Abstention votes in Corona impeachment trial possible, says lawyer



Chief Justice Renato C. Corona. SENATE POOL photo

MANILA, Philippines — Although senators are supposed to vote “guilty” or “not guilty” in the impeachment case of Chief Justice Renato Corona, some might decide to abstain from voting because they are unable to determine with certainty, based on available evidence, if Corona is guilty or innocent, according to impeachment analyst Romulo Macalintal.

Macalintal, an election lawyer, predicted such a scenario, citing the “thunderous silence” demonstrated by some senators during the entire impeachment proceedings.

The lawyer noted that the voting on the impeachment case would not be by simple majority but, in political parlance, by supermajority.

“In other words, a senator may abstain or not vote at all in any of the articles of impeachment for which Corona is being charged,” he said in a statement. He added that such an abstention “will have the effect as a vote against the impeachment or equivalent to a ‘not guilty’ vote.”

The constitution and the Senate’s rules on the impeachment provide that the respondent official may be convicted or acquitted by the vote of “two-thirds of all Members of the Senate.” The rules do not specifically state if senators who are absent or who abstain from voting are included in the determination of how many comprise the two-thirds.

The rules also do not specifically state if vacant seats are included in the calculation of the two-thirds super majority. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, however, earlier said since there were only 23 senators, the super majority would be 16 votes, which is also the same if there were 24 senators.

Macalintal said that in the European Union and some European legislatures, the calculation of a majority or super majority would include those absent from the session and those abstaining from voting.

The lawyer said he still had no inkling how the senators would vote.

“Judging from the body language and manifestations before the Senate and the press statements made by some senator-judges, it appears that a great number of the 23 senators have not yet made up their minds on how they will cast their votes,” Macalintal said.

He added that the senators might or might not be influenced by the oral arguments to be made by the prosecution and the defense panels.

“They may have their own standards in making their decisions because in impeachment, there is no standard of proof required to be complied with by any of the senator-judges in rendering their individual verdict. They could decide on the basis of the ‘product of his own mind’ as succinctly declared by Senate President Enrile in one of the proceedings of the trial,” he explained.

“In other words, the decision of any senator-judge may not be based on whether the guilt or innocence of Corona is proved beyond reasonable doubt or substantial evidence, but could be founded solely on the sound discretion or perception of a senator,” he added.

While most senators may cast a “guilty” or “not guilty” vote, some who are still in doubt, may abstain, which according to Macalintal, should be interpreted as a “not guilty” vote.

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  • jiroarturo

    Most senators will play safe by abstaining. And those senators must not stay in office or be re-elected.

    • orlyrondo

      accdg. to macalintal, abstaining is interpreted as not guilty, so you mean to say also those who will openly vote for not guilty do not deserve to be in office?  ano ka santo?  a pag nag-abstain mas malamang mas malaki ang kanilang itnatagong dollars kay nakokonsensiya. boboto sila ng guilty eh mas masahol pa sila! bulag ka lang sa realidad ng politico kaya ka nagcomment ng ganyan!

      • jiroarturo

        Mag a-abstain para hindi makita ng publiko na kunwari neutral sila. Kung boboto ng acquittal alam na ng taong bayan na kagaya sila ni Corona. Kung boboto ng conviction malalaman ng mga tao na ebidensiya ang pinag basehan ng kanilang boto. Kung walang kang vote wala ba silang utak na mag decide kung karapat dapat manatili si Corona as CJ.

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        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Abstention votes in Corona impeachment trial possible, says lawyer

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        orlyrondo wrote, in response to jiroarturo:
        accdg. to macalintal, abstaining is interpreted as not guilty, so you mean to say also those who will openly vote for not guilty do not deserve to be in office?  ano ka santo?  a pag nag-abstain mas malamang mas malaki ang kanilang itnatagong dollars kay nakokonsensiya. boboto sila ng guilty eh mas masahol pa sila! bulag ka lang sa realidad ng politico kaya ka nagcomment ng ganyan! Link to comment

  • mangtom

    Abstention is a fence sitter’s option-meaning he/she has no guts or spine. With the plethora of evidence presented by both sides, any senator-judge would or should be able to make a judgment and not hide under the abstention option. A senator/judge abstaining would be a subject of suspicion that he/she is afraid of repercussions of such a decision come election time. A senator/judge abstaining in this case is worthless as a senator. 

    • orlyrondo

      or it could be interpreted that they are more guilty, so their conscience is bothering them.  would you believe none among those prosecuting corona have hidden dollar acct. including the president? 

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      *looking at the list….. of worthless as a senators.*

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSFBL2UPAYEEIHSZWI35OB3ZEQ jun

    that’s supreme irresponsibility to the people if they abstain…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

    Naku… Sigurado, mag aalburoto na naman ang mga yellow zombiez sa news na to….

    Hala mga yellow brigade, start hitting the keypads…..  Nag aantay ang dilaw nyong amo…. 

    Umpisahan nyo ulit ang mga litanya nyo….

  • malek_abdul

    Abstention by a senator could be interpreted as “not guilty” verdict. Wow!!! After 42 days of hearing in the impeachment court a senator can’t still lay down his/her verdict? So absurd. Abstention will render the impeachment useless and waste of time, effort and resources and money that came from our hard earned income taxes. Allahu Akbar!!!

    • FernandoBusi

      Tell that to the Tongressmen

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    Something tells me I’m in to something good.

    To abstain is to vote “Acquitted”. Simple. 

  • tonto_ka

    abstention by the senator-judges can be construed as CORONA IS NOT GUILTY AS CHARGED in NONDISCLOSURE OF HIS DOLLAR AND PESOS IN SALN….those who abstain may be part of his team of LIARS…then the people will rest his case in the forthcoming election for those JUDAS….

  • akramgolteb

    Walang abstain abstain dito. Pagakakataon kumita ng malaki ang mga senador. Abstain means zero tong, ano ka? Labas ka na sa pinagbabahayan mong bato Mr. Makalintal ng maarawan ka naman.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    all will abstain.. means acquital

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

    Actually, majority ng mga senador ay pro Aquino. But despite the pressure of yellow mobs, yellow media, yellow politicians and Yellow President, they realize that they cannot convict Corona kaya mag abstain na lang sila….

    OO nga naman, talagang wala silang napiga ebedensya laban kay Corona……only the realization na kagustuhan lang talaga ni NOYNOYING na patalsikin si Corona para makontrol nya ang 3 sangay ng gobyerno for personal motives…..

    Sorry… sa kabila ng sangkatutak na sinabi nyo walang napatunayan

  • filipinaskoh

    Any Senator who will abstain  would be a BIG-BIG DISGRACE and DISHONOR  to the entire nation. They knew so well that an ABSTENTION is an ACQUITTAL VOTE- So thus they don’t have to explain their vote. 
    An ABSTENTION is a display of Cowardice, Weakness, fearfulness and worst BRAINLESS who cannot explain himself. 
    A brainless and Coward Senator has no place in the senate, so much more has no right to be a senator and be voted by the public.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Actually they are inclined to vote for acquittal due to lack or fake evidence… Pero since majority of them are yellow, the senators would chose abstention…

    • Melmina

      I think it’s OK to abstain since there is no clear and overwhelming evidence to convict cj, if you think as you dont belong to either yellow, blue or white…ano palagay mo??? eh kaya lang dilaw ka kaya BAHALA ka sa buhay mo hihihi

      • jjtan470

         Melmina, give our disregards to your mentor, rigoberto tiglao, the great fabricator

      • filipinaskoh

        Sa inyo na binayaran ni Corona , very alright na mag-abstain kaya nga pipa-inhibit sina Drillon eh kasi PABOR sa inyo.

        Kung kayo ay kayang utuin ng perang ibinabayad ni Corona, hindi ang mga Mamayang Filipino.

  • lemon88

    Sana di ganyan pagiisip ng mga senador na kagaya mo makalintal.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Hindi nga.. kaya nga mag abstain na lang sila para hindi acquittal ang boto nila…
      Wala kasi silang ebedensya

      • Freddie73

        Ano pang ebidensya ang hinahanap mo samantalang inamin na ni CJ na hindi nya isinama sa SALN ang milyon nyang dolyares at piso?  Hindi ba ito pag-iwas sa itinadhana ng batas?  Kung ang isang mababang empleyado ay napatalsik sa trabaho dahil sa hindi nya pagbunyag ng kanyang ‘market stall’ na ang kita marahil ay hindi pa aabot ng milyon bakit hindi ang isang punong mahistrado?  Mag-isip-isip ka naman, San Miguel!  At huwag mong idaan sa personalan!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FY6XSQFHC3S64F7LE6W4EFL7OA Crescente

    Those who are sleeping with open eyes during the deliberations are likely to abstain. But what I could not accept is for a court to convict someone based doctored and faked evidences and conditioning the minds of the public using biased media blitz on orders of someone in power out for vendetta, vengeance and greed.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Sinabi mo… Tumpak

    • levis2012

      The AMLC report is not doctored..  And it was admitted as evidence by the Impeachment Court.

  • Bogart747

    because of lack of evidence malamang guilty ang mga senador dahil sa pressure ng malacanang nakokonsensya na sila sa pinaplano ni abnoy….abnoy will do everything in his power to oust corona tsk tsk diktador na presidente! may kanya kanya pag -iisip ang mga senador.abnoy tama na pang gagamit kung sino sino, unahin mo ekonomiya ,trabaho, at mga taong bayan na lalong humihirao. kasi bading ka abnoy!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Tumpak ulit…. Kilala naman talagang majority ng senado ay kakampi ni NOYNOYING… pero they realize ginamit lang sila nito…

    • jjtan470

       Hi, Bogart & san miguel
      Give my disregards to your cowardly fabricator, mentor and idol, rigoberto tiglao.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

        Asuuuussss… Regards me also to De Quiros and majority of writers in this newspaper who trumpets the lies of malacanang…

  • aSwedishguy

    If they vote   not guilty i give up my hopes for Philippines ever get out of 3rd world status.

    The political and administrative mess will be a disaster   showing  people accept corruption

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      masyado ka lang kasi napa uto uto ng media..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Corruption failed becoz of acquittal….. Wala namang napatunayan na ninakaw si Corona….

      But those who did not sign the waiver have something to hide….

      • levis2012

        Para sa paningin mo, wala.  Pero sa paningin ng nakararaming Pilipino, isang sinungaling at magnanakaw si Corona.

      • MDLANHAM

         Gamtin mo naman ang utak mo. Your Chief was not impeached and tried for his ill gotten wealth. Once convicted in any one of the articles of impeachment, then lagot kang bata kang magnanakaw kay Ombudsman Morales. Isip isp ka kahit konti, totoy.

    • TimeTraveller123

      Sana, pirmahan na noong 188+1 ang waiver! Dahil kung totoong malinis sila, hindi sila matatakot…hindi dapat magtago sa reasoning na “hindi ako ang nasasakdal”….They should be brave enough to face the challenge!

      • http://twitter.com/storm_warning01 Storm Warning

        Corruption at the TOP is matched with Social corruption below. Tradpols are still dominant in the Philippine scene and Oligarchs still defy the Land reform program. How can the government institutionalize change but just focused on one Person to persecute in the person of CJ. Maybe the Man at the Topof the Palace by the river should also be impeached and removed.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MRIUCNT7JKV2OXLBH2RD5IXKHU Lincon

        Initiate an impeachment then

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BNTTI4OOQRZFKOPDDMHI26JLII roy

         u have all the right to file the complaint..in that case, i can join you and will volunteer to sign the complaint if you have the goods to impeach the Man on the Top of the Palace by the River..but if you dont have, better just shut up…wait for the next election.. that’s how democracy works!!! 

