Pastors swarming Pacquiao for money



GENERAL SANTOS CITY — Protestant pastors have been coming in droves to Manny Pacquiao’s mansion here. And their number is increasing each day.

One day, seven of them coming from different religious factions arrived. The next day, the number rose to 10. They take a bath, sleep and eat right there as if it is their own house.

They are the new phantoms of the boxing icon. They follow him wherever he goes – from here to Baguio and even the United States.

They started stalking the Filipino ring idol after the Pacquiao-Marquez fight in November 2011, when the world’s eight-division boxing champ decided to change his lifestyle and began holding daily Bible study with his family, friends and supporters.

But there were just two or three pastors then attending in the Bible study.

A source close to Pacquiao told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that these pastors have been abusing the man’s kindness and generosity.

“They are making our boxing idol a milking cow. The real Manny Pacquiao doesn’t know how to say no. But if they are real disciples of God, they should be ashamed of what they are doing,” the source said.

The source said that one pastor was given an I-Pad but seemingly not contented with what he got, he still asked for a new service vehicle. “Now, he is sporting brand new pick-up, courtesy of Manny Pacquiao,” the source added.

Another pastor asked for cash, while the other abandoned his flock somewhere in Northern Luzon just to be with the boxer-lawmaker.

Another pastor joined the Pacquiao team during the training camp in Los Angeles. “He asked for 36 tickets in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. The guy got what he wanted,” the source said.

“I was the one so ashamed when he asked Manny Pacquiao to get eight hotel rooms for his family in the US,” the source added.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer source, it was the first time that someone asked for 36 tickets and eight hotel rooms from the boxing champ.

When Pacquiao and his entourage arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on June 16, this same pastor was seen brandishing a big Louis Vuitton bag.

“Now, there are so many pastors. I wanna be a pastor, too,” the source stated.

Another source has admitted being convinced that religion is the opium of the masses. “And the preachers are the pushers,” the source added. “Before, we were expecting that these pastors would help or guide Manny Pacquiao towards the path of salvation. We didn’t expect that they would abuse his kindness and generosity,” the source lamented.

The poor, the source claimed, need Pacquiao’s help more than the pastors do. “The poor people are more deserving to receive such blessings. I hope, one day, they would realize their mistake and that they would stop asking any kind of favor from Pacquiao,” the source said.

The sources said the preachers have been planning a “grand religious concert” for Pacquiao at the Araneta coliseum on June 28.

“They assigned Manny Pacquaio as the main speaker. From what I’ve heard during the discussion, they wanted Pacquiao to settle all the bills before the staging of the concert,” the source disclosed.

However, according to the source, Pacquiao insisted that all the bills for the venue rental, catering, transportation, etc. be settled only after the concert.

“Of course, it can be read between the lines that someone is bound to make a killing out of this concert. This is a multimillion event,” the source said.

The same sources further revealed that a rift has developed among Pacquiao’s political backers, boxing circle and the pastors.

“Manny Pacquiao tend to listen to these pastors more than to his advisers and friends from political and boxing circles,” one of the sources claimed.

Those from political and boxing circles, he said, believed that Pacquiao’s involvement in religious activities has hurt his boxing career.

Before, he said, the distractions in Pacquiao’s life were his gambling and drinking buddies. “Now, the distractions are the pastors and they are far more costly than the previous ones.”

“The old Manny Pacquiao is gone. Atop the ring, he is no longer as ferocious as before. Unless he learns to temper his new-found passion and obsession, we would no longer see knock-out victories in his future fights,” he said./INQUIRER

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  • Stella Agoncillo

    the pastor that was interviewed during paquiao bradley fight looks like a swindler

  • Kaloy

    I believe 1000% that these pastors are taking turns to suck Pacquiao like a fat milking cow. I have my own personal experiences to back what I am saying.

    Manny Pacquiao should be very very careful in choosing the so called “man of God” as spiritual counselor who would take advantage of a generous new Christian like Manny. Sayang, Manny is a sincere person. Kwawa naman siya to be taken advantage by these greedy pastors.

    • white scorpion

      kung gusto ni manny magpakabanal. do it on your own. don’t follow the footsteps of these kaparian. that is the very reason why the muslim shiite pray alone. because they don’t exactly know if they are following a CLEAN person. sarilinin mo nalang.

      • Ann Odam

        wala kang alam pano ka magiging banal ng mag-isa ka lang? sige nga? yun mga kagaya mo ang madling mauto ng mga born against o born against ka na?

      • Indoy

        baka gusto mong i-share kung paano maging banal ng may kasama?

  • Morlock

    come on, this article is not news! it just insulting Manny pacquiao’s intelligence and the integrity of the Christian community… if you are going to report news please name names! not his garbage of the report! as this is bring no more bearing than an opinion article…

  • opinyonlangpo

    History repeats itself. Come on people, use the bible, use God, brainwash Pacquiao, let him buy his place in heaven. It was done with the kings, governors, and high profile people before. The bottomline is still money money money. The way of the church.

  • millie55


  • staad

    life is full of suckers.

  • samarutan


  • Clyde Diao

    pacquiao needs to say no to this, otherwise they will keep on taking advantage of him and suck him dry.

  • yonoh

    dapat ang mga pastor ay syang nagsasakripisyo….katulad ni kristo…..

  • ryan andres

    What else is new.

  • kartuthero

    pangalanan nyo kung sino yang mga hinayupak na mga pastor na yan ng magkaron naman ng hiya ang mga walangya!

  • Mike Lacuesta

    karamihan naman ng pastor ay PEKE..alam nila PENGE…asus…balik ka na lang sa Rosario…Congressman hindi lahat nakasulat sa Biblia kung pag uusapan salvation…Ibuko mga PAstor na yan…

    • Indoy

      me alam ka pala sa salvation..baka gusto mong i-share

      • Magsasaka

        bawal ishare si salvacion ayaw daw ng asawa nya hehehe

  • binatangtagabukid

    mga BORN AGAINST….hahahaha

  • dodzcasera

    I am a pastor and I am ashamed. It is sad.

