Bare assets, justices told

Supreme Court orders release of SALNs of all members of judiciary


GOODBYE CHIEF A worker removes the tarpaulin expressing support for convicted Chief Justice Renato Corona at the facade of the Supreme Court building in Manila on Wednesday. Removed from office by the Senate impeachment court, Corona was replaced in an acting capacity by Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

Widely regarded as the “gods of Padre Faura,” the justices of the Supreme Court of the land are now ready to answer the people’s call for transparency in the judiciary and other governmental offices.

A day after Renato Corona was unseated as Chief Justice by the Senate impeachment court, the Supreme Court on Wednesday directed all justices and judges to make public their statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) for 2011.

The tribunal’s decision was an apparent answer to the public’s clamor after Corona was found guilty of violating the Constitution by failing to disclose $2.4 million in foreign-currency bank deposits and more than P80 million in local-currency accounts.

Asked if the Supreme Court considered the Senate ruling immediately executory, acting Supreme Court spokesperson Ma. Gleoresty Guerra said: “We have an acting Chief Justice. So you can draw the necessary implications from that.”

It may take some time before a new Chief Justice of the Philippines is appointed.

Reading a statement over government radio and television last night, President Benigno Aquino III said he would not rush the appointment of a new Chief Justice to avoid the same mistake that happened on the watch of Corona.

“We will not rush the appointment, because we don’t want to get it wrong and return to the old situation,” Mr. Aquino said.

But even with Corona out, the fight continues against those who “threaten to remove the blindfold of justice,” Mr. Aquino said.

Corona’s decisions

The President made it clear that the fight he waged against Corona was not personal, as it was Corona’s own decisions that led to his impeachment, trial and conviction.

“It was he who chose not to truthfully declare his SALN,” Mr. Aquino said. “It was he who used his family to conceal his wealth. He was the one who dragged his loved ones to cover up his own sins.”

Mr. Aquino said Corona’s conviction showed that “it was possible to achieve change.”

“Posible palang magkaroon ng justice, at hindi just-tiis ang litanya ng ating bansa,” Mr. Aquino said.

The verdict also proved that “truth prevails against those trying to hide things; honesty prevails against anomaly, and right prevails over wrong,” the President said.

“But more importantly, it also proved that I am not alone in taking on the desire of fixing our system,” Mr. Aquino said.

The Supreme Court’s Office of the Clerk of Court officially received a copy of the Senate impeachment court’s decision at around 9 a.m. Wednesday.

According to the records of the court’s security division, a certain Jessie Tabandong of the  Office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms brought a copy of the decision.

SALN order

Guerra said the high court issued the order after a special full-court session held on orders of acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio.

“The en banc approved in principle the release of the 2011 SALN of all judges and justices of the judiciary,” Guerra said in a hastily called news briefing.

“The guidelines for the public release of the (SALN) will be taken up in the June 13, 2012, en banc session,” she added.

Save for Associate Justices Lucas Bersamin and Diosdado Peralta, Guerra said all the 12 magistrates were present during the hourlong meeting.

“It was the collective decision of the court to release the SALNs in full, not (just) summaries,” she said.

Asked what prompted the high tribunal to issue the order, Guerra said the reasons would be included in the “whereas clauses” of the order.

“Let’s not forget that what Chief Justice Corona did to issue a waiver was precedent-setting,” she said.

‘By operation of law’

Guerra said Carpio took over the helm of the Supreme Court “by operation of law” as stated in the Judiciary Act of 1946.

Rule 2 under Section 2 of the Internal Rules of the Supreme Court also said that “in the absence of the Chief Justice, the most senior Associate Justice present shall chair the session of the court.”

“He (Carpio) is now the acting Chief Justice,” Guerra said. “I think it was by operation of law because he is the most senior justice.”

Ironically, Carpio was considered Corona’s fiercest rival to succeed Chief Justice Reynato Puno, who retired on May 17, 2010.

Carpio and his cousin, retired Associate Justice Conchita Carpio Morales, now the Ombudsman, declined the nomination to replace Puno in deference to the constitutional prohibition on midnight appointments.

From The Firm

A founding partner of the influential Villaraza, Cruz, Marcelo & Angangco Law Office, also known as “The Firm,” Carpio was named by then President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as her first appointee to the Supreme Court on Oct. 26, 2001.

Arroyo later appointed Corona to the Supreme Court on April 9, 2002.

Voided 1989 resolution

Guerra said the court’s order voided the separate resolutions it released in 1989 and 1992 which barred the disclosure of the SALN of justices and judges.

“This order will take precedence (over the previous resolution). In principle, it was overruled,” she said.

The order would cover the remaining justices of the Supreme Court, the 69 justices of the Court of Appeals, the 15 justices of the Sandiganbayan and the nine-member Court of Tax Appeals.

It would also include close to 1,700 judges of first- and second-level judicial courts.

In a previous interview, former Supreme Court spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez said the tribunal barred the disclosure of SALN of justices and judges in its Sept. 22, 1992, ruling.

“Since (1992), the SALN of lower court judges and justices of the appellate court and the Supreme Court had not been published,” Marquez said.

He said Corona’s decision not to disclose his SALN was just “pursuant” to the resolution approved by the tribunal then headed by Chief Justice Andres Narvasa.

“After Narvasa, all the Chief Justices who came after him also did not publish their SALNs. Corona was just complying with that policy,” he said.

In its 1992 resolution, the court restricted the release of the SALNs of justices and judges purportedly to shield them from acts which may “endanger, diminish or destroy their independence and objectivity in the performance of their judicial functions.”

Real assets

President Aquino had challenged Corona to make public his real net worth after Corona explained that he had been religiously filing his SALN as instructed by the Narvasa court.

The issue about Corona’s SALN was included in the articles of impeachment that the House of Representatives submitted to the Senate.

Denying claims that they had been remiss in filing their SALN, Marquez said Corona and other justices had been submitting documents concerning their assets and liabilities to the Office of the Clerk of Court annually.

Citing the tribunal’s 1992 resolution, he said individuals requesting a copy of a judge’s SALN must secure a court order first.

The resolution, titled A.M. No. 92-9-851-RTC, was actually just a reiteration of a similar ruling which the high court issued on May 2, 1989.

In the 1989 resolution, which the court made based on a petition filed by one Jose Alejandrino, the 15-member tribunal unanimously voted to deny the request for SALN “directly or indirectly traced to a litigant, lawyer or interested party in a case pending before the court.”

Judiciary’s independence

“The independence of the judiciary is constitutionally as important as the right to information which is subject to the limitations provided by law,” the tribunal said.

It said the court must deny requests for the release of SALN which were “not made in good faith and for a legitimate purpose, but to fish for information and … to influence a decision or to warn the court of the unpleasant consequences of an adverse judgment.” With a report from Christine O. Avendaño

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  • 2rey3

    Dapat from 1989 to 2011 na SALN ang irelease nila para makita ang trend ng Assets, Liabilities at Networth nila while they are in office.

    • Richard

      yes pre, kaso yung SALN para malaman natin kung tama yung naka declare, kailangan nila pumirma ng waiver na buksan ang kanilang dollar and peso account.  dyan magaling ang sindikato ni abnoy, yung maglabas ng pekeng dokumento.  kaya kung alipores ka ng abnoy na presidente, absuelto ka, pero kung hindi, sibak!

      • Default

        As we learnt from the impeachment trial, the Ombudsman can access documents from the AMLC to investigate all the suspicious transactions of government officials who file a SALN. The lack of a written waiver is no longer necessary.

      • joseph

         No the ombudsman cannot. In truth she violated the law or bent it for a favorable interpretation, as much as Corona bent bank secrecy for his benefit.

        She won’t do it again unless at the behest of Malacanang(another political assassination). If she were fair, she would be investigating the president, cabinet, and all other top official right now. I doubt we sill see anything else from her until the president needs more power.

      • lazy_dawg

        correct ka dyan ‘tsong .. problem is, she will never be fair – appointee yata cya ni kalbo, thus further appointees by any uncumbent  …and so the rigodon starts all over again …unless a law is passed …..

      • Kaya

        She acted within her authority. 

        The banks and financial institutions AUTOMATICALLY report covered transactions to the AMLC ($10,000 or 500,000 pesos equivalent [then] and above for a certain period) as required by law.  This is not a violation of the FCDU law.  The report did not contain ALL the details of the accounts that’s why the Ombudsman did not know the exact balances and all transactions.  The accounts themselves were not opened. All she knew was the movement of the large transactions.  These movements proved the existence of dollar accounts previously denied by Corona.  The burden of evidence shifted against Corona. Corona either had to continue deny the accounts thus provide proof that the report was false OR admit them and provide an excuse for non-declaration.  He chose the latter.

        AMLC is a government agency.  The office of the Ombudsman has authority (Constitutional and statutory grant) to access AMLC reports and ask for help from AMLC and other government agencies in its investigations.  The AMLC report is presumed to be valid and  the Ombudsman is presumed to be in the regular performance of her duty UNLESS PROVEN otherwise.

        Corona was not able to prove anything.  His unsubstantiated and self-serving testimonial evidence is trumped by the documentary evidence presented by the Ombudsman.  Corona did not even try to challenge the veracity of the AMLC document by calling the AMLC chief to testify.

      • joseph

        That might be true is she used due process and respected the confidentiality. She did not. She leaked information to the press to try him in the public. Further she not the aquino controlled amlc did not observe the legal due process requirement.

        This is much like saying, one has the right to to search a private house, but only after a proper warrant is obtained from a court of law.

        The permission or invocation in the law for cooperation is not a license to trample on civil liberties enshrined in the bill of rights or any other standing law ensuring  a right. If there is a legal exception, it should be obtained legally.

        An in truth if a denial is all that is needed than every government agent has already denied the same, as no single one has report a dollar account on any saln.

        Please than Ombudsman, investigate them all immediately starting from the top down, allies first. We are waiting.

        More problematic than a dizzy twisting of the law is the mere fact that it is applied so selectively and only to persecute political enemies.

      • eae_eg

        palusot! at nga-nga ka ng nganga! i CHALLENGE you then..FILE A COMPLAINT BEFORE THE OMBUDSMAN!

      • joseph

         You heard the ombudsman law, she can investigate without complaint. In fact with the revelation that dollar accounts are never reported on any saln(including her own), she should take it upon herself to discover if other are using Corona’s “excuse”.

        If they are, the judgement is clear, impeachment or dismissal.

      • adam_d_ant

        kabayan, kahit na i-open ang mga dollar accounts ng senador/congressmen, malabo pa din ‘yan.  ang mga magugulang d’yan wala ang pera sa pinas.  nasa swiss banks at cayman islands ang mga pera n’yan.  way out of rech of the government.

        100 million ang porky ng mga senador.  ilang milyon ang kailangan para mai-finance ang kampanya.  mas malaki ang gastos kesa sahod.  talagang “mahal na mahal” nitong mga opisyal natin ang mga pinoy.

      • Daang_tuwid3

        Move on pre, wag ka na bitter loser, the president is just being true to his campaign promise, look at the aftermath, kinabahan lahat ng corrupt. :-)

      • Pedro

        sus.. bulag na lang talaga sa katotohanan ang mga tagasunod ni abnoy…

  • quirinomayer

    “Asked if the Supreme Court considered the Senate ruling immediately executory, acting Supreme Court spokesperson Ma. Gleoresty Guerra said: “We have an acting Chief Justice. So you can draw the necessary implications from that.””

    So the new SC spokesperson is a real woman this time. 

    And let’s hope and pray she will now be speaking for the entire court and not just for the Chief Justice this time.