  • jjtan470

    Pro-Corona and Pro-GMA Senators should not deceive themselves into believing that if they will NOT convict Corona they will escape the ire of the people if they come out with pseudo-valid reasons for not convicting Corona.
    The great majority of Filipinos believe that Senators who will NOT convict Corona are as corrupt as Corona and their allegiance to GMA was already bought in the past.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Corrupt kamo si Corona? Asan yung patunay? Evidence please…. 

      The problems is….You just believe in toto what your yellow idols are saying without validating the fake evidence and accusations…..

      • Freddie73

        There are circumstantial evidence like the mysterious coincidence of bank transactions occurring on the same day as important decisions of the supreme court or shortly thereafter and on election month, etc..  

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YBRPAQD6ACCRBKAYXOXFDX75Y goodguy

        The cj already confirmed that he has pesos & dollars in his accounts and all of these were not included in his SALN . It means he is dishonest and does not deserve the position. Majority of the senators will vote guilty and only those who  benifited from him one way or another will acquit him even if he is guilty. Majority of the Filipinos find him guilty and if you find him not guilty, your eyes must have been blind folded that you can’t see the reality or you just can’t accept the truth coz he is your idol. Be hohest to one another, the cj is guilty as

      • levis2012

        You mean AMLC report is fake??? It is accepted as evidence by the Impeachment Court… If the impeachment court accepted it as evidence, how can you say it is fake?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WK7VK7Q3AFBYDAAB7L6THAHYJA Gene

         And you mean CJ Corona’s own testimony admitting ownership of peso and dollar accounts which he did not declare in his SALN is fake? His own testimony fortified the cause of the prosecution. How real can that get?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HOCSZLQBWVGXXI2NZJ2P7LMPHA Leond Yobar

    Who is Macalintal by the way? A crook of the arroyos.

  • pilosopo4

    Not guilty

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    the truth is majority filipinos believe corona not guilty..

    • thunderbolt01

       That is just your blinded opinion.

    • Freddie73

      How can you categorically state that majority believe that Corona is not guilty when all surveys say that about 70% believe he is guilty?  

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OS5V4SB2SIHATMLXA4L2JOWIZU aurora

       Just refer to the result of the survey

      • http://twitter.com/storm_warning01 Storm Warning

        Is the survey credible when the random sampling made just reaches 1,200 respondents? Majority’s voices are not heard. ACQUIT CJ.

    • albert13

      @albert, nakakahiya ka at magkapareho pa naman tayo ng pangalan. saan at kaninong truth iyong sinasabi mo? nakakahiya ka. baka epekto na iyan sa isip mo ng hyperglycemia?

  • pilosopo4

    Sabi ng Barbero ko marami raw na tinagong dollar yung dalawang senador..pero may inabot naman sa akin yung small lady manicurist ko na dokumento ng banko showing some bank accounts..i think i will subnit it to the ombudsman..hahahah

  • thunderbolt01

     The truth and relevance of the evidences should be the basis in casting one’s vote. It has been proven that most evidences presented in court are pure lies and fabrications and some witnesses are out to get corona for personal revenge and for personal benefits. This case started as a trial by publicity and most of their allegations and proofs were later proven to be defective and their accusations, false. So, if one is to judge base on the truthfulness of the charges it should be a resounding “not guilty” verdict.

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    That’s a good theory Macalintal.

    But you must consider the nature of this case, political. I’m sure our senators know the consequences of abstaining.

    Just remember John Osmeña, Tessie Oreta, Niki Coseteng.

    Based on this Impeachment proceeding, madaming gustong maging senador.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    These are unsound speculations.  If each Senator-Judge was capable of voting on the more complicated legal issue regarding whether it should honor or not the SC TRO against the opening of Mr. Corona’s dollar deposits with the PSBank, then each one should be as capable of deciding whether Mr. Corona is guilty or not in the face of all  the evidences presented in the trial, including Mr. Corona’s more than three-hour long “story.”

    These opinons of Analyst Atty.  Macalintal are more in the nature of propaganda-suggestions to  those Senator-Judges who are proi-Corona that an abstention is a more politically advantageous move since it tends to shield  them from the heat of public opinion which an outright :”Not  Guilty” vote would otherwise bring, but which has the same effect.  It is also intended to make the public  believe that an abstaining Senator-Judge does so because of his or her honest failure to really ascertain whether Mr. Corona is guilty or not,  when the plain truth is that such an abstaining Senator-Judge will still actually acquit Mr. Corona even if Mr. Corona  is caught tonight in the act of setting fire to the Supreme Court building.  For after all their vote is more against PNoy rather than on the issue of whether Mr. Corona is fit to continue in office.

    A vote of abstension is therefore the vote of a coward and a scoundrel.  It is no diifferent from a “Not Guilty” vote.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BNTTI4OOQRZFKOPDDMHI26JLII roy

       I completely agree but save for the last sentence, for me, a vote of abstention is more stinky than a “not guilty vote”..can just imagine how it will work against him in the future.. that senator can kiss his/her political career goodbye..as you said, its the height of cowardice, and he/she has no right to stay in the senate one second longer..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLPTRPFUTYJXKI3KJS4B2UO4LI Jim De Garman

    macalintal analysis is obsolete considering the fact that impeachment case is not a regular cases in any court and,  why the senators-judges should abstain to vote…they are not a regular judges, they were empowered by the constitution to be the judge of the impeachment case and come up to vote and deliver the verdict according to the substantial evidences, political alliance, and for the Filipino people clamoring for a change. 

    mind blogging of macalintal is erroneous and does not contribute his impartiality..it just shows his personality a mere craft supporter of corona.

    • AbdullahZahir

      what’s obsolete with plausible possibility? isn’t abstention an option? 

  • Nosubstitutefortruth

    Ang mga senador na mag abstain ay katulad ng  mga bulag, pipi at bingi. Paano sila nakatagal na nanatili sa impeachment court ng halos 5 buwan? Anong ginawa nila doon? Sila ang uri na di dapat manatili sa pag ka senador –  mag resign na lang bago magbutuhan. O kaya, huwag na nating iboto sa susunod kung ayaw mag resign ngayon pa lang.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    headline news:
    – corona is acquited due to most senators abstain..

    • FernandoBusi

      it would be interesting to see how PDI will write their headline

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WK7VK7Q3AFBYDAAB7L6THAHYJA Gene

    To abstain on the basis that some senators cannot determine with certainty whether CJ Corona is guilty or not is a glaring display of indifference to the truth or plain stupidity. Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw yan. Abstaining is worse than voting guilty or not guilty. Makikita na kung sinong senador ang may paninindigan. This impeachement is not only a trial of the CJ but the verdict of and conviction of the senator judges will try them in the Filipinos’ eyes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Cge acquittal na lang…. Masaya ka na ba?

      • http://twitter.com/storm_warning01 Storm Warning

        Dapat ACQUITTAL naman talaga for lack of evidence and Fake documents from Small Lady, LRA, Ombudsman-Amlac,Pinaikot lang ulo nyo ng mga alipores ni Penoy na mga Yellow TRolls.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WK7VK7Q3AFBYDAAB7L6THAHYJA Gene

        I am leaning towards a guilty verdict actually.

  • ALONZO15

    Abstention vote is only for the COWARD. Halata naman kung saang side si Macalintal. 17 or 18 votes convicted Corona. GMA: Your NEXT!

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Oo nga naman, on the coward comment.

      Macalintal? no comment.

    • http://twitter.com/storm_warning01 Storm Warning

      Dapat Penoy next. para walang diktador na panot.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OS5V4SB2SIHATMLXA4L2JOWIZU aurora

    It seems that there is no end in searching for PALUSOT since the beginning of the trial up to this day.  At this stage I suggest na tama na ang palusot, sobra na. This is what I can say and I promise:  that there  will never be a vote from me or from my relatives for any senator-judge who will acquit or abstain from voting  in this impeachment; not only in the next election as long as I live including their relatives who will seek electoral office.  As of this time, I’m sure of three: Merriam, Bongbong and Arroyo. We, the Filipino  majority who understand the problem should be vigilant from now on.  We are informed citizens and we should no longer allow ourselves to be fooled.  Tama na yong bunganga ni Meriam dahil nakakasuka na. She is abominable. Every time she opens her mouth, she pits out venom, lies and scorns.  Politically, she is done. Like Corona, she is a “has been”.

    • FernandoBusi

      well there will be no vote from the otherside for people who are hypocrites 

    • thunderbolt01

       Walang palusot. Ang problema ay ang mga fake na evidences na bigay ni little lady, unauthenticated proofs ni morales, fake na evidences ni keh, ano bang evidence ang may katotohanan? Yung 45 properties? Yung $10 M dollar deposits? Ang hirap sa inyo ay pinagpipilitan ninyo ang inyong kasinungalingan.  

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WK7VK7Q3AFBYDAAB7L6THAHYJA Gene

         Have you been reading the news? CJ has admitted to own dollar and peso accounts. He admitted he did not declare them i his SALN. How clearer can it get? Nahuli na po ang isda sa sariling bibig.

      • Psalm90

        Paano naman yung narration ni Corona na walang man lang documentary evidence?  Nung 1960 pa raw sya nagsimulang mag deal sa dollars, eh illegal yun nun, considered as black market nun ang ganun. 

  • nolipunzalan

    I disagree with the lawyer! They will be there to render judgement. 

  • kenneth71114

    I beleived CJ is not Guilty,, Why are we focus in one person? bank account, property, and credibility. Is beacuse of “daang matuwid” look after this administration most of this in the government today will be a silent Millionaire. We need CJ to watch and convict this people, don’t be suprise AMLA will never be abolish by congress as thier protector. Today we have discover that Amla rules must be revised and yet no one will stand up and said we have to change the rules.> Only the medium class employee are suffering for religiously paying thier individual tax to the govt.  

    • Edandlye Pogi

      tagalugin mo na lang. hay naku!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Truth be told, most senators have narrowed down their choices between acquittal or abstention for obvious reasons. Only Mr Drilon who has so much to hide, Mr Lacson who has a big axe to grind and Mr Pangilinan are intent on going for a conviction. Even Mr Pangilinan is now wavering, realizing that Noynoy and LP will become so unpopular with the global economic slowdown triggered by the Greek debt default in the second half of this year. In the end, the safer answer for those intending to convict will still be abstention. To be identified with Noynoy’s administration in 2013 is a kiss of death to any political ambition. And Mr Trillanes has gone silent lately, realizing that Noynoy is not his ticket to reelection. If anything, the departure of Mr Paderanga is an indication of even worse things to come under this inept administration.

    • Filipinoflash

      far out observation. Disconnected to the reality.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Thank you for exposing your short-sightedness. But then again, that’s why Mr. Paderanga left in a huff.

    • Andoy51

      No! It’s 23-0 for resounding impeachment. Then you boss Gloria and Mike Arroyo will have no one to shield for them in the SC. Tapos na ang boxing.

      • AbdullahZahir

        asa? doy, gising!

      • Andoy51

        Of course, its 23-0 because Corona helped the prosecution impeach himself!

      • AbdullahZahir

        that’s how the palace sees it. taga malakanyang ka doy?

