Lacierda very presumptuous, arrogant; LP showing weakness—UNA spokesman



MANILA, Philippines—Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda should stop issuing personal statements on the possible coalition between the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and the Liberal Party, which is showing its weakness by recruiting bets from other parties, said UNA spokesman, laywer JV Bautista, early Wednesday in an interview with John Susi of Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.

Bautista said the coalition will pose a lot of problems because of the electoral protest of Transportation Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II against Vice President Jejomar Binay.  Roxas lost the vice presidency to Binay in the 2010 elections.

Bautista showed his irritation on Lacierda’s reaction when the UNA-LP coalition was suggested by San Juan City Representative JV Ejercito, who is an UNA member.

Bautista said it’s a personal sentiment expressed by Ejercito when he floated the idea of the possible coalition. “It’s not the position of UNA,” said Bautista.

Lacierda on Tuesday made a statement apparently surprised of the offer made by Ejercito, saying “We thought UNA was the team to beat. So why are they asking for a coalition?”

“We would like to correct the very presumptuous attitude of the Malacañang spokesperson. Ang dating po sa amin ay may pagka-arogante. Sa halip na baka naman matuwa ka. E hindi ganun eh. Ang lumalabas po eh parang hinahamak ang UNA. (It’s an arrogant reaction by the palace spokesperson. Instead of being glad about the offer, it’s like he’s mocking UNA),” said Bautista.

He said by trying to recruit candidates from the Nationalista Party, LP is showing its weakness.

“They can’t seem to complete their slate. It’s unusual for an administration party,” said Bautista.

At the end of the interview, Bautista said the LP-UNA coalition could only be possible if the initiative comes from President Benigno Aquino III himself.

For the meantime, he said Lacierda should stop issuing statements beyond his duty as spokesperson of the palace.

For the full interview, listen to the attached audio clip from Radyo Inquirer.

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  • $23257130

    lacierda tuta ng abnoy. aww aww aww

    • adriel0104

      aw aw aw ikaw ang abnoy.pati anak mo retarded..

      • $23257130

        macbook army? pwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeehhhhh

  • watot

    Bautista bakit ka nasasaktan eh pare parehas lang naman kayong mga kumag, kaya pakapalan na lang mukha. Sa tingin nyo meron sa inyo ang malinis?

  • Pet Lalusin

      Politics is alive again. Malayo pa 2013. Just concentrate first on the present predicament of the Filipino people.Pathetic.

  • johnllander

    No to una!
    No to trapos!
    No to ejercitos!
    No to political dynasties!
    No to mga butods!  (malalaki ang tiyan, kain nang kain, nagpakabusog gamit ang pera ng bayan)
    No to corrupts!

    • East_Crusader

      no to estradas!

    • ordinaryo

      No to Ricky Carandang!

    • TiradorDelaMuerte

      yun pala ang butod, new word added to my vocabulary thanks john hehehe

      dapat medyo specific siguro like no to a President with a more than a 34 inch waistline ^_^
      yung 35 siguro butod na yun nuh? :) 

  • kajaime

    liberal party is the best!

  • Rainero Sanchez

    I wont vote any UNA candidate. Political machinery is the top priority of this party in choosing their line-up. Akala ko ba itong si Binay is also for GOOD GOVERNANCE. On the OPPOSITE! Malayo pa ang halalan pero besing-busy na para sa election at ang nasa line-up mga TRAPO, tested corrupt politicians.

    • Allan

      Me too. I will never vote for this gang of political oportunists, Trapos, corrupt and dishonest individuals. Pnoy should not fall into the trap of coalition. Daang matuwid is not in line with the gansters in UNA. Clearly, UNA is now panicking and they realize that they can’t beat the trust that Filipinos bestow in the President that’s why it was them who flaunted the idea of coalition (JV) and later agreed on by Binay (he said he was open to coalition), then this statement of JV Bautista…

      • Dyndin

        definitely am not voting for the LP line up, sila ang arrogante at walang platform like their own leader.

      • doncleo

         ano naman alam mo sa platform?

      • adriel0104

        ang alam nyang platform ay ang ulo nang TT nya..

      • RHumabon

        In his first two years in office, P-Noy has been successful in Good Governance. The Chief Justice has been removed. High government officials of the past – both civilian & military – are now facing plunder & other charges. . .P-Noy has proven that the doubters or skeptics were wrong that Massive Corruption can not be checked. He has started to change for good, the Culture on Corruption. . .What needs to go down are the Political Dynaties, for these are also tied to corruption and incompetence. Will we start to see the decline of dynaties in the Elections of 2013 and 2016? Harinawa !

