SUV with fake plates adds to Corona’s woes


As if his troubles were not enough, Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who is now undergoing impeachment proceedings will face a new probe, this time over one of his vehicles found to be bearing an apparently false license plate number.

The Highway Patrol Group (HPG) of the Philippine National Police said it found that Corona’s black Chevrolet Suburban sports utility vehicle was sporting a plate number registered to another car, prompting its director, Chief Supt. Leonardo Espina, to order an investigation.

Espina said the irregularity first came to the agency’s attention when a complainant, a businessman from Cebu, saw TV footage of Corona’s vehicle on the Senate grounds on Wednesday and was “surprised” to find it bore the same plate number as his white Mitsubishi L300 van.

The plate number which both vehicles carried was ZEE 868.

Bonifacio Gomez Jr., the president of Nutripharm Inc., a pharmaceutical company based in Happy Valley in Cebu, filed a complaint with the HPG, which then looked at the records of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Espina said.

“When we pulled out all the papers at the LTO, we saw that true enough, that license plate belonged to an L300 van,” Espina said.

Rental vehicle

He said he instructed his men to ask Corona or his aides for the registration papers of the SUV and other documents. He said the vehicle would not be impounded pending the result of the investigation.

But Espina added that it was not clear to the HPG if Corona indeed owned the SUV, just that he was seen on TV boarding that vehicle. One of Corona’s lawyers, Tranquil Salvador, said the SUV was a rental vehicle.

As of Friday evening, he said, an HPG team had already been deployed to check with Corona and seek an explanation.

The owner of the SUV could face violations of Batas Pambansa 43, a law penalizing the illegal transfer of license plates. It is punishable by a fine of P5,000 or imprisonment of six months, or both, depending on the discretion of the court.

Asked if the matter could be the LTO’s fault, Espina said: “I don’t think so. But we will determine that after the investigation.”

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  • Felix Manalo

    Virginia Torres should resign!

  • junpaxx

    Here we go again. This news is found in the front page. If found to be false and verified in good order, that news will not be in front page but in Cine Page if it will be carried. This paper is very good at this.

  • Andy

    How did Tranquil Salvador know the GM Suburban vehicle was a rental car. Is he is lying again?

    Corona has his own service vehicle as chief justice — at least two top of the line cars as befitting his high position in the judiciary. He has not need to rent a car. his his at least P180 million in “declared” income in the banks — $2.4M and P80M = P183M — why will he rent?

    If it can be established that Corona owns that car and he is using a fake or tampered license plate, eh talagang sobrang garapal na itong taong ito.

    • Cubano

      This Trankill is on tranquilizers kaya di na niya alam ang tutuo at hindi.

    • D_BystandeR

      I think it’s important that the public will get to the bottom of this, not that this “minor case” involving the CJ Corona should be “hushed up” because it involves an influential man but because the people wants to know to what extent his “dirty tricks” have reached a stronghold of the most disdainful crime involving carnappers in the car business. One of his lawyers’ (Tranquil Salvador) claim that it is a rental car and that can be taken as a “knee-jerk” reaction full of smartness, being a high caliber lawyer himself, to downplay the “sulking” reaction of the public to learn about that news. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    Geeezzzz. talk about the woes of this man.  When it rains it really pours.  But a Chevrolet Suburban mammoth gas guzzling vehicle being driven around on crowded Metro Manila streets?  This is one for Ripley’s believe or not.

  • gavinomas

    me gelfrend at anak sa outside din yan sa Daly City, California. Kaya lang hindi kakasuhan dahil pilipino tayo eh. 

  • pinoydinako

    Sobra naman fake ni Corona….fake midnight appointment, fake salns, fake Ph.D., atbp…and now fake auto license plate.   This guy is so used to being a crook and an habitual liar that he and his family is capable of any kind of panloloko.  It is high time that this Thief Justice is impeached.

    • tonto_ka

      pati expression sa MUKHA nya FAKE din…

    • D_BystandeR

      I think this man, CJ Corona, is all familiar with using or patronizing everything that is fake. He serves as “errand boy” of that fake president GMA, and they sold BGEI property using a “14-year old” document to the City of Manila (it’s just like using fake documents because it was not updated to attune to the actual happening or events  during the sale), and the latest is this one using a “fake registration car plate.” 

  • George

    wala na bang katapusan ang mga “kriminal” sa pinas?

  • Wackawackawacka

    Here’s some interesting facts:

    Chief Justice of the Philippines Salary: $1700 USD a month.
    Somehow he has a net worth of $1 Million and it tripled when he became Associated Justice.  Probably how he was able to buy that Suburban… by using his position to build wealth for himself.

    That Suburban is big, but seem a lot bigger after they throw you in a small jail cell.  Up Yours Corona!

    • Rex

      Just like what he said in the IC…Corona family did not own luxury vehicles including this SUV.

      • Wackawackawacka

        So you’re saying he told one truth? He was on such a role with all the lies and deflections!

