Midas Marquez no longer speaks for Supreme Court


Supreme Court administrator and spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Jose Midas Marquez, who became the voice and face of the Supreme Court since 2007, has vacated his post as chief of the Public Information Office of the high tribunal.

Described by some as arguably the most “media-friendly” spokesperson the court ever had, Marquez declined to speak with members of the media who trooped to the Supreme Court Wednesday.

“I will no longer speak for the Supreme Court,” a smiling Marquez briefly told reporters as he entered the high court’s building in Manila.

“I’m coterminous with Chief Justice (Renato) Corona. I’m moving to my official function as court administrator,” he said in a text message.

Corona was dismissed as Chief Justice on Tuesday after the Senate impeachment court found him guilty of culpable violation of the Constitution for not declaring at least P180 million in dollar and peso deposits.

Temporary replacement

Marquez’s deputy, Ma. Victoria Gleoresty Guerra, has been named by acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio as his temporary replacement.

At a news briefing, Guerra said her designation was just in an acting capacity as President Benigno Aquino III had yet to name Corona’s successor.

“I’m coterminous with acting Chief Justice Carpio,” she said.

But Guerra said Marquez would continue to function as head of the tribunal’s Office of the Court Administrator.

“The position of (Marquez) as court administrator is a permanent one. He is still the court administrator,” she said.

“The position of chief PIO (public information officer) is just a designation because his appointment is really as court administrator. (His being a spokesperson) was just an additional duty,” Guerra said.

“As he said to us, it’s already overtime or overdue that he gives up the duties.”

Marquez, a former staff member of retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno, succeeded Jose Portugal Perez as court administrator when the latter was appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court in 2010.

As court administrator, Marquez is technically considered a “justice,” having administrative supervision over some 2,000 justices and judges of first-and second-level courts and about 27,000 court workers. With Tetch Torres, INQUIRER.net

Originally posted: 5:10 pm | Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

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  • albert13

    midas marquez should completely resign if s/he still has remaining delicadeza left in her/his blood

    • richard ortega

       pareho ng amo nya yan makapal ang mukha, resign di nawalan na ng trabaho yn, sino pa ang kukuha sa mga yan.

      • Dominic Alexander Dayrit

        I agree. He must relinquish his post, or better boot him out of office too.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

        agree! he will cling like a leech like his boss, but this leech only need a lighted cigarette to butt him out of the hole he sucked…

  • JosephNess

    Marquez was appointed Court Administrator in 2010 replacing Jose Perez who was appointed to the Supreme Court. Since 2010, he was both high court spokesman and head of the OCAD.

    head of what?…ogag ba ?…a…yes ocad pala….sorry po, kala ko ogag…LOL.

  • DWAYNE11

    Midas Marquez is always bias..he can’t be a good OCAD chief..resign or retire early.

    • generalproblem

      wag naman marami syang sinusuportahan. marami pong pinapaaral si papa midas

      • Russell Ariola

         Ahahahayyy chechinnnnggg!!!

  • Gerry

    should be removed!!

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas Marquez Resign NOW!!!

  • Roland_Quong

    Delicadeza dictates that Midas Marquez should resign from the SC and so with Justice Del Castillo. As long as they’re in the SC, the people will not believe in the SC.

    • generalproblem

      wait lang kayo naghahanap pa daw sya ng trabaho pag may lilipatan na daw sya mag resign din sya. wais kasi sya mas mataas nga naman ang makukuha mong sahod at pwesto pag may work kapa habang apply hehhehe

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas Next Job
    A.Corona Nurse
    B.Beauty Parlor(Midas Touch)
    C.Host miss gay Philippines
    D.all of the above…

    • leubas


  • boyetigas

    Slick. Hand burned handling a hot pot… no dice. Your master had a day in court and so will you. YOUR DAY OF RECKONING IS NEAR.

  • Rdnoreg

    C marquez, parang c corona yan, hindi yan magreresign.  ang makapagpaalis dyan, impeachment lang, hahahaha.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H65CQCAAYP7QM7FOQLJDCKA67I Pete

    Midas join UNA panalo sigurado

  • Handiong

    They should remove Marquez as Court Administrator and investigate him for the misuse of World Bank funds. Meanwhile, he should be reassigned to operate the photocopying machine.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSBNZB3TEKHJE5A74STZTTUHC4 ed0408

    Marquez, you mislead the Filipino people for a long time and you are not fit to hold your office. Please resign for the good of the SC and Filipino people. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QNY75VSKM4I35WA2R6Q7B7TZGE RubenC

    He should be investigated regarding the WB-funded loan scandal by the Ombudsman. If found responsible,he should also be impeached and then thrown into jail.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas Touch Resign now bading…

    Misuse’ of $21.9-Million WB loan to SC project

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DVP4NE2IHZLHNZIQODT3RNGNSM Lawrence

    “Marquez was appointed Court Administrator in 2010 replacing Jose Perez who was appointed to the Supreme Court.”

    You mean this pr!ck can be a Justice of the SC in the future?

    Taking words fro Brenda: “God! Strike me dead!”

    • generalproblem

      hahaha swete nga naman malamang ma impecah din yan pag sakaling naging cj din sya

  • Hey_Dudes

    In other words – you are still around.  Anyone else decent would have left the court after prostituting yourself to an individual  instead of the republic paying your salary.  Makapal din talaga.

    • Daang_tuwid3

      I want to see him report to justice carpio, the oic.. After those lambasting him for quite a while… Justice carpio, kaw naman oic, give him another function such as tga masahe.. Manicure and pedicure :-)

  • pidalcopter2

    This Medyas Marquez must be kicked out altogether with Corona. They are both thieves in the same cloth! 

  • reydomingo

    midas, sana pati pagiging administrator umalis ka na rin…. at pwede ba makita na rin saln mo? mukhang madami ka din tinatago…

  • nonato


  • Sarkasmos

    Great move!  You still have a job but since you are so disliked, you don’t have to face media and the people. Kapit tuko tulad nina Corona at GMA. Monkey see, monkey do.

    • generalproblem

      hehehehe eh wala yatang napanalong kaso ito kaya walang kumuhang law office. pwede iton sa notario publiko hehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U5UIDU4P42XRHCABQKTUVGPAUQ Peter

    midas you should resign from the supreme court and not just the spokeswoman of the SC. wala kang delicadesa at kahihiyan. pina kita mo ang total support mo kay corona and he was impeach. mahiya k naman at mag resign ka na. you don’t deserve to stay longer in the SUPREME COURT OF THE PHILIPPINES which is for the filipino people and not for arroyo and corona and their cohorts. GET THE MESSAGE MIDAS!!!

    • elpobre

      Bakit hawak na ba ni Pnoy ang SC, if so, mag-sialasan lahat sa SC, dahil total support lahat dyan kay Corona.
      Kapal ng muks nyo, laitlaitin ang tao, ni hindi nyo nga masabing hoy pumirma na kayong mga tongressman ng waiver kagaya ni Chiz whiz at Corona.

      • generalproblem

        actually yun ang hinihintay ng mga tao na magsilayas lahat ng tao sa sc para naman mapalitan ng bago. ang tatanda na ng mga tao dun eh maraming mga batang graduate at mga matinong abogado na pwede pumalit sa kanila hehehhe. saka madami na sila nakulimbat naman pwede magsilayas na kayo para yung iba naman hahahhaha

      • leubas


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

        pobre ka talaga, sa utak sa sa salita, sigurado maging sa gawa… saan ka ba nagtago? akala ko naubos ko na angry birds meron pa pala? PAK! 

        usapang matino na ito, mabait na kami dahil house cleaners na kami… umapak ka na naman ang daming putik ng paa mo! maghugas ka muna.. pag malinis kana you may knock, kung tapos na kami we will let you in and so you will see the difference between clean and pusali… excuse me, the maid of honor of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused!

  • http://twitter.com/Keem_Ah 김앟

    I hope the Ombudsman would investigate how Mr. Midas used the monetary fund disbursed by the World Bank for the Supreme Court’s development. You see it is actually an international embarrassment that the World Bank questioned how Mr. Midas used the money, wherein the fund was already halved yet there was no development made or accomplished within the Supreme Court. It is actually a total embarrassment for the Philippines who is right now doing its best to curb corruption and promote accountability and transparency. I sure do hope it gets investigated as this matter may affect investor confidence in the Philippines.

    By the way the Philippines was lifted a notch from two notches below investment level by Moody’s Investor Credit Rating International, congratulations~

    • nonato

      Tama dapat imbestigahan ng ombubzman si marquez…

    • elpobre

      At ano ang epekto sa aming pobre yun, ni hindi kami makabayad sa tubig at ilaw.
      Meron bang inbestigasyon sa pag waldas nang pera dyan sa SC, iladlad nyo nga.

