Santiago challenges ‘mongoloid’ foes to a fistfight


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. FILE PHOTO/SENATE POOL

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Thursday branded her enemies “mongoloids” and challenged them to a fistfight.

“I tell all my enemies who just want to get of me, stop molesting me, you mongoloids!” Santiago said at a regular forum in the Senate.
She added the recent call for her to step down from the Senate in preparation for her taking up post at the International Criminal Court, was masterminded by the same person who she claimed started a black propaganda against her during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

She also claimed that a person, who she did not identify, was also behind this. Santiago said that this person was the same group who filed a petition calling for the revocation of Santiago’s appointment to the ICC, citing her alleged “mental instability.”
“Hindi pa nga ako nakaka-upo, papaalisin na ako (I haven’t taken the appointement and they want me out already),” Santiago said.
Earlier, Commission on Elections Chairperson Sixto Brillantes asked Santiago to resign so they will be able to determine how many vacancies there will be in the Senate in time for the 2013 elections next year.

Santiago said she is friends with Brillantes but said it is possible that the Comelec commissioner is being pressured by her political enemies.

Santiago added some people are calling for her resignation to give way to senatorial wannabes who have a very low chance of winning.

“Kagagawan ito nang mga taong gustong maging senador pero alanganin sila. Gusto nilang umalis ako ng maaga pa (This is a plot of people who aspire to be senator but know they couldn’t. They want me to leave early)… I was one of the top winners of the last elections. They want to pick a winner out to give way to these losers,” Santiago said.


“Kung gusto nila suntukan na lang, wala naman akong ginagawang masama a (If they want a fistfight, I’ll give them what they want),” she added.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile earlier hinted why Santiago should step down saying that there are issues and treaties that need the decision of 24 senators. He cited the last impeachment trial of Corona wherein there were only 23 senators and it was automatically a vote less in favor of the accused.

However, Santiago said that there will be no problems with only having 23 senators since the Senate needs 2/3 vote to make a decision.
She added there is no legal basis for the request for her to step down in office.

Santiago also reiterated that there is no need for her to resign since she is still waiting for the ICC to call her to duty and that she requested she may still be able to finish her term by 2016.

Originally posted at 11:15 am | Thursday, July 12, 2012

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  • Palparan

    Hahahahha! galit din pala ang sira ulong ito kay Abnoy….hahahahahaha!

  • kilabot

    that’s my miriam. me papalag?

    • marionics

      wala, she’s ALL yours he he

    • andresa igbac

       sa yo na, isaksak mo na sa baga mo.

    • tabalu

      papaano sila papalag eh! wala namang alam sa batas ang mga galit kay senator miriam, asar talo sila.. waaaahhhhhh!!!

  • NoronJamel

    Hay Miriam layaaaaaasssssss ka na oy! Di ba dito Pilipinas e “democracy in action”, e itong si BRENDA – “demo-crazy in action”.

  • reydomingo

    hehehe…. ang sira ulo galit sa kapwa niya… 

  • Jun Go

    i think one thing that sen miriam should address is her attitude to call people names, no one in this world is perfect including her, is as if she thinks she’s above all human species.  she is good in her own chosen field, but people also have their dignities to be protected and not be humiliated blatantly with such garbage and trashy words from her mouth.

    • marionics

      e plip nga e haha

  • Natx Bacalzo

    hahaha … with your immaturity (or more likely deteriorating mental state), ICC is no longer keen on calling you to Hague which is good for PH and Filipinos.  You’re a disgrace to country and the Filipinos.

    • TagaKalos

      Eh, ikaw nasisiguro mo ba na matino ka HUNGHANG? Parang isa ka doon sa mga pasyente sa mental hospital na hindi umaamin na sila ay sira ulo. Manang mana ka doon sa idolo mo na presidenta sa malakanyang na sira ulo, inutil at bakla! Hoy magingat kayo na mga nagiidolo sa kanya dahil yung yellow ribbon na kanyang simbolo at hugis pambigti ay malapit pang maging lubid at kapag siya ab binuryong yon ang gagamitin nya na pambigti sa inyo mga OGAG!

      • walangutak

        Bakit ba mahilig kayong tingnan ang inyong sarili sa salamin?nakikita tuloy ninyo ang nasa harapan ninyo na siyang pinagmumura ninyo. He he he, ipagbawal ang salamin.

    • johndcross1

      With her demeanor, she is a total disgrace to this country!  She is losing her sanity or she lost it already.

  • boypalaban

    ang pumatol sa baliw…..

  • adam_d_ant

    he he he….. go miriam.

    pinariringgan mo naman si simeon eh  … maglulundagan na naman ang mga alagad ni simeon nito.

    labas na ang mga nauuto ni budoy …. ngeee

  • kishbuff

    hahahahaha, pikon na ang tiga mandaluyong! fulpol, nasaan ka?

  • yahoo user

    sa palagay ko si M. Santiago ang mongoloid……

    • yahoo user

       sinabi mo pa

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        mas mukha kang mongoloid kasi sinasagot mo sarili mong comment!

        its either gusto mo magmukhang may nag concur sa sinabi mo at nagkamali ka ng gamit ng username or mongoloid ka din!


  • Jvy

    i’m proud to called a mongoloid…

    • legislex

      Me too, kahit kababayan ko siya.

  • hubblecoke

    but it is the people who keep putting her to public position. i wonder whos the real nut job…

  • Hey_Dudes

    If this rattling out of control ranter lady senator said this in America, she will never know how individuals afflicted with this predicament will react to such callous remark coming from a classless lady.  This is someone representing our country in the ICC?  Good Lord I hope ICC isn’t making a serious mistake.

    • johndcross1

      Amen to that!

  • johndcross1

    I could not believe an IC judge making thrash calling!  I think she should be barred from assuming her position in that prestigious court.  She will just bring dishonor to this country.


    PLEASE render due respects to Lucy, the missing link.

  • johnllander

    Santiago was the one who started it all, molesting others and at high pitch at that.  She should behave like what a respectable senator and intelligent person should be.

  • arthur1401

    Mongoloids? what about her, who is she, Mr Hyde? 

    Miriam shows again her real self. One moment, Miriam is Dr Jekyll, an intelligent and well-loved individual but in another when the the moonlight shines upon her face during full moon, she is immediately transformed to a vicious and violent Mr Hyde who finds happiness in seeing others suffer. Unlike the fictional characters, there is no need for potion for her transformation.

    Is this the effect of ICC’s apparent dumping of her desires to be an international judge? 

    Miriam is telling us that there is a procedure to be followed in ICC protocol which requires her to wait a little longer. If it was told by Ombudsman morales, it is believable, but Miriam? It’s like GMA telling us, “sorry for lapse of judgment”. I will not be surprised that in the end, miriam will blurt out-“I lied, hahahaha”.

    This transformation from angel to evil is not uncommon for miriam as she had shown during impeachment trial and even before that, and by being so, she showed that ICC has a defective methodology in recruitment processes.

    Well, Filipino voters are also dumb for voting her into office without thinking. These voters had done that in the past. Of late, look where they put Lapid, Jinggoy and revilla.  

    For the meantime, we just have to be on the look out for the full moon, when the philippine version of Dr Jekyll and Mr hyde is going to take place.

  • Ner

    i still like senator meriam defensor santiago to be in the senate

    • jgl414567

      kapareho mo kasi siya sira ulo kaya gusto mo siya!

  • killerelite

    Merriam Santiago…you are talking to yourself again…get rid of that mirror in front of you!

  • Tristanism

    And the name-calling goes on.

  • Benjamin

    pakiramdam ni brenda maganda siya…pwe

    • doublecross

       pasensiya na po, may kalahi  po kaming mongoloids…

      • Ari Putan

        tingnan nyo wetpu nyan…. mongoloid rin yan…

  • doublecross

    hello mommu mongoloids….ako yon anak mong mongoloids,musta po kayo.

  • isagani gella

    me too”don’t say forgive me”I’M the GREAT” Ang mga natalaga sa ICC mga taong may cridibilidad at integridad” taong may sariling panindigan”ILAN LANG YAN SA MGA TAONG NAMUMUNO SA BANSA NTIN ANG KATANGI=AN AT KAALAMAN NI SENATOR MERRIAM DEFENSOR”BAKIT MAYROON BA KAYONG ANGKIN NA TALINO KAGAYA NI MERRIAM?WALA AS NOtHING”NGAK-NGAK LANG BALIW!!  may angking bukod tanging katalinohan si poroknay”LEARN AND RESEARCH MERRIAM…NGAK-NGAK PWEEE..INGGIT LANG KAYO KAY ILONNGA”

  • vin reyes

    nadale mga “mongoloids”..haha nag-aarayan na po sila..humihirit pa susme! hirap talaga pag hindi kaya takbo ng utak ng iba..tingin nila sila lang matino,,mga kumag kayo..hindi nyo kayang gibain yan..

  • isagani gella


  • calipso_2100

    Ahihihihi. The mongoloid in the senate.

  • Sir Buddy

    Dumura na naman sa langit ang samlang na lukaret,
    sa mukha niya naglatite ang mapangheng kalaghara.
    Sa bawat dura niya ng maaantot na salita,
    lagi itong dumudukdok sa kanyang mukha
    kaya lalo siyang nagmumukhang bruha.

  • regd

    At least mongoloids doesn’t have horns like she does! And her miniature dumb brain is epoxyd deep in her thick skull…..wait….. she doesn’t have brain, it’s ALL PIECES OF CRANIUMS GLUED TOGETHER!

  • Ari Putan

    Wetpu ni miriam mongoloid din, akala nyo ha….

  • isagani gella


  • tra6Gpeche

    Mrs. Miriam Santiago is a Philippine Senator and she is supposed to know that name calling of any kind is a sign of ignorance and immaturity. I wonder what is happening to her sanity. To think that she is a Filipino Senator does not make me feel good and proud.

  • jgl414567

    Kung mongoloids ang mga kaaway ni Miriam siya naman ay psychopath o may diperensiya ang pagiisip!

    • twitgurl

      itanong mo yan kay abnoy.. hehe.. ilabas ni abnoy ang medical records niya sa pag iisip hahaha..

  • kevin

    I think Senator Miriam needs a treatment for mood disorder…..

  • arao_liwanag

    They way you are acting and behaving is like your president,  like mongoloid, both of you, it look.

  • $23455908

    And how about you? Paranoid.

  • dodo

    one of the word that she will use in IC. eka nga eh more to follow, retarded senator

  • isagani gella


  • allandel

    is the word even acceptable? can an ICC judge use such word? what does she say about blacks? i’m afraid i can’t bear to hear it.

    this is one reason why the ICC shoudl rescind whatever favorable vote they gave maid miriam because all their cases where she will sit will only be open to criticisms and worst, overturning.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      I often wonder why there is no word for her from ICC now. In May of this year, she was invited in the Hague to assume office but instead she send excuses. Then this PETITION from United States were circulating via Internet to disband her at ICC. Around 4,770 signatures were gathered and sent to the The Hague. Do you think ICC changed their mind after reviewing that Petition?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Moron, your questions has long been answered!


  • efriend

    That is a derogatory word. Even handicapped people are now called PWD’s how much more the mongoloids.  That’s a shame coming from a Senator.

