting foreigners own more of the Pinoy land than the Pinoys themselves are limited to just 5 hectares.If they amend the constitution of 1986, amendment should not be just for the sole purpose of letting foreigner own more thnt what a Pinoy can own – there must be a total amendment of what are not for the good of the people and add those that are badly needed for the benefit of the people.

  • 4kingdaddy

    that’s part of the yearly 200 million (senators) and 70 million (representatives) that they receive which is so known as “pork barrel” that they spent and allow themselves to be dressed up to the “night”….it;s the people’s money, legislators…..therefore, we’re dressing them up to attend this so boring address to the nation, written by “ghost writers” who cannot distinguish the difference between an orange and an apple….SPOKEN TODAY, FORGOTTEN TOMORROW……such is politics in our country… the casts of eat bulaga regularly say……NGA NGA !!!!…(emphasis on me)…….as for the “joker”…better not to attend than be seen on tv sleeping…..too old for comfort, eh, senator baao?????

    • Atagalong

      Like what MyWay said re electing actors, actresses, stuntmen, comedians, basketball players plus the way those senators get their P200 million a year of PDAF as well as the representatives pork of P70 million a year, could have made Senator Arroyo finally gave up. Indeed, we are aware that those who are close to the President will likely get the maximum amount of pork and if beholden to the same, could possibly get over a billion pesos in a 6-year term. The two Cayetano siblings are the example of hogging the pork in the barrel.We knew how he was before – always working for the good of all people.The fact that he does not touch the P200 million alloted to him with 10-foot pole, tells us something. Baka nakapagdidiri sa kanya ang kanyang personal knowledge of how senators and representatives are snookering the Pinoy citizens. It is very easy to throw stink bombs to someone that others don’t like, but do they really know what is behind  Senator Arroyo’s actuations? 

  • drew_casta

    Speaking of Joker, I do not know what happened to him and his brilliance. Whatever happened to his “Pag bad ka, lagot ka!” campaign slogan? He used to be a staunch human rights defender and an advocate of good governance. He was once the Executive Secretary of the then President Cory Aquino. Having been affiliated with Gloria, he seemed to have lost his wits, morals and sense of public accountability. As a nationally elected leader, he should have been in sync with the public pulse. Instead of getting better in time (just like wine) akin to Enrile, he soured and got spoiled (just like milk). I hope history will judge him kindly.

    • TiradorDelaMuerte

       ang galing ng analogy mo pre ^_^ instead of being a wine, milk pala hehehe

  • Ronald D

    Sen. JOker tumigil ka na oi..ang baho mo na..tama na yan paporma mo hindi na yan gagatin pa ng sambayanang pilipino. alam namin na isa ka rin na dpat matanggal dyan sa puwesto mo dahil isa kang basura sa lipunan.

    • Nueva

       correct joker ur a big joke sumamba ka na lang kay little devil gloring hahahaha


    DYAN makikita ang tunay na KA-WALANG -HIYAAN ng mga naturungang lingkod-bayan.  Mga kumakatawan sa 90% MAHIHIRAP at NAGHIHIKAHOS na mga mamamayan, yong marami pa naman ay nagmamalasakit na hindi makita ang kanilang mga mahal na pamilya sa pangingibang bayan para lamang mabuhay ng ma-ayos-ayos, tapos…. tapos itong mga hind. na KUMAKATAWAN daw sa kanila ay walang-hiyang magpapasikat ng kung anupaman ang ipapasikat nila na galing din naman yon sa mahihirap nilang kinakatawan.  Yan ang pinaka-malupit na parusa ng mga hind. na yan sa kanilang mga naghihikahos na kababayan.  Walang ma-kaing TINAPAY ang kinakatawanan nilang mahihirap, tapos magpapasikat na nagdidildil ng at nagpapasasa sila sa CAKE. 

    Sa huling ulat, mababa pa sa PhP46.00 ang kinikita ng 600,000 na mamamayqan sa MM.  Sa damit at make-up ng isang hind. na kinatawan, babae man o lalake, palagay ko kayang-kayang pakainin ng isang araw ang mahigit sa 1,000 tao.  Ano ba naman yong mag-suot ng pangkaraniwang desenteng damit na wala namang pumapansin sa kanila kundi sila-sila lang naman.  Nagpapa-taasan ng ano, e, alam na naman ng lahat kung saan nanggaling yong pinapataas nilang ano. 

