Senator Arroyo says corruption in low government offices continues



Senator Joker Arroyo

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III’s “daang matuwid” (straight path) campaign might have picked up steam in the upper echelons of government but the campaign has not permeated bureaus and other lower offices, Senator Joker Arroyo said on Sunday.

Proof of this, he said, was when a customs employee assigned to the post office asked for a bribe from the senator’s driver when he went to there to claim a package that contained books.

“I thought books are not taxable. Is that not the law?” Arroyo complained in a phone interview.

The senator said he refused to give money to the driver, insisting that the parcel notice was issued by the post office itself and Arroyo’s own ID should be enough proof that he was indeed the addressee.

“He stayed in the post office a long time just to argue my case,” the senator recalled.

Arroyo said government employees appeared to have difficulty adhering to “daang matuwid,” the President’s philosophy against corruption that he first announced during his 2010 campaign.

The senator noted that his office has been receiving letters from constituents relating their own sob stories.

Still, Arroyo maintained his optimism about Mr. Aquino’s capability to carry out his anti-corruption plan before the end of his term in 2016.

“The good news is that ‘daang matuwid’ is taking hold in the upper echelons of the government, like in the departments so we should congratulate the President,” Arroyo said in a radio interview on Sunday

But not in lower levels of the bureaucracy, he added.

“Corruption continues. Maybe this would be corrected over time since the President has four more years. But as of now, go to any government office at the director’s level, it has not changed,” the senator said.

If corruption was eradicated from the bureaucracy, Arroyo said there would be no need for Charter change as a means to entice foreign investors.

He said foreign investors would be more attracted to consistency in business policies than a more liberal ratio in the control of assets and investments in the country.

The Constitution imposes a 40 percent ceiling on foreign ownership of properties and businesses.

“Corruption is the one that should be blamed for difficulty in investing and putting up a company. So we must stop corruption before foreign investors can put up shop. They complain of how long it takes to get a business permit, or how rules are changed after they set shop,” Arroyo noted.

Arroyo saw no need to amend the Constitution to respond to these issues.

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  • willylansangan

    senador ka tell your to pinpoint to you iyon tao and then filled a complaint o baka iyan driver mo is only making up a story

    • Eric

      tagalugin na lang kasi!!!!

      • ern

        hahaha… tangalog naman ah!!!


    The senator is right this time. Not only in the bureaus and other lower offices of government but also in the local governments from the provincial, to the city down to the barangay level that corruption still exists especially those offices in the local governments issuing permits and licenses.  I happen to watch an episode of Imbestigador wherein a QC Business Permits employee was found to be soliciting money as bribe from a Filipina (married to a Japanese businessman) and was caught red handed.  In other words, huli na sa akto.  But lo and behold, the Chief of the BPLO did not do anything to the said employee and perhaps been allowed to stay in the office.

    I think, as the senator pointed out that the anti-corruption drive of the President has picked up steam in the national government, it is high time that the Office of the President or perhaps the Office of the Ombudsman start cleansing the local government of corruption. Perhaps they should start investigating and prosecuting local government officials NOW. 

  • pangitbudhiko

    Okay corruption is at the lower echelon of the government . But and a Big But the government should stop the revolutionary tax of the NPA, the harrassment of the people, the kidnapping of foriegn workers and burning of the companies equipment, With this kind of scenario no foriegn company will invest their money here, The government should make it a commitment to stop the atrocities, then we can attract foriegn investors.

  • Fulpol

    hay Arroyo, isa ka ring pulpol..

    sa panahon ni Noynoying, nag-aalisan pa ang mga foreign companies kahit matuwid na daan na..

    iisa lang ang rason, maliit ang market dahil maliit ang kita ng Pilipino.. maliit ang kita dahil walang employers na magbigay na mataas na sahod… dahil controlado ng oligarkiya..

    yang Constitution ni Cory ang protektor ng oligarkiya… yan ang rason kung bakit lalong naghirap ang Pilipino… dahil ayaw papasukin ang foreign employers… na ayaw maging kakumpetensya ng oligarkiya..

    etong si Arroyo, lipad sa kawalan ang rason…

    sina Belmonte at Enrile naman, lipad sa bakod… ang bakod ng oligarkiya ang siyang hadlang sa buong pagbibigay ng 100 percent ownership para sa foreign investors sa lahat ng negosyo..


