Not one human rights violator convicted–CHR chief


Commission on Human Rights chairperson Loretta Anne Rosales talks about the government’s efforts to curb human rights violations in the country but admits that not a single violator has been either arrested or sent to jail under the present administration.Video by’s Matikas Santos

MANILA, Philippines—Two years into the Aquino administration, not a single human rights violator has been sent to jail, Commission on Human Rights chairperson Loretta Anne Rosales admitted to

“Wala pa [None yet],” Rosales said when asked if a conviction was made by this government, adding, “That still has to be done”.

Her admission confirmed reports by the New York-based human rights watchdog, Human Rights Watch (HRW), and the State Department, which said that the Aquino government “has not successfully prosecuted a single case of extrajudicial killing or enforced disappearance, including those committed during his presidency”.

In the report “No Justice Adds to the Pain,” HRW noted that there were 10 cases of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances since Aquino took office. No one, however, has been arrested for these cases, it added.

The State Department said the leading human rights problems in the Philippines were “continued arbitrary, unlawful and extrajudicial killings by national, provincial and local government agents and by anti-government insurgents; an under-resourced and understaffed justice system that resulted in limited investigations, few prosecutions and lengthy trials of human rights abuse cases; and widespread official corruption and abuse of power.”

Perhaps what can be considered a black mark in Aquino’s human rights record is his administration’s failure to bring to justice retired General Jovito Palparan, which Rosales attributed to efforts by some sectors to “coddle” the former military officer and the “weak criminal and justice system”.

Bypassed legislation

Another is the failure of Congress to pass a measure that would compensate the 9,539 human rights victims of martial law that include Rosales herself.

When President Benigno Aquino III faced the nation in July 2011, he made a push for the passage of the measure.

“We aim to give due compensation to the victims of Martial Law…” Aquino told the jampacked gallery at the House of Representatives.

On March 26, 2012, the House of Representatives transmitted to the Senate the proposed measure compensating the human rights victims during the dictatorship of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

“It was part of the last SONA of Pnoy [Aquino’s nickname] and I made sure that it passed the House,” said Deputy Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada, co-author of the measure in the House.

The bill, however, has remained pending in Congress.

No less than Rosales described the non-passage of the measure in Congress as an “injustice” to the martial law victims.

“Of course, there is injustice because it has been taking so long but they could not still pass it,” said Rosales.

“You can see here the level of appreciation of Congress on important things like these,” she lamented.

And even when she was the Akbayan Partylist group’s representative in the House, Rosales had pushed for the passage of the same bill – a fight she has continued up to now that she heads the CHR.

A ‘black mark’

Another nagging issue is the failure of the Aquino government to arrest Palparan.

It was in December 2011 that a warrant of arrest was issued against Palparan, who was charged with the alleged kidnapping and disappearance of University of the Philippines students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño in 2006.

But Palparan evaded arrest and has since been in hiding.

Unlike the past administration, Rosales said there were efforts by the Aquino administration to send Palparan to jail.

“It’s not as if the Palace, at the level of the executive, is not conscious of how it’s important to try and look for these people,” she said.

“But when we have a weak governing system, a weak criminal justice system that you’re operating on where the problems are structural and systemic, it’s going to take a little longer than expected or desired. That’s what it’s all about.”

But Rosales also was quick to defend the incumbent government, saying that unlike before when “they never bothered to look for him [Palparan], they never bothered to address these questions . . . now efforts are ongoing to look for him”.

“In the past administration, he [Palparan] was coddled, he was promoted. I tried to stop his promotion in the past administration but I failed. He was promoted,” Rosales said.

“In the current administration, he’s being looked for. But because of the past administration’s connection, it’s a little more difficult than usual,” she added.

The CHR chief suspected that Palparan was being “coddled” by people, whom he had taken care of when he was still in the military.

“They could be military or they could be politician or they could be business people, whom Palparan has taken care of well.”

This is just one “stumbling block” on why the authorities could not arrest Palparan, Rosales added.

‘Weak criminal system’

The second stumbling block, she said, was the “weak criminal system that needs to be strengthened, that needs to be enforced.”

But Rosales said that “the other side of it is the empowerment of the citizenry so that they can be…more vigilant. And then the bureaucracy, the bureaucracy has to be overhauled. You have to give it more energy, re-energized so that it becomes non-aligned, non-partisan and serves the people…”

Since Aquino’s assumption in office, Rosales said, the CHR has resolved a number of cases that were now either ready for filing or have been filed in court.

“Some are submitted straight to the court, some are submitted to the DOJ [Department of Justice] for further investigation of the prosecutors,” she said.

From July 2010 to June 2012, Rosales said the CHR has resolved 37 or 39 percent out of 96 complaints filed against the military, 108 or 41 percent out of 261 complaints against the police, and 33 or 36 percent out of 91 complaints against the armed groups.

But she clarified that the complaints have yet to be validated on the ground.

Unlike the military and the police, Rosales noted that the number of complaints against armed groups was low simply because they usually operated as underground units.

The most number of cases filed against the military was in Region XI (Davao) with 24 complaints, followed by Region VIII (Eastern Visayas) with 11, region V (Bicol) and Region XII (Soccskasargen) with 9, and the National Capital Region (NCR) with 8, among others.

The NCR, on the other hand, got the most number of complaints filed against the police with 34, followed by Eastern Visayas (31), Central Visayas (26), Zamboanga Peninsula (25), Western Visayas (22), Central Luzon (21), Northern Mindanao (17), Caraga (16), Davao and Ilocos (15), among others.

Davao recorded the highest number of cases filed against armed groups with 14, followed by Western Visayas (8), Eastern Visayas and Caraga (7), 5 in Bicol, among others.

Rosales pointed out that the police and military figures were recorded only under this present administration.

“It wasn’t like this I the past. I don’t know of any estimate that the past administration has made. What is the estimated performance, level of performance of CHR” Nothing. Because they weren’t doing it,” Rosales said.

Aside from filing cases against perpetrators, Rosales said the CHR was also closely coordinating military and police to protect the rights of every Filipino.