    • UrHONOR

      What kind of an answer is that coming from then den of lawyers?  Smacks of CORONAISM.

  • Richard

    Simple lang naman yan eh, pag hindi ka alyado ni abnoy, sibak ka! (unpaid taxes manggagaling kay henares, bigla kang magkakaroon ng mga properties dito at sa ibang bansa, etc.) Pero kung ka-alyado ka, sasabihin lang “honest mistake” lang, ok lang lantaran kang tumangkilik ng pirated movies maski public official ka..  Ayus!

  • romulo

    I like the things happening this time.  I hope every filipino conribute to the desire of the President to cleanse the government of unfit, undesirable officials.  Even the smallest contribution will make a difference.

    • Richard

      baka ibig mong sabihin ay “cleanse the government of officials NOT FOLLOWING NOYNOY’s WILL”  kaya nagtatagumpay ang mga black propaganda ng sindikatong abnoy ay dahil madali nyang napapaniwala ang mga yellow zombies.. baka magulat ka pag malaman mong mas corrupt pa si baboy drilon, pero alagang alaga ni kalbo..  pag napaupo na ni abnoy ang alipores nya as chief justice, malaking posibilidad na may magbago sa hatol sa hacienda luisita.. unlimited ang sources ni kalbo! hirap banggain…

      • sige_na

        If you have something to show that they have not properly filed their SALN or receive any kickbacks then by all means publish it otherwise your just sour graping that the decision did not come your way.

        I for one did not believe he had 84 accounts but he admitted he had 4 accounts that he did not include. Ang daling mag convert ng dollar to peso unless hindi niya alam ang exchange rate at saka sa co-mingled accounts bakit hindi niya idiniclare niya as asset tapos binawi niya as liabilities (debit and credit ba as simple as that).

      • OFWGlobalAdvocate

        ‘kala ko nangawala na yong mga parroting supporters ng arroyo wheelchair enterprises? meron pa pala? ‘igan kung nababasa mo ito paki-update mo nga

        yong listahan natin diyan.

        malamang nasa denial stage pa rin ang taong ito.

        may plano ka bang magpa umpisa ng rebolusyon?

    • joseph

       I am sorry, but the truth is this is no different from  edsa and edsa 2. The same scoundrels are still in office, just now they work for the new president. If anything the senate has made it harder to get real reform through, by letting the administration get away with business as usual.

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • joeldcndcn

    especially those notorious SC justices appointed by the corrupt glo arroyo, their saln must be exposed to the public, there could be still “loot” from these justices that needed to be exposed and investigated, including that OF NOTORIOUS MIDAS MARQUEZ, TSK, TSK, TSK!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Ombudsman morales umpisahan mo i-assess ang SALN ng mga justices, judges, SC, court employees lalo na si midas marquez……para naman sa acting chief justice, ipatapon mo muna si midas marquez sa maliit na korte sa basilan o jolo baka sakali matuto magtrabaho ng husto para sa bayan naman…


    MABUTI naman at nadisisyunan na din itong usaping ito.  At sana hindi na ma-ulit ito dahil ang tagal-tagal ng SAL SALN ng SAL SALN ang pinag-uusapan.  Nakakapanglambot at nakakapanghina!

  • maria

    Let the impeachment of Corona be the start of cleansing the Philippine judiciary system NOW!

    Corona shall not be the first and the last to fall, other corrupt judges as Erap appropriately described – hoodlums in robes should follow!

    Then too let’s clean up the executive and legislative branches of government. Let’s really make a “daan na matuwid.” Let us all do our part in nation building!

    • Richard

      daang matuwid? saan ba nagsimula yang term na yan? di ba ginamit lang naman nya yan para masiraan si villar sa kanyang c-5 extension?  Dyan magaling ang sindikatong abnoy! ang manira at maggawa ng pekeng dokumento at kwento!  ngayon si drilon at henares ang pinag iisipan nyang iupo as chief justice.. hanep!

      • tagalinis

         “ngayon si drilon at henares ang pinag iisipan nyang iupo as chief justice.. hanep!”

        sinabi ba ni Aquino sa iyo ‘yan? ang lakas mo pala sa presidente, ano? buti sa’yo at alam mo lahat ang nasa isip ng presidente, hehehe!!!

  • $25214711

    Sana yung papalit ay taga labas at hindi kaalyado ni PeNoy. Madala na tayo kay Corona. Dapat hindi affiliated sa pangulo at sa dating pangulo yung papalit. Nag ubos tayo ng ilang milyong piso katumbas ng ilang silid paaralan para mapa alis yung isang magnanakaw, wag na sana maulit pa sa papalit CJ. Mag start na uli ang bnsa. Sana yung mga gabinete mag sign rin ng waiver para nababantayan. Guys, napaalis na yung isang magnanakaw. Siguradong mayroon paring magnanakaw. Dapat nakabantay tayo. Totoong maraming magnanakaw sa past administration. Dapat yung present administration bantayan din.

  • R

    Farinas was way ahead of everybody…he bared his assets and even recorded it on Betamax,

    He has no ‘hidden wealth’…..don’t know about his cash though.

    • Reyjohn

      lol bared his “ass”et  I’m glad Farinas made a nice recovery of his colored past, this goes with Enrile too who has redeemed his reputation from the Martial Law days.

      • padrefaura

        of course, it is easy to forgive wife-beater farinas just because he joined the prosecution, right?

        by the way, did farinas ever penalized or charged for beating his wife, resulting to her suicide? 

        we filipinos have a short memory. 

      • CesarBelmonte

        Hindi minahal ni Farinas ang wife, hence he is responsible for the death of his wife.

      • R

        “tutut ang sabi si ikaw…. kaya si ako tumalon”, Teresa.

        “Palusot”, Rudy.

      • adam_d_ant

        salbahe ka bata….

        walang mai-bare na “asset” si farinas … natabunan ng tiyan n’ya.

        kung meron mang “asset” kabayan, kailangan mo ng magnifying glass para makita.  in our own ilonggo vernacular “diotay si toto”  …

        enrile will never redeem his past.  there are thousands who lost their lives and thousands more of orphans waiting for justice that is not forthcoming. 

      • aristeosj

        ikaw ata ang salbahe eh…i still don’t like enrile that much because of his past actions that were detrimental to the nation’s democarcy and future.but to say that somebody is beyond redemption is really mean.Even God does not proclaim that(if you are a believer,though).i would hasten to say that even corona,gloria,marcoses,pidal are not beyond redemption.

        what enrile showed in the recent impeachment trial should be a good,first single,significant step towards him being ‘forgiven’ by the people he had hurt and murdered,and subsequent redemption.i repeat and i emphasize,it is a good start,we will know for sure how he will behave himself from now on till he dies.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Hindi na dapat ang presidente ang nag-aappoint ng mga justices lalo na ang CJ para hindi na mabahiran ng pulitika at wala ng utang na loob na itatanaw sa nag-upo. Dapat ay ang JBC na sa pamamagitan ng botohan nila ay desisyunan kung sino ang iuupo bagong SC justice at ang magiging SC chief justice……

    • sola mente

      at anong guarantee na hindi mai impluwensyahan ang JBC ng mga corrupt na pulitiko?

      kung ako si SUPER TRAPO na me milyones na dolyar at gusto kung iluklok si CORONA II,  what will stop me from doing it and a corrupt JBC from accepting my bribe?

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

        At least hindi lang isang tao ang susuhulan at tatanawan ng utang na loob. May isa lang na hindi korap diyan ay magkakaroon na ng leak at magkakabulgaran na at dahil ikaw laban sa kanila sa JBC ay ikaw ang kawawa dahil baka magka baligtaran! kung sa presidente lahat ibibigay, isa lang ang tatanawan mo ng utang na loob at magagamit ka sa kanyang personal na interest at maapektuhan ang buong bayan….kumpara sa JBC pera pera lang ang laban siguro dun dahil masyado marami ka tatanwing utang na loob……..

    • filipinaskoh

      The JBC must ensure that the short list they will submit were already been proven in integrity, probity, competence and independence as required by art 8 sec7 par3 of the Cons. 

      It would be alright if still the president who will appoint it, as long as the JBC will not allowed the president to squeeze it those who do not belong to the list, just like what happened to GMA Corona was not in the original short list for SC justice.   

  • Political Jaywalker

    Looks like the justices finally landed back to earth after their dense midnight appointee took them on a shameless roller coaster ride disguised as an assertion of their independence.

    Slowly decency seems to be on a comeback but to really be on track they must fire the gay errr guy named Midas Marquez whose loyalty was with Corona and not the institution.

    Stop the drama on the waiver, the public is not as gullible as they think we are. They must declare illegal or strike down the antiquated irrelevant absolute secrecy on dollar deposits a legacy from the former number no. 1 thief of them all the frozen stiff dictator Marcos. A law that’s “supposed to attract foreign investors” to deposit their much needed foreign currency into our banking system to balance the dollar deficit at the time. Today is 2012 wherein 10% of the population are dollar earners that not only props up the sagging economy of the Philippines but offset our foreign currency deficiency. As a matter of fact we have a surplus of dollars now that we have recently been a lender, so why are these morons still trying to fool the people on the importance of an antiquated absolute bank secrecy when it only helps money launderers.

    As a final act of decency and to fish out their credibility out of the toilet bowl since they supported the CJ pretender and worse Gloria Arroyo with their nasty TROs they must all tender their resignation.

    • Jac

       Remove from SC all corona’s supporters!!!

  • filipinaskoh

    The current decision of the supreme court regarding SALN signifies change in the Judiciary. For many years the Judiciary is autonomous and is actually untouchable. Graft and corruption is slowly gnawing our judiciary. Corona seated as chief justice, the judiciary’s integrity is gradually eroding.

    Now he’s gone we are hoping for a reform in the judiciary. The judiciary could almost outrun the corrupt practices of his co-equal branches- co equal in corruption too. Unreleased SALN publicly is could be a path to corruption, no one can check their SALN if it is in accordance with their salary and allowances they are receiving from the SC.

    It’s a good start for the Judiciary.

    The impeachment, no matter how many were against it, still bear good fruits. A great appreciation to the 20 senator-judges, their prudence and good judgement made it possible for it to bear good fruits. 
    Kudos! 20 senator judges for a brilliant decision.

    • Rex

      binenta na kayo ni mongol..nakipag deal kay jinggoy at di na kakasuhan pa si corona….nabola kayo ah.

  • adam_d_ant

    he. he. he…si tulo laway talaga … hindi daw personal ang rason. haw, haw, haw di carabaw  … utotin talaga itong presidenteng me sayad.

    umpisa pa lang ng mahalal gusto ng manumpa sa baryo kapitan. bago ngayon sabihin na hindi personal.  noong una ang isyu hindi nag file ng saln .. tapos, mali at hindi makatotohanan …

    tapos na ang boksing simeon, mag trabaho ka na.  ngayon na wala na si gloria, gutierrez at corona, me makita naman kaya ang bansa ng pag-unlad?  sana.  meron pa kayang kailangan sisihin?  sino ang susunod?

    yeheyy .. wala ng korap.  mawawala na ang mahihirap.  mawawala na ang mga squatters at magkakaroon na ng “universal health care” na pangako noong election.  ma approve na rin ang “foi” bill dahil ang mga crocs nasa paligid na ni simeon.  transparency sa lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno ay makikita na at ang mga waiver sa mga yaman ng nasa gobyerno magmula pangulo (election promise din ‘to) ay mangyayari na. 