    … the Devil’s Advocate

  • belairskycrapper

     …. corruption has been long time  filipinos in governmental position means of livelyhood,
          with position or no position … once and for all , it will never change  …

  • akosimickeymouse

    Eh, Joke2x..joker ka talaga, kung tukoy mo yung mga taong yan sa mababang antas ng pamahalaan….ba’t hindi mo aksyonan para maputol na yang kurapsyon na mga gawain….Mas maigi yan sana kasi nasa mataas kang posisyon kaysa sa kanila….pero kung alam mo pala pinalala mo pa..Ang lahat ng mga gov’t employees ay hindi yan maaasikaso sa nag-iisang pangulo, sa bagay baka isa ka rin paminsan-minsan sa gumagawa nito……


  • santamaria_63

    Sir Joker where were you during the time of Gloria? Mas mabuti pa si Engr. Saavedra nang Cebu naka file pa nang iba’t ibang kaso against corrupt top government officials in Cebu. Eh, ikaw may track record ka ba? Buti pa si Noy2 marami pang pinatalsik na mga tiwaling opisyal nang goberno.And don’t blame Noy2 for the mess from the past administration because Noy2 as of this present time has no record of corruption. Ikaw pa nga ang kasangga ni GLORIA before. I remember the report of NBN-ZTE deal expose’ which was you – the first Senator na sinabihan nang whistle blower na yan but you did not react. Kasi amo mo c GLORIA ARROYO.

    • juantamadnatamad

      Sir Joker huwag ka ng tumingin sa malayo, sigurado diyan sa senado marami ding corrupt. Tumulong ka naman, kung kikilos ka lang sigurado marami kang mahuhuling corrupt officials. Baka naman kaya hindi ka kumikilos eh baka ituro ka din nila. Ka duda-duda yung boto mo kay Corona.

  • ealicer

    e alam mo pala bat wala kang inaksyon. hala iboto nyo pa tong mga klasing tao

  • bosesprobinsyano

    Yes. Its true that and dami pang staff and workers who are not fit. We are glad that anti corruption its started in the national level, and we wish it will trickle to the lower level. We expect our dear leaders, including Senators like Arroyo, to do something and not only talking.Our country and people are already overloaded, punong puno na of statements from politicians and criticism ng mga tao. what we need now is action. Araw araw daming biktima. Sa immigrition, makita natin ang hingian, etc. Good that powerful people like Senators become victims para ma feel nila ang sakit ng bansa. Maybe, senators, cabinet members, and their staff will try to transact business with different offices every week. They need also to try entering seaports , airports , govt offices and experience how ordinary people experience daily. Then they (their staff- with spy cameras, para di makilala), and act at once if there are violations, or do a citizens arrest, or call the head or chief of office to make reforms

  • bosesprobinsyano

    Each official of the government, has to make a report what he does weekly, to stop corruption, or to improve government efficiency to serve and protect the people. The question is, what these senators have done- not said. Dati, nong nawala ang SUV vehicle ni Enrile, he threateneded the PNP to have zero budget if di mabalik ang vehicle nya, at nakuha nga, nabalik ng pnp. Totoo ba yon ? If true, talagang msy mangyayari if powerful people will do something, kaya lang, they do something for their own only not for the people. Daming mga tao biktima at walang solution. Senators can make a law, depriving an officer, or agency or office of budget , or rewarding performers. Public transactions, biddings, payment, approval of licenses, can be subjected to random checks. Cameras me be installed mandatorily in customs office,BIR, in district engineers planning and bidding office, for public view. We need our pblic servants to focus their time, energy, talent and resources to do something good for the peopke and not to get something for them. And daming magagawa , di lang salita


    IF only the JOKER shows the way, maybe….just maybe, some concerned gov’t employees might emulate by example.  E, HINDI!  Anak ni Tupas, e, pati ba naman koryente ng Meralco dinadaya sa paggamit sa bahay niya sa Dasmarinas, Makati!  Yan ang report ng isang item sa dyaryo. 

    • juantamadnatamad

      Naniniwala ako diyan sa nakaw na kuryente. Jumper, yan madalas gamit nila. Pati mayayaman sa Forbes Park ganyan din ang gawa at alam din ito ng Meralco.Nag bubulag-bulagan na lang sila. Eh sino nga naman ang manghu-huli sa mga ito eh pati yang mga pulis mga corrupt din.

      • UrHONOR

        KUNG anupaman ang tawag sa pandaraya ni ARROYO (eh, di nga kasi, arroyo, e.  Katumbas na ng pandaraya ang katagang arroyo), yon na yon!

  • $23455908

    This time the COA, Sandiganbayan, The Ombudsman and the BIR needs to investigate the anomalous wealth by the City and Municipal employees of the country. Just try in Gen. Trias, Cavite and find out who’s who among the municipal employees enriched themselves, A lot of them will be behind prison. Pnoy Daang Matuwid should not be on the higher echelons only. 

    • $23455908

      I encourage all readers to report their cities and municipalities whom they know where local officials and employees enriched themselves while in office even by just replying to my comment. Name your City, Name your Municipality.

