Arroyo seeks bishops’ prayers ‘to accept things she could no longer change’


Former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

In the wake of the first plunder case filed against her, former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has turned to Catholic bishops for prayers of courage to accept things she could no longer change.

Arroyo’s plea for prayers was announced by her lawyer, Anacleto Diaz, at the weekly forum hosted by the Catholic Media Network (CMN). Diaz expressed disappointment that members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) were not present to receive the appeal.

“We thought this was a forum of the Catholic bishops so I thought they would be here… I actually did not know this would be a press conference, so we thought we would be able to give the personal plea of the [former] president,” Diaz said.

The CMN forum is held every Tuesday in Intramuros, Manila, with varying guests to tackle current political and social issues facing the country.

Only retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz, who had been a staunch critic of Arroyo, was the guest from the CBCP to talk about another issue—the prevalence of HIV-AIDS in the country.

“I was asked by the [former] President to attend this forum to make a plea to the bishops to please help her pray for courage to accept the things she could no longer change. She also asked that I request the bishops to pray for the Ombudsman and the courts to steadfastly perform their duty of deciding cases solely on the basis of evidence produced during the proceedings,” Diaz said.

He also said that Arroyo had requested that the bishops pray for President Benigno Aquino so that he would not make decisions based on “vindictiveness, vengeance, spite and ill will.”

Cruz assured the former President of his prayers. “I was not known to be a GMA (Arroyo’s moniker) admirer during her term and she knows this… but when she was down, I did not step on her anymore. As far as prayers are concerned, please tell her I do that,” the prelate said.

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  • mojo76

    mga hipocrito…..nasan yong anak nya si mikey dati naalala ko pa ng intervewhin  sya ni maam monsod regarding properties nila sa usa na sue as in court if they want……now karma na sa kanila ito……no more impunity kulong dapat sila!!!!

  • saintleonardo

    Prayers will be useless if she will not admit all the abuses and corruption during her term. She should ask forgiveness and return all the money that they corrupted to the hard working Filipinos. This is the biggest problem with the bishops forgive and forget until next time to repeat it again. This is the cycle of abuses and corruption that they are tolerating which causes extreme hardship and poverty to Filipinos. What are they getting in return $$$$$$.

    • brunogiordano

      “Prayers will be useless..”
      TAMA!!! WAH EFFECT ‘yang prayers pag bayaran tulad ng kay CORONA.

      hindi na naniniwala ang mga tao na maka-diyos ang mga nagdadasal na plunderers kahit supportado at ipinagtatangol pa ng mga ALAGAD NG ‘diyos’.

      • Nueva

         correction indi ALAGAD NG DIYOS THAT IS BLASPHEMY mga damaso na lang lol

  • filipinaskoh

    “I was asked by the [former] President to attend this forum to make a plea to the bishops to please help her pray for courage to accept the things she could no longer change” DIAZ 

    Gloring ano ka ba naman, bakit kailangan mo pang humingi ng prayer bakit hanggang ngayon ba hindi mo pa rin mataggap na:
    bansot ka
    matanda ka na (amoy lupa na)
    Ung nunal mo- hindi na talaga mawawala
    HIndi mo kahawig si Nora Anor ( kanunal mo lang)
    Marami kang kamukhang mga bakla
    Hindi ka na presidente
    Wala na si aling Mercy at si mang Renato
    Ung titanium implant mo nakabara pa rin
    Hindi ka makaalis ng bansa
    Iniwanan ka na ng mga kaalyado mo.
    Mga obispo-pinagtataguan ka-akalain mo pagkatapos mo silang bigyan ng…
    Iniwan ka na ng beast friend mong si Mitos magsawsaw ipinalit ka sa UNA
    Iniwan ka ng mga alipores mo pagkatapos mo silang I-share sa mga kurakot.
    Malapit ka ng alisin dyan sa VMMC at ililipat na sa MUNTI.

    Dapat ang prayer mo ay:
    That the LORD will give you the courage to return the money you stole from the Filipino people. Sasamahan pa kitang magdasal.

    • Leonard

       She will have problem recovering money she deposited in her brother -in-laws account. I don’t think those bweshops can help her. No God believe them anymore, they had done more mistakes than you and me combined.

  • brunogiordano

    “Arroyo seeks bishops’ prayers ‘to accept things she could no longer change’”

    mga JOHANN TETZEL ng CBCP pagkakataon na ninyong ngayong magbenta ng INDULGENCIA sa malaking halaga.

    sa mga nakurakot ng mga plunderers kayang kaya nito magbayad kahit magkano.

    siyiempre iba pa rin ‘yong bayad sa mga pamisa misa at iba pa rin ‘yong pag-rosa-rosario para sa kanila.

    WOW! LAKING KITA nito.

  • pangitbudhiko

    Gloria Lahat ng santo magdasal ka na the end is near for  you, and you need the prayers of this bishop and maybe the intercession of Pope Benedict, Don;t worry I will pray for you. But looks like the odds are stock against you all the way to the ceiling.  Only one prayer, Don’t blame the lord for what is happening top you!

  • doublecross

    naku…tuwang-tuwa na naman mga bishop nito, siguradfo ako…may kapalit.

    patawa naman eto si President(daw) gloria, sino ka ba para palitan mo ang gusto mo…tsk…tsk…tsk…wala kang nagawa kundi kuhanin mo lahat ang pera ng bayan.

  • Beguine

    Arroyo seeking help from the bishops is pitiful, just at 
    a time when the bishops themselves are at a loss
    what to do because their flock either have strayed or 
    are quitting their church en masse! 

    Desperate people turning to each other for help, what
    a farce. 



    • Taiko_Kauna

      misery loves company

  • doublecross

    what changes….ahh, oo nga pala, puro barya pala ang iniwan mo sa kaban ng bayan. ang magnanakaw ay buhay magnanakaw, kahit ano gawin mo nakaw pa rin ang buhay mo.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I suppose her Pajero bishops are still wielding some influence to the heaven gate keepers?  They should all pray together heaven’s gate will not be elusive when time comes GMA neck will no longer ache but permanently stiff as in no life, nada,  infinito and totally shultz!

  • JuanTamadachi

    This may well be the advice of her lawyers.. That is to project an image that she is a martyr, a victim of PNoy’s vindictiveness and hence most deserving of the people’s sympathy.. The truth is GMA has mistaken PNoy’s unwaivering determination to hold her accountable for the vicious impunity with which she and her cohorts unjustly enriched themselves by committing crimes of corruption at the expense of the people.. This is just pure and simple theatrics to appeal to the people’s sympathy.. Pa-awa effect lang ito.. Wag ho tayong paloloko..


  • doncleo

    Ungas talaga.marami pa-effect….bakit kailangan pa sa Bishop pumunta?…bakit hindi na lang siya humingi ng tawad sa Diyos at sa taongbayan na pinagsamantalahan nya? Hipokrita! Hipokrita! Hipokrita!

  • lt53

    i gather that the gov’t has a very strong case againts genuino, arroyo etc regarding this pcso plunder case, she’s more afraid of this than the election case. and they may please stop saying it is Pnoy’s act of vindictiveness to go after them. it is their own doing, one reaps what one sows.

  • Ommm

    The Bishops would prefer to lecture on AIDS/HIV than get too close to Gloria…. domestic doctors refuse to operate on her…even the jails don’t want her, quoting “what if she dies in here?”….the palace certainly won’t talk to her either.

    Cruz said “As far as prayers are concerned, please tell her I do that”…. note the ambiguous wording as he didn’t promise to pray for HER, simply stated he did pray…suspecting the Vatican or perhaps the Almighty Himself has ordered a gag order on poor Gloria.

