Farmers, bishops press land reform

Aquino resolve urged on CARP


LONG MARCH On the second day of their march, 60 farmers from Bukidnon and Davao pass through the boundary of Sumilao and Manolo Fortich towns in Bukidnon. They are walking the 100 kilometers from Malaybalay City to Cagayan de Oro City to demand full implementation of the agrarian reform program by the Aquino administration. They will join 5,000 other farmers from Negros and Batangas in the march on Malacañang in Manila. BOBBY LAGSA / INQUIRER MINDANAO

Hundreds of farmers, concerned that time is ticking on the government’s agrarian reform program, are knocking on the doors of Malacañang, hoping to see President Benigno Aquino.

No one has told them yet, officially that is, that Mr. Aquino left Monday for London for an official visit and where he met with Prime Minister David Cameron.

At least 20 members of the 100-strong Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) have signed a letter requesting an audience with the President for the farmers seeking a firm commitment that he would fully implement the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), according to the Most Rev. Roderick S. Pabillo.

The program launched on June 10, 1988, was the centerpiece of the promise of social justice of Mr. Aquino’s mother, the late President Corazon Aquino. It is expiring in two years with nearly 1 million hectares of the country’s prime agricultural estates still to be distributed.

“Unless there is strong political will, it will not happen,” said Pabillo, head of the CBCP’s National Secretariat for Social Action.

“That’s why the farmers are marching here, to dialogue with the President and to get his firm commitment, because without this firm commitment, there will be nothing,” he said in an interview Monday with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Representatives of farmer groups from Negros Occidental, Davao and Bukidnon provinces, where the most productive agricultural lands are located, have begun converging in Manila for a march on Malacañang this weekend to press demands that Mr. Aquino fullfill an election campaign promise that he will implement the program his mother initiated.

Pabillo and Fr. Marlon Lacal, the executive secretary of the Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines, signed the letter, which was sent to Malacañang on June 1, requesting an audience with Mr. Aquino on either Friday or Saturday.

Pabillo said the letter was sent by e-mail to all CBCP members for signature, but only 20 had so far replied. Most of the bishops are in remote provinces and communicating with them on short notice could be a problem, he said.

“Only those who opened the e-mail responded,” he said. But he said that all the bishops, who are to convene for their semiannual meeting next month for important policy considerations, had all supported the enactment of the CARP program designed to lift millions of Filipinos from poverty and remove a major cause of the world’s longest running communist insurgency.

Social justice issue

“It’s a law that has to be implemented, because it is a social justice issue for the small farmers. So I think all the bishops are in accord.”

The letter slammed the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) for consistently “underperforming” in the implementation of the five-year CARP law with reforms, or Carper, passed in 2009, particularly in land acquisition and distribution, or LAD.

“This is shown by the huge backlog in covering the remaining 1,093,000 hectares of agricultural lands. In 2011, it only accomplished 54.6 percent of its national LAD target,” it said.

Around 250,000 ha are supposed to be distributed annually under the Carper law. As of the end of last year, the DAR said it had distributed 4.3 million ha, a sizable portion of which comprise public agricultural lands.

“In Negros Occidental, the current DAR only managed to distribute 1,789 ha in 2011. The DAR will have to work at 20 times its current pace to meet its targets. There has been no significant movement in the 135,199-ha total provincial backlog as of January 2012, and no notices of coverage had been issued on large estates,” the letter said.

It said the DAR performance for the first six months of 2012 was expected to be “equally dismal.” The DAR under Mr. Aquino, it said, had recorded the lowest CARP accomplishment compared to previous administrations.

Appalling situation

“With this appalling situation, farmers and tillers become restless and desperate. They fear the winds of August 2014, the end year of the extended period of CARP. They have fought for land reform for decades and fear that it will be all for naught,” it said.

“These farmers risked their lives for Cory and believed her promise that CARP will liberate them from the bondage of serfdom. They voted for P-Noy (President Aquino) because he represented their last chance of realizing their dream of owning their own land. These are the mainstream peasants who have patiently abided by the cumbersome ways of democracy and have resisted the calls for violent revolution,” the letter said.

“They wish to ask the President to use his enormous political capital to fulfill the vision of CARP by distributing all the remaining balance of ‘CARP-able’ agricultural lands and by providing the necessary support services and financial support that would help them become successful owner-cultivators.”

In the interview with the Inquirer, Pabillo said that under Aquino, CARP was underfunded and required allocation for technical support and credit were not provided. The Carper law calls for an allocation of P150 billion for five years.

The Department of Budget and Management cut the DAR request for a P30-billion allocation this year to around P18 billion and removed another P4.9 billion in support services, according to a senior DAR official, who likewise said the department was being dismantled in preparation for the end of the Carper program.

“The DAR is only following the wishes of the President,” Pabillo said. “If there is no clear mandate, there is no enthusiasm from the executive, you can expect the same thing from the rest in the office.”

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  • Common_Sense09

    Daang Matuwid shall go as far as the President goes, and he has not gone anywhere.

  • isalexus

    “It said the DAR performance for the first six months of 2012 was expected to be “equally dismal.” The DAR under Mr. Aquino, it said, had recorded the lowest CARP accomplishment compared to previous administrations”– WELL?!? You ingrates! He was busy getting even against GMA and Corona for blocking the Cojuanco’s interest in HLI!! What do you expect? Do other things? You should all know that he was totally focused onGMA and Corona– he can’t think and chew gum at the same time– ingat ,baka kayo ang susunod bagsakan ng galit at paghihiganti niya!!

  • Hey_Dudes

    If catholic bishops really believe the government have not been quick enough to distribute lands to the landless, if they so believe in their heart of hearts these landless should also enjoy what others who have legitimate land ownership by giving it to them on a silver platter, why don’t these bishops help government by dipping into their own wealth, buy these lands from the owners and distribute lands themselves?  If they can do this process much quicker than government, then it will prove them right.

    Distributing lands which the government need to take away from someone else requiring payment, naturally, will take more time specially when it does not have the money to pay for lands to be given to the landless?  Whoever thought of this law similar to the Lina law giving rights to squatters to squat anywhere they see vacant lots ought to be seen swaying by the neck atop the highest tree.

    • marithefrancois

      a DAR official showed me, hey-dudes, that the catholic church owns most of the lands exempted from CARP. maybe, that should explain they would want to rally behind the cause but never lift a finger or dip into their own wealth.  this DAR official resigned from his post because he said he could not ‘stomach’ the duplicity of the gov’t. and the church. all the church would do is to ask the landed families to give them up, while keeping their friar lands and all DAR would do is to do nothing. 

      • spearheads

        Yon bang kilala mong “DAR official” ay yon ding OFW na kamaganak mo, na physical therapist din gaya ng anak ni CJ Corona na nagtatrabaho sa US? Ang dami mong drama sa buhay. Pirmahan na ang unconditional waiver para maniniwala kami sayo.

      • Daang_tuwid3

        Bad loserrrrrrr:-)

    • Tom De Lima

      @ Hey-Dudes. I personally know Bishop Broderick Pabillo and he is one who really knows his stuff, having been really immersed among the poor. He is a wonderful person. I could put you in his mailing address if you want to be involved in this advocacy.  God bless.

      • Hey_Dudes

        Advocacy improving the lot of the poor in any country is a laudable effort on anyone’s part bishops or ordinary persons.  However, for such advocacy to remain energetic, vibrant and successful, it need a lot of money.  Money not saliva and certainly not breast beating rally cries from anyone will make it doable.

      • John Miel

        ok yan, tumulong tayo!

    • $20722540

      anoh! the church buy the lands and distribute??? are you crazy?

  • sojusakitofu

    These pervs and hypocrite bishops should first practice what they’re preaching.  
    The Catholic organization is one if not the biggest private land holder in the PH.  In the provinces the Catholic church owns vast tract of agricultural lands and should be also subjected to land reform and distributed to farmers.  

  • Martin

    While agree with their calls since the Aquino/Cojuangco has been sitting on it for a long time now, I want to tell these Bishops to return all the lands grabbed by the church since the Spanish time.

    • sojusakitofu

      Church returning their landholdings to people? Good luck …you’re like wishing upon a star…These bunches of turds will never ever allow their contributions to Peter’s Pence reduced by even a peso.  Sad to say PH is a poor country in the eyes of the world yet for the Roman Curia it’s a major source of funds.  I can’t believe in this 21st century, majority of Filipinos still continue enslaving themselves blindly believing in the medieval and archaic teachings of these hypocrites. Now they wonder why they are still poor even they pray everyday and they are the only major major catholic nation in Asia.  Philippine catholicism is the greatest cultural  genocide to ever happen in that part of the world. 

      • Martin

        And huge portion of their collections go to the Vatican.  Filipinos are in poverty but they’re willing to borrow money, sell their pigs and cows to celebrate pagan traditions like Fiestas.  When are they going to wake up?

      • sojusakitofu

        Correct amigo, PH catholic church is one of the top contributors to Rome funding the Roman Curia, the Vatican’s bureaucracy.

      • cute79

        tama kayo mga kbyan,katoliko rin ako pero namulat na ako.mayamn ang  simbahan katoliko lalo na sa vatican samantalang mrami s ating mga kbbyan na walang makain,yong iba p may mga sakit na walang pampagamot.kaya kung gusto ko man magbigay ng tulong,ibigay ko nlng s kapwa ko na tlgang nangangailangan.sana matuto din ang ating ibang mga kbbyan.

      • Martin

        Iyan ang dahilan kung bakit humiwalay at itinayo ang Aglipayan Church.  Isa sa mga dahilan ay bakit daw ibibigay sa Vatican ang mga pera at hindi sa Pilipinas.

  • jan lim

    mukhang imposibleng upuan ito ni PNOY, sapagkat sya ay isa ring panginoong may lupa. hanggat ang mga naka-upo sa trono ng gobyerno ay mga asindero’t asindera, hindi kailanman maibabahagi ang mga lupa. kitang-kita naman ito sa kaso ng HLI, matagal na tinutulan ng pamilyang aquino/cojuangco na ipamahagi ito. salamat na lang sa korte suprema sa pamumuno ni corona at sa wakas ay nagkaroon ng utos na ipamahagi na ito.

  • quirinomayer

    The bishops were quick to support Renato Corona’s challenge to his accusers to also issue waivers to the secrecy of their bank deposits on the principle enunciated in the “Let the one who has no sin throw the first stone” statement of Christ.  In this case, the verse should read: “Let the person who has distributed his land to the poor be the first one to demand that the CARP be fully implemented.” As usual, the call of the bishops has no force because it is not backed by an example. Shame on you, Padre Damaso!

