Gov’t reforms take roots at ‘cheating capital’ of PH



(Editor’s Note: Two weeks before President Benigno Aquino III is set to deliver his third state of the nation address in Congress, will be running a special report on how his administration performed in the past year and what reforms, if any, have been or would be enforced over the next four years to ensure that his vision of an honest government and of a people freed from poverty may be realized.)


Mujiv Hataman

MANILA, Philippines – In his state of the nation address (SONA) in July 2011, President Benigno Aquino III lengthily talked about his desire to reform the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

“Let us turn our attention to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The politics there have been dominated by horse-trading and transactional politics,” Aquino said.

Whoever was in power during national elections, Aquino said, was free to manipulate the electoral machinery in the region to ensure that non-allies would not get votes.

“That Mayor or Governor then demands payment for his services come the ARMM election, and it is the administration’s turn to manipulate the electoral machinery to secure the win of their candidate,” he said.

A report of the Commission on Audit also showed that 80 percent of the funds disbursed in the ARMM were for cash advances that could not be justified.

“If those funds had not gone to waste, a child could have gone to school. Instead, we built ghost bridges to reach ghost schools where only ghost teachers went to work,” Aquino said.

And so the solution, the President said, was the synchronization of the ARMM and national elections in 2013, a move approved by Congress even a month before he delivered his SONA in July 2011.

“We want ARMM to experience the benefits of good governance,” Aquino said.

In December 2011 or six months after his congressional speech, the President named former Anak Mindanao Representative Mujiv Hataman as acting governor of ARMM until next year. Hataman and Aquino worked together at the House of Representatives.

Electoral reform

For decades since its creation, the ARMM – composed of Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan – has been the most vulnerable to election fraud, earning the label “cheating capital of the Philippines.”

Last year, Aquino, through Republic Act 10153, called on the postponement of the ARMM elections originally scheduled on August 8, 2011 to May 11, 2013, a decision upheld by the Supreme Court as constitutional.

Besides appointing officers-in-charge at the ARMM, the aim was to cleanse their lists of flying voters.

With the nullification of the old books of voters that resulted in the holding of general registration in the region from July 9, 2012 to July 18, 2012, Hataman has high hopes that ARMM would soon be free from its dark image.

To ensure the success of this general registration, the acting governor created Task Force “Rehistro” composed of heads or representatives of the Autonomous Regional Government and Civil Society organizations.

This, he said, was meant to ensure that only the legitimate residents of the cities and municipalities of ARMM could register for the 2013 polls, and would prevent those who would attempt to include their names in the voters’ list even if they were residents in other areas.

From 1.7 million, Hataman said the number of voters may go down to around 1.3 million only after the general registration.

‘Election tourism’

But in a separate interview with Lanao del Sur Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc-Tomawis over Radyo Inquirer 990AM, she said the practice of politicians shouldering transportation expenses to potential voters working in Metro Manila and other far-flung cities continued in ARMM.

“We call it election tourism when politicians pay for people’s (bus-ship-plane) tickets plus allowance. That’s why it’s so good to vote now. So even before they go here at the ARMM to vote, even if they don’t know the names of candidates, their votes have been influenced already,” said Gutoc-Tomawis, a former journalist-writer who is on her first term as assemblywoman in Lanao del Sur.

Though this practice happens only during elections, she said the cheating process started during the voters’ registration period.

She said this was happening even before the start of the 10-day voting registration at the ARMM, which started Tuesday.

She said “hakot” or the hauling or ferrying of voters from other districts or towns to register in a separate precinct system still takes place.

She said there were jeepneys and buses from the cities of Davao and Iligan carrying people whose faces aren’t familiar to the locals. She told Radyo Inquirer 990AM that there were 300 people from Maguindanao who tried to enter the Marawi City hall.  Marawi City is the capital of Lanao del Sur.

But then again, she said she was thankful for the presence of soldiers and policemen, numbering to about 2,000, who stay on guard against flying voters.

“I am thankful and proud to say there are still brave soldiers managing the elections to. I hope this continues,” she added.

‘No cash advance’ policy

One of Hataman’s first orders when he assumed office was to stop cash advances by government officials in the region.

In Memorandum Order 71 issued on January 3, 2012,  the acting Governor directed that cash advance, fund transfers/releases to regional line agencies, local government units, non-government organizations, peoples’ organizations and other concerned entities should be granted “only after the issuance of Credit Notice” by the concerned Auditor of the  Commission on Audit (COA).

“In compliance hereof, please be informed that effective January 16, 2012, the office of the Regional Treasury is directed by the undersigned not to grant subsequent fund release/transfer to any regional line department, agency, office, bureau, local government unit, non-government organization, people’s organization and/or other concerned entity unless a copy of duty signed Credit Notice for the previous cash advances and releases is submitted to the same office,” it said.

“No cash advance. Kaya nga ngayon, wala talagang cash advances [That’s why there are really no cash advances now],” Hataman said.

And those who have a notice of disallowance in the 2009 and 2010 audit report, he said, were all put in a floating status while being investigated.

The problem is that many of those involved were cashiers, making it a bit difficult for the region to run its everyday operations, he said.