    • ordinaryo

      Ok lang, wala naman epek kasi hindi ka naman rehistrado. Bakit mo naiisip na ikaw ay boboto… hahahaha.

    • tabalu

      ako di ako boboto; iniisip ko kasi parang isa ako sa nagpuwesto sa taong magnanakaw lang sa gobyerno.kung may kokontra sa inyo magsabi kayo na isa, isa lang ang hindi nagnanakaw na opisyal ng gobyerno.

  • Huka Shin

    JV Bautista, tama si Lacierda, nagmamayabang yang si Erap ninyo para bagang napakalakas ng UNA dahil sa tibay ng endorsement niya at ni Jojo, ngayon sabi ng uhuging JV sama-sama na lang tayo sa isang grand coalition. It means takot sila to compete, as usual, the political solution of Erap barkada tayong lahat, daanin na lang natin sa inuman. But this principle did not work on Koko.

    Now, UNA is disowning the irresponsible statment of JV that the grand coalition is his own innocent proposal. You have to teach JV that he needs clearance from his father to come up with those statments. Besides, if he was matured enough, politically and intelligently matured that is, he would have tested the reactions of the LP first.

    Masayado pang immature si JV. Akala niya nasa Jaycee ba siya.

    • Loggnat

       Maybe, Erap’s boy was tasked to be the one that was to be the guinea pig to do the test. They got an unfavorable result from the test. =))

  • Jim

    Remove JV Estrada, Jackie Enrile, Abegail Binay, Mitos Magsaysay, Migz, Joey de Venecia, Tatad, Maceda, and Gwen Garcia from UNA, I will vote 101% for Jojo Binay!

    • doncleo

       tama ka! pero isama mo na din si Erap baka maisipan pang mag VP nyan…kung wala na matira tama lang kasi puro naman trapo at oportunista ang nasa UNA e..

  • Lanlie Anthony

    Putting the country’s interest first is more important than winning this coming election. Government should introduce tough measures necessary to sustain a country’s progress. Don’t be so greedy for power and position.

    • ruthieem7


  • ruthieem7

    Statement lang pala ni JV e, hindi ng UNA. Patola rin itong si Lacierda! Inaway agad UNA

    • dario

      away na ba sa iyo un? you should check your vocabulary.

  • East_Crusader

    I will vote for a party that has a strong and clear platform regarding international agenda, which include the disputed territories in the west philippine sea. i hope they will use this kind a grand show of diplomacy, courage and determination for common good of soveriegn filipino people and other nations and race aims for co-existence.

  • Bart

    nasaktan ka bautista? akala ko ba malakas and endorsing appeal ng big 3 nyo, na mahihirapan si noy2 tapatan ito according ky erap? ngayon na magsasanib ang NP sa LP todo react kaagad? haha…

  • manks

    Sino ngayon ang aroganti ha mr. Bautista… Kaw talaga may pa sakit sakit pa, ugag u talaga…

  • Renz Roger

     tangalin ang pork barrel at ipasa an freedom of information bill.

  • ely

    bastos naman talaga ang bunganga nitong si lacierda…

    lahat nalang pinapatulan. bakla ka ba? bakit???

    kasi …… sa tingin palang para walang kang ligo….


    • dario

      parang ikaw ang bakla eh, di pa boom boom ka pa

  • virgoyap

    Bautista mababaw pala ang puwit nyo! Akala ko handa kayo ano mang sasabihin ni Lacierda tungkol sa “super coalition” na yan.

    • nakawan

      it seems JV Bautista is the arrogant one. why should any party be “glad to join the coalition”? reminded now why Bautista lost his seat in the House and can’t seem to win a  Senatorial contest

  • nilphil

    There will be no issues had UNA controlled their people, much more the JV Ejercito. The statement of Lacierda, though I am not sure if he is the spokesman for LP, is a normal reaction. The projection of UNA in the beginning is, really, they are formidable so Lacierda’s reaction is normal. Bautista should not make this thing big otherwise, UNA will be at the losing end because it was not started by LP. What bautista should do is to cautioned his partymates against issuing such statements.