  • kaipepo

    Dapat ang presidente at lahat ng elected goverment officials ang maglabas ng kanilang SALN kung wala rin silang itinatago. Hinatulan nila ng guilty si Corona dahil sa paratang na tagong yaman, sila kayang mga senator saan nanggaling ang kanilang yaman. Karamihan pa naman sa mga ito ay sa mga exclusive subdivision nakatira. Sabagay pwede namang ibulsa ang “pork barrel.” Kung gusto talaga ni Penoy ang matuwid na daan, alisin ang pork barrel.

  • Hey_Dudes

    One thing plaguing us Filipinos on one hand and work ethics on the other – is lack of professionalism in the workplace.  As we have seen in the four (4) months of this trial, supreme court employees have taken sides allowing  themselves to be used for reasons other than earning their keep.  After all, their salary and other benefits are paid by taxpayers and not those they follow blindly.  We are seemingly afflicted by territorial malaise that can be relieved by simply chewing what is being thrown at you like a dog waiting for the bone to drop.

    We clamor for change and this is something that is not too complicated if only we have professionals and not drum beating souls not willing to stand up for individual rights and beliefs. It is time that venues such as the supreme court is staffed with professionals and stand neutral in future conflicts.

    • j1u2a3n

       Tama. Kung ako kay Carpio, papaimbestigahan ko ‘to at yung mga judge at nagtatrabaho sa ilang korte na nagsayang ng oras at resources.

    • Jac

      Yan din and napansin ko bro sa mga supreme court employees.. Sila dapat ang una unang magpakita na walang kinikilingan ang batas.. im sure sila ung nakikinabang sa mga lagayan sa supreme court

  • ngipingrabbit

    Si Manay Midaz, mukhang silent reading siya ngayon.  Where is he/she?

    • vigilant_citizen

      di na sya spokespersons ng SC pinalitan na ni Gleo Guerra

    • $17848434

      Midaz was seen in Dra. Vicky Bello’s Clinic having a make-over!

    • jclarendo

      He is now in Bakla-ran waiting for some customer. That’s the only way to survive to earn an indecent living. Naku bruha ka punta ka na lang dito sa amin sa US at tulungan kita maghanap-buhay para magka commission naman ako.

  • filipinaskoh

    So finally, i would not be seeing Midas Marquez anymore. That’s good!
    I’m so tired of his grin and worthless comment.

    Farewell to thee Midas! Same to you Corona!

    Corona, your big tarpaulin that used to hang on the facade of the SC building, will still be hung, but in the squatters area where  it will be used to shield the rain and the hot sun rays. Mas may silbi sya dun kesa dyan sa building ng SC 

  • tagalinis

    To All Corona Backers:

    Don’t be bitter guys and gals! You win some, you lose some. Weder-weder lang ‘yan ‘ ika nga ni Erap

  • enrique119

    Hey_-Dudes is right. The judicial employeeswho stopped work to show support for Corona and all other government workers must be warned that they should not let their personal feelings on any political or legal issues affect their performance of their duties as public servants.

  • padrefaura

    tinatakot na ang mga justices, be a rubber stamp of the administration or face the same fate as that of Corona. 

    • OFWGlobalAdvocate

      tsurvaness ka rin to the max ano! tsismis yan pero alam na rin ni Pnoy na may jinx ang lugar na yan as the name implies puro padrino transactions ang mga nangyari dian for the last decade.

      ilipat ang location ng supreme court yong wala ng padre padreno!!!!

    • AmBoy24


  • Beguine

    Everybody got a wake up call on the importance of transparency
    and openness and honesty in filling up each government official’s

    Let’s hope this is not a flash in the pan occasioned by Corona’s
    impeachment and will have a lasting and not just a fleeting
    effect and consequence.

  • enrique119

    To the supporters of Corona, REJOICE!

    This is not a triumph only for those who advocated for his removal,
    you are also winners here. You may not accept it or do not realize it
    yet, but the decision of the impeachment court will have a long-lasting
    effect on the honesty of all public servants.

    We as fellow Filipinos will share the blessings of justice and good government.


  • arthur1401

    Only a day has passed since corona’s ouster. This early, we can already see in the horizon a wind of change.

    When before this SALN law is considered just a mere scrap of paper, no one has envisioned that this mere scrap of paper could become the most potent weapon to verify the character of government workers, from president down to barangay kagawad and to erase those who will ignore accountabilities.

    Hopefully, this is not a “ningas-kugon” scenery, which will be forgotten tomorrow.
    Hopefully again, the eyes and ears of the people will be everywhere to make sure that the scoundrels, the heirs of known corrupt and hated leaders of the past, the lunatics, the ulyanins, won’t be able to sow terror in our hearts by proclaiming to the entire world that technicalities are far more important than regaining our senses, our dignity, our character as a free people.

    The senators who voted “Guilty” may not have admitted it publicly, but we know that foremost in their minds when they voted is the people’s reactions to their votes. It was only Sotto who admitted it by way of his explanation during the voting.

    Arroyo and Miriam didn’t give a hoot to people’s reaction as they will not be up for reelection anymore. Arroyo is no longer qualified for being a 3-termer and miriam will be in ICC to proclaim her insanity there. Marocs thought that the people would have forgotten his “Not Guilty” vote by 2016. Pnoy’s rejection to bury the most corrupt president ever in Libingan ng mga Bayani is the only reason for his vote, no other.

    The impeachment proves how powerful the people are.
    Let us keep the torch burning. Let us not stop dreaming that someday, the impossible can become possible. Let us continue to show to our leaders, from Pnoy to all senators, SC justices, senators, congressman and many more that we are united when the future of this nation is at stake.     

    We have just done it. We will do it again.

    • notmeitsthedog

      +1 to you sir.
      sorry to be so pessimistic, though. if history is to be my guide, i’d say, marcos overestimated by 3 years and…  wait, when is Mr. Pacquiao’s next fight again?

    • OFWGlobalAdvocate

      SALN (a.k.a. society of all looters nationwide) romancing with arroyo wheelchair enterprises is still a very powerful force to reckon with.

      while the true SALN (statement of assets liabilities & networth) to make it as the cheapest, accessible lethal weapon which can be used by ordinary citizens to deter the siphoning of our country’s limited resources by thieves and plunderers, Malacanang should push Congress to pass asap the Freedom of Information Act, if they mean well in weeding out all forms of graft and corrupt practices.

      strike while the iron is out so to speak!

      present reality dictates that it is not a walk in the park  securing big time politicians SALN though well meaning legislators and members of the executive started putting it in their own websites which should be the order of the day.

      institutionalizing the voluntary full disclosure of an accurate and verifiable SALN of all govt officials and employees means putting back the PH on the radar screen that these 7,107 islands is inhabited by self-respecting populace and govern by servant leaders who view honesty is still the best policy.

    • cogito728sum

      We need more ordinary people like you who holds the interest of the country at heart more than power, privilege, and pesos.  I am confident that there are millions more of Filipinos’ like you.  They just don’t have the wherewithal to express their sentiments.  I also believe that the silent majority, deep in their heart of hearts, are weeping in this initial victory for the  redemption of the Filipinos honour and the dawn of a promising future for the coming generations.  Personally, I was preparing to throw in the towel in the event of a different verdict.  But the senate, thru to its role as the voice of the people since Roman times, proved to me that the Filipino is worth dying for indeed.  More power to you and thank you for your commentaries.

      • arthur1401

        You are correct. Millions more have the interests of our country in our hearts. Just go over this forum and you will see how much they love our nation. You, Filipanaskho, and so many more.
        Our collective efforts to remind the senators that their responsibility is to us and not for their own interests helped a lot.
        For that we have to congratulate ourselves.
        But the battle has just started. More wars will be fought.
        Collectively, we will win, but divided, we will fail.  

  • Guest

    Nagpalit na ng Chief!! Nagpalit na ng Chief!! Sino na po sir ang bagong tagalakad?

  • bakitkailangan

    The verdict also proved that “truth prevails against those trying to
    hide things; honesty prevails against anomaly, and right prevails over
    wrong,” the President said.

    Two thumbs up!

    Can we now investigate the current MAYOR of ORION Bataan, who has been pillaging his own town with wanton disregard of the law that he should uphold. A mayor who was previously charged of the rape of a minor in his home town, and used his position to prevent the poor uneducated family to withdraw their charges. A mayor whos own families and relatives (who are drug addicts themselves) are working in cahoot with lawless individuals.

    Please, do not turn your back and treat this as just hearsay and public mongering because it comes with factual bases.

    Mayor PEPE SANTOS should be investigated not only for Graft and Corruption but also for abused of a minor child.

  • barugokid

    the bir should act posthaste to freeze those assets (monies and real properties); file appropriate tax-evasion cases, secure payment of correct taxes, impose fines and interests on all taxes due and prosecute the criminal case at the earliest.

  • lolo_Jose

    Since we are talking about transparency now, may we request the “Lady with guts” OMB
    Conchita Carpio to investigate the mayor of Mabalacat town in Pampanga, Boking Morales, how he did for being 4 termer of Mabalacat? Also , almost half of Mabalacat belongs to his clan.
    The Pineda-Morales lording it for so many decades now..Sec Robredo pls investigate !

    • isalexus

      . ANG una dapat- si Morales herself- inamin niyang may $ account siya. Next, si Sen. Lapid- nahuli ang misis niyang nag-smuggle ng  undeclared $ by US Custom Ang susunod ay si Enrile mismo at ang JAKA enterprise ng pamilya niya. OF course si Wangwang Aquino mismo—sinabi niya na wala na siyang shares sa Hacienda Luisita- pero hindi niya sinasabi kung paano niya dinispatsa ang kanyang shares– baka sinabi lang– kailangan ilahad ang patunay!!

      • AmBoy24

        iyang matandang ponce enrile na iyan na ngayon ay dinidiyos ng mga anti-corona ay isa sa mga numero unong corrupt at magnanakaw,numero unong balimbing at numero unong mamamatay tao,pati na ang anak na si jackie.pwe…

      • Rey

        amboy pwede ba tumahimik ka? wala na ang ttay corona mo, kung gusto sumama ka sa medical city, kawawang mga bayaran ni corona, walang tongpats darating dahil tapos na ang boksing. move on and humanap ka ng matino trabaho para ipakain mo sa pamilya mo

  • spearheads

    Mabuti naman at kahit papaano may magandang nangyari sa impeachment pero bakit Supreme Court lang at bakit hindi waiver? Paano malalaman ang dollar accounts kung SALn lang ang usapan dito? Si PNoy, Enrile, Drilon, at kasamahan nila ay nagsasabing kasama na raw ang waiver sa SALn. Ano ito nagpapatawa ang mga hitad? Kung kasama na pala sa SALn ang waiver bakit pinilipit nilang pumirma si CJ Corona ng waiver? Ano yon second waiver? Bakit nagpasa ng batas si Sen. Escudero na mandatory ang pagpirma ng waiver kasabay sa SALn kung meron ng dati? At higit sa lahat, kung meron na palang dating waiver sa SALN ni CJ Corona, disin sana authenticated yong report ng AML na pinalabas sa impeachment Court dahil di na kailangang court order, hidi ba? Ang malagim na katotohanan ay kahit pumirma pa sila PNoy, Enrile, Drilon, Tupas, sampu ng kani9lang mga tribo, ay wala ring mangyari dahil puro tuta nila ang nakaupong magimbestiga gaya ng Ombudsman, COA, LRA, AMLC, at iba pa. Pero takot pa rin sila dahil kahit media pwedeng busisiin ang kayamanan nila gamit ang waiver. Sapat ng malaman ng bayan na ayaw nilang pumirma dahil maliwanang na may tinatago silang hidden or ill gotten wealth.

