Belmonte fends off calls for bank waiver



Speaker Feliciano Belmonte. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. on Friday expressed anew his reluctance to press congressmen to fully disclose details of their personal wealth and sign waivers that would allow the opening of their bank deposits to public scrutiny two weeks after the House prosecution team succeeded in having Chief Justice Renato Corona convicted for being secretive and dishonest about the size of his assets.

“Anybody who wants to do it can do it. In my case, I just think it’s pressuring them for me to (order them) and I don’t like to pressure. When you are a politician, you have ready-made opponents there ready to nitpick you and so forth,” Belmonte said.

He also disparaged some members of Congress who have willingly disclosed to the public their statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN) and volunteered to sign bank waivers.

“Most of the people who have released theirs (SALN) so far are not actually real politicians because it’s their parties that get elected,” he said.

Belmonte has fended off calls for him to cause the release of the full version and not just the summaries of the SALNs of the 284 members of Congress, saying he has to form a joint committee together with the Senate to set the guidelines for their release and that he has to first get a consensus vote of all members on the matter.

On Friday, Belmonte suggested that the clamor for greater transparency from lawmakers about their personal wealth was a passing phase and indicated that the public should let it blow over.

He said the demand for SALN disclosures and bank waivers was “highlighted only by recent events.”

He added: “This transparency really is a process of different things. Hindi naman kailangan ito kung wala  naman iyon (there would be no need for disclosures and waivers if the impeachment had not taken place.”

He concluded, “The impeachment is over, let’s move on.”

Echoing Belmonte, Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II said that the matter of SALN releases and bank waivers should be decided “by the individual sense of the members.”

Gonzales noted that Corona released his SALN and signed a bank waiver because he was subpoenaed or forced by the Senate trial court.

He said the Speaker had already called a meeting of leaders in the majority coalition to form the committee to craft the protocol for SALN releases jointly with the Senate.

“We will let the House leadership decide first because it would be difficult if we do something and nobody follows us,” said Gonzales.

Belmonte and Gonzales initiated the impeachment complaint against Corona which was filed, signed and approved in less than five hours and which took the Senate trial court five months to decide.

Militant lawmakers lamented that “omerta” had become the mantra of the House as its leaders ignored demands to release full details of their personal wealth, and rejected calls to sign a waiver on their bank deposits while ostensibly advocating for transparency and good governance in removing Corona.

“Sadly, the dark shadow of omerta dominates the House. We are not supposed to behave like Mafia criminals who lead secret lives because we are elected public servants,” said Kabataan Rep. Raymond Palatino.

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  • ryan andres

    “Anybody who wants to do it can do it. In my case, I just think it’s pressuring them for me to (order them) and I don’t like to pressure. When you are a politician, you have ready-made opponents there ready to nitpick you and so forth,” Belmonte said.

    Belmonte, you are a  f u c k i n  moron. Being a politician does not absolve you from public accountability; it makes you embrace public accountability. Being a politician does not give you the excuse to act like a big swinging big shot. Get this through your nitwit head, Belmonte: The reason why the public demands an audit of your personal wealth is to indeed ascertain that your wealth was acquired thru PERSONAL gains, and that public funds are not being used to build your “personal” wealth.

    Ingat na lang kayong mga politiko… the filipino people are already wising up to you idiots. They are getting weary of your evil ways and scheming politics. And above all else, remember:

    The people should not be afraid of the government..the government should be afraid of the people.

  • UsoUso82

    getting rid with someone on SALN is a sacrificial lamb and the Politicians were not even serious about it. What can kind of a nation is this one today? This is a laughing case for the next-generation! the nation is providing million of pesos to maintain these Politicians thru the CDF to make this nation great, but nothing happens. kawawa ang mga pobre wala naman pag-asa sa bansa ito!

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    We the people assume that any politician asking for our vote will want that politician to disclose everything…otehrwise we will not vote for them.

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    A dictatorship starts when a government heads people who do not thhink – Adolf Hitler

  • joshua kings

    to rep palatino: masyado ka namang OA at papogi lang yang pakay mo; sige nga, tingnan ko nga ang SALN mo before and after your term is over?

    kayong mga miyembro ng party list group nitong palatinong ito, bantayan ninyo yan,ha?

    • bert10

      Sipsip ka sa mga Palusot!!! Magkano ang binayad saho para magsulat dito?

      • Htee

        Berting, nagsign si Palatino, ano ang resulta???
        sino ang titingin noon????

        Meron bang tumingin????
        Ano ang nakita????
        Nagtatanong laang….

