Not so fast; issues still to be settled, Basas say



The exchange of hugs and kisses between the Basas and the Coronas at the Senate last Friday was “just the first step in a long journey of healing and reconciliation.”

In a statement they issued on Saturday, Carmen, Ana, Isabel, Francesca and Eric Basa said there were issues concerning their family that still needed to be resolved, even as they try to heal the rift that has divided them for three decades.

“There are still fundamental differences that have to be addressed, including the damaging statements, falsehoods and accusations against our family, the probate of our Lola Charing (Rosario Basa), court convictions, BGEI stock and financial issues, and, most especially, clearing the tarnished good name of our father, Jose Maria Basa III. The truth must be made evident,” they said.

“This will be a long journey of healing and reconciliation. It will take time and it may be a painful process for all involved in light of the 30 years of pain preceding it,” the Basa siblings said in their statement.

The Basas are embroiled in a protracted legal battle with their cousin, Cristina Corona, over the Basa family’s properties. The dispute between the cousins was dragged into Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial when he said that money in one of the bank accounts in his name belonged to Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc. (BGEI).

Peace in the family

The Basas, who reside in the United States, flew in for Corona’s appearance at the trial on Tuesday, and were sitting in the gallery when the magistrate said it was their father, Jose Maria Basa III, who had oppressed Cristina’s mother and her family, and described Basa III as a “spoiled brat” who had never worked in his life.

The Basa siblings said this was not true, that their father was a farmer who provided for his children. But they also wished for the family’s troubles to be over, they said.

In their statement, the Basas said they were happy over the positive turn of events in their family.

“We are happy that our pursuit for peace within our family is finally becoming a reality. As we have said in past interviews, this has been a long struggle for us,” they said.

They said they were glad that their aunt Sister Flory Basa’s message was well received by the Coronas.

“We are grateful to the Lord that He has touched their hearts and appreciate the initiative they displayed at the Senate impeachment court last Friday to mend our broken relationship,” they said.

Leaving it to the Senate

As for the impeachment trial, the Basas are leaving it in the hands of the Senate. They hope the country will find peace and would be successful in its quest for true justice, they said.

“We fully support the efforts in the search for the truth. The impeachment is in the hands of the senator-judges. Ultimately, the determination as to whether or not Chief Justice Renato Corona is fit to remain in office must be made based on the evidence presented in court and what is best for the country and the good of the people,” they said.

As Corona sat on the witness stand during a break in the hearing last Friday, his wife approached and tearfully embraced her estranged cousins in the VIP gallery behind him, ending decades of bitter fighting over the family-owned BGEI. Cristina’s children, Francis and Carla, followed suit.

The Basa siblings then went over to the Chief Justice and exchanged hugs with him as well.

Bearing on verdict

The dramatic reconciliation between Cristina Corona and her long-estranged cousins at the impeachment court last Friday will inevitably have a bearing on the verdict in the case of the Chief Justice, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said.

“Definitely it will tug at the heartstrings of every sentimental Filipino. The masa (masses) like tons of tears leading to a happy ending. After all those waterworks, the public might not become comfortable with an unhappy ending,” Santiago said in a phone interview.

It is not entirely far-fetched that politicians seeking reelection in May 2013 will take advantage of this, she said.

“Politicians are first and foremost political animals. The first instinct is to survive, and the survival instinct is strongest among politicians when an election is approaching. The reconciliation tableau that we all saw on TV, which affected millions of voters, will surely affect those who plan to run for office,” she said.

Her Senate colleagues, Senators Gregorio Honasan II and Aquilino Pimentel III, maintained, however, that the reconciliation would not impact on the outcome of the trial. It was a happy ending for the Coronas, that’s all, they said.

“At the end of the day, it will be God, country and family. Whatever the verdict will be, it has already ended on a happy note for Corona,” Honasan said.

Pimentel agreed: “I’m very happy for them. In a time of crisis, they realized that family is very important.”

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  • Tom

    Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is really an expert at playing expert in all areas; now she’s saying the Basa-Corona reconciliation will have a bearing on the verdict of the impeachment trial.

    Your Honor, with due respect, the Filipino people can no longer be fooled any longer. The “supposed” family reconciliation belongs only in the “telenovela” genre. Spare us the dramatics, Madam Senator.  Mali po kayo. Nakikita po naming mga simpleng tao ang PAGKAKAMALI ni CJ Corona, HINDI PO NIYA IDENEKLARA ang 2.4 milyong dolyar at 80 milyong piso sa SALN niya.

    I laud the statements of  Pimentel and Honasa who categorically said that the Basa-Corona reconciliation will not affect their decision.

    The decision which will make the majority of the Filipino happy is the CONVICTION of the guilty.

    • yaptangcom

       Just consider the source.

    • EnriqueV

      Another Yellow Fever infectee who cannot even be happy for a family that has reconciled after a feud of 3 decades. 

      • cane-juice

         Any intelligent adult could see through the farce of that ‘reconciliation’.
        The timing was just too perfect.
        So with the timing of that ‘feeling sick, again’…, & the subsequent withdrawal.

        Now, ‘miracles of all miracles’, the chief justice is recovering nicely and is now, doing a ‘pow-wow’ with his legal hench-persons.

      • Mickey

        Another Renato lover. Forget the crime because the family already hugged. What has that got to do with Renato NOT declaring his Asset?

      • Let’s go, Bob!

        Another Midas Impersonator.

      • filipinaskoh

        The reconciliation is great but the motive of Cristina is quite devilish in nature.

    • juantamadnatamad

      I am happy with the reconciliation of the two families but it is not for the Basa’s to forgive Corona for the crimes he committed and senator santiago should know this.

  • Martin

    What matters most is for the two family sides to patch up and reconcile.  The rest is very easy.  Malacanang and the Prosecution did not expect the reconciliation.  They regret it happened at this time when Corona is being demonized. 

    • yaptangcom

      Spoken like a true, blue and tattooed member of the ‘bleeding heart’s club’. LMFAO!!

    • Daang_tuwid3

      ha ha ha, kasama ba si sister flory? hindeeeeeeee! sabihin mo kay senorito renato, puntahan bukas at picture picture .. pag di nahati 34 MIllion, gyera ulit yan :-)

      • nes

        Bakit hati? Di ba 91 percent yung stocks na inagaw nila at binayaran lang ng 27,000? Ibalik ng 27k at ibigay ang 91% ng 34M!!! Yang pagbabatian kaplastikan lang yan para magamit ang impeachment sa pagsettle nila. May kanya-kanya silang purpose.

    • filipinaskoh

      Truth will always come out- Truth cannot be suppressed.
      The truth about the “reconciliation” will somehow REVEAL itself.

      • EnriqueV

        At ano kaya ang gagawin mo pag na acquit si CJ?

      • Martin

        Magku-quit ako sa trabaho.