    • Rex

      obvious naman.

  • fer1973

    iglesia ni manalo is now fearing for loss of power now in supreme court…i hope DOJ and NBI and also supreme court including the senate and the congress will not be dictated again by the powerful mafia of cult iglesia ni manalo. so happy to see the truth and justices preavail…

    Catholic bishops is also afraid now that maybe they will pay taxes now…and also the kapritso ng mga buwayang obispo at kaparian wala na rin, wala na kayong mga pajero na galing sa nakaw, buti nga sa inyo, ayaw ayaw pa kayo sa huweteng tumatangap rin naman kayo ng salapi galing sa sugal..pwehhh mga ipokritong mga kampon ng demonyo…

    dami ninyong nalokong mga tao, kaawaawa naman ang mga kaluluwa ng mga taong ito sa maling paniniwala…dami tuloy asal hayop dahil sa inyong mga kampon ng 666.

    • OFWGlobalAdvocate

      superlike ‘igan! the only way to go break the leg and neck of this monster called CLERICO-ECONOMIC-POLITICO collusion which brought down this country to its knees.

      • R

        ok…next…who’s going to break the oligopoly?

        Big business + Politicians = Corruption = pinipigang bulsa ng mamamayan.

    • AmBoy24

      ungas,kung ano-ano ang mga litanya mo.pati mga religiuos group ay isinasama mo pa sa kaululan mo.pwe…

      • joeybg

        isa ka pang Tanga na nagpapauto sa mga relihiyon, anong naitutulong nila kapag may trahedya dito sa Pinas? Gumising ka, huwag kang magpakatanga.

    • joeybg

      tama ka kabayan, ang mga relihiyon ang nagpapayaman ng husto, hindi naman sila tumutulong sa mga nangangailangan o mga kapus-palad.

  • AmBoy24

    tapos na ang moro-morong directed by the old and balding resident of the palace.what’s next? iimbestigahan ang tagong yaman ng mga pulitikong magnanakaw.hehehe….ANG MGA PILIPINO AY MAGALING LANG SA “NINGAS KUGON” MENTALITY..BUT THEN,WHO’S GONNA INVESTIGATE SA MGA TONGRESSMEN AND SENATONG ALLIED TO PANOT IF ALL THE CONCERNED DEP’T TASK TO INVESTIGATE WERE ALL UNDER ABNOY’S RULE…PWE…

    • Datingkailan

      Cge, umpisahan natin kay Bongbong.

    • Leonardof

      Very, very negative. Suko ka na. Talo na nga ang idolo mo, ay ayan pa  ang propagandista mo. Grow up now , boy.Stop looking foolish, ignoramus, nitwit, idiot, etc.

  • AmBoy24


    • j1u2a3n

      Pati s’ya? Alam mo, ang problema sa argumentong ‘to, pwede nating idahilan na ‘di na tayo pwedeng husgahan sa korte dahil tao din ang huhusga at ang tao ay makasalanan at ‘di perpekto. Sana nag-stick na lang s’ya sa issue. Naging tapat ba si Corona o hindi? 

    • ldl2012

      That might be true that most of the politicians are corrupt. But should that be a basis to find the the ex-chief  justice not guilty?  DEFINITELY NOT! This is definitely a good START towards the Philippines we all hope for!

  • j1u2a3n

    Pwede naman palang magkaron ng acting chief justice eh bakit tinanggap pa kasi tinanggap ni Corona ang appointment sa kanya? Halata talaga may kuntsabahan sila ni GMA. Sabagay, ayos na rin. Wala na si Corona, nakakulong na si GMA. Patas ang Diyos. 

  • dennis

    “Rule 2 under Section 2 of the Internal Rules of the Supreme Court also said that “in the absence of the Chief Justice, the most senior Associate Justice present shall chair the session of the court.”
    “He (Carpio) is now the acting Chief Justice,” Guerra said. “I think it was by operation of law because he is the most senior justice.”…Well,if that´s the law then LET IT BE! But in my opinion,it would be better kung dadaanin natin thru “MERITOCRACY” ang pagpili…Para sa akin,hindi din naman healthy sa mata at pakiramdam ng mamamayan kung PAREHONG MAG-PINSAN ang nakaupo sa mataas na position?Baka masilip na “NEPOTISM” yan?
    “Carpio and his cousin, retired Associate Justice Conchita Carpio Morales, now the Ombudsman” This is just a CO-INCIDENCE but a sensitive subject that will be considered as a weapon of Pnoy´s opposition…..Sana wag naman.

    • AmBoy24


      • j1u2a3n

         Wow! Move on, boy.

    • agxo3

      So you’re saying that the Carpio cousins wrote the constitutional provision just so they could collude on this case? Wow – I really should ask what the next winning lotto numbers will be! Their powers of looking into the future are beyond belief!

      • Datingkailan

        tanong mo kay mayor Lim kung pano siya na nalo ng lotto.

  • GaryFil

    I think the Resolution (in 1989 and 1992) barring the “disclosure of the SALN of justices and judges”, is just to stabilize the Government Bureaucracy after the Revolutionary Government was established back in 1986.  However, it should have been taken back or voided 10 years after 1992 (2002), or after the Supreme Court found out that they are trully are independent body and to stabilize the Government. 

    They maybe independent body, but they are still the GOVERNMENT, and they still answer to the people.  Law said that all Government Employees should annually submit and disclose their SALN. No one is above the law.

    Just my two cents, ika nga.

  • Joey

    i still don’t buy this line of reasoning that SALNs were kept confidential from the public because the justices feared they might lose their independence. the fact is they should have insisted on making SALNs public regardless of whether a civil servant is in the executive, legislative, or judiciary. this would have evened out the playing field among all branches of government and made them so much more transparent to the public.  one might say that making SALNs become public documents might result in making government too fearful of the public, but what is so wrong with that? 

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Why only the judiciary? All members of all branches of government, executive, legislative and judiciary should show their SALN to the public and should undergo scrutiny!

  • missaya

    civil society with representatives from religous sector should carefully analyze the SALN of all public officials … from the President down to the barangay councilors…

    investigate first those who did not sign the waivers… malamang may tinatago …

  • Lea

    Sino po ang gumastos ng Tarpaulin signage ni Ex-CJ? 
    Baka po galing sa pondo ng SC? SC funds is from tax payers. 

    • Erewhon Revisited

       Nung tinanggal po kasi yung takip sa mata ni Lady Justice nilipat sa mata ng mga employees, kaya ayun sumunod nalang sila kung saan sila dalhin.

  • Lea

    Bare SALN, dami work ng BIR ngayon gaming tax evasion cases in the coming year.
    Now I understand Sen Chiz ilantad ang SALN para habulin kayo ng BIR.

  • spearheads

    Sa mga tatakbong opisyales sa gobryerno nitong darating na eleksyon ay ang waiver ang pinakamabisang issue. Kung tatakbo sila, pipirma sila ng waiver at hamunin nila ang nakaupong kalaban. Kung hindi pipirma at magpapaimbestiga kahit sa media, tiyak talo yang nakaupong  opisyal. Tandaan ninyo yan mga tatakbong kandidato: “Waiver campaign strategy” Patok yan.

  • dennis


  • Efren

    After undergoing the Denial Stage, the few Corona Loyalists are now confronted by the Anger and Depression Stages ;  Hopefully, in a couple of days , they will finally reach the Acceptance Stage !  Happy and peaceful trip !

  • j1u2a3n

    Tungkol sa mga ginagawang isyu na maging rubber stamp daw ni PNoy ang SC. Assuming tama sila. Dalawa lang ang pagpipliian natin: Ano’ng mas gusto n’yo, GMA SC o PNoy SC?

    Marami pang dapat gawin at patunayan si PNoy, pero palagay ko ‘di s’ya kasing uhaw sa kapangyarihan kesa sa pinalitan n’ya. Sa tinagal-tagal ng panahon, pinag-uusapan na naman ang Pilipinas nating mahal sa positibong paraan. ‘Di lang po ‘to PR ng gobyerno. Kung sinuman sa inyo ang nasa ibang bansa rin, alam n’yo na ito ang sentimyento ngayon.

  • QQU

    One of the strange reasons of the justices…NOT to disclose their SALNs…is to PROTECT them from potential kidnappers. extortionists, corruptors, defrauders, presssure bribes, and other criminal acts. I found this out from Midas and Mr. Cuevas.

    Also, I think they try to PROTECT themselves from each other.

    Just think, 15 of our kababayans in a room (add Midas to it). Tell them that they have power to judge, and I can see that they’ll start judging each other…and will be feuding in no time…much like putting in crabs in a box, telling them to use their claws, and you know what happens next.

    I begin to understand why Mr. Corona showed us his thug-like character all through out the impeachment trial. It’s the only one he has. This is the kind of character…that was needed to wring out …from a bunch of highly privileged, but well-provided, justices…a TRO as fast as one could start a plane’s jet engine
    I expected to see  from him…and through him…the jurisprudential majesty of the Corona Supreme Court…in any of the opportunities given to him. Whether it be in the the Impeachment Trial or out of it. I want to hear this from his own statements or pronouncements. But up to the last prepared speech—his acceptance of the guilty verdict, anyone has to be disappointed.
    There was no flash of legal brilliance at all.

    This (ex)Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines had to go.

    There are no regrets. He didn’t give us any reason for that.

    • spearheads

      Malalaman daw ang address niya sabi ni Valte. Parang alam na alam niya na yong taong gagawa ng masama sa kanya ay doon lang gagawin sa bahay niya ang masamang balak. Ang babaw.

  • spearheads

    While I admit that Sen. Escudero’s bill is praiseworthy, that is, execution of waiver on all bank accounts together with the SALn, it lacks teeth. To achieve it’s avowed purpose, Congress should amend the Election Law and include execution of a waiver as mandatory prerequisite/requirement for all of those who will file their candidacy in all elective office, from President down to the lowest position. This will not only serve as standard of transparency and accountability but act as a deterrent for all of those who enter politics just to enriched themselves.

  • Nic Legaspi

    Only the justices? I’d rather see all public officials bare their SALNs since we’re trying to clean up the entire system, not just the judiciary.

  • renatocesperat

    what the justices can be worried about when they are all telling the truth in their SALNs. 

  • renatocesperat

    what is the use of showing their salns now, these might be doctored? the show must be signing a waiver…

  • sigena

    next in line kkk cabinet members,tongressmen, senators 


      Will the 3 MAD stooges – Marcos,Arroyo,Defensor-santiago – who sided with corona, sign waivers for their bank accounts? Bantayan!

  • Asyong

    News: Bare assets, justices told.

    Translation: Ay ang mga bastos! Maghuhubad nga.

  • tony

    It os amazing but not surprising that only in the Philippines can we find a group of Supreme Court justices who knowingly draft and pass a resolution that is in direct contradiction with a constitutional provision that requires the complete and honest declaration of their assets and liabilities, and yet they are supposed to be the exemplars of interpreting and following the constitution!!!! Tapos pag mabisto ng hindi kompleto ang deklarasyon, sasabihin ng spokesperson ng supreme court na sumusunod lamang sila sa resolusyon! Bakit hindi nila alisin yung resolusyon? Kasi yun ang nagiging alas nila para makapagnakaw silang lahat!

  • tony

    Malaki ang pwedeng kitain sa bawat kasong hawak nila lalo na kung paldo yung pananalunin partido! Sino ba namang bopols ang maniniwala na ang dahilan kung bakit kailang isikreto ang kanilang yaman ay baka sila ma-kidnap! Malakas lang talaga ang tama ng mga mahistradong Pinoy!