“We had a problem with cashiers because all of the cashiers were involved. For example, my cashier at the Office of the Regional Governor [ORG] is the same one for the DepEd because there is a shortage of cashiers,” Hataman said in Filipino.

Prior to the assumption into office of the new administration, the regional’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) had an outstanding unliquidated cash advance in the DA central office of more than P100 million.

But the department was able bring it down to less than P23 million when the new leadership took over.


Based on the ORG’s performance report from December 22, 2011 to June 22, 2012, ARMM managed to save P203.16 million pesos from its “ghost busting” initiative – P162.3 million from the Department of Education (DepEd) and P40.86 million from the Department of Public Works and Highways.

The “ghost employees” scheme was so rampant in the region that Hataman moved to have the region’s DepEd under special audit by the COA.

“Because we were wondering why there were savings and yet they were being spent. It’s like what the DepEd is trying to tell me is we are putting people there so that the funds can be disbursed. “Ghost employees” don’t exist,” he said.

The ORG also discovered 232 “ghost employees” who have allegedly milked the funds of the Regional Ports Management Authority over the years.

It was also able to freeze a total of P77.5 million DepEd transactions intended for school maintenance and other operating expenses, which were supposed to be released to the school divisions long before the new administration assumed office.

In line with the government’s principle of transparency, ARMM is now considering an institutional online daily transaction with the Commission on Audit.

“This means that every financial transaction in the ORG is readily entered into the system which is on-line with COA national, thus, ensuring transparency of every transaction,” the report said.

The previous practice of centralized procurement, appointment of employees and teachers is now also decentralized to the respective departments and offices.

Fiscal reforms

It was also during this new administration that teachers in the region have started to receive monthly salaries through ATMs, Hataman said.

As of June 2012, 48 percent of the teachers were already paid through their respective ATM accounts.

“Dati ang sahod delayed. Hindi na delay ngayon [The salaries were delayed before. Not anymore],” Hataman said.

ARMM also scrapped the P10,000 “extra-ordinary allowance” for regional officials on travel and reduced the number of contractual employees to just about 200 from almost 400 in 2011, as well as the number of hours allowed for overtime.

Some 55 “ghost employee” entries have been purged from the payroll, with 30 of them in the payroll since December 2007.

“For those included in 2007 and 2009, the government lost more than P30.0 million, representing the minimum pay of P17,099.00 and 13th month pay only, exclusive of other benefits,” the report said.

In just six months in office, ARMM posted a total of P396.247 million in revenues –P198.073 million transferred/ released to ARMM line agencies and P198.174  million to local government units.


To rectify the “ghost” data, the DepEd has implemented the Learner’s Reference Number (LRN) to account for every learner enrolled in school. The school audit targets about 20 percent of all public schools.

The department also issued a moratorium on the creation of new schools, districts and divisions and a Regional Task Force to study and rectify current limits and surplus.

The first-ever Registry of LET Passers at the Regional Office was also established and appointments of eligible applicants to entry positions were now being prioritized.

“After painstaking cross validation of the payroll against the plantilla, it was found out that more than 200 personnel have appointment documents but are not listed in the plantilla,” the report noted.

“This list has been forwarded to the CSC-ARMM for validation and their legal opinion is sought on this matter.”

Initial reports showed that of the 15,279 elementary teachers, 5,633 teachers were not found in the online registry of the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC).

Peace and Security

As a strong manifestation of promoting peace in the region, no less than Hataman initiated a peace pact with the Akbar clan.

Hataman was tagged and charged with the 2007 bombing of the House of Representatives that killed several people, including then Basilan Representative Wahab Akbar.

On June 5, 2012, a peace covenant was forged in Basilan and witnessed by Local Government Secretary Jessie Robredo, OPAPP Secretary Teresita Deles, provincial governors of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu and Lanao del Sur, members of the Hataman and Akbar clans and more than 5,000 Basileños.

There are now 1,477 police personnel deployed in villages region-wide to maintain peace and order in the region, according to the ORG report.

“This is more challenging. But compare this with the previous administration, the private armed groups are no longer like they used to be – involved in blatant massacres,” Hataman said, referring to the killing of over 50 people in Maguindanao by alleged members of the influential Ampatuan clan, known allies of former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in November 2009.

“For example, inside the compound of the ARMM, during the time of the Ampatuans, there were tanks. But they’re gone now. Only security forces are allowed. We don’t allow civilians,” he said.

Not running

Hataman is standing by his promise not to join next year’s gubernatorial race in the region.

“No. I will no longer run because we might be accused of politicking. It will be difficult,” he said.

“In fact, if I had planned to run, then I would be preoccupied with politics. Nothing will happen. Besides, I’m tired . . . I have decided not to run,” he said.

But Hataman realized that his being an appointee of the President, the first in the history of ARMM, has become an advantage for him.

“The reforms are easier because you have the backing of  a President  who is also for reforms,” he said in Filipino.

“If you let it go through elections, then you will have to get involved in politics and you will have to accede to the wishes of every politician. In the situation I am in, being a presidential appointee, there’s no need to. There are no longer favors being sought because I don’t owe anyone anything. I only owe a debt of gratitude to President Aquino,” Hataman said.

