Santiago not quitting Senate yet


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. FILE PHOTO/SENATE POOL

Only 12 and not 13 vacant Senate seats.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago advised the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to list only 12 vacancies in the 2013 senatorial elections “out of prudence” since she could not predict when she would leave the chamber to join the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Responding to Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes’ suggestion that she resign before October 5, the deadline of the filing of certificates of candidacy, Santiago on Wednesday said she was unable to determine the date of her resignation because she has not yet been called to active duty by the ICC.

Brillantes had explained that the Comelec was in a dilemma whether or not to finalize the traditional 12 vacancies or to make it 13, in case Santiago leaves the Senate to fulfill her job as judge of the ICC.

Santiago was chosen earlier this year as the first Asian judge of the international judicial body. She was supposed to take her oath as a new member of the ICC earlier this year but was unable to fly to The Hague because of hypertension.

No date yet

As it is, the senator has already asked that she be among the last of the six new judges to be called to the ICC, given her commitments in the Senate.

The ICC also cannot give a specific date when Santiago is needed to report for work and replace one of the 18 incumbent judges in The Hague.  This is because while each ICC judge has a nine-year term, he or she cannot retire until all cases assigned to that judge has been decided.

“Of course, I will not resign from the Senate, until the ICC calls me to duty. Hence, I respectfully submit that even only out of prudence, the 2013 ballot should list only 12 vacancies for senators,” Santiago wrote Brillantes.

“In order to observe the provision that the ICC should consist of only 18 judges, a newly-elected Judge has to wait until an incumbent Judge has disposed of all his pending trials, even if the tenure extends beyond the retirement date of the incumbent,” she further explained.

Santiago added that ICC President Sang-Hyun Song wrote all six new ICC judges, including her, on February 22 advising them “not to make any irreversible commitments for the time being which could terminate your current professional engagements with a view to future engagement at the Court.”


Santiago said she “took this statement to mean that I should not yet resign as senator. Subsequently, in March 2012, the six new Judges were invited to The Hague for oath-taking. I was unable to go, because I was suffering from hypertension of a potentially dangerous level.”

“In hindsight, it was fortuitous that I did not take my oath as judge, because it could have disqualified me from remaining as Senator,” she added.

Santiago also told Brillantes that should she resign now, before the ICC calls her to duty as he demanded, the Senate “will have no responsibility for my income or professional accommodation” while leaving her in the dark about when she starts her stint as a judge.

“This is why I cannot resign from the Senate, until the ICC indicates that I should do so. I will simply have to wait until the ICC president makes a decision on when I should report,” she said.

Originally posted: 5:34 pm | Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

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  • Jun Go

    masyadong sigurista

  • johnllander

    Santiago, you’re a disgrace to the ICC and the Phiilppine Senate. You better resign now from the Senate and do not accept your post to the ICC.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Santiago resign now,Baliw,sisa,Brainda,micky-liling and more…

  • marionics

    hehe mukhang totoo nga na binabawi ng icc yung appointment. nakup nalintikan na

    • Guest

      tama ka marionics kaya tago na baka babalikan tayo niyan lagot tayo ….huwag mo akong iiwan hahaha…..

  • observer1356

    fall-back lang nya ang Senate hehehe

  • pj2003

    i hope next week no pronouncement from Mirriam saying… “I lied” whaa!

  • mellamo2013

    hhahah i told you so. she wont quit. at least not for hte time being

  • Hey_Dudes

    My opinion on this issue is, it is time for the supreme court to decide on the matter. Comelec does not have the luxury of time the national election is only few months away. The supreme court must make this lady senator decide whether it is the ICC or the Philippine senate but not both. This lady has shown her ugly color during the Corona impeachment hearing and she is showing an even uglier color in this case. Mahiya naman siya sa taxpayers ng bansa. What if after the election ICC calls her? Is she saying there should be another special election for her replacement?

    • D_BystandeR

      Ang “kapal muks” niya talaga! She wants to hit two birds in one stone at the expense of the poor tax payers. Ano bang pagkakasala sa mga taong bayan na binigyan pa tayo ng ganitong klaseng babaeng walang iginagalang kahit sino. I agree with your suggestion that the SC should rule on her shameless behavior before October 5 or it will entail so much cost to the government if she finally decides to go to ICC right after the elections next year. Or, smart as she is, she could be anticipating if the ICC declares her not acceptable to their court once the ICC decides on the merits of the petition spearheaded by well-meaning Fil-Ams in the US contesting her credentials to said post considering her “mentally imbalance” behavior shown during the recently-concluded impeachment trial.