“This will have two thrusts. The first thrust is the validation process, the verification process [of complaints filed before the CHR]…Then the other thrust would be the human rights education – education on human rights and international humanitarian law,’ she said.

Rosales said there was a need to educate the people about their rights, saying that many are not still aware of their basic rights against illegal arrest and detention, for instance.

The custody of a person arrested by the military, she said, should be immediately given to the police, and should not be detained in a military camp or base.

“There should be a warrant of arrest and then the Miranda doctrine. You should have a lawyer. You shouldn’t be tortured. It is against the law for the military to detain anyone. Those arrested should be placed at the police custodial center and then brought to the BJMP [Bureau of Jail Management and Penology] or provincial jail,” she said in Filipino.

While the fight against human rights violations may be a bit slow, Rosales assured that the Aquino government was taking action if not to totally end, reduce the number of violations in the country.

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  • Vir_A

    She was very vocal against GMA as to human rights violations. Now, after years in office, she too  is a failure. There should be no excuses. If she cannot do the job, the door is open for better guys to handle the job. That way we can save money

  • Bert


  • tra6Gpeche

    This article seems to tell me that the Aquino government is serious to tackle the human right violations in the Philippines but he is powerless to put these perpetrators in jail in timely manner. My question is: Who has the power to send these psychopath and murderers to prison for their heinous crime against the Filipinos?

  • kilabot

    there you have it. after two years, the score is zero. ano ba talaga natapos nitong si noykapon sa ateneo? tignan nga natin transcript of records.

    sign waiver and release transcript of records!

  • $20926843

    The one who appointed her was also an inutile……

  • John_Galt_II

    That is ok! all those communist should disappear from the face of the earth!

    • D_BystandeR

      Why are you so mad against the communists? Communists or not, they should be made answerable to their crime committed. When you are so emotional you cannot think coherently because you are emotionally blinded. Relaks ka lang dyan, baka ma-“high blood” ka pa sa sobra mong galit at kayo ang unang matepok. Hahaha…

  • doublecross

    how about the morong, rizal victim? until  now the military in uniform are free….? the abusiveness of the military  in uniform must be corrected at once.

  • dnayellowkulayko

    media mileage once again .. soon vying for senate or congress? tsk! dba dapat achievements and accomplishments ang ibinibida at nilalagay sa news? puro reklamo nasa posisyun na reklamo pa din tsk!

    Kung sa CJ nagamit nyo ang buong pwersa ng gobyerno bat sa mga ganitong sitwasyun nde nyo magawa?????

  • tekateka

    This Country is Rubbish with 65% of its people Garbage…

  • Hey_Dudes

    I don’t think CHR chair Rosales truly believe this current leadership is so ineffective catching criminals is something it cannot tasked itself if it really wants to.  Tomorrow, security authorities will be ordered by this president to look for Palparan and other fugitives of the law at all cost including shooting them down on sight, guess what the bleeding hearts do good liberals in the country will say?  Can you guess what the bishops will say and people easily manipulated by money givers marching on the streets waving placards denouncing a butcher president?

    Truth is, this kind of law breaking will never happen in countries like China.  Why it will not happen – it’s because they are not a democratic country that react on public opinion.  We are a democracy that is encouraging a lot of people going crazy.

    • doublecross

       sorry for you, you don’t belong to the masses….we fight for our principles of FREEDOM….tnx.

  • patriotic_act

    the only reason why human rights violators are not put behind bars is because those people they “allegedly” violated rights upon are all leeches of this society and enemies of the state.. activists, militants, rallyists and communists.

    In my own honest opinion, this country has a population of people who cried about their human rights being violated.. but most of them (if not all) share a common thing..

    They are either activists, militants, rallyists, communists or a sympathizer.

    these people are the bane of our society, way back old times they have valid reasons for being one.. but right now they have changed, they no longer carry ideologies but traditional excuses for not being able to progress “career-wise” thus they vent their frustrations to the government.. not thinking they are the ones who is responsible for their own predicament.

    they dont pay taxes, they dont have legitimate jobs they dont even help the community all they do is complain, they usually dont suggest recommendations but all complaints and finger-pointing, you wont be able to talk “calmly” to one (specially if there is a media camera around) they are always loud-mouthed, always trying to make a point like they have authority, they are the ones who violates the “threshold and limit of demonstration space” and when the police starts to push them back to the “agreed demonstration spot”.. they make the police look bad by being good actors and actresses slamming their bodies to the ground with one slight push from a police riot shield and cry: “Police Brutality!”.. they even patronize people who obviously at fault! when a kid criminal was ran over in a highway for being a “hamog boy” they demonize the motorist, when a lazy pedestrian was hit in commonwealth ave for not using the footbridge they make that very pedestrian a victim rather than a violator (which is the reason why he got hit in the road in the first place), when a squatter area is being demolished with a valid court order they make “sawsaw” to those illegal settlers and start the havoc themselves, and make those land grabbers the victims and the government the violators..

    pathetic.. I will support a total purge of this leeches.. starting with that old woman who obviously no longer belongs to our modern times.. she was left behind, can no longer understand the current society.. thus her effectivity will be doubted.

    • boss_dolpo

      before u say something bout eta rosales. try research bout revisionist and a communist.. rosales is considered a revisionist while the latter is communist.. rosales is no longer associated with the rebels along long time ago., thats the reason why, RPA-ABB is separate with NPA same thing with bayanmuna and akbayan., so you cannot associate her with the NPA anymore.. its the failure of the state to provide livelihood and unequal distribution of weath and land and failure of the state to provide relocation site as the reason behind why most of the activists/militants joins the victim of the demolition. its the inhuman,cruel, degrading punishment as the primary reason why a lot of people is crying for their human rights. 

  • PH2011

    All Complaints…No recommendations.
    The problem in this country,pag high ranking (retired or active ) Military
    Officials ang nagtago due to Human Rights abuses, Corruptions, Coup d’tat
    -subversion,Political reasons etc, e talagang mahirap hanapin (lalo pag PMA
    graduate- buddy2 mga yan ). Tanungin natin si Senators Lanson, Honasan, sama na
    si Trilallanes para sa tamang kasagutan at recommendations.Sayang naman sa
    Pag-elect sa mga ito, di natin mapakinabangan. Simulan natin tanungin kung
    papano at saan sila (i.e. Lacson and Honsasan) nagtago……malamang dun sa PMA Academy, Baguio.