      • EnriqueV

        Suggestion ko lang: Paki draft mo na ang resignation letter mo bukas. 


    hahahaha…drama na naman…….pag natalo or manalo si corona, pustahan tayo galit-galit ulit ang mga iyan………hahahahahahahahahaha


    brenda ang saya.brenda ang ligaya………hahahahaha……….brenda del santiago hahahahaha

  • joerizal

    INQUIRER – Can we get back to the real issue? You should leave these stories to the tabloids.
    Btw, whatever happened to the spat with China?

  • neil

    this goes to show how the supposedly learned lady senator decides on cases of national import. also gives us a peek on her MO in attempting to influence other senator judges.

    • EnriqueV

      And the other senators are not trying to influence their colleagues? You must be the most naive person in the country. At least Miriam does it without any pretenses. Tupas, ikaw ba yan?

      • tagalinis

         Cuevas, ikaw ba yan?

      • Mickey

        Si Atty Roy yan.

  • filipinaskoh

    Don’t make a fool out of us Santiago, the Reconciliation “bearing” to the whole nation! Not much.
    Remember it was done in front of national TV. The timing is quite questionable ( What a perfect timing)! doubt lingers in every mind.

    Is their a genuine reconciliation? Did Cristina swallows her 30 years of LOFTY pride or just an act of drama that later on she will simply forget that such occasion exist, once its purpose was served -To bring humility to his arrogant husband.

    Is there a genuine acceptance on the part of the Basas? Seeing them fuming mad 3 days before the reconciliation and all of a sudden it was completed with picture posing complete with hugs, tears and kisses? Or there was a financial NEGOTIATION that took place that soften their anger.

    You cannot simply fool Filipinos- are no longer fool- they may love dramas but we are not as fool as you are. 
    DOUBTS always linger on the purpose and aim of the reconciliation considering the “perfect Timing” and was broadcast live nationwide.

  • ALONZO15

    Langhiya na comments ni Santiago..HAHAHA…Di na lang sinabi na ang vote niya for acquittal. Ang nakakatawa lalo nito pag botohan na at pag nakikita niya na na-nananalo na ang for impeachment (alphabetically sila boboto) baka biglang mag-iba ang ihip ng hangin sa utak niya at boboto para tanggalin si Corona. Sabagay di na dapat tayo magulat that’s why she is called BRENDA.

  • cane-juice

    A cheetah doesn’t change its spots.
    Neither does a gecko change its spots.
    So much so, will a snake not change its markings.

  • jgl414567

    We still believe Corona is not only unfit but is so corrupt and should be jailed to warn all corrupt politicians that they will be next and we mean it!!

  • padrefaura

    i cant wait to see what INQUIRER’s headline would be if Corona is acquitted. 

  • Freddie73

    Expect a vote of acquittal from the incoming judge of the ICC!

    • jclarendo

      Judge ng ICC pwe at pwe tignan mo lang kung mag-usap bibig parang witpu ng bawkala tao roon mga magaganda at siya lang ang ngitpa  baka umuwi siya ng wala sa panahon dahil walang papansin sa kanya roon sa Netherland.

  • Glorindo


  • Benjamin

    Possible pro-Corona senators-judges are Miriam, Joker, Bongbong and Villar.  These people should wake up and feel the pulse of the people.

    • Martin

      The swing vote would be Enrile and his group.  His group is composed of Honasan, Jinggoy and Sotto.

    • EnriqueV

      Feel the pulse of the Inquirer readers ba kamo?

      • Mickey

        May problema ka ba sa opinion namin?

      • Martin

        Inquirer has no pulse but purse.

  • cane-juice

     “Politicians are first and foremost political animals. The first
    instinct is to survive, and the survival instinct is strongest among
    politicians when an election is approaching.”
    Was the ‘lady’ senator from Iloilo describing herself when she said this…?
    Was the ‘reconciliation drama’ choreographed &/or suggested by her…?

    It IS the CHEAPEST FORM of tactic that some of our highest political officials could think of…,
    in order to sway a court decision in their favor

  • noel

    grabe naman magsalita si sen. santiago sa mga kapwa nya reelectionist……………..nakakatakot……..

  • Political Jaywalker

    Indeed the Basa’s showed more class than the thug cry baby Renato Corona. One does not have to be adversary to resolve conflicting interest, after all blood is thicker than water. Its only money so they say and it can be earned especially if one is a whiz kid like Corona who started currency trading as a little boy of 10, hehehe.

    The Basa’s who was maligned, abused, and oppressed by the Corona’s showed civility and while there are still issues to be resolved it will be easier if it is done in all civility.

    This is a side issue and must not affect whatsoever the senate verdict as their long standing family feud  has nothing to do with the impeachment case.

  • Sarkasmos

    Hay Brenda punta ka na sa ICC, Netherlands. Below sealevel doon. Baka maging sirena ka. Half-fish at half-whatever. Dyesebel with a twist. Imbes na lower part ang isda, yung ulo at upper part ang isda. Mukhang bisugo ka naman so hindi na kailangan ng matinding costume change. Bagay ka namang Dyesebel kasi “Dyesebel” sounds like “Just a bell”. Ikaw yon Brenda, just a bell. Kaya tililing nang tililing!!!

    • edwin

      pre, muntik na akng mahulog sa kina uupoan ko ah….bisugo….lol

      • jclarendo

        Padre dihin naman mukhang bisogo, kundi mukhang bisayang talakitok toits si Mariah Brenda Santigago buti na lang nagustuhan pa siya ng kanyang waswas na wala ng mapilian kasi lingdo pala siya.

    • Martin

      In fairness to Brenda, most of her arguments are based on laws.  Unlike other senators who don’t have any legal background but they like to yack. 

      • AllaMo

        Yeah, right. Based on law, as in law-ka law-ka.

      • Martin

        You didn’t get it.  I meant mukhang lawsiyang si Brenda.

      • AllaMo

        You’re right, my bad.

      • KapitanBagwis

         Yep as in lawkalawka, di ba?

    • filipinaskoh

      hahaha! syokoy ang kahihinatnan- babaeng syokoy!

  • Leonardof

    Brenda is trying hard to condition the mind of the public. She is portraying the reconciliation of the Basas with the Coronas a helpul event to boost the acquittal of Corona. A clear propaganda, but a 
    blatant insult to the Filipinos who she condescendingly look upon to be so inferior in intelligence compared to her.

    She has not stopped from unabashly exposing her pro-Corona stand, deliberately disregarding the ethical standards set for judges, particularly that does not allow personal bias in rendering judgment. What she has done and is doing in the impeachment court indeed proved her mental disorder.  

  • asarin

    brenda, kukurutin ko na talaga ng pagkapinong pino ang iyong singit! hindi ka na talaga natuto. sabagay, brenda ka nga!

  • asarin

    ewan ko… pero karapat dapat bang maging judge ng ICC si brenda kung ganyan syang humawak ng kaso? sana minomonitor sya ng ICC para tanggalin na sya, bago pa man sya mag-umpisa…

  • Guest

    The dramatic reconciliation between Cristina Corona and her long-estranged cousins at the impeachment court last Friday will inevitably have a bearing on the verdict in the case of the Chief Justice, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said.

    There is no hope for this kind of judge.