      • Andoy51

        Reply to Disqus

        From: Disqus
        To: macatangay.andy@yahoo.com
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        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Abstention votes in Corona impeachment trial possible, says lawyer

        Disqus generic email template

        AbdullahZahir wrote, in response to Andoy51:
        that’s how the palace sees it. taga malakanyang ka doy?
        Link to comment

      • EdgarEdgar

        Just to make you feel good, I’m willing to pretend that a conviction is forthcoming. But the senators who vote to convict will only strengthen LP and weaken UNA. There are far bigger things at stake for many of the senators, not just in 2013 but also in 2016. And an administration saddled with economic problems brought about by global factors will be very unpopular next year. Not to mention the growing powers of the executive branch by way of arbitrary interpretation of the law. These considerations are much too compelling to ignore for the 23 senators who will vote one way or the other. I wish I could make you feel better about your unrealistic expectation, but this is the broader truth, the bigger truth and nothing but the truth. So help me Sister Flory.

    • TheMightyOne

      buhay nanaman si  midas marquez aka tooot hahahaha

      • EdgarEdgar

        No, Midas is sleeping soundly and snoring noisily now. I tucked him in a few hours ago. I even made sure he had his warm cookies and cold milk before he went to bed. And of course, his favorite lullaby.

    • magsasakasanayon

      truth be told, i don’t know where you get your information. the way the senators voted to convict the chief crook yesterday made me realize how irrelevant you are and since you’ve been silent since then, you also made that realization. be well, loser.

  • Filipinoflash

    Macalintal is a closet Corona supporter. Crap. 

    • AbdullahZahir

      rumor has it that 
      Paquito ‘Jojo’ Ochoa is Chief Justice Renato Corona’s ‘eyes & ears’ in Malacañang.

      • jurbinsky77

        Disabuse your mind, let us focus on the issue at hand.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    For once, senators must act as judges.. vote either guilty or not guilty.

  • PnoyMePagasa

    the vote of the senators will boil down to their loyalty to the imprisoned arroyo. the days spent on presenting and discussing evidence is just a  “show” and immaterial and won’t be a basis to render a fair and morally upright decision for the loyal gloria senators. let’s see and hopefully I’m wrong comes the verdict on Tuesday.

  • pidalcopter2

    Nagsalita na naman ang animal na Macalinta na ito. Mkapal din ang apog ng ogag na ito eh. Siya ang isa sa mga taong nagwalanghiya sa bansa sa kadedpensa sa amo niyang nandaya ng eleksiyon at katakot takot na korapsiyon.Masahol pa sa linta ang animal na ito. Walang kabusugan talaga..Hoy MAKALINTA… hayup kah.. wala ng naniniwala sa yo…. 

    • thunderbolt01

       Ganito ang ugali ng mga taong sumusoporta kay abnoy kaya dapat bang pamarisan ang mga taong ganito?

      • Mickey

        At ikaw naman ang may ugaling sumusuporta sa magnanakaw. Dapat bang pamarisan ka? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/_HR4LPBLL7G5WX56YZ7SJ7JJIAE eric

    Anong mahirap sa tanong na dapat ba siyang manatili sa pwesto(si Corona) o hindi? Ha, Atty. Maykintal(makalintal pala)?

    Your are floating a vote of an abstention. This is  a subliminal message being orchestrated by this stupid lawyer working for the acquittal of Corona.

    Hindi ka magtatagumpay Atty. Maykintal(ang utak)!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JQI7ACPTNS65URDEQ3KRYKCPDY Henry

    I dare say that those Senators who choose to abstain will be marked by the people as indecisive, indifferent, no backbone, does not care what the people feels or at worst is just clueless of what’s happening around them. These Senators should be ashamed of receiving their salaries from the taxpayers if they do not do their job.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    Abstention reminds me of China and Russia that does it all the time on UN affairs.Senators who abstain are best described as one of them…

  • Edandlye Pogi

    In that case, people power should dissolve the senate!

    • thunderbolt01

       May suporta pa ba ng people power ang mga yellows? Panaginip mo lang yan. Mangilan ngilan lang ang sasama sa iyo pag nagkataon.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/DWRHqlNoppBOATBbtwpQkaAEQdMOmejmkPJb#24a25 jeff

        It will be people power come senatorial election. gets mo?

      • thunderbolt01

        Sabi nga ni Ramos, huwag mong gawing propaganda ang people power. Ipakita mo ang people power mo. The real people power does not support wrongdoings.

      • Bidang

        Marami brod… yung mga kawatan lang ang ayaw sa people power…

  • Andoy51

    Biglang nabuhay si Romy Macalintal, ang kilabot na election lawyer ng unelected jailed ex-president Gloria “Hello Garci” Arroyo.

    Of course, every abstention is like a vote for Corona because the Senate needs 16 votes to convict. But the senators know better than abstaining. That will convey an image of being indecisive, which to the electorate is tantamount to being useless.

    Nice try Mr. Macalintal. The people and the senators could you through your spin.

    The peoples’ expectation of their senators is simple and plain: you are either with us or against us. The people have spoken resoundingly that they want Corona out. And the senators as astute politicians know what to do.

    But beyond purely political considerations, Corona deserves to be impeached for fudging his SALN. That he disrespected the senator-judges by walking out last Tuesday, sealed his impeachment, as indicated by relatively neutral senators Estrada, Pia and Alan Cayetano, and Honasan.

    Alam ni Macalintal na mahirap bumoto ng “acquitted” ang mga senador dahil sa lakas ng ebidensiya at sa tumidinting poot ng sambayanan. KAYA NGAYON BINEBENTA NIYA ANG ABSTENTION.

    Shut up, Macalintal. Style mo bulok!

  • wawa2172

    Our’s is democratic form of government, Macalintal’s opinion is an acceptable norm in our system. It could be guilty or not guilty or abstain. The senate court  is not a two logic state court where judges only have to say yes or no. Even in sports their is a draw specifically in chess where the players decides to end the game that way. Well the judges could agree to disagree and some may not be able to reached any decision since the evidences from both sides are not so solid at all…dinadaan na lang sa media publicity ang lakas nang ebidensiya but many think that the evidences were not strong enough. So let us give the senator judges the free hand to make decisions based on the evidences presented…guilty or not guilty they are responsible to the fate of Corona. Ang taong bayan…let us move on after the impeachment and it is now time to check on the government performance if we are doing well or not as compared to our neighboring countries. Di po tama na basihan ang performance nang previous admin dahil lumalayo na tayo sa halos lahat nang bagay kumpara sa ibang bansa. Are we better now than before? Mabuti na ba ang ekonomiya and mga trabaho natin? Wala na bang nagugutom or gutom na ang nakakarami? Well, I hope harapin na nang Noy admin ang ating buhay-buhay at maibsan na ang kawalan nang ikakabubuhay at pagkain ni Juan de la Cruz.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JQI7ACPTNS65URDEQ3KRYKCPDY Henry

    I don’t think any Senator will abstain because then they will be perceived by the people as not doing their job as senator judges and are only after their self-interest and do not have firm conviction as a personal trait.

  • mangtom

    Makalintal’s article has given the weak-kneed senator/judge a “clean” escape route of voting “not guilty” through abstention. 

    From the way things look, there is a chance for the crook Corona to be found not guilty.

    If you ask me, I would not even nominate him as a barangay captain. I know of barangay captains who are more sensible than this fake Cheap Justice, and honest although they do not have the fake academic honors that this crook claims to have.

    It’s a shame, shame, shame if the verdict ends up not guilty.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

    Acquittal is very tempting!!! I foresee PEOPLE POWER afterwards … that will be better for the country … more sweeping reforms can be achieved … masmaraming corrupt ang matatanggal agad!!!

  • digihaus

    i think corona is not guilty. if there were no laws to hinder him from saying what he has to say, matagal na niyang sinabi yun information na gusto malaman ng senators.

    ano ba ikakatakot ni corona. if one will compare the ombudsman net worth of P44M, hindi naman sila nagkakalayo ni corona (deduct P44M from corona as P34M is Basa and P10M is interest earned). napaka – simple ng issue.

    but the point is, as chief justice, corona has to safeguard existing laws at yun lang ang naging stumbling block. hindi kasalanan ni corona yun.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WK7VK7Q3AFBYDAAB7L6THAHYJA Gene

       Walang law that prevents him from disclosing the information. If you are talking about that FCD law, that does not prevent him from disclosing these informations. All he needs to do is sign a waiver. Morover, seeking for a TRO against the disclosure of his peso accounts is more like a sign of evasion to me, than cooperation as what you are trying to say.

    • jurbinsky77

      Ang kinu-consider ngayon is beyond peso and centavos. Ang Supreme Court ay ideneklarang “guilty” ang isang titser na hindi inilagay ang inili-lease niyang puwesto sa palengke. Ipinag-utos ng Korte Suprema na tanggalin siya sa pagtuturo, kumpiskahin ang  kanyang benepisyo sa pensyon. Iyong mayor Galeos (?) ang kaso ay hindi niya ideneklarang kamag-anak niya ang municipal building plumber, ipinabilanggo ng SC pareho. The issue is: SALN entry, completeness and correctness. Anything you enter is under oath. 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JQI7ACPTNS65URDEQ3KRYKCPDY Henry

     To Whom it may concern : My comments are not being posted. Please advise if I am already banned from commenting.

  • jurbinsky77

    I am holding my breath for the actual “show of colors” of these senator-judges. 

    Who among them are having low IQ? Imagine several months to anylyze and study the evidences (everyone except Miriam agree that there is preponderance of evidence) and days to consider if Renato’s testimony happens in the real world. If Congress will submit a bill that is controversial (bitter pill) but they can’t decide? Fence sitters who get taxpayer/s money should be kicked out from the Senate.

    It is simple to evaluate. There are only 2 thing that the Senator-Judges should concentrate, namely the SALN and Renato Corona’s suitability of holding the position of the Supreme Court based on his integrity and respect for the law.

    1.  Corona’s SALN did not show true acquisition values of several real properties that he accumulated in a decade. 

    2. It is not true that Corona has 50 real state properties as shown in the LRA printout.
    The LRA printout as initially submitted to the impeachment court contains properties that were previously owned by Corona. If I accept Corona’s testimony, just for argument sake, he has only 4 homes as the 46 other units have been sold. Or the real number could be less but they appear in at least in 46 transaction records in the LRA data base. In 10 years an average of 4.6 properties were sold or doiposed of by Renato Corona, The Chief Justice was more active than my friend real estate broker.

    The defense lawyers was not able to debunk that Corona as alleged  has 18 homes and 4 parking lots each costing P1M. Corona’s soliloquy was not presentation of counter evidence. Hey Miriam, it is not colloquy. 

    Colloquy, is the formal discussion between the judge and the lawyers if the respondent has entered a plea. Miriam Santiago should be ashamed using colloquy in insulting a witness or a prosecution lawyer. I was amazed why was she remained quiet when Atty Roy accused that the Senators were all bribed by the Executive Branch with P100M each. At that point in time, I knew already where Miriam stands viz-a-viz the impeachment of Corona.

    3.Corona deliberately hide his dollar account. He could have put $10,000. In his testimony, he accepted $4M which according to him is co-mingled account comprising his 10 years of earning P11M and was able to save P1M plus Carla’s money of P35M plus Charina’s remittances of $50,000. Still not even close to $4M. Corona said he was dealing with foreign exchange trading. Another superhuman activity by an incumbent justice of the Supreme Court. And he did not declare his source of earnings and he did not pay tax.The AMLC printout was just like that of LRA. AMLC records contains withdrawals.In the analysis of the withdrawal-deposit activities, an estimated $10M is the amount involved. Corona admitted only $4M as if there is any difference between $10M, when it comes to deliberately not filing his assets in the SALN properly for all 10 years.