    • Jun Henandez

      you should be!

      • parrot_moe

        DAPAT LANG……..

    • Jun Henandez

      you should be

    • Rustle Law

      hopefully your not one of them.

    • Lord_patawad

      dapat pati si boy pastor mahiya na rin.

  • rickysgreyes

    Who are these pastors? Inquirer – do some investigative journalism

  • erick_1972

    Very sad using the cloth of God as means to get through their ends. They preach the words of truth but they themselves have sinned than their followers.What a waste ? A person who has changed his ways , Lo and behold like swarms of vultures finding a carcass to feast in.Such a waste!

  • kilabot

    nursing dati ang nangunguna gustong kunin ng mga mag-aaral. ngayon pagiging pastor na. tiyak magkakaroon ng upsurge sa enrollment ng mga theological schools/seminaries. role models sila velarde, soriano, villanueva, ecleo, quiboloy, manalo, mga obispo, atbp. pinakapopular na subject ay the art of prosperity evangelism.

  • Magsasaka

    pastor para sa pera hehehe

  • tarikan

    Pastors, bishops is there a difference? Same old leeches using god/lord to convey fear upon the unsuspecting hoi polloi.

    • killerelite

      there is…though they both ask donations for their ministry…one names his price…the other leaves it to the generosity of the donor. lol

      • Magsasaka

        correct bro, mga damaso gusto pajero yong isang pastor pick up lang hehehe

    • white scorpion

      the church specially the catholic is not really poor. may donation na tuwing misa. they sent the collections to vatican. exempted sa property tax and lahat ng uri ng tax. and yet has the nerve to interfere with our government. the spanish regime is long gone. ‘kala nila pwede pa sila magdikta.

      • Ann Odam

        Anong dinidikta white scorpion? sige nga? At bakit hindi poor ang Catholic nagdodonate ka ba sa simbahan? sige nga?

      • white scorpion

        its not my fault if you were born yesterday. and i don’t have to prove anything to you.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    stpud born again pastors

  • MonMayuga

    This reminded me of the suitors of Penelope, the faithful wife of Odysseus in that epic tragedy by Homer. Odysseus had long been away and the Ithacans thought he was already dead. The beautiful Penelope attracted a lot of suitors who came to visit her, stayed in her house, abused her hospitality and served themselves with all the food and amenities available therein.

    These “pastors” are not men of God but more like the Philistines whose interests rise no higher than their loins.

    They came to Pacquiao’s house to feast on his cornucopian table, suck him bone-dry and abuse his hospitality or gullibility.

  • jpmd88

    PDI needs to name these leeches and take their side as well. This is not good journalism at all. Pure hearsay. Good journalism dictates backing up allegations with evidence. At the surface, this looks simply like a demolition job to put these pastors in a bad light. The question we should be asking is who would gain from all of this?

    • samarutan

      who would gain from all of this? the other pastors! now they know.

  • joseph bautista

    I believed the previous church where Manny belongs, are the one that are doing all this article for whatever purposed. It can be true also that there are people who are trying to abuse this position (Pastor). I would rather go to the bible and find wisdom like, in the book of Galatian Life in the Spirit in chapter 6 It is obvious like discord, dissension,faction. these are the works of the flesh, Thus this news brings discord? What is this news doing? sowing discord? probably, Do I believed this straight-up?no. Who are the people behind this story? Probably, they are the one not benefiting from Manny’s generosity. Would they come-up with this kind of story? surely. There is so much garbage in here!

    • Dave

      when there is smoke there is fire…just keep an open mind

    • Monsi Serrano

      Sa akin simple. Kung hindi kayo kapanalig ng tinutukoy dito, wag kayong ngawa ng ngawa. How can you name all the several people (pastors) who went to Pacquiao to eat, sleep, ask for money, bag, tickets, hotel, car etc? Let us look at the essence. In reality I am a witness to some pastors misbehavior in the Philippines. Sadly, in the Philippines, humawak lang ng Bible pastors na hindi katulad sa ibang bansa na nag-aaral ng husto. Iba pumapasok sa pagkapastor para magkapera, iba akala nila ang pagpapastor ay parang washing machine, “instant tanggal ang kasalan nila”. To cite classic examples, Philip Salvador. Nang estafa sya kay Cristina Decena, niloko si Kris etc. Tapos nung nademanda ni Decena, nagpastor kaagad ayun urong ang demanda. Jericho Rosales, nung maraming ini-YOT na mga babae at nabisto ni Heart, ayun ginawang propaganda ni Angeli Panglinan asawa ni Gary V. na Christian na daw si Echo. Ganyan ang religion sa atin ginagamit at inaabuso para sa sariling kapakanan. Ang punto ko, hindi malayong mangyari ang mga sinasabi dito sa balita. Don’t be naive people. Do a reality check lest we all become a blind follower. GOD gives us faculties to think and to believe. Use them well.

      • joseph bautista

        mukhang nasasaktan ka monsi siguro dati kang kasamahan ni Manny sa simbahan)! Hindi na ba naambunan ni Manny, ang dati nyang Eglesia ? Kaya naman siguro naghihimutok! Mano naman kung pamigay ni Manny ang kanyang pera, marami naman sya noon!

      • Monsi Serrano

        Ang layo ng hirit mo pastor. Projection yan. Sorry ma sarap ang buhay ko at di ko kailangang ikalakal ang salita ng Dios para magkapera. Tignan mo kung nasaan ako? New York, USA. San kuha ang picture ko sa Empire State. Nakapunta ka na ba dyan? Google me. :-P

      • joseph bautista

        Bka naman yan lang ang napuntahan mo! Dito lang naman ako nakatira sa Melbourne. Pero nag-sawa na ako sa kalilipad sa mahigit na 25years akong nag babakasyun kung saan-saan. Ikaw naman akala mo ikaw lang ang may-kayang magbakasyun sa mga lugar na ganyan!