    • ylem

      stupid judge. nagkakalat si brenda

  • aim_up

    Sen. Mirian Santiago sold her soul a looooong time ago to her friend Gloria Arroyo.  Hanggang ngayon lapdog pa rin.

    • doublecross

       abay dapat nang di iboto si miriam dhl may topak pala sA ULO…

  • farmerpo

     The dramatic reconciliation between Cristina Corona and her
    long-estranged cousins at the impeachment court last Friday will
    inevitably have a bearing on the verdict in the case of the Chief
    Justice, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said.

    Heto na. Acquit si Cheap Justice. Nag kiss and make up na sa sinipasipa nya.,sa taong bayan, sa mga Basa, at kanino mang ibang na agrabyabo. Ganoon lang ET?? Muaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    All politicking aside, the Basas shone. Exceptional candor, humanity and magnanimity. Pinas, heto ang mga ipinagmamalaki.     

  • diegogo

    who approached who? Tama! Si Cristina ang pumunta sa mga Basa para kunwari makipagbati. Mga igan….part of the Act lang yan. Para sa mga kamera. Kung tayo ang mga Basa, ano gagawin natin…nandyan yung isa gusto kang yakapin? Alangan namang isnabin o sabunutan kahit na sa isip mo gustong-gusto mong sungalngalin. Sa kaunting oras o limitado nating kaalaman sa mga pagkatao ng mga Basa, masisilip natin na ang character nila ay hindi matatapakan, mukhang pinalaki silang may takot sa Dyos at paggalang sa iba. Kaya natural lamang yung kanilang reaksyon na maging emosyonal na parang nabunutan ng tinik sa galak. Mukhang wagas sa kanila ang nangyari. Unexpected yun. But that couldn’t be said of Cristina Corona. She was the one that approached the Basas. One couldn’t be faulted for asking why in front of the cameras? Why there and then? Was it an spontaneous act or was it premeditated? Like they say: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…………..especially if it’s not a Greek but a Corona bwahahahaha

  • AllaMo

    The only string I’d love to tug will be one around the neck of a certain brenda, that has, time and again, proven to be morally damaged, too. 

  • MangDolphy

     Nakakadismaya talaga ito si Miriam. Di kaya nya naisip kung bakit nagawa ni Cristina na lunukin ang kanyang pride in desperation? A desperate move for a desperate situation? Pati nga si Renato kinain din ang iniluwa nya the day before, di ba? Pati timing ang galing! Mukhang may usapan na previously. Parang di naman nagulat ang mga Basa siblings sa ginawa ni Cristina. Di kaya may usapan na bago ginawa ang eksena? Nakakapagduda kasi eh. Yon ba’ng tatlumpong taon na pangaapi, paghihirap, sama ng loob at insulto na dinanas mo, mabubura sa isang beso-beso lang? Ito akin lang. Duda talaga ako sa nangyaring eksena.

  • Marcela

    puna ko lang, kung nagsasalita si senator santiago nagkaka ngiwi-ngiwi ang bibig. sana matuluyan na para hindi na siya makapagsalita ng masama at manlait ng kapuwa. this woman doesn’t have manners! sooo arrogant!

    • john

      pasensya na kay manang miriam, bu-ang na abi siya. o halug ang turnelyo sa utok nya!!!

  • John

    “Definitely it will tug at the heartstrings of every sentimental Filipino. The masa (masses) like tons of tears leading to a happy ending. After all those waterworks, the public might not become comfortable with an unhappy ending,” Santiago said in a phone interview.

    the unhappy ending being an acquittal. stop hallucinating miriam.

  • saintleonardo

    As I advised the Basas earlier, you have to collect your money and with high interest immediately. The little fake president is the one who is going to pay you. The thief justice is only her puppet like Brenda, Joker and others. For Basas safety get your money and immediately fly out of the country. As you can see Brenda is threatening the senatorial candidates for 2013 to vote for acquittal of thief justice or loose the election. She is really out of reality. You were only used for thief justice propaganda. Brenda and the thief justice should be sent to mental hospital were they belong. Whether the thief justice will be impeached or acquitted your lives will be in danger.

  • Barak_O

    ang impeachment trial ay nag expose sa kalidad ng utak ni thief midnight

    pilitin nyo man, yon lang talaga ang kaya ni thief midnight

    kahit nagsinungaling bobo pa rin ang sinungaling

    samantala, lumabas din na si miriam ay bobo din pala

    kung yong nagyakapan at nag iyakan nakakaapekto pala sa desisyon sa trial

    e di magtawag na lang si thief midnight ng nationwide crying sa kanyang mga bayarang prepaid poster na mga wlang kwenta magpost

    isipin nyo sabay sabay sila iiyak sa wednesday, pangunahan ni thief midnight at pati lahat ng mga incomplete grades (kasi pag di umiyak, may fines) andami sigurong luga at kulangot magtalsikan dyan sa senado kaya not guilty nalang ang mangyari

    pero si miriam bobo pala

  • gisingyu





    • Hannah Blake

      Pare, redundant na ata sinabi mo sa may bandang huli ng comment mo? Brenda na may tama sa utak. Di ba kapag brenda, may tama sa utak? hehehe nagpapatawa lang po.

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    It is the simplest question of all:

    Why not include it in the SALN when these wealth came from lawful sources?

    It is not, that is why.

    Convict the THIEF!!!!

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    Siguro kung dati nangyari ito Impeachment case versus Corona baka matagal na silang nagkabati. I’m not saying that it’s all part of the plan. :)

    Nakakaawa naman si Miriam, from being a topnotch crime fighting machine, a Ramon Magsaysay Laureate, Incorruptible commissioner of Bureau of Immigration and Deportation naging spokesperson nalang siya ng Chief Justice.

  • JJF724

    In most mouth piece of Miriam she always say that this is all above re-election when Senator vote for conviction.  I say Miriam is MAD enough to defend Corona that she doesn’t care about Honesty and Corruption in the SC.

  • eduardo Roa

    What happens to the claims of the Basas against the Coronas if the CJ gets acquitted? It’s a no brainer question.

  • rick

    mga basa tumigil na kayo at bumalik na kayo sa states…..

  • ferds

    Dismayado ako kay Sen. Santiago, wala tayong magagawa dating judge at ang hilig sa technicality ito.   Maliit na emplyeyado ng gobyerno natatangal sa puwesto dahil sa SALN eh ito pang sinungaling na si Corona, Thief Justice hindi sumusunod sa batas.

  • Beguine

    And we thought the Basa heirs and the Coronas have made
    their out-of-court payback amicable settlement already!

    And now it is… the teledrama continues!

    OMG, this is getting to be hilarious!  

  • RS Teves

    Baliw talaga itong si Miriam. Di baliw ang  mga tao para malaman ng mga tao na plano ni Cristina Corona na lokohin muli ang mga tao kaya nilapitan niya ang mga tangang Basa brother and sisters.  Tapos pati buong Pilipinas lolokohin din niton si Cristina dahil nabuko na ang liar na si Corona.

