Binay-Estrada tandem shaping up for 2016

Roxas-Escudero teamup being worked out



POLITICS IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES In this photo taken on Aug. 30, 2009, Sen. Francis Escudero, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay, ex-President Joseph Estrada and Sen. Mar Roxas hold hands during the runoff to the 2010 presidential election at Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Three years later, talk is rife of new alliances in preparation for the 2013 and 2016 elections. INQUIRER PHOTO

Have Senators Francis “Chiz” Escudero and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada gone their separate ways to run for the vice presidency in 2016?

The buzz in Manila’s political circles is that the longtime friends have been jockeying for Vice President Jejomar Binay’s choice of No. 2 in 2016, and that Estrada has edged out Escudero.

And probably out of the senatorial ticket of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) for next year’s midterm elections as well.

The UNA is a coalition formed earlier this year by Binay’s PDP-Laban Party and former President Joseph Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP).

The two parties teamed up to dominate the congressional and local races next year, but it is widely believed that Binay will use UNA as a springboard for the 2016 presidential contest and that the deal between him and Estrada was the choice of the younger Estrada as his running mate.

But Escudero, the buzz goes, wants that spot as a reward for supporting Binay in the 2010 elections. His endorsement of a “Noy-Bi” vote as the 2010 campaign hit the homestretch cost then Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas the vice presidential election and gave then Senator Benigno Aquino III, the eventual presidential winner, a vice president from a rival party.

Relations between Mr. Aquino and Binay have been good so far, but relations between the President and Escudero may be severely tested when the senator comes knocking for shelter in the Liberal Party.

Escudero can no longer return to the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) of businessman Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco that he deserted in 2010 because it could not bankroll his run for Malacañang.

Not in UNA

Meanwhile, former President Estrada said on Tuesday that Escudero may not be on the UNA senatorial ticket for next year.

Estrada said in a phone interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer that it was his impression that Escudero was joining the senatorial slate being formed by the Liberal Party.

Besides talking with the Nacionalistas, the Liberals are also talking with Cojuangco’s NPC.

“Now he is ambivalent,” Estrada said in Filipino, referring to Escudero. “I don’t know why. What I think is that he may have asked for many favors from President Aquino.”

If it is true that the President is fixing things between Escudero and Roxas, then UNA is not looking to get Escudero even as guest senatorial candidate next year.

“We will not accept guest candidates,” Estrada said. “That’s what we have agreed on.”

Estrada denied that his son is being groomed to become Binay’s vice presidential running mate in 2016.

“It’s not true,” he said. “You can ask Binay if we have talked about it.”

Estrada said it was embarrassing for him to talk about his son running with Binay. He acknowledged, however, that “anything can happen” before 2016.

Done deal?

Escudero won’t join UNA to run for reelection next year if Binay is not picking him as his No. 2 in 2016, which seems certain, so the buzz goes, because handing that spot to Senator Estrada is a done deal.

Escudero leads senatorial candidates in national surveys and as such he will be a prized catch for any party. With the NPC and the UNA out and with the Nacionalista Party of Senator Manuel Villar talking of a coalition with Mr. Aquino’s Liberal Party, he has nowhere to go but to the President for adoption.

But Roxas, whom Escudero junked in 2010 in favor of Binay, is the president of the Liberals. Would Mr. Aquino plead with his best friend Roxas to let bygones be bygones and let Escudero come aboard?


A source close to Escudero on Tuesday said that did not pose a problem at all. Escudero, the source said, is considering a number of options for 2016.

If he can’t run for vice president, then he will run for president. Then again, he might stay out of the fray and be a “kingmaker,” as he did in 2010 when he gave the vice presidency to Binay by endorsing “Noy-Bi.”

But the source said that President Aquino had been hinting to friends a Roxas-Escudero team for 2016, which will be a “powerhouse” combination if Escudero has no problem running as Roxas’ No. 2.

If he has, the source said, the NPC is not really lost to him. He may have abandoned the party, but not the party boss, Cojuangco, who considers him a “prodigal son,” the source said.

No rift

Escudero and Senator Estrada denied they have a rift. Escudero said he had a talk with Binay before the Vice President left on an overseas trip. On the other hand, Estrada said UNA was focused only on next year’s midterms. Any talk of a vice presidential running mate for Binay in 2016 is premature, he said.

Binay, who had just returned from his trip, declined to comment.

“It’s too early to even speculate about VP Binay’s running mate in 2016,” said Joey Salgado, Binay’s press officer. “But I guess it’s never too early for political intrigues.”

‘President or nothing’

Estrada said he invited Escudero to be his running mate in 2010, but Escudero took too long to respond. When Escudero responded, he had already picked Binay as his No. 2, he said. Escudero responded only after he had failed to get Cojuangco’s support for his presidential candidacy.

Estrada said he had been told that Escudero’s thinking then was “president or nothing.” But at the last minute, Escudero came to say “he was already open,” Estrada said. “I told him it was already closed.”

So is UNA, if it’s all up to Estrada.

Talks with NP

In the Liberals’ camp, meanwhile, it appears that the talks for a coalition with the Nacionalistas for next year’s congressional and local races are making progress.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, a Liberal stalwart, said President Aquino and Villar had moved forward from their bitter rivalry in 2010 and were now ready to form a congressional coalition.

“We all understand that those things come up and after the election everything is finished, then you move forward and, you know, you deal with what you have to deal with,” Abad said, referring to the mudslinging between Villar and Mr. Aquino during the 2010 campaign.

“In the case of the President, running the country; in the case of Senator Villar, once again, consolidating his party and looking forward to the next exercise,” Abad said.


He said Mr. Aquino and Villar had discussed a partnership. The President, he said, made it clear to Villar that if they would have a partnership, he wanted it to be an enduring one based on shared values.

“So it seems that was the starting point of this partnership,” Abad said.

If Mr. Aquino and Villar had differences, Abad said, “those are in the past and  we need to look at this partnership moving forward.” With reports from Christian Esguerra and Norman Bordadora

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  • johnllander

    binay-estrada in 2016?  A very very bad dream, so bad dream.  Never to a trapo, never to a dynasty, never to a corrupt.

    • boyod

      never to a dynasty? but it’s destiny bwahaaaaaaa

      • MonMayuga

        “‘The fault,'” my dear friend boyod, “‘is not in our stars (destiny), but in ourselves,'” to quote Shakespeare.

        It is us who shape our future by the decisions we make today. If the majority of our people would only be wise not to vote for those candidates whose only qualification is that they are popular as movie stars or TV personalities but rather vote for those who are better qualified, then may be this country will not suffer as  it has been suffering in the very recent past.

        WE have now a president who is determined to eradicate corruption which has been he blight that make this country and our people poor. He has four years left to fight  the corrupt and change the rotten system.

        What will happen when his successors will not pursue what he has started? That is the big question we need to answer four years from now.

  • nes911

    Parehong trapo at angkan ng mga korap

  • PinoyDude

    It’s time to really educate the Filipino voters. Please say no to these people!