  • boypalaban

    yan…yan…ang mga hinayupak na puro luho ang alam….tapos ipapasok ang kawalanghiyaan na RH BIll para sila makakurakot na naman…mga tampalasan…mga talipandas…mga bwakana!

  • boypalaban

    eto para sa inyo mga sinumpang pamilya ng mga kawalanghiyaang pulitiko: NGARAT!

  • linoca

    Paano kaya kung si Ochoa na lang pabasahin ng SONA ni Pnoy?  At sabihing gusto lang ni Pnoy na  mag – concentrate sa trabaho at saka di niya kasi hilig sosyalan.  Palagay ko, ang sagot ni Trillanes at Arroyo e ‘ OK  LANG’. 


    NGAYON na-a-angkop ang pangalang:  Ang BASTUSANG PAMBANSA.

  • Albin

    Panalo ka dyan, senator joker. huwag kang tumulad sa mga puro porma na mambabatas.
    yung sona, ang sumulat nyan si pinocchio, hayan sumobra haba ng ilong.

  • Jon

    Bottom line: ang SONA, puro palamuti at pakitang tao lamang.
    Ito ay isang hamak na moro-moro na napakalayo sa katotohanan.
    Taunang lokohan, headed no less by “Kayo ang Bosss Ko”.

  • mnlmad

    Blame the media for transforming the SONA event into a fashion spectacle. Our unintellectual media people have nothing substantial to ask but’Sino gumawa ng damit mo?,Who are you wearing? etc.,etc. Kaya over the years naging guessing game kung ano isusuot ng mga mambabatas. Haay!

  • watchdoglang

    I believe the Senators have the responsibility to be there in support of the constitution and the President of this country. If he has other reasons then that is understandable. I believe these two senators does not deserved to be in their position if they can not support the annual review of the nation. They just want to be noticed para kakaiba sila. I do not agree with their justifications, in other words “bastus” din sila.

    • generalproblem

      yes agree with you dapat sa senador na ito eh binibitay ng taongbayan they are useless anyway

    • pizza ria

      they can watch the sona on tv, or read penoy’s script the following day on the tabloid.  hindi nila katungkulan ang pumalakpak sa isang palpak na lider.

      • watchdoglang

        They need not have to clap the President’s report but they are part of the institution so that means they have the obligations to be there unless they have a valid reasons. Just because they are not ally of the current administration they can simply ignore the institution? If Arroyo is the President and doing the SONA do you think it will be fair to him for other members of congress to ignore him?

  • pipsirho

    SCRAP the SONA!!! Observing the DAILY LIVES of ORDINARY FILIPINOS is the TRUE SONA, and there is no need to DRESS UP for this. Besides those BEAUTIFUL TERNOS and BARONGS and COSTUMES were COURTESY of Juan de la Cruz’s HARD EARNED TAX PAYMENTS!!!

  • rosamistika16

    a lot of nega………..

    1. joker, it is your duty to attend the SONA because SONA is a review and plans of the government for the country.  You are one of so many personalities who represents the government.  Your attitude does not fit to be called an honorable.  nakakadismaya ka.  You are only sour graping!

    2. to my fellow bloggers; let us not so distracted with the theatrics attire that our senators, congressmen, guests, etc. are wearing.  Let us give them the benefit of doubt that what they spent for their attire are their own money. do you want to say that while so many people are poor those people in the government must also look poor in the eyes of the world’s leaders or investors?  that’s hypocrisy to the maximum level!

    3. isn’t it the same when you expect a visitor in your own house you make sure that you are at least well dressed and you even prepare good food for them even if you don’t have enough money?  when you know that you have a meeting with your boss or your client, don’t you wear at least a well-ironed one? when you have a christmas party, even if you have no bonus, I am sure you wear the best dress you have in your closet or you save part of your 13th month pay for you to buy at least one dress and shoes for the party, di ba?

    sa tingin ko nman kahit pa sabihin ng mga tao na korap yang mga nsa gobeyrno na yan ay meron pa din tayong obligasyon na respetuhin sila habang sila ay nanunungkulan otherwise gumawa tayo ng paraan para maalis yang mga tao na yan dyan at ng wala na tayong makita kundi tayo na lng.

    • pizza ria

      sen. joker arroyo, like any ordinary juan de la cruz, can watch the sona on tv.  yung lang. nakatipid pa siya sa gas at iwas traffic pa, o di ba?  mabuhay si sen. joker arroyo!