  • generalproblem

    “I will no longer speak for the Supreme Court,” Marquez said in a text message. correction po “I will no longer speak for CJ Corona kasi kaka impeach lang nya” hehehehe. Hay naku since co terminus sya ni corona dapat kasama itong na impecah din

  • kishbuff

    Bongga, Papa Midas! 

  • Andoy51

    In the first place, Midas was an incompetent spokesman, who was too beholden to Corona that he forgot he was speaking, not for his corrupt boss, but for the whole Supreme Court as an institution. 

    If this guy has any sense of decency, he should quit. He is an embarrassment to the Supreme Court. His continued stay will be bad for the high court. I think he also has a pending graft case with the Ombudsman.

    Magpaka-lalaki ka, Midas. Mag-resign ka na lang bago ka tanggalin tulad ng amo mong si Corona. Isipin pag sinibak ka wala kang makukuhang benefits. Mag-isip isap, Ginoong Marquez.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      it was very clear naman na speaker lang siya ni thief. never for one moment did he sounded he was the SC speaker..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2DAZWQGRABQ742P6J6XNTSLGJQ dark matter

    Hindi ba itong si Midas ay Acting Spokesperson din lang…magaling umarte, parang yung boss nya?

  • ukoysakabo

    Magboksing ka nlng Miss Midas labanan mo nalng si Floyd ang tawag jan “unpenis bizniz”….lol

  • fugeee

    balik court administrator lang ang beki eh, sana tinanggal na ng tuluyan!!!

  • pinoynga

    Again, the issue of credibility. integrity, and strength of character come to play versus the person of Atty. Marquez. He definitely was very much biased towards Corona, and he did not hide his kiss A.. attitude. He placed his personal priorities over and above the interest of the Supreme Court. And now patay malisya siya? Hindi dapat UmalisnaCYA?

    Again, if Marquez will be a typical representative of the type and kind of character a judge or lawyer must have to be with our Supreme Court, or even as a Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals, all I can say is: “paktay na!”

    How credible a judge would this kind of person be? And I’m afraid I know the answer! :-(((

  • kishbuff

    hindi naman sya spokesperson ng supreme court. Sya e mouthpiece ni thief justiis! at dapat na rin tanggalin syang court administrator!

  • OlliuQ

    Dapat cguro painumin sya ng herbal tea gawa sa halamang makahiya para mabawasan ang kapal ng mukha, at kapit tuko mierda marquez it is time to go, continue your all the way support for Renato Corona by leaving the supreme court together.

  • pabloustedes

    good luck for you judas marquez!

    • botets

       hahaha thats nice, pwede din MEDUSA marquez

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Misuse’ of $21.9-Million WB loan to SC project

    Arroyo Cheap Justices
    Lucas Bersamin
    Arturo Brion
    Teresita Leonardo De castro
    Mariano Del Castillo
    Jose Mendoza
    Diosdado Peralta
    Jose Perez
    Prisbetiro velasco
    Martin Villarama
    and Spokeman 
    Midas Marquez

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2DAZWQGRABQ742P6J6XNTSLGJQ dark matter

      Ano ito? Banana Republic? I am for the ouster of the CJ but to ask the lot of SC to resign is not realistic.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

        they can always apply back, for delicadeza I agree… during the time of Marcos he asked all heads and supervisors to resign and he chose who to retain… Resignation does not mean acceptance.. those whom the JBC knows are legit, let them be retained…at least they have shown delicadeza unlike the thief.

  • http://joboni96.myopenid.com/ joboni96

    alisin na rin ito bilang
    head of the Office of the Court Administrator

    engaging in politics
    while a bureaucrat

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    wala na amo nya kaya wala na syang silbi pa.

    • AntiAko

      grabe ka namang manglait: kahit nga ikaw na hindi abugado at hindi rich at hindi famous at hindi influential at hindi yummy EH MAY SILBI, si Midas pa kaya?

  • BayanBangon

    Ayyy salamat naman at si Ms Midas ay na konsensiya, kasi siya ang direct spokeswomen ni Ex CJ R Corona. Sa World Bank 21.9M US$ na Loan sa Judiciary, dapat tanungin din si Ms Midas kasi siya ang Disbursement Officer ng Perang eto, baka may mga US$ Accounts din siyang nakatago katulad ng Amo niya at hindi din nilagay sa kanyang SALN, ano sa palagay ninyo?

    • AntiAko

      tangengot, hindi siya nakunsyensya. co-terminus siya kay CJ kaya hindi na rin siya magiging spokesman. 

      yung bagong palit naman ang pagpiyestahan ninyo…

  • Matashari

    The guy was just doing his job. Now that he’s (back to) being the court administrator, does it really matter what his political persuasion is? 

    Aba’y kung matapos niyang ma-feel ang pag-durusa ni Corona sa limang buwang paglilitis, baka gawin niyang mission sa buhay (bilang overseer ng 2,000 judges and 27,000 court personnel) na mapabilis lahat ng kaso sa ating mga korte at maresolba lahat ng ito bago mag-limang buwan. (Okay, I’m dreaming)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GQOIHCDR4M2A7LRI7WUU2QP36Q Ralph

    Kapit tuko. He must resign and work as full time spokesman for Corona.

  • Juan_Mapalad

    “I will no longer speak for the Supreme Court,” Marquez said in a text message.

    Pwe!  You never spoke for the Supreme Court, only for TJ Corona.  Kung may delikadeza ka, mag-resign ka na rin… samahan mo si TJ kung saan man siya mapadpad.

    • AntiAko

      huwag ka ngang dumura! bad yan. at isa pa, malaki sweldo nya noh kaya bakit siya magre-resign? ano ka hilo?

  • 4kingdaddy

    pag nag resign ka bilang court administrator, IIWANAN NA KITA!..hindi mo na matitikman ang malaki kong paborito mo…hindi ka na rin makakapasok sa condong binili mo para sa akin at lalong hindi ka na makakasakay sa mercedes benz na regalo mo sa akin….he….he…he…alam mo naman na marami ang nagkakagusto sa akin…mwah…mwah..tsup….tsup…pin…. 

  • noypisiTED

    Whoa, Midas Marques all throughout the Impeachment trial has shown canine
    bias for the former Chief cook errr…justice and now convicted Renato
    Corona that there’s no other honorable way for him to go but resign.
    Don’t be a f__k__g leech brother and you’re not d__n indispensable. Surely
    there are others in the Supreme Court who are more qualified than
    you are to be the Court Administrator.

  • rauloreto

    well  apparently he has neglected his real/true job in representing corona hence the overall current state of courts and its personnel, which means he is not an effective court administrator.  Why then he has not resign,otherwise, the supreme court should fire him instead for neglect of duty  

    • AntiAko

      and you know this because….?

  • gatak

    out of propriety, midas must bowout too as court administrator. he is unfit to be the administrator and supervisor of all the justices and judges of third level courts nationwide. he must go. OUST MIDAS

    • AntiAko

      wahahahaha. unfit? anong basis mo?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/GQOIHCDR4M2A7LRI7WUU2QP36Q Ralph

        Unfit because he is not doing his job effectively as court administrator. Dapat di ganoon karami ang pending cases sa hukoman natin if he really supervises well. Instead he focuses his time and attention as defender of Corona.  

      • AntiAko

        HAAAY, alam mo ba sinasabi mo? Hindi si Midas ang dahilan ng backlog of cases. The backlog is due to the sheer number of cases filed and the very small number of judges to hear the cases. If you look at the statistics, nakaka overwhelm talaga. Idagdag mo pa dyan yung mga appeals na umaabot hanggang supreme court kasi di makatanggap ng pagkatalo ang mga natatalo….

  • brentcom

    better resign baklita……

  • botets

    Bye bye Meduza Marquez hehe Sana di ka pagtulungan bugbugin ng mga hahawakan mong judges

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    The guy is gay.

    Midas Marquez nag-alanganin… napasubo.

    • AntiAko

      “The guy is gay.”

      IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE…Wahahahahaha

      • adriel0104

        tulad mo !!

      • AntiAko

        Ay sorry po, nainsulto ko yata lover mo…wahahahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KISP4XFWDO7PMCBCIAG5XEYQ7M Peregrino Natividad

    MIDAS MARQUEZ WAS ALWAYS SPEAKING NOT FOR THE SUPREME COURT> It is not an accusation or hearsay….. HE HAD RENATO’S CONFIDENT AND LOYAL BEST FRIEND…. HE IS ALSO CORONA’S PARTNER IN CRIME…. EXAMPLE THE WORLD BANK FUNDS…. saan nilang dalawa tinago…. hindi iyan kwarta ng mga pinoy…. kwarta iyan ng govierno namin sa labas… IT HAS TO BE FURTHER INVESTIGATED…..