  • opinyonlangpo

    I agree with the CBCP bishops for helping the farmers benefit in the CARP program, its a noble act. But these thick faced hypocrites should also distribute their vast tracts of lands to the farmers, and pay taxes for their lands, lots of lands and real estate properties. If the church lands are included in the CARP, they would be singing a different tune. So much for social justice.

  • Rey Gan

    Hakot yan ni Pabillo at ibang mga damaso.  Sa political landscape kasi ngayon, medyo gumaganda imahe ng administrasyon lalo na sa isyu ng paghahabol ng kurap na opisyal.  PERO, ayaw ng CBCP yan dahil alam nilang pabor si Pnoy sa RH bill.  Kung naalala niyo, si Pabillo din nagbigay press release na kahit anong verdict ng impeachment, failure pa rin daw ang admin na to (ewan ko ba kasi bakit binibigyan pa ng weight ang mga sinasabi niya?)Samakatuwid, pogi points para sa admin ay nangangahulugang lalakas ang laban para sa mga napirmahang priority bills.

    This rally is just a smear campaign which is heavily funded by the Catholic hierarchy.  Shame
    on you scheming bishops!

    • leubas


  • Anong345


    Indeed  land reform
    remains one the keys in the dismantling of a semi-feudal society.

    One of the marginal benefits of this contentious impeachment
    saga is putting forward the Philippines’ effort to implement a genuine land
    Now that PNoy has divested himself of his Luisita holdings, let us also look on
    the other landed feudal lords who had controlled their  respective fiefdoms— using their wealth to
    perpetuate themselves in power–politically and economically.

    All should be now on the table–to achieve an end to poverty
    that breeds corruption in our country.

  • bert10

    Aside from the required reanimation of DAR and the DBM, the fast adjudication of backlogged land reform cases in the courts and especially the Supreme Court would be the evidence that the decision on  Hacienda Luisita  was not merely an Aquino vs. Arroyo spat, but a genuine and heartfelt start of the social/land reform proposition the Luisita decision is being made to look like. 

    As it is, the continuing lip service of government to genuine land reform since before Diosdado Macapagal, is itself among the biggest reasons and rationale for the continuing rural insurgency.

    May we also request the Churches to file their own SALN specifically on their land holdings to the people? It is time especially for the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy to also “come clean” on the lands they continue to hold (possess) and refuse to subject to redistribution to the farmers.

  • Rey Gan

    Tapos sasakay naman sa isyu mga “kaibigan” nating kumunista.

    • bert10

      Nauna po ang isyu ng reporma sa lupa sa paglitaw ng mga komunista sa Pilipinas. 

      Ang isyu ng reporma sa lupa ay isyu ng Rebolusyong Pilipino noong 1896. At bago noon, isyu na ng mga Moro, nina Dagohoy, Diego at Gabriela Silang, etc.

      Di nalulutas hanggan ngayon kaya isyu na din ng “simbahan”, mga komunista, repormista, at pati nina Corona at Aquino ilang linggo ang nakakaraan.

      Wag nating ilagay ang kariton sa unahan ng kalabaw para bumilis ang pag-usad ng bansa. 

      Cold war fearmongering pa ang paraan ng pag-iisip ninyo Mr. Gan. Di lang antiquated. Useless na.

      • Rey Gan

         As I read your reply, mukhang lalong di malulutas ang problema.  Pinaghalo-halo mo na lahat ng sektor, pati mga noon at kasalukyang panahon.  Paano kaya ngayon tukuyin kung sino talaga ang mga genuine land-owners kung pati mga organizers( simbahang katoliko) e isa ring malalaking land-grabbers umpisa pa noong panahon ng kastila. 

        At sa tuwing merong pagtitipon at pagkikilos ng ganito, meron laging nag-uudyok na sektor na may galit sa kasalukuyang admin, o di kaya may tinatagong agenda.  Kaya sa bandang huli, nasa-sideline ang totoong adhikain, o di kaya kung meron mang achievement, panandalian lamang.  Superficial lang ang basa mo sa komento ko, kaya agad cold -war fearmongering ang judgment mo. 

      • bert10

        Superficial kasi ang comment mo. Comment ng cold warrior. 

        Samantalang long before the cold war and the communist ideology, matindi na ang issue ng land ownership and land use. 

        Nang sakupin ng mga Kastila ang kapuluan, may land use and land issues na. Halo-halo lang ang issues kung hindi ka lilingon sa pinanggalingan ng problema at ilulugar ang mga pangyayari. 

        Sabi ni Gat Jose (wala pang komunista at mananakop na ‘Merkano noon), ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan…

      • Rey Gan

        Di pa rin nagbabago mga aktibistang peke, mga charlatan parin.  Nagmamagaling sa lahat ng bagay, batikos dito batikos dun. Mga nasyonalistang hanggang ngayon naghahanap ng scapegoat sa nagawang kapalpakan.  Walang ibang outlet ng pagi-express ng katalinuhan kundi ang pagiging anti-western, anti-US anti-kastila gaya etc.  Di pa rin makamove -on.

      • bert10

        Let us move on without those stupid baggages – including your cold war baggage and ignorance about what stealing from government and money laundering is all about. Ni hindi mo nga alam na isinoli na ng Swiss banks ang parte (USD 620 Million) na ill-gotten wealth ni Marcos dahil ill-gotten kahit dineposito niya doon sa ibang pangalan. Mahalaga din po na mag-aral ng kasaysayan. And the study of history does not make one a communist or activist. It just makes a citizen – informed. OK?

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Monday, June 4, 2012 9:05 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Farmers, bishops press land reform

        Disqus generic email template

        Rey Gan wrote, in response to bert10:
        Di pa rin nagbabago mga aktibistang peke, mga charlatan parin.  Nagmamagaling sa lahat ng bagay, batikos dito batikos dun. Mga nasyonalistang hanggang ngayon naghahanap ng scapegoat sa nagawang kapalpakan.  Walang ibang outlet ng pagi-express ng katalinuhan kundi ang pagiging anti-western, anti-US anti-kastila gaya etc.  Di pa rin makamove -on. Link to comment

      • Rey Gan

        Nonsense ka Bert10. Umaasa ka pang makakamkam ng share diyan sa 620 million dollar na yan. Kunyari pa rally-rally pa kayo, yun pala pera hanap niyo…umaasang maambunan ng milyon.  Kakatawa ka.  Minsan gumagawa kayo ng kwento para sabihin lang matalino.  Mga kagaya mo magaling sa conspiracies.  Pati yata buwan at araw, pinaghinalaan niyong kuntrolado ng amerika, t@nga.  Wag mo na akong isali sa kayabangan mo.

      • bert10

        Hindi po ako nagra-rally. Baka ikaw para kay ex CJ Corona. At para kay Marcos para hindi ito magbayad pinsala sa mga napinsala. At para kay Gloria na patuloy na nagmamalinis. Ang tatlong itong kaibigan mo, laging itinuturo ang mga komunista at kaliwa, pati si Ninoy noon at si PNoy ngayon – na may kagagawang ng mga katarantaduhan nila. Gaya mo.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 9:26 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Farmers, bishops press land reform

        Disqus generic email template

        Rey Gan wrote, in response to bert10:
        Nonsense ka Bert10. Umaasa ka pang makakamkam ng share diyan sa 620 million dollar na yan. Kunyari pa rally-rally pa kayo, yun pala pera hanap niyo…umaasang maambunan ng milyon.  Kakatawa ka.  Minsan gumagawa kayo ng kwento para sabihin lang matalino.  Mga kagaya mo magaling sa conspiracies.  Pati yata buwan at araw, pinaghinalaan niyong kuntrolado ng amerika, t@nga.  Wag mo na akong isali sa kayabangan mo. Link to comment

      • Rey Gan

        Oo di ka nagra-rally. Mukhang pera ka lang.

      • bert10

        Katulong lang ako sa nagpabayad-pinsala kay Marcos. At nag-umpisa nang magbayad ang kanyang estate sa mga biktima ng rights violations. At hindi kalaban dito ang Amerika. Sa America lang po nakakuha ng hustisya ang mga biktima ng pamamaslang at torture ni Macoy – dahil sa Pilipinas, may mga tulad mong nababayaran ng mga ninakaw nila pati ni Corona at GMA – para pigilin ang hustisya.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:34 PM
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        Rey Gan wrote, in response to bert10:
        Oo di ka nagra-rally. Mukhang pera ka lang.
        Link to comment

  • ellatovara

    Ngayon umingay na ang mga bishops … tameme sila noong panahon ng impeachment. OMG ang hanap ng tao noong panahon ng impeachment at being truthful, being honest, being just … tahimik sila …

    ngayon umingay na naman sila … sa aking palagay … laos na ang mga bishops na yan.  makamahirap kuno … when Gloria gave them vehicles and etc … tumahimik sila ang ignored all the cries of the majority of the Filipinos!

    • leubas


  • RubenC

    I agree with the Church’s position but it should do much more than just loudly broadcast this position. First, it should distribute all of its idle lands to farmers. Second, it should talk to its landed parishioners to voluntary sell their underdeveloped lands to deserving farmers. Third, the Church should send its representatives to rural areas to teach poor farmers improve not only their spiritual but also economic status.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    There are more pressing problems in this country than for PNOY to go to England for the festivities of that Queen.He could have stayed and mend the broken fences here first.
    Now, if the CBCP are trying to expedite this Land Reform stuff,that’s fine and dandy.It helps the poor.More power to them.And mighty religious of them.
    If they are successful jump starting this endeavour  with this President, they can  also start to open up to the Filipino people and divulge  their total assets in this archipelago? How much do they own,where are they? How many “Friar Lands” they own.Just like SALN!!
    People came out of this world from this country ,they die,new born children  comes out again  but they never knew  the wealth of this church.But their flock keeps  pouring in sums of money for every move of their life to this church.And also other churches.
    This country is a basket case economically,and various  sectors need to resuscitate this.One can cringe at the site of poverty,unemployment and decadence at the aspect of life.Take a trip to Tondo and other places and see what i’m posting here.
    But we have churches which have probably have tons of money kept in banks but could be used to help a nation in distress.
    Just imagine the money generated from baptism,marriage process,special masses,fund raisings  ….etc… every second from year 1521 to 2012? that could be mountains of DINEROS!! And that’s
    from 92 million human beings from this country.
    How can the Catholic church help this country!! If they are griping about the molasses flow of the implementation of CARP,can they alleviate the situation of the country by divulging their worth and use some of it to help the society?
    They can start by voluntarily pay taxes.
    If they don’t want to help,i can and will continue to hear a “Giant and Loud”  sucking sound from the Philippines all the way to Vatican.
    What could it be?
    Remember,that’s from 1521 to the present!!