      • rosamistika16

        sana lang bawasan din ang kanyang sweldo na galing din sa bayan dahil absent sya sa oras ng dapat eh nasa kongreso sya. o di ba? mabuhay si juan de la cruz!

      • adam_d_ant

        dapat pala milyon-milyon ang isauli ni aquino dahil 3 yrs sa senado ni isang bill walang naipasa.  dagdag mo pa ang three term na kongresista ng tarlac at kaninong distrito ang pinaka sadsad?  of course ay ke noytards  …

        eh presidente na nga batugan pa eh … tanghali nagigising.  hay naku po .. kalbo ko …. 

  • boypalaban

    mawalang galang na kay batman….sana dito ka na lang sa batasang pambansa nagpakita ng galing mo…sigurado ka pang bayani ng sambayanang pilipino….

  • kilabot

    that’s what you call a truthful and inspiring statement. well said, senator. if only the red district pres, congs and sens think like you, this country would have freed itself from a prostituted system and be truly free, clean and progressive.

  • PeteJrfern

    Si Joker ang pumatay nang pag asa sa bayan.  Kailan ba siya ililibing?

    • edmondP

       sana sa madaling panahon.

  • QQU

    One meets a cynical slimebag anywhere…but in the RP senate! Our town rednecks can carry the same thoughts as Mr. Arroyo.

  • Filipinoflash

    Joker Arroyo, its your duty to attend the SONA. Sourgraping ka lang dahil minority ka na sa Senado. Bilib sana ako sa yo’ pero sa mga kurakot ka na kumakampi ngayon. 

    • pizza ria

      mabuhay si sen joker arroyo!

      • jose_rizal11

        joker is a big joke of senate!!!! what a wasted talent!!!! tamad naman!!!

  • dodo

    binoto ko pa naman to non. d ko alam na lilhis pala sa kapakanan nang bayan.

    • pizza ria

      ano ba ang kapakanan ng bansa sa pag-attend ng sona?  haber?

  • Tupas flying Objects

    Ayaw ni Joker Arroyo iparada ang Barong Tagalog nya, kasi inihahanda nya sa kanyang huling ….

  • James


    • GProf007

      First of all maybe stop with the all caps? Second, did you know that there are lots of jobs in the country? Both blue and white collar jobs. Problem is a good number of pinoys decide not to work or get work and just be content na maging tambay sa kanto (blue collar jobs). Mga tao sa labas ng bahay namin… lagi nandun lang… imiinom sa kanto… nakakapag-karaoke pa sa daan kung hindi gagawin basketball court yun kalye… lahat sila puro malalakas pa, kung hindi tumambay at maginuman o mag-basketball, tulog… pwede naman sila mag-apply na karpintero pero ok na sa kanila na rumaket ng kung ano ano… na walang stable na trabaho.

      Minsan ang hilig natin ireklamo ang gobyerno pero hindi din naman natin tinitingnan na hindi kaya ng gobyerno sagutin lahat lalo na kung tatamad-tamad. Hindi ko nilalahat ang pinoy pero tigilan nalang natin na lagi nalang puro “negative” mag-isip… comment lang ng comment laban sa gobyerno (kahit sino pa naka-upo) at mag-trabaho.

      Sa white collar naman… ang daming trabaho problema hindi tugma ang skill set. Ano ginagawa ng karamihan? Pwede naman mag-upgrade ng skill… mag-enroll sa Tesda (ang daming programa meron) para lang maging equip… tsaka mag-apply. Yun iba naman sobrang mapili sa trabaho. Point is… ANY government (kahit sino pa ilagay mo) will be pointless / useless if the citizenry doesn’t do something… doesn’t move.

      • Luthmar

        How right you are.  Once they receive a dole out, parasite na ang labas.  Ayaw ng  magsikilos.  Ang daming tamad.  Puro na lang reklamo ang maririnig.  Mahirap maintindihan ang ugali na maraming Pilipinos.  Damned if you, damned if you don’t.    Haaaaaaaaaay.

  • James


  • magiting78

    KSP hehehe, anyway tama naman sya wala nmn iba sasabihin sa SONA, wala nmn presidente nag sabi ng kapalpakan nya puro ka angasan lng naman sasabihin.
     Kaya wag n tayo umasa sa pamahalaan, mag sumikap na lang tau para paunlarn mga sarili natin.

  • Morskie52

    Don’t worry, a joker has no place in sona anyway. He is nothing but a useless joker.