  • rod69

    Malakas ang loob ni Madmam Miriam dahil hindi na sya tatakbo sa senado. ‘Wag sanang magkalat sa the Hague ito.

  • wazgoingon

    Kawawa naman ito Basa family.  Nanakawan at inalipusta na kayo sa harap ng sambayanan, kumagat pa kayo sa drama nitong si Tinang.  Likas kayong mababait na tao.  Pero, ang kabaitan ay dapat may sukdulan din.  Sana po, di magkatotoo ang aking hinala na ginamit na naman kayo nitong si Atong at Tinang para si Atong ay lumabas na inyo nang pinatawad at dapat ang taong bayan ay matuto na ring magpatawad. 

  • yonp

    Iba ang reconciliation sa pamilya, iba naman sa bansang Pilipinas. Tandaan ninyo, ang ginawa ni CJ Corona na pagkukubli sa LAHAT ng kanyang peso deposit ay katunayan na hindi niya sinabi LAHAT ng kanyang deposito. Diposito ang pinaguusapan dito. Ke si hoda kung kanino ang pera na sa account niya, ang mahalaga ay e declara niya. Sabihin ang katutuhanan.

  • tra6Gpeche

    As for the “feud” between the Coronas and the Basas, in my estimation, the Coronas won. I would even recommend to the Coronas to sue the Basa Family for defamation unless the Basa family announces that they are sorry for making accusations against Mr. Renato Corona, Mrs. Cristina Corona and Mrs. Charina Corona Castillo. Sister Flory, the nun who is 90 year-old should also make an atonement for her publicized statement and slanderous attack to Mr. Corona (Mr. Corona pointed his gun to a 63 year-old caretaker of the BGEI property.). Mr. Corona should, at least demand, a mea culpa from Sister Flory. If the Basa family makes an official apology, I would also make an apology for not believing the family of Mr. Corona on this family discord between the two families. I want to make sure that this is only on the BGEI contention between the Coronas and the Basas. As for being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr Renato Corona should be charged guilty since he is corrupt, dishonest, untrustworthy, and he has no morals, he is full of shenanigans and he illegally enriches himself while working for the Filipino people. Mr. Renato Corona should not be given the privilege to serve the Filipinos in whatever capacity.

    • Martin

      It was Ted Failon in his program who interviewed Sister Flory.  He also interviewed the Basa Family the day before Corona’s second appearance.  Ted never interviewed anyone from Corona’s side.  Guess whose side Ted is.

      • Hannah Blake

        Ted had been requesting for an interview from the coronas ever since but no one from the side of corona wants to be interviewed. Is that Ted’s fault?

        In fact almost all tv stations wanted to interview the coronas. Sinong hindi gustong mainterview sila? Malaking scope yan sa tv ratings nila di ba?

      • john

        mali ka na naman pre! ayaw ng mga corona mag pa interview kay ted,kasi deretso si ted magtanong ng katutuhanan, maboboking lang ang manga corona.isa pa,kung talagang malinis si corona,sana nuon nya pa dapat inilabas ang dollar acct. nya, kasi kung hindi ka guilty wala ka dapat ikakatakot.ngayon, sabihin mo, inilabas nya naman ah! he he he, alam nya na wala ng kakagat sa gambit nya dahil patapos na ang inpeachment trial. tuso talaga ang idol mo.di kaya employee ka ng sc!?? nagatatanong lang.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Ted Failon probably believed her. She is a nun and 90 year-old. Why would he not believe her?  I also believed her. Because of what I saw on TV where the Basa family hugged and kissed Mr. Renato Corona, it would imply that Sister Flory did not know what she was talking about. I hate to say she lied but it looked like she did. Or maybe she is already senile. Her nieces, Isabel, Carmen, Ana, Francisca and nephew, Eric, would not make a fool of themselves and disrespect the words of Sister Flory if this 90 year-old nun was telling the truth. Though she is a nun, she is also a human being like us with emotion, with biases and with lapses of clear thinking. Although I do not believe that she is interested in material thing, like money. She is too old for that! If the hugging and the kissing were planned by the Coronas for the consumption of the public, that was a brilliant ploy to have the sympathy of the Filipinos. The Basas deserve the condemnation coming from the public.

      • Martin

        Just because one is a nun doesn’t mean she should be believed.  There are many priests who lie, molest children, abuse and rape women, have illicit affairs with both woman and men, etc.

      • tra6Gpeche

        I have no issues with you on that. As I said, we are all human beings and susceptible to doing evil things and making errors and mistakes. No one is infallible.

  • KapitanBagwis

    “We are grateful to the Lord that He has touched their hearts and
    appreciate the initiative they displayed at the Senate impeachment court
    last Friday to mend our broken relationship,” they said.

    You were used. That photo op was for show to gain sympathy for Corona. The Coronas are good in drama.

  • Peregrino Natividad

    Hindi ako conbensido sa pahayag ni Chief Justice sa kanyang paglilitis…Gano-on din ang karamihang Pilipino.  Kapansin-pansin parin ang kanyang kasinungalingan. Ngayon aking siyang maituturing CHEAP JUSTICE sa halip na CHIEF JUSTICE. Bakit bah?    Mura ang kanyang palusot na magdefensa sa sarili niya. Murang-mura (CHEAP).  Siya pa naman ang pina-ka mataas na punong magistrado (at mayroong  mataas na pinagaralan, siya pang nagpakita ng mababang at maruming  ehemplo…. “Buksan ko ang aking mga DOLLAR ACCOUNTS…. kung kayo ay bubuksan din ang inyong mga Bank Accounts…”….. “Hindi ako magnanakaw!”… kung ganoon ang tingin ninyo sa akin, Bakit bah maraming magnanakaw din dito, ang sa senado, congresso, Malacanang, Military, Police, Paaralan, Maryors, Governors, Barangay Captains”…. Para bagang sinabi niya na “hindi ninyo ako didi-in sapagkat kayo maykasalanan din!
    Sa tanong ng ilang Senador… ang sabi niya ang pinag-mulan ng kanyang  funds ay ang Basa-Guidote Funds lamang (pag-aari  ng kanyang asawa) at hindi siya nakiki-alam! Bakit natuklasan natin sa Impeachment Trial na ito ay nasakanya pala ang Pera ng mga Basa-Guidote ay at pinag-ikot ikot niya para lumaki and tubo (invest in Foreign Investments)… In other words over the years  he practiced “ MONEY LAUNDERING” sa lahat na mga Personal Accounts niya upang hindi matutun ang tunay na pinagmulan ng Pondo nito sa bangko.  Sa ngayon mayroon siyang naiwan na 4 Dollar Accounts.
     Ngayon iyon lang …. What about sa mga nakaraang taon? ….. 13 years na nakalipas…. lumutang sa AMLC  data  82 pala ang close-open accounts niya sa maraming bangko. Deposito pag lumalaki na ang mga dollar accounts nito  (imagine hindi pesos ito) at close-open…. open close… and kanyang ginagawa para hindi matutun ang pinag-galingan ng kayamanan nito. Hindi na nga nabuksan ang ibang source of his wealth.. and mga padulas sa malalaking kaso sa Supreme Court na kanyang hinahawakan sa maraming panahon (katulad ng Marcos Case, Philippine AirLines, Lucio Tan..etc.etc.. Hindi na nga naibilang ang mga Pondo ng WORLD BANK na pumasok sa kanyang bulsa.  Hindi na nga nabuksan ang mga pera ng mga Arroyo na pinagpa-ankin sa kanya…… at marami maraming pinag-galingan ng maruming kayamanan  na pinasok nito sa kanyang Personal Dollars Bank accounts here and abroad.
    Sa Pilipinas na mayroon ng 103 million tao … na halos karamihan masuerte lang kung makakain.(‘One day one eat’).. ang isang puno ng Judiciary mayroong billion-billiong Dollar Accounts na lihim tinatago?
    Kaya nga lumulobog ang ating bansa dahil sa mga taong katulad ni CHEAP Justice Corona.  Nahuli kita sa progresso ihambing sa ibang bansa sa Asia. Sino ang may kasalanan kung hindi sa pinagtiwalaan natin ang taong hindi natin binuto (he is appointed)  ay mayroon pang malaking kapangyarihan  sa ating pamumuhay. Gi-ginhawa pa kaya kitang Pilipino?