  • RubenC

    Decades of trying to make agrarian reform should have taught the government, the Church and farmers that land distribution alone will never succeed. Before, during and after its implementation, important factors that affect agricultural production must first be addressed. These vital factors are: anti-flooding/ measures, irrigation, organic pestides, pre- and post-harvest facilities and easy access to credit must be in placed for land reform to succeed. The failure by the government and other stakeholders while implementing land reform has virtually confiscated lands of small landowners such as government employees, retirees and even farmers while establishing a new class of people composed of usurers and middlemen who, through high interest rates, have taken over the lands of agrarian reform beneficiaries.

  • sola mente

    i’m for the farmers who really want to own their land and use it to make a living.
    and not for those who after receiving the land would sell it to use the money for purposes other than what it was intended for.    it’s their choice of course since they own the land. 

  • Martin

    Unknown to many who were not even born Martial Law or 1986 Edsa Revolt, one reason why the Aquinos ousted Marcos was the latter’s handling of Hacienda Luisita.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      That’s too elementary… People revolted against Marcos because of human rights abuses, cronysm and talamak na graft and corruption. Nobody knew that time about Hacienda Luisita. In fact, si Marcos nga nagkamal ng maraming yaman because of his land reform law.

  • AmBoy24

    it’s just a wishful thinking that pnoy will act on this agrarian reforms issue.he’s got lots of friends and sympathizers to think of. besides pnoy has no hearts to poor people…

  • John_Galt_II

    Yung mga lupa ay mayroon ng may ari at hindi mo dapat kunin ang ari arian ni Juan at ibigay mo kay Pedro. Wag mong yurakan ang karapatan ng tao mahirap man o mayaman. Ang dapat ipamigay ay ang mga lupa ng simbahan dahil galing lamang yon sa dilihensiya o panghihingi. Kung talagang nais ng simbahan na magbigay sa magsasaka ay dapat unahin nila na ipamigay ang kanilang lupain o kaya ipamigay sa magsasaka ang koleksiyon nila linggo linggo!

    • Romeo

                 Hindi si Pedro at si Juan ang pinag usapan dito. Ang pinag usapan dito ay CARP, Comprehensive  Agrarian Reform Program  law. Batas na ginawa sa Kongreso sa panahon ni Corazon Aquino, nanay ni Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III na dapat ipatupad sa anak, kasali na ang Hacienda Luisita. Marami pang mga malalaking lupain na pag aari sa mga haciendero na hindi pa napasama sa CARP.  Kung may pag hanga kayo ni Corazon Aquino, bilang mabuting tao kuno, sa kanya nag umpisa ang kagulohan sa  lupa. Batas ang dapat ang umiiral. Naintidihan mo na ?  Walang malalaking lupain ang simbahan na kasali sa CARP. Hindi kayo nakaintindi. Patawarin ka sana sa Panginoon, dahil hindi mo naintindihan ang mga sinasabi mo.

      • John_Galt_II

        Bakit ako kailangan patawarin? Ano ang kasalanan ko? Pag hindi ako pinatawad ano ang mangyayari sa kin? Mapupunta ba ko sa impiyerno? Ikaw sana maliwanagan ka. Yang simbahan mo galing ng Spain na kung saan kulay puti ang mga tao. Ginamit nila ang relihiyon para gawing alipin ang mga pilipino sa kanilang pagpapayaman subalit hindi nila kailanman itinuring na kapantay ng kanilang antas. Ang tingin sa pilipino ay “subject” o tagasunod lamang.


    DISTRIBUTE the vast landholdings of the church and Religious.  ALSO, their great and huge ownership in the largest corporations of the country with interests in banks, manufacturing, utilities, schools, media, wholesale and retail, stores, etc.

    Ang tatapang at malalakas ang loob na sabihan ang iba na mamigay, pero sila mismo OK lang ang mag-swapang.  Meron ba kayong nakikitang bishop na naghihirap o namumuhay ng mahirap na tulad ng pinaglalandakan nilang si CHRIST?  Sino sa kanila ang matatawag na alter-Christ literally?  Anak NP, mas high-living pa ang karamihan sa kanila kaysa mga mayayamang negosyante.  May iba pa nga dyan class-na-class pa ang dating…gusto pa ng BAGONG SUV….hindi masisiyahan sa luma.  At hindi lang mga bishop…ke dami-daming mga pari na daig-na-daig pa ang mga business executives sa kanilang lifestyle…..kotse, mansion, business, stock holdings, dollar deposits, etc.  Marami din akong nakikitang mga pari na nagbababad sa mga GAY BAR.Dapat gumawa ng LIFESTYLE CHECK ang Vatican sa lahat ng mga alipores ng simbahan para magkabistuhan kung sino ang dada-lang-ng-dada at panay lang ang miron…. at kung sino ang may nagagawa at ginagawa.   

    Sabi ng mga pakialamero at mga sasawero: “HUWAG KAYONG MAG-SWAPANG….IPAMAHAGI ninyo ang inyong kayamanan sa inyong kapwa”  

    “Ha, kami?  Bakit kami?  Hindi ba ninyo alam na may separation of the chruch and state?  Huwag ninyo kaming pinakiki-alamanan.  Alam namin ang ginagawa namin.  Di ba ninyo alam sugo kami ng dios?  Gawin na lamang ninyo yong aming sinasabi.  Huwag ninyong gayahin yong aming ginagawa.  Hindi ninyo kayang intindihin ang ginagawa at nalalaman namin. (wink, wink)”

    PPPHHHWEEEE (to the power of gogol)!

    • Ben Tampadong

      googol, urhonor…

      • UrHONOR

        OK, stand corrected on typo…..googol.  TY.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Tama nga naman itong mga mahihirap at lalong tama ang mga kritiko nitong kasalukyang administrasyong Aquino.  Nung panahon ni GMA naipamigay na niyang lahat ang mga lupang kinuha sa mga me lupa, nabayaran silang lahat at wala nang mahihirap na magsasaka  ang nawalan ng lupa?  Naging presidente lamang itong si Pnoy, biglang dumami na naman ang mahihirap na magsasaka na nawalan ng lupa?  Mahusay ngayon sa bansang Pinas ang maging mahirap at lalo na kung mahirap na magsasaka dahil you can demand government to give you a land of your own.  You can’t beat that kind of deal.  Kahit na sa America pa walang batas tulad nito.

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       Sure ka?  Great propaganda!

  • dabu

    Agrarian reform, in concept, could be a good idea. But will it work? During the Marcos era, lands were also distributed to the farmers and some if not most, were eventually sold to new owners. The reason, perhaps, lies on the fact that there is a big difference between just simply being a farm employee and being a farmer/entrepreneur. Being an owner, one will now be involved with farm management (financing, marketing, capitalization, budgeting, strategic planning) something that farmers might not be too familiar with. To put it simply, this is a transition from just being an ordinary employee to a business owner and are they ready to face this new responsibility.

    • Jose M. Castro

      I agree with you in principle, but what your post simply means to me is that the government has no business expropriating agricultural lands which use modern capital intensive agricultural modes of production requiring large portions of land to achieve economies of scale.  In such a setting, the relevant issue should not be land reform – it should be just and equitable compensation for farm workers.

      But what about those haciendas and farms which still use traditional methods of agricultural production?  I don’t know the relevant statistics, but whenever I go to the provinces, I only very rarely see large tractors, tillers, harvesters, and the like.

      And this does not even touch on the fact that legal expropriation is a long, difficult and excruciating judicial process.  If the legal distribution of hacienda land has to go through the Supreme Court (like in the case of Hacienda Luisita), it isn’t really much of a surprise why agrarian reform is proceeding at such a snail’s pace.

  • Hfxwst

    Guess the CBCP must own a lot of land – otherwise they would have no business being involved.

  • casa negro

    Nakakatawa itong si Pabillo. Sobrang desperate pati CARP pinapatos na. LOL!

  • JJF724




    • TagaKalos

      Ikaw may pagkaHUNGHANG ka dahil hindi ka muna nareresearch bago magblog. Panahon pa ni Pres Diosdado Macapagal may land reform na. Pinalawak lan yung land reform noong panahon ng aksidental na presidente na si cory.  Kayo dito na kampon ng presidente sa malakanyang na inutil at bakla ay palagi wala sa hulog at basura yung pinagsasasabi mga OGAGS!!!!

  • legislex

    While CARP has its merits, it also has some setbacks.  It forces landowners not to develop their landholdings for fear that it will be covered by CARP.  Thousands of hectares are left idle.  Land that could have been productive.  

    Only a few corporations engage in large-scale exports of agricultural products because would-be investors could not own large tracts of land that could assure them of supply.  While they resort to growers agreement with local farmers, the arrangement most of the time is too costly because farmers tend to limit the supply to demand increase in prices.  The erratic prices deter these big corporations from investing in agricultural business. 

  • scorpio15

    Mahirap talaga maging magsasaka. Lalo na kung dyan sa lupa-in i-asa ang lahat. Sa mga kritiko madaling magsabi na ipamimigay ang mga lupa-in. Sa palayan halos apat na buwan bago umani at sa tubuhan naman ay kulang kulang isang ta-on.
    Ang abono at mga pesticides ay napakamahal. Dagdagan pa ng preparation sa pagtanim plus seedlings. Pag sa bentahan naman ng produkto binabarat naman ng mga namimili.
    Ang tubo sa pagsasaka ng lupa ay napakali-it o break even lang. Pag minalas lugi pa. Ika nga ang small scale farming ay napunta sa lugi at bentahan ng lupa.

  • leubas


    • ahemmm

      grabeh u naman po puro nlng pajero ang alam u :)

  • ApoLapullapu

    With the biggest anti-land reform landlord sitting in Malacanang, the farmers from Bukidnon are just wasting their sunshine.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    kung tutuosin at sundin ang prinsipyo sa biblia, ang simbahan dapat walang real estate property. Ang mga  Levites na nag silbing pari ay nabuhay lamang sa ikapo dahil sabi ng 
    Dios wala silang manang lupain. Naka tuon ang kanilang serbisyo sa templo at sa espiritual na pangangailangan ng mga tao. Sa atin baligtad, ang relihiyon, lalo ang katoliko ay nagkamal ng malalaking properties. Ito’y mana natin sa mga espanyol na umaalipin sa atin kung saan ang mga lupain ay papalitan lang ng nakaimprentang salitang latin. Kayo mga religious leader na masigasig mag udyok sa mga maralita, kayo dapat ang unang mamahagi ng lupa, total wala naman talaga kayong puhunang ipinunla maliban sa mga turo ninyong taliwas din sa biblia. Dapat mga kababayan gumising na kayo at suriin ninyong mabuti ang mga pinapaniwalaan ninyo baka ginugoyo lang kayo.