    1. After 3 hours of soliloquy, Renato Corona, declared, “the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wants to be excused” and he stand up and walked away betraying his lack of respect to the impeachment court. He acted like an emperor announcing his own preference rather than respecting the court’s protocol.

    2. His pronouncements that were so full of malice and innuendos. As quoted by Mr Vizconde, the Chief Justice told him that Justice Carpio was campaigning to have the Webb decision overthrown. It was utterly unprofessional and beyond decency. A number of his speeches in the Supreme Courts intramural masses also contains his campaign of hatred against Justice Carpio by repeatedly mentioning that an unnamed justice of the SC is so antsy to replace him as the Chief Justice. Renato Corona then include in his attack, Mar Roxas which was kind of surprsing. Maybe Renato Corona knows something that we do not know. Lately, Renato Corona was stressing that the Ombudsman is a liar. For me, what I remember was she brought an AMLC printout and quoted that from her opinion some $10M were involved in the deposit-withdrawal cycle of activities of th Chief Justice.

    Renato Corona attacked the honor and character of a dead person, who was a victim, according to earlier pronouncements of the children and a sister, of Corona’s legal manipulation.

    Renato Corona, being an associate justice at the time, let the libel case against and the foreclosure of properties, of a dead person. It was easy to believe that Corona’s influence over the judges was the cause of the brute force resolution of cases that end directly or indirectly on his favor. I hope that there is a legal remedy to un-reward the law breakers.

    Renato Corona is continuously trying to link HCL to his impeachment. He also mentioned about the hacienderos ruling the country and the encroachment by the leftists, so the right and the left in the table of President Aquino.

    It is also the strategy of the defense lawyers of Corona and Miriam Santiago that all the witnesses are liars, the computer printout as unauthenticated and therefore contains lies and that  the case against him was political because he alone, Chief Justice Corona, can save this country from being ruled and conquered by non-Filipinos.

    In checking his AMLC transactional records, one will notice that a deposit or series of bank deposits happened after a big and controversial decision was issued by the Supreme Court. It could be coincidence only but I honestly doubt that this Chief Justice is not selling cases to the higher bidder. Actually he could have been expecting that Mr Vizconde would up the ante.
    Yes, he did not vote for Webb but that also would not preclude me to suspect that the script was written and has been rehearsed.

    The Senate, despite Miriam Santiago, Joker Arroyo, et al, should find the defendant Renato Corona guilty as charged and unfit to continue to be the Chief Justice.

    We need a Chief Justice, associate justices and every judges and fiscals in the country to perform their duty with integrity and nobility.

    • AbdullahZahir

      mincing facts with fiction? or brewing own conjectures? 

      • jurbinsky77

        debunk it..

  • catmanjohn

    Let’s not kid ourselves…Any Senator who votes in absentia is voting for Corona’s acquittal, and should be viewed a propagator of this corrupt parasitic disease that weakens the health of the People and Nation, and thus should eventually be removed like cancer, amputated if necessary.

    • AbdullahZahir

      what if they vote in absentia with a guilty verdict? hehehe…

      baka vote of abstention.

  • Andoy51

    Each senator will go to the podium to announce his or her vote and is given two minutes to explain his/her vote to the people. I can’t imagine anyone voting “acquittal” or “abstention” without incurring the ire of the voters forever.

    Sorry, Renato Corona, your time is up.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KGVM5VWUUTUM26BNJLU3KSZZFA deepwater

    Senators who will abstain from voting are those without balls. They want to have the best of both worlds which they cannot have. Please read the mind of the people. They will respect more those who voted against acquital than those who abstain.

    • AbdullahZahir

      we have three respected senators without balls namely sen santiago, sen legarda and sen cayetano. :P

      we have on the other hand a senator whose balls are in his throat – drillon. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PHPM7ZIPGE5DYHRUYRZBPQGHZQ AlexC105

        Sen. Santiago, a “respected senator”?  She expects, no, demands respect while being downright rude and arrogant. Where have you been? I suppose you’re one of those who’ll vote for her should she run for elcted office again. Please remove those blinders and see her for what she really is. 

      • AbdullahZahir

        that’s your opinion. while her supporters have their own opinion on her and that is something you cannot dictate by imposing your own opinion. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMWZCDVSHIGXDLZO4KILH3PUG4 nynz

        i notice that ur corona’s defender & almost answering all the opinion of anti corona. is this ur work? u have a lot of time & all over the place.

      • AbdullahZahir

        should i assume you are otherwise?

      • batchmatters

        Senator Santiago is a bigot who would not tolerate any beliefs opposed to her own. Just look at how she treated those whom she considers allies and those on the opposite side – meaning against the Chief Justice, and you will know what I mean.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KGVM5VWUUTUM26BNJLU3KSZZFA deepwater

    If Corona will be acquitted how I wish Pres. Aquino declare state of emergency and dissolve the congress and remove the undesirables.

    • AbdullahZahir

      martial law na yan… 

    • http://twitter.com/storm_warning01 Storm Warning

      ano sya si HITLER? Do you know the implications? Penoy is not a strongman HALLER

    • RomyLitz

      ,If I were Pnoy, acquittal for Corona means two things, the 8 senators who abstained or acquitted him must be banished from the senate and declare martial to stop the corrupts from enjoying their looted and plundered wealth.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/DWRHqlNoppBOATBbtwpQkaAEQdMOmejmkPJb#24a25 jeff

    Macanlintal is insulting the intelligence of the senator-jurors who were always present
    in the impeachment trial. Silence does not necessary mean that a senator is stupid 
    enough to abstain for not being able to determine what is right and what is wrong for 
    our country. 

    Abstaining is worst and most embarrassing on the part of a senator than 
    voting not guilty. Abstaining means stupidity and incompetence in resolving the ills in our country.

    Macalintal, style mo bulok. No senator in his right mind will abstain or acquit 
    dishonorable and dishonest chef corona, maybe with the exception of santiago.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HGC2U2QUAREAK42HNUTSNQGBVI SolitaJ

    We don’t have to be lawyers or senator-judges to be able to discern if CJ Corona needs to go or not. Any iota of doubt on his honesty and integrity is already a strong justification that he shouldn’t stay any longer in his privileged position. He’s so cunning and scheming even using his health issue to his advantage! Some innocent people were framed up, accused as criminals without being given a day in court and they literally begged for their lives, yet because they are poor they were summarily executed! Why do U think a Chief Justice whose lying is as clear as the shining sun be given such special treatment? Why do people refuse to see this??? Isn’t it that those who have less in life should have been given more of the law, and conversely?  I hope the Senate would be transparent on who voted for his acquittal and those who abstained so we know whom not to vote next election!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

    The game is over.  Pnoy already got the assurance of 19 senators.

    • AbdullahZahir

      with this declaration, let tomorrow be tuesday already. hahaha. kakabagot naman ang spoiler. napanuod mo na pala ang ruling? bakit delayed telecast dito sa amin. 

    • RomyLitz

      Martin, hope the heavens will touch this nineteen senators to evict the inveterate liar Corona.

    • Mickey

      I hope he does so we can kick your sponsor out of the SC.

  • nalasnaville

    macalintal gumawa ka na naman ng sarili mong batas, parang si corona. gumawa nang sariling interpretasyon sa batas.alam ko na pro corona ka, halata ka naman masyado a!!!bakit inutusan kana ba ni GMA para kampihan si coronakot.

    • AbdullahZahir

      probability is not batas. it is a possible and accepted outcome. an abstention is a possible choice for those who are not really sure of what to make of those admitted “evidence”

      it’s either by ignorance, nakulangan sila, playing safe, fence-sitters, nalito, natatakot, na ponsho pilato (hugas kamay), among other possibility.

  • nalasnaville

    abstain or for acquittal walang boboto sa 2013. like nyo pag agree kayo

    • linsanity17

      DISLIKE!!!…ano yan takutan na lng? hde base s ebidensya? utak yellowtards ka tlga, preho ng amo mong abnoy

      • Bidang

        Ikaw utak magnanakaw

      • linsanity17

        daig ng abnoy ang magnanakaw…hde ko alam kung anong impeachment trial napanood mo? may ebidensya bang lumabas ng nakawan….be truthful…abnoy!

      • Bidang

        Meron nakawan yun si koronakot at si pandak ang utak ng pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan magaling lang magtago ng mga ninakaw tapos gamitin ang batas na promoprotekta sa kanilang ninakaw at isang lokalokang senadora na magaling sa teknikalidad at hindi pumapanig sa katotohanan… I’ll bet next election these senator’s that will vote for acquittal or abstain will surely lose…

    • AbdullahZahir

      it would hurt Pnoy more. 

      imagine if PNoy brews another set of impeachment against his perceived enemies at the supreme court. who would support him?

    • thunderbolt01

       Are you referring to yellow zombies? Their votes are irrellevant. Consider these votes: INC -100%, Solid North- 100%, Pampanga-100%, Mindanao-90%, Roman Catholic Church-80%. These are my assumptions but I believe it reflects the truth. 

      • Mickey

        If what you say is true. Then how come Pres Aquino won? 
        You my friend is in a state of denial.
        What world do you live in?

      • Leopard_Tank

        Bakit kaya nandaya pa si Fake President Pandak? Solid naman pala supporters nila… Baka yung boto ng mga Bulag, Pipi at Bingi na katulad mo ang irrelevant!

  • parengtony

    Pro GMA/Corona Makalintal is obviously attempting to “soften” the adverse political impact to Senator-judges pushing for Corona’s acquittal but unwilling to stand before the people to explain why they voted to acquit Corona.

    having your cake and eating it too!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

    Consider these:

    First there were 8 articles of impeachment, then there were only 2-1/2.

    First there were 45 real estate properties, then there were only 4.

    First there 82 bank accounts, then there were only 4.

    First there were $12M, then there was only $2.4M.

    SO it is logical to continue with:

    First there was a demand for Corona to sit on the witness stand, then it was immaterial.

    First there should be a waiver, then it should have no conditions attached.

    When the condition for the release of the waiver was removed, then they claim it is too late.

    • jasper627

      Excellent point, Martin. The filing of the impeachment case in the first place was done in haste with very flimsy evidence, which was proven when the prosecution downgraded the 8 articles of impeachment down to 3. Even the “solid” evidences, ex. 45 real estates, bank accounts, etc., proved to be not true at all. If this was filed in a court of law the case would have been dismissed outright. I just hope the Chief Justice gets acquited else the executive branch becomes too powerful, cowed by the threat of more impeachment cases.

      • Mickey

        Nice try BUT you and your sleeping buddy are just plain IGNORANT of the fact.
        You try and do a spin about the real estate and the dollar accounts. THAT is not the point. The point is your sponsor that speaks with a FORK tongue deliberately misled the public about his SALN. In other words, HE LIED.
        Did he declare his “4” real estate properties properly? NO
        Did he declare his $2.4 million dollar account? NO
        Did he sign his SALN that he is only worth P3M? YES
        Did he use the FCDA and the RA as an escape clause? YES
        Did he misinterpret the law to his personal benefit? YES
        Is he fit to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Absolutely NO

  • quirinomayer

    Voting to acquit and abstaining are both political suicide. If you agree, vote this comment.  

    • AbdullahZahir

      knowing the short memory span of a whole lot of us… these senators can still gamble and be truthful on what they really think. 

  • BoyPalagitok

    If this is the case, what these senators in power for? To abstain and not make a firm stand at this point in time is ABSOLUTE MEDIOCRITY!!! This is something you would not want to see in history books attached to your name specially if you are a senator!   