  • Hannah Blake

    The Basas are so naive! Or are they really that naive?!

    Di nila nakita ang maniobra o ploy ni cristina na naman sa kanila. Ang paglapit ni cristina sa kanila ay di pakikipag-reconcile ang pakay kundi para gamitin sila for maximum effect kasi alam ni cristina na naka nationwide tv.

    The message na gusto iparating ni cristina at ng mga coronas sa taong bayan ay kung ang mga Basas ay handang magpatawad, tayo pa kayang mga Filipino n wag na natin i-convict si corona at patawarin na lang.

    These are all part of the orchestrated efforts of the coronas to get of the hook!

  • ddano

    Waah Na kayong Credebility mga Basa at Corona ! Akala nyo sasakay ang mga tao sa gimmick nyo? Iisang lahi nga kayo.

    • Hannah Blake

      Duda na nga din ako tuloy dito sa mga Basas! When Ted Failon interviewed them and asked them about the Libis property, they were dodging the issue. They did not answer Ted’s questions point blank but instead skirt on other issues. Even when Ted keep on repeating the same question kasi mismo nga daw sya naguguluhan, still the Basas did not answer him.

      Kapag ganyan kasi sumagot ang tao sa mga tanong ay kadudaduda na may itinatago ding baho sa closet.

  • Che

    You really will wonder what kind of thinking the lady senator have. One time she talks about all the technicalities of the law and another time on very insignificant , irrelevant matters like the appeal to emotions as having a bearing on the verdict. but one thing for sure, all her reasoning is trying to find a way to acquit TJ.I pity this woman, no wonder majority of the Filipinos have low regards for this senator. 

  • jurbinsky77

    Get lost Basas, don’t invade my space. I don’t need to see your drama.

    We took us for a ride and then you have your pho-op in the Senate Hall.


    • marionics

      hahaha babae ka siguro ano? sa aming mga lalaki e MORE MORE of carmen and ana he he

      • mapicchu

         helo? ang tatanda na ng mga yon

      • marionics

        ok lang yun mga milf nga e he he

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        Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 11:41 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Not so fast; issues still to be settled, Basas say

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        mapicchu wrote, in response to marionics:
        helo? ang tatanda na ng mga yon
        Link to comment

      • marionics

        ok lang yun milf nga e mala demi moore hehe

  • oracle888

    It’s all about MONEY!

    Money! Money! Money!

    It  can buy hugs, kisses, and tears.

    It can betray people who supporting you.

    It can ignore justice but uphold fake reconciliation and promote publicity.

    It can also lure and fool again and again those stupid and dumb people.

    • damatannapo

      priceless………Corona w/ a p)

    • gardy_versozi

      you must be very rich to do all those things.
      pwede pa utang diyan? kahit 10 million lang?

      • oracle888

        Of course I am rich. The only different between me and Renato with respect to SALN is I declared all of them in my SALN.

        You can borrow the 10 million from Corona. I don’t lend money to any one I don’t know. There are so many crooks now in the country, even in our Supreme Court!

        By the way, did the Corona camp not pay you enough? Or you are hard to maintain?

      • lostRunes

         Let me guess kung saang branch ng government nag tatrabaho.. Malacanang Communications Group? Tanung lang, lahat ba ng userId nag end sa 888 ikaw lang yun o marami kayo? Kasama mo si ztefertilizer scam? Sulitin mo yang binabayad sa yo  at galing sa aming taxpayers yan…

  • oracle888

    The drama of “reconciliation” directed by the infamous director no other than Cristina Corona has put the Basa family in ugly and bad public relationship because many who sympathize and support them have felt betrayed by them.

    • Hannah Blake

       Korek ka dyan!

    • rapas_gamrud

      the Basas only showed they have ethics,good manners and right conduct.

      • mapicchu

         nope..they showed wala cilang principyo..bale wala yung cry cry nila for their maligned father..they sold out, for the prospect of getting millions back if they reconciled on nationwide tv…

    • gardy_versozi

       felt betrayed???? gademit oracle888, how stupid can you be? this is between 2 families, who cares about your sympathy? they don’t even know you!
      so stop pouting and watch PBB instead. at least there, your sympathy will matter. just waste your money voting for your PBB housemates every week.


    Anak ng baka other matters ito!
    At me sidedish pa aside from main course.
    Settle it some other time! But dont worry guys.
    When he gets incarcerated!
    Oodles of time na.

  • Banana Na

    showbiz na showbiz ang dating may HUG and KISSES pa…parang mga artista ng ABS-CBN na lumipat sa TV5 na ang sabi ay ………ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY…..Haaaaaaaa

  • letsgoloid

    seeing Corona kicked out of his seat is my kind of happy ending.

  • tarikan

    So ano ba talaga mga Basa, are you all for his conviction or for acquittal. Answer me yes or no!!! Kung reconciled na kayo nila Maám Tina at ni Sir Nato tapos na. Don’t ever wish to collect the millions and your father was already bad mouthed by Sir Nato, ano pa? Hindi na mabawi yun. Alangan naman sabihin ni Sir Nato “Oy hindi totoo yung sinabi ko tungkol sa father nyo ha?” Nag-plastican lang ba kayo. Niyurakan kayo for the past 30 years tapos beso-beso lang ok na? Mga plastic!!! 

    • mapicchu

       hindi cila firm and resolute, walang kwentang mga character

  • damatannapo

    reconciliation pero mas kumpleto with justice dispensed

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    “Not so fast; issues still to be settled, Basas say”

    From Renato Corona to Renato SORRYNA

    From Miriam Santiago to Miriam SANITYGO

    • Hannah Blake

      Let me add. Miriam DEFENSEsor SanityGO! hahaha

  • Ed Molina

    ayos talaga si brenda! in another news, corona’s statement that he does have dollar and peso accounts which he did not disclose in his saln, which is clearly against the law, according to mirriam is not an impeachable offense at ok lang daw yon. tapos eto naman public ‘show’ of hugs and kisses, na wala naman kinalalaman sa batas natin, definitely may effect daw ito sa magiging verdict sa case.

    maganda siguro si brenda na rin mag-closing statements for the defense next week, tutal it’s very obvious naman who she is lawyering for.