  • boss_dolpo

    talk about truthfull declaration of saln.. what about sec abads saln? For a man who knows both his law and his money, Abad offers a puzzling SALN. He reported owning six real properties worth less than a million pesos or basement prices that could leave eBay and SULIT.C0M bargain hunters slack-jawed in envy.
    The six properties that Abad enrolled in his December 2010 SALN include a lot and a house in Quezon City (which he said bought and built in 1983 and 1990, and with assessed values of only P203,040 and P584,550), three lots in Batanes (acquired on sale in 2001, 2004, and 2008, with assessed values of P2,250, P64,000, P33,370), and a lot in Batangas (acquired in 2008 with assessed value of P105,000).
    Altogether, Abad declared the assessed value of his six real properties to be only P993,070. He left blank the columns for data on current/fair market value and acquisition cost of his real properties.

    • Reyjohn

      Bro just like hontiveros, harvey keh just created a complaint paper to Ombudsman, someone should take lead to file a written complaint to Ombudsman. If the info above is true then that’s not good.

    • scorpio22

      One might notice that out all of Aquino’s lapdogs, he is the most quiet about the SALN disclosure issue.  I wonder why?

  • albuster

    Marquez should voluntarily or be made to resign from the SC. He has tainted the court and so long as he is there there will still be lingering suspicions about the machinations in this court. Remember, the GMA justices are still there minus one and with Marquez the Corona lapdog still there it would always be suspected of wrong doing. It behooves the SC to clean house after this tragic episode in its history and fire Marquez asap. They still have a long way from recovering their credibility before the Filipino people and they should do everything they can to get that back quickly. FIRE Marquez from his postion as administrator and whatever other functions he still has there in the SC.

  • Abe

    all we need is the FOI bill. or SALN of all the elected and appointed gov’t employee down to the brgy captain, should be posted in any or special website.

  • sola mente

    ang daming asar-talo dito.  punta kayo sa timbukto at doon kayo mag lupasay.   
    o,  susunod daw si del castillo dahil sa “plagiarism”.    o ngayon pa lang i justify niyo na ang ngitngit nyo ki pnoy,  eh panot nga pala at abnoy. at bakla, bading, noynoying, etc.

    kasalanan ba pag ang isang  sc justice ay mangopya ng gawa ng iba at angkinin na kanya?  
    ano kaya ang dahilan ni panot, eh pnoy ngayong tapos na luisita?

  • tinots

    Ilabas niyo na rin mga Picha pie ninyo~ay, este~ SALN pala! hahahahahahahahah…


    One down and how many to go.  I suspect there will be man Justices resigning rather than going thru the process Corona put his family through.

  • PakatinoNaKayo

    Cge, unang hubaran na si Midas Sioke!  har har har har

  • vigilant_citizen

    After Corona’s demise, (thank God he was convicted and Impeachment is already finished) we now have the issue of SALN of all public officials, thanks Corona for your genuine stupidity we now have another issue that really shouldn’t be an issue.

    I really don’t get it why it is a big deal to declare in SALN all the public officials asset and make it public. You accept public office knowing that you will be serving the people and that you need to declare your assets for audit that you are not doing anything shady. So why are there a lot of issues arising to declaring assets and making it public. If you think that declaring your asset will endanger your life then do not hold a public office. If you do not want to declare your asset and make it public, then by all means do not work in public office. It is as simple as that.

    • scorpio22

      Tell that to all the politicians regardless of political affiliation who are reluctant and continues to refuse to sign a waiver.

    • Jac


  • Daang_tuwid3

    Midas should resign, di na yan pumapasok,sayang pinasusweldo ng taong bayan ..resign marquez!

  • Joseph

    CONGRESSMEN and SENATORS should also bare their assets

    • Asyong

      Kasama ba riyan ang 3,000 pares ng sapatos ni Madam Imeldefic?

  • Daang_tuwid3

    Yung ayaw mag pirma ng waiver sa bank account ,wag mag justice

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas(piolo) Marquez RESIGN NOW!!!

  • Ommm

    ” Supreme Court on Wednesday directed all justices and judges to make public their statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) for 2011.”

    This may go a long way to restoring public faith in the justice system…provided those SALN’s are crosschecked to bank accounts and property titles. It’s incredulous to presume only the big cheese would be corrupt as most of us follow our bosses example.

    The stories are countless among the people of judges on all levels being bought. Where there’s smoke there’s usually …. 

    BTW, i do just love the title to this story…..”Bare asse s, justices told”

  • Leonardof

    The change that President Aquino wish to achieve can be possible only if the executive and legislative branch of the government will follow suit what the judiciary branch did.  The Supreme Court directed all the justices and judges to  declare to the public all their assets, liabilities.  and net worth in their SALNs. This bodes well for the country if all the senators and the congressmen, the cabinet members, departments of government offices, the generals of the military, gov and mayors immulate the Supreme Court by declaring to the public their assets, liabilities and tne net worths. The law on the SALNs must be enforced in order that corruption among government officials can be eradicated. It will surely lead to the increase in the government coffers, improve government transparency, and most of all to good governance.

  • rapas_gamrud

    BARE YOUR ASSE*S!!!……………and I will bare mine. This is now the trend.  My loot is not big as yours.You made yourself fool and you get caught………..MALAS MO LANG HINDI KA NAKALUSOT.
    Mirriam is right……it hurts to say but it’s the sad reality…….besides being tag as corrupt….WE ARE A NATION OF HYPOCRITES.

  • jjtan470

    It’s very possible that Corona and/or his defense panel have contacted their friends in SC asking how they would vote if they appeal the Senate decision. Such an act should be immediately reported by the SC Justice approached and the lawyer (s) making the contact should be disbarred.

    BTW, does Corona’s conviction automatically disbar him?? Any unbiased legal expert out there?

    • Danny Blue

      the penalty which may be meted in connection with the impeachment is, as the 1987 Constitution clearly states, “does not extend further than removal from office.” if he is to be disbarred then a disbarment case must be filed against him. he is not also deemed to be impliedly disqualified from seeking a government office since there was no provision in the Constitution more particularly in connection with the impeachment to that effect. no temporary or absolute disqualification was mentioned. it is usually attached as accessory penalties in criminal cases but again impeachment is not a criminal case the charge mentioned in the complaint does not constitute a crime insofar as our Revised Penal Code is concerned.

    • joshmale2004

      I don’t think so. The conviction covers only removal from office and barring to hold public office in the future. The disbarment is under the jurisdiction of the IBP and also a different process.

  • Regd

    The title implies lewd disclosure. Anyway, SALN declaration comes with the job for all public servant. There should be no exception including waivers. Let the Ombudsman do their job they are paid to do.

  • pasaway008ako

    Nakita na ninyo, lahat ay ginagawa ni Pres. Aquino para tumino ang ating bayan ngunit dahil diyan kaya siya ay maraming kaaway. Kaya kayo na gumagawa ng corrupt na gawain ay mag iingat kayo dahil bilang na ang araw ninyo. Hindi magtatagal at mahuhuli rin kayo at matutulad kayo ay Corona na inyong idolo.

  • jjtan470

    Corona’s former friends and colleagues in SC and judiciary must be peeved and angry at Corona.
    His desperate attempt to get back at his detractors in Congress with his SALN waiver and challenge has put the SC Justices with assets to hide in an impeachable quandary.

  • Hannah Blake

    Paano yan? Wala ng gustong magpursige na maging associate justice or chief justice? Wala n palang kikitain? Parang nakikinita ko na whoever will be put on the list by the JBC ay tatawag sa JBC na huwag na silang isali sa list. hahahahahaha sarcasm lang po! hehehe

    • Regd

      Baliktad, mas lalong dadami ang interesado sa puwesto dahil ngayon lahat may tsansa.

  • joeybg

    Isunod na ang mga Marcos, ang numero unong mga kawatan at mamamatay tao, sila ang nagsimula ng kahirapan dito sa Pinas. Pnoy iganti mo ang ginawa sa pamilya mo ng mga Marcos habang nasa puwesto ka at para lumabas na rin ang katotohanan kung sino ang nagpapatay sa Ama mo.

    • Robert

      Correct!!!!!! Isunod yang sina Imelda Marcos, Bongbong Marcos at Imee Marcos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nagagalitna

      Bro…hayaan na lng natin ang batas ang umusig sa may sala ah…ganti is not good para sa bansa natin kasi hindi lahat ng oras nasa position ang mga politiko…so kung gantihan ang gagawin ng mga leader natin…I’m sure pare pareho tayong mga ordinaryong mamayan gagapang sa kahirapan.

      • joeybg

        so, kailan pa ? habang nasa posisyon ang mga politiko at kayang ituwid na ngayon ang mga baluktot at habang may pagkakataon para matakot na lahat ng mga pulitiko na gusto pang magnakaw. ILABAS NA LAHAT NG KATOTOHANAN.

      • joeybg

        ang mga ninakaw ng mga Marcos ay $4 billion, at ang naibalik lang ay $600 million T si Imelda ay may pinanghahawakan pa siyang Bond worth $700 million.

  • Erewhon Revisited

    Bare your .ass.ets before some mysterious butt.ler brings it out into the open.

  • bahog_itlog

    Sabi ni Corona kay Lauro Vizconde, yang Justice Carpio na yan iginapang ang kaso ni Webb para mapawalangsala. 

  • Beguine

    The people will understand and forgive some or certain under
    the table deals during which government officials receive a gift
    or gifts and get something extra.

    It’s only when the greed for money and perks becomes so blatant
    and nonstop and inhuman as in the conjugal stealing and acquisition of ill gotten
    wealth of Gloria and Mike Arroyo so well publicized and the talk not
    just of the town but the whole nation including remote impoverished
    villages that hopelessness sets in among the people regarding
    corrupt governance and exploitation of funds which should have been
    spent for government projects aiming at helping the people and
    creating jobs and economic stability for everyone, not just
    pocketing of vast sums in private bank accounts of politicians
    and their conspirators for setting up their dynasties.

    Such dynasties’ ill gotten fortunes such as that of the Marcoses,
    Gloria and Mike Arroyos, the Ampatuans and many others should be
    dismantled, confiscated, and allocated for the amelioration of
    poverty and economic resurgence for the people and the country
    as a whole. Then, watch as real progress and prosperity are
    distributed and enjoyed by Filipinos at long last!  

  • Pinoydin

    Yung mayor namin diyan sa Ilocos Norte, mukhang hindi nakasali sa SALN nyo yung magara mong sasakyan at 3 malalaking mansyon…

    • joeybg

      Ilocos Norte , yan ang bayan ng mga Kawatan na Marcos, maraming bobotante dyan na hanggang ngayon sumasamba sa mga kawatan.

      • m1600

        Baka ang ibig mong sabihin yung taga HACIENDA LUISITA ang lugar ng KAWATAN sila ang nagnakaw sa karapatan ng mga kawawang SACADA at iyan ay ang may akda ng tuwad na daan na si p ENOY.

      • joeybg

        tapos na yan di ba? pinamigay na ang mga lupain ng mga magsasaka, sa Hacienda.

      • m1600

        Tapos na ang decision sa distribution. pero pwede pa silang umapela sa valuation ng lupa as provided by RA. 6657 ang total na hinihingi nila ay MORE OR LESS 10 BILLION PESOS. Base on the decision of supreme court the valuation will be of the 1989 price of land which is 45,000.00 per hectare but now they are asking for 1,000,000.00 per hectare. Once penoy is in control of SC anything can happen. That is the root cause of PNOY  hatred to CJ CORONA.