    Maybe Tulfo ( tau foo) could write one of his famous rant columns explaining all this rejection as a karmatic balance of the universe….

  • doublecross


  • Taiko_Kauna

    woe unto you bishops and lawyers HYPOCRITES!

  • Pedro Mateo

    Huli talaga ang pagsisisi, ngayon mo makikita kung anong ang iyong ginawa at kung sino ang tunay mong kaibigan. GMA can not change the past but GMA can change the future. She just tell the truth and nothing but the truth and the people will decide her fate. In the eyes of God you may forgiven but in the hands of the people you had to pay for whatever wrong you did. .

  • Jomex

    God is an Arroyo ally…

    • justjarred

       So you’re basically saying that God is also a plunderer?

      • Jomex

        I couldn’t agree more!

  • Gemini621

    Arroyo destroyed the sanctity of the nation’s institutions (bribery to officials, electoral impunity) and made pacts with the devils (ampatuans and others). It will take years to heal the wounds. She must pay for her past actions. The old testament says: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. How the mighty have fallen! 

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Yes,  there should be no “vindictiveness, vengeance, spite and ill will” in the acts of all public officials.  Just fair, plain, equal and straightforward application of the law.  Send GMA to jail. 

  • doublecross

    kung si president(daw)gloria humihingi ng tulong sa bishop…unahin ko na sila , diretso ako kay GOD LORD….
              Dear LORD,
                     kayo na po ang bahala sa nagkasalang President(daw) Gloria sa mga perang ninakaw niya sa kaban ng bayan PILIPINAS. At sa mga kasalanan ginawa niya. salamat po!

  • Jomex

    DEMAGOGUES like GMA use prayer to manipulate the emotions and credulity of simple minded and non-thinking Filipinos. if God is real and has plans already for all of us, then prayer is useless! in fact, prayer would be also redundant! But since NOBODY has ever proven empirically that a god is real, prayer is useless nonetheless! Prayer is talking to yourself. And we know what we call people who talk to themselves: LUNATICS.

    • brunogiordano

      “…use prayer to manipulate the emotions and credulity of simple minded and non-thinking Filipinos.”

      noong araw marami ang mga simple minded at non-thinking maka-DAMASO na PILIPINO. 

      pagkatapos na walang nangyari sa pa-misa misa, padasal dasal at pa-rosa-rosario para kay CORONA paubos na ang lahi ng mga maka-DAMASO ngayon.

      NGAYON ang pinaguusapan na ng mga PILIPINO ay HIGGS boson, GRAVITON at ang BIG BANG na naganap.


    “…..courage to accept things she could no longer change.”

    Ho Ho Ho……

    …’s the humility or serenity to accept things that can’t be changed-not courage.  Even in the face of musketry, effrontery still resides in the soul of arrogance.

    You had all the power but no courage to change the things that you could for the betterment and amelioration of the country for almost countless years, and what, in Lolong’s name, did you do?  You instead channeled that courage to rifle, ransack, loot, pillage, plunder, bleed, cheat, defraud, and jerk around the whole nation and its citizenry to a comatose state with your cohorts of fellow MMM.

    Now…..and now, you are seeking to grab one of your tentacles in crime to pray for you to prop up your royal temerity.  You’re barking at the wrong aratiles tree.  The ones you’re asking for help are they themselves in need of a great help.  They’re next in the evolution of the Philippine society.  Malapit ng matapos ang pagtatago sa puting saya.  Time to face the TRUTH and REALITY.  The FAIRY TALES game is over.  Cinderella, Snow white, Darna, Kapitan, Kidlat, Ben Hur, Moses and all the rest are time to rest.

  • Fulpol

    VINDICTIVE JUSTICE… yan ang hustisya ni Noynoying..


    .. the Devil’s Advocate

    • pilipino

      May justice ba na hindi vindictive? Di ba pag ang tao pag napatunayan sa Korte na siya ay tama, either he is the accused or the accuser, pag kinampihan na siya ng batas ang laging sinasabi siya ay VINDICATED na. The root word of vindictive is the Latin ‘vindicare’. That’s how I see it, because how can there be justice if none is vindicated?

    • generalproblem

      ito na naman si fulpol pakisabi sa amo mo na tawagan na nya yung kanayang pajero bsihop at pagdasal sya

    • brunogiordano


      para kay GLORIA at sa kanyang mga alipores ayos lang sa amin ‘yan.

      at mas magaling kung LIGHTNING SPEED ang paghatol ng GUILTY!!!!


      .. the ANGEL’s Advocate

  • SPO10

    I’ll pray for Gloria…and my prayer would be like this, ” Lord kinuha nyo na po yong favorite kong action star na si Fernando Poe, tapos kinuha nyo na rin yong favorite kong singer na si Michael Jackson…GUSTO KO PONG MALAMAN NYO NA ANG FAVORITE KONG PRESIDENT AY SI GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO kaya pwede nyo na rin po syang kunin!

    • justjarred


  • John_Galt_II

    Sige mag sama sama kayong mag utuan! mga uto-uto!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Perhaps at the outset of her public life this was GMA’s version of Niebuhr’s “Serenity Prayer”— 
    “God grant me the impunity
    to do the things I can;
    boldness to grab the
    things  I want;
    and a husband to guide my preference.”

  • regd

    Does it mean she’s not praying herself? It just says ‘help her pray’. None can help her on her cause except God, so why can’t she pray to God directly privately and not request or demand from people?

  • linoca

    Sana ay humaba pa buhay ni GMA. Abutin na maging botante  mga apo nya.  Para maipaliwanag kung bakit sya nakakulong hanggang sa panahong iyon.  At  mas mahaba panahon nya para magdasal.

  • michael

    here’s a prayer…please forgive GMA for putting props in her neck just to pretend she is sick!!!!

    • doublecross

       hehehehehe….alam mo ang taong ma-kunwari sa sarili, pinaparusahan ng mabigat.

  • Mike

    Sickening.  She’s even using religion/God to further her cause or at least drum up support.  The truly repentant wouldn’t even dream of publicly advertising; just another tirade. 

  • Ed Molina

    But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 
    ” — Matthew 6:6

    pero si GMA, when you pray, make sure you do it in a weekly forum, where there are many reporters. tsk tsk

    Banal na aso, santong kabayo. Natatawa ako hihihihi. Sa ‘yo.” — Yano

  • scolexx

     magahanap ka ng ibang bishops, wa epek yang mga yan. sayang ang ibabayad mo lovingly yours, Corona

  • Oliver82

    ” nasa Dyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”.

  • Jazzeroo

    This is so sad and at the same time comical yet predictable. When all else fail, just turn to God with prayers. God must be so sick of people without genuine faith who only turn religious and be seen to be when money, power, and influence no longer work as they should. What hypocrisy!!

    Why is this even newsworthy??

  • linoca

    GMA’s prayer is a warning to all bishops who have accepted rewards from her.  Baka masali sila sa plunder case.