  • yatot

    Lacierda is the one who is ARROGANT. Hindi yung kawawang Pulis…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Perhaps this lawyer is forgetting not only is Lacierda the official mouthpiece of Malacanan  -presently that is, we are also a democratic country where anyone can express his or her views in the open without necessarily getting killed for it like in some communist countries?  At best, if this lawyer Bautista is getting offended by what he says, why not come up with something to rebuke him on the issue rather than feeling offended?  Ganyan ang me freedom of speech and expression.  Pag binanatan ka ng salita, magsalita ka rin hindi yun para kang batang nawalan ng lollypop.

    • Yu Wang

      Ngasalita na nga siya. Sabi nya arogante ang dating ni Lacierda at sa public radio pa niya ginawa. That is the freedom of speech in action.

  • CerioSantiago

    Pikon na ang UNA. Partido ng UNAno. Binay Jinggoy JV isama pa yang mayabang na atty bautista. Ni isa sa line up nila walang maibibiga. Tiyak bokya yan sa 2013. Sanib pwersa kayo kay arroyo parehong kurakot.

  • dario

    Bautista: Be a President first.  Then hire your own spokesperson.  Then you can dictate what he should or should not say.  In the meantime, STFU.

  • Jim

    Hey JV Bautista, what are the rules covering “recruitment?” All parties should get the best for their team, isn’t it? If you think Gwen, Mitos, Migz are good timber, don’t worry LP would get them! As smart Erap said “na ma-may-rate” (pirating) ang LP. Who wants their trashy candidates anyway!

    • ordinaryo

      Hey Jim Jom Baklatita aka Rika Karandang, All parties should have food, drinks, chicks and jokes. Except Liberal Party, puro jokes. hahahahaha.

  • blade_29

    This bautista of UNA is just trying to ride on the issue to gain public sympathy. We all know that UNA has no chance in the coming elections because all of their candidates are no good, they are all trapos. Most Filipinos nowadays are quite knowledgeable on what is best for the country and won’t vote for anybody associated with dirty politics, corruption and greed which is what is UNA all about. bautista knows his UNA will eventually sink. 

    • ordinaryo

      and UNA dirty, and LP malilinis, magagaling…
      praning ka ba?

      • Constantine

        That’s corrrect. UNA is dirty!

      • Maitum

         I agree….

  • beatmanny

    noytards attack!!!!

  • ruthieem7

    Tantanan na nga itong super coalition. Imposible naman talagang mangyari. Pagkakasyahin lahat ng may ambisyon sa 12 senatoriables lang? Oh c’mon!

  • billy gunner

    agree. lacierda is an arrogant pr1ck who was probably denied his mama’s milk as a child! lol

  • Juan

    Hindi pa nga kumpleto kabinete ni Pres aquino. ewan ko….

  • BacolodBoy

    Lacierda is indeed arrogant!!!

  • BatangSingapore

    yan si Lacierda ang magiging sanhin ng pagkatalo ng partido ng abnoy na pangulo.

    kulang lang sa hotdog yan si Lacierda hihihiihihihi.

    • adriel0104

      ikaw ang retarded,sayang ang mga anak mo retarded din..

  • tarikan

    Arrogant or not, Lacierda made a point. It was former, once, ex-pres. Estrada himself said in the early days of the UNA senatorial introduction that their line-up is very strong. Rep. JV de Guia Ejercito Estrada’s floating the idea of an UNA/LP coalition is in conflict with the posturing of his father. Or is the father now eating his words that was why he instructed his son to do the bidding?  

  • Jon

    Pagpasensyahan nyo na siya.
    Di maiwasan ni Mama Lamierda na magtaray..
    Natural sa mudra ang magpatutsada.
    In fairness, walang tatalo sa kanya sa pataasan ng kilay.

  • Ronnie Basit

    Both Presidential Spokepersman Lacierda and Lawyer JVBautista and thier respective parties have viewing themselves as superior to other political parties. A feeling of superiority to politics with a determination to beat their opponents at thier own dirty game. Thus, allows them to view themeselves as a pure, aristocratic  figure while employing the tactics of a traditional politician. 

    • PlumberfromCanada

      “THIER”..???  ang spelling po yata ay THEIR!!!

  • isidro c. valencia

    Noong una akala ng UNA arangkada sila. Akala nila because of Binay’s high rating, Erap’s popularity, Manong Johnny’s good performance in Corona trial they will create a “bandwagon effect.” Erap boastfully said the triumvirate’s forces is stronger than P-Noy’s force. Pero kapus.  

    Then, a new problem arises, UNA flew over Koko’s nest and sumiping kay Migz. Naturally, Kokoy is a principled man, he cannot dance with the wolves. A crack on the wall appeared.