  • Komunidad

    Hay si Ka Eta naman.Para mo namang sinampal ang sarili mo. Bakit walang naaresto at napakulong? Dahil wala kayong ginawa sa CHR. Bakit hindi mo tularan si Sec. De Lima?

    Hay hay hay Ka Eta. Halimbawa ito na ang mga maiingay ay maingay lang talaga pero pag sila na ang incharge wala din magagawa. Balik na lang kayo sa kalye.

    I-appoint din kaya ni PNoy sina Casino, Liza Maza, Ilagan, De Jesus, Satur, si Renato Reyes at yong maingay sa PISTON sino ba yon? Tingnan natin kung may magawa din sila…ingay lang alam nila.

    • pepengkabayo

      Wala rin namang naipakulong si De lIma noong panahon niya as CHR chief.
      Kahit naman na DOJ secretary si De Lima wala pa rin naipapakulong.
      Pulos dakdak lang at media poise.


    GAWIN si DUTERTE ng Davao na maging prosecutor ng mga TNL na human rights violators na yan.  Tingnan natin kung saan dadamputin ang mga hinay—- na yan…lalo na si Asiong Aksaya Palparan.  Better yet, replaced Rosales with Duterte and deputize Lapid, Revilla,  and Sotto to round up those TNL na mga berdugo ng kapwa nila.  No, wala akong binanggit na Lason, ha.

    • kismaytami

      Lapid, Revilla and Sotto… You sure? They’d be loving more sitting all day long at the senate rather than doing something useful for PH.

      • UrHONOR

        HINDI mo ba alam ang galing ng mga yan outside of the seneyt?  Mga super-bayani ang mga yan. Tanungin mo pa si Darna.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    because u urself, ETTA, is also a human rights violator…

    at paano maaaresto ang mga violators, ang iba ay ka KKKKKKKK ni penoy….

    at ung mga numero unong violator ay nakipagsanib pwersa na sa LP ni penoy…like the DURANOS of CEBU who are well-known ganglords…


    • T_Tinio

      how come that etta became a human rights violator? i know, she was a victim and not a perpetrator. i guess poltergeist is nothing but an anti-pnoy or anti akbayan national democrats

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • [Yondaime Hokage]

    As usual puro DADA ka Etta Rosales eh kung mga teroristang NPA nga wala kang ginawang aksyon how much more sa mga extrajudicial killings sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni PNoy puro ngawa ka lang pag may nahuhuling mga komunista at todo tanggol sa mga kriminal pero kapag kabulastugan ng mga terorista tahimik ka lang palibhasa DOUBLE STANDARD pwe!

  • [Yondaime Hokage]

    CHR is a biggest joke of all the gov’t agencies, they should abolish that it’s a WASTE of taxpayer’s money!

  • patriotic_act

    the difference between activist, militant, rallyist and communist of today from the old days are the former returns to society and become a legitimate working part of it again after their grievances are aired.. or when it is acknowledged..

    right now they make complaining “their business”.. and you know when things become a business it becomes a common thing.. thus when an “embarrassment” like it becomes common it is only natural to “eliminate it”.

  • 4kingdaddy

    could the vice-mayor of davao city be charged of human rights violation for letting a man eat a piece of paper and let him swallow it….looking at the video of the man, it doesn’t looked like he was chewing a gum…the dutertes are getting away with their abuses on human lives….is it because the NPAs are coddling them?…no justice exist in davao city for the dutertes…..sad, but true,,,,duterte said he gave the man a chewing gum because of his bad breathe?….MY FOOT!!!!….CHR is all talk, but no bite….baka nga naman ma salvage sila……

    • kenmikaze

      Tiga davao ka ba?

  • amelius23

    CHR should strive to put HR violators before the court of law and ask other line agencies of govt., ie. PNP/AFP, Ombudsman, D.O.J, SC and local courts to help them pin down HR violators and at least this time put behind bar at least the 1st HR violator which the current  CHR can claim to have bee their 1st catch.

  • Fulpol

    nakakulong na Rosales….

    Si GLoria…

    at teka, sino na ba talaga yung human rights violators dyaan?


  • Fulpol

    in dilemma talaga si Noynoying… left-leaning itong si Noynoying, andami niya tauhan na leftists..

    pero di niya pwede banatan ang AFP… 

    gusto ng leftist, banatan niya ang AFP… pero teka, nakasalalay ang pananatili sa pwesto ang pwersa ng AFP…


  • Jon

    “Wala pa [None yet],” Rosales said when asked if an arrest or conviction
    was made by this government, adding, “That still has to be done”.

    Eh talagang wala pa kasi parating bumubulakbol yang amo mo.

  • Magsasaka

    ang CHR taga imbestiga kung mayroon ngang paglabag sa karapatang pantao at ang lumalabag sa karapatang pantao at huhuli sa mga ito ay iisa lang kaya paanong may masasakote nga hehehe

  • Diomedes

    putsa sino ba kasi ang pinoprotektahan ng human rights ang karapatang pantao ng mga kriminal o karapatang pantao ng mga tao gusto lang mamuhay ng tahimik na hindi sila naaagrabyado? dapat lang na ipakain sa estafador ang titulo ng lupa para di pamarisan at maprotetahan ang karapatang pantao na dapat protektahan.

    • patriotic_act

      I agree.. wrong doers already nullified their rights for abusing the rights of others thus it is only just not to honor his right to “make an example out of him”.

      para wag pamarisan ng iba, the problem with people is they condole more on the side of the abused “criminal” than the aggrieved family of that criminal’s “victim”.

      pathetic isnt it?

    • Magsasaka

       ang punto kasi doon bro karaniwang kriminal lang sya pero magagawa kaya nila iyon kung ang estafador ay si mike arroyo?fidel ramos?general almonte?