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  • Cathy Besa

    hope that this is real… 

  • yesyesyo

    God speed P-Noy.

  • CmdrAdobo

    klap klap… i-ban na rin yung mga epal na mga tarpaulin, IDs, flyers na may mukha ng mga  politicians.

  • southernsons

    Hope there’s more Hataman in our country.

  • legislex

    Walang comment ang mga Anti-PNoy dito.  They still refuse to accept that PNoy is doing good for the country.  We are lucky to have an honest and hardworking man in Malacanang.  Sana huwag sirain ni Binay at Jinggoy ang lahat na mabuting nasimulan sa gobyerno. 

    • Pitbulldog

      Doing good?  Try to enumerate what good this moron has done so far?  Remove GMA connections from whatever he has done and you will see nothing.  Two years plus na yan, pati mga slogans nya na pura bad air – utot.

      • Setsuna

        Let me enumerate a few,
        PSE is now the best performing stock marcket in asia overtaking China, singapore, hongkong and seoul.

        The 1st quarter growth is the second highest in Asia at 6.4%

        credit and economic rating agencies have continually raised the rating of the philippines now all of them rate us as just 1 notch below investment grad, from garbage rating back in 2009

        According to morgan stanley, the peso is the best performing currency in asia, its appreciating so fast that the BSP had to take measures or else our exports will too expensive.

        No president since Marcos has shown such dedication to modernization as PNOY.

        for the 1st time since 1966, the Air force will buy its 1st squadron of brand new jet fighters.

        There are on going studies to acquire shoar bassed anti ship cruise missiles.

        10 brand new attack helicopters, 3 medium lift aircraft. 2 LPAD ships, atleast 1 frigate from italy and another coast guard cutter from the US.

        The list goes on, study more, research more and work hard. Instead of complaining complaining complaining

      • Pitbulldog

        Pano mo kakainin ang helikopter, aber?  Mga pantasya ni P-noy yan.  Unahin mo bilhan ng side arms mga pulis mo at iba dyan nanghihiram lang, abnoy.

      • legislex

        Magbasa ka nga muna bago ka mag comment.  Have you not read from the papers that the PNP just bid out the purchase of nearly 60,000 firearms.  Comment ka ng comment wala ka namang alam.  Bumalik ka nga muna sa elementary para magkakaintindihan kayo ng mga kausap mo.  Batikos ka dito batikos ka doon pang elementary lang pala ang maaabot ng kaalaman mo.

      • Pitbulldog

        Napipkong ka na ba Lacierda? Sometimes it is really difficult to try to defend an indefensible issue. And can enumerate to you a lot more things why I don’t like P-noy than the few miniscule achievements you can say he ever did, if any.


      • Setsuna

         We never said PNoy was perfect, and did everything right. Heck I didn’t even vote for the guy. Pero give credit to who it is due. and base your comments on research not on your own opinion based on “looking around you”

      • David

        You asked some people to enumerate what good PNoy has done, not the things PNoy should or shouldn’t do. I’m sure there’s a lot you and others can enumerate, just like everybody else.

        Too bad you’re seemingly willing to see only what PNoy’s doing wrong rather than what he’s even remotely doing right. But…whatever.

      • diegogo

         hahaha you’re just another fool blinded by your hatred for the so called “Abnoy”… remove your blinders fool. To help you out, put this on your search bar> “philippine economy” then click on “news”. Read back to me what you see….hahaha, fool.

      • Pitbulldog

        Ipa-exorcise nila din ang palasyo para mawala din mga abnoy na multo diyan.

      • legislex

        @Setsuna:disqus  has given you some, but I will add more.  Our Gross International Reserves is at its highest in history.  Our bank’s non-performing loan ratio has drastically gone down.  We have drastically lowered our rice imports.  We even expect to stop importing rice in 2013.  We have increased tourist arrivals to more than 30% compared to a similar period last year. We have attracted more than 100 oil and gas exploration companies to our country.  We have adopted pocket open-sky policies that enable foreign carriers to operate in our country, thereby reducing airfares.  We removed a corrupt Chief Justice.  We put to jail a corrupt former President.  We climbed the list in business competitiveness.  We recorded the “largest improvement in this year’s ranking” in the World Competitiveness Report, which is from 85th to 75th.  The list goes on and on, but it seems that you are not reading the papers.  Ikaw ano na nagawa mo para sa bayan?

      • malek_abdul

        I agree with you legislex. You know there are a lot of people who really cannot see the good done by others just like Casiño. Maski sinong nakaupong presidente ay wala nang nagawang tama para sa kanila. This just proves that you cannot please everybody.

      • Pitbulldog

        Nakatunganga pa sa Senado ang abnoy na yan ay nakakaambag na rin po ako (o kami) kahit papano sa Pinas.  Ambag na hindi ko pa napapakinabangan hangang sa ngayon.  (Pwera Philhealth – di si abnoy pasimuno nyan).  Ngayon, palagay ko sa kapiranggot na naiambag ko (o namin) marahil isa iyan sa 1B dollars na ipinagmamayabang ng timang na yan na kaya niyang ipahiram sa IMF.  (Nasaan ba yan?). Nagpapahiram daw, pero umuutang naman, BS. 