    Then, it appeared P-Noy’s sterling performance in good governance cannot be out forced. UNA made a “trial balloon” by sending JV to coalesce LP. Further, Jinggoy contradicts his brother.
    Nililito ang tao. 

    While Lacierda, with lacerating toungue charged and said “akala ko ba UNA is a team to beat.
    I agree with Lacierda’s logic, why join LP when you are the team to beat?

    Many things will happen. And that is politics, only in the Philippines.


    • Ces

      “Then, it appeared P-Noy’s sterling performance in good governance cannot be out forced”……. REALLY?

  • regd

    Both parties are growling like animals when cornered. But animals don’t validate their idiocy, so I’ll just call it as dumb remarks.

  • anton

    is this news worth to be the headline? paid ad by una? ano ba yan inquirer!!!

  • Rizal Bonifacio

    Parang pinagsama sama sa UNA ang mga basura sa politika ng Pilipinas:-) Ang yayabang pa, tignan natin kung marami pa silang mauuto na mga tangang botante:-)))  Natatakot na sila sa magandang palakad ni Pnoy,

  • ApoLapullapu

    By nature, Lacierda, a Boholano is not arrogant.  He is just acting according to the general attitude of his Boss’ administration.

  • Benjamin

    sino ba itong jv bautista na ito …papansin ka pang hinayupak ka..ano na ba ang nagawa mo para  magpapansin ka..ungasd!!!!

  • Benjamin

    sino ba itong jv bautista na ito…hoy kolokoy papansin kang hinayupak ka.. may nagawa ka na ba para ka magpapansin ….

    • spearheads

      Bopols, si Lacierda ang “kolokoy.” Si Bautista ay spokesperson ng UNA kaya di yan katulad mo na kolokoy. Lacierda is not the spokesperson of the Liberal Party kaya wala siyang karapatang magsalita tungkol sa adhikain o ano mang plano ng partido dahil kumabit lang siya kay PNoy, kuha mo? Was he authorized by PNoy to speak for the LP? Masyado lang nagsusumipsip yang mongrel ng palasyo. Instead of helping his boss, nakakasira pa.

      • Benjamin

        isa kang ungas…sino ba itong jv na ito ??? kulangot ba ni erap ito o libag ni rambotiti o tutule ni enrile ??? sino ba itong pilit nagpapapansin katulad mo na isang utot ni gloriang mandarambong ????

  • Benjamin

    hinde kaya pwedeng bawiin ng sitting president ang pardon na ibinigay ng isang pekeng presidente ? masyadong nagyayabang itong si erap..tanungin sya kung legal ba ang pardon ni gloria sa kanya inamin na rin nya na legal ang pagiging presidente ni gloriang  mandarambong..kung sasabihin nya na peke si gloria at si fpj ang dapat na presidente eh di invalid ang pagbibigay sa kanya ng pardon dahil fake president ang nagbigay nito…DAPAT IBALIK SI ERAP SA KULUNGAN AT PAGDUSAHAN ANG SENTENSYA SA KANYA…..

  • Tranquililing

    Hoy Bautista, P.I. Mo! Puro Kayo trapo, Mga hinayupak Kayo! Ikaw, mukha kang Kutong Lupa! Ang yabang mong magsalita, eh wala ka ring sinabi, hayup ka! UNA puro salot Kayo! Bautista, magtinda ka na Lang ng bote garapa, Baka may silbi ka pang animal ka, hunghang!

  • maypakialamako

    talaga namang kahamak-hamak ang una! mga trapo, corrupt, magnanakaw, sinungaling at balimbing ang mga miyembro! may mga buwaya na, may baboy pa in the person of mitos babsi magsaysay!

  • DASREICH1704

    JV Bautista, you are the arrogant one, Lacierda merely asked why sudden change of heart on the part of  UNA considering that it was UNA who once said it will not coalesce with other political parties other than PMP and PDP. Maybe Its JV Ejercito opinion, but Binay endorsed it, who’s lying and arrogant now

  • Pedro

    JV Bautista, mahina pala ang LP eh bakit pa makikipag-coalition  ang UNA sa mahinang LP? ,. . . lumakad na kayo ng sarili nyong lakad. . 

  • guest1500

    Why is the inquirer only reporting about the Liberal Party and UNA? I think there are a lot of other political parties that the Filipino people should know about.

  • Beguine

    Just watch, this no good UNA will be dissolved even before it 
    is formed and launched. 

    Who wants a party riddled with very lousy politicians? People
    do know better than to vote for them! 

