De Lima: It would be unwise to drop cases against Corona



Justice Secretary Leila de Lima

MANILA, Philippines—Finding fault with “too much compassion”, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said Friday she agreed with President Benigno Aquino III on the need to go after former Chief Justice Renato Corona if it is shown he has violated the country’s laws.

“I don’t think it is wise and healthy for a nation that just because one proceeding has been concluded, the rest should be forgotten. If there are cases that need to be filed, and if there is sufficient evidence, then cases have to be filed,” De Lima said in an interview.

Some senators have suggested that Corona should no longer be prosecuted for possible ill-gotten wealth or for not paying the proper taxes as he was already removed from office by impeachment last Tuesday and perpetually disqualified from holding  public post.

“That’s the problem of Filipinos; we’re too compassionate. We forget and forgive at once. What we’re really after here, from the very start, was truth and accountability. We can see that truth has been established — it may not be the complete truth but at least the truth has been established — and it was seen by the overwhelming majority of the senator-judges,” she said.

“But what about accountability? Some are saying removal, that’s accountability. We still have laws to  enforce;  if someone disobeyed the law, those who offended should be put to task,” she added.

De Lima said the “appropriate offices” were already investigating Corona, namely the Office of the Ombudsman and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

On Tuesday, the Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, found Corona guilty of culpable violation of the Constitution and betrayal of public trust for not declaring in his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth his US$2.4 million and  P80.7  million in bank accounts.

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  • barada69

    ..common guys confiscate his unexplained wealth and send him to jail !

  • Jasmin

    hoy DE LIMA alam ko bbo ka lang tulad ng amo mo at mga paid bloggers dito.. kaya nga marami ka’ng kaso sa IB.. akala mo, iappoint ka ng bbo’ng yan sa SC bilang CJ? malay mo baka may TRO na sa Lunes laban sa senate conviction!! 

    • Paliwaweng

      sige, bilib na akong mas matalino ka kay de lima kung maipapakita mo na mas mataas ang rating mo sa kanya sa bar exams.
      Pang walo sya.
      Ikaw ba?

      • dream weaver

        si Jasmin e walang pinag-aralan.  obvious di ba? wala pang modo.  sobrang bastos!  di naturuan ng magulang ng wastong asal.  kaya wag mo nang itanong kung pang-ilan sya sa Bar exams.  di nya alam yun.  KAWAWANG JASMINE!  PWEH!

      • Jasmin

        I don’t need to convince you of my superior intellect..

  • anak_mahirap50

    Imbistigahan at ipakulong kapag napatunayang nagkasala! Kasi kung hindi iimbestigahan, magiging norm yan ng mga corruptors: I will resign and enjoy my loot!

  • Constantine

    We really pity all the avid admirers of Gloria Arroyo and Renato Corona. 

    Despite all their propaganda during the trial of Corona, the Senators sided with the Truth,

    So, the result is they all lose!

    Now they are so desperate like Edgaredgar, Jasmin, barada69, etc, kawawang mga kolokoy!

    • gardy_versozi

       you forgot me, you stupid idiot.

      • dream weaver

        you do not matter at all!!!  hahahah.

      • gardy_versozi

        yet i make you sleep in anger.

      • 1tiago2bangkilan3

         me, sleep?

      • gardy_versozi

         you, sleep?

      • dream weaver

        ooh, sorry I am an outsider! I do not belong to the crop!!!  Not my cup of tea, sorry. 

      • gardy_versozi

        ah ok. you belong to the 2 girls 1 cup fans club then.
        not MY cup of tea. :p

      • 1tiago2bangkilan3

         tameme si jeri

      • gardy_versozi

         anong tameme? gabi na, ipagdasal mo na yung lumpo.


  • Dynamic

    Who’s giving you orders to drop all cases against him?Some senators are only trying to suggest,hop into the media and be known for their remarks…

  • Jasmin

    I also pity the avid admirers of siraulong simeon.. bbo..