      • basyong

        mas makapal muks naman si de limang baboy.hindi dapat sa SC kundi dapat sa kural ng mga babuyan

      • Guest

        basyong pakitingning uli yung (PICTURE) sa itaas si brenda yan hindi si madam sec. de lima o pwede kanag mag patinging sa doctor sa mata qualified kana sa diskwento dahil malala na ang iyung problema. hahaha

      • magiting78

        Brod layo ng argumento mo hahahaha

    • JuanTamadachi

      She won’t quit till the very last minute, if she ever does. Why? because its only in the Philippines that she is able to get away with her lunatic, shameless & totally reprehensible behaviour. Let’s not vote this nut back into office..

  • tonyoks

    malamang na minomonitor ng ICC ang mga kabaliwan ni Brenda noong impeachment kaya nagdadalawang isip na…
    yari na nman tayo ke brenda niyan…
    whooa kala nyo matuloy ako sa ICC ha…ha…ha…
    you’re all wrong…
    jan lang ako sa mandaluyong (loob)magpa lamig lamig….

  • spearheads

    Inggit lang kayong lahat kay Santiago. Kudos to Sen. Santiago for raising the blood pressures of the yellows. How sweet,

    • spearheads

      By the way, bakit ba nanggagalaiti itong mga yellows. Inamin na nga ng FMD (Drilon) na di kayang bumuo ng 12 senatorial candidates ang LP swa 2012 senatorial elections. Hindi nga makabuo ng 12 gusto pa nitong mga benigoramuses ng 13? Saan mo naman hanapin kahit kaunting kukote ng mga ito.

  • Ri Gonzalez

    mga inggit kaskas nyo sa pader tanggal yan

  • jinx

    Sinamantala na ni Miriam habang sikat pa siya sa Pinas. Dahil pag naging ICC judge na yan, tiyak obscure ang labas niya. Dito lang siyempre sa Pinas bilib mga tao sa galing niya.

    • filipinaskoh

      Sino naman ang mga “taong bumilib” sa kanya. Baka mga alipores nya lang, at mga palaka na nagkalat sa daan katulad nya walang ginawa kundi ang mag-Kokak ng kokak na lang

  • Totsie Cadiz

    I don’t buy Santiago’s explanation on why she has not yet reported to the ICC – i.e., that “a newly elected judge has to wait until an incumbent judge has finished all his or her pending trials even if it is already beyond his or her retirement date.”

    Presently, there are six ICC judges who are continuing in office beyond their terms to finish their pending trials, in accordance with Article 36 (10) of the Rome Statute. If Santiago’s explanation is true, then all the six “newly elected” ICC judges should be waiting, like her, to assume their posts as ICC judges. Of the six, however, only Santiago has not yet reported to the ICC to take her oath of office.

    The truth is that, while ICC judges are allowed to continue to function beyond their terms for the purpose of seeing their pending trials to completion, such does not prevent the newly elected judges to already take their oaths of office and commence their work with the ICC.

    I think the real reason is that Santiago wants to be appointed to the “Appeals Division” of the ICC, the highest body of the court. Unfortunately for her, the ICC is a criminal court and she was not elected under category “A” – those with established competence in criminal law and procedure, and the necessary relevant experience, whether as judge, prosecutor, advocate or in other similar capacity, in criminal proceedings.” Rather, she was elected to the ICC under category “B” – those whose deemed competence are in the areas of international law and human rights. Most likely, she is deemed qualified only to sit in the lesser divisions of the ICC – the Trial Division or Pre-Trial Division.

  • doublecross

    to much exposure, wala ng maniwala sa iyo. alam mo sa totoo lang wala mi bilib sa iyo, sa pick-up lines ka lang magaling.

  • Beguine

    Wasn’t Miriam supposed to report to begin work at the ICC
    since early this year, and she postponed due to desire
    to participate in the Corona Senate impeachment trial.

    And now she’s saying she’s waiting for the green light
    from ICC, it’s up to ICC when to welcome her? But maybe
    this has something to do with the strong petition from Filipinos
    in the States opposing her ICC appointment.

    Whichever. It seems nobody wants Miriam, neither the Senate
    nor ICC.

    • filipinaskoh

      I remember she said that.
      You’re probably right, I was also thinking that she was reprimanded by ICC ( probably already disqualified).
      What a girl! she even have the guts to aim for the “appeals chamber” which is the most prestigious among the three chambers of ICC.