    • diane


  • ingimar

    happy ending is kung ma impeach si corona at makulung si gloria.

    • diane


    • Let’s go, Bob!

      mas happy ending is kung may recon “sauli” ation ng mga dinugas.

      • nopassword

         101% agree ako.

  • JosephJ

    obviously miriam is for the acquittal of corona … does she knows what she is talking?

    • mapicchu

       maybe corona has done her more good than PNOY who endorsed her to the ICJ..ganun lang yon

      • San Miguel

        Asus …. dilaw na dilaw… halatang taga punas ng sapatos ni PNOY

      • pakita_ko_sayo

        Yang ang Corona/GMA Blogger, sagot kaagad!!! may bonus ka!

  • maria

    Look at this Corona. He maligns Jose Maria Basa, calls him a cheat and a good-for-nothing bum then embraces his children in peace as if nothing happened. How can this Corona dispense justice if this is his character?

    Even Justice Cuevas and the defense team with the exception of Roy III and Midas did not agree with his theatrics. They know that Corona has to squarely face the music but now they know too that Corona is lying through his teeth. His true character was exposed during this trial that he is a thief and a lier. Truly he does not deserve to go back as chief justice of the land. Not a minute more!

    • mapicchu

       read an article of ellen tordesillas today-abante: its not true that the coronas had no maids..a romeo solina has contacted her…in his employ today is a certain Tess who used to work for the coronas…she told him,there were 3 maids when she was there too…a cook, a laundress, a cleaner= all stay-in


    BAKIT ganun?  Galit-na-galit ang mga BASA kay CORONA, tapos sa litrato, yong dalawang babaeng BASA ay parang patay-na-patay makita si CORONA???  Swooning, is a better word, at the sight of the GREATEST HIEF of the supreme court of the Philippines.  Anong kaplastikan yan, ha?  Pagagalitan kayo ni Boy Abunda nyan!

  • araceli lorayes

    Some people simply don’t know when to shut up.

  • Kyab Gon

    GRR…the law is the law and MUST be objectively met, not subjectively!
    Eto nga may lasing na 21 y.o. na babae na hindi aware sa ginagawa nya eh nagTresspass kaya nabaril and then sasampahan pa din ng felony case…

    Ganun ang batas d2 sa America, Walang palakasan, walang emo-emo, kya hindi umunlad-unlad sa Pinas kc mga TANGA halos lahat ng tao! GRR

    Muuah to all my fans!

    • Louie

      eh di kasama ka na sa mga tao, kasi pinoy ka rin ehhhh.

      • Kyab Gon


    • Louie

      kasama ka na rin kako sa mga tanga, kasi pinoy ka rin iho…wag mong lahatin ang mga tao sa pinas tingnan mo mona ang kulay mo…ok?

  • rdequina

    Pagdating sa pera pakapalan na nang mukha, Walang sariling pride itong mga taong ito sayang lang ang ginastos na pera nang bayan at panahon baka sa wala,at ang taong bayan ang talo.. 

  • Emy

    Sobra namang baba ng tingin sa aming mga ordinaryong Filipino ni Senator Miriam.  Ako I shed a lot of tears lalo na when I watch Korean telenovelas pero siyempre naiintindihan ko naman kung ano ang crocodile tears at ano ang fake na wheel chair scenes.  After all nakita ko na yan kay JocJoc Bolante, kay Abalos at higit sa lahat e kay Gloria.  Pag nagiyak-iyak sila all the way to their banks, at nagyakap-yakap e okay na?  We want happy ending na?  A cerified liar, a thief who believes everybody thinks like a thief that he is, a leech, a man without a clean conscience? di ba iyon ang sabi ng Ombudsman e sino ba ang kapani-paniwala.  Yung isang tao na nagbebend ng interpretation ng batas to favor him at chief justice pa at that o yung may unblemished reputation.  SUS di naman kami ganun kabobo!  Happy endings? Ah sino ba ang ayaw nun!  Ang mas magandang happy ending siguro e kung finally we will be able to break the shackle of oppression from those in power and we can begin to trust again!

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       Pasensyahan mo na Emy. Miriam DEFENSE Santiago nga eh

  • mapicchu

    that reconciliation was too premature if now they’re saying there are issues still to be settled…nonetheless, to the basa family, spare us your theatrics…bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo..we sympathized with you all along,tapos, you indulged in those strange drama presentations?  bwahaha…family problems should be settled within the confines of the family sala, not during the hearing of an impeached govt official.get lost! to PDI writers, please dont feature the basas anymore in the dailies…

  • rdequina

    Dito sa Amerika kapag nagkasala walang sino-sino kahit Congressman, Senator or owner nang business may nilabag na batas kulong ka dito, kanya ang Amerika mayaman sa lahat nang bagay Long Live America I love you…

    • FernandoBusi

      actually the US is rich because at the end of world ward II it was the only power left with an industrial base and thus was able to pull away from the fact. but that no longer necessarily holds true. I bet you, you would rather be a citizen of Norway if you could. Ang dami ngang kano gusto tumira sa Canada. 

      • rdequina

         Where you from Fernando ????.

  • Eslazar

    How can the Basas reconcile with the Coronas after their father was publicly ridiculed in front of the nation?  There should have been at least a sincere and public apology as well as restitution from the Coronas.

    The impression is that the Basas were unprincipled and had been paid off!

    • San Miguel

      Naiinggit ka ba? Kita mo na nga sa TV na nagreconcile na. 

      Kawawa naman tong mga yellow zombiez di matahimik ang mga kaluluwa

      • jcabpa24

         Alak ka nga san miguel!mahilig sa kasinungalingan at ka dramahan ang idol mong si Coronakot!Manggagamit!Magbasa ka at idilat mo ang mata mo sa katotohanan.Sila Corona ang nang api at nagkasala…..Wake up!Ang mga Basas ay matitinong tao,mapagpatawad.Nagamit lang sila.Sa palagay mo ba pupuntahan at yayakapin sila ni Christina kung hindi televised ang mga nangyayari?I’m sure HINDI!!!!!!

  • oracle888

    Asking the Coronas to return the 34.7 million plus another roughly 50 million of accrued interest plus undetermined opportunity cost? That’s tantamount of asking Corona to give up his position as the “Chief Justice of the Republic of the Phillipines”. Lol…

    In your dream. Mga Basa’s heir. How childish you are.

    After the impeachment, you will find no one will answer your phone call until you give up and take your flight back to where your come from.

  • scorpio22

    PDI should have used “Basas and Coronas are working on settling issues” as the title instead of “Not so fast; issues still to be settled, Basas say”

    The former sounds more positive and the latter sounds negative.