  • john

    Sabi nga ng mga nagmamalinis na mga ito, “lilipas” din ang ating paghingi na isa publiko ang kanilang mga yaman.  Panawagan sa lahat, huwag natin silang tigilan, at pagdating ng 2013 election tandaan natin kung sino sila at huwag ng iboto. 

  • wawa2172

      “The impeachment is over, let’s move on.” said Speaker Belmonte. Thus that mean that only Corona will be the top government official that will be impeached in the Philippine history for not disclosing everything in his SALN? Kapal mo naman pre, marami pang mas masahol sa lower house kaysa former CJ. Thus this mean that the fight for corruption and cleansing in the government ends with the impeachment of Corona?  It is very frustrating that the speaker of the house na nag pasikat pa by speaking at the  ending oral argument of the impeachment court could not practice what he preaches. He is a real tradpol not deserving of any respect. He should lead by example in signing a waiver for the public to scrutinized his SALN and bank deposit. The lawmakers have lots of things to answer to the public and disclosing their SALN and deposits to the people would make the people know how they accumulated such wealth while serving as public officials. They are feed with pork by the government at baka doon galing ang kanilang mga yaman. Speaker Belmonte is one of the richest congressmen in the lower house and in the elite top 5. The impeachment is now the norm of cleansing the government with corrupt officials.  Let us start it from the top to bottom…Noy, Belmonte and Enrile..lead the way..sign waivers, disclosed your SALN and bank deposits..sisilipin lang naman namin kung may nakatago.

  • droids

     “Most of the people who have released theirs (SALN) so far are not
    actually real politicians because it’s their parties that get elected,”
    he said.

    Lumalabas sa sinabi ni Belmonte dito..UTO UTO ang mga tao…lalo na sa mga sumuporta sa impeachment, no real transparency, only elimination of enemies. POLITIKO meaning MANLOLOKO MANDARAMBONG, OPORTUNISTA as defined by Belmonte.. NGANGA!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    Kaya sa susunod na eleksyon maging matalino po tayo.

  • pilosopo4

    Speaker Belmonte please…enough of these useless and self serving move on and disclose your REAL income..nothing wrong with are a public chose to be COMPLY!

  • pulis

    Hahha! yan ang napala nyo dahil ibinoto nyo si Panot!!!Whaaaaa!

  • bert10


    There is such a thing as leadership by example. We ask the speaker to start the waiver and subject “his/their wealth” to public scrutiny . Para “matapos” na ang issue and “we can move on”. Otherwise, we will just let corruption and graft move on.

    Happy days, for the Speaker and his politicians? Or better days for the people?

  • Dynamic

    Concerned citizens doesn’t want your wealth taken away from you but we’d like to take a peek at it and that’s it…

  • Romulus Fenandez

    hindi nya pwedeng pilitin ang mga kasamahan nya pati din sya ayaw nya kasi pag ginawa nya yun sigurado tanggal sya bilang speaker,  biro mo ibubulgar nila ang mga ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH nila mula sa PORK BARREL at iba pang PROJECTS na hanggang 30% ang KOTONG…HAHAHAHA……


    SIEMPRE naman…..malaman pa ninyo ang nakabig namin sa kaban ng bayan!

  • a1phantom

    Paluuusot……opponents would nitpick raw…..hipokrito talaga ito…diba yun ang ginawa niyo kay Corona………kung kaya niyo gawin sa ibang tao …dapat puede rin gawin sa inyo yun…..Pallluuusot talaga itong si Belmonte

  • cool

    Create a law, spend your money in The Philippines. Why you need a dollar account you are in the Philippines?

  • mangtom

    ryan andres, itong mga politicians na ito, ayaw pumirma kasi may itinatago. Yan ang suspicion ng maraming tao. Kung malinis ang record, walang ikinatatakiut na mabuking. Simple lang, di ba?

    Mabuti pa yong mga leftists sa congress, agad nagsign sila ng waiver. Mahiya naman kayo mga ibang tongressman at senatongs. That is, kung may hiya kayo.

  • leodegardompruna

    What can be expected from one and the same of company. 

  • Htee

    Hoy mga pro waiver….

    Hwag nyong pilitin ang ayaw pumirma….

    Ke may tinatago o wala….kilala ninyo kung sinosino sila….

    Sa 2013 wala na sila…..

    Ang Kalampagin ay ang FOI or Pogi Law…

  • Abnoy tupak

    si lolo belmonte belongs from the past corrupt generation. ( jurasik )
    dapat sa kanya mag retire na lang.
    protector ng mga corrupt,
    takot sa waiver.

  • Abnoy tupak

    Belmonte fends off calls for bank waiver  << mga corrupt takot sa waiver.