  • isagani gella


  • venfil29

    as a senator na ang ginagastos ay pera ng publico at ganito ang maririnig natin?dapat nga i protect niya ang karapatan ng mga taong may down syndrome na na hwag ma discriminate sa ating lipunan,napaka walang respeto nito ni miriam sa mga taong may kapansanan, kung gusto niyang sagutin ang mga kritiko niya karapatan niya yon pero not on this manner na parang binastos niya ang mga taong may down syndrome, pinakita lang niya na napaka insensitive niya sa mga taong may kapansanan at napaka baba ng tingin niya,kelan ba natin ituturing na parang kagaya rin natin at walang diskriminasyon ang mga taong may kapansanang fisical at mental?senator miriam sana maramdaman mo kung paanong magmahal at magbigay ng respeto sa isang taong may down syndrome.

  • eleexer

     she is clearly incompetent for a post of a pastor… :P

  • isagani gella


  • Pedro_Kawawa

    mongoloids are angels from heaven sent to earth! So what’s with them Brenda?

    *Brenda = Brain Damage

    • twitgurl

      weh hnd nga? bakit si abnoy mongoloid.. mas malala pa ang pag iisip.. may medical records pa sa pag iisip hehehe..

      • Pedro

        maliiii…….. ang mongoloid KATULAD MO ang pag iisip!!!!! he, he, he, he.

  • twitgurl

    Mongoloid hahaha.. mana sa among abnoy na may medical records sa pag iisiap haha..

  • isagani gella


  • isagani gella


  • isagani gella

    Thank you”have a nice day my  ”DEAR PHILIPPINES”

  • SignTheWaiverNow




    • Pedro

      akala mo lang yon kasi isip mongoloid ka!!!! bwahahahaha!!!!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        a mongoloid molester on the loose!

    • rosamistika16

      is the name UpholdTheRuleofLaw no longer entertaining that you changed it to SignTheWaiverNow?  In few days your name will be obsolete again.

  • juantamadnatamad

    Isang senador na may kasamang pulis sa bahay at isang mag-nanakaw na kapit bahay ay kailangan pa ng isang buhay para manghuli ng mga corrupt sa bansa? Tumingin ka naman sa salamin at dumungaw ka sa bintana paminsan-minsan.

  • JuanTamadachi

    Miriam, maybe those of us who do not like like you because of your looney and abusive behavior should brand you as a “EUNUCHOID”.. you certainly look like one anyway..

  • just_and_equitable

    Hahaha ano kaya sya?

  • rosamistika16

    Madam senator, may I know who are your enemies?

    please name names otherwise you are referring to the majority of people who dont like you anymore.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      people in the forum knows who she is referring to…

      Only mongoloid paid hacks like you who are still in denial!


      • rosamistika16

        you mean pilipins is really progressing because the gov’t can pay me in $$$ just to blog here?! this is good news for all mongoloids!

        may i ask you, did you realize that the law you uphold was wrong that is why you changed it to SignTheWaiverNow? Any ways, you might changed it again as it seems you don’t know how to enterpret the law.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        ohh so now u know who the mongoloid she is referring to? isa ka pang malaking hipokrito! sa tagalog, mang mangaanan ka pa!

        may pa $$$ ka pa, i bet wala ka ngang trabaho and u r a bum!


      • rosamistika16

        eh di wala na nga akong trabaho…ma-satisfy ka lng. cge, tawa pa at ikaw lng ang nag-iisang hindi mongoloid dito kagaya ng iyong idol sa senado na naghahamon ng suntukan.

        ang saya-saya ano?! pero teka lng at quota na ako kaya pwde ng umuwi.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        siguradong matutuwa na naman mga kapamilya mo kasi may makakain na kayo galing kay carandang!

        bye mongoloid! happy eating!


      • rosamistika16

        teka lng kc sabi ni carandang ay meron pa daw akong tapusin bago ako umalis. sabihin ko daw sayo kung gusto mo ng take-out food from a well-known japanese resto. i just had lunch there.

      • Bert

        i know, jap resto is loose change to carandang’s malacanang comm group’s p2b pr budget…..sarap lamunin pera ng bayan no?

      • rosamistika16

        do i have to say welcome to the world of mongoloids? NO! i must say welcome to the world of lunatics run by its own warfreak senator and aide in the name of UpholdThe RuleofLaw a.k.a SignThe WaiverNow!

        The world of lunatics is all yours!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Read my lips……

        M O N G O L O I D K A


      • rosamistika16

        BALIW! worthless of my precious time!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        worthless of my precious time?

        please check ur grammar…



      • SignTheWaiverNow

        wow! sosyal…. tokyo tokyo yan noh? masarap nga sumo meals dyan…..

        grabe ang soysal sosyal mo naman… nakakapag tokyo tokyo ka pa!

        may pa $$$ ka pa ha. gunggung na mongoloid, madaling araw sa america ngayon! anong lunch pinagsasasabi mo?


      • rosamistika16

        ganun talaga kapag ang tao eh tonto kapag nakakita ng $ ang akala ay galing lng sa amerika. Pity! 


    ANAK ng POPA, selected public official calling her perceived enemies MONGOLOID!  

    Walang ka delica-delicadeza ang seneytor na ito na inihalal ng taong bayan para maging kinatawan nila sa senado.  So, yong ibang bomoto sa kanya na nadesenganyo dahil  sa kanyang bomborrah of the thalamus, ang sukli nya sa kanila ay-MONGOLOID!  WATTA critter.  Onli in di Pilipin sinit.

  • peter r

    She needs to have plastic surgery, ugly, and go on a diet, to lose weight.  Talaga

    • JuanTamadachi

      You’re right I wonder how Jun Santiago can share the same bed with this EUNUCHOID.. 

  • billy31

    Mongoloids have better nature than Miriam Defensor. She is the abnormal person among the senators.

  • mekeni62

    ang sakit naman nun. daming tinamaan.he he he

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    She calls her enemies “mongoloids” and challenges them to a fistfight.
    She acts as if she is the only intelligent person in the country. But instead of challenging her “enemies” to a debate, she engages in innuendoes and acts like a caveman.

    • marionics

      hooooy huwag mo nga insultuhin ang mga caveman ha!!!

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        Caveman ang asal niya eh.
        Insulto sa mga mongoloid kung ikumpara ko siya sa kanila.

  • Jack

    That is so not politically correct, Madam Senator.  I don’t think people with Down’s syndrome are as “crazy” as you are.

  • marionics

    mukha ngang totoo na under reconsideration yung icc appointment ni brenda dahil sa negative feedback na pinapadala sa icc committee. kaya galit na galit si brenda, apektado ang appointment niya. kaya di din talaga siya maka bitiw as senator. kawawa din naman…not hahaha

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      ayan ka na naman sa mga haka haka mo….

      tagal ko ng sinabi sa iyo, try mo ang career na script writer… malaki potential mo mongoloid!


      • marionics

        oh so sorry i don’t engage in cursing and name calling. try someone else. but don’t worry, i won’t think less of you…oh, i won’t think any lesser of you…well i guess your as less as can be hahaha

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        you don’t engage in cursing and name calling? you just did mongoloid!


      • marionics

        ooooh that’s called wit. but i understand…you don’t know the difference hahaha

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        uy… wit daw! obviously, its an emotional outburst! may pa-wit wit ka pa, mongoloid!


      • marionics

        oh your still there. so sorry i don’t engage he he. find someone else

        So long, farewell
        Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight
        I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

        So long, farewell
        Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
        Adieu, adieu
        To you and you and you

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        ayun… lumabas na talaga ang totoong mongoloid qualities!

        so long, farewell
        Auf Wiedersehe, goodnight


      • marionics

        seriously? despite all your angst in losing the impeachment and having your sign the waiver call totally ignored and falling flat on your face and brenda now on the verge of losing her icc appointment…all you could muster is repeat the word mongoloid over and over? i’m really sorry man but your not even articulate enough to be insulting. he he

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        so long, farewell
        Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight



  • ztefertilizerscam5

    meriam mag suicide ka na lang, mogoloid,brenda,sisa,baliw,tililing,siraul,siryan, and more

  • SPO10

    Bumigay na naman!!!hehehehehe…malapit na full moon!!!

  • James

    I hope the good senator should refrain from using the word “mongoloid’ as a derogatory remark considering that she means it to refer to people afflicted with Down Syndrome.  A lot of people and children through no fault of their own are afflicted with this genetic aberration and it is UNKIND to use “mongoloid” to refer to them or use the same word to spite other people.  Kawawa naman ang mga taong may Down Syndrome.   

    • SPO10

       Nadale mo Sir at saka ” mongoloids ” or Trisomy 21 are very affectionate persons so they are lovable…hindi dapat kutyain katulad ng ginagawa ni Sin-ator Santiago.

  • Albin

    Senator, ‘yung mga gumagawa ng ingay para maalis ka, ay mga bata ni penoy, lacierda, carandang. Kasama diyan si brillantes.

  • BS

    Is she alluding to the present tenant of Malacanang and his allies ?

  • Ronald_18

    I hope someone will take the challenge of a crazy Senator named Miriam Santiago. Can’t reveal her source, because there’s none. She’s obviously hallucinating or maybe high in illegal substance.

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is such a disgrace to the Filipino people and please someone take the challenge, para mapahiya itong abnormal na hayop na naging Senador. 

  • billy31

    A Mongoloid is a special person with Down Syndrome, very lovable, kind and good-natured. Miriam made an insult to these special children/persons born with disability. She must apologize!

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      based on your definition of mongoloid then you are one big MONGOLOID!



      • bangenge boy

        the way you reacted says so much about you. dont forget ur meds.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        your nick speaks much more about you… keep on sniffing those cough syrups, mongoloid!


      • billy31

         Sana magka-anak o magka-apo ka ng Mongoloid para maintindihan mo.

      • opinyonlangpo

        The way she is, she doesn’t deserve a child nor grandchildren. Nobody in their sane thinking despise people with down syndrome.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Sana kunin ka na ni lord kasi ayaw namin sa mongoloid na tulad mo! at iam na ang buong pamilya mo!


      • MDLANHAM

         Nawala na talaga ang konting natitirang paggalang ko sa senadorang ito. Ikaw Santiago, SignTheWaiverNow at dalawa pang nag like ay mga taong walang budhi na makapanglait ng mga taong may kapansanan. Hindi na nyo isinaalang-alang ang nadadama namin mga magulang ng mga special children na kapag nilalait ang mga mahal namin anak. Sumpa ko sa araw na ito na gantihan nawa kayo ng Diyos sa inyong mga masasamang ginawa sa kanila. 

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Alam mo ba ang down syndrome is genetically passed on to future generations? so that means, isa sa inyo ng asawa mo may genetical abnormalities….

        At malamang ikaw yun!


  • Htee

    MONGOLOIDS… Itong term na ito ay madalas mababasa sa posting sa forum na kagaya nito…OK lang kung ang gumagamit ng ganitong termino ay pangkaraniwang tao….

    Ngunit kung manggagaling sa isang may mataas na katungkulang tao, lalo pa at senadora….Pangit ang dating….

    HINDI gawang biro ang magkaanak ng isang Mongoloid.
    Wala naman cgurong mongoloid na umapi sayo Brenda…bakit napunta sa mongoloid ang galit mo????

    Kung galit ka kay President Pnoy, deretsohin mo…bakit ???? Takot ka ba????