    How about names like Efren Penaflorida and Tony Meloto? These are the type of people that the Philippines need to serve in public office.

  • PinoyDude

    It’s time for our young voters to really think hard come 2016. Wala na ibang matino?

    We can’t afford to go back to the mess where this country came from.

    • jahred

       pilipino voters right now have the mentality of  “fiesta environment” kung saan ang maraming tao doon pupunta at sasabay sa agos,

      di na masyadong iniisip kung sino tlaga ang iboboto

      palakasan system …
      kung saan kawali ang masarap na ulam at maraming masandok doon tayo makiki fiesta

  • dA2

    wow, only in the phil. He can’t even keep his family in tact and now he wants to be ruler number two of the so divided pinas. Enough with these self-centered politicians.

  • MonMayuga


  • Precy

    Jojo Binay – Jinggoy Estrada for President and Vice President? No way will I ever give my vote to a Binay and an Estrada tandem. A partnership to loot the Philippines! No way!

    What corrupt families the Binays and the Estradas!

    Magkakalat na naman ang mga clone ni Erap sa gobierno. Not anymore!

    • boyod

      pare wag mong ipagyayabang yung kaisa-isang boto mo hindi yun mababasa sa presinto, siguro mayabang ka katulad ni chiz

      • juantamadnatamad

        Dalawa na kami.

      • Leon Yobar

        Kawawa ang bayan ni Binay he has lot of mistress like wrap same feather flock together.. gets mo boyod?

      • $20733759

        Tatlo na tayo! O, mga kababayan, sino pa ang may “protest vote” dyan??

  • JK1000

    Dalawang biglang yumaman sa puwesto, Dalawang mga anak o kapares ng mga Magnanakaw na mga Marcosses. Kawawa ang Bayan kapag itong dalawang salot ng Bayan ang magiging lider ng Bayan.

  • TonyLopa

    Patay ang Pilipinas – dalawang mayayabang at magnanakaw sa Malacanang! Diyos ko po!


    Escudero made a big mistake in 2010 by endorsing Binay. Escudero can not even claim that he was responsible for binay’s victory. Can he say that to binay and erap who were the tandem in 2010?

  • Isang Pilipino

    Bantayan ng husay ang bayan. Huwag papasukin si Erap bilang Manila mayor at si Jinggoy bilang bise president. Pagnakalusot silang mag ama, lahat na naman ng kabit at anak sa labas ni Erap balik sa mga government projects!Uubusin na naman tayo ng mga intsik na kabarkada ni Asiong Salonga!

    • boyod

      bakit saagabal sa yo ang kabit, babae ka o lalakwe at ang mga intsik hayaan mo hindi naman yan tao intsik lang yan

  • Htee

    Sana may isilang na bagong partido…

    Yung may sustansya naman…

  • Magic

    Puro na lang bang Binay at Estrada?

  • Luthmar

    Estradas will never quit the govt.  EASY MONEY.  That is all that matters to them.  Filipinos
    should really now use their heads come election time.  These guys have been in the govt.
    for years; what have they done?  For those who keep voting for them, have there been any
    changes in your lives since these Estradas conquered the govt.?

    ENOUGH OF THESE ESTRADAS.  Nakakasuka na.

  • Lopez Jaena

    Sinabi na ba ni Jojo napili niyang vice si Jinggoy?

  • katindig

    That’s why Erap decided to reside in Manila to run for mayor.  He knows the masa in Manila who always favor actors are for him.  This is in preparation fr a Binay-Jinggoy team come 2016.  Binay have the billions to spend and so does Erap.  If Binay – Jinggoy will win….i hope it will not be a big mistake…anyway i hope by that time i will be in Canada.  Goodluck Philippines.

  • kentohtan

    vice uling in present time,vice ashes in 2016.


  • Noel

    Ambition can wait.  Both Jinggoy and Escudero are still young.

  • boyod

    jojo was a man who thought he was a loner and comes another man, get back get back get back to where the UNA  belong . . . get back jojo stick with UNA and ERAP forget chiz, the boy who cried wolf

    • Leon Yobar

      Jojo is a trapo! No place in 2016 kawawa ang bayan!

  • Leon Yobar

    Chiz has no loyalty to the party only self interest, when he suported NoyBi he has the reason to do so, if Roxas won the VP race thats the death of his political plan he is very ambitious to become president in 2016. Binay and Estrada are genuine trapos gets na namin yan mga voters so we will expect that this midterm election is a choice between good and evil.. LP vs UNA and i can assure that the name UNA is the only name to be the last 12-0 for 2013. At the end Chiz is very lonely he has no wife and no party to go to, after all a prize for an opportunist.

    • boyod

      tama ka dyan brod dapat maUNA talaga tayo bahala na yung Larong Pinoy (LP) although  ok naman si noynoy, ang mga laiporres lang nya na katulad ni chiz(mis) ang sagabal sa atin pagunlod (sink)

  • JK1000

    Having these two corrupt politicians as our future leaders is the equivalent of China dropping a Nuke in our Country.  It’s a suicide for the Country to have these two corrupt leaders leading our people to waste land.

    • anton

      korek, and china will support these two corrupts para mas madaling kunin ang gusto nila.. he he

  • kulittwit

    The quality and performance-oriented team-up is the Roxas-Escudero or Escudero-Roxas team.

    The other team is pa-pogi, pang inuman at sugalan, pang kumpare at padrino, puro porma, can not expect vision and professional public service.

    • boyod

      dyan ka nagkamali, kc yung tinutokoy puro ambisyoso eh ano ngauyon ang mangyari sa atin bansa

  • BatangSingapore

    mukhang takot na takot ang partido ng abnoy na pangulo kina Binay at Estrada. hahahahahahaha.

    • JK1000

      BOBO ! Bakit naman matatakot si Noynoy Aquino tatapos na ang term niya. Nakakatakot dahil babalik na naman ang mga magnanakaw sa Malacanang.

      • BatangSingapore

        ULUL hihihihihihihi
        pilit nga binubuhay ang charter change ng malacanang para walang eleksyon.
        lokohin nyo lelong nyong panoy hihihihihi

      • hustlergalore

        ang kahibangan bow!

    • scorpio15

      Nabuhay na naman ang taga “Barangay Katiwali-an”. Bise palang at mahirap mangarap ng Gising.

    • boypalaban

       isa ka nga sa natatakot…panatiko ka kasi ni abnoy…bagay kayo…at halikan mo na rin ulo niyan pati tumbong ni corona sipsipin mo….isa ka siguro sa lahi ng mga intsik sa singapore na pinalayas…hahahahahahaha….galing ako singapore kaya alam ko kalakaran doon…ikaw lang ang wala sa ayos….

  • yesyesyo

    Siguradong UNAng malalaos ang binay-estrada team na yan.


  • wawa2172

    Binay-Jinggoy? Ala na bang iba? Only one is sure when they will be voted by the people for the highest positions in the land. Tuloy pa rin ang sinimulang K ni Noy…this time Kapamilya will rule the country. From Republik of Makalti and Repoblika nang San Juan, the kingdom shared will be the Banana Republica nang Pinas. 