  • Abnoy tupak

    50 million mansion
    tupas pirma na

  • Jon

    Mabuhay ang mga HIPOKRITONG Tongressmen!
    Sa dinami-dami ng sinabi ninyo, di nyo rin pala kayang panindigan.
    Kaya nyo bang sikmurahin na manhid at bingi kayo sa hamon ng taongbayan na pumirma?
    Palibhasa yang waiver na iyan ay panggigipit lang kay Corona at hindi totong batayan para sa bawa’t isang kawani ng gobyerno.

  • Abnoy tupak

    belmonte lider and protektor ng TONGRESSMEN, takot sa waiver.

  • RickyCarandang

    Ang  presidente nga, ayaw mag sign.

    Bakit kailangan ipilit sa mga pulitiko kung ultimong supremo ayaw.

  • Kat

    “Most of the people who have released theirs (SALN) so far are not
    actually real politicians because it’s their parties that get elected,”
    he said.


    Hindi sila mga pulitiko. Hindi sila mga magnanakaw!

  • Elizabeth

    Belmonte is part of the  Corrupt government of gloria. You can not trust these old goat. He keeps on transferring to places where there are greener pastures. He has only one loyalty, TO HIMSELF. Opportunist and predator! He may have not millions but billions of pesos and dollar deposite after  being Q.C. Mayor. Better if he be Impeach to determine the extent of his corruption. Some words are passing by in Q.C. that to get a permit for high rise, you should give a free Condo to the Mayor in the most selected place, the top.

  • pinoyyouth

    I don’t know why the congressmen are saying alot of alibi in disclosing their SALN and signing waiver even since impeachment trial. Hanggang ngayon ‘issue’ pa rin sa kanila kung ‘bakit kailangan nilang i-pakita ang kanilang yaman?’. Ito ang tunay na ‘palusot’. Tama ang isang senador na nagsabi kung di nila kayang ilabas ang kanilang SALN at pumirma ng waiver dapat silang tawaging, “THE HOUSE OF HYPOCRITES!” 

  • Elizabeth

    Dapat, set by example. Itong si Belmonte baliktad. In the  last May 2010 election, there were 4 Belmontes who   won in Q.C. Ginawa na niyang ‘Hacienda” ang primier  city of Q.C. All the Barangay Councils where given trips abroad for a junket just to    get their cooperation before the May 2010 election. Then each Barangay Council was converted as part of his political machinery. They were provided a long ladder to install  all posters of Belmonte’s candidates. In the same token, the ladder is also use to bring down the posters and  tarpaulin of other candidates particularly, the posters of Mike Defensor. This activities were done at about 2 a.m. when everybody is asleep, Q.C. Barangay Council also use a  large Wong or ‘Kawa’ to feed everone in the squatter community while playing free Binggo and “Tong-its” games which are all finance by Belmonte Q.C. Hall. All sorts of come-ons where use like “Dance feast” and Song Feast, with pictures of Belmonte’s candidated on the center stage Large scale vote buying was done in Q.C.

    After all the expenses, the Accounting Office of Q.C. Hall was burnt to  erace any atempt to trace the expenses during the May 2010 election. He is now the Speaker of the House.   

    Some times, it really pays to be corrupt in the Philippine government which is 99% ruled by Filipino-Chinese like Belmonte.

  • mardy halcon

    “Anybody who wants to do it can do it. In my case, I just think it’s pressuring them for me to (order them) and I don’t like to pressure. When you are a politician, you have ready-made opponents there ready to nitpick you and so forth,” Belmonte said.

    My thoughts: he’s obviously protecting the congressmen kasi baka matnaggal sya sa position as house speaker“Most of the people who have released theirs (SALN) so far are not actually real politicians because it’s their parties that get elected,” he said.

    My thoughts: mababa ang tingin nya sa mga party list representatives.

    “On Friday, Belmonte suggested that the clamor for greater transparency from lawmakers about their personal wealth was a passing phase and indicated that the public should let it blow over.”My thoughts: In short, madali daw nakalimot ang mga Piilipino so deadma na sila sa waiver.

  • Elizabeth

    This is the only  country wherein  98% of our government is controlled by another race. Do you  think Mainland China would allow a Filipino to be their President? he he he. Only in the Philippines. Si Belmonte is a Filipino Chinese. 

    This is the very reason why our government is so lukewarm to defend our territorial sovereignty. Did you ever hear Belmonte complain or at least comment on the Chinese intrusion on the Scarborough Shoal? Nada!

    Being a House Speaker has so much power to influence the Lower House. Unfortunately, Belmonte is so meek against the Chinese intrusion because he is a Chinese himself, together with all the members of the House of Representatives. These monkeys were lying when they took their Oath of Office, which is to defend our Constitution and our Sovereignty. They are traitors.