  • edward castro

    cbcp should push for spiritual or moral reforms!

  • willbillywilly

    The bishops are championing the rights of the landless farmers but before you do that for them may I suggest that the bishops be the first to donate their lands to the needy. Aside from that, when are they also planning to sell their shares of stock in some of the largest corp. in the country so it can be use to help the poor since they are against the RH bill.

  • Palparan

    kawawa naman itong mga magsasaka, naisahan ni Abnoy… punta daw sa UK para mag victory celebration dahil sibak na si Corona…wahahahahaha!

    • scorpio15

      Ano naman ang imungkahi mo sa malili-it na magsasaka para maging Productive ang kapiranggot na lupang kanilang sasaka-in.
      Pangsusulsul??? Bagay nga sayo ang magtago sa pangalan ni Palparan dahil kung ang tunay na Palparan ay “Berdugo” ang tawag, sayo naman ay si “Boy Sulsul”.

      • Palparan

        ang mungkahi ko sa kanila ay lusubin ang malacanang at patalsikin si Abnoy!


  • Jun

    I suspect Hacienda Luisita will not be distributed to the farmers before the CARPER Law ends.

  • Jose M. Castro

    My primary interest is in knowing who the representatives of farmer groups from Negros Occidental, Davao and Bukidnon provinces, and which productive agricultural lands are they referring to.  Dapat siniyasat ng PDI report na ito yung mga magsasaka dahil mga problema nila yung binibigyan pansin – tagataguyod lang si Bishop Pabillo at ang CBCP.

    • Jose M. Castro

      Mea culpa, I just got my PDI hard-copy, and its coverage is a whole lot better than its electronic counterpart.

    • ptoprin


      • Jose M. Castro

        Palagay ko po naman na hindi tayo nagkakalayo sa ating pananaw, kasi sa aking tingin, dapat mas bida yung mga magsasaka sa news item na ito – sila ang dapat bigyan ng mas-malaking kahalagahan kesa sa suporta ni Bishop Pabillo at ng CBCP.  Yun ho ang aking unang reaksyon nung una kong nabasa ang news item na ito.

      • ptoprin

        tama po, kahol ng kahol ang aso sa sariling anino pala…..

  • isidro c. valencia

    What makes Bishop Pabillo run?
    With high expectation that he will be appointed by the Vatican as the next head of Manila Diocese, Bishop Pabillo got high frustration, instead Bishop Tagle got the position.

    What makes Bishop Pabillo run?
    He challenged President P-Noy to do a heroic job by giving up Hacienda Luisita, when it fact it is the duty of the Supreme Court to decide.  He tried to grab credit from Corona whom he supported. On second thought, P-Noy did comply to give up Hacienda Luisita. 

    Mukhang kulang sa pansin itong si Bishop Pabillo at ginagawa na namang issue itong land reform. He could directly talk to DAR and air the farmers’ grievances. He is really fun of the media camera’s glitters.    

    What makes Bishop Pabillo run?
    He said the Church would only be involved only in issues concerning morality. He issued conflicting statements. He said P-Noy by using all government resources appeared weakling in getting Justice. He never said, this Corona trial is about morality (honesty, corruption, and malfeasance). 

    Questions: During PGMA era, how much did NASSA receive?  
                     During P-Noy era, how much did NASSA receive? O nasa isipan lang?

    What makes Bishop Pabillo run?
    With vast tract of lands owned by the Church (as far as your eyes can see, and as far as you eyes cannot see) is it lawful to impose realty tax?  The Church is asking for transparency from the Government, Catholic Church, INC, El Shaddai, Quiboloy’s church, Eddie Villanueva’s JIL, others should publish their real estate properties, bank ownership, school ownership, and other business entities. Nothing to hide. Equal footing ba ang tawag don?
    Our soul is longing for Church’s care.
    The Church should leave her sheep’ material needs to our Government. Tubig at Langis, idarang man sa apoy ay di magsasanib.

    • prettyboy1980

      very well said! what you wrote is better than the article itself! sana dumami pa ang mga taong kagaya ninyo! salamat!

    • ApoLapullapu

      Bishop Pabillo is not the issue here.  It is the incomplete and halfhearted implementation of the CARP.  But again,  Pabillo and the farmers are just barking at the moon because the top anti-land reform official of the country feels that he is even higher than the moon.

  • Juan

    Land reform in general is a failure. It’s successful in dismantling “hacienderos” and given to the poor, however what’s the true result, farmers sell or mortgage their Certificate of Land Transfer (CLT). After 10 years, they become landless again and again ask the government for land distribution this time targeting the forested areas. .Our forest cover, which is also the KRA of CARPER law and just for sake of land distribution. . With no forest cover, we are doomed to catastrophe.  

    In productivity, it’s also a failure. Before we export, now after PD 27 and CARP, we import rice. . How can you modernize a 1 to 2 has. riceland? most of the farmers after harvest had no rice to eat because they sell all their palay at the lowest price to pay their debt. “Isang kahig isang tuka system”. .Now, There is a new government policy, the LGU and DENR had a co-management agreement of all government own land to lease the land to foreign investor mostly Chinese along with the adjoining private property. . The land will become a multi-purpose agro-industrial production zone for export. .Farmers again will become workers but the different is that they are under foreign control. .
    If the Bishop is true to their calling, I challenge them to distribute their religious land to the farmers and to squatters.

  • wawa2172

    Unlike the Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) which is historically and legally owned by the farmers the other big farm lots or haciendas are legally owned by individuals and families that acquired it through sweat and tears. HLI obtain a loan  from the government to purchased the farm lots to be turnover to the farmer beneficiaries after 10 years of its acquisition. It is supposed to be managed initially by the Cojuangco’s make the farms productive by the farmer tillers-owners before it is  turnover to them. The Cojuangcos did not return the lands to the beneficiaries for 60 plus years and only recently that the SC through majority and landmark decision handed the farm lands to the real owner. The SC decision that caused the top magistrate of the country impeachment from office. The impeachment was lead by the president himself Noy Aquino whose family own the HLI. It’s land area is  bigger than that of Manila and Makati combined. The CARP has no chance to be fully implemented because the owners of the those agricultural lands are sitting in Congress and the local government. They are Noy’s lapdog and with the government penchant of defying existing laws the farmers would end with nothing but cry rivers. In addition, it is a fact that the government do not have the finances to purchased the lands from the farmers as NFA cannot even purchase all the farmers rice produced. It can only do so much to allocate funds. What can be done perhaps is to enact a better law when the CARP expires. Maybe a better compensation to farm workers and for the government to provide better incentives for the farmers to increased productivity rather than the dole out program of DSWD that encourages dependence to the government. Marami ang nagugutom, why not encourage the families to go back to the provinces rather than allowing them to find shelter as illegal settlers or squatters especially in national capital region. Most of this settlers are congested near the esteros, river banks, ilalim nang tulay, near railroad tracks, port area and they even occupies private properties to form squatter armies to fight demolition teams. The families need food and shelter, they can find it in the provinces whose lands are so fertile but it need full support from the government for just compensation for farm works and produced. Put up more schools in the provinces than in the NCR para malipatan nang mga saquatters. CARP will not be fully implemented in two years time. It will meet its end in 2014 and with it will die the aspiration of thousands of farmers. A new and better law that would encourage the farmers to work in farm is needed to replaced a dying law.

    • ptoprin


      • wawa2172

         That won’t work, distributing lands to the squatters of Metro Manila would make things worst. The economy of Manila or I would say the National Capital Region is unsuitable to most undereducated squatters. They could live better in the province where agricultural lots are just waiting to be tilled. Though we know that “magtanim ay di biro” its better that  doing nothing at all. The jungle cilty of Manila and nearby cities would just make the poor more poorer specifically those squatters whose living conditions is below normal. No wonder my dad settled to raised his family in not so highly urbanized city then. Mas madali ang buhay at kung masinop at matiyaga lang. I studied in one of the best universities in the south and I am proud of it. My parents are both teachers and they know the values of education and living simply. Di na kailangan maki pag siksikan sa magulong metro manila.

  • nes911

    wrong timing. may mas mahahalaga pang problema ang dapat harapin ng administrasyon kagaya ng unemployment, sa edukasyon, presyo ng mga bilihin, etc.  ang land reform ay makapaghihintay ng kasagutan. ika niya, too many things to do for too short a time.

    ang mga problema ay mareresolva ng dahan-dahan at isa-isa lang muna. mahirap kung sabay-sabay.

  • dantesan

    Gumagalaw na mga GMA’s BISHOP… Bakit nung si GMA nakaupo di ko nabalitaan nagmartsa mga bishop. Paki balatuhan mo nga ng mga Pajero yan mga yan P-Noy! Ok lang sana pero di yata consistent mga pari ngayon.

  • Jomex

    social works, by a religion like the Catholic Church, do not make the preachings of that church true. anyone, any  group of people can form an organized institution and perform social works. the Hamas, for example, perform extraordinary work of charities in Westbank and Gaza in fact they are well known for looking after the health needs of fellow Palestinians, but that doesnt make their doctrines and preachings true.
    If this is the case then religion is no better than any NGOs, health missions, or charitable organizations. Medicins Sans Frontiers, USAID and OXfam for instance can do better than religious charities and social works, and they don’t have any beliefs to proselytize, evangelize or preach to people, they just help….period.

    Bill Gates said about religion, “Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient.” This is so true. Religions cannot truly help because they have a motive for it: to preach the faith, and beliefs. They are not truly happy and satisfied unless you accept their faith and beliefs.

    The CBCP is not really helping, they have an ulterior motive which is mental domination. They will not stop until you bow down and obey their every doctrines.

    • ptoprin


  • Karabkatab

    Marami dyan sa mga nag po protesta hindi naman mag bubukid, ni hindi nga marunong mag bungkal ng lupa. Karamihan ay sapilitang isinasama sa pangakong libring chow at allowance. Ang mga tunay na magsasaka, hayon nasa gitna na ng bukid, alas 4 pa lang ng umaga. Ito namang mga pari, nag aasal lansangan na rin. Sa panahon ng bagyo, sarado ang kanilang kombento, ni ayaw patuluying an maralitang nawalan ng bobong at bahay. Kaming mga abang paresiyo, ay ang syang kumukupkop at nagpapakain sa mga ito habang wala pang tulong at rasyon ang pamahalaan.  Sipag ang sagot sa kasulukuyang sitwasyon. Pero, wala marami pa rin ang batugan at henio pagdating sa pang gugulang.