    • andres_o

      Pinag-iisipan mo ba mga sinasabi mo?  Ikaw siguro ang taong palamunin.  Wala kang alam about projects and audits and budgets.  Dumaan na yan sa COA.  Nabasa mo ba yung findings?

      magtrabaho ka…huwag mo ubusin pera ng nanay mo sa kaka internet.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/FDWyatJz3cX7LbKIX5Shezjj5g--#381f2 SPO10

    Inday Midas take my unsolicited advise…RESIGN KA NA LANG!!!

    • AntiAko

      bibigyan mo ba siya trabaho?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L2CUVK7UBTUTKTGD35WSJHDCUE ernie

        oo , taga punas ng pwet ni corona !

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFDGBGI6RTVYTYN3X6OP2DVX4A droids

        Hindi, gusto niya palitan si Midas sa pwesto, hahahahaha

  • ang_panday

    dapat lang kasi traidor ka sa taong bayan as tagapagsalita ni corona

    • AntiAko

      ano ka ba!? gusto mo ba tagapagsalita siya ni PNoy? wahahahaha…

  • doublecross

    better resign, bading. sobra naman kapal ng mukha mo kung nsa SC ka pa work.

    • AntiAko

      may plantilla yan kaya di mo basta basta mapapaalis. alam mo ba kung sinong dapat pag-resignin mo? yung mga kurakot mong mga politiko, simula sa mga congressmen…  proven and tested kurakot talaga mga buwayang yan…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5G2FQL3FLAA5OUVV3GFMZKDACI Guest Ako

        uy! in love ang mudder..hehehe

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/FDWyatJz3cX7LbKIX5Shezjj5g--#381f2 SPO10

    DI BA PWEDE BOW OUT KA NA LANG SA SUPREME COURT TOTALLY???As in umalis ka na lang dyan…pwede ka naman spokesman ng Medical City total in-laws mo naman ang higher up doon…

    • AntiAko

      haaay naku, asa ka pa! bakit ba parang involved na involved ka talaga?

  • quphal

     I’m moving to my official function as Court Administrator

    midas mami-miss mo ang pagiging spokeperson. matitiis mo ba na wala ka nang hawak na “microphone”?

    • AntiAko

      siyempre, natitiis mo nga eh…

  • linsanity17

    bitter kyo??? kung may kaso kyo kay midas, ipa impeach nyo din..palabasin nyo uli mga white lady nyong mga abnoy…

    • adriel0104

      tulad mo ABNO ang mga anak mo..

      • SickOfItAll !

         mukhang customer ni sexy midas ‘to! bwahahaha

  • ofw_bayani_ng_bayan

    bading ba si Midas Marquez?? kaya pala ayaw ni Pnoy… gusto ni Pnoy cia lang at si the Buzz hehehe appear!!! echenggg

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CTVYVTFG5A7L54C4Q6WYG3PU6U Alex

    Midas should leave the SC totally if he still has any delicadeza left.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6P3BCSHN5MAVPYYO6SCPFOYIPA Tupas flying Objects

    Midas, inaantay ka na ni GandangHari…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L2CUVK7UBTUTKTGD35WSJHDCUE ernie

    midas should get out of SC completely.masyado siyang  identified kay corona. tutal gusto niyang nakadikit kay renato noon sa tingin ka mag NURSE na lang sya na iisa ang pasyente para sa ganun ay maalagaan nyang mabuti si baby renato !

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Bakit bow out. Sobrang haba ba niyan?

    Dapat kneel out para comfortable.

    • AntiAko

      JUST LIKE HOW YOU DO IT? wahahahaha

    • SickOfItAll !


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DRIROSDCDLLS5GO4OO2GRZUZVE rodel r

    Ngayon Hawak na ni Abnoy ang Congresso ang Senado pati na din ang Judicial!!! MABUHAY Si Pnoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yan po ang Daang Matuwid!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SJCLV6XFW6QQP4SKL2QHRFZIBM ROYCE

      Nagtratrabaho ka ba sa Senado or Judiciary….parang may alam ka sa mga INS & OUTS sa pamahalaan dahil nagbibigay ka ng haka-haka at walang kabuluhang CHISMIS.  Pare ko, kawawa ka naman…huwag masyadong dakdak ng dakdak dahil hindi nakakabuti sa bayan pati na pagkatao mo!  gumawa ka muna ng maganda sa kapwa o sa bayan bago ka magchismis!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4 Regd

      11 sa supreme court justices appointed ni GMA nandun pa rin, hawak ni PNoy? Paano nangyari yun? Di ba dapat alisin mga ito bago mahawak ni PNoy? TAMA! Dapat maalis ang mga ito bago maging totoo! ALIS MGA ALIPORES JUSTICES NI GMA, ALIS!

  • AntiAko

    IT’S GAY-BASHING TIME HERE AT THE FORUM. Isip ng iba mas magaling sila kay Midas kasi isip nila mas LALAKI sila. Sus, Ginoo, maawa kayo sa sarili niyo dahil bali-baligtarin man ang mundo at kahit ano pang gawin ninyong pagsisikap ay HINDI NINYO MAPAPANTAYAN ang narating ng taong ito. 

    Hindi lang kayo bitter. You are even bigger losers…

    • adriel0104

      nakakatawa ka LOSER antiako!!!hinimashimas mo siguro ang u tin ni midas o kinan tot ka sa pu wit..

      • AntiAko

        ayan, mga u tin at kan tutan at puwitan at himasan lang talaga ang laman ng utak mo!!! BASTOS!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5G2FQL3FLAA5OUVV3GFMZKDACI Guest Ako

      uy! in love ang mudder..hehehe

  • adriel0104

    he/she should resign!!!kapal moks!!

  • kabayandinako

    So your title is now Justice Midas Marques. DAPAT MONG ITANIM AT ITAMA SA TRABAHO MO ANG TITLE MO.

  • Mekeni Aso

    Good. Masyadong sipsip ang bading na yan

  • palaigit

    i could still remember midas talking against and berating the president either directly or not…he was still acting mighty that time thinking that corona was untouchable. now that justice prevailed and that his backer got to lick his own wounds, midas is all of a sudden all so silent… he got his mouth filled with his own biases. as a spokesperson of the SC of which should have been unbiased and fair and etc, he should have acted accordingly and not in a political manner. politics is the job of the politicians, not the workers of employee of the SC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000532465679 Donardo Cuago

    “I will no longer speak for the Supreme Court,” Marquez said in a text message.
    Actually u were speaking for CORONA.


  • Boboyboi

    Matindi din naman ang kapal ng mukha nitong boyfriend ni ex-CJ!

    Umalis ka nadyan at dun ka sa tabi ng amo mo! Ikaw na magnanakaw ng pondo ng Judiciary, magsama kayo ng amo mo at sya nalang ang nakawan mo….ng lakas hahahaha! Sipsipin mo ng husto hahahaha!

  • marlaw

    “I will no longer speak for the Supreme Court,” Marquez said in a text message.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T43QVMXTE3W4YENWUB2VERN35A daffy

    He will be the personal beautician of Cristina Corona…

  • shalom shalom

    delicadeza , resign

  • oracle888


    Marquez to be the head of the Office of the Court Aministrator?

    With his bias and lies, including mismanagement of the UN judicial aids fund, HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!

    Otherwise , he could be a traitor of the new Chief Justice given his close relationship with Arroyo and Corona.

    • AntiAko

      alam mo, OA ka.

  • pcosmachine





  • oracle888

    Reorganize and revamp the Supreme Court. Don’t allow the traitors and corruption extend their roots in all the departments!

    • opinyonlangpo

      I agree. Judicial reform, take out the mafia from the judiciary.

  • mojo76

    no more word except just resign for goodness sake!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6YOSLK74SEBOC3SNZE6NPPJWM ted

    well and good and you take it with you  those employees of the courts who wore red in support of Corona,,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ON7OVYELIEWW7U25MAF7XD36WU Cubano

    Appoint this Midas as judge in Jolo or Basilan.

  • F14Tomcat

    Since he’s only an appointed Court Administrator, his employment could be terminated at will.   And even if there was a clause in his employment to serve for a number of years, the action and partisan position he took during the impeachment proceedings of the CJ were grounds for termination of employment.  He should be impartial as Court Administrator.  I’d say that the powers that be over him should fire him and to never hold a career as Civil Service employee, going forward.

