AFP needs P75B for modernization



MANILA, Philippines—The Armed Forces of the Philippines needs P75 billion in the next five years to upgrade its capabilities and provide the country with a “minimum credible defense posture.”

Defense Undersecretary for Finance Fernando Manalo said AFP brass had asked Congress to allocate P75 billion from 2013 to 2017, or P15 billion a year, to revive the military modernization program that lapsed two years ago.

The 15-year modernization program that began in 1995 under the Ramos administration ended in failure in 2010 despite the profitable sale of vast military lands.

According to military officials, only 10 percent or P33 billion of the promised P331-billion allocation for 15 years had been given to the AFP.

Manalo said Congress’ approval to continue the modernization program by funding a five-year acquisitions plan until 2017 for modern naval and air defense assets was “very critical.”

The country is currently defenseless against external threats, according to him.

Manalo said AFP planners had identified 39 projects worth P75 billion to be implemented over five years.

“Amending the law on modernization is very critical… We can’t afford not to pass it,” Manalo said in a news forum with the defense press corps on Friday.

Among those to be acquired are lead-in fighter trainer jets, close-air support aircraft, long-range patrol aircraft, radar systems and engineering equipment.

“We want the capability to be able to monitor our maritime and aerospace. We want to have domain awareness. To achieve that, we need radar, long-range patrol aircraft, coast-watch stations, ships, fighter aircraft,” Manalo said.

The military modernization budget as envisaged will be over and above the regular budget of the AFP, which mostly goes to personnel salaries.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin presented the P75-billion proposal to President Aquino on May 25.

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  • R

    P75B….peanuts…. get it from Rabusa and cohorts.

  • ThudOthwacker

    We got $75 billion in reserve. Pay the debts and use $10 billion for defense. No need to increase the budget deficit.

  • Man_e

    75B sounds big but actually not enough to protect the entire Philippines! Congress do something you know what’s going on and need your support to the Phil Military. Make it quick and increase the budget…..

  • arao_liwanag

    It should be approved or else there will be nothing to milk. Modernization? Tse! What a shame. Only the kind of guy like Manalo will be the winner and also by the way, the supplier of second hand ships and second class arms and munitions.

  • tots kahitsino

    first thing we should do is change our mind set by setting it to the higher level
     For example: why we limit ourselves to minimum credible defense posture if we can have the Maximum defense posture. let’s make this happen as soon as possible.

  • $18209031

    Asa ka, yung mga retired generals ay nakamansiones – mansiones ang mga bahay,  sinong may ari ng mga negosyo, mga resorts , ghost dollar accts, mga anak pnag aral sa labas, ano pa yan. Sarap ng buhay PMAer pare koy basta matataas ka sa chain of command.

  • Jeff

    yung pera nasa bank account ni FVR.

    sobrang dami na baka ipahiram nya yung iba.

    • Snoopy S

       wrong Jeff..nasa kay Ming..using it all on her

  • Juan

    What the AFP need is retire all the Generals . . Nasa dugo na nila ang pagnanakaw. . .

  • rolandtr

    Ph75B? What kind of modernization is that? This military leaders still dont get it. Our political leaders also dont get it! We need way way above that…One squadron of air superiority interceptors is already 25B per. Missile weapon system is another item we sorely need to protect our exclusive economic zones. War Ships with missile weapon systems is another. Nakakatawa tayo…We have a military leadership who begs from Congress a budget which everyone in the world knows cannot modernize our military. We have Congressmen who keeps quite about it. And until now, we have a President who is silent about our dire national security requirement. We would rather beg and grovel at the feet of our American friends! Pathetic. The Chinese Generals must be laughing at us with policy pronouncement like this. And we have ignorant media who does not know what questions to ask when our policy makers makes this funny pronouncements – Ph75B to have a “minimum credible defense posture.” 

  • Snoopy S original budget…lets say 30% to congress which paghatian ng Majority leader tsaka ‘YEA” sayers…20% sa Heneral to stabilize coup plot..I’m pessissimistic that we’ll be left out with “DIPLOMACY” b<llsh* can't have diplomacy if you don't carry that big stick…lets just accept it… IA HATE TO SAY IT…BUT WE ARE A MENDICANT SOCIETY…gimme na lang…society..

  • Snoopy S

    asking congress for money is like giving their wife, kids, extended family, and mistresses Euro and North American vacation, Ivy League education…brand new house and SUV’s.disaster…congress is a windfall city courtesy of honest taxpayer like me!!!!!

  • Snoopy S

    funny..good luck boys! sir Kongresman pa!