  • ptoprin

    lumalabas na ang katotohanan, ang mga bishop ang siyang nagpapagulo ng pilipinas….. masyado makialam sa gawaing estado… mas mahalaga ang pagbabago ng pamamalakad ng gobyerno, ang paglilinis nito na lubhang mapakatagal ng kinalimutan at ninakawan. hindi ba makapagantay ng konteng panahon na lamang ang mga magsasakang pinagkalooban na ng kanilang mga lupain? kanila na yan, hindi na muling mapapabalik pa sa mga cojuangco…saganang akin po lamang, mas makabubuti ang paglilitis at paglilinis ng pamahalaan ang siyang dapat unahin spagkat napakarimi na ng lapastangan na nakapwesto sa pamahalaan na siyang nagdudulot ng ating paghihirap at paghihikahos ng mamamayaN….. kaya kayong mga obispo nawa maghinayhinay at ang inyong problema sa simbahan na lamang ang inyong harapin..UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL…

  • Karabkatab

    Hindi kaya gawa gawa lang ng DAR ang mga protestang ito para lalong ma extend ang DAR Program na ang termino ay madali nang magwakas.  Para sa akin, hindi ang pag aari ng lupa na sasakahin ang sagot sa suliranin ng mga mag bubukid.  Kundi ang seguridad sa lupang sinasaka, tamang partehan, kaalaman sa pagsasaka, disiplina ng magsasaka at sapat na infra stratura sa pagsasaka

  • rick

    kung masyadong concern ang mga bishops sa mga lupain na ibibigay sa mga farmers pwede po ba mga kagalang galang na mga mambabatas at pnoy na pwede itax ang mga simbahan kahit anong denominasyon para magamit ang pera sa pambili ng lupa na ibibgay sa mga farmers at yung sobrang pera ay gamitin para ibigay sa mga mahihirap?

    • Karabkatab

      Pwede.. Pero malayong mangyari yan rick.. Kasi ang mga politiko natin twing election humihingi sila ng basbas sa mga lider ng ibat ibang simbahan, kahit na nga lang sa kung sinong  lider ng mga kulto.. Biroin mo si Mike Velarde requirement na nya ang SALN para kanyang e endorso ang sinumang kandidato.  Aba, tinamaan ng magaling si MV, sa pamamagitan ng SALN malalaman nya kung magkano ang taripa nya sa mga kandidato.

      • ptoprin


  • CesarBelmonte

    Dapat lang tulungan ng bishops ang mga magsasaka sa mga problema sa lupain.  Manhid si PNoy kung magsasaka lang ang lumalaban sa kanila karapatan tungkol sa lupain.  Tingnan mo Hacienda Luisita siyam siyam ang inabot.  Salamat sa tulong ng mga justices and Chief Justice ay natapos din ang matagal na problema sa Hacienda Luisita.

    • allandel

      on whose term was the decision on hacienda luisita finalized? di ba kay pnoy at hindi kay gloria? si corona, isang boto lang sa sc. ang ipapalit ni pnoy, isa rin lang ang boto.

      besides, hacienda luisita is history. pinag-uusapan na lang kung pano ipapamahagi ang lupa. i think your imaginations are getting the better of you.

      lahat tayo gusto natin magkalupa ang mga magsasaka pero sana, wag nilang ibenta para pumunta sa maynila at maging squatter.

  • Guest

    It’s the Catholicism that started the breeding of the oligarchs in Phl. Now the bishop is shouting for land reform.
    It’s pure HYPOCRISY!!! Catholic churches should give first all their land holdings.
    And yes, the bishop must plow the fields too to earn a living and not just wait for the alms coming from the poor every Sunday…..

    PURE HYPOCRISY of the catholic church.

    • Magsasaka

       i purely agree

    • kismaytami

      I remember one time PDI posted an editorial cartoon showing Bishop Damaso saying ‘shame’ on an oligarch while guarding with his robes almost 200 hectares of land in Camarines Sur. Yes, its full hypocrisy.

    • Jose M. Castro

       Wow!  Biglang naalala ko yung Philippine history lessons ko nung studyante pa ako.

    • Nick

      Plow the Field? Imposibly, Bakit pa, di aircon naman ang silid tulugan nila, di Pajero pa nga, hahaha

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Sorry na lang frens na tanggal na si Corona na corrupt na sana ay may check and balance. Kaya sa  ngayon tiis na ulit kayo kasi sigurado ko ang ipapa upo diyan sa SC ay ang pangalagaan ang mga Hacienda at mga yaman ng crony nila.(Meralco, Aboitiz, Customs, Petron, LRT, etc,etc) 

  • kismaytami

    CARP is the biggest failure of Corazon Aquino because she allowed her kins to abuse the law and used it to harass farmers. With the current administration promising to continue her mom’s legacy (kuno), I’ll bet more and more farmers will be harassed again and again and again.

  • jtpa

    Pagkatapos ng  tatlong daang taon ng pagkasakop – ngayon nyo lang ba napansin na ang relihiyon ang naging kasangkapan upang mapasunod ang mga Filipino.  Ang simbahan ang naging kasangkapan upang mawala ang tunay na kulturang Filipino.  Kaya hanggang ngayon nangangapa pa rin tayo sa dilim.

    • Ryan Barcelo

       What do you mean by “tunay na kulturang Filipino”?

      • TheBasterd

        I think: the culture not stained by Christianity …our pagan roots my man

      • Ryan Barcelo

        And what was it? Kindly enumerate them so we can test them against genuine Catholic Christian thought.

      • Jomex

        What do you mean “genuine Catholic Christian thought” ???

        your genuine Catholic Christian thought is borrowed from many pagan sources and philosophies (mainly Socratic and Aristotelian philosophies), so dont tell everyone here they are “genuine” as if they are thought out by Christian founders all by themselves! hahaha!

        the practices by “genuine Catholic Christians” are also borrowed from pagan and other cultures at that time, 2000 years ago, for example the Christmas, Easter and Halloween practices are mostly pagan in origin! read your history you mor$%!

      • Nick

        @Jomex, nakana mo Bro, Tama ka, Pagano talaga!  

      • Ryan Barcelo

         Lol. Isa ding hindi nakaintende.

      • Ryan Barcelo

        When has “genuine” became synonymous with “original”, you mor$%?

        In my post, never did I claim originality of Catholic thought, although, over the centuries, Catholic wisdom developed philosophies distinct from those developed in earlier pagan cultures. What I meant by “genuine Catholic Christian thought” is “true Catholic Christian thought” as it is upheld by the Catholic Church. Genuine Catholic Christian thought is different from the “perceived Catholic Christian thought” which is often erroneous and prevalent in secular media.  My intent in asking what was originally Filipino culture was to compare it Catholic Christian culture so I can investigate for myself if indeed Catholicism destroyed Filipinism.

        Jomex, you must be reading a lot of History books in English, a language you seem to be not fully familiar with. You better bring with you always your English Dictionary as you open your English History books.

        Just a piece of advice so you wont appear funny here.

      • Jomex

        ahahayyyy! style mo bulok! walang genuinality este, originality pala.

        For your information, genuine is synonymous to original, authentic or true. Look it up in thesaurus.

        Isa pa, your explanation that “genuine” Catholic thought heavily implied as “original” and I argued that there is no such thing as “genuine” Catholic thought (philosophies, theology) as obviously they borrowed from the available philosophies and theology at that time. If the church developed their own ideas, they would be synthesis or improvements of previous ideas.

        Genuine catholic though vs perceived catholic thought? Filipinism? What are you talking about? You never mentioned these before. You were never clear bro.

      • TheBasterd

        Listen sonny, I’m not here to argue with your puny little Catholic school boy mind. I’m just answering your question because you asked what “tunay na kulturang pilipino” is. And I believe that the fist person who posted it just wanted to acknowledge our roots.

        You should know by now that before Christianity arrived in the Philippines, different gods were worshiped. This was taught in our SIBIKA at KULTURA.

        And what’s your point of wanting to enumerate or why the f*ck would you even want to test probably the veracity of this “culture” against GENUINE CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN THOUGHT? Did I even mention that paganism is more superior than the GENUINE CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN THOUGHT?

        I’m a Catholic but I acknowledge the fact that IT WAS PRACTICED (in fact, in some parts of the country, paganism is still being practiced), unlike you close-minded homophobic Christians who know nothing but HATE and INTOLERANCE.

        We are way off topic here so why don’t you just keep your medieval bigotry to yourself.

  • Willie Montana Aligato

    tama… ipamahagi ang malalaking lupain ng simbahan at pagbayarin ng karampatang buwis gaya sa ibang bansa… there should be equality.

  • ptoprin


  • ApoLapullapu

    The only solution that a truly effective government could do is create jobs and economic activities in the urban areas so that the poor  farmers will leave the farms and stop asking for lands to till.  Then the big landowners should mechanize their farms and be more productive.  Keeping the farmers in the farm using primitive methods on lands that are getting smaller as more children are born is perpetuating poverty and social unrest.  If this is done, reforestation of non-arable lands and maintaining ecological balance would be easy. It seems that this is what advance civilizations like Europe, the United States and Canada are doing.

  • Night



  • James

    It is a paramount importance that Land Reform must be implemented particularly the Hacienda LUista before politics enters our Supreme Court. It was a dastardly act for Malacanyang or it’s allies to recommend Liela De Lima of DOJ or Henrares of BIR to head the highest position in the SC. The farmers as well as the Bishop Conference of the Philippines has to fast track the real Land Reform. No more delaying tactic.

    Not only the Farmers and CDCP is watching our government’s behaviour but also the entrie citizenry. “Sobra na ang pakikialam ng mga Cojunagco sa Hacienda Luisita.

  • San Miguel

    iTS PAYBACK TIME… nOW that Corona is out, Aquino is back in the spotlight…

    At pag napaso ulit sya…. maghahanap ulit ng kanyang idiiin na kaaway para mawala sa kanya ang atensyon ng bayan…

    OLD STRATEGY…DIRTY TRICKS….but works very well to the yellow zombiez…

    Goes to London and USA to have something to say during SONA comes July (another promise of investments)…typical Yellow branding..

    • Jaycee

      very well said

  • UsoUso82

    Voice your right as Pnoy did to his ouster of CJ Corona. All Pinoys have the right to ask for what he owns. Go, go, go, we are supporting your cause. Push for land reform so that you have the land of your own.

  • magpakatotoo

     kailangan bang sumama ang mga taga simbahan… nakupo gusto lang ata makilala

    • Nick

      Baka nanungkit lang na mabigyan ng Pajero para manahimik? LoL!

      • ptoprin

        nick huwag naman ganyan, hindi na uso yung pajero.. FORTUNER na ang ipinamimigay ngayon..

  • Meg

    Sabi ng Akbayad Partylist ay para raw sa magsasaka yung CARPer. lol. Mga abno(y) lang na kagaya nila ang maniniwala roon.