  • andy0974

    Binay is only a good mayor of Makati,because it is rich.  Makati is a business district.  Can he do this feat to the whole country??.. when it is saddled with problems of corruption, poverty and unemployment??? Has he done anything substantial to the country so far?? Sana Filipinos are no longer fans of trapos in politics.. wish ko lang

  • arthur1401

    This is going to be fun. Binay-Jinggoy in the next presidential election. Whoever their opponents will be will have a grand time exploiting the notoriety of this tandem.

    Binay-his unexplained wealth after becoming the OIC of Makati in 1986 up to the time he became mayor in democratic elections is so massive, he will be a sitting duck for mudslinging, personal attacks and uncontrolled negative media blitz. Villar got his wealth through his legal businesses but was dampened by C5 scandals and Villaroyo tag. From a top presidential candidate, he went on to lose, was relegated to #3 spot and was even defeated by a convicted plunderer Erap. Will lightning strike a second time at the same spot? Very Likely.

    The people still remember that binay was a mere human rights lawyer before he became OIC, just like saguisag. saguisag up to this time still leads a modest life because he is a known incorruptible lawyer but binay, after being a mayor of makati for so many years has made himself one of the richest politicians. I can already imagine how binay will be fidgety in his seat every time a question of how he earned his wealth is thrown at him.
    Jinggoy-son of a convicted criminal who was once incarcerated in the cell along with his father for plunder will be hardpressed to explain again and again how he got his wealth. As in the case of Villar, he will have to deal with corruption issues. 

    These 2 wannabes have easily forgotten that Pnoy won on the issue of fighting corrution and Villar lost decisively because of corruption.

    The main issue in the next election is still going to be CORRUPTION, most especially now that the economy is slowly turning around brought about by business and people’s confidence on Pnoy and pnoy’s serious efforts to stop impunity. The people are sick and tired of corruption, that gave rise to pnoy’s ascendancy to malacanang. A scary return of impunity is not in the wish list of the voters. A Binay-jinggoy partnership is scary.  

    It will be a walk in the park for whoever will be their opponents for as long as they play their cards right and no corruption issues are thrown at them up to the next election. 

    The people have learned their lessons. Unfortunately, the candidates are not. They still think they can fool all of the people all the time.

    • $20733759

      My reading…. Binay is emboldened by his present high ratings in the polls while Estrada shares the same elation because he (Erap) landed second to Pnoy in the presidential race and equates this as his authority to pass the mantle  to his anointed son Jingoy by reason of his filiation. Well, the only antidote that can offset their self-serving ambition would be PNOY’S achievements in almost all fields of govenment , most notably his unrelenting fight against corruption and the expected improvement of the economy including the benefits to be expected by the people therefrom. So, the ball to frustrate the perceived unsavory  tandem of UNA rest in Pnoy’s hands,

      • arthur1401

        I agree with your assessment. This is also the gist of my comment above. 

  • odifesus

    how come Erap is calling the shot for UNA and not Binay? How come UNA let Zubiri in and let KOKO out? A Binay-Escudero Tandem in 2016 is unbeatable, so if Jinggoy is considered for the the VP I am not sure about the logic of that option. A Roxas- Escudero Tandem however is laughable. If UNA will not be picking up Escudero for the Midterm Election, and then I guess Escudero should remain Independent and just wait for 2016. But if Chiz will be eyeing the presidency on 2016, he will lost his credibility for running against someone whom he help won the VP race.

  • boypalaban

    ayos ang mga plano ni Erap…gaya niya bise muna si jinggoy….at sa susunod presidente naman….balik todo todong kapangyarihan para sa mga Estrada…Malacanang at Maynila….

  • Fulpol

    si Escudero laang ang politikong, baluktot ang pag-iisip.. karamihan, straight mag-isip kahit pa mga corrupt..

    saan ka naka-witness na dawalang kandidato na magkaiba ang partido ang sinusuportahan..

    Noynoying LP – president.. Binay- PDP Vice president..

    mas lalong sinira ni Escudero ang integridad ng partido… kung mayroon man natitira..

    personality at hindi partido, at hindi programa ang sinusuportahan ni Escudero…

    bakit pa siya kukunin nina Binay at Erap, baka ganun din ang gagawin niya kay Binay?

    tapos Roxas-Escudero? malabo… sinong kukuha sa isang politiko na walang kinikilalang partido kundi personalidad laang?

    Escudero, the loser..


  • sangandaan

    For Chiz: Kay Roxas pa rin ang huling halakhak! 

  • tarikan

    For all intents and purposes the multi-party system in the Philippines is a farce. One minute a politician is of this party the next he is of that party, the next day he is of another party. Lukohan laang tapos ang mga Filipinos ay one big loko voters. Shape up people and amend your Cory “Freedom kuno” constitution which is full of loopholes…almost like a “housewife constitution”. Philippines, create a strong two-party or at the most a three-party system and make turncoatism impossible. Make turncoatism not worth their while. Have some principled party system for once for crying out loud.

  • Crysis_III

    Sino pa kayang matitino na lider aside from them? Wala na kasi akong makita na matino. Pwede si Noynoy nalang hanggang 2030. hehehe. 

    • $20733759

      Constitutional amendment kailangan but not impossible, so… WHY NOT!!!  Four more years from now, all of PNoys achievements will be clearer and compelling that the people will be clamoring for more . Pnoy’s annointed one will be a sure winner as his replacement. Have patience and trust.

  • Freddie Mariano

    Lord, please save us and our country from policians like these! Grant us true leaders who can bring us to new moral and economic heights! We need real peple and not butterflies and monkeys jumping from one place to another!

  • jahred

    if the incumbent performs great before his terms end,

    ibalik natin sya sa malakanyang mga kababayan !

    wag magsayang sa mga ginastos na proyekto kahit piso !

    magpasa tayo ng law na kung ano mang proyektong naiwan na nakatiwangwang ng mga kasalukuyang nakaupo dapat tapusin o ipagpatuloy ng papalit na uupo !

    lahat na pwedeng pakinabangan na nakatiwangwang lang ilagay at gamitin kung saan nararapat.

  • Mananandata69

    Roxas -Escudero tandem is impossible dream. Walang prinsipyo si Roxas if he accepted such proposition.

  • Rednaxela VD

    With the rate things are going, we will have our first black president come 2016

  • usaf9

    Escudero’s political flip-flopping and opportunism will render him w/out a party and eventually w/out a country.

  • billy gunner

    if we take a look at the present order, with Penoy a proven incompetent and Roxas a very obvious weakling, i wonder where do we go from here (save for the usual good news in the media while Ford plant is closing down)! lol

    • isagani soreda

      Do the government is the main reason for closure of Ford? probably it’s not. sorry if you are affected by the closure…  

      • billy gunner


  • usaf9

    If Filipinos don’t change Binay will be president and Estrada vice president … what a boon… less to the nation. 