  • MangDolphy

     Puede ba isapubliko muna kung magkano pinagbilhan noong mga military camp at saan napunta ang pera? Palagay ko ang pinagbilhan lang ng Fort Bonifacio sobra-sobra na pang modernize ng AFP. Kung natunaw man ang pera, di ba puede kasuhan at ikulong ang mga namahala noong napalaking pera na yon? Sa record ng militar sa paghawak ng pera, parang mahirap ipagkatiwala sa kanila ang 75B di ba?Baka ang mabili nito, bumabagsak na eroplano at helicopter, segunda mano na barko,  pinaglumaang radar at di pumuputok na baril at bala lang ang mabili at palalabasin na puro brand new? Di kaya mayroon na naman grupo sa AFP na naglalaway tumingin sa 75B? Nakakapanlumo lang di ba?

    • Juan

      Ninakaw na noong panahon pa ni Tabako, ang naiwan, pambili na lang ng surplus. . Tingnan mo, yung bala sa mortar galing sa Thailand kaya nga napugutan ng ulo yung mga Marine sa Sulu at Tawi-tawi dahil hindi pumuputok . . .Kung walang Balikatan hindi tayo magkaroon ng bagong isyu na armalite, pero hindi yung bago, nagamit na ng Kano. . Diba may Gen. Garcia, Ligot Scam at saka kay Angie Reyes din, bakit sya nagpakamatay. .
      Itanong nyo sa Army, mabuti pa ang mga NPA may bagong AK-47, naka wax paper seal pa. .

  • quirinomayer

    Before that huge budget is appropriated, the bidding and procurement process should first be made foolproof otherwise that money will be spent without the AFP getting modernized. 

  • Snoopy S

    ang nalalakihan..puro kayo exchange rate mentality…OFW syndrome..on offense sa OFW and no harm done because sila lang ang naiwan nagtataguyod sa bansa but sobrang liit in ratio sa ekonomiya, populasyon at antas ng Pilipinas…itigil dapat ang social shelter of mga libre libre ng encourages laziness and political patronage..

  • Margie

    There are almost 40 billion pesos of pork barrel funds each year or 200 billion pesos in 5 years compared to the 75 billion pesos that AFP is asking. There is money if only the congressmen and senators are willing to give it. I think it is better to use it to manufacture ships in our country to provide jobs also to the Filipino people than to buy abroad, we only need to be patient to learn how to do it.

  • T

    that is a very inexpensive proposition.. we’re talking of credible defense.. kayang-kaya yan, Congress should approve the bill and increase it even more..maybe if the GDP increases, there is a corresponding percentage for it for use of the modernization plan.. and go for foreign assistance as well, like radars, many will surely help like Japan, Europe and U.S. of course..go, go Pinas!!

  • Jun

    Magkano annually yong Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) for the poor? Di ba Php 27B? Project ni GMA na itinuloy ni PNoy at pinalaki ang punto by 160%. Bakit? Siyempre naman.

    Pakicheck ng husto pano pinamimigay ni Dinky Soliman. I don’t trust the Ombudsman and COA to do it e. Kakampi nila.

  • JK1000

    Give them the money to upgrade the AFP capabilities. at the same time create a commision to monitor the spending for the modernization. No more refurbish, flying coffins, used aircraft. The AFP should go to  European countries for a better deal without  any strings attach or conditions.

  • Commander_Warner

    The 15-year modernization program that began in 1995 under the Ramos administration ended in failure in 2010 despite the profitable sale of vast military lands.
    Well, maybe people were busy pocketing the profits…who knows if that was the real sum of the sales?

    Di ko alam kung malulungkot ako o magagalit…I guess some people in position would rather see our country humiliated in the face of potential adversaries and wouldn’t care so much about soldiers falling in the battlefield because of defective equipment. 

    Kinailangan pa tayong  gaguhin ng China para umandar ang AFP modernization…my goodness!

  • RyanE

    Reduce the pork barrels and divert the budget for AFP modernization. Additional money can be derived from recovering the ill-gotten wealths of those corrupt government officials and plunderers.

  • ddano

    Ano na ang latest sa kaso nila Garcia at Ligot ? Tapos na yung kay Cheap justice atong. Balik naman dun sa mga kurakot sa AFP.

  • pablosantino

    annual defense budget of china is 30-60 billion dollars…the US around a hundred billion dollars…compare that to ours.. 75billion pesos.. e compare nyo naman ang peso sa dollar…ang liit!!!! kawawa naman tayo

    • rodger66

      tapos overpriced pa ng mga general ang bibilhin, imbes na Warship ang sa plano e gunboat ang nabili…
      sorry to my dad and my uncle in the military…di naman kayo guilty!