  • dipakosigurado

    KARAPATANG PANTAE BA ‘KANYO..? Eh puro kasi mga bakla at tomboy ang mga nasa Malacanang, isipin niyo kung sinu-sino….at heto pa tip ko, ang bading usually ay intimidated sa mga tomboy…kaya kahit anong mga kasalanan, hindi kailanman mapaparusahan o matatanggal ng isang baklitam from their positions…….!

  • $15469930

    Bakit kailangan natin suportahan ang magnanakaw at mga mamatay tao at hindi dapat nirerespeto sila . Mali yata ito kaya marami ang mga holdaper sa sa bansa dahil protectado sila ng human rights. Puede silang pumatay kahit ilan pero hindi sila puedeng gagohin dahil sa protectado sila ng human rights…………

  • Stephen

    What a shame to the Philippine Gov’t. Anyway, sanay ang mga official sa ganun….mga kapal muks….hahaha.

  • billy gunner

    what more can we expect? planned investments said during last year’s SONA have yet to come to fruition. And now not one human right violator has been arrested since aquino’s assumption. Ang totoong puro lang dada ang alam ng administrasyong ito!

  • George Bull

    Has anybody not noticed that Noynoy Aquino is a president who talks a lot and barely does anything?
    Maraming salita walang nagagawa?
    In other words, NATO – No Action, Talk Only.

    • kentohtan

      ikaw ba ay may regla o talagang nasa permanent state of denial?

      ang nato na sinasabi mo ay 100% untrue.

      ang totoo,it’s less talk,more actions

      si vice uling ang talks a lot in media and travels a lot secretely campaigning.

  • virgoyap

    The previous administration was not so concern about human rights violation issue. This present government is suppose to be concerned but it’s not doing enough. How about appointing in the CHR people who are really victims of human rights, like Mrs. Burgos for example?

    • Chito

      Respectfully bro.,  I think the focus is not on the CHR nor the president alone. I believe if a crime has been committed the function and duty of investigation and arrest is with the police. Tama ba bro? Or are we expecting the MMDA to include this as well in their job description? Seriously bro., PNP Chief Bartolome, and past PNP chiefs are useless, to say the least. I don’t even understand now what are the criteria for being promoted to a PNP Chief position. Kahit na saan ko tignan, pulis ang dapat trumabaho ng: mga holdapan, shooting ng riding-in-tandem, kidnapping, carnapping, robbery, etc. In the states, if the local police needs assistance, they call on the National Guard. Dito sa atin, dapat magsuportahan sina Bartyolome at AFP Chief of Staff Dellosa, hindi ba? Ang punot dulo ay mahina ang pamunuan ng PNP at ng AFP, bro! Sino pa ang dapat nating asahan para sa ating kaligtasan? Hindi ba ang pulis? Pero siguro mas mabuti pa nga, BOY SCOUTS na lang bro? Kung ako kay Bartolome, kung hindi ko kaya, magresign na lang. Ang katawatawa niyan bro, pagkatapos nang kanila termino, eh assigned as “ambassador” to the Vatican pa nga. Ito kay PNOY ko isisise!!!

      • virgoyap

        I salute you bro. Chito.


    ang mga tunay na human rights victim ay yaong mga walang kasalanan at nakulong, na torture, etc. Pero sa ating batas ngayon, ang mga criminal mas marami pang proteksyon kaysa sa mga victima…ang human right ay dapat patas sa lahat. 
    Anong karapatan ng CHR umangal, di ba sila ang inatasan tungkol sa human rights??? Diba si Ka Eta ang dating maraming sinasabi tungkol sa Human Right Violations??? Bakit ngayon siya chairman, wala naman nangyayari??? 
    Sabi nga ng isang sundalong nakausap ko after the ifugao town ambush of 10 soldiers, ” bakit kung kami ang nakapatay ng rebelde-human right violation agad. Pero pag kami ang binanatan e all-right lang!!””

  • sacrebleau

    CHR should help in gathering evidence against violators of human rights instead
    of just issuing press releases. Arrest and conviction depends on the
    strength of evidence. CHR should be more pro-active and should not play
    the blame game. If CHR could provide strong leads as to the whereabouts
    of Palparan, that would be great.

    • adam_d_ant

      hey brader, ngayon eh agree ako sa ‘yo.  if only, yes if only matigil na ang dakdak and the blame game baka sakaling me marating.

      the “superwoman” (according to some) was the previous chr commissioner.  errrr .. meron bang na accomplish?

  • Beguine

    If no action taken, no accomplishment, no achievement, and so 
    what to do? 

    Maybe to get things in their proper perspective, every time this 
    agency’s name is mentioned, it should be with a question mark.

    Commission on Human Rights? Did you say Commission on 
    Human Rights? Are we talking Commission on Human Rights? 
    What, no arrests by Commission on Human Rights? And yet
    violation of human rights is a major issue? 

    By so doing, it might be pressured or higher ups might be inclined
    to do something about it. 

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Simple lang ang sagot dyan….

    Kasi may mongoloid sa malacanang!


  • Edwin

    baka KKK mewmber ang mga human rights violator..

  • just_and_equitable

    As the Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights, I think she is the primary person responsible for this failure. Noong time ni De Lima as CHR commissioner, madami syang na-accomplish against human right violators. Ano ginagawa nya sa upuan nya? Dapat magresign na sya kasi inamin na nya na ineffective sya as a commissioner.

  • kismaytami

    Dahil walang pagbabago nang maupo ang sinasabing pagbabago, dapat baguhin ang pagbabago.

  • Ben DC

    As usual….Blame the previous administration. 

    • David

      To be fair, what exactly did the previous administration do in spite of reports about Palparan? While I don’t like to make comparisons if pwede lang, can the circumstances behind Palparan during the previous admin truly be ignored?

      Unless one likes to ignore, maybe.

  • pidalcopter2

    They do not even know the whereabouts of a horrendous criminal named Palparan “the Berdugo” despite the billions of intelligence fund of the military and the police… how can they ever to put to jail somebody with less degree of crime than the berdugo?  