      • legislex

        Nahahalata tuloy na wala ka talagang alam. Did you know that developed countries are lenders and borrowers at the same time.  Take the case of Japan, it has a government debt of US$13.7 trillion.  Italy has US$2.54 trillion debt, UK US$1.99 trillion, France US$2.36 trillion, and the United States US$12.8 trillion. Kaya bago ka mag comment, magbasa ka muna.

      • Pitbulldog

        Common sense na lang, engot.  Kahit elementary pupil makikita katangahan diyan.  Meron kang dalawang piso, ipapahiram mo pa at uutang ka naman ng piso.  Nasan ang logic dyan, pare ko?  Ngayon, ipaliwanag mo yan kay Recto at iba pa na naguguluhan din.  Ibig sabihin, kabuwangan yan, di ba?  Wag mo nang ilipad ang paliwanang mo at idamay ibang bansa dyan.  Dahil sa Pinas pa lang pinagtatawanan na ang mga paliwanang ng palace wise guys dyan.

      • legislex

        Hehehe talagang pang elementary lang ang kaya ng utak mo.  There is no sense arguing with a person whose intelligence he compares only to an elementary pupil.  No matter how well I argue and no matter how many facts I present, you will never understand them.  Tahimik na lang ako.   

      • Pitbulldog

        Silence will do you more good than trying to defend the indefensible.  Mangangapa ka lang ng dahilan. 

      • David

        “trying to defend the indefensible.”

        Only because you and some people say so. Sure maraming bagay di ginagawa ni PNoy, pero talaga bang deny mo pa rin na wala pa syang ginawang maganda o tama?

      • Anghel_ng_kamatayan

        Pasensya na pre. Ang mga asong may rabies kasi, hindi na dapat kinakausap na parang tao. Sayang lang ang mabuting pakikitungo sa mga ganyan. Kailangang i-euthanize na.

      • David

        Heh, oo nga. 

      • Anghel_ng_kamatayan

        Palagay ko yung mga itlog mo ang kinakapa palagi ng dila mo. Tanga’ng aso! Pati siguro nanay at tatay mo kinakana mo sa pwet. Sobrang libog mo kasi. Nasira na ng syphilis at gonorrhea yung konting utak na meron ka. P’tang ina mo! Pag nalaman ko kung sino ka, magiging azucena ka. Hung’hang!

      • Pitbulldog

        Engot. Angel of Death pa ang gamit mo. Alisin mo na anghel dyan, dahil ang matitira ay abnoy din na pag-iisip. In short, bulok.


      • Pitbulldog

        Takot akoh.  Abnoy yata to.  Keep it up.

  • Bulagas

    di panaman tapos pinag mamalaki na agad, eto talagang mongolyd prince mouth peace na inquirer… basahin nga ninyo yung editors disclaimer

    his administration performed in the past year and what reforms, if any, have been or would be enforced over the next three years to ensure that his vision of an honest government and of a people freed from poverty may be realized 

  • calipso_2100

    I hate to be cynical but I don’t think the problem in ARMM can be solved in 1 presidents’s term.  I think it even needs a few generations.  The corruption in their is very deep rooted.  They dont distinguish between legal and illegal, cheating and honesty.  Illegal in there is as normal as waking up each day.

  • manks

    Alah will love you Mr. Hataman and just continue the good deeds…

    • Malik62

       Hataman is an Ampatuan in the making.  He is the Frankenstein of BS Aquino x3.

  • Pedro Mateo

    People in the ARMM are already accustomed to cheating during election and it’s a hard time to get away the practice. As early in the registration is the cheating, for example; who has the largest number of person to registered win. They had to pay for the fare of the registrant as far from Luzon just to register in ARMM. . Another one is to manufactured their birth certificate to allow them to register. Every moves involved money and the last resort is by the tip of the gun. . For as long as there are warlords, datu’s and landlords, the poor people is at their mercy. .

  • Pedro

    God will continue guiding President Noynoy and all his enemies will fall one by one. . . . and he will succeed in leading this country to prosperity and peace . . .

    • Pitbulldog

      Are you really sure, if ever this intellectually deprived leader gets any message from above, it is really emanating from “Him?”.  Baka hallucinations nya yan Brod.  Di ba noon, may pa retreat retreat pa ang Ogag na yan para humingi ng enlightenment kuno bago tumakbo.  Engot, ngayon pati simbahan at mga pari sinisiraan at minamaliit ng ugok at ng mga kampon nya. BS.  Sana madapa at tumama bumbunan sa matalim na bato.

  • boyfarmer

    Muslim dominated areas, a feared place because of their gun culture is not really neglected by the National government, grabe lang ang corruption at nepotism dito, the problem really is “SILA MISMO”. I hope the reform minded leaders like Hataman will be empowered.

  • Ralph J. Monasterio

    The Philippines is STILL in a sad state of affairs even as I left the country fifty-two years ago. It’s probably WORSE now, since 1992,, we have had INSURGENTS, KIDNAPPINGS, KILLINGS, OFWs …Filipinos who have to work OVERSEAS just to make ends meet.