  • pinoydinako

    Pangulo talaga itong si Macalintal — anotherGMA washout and Batangueno supporting his kababayan Corona.  Your opinion is illogical.  To abstain from voting is like a judge unable to make a decision.  Any person unable to decide and abstain from voting should never have been elected to the position of Senator.

    The People of the Philippines VS Thief Justice Renato Corona
    Verdict: Guilty of violation of our Constitution
    Guilty of Betrayal of Public TrustImpeachment Court Judgment: Removal from Office – The Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines is impeached.

    Power belongs to the people. If Miriam and company decides to let Corona continue with the status quo, people power must be used. Reclaim the Supreme Court and serve Corona with a citizen’s arrest and send him to jail. Miriam and all those who sided with Corona must  tender their resignations. We cannot wait for their next election, get rid of them now na.

    Mga kababayan. Get ready to rock and roll. People power. Be not afraid. Good will win over evil, always.

    • AbdullahZahir

      macalintal did not encourage them to vote guilty or otherwise. he just said, abstention is also a possible voting pattern. 

    • juanito_magallon

       galing talga ni Macalintal. ang dami nilang pakulo. An abstention is equivalent to a Not guilty vote. so kung marami ang mag-abstain at di maabot ang required no. of guilty votes….eh di….panalo si corona! di ba?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PWXNV4NJFCGK4KPVBPE6D3PGEU efren

      pinoydinako, agreed 100%!!!!!!flush them out now!!!!  it has been decades too late to have a president who has the guts and is serious and  agressive in getting after the corrupt gov’t officials. ACT now or never. ACT NOW or the PH will ever be hopeless and corrupt!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    until judgment times, puro haka-haka lang ang mga lintek na pinag-sasasabi niyong lahat!

  • athenapallas

    If that is the case then let the people decide. Those in favor of  ‘convict’ should go to their nearest municipio to show their support – this will be done collectively all over the country. The people in NCR can march to the supreme court. By the people and for the people.

    • AbdullahZahir

      JPE will not allow that.

      • athenapallas

        Enrile is not above The People. NO one is above The People.

      • AbdullahZahir

        but that was what he indicated during the opening of the trial. the senate and the senate alone – no extra-constitutional means…

      • athenapallas

        All that jabberwocks about no extra-constitutional means would not matter when people are seething with disgust and clamoring for our government to get rid of corrupt scumbag officials pretending to be innocent and saying they are leading only simple lives, eating simple food, not using aircondition in the midst of sweltering summer heat in this goddam tropical country, and without a maid to clean their 25 thousand peso barong and shine their beautiful expensive shoes while they are living in swanky multimillion condominiums and frequently travel abroad in first class flights. Yes, that is the definition of “simple lives” to them.

        None of it would matter, Abdullah. People will clamor and like zombies they will bite and scratch and gnaw and devour the scumbags dressed in fancy barongs and suits. hehehe…

  • Concur_Dissent

    Macalintal is simply basing his comments on his experience as an election lawyer.  In the past, dirty politicians pay voters to elect them to office (this is called vote buying)…. these corrupt politicians soon realized later on that voters grew wise and became cunning by accepting their money but vote against them anyway once in the privacy of the voting booth… So now, these corrupt politicians designed a new way of vote buying….what they do instead is payoff known sympathizers of an opponent just to stay at home (effectively abstaining), this vote buying technique guarantees the vote buyer 1 less vote count for the opponent… ANY SENATOR WHO ABSTAINS FROM VOTING GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY  WAS DEFINITELY BOUGHT OUT BY THE PARTY WHO WILL MOST BENEFIT FROM HIS OR HER ABSTENTION AND IN THIS CASE, THE PARTY WHO WILL BE MOST BENEFITED IS CORONA… 

    • AbdullahZahir

      this is macalintal’s basis:

      the rules also do not specifically state if vacant seats are included in the calculation of the two-thirds super majority. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, however, earlier said since there were only 23 senators, the super majority would be 16 votes, which is also the same if there were 24 senators.Macalintal said that in the European Union and some European legislatures, the calculation of a majority or super majority would include those absent from the session and those abstaining from voting.

    • Simplify1

      That’s exactly what happened to fernando poes votes in mindanao… there were towns fully controlled and paid-off by the ampatuans.  Several towns came up with “0” votes for Poe, pati poll watcher parang nag abstain…

  • notmeitsthedog

    How can senators abstain from ruling on the impeachment? It’s not guilty or innocent, it’s not a criminal court!

    The two choices would be:
    1) Mr. Corona is capable of serving without any doubt as a Chief Justice.
    2) There is doubt.

    Does Mr. Macalintal know what is required to be appointed as a judge let alone, the chief of justice? If the senators are unsure, then it would be a no. No one gets appointed to the supreme court with a cast of doubt, so the senate should do the same.

    Furthermore, contrary to what has been printed earlier, the impeachment judges are allowed to be biased. They do not have to base their judgement on the evidence alone. They can judge with their conscience, for the benefit if the country or in the case of mrs santigo, with her loyalty to her boss. This is the reason why impeachment are tried in the senate and not by trained judges.

  • joeldcndcn


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IZNIGZPEEVE5LIE76TMKNTKM3U T

    either you are hot or cold.. not lukewarm which is like abstention (and Jesus in biblical times, hate those type of folks).. that is a cop-out, can’t make a decision on what’s provided? just decide, whether it’s wrong side or the right one, by deciding to vote, you made a stand, and live and die for it.. good luck, praying that you will be guided with what’s best for the country as it moves forward.. 

  • batchmatters

    An abstention is definitely a vote for acquital and senators who would vote for this will stand to explain his vote as not guilty. It is the senators` sworn obligation to stand for what they believe in; not play safe and assume no position on a very important milestone in our nation`s quest for reforms. Either they cast a firm vote of guilty or not guilty is what the people hope to see them do; not doing a wishy washy stand that evades accountability because people would see through their lame excuses. If the senators believe the CJ to be guilty, then they should vote for his removal, otherwise, they should free the Chief Justice from all worries and stress and unburden the whole nation from the stigma of division caused by this impeachment. And to the Senators, be men enough to RENDER JUSTICE THOUGH THE HEAVENS FALL!

  • RomyLitz

    The impeachment Case is very simple: corona lied like an ocean and cried like a river because he is guilty. Any senator worth his salt cant miss this except for those infected with Sotto, Brenda, Joker and Marcos disease. The remaining 19 will be crystal clear about their decisions made since the rogue walk out and lied that he was sick.

  • Paliwaweng

    Had Corona happen to be in  Japan, or Singapore, he will not last a week on his seat.

    No wonder, we are going to the dogs, with the immense proof of dishonesty and lying being exposed, aside from perjury, there are still people who wants him to be acquitted.

    Some are senators of the republic.

    • scank



  • scank


    • hatecorrupt

      wow ang tindi talaga nila….pang HEAVYWEIGHT SA CORRUPTION hahaha!

  • VeryDisgusted2

    The stupid pro-Corona senators (Defensor, Joker, Jingoy, Escudero, Marcos, etc) should be reminded that people has spoken and routed all GMA senators last election.

    If these senators are still too dull to get the people’s message, then its good, and let them taste people’s pent-up anger on corruption.

    Also, disregard Macalintal. This frustrated, self-proclaim election lawyer has ax to grind with the administration for not appointing him to the Comelec. With Corona posters here, this is their last propaganda effort to convince these dumb senators.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAMHA43JHH74XLZOLUEAUO2OT4 P G

    Here are the latest internet polls results demanding for Conviction:
    Inquirer = 71+%
    Abscbn news = 83+%
    PhilStar = 74%
    I hope the Senators will be wise enough to listen to the voice of the people and God.
    I also hope the people will be wise enough and never vote again the Senators who will vote for an Acquittal.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      inquirer = yellow pages
      abscbn = yellow ribbon kkk
      philstar = yellow pages
      voice of yellow ribbon diehards

      • Mickey

        And YOU proudly wear the black color of your sponsors that speaks with a fork tongue. Begone! The power of the Filipino people compels you.

      • hatecorrupt

        hahaha! hehehehe!, lol, lol, lol,  you are right…..baka black guy din yan di lang ang suot niya…lil.

    • thunderbolt01

       Tutoo ba yan o gawagawa mo lang? Kagaya ng 45 properties, $10 M dollar deposit. Kailan ba kayo magsasabi ng tutoo.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAMHA43JHH74XLZOLUEAUO2OT4 P G

        Di tingnan mo sa website. Di tayo kagaya ng amo mo.
        Si Corona ang sinungaling sabi nya dati wala sya US accounts sa SC. 
        Ngayon lang umamin gawa ng AMLC report pero sinungaling pa rin sabi nya 2.4 million lang samantalang 3.3 million withdraw nya pagkatapos impeach sa Congress.
        21 ang tamang properties ni Corona sa Manila lang di pa kasama sa US. 7 daw ay sa pinsan nya pero nakapangalan naman sa kanya ang titulo at asawa nya nagbabayad ng tax. Ang iba naman ay sa anak nya na minor pa at walang kakayanan bumili ng bahay.
        Ang cash daw nya dati ay 34 million lang pag-aari pa ng BGEI tapos nilipat sa anak nya ng 28 thousand pesos lang. Ngayon lang sya umamin ng 80 million gawa ng AMLC report.
        Marami na nawalan ng trabaho dahil mali declaration sa SALN at ang 1 natanggal kase di declare ang kanyang sari sari store.

      • hatecorrupt

        hahaha! palagay ko totoo….may mga sources siya….inquirer, abscbn, philstar…pero i double chek mo rin baka nagsisinungaling lang yan kagaya ni nato…lol, lol ….

  • Popskief

    Yes, for GUILTY or No, for ACQUITAL lang ang botohan walang bastusan sabihin pa ni Enrile.  Huwag kayo manilwala kay MAKALINTA umeeksena lang yan. Maliwanag ang sinabi ni Manong Enrile, removal o hindi, walang censure gaya nang panukala nang PRANING na si BRENDA.

  • us_sixtycents

    All I wish for is a Senatorial Election the following day after the verdict.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAMHA43JHH74XLZOLUEAUO2OT4 P G

      Don’t worry the people will remember them next year and in 2016. Other politicians and the media will refresh this Impeachment results in the campaign period.
      Many strong candidates like Brenda, Enrile, Jawo, Tatad, Oreta, Sotto, Osmenia, etc. lost in the 2001 and 2004 elections because they rejected to open the envelope in the Erap impeachment.
      Some politicans never recovered like Tatad, Coseteng, Oreta, Jawo, etc. and became a perennial loser.
      Some like Brenda were able to win again in 2007 because GMA became more corrupt than Erap.
      The Acquittal vote is worse than not opening the envelope in 2001.

      • us_sixtycents

        That’s a very beautiful thing! Thank you Sir/Ma’am.

      • ofwvnpsh

        please repeat the above time and again kabayan so people will not forget. even in other papers do so not only in inquirer but even in tabloids so more people will know.

  • scank


  • BoyPalagitok

    I definitely go for the removal of this CJ turned drama king,but between acquittal and abstaining I’d prefer the former,at least you have the balls to show where you stand but ready to face people’s wrath later.

  • Simplify1

    The supreme court of the philippines always comes out with ponentes that try to prove their mastery of the english language, yet fell short in appreciating the common understanding and meaning of the constitution’s wordings regarding “midnight appointment”…It shall be the irony of ironies therefore that after corona’s conviction tomorrow, the Senate would have proven that their understanding of english is much better than the majority of justices… The Senate shall prove tomorrow that an “asset” is an “asset ” and the same as how the common pinoy understands it to be…. they will also have made a judgement against a full pledge corrupt government official that the supreme court could not have done…. This is a great moment in the history of the Phil that we have begun cleaning the government of corrupt officials… we have by tomorrow established the “proper tone at the top” with regards to how corruption should be dealth with!!