  • Abnoy tupak

    dapat may survey
    kung kailangan ba mag pirma ng waiver ang mga tongressmen

  • TotoyKalentong

    If Belmonte requires House members to sign bank waivers, that’s political suicide for him as that would see him lose his Speakership of the House. Hypocrites, just plain double-standard. 

  • Edna

    Belmonte has been granted IMMUNITY for spearheading the impeachment.  Hindi na siya hahabulin  ng gobyerno for any wrongdoing, whether alleged or proven.  The same goes for the rest of the 188 congressmen and 20 senators.  The corrupt among them now have IMMUNITY also. Kaya nga pumanig `yang mga `yan kay PNoy.  Miro Quimbo for example.  Hindi na `yan i-imbistigahan sa Globe Asiatique scam, even if he was the head of Pag-Ibig then.  Abswelto na `yan. But I still challenge the President to prove this equation wrong: 1 guilty = 188 + 20 absolved.  Kung matuwid ang daan, hindi dapat exempted ang mga KKK at Ka-alyado sa impeachment. 

  • Abnoy tupak

    He also disparaged some members of Congress who have willingly disclosed to the public their statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN) and volunteered to sign bank waivers. <<<<<<
    <<<  tsk tsk tsk si belmonte mismo ayaw ng transparency in governance

  • Juan_Sipag08

    Matagal na panahon na karamihan sa ating mga mambabatas ay namuhay sa pagkukunwari. Ginagamit ang salitang paglilingkod sa bayan pero ang katutuhanan para sa SARILING KAPAKANAN. Ilang milyon ang nawawala sa mga proyekto nga pamahalaan na para sa mamamayan dahil sa corrupt na mga humahawak sa pork barrel. 

    Kung sila ay namuhay na malinis at tapat sa bayan at sa Panginoon wala silang ikakatakot na ilantad.Taliwas sa kanilang sinumpaang tungkulin MGA TRAYDOR sa sambayanang Pilipino.

    Karamihan sa mga mambabatas na ito ay tinatawag nila nag kanilang sarili na naniniwala sa panginoon pero napakalayo sa kanilang mga ginagawa. Hndi sila dapat tawagin na HONORABLE.

    Bayan gumising na panahon na dapat alisin at hindi bigyan ng karapatan mamuno ang mga hindi kayang mag deklara ng tunay na SALN at pumirma ng bank waiver. HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRITES

  • boymanok

    ang tigas din ng mukha nitong si belmonte

  • jeng99

    Kaya po wag iboto ang mga pulitiko na ayaw magSIGN NG WAIVER at sila mismo meron tinatago. Ilan lang ho ito sa mga halimbawa at habang dinodoktor pa nila yun mga account nila o nililipat sa ibang pangalan o kamag-anak. Ayan tuloy bumabalik sa kanila yun propaganda nila at sila mismo hindi nila kayang yakapin pala!

  • Abnoy tupak

    belmonte and his 188 tongressmen please sign waiver. NO PALUSOT.

  • eolino

    come on belmonte….you looked like a clown trying to make all kinds of excuses…come clean please

  • KenKhoy

    sir wag na kayong magpalusot…………withdrawhin nyo  nlang yong peso/dollars nyo  tapos ilgay sa safe para hindi kainin ng anay…….

  • KenKhoy

    “Most of the people who have released theirs (SALN) so far are not actually real politicians because it’s their parties that get elected,” he said…………………
    politician ka the core ………… hindi public servant………….kawawang bayan.

  • Efren

    nagtataka ako bakit puro may tatak SB halos  ng paaralan,gov. car,police car at pagawain bayan sa QC tanong lang po MR.BELMONTE.

    • barathelo_tupas

      SB – sobrang balasubas?

  • scorpio22

    Belmonte insulted the party lists congressmen in saying that they are not an actual politicians simply because it was their parties that were elected. Basically what he’s saying is that they are nothing but a “saling pusa”. What a display of arrogance!

    What if they also say that he is not their speaker because he was only elected by his political party and not by all members?

    Belmonte is corrupt, a hypocrite, and so despicable!

  • Bordz G

    almost lahat ng politician hindi honest sa SALN nila…si belmonte bat natatakot meron din tinatago.paano kasi sobrang balimbing…

  • Mister_Expose

    Magresign na lahat ng politiko na ayaw mag-sign ng waiver ng bank accounts nila.  Sa totoo lang, alam naman ng taomg bayankung saan nanggaling ang kayamanan ninyo.  Gusto lang ng bayan na maconfirm at maiiwasan ang corruption kapag alam ng tao ang inilalaki ng accounts year after year kung hindi mapapapaliwanag.
    Ang kakapal nitong mga politiko na ito, kung makapagsalita during impeachment parang napakalinis nila pero lugmok rin sa putik, nangangamoy at ang babaho. 
    Gusto ng bayan SIGN OR RESIGN.  Kung makapal ang mukha, NO SIGN NO VOTE. 