    I really feel sorry for the country, and it was really PRETTY before the war.’s  in  shambles.  The Filipino people are the friendliest people on earth, but for some reason…’s not even worthy of a visit.

    But, I still have FAITH that the country will some day be able to welcome VISITORS and create lots of INVESTMENTS, to give the ECONOMY a BOOST. But as long as some people are UNHAPPY,  with the direction it is going, as what’s happening in SOUTHERN MINDANAO,  it  will never change.

    But….despite all this….I still have HIGH HOPES for the country. I nothing against the Filipino. In fact I MARRIED one of them. A fine lady from Cebu, who I communicate with everyday. I wish the Philippines the BEST….

  • Fulpol

    hanggang 2013 ka lang ba Hataman? takot tumakbo bilang gubernador kasi matatalo…

    baka babalik na naman ang mga Ampatuan…

    anong gagawin ni Noynoying?


    • diegogo

       pulpol ka nga hahahaha…pag tumakbo naman sasabihin mo na gahaman sa kapangyarihan hahahaha. Kung hindi ka ba naman pulpol talaga, sigurado na ang panalo nyan kung tumakbo yan dahil nasa pwesto na sya…nasa kanya pa ang makinarya ni PNoy hahahaha. O, wag ka nang sumagot….baka makuluntoy lalo yang utak mo…kakapiranggot na nga lang, masasayang pa hahahaha

      • Fulpol

        hindi gahaman sa kapangyarihan… walang delicadeza…

        dyan masusubukan ang impluwensiya ni Noynoying sa ARMM.. kung mananalo ang kanyang manok… huwag lang gamitan ng pwersa para laban sa pwersa…

        anong gagawin ni Noynoying kung isang Ampatuan ang tatakbo? 

        papatayin ang demokrasya sa ARMM?


      • diegogo

         hahaha, pulpol ka nga…sino-sino ba interesado sa posisyon na yan? magbigay ka ng pangalan.
        Ampatuan…tatakbo? hahahaha…pulpol! Kahit na sa pagka-barangay captain uurong mga betlog ng mga yan…governor pa kaya.
        pulpol….dapat tularan mo si Leon Guererro…..less talk less mistake…no talk no mistake….hahahahaha….hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiya!

      • Fulpol

        lito lapid? less talk less mistake.. may mistake pa rin…

        no talk no mistake.. ano yun, zombie gaya mo?


      • diegogo

         hahahaha….manuod ka na lang ng mga pelikula ni Leon Guerrerro, may matututunan ka pa….hahahahha.
        Hiya! Hiya! hahahahha

      • Fulpol



      • diegogo

         are you giving me a Leon Guererro treatment? the “less talk less mistake” tretament? hahahahaha….hiya! hiya!

      • Fulpol



    • David

      “hanggang 2013 ka lang ba Hataman? takot tumakbo bilang gubernador kasi matatalo…”

      Kung sinabing hindi tatakbo, sasabihang kasi takot matalo. Kung sinabing tatakbo, sasabihang walang delicadeza.

      So, ano gusto mong gawin niya? Anong gusto mong mangyari na sana…sana….makabubuti ang ARMM at Mindanao?

      At syempre, mas madaling maghirit kesa saguting matino ang tanong. Sya, bahala ka sa buhay mo.

      Buti lang hanggang salita ka lang. Puro init na hangin din.

  • Fulpol

    educate, educate, educate… yan ang dapat gawin sa ARMM…

    tapos “corporate farming” ang pwede dyan… mga magsasaka maging contract grower..

    magpatayo ng ilang outpost ng mga tanod sa lahat ng barrio.. swelduhan… para at least may trabaho yung iba..

    magpatayo ng Dept. of Tourism of ARMM… mag-hire ng maraming tourist guide at police escort… dadami ang trabaho..

    walang silbi yung mga saving, savings na yan.. wala naman pagkakakitaan… walang empowerment.


    • calipso_2100

      Your first post that makes sense. Grats : ]

    • diegogo

       hahahaha, ang galing mo pala….sige, tumakbo ka at iboboto kita hahahaha….dakilang pulpol hahahaha

      • Fulpol

        bro, yan ang patriot hindi yung daldalerong yellow..


      • diegogo

         hahaha…hindi pagka-patriot yan…ang tawag dyan pagka-trying hard na intellectual hahahaha…..kaso mababaw ang pinagkukunan…ang daling barahin hahahaha

      • Fulpol

        intellectual? sino ba ang intellectual? ikaw?


      • diegogo

         hahahaha….pulpol ka nga! nakalimutan mo yung “trying hard” hahahaha…Leon Guererro….Leon Guererro…Leon Guererro…hiya! hiya! hiya!

      • Fulpol

        trying hard.. ikaw ba nag-try na?



      • diegogo

         wala ngang ka-effort-effort mga birada ko….kasi nga Leon Guerrero lang ang kausap….hahahhaha…hiya! hiya! hahahaha

      • Fulpol



  • The Overlord

    Of course, ARMM is the Cheating Capital of the Philippines. Mga Muslim kasi ang karamihan ng mga tao dun. Ang mindset kasi ng mga Muslim: clan wars, kala nila they have the right to control people, buti na lang naging unconstitutional ang creation ng Shariff Kabunsuan. Pinag-split nila ang isang probinsya para raw may kanya-kanyang teritoryo ang mga lintek na Muslim, haha! Archaic mindset indeed.