      • Monsi Serrano

        So you’re down under eh? That’s why your brain is down under. :-)

      • Monsi Serrano

        Pastor Bautista yang ang problema sa mga taong mapagsamantala at tamad na tulad mo. Kinakalakal nyo ang salita ng Dios kapalit ng pera at iba pang mahihingi sa mga taong tulad ni Manny. Hindi ba kayo nahihiyang umaasa sa pinaghirapan ng tao. Paoakain mo sa pamilya mo na di ikaw ang naghirap? SUKDULAN ANG KAKAPALAN NG MUKHA MO PASTOR BAUTISTA!

      • joseph bautista

        Hindi mo naman ako kilala nag-cocoment ka na kaagad na Pastor ako, at saka hindi ako nang hihingi ng pera. Hindi naman ako mayaman pero hindi ako nagmomolestya, Huminahon ka sa pananalita mo. Pero hindi ko naman minamata ang aking kapwa tao, hindi naman ako mata pobre. At lalo naman hindi ako magananakaw at nagkakalakal ng salita ng Diyos, dahil hindi naman ako Pastor, At hwag mong lahatin ang Pastor dahil marami rin naman sa Pari ay maganakaw din at nagkakalakal din ng salita ng Diyos! Karamihan nga diyan sa states nakademanda ang mga pare na may bilyon ang lawsuit, hwag kang masyadong onesided, Hindi rin naman talagang lingid na may mga Pastor na ginagamit lang ang salita ng Diyos, Pero dapat maging realistic ka, may mga tao talagang ganito pero hindi naman lahat ng Pastor o Pari ay masasama, payo ko lang relax ka lang, wala naman kahihinatnan ang mga usapin na ito, kaya mas maigi pa wag na natin sayangin ang ors natin dito, total si Manny kahit na anong gawin nya sa pera nya sya lang ang may karapatan noon!

      • Monsi Serrano

        Ikaw ang tumiklop pastor… Sige humayo ka at ikalakal ang salita ng Dios!

  • Cristina Panganib

    If Manny Pacquiao really wants to go to heaven or he wants to follow the will of Jesus, he must start helping the neediest not the slick, greedy pastors o kaya mga constituents o kakilala na hindi naman talaga masyadong naghihirap. Limited din o kaya maubos din ang resources o kayamanan niya, kaya dapat unahin niya muna iyong mga poorest of the poor.

  • walaKA

    At para kay Manny Pacquiao, wala kami pakialam kung ubusin mo pera mo pero di ka naman siguro ignorante na hindi mo maramdaman na inuuto ka na ng mga tao sa paligid mo..Gising kapatid!!

  • katindig

    Marami dyan kunwari pastor pero PERA lang ang habol…gaya dito sa Middle East dami umuusbong na Christian fellowship…mangungulekta ng pera sa mga members 10% sa sweldo at tawag ay “tithe”. Dami rin yumaman na pastors dito kasi kanya kanyang assembly the colllekta ng pera…dami rin nauuto mga pastors…di kaya nakakahalata si Pacman na piniperahan lang sya….ang nakakainis ay gagamitin pa ang pangalan ng Diyos at Biblia para maka PERA…HAYYYYYY BUHAYY….galing dumiskarte …

    • Dave

      pls report them to the MUTAWAs so they can be punish specially the undergrounds

  • Chris Nadal

    This practice isn’t new.. but this is worst than I thought..

  • Nisky Ocsave

    If this true, what a shame, You pastors are giving the portestant a bad name.

  • Nisky Ocsave

    Pastor if this is true, cease and desist please, you are putting protestant in a bad light.

  • juniorjuan

    A typical Filipino way of life, tell us something new!

  • Glo Duldulao

    It’s always difficult to cast doubts to people’s intentions especially when they are claiming to be doing this because of Faith in God. However, i can’t help but throw in a kind of observation and come to a personal conclusion. I think, speaking about Pacquiao and his “pastors”, both sides must have their own” hidden agenda”. The questions are: Why are the pastors interested in Manny? Answer: dahil sa pera nya. Why is Manny interested in dealing with these pastors? Answer: First, i want to make an analogy. Kapag election nililigawan ng mga politiko si Manalo or Iglegsia ni Kristo. Kc i’ve heard that most often than not, dahil sa dami ng followers, whoever the Manalo dictates na iboto nila, wins. Manny is now a politician…and is said to be eyeing the highest post in the country in the future. Now, your answer is as good as mine!

    • hunterkortes

      Manny is already popular who doesn’t need an endorsement from any religious Institution. Even before joining those groups, Manny prays and acknowledges God for his victory. He seems happy for his successes and wants to be a God fearing man. However, as he tries to bring himself near his creator, Opportunists come around offering their brand of services. But for Manny to truly turn to the Teachings of the Lord, he has to abandon companies of gamblers, etc. because he can’t serve two masters at a time. He has to let go off the other.
      I like Manny for his accomplishments. But for President, I say to Manny please don’t do it.

  • Rossi Baraquiel

    this is a one-sided report :(

  • Linme

    Hindi na ba Katoliko si Manny Pacquiao at puro Pastor na ang pinag uusapan dito?

  • Linme

    Hindi na ba Katoliko si Manny Pacquiao at puro Pastor na ang pinag-uusapan dito?

    • Ronaldo Ramos

      Oo nga, baka! Sa huli niyang laban, wala na daw siyang dalang rosario. Baka sinabihan siya ng mga pastor na idolatry ang rosario, kaya hindi na niya isinoot… kaya sabi ng mga iba: kaya siya talo wala siyang rosario!!! he he he!!! Baka sa susunod, hindi na siya mag-sign of the cross kasi wala yan sa mga born again. Baka sa susunod, dala na niya ang Bible!