      • damatannapo

        Google The Philippine Supreme Court and the Mining Act Reversal Ruling

        I can not copy paste the URL because of Disqus

        nang malaman mo kung paano ibinenta ang patrimony ng Pilipinas 

      • m1600

        I cannot comment on that if CORONA is guilty so be it. what i am saying is how p enow will drain the resources of this country coz of their being GANID aba eh kung may awa sa piplipinong wala ng makain ang mga taong ito kung tao nga sila? e di tangapin na nila yung 45,000 na valuation ng SC hindi yung hinihingi ng mga ganid na 1,000,000 per hectare  tutal dapat nung 1950 pa nila binigay sa mga SACADA yung lupa base sa kasunduan na linagdaan nila sa dating may ari ng TABACARELA.

      • damatannapo

        Farinas is also from Ilokos Norte

  • edleon

    Why Midas Marquez is still at the SC???  Dapat ay imbistigahan na yan kaagad at tanggalin bago pa maka sipsip sa bagong CJ… 

    • damatannapo

      opo lalo na iyong World Bank loan involving 5M US Dollars

  • Cola


  • Rednaxela VD

    To prove your transparency Mr President, start baring the SALNs and waivers of your KKK.  If they give you the reasons CJ gave like FCD Law, Kidnapping, etc, then you have no reason to keep them

    But if you turn a blind eye on this clamor by the people, we wont believe that the impeachment was not for personal reasons!

  • edleon

    The IC decision affirmed that SALN would be enough waiver for the Ombudsman to go after any government officials who are suspected of illegal activities by gathering of information from other government agencies such as AMLC, BIR, and COA .  NO NEED FOR ADDITIONAL WAIVER. 

  • damatannapo

    Simulaan nang imbestigahan ang World Bank Loan ng Supreme Court

    Marami anomalya raw na nangyari sabi ng World Bank

  • Mananandata69

    There must be a law that before a  cabinet officials are confirmed by CA, these candidate must be required to submit his SALN and publish the SALN in the newspapers. In case of elected officials , before they are sworn to office after election, the SALN must be published also. All career officials with CESO, before they are promoted must be require to submit SALN  to be scrutinize by heads of Department. A Lifestyle Investigationn Division(LID) must be created on all branches of gov’t.

  • m1600

    Tapos na ang impeachment hindi na katwiran na si CORONA ang iniimbestigahan kaya ikaw P ENOY at mga KKK ksama na jan si DRILLON at 189 na congresman PUMIRMA na kayo ng WAIVER para mabulatlat na ang mga tagong nakaw na yaman ?

    • damatannapo

      World Bank Loan to Supreme Court may anomalya sabi ng WB report

      it involves 5+M US Dollars

      • sangandaan

        Nandun na kay Cronoa ang $2.4M, so, $2.6+M na lang ang hanapin kung nasaan at sinong ka-share. 

    • SinoIto

      Tumigil ka na m1600

  • Jun

    The President, for personal reason and nothing else, has initiated the impeachment against CJ Corona.

    For political survival, Enrile and his block in the senate voted for the CJ’s conviction because they don’t want to be voted out come 2013 election. They sensed that a great majority of the people wanted Corona convicted hence, they had to support that popular clamor even it was not based on justice. Indeed, the impeachment was a political excercise, not a legal one.

    It will take a long time before the people could realize that they erred in asking for the head of Corona. It will take time before they realize that the President is a vengeful leader. That he wanted Corona out for only one reason – the Hacienda Luisita ruling that favored the farmers.

    • 189mlq

      was already proven to be innocent beyond any reasonable doubt. But
      still, Ceasar divorced her, hence the proverb “Caesar’s wife must be
      above suspicion.”

      Even if Corona was acquitted by the Impeachment Court, the trust of
      the nation on this branch of government will never be given back, as
      long as he sits. Wounds may heal, but the scars will always remain.
      The acquittal or removal of Corona from office was not just about saving
      or destroying a man’s reputation. It was about saving a substantial
      part of the soul of a once-great nation.

    • damatannapo

      Jun may bolang kristal ka?

    • damatannapo


      Corona minced the words Hindi Kakosa

    • sangandaan

      “…for personal reason and nothing else…” How do you now? Your analysis is very subjective and you jump into your own conclusion as if it is a patent force of reality, yet the argument you used is moot. 

      “Hacienda Luisita ruling…” -Parang sirang plaka. Wala na bang ibang argument maliban dyan? 

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “How do you now? Your analysis is very subjective and you jump into your own conclusion as if it is a patent force of reality,”

        True, subjective, bet for the sake of arguments let us enumerate instances to make it more objective.

        The President initiated this action against former CJ, certainly without evidence that would stand up in court.
        Senator Drilon has always been against him.
        The DOJ testified based on ‘hearsay’ and on dissenting opinion.
        THe BIR initiated investigations on RCC and Family.
        The LRA provided 45 properties only 5 of which is related.
        The House of Representative initiated the impeachment without ‘real’ verification and with speed unheard of not even when passing important laws.
        The Prosecution presented questionable evidence.
        The Ombudsman presented ‘uncorroborated’ and ‘misleading’ information
        The AMLC presented documents without court order, and where normally, you can’t get any info from them.
        The COA stated that the Sampaloc Market Deal was shady more than a decade after the transaction.

        Even the public enemy no 1, no amount of resources of the government, equal to this, was ever mobilized. Yet in RCC’s case, it was.

        “yet the argument you used is moot.”

        For RCC, yes. its over and done with.

        But what if it happens all over again? Should we not guard our institutions even from the very persons who swore to protect it? Just like the lesson we learned from the former CJ, who swore to protect the judiciary.

  • AdyMarty

    Jury system na lang sana sa PH judiciary para iwas “LUTO”. Kahit pakita nila yang records na yan patuloy pa din ang iba na tumatanggap ng suhol.

  • billygunn23

    seems like the whole government machinery is ganging up on the SC which only proves this admin’s misguided priorities. why can’t they start with congress when the latter is the mecca of corruption?

    • Hannah Blake

       I do agree you with you that congress is the mecca of corruption. But, we can only get rid of these corrupt politicians if we clean first the judiciary. Kung nasusuhulan ang judiciary eh di useless din ang pag file ng case sa mga corrupt na politicians na to, di ba?

      • billygunn23

         On the one hand, remember that congres promulgates laws. And when you promulgate laws, you always try to make sure it is self-serving or at the very least can be circumvented; and of course you won’t make a law which makes you an instant criminal. example? pork. oh has it been forgotten that pork makes or breaks a politician? erase pork and trapos will surely lose interest in politics. On the other hand, the SC merely interprets right? as they say, opportunity makes a thief. by promulgating laws which can be circumvented, you are giving a leeway for a transactional interpretation of the law and the vicious cycle keeps on. So don’t gove me that BS excuse because you are blinded by the yellow pretext of political persecution to curb corruption because in the first place it does not even exist in the president’s mind. Try to ask some erring cabinets who are still in active duty!

    • mel bercel

       the people has the power to get rid of these corrupt politicians but malakas ang BOUGHTOHAN. our people (voters) especially the poor have not yet matured enough to see who is the sincere public servant. their definition of a good public servant is one who is giving them something freely from him, which they do not know that it came from the peoples coffer. money talks louder than the peoples voice because we are still in this culture that is we believe people with money and power. we discriminate the poor, the party list provision is great but look at it nabababoy na ng mga makwarta at mga makapangyarihan.

  • ardong

    Long overdue this cleansing of “hoodlums in robes.” Past events had overtaken “unbelievable rulings” made by this Highest Tribunal on some controversial cases involving  the rich, powerful and influential parties which, some  legal experts believed and accused  them of “flip-flopping” and claimed they may [Corona et all]  have allegedly received “substantial” amount of cash, perks, and other benefits,  in exchange for favorable rulings.

    Remaining justices of the SC this time, who may have been labeled “kasosyo” of  Corona must now start contemplating of a “graceful exit” before AMLC and Ombudsman start their cleansing operation. I believe and convinced remnants [rotten eggs] of past administration are still holding past and remain adamant in relinquishing their post. Well, they may have to realized the conviction of their chief justice signals a  “new paradigm shift ” in  judicial reform and it is the public itself who is acting as “watchdog”  dictating its power in media and blogs [like this] opinions taking shape and  impacting their seemingly grossly abuse of  power. Well, Indignities and public condemnations are not remote possibilities if their belief still hinges-on “kapit tuko”

  • Olli Tsac

    I was told by my spy that this disgraced Corona and family would like to go to U.S. (They might have an investment or real estate in the land of milk and honey), besides they can afford (more than 2 Million Dollars and plus millions of millions of Pesos) it with much gusto. Yeah, don’t forget to bring the 3 BUGOKS (Crazy Miriam, Alzheimer Joker and Hypocrite Bong-Bong) with you.  Next is the buwayang pating  Gloria – the Filipino masses would like to know your Billions, yes with the B.

  • Olli Tsac

    Buwayang Pating Gloria, nawalan na ng corona yung illegal appt mo, ikaw naman ang susunod.  Don’t worry, I am going to increase your Ativan and Xanax.

    • sal292012

      hehehe!….olli tsac buwaya krin hehehe!…wag kng mangagat ha..kagatin u nlng si pinoy pra tumigil na sa kadadaldal niya, mag sign na ng waiver now na!…

  • m1600

    PENOY pumirma kana sa WAIVER . NOW NA!!!! Bakit ASAN ANG TUWID NA DAAN na naging TUWAD NA DAAN NA.?

    • scank


      • m1600

        You rtard ! they are all corrupt like PeNOY who has for a long time continue to be standing on the bones of SACADA of HLI The law except no one even the president you lowly rtrd , imbcle.

      • SinoIto

        Bat ba ang angas mo ha… tumigil ka na M1600

      • m1600

        look who,s talking you rtrd , imbcls! shut up you yellow mron! 

    • kulittwit

       Will the 3 MAD stooges – Marcos, Arroyo, Defensor santiago – who sided with corona, sign waivers too?

      • m1600

        Yes they must signED the  waiver! ISA NA JAN SI P ENOY DApat sundin nya ang tuwid na DAAN hindi TUWAD NA DAAN.

    • sal292012

      tama itong si pinoy una ang mag perma  ng waiver,sus!..puro lng slita, mag trabaho ka pinoy tapos na ang pag higanti mo ky corona..linisin mo srili mo at administrasyon mo bago ang iba. 

  • tra6Gpeche

    To get rid of one corrupt government official, like Mr. Corona, is a good thing. Hopefully, all government officials and employees under the Aquino Administration will not be tempted to steal the money of the Filipino taxpayers for the improvement of the impoverished Filipinos. These taxpayers’ monies should benefit the Filipino people.

  • Olli Tsac

    Paano ba naging presidente itong buwayang pating na Gloria na ito, trillions and trillions ang naging utang ng APING PINAS during sa kanyang term – tinalo niya pa yung IDOL niya  na si FM na nag hari ng 20 years, siya almost 10 years.  Dapat dito sa DUGONG ASO na Gloria ay nasa BILIBID  na – illegal ang term kaya illegal din ang mga appts.  You’re next – no way out for you!!!!