  • Lara Kulit

    walang mangyayari jan sa ARMM, gatasan ng mga politiko yan, magkasabwat lahat ng opisyales, papatayin ka kapag dika sumunod sa agos at daloy ng pera…kawawa ang mga ordinaryong tao, billion2 na ang ginastos jan simula pa kay misuari…sunod na maghahari mga mangudadatu, parehas lng din ng mga ampatuan yan, naunahan lang sila. marami ding pinatay ang mga iyan sa buluan at lutayan. 

  • hopefullPinoy

    this is good news. i hope we can keep this up. i hope the next administration will continue what this administration has started in toppling down philippine corruption.

    • Malik62

       How can the Administration of BS Aquino x3 topple down corruption when it is shamelessly corrupt itself?  BS won the 2010 elections through PCOS cheating and he will do it again for his minions in the coming 2013 elections.

      • hopefullPinoy

        i really don’t know about how corrupt the Aquino administration actually, but their efforts in toppling down philippine corruption is quite visible (visible actions of BIR in pursuing the tax evaders, ombudsman visible actions on pursuing erring gov’t officials, Corona impeachment, etc…). and i want the aquino administration to keep it up. i don’t mind how long it will take for them to totally eradicate philippine corruption as long as they deliver it gradually. steps however little can somehow take you to the destination you’re heading to.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Thursday, 12 July 2012, 21:31
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Gov’ t reforms take root at ‘cheating capital’ of PH

        Malik62 wrote, in response to hopefullPinoy:
        How can the Administration of BS Aquino x3 topple down corruption when it is shamelessly corrupt itself?  BS won the 2010 elections through PCOS cheating and he will do it again for his minions in the coming 2013 elections. Link to comment

      • hopefullPinoy

         i did not vote P-Noy during election. but i’m still thankful he’s the president today. his administration has shown visible efforts in toppling down corruption (visible pursuit of BIR to tax evaders, visible pursuit of Ombudsman to erring gov’t officials, impeachment of Corona, etc…) i want the Aquino administration to keep this up. i don’t mind how long it will take for them to topple down corruption, as long as there is continuous progress. steps however little, can somehow take you to the destination you’re heading for.

        everyone should support PNoy! if there is disagreement, i hope it’s on other things like how should a solution be implemented instead of who should be there, or who’s to blame. so that Philippines will be more productive.

        mabuhay ka Pilipinas!


    NAG-IBA na ba ang cheating capital ng PH?  Di ba METROMANILA?

  • Fulpol


    bastos talaga ang yellow…. isang rehiyon, at tawagin mong cheating capital…

    walang respeto sa mga Muslim…

    trademark pa rin ng yellow ang pambabastos..


    • diegogo

      ayan na naman ang isang “intellectual” na linya….Leon Guererro….Leon Guererro…Leon Guererro….hahahhahaha

      • Fulpol



      • diegogo

         hahahaha…zombie o Leon Guerrerro?
        hmmmmm….zombie anytime anyday! hahahahaha….hiya! hiya! hiya! hahaaha

      • Fulpol



    • Alex

       intindihin mong mabuti ang ipinapasok mo sa ulo mo bago mo ilabas sa bunganga mo . . .

      • Fulpol

        maganda ba yung salitang Cheating Capital…

        parang salitang Capital, nangunguna.. nakakasira…

        bakit di na lang sabihin “most prevalent” kesa “capital”…

        buong rehiyon pa yan… saan ba yung “Garbage Capital”, “Traffic Capital”, “Massacre Capital”?

        kaloko pagbibigay ng pangalan sa isang napakalaking rehiyon ng Pilipinas..


      • Alex

         if you are a writer seldom you will state that one who lives in an upscale community is, for example., earning that much. . . . you will refer to that one as a representative of that upscale community having been living there. . . parang randomize ang pagkaka refer ng writer dito at hindi kasiguraduhan na lahat ay may mga kakayahan . . . just stressing a point of the gravity of “cheating” in one aspect based on historical facts . . .

      • OFW28

        masanay na kayo sa commento ni Fulpol, walang kwenta, galit yan sa gobyerno kasi di na sya makakurakot!!!

    • Ilonggobyblood

      Naka punta ka na ba sa ARMM? Do you know what is happening there?


    There’s always that media-friendly generalized statements that would sum up to the “Tuwid Na Daan” smoke & mirrors campaign of the 5-year old balding man in the palace.  It’s SOUNDING GOOD for the “masses” to take it hook-line-&-sinker.  2 years of good output is generally attributable to the past admins hardwork because as of now, there’s no rigorous economic planning and legislations passed by his mediocrity…but media-friendly generalized statement.
    Hahahaha!  Ride on!

    • marivon

       Wow! Dream on my friend, past administration my foot.

  • Public

    A 2 thumbs up for Mr. Hataman.
    Philippines is on the right track of reformation by the Grace of God.

    God bless to PNoy administration and to Filipinos.