  • isagani_maverick77

    “Innocent until Proven Guilty….’Konsensiya’ so to speak…this is the driving force to the path of keeping the faith… prayers so it seems, but, the truth and nothing but the truth will free all miseries, anxieties, and bad spirits!….di na lingid sa ating kaalaman, lahat ng inaakusahan sa senado ay ginawang tahanan ang mga Ospital, minsan nais pang sa sariling tahanan maglagi….tsk…tsk…tsk…ang mahirap kapag naakusahan diretso sa rehas…ang mayaman o may kapangyarihan, pulitiko o sikat sa lipunan diretso sa higaan ng karamdaman…..di naman obvious (naging kagawian na lang siguro), kaya kung minsan natutuluyan…..ipagpatuloy nawa ang laban ng administrasyong Aquino sa lahat ng katiwalian, mula noon hanggang ngayo, Ngunit!, huwag naman sanang iyon n lamang ang gawing dahilan upang mapagtakpan ang mga katiwalian sa likod ng kanyang panunungkulan, walang malinis at walang matuwid ngunit, datapwat, subalit- kaya nga may batas ang tao upang isaayos ang sistema ng lipunan, tungo sa mapayapa, maunlad, at makatotohanang mabuting kinabukasan -ang batas ng Diyos ang sandigan….kung kaya’t ang lahat ay di dapat alintana o walang alam o walang pakialam sa pagsasakatuparan ng mga nabanggit….harinawa ay dinggin ang lahat ng mabuting panalangin!”-Amen

  • RyanE

    I guess CBCP should repay ex-PGMA’s gifts then of SUVs to them by doing as she wishes.

  • Handiong

    GMA does not need prayers. What she needs to do is to publicly confess her crimes against the Filipino people, seek forgiveness (this time with sincerity, not the “I am sorry”-type), and make restitution by giving back to the people what she and her family have stolen. Then and only then can she be deserving of divine and human mercy.

    Forget the bishops.  

  • Jomex

    instead of asking for prayer from Catholic bishops to help her with the plunder case, I suggest Gloria should pray for PNoy’s death and use Psalm 109, which contains the following lines:

    “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” (preferably those loyal to her!)

    Even though it is cruel and obviously wrong to call for death of a political opponent, but the Bible is a “moral” guide, right? (sarcasm)

    So go ahead Gloria, the Bible is your friend.

  • les21reago

    CGMA should turn to the POCHAHONTAS > that when the GOING gets tough the TOUGHS gets GOING…
    The Bishops knows their DICTUM…everyone deserted THEIR Master when the weather get stormy…
    TRUE Bishop CRUZ will PRAY CGMA for her to REPENT her abused of POWER like appointing her manicurist and gardener to DIRECTORSHIP…And her lies in Baguio that she will no longer seek the Presidency so she could institute reforms and even yet made SCANDAL out of it.

  • RBFjcj


    • intsikbeho

      HAh! over the arroyo family’s dead body. 

      Justice is coming in the philippines no less. doesnt seem real but lets see.

      • RBFjcj

         You are right INTSIKBEHO, to the Arroyos’ MONEY is most important than anything. 


        I hope the bishops’ answer is REPENTANCE & RESTITUTION BEFORE FORGIVENESS!!!


  • $15469930

    The best medicine are to accept that you have done a lot of wrong doing during your terms as president……these will cure all your health problem….. Honesty is the best medicine…..

    • PasswordFlame

       its like..i should accept of what happened to me now because of my wrong doing from the past..ANYWAY I HAVE ALL THE MONEY..YEHEYYY..mannager ipabalik mo muna sa kanya yung pera.hahaha.maybe it would help to her ACCEPTANCE PROGRAM..HAHAHA

  • Nueva

    ang daming plastik 

  • pidalcopter2

    …But of course the Mitzubishops are there to keep for her. The question is: does she still have the temerity to ask the PCSO to donate to the bishops in behalf of her? … Or rather is she willing now to pay the bishops our from her unending bulging pocket? If so, then she must contact Bishop Juan Diablos de Pueblos right away. No need to wait him ask for a birthday gift!

  • andrew

    oo nung panahon nya busog mga pari sa kanya…..1 pajero pls….thanks!

  • magsasakasanayon

    kita mong katamad nitong si gloria arroyo. why doesn’t she pray for herself? i thought God is talking to her? maybe it’s the wrong God. LOL

  • typicalAsianGuy

    Pandak never ceases to entertain me. :D Next joke please :)

  • Anqui

    Nasaan ang mga Corrupt na Bishops katulad ni Juan Diablos de Pueblos? They are all the same THIEVES behind the Cloak. Dapat kay LUCEFIR  na siya TUMAWAG para hwag masyadong painitin ang tubig at apoy para sa kanyang kaluluwa!!!

  • Crysis_III

    She will only have a peace of mind if she returns the money that she plundered and accept all her wrong doings and of course annul her marriage to FG….


    arro(yo)gance!!!! She should be asking for forgiveness not courage…

  • wakats

    Atty. diaz said that gma requests the bishops to pray for President Aquino so that he would not make decisions based on “vindictiveness, vengeance, spite and ill will.”  Talagang taray talaga itong si gloria. Maski nakakulong na, tumitira pa rin.

    PNoy doesn’t decide on legal matters, like the cases filed and being filed against gma.  That’s the reason Ombudsman Morales took a long time to file the plunder case because she has to be sure that the evidence presented by the complainants have probative value to determine whether there’s probable cause to warrant the filing of the case to the sandiganbayan.

    It’s payback time for her 9 years of abuse, corruption and electoral frauds as a fake president. 

  • Edmund

    Bakit may corrupt? kasalanan yan ng mag sangay ng Gobyerno na walang bayag na sabihin sa President na mali ang kanyang ginagawa!  This only shows how weak our systems are! Unang-una, barilin kung sino ang head ng PCSO nung panahon ni GMA, isunod ang COA head…  

  • Crysis_III

    Hmm may pa pray-over pa. hahaha. Religion is for the weak-minded, and people created it for power… 

    • Jomex

      Nakuha mo! Sabi nga ni Seneca:

      “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”

      • Crysis_III

        Hahaha. I know this joke… 

        Eskimo: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” 
        Priest: “No, not if you did not know.” 
        Eskimo: “Then why did you tell me?””

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    I remember that a few days ago a Bishop expressed dismay about spelling “Trinity” as “3nity.”
    I wonder if it is true, just a rumor I heard, that the Pope has also expressed displeasure at the way some Filipino Bishops spell “forgiveness” as “4givene$$.”

    • UrHONOR

      MALI!  The right spelling is SUV.

    • manks

       Ang galing mo talaga pre… hehehehehe

  • RyanE

    I guess ex-CJ Corona’s novena squad in the SC can do the same for ex-PGMA in the VMMC.

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    Poor GMA, she realized that her plundered wealth cannot be brought to the next life. You cant bring your pesos and dollars to h ell, madam corrupt president.

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    When she had the power to control things, how did she use it?  Is there any doubt she used it for self interests?  What could be reflected from such celebrated cases as the NBN ZTE deal, the alleged PCSO fund anomalies, the second-hand helicopter overpricing, the Mindanao election frauds, etcetera?  If one has the immoral guts to dismiss conscience, one who is chastised by one’s wrong-doings should have the moral courage to be true to one’s self, own the wrongdoings and ask forgiveness not so much from the  the mortal ones who had been oppressed but from Him above.  It is only in repentance that sins done are forgiven.
    Admittedly, the bishops will pray for her.  But it is still divine justice that will prevail, which means that Arroyo should not think of these sad things befallen her as Noy’s vindictiveness.  All those who had cheated the Pinoys in the past administration are now having the same plight. no one is exempted from the “walis” of the present government’s clean-up drive.
    It will help Arroyo to pray to God herself.

  • doublecross

    HELP….!!!!!!…divine intervention. huli na ang lahat sa pag-sisi mo President(daw) Gloria. yon baho na iniwan mo sa bayan Plilpinas, ay nasa libro na ng history ng Pinas.trying yourself to be with GOD, you make yoour own fate.