  • ValencianoEd

     LISTENING TO VINCENT LAZATIN discuss how the JBC selects or short lists
    candidates to fill up vacant positions in the SC on Karen Davila’s ANC
    HEADSTART, I was appalled by the AD HOC manner the members select
    candidates. He revealed there is no scientific basis like a simple
    score card with qualifications indicated and their respective
    percentages – a very common instrument the corporate world uses
    to assess/evaluate their employees every 6 months, or every year. And
    we are talking about the SUPREME COURT.. . . . . the SUPREME COURT for
    crying out loud! And Mr Lazatin adds, he and his group were not remiss
    about their insistence that some reforms should be in place to make the
    selection more professionally done. But he laments, such suggestions
    forwarded to the members of the JBC just fell on deaf ears. So, even in
    this very crucial exercise, patronage politics plays a great role.
    Will the concerned agency please look into the issue with urgency, now?
    Now na? We might just get another Corona as head justice! OMG

  • mel bercel

    calling for pinoys who would form an NGO whose advocacy is accountability and transparency in public service. they shall serve as life-style checkers of public servants and scrutinizers of saln’s. he or they who without sin (nakaw na yaman) come forward and form this group. one of their task too is to accept anonymous reports from private citizens on incompatible life style with income and suspected nakaw and abuses of public servants. ano say nyo bloggers. call kayo sa mungkahi ko. mga born-again matino na, di na nangungurakot very welcome sa group.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Masyadong nakatuon ang mga mata ng mga dilaw sa Napatalsik at Akusado na tulad nila Corona at hindi na nila napupuna na nagpipista ang mga kawatan na kaalyado ni BS aquino…

    Isang halimbawa ay Umaangal at nagbabanta ang industriya ng magkakarne na hindi sila maglalabas ng mga paninda sa palengke sa dahilan talamak ang “Smuggling” sa bureau of custom ng mga imported na karne na ikinalulugi ng nasabing ahensiya…Ano kaya ang dahilan at bakit hindi mapigil ang mga ganitong katiwalian? mukhang may mga nilalang na napakalakas sa itaas at sa palasyo!!!!

    Sa usapin korte naman ay Tulad ng nasabi ng aking “idolo”na si dating senador Rene A.V. Saguisag sa isang panayam sa telebisyon kahapon na “mas makakabuti sa bayan kung hindi na tanggapin ni Justice Carpio ang posisyon na acting chief Justice sa ngalan ng “DELIKADESA”…Marami pang nasabi tamang dahilan si saguisag upang hindi na tanggapin ni Capio ang naturan posisyon at Tulad ng nasabi ko kahapon,alam ng mga bigating abogado tulad ni saguisag ang impluwensiya ng “The Firm” ni Antonio Carpio nuong panahon ni dating pangulong FVR at magpahanggang ngayon…At Bgamat hindi napatunay ay may alingaw-ngaw na balita nuon na nilakad ni Antonio Carpio sa korte suprema na mapawalang sala ang mga suspek sa Vizconde Massacre nuong Disyembre 2010…

  • Cubano

    Gumastos daw ng P5M ang prosecution sa impeachment.  Magkano naman kaya ang nagastos ni Corona?  Sa daming rally, pamisa, novena, mga printed materials, araw-araw na gathering sa Supreme Court, tiyak na malaki rin.  Di kaya ito kinuha sa budget ng Supreme Court?  

    • CesarBelmonte

      Imbestigahin mo para sumikat ka.

    • sal292012

      cge puntahan mo si corona pra malaman mo kng magno gastos nya, di kya sbihin u sa malinis mong presidente mlaki nmn gnastos ni corona..

  • Inocencio Jr.

    The judiciary now answers the call on transparency at ipinasapubliko na kanilang mga SALN. (Pumirma na rin ng waiver si Corona) Kakahiya namang yung tahol ng tahol for transparency ay syang hindi pa nag uutos sa kanyang mga alipores na ilantad rin ang kanilang mga SALN. May double standard ba dito? nagtatanong lang po,

    • Jezzrel

      tinanong mo pa kung double standard, maliwanag pa sa araw kabayan…

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Sa tingin kaya ayaw pumirma ni BS aquino ng “waiver” ay dahil ayaw ni Ronald Llmas….

  • TimeTraveller123

    Let’s demand for all public officials to sign the waiver, open their accounts and their relatives’ accounts and prove to the public that they are not hiding anything! Karapatan natin ang magkaroon ng corrupt free na bansa! Karapatan nating mag demand sa ating mga public officials!

  • San Miguel

    Yellow zombiez… Corona is a done business… Its over and out…. It looks like you cannot move on..

    O baka naubusan na kayo ng palusot…

    Now that your idol has everything …….. the Supreme Court, the Senate and Congress and the Independent constitutional bodies (kuno) like COA, Ombudsman, AMLAC..etC………. your Yellow PRESIDENT will have no reason that he would not PERFORM……..

     Baka maghahanap ulit kayo ng palusot…. THE BALL IS IN THE HANDS OF YOUR PRESIDENT..

    Hala, umpisahan nyo ng magtrabaho……. Sana kung pano nyo sya pinuri ngayon ay ganun pa rin ang papuring maririnig ko mula sa inyo sa darating na 4 na taon ng kanyang panunungkulan…

    And by way, hindi na rin namin igigiit na pumirma ng waiver ang inyong mga idolo dahil ayaw nila at ayaw nyo rin…hahayaan na lang natin sila sa gusto nila (at tanggapin na mailinis sila at walang bahid).>>>>> WALANG SISIHAN HA?

    Goodluck Philippines…

    • albert13

       @sanmiguel, it seems that u r still sour graping and has not yet moved on. kasi ang dami mo pang satsat after advising the yellow army to move on.

      • San Miguel

        OO na nga di ba? Tapos na… Whats the problem with the yellow zombies bakit andami pa ring satsat dito sa blog….  ITS time for the Yellow President to WORK.

        At para wala ng away…Wag na natign igigiit na pumirma pa ang inyong mga idolo ng waiver…. 



        AND STOP TALKING… natupad na ang inyong kagustuhan

      • albert13

         thanks. peace

      • San Miguel


  • 189mlq

    The impeachment of Corona was indeed a hate campaign, but it was not
    against a man. It was a hate campaign against dishonesty and corruption which the president vowed to go head on with.

    • San Miguel

      Tapos na nga… Ano pang problema….

      Its time now for PNOY to work..

      • fojar

        May mga hindi pa nakaka move on dyan na pro Corona hindi parin matanggap ang hatol.

  • Jezzrel

    “The President made it clear that the fight he waged against Corona was not personal, as it was Corona’s own decisions that led to his impeachment, trial and conviction.“It was he who chose not to truthfully declare his SALN,” Mr. Aquino said. “It was he who used his family to conceal his wealth. He was the one who dragged his loved ones to cover up his own sins.”” Parang nabasa ko dito noon na galit na galit ang nakaupo sa “may lakan diyan” dahil sa TRO na binigay ng SC kay Ex-Pres. Arroyo…tsk tsk tsk… talaga naman… 

  • yumcha08

    You are not alone Mr.President. You know (of course) that majority of your kababayans are with you on this- transparency, tuwid na daan, walang corrupt walang mahirap. You may have your faults but we know for sure you are not a ‘magnanakaw’. On that, how lucky we are!
    Your crusade against corruption maybe slow in outcomes but it’s happening as this verdict proves. And if this is ‘Noynoying’ – one less shameless corrupt public official-then so be it. Let’s have more of ‘Noynoying’. Our prayers are always with you, PNoy…..

    • Diegong

      san na ang waiver niya? transparency, remember?

  • George Morales

    Lagot na kayong bumoto ng YES sa transfer the HACIENDA LUISITA to the farmers.  Siguradong susunod na kayo.   “What are we in power for?”  sabi ni Pnoy.

    • Jezzrel

      malamang tama ka diyan, maganda na lang kung di babaliktarin ang hatol sa HL in the near future…LOL….

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      • Barak_O

        malamang posible


    • billygunn23

       with the judiciary and congress held by the neck, i wonder where do we go from here, save for the usual media blackout on actual events…

      • ramser

        I am sure we can depend on you to inform the public isnt it? You seem to know so much….

      • billygunn23

        i will take it as a compliment

  • JJF724

    This is a good opportunity to clean the ranks of Judiciaries “sa buong bansa.”  Lahat nang kaso may chance nang husgahan nang tama including graft and corruption.  Pero matagal na proseso ito para i identify yong mga judges na corrupt… mahabahang process ito…  The good thing is we’re heading to that direction….  Huway sanang mausog.

  • Cubano

    Di na kailangan ang mga waivers.  Just amend the law to authorize the ombudsman and the courts to open all bank accounts of accused officials and employees of the government.

  • billygunn23

    I heard that LP candidates in our place wll give 2thou to each voter to counter the 1thou5hund of the opposing party. Wonder where this LP people get their money…just a thought….

    • Barak_O

      you heard?

      i don’t heard

      • billygunn23

         so much for your anti-corruption, LP…

    • Karina Carinosa

      get a life man!

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Hudas Marquez mag Resign ka na di kailangan ang kagaya mo sa SC.Magpatayo ka na lang  ng  PARLOR..

    • TeabagDeluxe

      “In a previous interview, former Supreme Court spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez said the tribunal barred the disclosure of SALN of justices and judges in its Sept. 22, 1992, ruling.”

      Nag-resign na yata as Spokesperson kasi “former” nakasulat.

  • billygunn23


  • gerp

    with this judgement of Corona is finally over…the people branding the President as Noynoying will be wrongfully misguided by their Boss whoever they are…coz the fight against corruption is not yet finish and the Phils is lucky having a President like Noynoy…for he will fight for us and this tuwid na daan will be reachable in due time. Mabuhay ka Mr. President!

    • San Miguel

      They wont.. let Us not insist….. and lets presume that they are CLEAN…

      Let the 4 years move on and lets see..

      • gerp

        Yes. But pizza – now, pizza I have enormous respect for. And of course beer.

      • gerp

        i love beer!

      • boyMata

        san miguel beer pale pilsen !!!

      • Yeur

         LOL We cannot underestimate the power of the PICHA…A Mighty Justice fell because of the humble PICHA!

    • billygunn23


      • gerp

        I need to believe, that something extraordinary is possible.

    • San Miguel

      I wont argue with you to stop this nonsense thing.  NOW GET YOUR YELLOW PRESIDENT TO WORK…

      • gerp

        In competitive behavior someone always loses. This is good…let’s start to work…currency exchange?

    • m1600

      LUCKY??? In p ENOY term PH has the highest unemployment of all times where had you been? Only in Pnoy term that we have a live showing  massacre of tourist at luneta. 

      • gerp

        You’ll see a lot of strange things from now on.
        Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he? What is it you want? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the moon…haha…What have you been doing lately, Boy? Playing the market with the company’s money?

    • marco

      walang tuwid na daan dahil sa una pa lang d sya tuwid na tao isang bading na pangulo at isang pangulong nais ay gumanti

      • gerp

        Sometimes we wish we could act like everyone else, but we can’t change who we are. Some tried. Free will sounds like rainbows and butterflies, but with great power comes great responsibility. If your life is entirely under your control, you have to make your own decisions, and that can be tough. Try again, and fail, and try again, and fail again…fail better than not doing anything to change the system.

  • JosephNess

    how much was this tarpaulin costs???? why do all these spending just for personal caprices, where you can fight it by not spending at all…

    • m1600

      How much taurpalin cost? well boy it is less than what goya ate at new york and lot less than the 2,000,000.00 cost (gas, preparation taurpalin,snack, etc) of  PE NOY vist to BILIBIB PRISON where their LUNCH cost 80,000.00 while inmates budget for a day cost only 50.00 pesos ano kaya ang kinain ng mga masisiba na yan? 

      • JosephNess

        oh! boy, maybe, but if spent for personal caprices, that’s something…what a shame!…

  • billygunn23

    with corona gone out of the picture, we can now focus on aquino’s blunders.

    careful mr. president coz your blaming game to cover your incompetence will fall flat on your face. and i’d be the first one to laugh out loud!