    • billy gunner

       i don’t know with you, but between binay and roxas, binay proves to have more balls and brains, while roxas? well, what more can i say than fumble for lack of a better term than being mr. palengke..

      • MiguelLorenzo

        ang balls and brains nyang sinasabi mo ang ginamit nya sa pagkapit-tuko at pag rambotito nya sa makati. gagamitin nya yun sa buong pilipinas sa susunod kapag pinayagan natin sya.

      • billy gunner

         Hay naku kayong mga members ng communications group…alam mo kayo lang naman ang naniniwala na corrupt si Binay at dahil binabayaran kayo upang maglako ng kung ano anong panira sa ibang tao para lang maikampanya ang kandidato ng amo niyo. pwe! kakasuka kayo kala niyo mauuto niyo mga tao! tingnan niyo ang mga surveys, bakit si binay palagi nangunguna? magresign na nga kayo’t baka mapaimpyerno pa kayo!

  • EOJ

    The presidential election is 3 and a half years away, by 2016 binay-estrada has lost steam. it is a good thing they are coming out now.

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    this tandem screams ‘ TRAPO REPUBLIC ‘ 

  • $23257130

    president binay. ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan!!

    • DASREICH1704

       Abangan ang susunod na kabanata kung magkakatotoo yan sinasabi mo na President binay? tandaan mo, malayo pa ang 2016, madami pa ang puedeng mangyari between now and then

    • Bonggebongge

      Eh di na aabot si Binay sa 2016…baka kunin na ng tadhana….

  • JuanTamadachi

    No permanent enemies… No permanent alliances… Only permanent interests..

    I think Roxas has an edge over Binay in so far as honesty and integrity are concerned.  (Roxas is probably less corrupt).

    Escudero & Jinggoy are probably even. Both of them are very corrupt.. 

    • JoseG

      The problem is his Araneta connection. Businessmen who only think of personal profit is the same as corrupt politicians

      • JuanTamadachi

        That is why I said, ” Roxas is probably less corrupt. “

  • hammieka

    pag nagkataon na BINAY ESTRADA ang mamalakad sa bansa hindi lang EDSA 3 kundi CIVIL WAR SA PILIPINAS. Heheheheheheheheheheh.

  • virgoyap


    • DASREICH1704

       Very sad indeed

      • Chito

        OK lang kung “sad.” Actually, it’s gonna be TRAGIC! Isang malaking tahedya para sa mga Pinoy!

  • marionics

    ewan ko ba kung saan nanggagaling itong perceived na suporta kay chiz. e ala naman akong alam na nagawa o ginagawa nito. parang si binay at loren, di ko malaman kung bakit parating top ng survey. what have they done to be so popular?

    • JuanTamadachi

      They are popular mainly because of name recall and nothing else..

      • marionics

        well i don’t disagree that they have name recall but does that also explain the high approval rating kahit ala naman akong alam na nagawa nilang mabuti?

      • JuanTamadachi

        Re-read my post.. emphasis on “NOTHING ELSE”..

      • marionics

        well you said “mainly” so i thought there were other minor reasons for the high approval rating. but if you say there is “nothing else” on top of that then it is indeed a sad testament to our democracy he he

    • jahred

       pilipino voters right now have the mentality of  “fiesta environment”
      kung saan ang maraming tao doon pupunta at sasabay sa agos,

      di na masyadong iniisip kung sino tlaga ang iboboto

      palakasan system …kung saan kawali ang masarap na ulam at maraming masandok doon tayo makiki fiesta

      Yung Mga Projects Na May Nakalagay Ng Pangalan ng Pulitiko Palitan Ng
      ” Buwis Ng Mamamayan “

    • $20733759

      Obvious naman di ba, so… AGREE ako dyan!!!

  • SUMMER_OF_71

    To me, the Jojo-Jingoy tandem for 2016 had been decided upon as early as when Erap-Binay ran together in 2010.  That was part of the deal – assuming Binay would win as VP (even if Erap would lose – Chiz should have known that).  I also can see Mar-Chiz for the other side.  The latter two would be a formidable ticket.  Looking now at these major players and the developing picture, where past animosities and/or intense rivalries have been conveniently forgotten, replaced by new and endearing alliances, politics do make strange bedfellows where vested interests prevail over principles.  But then, what else is new?

  • Joey

    OMG! sana naman bumoto tayo ng maayos sa 2013 at lalong-lalo na sa 2016!!!

  • quirinomayer

    The entry of Binay in Malacanang will be the return of  Gloria to Malacanang.

    All those who want to prevent this national tragedy, vote this comment.

    • acidicboy

      bo bo mo

  • Joey

    habang maaga let’s start educating the people about the electoral process… let them be informed, yung mga botante dyan who claim to be educated, gamitin naman natin ang pinag-aralan natin to enlighten the masses

  • pidalcopter2

    Very slowly and unwittingly, we are now seeing this Estrada-Binay tandem as an extension of corruption if not more outrageous than the GMA regime.  Estrada the plunderer and Binay with string of corruption cases at the Ombudsman. So many ignoramuses in the electorate are cheering this tandem as their savior in exchange for a very measly sum of dole out they are getting. They never realize that these doleouts were really squeezed out from their own sweat. The biggest problem the Philippines will ever have is when this duo become our next leaders. More notorious than that of Gloria Arroyo’s.  Very scary indeed!   

  • Joey

    for people outside of metro manila, hindi nyo po kilala si Binay. parang awa nyo sa bayan, wag po kayong magpadala sa mga sabi-sabi. hindi nyo alam kung paano sya at ang kanyang pamilya maghari-harian sa Makati!

    • Oliver

      dika taga makati sa mga sinasabi mo, or kalaban ka.anong hari harian, binay ang nagpaunald at nagpaganda ng makati. if u know the history of makati, especially when it is in bankruptcy.its mayor binay 9now vp) ang gumawa ng paraan para maging financial district ito ngayon. hope dika makasarili at persponal na galit lang yan.  

      • nestor

        Ha ha ha ha..Oliver tulog ka yata ng nag type nito? tapos sabihin mo pang si binay ang dahilan kaya naging financial distric ang makati? he he he..subrang hapit mo yata sir, ang Makati wala pa si Binay-aran, dyan Financial Distric na po yan,itanong mo kay YABOT,at AYALA.

      • Oliver

        oo pero di pa sya progresib. panahon ni yabot,bangkrap ang makati. at ng maging mayor si binay, saka naging maunlad makati. 4 ur info.

      • arthur1401

        again you’re wrong. after  edsa 1, the business sector confidence was buoyed because the businessmen believed on cory’s sincerity. Ayala undertook a massive marketing network to entice investors. It was the ayala’s who made Makati rich. Binay was just incidental  because he was the mayor but not the reason why makati became the city known today.
        Go out of Ayala Ave and its famous villages (also devloped by Ayala) and you will see that the city is no different from malabon or valenzuela.
        To say that makati is rich because of binay is pure baloney.
        All the roads leading to Ayala ave were developed by Ayala and the national government, not by binay. suwerte lang talaga si binay at doon nag-concentrate ang ayala corp. without the ayalas, makati is nothing. Get it? BTW, are you an employee of Binay???.