  • breakingbad_ww

    bakit may konting isyu lang , presscon agad si de lima? this is what they call “attention whore”…who needs kris aquino when you have the new queen of all attention whores “de lima”. You won’t be handling the cases ms de lima, it will be handled by the ombudsman and the bir commissioner.

  • marco

    de Lima and Abnoy…a great tandem but not to be emulated…

  • recelyn

    tama lang, ibig bang sabihin ng ibang senador ay pag sila ay nagnakaw at umamin, at tinangal sa pwesto ay tana na, NAKAKATAWA ANG PAG-IISIP NILA.

  • Orange Valencia

    Thank you, Justice Secretary De Lima, for being there. You’re the (wo)man! 

    • gardy_versozi

      he’s a man. look at the picture.
      can you honestly say he’s a woman?
      it’s very obvious he’s a man.

      • Eric made yourself an idiot!!!

      • gardy_versozi

        it’s ok, don’t worry.
        i’m just trying to go down your level.

      • Russell Ariola

        Hehee.. ingat ka lang pards baka mapikon yan.
        Nakita ko sa Armscor sa cinema square si maam Leila.
        Full clip 7 bala bulleye lahat sa 50 meters gamit yung malaking Kimber nya.

      • gardy_versozi

         oo nga, kakatakot talaga ang lalaking yan.

  • KapitanBagwis

    That is the right thing to do to set an example to others.

  • Joan

    Mrs. Presscon!….Go Go Go… pero pag may na rape na Filipina wala kang magawa nga nga!…
    Go go go for senator 2013…:))

  • breakingbad_ww

    did we hear anything from the hard working Mrs. Carpio Morales and Mrs. Kim Henares about this? Obviously not, unlike de lima they actually focus on doing their job and work quietly. de lima focuses on her being seen and heard by the public, in short another traditional politician “pakitang-tao”. Her true test of character came when she was faced with two difficult choices: 1. truth and justice 2. protecting her fraternity brothers who killed a helpless neophyte. guess which one she chose?

  • 1tiago2bangkilan3

    it would be unwise to not file charges against EVERYBODY!

    • gardy_versozi

      yeah! now you’re talkin’!!!!

  • tigabulacanpo


    • gardy_versozi


  • Russell Ariola

    Dapat ihabla at ikulong si TJ ng huwag pamarisan.

  • Mister_Expose

    De Lima agreeing with Pnoy?  Hahahaha when did you disagree with your boss!  Your are always so far up his puet that you smell like one


    Stop parroting. Do your job and start filing water tight cases. Thats what the masses are waiting. Wag puro dada!

    • c

       ininterview nga eh! alangan naman sabihin ni de lima na “wiz ko know”

  • pepengkabayo

    De Lima: It would be unwise to drop cases against Corona….

    It is not a wise statement.
    There is no case yet to drop. He was only Impeached.

    On the other hand, the politicians and gov’t officials are happy to have Corona as Sacrificial Lamb.
    This will continue until Pnoy served his term.
    In short, tuloy tuloy ang ligaya habang may drama.

    • c

       tama naman yong english  “unwise to drop cases” minamali mo pa.

  • opinyonlangpo

    De Lima is right. Corona should be prosecuted. Letting Corona go unpunished is bad example for erring government officials. In fact his punishment should be harsher because he is supposed to represent the ideal public servant, chief justice the enforcer of justice for all.The higher the position in the government, the harsher the penalties. Just because he is the highest magistrate of the country does not mean he is exempted – Is he above the law?

  • Phil

    There is a saying that, “If you want to please your boss always backed him up and say – I second that Motion”

    Boss says, I want criminal cases against Corona pursued

    Staff says, Yes boss you are so right, it would be unwise to drop cases against Corona

    What if the same Staff become the CJ of the Supreme Court, guess what is going to happen

    • c

       sure ka yan ang saying? bat mali mali ang english. tagalugin mo kaya? at talagang ayaw mong kriminal cases sa boss mo? sige, ikaw na lang ang magpakulong.