  • jurbinsky77

    Bakit naman nine and half years si Gloria, pero may apila ba ang mga ito. Mag-file kayo ng CARP para ma-aksiyonan ng SAR.

  • sasama

    …P Damaso ng Noli Me….diba kayu ang maraming lupa at ndi nagbabayad ng amillar? Diba dapat kayu mauuna ipamigay yan sa mahihirap at magsasaka????…

    • Nick

      Para pagka tapos, ebeninta o pinagka perahan naman ng mga magsasaka ang lupa na kaloob sa kanila sa pamagitan ng DAR? Tapus, balik uli sa dati, maki martsa para magka lupa uli?

  • Efren

    Some bishops “used” Gloria then because Gloria was so unpopular , hence, she was held hostage  (for ransom) by the bishops – – the ultra-left also “tolerated”  Gloria because a very unpopular president may mean downfall of the government !   What an unholy alliance !

    • andres_o

      what an unholy imagination.  isn’t social reform important to you?  isn’t social justice important to you?

      • John Miel

        Right Andres. Alam lang ni Efren umatake.  Walang sense of social justice.

  • Scar Mind

    Mga sir paalala lang maaring iwasan natin na laging naka all caps post natin para di tayo ma ban.. Thanks :)

  • What, Me worry?

    “Pabillo and Fr. Marlon Lacal, the executive secretary of the Association
    of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines, signed the letter,
    which was sent to Malacañang on June 1, requesting…..”

    “At least 20 members of the 100-strong Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) have signed a letter requesting…..”

    Sorry lang ha, pero pag nakaka-basa ako ng mga ganyan letters from  priests requesting…. etc. iba na nasa isip ko eh.

    “The letter slammed the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)”???

    What you’re doing is slamming God’s face with your unending supply of hypocrisies.

    CBCP, JOIN THESE 60 farmers(ON BARE FOOT AND NOT WHILE RIDING PAJEROS) from Bukidnon and Davao pass through the boundary of Sumilao
    and Manolo Fortich towns in Bukidnon. They are walking the 100
    kilometers from Malaybalay City to Cagayan de Oro City to demand full
    implementation of the agrarian reform program by the Aquino
    administration. They will join 5,000 other farmers from Negros and
    Batangas in the march on Malacañang in Manila, IF YOU WANT TO SLAM THE CONSCIENCE OF THIS NATION.

  • kishbuff

    Nakialam na naman ang mga epal na pari! Sige lang, sa tingin ko pakonti ng pakonti na ang nagsisimba. Sasabayan pa ng nakakaantok na homily, sabi ni Bacani. Ang pakialaman nila e ang problema ng Pope at tsaka yun mga kabaro nila na puno ng anomalya. Sabi nila separation of church and state. Pero numero uno na PAKIALAMERO ANG MGA damaso!

  • Sam

    Pathetic priests. 

  • Sam

    Don’t use my TAX to feed priests. At the same time don’t use my CHURCH OFFERINGS to meddle with politics. Clear and simple or else you better run for public office. Disappointing priests.

    • andres_o

      politics?  Is this one political party against another?  this is social justice.  this is land reform.  The church is backing principle and reform.  This is not against a personality or your dear beloved Pnoy.  They’re complaining because he is under performing on this reform that he and his mother have promised.

  • Sam

    Halata naman bumubulusok na simbahang Katoliko kahit saan ka lumingon kaya wala na ibang pinakikialaman kundi ang gobyerno para mabuhay. Nagpapabango itong mga pari dito sa Vatican para sa promotion. Kabi-kabila puro iskandalo naman kinakaharap.

    • jeray

      So ganyan ba tinuro sa relihiyon nyo! ganda naman pasali po!

  • otoling

    Kung puede na may I ask the Bishops an bishops and bishops why they did not initiate and accelarate this kind of “voice” when Gloria was the sitting PH president for years?

    Why only now?

    • andres_o

      If you don’t have any reading comprehension problem, you would have understood that they are alarmed that the current administration is under performing and DAR seems to be a low priority for the president (read budget cuts).    During Arroyo, not sure if it was due to political tension, rumor has it that she pushed for the distribution of HLI and Corona did the finishing touches.  We’ll never know.  But by the numbers, Pnoy doesn’t seem to have the same fervor on CARP as much as he has promised during his campaign.

      • UrHONOR

        Psst,….psst….shhhh (magkano bigayan ngayon per post?).  Nak ng P, tinakbuhan ako ng mga atabs ni atong corona matapos ang impitsment.  Yaw ko na sa grupong yon.  Malaki ba ang hatag sa grupo nyo?  Mukhang marami-rami kayo ngayon at malalim ang balon ninyo.  Sino ba ang Papa ninyo…si Mike or si Mikey?

      • andres_o

        UrIDIOT — you have a very simplistic take on current events, who can blame you.  you’re an idiot.  In your world, kapag critical kay Pnoy bayaran ni Corona at Gloria.  That’s how deep your thought process is.  Sa pula sa puti lang ang kaya mong sabayan UrIDIOT.

      • UrHONOR

        O sige na nga, tama ka na….PERO, magkano ba talaga ang bigayan?  Pls naman, pasali….meron akong reading compression at marunong din akong konting gonna-gonna na tama ang gammar at mag-UNDER PERFORM. TY in advance.

    • John Miel

      otoling, bakit ngayon ka lang ba nagbabasa ng balita???? noong 2008 pa pinaglalaban na ni Bishop Pabillo ito (maski nung hindi pa sya obispo pinaglalaban na nya ang karapatan ng mga mahihirap). Noong 2008 nag-hunger strike pa sya para sa mga magsasaka at implementasyon ng CARP.

  • otoling

    I am already doubting ang catholism and other churches emanating from the same old churches -they are all scams, it seems. Scams kayo na lumalabas. 

    Hinde kayo ang reliheyun para sa tao ng Pilipino. 

    Bakit hinde ninyo isinigaw at kinulit (ang gobyerno) ang pagdami ng mga eskwaters sa lahat ng mga lugar sa Pinas.  Nuong araw pa kina-kain sila ng reliheyun nasila ang tagapag-salba kuno nila sa kabilang hanggang.  Pero, marmai sa kanila ay nawalan na ng mga paniwala sa mga reliheyong tanso.

    Pinabayaan ninyo silang patirahin ng mga LGUs sa mga naka-karimarin na mga sulok at lugar na very veery dangerous tulad ng mga right-of- way ng mga probinsiyal roads, national roads, barangay roads, at mga lupa na hinde sa kanila, sa ilalim ng tulay, sa sulok ng palengke, sa gilid-na- gilid ng sapa at maliit na ilog, sa gulod ng bangin ng mataas na tulay, atbp.

    Dapat sakup ninyo sila, sila ang inyong mga tupa, sinabihan ninyo ang mga pinuno ng gobyerno sa pag-alipusta sa kanila na patirahin sila sa ganuon mgalugar at kalagayan.

    Ngayun, bakit ngayun lang kayo sumasali sa ganito “distribute lands to farmers”.  Hinde ko kayo ma-entidihan. 

    Parang pangungutong ang hanap ninyo sa national government, para (ang gobyerno) ay kayo ay amuin na parang pusang mabaho. 

    • andres_o

      aahhh…ganun.  ang totoong relihiyon pala will take from the poor and give to the rich.  ganyan ka ba talaga ka noytards?  I’m sure you’ll support the hacienderos kung sila na yung mag proprotesta.

      bakit ngayon lang sumali sa ganito “distribute lands to farmers.”  aba boy…ngayon ka lang ba nagbabasa ng balita?  sigurado kang walang ganitong hinanaing noon pa man?

      • otoling

        Oo, maraming mga hinanaing nuong pang 1930s nang panahun ng Hukbalap;  pero hinde kasama ang mga bishops.  Bakit ngayun sumasama sila?

        Ano ang pinagkaka-iba ng mga hinaing nuion araw at ngayun na kasama ang mga katolikkkkko at mga bishopsssss pa?

      • andres_o

        so galit ka rin ba nung sumama ang mga bishops nung gusto nilang mag step down si Gloria.  how about nung EDSA I?  galit ka rin ba sa kanila?

        Gusto ko sana sabihin na bakit ngayon ka lang galit sa kanila.  Pero I can’t be sure.  Ikaw mukhang sure ka talaga na walang support from the church yung land reform aah…in your history, the church has never backed up land reform.  they only back it up after the Corona impeachment kasi galit sila kay Pnoy.  Please let me know your history book, gusto ko rin basahin yan.

      • otoling

        Ang EDSAa na sumama ang mga nuns, mg pare, mga arsobispo, atbp. was a totally totaly different issue comparfed today.  Hinde mo puedeng gamitin ang argumento na iyan.  Bulok yan.

        Nagising ang taombayan nang malaman namin kasama sa pag-gagatas ang mga obispo sa pera ng bayan nang bigyan at tangapin sa mga kaparean ang SUVs at sinundan pa (akala mo mga tunay), na hinihingi ang distribution ng lands. “Naku ha” sabi ng mga bakla. 

        You asked: Have they backed up land reform? Maybe yes, but distributing them efficiently since1987, ay hinde!!  
        Meron bang kaming narinig sa kanila sa hanay simbahan na gospel o sermon (araw ng Linggo) about it?  Wala.

        Tigilan na ninyo!!  Nagdadaral na lang ako mag-isa, na hinde na dumadaan pa sa simbahan at sa mga pare.  Tandaan mo ito – karamihan ng simbahan are scams.

      • andres_o

        aaahh…mali yung land reform kasi yung mga pari nagkaroon ng SUV.  abay…ka simple lang anu

      • leubas


      • John Miel

        Tulungan kitang mag-research, tooling…  Here are documents through the years so that you won’t say “Bakit ngayun sumasama sila?”