      • arthur1401

        I was a part of the design team that developed Ayala Ave and the financial district and Ayala corp was one of our priced clients. At that time, Yabot was the mayor, as mentioned by Nestor. Binay was still a struggling human rights lawyer relying only on rich litigants. When Binay became OIC, Ayala was already fully developed as the premier financial district of the Philippines.
        Do you remember the confetti that rained along Ayala Ave every time Cory, side by side with binay, went there? 
        To attribute to Binay the main reason why Ayala became the financial district of the Philippines is ridiculous, funny and complete lie.
        This early, I can see that binay will use that lie as one of his campaign slogans. If that will happen, it will be the same strategy that villar used when he said that his brother died in FEU hospital because of poverty and it smacked into his face.He lost convincingly.  

      • $20733759

        Misleading. Makati was already the premier business district long before Binay was appointed by Cory to replace Yabut after the Edsa revolution.Makati’s position as the financila hub of the Philippines should be credited to the business leaders and corporate entities, espacially the Ayalas, Zobels, Sorianos and the banking community then.Binay owe the misleading illusion propagated by the likes of Oliver to these gentries.

      • edward castro

        ayala nag paganda sa makati hinde si binay.  look at the sidestreets .. baku baku at baha pa din sa wasghinton, pasong tamo etc pag umihi ang palaka..

      • Bonggebongge

        Oliver dati nang financial district ang Makati di pa kilala si Binay si Binay dyan, nataun lang na sya ang Nakaupo ng may crisis at nag mistulang sya ang nag bigay solusyon…most of the budget na ibinuhos sa Makati galing sa National Budget just to save it at marestore ito bilang Financial Capital.

      • hustlergalore

        ano bang pinagsasabi mo? ang tawag diyan kahibangan!

  • alice_in_chains

    oh no…

  • samarutan

    God forbid!

  • tadasolo

    There are a lot of people offended by these binsy Estrada tamden and one thing we can do is express our position and exposed them and what danger they will be to our progress. Let us be active and let our community know about it by spreading our concern. Let us have our own Arab spring

  • WishkoLang

    Binay is dictator in nature, Estrada likes to control. Have look at Makati and San Juan. Inari na nila. Wish ko lang sana di sila manalo. Kawawa ang Pinoy and Pinas.

    • popeyee

      Tama ka, makikita mo sa makati pati yata mga punongkahoy pingalanan na nila ng B..

  • sinful_lustful69

    grabe ang inside job kapag si binay ang presidente, ung mga empleyado sa sangay ng makati governement ay nahoholdap kapag araw ng sahod, lalo na kapag bigayan ng 13th month. ipaskil ba naman sa bulleting board ang mga pangalan ng kukuha ng bonus at kung anong araw. kaya ung pobreng kumuha ng bonus paglabas ng trabaho, holdap agad, ilan na ba ang namamatay na hindi nababalita sa sitwasyon na ito sa makati.

    isa pa, 6 na taon bago ka maregular sa munisipyo ng makati, taon taon na lang magrerenew ka ng kontrata. violation un sa batas ng paggawa sa department of labor. lisensyado ka na pero kaswal pa din ang turing sayo.

    ilan na bang 5,000 pesos na bonus na galing sa malakanyang ang hindi naibibigay ng mag-amang binay sa mga manggagagawa, itong huli ay ang bonus na binigay ni pinoy.


    • Oliver

      di totoo pinapaskil sa 13th month pay. ala naman kaming nakitang ganun. at walang namamatay,san u naman nakuha yang isyu nayan,malamang may personal kang galit. magtanong ka muna at mag imbestiga. may proseso yung regularization as per civil service regulation. yung bonus na galing sa malakanyang, di tayo nabibigyan nu, kasi nga city na tayo at meron tayong sariling pondo. pero dipende parin kung papayagan ng national budget at coa. dahil makati lang ang lgu na maraming bonus, at dina pwede magdagdag. bk dimo alam ang batas.mag aral k muna b4 mag husga.remember! ignorance of the law,excuses no one.get mo?

  • k

    tulfo-raymart for 2016.

  • Bong

    bakit sila pa?

  • JK1000

    I won’t be surprise if these two corrupt politicians will win based on how filipinos voted before, they’re going for popularity instead of quality. The thing that bothers me was, filipinos always asked their leaders why they’re poor ?  Sadly, they don’t realize that they’re the ones who keep putting these kind of beasts or animals in office.

    • jahred

       is media , buinessman or militia unit  wala bang kinalaman dito ?

    • $20733759

      Well said and in point! Anyway, there are still four(4) long years, baka naman magising na ang bayang matagal ng tulog , hopeless ba???

  • rodger66

    Roxas can win if he leave Korina, the public sees Korina as danger to the country !

    • Bonggebongge

      Hahahahah si Korina…badluck….

  • duviz7533

    sounds like tandem of al capone and and bugs moran…Pilipinas saan ka punpunta pag ganitong mga tao ang magiging lider….mga kabayan humanap na lang tayo ng lesser evil if may mahahanap

    • jahred

       for me sir kahit evil pa tlaga sya basta uunlad lang ang pilipinas at ang mga tao at hindi na matapak tapakan at mamaliitin ang ating bansa at tatayo at maninindigan na sa sariling lupa okay lang …. 0(‘-‘)0

      Ganun Ako ka Desperado 0(‘-‘)0

      • popeyee

        Paano naman tayo uunlad kung evil ang namumuno?

  • duviz7533

    voting binay is like voting  a talking crocodile..ok din malalagay sa guinnes..president  na buwaya

  • Chi2 Garupa

    A bad political taste. Abad no more. Abad is not good enough for DAR then and for PH now.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    With the Presidential election still 4 years away,why are these politicians making early  overtures now?
    The country has not even hold the senatorial election!! Rather these  people must talk   about :
    Improving the social,economic, defense related agenda and other pertinent issues confronting the motherland than this elbowing,pre-positioning,pre-emptying gestures and quests for political power and governance.I rather have them also  help Aquino and the people foremost to get rid of corruption than these sideshows.
    Nakakahiya kayo!!
    While the Chinese are slowly gobbling up the reefs;the Navotas children using sticks to fish out few coins from a ditch to buy rice for their family;a family panhandles at Roxas Blvd;children in Tondo diving through murky waters to find bottles to sell for the next meal;these politicians rather jostle and juxtaposition themselves for a political   prize 4 years away.Way too far,my God!!
    What a skewered priorities.No wonder the motherland is laggard than those countries around it in Asia. We never learn,do we?
    Shame! Shame! Shame!.
    If we don’t change for the better,”LALO TAYONG MANGUNGULELAT”.
    And as i say: “The population doubles up in a decade or so”.