      • Phil

        Solly, what I know in tagalog is the word “SEPSEP”

  • mel bercel

    yes, throw the books on the crown. he deserves it and no mercy should be shown to one who had shown no respect to the country and one who gave us thorns on our crowns. if we give this abuser and corrupt opportunist slack out of “awa” we have not matured as a nation. Now it is different story if he shows contrition by voluntarily spilling the beans, settling his family dispute with BG heirs, and returning what he feels in his heart he took as favors (kwarta at kahon) in the performance of his oath of office, then mercy to the repenter.
    if i were to be asked who should be the next chief justice, sec de lima is my no.1 choice. she has a proven record as a human rights and justice chief. although she will be also an upper house star, she will better serve the nation as chief magistrate.

  • Rae_E

    De Lima’s right. As one expat aptly said, “the Philippines will be left behind by its neighbors because Thai people outrage, Vietnamese outrage, Koreans outrage, Singaporeans outrage, Malaysians outrage, etc.  but Filipinos do not outrage.” Soon we’ll be left behind even by Myanmar! Indeed, it’s our twisted sense of compassion or “awa” (perpetrated by religious false prophets) that the plunderers Marcoses, Erap, Arroyos & their ilk not only got away w/ their loots but got re-elected too! Only in the Philippines!

    • UsoUso82

      Hi Re680, 
      Life is short and changes with goodwill. do you have a purpose in life? what can you give to the next-gen Pinoys when they are hungry? people will all die!

      • Rae_E

        I have a purpose driven life that you don’t need to worry about – that’s between me & God. The best legacy we can leave our children is to fight the cancer of corruption & restore the nation’s dignity from being consistently noted as one of most corrupt nation of the world. People are hungry & dying in this benighted state because we complacently tolerate crooks to pocket the money that could have been used to uplift the welfare of those who needed it the most. So spare me your judgment for it misplaced.

  • UsoUso82

    this nation is the most prayerful in the world today. Saln is not for everyone and you want to enforce first to all government employees before we believe in your agenda. this is all political harrassment. the way Pnoy’s team accuses CJ Corona was beyond the rule of law, and you want to justify your purpose. Common, stop making alibis, stop the witch-hunting, you want this country to be the worst in human rights of the Asia_Pacific region. Mynamar has forego its political enemies, and you are getting worst!

    • Renan jay Ferren

      It’s not about political enemies anymore… If we let them do that next generation will do the same! We can’t fully move with just that!
      We should be clear in our laws! He has trial it means he has his right! It’s not harrashed ment but it’s a WAY to changed a country

  • willbillywilly

    Definitely, he has to face charges instead of mere removal from office only. ano kayo siniswerte!!! Look at the Marcoses, they were never imprisoned kaya up to now they still enjoy the fruits of their evil ways. Imelda is the second richest in congress, yet she never work in her life.

  • jgl414567

    Kaya nga nakabalik sa power ang mga Marcoses pati na si Erap muntik na maging presidente uli dahil sa lintik na awa2x na yan! Ang dapat kaawaan ay yun mga mahihirap na walang makain pero dapat trabaho ibigay di abuloy!!

  • spearheads

    If De Lima will be appointed Chief Justice, her first agenda is the dismissal of disbarment cases against her and Lacierda. Wanna bet?

  • Webfeet

    I agree with De Lima that the criminal case should be pursued. A few Senators who do not want criminal case be filed are probably scared that someday they would see themselves in the same situation. LOL! 

  • Webfeet

    In Western Countries, like USA, Canada and Europe, tax evaders can go to jail for a long time, plus a very hard monetary fine, including the complete  freezing of their assets. In other countries, corruption is a death sentence.

  • Paliwaweng

    Forgiveness is a false doctrine, it is hypocrisy at its best.

  • pcosmachine



    • Russell Ariola

      Hehee..mukhang malabo pards. Bukas mey neck brace na rin si TJ at naka-gourney na rin at mey kasama pang iv drip.

      Masama nyan baka sagutin pa ng taongbayan yung mga bills nyan sa ospital.