        Statement of the Ecclesiastical
        Hierarchy of the Philippines on the Social Principles (1948)

        Social Justice A Joint Pastoral
        Letter of the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines (1949)

        Joint Statement of the Philippine
        Catholic Hierarchy on Electoral Right of Catholics (1951)

        Joint Pastoral Letter of the
        Philippine Hierarchy on Social Action and Rural Development (1967)





        TERRORISM (1985)




        DAY (1988)

        VIOLATIONS (1989)

        CBCP Statement on the Foreign Debt
        Problem (1990)

        Renewing the Political Order (1991)

        Statement of the Catholic Bishops’
        Conference of the Philippines on the Plight of the Poor (1991)

        Pastoral Statement of the CBCP on
        Peace-Building (1993)

        KIDNAPPING (1993)

        Open Letter to the
        Senate for Deferment of GATT Approval (1994)
        Pastoral Statement on Taxation and the Expanded Value-Added Tax Law (R.A. 7716)

        The CBCP Statement on
        the Lahar Victims of the Mt. Pinatubo Eruption (1995)

        Development — The Fruit of Justice and Peace (on
        the Expanded Value-Added Tax, Gambling and Criminality)

        Pastoral Exhortation on Philippine Politics (1997)

        A Pastoral Letter on Human Rights (1998)
        Pastoral Statement on the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) (1998)
        Pastoral Exhortation on the Philippine Economy (1998)
        A Statement of Concern on the Mining Act of 1995 (1998)

        Pastoral Exhortation on Philippine Culture (1999)




        BASES (2000)





        In the Heart of Jesus: Healing Our Land, Renewing Our Lives (2003)



        FARMERS AND LIFE (2004)


        Luisita: Theatre of Hope (2005)

        Working and Praying for Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections



        CBCP Pastoral Statement on Lay Participation in Politics and Peace (2009)

  • billy gunner

    what do we expect from a president who was born a haciendero? he did not care about the killings in his own land then, why would he bother with distributing lands now? remember that the president owes a lot of things to the businessmen. so if i were one of these farmers I would go home and plant kamote on my roof. mapapautot pa ako! lol

  • Jose Maria

     The situation is not as dire as many think. Many of those protesting are merely land-grabbers out to try and get something for nothing. Almost every real farmer has been given land already. Most of those now complaining are trying to claim they are farmers when they are not.

    • andres_o

      can you back that assertion?

    • billy gunner

      tama na nga yang kahihithit mo ng rugby! hindi kna nakakatuwa! lol

    • gardenstate21

      Try mong pumunta sa Hamilo Coast. Yung dinedevelop ng SM. Binigyan na sila ng certificates of land transfers, totoo. Pero yung municipal agrarian reform office, binawi yung CLT’s, inapprove yung application for conversion, at inaward yung 10,000 hectares of land to SM. ekta-ektaryang lupa ng palayan, gagawin na naman “leisure resort”. nagugulat ka ba na may rice shortage? I’m not a communist or a socialist, di mo kailangang magka-idelohiya para mamulat na yung mga kababayan mo, inaagawan ng lupa, tapos ikaw ang nag-aakusa ng land-grabbing. 3 hectares lang hinihingi nila. Even less. Pero yung SM, mag-land grab ng 10,000 hectares, OK lang? ‘Development’ ang tawag natin.


    >>>“The DAR is only following the wishes of the President,” Pabillo said. “If there is no clear mandate, there is no enthusiasm from the executive, you can expect the same thing from the rest in the office.<<<

    HOW ABOUT~The gullible laity is only following the wishes of the its Pope. If there is no clear mandate, there is no enthusiasm from the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignors, parish priests, missionary priests (WHEW! ang daming mga titulo na wala namang ibig sabihin at relevance kundi ang mag-pataasan ng ano) to cleanse the organization from its diabolical practices, traditions, and customs such as pedophilia, wealth accumulation, lavish lifstyle, materialism or worldliness, and getting milk without a cow, you can expect the same thing from the rest of the church organization.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Padre Damaso
    Separation of Church and State 


    August 11, 2011-Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles told Mike Arroyo  Skip Senate probe  on a suspicious purchase by police of helicopters that he allegedly owned.

    Feb 28, 2012 – Bishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, Southern Luzon, recently asked the Senate to stop Corona’s impeachment trial 

    • jeray

      ZTE may relihiyon ka ba? anu kaya?

    • billy gunner

       first honor ka nung elementary ano? hilig mo kasi ng enumeration! lol

      • John Miel

        Magaling mag-copy paste yan. Sa lahat ng forum yan ang tinatype nya eh, hehehe.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Padre Damaso

    Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

  • jeray

    Dami nyong dada anu ba gus2 walang land reform? Imbes na tulunga nyo mga mahihirap dami nyong reklamo. Hindi importante kung sinu nag initiate, mas mahalaga maipamigay na ang mga lupa. Epokreto!

    • eckxs


  • gardenstate21

    Wag nyong ibahin yong issue. Hindi lang Catholic clergy ang nagsusupport ng land reform. Even global economists support land reform. Hindi mga bishops ang kalaban sa issue na to. Wag personalan ang mga bishops. Issue-based dapat ang approach. Just because they’re against the RH Bill, ibig sabihin masasama na silang tao. Land reform has a poverty reducing effect and a social inequality improving effect as proven by many studies since the end of WWII. Ang kalaban, ang mga feudal landlords, na bukod sa may-ari ng lupa, ay nasa Kongreso din. If you want to reduce poverty, you should support land reform.

    • John_Galt_II

      Engot! kelan pa nagkaroon ng “poverty reducing effect” ang Land Reform? Lalo lang yan magpapahirap sa mga tao. Kaya naging farmer/tenant ang mga yan dahil yan ang skills nila. Kung bibigyan mo sila ng lupa gagawin mo rin silang entrepreneur na hindi naman nila kabisado. Pag nag umpisang malugi yan at hindi kumita sa kanilang ani ay ibebenta na ang lupa. Ang mangyayari ay magiging idle ang lupa o kaya ay tatayuan ng sabungan. Ang mangyayari tuloy ay mababawasan ang production ng crops at tataas ang presyo ng bilihin. Ang isa pang masama diyan ay ang pambayad sa kinuhanan ng lupa. Ito ay mangagaling sa gobyerno na kinuha naman sa mga tao rin through taxes (alam mo ba kung gaano kabigat ang VAT?). Ngayon, dahil ang beneficiary ay kailangan din magbayad sa gobyerno sa tingin mo ba pag ibinenta nila ang lupa nila ay mababalik pa ang pera ng gobyerno? 

      Kung hindi sila magbayad, babawiin ba ng gobyerno ang lupa? pag binawi ng gobyerno, pwede bang maging landlord ang gobyerno? Kahit tanga ka ay alam mo naman siguro na lahat ng hawakan ng gobyerno ay ginagawa lang nakawan!Sabihin mo ang kalahati sa mga yan ay magtatagumpay. Ibig sabihin pa rin eh nabawasan ang production. Yung kalahati ang magiging problema na naman ng bayan. Kelan matatapos ang sistemang pakikialam ng gobyerno? At sa susunod ano naman ang i re-reform? money reform? Lahat ng may ipon ay dapat magpautang sa mga mahihirap? Kukunin ng gobyerno ang pera at ipapautang sa mga mahihirap?

      • andres_o

        I’m very interested in learning the studies to support your assertions.
        So you’re challenging the modern notion, which made the current civilization that we are, that wealth distribution is good.  In your world view, I don’t want to use the terms philosophy and ideology because that will be an insult to human reason, the future of humanity lies in establishing more haciendero-entrepreneur/serf model of society?
        please enlighten us oh mighty one.

      • John_Galt_II

        Ayusin mo muna ang ingles mo at hindi kita maintindihan!
        Masyado kang maarte!

      • redreyvn

        Engot! kelan pa nagkaroon ng “poverty reducing effect” ang Land Reform?”

        Lahat lang naman ng bansang umunlad sa buong mundo dumaan sa land reform. At wala pang umunlad na bansa na hindi dumaan sa land reform.

      • andres_o

        of course, I was kidding myself.  your views is a give away that you can’t understand compound sentences.  eto na lang para simple

        BOBO KA John_Galt_LA

      • John_Galt_II

        Ah, compound sentence pala yon? para kasing retarded!

      • andres_o

        your comment betrays your lack of ability to comprehend the abstract.  mag tanim ka na lang ng kamote

      • John_Galt_II

        Kung meron lang akong lupa talagang magtatanim ako ng kamote! hindi lang kamote, magtatanim din ako ng calamansi at sili para hindi na ko bibili pa! Ikaw sa mga sinasabi mo mukhang marunong ka lang manghingi! Gusto ninyong makinabang sa pag-aari ng ibang tao!

      • redreyvn

        so, andami dami mong sinabi, pero sa makatuwid…wala kang pang-backup sa assertions mo? kaya pala may pa john galt-john galt ka pa. magsama kayo ni Ayn Rand, mga madadang mangmang.

      • redreyvn

        eh “John Galt” nga e. Pag may references na to Ayn Rand alam mong nagmamarunong lang yan.

  • Boying

    Bishop where were you when Gloria was the president? May I know coz it seems to me youre just advocating it coz of PNOY?

    • andres_o

      if you can read…Pnoy’s administration has not performed as well as the past administration in this regard.  Only Noytards think that everyone that is not consistent with Pnoy means it must be Gloria.  Isa ka ring sa Pula sa Puti.

      • eckxs

        ANDRES_O ANDRES umuwi kana at magsaing….pero maglaba ka muna ha bago mamalantsa….ANDRES hnd mo ba napapansin gumaganda na ang ekonomiya ng pinas sa ngaun kc nababawasan n pakunti kunti ang mga corrupt at napapakulong na ang mga nagwalanghiya sa aking inang bayan…ung iba nga namatay na at nagpakamatay sa hiya at konsinsya pero ung mga PINAKAWALANGHIYA TALAGA yon nag titiis nalang sa Wheel Chair…

      • andres_o

        sigurado ka bang nasa tamang discussion ka?  or bobo ka lang?  wala ka sa topic boy

      • eckxs

        ANDRES PEACE…….

      • andres_o

        my bad… sige , natawa din naman ako sa comment mo eh.  totoo…bawal pikon

    • John Miel

      Boying, fyi, At the time of GMA, even when he was not yet bishop, Bishop pabillo was already fighting for the rights of the poor. And in 2008 he already was pressing demands for lawmakers to extend the CARP which was to expire that year.  He even went on a hunger strike for that. Please do your research before you judge and attack people.

  • Jomex

    The Bishops have no moral credibility. There’s none to begin with. If they think having the title Bishops give them respect, as if Bishop is a respect producing title, then they are mistaken. The title Bishop is not a title to live up to, but a title to live down to.

    • marionics

      ang magaling lang na bishop ay si stephen bishop he he

      Time, I’ve been passing time watching trains go by 
      All of my life 
      Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly 
      Wishing there could be someone 
      Waiting home for meSomething’s telling me it might be you 
      It’s telling me it might be you 
      All of my lifeLooking back as lovers go walking past 
      All of my life 
      Wondering how they met and what makes it last 
      If I found the place would I recognize the faceSomething’s telling me it might be you 
      It’s telling me it might be you 
      So many quiet walks to take 
      So many dreams to wake and there’s so much love to makeI think we�re gonna need some time 
      Maybe all we need is time 
      And it’s telling me it might be you 
      All of my lifeI’ve been saving love songs and lullabies And there’s so much more No one’s ever heard before Something’s telling me it might be you Yeah, it’s telling me it must be you and I’m feeling it’ll just be you All of my life It’s you, it’s you I’ve been waiting for all of my life Maybe it’s you Maybe it’s you I’ve been waiting for all of my life.