    • hatecorrupt

      the color of the sky is blue…..yan ang sabi ng mga senadors…..pero ang mga supreme court justices sabi nila light violet kasi nasisilaw sila sa pera ehhh sa sikat ng araw pala….lol, lol, lol, BESIDES, the sc justices karamihan ay mga senior citizens na at MAGA MALALABO NA ANG MGA MATA NILA… kaya nahihirapan sila sa pagbasa ng kahit PLAIN ENGLISH …such as ” MIDNIGHT APPOINTMENT ” at nahihirapan din silang mag interpret kung anong ibig sabihin ng midnight appointment…kasi MATATANDA NA SILA AT MAPUROL NA ANG KANILANG MGA UTAK….WHERAS mga senadors karamihan mga bata pa kaya sharp pa yung mga mind nila at malinaw pa ang mga mata nila sa pagbasa ng english…with the exception of MATANDANG JOKER AT MATANDANG BRENDA…HAHAHAHA!

  • ofwvnpsh

    if the senators will not convict then they will be doomed.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FXCIZ3GD4CSNVVIUIVYX6VC4KI Apolinario



    • ningcho

      i just read this news. sabi ni cuevas pag naconvict daw si corona mag appeal sila sa SC. so meaning hindi pa tapos ito. anu ba yan. kapit tuko talaga.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6YOSLK74SEBOC3SNZE6NPPJWM ted

    its just an analysis of one freaking lawyer trying to be in a spotlight. If its true then what kind of senators/judges we have? Many perceives it a slam dunk, a piece of cake to come up with a right decision and now this smartash lawyer say so.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6YOSLK74SEBOC3SNZE6NPPJWM ted

    the scenario of this Macalintal that he sees is pure HOGWASH, but its highly possible if hes referring to Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto, Honasan, Bongnong Marcos, Joker Arroyo, Miriam aka Brenda, Loren Legarda

    • jclarendo

      Hey Tito Sotto if u are one of those probable who might not vote why not just close your Eat Bulaga program. We don’t need you and people all over the world who watch ur program will hate, hate, hate and will hate you forever.

  • rtgrtg

    Fine! Abstain…siguradong ang taong bayan ang magaabstain din sa inyo pag dating ng eleksyon! Kung kayo eh walang byg na bumoto at ipakita ang tunay na nasa saloobin ninyo..ayos lang iyon! We will also ABSTAIN from voting for u pag nangailangan kayo sa amin sa susunod na eleksyon!

    • jclarendo

      Itong mga tinaguriang Senador ay gusto lang padesplay-desplay at tawaging SENADOR. Hey guys this is not the place where u belong. Kayo ang pag-asa ng mga tao kaya do whatever is good for the people. Do you understand what I’m talking about if you have mind to understand?

  • jclarendo

    This senators who abstain instead of casting their votes are the most stupid people. They were their to vote to convict/acquit but rather prepare not to vote. Mga hungkag na tinaguriang senador but they don’t know what to do. This is the time that people are expecting them to vote but rather just keep quiet. So if that is their decision why not just quit and bundle up and go the place where u come from and plant camote so every six months u can harvest you m…..na f….kr.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GLLLMBSX5AMH3KQSHIIRQQYRGM milo go

    Those who abstain will forever be branded as cowards for forsaking a historic proceeding and denying their duty and responsibilities by surrendering their soul to the enemies of democracy

    • marienkind

      We said the same thing to those who refused to open the Jose Pidal envelope. A decade later, everybody’s looking up to 
      Defensor-Santiago, Ponce-Enrile, Honasan and Sotto, proving once and for all that we as a people, suck at sticking to our guns. 

  • scank


  • w4d

    The senator judges where thunderously silent during the proceedings not only because they where pondering about their upcoming decisions, but also dead worried about their hidden dollar accounts. Remember that if they excuse Corona, they excuse themselves.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAMHA43JHH74XLZOLUEAUO2OT4 P G

    Brenda = Dancing Oreta in the Erap impeachment.
    Malapit ng isuka ng tao si Brendamage. Buti na lang tinalo sya ni Ramos.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FXCIZ3GD4CSNVVIUIVYX6VC4KI Apolinario


    • jan lim

       what is happening is now is like a dictatorship, just imagine if you are at the end of the wrath of the lunatic president. just like what is happening to corona, fabricated evidences, and statements.

      • Marx Louis Wang

         Fabricated ba yung magkaroon ka ng 80 million pesos?

      • antilikongdaan

        tama! atsaka umamin na si corona, sa bibig nya mismo nanggaling! kaya yang mga pa-english english nila na yan, pero mga bobo naman.

  • Pedro_Gil

    We do not want to hear any comments from Macalintal who is a well known GMA pawn.  If these senator judges can not decide what is good for  the country and abstain, so be it.  It shows that they do not really deserve to be there in the first place.  After being in the hearing and listening to the witnesses and still they cant decide on what is true and fabricated, what is a Famas act or not, they deserve the wrath of the citizenry.  Now we want to know who really follows the laws of the land.  May God bless us all and and may God punish the wicked, who steals and those who lies.

    • linsanity17

      agree, may punishment be served to those who fabricated all the fake titles (45), $ accounts (82) and $ amounts (12m) just to pin down the perceived enemy of the lunatic president…

      • antilikongdaan

        insanity, diba umamin si Corona? so nasaan ang fabrication dun eh sya mismo nagconfirm na meron sya dollar account at peso account na wala sa SALN. Bulag at bingi kaba?

    • jan lim

       if God punishes the wicked, who steals and those who lies, then it would be a handful for him, every politician would be punished.. is it really good for our country to impeach Corona who is at the end of Pnoy’s wrath? you have been at the hearing, should know that there are no evidence to convict him of anything….

      if Corona is convicted, the next CJ would still seat on the same old corrupt system, thus, repeating the same old story…..

      if you really wants to know who follows the law of the land, then they must accept Corona’s challenge, let them sign the waiver and lets see who is and who’s not.. im pretty sure they themselves have no right to seat on any seats of government………..

      • antilikongdaan

        jan lim said: “if Corona is convicted, the next CJ would still seat on the same old corrupt system, thus, repeating the same old story….. ”

        Sa sinabi mo na yan, ikaw rin naniniwalang corrupt nga si Corona. kung magiging corrupt man yung next CJ let’s just wait and see…ang mahalaga mapatalsik muna yung napatunayang corrupt, tulad ni Corona at ayon narin yun sa sinabi mo.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Abstention will be be look upon by the public as acquittal. Some will vote basing on evidence presented, some will vote basing on political alliance, some will vote basing on personal benefit – received or to be received, some will vote basing on the walkout insult and award winning dramatic acts, and some who never understood what is going on will just copy the majority vote – acquit or convict. But Mirriam hates the prosecution a lot and likes Corona so much to the extent that she will rewrite the constitution so … she should abstain.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If that is the case, if some of these senators will not be able to decide base on the 6 months they wasted saliva and perspiration sitting in the court listening, perorated, bragged and just about things others may have seen useless, then – what was the point of their attendance?  At the very time they are expected by those paying their salaries and perks to act – they shrink from their duty? 

    • jan lim

       because the case presented to them were really not as strong as people may have thought it is.. the evidence presented were illegally obtained and the witnesses statements were hearsays…. how can you convict someone with those evidence…… just imagine it happening to you….

      • antilikongdaan

        umamin na si Corona diba? so yung hearsay na yun, siya mismo nag-confirm…hay bakit kaya may taong pa-english english eh tanga naman.

  • athenapallas

    All that jabberwocks about no extra-constitutional means would not matter when people are seething with disgust and clamoring for our government to get rid of corrupt scumbag officials pretending to be innocent and saying they are leading only simple lives, eating simple food, not using aircondition in the midst of sweltering summer heat in this goddam tropical country, and without a maid to clean their 25 thousand peso barong and shine their beautiful expensive shoes while they are living in swanky multimillion condominiums and frequently travel abroad in first class flights. Yes, Virginia, that is the definition of “simple lives” to them.
    None of it would matter, Virginia. People will clamor and like zombies they will bite and scratch and gnaw and devour the scumbags dressed in fancy barongs and suits. hehehe…

    • w4d

      LOL…if he really lives that lifestyle, he would not have diabetes now….

  • dead_pixel

    Sa dinami dami ba namang articles of impeachment na pinagyayabang ng mga walang kasing kurap na mga prosecutor-congressmen, 3 articles lang ang kinaya nilang ma e presenta. At lahat puro kathang-isip at tsismis lang.
    Dahil alam nilang mga tangang alipin sila ni noyAbnoy!!! 

    Sa dinami dami ba namang witnesses na pinagyayabang ng mga walang kasing kurap na mga prosecutor-congressmen, konti lang ang na i presenta. At lahat mga walang kwenta!Dahil alam nilang mga tangang alipin sila ni noyAbnoy!!! 

    • antilikongdaan

      kathang isip? diba umamin na si Corona?

      • dead_pixel

        Umamin na si CJ na pinagtulong-tulangan siya at ang buong hudikatura sa mapaninla at sabotaheng tuwad na daan ni noyAbnoy!
        Umamin na si CJ kung gaano ka kurap at sakim ang mga kampon ng retarded!
        Umamin na si CJ na isang certified judicial prostitute si immoraless!
        Umamin na si CJ na may dollar accounts siya at hindi dineclare dhil may batas para sa bank secrecy!
        Umamin na si CJ na may peso accounts siya at hindi dineclare dahil co mingled funds iyon ng pamily niya!
        Si noyAbnoy, kailan aamin na badingers siya???

      • antilikongdaan

        Masyado ka namang desperado.

        may batas pra sa bank secrecy at may batas din naman sa SALN para sa mga government officials.

        co-mingled funds? ungas lang maniwala dun..may pinalad ba sya ebidensya? wala..

        at Ok lang kahit bading wag lang kurakot.

      • dead_pixel

        Nabasa mo ba ang mga batas na yan?
        Hindi ibig sabihin na may hawak kang keyboard e marunong kana sa batas! Ungas ka!
        Saan naba ang pinangakong waiver ng retarded noong nangungumpanya pa???
        Hindi lang kurakot ang amo mo, mamatay tao pa!
        Tanungin mo ang mga pinaslang na pamilyang magsasaka ng HLI!
        Bading na, kurap pa, mamamatay tao pa!!!

      • antilikongdaan

        talagang desperado ka nga.

        hindi ka ba nanonood ng impeachment? maliwanag naman ang ‘paliwanag’ dun ah. tama sinabi mo hindi lahat ng may hawak ng keyboard eh marunong na, tulad mo, pra ka lang manok na nangingitlog. putak ng putak.

        kung totoo man ang bintang nyo kay Pnoy eh di maghain din kayo ng impeachment. hindi yung puro kayo putak.

        ang mahalaga ngayon, mapatalsik ang corrupt na si Corona at pra mwala narin yung proteksyon ni Arroyo.

        yung ‘PWEE!!’ mo, balik mo nlng sa mukha mo..desperado.

      • dead_pixel

        Wala kanabang mabigkas kundi desperado???
        Ikaw at ang amo mong retarded ang desperado???

        Matagal nang nag despidida ang katinuan si noyAbnoy!!!
        Post kapa. Reply kapa. Kulang paba ang quota ng posts mo??? Regards nalang ako kay kerendeng. haha!!!
        At sa hunghang na katulad mo —- ang pinaka crisping PWEEEE ang para sa iyo!