    Ang pangit mo na nga…pati budhi mo PANGIT pa rin…pwe…

    • mapicchu

       she  will never understand how hurting an insult it is to be called a mongoloid, until she gets a grandchild na mongo. maybe then she will be kinder. these kids are so loving…agree ako, angels nga cila.

  • Lopez Jaena

    How can a senator of the republic insult mentally and physically challenged human beings! She has no feelings at all!

  • malek_abdul

    Dapat igapos na si Miriam bago pa makakagat at makapanakit. Mahirap na mahawaan ng rabis ng may sira ang tuktok. I prefer the company of mongoloids than to stay near this brain damaged nitwit.

  • Precy

    Miriam, shame on you for those remarks!

  • w4d

    Ha? Why does she want to fight herself?

  • mapicchu

    Miriam, you’re totally INSENSITIVE!  Parents are struggling to raise their kids with downs syndrome..and you use the term mongoloid so loosely… double, triple shame on you.

    • JuanTamadachi

      Miriam the EUNUCHOID has no shame whatsoever..

  • magiting78

    Cge suntukan na lang….hehehehe natawa namn ako ki Madam…Eh mali nya lng cguro gamitin ang words n mongoloid. Pwd naman maghamon na wala ng ganito.

  • wood68

    malala na talaga si aling brenda

  • Badudels

    isa kang satanas. wlang budhi.

  • epros

    Si Claudine kaya mo Maam?

  • 4kingdaddy


    G- OTTA GO
    L- ISTERINE (for your foul mouth)
    O- LD SOW

    hope you find your bearings on your way to ICU…you see, ICC has just scrapped your name from their list…so for a person with a personality (UGH!) like yours, ICU is the way to go….hehehe….

    • Bert

      N has a better description, N-OYNOYING….hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        Hi Bert.. How about D for DOROVO-ING? lol

      • Bert

        Hi juan, pwede rin, but NOYNOYING is better….hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        Alang delihensiya sa NOYNOYING..
        Sa DOROVO-ING daming pera..

      • 4kingdaddy

        let’s add it then….though i personally just want to describe her own personality….thanks…

  • Pinoyng

    walang papatol sa Katok ni Brenda. Kung merong kumagat sa hamon ni Brenda sa suntukan, pwede silang mabintangan na mas katok 

  • Pinoyng

    Nagpapansin lang si Brenda, kung baga PUBLICITY STUNT lang nya yan, dahil “LAOS na LAOS” na sya kaya, kailangan may ingay para mapansin.

  • JuanTamadachi

    deleted .. erroneous post

  • benjie


  • Pinoyng

    Tuluyan nasira ang ulo ni Brenda noong matalo sya kay Fidel V. Ramos bilang presidente. Kung nanalo ang Brenda na yan pagiging Presidente, ano na kaya Pilipinas ngayon?

  • 4kingdaddy

    “She added there is no legal basis for the request for her to step down in office.”

    how about deranged brain, .or better yet, no beauty and a beast…take your pick…would this be enough to be considered legal basis for you to step down????

  • sk3tk

    baket si PIDOL pa? BKET?!? PEDE NAMANG IKAW NA!!!

  • kailapaig

    Tama ka Pinoyng..siguradong walang demokasya sa Pilipinas kasi gusto niya lahat ng tao hinahalikan ang paa niya..sus masahol pa yan kay Mcoy..

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Only a mongoloid will challenge her kind to a fistfight. Most of our politicians should decline.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “.Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile earlier hinted why Santiago should step down saying that there are issues and treaties that need the decision of 24 senators. He cited the last impeachment trial of Corona wherein there were only 23 senators and it was automatically a vote less in favor of the accused.”

    That is poor arithmetic by the Senate President. Since the Constitution says that two-thirds vote of the Senate sitting as an Impeachmemnt Court is required for conviction of an impeached official, then that requirement is a constant percentage regardless of the number of Senators actually in office at any one time. Any reduction from 24 will affect proportionately the minimum number of votes needed for conviction and, necessarily, the minimum number of votes that would result in an acquittal. Thus, if for example at the time of the voting only 15 Senators were alive (the rest having gone on eternal leave), then the required two-thirds vote for conviction would be a minimum of 10 votes. At least 6 votes would be needed for an acquittal. If only 12 were alive, then 8 votes would be the minimm number needed for a conviction, and at least 5 votes for an aquittal.

    • junhernan

      sorry to say, pero tama ang math ni senate president kung 23 senators. punta tayo sa scenario na 15 ang yes and 8 ang no. kung 23 lang ang senators, panalo na ang no. whereas kung 24 ang senators, may pag-asa pa ang yes sa boto ng 24th senator. tama ba? so depende ‘yan sa bilang ng senators na, as you said, “alive.”

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        I’m sorry, but I think you got it wrong. If there are only 23 Senators, as in the case of the recent impeachment trial of Mr. Corona, the required minimum number of votes for a judgment of conviction is16, not 15. Two-thirds of 23 is 15.33. Hence, 15.0 is not two-thirds of 23, it being less by 0.33. Since fractional voting is impractible and neither allowed by law, the needed additional vote is made as one whole vote for a round total of 16. Had there been 24 sitting Senators, two-thirds thereof would be exactly 16. Thus, whether there were 23 or 24 Senators, the minmum required number of votes for a conviction would have been 16 in either case. While it may appear, as the Senate President observes, that 23 Senators meant “automatically a vote less in favor of the accused,” still the fact remains that 16 votes would be necessary for a conviction independently of whether there were 23 or 24 Senators.

  • basyong

    ayan inilabas na ang tunay. mongoloid ba? wala ng iba kundi si abnoy at ang alam lang mang harass ng kapwa . mga mongoloid kailangan ng constant care sa mga senatongs at tongresmen para hindi mag noy noying lang ang gagawin.hehehehehe

  • pj2003

    Mirriam challenges herself…. humarap ka sa salamin at magsuntukan kayo ng sarili mo!… wha!!

  • pepengkabayo

    Senator Santiago challenges ‘mongoloid-foes’ to a fistfight….

    Physical description, Santiago is right.
    There are many gov’t and polticians that are mongoloid looking.
    Tumaba na parang mga baboy ang hitsura. And sometimes too, act like a mongoloid or wala sa huwesyo.
    Drillon, Belmonte fat politicians with no exercise.

    If Miriam really wants a fistfight with mongoloid looking foe or friend, he can challenge Mon Tulfo, a martial arts black belt who was kinulata ni Raymart and Claudine.

  • buraot1234

    napaka unprofessional naman mag bitaw ng ganyang salita 

  • jeray

    daming nasaktan…..

  • opinyonlangpo

    The mongoloids didn’t wish to be born as they are, I thought we are a society supposed to understand them and not to despise them and emphasize them as an example of lowly creatures. This is how this senator thinks so high above the rest of human beings, and maybe same with the people who voted her to public office, and maybe those who support her too. 

    • spearheads

      I strongly disagree with your post for two distinct reasons thus:

      1. Senator Santiago is constantly maligned by the yellow tards using rude words foremost of which is also “mongoloid.” It is just fitting that she uses the same description to her detractors;

      2. More importantly, you are definitely wrong that we are a society who despised mongoloids. In fact, like Sen. Santiago, we have high respect for them by the simple proof that we made one of them as president.

      • opinyonlangpo

        You have a reading comprehension problem.

      • spearheads

        Wala akong dilaw na muta na di kayang hilamusan gaya mo.

      • marcial_law

         Tagalogin mo na lang! Your english is soooooooo bad.

      • spearheads

        Doon ka magbasa sa balita, mga tagalog komiks at mga dyaryo ng mga mongoloid para mo maintindihan. Di pwede ang mangmang sa forum na ito. 

      • marcial_law

        Naintindihan ko ang ibig mong sabihin na tuta ka ni meriam. Yon lang englis mo pang grade 1 hehe.

        dapat :”same description AS her detractors”
        dapat :”who despiseS mongoloids”
        dapat :”the simple FACT that we made one of them (AS) president”
        marami pa….
        PS. Baka doon ka nag aral ng englis sa university ng mga mongoloids na sinasabi mo.

      • AlejandrinoY

        herculubus, siguro isa ka ring MONGOLOID hano, nakukuha mo pang ipagtanggol ang nasisiraan na yata ng bait. sinabi n i miriam na dahil hinde natin kayang talunin ang mga intsik sa guera kaya dadaanin na lang natin sa “SHOUTING PROTEST” na pamumunuan niya, kaya siya ay nagsasanay na ng pagsigaw-sigaw. 

  • jimmy_maranan

    Pati  mongoloid pinapatulan pala nito.
    Baliw talaga.

  • julymorning



  • PutingAgila

    One born BASTOS is BASTOS forever. DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO is an incorrigible bastos! 

  • magiting78

    Ano Drillon sumagot ka tyak ikaw hinahamon ni Miriam hahahaha…bird of the same feather are the same bird. Pero madam wag naman monggoloid, discrimination naman yun s mga dis-able. Dapat sinabi u na lang mga kalapating Sargo ilong hehehehe

  • bellabtennis

    It’s horrible that she’s being ugly to mongoloids. It’s discriminatory, at the very least. Down Syndrome is an illness and not to be made fun of. Shame, shame, shame on you, Miriam. Apologize!

  • RonnieV

    Meriam is right in defending herself and calling mongoloids to her detractors. Her detractors keep on maligning her without restriction so why can’t she act the same without restriction, This is just a tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye. Besides she is in her right position, there is no legal basis in asking her to step down. Of course that’s an insult to her intelligence. Anybody who is in her position may do the same or even worse. What about those politician who were officially declared by the court as looser in an election but still refuses to step down and yet file a counter petition? That’s more blatant act.

    • Jomjom

      You deserve her.

    • isellnuts

      Birds of the same feathers flocks together. huh!

      • RonnieV

        The problem on you people, you take it personally, well if that’s the case, Meriam has a legacy, her track records shows since her school days, what about you do you have, if any?

  • jpastor

    Mas mabuti nga ang mga mongoloids kesa kaaway mo ManayMeriam. 
    At teka sa sinabi mo….. mas ok pa nga sa akin ang mga Mongoloids kesa sayo. Ang mga Mongoloids ay inosenteng  tao, bata man o matanda. Huwag mo i-down o ipares ang kanilang katauhan sa mga kaaway mo. Dapat pa nga tulungan sila maging katangap-tangap sa society.

  • tadasolo

    Ms. Santiago there is a saying “if you cannot stand the heat stay out of the kitchen” meaning if you do not like being criticized stop being an senator. You have been delivering a lot of one liners to those who disagree with you and they will not take it keeping mum. As for me I like you  being there as a comedic act in an otherwise dull body whose direction and purpose has been in question for long time except the positive act of removing corona but then again you voted to keep him just because you are a comedian

  • JJF724

    malala na talaga

  • rey0827


  • cion

    Sen. Miriam Santiago  still the best Senator there is. Sige, pamukhaan mo silang mga walang konsensya, yan ang dapat harapan,  sinasabi ang totoo,, di katulad nong mga kurap at mapagkunwaring mga  Senador at Congressmen  na walang alam kundi pera at walang mga sariling prinsipyo at makasarili lang ang alam. Sen. miriam  hwag kang patalo sa mga baluktot at diktador.

    • Joma Eusebio

      Mongoloid ka rin pala……hehehehe

  • isidro c. valencia

    Let’s get ready to rumble.