  • recelyn

    as usual, Aling Eta, pag gusto, may paraan, pag ayaw, may dahilan.Dami na po pala kayong achievement jan sa opis nyo. ano nga po pala un?

    • Joseph Samonte

      Hindi ko alam kung may dugo kayong Pilipino o intsik. Sa halip na ipagtangol ninyo ang karapatang pang tao, halos wala kayong malasakit. Sana, darating ang araw na ma kidnap kayo ng pulis o military, paikutan ng masking tape ang buong mukha ninyo, tapos, pakuan kayo ng de 4 ang haba sa ulo. Pag namatay na kayo, puputulin ngayon ang leeg mo, ilalagay sa isang plastic. Tapos, chop-chop ang paa mo, ang hita mo, kamay, at katawan na parang manok. Pagkatapos, itatapon sa iba’t ibang lugar dito sa Metro Manila. 

      O, kaya, barilin ka sa harap ng mga anak at Missis mo. Tignan natin kung ano ang pakirandam mo. Mahigit dalawang libo na ang pinapatay ngunit, inutil ang gobyerno natin, dahil, ayon ke Alston Report, United Nation Commission on Human Rights, damay ang  gobyerno natin. 

      Marami rito ang nagtatago ngunit, may “touch” of military propaganda rito.Ang Morong 43 ay isang magandang halimbawa ng kawalan ng respeto ng ating Autoridad sa karapatan ng mga Pilipino. Mantakin mo, isang civic medical group na gusto lang tumulong sa mga dukha, sasabihin mong makakaliwa?  Matapang lang ang military natin kung ang kalaban ay walang armas. Ilang daang military na ang umuuwi sa Luzon galing sa Jolo, Basilan, at Zamboanga na nasa loob ng “Body bag?” Halos hindi na mabilang. Paubos na! KAYA, PATI BAKLA, WELCOME NA SA PMA DAHIL MARAMI NA ANG UMAATRAS. AYAW NG MAMATAY NG MAAGA.

      Igalang natin ang karapatang pang tao. Hindi po biro pag ikaw ay na “Third degree” ng military o pulis.

      • spyderman

        Sa halip na ipagtanggol ang karapatang pangtao? Bakit Joseph, yong nag comment bang si recelyn ay walang karapatang mag sabi ng kanyang freedom of speech. Opinyon nya yon igalang mo naman…Yong halimbawa mong morong 43, nasaan na ngayon? Bumalik na sa kanilang mga lungga….maghahasik na naman ng lagim sa bayan….Tanong ko lang makakaliwa kba? makakanan? saan ka jan? kung ako tatanungin mo sa gitna lang ako. peace! God Bless.. kung naniniwala kang may Diyos….

      • Joseph Samonte

        hindi nagtatago ang Morong 43. Pati si gloria, sabit sa kanilang demandang paglabag sa human rights. hindi sila nagtatago. Nakasampa na sa Sandigan ang kanilang reklamo.

      • adam_d_ant

        sana madami pang palparan at ang ubosin ang mga linta na kapareho mo.  ang mga bandidong naninira ng cell phone towers, nangongotong sa mga farmers sa bundok, nangongolekta ng lagay sa mga negosyante … kayo at kapareho mo ang dapat pakuan sa ulo at ibitay ng patiwarik.

        tuwang-tuwa ka pag militar ang namamatay.  pero pag mga inutil na bandido, sigaw kayo ng human rights.  sana dumating ang panahon na lumaban kayo ng hindi patraidor … harap-harapan na laban?  kakainin kayo ng buo ng militar.  pareho armas o walang armas.  lalaban kaya ang mga ka-tribo mo?  he. he. he…magaling lang kayo sa dakdak …. 

        ows, dapat pasalamat pa ang mga pulis at militar dahil hindi third degree ang inaabot nila sa mga duwag na kampon mo.  binabaril ng traidoran.  

        dami umaatras sa pma?  of course, hindi makapasa ng exam.  kahit makapasa, madaming hindi kaya ang training/discipline sa pma.  si sison nga eh walang bayag na mamundok.  nakaupo sa holland at me allowance pa ang hitad.

  • m1600

    Tama ka jan Eta wala pang nahuhuli na mga human rights violators WALA kang nagagawa sa mg SALOT NPA na nanununog ng mga gamit ng Gobyermo, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS,CELLSITES, EXTORTION MASKI SA MGA MASALILIIT NA MAGSSSAKA,at PAMAMASLANG NG MGA KAPWA NILA PILIP0INO,Pinakawalan pa nyo yung MORONG 43 na bumalik nanaman sa mga kuta salot na NPA.

    Unahin mo muna yang BAYAN MUNA, AKBAYAN at lahat ng mga kpanalig mo na KOMUNISTA sa gobyerno ng HACINDERONG PRESIDENTE.

    • Joseph Samonte


      • spyderman

        Ogag ka, boplax kpa…Utak mo cguro naninilaw na!

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

        ikaw yata yung mongoloid na gusto kasuntukan ni miriam “praning” santiago……

      • spyderman

        OO AKO NGA YON, at ikaw naman yong autistic na kabarilan ni Pnoy! 

  • spearheads

    Another startling achievement for PNoycchio’s upcoming SONA. While human rights violation cases increased from the previous administration to the current pathetic PNoy admin, no one is apprehended and jailed. On the contrary, the former CHR head is the number one human rights violator and yet wants to be the Chief Justice. What a sterling performance, indeed.

  • Joseph Samonte

    PNoy just like his predecessor has a dismal record when it comes to HR. We have a laggard government.

  • spearheads

    “You can see here the level of appreciation of Congress on important things like these,” she lamented.

    The above statement of Etta Rosales speaks for itself. A cabinet member who now wantonly and publicly criticize Congress which of course refers to the House of Representatives and the Senate (take note media people especially Mike Enriquez who frequently says “Ang Kongreso at ang Senado” in his news reports) headed of course, by two lapdogs par excellence.

    • adam_d_ant

      bro, correct me if i’m wrong.  di ba naging representative din si rosales? ano ang ginawa n’ya?