      • marionics

        ehem “the most prestigious” kamo ah he he

    • botets

      duon kasi di pede ang astang baliw nya sa ICC,, Duon di sya pedeng mang hiya at magmura ng mga abogado o mga witness

  • Barak_O

    having accepted the icc appointment, this creature should grow some brain cells to understand that it means giving up her current source of income, the senate of the philippines. the senate or the people of the philippines for that matter should not be made hostage by one deranged creature’s personal schedule. she should make up her mind already if hers is functional. the gall of this obnoxious creature to accept the appointment but can’t even decide the simple matter of when to quit her present post.

    by the way, her new job classifies her as an ofw. she should comply with all the poea requirements and must pay all owwa fees before being allowed to leave. should she leave by now, she could vote overseas via overseas absentee voting.


    • Juan de la Cruz IX

      brave meriam has said it with certainty and clarity: SHE’S NOT QUITTING…..Now, eat your heart out….hehe

  • wee

    why would miriam resign when all she has to do is dish some ‘pick up’ lines for senate duty – that and protect crooks like corona to stay in power and continue to enjoy the perks of the office.

    i’ll pick lito lapid over miriam anyday!


    BASTA’T nag-asawa na daw si PNoy, mag-re-resign siya.

  • filipinaskoh

    You’re so mayabang kasi eh, nung kasagsagan ng impeachment lagi mong ipnagyayabang na pupunta ka na lang sa “Hague” para dun ka na lang. Ngayon pinapalis ka ayaw mo naman, kapal mo ha!.
    Baka naman na disqualified ka na dahil sa mga “kagagahan” mong pinagagawa sa Impeachment trial. In the impeachment trial you “NEVER” displayed professionalism, the conduct of a judge were not properly carried by you.

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Either Merriam wants to have her cake and eats it too or she now feels insecure as International judge for she cannot exercise her tantrums in there.

  • akramgolteb

    Then Mister Santiago you should resign on the basis that you do not have the moral right to serve as a senator of the Philippines because of your bias against the people of the Philippines as evidenced in your actions during the trial of Miss Renato “Biglang Yaman” Corona. You have clearly shown your fierce & very profitable loyalty to the imprisoned criminal Mister Gloria Arroyo & his overweight wife MIke “Helicopter” Arroyo.

  • jimmy p. abayon

    Santiago is an opportunist. The ICC’s advice notwithstanding, she has to resign from the Senate. After all she has accepted the position, which means it has become a priority over her position as senator. She distorts all reasons and logic to hold on to the power and influence as a senator until the day when she leaves to join the ICC and leaves Filipinos holding the empty bag.

  • adam_d_ant

    he. he. he..

    go miriam … let your critics rant and rave…… why should you humor these idiots … leave at your own terms…

    ang mga alagad ni simeon d’ retard would like you to leave pronto …. ayaw nila kasing baka mabutata na naman sila pag kabobohan ang dadalhin sa senado. oo nga naman, kung puro alagad ni budoy ang sa senado eh di kayang “himasin” ang kailangan

    hayaan mong maglabasan ang mga litid ng mga alagad ni simeon d retard ng kasisigaw. hanggang doon lang naman ang mga ‘yan.

    ang mga nauuto ni budoy? he. he he….. walang pag-asa ang mga ‘yan. mas sira ulo ang naniniwala sa me sayad.

    • Guest

      to adam d ant, to your last sentence buti inamin mo..

      • adam_d_ant

        at sa ‘yo din  —– lalo.  

        to budoy and his friends – have fun.

  • tarikan

    By the looks and sounds of it Sen. Miriam will have to wait until her senatorial term expires. Looks like the ICC is taking her sweet time perhaps influenced by calls of numerous Filipino associations (PH based & abroad) to not consider Miriam at all for various reasons. She’s brilliant alright pero walang urbanidad ika nga. Pwede namang brilliant and with good breeding bakit pinipilit na maging bastos ang ugali? Maraming nakakapuna therefore it must be true. She must be a nagger, bully, terror in the eyes of her deceased son.

    • ikulong


      • Rita deDios

        May your soul never rest in peace for the mean things you say. God knows what you just wrote.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Humayo na nga sana ang isang kumag nang sa gayon ay dalawang bugok na lang ang matitira.At sa 2013 ay isa na lang at pagdating ng 2016 ay ubos na.

  • kilabot

    that’s my miriam. always in control and feared by bullies. stay for as long as possible and while here, continue your expose on the red-district of govt. you deserve another standing ovation by the thinking people. viva señora!

    • Dave Panganiban

      correction..By Baliw People…! Lol!