    In the red corner, wearing red Hermes bag, mother of pound for pound King, Mommy D. 

    In the blue corner, she wanted to challenge a fist fight to mongoloid, wearing big earrings, Mommy M. 

    Referee, Pokwang.  

    Judges:  Harvey Kee, Kikiam Takam, Joker Aray

    • Jomjom


    • Eric

       corny nga

  • cion

    Sen. Miriam cool ka lang, they are trying their best to get rid of you, don’t worry  any bad influence is not going to flourish, Filipinos need you to preserve our democracy.

    • odiebelmont

       what are you talking about? what is the relevance of democracy to a fistfight and “mongoloids”? ewan ko sa yo!

  • isagani gella


  • isagani gella


    • Marx Louis Wang

       unggoy ka talaga, ONEgani, ikaw lang ang mongoloid… maharlika ako.

  • doublecross

    huhuhuhuhuhuhuh….umiiyak po ako dhl ang mama kung si miriam nagalit sa amin mga mongoloid….di kita kayang sapakin dhl mongoloid ka rin. pwede pa yon sabunutan tayo…game ako doon…charingggggg!!!!!!!

  • w33k3nd3r

    oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! I’m gonna miss her! I must say.

  • marcial_law

    Yan if you lose the argument hamon agad nang fistfight. Isip talaga lokaloka.

  • rockinLeon

    Senator Santiago will always be remembered as a foul-mouthed, know-all, confrontational, weird senator. Who in their rignt mind that a senior citizen like her almost 70 years in the age department would speak in public events mouthing “pick-up lines” and fishing for comments about her “beauty”  It’s not funny! It’s gross! Grow up senator.
     BTW, Sen. Santiago, the Philippines doesn’t need your kind. What we need are leaders who have a mindset inclined to one purpose only: to get the country in an upward mobility mode. Ideas to get us out of this hole of poverty.

  • franciscoyapanalagbate

     Being a Senator: 1)  Represents the people, locally, internationally; 2)  Role model; 3)  law maker; 4)  Part of the rule of succession; 5)  Held in highest esteem; 6)  Possible president; 7)  Service/project provider; 8)  Privileged/powerful/”untouchable”;  and 9)  Source of pride of the people.  How can now Ms. Santiago personify the above-mentioned images where she even disrespected “the mongoloids” where it could only refer to those who are afflicted with the malaise.  Very insensitive, uncaring, unthinking, indeed, Ms. Santiago.  It’s a personal attack to these special children and not to her political enemies.  You lose, Ms. Santiago because ang pikon ay talo.  You are in the field of dirty politics and it’s normal for you to have a lot of enemies because of the way you carry yourself in public.  All your feelings and belief of being ganged-up are all self-inflicted.  You cannot win friends/supporters with your kind of attitude.  You only have yourself to blame and so you can fight with yourself.   If there are people who cannot see through your ill-mannered behaviour/manifestations and think that what you are doing is right ay nagsi-sipsip lang sa iyo.  You look like to me an oncoming wayward uncontrolable big rig ready to ram against anything/anybody to your delight.  How about some self-immersion and contemplation about knowing more about yourself?  God help you.  Salamat po.  God bless the Philippines.

  • arthur1401

    Will somebody bring that interview of miriam to ICC to let them know how badly her brain has become?
    This outburst by a high ranking official of the land and who will assume a very important role in world’s judiciary, to mentally-handicapped persons, who need help rather insult than  is totally unacceptable.
    ICC must be gnashing its teeth in disbelief and may be looking at a scenario where her entry is going to be a total failure. 

    • JuanTamadachi

      Perhaps someone will post a video of the the interview on youtube, assuming nobody has done so yet..

  • cato_the_younger

    It is exactly this kind of actualions that actually makes the aforementioned senator such a threat to the reputation of the Philippines before the international community. Generally, judges are expected to be in full control of their emotions and act with equanimity at all times. For somebody who has a habit of having tantrums before the public, this does not bode well for RP. What will the rest of the world say if this happens – that RP is so bereft of judicial talent that somebody who would most likely fail a psychiatric exam get appointed to such an august body as the ICC? As for calling enemies mongoloids, that is so petty not to mention disrespectful to people who have Down’s syndrome. Getting rid of the senator and throwing her to the ICC might make the RP political scene more peaceful and serene but God help the image of RP in case some breakdown happens there. 

    • cogito728sum

      Amen to this commentary.

    • jeepneydr


    • tabitabi

       what image and reputation?

  • anu12345

    Sa mga fans ni brenda, hayan ang idol ninyo nagsabi ng mongoloids sa mga naninira sa kanya. Of course she was not referring to one of the racial divisions.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Wow, juice ko po!!! senator magsabi ng salitang mongoloid? magaling talaga mag-self-destruct itong si Miriam… hindi man lang pinipili ang mga pananlita niya!!! Poor ICC, just don’t give her an appointment. Pihado kapag nakatapat na niya ang hinihiling niya sasabihin na naman niya…”I lied!”

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Sabihin mo na kasi ang totoo, Miriam, di ba wala ka na sa lista ng ICC? Trying hard to save your face?

  • farmerpo

    Go Brenda, go…Go Brenda go… Paturo ka ka Manny, siguradong tumba mga kalaban…

  • diamond_digger

    She may be right in ‘leeching’ to her senate seat but to challenge to a fistfight people who think differently than she does is clearly demeaning the title ‘honorable, ‘distinguished or any title that befits a person of dignity and honor. Sa sobrang talino, naging masahol pa kay sa bobo.

  • DurangoJoe

    Get a bullhorn and shout “FVR!” on her face then she will really go berserk.

  • bob41252

    i’ll bet my money on the mongoloids to win this one, they are mentally more stable than miriam.

  • marcial_law

    Pls don’t call meriam a “mongoloid”. It’s an insult to mongoloids.

  • AlejandrinoY

    Miriam, look at the mirror and judge by yourself who looks like a mongoloid, the people who are after you or the image in front of you. 

    • isellnuts

      For real, Miriam really looks like a mongoloid plus her eccentric behavior.

      • AlejandrinoY

        maybe it’s an insult to our brothers and sisters with Down Syndrom (medically called Mongoloid) to be compared to Miriam. May nakasama na akong mga batang ganoon ang sakit pero wala akong nakitang sing ugali ni Miriam.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 4:42 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Santiago tells foes to stop ‘ molesting’ her, calls them ‘ mongoloids’

        isellnuts wrote, in response to AlejandrinoY:
        For real, Miriam really looks like a mongoloid plus her eccentric behavior. Link to comment

    • hopelovefaith

      walang sinabi si aiai de las alas at pokwang

      • AlejandrinoY

        hopelovefaith, sinabi mo pa. thanks.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 6:53 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Santiago tells foes to stop ‘ molesting’ her, calls them ‘ mongoloids’

        hopelovefaith wrote, in response to AlejandrinoY:
        walang sinabi si aiai de las alas at pokwang
        Link to comment

  • pepengkabayo

    Santiago said that this person was the same group who filed a petition
    calling for the revocation of Santiago’s appointment to the ICC, citing
    her alleged “mental instability.”….

    I read that petition on the Global Nation of the Inquirer.
    Those petitioners were headed by Atty.Rodel Rodis, filipino lawyer based in San Francisco.
    Atty.Rodis cannot file the recall petition on behalf of Phil.government or Filipinos as he is already a US citizen.
    Santiago is correct, this group is meddling on the affairs of the country much more on our govt officials or senators.
    Continue the fight, Ms.Senator.

  • catmanjohn

    Let us hope that the ICC will be stupid enough to invite Miriam to the court, perhaps as the court jester. She has made herself a disgrace with the Corona trials, but let us see if she really is genuine in supporting the RH Bill, or if she is another Trojan Horse to a cause that must be given priority, and must be supported.

  • Joma Eusebio

    In This Corner BRENDA   vs.  MONGOLOID ! ! !

    • ddano

      Why not  Brenda vs Pacman- mas bebenta sa PPV yun. No contest kung Mongoloids ang kalaban.

  • ddano

    Nabulabog na naman yung mga bubuli sa ulo ni Brenda, hindi yata siya nakainom ng gamot niya.
    Kailangan siguraduhin ni JPE na maraming baong gamot si Brenda pag attend niya sa ICC. 

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    … you don’t accept… but you are mentally, psychologically unstable Mrs. Santiago.  .. to be in the Senate and your whimsical ambitious image [bloated] building to be in the ICC… are not recommended offices for you.  You don’t function civilly, you are not exemplary in behavior. 

  • Pio Gante

    teka, magkalinawan nga tayo, sino bang mongoloid ang pinatatamaan mo?

  • doublecross


    ang iyong nagmamahal na anak,



  • George

    “Kung gusto nila suntukan na lang, wala naman akong ginagawang masama ……

    brenda  este madame senator, kumita na noon yan. you not funny anymore. you should have said “suntukan kayo ng malinis at kagalang galang na asawa ko” then i could have die die laughing.

  • tabalu

    ang daming asar talo dito kay master of the law senator miriam santiago, …. go..go.. miriam, sure ako walang aamin dyan, takot lang nila, kung matapang kayo, kayo na gustong magresign si senator sa senado bakit di nyo tanggapin ang hamon nya?

    • hustlergalore

      master of the law? are you being funny? LOL

  • For_the_good_of_man

    Mrs. Miriam Santiago, do you honestly think you’re not a mongoloid yourself, if not the Queen, you without a hint of doubt is among the pack. Nakakapanlumo na may mga Pinoy like tabalu who still believe this Senator inspite of her wayward display during the Impeachment Trial and the damaging roles she’s been portraying. Only nincompoops will admire a senator who got only 76% during her bar, a figure way below Vitaliano Aguirre’s 85%. Miriam got to the position she has now by kissing arses left and right. Throwing her off to ICC is good for the country but this jester is bound to reign havoc wherever she lands – and that people will put Philippines’ in shame.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Bravo to you For-the-good-of-man, akala ko eh mangmang na talaga ang mga Pilipino. Pasensya na po Kapampangan ako pero hindi ako maledukadong kagaya ni tabalu. Tama ka, mga BOPOLS lang ang maniniwala sa pinagsasasabi ng numero unong Mongolid na Miriam na ito. OMG! Nakakataas ng BP ang lintek.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Ang kilala kong mongolid na iba pa sa senado eh:

    Joker Arroyo, Bong-bong Marcos, Bong Revilla… si Chiz Escudero malapit na din!

    • GGL2002

      Individuals with Down Syndrome (they used to be described as “Mongoloid”) are pure in heart.  They are angels walking on earth.  Few of our politicians are pure in heart and do not deserve even the slightest reference to these angels. 

      There has to be a more apt name for them, Jerry.  God bless!

    • Bert

      ang alam ko, ang LEADER nila nasa Malacanang…..hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        Bert, baka na sa Veterans Memorial Hospital.. lol.

      • Bert

        Pwede rin no? Pero sa tingin ko, nasa Malacanang talaga ang leader nila at yong sa vmmc ay isa lang sa karamihan…..hehe

  • GGL2002

    Poor you, Miriam.  You do not even know you have a disability yourself.  NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER is pretty close but maybe too mild in your case.


    By Mayo Clinic staff
    Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic,
    emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and
    borderline personality disorders.

    Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

    Believing that you’re better than othersFantasizing about power, success and attractivenessExaggerating your achievements or talentsExpecting constant praise and admirationBelieving that you’re special and acting accordinglyFailing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelingsExpecting others to go along with your ideas and plansTaking advantage of othersExpressing disdain for those you feel are inferiorBeing jealous of othersBelieving that others are jealous of youTrouble keeping healthy relationshipsSetting unrealistic goalsBeing easily hurt and rejectedHaving a fragile self-esteemAppearing as tough-minded or unemotional

    Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem
    like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it’s not the same.
    Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy
    confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you
    put yourself on a pedestal. In contrast, people who have healthy
    confidence and self-esteem don’t value themselves more than they value

    When you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as
    conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations.
    You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You
    may have a sense of entitlement. And when you don’t receive the special
    treatment to which you feel entitled, you may become very impatient or
    angry. You may insist on having “the best” of everything — the best car,
    athletic club, medical care or social circles, for instance.

    But underneath all this behavior often lies a fragile self-esteem. You
    have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism. You
    may have a sense of secret shame and humiliation. And in order to make
    yourself feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and efforts to
    belittle the other person to make yourself appear better.

    When to see a doctor

    When you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may not
    want to think that anything could be wrong — doing so wouldn’t fit with
    your self-image of power and perfection. But by definition, a
    narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of your
    life, such as relationships, work, school or your financial affairs. You
    may be generally unhappy and confused by a mix of seemingly
    contradictory emotions. Others may not enjoy being around you, and you
    may find your relationships unfulfilling.

    If you notice any of these problems in your life, consider reaching out
    to a trusted doctor or mental health provider. Getting the right
    treatment can help make your life more rewarding and enjoyable.



    ang sakit mong magsalita, Miriam… anong akala mo sa mga mongoloid ay masasamang tao. Ang mga mongoloid ay may disability (down syndrome) na meron ding karapatang pangtao. Dapat mag-apologize si Mirian Defensor Santiago sa lahat na may Down Syndrome. 

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      At sa iyo sya dapat mauna mag sorry kasi mongoloid kA!


      • dodong1

        wtf is your problem mutha fo!!!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        My problem are fuking mongoloids like you!

        mutha mo kulay dilaw fo!



         May gut feel ako na ikaw mismo si Miriam Defensor Santiago or relative ni MDS na nagtatago sa pangalang SignTheWaiverNow. Magpatingin ka sa psychiatrist or psychologist para malaman mo ang ugat ng behavior mo. Sa klase ng mga replies mo may suspetsa ako na meron kang problema.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        stop molesting me you mongoloid!


      • dodong1

        kiss my fu a#s..bonehead like you do not have the right to make comments against any person that have sh*t and patay..


         Dodong1, hindi na nagreply si SignTheWaiverNow…baka talagang si Miriam Defensor Santiago itong si SignTheWaiverNow… hehehe…

      • dodong1

        he he he he he


         Obviously, may problema itong si SignTheWaiverNow, Dodong. I suggest magpatingin siya sa isang psychologist or psychiatrist. Hindi niya naintindihan ang punto ko na huwag alipustahin ang mga taong may Down Syndrome. Ano bang kasalanan ang nagawa ng mga may Down Syndrome para ikumpara sa mga taong ayaw ni Miriam? Special Education teacher ako kaya nalulungkot ako sa pag-alipusta sa mga taong may Down Syndrome na usually ay mga mababait at very loving persons.

      • dodong1

        sir it is clear na meron siyang problema.. IGNORANCE ang kanyang problema.. i wonder how he feels kung meron din siyang anak na may down syndrome siguro iba ang maging pananaw niya..thank you

  • Beguine

    You can’t beat Miriam for being a fighter, and you’ve got to hand 
    it to her for being so entertaining and funny in her remarks. 

    Nonetheless, it’s her outspokenness and livid temper that caused all her 
    current troubles both at the Senate and her now seemingly
    being shelved ICC work start date. 

    But anyway, Miriam will need all her outspokenness and humor,
    whether intentional or unintentional, if the Ombudsman begins an inquiry 
    as to why she’s unusually wealthy. 

    • JuanTamadachi

      Mega bucks winnings of hubby, Jun Santiago,  from cockfights is the only plausible explanation.

  • lt53

    we treat persons with down syndrome with special care and it is despicable for ms mirriam to brandish equivalent name of mongoloid carelessly and irresponsibly with her perceived enemies. she is acting the most miseducated person in the senate, far worse than others who may lack a high degree of schooling but unlacking in decency and deportment. nakakahiya po kayo ms mirriam!

  • Palparan

    hahahaha! hinamon ng suntakan si Abnoy but what do you expect from a gay president but to cower down…hahahahahaha!

    kung matuloy ito, ubos ang ngipin ni Abnoy bakla…hahahahaha!

    • Peter

      then why are so afraid Abnoy, ikaw ang bakla

      • Palparan

        actually, siya ang takot sa akin… bakit kaya sa palagay mo gusto nya akong makulong? kasi alam nya na sya ang isusunod ko sa pagiging komunista nya…hahahahaha!

      • boypalaban

         paano magiging komunista yan e panginoong maylupa nga yan na sinasabi mo pa na sakim…wag mo kontrahin sarili mo…palparaos!

  • Nick_Fury

    Ayan sinumpong na naman si Brenda. Lady senator naghahamon ng suntukan? mongoloid daw mga kaaway? sino ba naman ang boboto sayo? paki report sa ICC yung behavior nya na ganito para tuluyan ng tangalin siya, tapos mag give way na lang sya sa senate seat and give chance to  SANE and NORMAL candidates. We don’t need a senator the likes of you.

    • Nick_Fury

       Teka meron din sya pakinabang pa. Siya ang ihaharap natin sa Chinese army and navy tapos mag bunganga siya ng magbunganga ng 24 x 7 kundi mag ala Vitaliano Aguirre ang mga chinese soldiers. Si Brenda secret weapon ng Pinas. May Pagasa pa siya maging bayani.

  • Bert

    When Mighty Meriam labelled her critics “mongoloid”, of course SHE’S NOT DEMEANING people with down syndrome deficiency per se but the ATTITUDE of her critics which characterizes that of a mongoloid. Meaning, parang abnormal kung magsalita at mangatuwiran…..Simply put, the word was used as a figure of speech. And I agree with her.

    I’m sure, many of these MONGOLOIDS will REACT to this post…..hehe

    • Peter

      Someday a mongoloid child will visit your family, sooner or later you’ll have a mongoloid child or grandchild, this is the Universal Law of Karma. Like your idol Santiago, both of you are heartless and cruel for all the filipino special beings.

      • Bert

        one mongoloid down……hehe

    • doublecross

       salamat po…

  • Hey_Dudes

    The difference in democratic America is – if a member of congress utters such thing to demean a group particularly handicapped people, the congress member will have to apologize and resign his/her post.

    In democratic Philippines, a lady senator utter something demeaning a certain handicapped section of society she doesn’t offer any apologies, challenges her critics to a fistfight and worst – she clings to her post.  Kind of make you wonder what is so rotten about our culture in the hands of these bbbvvastards.

    • JuanTamadachi

      Well Miriam is likewise handicapped, as in mentally handicapped. Maybe this is the reason why her peers in the senate haven’t forced her to resign; but this is only my guess..

  • Peter

    Bad karma will surely visit you Santiago, a mongoloid grandchild will visit your family, sooner of later, this is the universal law of karma.

  • Bert

    I have always believed that mongoloid children are BLESSINGS to a family. Their happy and innocent disposition brings joy to their parents.

    • Barak_O

      kaya pala happy ang parents mo

      • Bert

        ano ka ba, sinabe ko nang DI AKO TAGA MALACANANG!…hehe

    • tabitabi

        as long as they stay home and not try to lead the country

  • doublecross

    di baleng matawag mo kaming mongoloids(w/hc is true in my blood and my physical appearrance) marami pong salamat sa mapang-lait at ma-anghang mong salita, nawa’y pagpalain ka ng maykapal.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “Hindi pa nga ako nakaka-upo, papaalisin na ako (I haven’t taken the appointement and they want me out already),” Santiago said.

    Well, Madam Senator, you know the technical term for that in law. They want you back at your “status quo ante.” That is, a few millionths of a second just before the “Big Bang.” But you need not worry. There are many others they also want restored with you.

    • doublecross

       that’s your WATERLOO, miriam…ang reyna ng mga mongoloids!

      • Bert

        nasa malacanang naman ang king? hehe

      • andresa igbac

         ah hindi ba ikaw Bert?

      • Bert

        certainly not, hindi ako taga malacanang….hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        Careful Bert, baka akala-in ng mga tao taga VMMC ka..

  • BienB

     insulto naman yan sa mga mongoloids. some mongoloids are actually smarter than those she’s referring to.

    • Patricia Lapena

      Mongolism is now called “Down Syndrome.” 

  • dipakosigurado

    Ang galing talaga ni Miriam…sana ikaw na lang ang presidente, kesa dito sa lampang baklita sa Malacanang….na napapaligiran ng mga baklitang advisers, or tomboys na cabinet secretaries…wow, ang dami nila talaga sa Malacanang, kaya nagkakabwiset-bwiset ang bansa natin….really, think about it…walang direksyon at walang achievement tayo sa nakalipas na 2 taon ni Pnay….puro propaganda lang na ang naniniwala ay mga yellowturds…

    • andresa igbac

       pareho pala kayo ng utak at ugali ni miriam.

    • Crysis_III

      isa ka pa retarded mongoloid. hahaha


    kapit tuko…. hindi na nakumpleto ang senate natin….magbeauty rest na lang muna iyan bago tumuloy sa ICC… tapos dun na lang siya mag putak putak….

    • Bert

      you wish, if only to extend the agony of the mongoloids, then mighty meriam should just stay in the senate, never mind icc…hehe

  • AllaMo

    Huus, ito namang si brenda, sinumpong na naman nung kanyang hemmorrhoid of the soul.

    • doublecross

       may balita pala…minopouse baby si miriam…kaya ganyan ang ugali.

      • AllaMo

        LOL! Malamang din, she was dropped on her head)

  • Edmund

    Hawa hawa lang yan! Mongoloid ang presidente kaya puro mongoloid ang mga naka paligid sa kanya at mga amoy lupa na politiko na puro pag nanakaw lang ginawa sa panahon ng panunungkulan!,DI BA AllaMo,isa ka ring MONGOLOID???HEHEHE!!!…WAH!!!!

  • Cal_Reznick

    Senator Miriam is good for the Philippine government. No matter her flaws, she speaks her mind and she speaks the truth. I’m sure the Administration or whoever started this black propaganda against the former CJ didn’t like her candor and honesty during her closing remarks of the Corona case…not to mention her vote. But the Philippine’s needs independent thinkers in the government. And not a bunch of people who follow popular opinion so as to keep their positions and thus keep making their money.

    • Atagalong

      How true indeed. You got that right, Cal.

    • VeryDisgusted2

      Everybody loves a respectful independent thinker and almost everybody hates a “bastos” independent thinker like Miriam.