      • juantamadnatamad

        Naku roji kahit yung pulis diyan sa kanto sigurado corrupt. Maski sa Mandaluyong o Makati corrupt din mga pulis. Sino ngayon ang huhuli sa kanila? Pnoy is doing it right, start from the very top. Hopefully Pnoy would get to the bottom in 6 years time.

  • JK1000

    Marami talaga ang mga magnanakaw sa ating mga kababayan, hindi lang ang mga nasa gobirno , pati na rin sa lipunan.

  • tayawa

    This bad senator was voted twice into office by bad people. His first campaign slogan was “U-UBUSIN ANG MGA CORRUPT” and his second campaign slogan was “KUNG BAD KA LAGOT KA”. As chairman of the powerful Senate Blue Ribbon Commitee during most of GMA’s term, how many CORRUPT people did he make UBOS and how many BAD people did he make LAGOT? It is incredible that he gets lionized as a human rights lawyer, but what really is in his record as a human rights lawyer? Is it true as De Quiros pointed out that he provided Estelito Mendoza a list of activists? This bad senator complains of corruption only if he is the victim.

  • Dennis

    well, i really don’t trust the good senator since he voted no on the Corona impeachment. but he’s right. last time i had a vacation to my hometown davao (south). nothing has change…local officialls there act as if they own the province.

    pls go and check davao sur (malita, padada, malalaga, go further to the south, grabe ka backward)…..nothing has change since i left that province for college and went abroad to work….grabe, mga baga kaayo ug nawong ning mga politikoha…  

  • n

    I remember before when I need some report from a police station somewhere near the manila harbor.. so there we were, waiting for the police to come-up with the report, this PO1 insist that we give him some money “para mapabilis at magawa ang report” when in fact, it is his job to do it and he is not busy at all. Haayyy.. I think every Filipino knows that a lot of corruption happens at the bottom of this super-hierarchy that we call government.. that most corrupt people at the top started as a small-time corrupt personnel sometime back. If we only catch people at the top now, it’s like we’re giving them time to steal some more and most probably go away with it. If we add up all the relatively small stolen money from the government and forced or unforced solicited cash from the citizens, the money might as well be more than enough to fund Conditional-Cash-Transfer program and the Defense of the country. We need to catch this people, we need our citizens to report this people, we need to try this people, put them into jail and slap them with some wood to let them know how really bad what they did is. We can only deem this as successful once we can see a lot of councilors, mayors, vice-mayors, governors, barangay chairman and people from government offices getting some jail time and some good leg beating. Maybe then because of the sheer amount of guilty people, lawmakers will come up with another excuse that our jails can no longer accommodate newly found and convicted bad people and we should just let them roam the country. The head of corruption can be taken down easily by cutting their feet (or by disabling them, just to be more humane)

    • $23455908

      That’s right!!! Magka-isa lang tayong mga Pilipino laban sa mga corrupt ay gaganda ang kinabukasan ng ating mga saling lahi. Kaya isa-isa nating pangalanan ang mga corrupt sa ating mga bayan bayan at siyudad para mabatid ng mga kinauukulan ang mga nangyayari sa ating bayan. Yumayaman ang mga kawani ng pamahalaan sa pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

  • WAJ

    Hindi corruption yun. Ang tawag dun ay “Humihingi lang sa iyo ng kunting pamasko”…Wala na bang mas importanteng issue. Wala na segurong maisip si Senador…  

  • Hunter421

    Perhaps, Sen. Arroyo, you and your allies should craft bills that impose much stiffer penalties or even severe penalties for government employees caught in the act of corruption. Perhaps 20 years in prison? That would be a great deterrent. President Aquino cannot be blamed because his office alone cannot totally eradicate corruption.

  • NoWorryBHappy

     “The good news is that ‘daang matuwid’ is taking hold in the upper
    echelons of the government, like in the departments so we should
    congratulate the President,” Arroyo said in a radio interview on Sunday.
    Now, we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    How bright the light is, we don’t know.
    Nevertheless, it’s still what we all hoped for.
    Let’s get everybody on board and move forward.
    Let’s make it the brightest light in Asia when we get there !

  • farmerpo

    Sampolin mo Joker. Bad yan.. ikaw na ang nakalabit ano pa antay mo? Identified mo na ang gumawa, bakit di ka umaksyon? Ngawa lang…. each little act, each little step will help. Kung bad ka lagot ka… gawin mo na…. 

  • iping2sison

    Senator Arroyo should name this person and held him accountable. Even the supervisor or the whole unit this person belongs should be cleansed of misfits.

  • Axel

    Ang kapal na lang kasi mukha ng mga yan nasa loer level.

  • mon key

    That is very true. EDSA 1 was about changing a national leader. Daang Matuwid has been about cleansing the table tops. The spirit of EDSA 1 has to be brought down to the regional. municiapal, barangay level Daang Matuwid should be coupled with “pag linis sa ilalim nang mesa”! 

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