  • JustWords811

    ano ba ang qualification nitong taong ito? 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

      eh di malake butas ng pwet…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GQQJUFJC6UXBRAKTKISA5PVXF4 andrea

    Para sa mga empleyado ng SC mahiya naman kayo sa mga pinag gagawa nyo during the impeachment kitang kita na hindi kayo nagtratrabaho at palagi lang nanonood ng tv pinapasahod kayo ng taong bayan tapos di namin nakita man lang yung resulta ng trabaho nyo kaya ubod dami ng cases sa SC ang hindi pa naresolba mahiya naman kayo sa bayan mga bwisit kayo…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VQYUF2K7YC7IRIHH4NPQOQNCOY kurakding

      let’s help  that branch of the government..It needs overhaul..remove those who are sitting ducks and worst lame ducks. All those appointed by Corona should file resignation letter and it is up to the new care taker ..The new replacement pool should be knows to everybody…like submitting their resume to the people.   Here at website – they can do that so everybody can participate.

  • JustaPinoy

    WHAaaat?  Midas is not resigning?  Kapalmuk na man!

  • sk3tk


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4 Regd

    Ang Darna ng SC!

  • pcosmachine


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VQYUF2K7YC7IRIHH4NPQOQNCOY kurakding

      WOW is that true? hmmm can we ask a share ….

  • mangpepe

    nakakahiya dapat umalis ka na lang

  • $15469930

    Dorobo din itong si hudas marques buking na siya….

  • indiots

    nakakatawa si marquez “i will no longer speak for the suprem court” talaga namang hindi s’ya nagsasalita para sa supreme court. dahil nagsasalita s’ya noon para kay corona in expense of tax payer’s money.

  • opinyonlangpo

    This Midas Marquez does not deserved to be in the Supreme Court. She acted as a personal employee and personal assistant of the ex-chief justice, so when her employer is out, she should also be out. The way Marquez was talking, always for Corona, its obvious that the people are not her employer. I am sure Midas is with Corona now, beside Corona’s hospital bed.

  • Vito Corleone

    Kung mag RESIGN ka na lang kaya…………DARNA……….

  • Andoy51

    The position of Court Administrator is a sensitive management position that should be given to a competent professional manager devoid of any political partisanship.

    I don’t know about Midas’ competence as a professional manager, but it’s quite clear he is a rabidly partisan person who spoke openly and aggressively against the perceived enemies of his impeached boss, Renato Corona.

    He is obviously unfit to professionally manage the day-to-day affairs of the Supreme Court because his independence and professionalism has been damaged beyond repair by his partisan activities.

    It’s really shocking that Midas Marquez should even be contemplating of staying in the SC after being in the forefront in the defense of his impeached boss. Only a person without delicadeza would not have resigned under Midas Marquez’ circumstances.

    My unsolicited advise to Midas: it’s better to go quietly instead of being fired by the next Supreme Court chief justice. Well, you can fight tooth-and-nail, like your former boss did. But would you rather be exposed to further shame and public ridicule like Corona was subjected to because of clinging like a leech to his position?  Pray and think about this, bro.

  • SickOfItAll !


    WALA nang mas se-sexy pa sa ‘yo Midas!!! =(

  • gudwil2all

    find a ‘straight’ replacement
    not a ‘di-tiyak’

  • Pedro_Gil

    Midas Marquez, Mag-impake ka na sa nalalapit mong pag-alis. PWE!


    >>>Marquez to bow out as SC spokesman<<<

    GET RID of the few king mpaggot out of the PH government service!  

    It's not for anyone to say it, but her talent for butlership is very pronounced and noticeable…..she may do best as one for the DISHONORABLE Boy Faura.  Another of her talent is organizing masses and novenas….might be a good alalay for the CBCP (nice spot with her fine feathered friends)  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZS2DG54GHTF7WV34AKNR6JSRE ferds

    hahahaha, wala na yung amo mong pulpol.    para kang langaw ni Corona, kahit mabaho nanduon ka.     Sa kangkungan ka pupulutin baklita ka.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESOLZFVKAWYGCVFPVUANFVV4W4 Efren

    As Administrator, Midas’ questionable work ethics and philosophy can exert influence over 2,000 judges and 27.000 employees ! He is a big threat to a clean, transparent judicial system of the country !

  • kypros

    geeez! midas don’t you get it??? your boss just got booted out! time for you to follow him, ang kapal mo talaga! corona pakibitbit mo na nga yan pag alis mo.

  • SickOfItAll !

    bakit nyo ba sinasabihang BAKLA si midas? =

    • rdequina

      Okey hindi na bakla luma na yan, siya ay BADING O sige bagay ba..

      • SickOfItAll !

        bakit nyo ba iminumungkahing BINABAE si Midas? may pruweba ba kayo ha??? BWAHAHAHA

  • Keicel

    Midas is trying to be humble and getting the symphaty of the people but too bad, it’s too late Midas, you should bare in your mind that “He who love their job, job loves them too” Kaso ang ginawa mo ay sumapi ka sa masama. Ano ka ngayon, culto…PALUSOT!!!!!!! Sa ibang bansa, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and dont mingle with wrong doing. Sana ganoon ang ginawa mo Hudas ay! Midas pala. Sa iang bansa,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KGVM5VWUUTUM26BNJLU3KSZZFA deepwater

    I will not be surprised if he also benefitted from CJ. Baka naambunan the way he protected CJ. I think his SALN, taxes, etc. must also be examined.

  • Matashari

    Wala na tayong magawa, his position is a civil service position. Merong security of tenure. Kung normal civil servant siya, puede dumulog sa CSC kung me nagawa siyang mali. But since he’s with the courts, then mahirap, malabo.

    • $25214711

      I think pwedeng ma demote. Say…clerk?. or something around his pay grade Teka 41 years ng walang kasambahay si TJ dun nalang sya mag trabaho, Taga punas ng pwit. Tutal matagal na syang nagki-kiss a$$ kay TJ. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XO4C5N2KEQZ6D2Q7FGTWB4TCZ4 hammie

    If I were you mag resign na lang ako unless kapal muks ka.

  • jvgpunzalan

    Umalis ka na rin sana d’yan, mag-komediante ka na lang siguro.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    papanong mapapatalsik si inday midas bilang administrator..impeachment din kaya?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      Sandigang Bayan

  • maximilianb

    Wasn’t Midas implicated in some fund-scam within the Supreme Court?

  • OneScorp

    midas, wag ka lang mag bow, mag tsunami walk ka pa paalis ng supreme court. utang na loob, kahit wala kang hiya at sinungaling, baka gusto mong isipin ngayon ang anak mo, lumayas ka na sa supreme court. baka gapangin mo lang ang mga tauhan dyan at sirain ang tuwid na daan para ipaghigante si corona. wala pa naman sa mukha mo ang marunong lumaban ng patas tapos andyan pa si del castillo et al, gantihan lang ang gagawin nyo malamang. magdoctor ka na lang tapos stay ka lang sa medical city. bigyan mo ng kumpetisyon ang st loot’s medical center

  • $25214711

    Get lost!! pathetic loser!

  • Toxic Waste

    Mr.Midas, I think majority of the Pilipino want you out now after your personal, undying support and de-facto spokesperson to Mr. Corona instead of being the spokesperson of SC; why not make a low-profile resignation and retain your dignity?

  • nennen12345

    that’s good midas marquez, we don’t want to see your face again on tv speaking on behalf of renato corona instead of the supreme court.  if you continue to be the spokesperson we don’t see and remember your face anymore but renato corona’s. 

  • pidro2012

    Yan ang napala mo inday midas ang taray mo kasi, di ka binayaran ng gobyerno para gawing alalay ni thief justice. Akala mo nakasandal ka na sa pader, mali! natibag ang pader, 

  • Guest

    Marquez should also pack up because he too misdeclared his SALN (Se xual Attraction and L_stful Nature towards guys

  • brentcom

    pambihira title ng article. dapt ” MARQUEZ TO BLOW – JOB OUT OF SC”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2YAYHPL4WJCO4FGRTUY56DUSNU maria

    Midas should be investigated too. He was the go-between, in short, the “connect.”

  • dagundong

    ” MIDAS TOUCH ” ni midas nagiging tanso.


  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas touch,magpatayo ka na Lang ng parlor.

  • pcosmachine



  • fer1973

    ayyyyy….si manay midazzz…hayaan mo manay midaz marami pa namang sasama sa iyo na joklaa..grupo ng A.P.T – Alpha Phi TUPAPI…hihihi at grupo ng A.P.A –  Alpha PHI Anupi…di ba bongacious manay midaz???  natutuwa ako sa nangyari sayo me pasama sama ka pa sa rally ng Iglesia ni manalong kulto ha…sarap mong sabunutan talaga at iwasiwas sa swing…

  • bornpinoy


    • pinayPYT


  • ryan andres


  • albuster

    FIRE MARQUEZ! He has no credibility with the Filipino people and considering that the SC is still a GMA controlled court they should prove to the people that we can trust the institution again. But they should clean house first and so long as Marquez is there suspicions of corruption and sell out of decisions will remain. People of the Philippines please do not stop putting pressure on the GMA SC to fire Marquez asap if they are to ever regain any sense of credibility.