    • Dana

      pablosantino—– yung P75-billion nakawin pa yung iba ‘nun ng mga Generals na mag aaprov ng military purchases.  The Generals  need to approve which companies to bid. To be approved they need to give money under the table. It will be deposited in foreign bank accounts.
         I read a news that a Gloria Arroyo  General A Navy-Marine General Juancho  Sabban already owned a mansion in Australia with a female politician from Mindanao not his wife. I think it was from the procurement of equipments for the MARINES during the time of GMA. 

  • joshua kings

    halos sampung taon nananalasa si gloria sa aFp; taon-taon,bilyon-bilyon ang binigigay niyang bidget sa AFP pero wala pa ring maibili ng baril at bala at food and clothing allownces ng mga sundalo; bakit?  tanong inyo kay esperon, menodza, ebdane, at sa iba pang heneral na namuno ng AFP…


    75B for 5 years?ano yan limos?by the time mka bili tau ng bagong gamit obsolete na nman mga pyesa nun….why can’t we be abreast with our asean neighbors in terms of defense ganun na ba talaga ka pulubi tayo?…..hirap kac sa tin mostly nakaupo sa tin money makers from Politician to Military inuuna ang bulsa at pamilya kesa sa bansa…..they can slip with the Law of our Land but for sure they can’t slip the Law of God……

  • Dionisio

    AFP MODERNIZATION??? sus panahon pa ni Cory iyan and up to now iyan pa rin? DEPED- kulang ng classroom, silya, teachers at iba pa, nuon pa iyang problemang iyan up to now iyan pa rin??? may ginagawa ba sila??? ung isyu ng NOODLES WITH FRESH EGG??? dinismiss ni OMBUDSMAN conchita carpio morales? bakit??? dahil ba si Jesli Lapuz ang respondent??? just asking. Laila de Lima how are you related to mrs joema??? ronald llamas are you related to  SOTERO LLAMAS???   

    • JK1000

      UTAK TALANGKA KA ! kailan man ay hindi nagkaroon ng AFP Modernization under the Cory Gov’t. Busy ang Cory Government sa pag-aayos ng economiya ng Pilipinas noon.

      • rodger66

        Mr JK1000,
        uhmmm, what happened to the economy during that time of Cory, e sabi mo busy pag-aayos ng ekonomiya…was your life better then than today?

  • JJF724

    I had a feeling that the government has a bigger plan than this…  Aside from these budget that AFP is asking, the Government will put more in the sideline as well as lots of country already stated support.  Billions already being save on interest rates and it will be a blessing if we reach Investments Grade.

    Reform with AFP already started.

    Stimulus packages such us cash CCT for the poor is good for the economy too.  Don’t criticized CCT as it is needed by the poorest of the poor.  Develop country like Australia also had stimulus packages and its proven effective at the time of world wide economic meltdown.

    Keep on working and pay correct taxes while we OFW continually send dollars, hand in hand we will over come all obstacles.

  • Ronald D

    Congressmen and Senate our country needs AFP modernization please double your time to approved this budget forget your CORRUPTION and personal interest. Chinese is nearly invading our motherland. PROTECT AND DIE FOR OUR LAND. 

  • lapasan

    I think that we also need to upgrade our AFP so that other country will not just trample our sovereignty, and steal on our natural resources. The budget of 75 billion dollars in 5 years is barely sufficient to spend for our national security needs. The funding I think is necessary, but the problem is: does the country have this much money?

  • Dana

    Nobody ever thought of putting the foot of FVR in fire?  During his term he sold a lot of military lands including the dredged area  by Mr. Stonehill.  During his term,  several gov’t. officials/ employees’ family   got hungry for he didn’t give their salaries.   He said the proceeds  of those sales is for military  upgrade.  What happened
       Its not only Gloria who is next to Corona, Ramos too. This enabled him to own shopping Malls in INDIA.   

  • pablosantino

    pansin nyo ba na sa lahat ng mga nagdaang mga presidente, si Pnoy lamang ang nakapag-upgrade ng AFP..walang ng ibang presidente kundi sya lang

  • Juan Miguel Tanjuakio

    Because Mrs. Gloria and her lackeys plundered the Military.

  • ynigooctaviano

    If the PHL can  negotiate with the country’s debtors to temporarily lower the debt payments by $2 to $3 billion every year then we don’t need to beg for second-hand ships or planes. If they can do this temporarily for the next three years then the PHL can afford to buy modern military hardware.  Not only minimum but above minimum to gain respect. Look at Taiwan. China cannot invade Taiwan because they know all  their warships might get destroyed in just 2 days by Taiwan’s modern F-16 warplanes. 

  • John_Galt_II

    Anak ng tinapa naman kasi pag binigyan mo ng pondo ang AFP nanakawin lang naman nila. Isara muna yang Putang Inang PMA na yan baka sakaling magbago! Ang natututunan lang ng mga estudyante diyan wag mag ingay pag may nagnanakaw. Parang mga Mafia.

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