  • arthur1401

    Oscar is clueless that the God he was praying to, along with GMA, corona, SC employees and many corona supporters who offered novenas and masses on the eve of corona’s trial is the same God that many people who are sick and tired of impunity and wanted decency to return are also praying to.
    The same God everyone are praying to had rendered His decision and we know where Corona is now-sa kangkungan. God, being a Champion of True Justice, sided with the people for decency to return.
    Again, oscar will be disappointed. The entire CBCP members will be disappointed as well. They can pray for GMA all they want, but the prayer will remain heedless, as what happened to corona’s. It is because the Champion of True Justice knows that there is a place for those who abuse powers.
    And GMA can only sigh in disbelief while imagining herself staying in a dingy, stinking cell reserve for criminals, for life.

    • Alajero

      …arthur1401…at the end we are just praying for one thing…justice for everyone…equal measure for men…
      …may we not wrongfully misjudge the accused…and not let go of the guilty…

      • arthur1401


  • tigok

    calling all MITSUBISHOPS please pray for her

  • Benjamin

    pabibigyan mo lang ng mga SUVs yang mga hinayupak na mga paring yan..hinde lang prayers ang ibibigay sa iyo….

  • regd

    GMA’s favorite prayer (and the bishops & priest too): 
    Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, and to God what is God’s. Then GMA throws all the money in the air. Whatever is of God, God takes. Whatever falls to the ground, is hers. 

  • rosamistika16

    dear GMA:

    i believe that it is written in your hand that you would be a president of the phils and God made a way for you to make. BUT, don’t you think you have moved so fast that you even conspired with some oligarchs and powerful just to overthrow erap and replaced him with you? didn’t it crosses your mind that you already abused the power entrusted to you by your people and our God?

    You forgot that “With great power comes great responsibility. It is a gift, a curse!”  Now, you are reaping the curse.

    • doublecross

       and don’t forget, she conspire every election officers  and military officers just to win the 2004 President election.her “sorry ” is not enough. GOD forgive her, but the people of the Philippines never FORGIVE and FORGET…!!!!!

  • gets_mo

    I think this is just a publicity stunt concocted by Atty. Diaz that is failing big time.  The Arroyos should fire him for coming up with this stupid idea. 

    • generalproblem

      alam mo naman ang mga abogado pag matatalo meron silang mga desperate moves. parang yung abogado ng mga ampatuan na sinabihan yung mga biktima na mga nagpakamatay daw. tadtad ng bala nagpakamatay onli in the philippines and onli the attorney in the pilipins

  • Alajero

    …i join the bishops on prayers for the respect and adherence to the rule of law in the philippines…the only sanctuary for the accused and protection of civil rights…AMEN…

  • tigok

    The basic nature of God’s Justice ==YOU REAP WHAT U SOW……………………..

    • George Santos

      AMEN to that tigok

  • watot

    If you seek prayers, why need to publish and get media hype. Seek a solemn prayer and do not use a forum and the bishops to get attention. You’d drag the bishop so many times. 

  • NoWorryBHappy

     Dimonyo! Pati mga obispo idadamay mo pa sa kawalanghiyaan mo, GMA.
    You were president for 9 years. As president, you led your relatives
    and a chosen few to be a class of thieves with relentless passion in
    emptying government coffers. Sa halimbawa mo, sumunod ang mga general
    ng AFP sa kanilang sari-sariling pabaon. Pati bapor ng Philipiine Navy
    ay ginamit sa smuggling. Kaya ngayon hindi makapalag ang AFP sa mga
    panlulusob ng mga Intsik na tumulong sa iyong mangurakot sa pamamagitan
    ng mga ‘kickbacks’ na sinuhol sa iyo mga kompanyang Intsik
    katulad ng ZTE. Traidor ! Ahente ka ng mga Intsik ! Manigas ka !

  • __A_YAHOO_USER__

    Everything that you do has repercussions.
     It comes back to you one way or another.


    What goes around comes around.

  • josedin

    tawagin mo yong mga SUV bishops para tanggapin na makulong ka habambuhay.

  • Jomex

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Gloria is in a deep hole. At this point, she would need to call on all the gods to wriggle her way out of her mess!

  • Magsasaka

    nasaan na yong mga damasong humingi ng pajero, ipagdasal na ninyo si pandakekak at isama nyo rin ipagdasal ang mga kaluluwa nyong itim

  • pipsirho

    The best time to ask for prayers was when she was in power that she be granted the wisdom to lead the Philippines with INTEGRITY, HONOR, HONESTY, DIGNITY, HUMILITY, SERVICE, COMPASSION. She forgot to pray for these, but focused on plunder, naked power, arrogance, and “in your face” leadership. She allowed Mike Arroyo to run berserk in all kinds of corruption and graft only the greedy could imagine. Why even in the request for prayer there is still pride with Diaz stating: ‘…requested that the bishops pray for President Benigno Aquino so that he
    would not make decisions based on “vindictiveness, vengeance, spite and
    ill will.” ‘.

    Anyway it is not yet too late, and there is time for repentance. The most important thing though is REPARATION for her misdeeds. God is a merciful God to a repentant person. 

    • pasaway008ako

      But what must she do to show her repentance? Despise the Filipino people and say that we are %!@#!!!? Is that something that she should do or returned all the money that she stole and say she regreted all her misdeeds and then may God forgive me!!!

  • zahraff

    No offense to GMA, but forgiveness from GOD is doubtful, because all the crimes apparently committed were done willfully and voluntarily. We know that God is fair to everyone, and we believe that God will tell GMA to face and answer all her charges in court, and whatever the decision, guilty or not guilty must be accepted. We hope that God will not lose HIS patience for HIM to say GMA – Kung hindi lang nakapako ang aking mga kamay at paa, baka pinagsa-sampal at pinagsi-sipa na kita. Masyado kang makulit!  

    • jeray

      oo nga wag mo itaulad ang diyos sayo. ang babaw mo mag isip

  • MrsPidal

    pray 4 me, or ill get d SUV back!

  • rocky92

    Sabi ni God kay Gloria, “WAG MO AKONG IDAMAY DYAN!” Hahaha

  • Guest

    GMA asked to stop court proceedings on her plunder case on the alleged misused of PCSO funds. Akala mo kung sino mag-utos itong si Gloria.

    • mary

      Ang daming niyang pinatay na mga pasyente dahil na denied ng medical help kc empty
      ang philhealth cards!!! Lalo na mga dialysis patients di maextend buhay for lack of treatments kc wala pondo noon philhealth!!!! May they rest in peace! …..Gods judgement sa head a nation ay iba, extreme.Sa mga relegious lalo na, !!!!!!   

  • Barak_O

    try iglesia ni manalo

    • MonMayuga

      Sus, yun pa? Segurista ang mga iyan. Hnidi sila sumasama sa talo.

    • Allan

      Keep on maligning us….ty po.

  • MonMayuga

    E paano naman Attorney Diaz, wala na sa power ang client ninyo; di na niya maipamigay ang pera ng PCSO para pambili ng mga Mitsubishi Monteros para iregalo sa mga obispo, kaya hayan, hindi na sila magdadasal para kay Gloria Arroyo.

  • quirinomayer

    Calling on all the biSUVs or GMA (Give Me Auto) bishops to pray for Gloria. 

  • Guest

    Maraming bishops ang magdadasal para kay GMA. Iyong  mga PAJERO Bishops!

  • regd

    It’s called ’cause & consequence’. Did she really believe she can change this things or move mountains? The mountains the Almighty referred to are symbolic personal struggles & trials, not literal mountains because I have yet to witness transferring mountains. Prepare to face and accept the consequences, there is nothing she can do to change this!