  • wazgoingon

    This guy was never a spokesperson for the SC.  He was a mouthpiece of Atong or better yet, an apologist.  He, too, should be investigated for the misuse of judicial funds, among others. 

  • Romulus Fenandez

    ang mga aso nga naman ni PANOT, tpos na laban tahol pa rin ng tahol o baka naman lahat kayo mga tauhan ni CARANDANG!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      hay naku angry bird! ubos na kayo, mag evaporate kana…. kami tuloy ang laban, kung ayaw mong madamay, tumabi tabi kana at magtatrabaho pa kami… at hindi kami titigil hanggat may mabaho ang pu wit sa SC… kung ang amo nila naitumba na namin, sila pa? mas malinaw na tubig kaya bistong bisto na ang contamination ng korte suprema.

  • ellatovara

    Oh hopefully they fire this person – person nga ba – or aso ni corona, dapat imbestigahan na siya … baka madami na rin siyang mg undeclared assets.  baka yumaman din kagaya ni Corona.  Eh kasi naman, pag magsalita eh parang santong santo si magnanakaw na corona eh.  Oh, World Bank habol na, eh audit na ninyo yong mga milyones ne peso na di pa ina account ni Midas kung saan niya ilinagay … baka ibinili niya ng ariarian or baka naman nasa foreign currency deposit na.

    Dapat i dis bar na rin ang kumag na to. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    Midas was not a spokesperson of the SC but of Corona only.  What he did during the time of Corona was to defend his boss and not the whole judiciary.  He should be fired and investigated for all his actions under Corona.  Retaining Midas will not clean the system.  Miss Midas Marquez must go!

  • http://inquirer.net unokritiko

    Midas and Salvador are look alike.
    and Jimeno is a high profile prostitute of the law.
    I wonder also why macalinta eagerly wants to pose with jimeno(seen in the last day of IC)!!!
     seems macalinta is sex maniac now!!

  • KarmaGMA

    Jose HUDAS Marquez ginamit mo si corona, matapos mong sipsipin ang katas nya e lilipat ka lang pala ng department.  dapat sumama ka sa kanya, mag bitaw ka sa puwesto at napahamak si corona sa mga statement mo B A K L A  ka.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VQYUF2K7YC7IRIHH4NPQOQNCOY kurakding

    LET MIDAS GO…he is the runner of a hoodlum..now care taker of left overs that could turn around and be a monster again.  We already cut the head –lets make sure that the body and tail won’t grow…Let’s do it fast while everybody busy looking for a relief of their losses when Corona left.  Let’s look on Corona’s office what are those that are still hidden….it should be pad lock temporarily until a replacement  but I doubt that those important documents are still  there.

    Am sure he left without a trace…Maybe  midas might change his mind of being a state witness ..You can imagine – he is the administrator?  Wow – all judges and employees have to kiss his butt.  Well, just hope that he can bring with him those judges that  got rich out of somebodies misfortune.  Midas should know a lot of what happened there….am sure he is one of those that needs to be seen on how he attain his position and be a spokes person of the Coronas..Making millions too????

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J5BB77BW5KJN7BPNS5YSYGJZTQ Jeff

    He should be kicked in the mouth (up and down..err behind)

    Shhsssh, I hate that grin.  He should be shedding tears like his lovely boss….no no no… ex-boss, no…no ..no  ex-boss who is also a thief….no…no no…that guilty TJ-justice-no-more..

  • nti_boohaya

    Marquez lost his midas touch when he became the mouthpiece of Corona instead of the SC as an institution.  Corona was on trial not the SC.  And Corona is not the SC.  He crossed the line when stuck to Corona like a leach even to the point of going to the senate trial with Corona.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      I guess with the kind of decisions that the SC ruled during the thief’s reign, it could be wise to say this trial was for the institution itself so an investigation on their individual capacities should be done immediately… majority of them thought like the thief so must be thieves themselves… let us hit while the iron is sill hot.

  • ting0508

    Midas Marquez is now clinging like a leech as SC administrator. If he has delicadeza he should quit that position as well since he will be kicked out by the new CJ. MArquez has openly blamed Pnoy during the trial of Corona and that to me is a no no. He cannot do that and now that his ex boss and protector is out of SC, he should get out of the SC pronto!

  • noelpogi

    taga pagsalita sya ni corona hindi ng SC. mas mabuti kaya kung sasama na lang sya ke corona.

  • Anggoy

    Ombudsman should do BACKSIDE investigation on this guy, i guess there is a swollen HOLE there to be sealed.

  • oracle888

    Marquez should not be working at the Supreme Court anymore. He should be fired for his dishonesty, lies, and bias. He tried to make it appear that the prosecution of Corona is against the institution itself. Now Coroma was convicted, should the institution be revamp and reorganized? Of course yes!

    Midas Narquez should also be fired.

    • joshua kings


      then what are you waiting for?  get out of the SC and join your master.

    • ethicsingov

      I agree with oracle888. Marquez was openly biased to the person of the CJ at the time when he should be impartial being a spokeperson of the SC. It’s not the CJ paying his salary – it’s the taxpayers. Midas allowed judiciary workers to attend masses or participate in demos in support of the CJ with pay I believe. It’s interesting to know that he’s considered one of the justices but he allowed himself to be a puppet of the CJ.

      He should go.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      SALN niya am 101% sure marami siya ill-gotten din…. di ba ilalabas na nila? yung mga researchers sa grupo natin na may access sa mga records dali!!! baka biglang magkawalaan.. 

  • Reyjohn

    Kaya pala ang tapang dumikit kay Corona ni Midas Marquez, may fallback pala sya, di sya maalis as Coutr Administrator kung maalis man si Corona… mautak, waes din..

    • joshua kings

      bakit hindi? dapat nga, now na, eh!
      ang kapal niya kung di siya magre-resign; parang si romulo neri;
      palibhasa magkabaro sila.

      R E S I G N,  MIDAS,  R E S I G N ! ! !

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

      I think it’s the Chief Justice prerogative to assign who will be the court administrator. In the case of Marquez, all that is needed is to conduct an investigation against him and he can be removed as court administrator.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas Bakla Marquez RESIGN NOW!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

    She/ Oh I mean He did speaks of the SC?… Sorry never noticed that. but whatever.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TJ5NWTX2FJHRB3RDBDGMRVUMZY Asyong

    News: “Midas Marquez no longer speaks for Supreme Court”.

    Translation: Pahiya kang, bata ka.

  • joshua kings

    if i were the acting CJ, i will initiate a formal investigation on this corona stooge…
    1) the P500,000.00 unexplained disbursement from the WB funded loan which was supposed to be used for judicial reform;
    2) his misleading statement that the TRO issued by the SC( that would have allowed gloria arroyo to fly out of the ocuntry and escape prosecution of non-bailable charges) is immediately executory despite non-compliance of certain requiremement;
    3) his out-of-bounds memorandum declaring some holidays in support of corona during the trial…4) his assumig a self-proclaimed role as personal spokesman of corona while using government time and resources.
    4) further, his actions which are deemed detrimental to the best interest of the nation and government…

    need i say more?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      Mabuhay ka Joshua! salamat sa paalala… Midas magbalot balot kana…

      • Moonworshipper

        Agree ako kina Joshua at Hannah.

        Dapat imbestigahan agad si Malas, pagka-upo ng kapalit ni Corona para tuluyan nang mapugot ang ulo ng mga nasusuhulan jan sa SC.

        Di dapat manatili si Marquez jan. Kung me delikadeza pa siya, magresign na siya ngayon pa lang bago mabaling sa kanya ang galit ng mamamayanan ke Corona..

        Di tuluyang malilinis yang SC habang anjan ang kasing-sinungaling ni Corona.

         As an independent branch of government, the Judiciary must clean its own ranks without delay.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNCRPDU3VZZ3HAOL53SO3UZ3NU Juan

    He has no moral ascendancy to be in the supreme . . A disgrace to the Pilipino people. . 

  • Daang_tuwid3

    Resign now.. Sino ka para magsabi na i will not be speaking for SC now, magreport ka muna kay justice carpio, sya ang oic,Siya magsabi kung saan. kala mo hari ka kung magsabi ka a..

  • Erewhon Revisited

    “I don’t wanna talk
    About the things we’ve gone through
    Though it’s hurting me
    Now it’s history

    I’ve played all my cards
    And that’s what you’ve done too
    Nothing more to say
    No more ace to play

    The winner takes it all
    The loser standing small
    Beside the victory
    That’s her destiny”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      tapusin ko…
      I was in your arms thinking I belonged there,I figured it made sense, building me a fence,Building me a home, thinking I’d be strong there,But I was a fool, playing by the rules.The gods may throw a dice, their minds as cold as ice, And someone way down here loses someone dear.The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall,It’s simple and it’s plain, why should I complain.But tell me, does she kiss like I used to kiss you,Does it feel the same when she calls your name.Somewhere deep inside you must know I miss you,But what can I say, rules must be obeyed.The judges will decide the likes of me abide,Spectators of the show always staying high.The game is on again, a lover or a friend,A big thing or a small, the winner takes it all.I don’t wanna talk if it makes you feel sad,And I understand you’ve come to shake my hand.I apologize if it makes you feel bad seeing me so tense, no self confidence.