    As far as I’m concern this is one less family feud in the world so they should just be left alone so they can catch up on their lost times.

  • oracle888

    I wonder what will be the reaction of the older Jose Basa if he did not die of anguish and frustration after fooled by Cristina and her husband?

    He probably will die for the second time after seeing his off springs hugging and kissing with his arch enemy who had swindled him, in front of miilions of people on the television network.

    Just hope there is no tv network in the other side of the world.

  • San Miguel

    So whats the problem with this? why are some here sourgraping as if they are not happy that the two families are reconciled………..Inquirer must be one of them (mga intregero).

    Sorry folks, but Corona will be acquitted.. 

    Sorry for PNOY, becoz he would surely lose this battle he  waged and he should find ways to save his face….

    • elvisaya

      wag kang pasigurado what if kung ma-impeach..? yung pangit mong face ang isipin mo kung paano i-save…haha….

    • squatterbabe

      duh? dream on!!

    • jcabpa24

       Dream on……..


    You people from the Inquirer are soooooooooo yellowwwwwwwwww! 

  • Dagxawin

    Miriam what’s happening to you Inday? The hugs and kisses—has a bearing to acquit TJCorona? Big WHA!

  • Juan

    Ang tanga naman ng cj perang hindi sa kanya ideneposit sa kanyang pangalan. Ang dollar deposit na hinde naman confidential sa depositor hindi ya dineclare sa kanyang SALN. CJ ka naman. 

  • 189mlq

    What can the Coronas do as damage control for all the fumbling they have done?
    1. First, you have to feign some dreadful sickness. Go to the Intensive Care Unit for this.
    2. When you go back to court, act still sick by walking and holding on to your wife on the left and someone else on the right, to show you cannot walk on your own.
    3. Looking sick some more, apologize to the court and explain why you left the court without permission.
    4. Make sure to give an unconditional waiver. Anyway, you know that it is too late for them to investigate the matter because the defense has already closed presentation of evidence. Let us hope that the senators will just give us the benefit of doubt.
    5. Initiate a reconciliation with the Basas. You don’t have to mean it. Just make sure that the cameras are on you, and the reporters get to see it happening. Tell the Basas how you have missed them so much.

    All of those things done in one day should leave everyone a lot to think about.

    (And you know what? It sure did. I loved the one with the Basas. That was a masterpiece.)

  • joshmale2004

    Pathetic. This reconciliation boils down to one thing: The sharing for the 34M property proceeds. Pera pera lang ginagawa nila. Lahat pala sila mukhang pera.

  • renatwacoronwa

    Hahahahaha! Maraming pa ring naniniwala sa akin! Ang tawag ko sa kanila ay mga magigiting!
    Magigiting na UTO-UTO! Hahahahahahaha! Konting drama at punas ng uhog, paniwalang paniwala at awang-awa na sila sa akin! Hahahahahaha!

    • MrsPidal

      ibig mong sabihin, mas magaling kang mag-drama kesa s akin ? ?

  • edward castro

    pakitang tao lang ni cristina yun. syempre tatangapin ng basas ang gesture na yun. pero dapat i settle nila talaga alitan nila off court. drop na mga charges at atb. kasi laking brownie points ng ganung exena

  • JoelN

    obvious ba na hindi masaya ang inquirer sa pangyayaring dahil wala na silang mamanipulahin para i-convict si corona sa publiko. hahaha! kaya ganun ang title. sa ganitong pagkakataon dapat maging matalino ang readers.

    • pakita_ko_sayo


  • Jose

    To be fair to the Basa clan, it was pretty obvious that the only thing they really wanted out of this whole thing was money, and they got it.

  • vin reyes

    not so fast…media lang naman ang gumagawa ng dahilan para magmukhang “telenovela” ang problema ng dalawang pamilyang yan..leave them alone para makaduskarte ng matino yang mga yan…not so fast..ibang gumalaw talaga ang media…hindi mo malaman kung kailan nagiging totoo ang mga ito..kailan naglalatag ng mga balitang walang pinapanigan..walang “kinakanlong” dahil sa katwirang kalayaan sa pamamahayag ang kanilang “walang kamatayang” dahilan…dating mga “kamoteng kahoy” noon ngayon “kinakamote” na lang ang mga kanilang “ibinabalibag’ na issue na sila rin ang naging dahilan para lumaki..dinagdagan ng kung ano-ano kahit kuryente na gagawa uli ng issue..papatulan ng mga “nakatungangang” pilipino..kinagat at muling ibinalik sa dating issue…suma total pasok uli..tindi nyo talaga..

  • hammie

    WHAHHHHHHHHHHH! Ano kinalaman sa hugging nang mga CORONA at BASA sa kaso? 

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       ANo ang kinalaman?  Read on:  The dramatic reconciliation between Cristina Corona and her
      long-estranged cousins at the impeachment court last Friday will
      inevitably have a bearing on the verdict in the case of the Chief
      Justice, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said.

  • pakita_ko_sayo

    Sa tingin ko script ito ni Brenda!  Siya ang interesado, dak dak ng dak dak tungkol dito sa epekto ng akapan na ito. TRY HARDER, BRENDA!!!   Nambastos na ang Corona, tahimik ka pa. Mas malala yun kay sa nagtatakip ng tainga!  BRENDA ! Salamat hindi ka namin naging presidente!

  • pipsirho

    Tunay na SIRA ULO!!! May epekto raw sa kaso!!!

  • Benjamin

     ngayon narealized ng Basa famliy na ginamit sila at napaglalangan ng coronakot family…

  • indiosbravos2002

    Brenda has become a full fledged spokesperson of Corona. Mukhang nadivide na populace. Sa side ni Corona amg mga sinungaling, magnanakaw, at mga Sira-ulo. Di ba, brenda?

  • Voltes_V

    i hope the ICC will review her performance in this impeachment.  para tanggalin na sya at di na rin manalong senador.  im sure kung tatakbo ngayon yan na senador di na mananalo uli yan.  walang prinsipyo.  buti na lang si FVR ang nanalo dati at hindi ito ang naging presidente natin. 

  • Voltes_V

    may nakalimutan ako sabihin…..bwiseeet

  • Ricardo

    The seeming “reconciliation” move initiated by CJ Corona and his wife was just another damage control move included in the script. The move was part of the Coronas grandeur design to win the sympathy of the public and to influence the decision of the senate for the CJ’s acquittal. Therefore, the impeachment court, I think, should base its decision on the statements and actions of Corona during his first appearance at the witness stand because these were the natural, spontaneous, genuine, original move, rather than his second appearance at the witness stand which was already considered as mixed with impurities or pollution (whatever we may call it), and considered a damage-control move for survival.

    • GaggerAlert

      Yes! As expected. People couldn’t just leave it as it is. Its all about the drama. Hays. Could we just move on? Let them settle their issues by themselves, from the start, family issues should be left out. It was the prosecutors fault that this went mainstream.

  • Cabizones


  • kalaban_mo

    heheehhe. d nagbayad si corona kaya tuloy uli daw ang laban.