  • duviz7533

    dalhin lahat ng trapong yan sa panatag shaol,takot daw sa buwaya ang mga intsik

  • Dave Panganiban

    Mga kababayan ko!

    nalalapit na ang eleksyon…..paki pili na po ang sa tingin nyo ay makakatulong para sa Ikabubuti ng bansa..

    para naman di na kayo mag sisi pah sa huli….tulad ni Arroyo!  :)

  • pcosmachine

    Binay’s preparation and planning for his 2016 presidential bid at this very early stage (4 years away) is a clear indication that he only wants to run for his own personal gain. He will NEVER win the presidency.

  • duviz7533

    baka mas ok pa ang erap-kris tandem… parehong ma..L

  • kilabot

    binay-estrada, roxas-escudero, cojuangco-pimentel, cayetano-marcos, lacson-revilla, bamaquino-drilon… they all look and smell the same. it’s the season of topak 2.

  • rosamistika16

    bising-bisi kayo sa paghahanda sa election pero hindi nyo iniisip ang paghahanda sa digmaan in case hindi ma-resolve and scarborough standoff. sa tingin nyo magkaka-eleksyon pa kung meron giyera?

    puro kayo plano ng para sainyo hindi para sa pilipinas kung saan kayo rin sana ang mamumuno. ano pa ang pamumunuan nyo kung wala kng bansa?!

    • Bonggebongge

      True…ang mga ganid halatang hayok sa kapangyarihan…samantalang may naka bantang mananakop…mga bugok at suwail sa bayan ang mga ganyang atat…

  • joboni96

    matagal pa

    mas tuwid na daan siguro
    pag mar ang presidente

    kaya lang
    pro big business at
    foreign control of our economy

    magpakatotoong pro pilipino masa
    si mar  >  ayos

    laking bentahe ni vinay
    for president

  • Chito

    kailangan na naman ng mga Pinoy ang isang “divine intervention” para sa ating 2016 presidential elections. between BINAY, ESTRADA, ESCUDERO, ROXAS, i’d rather go for Tito DOLPHY! Sayang nga lang at iniwan na tayo ng isang mas mabuti at mas marangal na tao. sayang ang mga pinunlang pagbabago ng kasalukuyang gobyerno kung ang mga nabangit lamang ang papalit! sama na lang kaya tayo kay Tito DOPLHY?

    • andresa igbac

      tito Dolphy, ipagdasal nyo po ang pinas dyan ha. pakibulungan naman si Lord. pakibigyan si Lord ng best joke mo para matawa sya at matuwas sa pinas :) magduet po kayo ni tito Panchito para maaliw si Lord. tapos mag-tap dance kayo ni tito Bayani para lalo pa matuwa si Lord. at mag john en marsha skit kayo ni tita Nida and tita Dely.para sure na sure na bubuhos ni Lord ang biyaya sa pinas!

  • athenapallas

    Binay-Estrada tandem??? O dios mio, huwag po ninyong ipahintulot ito… parehong korap, parehong ganid, parehong maitim …ang mga kalooban. wala na bang iba? yung may prinsipyo at integridad at hindi nagpayaman ng sariling pamilya galing sa kaban ng bayan, at hindi bumubuo ng poilitical dynasty?

    Hindi na madaling mauto ang mga botante ngayon – a good proof was the result of last election – but we still need to collectively do our part to educate the poor and uneducated voters who easily get swayed by these corrupt politicians by their “ichahan ng 500 pesos or 3 kilong bigas at 3 lata ng sardinas” system of buying the poor voters’ votes during their campaigns. We should use technology to spread the word, and illuminate gulible poor voters who believe Binay and Junggoy. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    I don’t know about you but if what I read is portent of things to come – heaven forbid ERAP get elected again, elected as Vice President which is equivalent to a hairpin closer to the presidency, then we can conclude not only are we truly a fine specimen of a third world country, we should thank ourselves for the screw we love to twist to our heads.

    • Bonggebongge

      Yung anak daw yun Dude…hindi si erap pero ganun din yun tama ka…

  • Bulagas

    SI JUNGGOY!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    To rosamistika16:
      Tama ang sinasabi mo kabayan.Ito ang masabi ko,Hindi tayo ang nasa puwesto,pero bakit ang iniisip natin ay ang kapakanan ng ating bayan at  mga naghihirap na mga kaparehong Pilipino natin? Pero sila ang iniisip ay ang “political survival”.Maling-Mali.Hindi makabayan.
    Malaking bagay itong Scarborough problem na ito!! Pag  hindi ma-resolve ito,baka wala ang eleksiyon na pinaplano nilang iyan!! May posibilidad na mawalan tayo ng bansa.
    Baka takbuhan tayo ng mga yan.
    Nakakaawa ang katayuan ng mga karamihan rito.Nakikita natin yan.Ito dapat ang prayoridad nila
    bilang mga namumuno.
    Sana makinig ang mga pulitikong ito.Ang daming kakulangan sa mamamayan magmula pa noong mabigyan tayo ng independesiya noong 1946.

  • SlickBrick

    Tama ba naman yan 4 na taon pa at pwestuhan na agad ang pinaghahandaan ng mga pulitiko na ito. Pwede bang sabihin na huwag natin iboto ang mga pulitiko na as early as now ay naghahangad na sa mga posisyon ng gobyerno? Halatang ganid sa kapangyarihan at kurakot. Sa tingin ba natin e kapakanan ng bayan ang iniisip ng mga taong ito. Tulungan natin maiahon ang ating bansa sa pamamagitan ng hindi pagboto sa mga taong ito.

    • Fayha

      tama ka usapin na ito, malalaman mo ang tunay na kulay nang mga pulitiko na ito.instead na mag isip sila para sa ikabubuti nang bayan e pag hahanda sa sunod na elction ang inaatupag nila.for me i don’t vote this kind of politicians.

  • Chito

    BINAY-ESTRADA? yaaaaakkkkks!!! Kay MIRIAM-santiago na lang ako!!! They both may be crazy, but they’re NOT STUPIDLY corrupt.


    LAGOT ang People of the Philippines pag nagkataon.

  • libraocto

    LORD, HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chito

    I’m very glad to note that if we, who all posted our comments to this editorial, are to hold a presidential elections today, both BINAY-ESTRADA-ESCUDERO-ROXAS will NOT win!

    But the sad reality, we here, who can afford to use the Internet, have PCs, laptaps, or iPADs, DO NOT have the numbers to elect a GOOD PRESIDENT!

    Let’s realize that a great number of voters are in the low level income groups, over 10 MILLION of them are the ones who can have the numbers to elect the next president. These are the real ones marginalized, forgotten (except during elections), suffering, lost, and fed up of those who had promised them food and jobs. For these lot, names such as ESTRADA or BINAY, sounds like food on the table and jobs, kahit panaginip lang talaga, sa totoo lang.

    Kaya yong pakamay-kamay ni ERAP at pagkaen ng naka-kamay na kasa ang mga POORS is a BIG BIG political message for these lot that can win for them votes for the Presidential bid.