      -siya.. ubos talaga.

  • diegogo

    leave Lady Midas alone! bwahahahaha….

    let him be, he’s nothing but just a bit player not worth any attention. His 15 minutes of fame is up now that his benefactor slowly fade into oblivion.

    But let it be known…his loyalty was to Renato Corona and not the Supreme Court! If he says otherwise….pakikurot nga sa singit bwahahahaha

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      nahhh! he is just as dirty so we need to wash him down too. ang lagay yung boss niya natsugi, siya mage-enjoy sa fruits of his labor… he is still a public official subject to scrutiny.. he is next!

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    An act of DELICADESA should have saved the Thief Justice and his family from Historic Embarassment if he just RESIGNED from his position…Ms. Mids Marquez will also follow his footsteps if S/he will not RESIGN voluntarily!!…You don’t have any proper place in any Government Offices.REMEMBER I AM one of those people you see everyday in your work, eatery, Bar, Malls, Movie Theater who always grin and stares at you!!!

         WE DON’T NEED A PARASITE IN THE SUPREME COURT!!…We Want a Better and Clean Judicial System!!!..RESIGN NOW!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

    Just as Corona was justice to only GMA and himself, Mr. Marquez was a spokesperson only to Corona and himself…. we are all happy to  breathe naturally since Tuesday; and we hope the next SALN to be investigated is Mr. Marquez’.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XY7UBGNI4YMO4J46PMDIVA7N6Q rog

    JUst keep your mouth shut Midas whenever media would like to interview you.  We’ve heard so much of you and now you’ve become obnoxious already much to our disdain.  Otherwise we’ll also impeach you, bwahaha.

  • Menyet

    That is good. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. It is better but let us also investigate his asset and we will find also some people’s money.

  • $15469930

    Im sure this guy had some hidding wealth which came from either tax payers money or from million dollars loan to them by wrld bak …To be paid by pilipino tax payer. Midas hudas shud be investigated too…….

  • Pulokoy

    Title should be ”
    Midas Marquez no longer speaks for Supreme Corona” 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

    Sana itong si Victoria Guera ay maging tunay na Spokeswoman ng Supreme Court at hindi kagaya ni Marquez na spokesman lang ni corona.

    Pero para sakin (i tend to be very idealistic kasi), kailangan i-revamp at kung kinakailangang tanggalin ay tanggalin ang lahat na nandyan sa supreme court ngayon. Yung ipinakita nilang undying support kay corona clearly sent a message that they are all corrupt!

    • joeldcndcn

      mahirap yatang magtanggal ng permanent employee, pero marami ang bakante sa Basilan, Sulu at Tawi Tawi;  iyan ang dapat na lugar para sa mga loyalists ng isang corrupt Corona, hindi kailangan ng SC ang mga baluktot na utak na mga ito, tsk, tsk, tsk?

  • TheMightyOne

    malaki na bigay ni thief justice dito kay tooot ahhaha tama ba edgar edgar?

  • PeteJrfern

    He should also be replaced as court administrator, paano natin babaguhin ang systema kong siya rin ang nagpapatakbo nang SC.  Siya and supervisor nag mga Judges, importante and position niya para sa process improvement nang hudikatora.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

       I totally agree that he should be replaced as the court administrator. Pero sino ang ipapalit? Eh sa ipinakita ng lahat ng supreme court employees na supporta kay Corona ay kitangkita na lahat sila ay mga corrupt din!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CIH2OX36WGWKCFCC6ZPASQRLZI Toribio

    Itapun na iyang si Marquez sa Batanes o Basilan kasama na ang ibang tiwali sa gobierno para maranasan nila ang kanilang katiwalian. Puwede rin naman sa Masinloc Island para maging hero (kuno) at mabigyan ng dangal sa huking sandali.


    If Ms Midas is retained in the SC…. diyosme, mababakla na ang buong SC (kundi pa).  Kamusta na Carpio?  Galingan mo para pumantay ka kay Carpio-Morales.  Huwag mong sayangin ang pangalang Carpio.  Maghihinakit si Bernardo.

  • totoy_15

    Does anyone in media have the balls to call this guy out ? He was designated SC spokesman but his role really is to speak for and defend Corona. How dare he say will no longer speak for the Supreme Court when he never had in the first place. The nerve on this guy, wala man lang delicadeza. Go away already please, leave government service, we have the right to say so, we pay for your salary and any benefits you receive.

  • http://twitter.com/Kal_EL1217 Kal El

    well, with the order to all justices to bare their SALNs, Madam Midas is no exemption.  Her SALN should be put under the microscope! She would not have acted that way for Corona out of sheer loyalty alone. there would be lots of $$$$ that can be discovered im sure.

  • marivon

    Sana kunin na lang siyang spokes woman ni Kris Aquino sa mga talk shows. Bagay siya doon dahil mahilig sa lime light ang malditang ito.

  • joeldcndcn

    midas “touch” marquez must be removed also from the SC, and should be investigated on the anomalies with his handling the WB loan funds entrusted to him, this guy deserve to be put in jail for his role in corruptions of corona;  he deserve to go with his “master”, the thief corona, tsk, tsk, tsk!

  • http://twitter.com/peccatorSanctus John Dela Cruz

    Spokesperson of the SC? Excuse me. He was the spokesperson of Corona. Taxpayers money were spent to pay this guy speak and defend the impeached and convicted chief. He can do this country a favor by joining his boss outside of government service.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HLH7H73OZNDPNXIZGJTQJ7K4LA Filcanpam

    Heard it on DZRH – that a new spokesman was appointed & she’s a real woman.

    • JuanTamadachi

      I like your play on words.. Good sense of humor too..

    • generalproblem

      hehehhee oo nga at mukhang chubbylog favorite size ko yan..

  • Bad_Ong

    Did he really speaks for the SC? For the impeached CJ Corona may be!

    Yes, he should be as well investigated with the WB funds loan report where he holds the positions of administrator and bids & award committee approving officer at the same time.

  • http://twitter.com/peccatorSanctus John Dela Cruz

    When he took his oath of office, he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution and not the Chief Justice. Yet, he used his post which has access to the media to defend his chief and attack those that impeached and called for the impeachment of his boss. He never worked for the people or for the SC, he worked for corona.

  • Moonworshipper

    Suppreme Court and its employees must not only be beyond question and reproach, they should also be perceived to be so.

    Sana mag-abroad na lang si Marquez. He’s not good for the image of the SC now. Me lamat  na.siya.

  • tarikan

    Hacienda Luisita needs a spokesperson. Atty. Midas, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. You need to be out of government same with your bossing.

  • tra6Gpeche

    It is a relief the there will be no more Midas Marquez to speak lies just about anything, especially about Mr. Renato Corona.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5EMJNZ5FABTPND2NEOBAEXH2LM apple

    Midas Marquez should be fired for all the lies he peddled to the Filipino people.

    • SickOfItAll !

      exactly.. she should also not be given the privilege to resign… kapal ng mukha nitong sexy na MAHILIG SA MIKROPONO!

  • boshog

    when are the other Corona liar team going to quit. One is old, the other a fatso and the young one needs more seasoning.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NRAEKHKWW4LZYD2VIG6VHJXASQ Ed

    I agree with tall the comments here. Midas is undeserving of his post as his convicted boss was. And one of the bonuses from the ignominious ending of Corona is not seeing the smug mug of Midas on tv!!!!

  • Russell Ariola

    Ahihihiii… babalik daw si Juicy Josie Midas at nagbabanta pa.

    Tatakbo daw syang congress rep ng LADLAD o ng LAGABLAB.

  • Russell Ariola

    Wow… ang daming balimbing dito sa mga commenters mula nang ma-CONVICT si COROcorruptNA.

    Salamat naman at namulat kayo.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CHYN7QZX67VNIVBPMX6AN4TTXY juy u

    mali yata headlines…it should go Midas no longer speaks for CJ Corona…good riddance…if ever you truly believe in your boss corona then you should resign out of delicadeza…if ever you still have one…won’t be surprised if one of these days here you go again speaker for the new CJ…then lambasting, by then, your former boss CJ corona….ganyan talaga ang buhay, weather weather lang….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    I think Justice Midas Marquez has failed in his functions as court administrator. If the judiciary has to be reformed then one of the things to be done is to replace Marquez.