    • billy gunner

       really? kaya pala makiki anib ang LP sa mga trapos like villar? lol

      • OFW28

        Billy gunner! mga commentong negatibo, hindi nakakatulong sa bansa yan! gumising ka!

  • juantamadnatamad

    Hoooray!!!! Pnoy. Another good man and another good deed. May God bless Mr. President and Mr. Hataman!!!

  • magiting78

    Good 4 thumbs up Mr Hataman, kasama yung paa ko hehehe dapat ganito din gawin sa lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno sa buong bansa. sana pamarisan to meron kaya??????

  • Oliver82

    Imagine na ang isag lugar deprive sa education, sa magandang buhay, walng makuhang trabaho? Ang mga magulang mo hindi nakapag-aral dahil sa gulo, na displace, hindi rin binigyan ng pagkakataong makapagaral ng mga magulang din nila, walng panggastos, walang etc, ano kaya ang magigingasal ng mga anak???? Most likely magging galit sa gobyerno, rebelde, walang principyo pwedeng gamitin sa kasamaan ng ibang tao.

    Ang pagpasok sa Politika lng ang pwedeng makapagbigay sayo ng magandang buhay dahil pwede kang makakuha ng Pera, Power at Respeto.

    You will fight every inch of opportunity to get that position no matter what it takes.. even you put all you Family member in all Political positions and people will just stay quiet and don’t bother since you have power already and you can do whatever you want.

    Solution: Educate the young, give them the chance to have a job and better life. Kill those who try to bring  the idea down. Why kill? I’ts in there blood already.. they will never be changed.

  • rommelg

    The OIC Governor of ARMM is doing an excellent job. Nevertheless, had these findings of irregularies all over the region found any  individuals guilty of wrongdoings/ being persecuted? Or being investigated for their acts? Drastic action need to start now not tomorrow before we forget that one day we have an OIC Governor who means Good Reforms and Good Governance to be implemented to succeed.

  • Guest

    Lacierda once dreamed to become a militaryoffic ial, kaya lang, ayaw niyang masira ang kanyang mapa-porselanang skin. Kaya ang nangyari nag-law na lang siya. Bwahaha!

  • Rachelle Marie Ordonez

    Wala bang hiya si Jesse Robredo sa Pangulo? Puro siya kapalpakan sa DILG.

  • maximaT91

    Pabor ang ilang senador na tanggapin sa PMA ang mga bakla at tomboy. Same with Sec. Edwin Lacierda who said: “ay sayang toom late, aw!”

    • boyfarmer

       Magdadala lang ng eskandalo ang mga bakla sa PMA katulad ng nangyari sa Catholic church, nakapasok ang mga bakla at naging pari, mga phedophile ang mga ito, wag nang tanggapin ang mga iyan sa PMA.

  • billy31

    Cheating Capital? dapat pinapa-bid yan. Sa Saranggani mas malaki ang cheating doon due to vote buying, sa Negros Occ halimbawa tanungin din natin. Ngayon pa lang malayo pa nga ang election namimili na sila ng boto. Ang mga pinakamamayamang politiko nag-umpisa nang bumili ng boto… So Cheating Capital in not only in ARMM. Other areas have to right to claim it too.

  • billy gunner

    government reforms? what reforms? nagpipiyesta na nga ang  LP dahil daw makikipagkoalisyon daw sila kina villar! same old trapos! pwe! i wonder ano kaya ang nasa sona ng pangulo… sonalangit na ba o baka sonangaling lang talaga!

    • OFW28

      siguro ang gusto mong gobyerno parang kay Arroyo pa rin, hahaha, gumising ka para umunlad buhay mo!

      • niceguy60

        Sabi sa ibang balita kaya daw gumaganda ang economy ngayon dahli sa mga policy na naumpisahan nung panahon ni Arroyo. Totoo kaya Ito? Kurap pa rin ngayon. Palakasan pa rin kung me kilala ka sa itaas ok ka. Pag wala sorri ka na Lang.

    • JJF724

      u l u l

  • Job

    I agree that cheating is very ramphant in that area. A proof was, how Chavit Singson be the No. 1 in that region wherein in his controlled province (Ilocos Sur) he loss? That was on 2007 Senatorial Elections.

  • Magsasaka

    pinas is the cheating capital, anything can be cheated, kahit sakit nga nagagawang malala kahit hindi naman, resulta ng botohan sa enbanc session ng supreme court nadadaya din, board exam, bar exam, drug test, psycho test(maraming siraulong nakakapasok sa PNP), ano pa ba?

  • superpilipinas

    The administration is not doing enough. You can easily tell that it is neglecting Mindanao.

    If and only if the government relocates all the head offices of departments, the AFP HQ, and the PNP HQ, to Minadano, then people can believe that the government is sincere in making a positive change in that region. In this age of high technology, these offices need not be in Manila. They need to be where they are most needed.

    But for now, the Philippines with the help of its government is raping Mindanao and its people, figuratively and literally. People are getting killed. Resources being depleted. No compensation.

    I’m a Christian who lives in Manila. I want Muslim Mindanao to be forever part of the Philippines. But if generation after generation of people there are being exploited and suppressed thru neglect by the Philippine government, I can’t blame and disagree with the people who want to separate from the Philippines. Since I was born, I have not seen any sincere and sensible action from the government. 