      • Cal_Reznick

        That’s your opinion and I have to respect that. I just truly believe her directness and straightforwardness is misunderstood since the Philippines has been programed into thinking that politicians should speak in circles. As I’ve said, she gets straight to the point. Sometimes people can’t handle it but its necessary to keep the check and balance in the Philippine or in any government.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        If you observed her spoke during Corona trial, she was not direct nor straight forward at all. She was not coherent and she struggled on ideas. But she compensated this weakness by shouting and intimidating somebody whom she thought to her her ideal prey.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Actually she was very direct often citing specific sections of the Philippine law to the exact paragraph. The only time she shouted was when the lawyers were not aware of that same law. Also she may have sounded intimidating to those same lawyers because they were not prepared with their evidence and case against the former CJ. I’d be pretty upset too if i was going to judge a case and the prosecution is not prepared.

    • andresa igbac

       cal, ang problema kasi is that even if miriam speaks her mind, bastos sya, walang modo, nanghihiya ng tao, etcetera etcetera etcetera. aanuhin mo ang talino kung masama ang ugali, di marunong rumespeto sa kapwa? gusto nyang respetuhin sya? well then, she should learn to respect other people first.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Define bastos? And specify how Senator Miriam was bastos? It seems that she speaks direct and straight forward without sugar coating facts and details. And with all the sugar coating and clever words from politicians I truly believe that Sen. Miriam is necessary in her current position. She gets straight to the point. I’d like to believe that characteristics such as this should be welcomed in a government full of “circle talkers”.

    • marcial_law


    • AllaMo

      Did not the false cj initiate the black propaganda on himself when he, fully cognizant of his falsities, conspired with his gloria to become cj. And, perpetuate and foster gloria’s injustice.  

      • Cal_Reznick

        I’d like to believe your point, however its difficult when it is essentially based on assumption. How do we know there was any conspiring between the two? The injustice that seems to be present is the injustice towards the former President. As far as I’m concerned, if she is guilty of something then prove it. I am totally for accountability but thus far there hasn’t been any single solid proof about her supposed wrong-doings.

      • AllaMo

        No, truth is you only refuse to believe truth, Cal.

        Here is the single solid proof of wrong done, you also choose to refuse to see:
        Your false, never truly elected president, gloria, went on national television. And, with terribly poor acting, said, “i am sorry”.

      • Cal_Reznick

        First she was the President of the Philippines and not my President alone. We have to respect our leaders even though we may not support all their decisions.

        Next, what proof were you talking about? Can you please provide everyone the exact quote from that apology that you claim the former President gave? I’d rather not pass judgement on the Philippines former President based on a quote that appears to be out of context.

      • AllaMo

        I sed: “Your false, never truly elected president”. Hence, gloria stopped being president after the term she took over from erap finished. When a “leader” does not respect the Constitution, the “leader”, and, its decisions is unworthy of the citizens’ respect.   

        And, thank you very much. You just proved  my point about wrongs done to the nation by gloria. And your conscious decision to refuse to see these. You may now talk to the hand.

      • Cal_Reznick

        You have a lot of accusations and assumptions in your reply. I asked for specifics and you ignore them and add some more general ideas.

        I don’t think its necessary to have a healthy and educated discussion with an individual, like yourself, who ends their reply in a fairly strange and childish manner about hand talk.

        Thank you for your time.

      • marcial_law

        You won’t acknowledge the truth cal even if it hits you in the face. You are so blinded by your irrational admiration of the former president as well as those associated with her like meriam. i’m sure you’re a rabid fan of marcos and arroyo too.

      • Cal_Reznick

        I have to correct you regarding my stance on the matter.

        I have always come from a way of thinking that every man or woman has their day in court. In as much as we may want to persecute someone, we must do it in a fair and judicial way. If not, then chaos will ensure. There is a system that our forefathers have instilled to prevent dictatorship again. If we feel someone is guilty and immediately chastise them without due process then how different are we from the martial law days that you have subtlety alluded to.

        If we are after accountability with certain individuals, like the former President, we must also be after accountability with those going after her. There must be proper evidence in order for me to judge whether someone is guilty or innocent. There is a saying, “Innocent until proven guilty.” I will abide by that.

      • marcial_law

        I don’t think that’s the case since you’re so quick to blame the current president or his allies for any perceived wrong doings. don’t be a hypocrite cal.

      • Cal_Reznick

        Please don’t be so defensive. I’m not blaming anyone if you actually read my comments. Before making your judgement about me or anyone maybe you should be fully prepared unless you don’t understand something.

    • Jose

      Bullshit..not Miriam

    • odiebelmont

       You are right, the Philippines needs an independent thinker in the government, not a mentally disturbed and turncoat politician like Miriam, who was an erap loyal supporter but became gma defender because she needs to survive politically.  All her arguments in the impeachment  trials of CJ were based on technicality and not on the grounds of hard evidence.  Her minds and mouth is full of Garbage!

    • Bert

      How true! Only mongoiloids will DISAGREE to this post…hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        .mongoloids, not “mongoiloids”;
        .DISAGREE with this post, not “to this post”.

        O, di ako nag di disagree sa post mo ha.. baka sabihin mo mongoloid ako..

      • Bert



        whatever it is, mongoloid or mongoiloid, with or to, caz is correct….and you
        have “disagreed”, which means? hehe


  • JosephNess

    she’s just making sure…just making it sure…just in case…her seat will still be there waiting…

  • wbar

    kung sya ang nanalo nung kumandidato syang presidente…sya ang kauna-unahang “mongoloid” na naging presidente

  • ernie

    I think she should stay in the Senate. Her statements makes better reading than the comics section.

    • Joseph Samonte

      Tama ka. Kengkoy talaga itong si bah bah bah!

  • tarikan

    “I’m friends with Comm. Sixto Brillantes”. So hindi sya ang tinutukoy na mongoloid kundi si Manong Johnny, kasi isa rin sya na nagpapa-resign kay Brenda. Hindi pa raw nakakaupo sa ICC pinapa-alis na. Oo, Brends kasi ayaw ng karamihan ng Pinoy esp dun sa Amerika na dun ka pa magkalat sa ICC. Ok lang i-display mo ang kabastusan mo diyan sa PH senate, medyo sanay na sila sa iyo. 

    • Bert

      owwwsss….many of those mongoloids who want her out of the senate will surely disagree with you….Go Meriam…..

  • pepengkabayo

    The good feisty senator is correct.
    There are many mongoloid looking politicians in congress and senate.
    Imagine, they work in air conditioned buildings, ride in air con cars,and live in air conditioned homes and mansions.
    The kind of work they do is just talk,talk and talk. They have so many alalays that even a pen will be carried for them
    They eat steaks, drink red wine, brandy,dessert ice cream and sweet appetizers.
    They don’t perspire for they earn easy money plus pork barrel.
    They don’t burn calories…result cholesterol and heart attack.
    They inject stem cells or fat of animals like tupa, goat and cow.
    Result….Mongoloid faced senators and congressmen.

    On the other hand, look at the ordinary  Filipinos.
    They are in the street, they work hard, perspire in the hot sun, walk because they have no cars, they use their physique to earn money.
    They burn calories. No place for fats.
    When they go home in barong barong, they breathe fresh air, eat fish, tuyo and kangkong. And the food is enough for a day. In short, simot na simot.
    These are delicious foods….result, they are fit, no fat on their faces.
    These are the faces of true Filipinos and not the mongoloid looking politicians.

    • Joseph Samonte

      Those mongoloid politicians you are referring are actually Filipino-Chinese just like PNoy. No real Filipino ever wins in election because almost all has no money for their campaign. Besides, it they run during election, they do not resort to vote buying unlike these Chinese. Senator Santiago is a Filipino-Chinese herself, that’s why she too has a bloated face just like your description.

    • JosephNess

      it’s really a cycle…first they cheered, clapped, campaigned for these people during the election period, they’re just happy, there’s money, food, anything, flooding around…come election…they  voted for them…after the election, they cheered, clapped, celebrated and were happy with the winning candidates…and the honeymoon started, they’re satisfied at first, but then, they realized, there’s not any change happening…the poor became poorer, life is becoming expensive, there’s just nothing to feed the family, people starved, and the complain start…complain never end, they are now blaming the people they voted, they call them names, any sort of names…the situation is becoming hot, they wanted the politicos they voted ousted in position…looked for possible politicos to replace them…cheers, clapped and started to campaign…then, the cycle begin…really, the world is round, and never stopped revolving…the people, just have no satisfaction, their appetite never got full, they never stop complaining on just anything and anyone…and the cycle never stop….

  • tito47

     A friend of mine wrote this simple note on the FB account of the Senator. I hope she gets to read it.

    Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago, On behalf of the Down Syndrome
    Association of the Philippines, I would like to tell you that your
    behaviour using the “mongoloid” word to describe the members of Congress
    is very unbecoming for a statesman like
    you. First, you have denigrated our children with Down Syndrome by
    referring to them as “unintelligent, inefficient, and unproductive.” In
    other words, you have described our children as inutile and no use to
    society. This is not the case with our loving, sweet, and “full of love”
    children. They have always shown how much they care for us parents, to
    their siblings, and to other people. In fact, they manifest more their
    humanity than “normal” people like us. They all have a heart and they
    all have a brain that they use to love and to care for others. The
    children with Down Syndrome are very functional and have truly shown
    other people their talents and intelligence which has become so obvious
    in the way they act and care. I just wonder why you have to use this
    word. This was also used by the late Mr. Teodoro Benigno of which he did
    not even dare to apologize even after he was called attention to it. He
    also called the solons this word. He died without leaving a trace of
    love for these children. If only you could be with us parents of
    children with Down Syndrome. Your wail for the death of your own child
    would be even louder looking and seeing our children smile, hug, and
    kiss you. Not because you are lovable, which you are not, but plainly
    because you are a human being. Second, the members of Congress may be
    “unintelligent, inefficient, and unproductive.” Using the word
    “mongoloid” for these “honourable men” has elicited a feeling of insult
    for us parents and the “honourable” children with Down Syndrome. May I
    again reiterate that the “extra chromosome” of these children would, in
    your own personal discovery, even make you desire to have. This extra
    chromosome makes our children more sensitive, more aware, more
    understanding of the traits of us “normal” people. They have become a
    model of caring and love. Always smiling, always wanting to share what
    they have, not what they don’t have. I can go on Senator. But only a few
    words should suffice for a person like you who have filled her facebook
    profile with lots of hoopla yet empty inside. An apology is in order,
    Madame. It is up to you to make it explicit.

  • Garote

    Miriam, nobody in his right mind would want to molest you. Kadiri to the bone naman just to think of it . . . yak!!!  Ikaw naman Miriam refrain using words that would imply you are “Bo Derek-ly” in demand by the male species.

  • gyvv

    ang babae minamahal, hindi kinaiingitan… alam mo naman sa pinas, ang pumatol at makipagaway na lalaki sa babae …. ay…. binabae din… naman….

  • $18209031

    Estelo ni manang Santiago ay bulok . Ilongga man ani gid man , wa bat guada sa iya gid iyay putay. Hahahaha. She really needs her daily dose of valium and haldol.  Mare kay kay , saan na ang inyong nars iyay.?

  • jeff justice

    Pati lapis pina-patulan….

  • brunogiordano

    “Kung gusto nila suntukan na lang, wala naman akong ginagawang masama a (If they want a fistfight, I’ll give them what they want),” she added.
    SINO ang may gustong kumasa?????

    • Bert

      sorry pre, walang tumanggap sa hamon…..puro nalang dada….hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        Bert, ang balita ko, tinanggap ni Claudine ang hamon ni Miriam pero umatras si Miriam kasi mas bata at mas ensayado sa boksing si Claudine, ayon kay Tulfo..