    • pizza ria

      maraming nagawang batas si sen. joker arroyo kahit na hindi siya umatend ng SONA. Si Penoy nyo ano?

  • MyWay

    Can’t anyone stop this extravaganza? This is such poor taste! Why do we have the tendency to trivialize serious matters? Do we need to transform government functions into Hollywood parades?

    I thought we just elected clowns, comedians, actors, actresses, stuntment, basketball players? The whole legislative body turns into a burlesque! My god, why?

    Mr. President, please help rid the government of this ostentatious display of wealth; please include getting rid of this practice in your daan na matuwid!

    • $25214711

      Matagal na yata sir yang ganyan. Panahon pa yata ni Marcos ganyan na ang sistema. Tradisyon na yat yan sir. Parang Holy week.

    • Atagalong

      Good one, MyWay.

  • pizza ria

    Sen. Joker Arroyo made numerous senate and congress bills while even not attending SONAs.  E si Penoy nyo ano ang nagawa niya nung tongresman and senatong siya?

    • d_cons_enrico

      sigurado ka ba sa statement mo na yan? tiningnan mo ba muna ang senate website bago mo sinabi yan?

      • epros

         Nakita niya sa pizza pie ni Corona

      • adam_d_ant

        pssst  … hindi man lang nakaisa si simeon d retard  .. tinalo pa ni lito lapad  …

        tamad na batugan pa ang simeon.  kaya napapagalitan ni enrile noong senador kasi palaging late.  

        check mo tita para malaman mo …

  • yatot

    S – Satsat
    O – of the
    N – Noynoying
    A – Abnoy

    • jose_rizal11


  • d_cons_enrico

    sus, media-hype lang naman yang fashion ng mga kongresista. pinapalaki lang ng media at pinag-uusapan. Not all naman are there to parade their dress or their barong. most are there because it is their duty to attend, to listen, to assess, what we have done and what needs to be done.

  • $25214711

    He is soo Gay!  (not that there’s anything wrong about it)

  • Noel Guimbaolibot


    • adam_d_ant

      he he ehhhhh ‘to pa isa  . bulakbol ba ang hindi pagpunta sa state of the nation?

      maliban sa pumalakpak at magpakita ng bagong barong/terno ano ang gagawin sa sona?  ang totoong sona ay ‘yong sa kalsada at sa tiyan …. 

      dami ng mabiling sardinas ang ginastos ng mga senador/kongresista para maka “porms”

  • athenapallas

    Ang ginastos sa mga mamahaling mga damit na yan ng mambabatas ay galing sa ating mga tax payers. Maraming walang pagkain at naghihikahos na pilipino tapos nagpapatalbugan pa ng mamahaling suot ang mga insensitive na mambabatas na yan. What a travesty. sana simple na lang at idagdag na lang sa pagpapagawa ng mga classrooms at toilets sa public schools ang pera. Sigurado hindi naman sa sariling bulsa nila kinuha ang ginastos sa mga designers clothes na yan.Kailan pa kaya magbabago ang mga korap na government officials ng ating bayan.

  • jose_rizal11

    nagsalita ung pinakatamad na senador!!! hoy joker ur a big joke talaga!!! magpasa ka nman ng batas para sa ekonomiya natin kahit isa lng!!! buset!!!

    • adam_d_ant

      ay  …. nagkamali ng type.  typo error to mga kaibigan….

      ang ibig sabihin ni “rizal-rizalan” ay noong panahon ni simeon d’ lazy  … at ang ibig n’yang sabihin ay kahit isa man lang.  huwag na ‘yong economy kasi hindi kaya ng isip ni simeon …. kahit isa man lang na kapareho ng ke leon guerrero aka “lito lapad”

  • Trooper


  • WAJ

    Ayan na, wala ng masabi si Joker kaya pinanood na lang niya ang mga Senadoras kong papaano magbihis. Hintayin natin kong ano pa ang comment nito tungkol dun?

  • Taiko_Kauna

    good , we’ll appreciate if joker disappears permanently, forever.

  • Pepe_Tan

    Kaw Joker ha. Baka may butas sa bulsa yang pantalon mo habang pinapanood ang mga senadora at congresswomen. Hehehehehe! Naughty naughty ha.

  • tolits31

    joker ka talaga magtrabaho ka at hindi kalibugan iniisip mo,,,matanda ka na at laos na,,,pagtiyagaan mo na lang asawa mo,,

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