  • tra6Gpeche

    Namamangka sa dalawang ilog si Mrs. Miriam Santiago. Nagsisiguro na kung mabulilyaso ang kanyang panunungkulan sa ICC, mayruon pa siyang puestong nakalaan sa Senado. Mahirap din ang mawalan ng trabaho sa panahong ito. Isa pa, saan sa daigdig na ito siya makakakuha ng trabaho na tulad ng pagiging Senadora ng bansang Pilipinas, makapangyarihan na, maraming sumasamba, maraming humahanga, marami pang perang darating at hindi pa gaanong pinapawisan. Masisisi mo ba siya? Sinumang Pilipino sa Pilipinas ay ganito din ang magiging isipan at gagawin. Magngitngit na ang magngitngit, anong pakialam niya. Ibinoto siya ng mga Pilipino, kaya magpahinog sila! Marami naman sa ating Pilipino ang tanggap na tanggap ang ganitong moralidad at pagkawalang delicadeza. Kaya nga nahalhal o ibinoto siya ng mga Pinoy ah!

  • virgoyap

    meriam is a very bright woman she knows that after the impeachment trial the ICC will think twice whether to call her for duty because of how she behaved during the trial…HA HA HA HA

    • Alajero

      …virgoyap…yes meriam is one of the brightest….so, she is not quitting…and sixto brilliantes…should keep his mouth shot….he have no business pressuring Sen Meriam to quit…who the heck does he think he is?…. brilliantes should focus on his job of making elections fair…

      • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

        SHUT not Shot!  If you are calling her the brightest, then maybe you should Shot her and Shot yourself too.(Para naman mabawasan ang may TULILING sa Pinas).

      • Alajero

        …wow..naisahan mo ako diyan…shut nga naman…are you happy?…good!

  • ikulong


  • Dave Panganiban

    Delikado ito!.may niluluto na naman ang merriam!

    Somethin Fishy!………..

    I just dont trust her!……..Pls wag ka na lang Ulit mag Dialogue ng

    ” I LIED ‘

    may mga taong nagbabago.from masama to Mabuti…

    Like Sen.Enrile………

    sana lang gayahin na lang nina Merriam at Joker ang ginawang pag babago ni SEn. Enrile!……

    Pwede pa naman! :)

    • Bert

      Meriam and Joker were just two of the BRAVEST most independent-minded senators who decided against the wishes of a sitting president…..

  • jpmd88

    This is the reason why we should never re-elect this person anymore. She wants everything to be done at her convenience.

  • JosephNess

    she’s saving face and buying time…indefinite would mean never at all…so, why wait, she will never leave her role in the drama, comedy, and the sarzuela they play in the senate and there will be no ICC to expect…they knew and realized it’s a mistake…

  • katabay1106

    You can’t do anything to make her resign. As cases in the ICC also runs in years, it is probable that her term as senator will be over even before she assumes her post as judge. Why not ask those nominated as Chief Justice to resign instead?

  • limotnadibayani

    Good decision for personal interests. The ICC will not tolerate poor performance nor illogical decisions. She will not last and disappear into ignominy. In the senate she can do whatever she please for as long as she can entertain the undiscerning…

  • just_and_equitable

    The truth is, she will never become an ICC judge because the people with real Harvard education finally realized that she is nuts!!!

  • JosephNess

    what?…resign? are you all nuts?…well, she’s….

  • deadlyshooter

    she’s still enjoying the show, why resign…knowing life at ICC will be that boring, unlike here…there will be no comedy there at the ICC, it’s more fun in here, why move…you’re all such a kj, muntik nang maging cj…harharharhark..ark!!

  • kajaime

    she is the senator of the philippine congress. i couldn’t imagine a senate session without her brilliant speeches. whatever other say of her, she is one of the best senators this country ever have though i disagreed with her voting on the impeachment trial of cj. she deserves my respect still.

  • bosesprobinsyano

    We have rules.laws that governs resignation or abandonment or acceptance of position which is tantamount o resignation. Can COMELEC ask the Senate about it?

  • magiting78

    Shockkkkkk kapit tuko hahaha

  • Leandro Trinidad

    she wants her cake and eat it as well! sa tagalog, DUPANG!

    • Guest

      ilocano yan, lean.. :D

  • Rita deDios

    She was NEVER reprimanded by the ICC, in fact they are helping her with documentary stuff for her move to The Hague. But if Brillantes wants a fight, she was elected as senator until 2016. You cant threaten Miriam. ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ICC doesnt care what you guys say.

  • yatot

    atat na atat si brillantes kay miriam.. manong, kung gaano kaputi yang buhok mo, kasing itim naman budhi mo.. pati mga yellowish dito.