  • Monsi Serrano

    Tunay ngang maraming gumagamit sa Dios para ikalakal ang kanyang Banal na Salita at Mabuting Balita. Batid natin na ang pinakamabilis na pagkakitaan ay ang ikalakal ang Dios. Nakakalungkot at nakakabahala, subalit tila hindi alintana ng ibang mga pastor or pari.
    Sa kasalukuyang situwasyon ni Pacquiao, nakakalungkot isipin na marami pa ding mga tao na nakapinid ang mata, puso at utak sa mga bulaang pastol. Isa na dyan ang tagapamuno ng JIL, si Eddie Villanueva. Sa hangarin nyang gatasan at makibahagi sa pinaghirap ni Manny Pacquiao na literal na nagmula sa katas ng pawis at dugo, mas nanaisin nyang hikayatin ang katulad ni Pacquiao hindi ang mga mahihirap ng uhaw sa salita ng Dios. Kung susuriin, hindi na nya dapat pinakialaman ang pananampalataya ni Pacquiao kung saan siya ay maayos na nananampalataya at nagpupumilit mabuhay sa tuwid na daan. Ang ginawang panghihikayat ni Eddie ay hindi nalalayo sa pagtukso sa isang babae na masaya sa piling ng kanyang kasambahay at pamilya. Subalit dahil sa ganid at kababawan ng buhay Kristiyano, mas ninais pa nyang hikayatin si Pacquiao. Bakit? Una, sikat dahil may pera. Mapopondohan ang kandidatura ni Joel Villanueva sa Senado. Pangalawa sikat, pwede niyang iyabang sa mga ibang tao na si Pacquiao isang deboto Katoliko ay napunta sa akin.
    Hindi lingid sa ating kaalaman at batid nating lahat na makailang beses ginamit ni Eddie Villanueva ang Pangalan ng Dios para sa kanyang makasariling interes. Nang tumakbo sya sa pagkapangulo nung 2006 at nagreklamo na dinaya siya kahit siya ay kulelat para lang ipahiwatig sa mga kanyang taga-sunod na marami sila. Sa puntong ito sinabi nya sa sambayanang Pilipino na siya ay kinausap ng Dios upang “Ibangong Ang Pilipinas” sa kurapsyon, kahirapan at kasamaan. Samantalang ang mga bar, sugalan, droga at iba pang masasamang bisyo ay patuloy na naghahari sa Bocaue kung saan Mayor ang anak niya. Nung 2010, sinabi na naman ni Eddie sa interview sa GMA News na siya daw ay binulungan ng Dios na “Ibangon ang Pilipinas” subalit natalo siyang muli! Ang tanong, kung kakampi ni Eddie Villanueva ang Dios tulad ng kanyang iniyayabang na sita ay diumano ay pinagssbihan ng Dios na tumakbo, matatalo ba siya kung tunay ngang binulungan siya at kakampi mo ang Dios? GOD cannot contradict himself. Apparently, he didn’t hear GOD’s voice, but the voice of Beelzebub. What do you guys think?

    • Percival Pelaez

      I don’t think JIL pastors are one of those pastor na aaligid aligid kay Pacman. Brod. Serrano, kindly support your accusations otherwise it is all hearsay.

      • Josef Paul

        Sir, sino ba ang nagconvince kay Manny na lumipat sa “burn again” edi si EDDIE VILLANUEVA. Yan kasi hirap sas inyo pag naiipit na hugas kamay. Mga Pariseo!!!!!!!!

      • Percival Pelaez

        Maaring si Eddie Villanueva ang nakapag convince kay Manny nag mag born again at yun lang ang talagang pakay but it doesnt mean na ang mga pastors na aaligid aligid ngayon is from Eddie Villanueva’s church. Pakibasa po John 3:1-7 at ng malaman po ninyo na ang talagang pakay ni Bro. Eddie is makilala ng personal ni Pacman ang Panginoon at kelangna ng tao talaga na maging “burn again” mo. Hindi naman natin ma idedeny na maraming mga hindi tunay na nagsisilbi sa Panginoon at ang kanilang pansariling interes lamang ang iniisip na ginagamit ang pagiging Pastor. Sa tono po ng pananalita po ninyo ay nag beblame po kayo sa mga pangyayari ngayon kay Pacman na pinag take advantage ng mga bulaang pastor na yan sa tao na maaaring ang pakay ay makilala lamang ng personal ni Pacman ang Panginoon. Kung kayo po ay mag aakusa dapat po ay may supporting evidences po kayo kasi sa mata po ng mga matatalinong tao na nagbabasa ay maaring bitter lamang po kayo sa nangyayari kay Pacman at na beblame nyo ang hindi tamang tao. Kung kayo po ay Kristyano, katoliko man protestante o born again dapat alam po ninyo na hindi po tayo nag jujudge agad agad.

      • Magsasaka

        pastor KABAYO, padre dam ASO natatawa ako hihihihi
        nasusulat na maraming lilitaw na bulaang propeta at madali silang makilala dahil diyos nila ay pera

      • Percival Pelaez

        you can make fun if you want, I am no pastor but I have a good respect for those genuine ones. :)

      • Magsasaka

        as long as they are longing for money then they are fake.
        may kilala ka bang pastor na mukhang gusgusin?hindi ba puros mga mukhang sosyalin dahil walang ginawa kundi ay manghuthut ng pera sa mga nauuto nila

      • Percival Pelaez

        yeah i know several, in fact yung church nila ay dun malalayo sa mga city. naka assign sila dun. nilalahat mo kasi yung mga nakikilala mo ay baka puro mga bulaan. Remember brod na may isinantabi ang Panginoon na mga righteous people sa panahon nina Lot. Ganun din sa panahon natin ngayon. Though mahirap hanapin yung genuine pero makikilala mo sa gawain. Ang sa atin lang ay hindi tayo mabilis sa panghuhusga dahil ‘di natin alam sa ginagawa nating yan ay mas nagkakasala pa tayo kaysa sa kanila at kita yan lahat ng Panginoon.