  • KenKhoy

    “Belmonte would rather reveal girlfriend than disclose SALN”

  • rodger66

    totoo pala na habang tumtanda bumabata ang pag-iisip…Mr. Belmonte and Drilon are two good examples gustong mangatuwiran na parang mga high school teens…ang pumirma daw ay hindi real polticians so ibig sabihin pag-real poliltician real corrupt…CONFIRMED by Bel’moko este Belmonte !!!☻

    • barathelo_tupas

      drillon is a crying pig, full of lard and self serving lies while belmonte is an old senile flipflopping hypocrite

    • AprilFool

      SEN. DRILON is the perfect example of a modern day Pharisee, a HYPOCRITE of ALL TIMES! Itong si Drilon, ay equally guilty din or mas guilty than CJ Corona. Before the impeachment of Corona began, urged the Chief Justice “to quit or you will be stripped in public”, then follows it up with “The rule says that political neutrality should be observed”. Hallleerrr Sen. Drilon? Is that you? Wow naman Your Honor parang totoo ang sinasabi mo e from day 1 pa lang ng impeachment trial e bias ka na kay Corona tapos sasabihin mong “political neutrality should be observed” in voting. He
      also said that “signing a waiver and opening my bank account will be a bad
      precedent that could put the banking system in jeopardy.” He said this when Corona challenged him to sign a similar waiver. Kapag bubuksan ang kanyang bank account delikado ang banking system, pero kapag yung kay Corona ay okay lang. Ang kapal talaga ng balat mo Mr. Porky Pig! What is sauce for the goose, should also be sauce for the gander, diba? Ang Batas para kay Juan ay batas din para kay Franklin at Feliciano, di ba?

  • usapan2

    Si Belmonte mukhang kagalang galang at disente, pero balimbing din. katulad din ni enrile na kung sino ang presidente ay doon sila kumikiling.  noong nakaupo si GMA ay malapit sina Belmonte at Enrile kay GMA.  Ngayong nakaupo na si Pnoy, nakadikit naman sila kay Pnoy.

  • Abnoy tupak

    belmonte and his 188 tongressmen = house of hypocrites

  • Rathbumo

    Speaker Belmonte, nabahag na din ba ang buntot mo sa harap tulad ng Boss mo sa Malakanyang? Bakit ayaw mong pumira? May itinatago ka din ba?  
    Dinikdik nyo si exCJ Corona sa bank waiver at SALN, nang pumirma ng unconditional waiver at naghamon na pumirma din kayong lahat, bigla kayong kambyo paatras! Tama yung kasabihan na: “Never point an accusing finger at anyone, for your other three fingers are pointing at you.”
    at “When you hale someone in court and accuse him of something, be sure you are clean.”

  • benjie

    Mga Ipokrito! Ang gagaling magsalita nina Belmonte at Gonzales laban kay Corona pero sila ganun o mas malala pa kay Corona! HIndi sana kayo manalo sa susunod na election! Ang walang itinatago hindi dapat matakot sa WAIVER!

  • Abnoy tupak

    ” I don’t like to pressure.”
    belmonte na gawa mo naman yan
    188 tongressmen pirma impeachment kay corona agad without reading.
    ngayon kaya mo din yan..
    basta wag ka lang gumawa ng palusot.
    try mo lang..

  • Abnoy tupak

    Belmonte suggested that the clamor for greater transparency from lawmakers about their personal wealth was a passing phase and indicated that the public should let it blow over.  << dian ka nagkakamali.  you belong from the past corrupt generation.. dapat mag retire ka na..

  • barathelo_tupas

    he who cast the first stone must have their own hands clean mr speaker belmonte, you spearheded an impeachment case and now you should come out clean or be called a hypokrito! sign the waiver and let the people know transparency and do not be a coward. Let this be a lesson to politicking perfomers in congress and senate, if you say “daang matuwid” then make sure you are matuwid as well. Do not flip flop and patunayan mong wala kang kasalanan bago ka mang gipit ng sinasabi niyong corrupt.

  • Losingparty

    belmonte anong klaseng lider ka?
    kung hindi mo kaya,
    dapat mag resign ka na lang as house speaker.
    by refusing to sign a waiver only means that an official is hiding something

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