      • Bert

        akala ko kayo ang hinamon ni mighty meriam? kakasa ka ba? hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        kala ko ikaw  ang mogoloid na hinahamon niya.. Espelin mo sabi ng tama ang pangalan ni MIRIAM. Isa pang wrong spelling at siya, papagalitan ka ng ala Harvey Keh.. lol

      • Bert

        Nagka bulol-bulol ka na pre, anong “espelin”? Hehe.

        Critics lang ni “meriam” ang kanyang hinahamon at tinatawag na mongol, lazy john …kakasa ka ba? hehehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        kaw naman bert, taglish yung spelling ng “espelin”.. ang ayusin mo ang spelling ng MIRIAM, di MERIAM..
        Paka babaw naman ng hamon mo.. pag sinabi kong kakasa ako, di tinawag mo akong mongoloid.. 
        Lipat na tayo dun sa kinasuhan si GMA..

      • Bert

        palusot ka pa pre…..hehehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        o napatawa nama kita di ba?

      • Bert

        yes, when you lied at sa “espelin” mo…..hehe

  • Sarkasmos

    Miriam, neither friend nor foe would like to molest you.

    • isellnuts

      Who wants to molest an autistic and mongoloid horse?

      • Patricia Lapena

        Before saying something like that, please consider respecting persons with disabilities. 

      • MakaBayanPo

        eh WALA nga RESPESTO e2ng senadora na e2 kahit kangino, matino man o mongoloid, tsk tsk tsk kawawa naman mga pilipino sa ibang bansa pag nasa ICC na si madam senadora, dahil malamang hindi niya rin rerespetuhin mga makakasama niya doon sa ICC, masakit pa nito baka hamunin niya rin ng suntukan mga sasalungat sa kaniya sa ICC dahil sa sobrang taas ng standard niya.

      • Bert

        i’m sure she’ll not, there are no mongoloids in the icc……

      • JuanTamadachi

        Bert, if Miriam ever does go to the ICC (there are persistent rumors that she might not get this post after all), she will be the first mongoloid judge of this court.. I guess there is always a first time for everything, even for a mongoloid sitting as an ICC judge..

      • Bert

        if she will not get the icc post, then bad for her mongoloid critics, she’ll be staying at the senate, for good….hehe
        first mongoloid icc judge? that would be too much, we already have one in malacanang…

        Mongoloids Everywhere? It’s More Fun in the Philippines…..hehe 

      • JuanTamadachi

        Bert, Miriam the eunochoid, is also a mongoloid.. Go on take a really good look at her..

      • Bert

        nah, get a closer look at that one in malacanang….it’s more like it…..seriously, all the symptoms and signs are there….hehe

  • Jerem

    Pati mongoloids na walang kamalay-malay sa kamunduhan, idinamay pa.  Nauuna talaga ang bunganga niya bago mag-isip ng implications ng mga sinasabi niya.  Dapat talaga mag-resign na siya at mawala ang isang katulad niya sa senado.

  • pidalcopter2

    Is this the kind of animal we are sending to ICC? It is an insult not only to the whole institution but to the Filipino as well . A big laughingstock to the whole world! Goodness gracious what a mess!!!

    • Refren

      Meriam is a brilliant animal, what about you?  if mgsalita ka para walang room for change…anyone is entitle for a change. and i don’t believe  meriam will give dishonor to our country when she will be in the ICC. 

      • doncleo

         room for change? eh tumanda na itong kung magsalita e akala mo sya lang ang may talino sa mundo  at sobrang manglait ng ibang tao…lalo pa kamong lumalala  ang takbo ng utak nya…kahiya-hiya-hiya-hiya-hiya-hiya yan sa ICC…

  • Jose

    Mrs. Santiago..please listen..You need to be molested..You don’t respect anybody. Even they are innocent about the mistake..What you love is to shout to anybody like Hitler. And you think you are the only one who knows of what you are saying..I can see that you will never last long in ICC if you don’t change your attitude. and you will be known around the as Freak from the Philippines. Show respect and you will be respected.

    • isellnuts

      You can never teach a new trick to an old dog (Brenda).

  • odiebelmont

    bumanat na naman ang UNGAS! basta maka pagsalita lang kahit na garbage ang lumabas sa bunganga(hindi bibig – masyadong disente para sa kanya ang word na  ito). Thank GOD at hindi natin naging President ito. I dont like FVR, but I hate this person more.

  • Joseph Samonte

    Ito ba ang uri ng Mongoloid na padadala natin sa UN? Sabi niya, mataas daw ang sweldo sa UN Rept.ngunit, qualified by si Senadora? Pa psychological test mona siya. Laking blunder kung padadala natin ang isang palaaway at bungangera sa UN.

    • Bert

      I’m sure, she’s more qualified than many of our senatongs and tongressmen or 99.9% of Pinoys combined. Kaya nga sya kinuha sa icc, di ba?

      • Crysis_III

        I’m sure. Hindi siya masyadong Mongoloid katulad mo.. hahaha.

      • Bert

        sige, pagbigyan kita, basta aminin mong ang leader ng mga mongols ay nasa malacanang…hehe

      • Joseph Samonte

        Matalinong sira ang ulo ang gusto mong padala sa UN?  Gusto mo ng palaaway na candidate, katulad ni Anabelle Rama? Sa bagluluksa ke dolphe, nakaaway na naman niya ang isa sa mga taga press……….. he hehe. 

      • Bert

        hehe bakit ka naman umabot kay inday anabel? mongoloid nga…hehe

  • Crysis_III

    “Kung gusto nila suntukan na lang, wala naman akong ginagawang masama a (If they want a fistfight, I’ll give them what they want),” she added.. 
    Sino ba ang Mongoloid??  Si Miriam o ang hinamon niya? LOL…

    • Bert

      ang hinamon nya syempre…..hehe

  • ano ikaw

    Very clear, she is waiting to retire in 2016. the iCC is her retirement /pension.
    Wow how ganid naman

  • Joseph Samonte

    Pati mga Filipino-Americans, ayaw nilang ma-assign si Miriam. Hindi tugma ang personality nitong Schizophrenia na ma talaga sa UN. Baka mangagat siya roon. Wala pa namang vaccine siya……….. he he he.bah! bah! bah!

  • chingnarciso

    Mongoloid;  of or relating to a major racial stock native to Asia that includes peoples of northern and eastern Asia; Malaysians; Eskimos; and often American Indians. or often not cap: of relating to or affected with Down’s syndrome,  according to  Webster Dictionary….

  • romfagen

    magiging malaking kahihiyan ito si Miriam Santiago para sa buong Pilipinas pag nasa International Court of Justice na.

  • romfagen

    parang palaging kulang sa pansin, enjoy na enjoy sa spotlight. pag nasa International stage na ito si Miriam Santiago, MAS LALAKI ang TAMA nito sa ULO!

  • JasminCubacub

    Sino kaya yng mongoloid tinutukoy ni mirriam? Si JPE??

    • AllaMo

      sina bongget at joker kaya.

      • JuanTamadachi

        Siguro ang sarili niya ang tinutukoy ni Miriam, sapagkat siya ay nag sha shadow boxing. Sinusuntok niya ang kanyang anino..

      • AllaMo


      • JasminCubacub

        really? it is a discovery considering Mirriam’s statement that the Mongoloid is the same person that caused blackpropaganda against Corona during the impeachment case..  You think Bong2, Arroyo and Mirriam could have besmirched Corona before acquitting him?

      • AllaMo

        What I mean is, brenda, marcos jr, and, joker all exhibit behavior worse than any person with downs syndrome. They always act for their own selfish good. 

  • pepengkabayo

    At least Ms.Santiago is very honest to tell the truth.
    Talaga naman mukhang mongoloid ang mga senadores and some congressmen.
    Kasi nga ang definition ng mongoloid is fat head, fat face,chinky and fat belly.
    Di ba ganyan din ang description ng politician.

    • JuanTamadachi

      Maybe you’re right, i.e., Miriam’s fat belly, body, head, face are physical traits of a mongoloid…

      • Bert

        careful, masasaktan si DRILON…..hehe


      • JuanTamadachi

        Not Drilon.. He has a sense of humor.. Perhaps Fat Boy Dorovo.. lol 

      • Bert

        but sense of humor is not among the above-mentioned mongol descriptions, eh? But i agree, porky drilon and fat boy dorovo are good adobo mix….hehehe

        dikdikdikdik….oink oink oink….hehe

      • JuanTamadachi

        Bert, lipat naman tayo sa ibang thread.. doon naman tayo sa kinasuhan ng plunder si GMA.. Kakasawa na itong thread na ito.. see you there, ok bert?

      • Bert

        Nah, it’s boorriing there, wala tayong pag-aawayan duon……lipat kang mag-isa…..hehe

        And you’re lying, you like staying here….

        Btw, talking about “lipat”, ba’t ba ang tagal mailipat ni Noynoying President si pandak to a permanent prison? NOYNOYING again?

      • JuanTamadachi

        bakit, inaaway mo ba ako? kala ko all the while, it was an intelligent exchange of opinions..

        gagayahin ko si brenda “ha ha ha I lied”. o ok na ba sa yo yung reply ko?

        tagal ang “lipat” kasi kinukunan pa niya ng how to DOROVO tip si pandak.. O lalong natuwa ka na siguro sa sagot ko?

      • Bert

        See? So you like staying here. hehehe

        But that’s betterer….hehe

  • arthur1401

    what’s the similarities between miriam and annabelle rama?
    Both are war-freak,
    both don’t know where and when to behave properly, 
    both are ulyanin na having forgotten good manners and right conduct they learned in grade 1 and both have hen-pecked husbands 

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      Both are harlots but one is a crazy harlot.

  • BatangSingapore

    mas ukmang tawagin ng mongoloid ang abnoy na presidente dahil mayroon siyang sakit nito at hindi ito maikakaila.

    • Luthmar

      Isa ka pa.  Shame on you to insult and make fun of the president like that.  I think it’s
      your head that needs to be checked.

  • Pitbulldog

    Sorry, Madame, di papatol si P-noy sa iyo.  P-noys is just a bully, not a fighter. Bahag buntot nyan kapag kumakasa na ang kalaban.

  • filndc

    Miriam’s comments about “mongoloids” is insensitive, ignorant, and stupid.  How would she feel if she has a son or a daughter, brother or sister, who has a mongoloid syndrome, or any kind mental handicap?  Did they have a choice to be born this way?   I think it is about time that our politicians start to grow up and behave decently, and act like real public servants that people can look up to.

    • Taiko_Kauna

      how she feels if she had a son or daughter who’s mongoloid? She’ll probably “silenced” them forever with a silencer.

    • JuanTamadachi

      “……or any kind mental handicap?…”
      Brenda is mentally handicapped.. We can’t expect anything good or positive from her.. Her lucid intervals are becoming noticeably less and less.. If in the end she fails to get the ICC post, there will nowhere else to go except straight to the nut-house..

      • filndc

        I don’t know who Brenda is.   But if she is mentally handicapped, it doesn’t make her less of a human being that deserves dignity and respect.  What Miriam’s loose reference to “down syndrome’s” to insult her opponents is blatantly disrespectful to those who have the condition.  She needs to apologize for her insensitive comments.  I totally lost my respect for her.