  • basilionisisa

    Is this (still) news? eh nasa dyaryo ito almost every other day, kakasawa na tuloy imbes na malasakitan. Is something wrong with these people whose HR are alleged to have been ‘violated’? Bakit parang walang sympathy ang public? Or has this HRC so lost its credibility that whatever it says is ignored by the public? Not even a mention from any Editorials or columnists. Perhaps Commissioner Rosales should step back a bit and analyze where it/she is going wrong then change tactic and start fresh.

    • galnxdoor

      oh this is NEWS.mabuti ung napapaalala ang public about relevant issues like this. and what the government is failing to do. democracy, human rights, civil liberties – importante yan kung gusto nating panindigan ang pagiging republika natin.  

  • tp412


  • tp412


  • Nic Legaspi

    It is very ironic how up to now, victims of martial law haven’t been compensated. The president may have forgotten his parents’ struggle against the dictatorship and martial law that he doesn’t care anymore about the victims. If he can push all of his allies in congress to impeach a sitting CJ, then I’m sure he has the power to push congressmen to pass this bill as well.

    • adam_d_ant

      kabayan, pangalawa ng aquino ‘to.  the first one didn’t even make a dent on the alleged marcos loot.  the second one’s got no clue.  corrupt daw si gloria and the only thing he can come up with is to accuse her of a trumped-up electioneering charge.

      me masabi man lang na naipakulong si gloria. gloria was raked because of her alleged corruption.  if ever they have a case of electioneering, what could be more appropriate than the garci scandal to dig up dirt.  they chose instead a stupid case with one witness daw who heard gloria order ampatuan to rig the elections.  what a bunch of idiots.

      two years after the term of simeon, this retard is talking about compensation for those who suffered during the marcos years.  wala nagawa ang cory government and this one (simeon”s) will show nothing as well.  kung ngawa ang basehan, dami ng achievements. what is rosales doing?  not even an arrest after two years?   

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         “they chose instead a stupid case with one witness daw who heard gloria order ampatuan to rig the elections.”

        for emphasis.

  • padrefaura

    anong maaasahan natin sa presidenteng pasimuno sa human rights violation? 

  • 711sense

    What do we expect? Rosales is a consummate politician and will only bring someone to court when they are poor and oppressed but not the rich and powerful. Look at the Father and Daughter tandem of the Duterte in Davao, until now nothing has done to anyone of them. The current government is just waiting for the people to forget all about it and will go on with their business and continue to abuse the people that they are suppose to serve… I think they also forget that the people are the one paying their exorbitant salaries and perks.

  • TT Knew

    “Not one human rights violator arrested or jailed—CHR chief”… …one possible explanation is there were no violators. (just wishful thinking)

  • Jack

    Time to resign Chairman. You are saying you’re not doing your job. This is why politicians should never serve in the bureaucracy. Puro pasikat wala naman ginagawa daldal lang ng daldal.

  • amelius23

    I have one unapproved comment which is tamer than what you can read below. Moderator, kindly check?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       I don’t think there is a moderator.

      Usage of certain words like the word that rhymes with ‘bell’ wherein the devil dwells,  can get your post unapproved. other swear words including the synonym of ‘dam’ too.

  • Timmy

    Do not expect Eta to investigate communist violators. She is one of them .

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      Its like the left hand investigating the other left wing, hahahaha.

    • wakats

      Agree din ako dyan. Kasamahan yan ni Ka efren reyes, Ka teddy casiño, Ate riza hontiveros, Ka satur ocampo, at marami pang iba na naging miyembro ng kongresso dahil sa party-list ni Cory

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Is it possible that the cases are weak in itself? Some prosecutors are unlikely to file charges especially if the evidence gathered is weak enough not to stand the scrutiny of the court. Which means that the investigating body needs to do more.

    But what if they already have done all the necessary actions mandated by their authority and the law?

    I know for a fact that evidence gathering is a painstaking operation which is very different from that 1 hour cop and lawyer show we see in T.V.  Real life is very very different indeed. Sometimes, frustrations become so personal, and so some investigators, tip the hand of fate by ‘lying’, just to move the process along, or to see that ‘justice’ tainted at that, has a chance. But then, this is because an argument between two wrong deeds.

    We blame PNoy, PNoy, in turn leans on his investigators, some do good and yields results. Some, you cannot do anything at all, without manufacturing evidence.

    But how do we know which is which?  How do we know where the problem lies?

    • spearheads

      The problem lies in PNoy himself. 

      The buck stops at him plain and simple.

      No finger pointing, no “matuwid na hintututro.” did you get it?

      • David

        Yup. Unless you don’t mind Binay taking over while PNoy resigns, although I’m sure that’s a good idea for some people.

        Then if Binay’s own CHR chair doesn’t work out either, should he resign as well? The list goes on and on.

  • John_Galt_II

    Did they ever investigate the NPAs who ambush unsuspecting military personnel? 
    Please make an effort to look into the lives of the military families who lost their love ones and bread winners. You will see that the violations are more common to the insurgents. Summary execution is not right but so is ambush killings. In this kind of war I have no sympathies for the insurgents. They are the  scums of the country.

  • John_Galt_II

    Nang a-ambush sila ng military at pumapatay ng innocent civilians pag hindi nabigyan ng kotong. Tapos pag nagantihan at napatay ang isa ka kanila i-iyak iyak ng human rights.
    Mga mandurugas!

  • Fulpol

    Rosales, leftist… kaya ang human rights violator sa kanya yung tumitira sa mga leftist..

    si Noynoying naman, in dilemma.. di niya pwedeng banatan ang AFP..


  • Pitbulldog

    P-noy may not belong to the most hated leaders’ list,  but he is a candidate for the worst.  Kasi puro bula lumalabas sa bibig, wala naman sa gawa.  All out justice daw.  Nakahilera na ang mga dapat bigyan ng hustissya, nakangisi pa rin siya.

  • wakats

    The failure to arrest palparan and former cong. ecleo should not be singularly lodged at the lap of PNoy.  He had already given the orders to the PNP to arrest the two but but failed until now.  It could be attributed to possible ‘coddling” of AFP top honchos in the case of palparan and the cautious move of the PNP in the case of ecleo due to open defiance of his well-armed followers to prevent his arrest just like what happened before that resulted to bloody confrontation on different case.