  • eckxs

    Why this fu%$king Bishop Pabello did not initiate this before when Gloria Makapalmuks Arroyo is the Fake President? Dahil ba sa SUV..kaya kayong  mga magsasaka mag ingat kayo dyan sa mga Bishop karamihan dyan masahol pa sa demonyo ang mga yan nakatago nga lang sa sutana/abito.  Itong mga Bishop ng Catholic napakamukhang pera…kaya kong akoy nakakasalubong ng pari ng Catholic napapalingon ako kong saan nakaparking ang sasakyan ni Bishop…at hnd ko tinatawag na Father yang mga yan kc ang Father karespirespito….

    • andres_o

      talagang lahat ng issue gloria versus pnoy lang talaga nakikita mo.  pati ata baho ng kili kili mo…you can still tie up with GMA vs. PNOY.

    • John Miel

      Ecks, fyi, At the time of GMA, even when he was not yet bishop, Bishop pabillo was already fighting for the rights of the poor. And in 2008 he already was pressing demands for lawmakers to extend the CARP which was to expire that year.  He even went on a hunger strike for that. Please do your research before you judge people.

      • leubas


  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Former Fake Pres. Arroyo , corruption and many

    1. NBN ZTE Scandal

    2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors

    (October 2007)

    3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (HELLO GARCI)

    4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)

    5. JOSE PIDAL Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200


    6. NANI PEREZ Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)

    7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning

    8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532


    9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)

    10. Extra Judicial Killings

    11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)

    12. General GARCIA and Other Military Men

    13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific)

    (P1.3 Billion)

    14. Northrail Project($503 Million)

    15. Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (ZUBIRI, BEDOL)

    16. NAIA-3

    17. Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)

    18. Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque

    19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states



    22. C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar

    23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’

    Welfare Administration (OWWA).

    24. P780-million LWUA funds-PROSPERO PICHAY

    25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift

    26. Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund

    27. Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy


    28. P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties

    from 2002 to May this year.



    30. 600,000 metric tons of Rotten rice imported from

    India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to

    Arroyo, reportedly bagged the P9.5 billion contract for

    the rice importation.

    31. DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000,

    70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit

    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy

    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown


    32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of

    two franchise bills

    33. The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in

    advertising expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to

    P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for

    Arroyo’s achievements.

    34. The report said the PIA received from the Department

    of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations

    amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488
    million was appropriated for it under the national budget.

    35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political


    36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of

    extra judicial killings of militants

    37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo

    critic, Cory Aquino

    38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of


    39. Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park


    • californiaflip

      kaching 20 cents

  • pepe

    Nope Mr. Aquino will not listen to you, your just scumbag farmers for him… he has no regard to poor people particularly farmers… you’ll see now that CJ Corona is out he will do anything to retrieve their hacienda borrowed from the government or insist for their Php10B+ compensation. 

    Oligarchs will not listen to destitute farmers like you.  The media will always try to brand him as god who is always righteous and benevolent person because they are allied to this Chinese president.. the media successfully fooled Manileños and most of them are now known as Yellow Zombie Troupers.

    This Chinese president have already broken so many of his promises during his campaign for presidency.. he is the person that cannot be trusted.. he has no word of honor.. he had been used by Oligarchs like him… pity to the people fooled that this person is a true Filipino that his cause is for the good of this country and its people.

    I certainly believe he will not listen to you anymore… he had given the Scarborough shoal to the Chinese his real compatriots that is why he ban Filipino fishermen to go there even he personally call Capt. Faeldon urging not to go there on the alibi of not to complicate the Standoff issue.

    What will you do to oust this “marionette” if the media is on his side and other oligarchs who uses their fame and fortune to fool the people???

    • John Miel

      Kanya lahat di ba? ABS-CBN, PDI, PhilStar, Pulse Asia, SWS; now pati Supreme Court magiging kanya na.

      • pepe

        yup! pasensiya na but truth hurts di ba?

      • Bert

        With the power of the pork, even the legislative branch, sa kanya na…..

    • leubas


  • Bert

    Meron nang BINANGUNGOT kay Pandak sa baba. Kay haba-haba ng lista, parang lista ng utang sa sari-sari store ni aling nita, samantalang ang pinag-usapan dito ay ang DEMAND ng ating mga MAGSASAKA for our HACIENDERO PRESIDENT’S firm commitment on AGRARIAN REFORM. hehehe

  • billy31

    how can it be that a land you so hardly worked for and owned suddenly belongs to people not even related to you. this carp is really crap and is pro-communist. let those proven land-grabbed lands only be subject to land distribution.

    • kamoteLangAngKatapatNyan

      amen to that.

  • dannyflorencio

    Land reform is social justice pero may mas mahalaga pang reform na kailangan ng bansa, ito ang mental reform ni abnoy noynoy ng tumino na ang bansa natin.

  • Lopez_Chaena

    Billions upon billions of pesos of the people’s money was used in land reform. Much of which goes in the pockets of lawyers, bankers and employees of DAR. For what end, to give land to the landless farmers, to improve their livelihood, and increase agricultural productivity. But did their lives improved? Except for a few that were grossly exagerated by the media, most did not improve. Did agricultural productivity increase? Every sector of agriculture once touched by land reform instantly goes in a downward spiral.

    The ones pushing for land reform are the ones benifiting from the billions of pesos being spent by the government and are pushing for their group’s political agenda. These are the true pluderers of our country’s wealth. Those pushing for land reform for financial gains should be hanged. Those pushing for land reform to advance their political leanings should likewise be hanged. Compassion for the poor should be resolved by rational solutions, not solutions littered with thievery and political grandstanding.

  • Juan Miguel Tanjuakio

    Nakikialam ang RC Simbahan ulit, ba’t di nyo ipamigay mga malalawak na lupa nyo na nakatiwangwang, di pa kayo nagbabayad ng tax at property taxes.

  • redreyvn

    magkaintindihan nga tayo ano…ang issue ng land reform mas matanda pa yan kay gloria at noynoy. hindi pa pinapanganak ang dalawang ugok na yun exploited na ang ating mga farmers ng malalaking landlords (not to mention the RC church). Hindi ito tungkol kay pandak o kay abnoy. Kung gusto n’yong mag-sabunutan mga yellow army at army ng tiyanak e du’n kayo sa ibang tabi. Samantala, kailangan na nating i-upgrade ang ating agriculture na 18th century model pa rin ang ginagamit, at ang pinakaunang hakbang sa upgrade na ito ay ang land reform.

  • David

    Bakit kaya kapag land reform ang issue eh biglang nawawala at tumatahimik ang mga members ng AFP na palaging tumatambay dito? LOL

    • Juan Miguel Tanjuakio

      pero maingay mga miyembro ng CPP-NPA kagaya mo.
      gusto nyo magtayo ng “People’s” Republic of the Philippines with tyrrant stalinist maoist system.. Pwe. mga ungok.

      Samantalang binibili ng budget ng gov at taxes namin ang mga lupa para ipamigay ng libre. Wag nalang sa welfare state. Tamad mga tao pag ganun.

  • generalproblem

    ano ba ang problema nyo. kung wala kayong lupa bumili kayo. kung wala kayo pambili eh di maghanap kayo ng wrok. pag may work na kayo mag ipon kayo pambili ng lupa. pag may lupa na kayo ano gagawin nyo…yun ang tanong

  • Rey Gan

    Pakialamero lang tong RC….

  • 4kingdaddy

    stay with your flocks….just because philippines is constantly claimed as the most catholic populous in asia doesn’t mean you can influence the government…you are no INC which can claim a solid vote from catholics…when will you people ever learn about the separation of church and state…this goes with INC too…do not use your influence to your flock to get your “padulas” from the government….no wonder corruption is still gnawing the hearts of government officials, from the highest, to the lowest…will there ever be a change??…as long as these influential and fanatic religions keeps involving themselves in government, corruption will always be there…it’s up to us, individually, to completely eradicate corruption…don’t sell your vote for a few pesos but rather choose the most qualified individuals to run our government….will this happen??…only time will tell….in the meantime, i’ll keep my hope alive until realization is achieved…..

  • james

    Sana yong mga obispo ay mag bigay ng una at magandang halimbawa tulad ng pamamahagi ng lupa ng simbahan. Merong nabalita na ang simbahan daw ay merong 2 libong hektarya ng lupang sakahan sa Mindanao. Kung totoo ito, sana simulan na ng mga obispo na mamahagi. Lalabas kasing epokrito sila kung gusto nila ang lupa ng iba ay ipamahagi ngunit yoong sa kanila di nila ginagalaw.

    Palagay ko lahat ng bagay ay may dalawang parte, merong mga positibong nangyari sa CARP at meron ding negatibo. sa pag kakaunawa ko di lang ang kakaunting tao na merong libu- libong hektarya ng lupa ang naapektuhan dito. Maraming mga may- ari ng lupa na higit sa 7 hektarya ang pwersahang nagbenta ng kanilang lupa, o di kaya ang kanilang palayan ay ginawang “subdivision” para makaiwas sa CARP. Di kaya ito ay isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit tayo ay nag iimporta ng bigas ngayon? Hindi naman siguro dapat na dahil mahirap ang isang tao, karapatan na nya na bigyan sya ng lupa ng pamahalaan. At hindi dapat na dahil may lupa ang isang tao karapatan na ng pamahalaan na pwersahin sila na ito ay ipagbili.

    Sana maglabas ang pamahalaan ng impormasyon tungkol sa tagumpay ng CARP. Maganda kung malalaman natin kung ilan na ang napamahaging lupa, ilan ang talagang sinasaka ng nabigyan ay ilan ang ipinag bili ng binipisaryo.

  • IanAlera

    China is using its economic power to bully the Philippines  — People let us fight back, and take control of our economy from the chinese.

    BOYCOTT EVERYTHING made in China – people, products, language. —

    BUY LOCAL, support local industries. The Philippine government should make it a priority to source primarily from Philippine suppliers, and from friendly countries.

    IMPLEMENT strict inspection of china goods, coming into our ports. Reject and return to china substandard products and perishable goods.

    IMPRISON smugglers of china goods.

    BAN the long term lease of AGRICULTURAL AREAS and other private lands by foreigners, especially chinese businessmen.  This circumvents laws against foreign ownership of lands in the Philippines.

    The government must make it a priority to support LOCAL farmers and farmer groups in developing the agricultural sector; to make it competitive against foreign agricultural products; this will also ensure our national food security.

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