  • Guest

    Gloria Arroyo is asking the prelate to pray for her. Sure! Pero palagay ko ang magdadasal lang sa kanya e yung mga nakatanggap sa kanya ng gift.

    • generalproblem

      yung mga pajero bishops at marami rami din yun ehhehhe

  • Polyhymnia

    Ang UNA nag-ampon na mga dating tauhan ni GMA, ayaw ng LP niyan. Ayaw nilang
    masamahan ng mga kawatan.

  • whyinthisworld

    This is the fruit that you have to bear gloria, enjoy it because you did more harmful and even made majority of the pilipino people sick with your style of horrible management by allowing corruption and all kinds of piggery under your watch. This case is a result and just one of your wrong doing but you can expect more as all of them will surface in due time.  

  • virgoyap

    What are the things that she can no longer change? Guess what? Her being corrupt and a cheater. Her being a briber and a pretender. Her being a liar and imposter. Add more…

    • pinoy63

      ha  ha  ha

  • doublecross

    accept your fate, your destiny is in JAIL….!!!!

  • Allan

    Don’t worry gloria, your “Pajero 7″ will tell you to accept imprisonment for 100- folds life. That is your destiny which you have accurately and persistently worked hard for 9 years defrauding the Filipino people.

  • dodong1

    ako na lang ang magdadasal pa ra iyo  na sa madaling panahon makulong ka na ng habang buhay kasama ang babooy mong asawa at mongoloid mong anak…..


    Prayer is the key…
    The storm will soon end…be brave…
    The mediocre and the underachiever will remain the same…inspite of the smoke & mirrors strategy…
    Hahahaha…am certain about it!

    • mary

      I stromgly agree.

  • vergel sruel

    Why GMA is appealing to Bishops to pray for her? Bakit di na ba umubra ang pagdarasal niya? Kawawa naman siya.

  • MonMayuga

    Asking for God’s help is the last recourse of the desperate.

  • Nueva

    try to pray kay satanas baka pakinggan ka hahaha

  • -XO-

    “Accept the things I can no longer change.” – that sure isn’t the instructions she gave to her lawyers. 

    • tarikan

      Alcoholic Anonymous or Kawatan famous-na-famous?

    • pinoy63

      tama ka, may iba pa talaga, galing mo prenz!!!

  • pidalcopter2

    Everytime most people see her picture (suppose to be a mugshot) like this in a neck brace, they always relate this view how she was able to munch merrily a million dollars worth of a single dinner at the Le Cirque in New York together with her cohorts… at the expense of an impoverished nation she left behind…  

  • Fulpol

    May loyalty ang Catholic…

    pero ang Iglesia ni Cristo, wala yata… 


    …. the Devil’s Advocate

    • pinoy63

      kaw yun, kunyari ka pa, bakit,, ikinahiya mo na relhiyon mo? matitiwalag ka nyan!!!

    • pasaway008ako

      Fulpol, ano ang ibig mong sabihin, ang Catholic ay may loyalty kay GMA? Ayos lang kung iyan ang gusto mong sabihin, pero kaming mga INC ay hindi namin inaaruga at tinatangkilik ang taong gumagawa ng karumal-dumal at kasuklam-suklam na gawain sa marapan ng Dios.

      • Barak_O


        bakit full support kayo kay thief midnight?

        friends siya sa facebook ni little girl

      • nakatutok

        barak buhay ka pa pala??? regards kay fester at kapitanobyus…

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Jose Miguel LOLONG Arroyo owned helicopters 

    five helicopters—all Robinson R44 Raven 
    with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair 

    Gloria Macapal-Arroyo spent a whopping P2.85 billion for foreign trips she made during her nine years in office.

    Ex Fake President Gloria Arroyo’s $20,000 worth of dinner @ Le Cirque, New York, USA

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Padre Damaso
    Bishop SUV

    Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Aba naman Gloriang Swapang, Puno ka ng grassa, Pinandidirihan ka ng tao Ang yaman ng bayan ay? kinurakot mo lahat Bukod kang mandaraya at sinungaling Sasambahin ka lahat ng sip-sip na alipores? mo Sumaimpierno sana ang kaluluwa mo At pinagmumura din ang lahat ng mga anak mo at asawa mong mabaho pa sa bilasang isada Ang yaman na ninakaw mo Ay sindami ng kasalanan mo Ikaw ay sasantohin ng lahat ng demonyong nakapaligid sa iyo, Dahil sa nakaw mong puwesto….wala ng natira sa… A-M-E-N-

  • aSwedishguy

    i know na why we are protestants,,,it make sense 

  • Guest

    We Filipinos have shown political maturity in removing Marcos and Erap from office because of foolishness. GMA would’ve suffered the same fate if her term of office hasn’t ended early enough.  But disappointingly we’ve also elected to the Senate the sons of Marcos and Erap who continue to defend rather than be apologetic for the sullied legacies of their parents.

    We also have the predisposition to elect celebrities and candidates with prominent names to the Senate. Worse, we keep them there even when they’ve done nothing of substance other than just being cute to maintain name recall. This means that we’re really not there yet in terms of political maturity.

    But progress has been good. It has taken us eighteen years to come together and fire Marcos but just a little more than three years to fire Erap. This serves as a fair warning to those who wish to do a Marcos, an Erap or a GMA. But moving forward the country needs mature political institutions to articulate and put into action the wishes of a politically maturing citizenry. But there’s none in the the horizon. PDP and LP have initially offered some hope. But both of these otherwise promising political parties are regressing back to traditional and showbiz politics.

    My reformist friends in politics say that they need to be contingent in order to secure powers and, once power has been secured, reforms may then be undertaken. But experience has shown that it doesn’t work this way. Once power is secured the wrong way, everything becomes entirely wrong. P-Noy and his party the LP is a perfect example. Because of too many accommodations, they can’t move forward with really tangible reforms their idealism and sincerity notwithstanding.

    The better way to I think is still patient party building until the party is credible and potent enough to contest political power on its own. This keeps the political party from being hobbled by unholy alliances and accommodations. I’m convinced that there are more than enough right thinking Filipinos willing to support this effort. The challenge really is for reformist political parties to prove their worth to the people.

    • tarikan

      Exactly my advocacy, kogiks… a strong two-party or at the most three-party system in the Philippines. It must be provided in the next constitution if ever there’d be a cha-cha. One party in power the other two are oppositions. No coalitions shall be allowed. Let it be known to those political butterflies that turncoatism won’t be worth their while. You leave one party you’d be party-less for at least six years.  

    • belairskycrapper

        … your guts is good but your people needs cash, this is where the problem lies,
           they do not want to wait and they have no discipline nor they want to be disciplined.
           do not be convinced that there is enough filipinos with right thinking and disposition,
           this is very true, but for decision making, they have the backbone of a jellyfish and
           the eyes of the lion, pockets is bigger than the eyes comes corruption temptations.
           …  your government running and your people actions needs a lot of comprehensive
           chemo therapy to surpass all ill gotten wealth and wrong doings. and for the right
           actions to be done , it needs million times and guts to let these propositions and
           efforts materialize before the twilight is over…..