  • 711sense

    Sa wakas meron din pumuna kay mayabang Lacierda. Puro TRAPOS lang naman ang kanilang kinukuhang kandidato kaya wala din pagbabago ang  mga nakawan sa ating gobyerno. Hayyyy kawawa talaga mga pinoy. Yan ang tunay na fun in the Philippines!

    • Benjamin

      sino ba ang trapos….enrile..estrada…binay…zubiri…maceda…tatad…mitos ….gwen garcia…pichay…gloria…raul gonzales…nani peres…de venecia…joker…mirriam…BONGBONG…escudero…villafuerte…gordon…BONG PINEDAS NA KUMPARE NI GLORIANG MANDARAMBONG…..antonino…nograles…..HAYYYYY KAWAWA TALAGA ANG MGA PINOY…YAN ANG TUNAY NA FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES…..

    • DASREICH1704

       Nagtatanong lang si lacierda, kundi ba naman nagmayabang agad ang UNA nun. Kaya nga UNA, UNA sa dakdak, UNA sa yabang, UNA sa porma at UNA din sa pagbahag ng buntot

    • George

      ikaw ang kawawa, hina utak ka e, kami hindi at next time utoy wag mo kaming isama sa katangahan mo.

      • 711sense

        ikaw and tanga george lacierda dahil IQ mo baka wala pang 50.. yabang mo tulad ng amo mo.

  • Voltes_V

    sigurado si Enrile hihiwalay na sa UNA -:)  taga nyo sa bato hahahaha

  • wawa2172

    What is the difference between Lacierda and Jayvee…they are all air…mayayabang.

  • Joey

    just because they did not elicit their desired response from the adminitsration spokesperson, arrogant na??? OMG!!! thet’re all politicians, they’re all the same!

  • Hey_Dudes

    If the Filipino people decide picking the next sets of leaders to lead the country beginning year 2016 from the UNA line up, then it only demonstrates we Filipinos are not capable of using our heads when it counts the most. It once more exposes to clear light how we Filipinos not learning anything since we gained independence.  By choosing candidates from a line of purely corrupts and abusers, we are once more demonstrating how pitiful we are.

  • Nic Legaspi

    And here we have the people who would possibly be running the government in the future. Isang malaking good luck na lang sa Pilipinas!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Why is Binay not active in the anti-corruption drive? Is he in the plunderer side? If it is so then there should be no such thing as UNA – LP coalition.

  • Voltes_V

    playing safe lagi si Binay para di bumaba rating.  how can this person lead the country?  he can’t make a clear stand on each issues.   isa pa lang ang alam kong pinaglaban nya yung magkaroon ng opisina ang vice president. yung maganda opisina sa coconut palace -:)

    • ikulong


    • spearheads

      Kahit na ano pang sabihin mo, lahat ng trust rating ng mga opisyales ng administrasyon ay bumaba sa latest SWS survey, nangunguna na si Enrile. Si VP Binay lang ang nananatiling very good rating (70%). Ang nakapagtataka ay kung noong kasalukuyang pang may impeachment ay inakamataas na 56% ang trust rating ni Enrile. Ngunit kung kailan matapos anf impeachment at bumoto ng conviction kasama ang mga tropa niya sa Senado ay tsaka bumaba ng 8% ang rating ni Enrile. Di biro yang 8% na biglang baba, anong ibig sabihin nito? Maliwanag na ang desisyon nilang tanggalin si Corona ay unpopular. Tingnan nyo di na sinama ng SWS survey si PNoy dahil lalong sumadsad. Nakakahiya kasi magsoSONA ang hitad. 

      Walang yellow na maglike nitong post ko pero katotohanan at pawang katotohanan lang.

      • adriel0104

        baligtad ang utak mo,retarded ka kasi..

  • muddygoose

    UNA, the epitome of political compromise

    • ruthieem7

      E ano pa ang LP-NP-NPC aber? Enemies nung nakaraang election, ngayon friends na uli!

      • muddygoose

        You have a point. So sa susunod na eleksyon hinde mo na bobotohin si JV kahit anak siya ng artista? =)

  • ikulong


  • George

    unless you’re a moron, you’ll believe that una and lp will ever unite

  • usaf9

    Who is arrogant to whom? Compare the countenance between Lacierda and Bautista. Their looks speak for itself. Lacierda looks meek and humble, while Bautista  with bigote looks tough and arrogant. And observe their manners; Lacierda is soft spoken and mild mannered, while Bautista speaks with high notes and used to peroration. Arrogance is not in the vocabulary of Lacierda.      