    • Yeur

       How productive! Are you serious? You will spend your time focusing on one’s mistakes so you can have the opportunity to laugh out loud? Don’t you have anything else sensible to do? I suggest you go get a life and try to be a productive citizen of this country.

    • gerp

      He never thinks about himself, Boy, that’s why he’s in trouble.

    • George

      billy gunn, you are so stupid.

    • 189mlq

       The failure of the President has become an obsession to you. Absolutely nothing good will come out of that. If he fails, all of us fail. And you will be the first to laugh out loud. What, then, is your real intention for our country?

    • marco

      camouflage….a characteristics to hide their true intentions this word fits the sitting incompetent lame duck president whose main goal is revenge

    • Vito Corleone

      Get a Hair Cut and get a Real Job………….

  • driftw00d

     “bare your asse s” daw, in other words, tuwad na!

  • exterminator1

    kung meron tuwid na daan sana meron din tuwad na daan. atty. karen jimeno and atty. abigail valte tara na sa tuwad na daan! baka maunahan pa tayo ni midasÜ

    • gerp

      Hoping that this house may never know hunger…Bread…Salt… that life may always have flavor…And wine… that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

      • exterminator1

        and i sincerely hope that in this house karen and abigail are waiting in bedÜ

      • gerp

        LOL  akin si Karen…sau si Abby…

  • carlorocci

    Ang hinihintay ko kay Pnoy ay ang pagpirma rin niya ng waiver, gaya ng ginawa ni Escudero….Pati na rin ng mga miyembro ng gabinete..

    • Jon

      Agree 110%
      Tapos na si Corona.
      Sinimulan na ni Chiz.
      Sundan dapat ni Aquino at lahat ng cabinete niya.
      Kundi, halatang pakulo lang ito na ginamit lang para ipitin si Corona.

    • Agham Tao

      ang SALN ay meron na ngang kaakibat na waiver at pirmado ito ng mismong nag-file. kaya nga sabi ni Sen. Enrile, dramatics lang ang waiver issue.

      • Gian Reyes

        This is 100% correct. As a government employee, I have been filing one of this for more or less 10 years. The the last part of the SALN form is actually a waiver in favor of the ombudsman empowering her/him to check the veracity of all of the declarations stated therein. Hence, the Ombudsman, armed with a SALN, can gain access to all information including foreign currency deposits to verify the government employee’s or officer’s declarations in his/her SALN. Corollary to this, what Ombudsman Carpio-Morales did to verify the declarations in the SALN of CJ Corona is valid and legal.

      • Handiong

        I think this is incorrect. Gian, the SALN that you sign authorizes the Ombudsman to verify only with “all government agencies”. The Ombudsman cannot go to the banks, which are private institutions, and look into the accounts of government employees. To do so, the Ombudsman still has to secure a court order.

  • marco

    ikaw ang presidente na walang alam kung hindi gumanti

    • scorpio15

      Sa mga Corrupt na ta-o lang ang paghihiganti. Kaya ganon ang sabi mo dahil “Corrupt” ka rin.

  • Brian

    naku mahuhuli din ang iba tulad ni carpio kc  di ba may rule na pwede di magdeclare mga taga SC……so yang mga yan di rin nagdeclare ng dollars

  • Joey

    Careful so called “Public Servants” we will closely watch you now!


    The SALN has been used by the mediocre man as that of the “DEVIL & THE DUCK (story)”.
    Fight for Judicial Independence for the sake of the next generation…fight against mediocrity.

  • Valentin

    I think the Filipino people should celebrate.  Filipinos should take to the streets to express their gladness for it’s the first time in Philippine leadership history that the corrupt rich and powerful get  cut off.  

    Usually corrupt leaders don’t go the extent of going head on with corrupt  but powerful officials.  Example is Gloria Arroyo who reconciled with Estrada.  She did it because she wanted  him and his supporters to rally behind her.  She realized she would have had more troubles had she kept Estrada behind bars.  She saved herself by letting Estrada go, but in doing so, she cheated the nation.

    Our present president doesn’t mind getting the ire of powerful corrupt officials.  He doesn’t mind making lots  of enemies.   You cannot satisfy everyone.  There will always be those who choose to stay in the dark side.

    On the other hand, corrupt TRAPO  leaders want to make friends with everyone because they want  the votes.

    I hope Aquino does not stop doing his vow to clean up the system. 

    I’m still not satisfied with Corona’s removal.  I want him sent to jail.

  • Abnoy tupak

    takot si pnoy sa waiver.. 
    pnoy corrupt..

  • Abnoy tupak

    all govt officials na takot sa waiver ay corrupt..

  • Malik62

    This is not just stu__pid this is also dangerous!  Imagine the criminals will have an access to the SALN of the Justices who are trying their cases?  This will open a floodgate of chaos.

  • Abnoy tupak

    daang matuwid.. 
    pnoy must sign a waiver..

    • jurbinsky77

      Waiver for what?

    • GP

      Kaya lang nag sign ng waiver idolo mo na si corona kasi buking na sya.  Kayo naman mga gullible supporters at iba pang ewan ang utak, naki-ride on.  Eh kung di ba naman hilo yang amo mo na nilabas na yan SALN na yan una pa man, di wala ng mga drama pa.  Tapos si Aquino ang babanatan nyo.  Kung kasuhan nyo si Aquino dun nyo palabasin ng waiver.  Ngayon, kung concerned citizen ka, mag hingi ka ng kopya ng saln ni aquino.  Kung hindi ka naniniwala sa nandun, saka mo kasuhan.

  • Benjamin

    All public officials and employees must disclose their assets, liabilities and network.  I mean ALL public officials and employees no ifs and buts.  The Supreme Court has to post the SALNs of all the justices every year.  The same goes to the politicians starting from the President up to the lowly barangay tanod.  This will help in the cleansing process of the corrupt people in government.  LAHAT DAPAT PANTAY PANTAY SA BATAS.  

  • gerp

    There is a better way to tell the truth. Move on guys!

  • Handiong

    Since the SALN has a built-in authority for the Ombudsman to verify its contents, it stands to reason that a copy of the SALN of every government employee must be submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman.

  • Peter L

    So Mr President when will you sign the waiver for your dollar and peso accounts? you promised us that you will open them two years ago. 

  • Diegong

    unless and until pnoy signs the waiver, his call for transparency and accountability will ring empty and hollow.  I was not surprised by Valte’s declaration because I never believed Pnoy’s sincerity.  My belief has been confirmed.

  • jurbinsky77

    Did you read your SALN form before signing and submitting it? You have explicitly permitted the Ombudsman to investigate the veracity of your assets and liabilities.

    You are over-acting it. Why do have to follow Corona’s theatrics? You are like small babies. You should start to abide by the spirit of every law in the country. Why do you need to have another law to complicate the situation. If you suspect anyone of graft and corruption, file a complaint or write a letter to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is no longer Merceditas Guttierez.

    Let each of us take the high road. Let be your words be your pledge. Be honest in every undertaking.

    If the waiver is worded as: “I am submitting this waiver to allow the Ombudman, and every Tom, Dick and Harry” to investigate, check and use as evidence against me in any case anyone would dem necessary”. Will it be good? As of now the waiver as previously mentioned, is for the Ombudsman  alone. What is your purpose in trying to get the SALN of unindicted person?

    • hcajero

      pasensya ka na iyan ang uso ngayon… however, it is really mandated in our constitution 1987 regarding this SALN – malinaw ito. and again, our constitution is the highest law in our country. 

      • jurbinsky77

        Matalino ang mg a Filipino, bakit nagbobobohan?

      • hcajero

        Kung titignan mo ang ating saligng batas… Napaka simply ng english na ginamit at madaling maintindihan ito. Ang kaso may ibat ibang interpretation ang iba… Depende kung saan sila nakapanig. kung bakit may ibat ibang intrrpretation… Ay siguro… Akala nila mas matalino sila kaysa iba. Para kay coronas case… Sinabi nya under ito ng bank secrecy law… Kaya pati ang integridad nya mag interpret ay na question.

        Siguro ang tanong dapat. .. Bakit masyado nagtatlinuhan iyong iba?

        In addition… Kung natuloy itong ang pag appeal nila corana sa supreme justice… Naku lalo na magtiataka kung ano ang naging basis nila nito. Since the impeachment court is higher than supreme court… At sila lang ang sole owner nito… Na sinabi sen JPE.

  • agong1

    signing a waiver is not a big thing..every one in the govt.are color blinded. 

  • charlie_oscar

    So that’s why ALL the flights to Hong Kong are fully booked!

  • katindig

    To the Supreme Court personnel who had been supporting Corona……”DON’T SUPPORT YOUR BOSS BECAUSE HE IS YOUR BOSS. BUT SUPPORT HIM BECAUSE OF HIS GOOD DEEDS”.  If he is going out of the righteous way don’t follow him.

  • ksafan0

    I feel bad everytime  I see those SC employees showing banners and support to Corona; as if they are blind and deaf to the accusations. No wonder true justice can not be dispensed in this country with such convuluted mindset among the judiciary employees. I have not heard of a good thing about our justice system. Just look at the Mindanao massacre; 3 years have passed and no justice. We don’t belong to the 21st century.

  • Potenciano


  • Potenciano


  • Robert

    Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PNOY please imbestigahan lahat ng mga halang ang kaluluwa na mga iyan!!!!! Isama na pati sina Bongbong, Imee at Imelda Marcos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pati sina Ernesto Maceda, Kit Tatad, Miriam Santiago at Joker Arroyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What about Merceditas Gutierrez???????

  • ztefertilizerscam5


  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Centennial Expo scam 

  • m1600

    isama  mo na din si drillon, penoy ,enrilre, yung 189 na tongresman.

  • damatannapo

    The defence erred when they presented the OMB as a witness, that was the fatal blow

    Divine Providence

  • Hannah Blake

    Bonifacio or Justice Cuevas or whoever you are, stop talking ok?

    Your reasoning maybe legally correct but it’s definitely MORALLY WRONG!

  • raul n

    invoking good faith in declaring SALN by missing 98% of the assets? OMG. a chief justice interpreting FCDU bank secrecy by skewing & twisting to serve his wrongdoings in concealing dollars? but whatever, impeachment court is sue generis as already stated by JPE.

  • kulittwit

     Dami mong sinabi. Nonsense. The constitution is clear. The senate has the SOLE power to hear and decide ALL impeachment cases.

  • Pinoy Tagabantay

    This is just I could say…our laws are full of loopholes….AMEN!

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    It should NEVER justify the means.


    There is precedence/jurisprudence. G.R. No. 176058.


    Yes, they were weighed, and no credence were given to them.

    The prosecution did not successfully pin down RCC, it was RCC’s own testimony that did. If your remember, common to most of the justices decision, was that ‘they do not concur to RCC’s interpretation of the SALN law, with respect to the 2.4M USD and 80M PHP.’ It was more of the media that RCC had 12M USD which RCC bit, which then sealed his fate.

    The Prosecution was a joke.

  • Jezzrel

    Kakilabot naman, tanong ko lang, Bat ba naimpeached si ex-CJ Corona? Dahil ba sa SALN niya? 

  • Jezzrel


  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Tama po. Dahil sa sarili nyang binitiw na a) salita na meron syang 2.4M usd & 80M Php. and b) ang interpretation na the FCDU law is enough to keep it a secret.

    The prosecution never knew how much RCC had in the first place, or whether it was illegal or not, and so, it wasn’t within allegations of the complaint for impeachment.

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