    With respect to the failure to pass in congress a law compensating the human rights victims during the marcos era, the blame should be on the senate president.

    In the case of alleged victims of the military, police, and armed groups presumed to be vigilantes, the absence of witnesses/complainants would hamper the task of prosecuting the alleged perpetrators, if there’s any.

    The CHR chair should help the authorities concerned by supplying the details of the victims, especially those alleged enforced disappearance, which cannot be proven unless the body/ies are found, if there’s any.  


    • Pitbulldog

      Ehem, when it comes to P-noy, he is partly absolved of the responsibility for this Palparan fiasco.  (Pag abnoy ba, walang muwang?).  When it comes to GMA it all is clearly command responsibility, with all your saliva flooding the streets along with the leftists’ howls.  Ano ba yan.   Remember,kabayan, the CJ was impeached in one day by the House and a few months by the Senate, it’s all because P-noy mustered all his resources and ideas remaining in his little brains to get what he wants.  Now, if he really wants it this time, why can’t he do the same, aber?  Ogag kasi, pansarili ang priority nya.  

      • David

        Or maybe PNoy has more and “better” control over Congress being able to eventually impeach Corona, while he doesn’t fully and necessarily have control over anyone and everyone who’s coddling Palparan. For all we know, his police forces may be exploring leads on Palparan even as we comment.

        But of course, it’s easier to complain about one’s seeming inability to do what one expects. I didn’t vote for PNoy, but he’s the president now and shall nonetheless perform his responsibilities despite what I think about him. (which isn’t really much though I’ll give him credit where it’s arguably due…)

        Anywho, I just hope Palparan gets caught and is finally held accountable sooner than later. Unless PNoy does something that materially affects most people, life’s too short complaining about him.

        Have fun commenting against and feeling like being victorious over other commenters who don’t have to do anything for you nor lose anything towards you. Whatever makes you happy.

      • adam_d_ant

        nice retort bro.

        here’s my take though.  there’s one who sits in the senate and was a “tourist” too.  took off to lands unknown and came back as a conquering hero with the president himself laying the red carpet.  ang bayad?  isang bag ng chicharon.  de lima was frothing that an investigation is going to be conducted.  bro, walang nangyari.

        i hope they don’t catch palparan.  human rights only apply to those who are noisy, the left.  ang militar nakikipaglaban na nakagapos ang kabilang kamay.  no one, not even the president defends their rights.

      • spearheads

        A much nicer retort, indeed.

      • David

        i hope they don’t catch palparan.

        I’m honestly surprised to see you actually saying that. Why?

        It is unfair that the likes of Palparan or whoever so far isn’t caught and tried under a court of law. Then again, it’s unfair also that not every driver who beats the red light or other traffic laws get away with it din, even though others do get caught and pay the price.

        Human rights apply to what the law says they apply on and whoever believes in treating people with respect and dignity, despite what everyone else wants to believe.

      • adam_d_ant

        respect with dignity.  lahat tayo kabayan iisa ang hangarin patungo d’yan.

        but when respect and dignity is never applied to people fighting to maintain peace and order in the archipelago, then where is fairness?

        when did you hear of rosales and her ilk demand the killers of military face justice? 

  • $16638896

    busy ata si pnoy sa lovelife nya hehhehe pero sana hindi pa rin mahuli si palparan. ang dapat tugisin ay ung mga kupal na npa.

  • m1600

    Tama ka jan Eta wala pang nahuhuli na mga human rights violators WALA kang nagagawa sa mg SALOT NPA na nanununog ng mga gamit ng Gobyermo, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS,CELLSITES, MGA NANUNUNOG NG MGA BUS,EXTORTION MASKI SA MGA MASALILIIT NA MAGSSSAKA, at PAMAMASLANG NG MGA KAPWA NILA PILIP0INO,Pinakawalan pa nyo yung MORONG 43 na bumalik nanaman sa mga kuta ng salot na NPA.
    Unahin mo muna yang BAYAN MUNA, AKBAYAN at lahat ng mga kpanalig mo na KOMUNISTA sa gobyerno ng HACINDERONG PRESIDENTE.Wala kayong kwenta LAYAS . NOW NA!

    • Luisito

      i think you should be sensible in your comment. just think if people are all like you what do you think our life be? we’ re ll dead. the good thing is many are not like you. hope you learn to pray and help other people. God bless

      • m1600

        Tell that to the NPA who ambushed a group of policeman where 5 police men a day before the Christmas cease fire in Samar in 2011, Tell it to the NPA who massacred 34 civilians inside a chapel  in DAVAO in 1989 where they beheaded the priest. These NPA do not know Human rights

  • Malik62

    BS Aquino x3 himself is the biggest human rights violator that is why he is noynoying when it comes to this issue.

    • David

      Biggest human rights violator when others have more demonstrable records of human rights violations than him, namely the 9,539 victims of martial law under Marcos?

      Honestly, what a stupid comment to make. But hey, everyone has something to say, even when facts dispute one’s opinion.

      • robrano

        Just remember the reports that originally have been much less victims registering. Until the US law firm  wanted more to register because they get a big percentage of the court ordered funds to the “victims”, so they are interested at a big number., no matter for which reason somebody was really jailed. Under the original planned funds, the law firm could earn hundreds of Dollar millions.

      • David

        Yeah, and Marcos’ lawyers could’ve perhaps arguably and easily filtered those number of victims during their legal suits. How or why that didn’t necessarily happen is beyond me, other than maybe having valid claims (validated by Judge Manuel Real) and being represented by that same U.S. law firm for at least 25 years and counting.

      • spearheads

        Honestly what a stupid comparison. There is no point of comparison because under Marcos the Philippines is under Martial Law, no wonder the AFP and PNP authorities are abusive. Unless you admit that there is a creeping Martial Law under PNoy then that’s the only time we can accept your comparison clueless one.

      • David

        Sorry, but I honestly don’t understand your comment. I merely pointed out a factual detail (validated by no less than a U.S. court albeit there’s a separate controversy going on) to belie Malik62’s comment of PNoy being the biggest human rights violator.