    • KenKhoy

      same vicious cycle…… there be wont be  any “light at  the end of the tunnel”  …….. unless this leaders kono?  will be /should be  public servant first…. party- mate second………..public service first?????? political ambitions second……..we need public servant not politicians………….. i hope you we can find this from your reformist  (kono)  friends

    • RubenC

      Almost brilliant and so idealistic but out of touch of reality. Just look at our leaders, those who are in power were, in the past, on the streets rallying against the corrupt leaders at that time and clamoring for reforms. Why? It’s because from generation to generation, our national leaders have created a political quagmire in which idealistic young leaders are either slowly or rapidly swallowed into the allures and pleasures of corruption. Moreover, our election is a sham. During its holding, we really can’t vote for the right candidates. The political parties are the ones choosing them for us. They shove unto our throats a senatorial slate of trapos, actors, spouses and children of trapos, dishones businessmen and some currently popular misfits and rebels. There are, of course, exceptions who have better credentials who unfortunately will also become corrupt once elected.

      But is there a faster and more effective way to end this corruption. Look at Indonesia, in the recent past, their leaders were also trapos and were more corrupt but they were able to successfully and greatly diminish corrupt in that country. If we can’t follow their example then let’s just pray. Let’s pray that a serial killer of corrupt officials (starting from the highest to the lowest) turns up and starts eliminating them. You see them fly out of this country faster than the assassin’s bullets.

  • execute

    d kba sinipot?lol..wawa k nmn ex fake president pandaK..hehehe
    punta k kaya sa IGlesia n manalo?sabagay d kna tutulungan ng mga traydor n un kc wala n clang mapapala sau..huhuhu…hehehehe..hahahahahaha

    • Allan

      May nakita ka ba o nabalitaan na nangmulestiya ang INC kay gloria? Di ba naglabasan na lahat ng baho nya, may nabanggit ba tungkol sa INC? Be factual man, it shows your unfounded prejudice towards the INC.

      • execute

        hahahaha..sinabi mo n naglabasan na ang baho nya eh bat p cla mangingi.alam n wala nmn n silang mapapala..hahahaha….INC kba maw?lol…hahahaha.

    • ApoLapullapu

      Ano ang katwiran at dinawit mo ang Iglesia kay Gloria, itiniwalag ka ba?

      • execute

        LOL..never in my life hinangad n maging INC..hahaha..

  • tarikan

    “I was asked by the [former] President GMA to attend this forum to make a plea to the bishops to please help her pray for courage to accept the things she could no longer change”, Atty. Diaz said. When, during her watch, GMA was full of courage to change on a whim anything in the government, the bishops prayed with her (those were costly prayers). Whaaa!

  • tarikan

    God to Gloria: Prayers for you…nahhh not in my lifetime!!!

  • Opel

    pajeros would make some of the bishops pray more, they might even try to strike a deal with san pedro.

  • Christopher

    Reminds me of one time I was hearing mass in a church inside Malacanang. The speaker was all praises to Gloria for her having mass inside the palace and sponsoring daily novena. Gusto ko sana sagutin na hindi porke pinalipat niya sa loob ng Malacanang ang misa at araw-araw nagpapanovena ay mabuting tao na. I do not doubt my faith, but I am doubtful of the people running the church sometimes.

  • opinyonlangpo

    It seems that the charge of plunder is working that GMA already asks for divine intervention.

  • weeewit

    I pray for her speedy recovery so she could face all the PLUNDER cases against her.

    I’ll pray that the helicopter (2nd hand you own) sold to PNP won’t CRASH and no life will be spared.

    I’ll prayed that Cong. Mikey would accept that he is not a legitimate security guard and nor tricycle driver as well and would resign as a fake congressman and confess that he own the house in San Francisco, USA. 

  • ApoLapullapu

    GMA is asking the CBCP to pray because she knows that the Ombudsman under the dictates of  Malacanang will never listen to her prayers.  God knows the truth and He will listen to prayers for GMA.

    • pinoy63

      yeah right lapulapu bay… tanggal na kasi ang ombudsman at chief justice na iniluklok nya para ipagtanggol sya, sa mga kaso nya,, pero andyan pa rin yung mga PAJERO BISHOP!!!! kaya dun na lang sya humuhugot ng lakas

    • edm365f31

      GMA is a little bit repentant here already “Not change what she can no longer change” to me means that she made mistakes and can’t correct them anymore.  My advise to GMA is repent and admit in public that you commuted those crimes and ask for forgiveness; let  her be the one to warn future leaders not to follow the path that she took because of ill effects on the Filipino people. Money that could be well spent for the filipino support. 

  • Anto

    Masama b humingi ng dasal? yun iba dito mga hipokrito akala nyo kayo lng anak ng Diyos/ Mga self-righteous kau! Who are u to condemn? Dinaig nyo p ang Diyos ah!

    • Benjamin

      mas dapat kay satanas sya magdasal at sumama ka na rin sa kanya para mas masaya…..

    • weeewit

      pwede hingian ng dasal basta mangumpisal muna sa nga kasalanan.

  • Anto

    Kaya humihingi ng dasal c gma dahil alam nya bulag ang katarungan sa kanya dahil mga ahensya ng gobyerno na dpat nagbibigay ng justice eh mga puppet din ni abnoy.. un hindi dumaan n bidding sa pagcor na under ni naguiat, wala lng? selective ang presidente nyong abnormal kasi

    • RubenC

      Sana kumuha ka muna ng edukasyon bago ka sumali sa usapan ng matitino at edukado. Bulag o nakapiring nga ang katarungan para walang tinitingnan (mahirap ka o mayaman, pangit  maganda, babae o lalaki, etc.) O nadagdagan na naman ang kaalaman mo. Pero wag mong ipakangalandakan ang bago mong natutuhan dahil me kasabihan sa English (sana nakakaintindi ka) “Little knowledge is dangerous.” Sa tagalog, delikado ang mangmang o kokonti ang nalalaman.

  • ApoLapullapu

    Sa totoo lang maraming magnanakaw sa Bayan natin na galit kay GMA dahil akala nila nalampasan pa sila.

  • Anto

    Ah tlaga apolapu-lapu? eh ang ninakaw ng mga cojuangco, ibaon nlng sa limot? un nga issue sa sctex na dunaan sa lupa nila, pinagkakitaan nila. ngkaton lng n panahon ni budoy kaya d naungkat. antayin lng ntin bumaba c budoy tingnan ntin kung wala baho tinatago yan. kasing baho o mas mabaho p cgurado sa hininga nya1

  • marivon

    You reap what you sow. This is a universal law.called karma. It’s payback time. Hire Cuevas, Fortun brothers and Estelucio Mendotan as your lawyers, they can give you a good show in the courts. Fire the nazi admirer, he’s missing the balls. 

  • pinoy63

    idagdag mo pa to sa prayer request mo,,,, I shall never pass this way again….

  • Anto

    HIndi rin marivon. Hindi laging puro sarap at saya talaga ang buhay. D sana lahat ng mga masasamang tao eh kalbaryo na tinanggap.  Nung namatay c tita cory mo, ano yon? Karma din?

    • RubenC

      Ibang iba ka talaga. Sa amin, iginagalang namin ang mga yumao sa pamamagitan ng di pagyurak sa kanyang alaala sa halip inaalala namin ang mga mabubuti nyan ginawa.

  • pinoy63

     ang galing talaga ni GMA no? first,, she install Mercy Gutierrez  sa ombudsman and Thief Justice corona para may dumipensa sa mga kaso nya,, 2nd, namigay sya ng mga pajero sa mga bishop para may mag pray sa kanya,,, ano kaya binibigay nya sa mga mayores sa kulungan para di sila tatakalan pagpasok nila sa selda?

  • edm365f31

    This should serve as a lesson to those in power that the long arms of the law will get to you in the long run.  What was Gloria thinking when she was bastardizing the funds of the government; she is really st#pid..instead of leaving a legacy that could follow his father, she instead took advantage of her position to raid the financial institutions of our government.