    It’s the same story as Christian East Timor to Muslim Indonesia before East Timor finally got their independence. Many Christians were killed.

  • Ben Tampadong

    At long last! A positive news moving forward.

  • gie965

    may kulang source mo, sana tinanong mo opinion mo mga idol nyo, si miriam santiago at teddy casino….. ……this is the president na may ginagawa at ni respeto dito sa bansa at ibang bansa…. keep up the good work president…. at least kahit paano meron na tayong ma pag malaki presidente…….

  • robrano

    Ah yes, and now they can already start to cheat (not for GMA anymore, for whom now?) by registering minors as voters. The registering officials kmow it, Come;ec knows it but nothing is done.  The Comelec boss will “later delist the minors” but how he will do it? The registration forms are officiqal accepted, even with false birth date, so on which basis they would be delisted from voting? There will be a majority of winners who support or at least accept the plan of a “substate”, means a region which has nothing to do anymore with the Philiooines, its rules and laws, not even constitution. And the millions non-muslims have to live under the Sharia rules with its restictions and punishments up to beheading. And Noy will agree to this if ARRM will support his ChaCha and making him lifelong Prime Minister. A straight path.

    • JJF724

      u l u l

  • leeclayton

    ARMM. It is unconstitutional.  The constitution is very specific that there is a separation of religion and state. ARMM is about muslim mindanao. they should strike out the word muslim and that the autonomous government shall be secular. I not they should rename the country to Republic of Christian Philipines.

    • JJF724

      u l u l

    • Don Caparros

      For  someone claiming unconstitutionality, you unfortunately is grossly uneducated.  ARMM does not have a religious form of govt.  Also your commentary does not have any significance to this article and is utterly useless.

  • wawa2172

    Good luck Noy, hope you can clean up the mess in ARMM. Your man in Hataman is doing good in that forsaken region. The savings that he is making for the government is remarkable and putting in place a portal enable them to identify ghost projects. However, it would take political will to get rid of corruption in ARMM specifically in Maguindanao, Marawi City, Lanao Sur and Jolo. In Lanao alone, politicians are sporting high end SUV’s traveling in convoy with no less than 10 cars and an ambulance with a wang-wang leading the way to clear the streets. Kala ni Noy, tapos na ang wang-wang mentality. Hindi..they can check on CCTV cameras installed in the streets of Iligan City when convoys travels from as far as CDO to Marawi and vice versa. Tanong ko rin, di hamak na mas malaki an sweldo ko sa mga politicians nang ARMM but they can afford so much luxury in life. Well my wife just could give me a straight answer…. you want to be rich then be a greedy politician.

  • esther


    • farmerpo

       Mauubos ang mga politiko natin kung talagang kakasushan at ikukulong.  A pwede palang office arrest na lang… he he  Dami nyan…. Nur Misuari, wer na? Corona, nakasuhan na ba? 

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    “It was also during this new administration that teachers in the region have started to receive monthly salaries through ATMs, Hataman said.
    As of June 2012, 48 percent of the teachers were already paid through their respective ATM accounts.”

    ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES TALAGA……You get your salaries through ATM (not deposited in your account)……….  ATM is an account (not an interface to access your account from any institution)……… If you try to open ATM account in North America, you’ll see jaw dropping from bank representative….From banker’s perspective this doesn’t make sense…….

  • RealityCheckX

    More propaganda B.S. for the upcoming SONA. Noy2 has not changed anything. Private armies still roam the area. The gun ban is not enforced.  He maintains the status quo of bending over backwards to give them Muslim government, doles out cash to MILF bandits, hold peace talks for no reason at all, create more Muslim national holidays, let Indonesia and Malaysia interfere in our internal concerns there. And Hataman himself is a accused criminal. Burning, bombings, kidnapping and ambushes are still rampant. And the trial of the Ampatuans has been stopped in hopes of manufacturing witnesses in the “election sabotage” case against Gloria. Truly, we have an unjust society when you can be clapped in jail with no probable cause but the eager and servile machinations of Delayma.

    • mojo76

      another crab mentality pinoy!!!!


    Institutionalizing reforms that will result to economic growth will be the lasting legacy of P-Noy.

    God speed President Noynoy.

  • Guest

    All the best for the Aquino administration. The success of its programs and reforms will be translate to improvements in the Philippines.

    God bless our country! 

  • PinoyDude

    I hope that the programs and reforms started by the Aquino administration be continued and further improved by our future leaders.

    God bless our country!

  • guest1500

    I hope they also put factories in Mindanao because there isn’t much there not like in Calabarzon where there are lots so people will not go to Manila just to find jobs.

  • rosamistika16

    good job, Mr. Hataman!

    No politicking….that is if we want true and honest service.

    God bless ARMM.  God bless the Philippines!

  • Maximumaries

    PEACE and ORDER in the Whole MINDANAO must be put in place for a more and Progressive Mindanao!Eliminate Abu Sayaf & NPA and have peace negotiation with MNLF & MILF for the betterment of the citizen.

  • Anghel_ng_kamatayan

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