      • Magsasaka

        its a general statement but it doesn’t include all because there are few exemptions.
        eddie said GOD talked to him and so as mckinley when US snatched our short lived freedom after our revolt against spain, you see this kind of people knows our culture and they played with it to abuse us

      • Leonardo F. Osilla

        Magaling na profession talaga ang pagpa-pari, pagpa-pastor o mamuno ng religious organization dahil sa laway lang ang puhunan ay madaling magka-pera. Lalo na’t nakarami ang Pilipinong kulang sa matimtimang pag-iisip at naniniwaala agad sa mga kuwento sa biblia na kung tutuusin mga kathang isip lang o sa mga salita ng mga manunulat sa mga progesibong bansa tulad ng USA ay mga “fairy tales”. .

      • Josef Paul

        Bro buti pa nga mga pari nag aral ng mahigit na 10 taon itong mga pulpol na pastor self proclaimed Leaders and Teachers of God na ang kanilang pagiging pastor ay sarili nilang proklamasyon at kulang sa edukasyon

    • archangel uriel

      hehehe ……. agree ako dyan pre ….. kahit ilang beses yan tatakbo … hindi yan mananalo ……hehehe ….. sorry sir eddie … magpakatotoo lang tayo ….. maniniwala pa ako na si pnoy ang pinili ng Diyos na maging presidente dahil siya ang mag-aahon sa atin sa kahirapan ….. hindi po si noy kinausap/binulungan ng Diyos …… pumunta po si noy sa zamboanga city at humingi ng tulong sa mga carmellite sisters (tulad ni tita cory) …..for spiritual enlightenment …. at nag meditate po si noy ….. ganun po dapat ang ginawa nyo ….. mag meditate ….. hindi po dahil may “gift of the tongue” ang isang spiritual practitioner …. eh considered na itong mataas …… isa lang po ito sa mga “gifts” na matatanggap natin sa Diyos … marami pa pong “gifts” .. kaya tuloy-tuloy po tayong magmeditate (everyday) hanggang ma-achieve po natin ang tinatawag na “full enlightenment ” ….. sa sitwasyon po ninyo.. sir eddie …. hindi pa po ninyo ito na-achieve …. kasi po mahilig pa kayo sa material na bagay ….. ang “fully enlightened” po ….. totally “detached” sa material na bagay …. nagiging Holy po sila …. like …. a “Mystic” ….

    • Lloyd Torreville Almacine

      tama ka bro napakadali magsabi sa salita ng banal na kasulatan pero sa pag gawa ng isang o mga bagay ayon sa banal na kasulatan ay napakahirap nila o natin gawin. AS this noble phrase says “many are called but few are choosen”.

    • Jennifer Ranches

      ang mga hitik sa bunga ay syang patuloy na binabato…bakit mo naman nasabing si bro.eddie ay naghahangad “gatasan” si manny pacquiao? dahil sya ang pinakasikat na kilala mong pastor? at ano naman ang pruweba mo na sya nga ay nanggagatas? kesa magsalita ka ng magsalita ng against sa isang tao, ayusin mo muna yung ebidensya mo dahil pwede kang maidemanda ng libel.

      • Monsi Serrano

        Hihintayin ko ang subpoena. Maari itong ipadala sa Pilipinas sa 3rd Floor Unit 325 St. John Condominium, 139 Scout Rallos Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1100 o kaya sa Opisina ko sa Canada 1266 Sherwood Mills Boulevard, Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, L5V 1S6, Canada. Hihintayin ko ha. Email mo din ako sa

      • Monsi Serrano

        Oo nga pala, Jennifer. May 2 uri ng bunga. Bunga ng katotohanan at bunga ng kasinugalingan at kasamaan. Gusto kong ganap mo suriin kung anong klaseng bunga meron si Eddie na Pinapanginoon mo. Ang isang tao na nagsabing binulungan siya ng Dios ng 2 beses upang tumakbo ng presidente subalit di nananalo. Ang ganito uri ng ilusyon ay hindi galing sa Dios kundi sa kabilang kampo. Sa pakiwari ko, may mga bulag na tagasunod na sa bait at muni at sa hatol ay salat. Ang tanong ko, kung siya ay binulungan ng Dios, hahayaan ba siyang matalo ng ganun?

  • Monsi Serrano

    Wag kang magpagoyo sa mga nagpray over sayo… They’re not really there to pray over but to be paid over. They want to share your fortune using God’s name in vain and gain. A classic case of hypocrisy!This reminds me of my former colleague who got pregnant by her date (not her bf). When her father, a pastor, and her mother, an active member of their church, learned about this, she was disowned and told that she is a big disgrace to the family. True, that poor judgment posited to a negative result. But what does Christ teach? Love the sinner and hate the sin, right? Much more if the sinner is your own daughter. Truly, others don’t realize the very essence of Christianity. To them is to read the Bible, go to service or church, listen to pastors or priests and above all give 10% tithing. But for me, these are all skin-deep Christianity! Let him or her who doesn’t sin cast the first stone. As the Latin saying goes, “Verba movent, explema trahent.” (Words inspire, actions influence).
    I remember in my subject in Financial Management in graduate school my Professor said, “If you want to be rich, be a Drug Lord, Gambling Lord and Praise The Lord.” It’s obviously a joke, but sadly, for every joke there’s an ounce of truth in it.”

  • nakawan

    haha I’d rather have Manny duped by Chavit than raped by these pastors!