    I hope she goes to jail for a long time and serve as an example for future leaders of the country not to follow. 

    • RubenC

      Don’t be so cruel! Instead just put her under hospital arrest but handcuff and tie her to her wheelchair with a urinal pan under it. Also, grant her request to breath fresh air daily by bringing her to the center of the golf course at noon, rain or shine.

  • Atlason

    Anybody who has problems can turn to God and to prayers from prelates and GMA is doing just that, may she be given the strength to tide over the unjust persecution she had been receiving from this administration which is just using her as an excuse to cover up for the dismal non-performance of PNoy during the 2 unproductive years he wasted as president.

    • pinoy63

      wasted, sige na nga,,, eh si idol mo? 2 years pa lang sa office, nagnanakaw na ng presidency,,,,NOT ONCE,,, BUT TWICE!!!!!

    • Vladymir

      and what has gma done in her 9 years in power ,please tell us …nothing…nada….zero …ah  maybe there is after all…cheat ,cheat and more cheat…

    • RubenC

      Please educate me! How can you receive unjust persecution? By email, by telegraphic transfer? How?

  • Ignacio150

    Archbishop Cruz carries the mark of a true Christian when
    he admitted with all honesty that he was a staunch critic of Arroyo but did not
    step on her anymore when she was down.  Unlike Aquino who has a
    personality disorder which bears Masochism Complex that takes delight in
    hurting women.

    • RubenC

      As a representative of Christ who, just before He died, forgave those responsible for crucifying him, Arch. Cruz cannot but forgive GMA. On the contrary, Pres. Aquino has no power to stop the independent bodies, the Ombudsman and the Sandigan Bayan to put GMA under trial. Moreover, the masses who were victims of her abuses clamor for justice and end the culture of impunity in our nation. So, the courts, after due process, must convict her when she’s proven guilty. Only then can Pres. Aquino have the power to pardon her.

      Hopefully, the commentators stick to issues and do not lower themselves to mud level by name-calling..

  • camrez

    We all need to pray long and hard for our country. I pray that our leader will be guided by wisdom beyond his own understanding and the courage to chose the right path no matter how narrow the gate. I pray for all in authority over us that they would be given the grace and strength to stand against the temptation to use power as a weapon but rather to carry it reverently as one would a child

  • RubenC

    GMA should remember that God only listens to the righteous.  A recent example was the case of Cofona. His prayers were never answered no matter how many masses and novenas he offered and no matter who interceded for him. In fact, He punished him through His intervention and letting him and his defense team commit, at the homestretch, blunders after blunders which were fatal to their defense.

    Instead, He listened to the clamor of his people to oust a Chief Justice they no longer trust.

    • Anto

       Cgurado k rubenc? Parang close kayo ni God at nag-usap p lng kayo kanina
      no? Hindi p nman katapusan ng mundo. Hindi ibig sabihin n naalis sa
      pagka-cj c corona eh un na yun. ALam mo b kasabihang “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers?” ha?

      • Crusade_r

        Haha! What an idiot you are!

      • Anto

         kbpana, ikaw valedictorian?

      • RubenC

        Style ala Miriam ka?! Kailangan mo bang makausap ang Diyos para maramdaman mo na sinagot Niya ang dasal mo? Sa kaso ni Corona, halos butata na ang prosekusyon dahil sa kanilang mga kapalpakan, halos makita na ng depensa ang liwanag na panalo nila. Nguni’t ang napakamatalinong mga tagadepensa ay biglang pinatestigo si Ombudsman at Chief Justice na nagdulot ng pagbaligtad ng resulta. Sabi nga ng iba “parang himala ang nangyari!” 
        Lastly Jesus said, “Blessed are those who do not see but still believe.” Di ko siya nakita o nakausap pero naniniwala ako sa kanyang ginawa.

      • Anto

        Pinolitika lng ang impeachment ni corona, rubenc. Alam mo un!

      • RubenC

        Sourgraping na yan. Wala na akong masasabi.

      • Filcanpam

        eH kahilingan naman ng defense ma mag-testigo si Ombuds ha. akala ng defense magkakalat si Carpio mali pala! mayroon palang dalang evidencia ay siya iyon, Ako’y naduduwal sabi nga ni CJ ot TJ Corona

      • gikiness

         sigurado,  na print sa newspapers ang mga pamisa ni Corona, mukhang tupa pa nga ang pictures nya sa ilan

      • Filcanpam

        At least aminado ka na hindi aanswerin ng Man Upstair ang kanyang panalangin kungdi against sa kanyang sinabi na “Proverbs 6:30-31Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his hunger when he is starving. Yet if he is caught, he must pay sevenfold, though it costs him all the wealth of his house”

  • tonyoks

    He also said that Arroyo had requested that the bishops pray for President Benigno Aquino so that he would not make decisions based on “vindictiveness, vengeance, spite and ill will.”
    its payback time lolang…
    tama ka, singilin mo na ngayon yang mga mitsubishops  mo….

  • Anto

    Malapit ng maubusan ng palusot c abnoy. Cguro nman sapat na panahon binigay kay budoy para mag-adjust sya sa pagiging presidente. ANo n nga ba nagawa nya para maibaba ang presyo ng mga bilihin, kuryente, fuel at kung ano2 p? Baka nman gusto nyang isama sa accomplishment nya sa sona kung ilan babae ang nalink sa kanya? Masyado kasi showbiz c budoy mana sa kapatid nyan lukring, akala nya nasa teleserye sya kaya walang inatupag kundi pagdiskitahan c gma. Magtrabaho k budoy!

    • RubenC

      Tama ka, dapat din nyang ipagbawal ang pagbagyo, ang paglindol at pagbaha. (lol!)

    • Filcanpam

      aching mu! madera

  • ceegonzaga

             Church had its own recent moment of ignominy when some members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines were revealed to have been plied with vehicles and emoluments during the term of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, clearly to keep the institution by her side as her administration sank ever deeper in the public esteem. The cooptation was scandalous enough, but what made the matter more distasteful was the bishops’ initial angry denial of wrongdoing and claim of persecution.

  • Platypus09

    But she needs to return what she stole from the Filipino people, if not she would be liable and pay or face the punishment for the crime she committed.

  • watot

    SUV muna

  • watot

    Please pray for her soul may not end in h e l l! Har har!

  • w33k3nd3r

    Like what? Her height?

  • Filcanpam

    Deuteronomy 5:19″You shall not steal.

  • Filcanpam

    Matthew 19:19Jesus replied, ” ‘Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony, honor your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ “

  • j1u2a3n

    Eh hindi mo na talaga mababago ang pambababoy mo sa bayan. Ang pinakamaganda mong magagawa pagbayaran mo na lang sa kulungan. 


    BIGYAN ka nawa ng lakas at tapang upang ISAMA ang lahat ng mga MMM ng bayan na ginamit mo at gumamit sa iyo sa ika-uunlad ng inyong pagka-gahaman.  HINDI mo na dapat isumbong si Lolong Mike dahil alam na ng lahat.  Si Arroyos, Genuino, Abalos, Verozosa, Pichay, Bolante, Lorenzo, Defensors, Ermita, Hernandez, Gonzales, Pichay, Esperon, Ebdane, Mendoza, Ligot, Garcia, Uriarte, Morato, Suarez, Lagman, Ampatuan, Corona, Puno, Villanueva, Cimatatu, Santiago, Bunye, Tiglao at maraming-marami pang iba….SILA, sila ang dapat mong ituro, kahit na inguso mo na lang, para mabawas-bawasan naman ng katiting ang tambak ng kaso m sa bayan. Palagay ko kung magiging state witness ka laban sa lahat ng mga kakopong mo sa pagka MAGNA, e, ma-aawa ng katiting ang tanong bayan……lalo na yong mga taga Pampanga.