  • Jhhayme

    What was that  then , for entertainment value? Fabcon muna at the impeachment court in full view of tv coverage(reality tv or scripted) , after washing their laundry in public

  • ka iii sa

    The prosecution team used the Basas, not the Coronas. The prosecution team brought them to the impeachment court, maybe even footing their airfare.

    • squatterbabe

      oa ka naman. mayayaman pa rin po ang mga yan kahit nawalan ng 34 M. they can afford the fare.

    • virtual nook

      The Basa conflict was brought into the forefront of the impeachment court when the defense was trying to justify the P37k+ transactions/withdrawal made by Corona from his PSB accounts on the day the impeachment complaint was approved by the lower house.  The Basas were never mentioned by the prosecutors when they presented their case in the IC.  the BGEI issue was later on presented in the IC by the defense when they called Lito Atienza, the RTC clerk of Court, and sheriff Biznar on to the witness stand.   It is very obvious which party capitalized on the Basas.  Unfortunately for the defense, the result of their maneuvering of the Basa issue eventually turned against their client.

    • jcabpa24

       You are out of your mind!!!!!

    • Dundee Duque

      Folks we are arguing about this Corona impeachment , but the bottomline of this is just a simple reason ….. it’s a revenge . This is a selective case in the part of government . It’s all about the allies of Arroyo … wake up ! It’s obvious . Now after Corona been indicted and  impeached ? Who’s next ? probably Arroyo or one of Arroyo’s allies ….. this is  just one of the teleserye of Aquino’s administration . It’s so tiring and bored already . …. why don’t put our money to strengthen our armed forces ?  Government is sleeping here , the Scarborough  Shoal has been abused & exploited our natural resources by  Chinese and yet this issue has not been resolved by our ” papogi ” & ” clean” officials by our Government .

  • VeryDisgusted2

    ” “Definitely it will tug at the heartstrings of every sentimental
    Filipino. The masa (masses) like tons of tears leading to a happy
    ending. After all those waterworks, the public might not become
    comfortable with an unhappy ending,” – Santiago

    Strange. This wild animal has spoken about human emotion.

    • jcabpa24

       You are right!Obviously,Brenda is pro Corona!Mga kababayan,maawa tayo sa ating bayan at huwag ng iboto ang mga pro corona.

  • San Miguel

    Naku…halatang  hindi ikinatuwa ng mga yellow zombiez ang pagbabati ng mga Corona at Basa..

    Panu kasi di na nila magagamit ang isyu laban kay Corona..

    Blood is sticker than water… Im happy for the Corona and Basa’s reconciliation..

    • lemon88

      lasing kana corona zombies. ang amo dpat mag artista nalang. pero di sya pwede coz naka-wheelchair na pagsisinungaling.(tsk!tsk!tsk!)

    • LolaBing

      Ano po yung “blood is sticker than water”?

    • jcabpa24

       You mean blood is thicker than water?Hehehe….I’m sure di mo pa nabubuksan ang mata mo sa katutuhanan na ang idol mong si CORONAKOT ang nanggagamit.Hindi lalapit at yayakap ang Christina sa mga Basas kung hindi TELEVISED ang mga nangyayari.Kuha mo?Gising!!!!!!!

    • watot

      shet kelan pa naging sticker ang blood at water, or mis-quote you? should be Corona has money face sticker

  • koikoi

    Senator Santiago, akala ko po,bilang husgado, magbabase kayo sa mga naiprisantang ebidensiya upang makapagbigay ng tamang desisyon. Mukhang kakaiba pala kayo. Nagagalit kayo sa mga nagdaang survey dahil sa pananaw ninyo, naiimpluwensiyahan nito ang paghuhusga ninyong mga senador (pero marami sa inyong mga kabaro ay nagsabing di sila nagbabase sa survey para magdesisyon). At ngayon naman, heto at gusto niyong palabasing iyong drama na labas na sa usapin sa impeachment e, makakaapekto sa kahihinatnan ng kaso.
    Now you are really showing why we can’t rely on you.

  • Marc Francis

    wag ng iboto si meriam defensor ’tililing’ santiago kahit kailan.

  • akramgolteb

    Hindi naman nila naintindihan ang intensyon ng mga Basa. Para lang naman sila nagpakuha ng picture katulad ng mga tao na nagpakuha ng picture katabi si Lolong the giant buwaya, kahit alam nilang puede silang tuklawin nito. PHOTO OP ang tawag dito, once in a lifetime moment ata ang magpakuha ng picture na may katabi na giant buwaya tulad ni Lolong at mga Corona.

  • Kaloy

    Sinampal na sa mukha nang maraming beses hanggang nitong huling magtestigo si Corona. Napauto na naman ang mga Basa.

    Hindi ako nagtataka kayo kayo inapi nang mag-asawang Corona sa mahabang panahon.

    Sige ipasampal pa ninyo ang kanang pisngi at baka matauhan naman kayo.

  • LolaBing

    For Sen. Santiago (and the rest of our honorable senators), Vitaliano Aguirre’s act of covering his ears during one of the trials merits berating from Miriam herself and being cited for contempt; but Corona’s walkout does not?

    Also, why is the impeachment court being used to wash the Coronas’ and Basas’ dirty linens in public and “solve” their family affairs? Mending family problems is one of the best things in the world but c’mon is the senate the proper place to do it?

  • opinyonlangpo

    Either way, the Basas are in more difficult situation. The Basas have been used and knowing the character of the Coronas, well, some says blood is thicker than water, but for the Coronas – Money is still thicker than blood. If Corona is acquitted, the Basas still can’t do anything with the untouchable Chief Justice and if convicted, the Coronas will throw some blame to the Basas and fight it out till the end. At the end, the Basas are still at the mercy of the Coronas.I sympathize with the Basas as I can see no amicable ending to their family problem as the whole drama is for Cristina who forgives them and not the Basas. Cruel fate.

  • Daang_tuwid3

    Pera pera lang ba mga basa?

  • pinoy_unity

    Pagkatapos kang sampalin bigla kang yayakapin yan ang Corona style. Waley kaawa ang mga Basa….

  • rosamistika16

    Sen. miriam is telling the public that bcause corona and basas have happy ending the public may also have the same feeling  that corona can be acquitted to have a happy ending!

    A hundredfold NO! miriam.  if you want to acquit him do it alone but you cannot persuade us with the reconciliation of corona and basa and leave corona’s fate to just a happy ending for him!

    • watot

      count me in…im not buying it either…Cristina knows every curve of lies. its just a show! and the siblings biting it…once again the siblings were being exploited…hehehe jerks!!!

  • watot

    even Cristina will make a salsa dance in the senate hall…still not good enough!

  • watot

    yan ang pananaw ng isang abogado!!! nakakahiya!

  • teraytaray

    sana lang, bago kayo pumayag sa Photo-op Reconciliation, merong pirmahan.

  • apple

    The Basas have been duped. Again.

  • 4kingdaddy

    were some of the dollar accounts transferred to the basas already???…what’s with the hugs and kisses????..looks like the money was already paid to the basa-guidote clan… talks…BS walks…

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