    SABI ni Pac….”wala na kayong paki-alam sa kung anupaman ang gusto kong gawin sa pera ko. Kung gusto ninyo, pumila na lang kayo at hayaan na lang ninyo ako sa ginagawa ko. Pinaghirapan ko ang lahat ng meron ako….ngayon naman ay pinaghihirapan ninyong punain ang ginagawa ko. Kung hindi ninyo nagugustuhan ang ginagawa ko, sa RING na lang tayo magtalo….kung sinong matiirang nakatayo, siya ang tama. O, may gusto pa bang sumabat dyan? Kung ano-anong mga kaisipan ang inyong mga pinalulutang…pinalalabas ninyo na hindi ako marunong mag-isip at madaling maloko. Tandaan ninyo, isa ako sa most influential persons in the werld. Tama ng pag-mimiron ninyo. Paki-alamanan ninyo sa sariling buhay ninyo at umuwi ka kayo….tama na yang katitipa ninyo sa internet cafe…ubos na ang pira ninyo pangbili ng hidden soldiers…ang pinakamabisang shampoo sa buong mundong werld.”

  • Guest

    I have already heard many reports like this before. If Catholic priests get flak for scandals and other controversies, how much more for Protestant/Evangelical/Born Again pastors who are owners of their ministries, churches or fellowships groups? I have attended Jesus is Lord services a couple of times, and the pastor there would always insists on the duty of tithing and other things financial, with regards to money.

    At least these pastors have the gall to ask Pacquiao for material and money favours, unlike that pastor in Singapore and the leaders of his born again church who instead used billions of Singaporean dollars to support the international/secular music career of the pastor’s wife.

    I have come to know many born-agains who are indeed very problematic with money. One is an evangelist who lied to an aunt to borrow money for a relative’s hospitalization but instead spend the money on his own. My father once donated money to a school whose principal is a born-again pastor to set up a clinic but until now, no clinic. My father had lot of problems with that school which has a number of outspoken anti-Catholic born-again teachers over money matter, which led my father to resign.

    • white scorpion

      i once supported a church fund raising activity by buying a booklet of raffle ticket. still, they came back and ask for donations. that was where i draw the line. and i’d never did dropped the raffle ticket either.

  • samarutan

    And this is the man who has set sights on the 2016 Presidential post. God forbid!

    • Mamang Pulis

      ha? si mr pacman tatakbong presidente?

      sira na ba ulo ng karamihan ng mamayang pinoy para iboto sya sa ganoong pwesto?

      • Magsasaka

        malamang manalo si pacman dahil 80 porsyento ng voting force ay member ng bobotante at mangmang, inc. at syempre pa ang mga zombie na gumagawa ng block voting ay para sa highest bidder o sa mga sikat

  • edleon

    Name them please…. for all you know, it’s just a ploy of some political advisers of Manny who are no longer receiving girls and liquors allowance…

  • joseph bautista

    Regardless of denomination, the bible is our guide , specially for those leaders or elders. 1 Peter 1-5 ” To the elders among you, I appeal as a fellow elder, a witness of Christ’s sufferings and one who will also share in the glory to be revealed: 2 Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, serving as overseers-not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to flock. 4 And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” This is a warning to those who are indeed a leader!

  • Ronaldo Ramos


  • Horst Manure

    If they claim to be born again, ask to see their second belly button.

    • Lloyd Torreville Almacine

      hahahahah ayos a magandang hirit bro nagpapatawa kasi medyo mainit na sa forum

  • goldilock

    They found him connected with a higher being. Try this, person getting
    attention from pastors, he has worldwide audience, one thing is needed, a
    miracle. Scratch the miracle, its already been done. The WBO
    organization declared him a winner. Somebody in inquirer get where this
    is going? Meet Joseph Smith or Felix Manalo which have their own town in
    US of A. Everything is on the table. They have a book but it needs a
    roof. For a start it should be open 24 hours as a shelter and serve hot
    soup 2 times a day, everyday.

    No to mining, it displaces native inhabitants, kills environment, and kills everyone either bby bullet or by its waste.

  • Sebs |

    Please give facts. Not just allegations! Attn: Inquirer. Who is the author of this article? Please reveal the name.

  • katindig


  • pepengkabayo

    Ingat lang Pacquiao sa mga Pastor of Born Again or not Born Again.
    10% of your earnings are mandatory contribution to their church.
    Talo pa niyan si Freddie Roach sa commission.

  • Beguine

    Money is a most compelling magnet for people to come begging.
    And since Manny Pacquiao has been so open about his religious
    calling and inclination, it’s only to be expected that the religious
    groups would pester him for donations.

    Manny should put up a sign, “If asking for religious donation, leave
    your name and address. Drop in box.”

  • Mario Salazar

    There real character is coming out in the open.

  • akimaxx

    Is the news hearsay to muddle Jesus’ ministry? PDI, name names, give complete facts.

    Jesus during his walk on earth did teached, performed miracles, healed, prophesied and died for our salvation. HE NEVER BEGGED. He was a giver. He was the source of wisdom, good health, fed 5 thousands who followed him, announced the things to come, etc.
    A true christian church is ruled by the head, our Lord Jesus Christ. His principles still rule the ministry by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom and knowledge were given to the church ( Pastors and believers) to be creative and resourceful to support the ministry. Each believer should know the spiritual direction of the church. Pray and hear from God for that direction. I believe a church has it own strength and weakness. Focus on that strength, that’s where you’re good at. Let the other churches do what your church can’t do. Be creative in spreading the Word. It must conform with God’s plan, not from a man’s point of view. Don’t beg. Be the source of blessings.

  • jedu

    wag ka maniwala jan pacman, mga dating adik yan na napag tripan ang Bible.

  • Percival Pelaez

    Genuine born-again ministers of God doesn’t ask for money or any of these. Nakakahiya yang mga bulaang pastor na mga yan. Sinisira nila ang imahe nga mga tunay at matutuwid na alagan ng Panginoon. Sana matauhan si Pacman at sana rin isa diyan ay tunay na alagad ng Diyos at magbigay ng payo kay Pacman.