    Remember his involvement in the World Bank loan controversy? Also, the state of our justice system is in a mess.. judges for sale, prolonged trials where most of the witnesses were already killed yet court decision is nowhere in sight (Ampatuan massacre, carnapping syndicates, etc.), and a court sheriff mauled in public by a city mayor yet Justice Marquez has never lifted a finger to protect his people. 

    Like his patron ex-CJ Corona, Mr. Marquez must go as well!

  • junieva

    look what happenned to the courts now……dahli sa pagpapatakbo ng bading na midas na ito, nasira na at inanay na ang mga korte….yung pondong binigay ng world bank para sa pagpapa-ayos ng mga justice halls, nasaan na? malapit lang ang supreme court sa city hall ng manila…tignan mo ang rtc courts dun….nakakahiya!!!! parang mga bodega!!! kung umuulan, umuulan din sa loob……di ba yan nakikita ni midas bakla? napakalapit ng manila city hall na ya kung nasaan andyan mga rtc courts…kung gumastos para sa tarpaulin ni corona, walang limitation!!! pati mga t-shirts para sa mga rally ni;a ginagastusan nya…..dapat yan ang isunod na imbestigahan….im sure he is not qualified to be the supreme court administrator…..i heard a lot things or complain about him…its high time to investigate these complains….malamang may kalalagyan ang hipokritang yan……kung  umasta umano sya, sabi ng mga rtc judges na kilala ko, as if daw sya ang chief justice……dapat silipin din ang SALN ng bading na ito at tiyak na sagana sa pondo rin ang bank accounts nyan….at may dollar accounts ding yan tulad ng boss nya……dapat nang tanggalin na yan para matauhan tulad ng boss nya!!!!!

    • SickOfItAll !

      hinay hinay naman sa pagsasabi ng… BAKLA! lalo na pag dinidikit mo sa pangalang Midas….

      Midas BAKLA!!! wag ganun! hahahaha

    • Pork_Republik

      Kala kasi ng Supreme Court hindi na papansinin ng US yun paglustay nila ng pondo ng World Bank matapos sinuportahan ng Korte Suprema ang constitutionality ng VFA ng Pilipinas with the US. Kala nila suhol yun…kaya ganun na lang ang paglustay nila. Little did they know the US-controlled World Bank will later hit back at them before The Court of Corona will uphold the constitutionality of RP-China JMSU in the WPS.

    • generalproblem

      hehehe ginastos kasi ni maam midas sa kanyang mga skolar hehehe

  • edleon

    Hindi talaga uso sa SC ang delicadeza…  Midas should have resigned!

    • doublecross

       makapal man ang mukha nila, wala silang prinsipyo sa buhay nila-di sila honest sa work.kasabihan: honsty is the best policy…

  • noypisiTED

    There is no such bull as permanent in government. Isn’t Ex Chief cook errr…justice Corona supposed to serve up to the end of this decade because he was permanent in his CJ position? Look what happened to him – as this nonentity is tempted to say buti nga sayo. Now, Midas may be madulas because he claims his position as Court Administrator is permanent. Again that’s a lot of bull___t. File a case against him for say, conduct unbecoming of a court official or prejudicial to the service like the canine way he compromised the court just to demonstrate to his deposed boss how loyal and servile he had become to him.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Misuse’ of $21.9-M WB loan to SC project..

    Arroyo Cheap Justices
    Lucas Bersamin
    Arturo Brion
    Teresita Leonardo De castro
    Mariano Del Castillo
    Jose Mendoza
    Diosdado Peralta
    Jose Perez
    Prisbetiro velasco
    Martin Villarama
    and Spokeman
    Midas Marquez

    • doublecross

       aba’y mai-report nga eto at nang ma-imbestigahan. dami pera, wala naman nakitang pagbabago sa SC….etc….

  • Pork_Republik

    Midas was not even a spokesman for the Supreme Court he was at all times practically a personal spokesperson for the ‘impeached’ Chief Justice Corona. He should be ashamed of himself and resign as court administrator if he still have a sense of honor left in his soul. The same also goes to those SC employees who shamefully acts like they are ‘impeached’ CJ Corona’s royal subjects and not public servants of the republic whose wages are paid by the Filipino citizenry.

  • robertcarino

    being supposedly “media friendly” is not a critical qualification for being the spokesman of the highest court in the land.  integrity is.  sadly, midas marquez was more of the personal spokesman of corona, resorting to distorting some issues to the detriment of even the collective decisions and communications from the same body he was supposed to serve.  he should be disbarred for his actions during the impeachment and for his handling of SC funds.

  • sacrebleau

    The worm Midas contributed a lot to the dishonor of the Supreme Court. He issued false statements regarding GMA’s TRO. At the very least, he should be kicked out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ICT5675QHXF6E3TJE5YV6I6DC4 njt

     midas marquez should resign and not wait to be kicked out

  • pinoyako888

    …i thought she said permanent parlor administrator

  • http://seo-expert4hire.blogspot.com/ R.Baylon – SEO Specialist

    really now??? i thought he was ex-CJ Corona’s spokesman……. people’s taxes wasted on this rabid LAPDOG of Corona.

  • Tama Lang

    I don’t think Marquez should resign. He has a family to support and a future to look forward.  But rather acting Chief Justice Carpio should review Midas’ roles and responsibilities at the SC and relegate him to specific functions of the SC far from the limelight and media because of his biases and misrepresentation of the whole Supreme Court as an institution and cuddled to the personal needs of Corona.

  • Guest

    Lilipat nalang siya sa pagiging spokesman ng Federation. Milyones pa na bading ang kanyang makakasama. 


    I nominate her to be the official spokeswoman of her co-achengs, the CBCP.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QZZKXPEA67I7HELEIYM35QVYFA Jon

    Godspeed Midas.
    I wish you well in the new role that you are to play for the country. 

    • generalproblem

      actually hindi bago yung rule nya na court administrator yun talaga work nya dyan sa SC kinuha lang sya ni corona na maging spokesman hehehe at sumikat naman ang gaga

  • adamson11

     I bet my balls, if somebody file a case to corona spokeman for his links to the WB loan controversy, his connection to corona etc… Mheeedas will resign.

  • Beguine

    Well, thanks and good riddance, Midas Marquez!

    We can never forget you never failed to provide the
    biggest, most unbelievably crazy, downright mad, fantastic,
    debauched and grotesque comic relief prior to and
    all through the Renato Corona impeachment trial!

    There’ll never be another you, Midas!

    Incidentally, did you help in acquiring ill gotten wealth, an
    accomplice in missing foreign currency funds? That’s not funny.
    Can’t wait to see and hear your comic turns
    at the Ombudsman, if ever!  

  • gerp

    She was wearing a purple T-shirt, with a skinny black dress over it that made us remember how much of a girl she was. LOL …actually she wanted to stay this way forever…which, it turns out, was exactly five more minutes please…

  • doublecross

    ms. midas, kung ako sa iyo, mag-resign na lang dhl tuta ka ni corona.wala ng magtiwala sa iyo habang nandyan ka  sa SC. or hintayin mo na makasuhan ka ng negligent dhl di mo ginawa ng maayos ang work mo.

  • Hey_Dudes

    The acting (or appointed) spoke person of the supreme court exudes image of good breeding and appears brassy unlike Midas Marquez who comes on as a braggart who grew up in a fish stall. What she may lack in appearance is well compensated by her knowledge and stature.  Perhaps this maybe the spark that will signal a new respect for the supreme court. 

  • RomyLitz

    The apparent intentional false TRO interpretations of Sexy Midas at the height of GMA’s aborted departure must be reopened or re-investigated to determine his culpability and fudging in misleading the Filipinos , the Congressmen and the Senate. When he said it was final and executory, Justice Sereno cut him and was told in writing to rectify his pronounced statements. He disobeyed Justice Sereno, he did not rectify his false statements.

  • Eslazar

    Midas should be kicked out and disbarred for the crime of misleading the public, as Justice Sereno pointed out.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis

      Aba eh wag naman ganun! He did not do anything wrong to the public! Kung may alitan sila Sereno at Corona,then that was similar to “Israel vs Palestine”,a kind of war that can´t be heal? That was already a personal vengeance…Disbarred? Not that far.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZUGKMNYSK2ZSSS4B2LVNDWP5XM lagalag

        Actually wala sila alitan ni Justice Sereno, ang kaaway ni Midas ay si Atty. Karen Jimeno,kasi his claiming na mas maganda siya kay Jimeno.hahahhaha

      • Sarkasmos

         Kaya din matindi ang away nina Atty Roy at Sen Drilon. Pinagaawayan nila kung sino ang mas gwapo.

  • 1Simona1973

    Midas was never a spokesperson of the people’s Supreme Court, but that of Mr. Corona alone.  