        One can make any opinion. But one doesn’t get to make up his/her own facts, much more seemingly push one’s opinion as fact without something to back it up.

        But if it makes you happy, then we can perhaps use other numbers from other groups like documented HR violations allegedly by the NPA instead. Does that help?

  • eight_log

    Human right … yeah right!!! There is this DUE PROCESS … bago makulong ang isang tao … dadan siya sa processong iyan… and for sure, an accused will exhaust all means available to him to avoid going to jail… it takes time … you know how justice works in this country … just be patient!!!

  • Francis81

    “But when we have a weak governing system, a weak criminal justice
    system that you’re operating on where the problems are structural and
    systemic, it’s going to take a little longer than expected or desired.
    That’s what it’s all about.”

    Korek ka dyan Ms. Rosales! Weakling kasi ang presidente kaya nag aastang Bully!

  • robrano

    who will arrest, trial and jail them as long as the culprits are from military, p[olice and other government agencies which are needed to protect the administration which, iin its turn, will whitewash and absolve those who ordered the violations? It would be a walk away from the “straight path”.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Most of the people in power are human rights violators. Who will arrest them?

  • pepengkabayo

    Not one human rights violator arrested or jailed—CHR chief….

    Because CHR is a duplication.
    Kidnapping, Murder, homecide ang charge Human rights violation.
    Bat di na lang ordinary court of law, para mabilis ang proceso.
    Wala naman discrimination sa kapwa filipino, so there is no human rights except of course when it comes to maid and servant employ relationship.

  • malek_abdul

    The Ampatuan Massacre will take 55,000 years to resolve the case despite the astounding evidences and witnesses presented…what do you expect for the other cases to be resolved in lesser amount of time? Police and military are blind if in the case of Palparan because the military  and AFP and Palparan has a common enemy…the communist and other terrorist groups. If I were a man in the military or AFP I won’t dare arrest Palaparan. For me he has done more good than bad.

  • nparvus1202

    Mga kapwa nyo rin komunista ang mga human rights violators, tapos kakampi pa ni BS eh papaano nyo nga naman huhulihin. Katsokaran nyo mga yan.

  • Joseph Samonte

    Bakla si PNoy, inutil, dapat magresign na lang siya at maglaro ng Video Games. He is getting out of touch with reality. First, he showed his weakness to the MILF by meeting with them in Japan in violation and disrespect to the Government Negotiating Panel who are the ones assign to negotiate. Then, the Rebels did not ask for money, he volunteered to bribe them with P5.4 million pesos.

    IN spite of his so called good will with the MILF, they are now threatening to go on an all out war if they do not get what they want SOON! They are threatening the government and the rest of the Filipino people.

    Now, he showed again his weakness with his dealing with China. He pulled our our NAVY SHIP in Scarborough Shoal and never sent them back. By showing these kind of weakness PNoy encourage the Chinese to abuse our territorial sovereignty. From 6 chinese fishing boat, they sent 96 fishing boats in Panatag shoal. They even built a radar, on top of a 4 story structure just figuratively speaking to a Filipino Community in one of our claimed island. Then again, now 70 miles from Palawan, a Chinese Frigate got grounded, so they say. Who knows, it was sent there to stay put to assert their authority. Without any words from the Chinese, our military is willing to assist the Chinese boat. For what?

    PNoy should resign. He is just not fit to be our President. He is a weakling…………..


       Sino naman ang ipapalit mo? Sige nga.

      • popeyee

        Sino nga ba ang pumapalit pag nag resign ang pangulo?

    • highfivingamillionangels

      anong kinalaman ng mga bakla?

  • m1600

    Tell that , Eta to the NPA who ambushed 11 soldiers a day before the Christmas cease fire in northern Samar in 2011, Two of them were still alive but instead of helping they were shot and burned by these terrorist.Tell it to the NPA who massacred 34 civilians inside a chapel  in DAVAO in 1989 where they beheaded the priest. These NPA do not know Human rights

    Layas na kayong mga komunista sa Gobyerno walang mangyayari sa hacinderong presidente na protector ng mga komunista na gaya mo Eta Rosales/

  • linoca

    “Wala pa (None yet).”   translated by media as “Not one human rights violator arrested or jailed – CHR.”, a clear example of profit oriented media reporting.  Did the government exerted no effort?

  • David

    Alas, I can’t help but somewhat…somewhat…agree that maybe Ms. Rosales ought to go as CHR chief. If she’s indeed doing something arguably or remotely right, then she’d better explain and – more importantly – demonstrate it if ever.

    Otherwise, who else can take her place there who has a track record of demonstrating action and delivering results within (hopefully) reasonable means? Or am I expecting too much, even though we want the best?


  • pepengkabayo

    Not one human rights violator arrested or jailed—CHR chief….

    Kasi kulang kayo sa ebidensiya, pulos simula lang, pulos imbestiga, pag wala na sa media, wala na rin ang kaso.
    Buti pa ang animal rights violator may nahuhuli kasi nga kitang kita ang ebidensiya, kalderetang aw aw.
    Sa human rights, haka haka lang.

    • generalproblem

      paano mo naman kasi iimbistigahan ang kaso kung kasamahan nilang npa ang may pakana hehehhe.


    What about the killing of Leonardo Co and his co-worker? Any update? Why is it taking too long for the case to prosper?

  • Ampaw Ka Dong

    Who will file the case for the atrocities of NPAs, Abu Sayaff, MNLFs, MILFs, and other lawless groups?
    CHR chief, can you please resign and shut the fq up!

  • c7cinbox

    ano ba ang trabajo ng Human Rights Commission? Who will identify these violators ? Who will file the case? kung ang trabajo lang ng CHR ay dumakdak lang ng dumakdak, aba sayang naman ang pera ko at ng taong bayan na pinasusweldo sa  inyo. mabuti pa siguro buwagin na lang ang CHR. Will the CHR lay down its card and submit a full accomplishment report for the people’s evaluation? Sige na naman Madam “Commissioner”.

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