  • Alexander Yalung


  • Alexander Yalung

    magkano ikapu (10%) ng 1 billion?

  • Alexander Yalung

    how much is 10% of 1 billion?

  • archangel uriel

    hahaha kala lang ng mga pastors na ito pwede nilang gawing gatasan si manny …… inoobserbahan lang po kayong lahat ni manny …… matalino si manny …. magiging champion at bilyonaryo ba yan kung bobo tulad ni juan marquez …. may gift of discernment si manny ….. pinagbigyan lang ang mga sira-ulong ito ni manny ….. nagsalita nga si manny sa las vegas … na sa susunod na laban …ang dadalhin nya ung lang mga staff nya …… sooo ….. alam nya ang modus ng mga ito (taninnnnnggggg) ……

  • raffyb0i

    Manny!! Wake up!!!!!

  • cooldoods

    the people around Manny Pacquiao need to protect him from users and hangers-on. it is not wrong to help but a lot of people need help. If I had Manny’s funds I would try to use it so that it benefits a lot more people in a bigger way for as long a time as possible.

  • axe musk

    Dyan mag ingat si manny at madami ang mga “Bulaang Propeta” (pero di naman lahat)…. aminin na ng mga sekta na pera din ang hanap nila… kaya madami nagtatayo ng sariling relihiyon pra kumita sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mga tinututo na di naman sa lahat e para sa kabutihan…. bine-brain wash nila ang mga myembro nila para mapagsamantalahan mapapera man o sexual na bagay…. kaya mag ingat sa mga nagkalat na bulaang propeta….

  • Magsasaka

    sabi ko nga, sinumang nangangaral na may kapalit na halaga ay mga bulaang propeta dahil sa ang diyos nila ay pera.

    pastor KABAYO, padre dam ASO natatawa ako hihihihi

  • dinadaga

    May limitation din naman yan. Ang tithe (ikapo) ay 10% ng iyong kinita. Kaya kung $26M ang guranteed ni Manny, $2.6M ang dapat ibigay niyang tithe. Siguro naman ang mga naibigay ni Manny sa mga pastors ay pasok pa doon. Manny, ibigay mo ang ikapo at ibabalik yan sa iyo nang siksik, liglig at umaapaw.

  • gardo_versoza

    its the other way around. the pastors are making sure their own “salvation” is guaranteed by making sure manny’s assh*le is neat and clean.

  • Lloyd Torreville Almacine

    You want to be closer to God tapos nanununtok ka ginawa mo pang profession..In the eyes of GOd pwede mo bang sabihin ‘ Lord trabaho lang walang personalan’. xensya na hindi ko lang talaga maabot e kung pera ang pag usapan sobra2x na pwede na nga niya bilhin ang pinaka mahal na bagay nagawa sa mundo like helicop etc. E yon sinuntok mo, ang puso nyan templo din nang Panginoon di po ba at ang masaklap kristyano din yan.
    Pero Bilib ako sa kanya at hinahangaan ko si Manny sa kanyang karanyaan nandoon pa rin ang kanyang pagpakumbaba (dati na yon maski hindi pa siya sikat ugali talaga niya ang very humble), matulongin sa kapwa, madaling maawa sa kapwa, malinis ang puso. Para sa akin ang magpakumbabang ugali ni Manny ang magdala sa kanya sa kaharian ng Diyos. Nakikiride na lang yong iba. Ingat lang Manny baka maoverload may checkpoint din papuntang langit baka pati ikaw madamay.

  • Eric Lisondra Briones

    To inquirer: Pls do not publish any article if you have no intention to reveal the name of its author. I don’t want to think that you are just making stuff out of Manny for Money.

  • Neil San Juan

    So sorry for Manny… I hope he wakes up before it’s too late… Wag nyo naman sana abusuhin at makunsensya kayong mga mapag kunwaring anak ng Diyos… Dugo at pawis ang pinuhunan ng taong yan. Mahiya naman kayo

  • Antonio Gemino

    The author qouting his source said, Before, he said, the distractions in Pacquiao’s life were his gambling and drinking buddies. “Now, the distractions are the pastors and they are far more costly than the previous ones.” Then the author ended his artice with another qoute from source by saying, “The old Manny Pacquiao is gone. Atop the ring, he is no longer as ferocious as before. Unless he learns to temper his new-found passion and obsession, we would no longer see knock-out victories in his future fights,” There goes what is important to the author and his so called infallible “sources.” The author and his source failed to mention Pacquiao’s womaninzing prior to his newfound faith that almost ruined his marriage. Apparently, the author and his source don’t care. But then again, that is not the intent of the author here. The author and his infallible source dont care if Pacquiao obliterate his marriage to kingdom come as long as he keeps on winning. Furthermore, this piece of article is garbage. A bad journalism, so to speak. I am not a journalist, but from what I learned from writing papers and qouting sources is that you always attribute and never be vague about your sources. In other words, be specific. This is just basic journalistic principles of source attribion.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for pacquiao winning. But if in winning you will lose something very important (such as, marriage, family), then, I prefer that Pacquiao lose in boxing but win the trust of his wife and his family and the whole country, in losing like this, Pacquiao wins.
    If the allegations were true, as the author’s source indicated, then, shame on those PASTORS. I am a born again Christian and belong to a Baptist denomination. We do not condone such behavior.

    • Hannah

      I agree 100% Manny’s finding God and accepting his salvation through Christ is his greatest victory… God has already gave all his hearts desire, now God is his utmost desire and God will give it no matter what.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Hay naku! Kawawang Manny. Pano na kaya kung di na sya active sa boxing? Tyak ko isa isang mawawala mga hnayupak na to.