      • antilikongdaan

        wala ako bibigkasin maliban sa desperado kasi yung ang nakikita ko sayo.

        ikaw ang wala na sa katinuan kasi desperado kana, huli na kasi yung amo mo.

        saka kung may abnoy ikaw yun, tingnn mo ang mga post mo, parang bata, ngawa ng ngawa.

        hindi ako mag ‘PWE’ sayo kasi baliw lang gumagawa nun.

        ano? eh di balik na nmn sa mukha mo ang ‘PWE’ mo.

  • Luthmar

    Abstention is a cop out.   Renato Corona, himself, admitted owning dollar accounts and peso accounts (does not really matter how many) which he strongly denied, before he took the
    witness stand,  is enough evidence.   Accounts were not declared in his SALN.  No such thing as exemption for “co-mingled account” to be declared in the SALN.  Bank Secrecy Law is for foreign investors protection, not for local crooks in the government.

    • jan lim

       bank secrecy law is for everyone not just for foreigners. co-mingled accounts are not part of the SALN, ive been filing my SALN for so many years and there’s no part there to declare co-mingled accounts. for many years SALN is just a requirement to get compensations, it is only now after the filing of the impeachment against corona, that we made attention to it, before it was just cut and paste document….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DVP4NE2IHZLHNZIQODT3RNGNSM Lawrence

        I was with government for 9 years at hindi “for compliance” and “cut and paste” lang ang SALN namin.

        Siguro kaya nagkakaganito ang gobyerno natin ngayon ay dahil sa pananaw na yan ng mga empleyado ngayon.

      • antilikongdaan

        Tama ka kabayan…kung public official/servant man yang si jan lim dapat tanggalin na yan.

      • antilikongdaan

        kaya nga dapat ayusin na. at magandang example ito.. kung mahatulan ang chief justice mahahatulan din khit sino.. so magdalawang isip na yung gustong mangurakot,  dahil meron ng transparency..ayaw mo ba nun? or malaking kurakot ka rin?

      • Luthmar

        Excuse me, Bank Secrecy Law is for everyone?  Where did you get this idea.  SALN is not “a requirement to get compensations.”  It is to determine if one’s assets (cash or properties) is commensurate with their legal income.

        I am not a govt. official.  My husband and I file and pay taxes, based on what
        we declare.  So, it’s a co-mingled account.  As for Corona, he should have
        declared how much belong to him and to his wife if he wanted to hide their children’s share (kuno).

        Believe me Jan, Corona is a lawyer and the Chief of the SC.   He knows the law.  He just thought he was the Chief Justice, nobody would dare inquire about his   hidden wealth.

  • Ron Miclat

    that’s why they were called senator-judges. they perform the function as judges in this impeachement. how can a judge abstain in a decision? undecided judge? come on, atty. macalintal. how did you arrive at this opinion?

    • johndcross1

      After spending several millions for this proceeding only to abstain?  This is the height of stupidity!  The evidences are there in plain sight — how could they not decide?  Whoever abstain is a marked man or woman!!!

      • jan lim

         what evidence/s are you referring to? i must have been lost, did the impeachment court already accepted the illegally obtained evidence as part of their case or they just marked it as evidence??? did they also accepted the hearsay statements made by the witnesses also part of it, or they are still just part of the statements????? please tell me….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EZS3NGVFPZQKGRAQ46ZVD6FRCY huami2u

        eh sino ba namang magakakaroon ng sound mind, oops sound decision, eh tinapatan nga ng supreme of them all ng hearsays at story telling drama ang hearsay na ebidensya. Magwawala ka nga, este mawawala. Kung hearsay ang evidensya sana nailabas ni cj ang katotohanan. CJ’s supreme failure to present the facts is equivalent to: GET LOST!

      • antilikongdaan

        hindi paba sapat sayo ang pag amin ni Coronakot mo?

  • Aris Kalayaan

    Since it requires two-thirds of all members of the senate to get a conviction, an abstention is an indirect vote for acquittal.  Those who will vote for abstention can’t claim neutrality but it will show their cowardliness to reveal their true identity.

  • johndcross1

    For heaven sake convict that SOB!!   Abstention vote is a NO NO NO!!!

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS

    ABSTENTION (hindi lalahok sa pagboto)

    ANA: “Kapag hindi lumahok (ABSTAIN) sa botohan sa impeachment trial ni CJ si Sen/Judge Brenda Mage ngayong Lunes, ano ang ibig sabihin niyon?”

    LISA: “Ang ibig sabihin n’yon eh NOT GUILTY ang boto niya.”

    CION: “Kung gano’n, tumanggap kaya ng P100-M SUHOL si Brenda galing kay Atty Roy?”


    • jan lim

       what a lame act!!! hindi ba pwedeng mag abstain sya kasi walang real evidence to convict corona???? remember that she was a trial judge before she became a senator, and as such she knows the rules of court. and the evidence they presented were illegally obtained, all the witnesses statements were all hearsays, how can you convict someone with those evidence????

    • frudo

       sayang lang ang pork barrel na tinatangap nyo mula sa buwis ng taong bayan na hindi nga namin alam kung saan saan nyo ginagastos tapos di pa kayo lalahok sa pagboto!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIWJUWUPNGG3URJHWGMI5ZCX7Q Aj

    lapid and revilla will do this…they both clearly not involved in this drama or chose not to be involve to play it safe…it is disheartening to see 2 “senators” that were elected dahil pogi lang and nothing else. over 4 months and wala man lang tanong na may saysay???

    • jan lim

       mas maganda pa nga yung ginawa nila kesa maging part ng isang moro-moro na trial…. they kept on saying that the impeachment is a quasi-judicial and quasi-political, but it is clinging towards political process, wala ng quasi. hehehe

    • Marx Louis Wang


    • ApolMakulot

      Huwag muna nating husgahan sina Honorable Senator-Judge Lapid at Honorable Senator Judge Revilla. Naniniwala ako na MAS may konsensya silang dalawa at naniniwalang GUILTY si Corona kumpara kina Miriam at Joker.

  • Carlito Jimenez

    ang kulet. eh di abstention pareho lang sa not guilty.

    napupuna ko lang, this is the second attempt to give senator-judges a way out of not convicting corona while at the same time protecting the senator voting for acquittal from public backlash. the first attempt was done by the shameless miriam santiago when she said that they can vote guilty but punishment is NOT removal from office. 

    so ngayon apat na ang option:

    1. guilty and remove from office.
    2. guilty but let him stay in office.
    3. abstain, which is the same as acquit.
    4. acquit

    ginagago na talaga tayo ng mga abogado.

    • joshua kings

      wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa, carlito…
      sa bansa natin, ang pinoy dapat ang amo at hindi alipin;
       kaya, ipaglaban natin ang ating karapatan sa pamamagitan ng pagboto
       sa mga kandidato ng mabuti at
       iwaksi yung mga suwail at kalaban ng mga tao…

  • Marx Louis Wang


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EZS3NGVFPZQKGRAQ46ZVD6FRCY huami2u

    To abstain is also equivalent to saving their own *ss. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EZS3NGVFPZQKGRAQ46ZVD6FRCY huami2u

    eh sino ba namang magakakaroon ng sound mind, oops sound decision, eh tinapatan nga ng supreme of them all ng hearsays at story telling drama ang hearsay na ebidensya. Magwawala ka nga, este mawawala. Kung hearsay ang evidensya sana nailabas ni cj ang katotohanan sa ngalan ng public trust. CJ’s supreme failure to present the facts is equivalent to: GET LOST!

  • Alfred Robinson Pascasio

    Yong mga senador na boboto ng abstain e wag na silang iboto muli sa senado.  Kung sa ganitong isyu man din lang ay hindi na makapagdesisyon, paano pa kaya sa mga ibang mas mahahalagang usapin.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TVUT7G6UCDC5DCL3XXFNCOAV6U Montse

      Playing safe of course. kung boboto for the acquittal ng harapharapan, iba ang dating noon. gaya ni Farinas, di pumirma safe na safe sya ngaun manalo matalo sila basta safe sya.

  • virgoyap

     Yung mga senator-judges na hindi bumoboto ay duwag. That means they are afraid of the people’s ire. They are conscious that they are being watched by millions of possible voters. Watch out senator-judges!!!

  • butilngbayan

    I rather not believe this lawyer of corrupt GMA.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5BXQPQHMKTOFR5SGW3PE5JFV5U Florita

    If some of our senators can’t make a decision on Corona’s case tomorrow, the Filipino people will make the decision for them come 2013 and 2016 election. Good luck! 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TVUT7G6UCDC5DCL3XXFNCOAV6U Montse

      acquittal or conviction are the same. It was only a waste of millions. 

  • blunderact

    This is the most stuupid thing that a senator will do.

  • Leonardof

    It is plain and simple that an abstenttion favors corona, It reduces the chance of getting the 17 votes necessary to convict corona.

    It simply does not look good or is not acceptable to the public that a senator judge  abstains or absents himself to avoid the voting. To abstain or deliberately avoid the voting is tantamount to a derelection of duty. It means also the lack of understanding and appreciation of the evidencies, testimonies and argumentations of the prosecutors and defense teams.

    It is doubtless that every senator judge knows that the attention of the Filipino will be intensely focus on the voting. Surely too, each of the senator judge is aware that It is at this time that the people will create in their mind the best and the worst picture of each of them based on the vote.

    It is bad for Macalintal to justify the abstention from or absence in  the voting for the verdict in the impeachment of corona. It seems as an encouragement to the senator judges to avoid voting in order that the 17 votes needed to impeach corona will not be attained.    .. 
    Let us hope that it is PATROITISM that will be the guiding light to the senator judges in casting the votes to convict corona.

  • WAJ

    Senator Judge must vote “guilty or not guilty” for the verdict. I think there’s no abstention vote in impeachment trial…   

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NKMLL6HD6WUINN5XQWNKKQDFEA Edwin Edwin

      nagpapapansin lang yang alipores ni GMA kaya kung ano-anong scenario ang pumapasok sa utak….

      • joshua kings

        kulang nga sa pansin yan pero ang tunay na dahilan niya ay dahil inutusan siya ni gloria at mike an sabihi yang opinyong niyang yan….ito ay bilang bayad nya kina gloria at mike sa mga ibinigay sa kanya nung nakaupo pa si gloria at marahil magpahangga ngayon nasa retainer pa…nagtataka ng aako kung bakit wala siya sa defense team ni corona…siguro di bilib si corona sa kanya o kaya natatakot at baka ibenta siya, hehe…

  • ApolMakulot

    Dumaleh naman areng si Mac… magtigil ka nga, halata naman ng maca-GMA ka at siyempre natural lamang na maca-Corona ka rin. Kaya lamang ay nakaka-walang bilib ka, talaga gang naniniwala ka na hindi guilty ang kababayan mo? Susmaryosep naman!

  • noypisiTED

    We’re being entertained again by an Arroyo clown weaving tall tales that
    only they (Arroyos and ilk) believe. Tomorrow’s voting in the
    impeachment trial rarely happens for the senators to waste it by casting
    a vote of “abstention”. Contrary to this Arroyo canine-lawyer’s belief I
    strongly sees an overwhelming vote for conviction – might be at least
    18 votes to convict the Chief cook errr…justice, definitely more than
    the anticipated 16 votes. This is precedent-setting national event and
    the senator-judges are not about to waste this golden opportunity. As I
    keep repeating, to the Promethean senator-judges: Corona ain’t fit
    anymore, that’s it’s time to convict!!!