    But who knows. I believe in the power of volunteerism. Perhaps we can capitalize our access to the Internet, using our iPADs, and PCs, and laptaps, and gadgets, to cmapaign against this opportunists.

    We do need a “miracle” guys! A BIG BIG miracle to change the directions for the 2016 elections. So help as GOD!

    • AnoGa

       amen! mabuhay ang diwa ng Pinoy!

    • Timbuktu & Kiribati

      You’re right bro! But we should not lose hope. God provides!

    • malayangpinoy

      Yan ang masakit na katotohanan, ang majority ng botante sa pinas ay nasa poverty level na walang magandang access sa modern media. kaya madali silang ma oto ng mga mapagbalat kayong mga pulitiko dahil kulang sila sa inpormasyon at kaalaman.kunting bigay ng pera at kunting pangako yon na ang kanilang pakikinggan.sana ang mga politiko na ang magbago,at magserbisyo para sa bayan,at hindi sa pansariling kapakanan

    • billy gunner

      then let’s stick to the fact that we need competent leaders. of course i won’t debate with you on the moral fitness of all candidates because all of them stink. but between binay and roxas, i’d settle for binay coz roxas will only make things spiral downward. gibo would have been the best choice if he runs again, unfortunately very few know he exists.

      nonetheless, i’m quite confused as to your “need for a miracle”. can you elaborate on that coz i’m not sure who you are rooting for (which leads me to assume, hopefully i’m wrong, that you are only campaigning for penoy’s anointed ones).

  • TsuPaeng

    Both men are TRAPO and Opportunist! Kahit sa demonyo makikinegotiate si Binay para lang manalo.

  • binatangtagabukid

    patikim lng pala pag asenso ng pinas…fasten your seatbelt were on a nosedive!

  • PH2011


    It’s still
    too early to speculate.

    Until now
    the country is deeply influenced by the TRAPOS.

    The Aquino
    government alliance with Businessman Villar of Nacionalista ( Marcos Jr. is
    also a member) Party.

    For what
    reason?  So what concessions?

    Just for
    Political Convenience of the President would be successor?

    Politics. What a shame….

  • Alejandro

    No one comes cleaner than Gibo for the seat in Malacanang.

    • hustlergalore

      he should have run not as an annointed one by gloria. LOL

  • I_kabod

    gamitin natin ang forum na ito para mag kaisa at hindi manalo ang sindikato na to.  yun nga lang, mas madami ang bobotante hehehe

  • noel

    layo pa ng halalan election na naman ang usapan…………….hayyy kailan kaya tayo titigilan ng mga politiko na ito.sariling interes na naman ang iniisip ala naman silang maibigay na disenting trabaho sa mga pinoy…………..sana matuto na ang mga pinoy…………

  • john mark santos

    bilib talaga ko sa mga politiko natin, advance ang mga plano.laging nakatuon kung ano mangyayari sa malayo pa na panahon . kaya naman ang “ngayon” nakakalimutan na at wala ng nagagawa ngayon pa lang. 

    Hoy mga mag trabaho muna kayo, mas madame pa kayo nagagawa sa pamumulitika kesa sa trabaho nyo.

  • tekateka

    This will be the end of Filipinos… I’d rather have an atomic bomb dropped in PI than having these trapos rule our country for the next generations… 

  • ngayonyan

     Sa pangalan pa lang , wala silang MAKUKUHA sa amin, mga kabayan ko matoto naman kayong bomoto!!!

  • Jomjom

    2010: Estrada (Erap)  for Pres.  Binay for Vice (Binay won)
    2016: Binay for Pres, Jinggoy Estrada for Vice
    2022: Jinggoy for Pres., Junjun Binay for Vice
    2028: Junjun Binay for Pres. JV Ejercito for Vice
    2034: JV Ejercito for Pres;  J. Binay III for Vice
    2040: J. Binay III for Pres, JinggoyJr. for Vice
    and so on and so forth…

    • billy gunner

       So you would settle then for roxas this 2016??? wtf!

      • pubringjuandelacruz

        sila lang ba ang mga presidentiables?

    • marlaw

      Agree ako kabayan… eto nga ang plano ng Binay-Estrada families sa bansang Pilipinas in the guise of public service. Kaya maging alisto dapat ang ating mga kababayan sa mga pagbabalatkayo ng dalawang pamilyang ito baka di natin mapansin nasa poder na sila. 

      Isa pang dapat bantayan ay si Bongbong Marcos dahil sa ngayon pa-ride ride muna siya para masabay sa agos papunta sa poder ng hindi napapansin ng taumbayan. Ang gma Pinoy pa naman maaawain at makakalimutin at ulyanin pa.

  • MarkMen2000

    Oh NO! Not another Estrada!

  • Jim De Garman

    what a heck is all about politics in the Philippines..a convicted plunderer seems to remained  powerful and could arrange an agenda for those who wants to join his party. its ridiculous to acknowledge his presence even he perceived to be popular but not to his agenda, after election he will dictate again his desire and would just followed by those party mates who have won their position through his party.  Filipinos should think more about their future and disregard this motives of crook politicians.  Pls vote wisely.


    Never to a binay president. 

    • disqus_LFF0zFjt7g


  • AbygeylValteh

    Binay-Jinggoy…ang tambalan ng mga punggok at maitim para 2016 election. Abangan ang kanilang pagkakalat.

  • marlaw

    Napapanahon na para supalpalin ang mga Binay at Estrada ngayong darating na 2013 elections sa pamamagitan ng hindi pagboto sa kanila. Matagal na nilang niloloko ang sambayanang Pilipinas kaya marapat lamang na iparamdam sa kanila na buking na sila sa kanilang mga pagbabalatkayo at panloloko. Ginawa na nilang palabigasan ang pulitika at tila para bang kanila ng pag aari na ipinapamana na sa kanilang mga anak at apo. Gising Pilipinas!

    • legislex

      I agree.  If we want Binay and Estrada to know that we do not like them in 2016, we should show them this by NOT electing for any UNA candidates in 2013.  

  • whyinthisworld

    People like estrada and binay should not be given much attention because knowing their past, what future await to all pilipinos then? To mr. gunner, you mean between roxas and binay you prefer to vote for binay. Do you know who is binay of makati? pls. check  and you will know his true color, from rugs to riches.

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    good bye philippines pag nagkataon.

  • disqus_LFF0zFjt7g

    ERAP please stop in politics…you don’t know to manage the country…popularity lang gamit mo… lamang ka dyan sa mga traditional voters….

  • disqus_LFF0zFjt7g

    we should choose the man to be a president that has no record of corruption katulad ni PNoy….c Binay dami na yon corruption records pero hindi lang ma huli kasi ng kahinaan ng ating batas…maraming loop holes.

  • Space_flight71

    What if mabuo na officially ang LP-NP-NPC coalition? Malamang sa kangkungan na pulitin ang UNA. Hehehe!