  • marimar


  • adolfo

    Uy another gimmick na naman ni GMA ha mga babae na ang lawyers niya kc baka makakuha ng sympathy sa people hindi na c Lambino kc lasing na ang mga tao sa mga bulada niya he he he Gloria wag na wag mong idamay ang mga kapari an harapin mo ang katotohanan at kung maari idamay mo na asawa miong utak sa mga naroroonan mo

  • simpleboy

    ha!ha! she should be ashamed, please don’t involve GOD ,  sobra naman na walang hiya yan.

  • Atlason

    Being pummeled when one is appealing for divine help is so appalling for those who are doing it. Archbishop Oscar Cruz is magnanimous in his response that he prays for GMA, though not an admirer. Critics should take ArchBishop Cruz’s cue & stop persecuting GMA for selfish ends and objectives. After all, PNoy is fraught with corruption, his flaship CCT cash transfer project with Dinky Soliman had been found to be anomalous by COA, fictitious & multiple-entries of beneficiaries; and so the corruption continues with PNoy’s other close KKK’s.

  • camrez

    It’s really sad that there are people saying so many bad things here about GMA when she’s just requesting for prayers from bishops. Everyone asks for divine help when in need. Why make fun about it? It just reflects so badly on them. They audacious-ly) express here their evil thoughts. The bishops should pray for them too!

    • Jazzeroo

      Surely, prayers are personal and not like tokens or chips to be collected at some point in time to be used in the bargaining table of life.
      If it was possible at all, the bishops might as well charge for their services while they are at it and say prayers that could possibly help this country get out of the corrupted state it is in.

      Maybe prayers for its leaders to do the right thing and serve the people for a change and not just themselves. This country needs divine help not Gloria.
      For a country that has always bragged to be the only Christian  country in Asia, it is easily the most corrupt. Absurd!! 

      • hanep

        absolutely  right !!  maybe  too much  religion is  the  problem.
        it dampens   our  sense of outrage  and  justice.  we take the easy way 
        out  and  forget  all the  injustices, pain  and suffering exacted on  the   poor
        and  the voiceless of this  benighted land.   how  long have the Filipinos
        been  loyal  disciples  or  followers of  Christ ?  more than  300 hundred
        unbelievable years !!!  yet look  around  you,  witness  your   government and
        and its  so called  public servants  !!  still mired  in  corruption and greed !!!

        wake up from your  stupor.  pray to high heavens  by all means  but
        never forget  that  true Christian justice   is done  here  on earth  !!


      All you pray-ers can pray all you wish,the mitsubishops too,.if it allows you to feel better!
      But to where are those prayers aimed?
      There is no-one who will hear,read,or put into any action the requests those prayers may have made.
      That is correct folks..nothing or no-one to receive all those efforts from your ignorant brains..SORRY,sad but true

    • Cal_Reznick

      Wow that’s true! Good point!

  • Cal_Reznick

    I’m reading some comments and the situation of the former President is pretty sad and deserves compassion. Many people are so quick to pass judgement when these same people are not even fully informed of the cases and her situation. All people see are what the media presents. People read PLUNDER, GRAFT, CORRUPTION in big letters on the front page but people miss out on the fact that these are all accusation and allegations lacking solid evidence to extract a guilty verdict.

    Cases have been thrown out due to insufficient proof, other cases are falling apart. But people miss out on all this and only focus on the initial filings. Just to comment on this current PCSO case, you read a big amount in question that has the former President’s name cleverly attached to it but if you read closely and comprehend the actual substance you should easily be able to determine that there is not at all one solid evidence and proof that any of these funds ever went to the former President. To me if there was actual evidence then that’s what should be in BIG BOLD LETTERS. But again there is not. This is looking more and more a public lynching of a former leader without evidence and without due process.

    If one would disagree, I hope they would do it in such a way so as to shed new light knowledge to this situation because thus far it is all the same of stuff regurgitated in different forms. The Administration obviously has been succeeding in swaying the public opinion that the former President is bad but I ask…it has been 2 years and there has not been one single conviction nor solid evidence of wrong-doing. What’s the point? If she is guilty believe me you just need one thing to convict.

    Think…why are there so many cases being thrown when all you need is one. Could it be because there is nothing firm and the best way to sway public opinion is by shear volume of cases?? This appears to be a classic case of QUANTITY VERSUS QUALITY when it comes to cases being filed against the former President.

    I’m not a political person nor am I choosing a political side. I am just observing that the former President and even our current President do need the country’s prayers. The Philippines has many current and major problems. I just don’t believe stepping on the former President will solve them.

    • zahraff

      How did you know that GMA did not benefit from this PCSO case, and all the other cases that something to do with money? Everybody knows that when it comes to money, wala siyang pinala-lampas, kailangang palagi siyang may “cut!”  As the saying goes, NOBODY DOES ANYTHING FOR NOTHING! Ang mga PINOY ay hindi tanga para maniwala sa mga kalokohan mo!

      • Cal_Reznick

        My point exactly!! If we do not know whether she benefited or not, how can we judge? And if there is no proof or strong evidence that she got this “cut” then why is there even a case?

        I just don’t feel that any particular “saying”, as the one you mention in your comment, should put someone in jail or be a cause for reason to slap a case on someone.

        You are right, “mga Pinoy ay hindi tanga” that is why i’d hope that we hold off judgement until a concrete fact surfaces that proves any of these accusations.

    • Noel

       Compassion?  Compassion to the most evil fake President?  You must be her ally or relative.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Not an ally and not a relative.

        Let’s not judge before all the facts are presented and a decision is rendered. That’s my point.

        Its sad that an individual, former President or not, seeks for prayers and you name call her.

      • Hannah

        even the devi l quotes from the Bible. not all who speaks holy are holy.. not this woman.. she is black inside and out!

      • Cal_Reznick

        Normally I wouldn’t reply to such inaccurate comments but to insinuate that the former President is like the devil is fairly harsh and preposterous. For one, neither the former President nor even you is holy for there is only One who is holy. And lastly, unless you can prove that you personally have known the former President for a long time or even a short time, you cannot make a judgement about her inside and out from top to bottom.

  • Jon

    Psalm 23

    I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;

    Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;

    Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

    May this passage provide you with the strength and conviction to face your detractors no matter how difficult your situation may be.
    And may the good Lord continue to watch over you and aid you in these trying times.

    • hanep

      ZTE  has annointed her head with  bribes  and her  cup  runneth  over.

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    God doesn’t listen to self serving prayer from a thief and likewise petition prayers from the thieves  reported given share of the loots.

  • hanep

    laking ka – ipokritohan  nitong si GMA

  • hanep

    the height of hypocrisy !!  see,  this is  what really is  sickening in  our society.
    thieves and  crooks  invoke  divine  intervention  and  archbishop  cruz   turns
    a blind eye  to their sins  like  stealing  elections  and  looting  government coffers.

    paano kung  ma – absuelto  dahil sa  prayers  ni  archbishop cruz  ?  ibig sabihin 
    nun   pati   ang Diyos  e  kunsintedero  ? o kaya e God’s will  ?

  • Hannah

    I wonder if the Philhealth president who connived with her will be charged also…

  • Hannah

    If she is sincere, and innocent- God will answer her own prayers…

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