  • SUMMER_OF_71

    Once again, Santiago has shown her boundless insensitivity not only to the feelings of those she directs her tirades to but also of other people she carelessly hurts when shooting her mouth off.  Santiago always thinks she’s being cute and erudite when she speaks highfaluting pompous words and phrases. In describing her enemies as “mongoloids,” she is obviously alluding to the defective physical and mental condition acquired from birth – otherwise known as the Down syndrome.  Doesn’t she realize that they are Filipino parents out there who have “mongoloid” children?  This is a sickness which is very painful for them and the family as a whole.  They need not be reminded of the hurt they go thru everyday.  Shame on you.

    • Edwin Calma

      My daughter has a down syndrome. She’s 2 years old. I don’t know why Miriam is adding more pain to my daughter ‘s struggle.

    • pepengkabayo

      Miriam is not alluding to the children with down syndromes.
      For they are children, and remain children for they are special children.
      They are not called mongoloid anymore, They are now special children and given special care.

      Miriam’s tirade is on politicians and not special children.
      Mongoloid has now different meaning, which means politicians with fat belly, fat face,fat head and acting not on their age, but like a child because of stem cell that has been injecting on their faces.

      I hope you understand Miriam, she is acting according to her age and unlike mongoloid looking politicians.
      Lastly, don’t feel sorry for your kids with down syndrome, they are special and will remain special.

      • AllaMo

        Then, it behooves the [not] good senator to be more careful with her words. In fact, it would be better for all [and, best for her own upliftment] if she just behaved better than termagant.

      • jorgecapulejr

        And where did you get that new definition?

      • doublecross

         how you treat your enemy Miriam?…making tirade with insulting words will mirror your self disgrace. kami, mga kaibigan kung sila Ivy at Innah ay pinanganak kaming MONGOLOIDS…tanggap po namin. you were born with brain, pero BOBO ka pa rin!

      • bahaykubo1015


      • Bert

        I agree. But Brave Meriam’s critics, who she refers to as MONGOLS, are trying to distort on what the senator really meant or is alluding to.

        And these MONGOLS are not called MONGOLS for nothing…hehe 

  • fissie

    a comment from a so-called intelligent. Using an out dated descriptive term for a person who has Downes Syndrome. Highly insulting to people who have this disability. Should be censored and made to appologise internationally

  • Taiko_Kauna

    ‘wala akong ginagawang masama’, maganda pala ang performance niya sa impeachment, kung yon ang mabuti  sa tingin niya, ano na kaya ang resulta kapag masama na ang ginagawa niya, waaaah 

  • archangel uriel

     “mongoloids” ???…..  eh ikaw itong mongoloid ….. normal ba kayong tatlo ni joker and bongbong marcos, nang in-acquit nyo si corona the fact that all evidences are documented …… magretire ka na miriam …. kahihiya ka sa taumbayan ….

  • Diepor

    Mongoloid is a term sometimes used by forensic anthropologists and physical anthropologists to refer to populations that share certain phenotypic traits such as epicanthic fold and shovel-shaped incisors and other physical traits common in East Asia

  • Peregrino Natividad

    WIKIPEDIA DEFINES Schizophrenia) as a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of a person’s thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness.  The illness most commonly manifests itself as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. Diagnosis is based on observable behavior and the patient’s reported experiences.
    One does not need to be a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a psychoanalist to conclude that Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is a person suffering from this extraordinary mental ailment. Unconsciously, Sen Santiago displayed overt schizophrenic symptoms. 1) She showed in full T.V  coverage instances of hallucinations (reportedly hearing voices saying “May God strike me down”.  2) She adheres to delusions (a wired persecutory in nature) stating” somebody want to get her”, a veiled accusations that “somebody” in Malacanang (her percieved enemy) circulating Petition in the Philippines and abroad asking the ICC to rescind her position as one of the  international judges.  Without concrete proofs or evidences on these allegations, she believes she had been unjustly persecuted by her percieve “enemies”. Hatched and formulated abroad by concerned Filipinos, the Petition, signed by more or less 5,000 signatures attested to the fact that such  Petition has nothing to do with Malacanang but she still insisted the other way around. She conveniently forget that it was  President  Aquino himself endorsed her candidacy at the United Nations in New York and have been unwavering in  supporting her ever since.  Another delusion she carries is when she keep on bragging that she is better off compared with other Senators and often making insinuations that she is above anybody else in the past and present government.  3) It one listens carefully her speeches, one could decipher a disorganized thinking process. At a certain moments she pause to show loss of train of thought, to sentences only loosely connected in meaning to incoherence and quickly snap with impractical jokes…. and laugh at it (see this at her pick-up lines). There are many instances where she showed social withdrawal whenever approached by journalists fearful that “they are also her percieve enemies”. She is most unkind to persons who disagree with her point of view and for critics labelling them in an insulting remarks as “mongoloids”
    There had been an observable pattern of her emotional difficulty, for example the lack of responsiveness after the trauma she suffered due to untimely death of her son. What ever Sen. Mirriam Santiago problems, it is about time that this unwanted person should go now and resign immediately her post in the Senate in due fairnes to the COMELEC who will be organising next year elections and above all the people of the Philippines.  Peregrino Natividad (the Netherlands)

  • peter r

    It sounds like they should have her examined for any and all possible mental and physical conditions ! Physical medical conditions can and do have a profound negative effect on a person’s emotional/mental state. By virtue of her actions and words, there is concern for her, no doubt.

    • pinoy4evermore

      Paring Peter.  I don’t see anything wrong on Senator Santiago statement. I think it’s time for us to use kind words towards one another.  Parang sobra ang hi-blood mo pare.  I respectfully suggest that you see your doctor. Unchecked high blood pressure may cause death.  Love and peace kabayan.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Wahaha. Brenda supporter in da haus!

      • generalproblem

        pre kaw ang punta sa doctor kasi dimo na alam kung ano ang kind words sayo. sa tingin moba eh kind words yung mongoloids na sinabi ni brenda. a die hard brenda supporter

      • Rexy

        pards, siguro ikaw ang sumama kay mds sa doctor. just look lang doon sa mga sinasabi niya. suntukan na lang daw !!! wow !!! galing iyan sa sinabi mong nothing wrong sa staement niya. subukan niyang pumunta sa mindanao, pwede ka din sumama. doon siya maghamon ng suntukan. he he he. sabi mo PEACE!!! peace ba iyong naghahamon ng suntukan??

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    NOW SHOWING: Battle of the she-mongoloid vs. he-mongoloids. May the most insane mongoloid win!

    • Bert

      Mongolids Everywhere? It’s more Fun in the Philippines….

  • josephu777

    Something is really wrong with Santiago, she is becoming delusional. Her choice of words is really disconcerting.

    The death of her son must be hounding her.

    • Bastonero

      Bakit mongoloid din ba yung son-nity nya?

  • doublecross


  • darwin1125

    dapat kaaway nyan si Annabelle Rama… matira matibay!!!

  • acaldejr

    Lumalala na ang paranoia ni Brenda.

  • generalproblem

    kaya kayong mga bumoto kay brenda kasalanan nyong lahat yan hahaha buti nga sa inyo ang laki ng bilib nyo sa kanya kasi hehehe.

    • Bert

      I voted for her and I have never regretted. She is one of the most independent minded senators we’ve ever had. And I’m sure, if she’s going to run again, many of these re-electionist senatongs will eat her dust…..hehe

      • Jpb

        tama ka. palagay ko ganyan na talaga siya sa loob at labas. yung iba naman mabait at desente laang sa panlabas pero sa loob ewan ko lang.

      • Maitum

         Ilonggo rin ako like her, but to tell you, she never won in our town…Of course we know her…She is a complete opposite of her cousin Gov Art Defensor…Sana maging mahinahon naman siya at huwag manlait…She needs more voters like you…Good luck…

      • Rexy

        hi bert !!! lets wait and see what will happen. maybe you will eat your tongue kung matatalo siya. no offense ha !! syensia na high school lang kasi ako eh

  • Rolly257

    Sino pa ba ang naniniwala kay Miriam…ang mga estudyante lang ang kaya niyang utuin sa kanyang mga pickup lines. Kahit Barangay Kagawad hindi siya karapatdapat. Bakit? Kasi sobra ang pagkagalit niya sa mga taong mababa ang kalagayan sa lipunan, tulad ng mga mongoloid.

    • Patrick Rae Villanueva

      kahit ako nman sguro kung kamukha mong estupido magagalit ako. kung bobo ka tlgang iba iisipan mo, pero kung gumagamit ka ng utak (hindi ikaw yun) malalaman mo na d tlga ang mga PWD ang sinasabihan nya kung d ang mga binoto nyong pulitikung corrupt. tanga mo naman. gamit nman ng utak PLEASE. 

  • Opel

    she is the brightest and most intellectually attuned individual in the world. her own world i mean. i don’t think the ICC will call her if she keeps exhibiting signs of “instability”. she should be confined in a room with annabelle rama for a showdown to determine who should be crowned as the most annoying individual in the country. 

  • Mister

    Now, here is a lady who has had too much… Daig pa naka drugs.

    Yes, she is extremely smart, but on the attitude side, she’s F**KED. hehehe

    Walang galang, walang mahinahon, at ubod ng yabang. Basta, there is really something very wrong. hehehe….

  • BruinBearDad

    She wants to finish her term to 2016.  That means she can still defend the corrupt for 4 more years and also enrich herself for 4 more years.  After she assumes the position in the ICC, hindi na siya makakakurakot.

  • Mary Ann

    Please don’t use the term “mongoloids”.  Down’s syndrome is a genetic defect.  It is a reminder that the human race is not perfect.  Mongoloids are meek, sociable, and would not in any way inflict harm to humanity.  Senator Santiago, please stop comparing your enemies to mongoloids.  Maski ikaw mas malala ka pa sa mongoloid kung ganyan ka magsalita at mag-isip.

  • Rosello Macansantos

    malala na talaga. flippancy is not = to erudition. spoiled brat na kinukunsinti ng sensationalist media. pls naman, kayong nasa media, huwag na syang pansinin.

  • doublecross

    (1). mongoloid boy….miriam, cute mo?
                        mongoloid boy…..kamukha mo ako

    (2). mongloid boy………..miriam, mahilig ka ba sa mongo?
          mongoloid boy………..lahi ka pala ng MONGOloids….
          di kita labanan sa fist fight, kaya d2 kita ma-uto-uto sa pick-up lines management.
    Sana sa panglait mo sa amin mga mongoloids, patawarin ka ni GOOD LORD!

  • Bastonero

    Paano sya mag reresign eh! natatakot sya na baka hindi sya ipatawag ng ICC.


    Dapat makarating ito sa International Criminal Court pati na yung mga video clips sa youtube ng mga outbursts ni MDS sa senado para malaman nila kung anong klaseng attitude at behavior meron itong MDS na ito. Nakakahiya sa sambayanang Pilipino kung sa International Criminal Court pa magkakalat itong MDS na ito.

  • doublecross

    pick-up lines again….

    (1). mongoloid boy….miriam, sexy ka ba?
          mongoloid boy….hindi na, siksik ka na ng taba..

    (2). mongoloid boy….miriam, kulot ka ba?
          mongoloid boy….mukha mo kc GORILLA!

    trying to be at-ease, na-stress kami masyado…kaya eto na lang ang magandang paraan.

    from: mongoloid brods and sisters

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