      • gardy_versozi

        ako sa kanya wag na lang mag wheelchair. hindi yan effective.
        dapat mag saklay na lang siya, tulad ni grace padaca.

    • tarikan

      Ano ibig mong pasabugin ko ang bungo mo? – Corona during his prime.

  • katindig

    If we punish thieves, extorsionists, carnappers,murderers, corrupt people etc. etc. like they do in Singapore  we could have been like Singapore.   I left my iphone in a rest room in a train station and it was still there when i went back 2 hours later.

  • Tado

    arrogantly corona stood his ground but fell short in the end, now he must face the repercussion of his actions, truth must be told!

  • Huwes_dkutsilyo

    daming corrupt dyan sec. na mga congressmen at senators puede kasohan din ninyo, patulong kau sa amlc katulad sa ginawa ninyo kay CJ. always lng kau Corona!

    • Joan


  • maria

    If we will no longer prosecute Corona, then let’s free Gloria, Ben Abalos, the Ampatuans, let’s no longer pursue the wealth Ferdinand Marcos stole. And the corrupt generals, too. Of course Jinggoy wants to let Corona go free because he wants his father Erap to be totally free, too. Where is justice? Who will give justice to the Filipino nation?

    Let’s free all the thieves! Let the corrupt politicians and military men continue their fun bleeding the nations coffers.

    • Dionisio

      WHERE IS JUSTICE??? sa maguindanao massacre??? kay jonas burgos??? at sa maraming iba pa??? NASAAN???

    • HEEEEY2011


  • hustlergalore

    gusto ni delima makatanggap din ng granada. LOL

  • BeMe_2

    let this be start of a new governance, not just this one with ex-CJ but all government officials and employees… and pursue criminal charges against Corona. If proven that he indeed plundered, let what he stole from the coffers of the government of the filipino people be returned. also as payback to the high cost of impeachment trial that he placed himself into. It’s just fair.

  • 8284

    So much yakitiyakitiyak !

    Just rejoice you have a President with balls . Integrity too.
    I waited for this one for a long time. Too bad am 62 now . I probably will not see my dream Philippines in my lifetime.

    You see I have in my dreams still Estrada, amari, zte, neri, jokjok,garci, dy, ate glo, corona, ampatuan, bully China, Scarborough, atong ang,denuded forest,bong Pineda, magsaysay, reyes,meriam, suarez, tiglao, sabah, palparan, milf, syria, fukushima, ongpin, vizconde,distructive mining, supreme court cohorts , lagman, Ligot, smuggling, crook cops,
    Bombong,garcia, maceda, doronilla, villar dynasty, abu sayaf,mayor sanchez,Iglesia, echiverri, pedrosa,misuari, anthony n jeri, imelda, prospero pichay, pabaon…..

    So you want to be President?

    Repeat ,refrain…go back to the above list ! Make your day.

    • gardy_versozi

       nakalimutan mo si padaca at si harvey keh.

  • Renan jay Ferren

    It’s very unwise not to charge him any case… We should have clear result how much money really he got and how many properties he owned….
    The money should be returned to the public if his guilty of graft and corruption
    It’s not good if you have a possible criminals and greedy person walking on the street with 2.8B and 80 millions + properties or might be more…. He will killed just for single centavo

    Si Corona ay makapal ang mukha… Hindi nagsisilbi ng tapat sa bayan
    Ni hindi nag resign even his against the president of the country who vote by real rulers of this country!

    In other countries nagkamali lang… Like wrong spending of 200$ or buy television using public funds! You should resign ASAP

    The case should not be decided by senate instead of normal court

  • lostRunes

    De Lima: “That’s the problem of Filipinos; we’re too compassionate. We should kick him while he is down! We should smash his head into smithereens even though there was no proof of ill gotten wealth! When I was head of the Commission for Communist concerns.. ah ..este.. HUman RIghts.. I defended Ampatuan and told the media that Ampatuan is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. Oh how I admire that man”

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