    He should resign as SC administrator as well, I don’t think he has the respect of all the justices and judges and some 27,000 court employees, except for those who supported Corona even doing a court holiday then at the expense of people’s hard earned money.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O4MDZR3SLTCYBA24RLMQO52H7U Avtar Singh

    Midas…Please Resign And Stay Out Of Any Government Positions…PLEASE….

  • mikerocky

    PNOY, as one of your bosses, I order you to investigate the culpability of tita midas in the fiasco of the anomalous issuance of the Arroyo TRO. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and if the evidence warrants, disbar him as well. And while you are at it, disbar Corona too.  

    • Vito Corleone

      I second the motion.

    • Erewhon Revisited

      As a maximum punishment, if found guilty, send Midas to a Correctional Institution for Women.

  • Vito Corleone

    It’s a matter of DELICADEZA.
    I’m coterminous with Chief Justice (Renato) Corona.
    What does a “COTERMINOUS” Means?

    • generalproblem

      meaning pag nawala si corona wala na din sya sa PIO ng SC pero yung pagiging court administrator trabaho pa din nya. kaya bali dalawa ang function ng animal sa SC dahil gusto nya ma control ang balita na galing saSC sa utos ni corona.

    • RomyLitz

      COTERMINUS means COrona TERM IN US $.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZUGKMNYSK2ZSSS4B2LVNDWP5XM lagalag

    Resign ka na, kasi mas maganda sau si Atty. Karen Jimeno.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FVNF73DXC4K2AULPWFWNA4ENTM George Santos

    he will speak up for the federation now,,,coterminous with tita swarding

  • Agat Sumi

    midas kung tunay kang lalaki mag resign ka sa supreme court!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

      Midusa Marquez: Gaga, hindi ako magre-resign. ditich lang akech.

      • $5699914

         Ang mikropono!

        Ang mikropono!

        Nalaglag ang mikropono!


      • Sarkasmos

        Bakit concerned si Midas sa mikropono? Ano ba hugis ng mikropono?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W4HIXRAMS5DRO6LEWGA3V25WPQ jimjones111


  • Erewhon Revisited

    Try Showbiz Midas, You have more K than Piolo on every angle and every aspect.

  • bongbong39

    I do believe Atty. Marquez can smile pretty well right now..wala ng additional workload..Atty.Guerra actually beg off for the designation,,however, knowing there are forces against Justice Carpio, most of the lawyers in the Court Administrator refuses to be designated as such.. Kaya Atty. guerra ingat baka naman gigirahin ka ng mga may taong may tulo ang utak tulad ni Abnoy-nahawa ka y Kris natuluan ni JuanMaMarquez bwehehehe

  • archangel uriel

    investigate midas maraming alam ito sa mga anomalya ng supreme court …….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

    you never speak for the SC, but for impeached CJ only. kaya, hija, magkulot/maggupit ka na lang sa parlor malapit jan sa kanto ng buendia.

  • For_the_good_of_man

    Midas Marquez as Court Administrator is yet again one red pill the Supreme Court need not swallow.  The Filipino people is waiting for your resignation — throughout the impeachment process, you did not act as a court administrator rather as a traitor to justice by being a personal ally of the corrupt Renato Corona. I hope you did not sell your soul to Renato and Gloria for a measly price. Midas Marquez not resigning only shows that his face is as thick as that of an elephant’s hide.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J6ZIP2ZW3T6ZFRJCRBAJNXLIFY Sabian

    Parang may feeling akong patatagalin ni Penoy na acting CJ si Carpio. I hope Im wrong. Gagawin niyang excuse na maghahanap siya ng tamang kapalit ni Corona pero sa totoo kay Carpio niya padadaanin lahat ng gusto niyang padaanin na kaso. haaay sana mali ako.

  • D_BystandeR

    I could see that Midas Marquez, despite relinquishing his position as “personal” spokesman of the Thief Justice is still able to hold on to the position as Court Administrator where he oversees 2,000 judges all over the country. Learning about him losing his job as spokesman makes me happy but the problem is he still clings to a position which I think does not fit well into his shoes being a man known to have a distorted interpretation of what “real” justice should mean in the real sense of the word. I hope, if it is still within the power of Pres. Noynoy, that he should do something to assign him to a place where he can no longer exercise his “nauseating” interpretation of justice, that is, if there’s no other way he can be dismissed from his job.

  • D_BystandeR

    I’m not happy with this report that Midas lost his job as spokesman because it is co-terminus with that of the Thief Justice, and yet he still occupies a position as Court Administrator which from my own personal assessment does not fit well into this kind of man whose “distorted” views of how justice should be interpreted runs in the same level with that man whom we hated most, Corona, due to corruption just like his “boss” GMA.

  • Yahilawod

    Corona’s lawyers insisted that the impeachment trial was akin to a criminal case so that proof beyond reasonable doubt was needed to remove him. If so, because Midas acted as an accomplice or accessory to Corona’s crime all the way, then he should be as guilty as him and should be likewise removed and disqualified to hold public office.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZYL65T5BZ6Z3LQYLXUD3VJL6U Snoopy S

    Midas is speaking to a more complex “microphone” while “kneeling…and taking the rap from “behind”

    • scank


  • muddygoose

    Midas, pagtuunan mo ng pansin pagayos sa administrative processes ng justice system. Napakaraming mabagal, incompetent, inefficient, at tamad dyan. Yung mga banyo nyo ambabaho. Ang mga buildings bulok at madudumi.

  • pinoyrocker

    Midas Marquez, delicadeza requires that you resign as court administrator as well. You are a co-conspirator of Corona and you have no business staying at the Supreme Court a minute longer.

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Midas Bakla Marquez Resign Now!!!

  • scank


    • William Tyre

      kalkalin mo. hahaha

  • denguesixtyone

    Gloria lost her glory. Renato lost his crown. Midas lost his touch. Joker lost his humor. Mirriam lost her mind. Junior (Bongbong) gets to keep the Marcos millions.

    • Pablo Juan

       nice one!

    • http://twitter.com/beybimo Baby B

      very well coined ah! great! :)

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XIY46PV6XLXNM7JXCG3C464CXI beho

      Fantastic comment!

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/YPGLUEM653NQPJGXNJWZLUNXNI MICAA VETERAN

      There’s one for everyone – Pnoy lost his hair before he lost his girl again, ang galing!

  • Pablo Juan

    ahhh co-terminus lang pala ang role as spokesman.. as administrator he still gets to keep the post “The Little CJ”. 

    Whatever happened to the IMF or WorldBank bruhaha? as administrator he’s the one who gets to disburse the funds right?

  • Gilberto Reyes

    Am lost, first paragraph say he was the face since 2007 and his position is coterminus with the chief justice but isnt it that ex CJ Corona started only in 2010? False reporting?

    • just another guy

      he was probably a former CJ Davide appointee & was retained by Corona.

  • DaniloD2D

    * Mr. Marquez should not have taken sides in the course of the trial.  He was the Spokesperson of the Supreme Court, not Mr. Corona.

    * He’s also the Administrator of the Court, not the (personal) aide-de-camp of the Chief Justice, whoever the latter may be.

    * Having consciously disregarded such basic rules in the discharge of his duties, and exhibiting his loyalty to an individual rather than the institution itself (which I suppose pays his salary), Mr. Marquez should now have the decency to resign.

    * Lastly, Mr. Corona had said many times that he’s protecting the “independence”
    of the Court. That word necessarily connotes that its employees (being civil servants
    as well) should have been publicly neutral during the trial.  He should have therefore prohibited the overt manifestations of their “support.”  He could have hence displayed class and selflessness.  Instead, he showed the opposite.

    • jan lim

       he only spoke what he was told. no one should blame him for that. as the reporter had mentioned he is one of the best. so why are we blaming him for siding with his boss???

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/27Z3V5PISIJEBGV62L6YJTAJAA Mojica

    I think Midas Marquez should quit his position. He lost all moral grounds to stay in any position in the SC. He is very identified to the impeached and convicted chief justice Corona.

    • jan lim

       hindi rin, magaling na speaker and friendly si marquez as the news reported had already mentioned. he is one of the best supreme court speaker there is. if you can name of the speakers before him not mentioned in the report sige papayag ako. hehehe

  • $14523613

    Mabuti at hindi na itinuloy nuong court employee ang sexual harassment case laban sa tyo paeng na to na sapilitan nyang chinupa sa office nya. Nabayaran na siguro ng malaki.

  • doublecross

    tainted na ang name mo baklang midas, mahiya ka naman. bka ikaw din ang isunod na ma-impeach?…..alalahanin mo,marami kaming mag-petisyon sa iyo!

    • jan lim

      pano mo nalamang bakla? unag-una, hindi impeachable ang posisyon nya. pangalawa, baka ikaw lang ang mag sign, hehehehe

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