    • billy gunner

       akala ko ba confident na ang LP sa panalo dahil sa kanila daw ang tuwad este tuwid na daan. ba’t naman ngayon makikipag sanib pwersa sila sa ibang koalisyon na hindi naman tuwad este tuwid ang daan? hmmmm…

  • OlafNYC

    Erap is a dumbass.

    • marionics

      well, a pretty successful dumbass if i may say so myself

  • Shortankard

    Gaano man kalaki ang resources ni Mar Roxas sa 2016, useless din, dahil kakambal na niya ang malas, tataob at tataob siya kay Binay. Wawang Mar.

  • disqus_LFF0zFjt7g

    yon ang problema sa ating political system multi-partisan…ang mga corrupt at meron pera ay palagi makasali sa election….they can always have a chance to run in any position. sana bi-partisan na tayo.

  • antigo3

    ang problema lamang…tiyak alam ni bugaw Abad na DI MAPAGTANIM si GINOONG VILLAR pero MAALALAHANIN…………….mag below the belt ba naman itira sa iyo…pati magulang..wøw naman!

  • Koneksyon

     reading this gives you goose pimples that will be so endemic that it won’t be cured any kind of antibiotic!!! gosh, leaves you so hopeless helpless and haughty!!! 2016 will only be my 4th presidential election season – the past three were bonkers and the 4th will be super bonkers!!! and i don’t know if i will still be alive to see a 5th presidential season as i cling to utter wish that i can still help pave a way for a better philippines for my grandchildren!!!  i cant even ask GOD to help me!!!

  • teraytaray

    sadly mananalo si Erap na Mayor ng Maynila.  di ba nag 2nd sya sa Presidential? inuumpishan na nga ni Isko si Mayor Lim para manalo Erap-Isko ticket.

    • allandel

      did you know that ang mga nananalo sa national, hirap manalo sa local elections? kasi kilala sila ng mga tao sa local. kaya estrada will have a hard time.

  • jpastor

    Tandem will reshape PH backwards. Wala na talaga sa katinuan ang ating pagiisip kung kahit isa sa kanila ang mananalo.

  • moral_angel

    Sino naman kayang sira-ulong pulitiko ang pa-partner kay Mar Roxas sa 2016. Mar is such a loser kaya malamang walang pa-partner sa kanya.

  • Manuel Orth

    I’m sure kabado na si Mar Roxas sa tandem na yan. Nakakaungos na kasi  si Binay sa kanya. Magtrabaho ka kasi Mar.

    • ed0804

       No need to worry. Mar will leave “trapos” by a mile.

  • legislex

    Binay and Jinggoy – PWEEH.  Parehong trapo.

  • Mang Teban

    I read the news about the posturings of politicians for the elections scheduled in 2013 and 2016 but I don’t let myself get affected. Based on what we have seen in the past, the lineup for senators next year will be subject to change up to the last minute in all of the political mergers that are making their presence felt.

    If only I can start a betting station that will put combinations for president-vice presidential wannabees, I would make a lot of money. The bets will be a pair of numbers. I will assign numbers to each prospective candidate. No need to specify the position or divide the candidates into groups. My guess is that in 2016, there would be 30 persons seriously considering to run in the elections. Hence, there will be 870 combinations. If each ticket is worth 10 pesos each and one million bettors bought tickets, that is gross sales of 10 million pesos. After deducting my share for “operational expenses” of 30% (wow!), I can make easily three million pesos. One winner, which is an impossibility, will get the 7 million grand prize. If 10,000 bettors guessed correctly, each ticket earns 700 pesos or a net winnings of 690 pesos for a 10-peso ticket. Not bad. It would be a laugh if PCSO will take my idea for their fund-raising schemes.

    Seriously, we need to campaign to urge able and competent Filipinos to run as candidates for the national posts in 2016. Side by side with this, I hope that the PPCRV will be mobilized to organize voter education again in universities and in big private audiences to teach voters about selecting the right candidates without naming names. The biggest obstacle in these campaigns if the Catholics will initiate them will be the heckling and rabid hate propaganda that anti-Catholics are known to launch. We see a lot of them these days.

  • Davrry

    Dont let Mar Roxas handle
    coalition with NP and NPC. He will only bring bad luck to the team. 

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    Binay’s posturing, thanks to his PR man, is obviously attracting people’s favorable inclinations but it is simply pure posturing, akin-deep, nay, not even, perhaps only as useful for him as a maskara. Jinggoy for his running mate? Double whammy for the UNA.
    Why do wrong, if unworthy, candidates win in elections? Well, we have no issue on what they are.  They are that and we can’t do anything about it. What is so unfortunate for the country is that corrupt politicians are the ones who bag the volume of votes from the unthinking, if not undiscerning unnationalistic, popularity entranced voters and those who happily trade their votes with a sum of money.
    Philippines, magdudusa ka talaga.  Kung may corrupt candidates, mas marami ang corrupt voters. Wala na saiyong magpapasaya, wala na si Dolphy.

  • daniboy2012

    anak ng tipaklong..wala na bang matitinong politikong natitira sa pilipinas ..e puro recycle ang mga to….this people don’t have new ideas ..its the same shxt. Fxck em..don’t vote these ugly politicians.

  • ed0804

    Are we going to the dogs? TRAPO’s are the worst politicians and voters know that already. To the TRAPO’s and financiers, you won’t win don’t waste your time and money.

  • Isang Pilipino

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over UNA. It’s only Jojo and Erap who thinks malakas sila. Just look at how the LP and its allies are shaping up. They’re a formidable group while UNA’s Jojo and Erap busy themselves preparing their children to takeover.

  • Ding S. Guevarra Jr.

    What we needed is a new generation of politicians beholden to the ideals of good governance and public service. And to me that starts with Party truism.A Political Party with creed that spell out its character and excellence and Program of Government that will manifest its approach towards nation building and progress of life for citizenry to name a few.

    What we have is the endless rigodon of  politicians in the name of survival and turf-ism. Political Parties are birthed oftentimes for convenience and/or to thrust limited agenda. Dissolved when the “engine” that propels it used up its steam. Given the kind of character we developed through the years of non-enduring alliances and constant political color changes, we no longer have a true picture of who is who, who is of what and what is ,is! Sad to note, politics became a curse to our broken dream of national progress.Bayan muna? Mukhang hindi! Kami muna. Yan, baka yan pa!

    BUT OF COURSE WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON OUR HOPE. A day will come, a season, when true nationalists and patriots will appear on our political horizon, and  will instigate reforms.And you will see, some of their commanding marks will be,moral uprightness,political faithfulness and spiritual politeness. The  kind of political leadership we’re been waiting and wanting  have come at last. 

    But of course if we are to achieve true nation building, politics is only a fragment of it. We need to give heed to the Word of the Almighty…righteousness exalts a nation. We need HIM to help us.And that is stating a fact not imposing a fact.

  • anu12345

    My forecast is Erap-Binay tandem again. Unless Binay runs against erap. And they have to deal with Marcos, too.

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