  • lime7192

    this is an afterthought on the part of macalintal in case a senator-judge abstain. how could an abstention be interpreted as a “not-guilty” vote when the senator-judge could not render judgement with certainty whether the CJ is guilty or not?  I believe abstention should not form part of the total votes cast hence the two-third votes to convict or not to convict the CJ should only comprise of the actual “guilty” or “not guilty votes”. 

    • joshua kings

      because the evidence presented and the testimonies of witnesses have proven so; as against the mere opening statement of corona, who did not even present any documentary evidence to disprove the prosecution’s charges…any human being worth his salt knows that corona is guilty as charged….he leid by not disclosing in his SALN at least $2.4 million dollars in bank deposits and P80 million in peso deposits, as he himself admitted in court…not to mention those real properties which he did not include in his SALN…ano pa bang gusto mo?   kung di mo pa naintindihan na ang abstention ay boto para not guilty si corona,pakinggan mo ito:  kailangna ng 16 votes para ma-convict si corona at 6 lang para ma-acquit….ngayon, may mga 6-8 na siguradong boboto not guilty pero para makasiguro nga, may a-abstain para di sila maipit art walang masabi ang kanilang mga patron, supporters at mag-iwan ng duda sa mga taong walang total na unawa sa isyung ito…so kung maraming abstention, walang maiiwan para sa 16 na kailangan para makonbik si corona… getzmo?!

  • joshua kings

    a no plea in  a court of law is a not guilty plea.

    in the same way, an abstention is a ‘not guilty’ vote. 
    an abstention is a vote in favor of corona
    an abstention is a vote for gloria arroyo;
    an abstention is a vote for corruption;
    an abstention is cowardly;
    an abstention is dereliction of duty;
    an abstention is obstruction of justice;
    an abstention is a travesty;
    an abstention is a big slap in the face of all filipinos,

  • antonioluna

    macalinta=brenda, parehas ang frequency ng utak ng dalawa hehehe

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J5DAKNYRBWX2R237DLWTHK2EFM Jonathan

    This is the problem of impeachment, they decide on their instinct, papaano na kung walang instinct ang mag dedecide? or nabayaran or takot sa administration…kaya hindi ako agree sa impeachment process na ang tatayo ay senado, dapat SC ang tatayong impeachment court para batas natin ang umiiral at pag uusapan then yung may butas ang batas, dapat baguhin agad para hindi na gawin issue, ang dami nila sinasabi, kasyo nasa batas, since may butas ang batas, edi acquit nila then change nila ang batas para hindi na maulit…

    • frudo

       may punto ka kaso di sila gagawa ng batas ng walang butas para lahat kaya nila malusutan para pangalagaan ang mga sarisarili nilang interest or kayamanan, pag walang nangyari sa impeacment na yan it means lang walang silbi ang mga senador at puro papogi lang ginagwa nila. kaya sana mabago na system natin. maging parliament nalang tayo kasi maliit lang naman bansa natin at ang dami nating pinasusuwelduhan na wala nmang silbi ang karamihan, ilan kaso na ba ba ang dinala sa senado ang tanong may nangyari ba?

    • MannyKingfisher

      Kung ikaw ay may magnanakaw na bisita sa pamamahay mo at lahat ng kapitbahay mo ay nagpahayag na ang bisita mo ay magnanakaw payagan mo pa ring mamalagi sa pamamahay mo?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IS6KI2U7EDZS6D2Q7MZ3Z6CAME Lila


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QEIL7YNUOYUCFYSBTTQEEEFLBQ Momoy

      Agree wholeheartedly. Voters, any one of these senators abstaining should no longer be voted back to the Senate. Lila was right; we should not allow those senators without balls to run away from their responsibility.

  • Johnby

    Common sense and fairness dictate that the votes of senators who abstain should not be considered like a vote for acquittal nor like a vote for conviction. If it is considered like a vote for acquittal, then those senators bent on voting for acquittal but fear the wrath of the people will just abstain – meaning they can eat their cake (keep their bribes) – and eat it too.

    The fair way to handle this is to subtract the abstention vote from the number of total senators and then from the remainder, the yes votes for conviction are counted to see if they amount to 2/3 of the remaining total.

    Example. There are 23 Senators. Three abstains. Three is subtracted from 23 and what is left is 20. The number of yes votes are counted. If they comprise 2/3 of20, then we have a conviction. If not, then no conviction.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IE6OU4ODQIVS6F5HKL6QPTTDNI RonnieV

      This would go against the constitution and the impeachment rules which requires 2/3 of the total number of senators. This is not just by a simple majority it should be 2/3 of the total number of senator judges.

  • erick_1972

       It really boils down to one, interest. It may be the people interest but it is more of personal interest. Why vote yes or no when you loose a million on the other side and a thousands on the opposite side? Where in next year’s election, every vote counts. Thus interest come  to terms. He or she may run in the elections but for those who are not ,their replacements might or could be affected. It is election time already. Already so called infomercials coming out. It is and  will be always about the money.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBVT7BRVFRJHALTUBDQWJ2RC4Y elviraa

    Ang  Senator  na  mag a abstain  ay  walang  silbi  at  walang  kwenta.

  • nolibalasi

    for those who would abstain, they are not worthy of their position. wala silang “bayag” at hindi dapat mag represent sa taong bayan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CTVYVTFG5A7L54C4Q6WYG3PU6U Alex

    Abstention is an acquittal vote by cowards and whose loyalty is to themselves, and not to the people who voted for them.  Many of them are so beholden to the INC block voting which is only 5.5% of the voting population.  They forget the 94.5% is a lot bigger share of votes!  Even a 3rd grader would know. The swing votes here are those running for reelection this year.  The Cayetano siblings have their strategy. One will vote of acquittal and the other conviction.  You both insult the intelligence of the Filipinos…Voting is not a strategy, it should be a vote of conscience.  Should this happen, we, the FIlipinos will vote both of you out of office.  Then we have the acquittal block of Miriam, Bongbong and Joker, they’re totally devoid of any conscience. The Enrile group will vote as a block.  I just hope that JPE will vote according to his conscience. Of course, there are 5 senators who will vote for conviction….we will all remember you during election because they are good in math. They know that 94.5% is larger than the 5.5%. Most of all, you listen to Juan dela Cruz.  There’s only one prayer we can give the senator judges, “that they will have the fear of the Lord in their hearts when they decide because they will side with truth, justice and desire to clean the government institutions”.

  • joshua kings

    “vox populi, vox Dei.”   in english, the voice of the people is the voice of God.
    majority of the people have expressed their voices that corona is guilty as charged and should be convicted….all of the survey firms have confirmed this; all major dailies show blogs also to that effect….it would be foolhardy to acquit corona…those who will vote to that are going to incur the ire not only of the people but the heavens above……
    to our dear senators, here is your chance to redeem yourselves before the people…..vote according to your conscience, heeding what the people your constituents are saying, voicing out…..C O N V I C T,  corona! 

  • joshua kings

    how the senators will vote:
    1. angara, trillanes, osmena, drilon, pangilinan, guingona, pimentel (for conviction);
    2. joker, bongbong, santiago, revilla (for acquitaal);
    3. honasan, sotto (kung ano ang boto ni enrile);
    4. cayetano, cayetano (kung ano ang boto ni villar);
    5. jinggoy, lapid, recto, escudero, legarda maglalaro yan pero malamang ang bia dyan ay abstention ang kaunti naman ay for acquittal kasi ang kanilang loyalty wala sa taongbayan kundi sa sarili lang nilang kapakanan);
    6. si lapid baka bumaligtad at for conviction siya kung tingin niya maiipit ang asawa niya sa kaso ng huli na dollar smuggling sa las vegas; he needs the help of DFA);
    7. si loren naman ay baka gayahin na lang boto ni angara, hehe, kasi bff daw sila eh…
    8. si brenda kung wala sa sarili ay baka bumoto for convcition, hehe…at because of that baka ma-nullify yung conviction at ma-declare na mistrial, hehe..for reason of insanity….lol.
    9. so bongbong, dahil marami silang secret dollar deposit accounts na galing sa (alam ninyo na…) kaya ayaw niyang magka=precedent pag na-convict si corona; getz inyo?  bilyon-bilyon ang sa kanila); eh papano presidential ambition niya? saka na muna yan; alam ni bongbong na madaling makalimot ang pinoy at pwedeng tapalan ng datung ang karamihan;
    10.  si enrile? 50=50 dyan: gusto na niyang mag-retire kaya ang anak niyang si jackie ang ilalagay niyang kapalit sa senado; so for acquittal; pero, binastos siya ni corona ng biglang lumayas sa court hearing without enrile’s say-so…kaya for conviction;;;;

    ang sigurado ako ay: ayaw ng taongbayan kay corona!   at dapat sila ang masunod dahil sila ang stakeholders sa kasong ito…

    • MannyKingfisher

      Acquital of Corona is a betrayal of the Pilipino pple in the highest degree.

    • magsasakasanayon

      dead wrong.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIVQVBSCNGHH7WFUN2WJJIXQTQ Millani


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    abstention is tantamount to an acquittal vote. In short those who abstain don’t have the guts and balls to decide the case. Its would be just a waste of time and resources yon pagdalo ng magaabstain nagtugatuga pa mandin  at umako ng trabaho ng huwes, ayaw din palang magdesisyon. 

  • Juan D. L. Cruz

    Senators who will abstain are answerable to the voting public. The Filipino people are expecting these 23 individuals to show leadership and prove themselves worthy of occupying their seats. Otherwise, they should clear out of their position and let others who have the guts and wisdom render a judgement, whatever it may be (conviction or acquittal). Abstention, while it may be allowed, is not what our country needs. Stand up and be heard instead of sitting on the fence!

    We need leaders NOT bench warmers.

  • dokiX

    another impeachment proceeding is gaining ground in the house of representative this time on another justice my god guys if the romans before had gladiatorial tournament to masked the real issues now we have impeachment trial. pwede ba pagkatapos nito pahinga naman tayo mga pinoy!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CTVYVTFG5A7L54C4Q6WYG3PU6U Alex

      Whether you like it or not, cleaning is a dirty and tedious job, but the rewards are great!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CTVYVTFG5A7L54C4Q6WYG3PU6U Alex

    The Senators who will abstain or vote for acquittal are allowing the Arroyo Curse to enter their lives like her husband, her children, Bolante, Reyes, Garcia, Garci, Mendoza, Ampatuan, Abalos, Corona and more to follow. This is a defining moment and it is a clear cut case of betrayal of public trust.  It’s your life and legacy that you are toying with. People will remember you.  The INC is only 5.4% of the votes, the 94.5% is a lot larger.  No amount of bribe money can alter the Arroyo Curse!  Time to come clean with courage, dignity, truth and justice.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    I am calling on all patriotic Filipinos: 1st to boycott all chinese products, 2nd not to vote and also campaign against the re-election of any senator-judge who will either abstain or vote for acquittal of the Thief Justice!!

  • donvitoandolini

    Tuturuan mo pang maging malasado ang mga senador. Tiradang kabaklaan yang abstention. 

  • kawatancila

    mga nag acquit kay corona … tandaan natin sa election…

    kita ng 20 na senator… d nila makita….. lahat ng assets … dollar o anuman na Foreign currency ay dapat e declare… kundi … walang kwenta ang AMLC … pag ganyan… 
    nakaw na pera sa kaban ng bayan ..ipalit lang sa dollar …libre na…
    tila… ata … me ..pakana neto mga corrupt din na politico….

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