    • Gallimaufries

      I remember this Bautista, and he struck me then as a trying-hard mayabang person.  He thereafter vanished from the scene, which I thought was just fine.  Now, he’s back….. and he still looks and acts the same.  Who’s the bright UNA guy who has resurrected Bautista and thinks he should be its spokesman?  Well, for your sake, UNA, think again.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    the loyal lapdog of PNoy…..

  • Freddie Mariano

    Sino ba ang arogante? Sa basa ko itong si JV ang arogante. Bukod pa doon parang limelight-hungry at attention-seeker. Wala kasing masyadong pumapansin dito. 

    He’s one person you can’t seem to take seriously!

    • Albin

      boxing lang alam ni jv.

    • ruthieem7

      JV Bautista or Ejercito?

  • kilabot

    baket nag-aagawan ng kandidato ang una at lp? marami dyan malakas ang name-recall: tupas, quimbo, tanada, angara, umali, banal, diaz, morales, henares, keh. paghati-hatian nila ang mga ito, e di kumpleto na lineup.

    • Bert

      they probably know that the winnability of those you mentioned is almost below zero….

      • Ces


  • Albin

    LP, UNA, pare-pareho lang yan. Baka mas magaling pa sa kanila si Spike Boy Eli Pamatong.

  • Oliver82

    Heto na ang mga matatandang politiko.. embes na magtrabaho muna, election na ang nasa isip.. yan ba ang tamang ugali bilang PUBLIC SERVANT????? declaration palang banghayan na??? ano pa kaya kong election na????? tsk.. tsk..tsk.. kaya mga kababayan maisip2 na tayo kong sino ang mas OK na iboto. D bale na hindi matunog pero totoong PUBLIC SERVANT!!!!

  • Dyndin

    Bakit kailangan kong sabihin saiyo,Basta ako alam ko ang plataforma. period

  • MGS12

    “We thought UNA was the team to beat. So why are they asking for a coalition?”

    Asar din ako sa pagmumukha nitong si Lacierda pero sa sinabi nya na to, parang nagpakatotoo lang naman sya.  Nagalit ang JV Bautista kasi nasaktan sya sa katotohanan.  Ang aga kasing pumorma ng UNA e. Ayan tuloy, napaghahandaan ng LP ang mga galaw nila. Masyado kasing mga excited!!!

  • bobski43

    Give the guy a break he is just pleasing his master that he is worth his

  • James


  • delia

    Why blame Lacierda. He is just telling what Binay said” UNA is a team to beat”. Ginagamit nilang escape goat si Lacierda kasi yung party kuno nila is crumbling. Papano ba naman sinong matinong kaisipan ang boboto at kakampi kay Binay na napaka corrupt at mayabang at ang plunderer na si Erap?

    • rtgrtg

      Mas arrogante ata ang UNA. Dahil ayaw nilang kinokontra sila. In effect, they are telling Lacierda…Shut-up! Oucccccccccch..the truth hurts!

  • agila888

    Kaya hirap makabuo ng slate ang LP dahil naglabas ng statement si PNoy yata or leadership ng LP na those who meet their criteria (meaning hindi magnanakaw) are welcome to join LP but you should not expect poll funds from the party.  Ganito ang prinsipyo ng LP.  Marami ang sumasali sa UNA at NP dahil maraming pera si Binay (hindi lang natin alam kung saan galing) at siyempre kang NP may bilyones ni Villar.  Ang LP walang pera.  Hindi ka assured ng campaign funds dahil wala naman silang nakaw na yaman para ipamudmod sa mga politiko na magjoin sa kanilang party!!!

  • GintongLahi

    Mula’t-sapul, ang UNA ang nagsasabing “the team to beat” is the UNA.  Na-UNA silang nagsabi na ayaw nilang maging kasama sa senatorial ticket ang mga taga-LP.  Nabasa ko yan, may kasama pa ngang picture sa Philstar.  GThat was two months ago, na medyo mab ango pa ang UNA.  Pero lately, dahil karamihan sa kanilang kandidato ay tuta at alipores ni GMA, kaya ang taong bayan ay nawalan ng gana sa UNA.  Nang mapansin ng mga taga-UNA na medyo lumulubog ang kanilang “barko” dahil sa eskandalo na idinulot ng doble-karang pagtrato kay Koko Pimentel at Mig Zubiri, ninais na nila ang mamangka sa dalawang ilog.

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