    • For_the_good_of_man

      Do not misunderstand yatot, Brillantes wanted to save the country another costly election for her post’s sake. This is not some private company that can do this and that at their own pleasure. There is a need for public officials to conscientiously sacrifice their selfish wants for the good of man and the country. Apparently, Miriam does not care as long as the benefit of both worlds are enjoyed to the fullest.

  • Vernon UK

    First Asian? The president of ICC  is Sang-Hyun Song, sounds an Asian name to me…Santiago is not the first Asian elected to ICC.

    • ed

      have you read the article? or maybe you just didn’t understand it! The article clearly stated that Santiago is the first asian from a DEVELOPING country, it didn’t state that she is the first asian to be elected as ICC judge. understood?

      • Vernon UK

         Sang Song is from an asian developing country. Understood?????

  • Jett Suelto

    Make it simple as ABC. COMELEC should stick to a 12-slot ballot and upon Sen. Miriam’s resignation, (and assumption of seat to ICC) then that would be the best time to formally elect the 13th senatorial candidate to assume on her vacated seat. EVEN it takes a year or so. No need to tap the senate to do another special election just to fill the missing seat. It will just be a waste of time and money.

  • Garote

    Mag resign ka na Lady Gaga!

    • Bert

      that’s also been the wishes of brillantes…..but you both can keep on wishing…..

  • ngipingrabbit

    Hmmm, baka tumalab ang petition na pinirmahan natin, at foerver na siya i-boycott ng ICC!

    • Juan de la Cruz IX

      no problem, I like her to just stay in the senate and continue bombarding these epokritos in malacanang, congress and the senate….

      besides, the senate without brave meriam is BORING….hehe

  • For_the_good_of_man

    Miriam Santiago is not sure whether ICC will pursue picking her up if only to fill a slot. A psychologically challenged senator can wreak havoc once seated in ICC. Dangerous!

  • Taiko_Kauna

    she’s too selfish to give up her seat, what do you expect ‘morons’? We’re unfortunate to have her in the phils.

    • Bert

      speak for yourself….i’m sure, if she runs again, she’ll be topnotcher…

  • yesyesyo

    Even if she does not resign the comelec should give space for 13 senators in the elections. anyway, the term of the winners will still start in july 2013. by then, we should have get rid of santiago in the philippines.

    • Bert

      you wish…..

  • 4kingdaddy

    sayang nga naman ang 200 milyon na pork barrel….si brenda pa?!!!!…..parang pabaon sa sarili n’ya ‘yan…..saka pag napunta na s’ya sa ICU, este, ICC, wala na s’yang makikitang 200 DAANG MILYON TAON-TAON!!!…..tanong lang, brenda, saan mo dinadala ang pork barrel mo???….

  • Juan de la Cruz IX

    Brave Meriam, with her independent political stand, is surely a PAIN IN THE ARSS among many Pnoy and Kris Aquino fans. If only to prolong the agony, Brave Meriam should just stay in the senate, ’til forever. Hehehe…

    Besides, I think she’s more productive in the senate than in the ICC.

  • Marcela

    ako’y nalilito dito kay santiago. she said, before the impeachment trial started, she asked the ICC to extend her swearing until the impeachment trial is done. ngayon na tapos na ang trial, iba naman ang reason niya kaya hindi pa siya natatawag. i guess the ICC officers are really having a second thought of calling her on board. i will not be surprised though that thru the internet they were able to watch brenda how she behaved during the trial, especially her grandstanding, insults and demeanor.

  • jclarendo

    ICC is thinking of her Bisayan English and accent. They might not understand her

    • Juan de la Cruz IX

      i don’t think icc cares about accents…..meriam has one of the best english and debating skills in the senate, no one would dare to cross path…..

  • anu12345

    “The veteran lady-senator added that she also requested President Song
    to put her name at the bottom of the list so that she will be one of
    the last of the six new judges to be called to duty.”

    Something fishy about this. I thought she really wanted to be an ICC judge. Now, she requested to be called last. Sira talaga ang ulo.

    • Bert

      She lied……and I like her lying this time, phil senate needs her more than ever…hehe

  • sasama

    ….ayaw na ng ICC kay Brenda…nakabili na raw sila ng kuliling sa lamesa pantawag sa witness…no need na raw…

    • Bert

      bad for you, now she’s staying in the senate, hopefully for good….Go Meriam…..

  • aSwedishguy

     “I was elected in 2010 for a six-year term. I am duty-bound to serve as
    long as I can. The ICC itself advised me not to resign until I am called
    to The Hague,” the senator said in a statement issued by her office.”

    Guess what Miriam, they will never call for you! you are just “to much”

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