  • Storm Signal II

    its time for manny to use his vicious left hook to knock these pastors out.

  • Willy Pogany

    dapat malaman na kung sino yang mga bulaang propeta na umaaligid kay pacquiao… para matigil na ang mga ito…

  • Willy Pogany

    dapat makilala na kung sino ang mga bulaang propeta na umaaligid ke pacquiao….
    sana me follow-up story eto…

  • Hannah

    God warned us of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. I hope Manny will be able to discern who among these shepherds are there to eat him, and who are really feeding him… or he could simply be distributing his tithes… one fight can build a whole church. But this should not stop him from pursuing glorifying God with what he does. God sees his heart and He will bless him as he blesses even the impostors. But God can not be mocked, He will deal with those whose agenda is not from God.

  • Hannah

    Dapat din malinaw, pumunta ba sila o tinawag ni Manny. Sumama ba o isinama? yung humingi ng ticket gaano ba siya ka close? let us not judge the relationships.

  • Ahl Dela Cruz

    Beware of false prophets,who come to you in sheep’s clothing but from within they are vicious wolves. >>>Matthew 7:15

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    This is tabloid journalism. Quoting sources who may not exist at all. Pero marami ding naloloko.

  • Tilley_Ling

    Ito ang di maganda sa ating mga Pinoy – tignan mo ang title ng article very cynical ang dateng. Ayaw ninyo bang mabago ang buhay ng tao,, nanggaling naman sa kanyang sariling bibig – naalis ang kanyang mga bisyo, sugal babae etc. ibig sabihin mabuti ang nasumpungan ni Pacman. I don’t see anything wong with that,,, ngayon ang accusation na aaligid ang mga pastor sa kanya,,, malay mo humihingi sila ng tulong sa kanya sa kanya para sa kanilang ministerio. Sinabi naman niya na hindi siya maligaya sa mga posesyon niya. At huwag i blame si Pastor Eddie pagkat instrumento siya lang ng Diyos – I blame mo ang Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit) pagkat siya ang nag ko convict sa tao para magbagong buhay. iyan lang ang masasabi ko.

  • Diepor

    Manny seems like a very smart person.LOL

  • Jose Zalrie

    While there are a lot of good sheep, Manny should also be aware that there are also wolves in sheeps clothing who especially congregate around money.

  • Jun Henandez

    malapit na eleksyon… need ni pacquiao supporta ng mga yan. it takes two to tango.. gamitan na yan

  • $18209031

    Na brain washed na naman si Manny. Mabait kasi si Manny. Anyway, any of these religious groups are all for money. They are wily in ways. They will demand Manny for 10 percent of his earnings to their cause. That be close to a million indollars. Manny , they will try to own your mind and azz, mag ingat ka. Religion is brainwashing .

  • reydomingo

    can you be specific… please name names…

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Si Brother Eddie Villanueva yung humingi ng ticket. Hindi naman daw 36 yung hiningi niya, 3-6 lang. Haha. Yung tsismis talaga lumaki.

    Yun naman hotel, nakiusap si Brother Eddie na si Manny muna magbayad kasi hindi pa na clear yata yung tseke niya sa Pinas kasi parang friday yata yun tapos naunang natapos yung araw sa Pinas kaya nagholiday yung bank sa Pinas kaya hindi na clear sa States. 2 rooms lang yung pinakiusap ni Brother Eddie hindi eight. Haha. Ano ba yan.

    Di ko lang alam kung binayaran na ni Brother Eddie si Manny. Nung natalo si Manny, con todo sa hagod si Brother Eddie sa likod ni Manny. Baka iniisip niya wag na lang bayaran kasi kelangan ni Manny ng Murang support, este… moral support pala… Haha.

    Yung asawa ni Brother Eddie bumili ng Louis Vuitton na bag. Kala niya siya si Jinkee.

  • San Juan

    Sana mamulat si Manny Pacquiao sa mga taong ito. mga asong lobo ang mga yan na nagkunwaring mga maamong tupa. Ginagamit nila ang pangalan ng Dios para makaloko ng tao.

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Nag-Born Again na nga ba si Pacman? If so, coincidence ba na natalo siya when he did it?

  • Ding S. Guevarra Jr.

    Manny P looks very much Money P. to many of our people now. Maybe that’s understatement. He looks that way to all of our people now. That in itself is fine. It’s the truth! He earned it literally the hard way. Congratulations Manny.
    Now, this thing about Pastors getting away with so much from him, makes me uneasy a lot. it doesn’t look right. The news is biting but has to be taken at its face value. It painted ministers of God a frustrating image feeding the readers out there something to feast about. Let me not throw in gasoline here to intensify fire. Sufficient to say that ministering to Manny is good.Anything outside of that will be seen as dubious, given the status of Manny now.
    I know that Pastors has needs. So many out there has so little in contrast with high profile ministers. But if these ‘little’ pastors would act , i.e, these pastors on the news, greedy, they just add wrinkle to already image problem of ministers at large. So frustrating!
    But Philippines, we have a lot of ministers out here, who are walking the talk and doing the talk. When you talk of their dedication and uprightness you’ll be comforted that ,there, in silence, unnoticed by media,unpublished by news prints,are great souls of men, truly reaching the needs of men.This kind of news, if we have more, I’m sure will work like a balm in Gilead. Bringing some kind of healing to us all.
    Let’s be more mindful of our ways…

  • Oliver82

    It’s Manny’s choice, let’s respect it. It’s his money anyway.

  • Bobby Cheng

    kaya nga marami gusto pumasok sa pagiging pastor…mabilis makahingi o makakuha ng libre sa mga bisyo….alak, babae, pera!
    Kaso ang dami rin low IQ na kababayan…sumasama sa mga false prophets na mga ito!
    Sinabi na ng Diyos sa Bibliya …”mag ingat sa mga pumapanggap na mga pare o pastor”

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