      • JJF724

        Kasi all service vehicle of Supre Court is on his disposal.  He always travel with 3 SUV for him and his body guards. 

  • farmerpo

    Basa ko na dialogue ni Cheap Justice. Di po akin yung Chevy. Pinahiram lang po sa akin. Yung din pong plate number, pinahiram din po…hhhhh hu hu hu. Simple lang po buhay ko ala akong maid, di ako nag aircon, hhh hu hu. Di naman po ako taga LTO kaya di ko alam na lusot yung Chevy. Mapapahiya na naman po ang apo ko, kawawa naman…hhhhhhhhhhh hu hu hu. Tsaka si Karla, magaling pong bata iyan, hu hu hu 

  • Lopez Jaena

    What? Corona cheating again even on car plates? Better make sure!

  • Hey_Dudes

    If living in a plush penthouse atop swank and high end Bellagio Condominiums  is living in a simple abode as defined by this eskambag illegal midnight appointee, I would like to get a unit too in this fashionable place of the rich and famous because like him, I aim to live a life of poverty.

    Wala bang kahihiyan sa katawan itong bvvasstard na ito talaga?

  • TomasRosario

    Now even the HPG is involved in the conspiracy to outs Chief Justice Corona.

  • 711sense

    45 properties, $12M in bank, now a fake plate on an SUV all his?

    • anak_mahirap50

      Ikaw naman di ka ba nagbabasa, sabi ni tj “HINDI AKIN ITO” 



    magnanakaw talaga

  • nti_boohaya

    He is right when he claimed not to own any car.  He just rents a gas-guzzling, luxury Suburban under the Supreme Court’s budget to take him around, including his personal errands.  

    • Juan

      That’s corruption at different level using government fund. . That’s the kind of perk and benefits that he does not want to leave the SC. . That the kind of attribute he had. .

  • gisingyu

    Ang sarap naman nito, pati kotse, feke ang plaka. Hindi lang pala ang dollar at peso accounts, pati pala kotse, peke rin.

    Kawawang Pilipinas – ang Punong Mahistrado, hindi lang pala sinungalin, magnanakaw pa.

  • x-NFL

    Whats new ? Hindi ba halos lahat naman ng mga may tinatago eh ganyan ang modus operandi . May kasibihan nga … “Magnanakaw galit sa kapwa Magnanakaw” …. hahahaha . Kanya tignan ninyo ang Pinas hanggang ngayon walang asenso . Mga OFW nagpapadala ng bilyon bilyon $$ sa bayan para lang kurakutin ng mga “alam ninyo” kung sino .

  • Barak_O

    pinahiram lang ng kamag anak niya yon

    di siya makaafford ng suv dahil ang lahat ng kita niya ay dinideposit niya sa kanyang dollar accounts

    • Cubano

      Matipid si corona kaya nag rent na lang.  Isipin ang million dollars niyang naipon dahil wala siyang kasambahay at aircon, lol.

    • rizalista

       Tsaka electric fan lang yan SUV na yan, walang aircon.

  • Juan

    Si Pinoy ang may kasalanan dyan dahil binigay sa akin. Ang LTO nagpagamit na naman. . . Yan ang sagot ni Corona. . 

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Baka dominguez brothers ang supplier ng mga sasakyan sa SC?

    • JJF724

      Odikaya eh si Renato Corona ang leader nang mga car napping group sa boong pilipinas!  General ang right hand nya.

    • sprint_netms

      Dominguez brothers are based in Bulacan which is adjacent to the Province of Tarlac where the LTO chief is Virginia Torres. Based on news paper reports about this carnap group, most of the license plates recovered from them come from Tarlac. Remember, VIRGINIA TORRES is a KKK  

      • D_BystandeR

        Excuse me, partner, you are deflecting the issue. Why don’t you go straight to the point? Wala sa punto natin ang isiningit mo, understand?

  • joel

    bka bigay ng mga chinese ke gloria? tapos binigay naman ni gloria ke corona? tapos, si corona nag hanap ng pag bibigyan biglang nag kahulihan? ano sa tingin niyo? hmm..

  • rod69

    The Chief Justice on Wheels started early…sa pagsisinungaling/pamemeke.
    Estan los ejemplos: Aniya, he had a sterling record as a student. He graduated with gold medal honors from the Ateneo de Manila grade school in 1962 and high school in 1966. 
    He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree, also with honors, from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1970.
    Upon verification, eto naman ang sabi ng Inquirer at Rappler: 
    Corona’s gold medal in elementary was a special award for Spelling (in Filipino). His silver medal award in high school was for Science Club. He was nowhere in the honors list of his batch in college. 
    Well, at least my PhD (with highest honors) sya sa UST kahit hindi pumapasok at walang dissertation.

    • Htee

      Kung hindi pumapasok, eh nasaan sya….sa bilyaran????

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        kasi sabi nya sa misis nya pumapasok sya sa UST..pero ang totoo sa kabit sya nag pupunta..

    • D_BystandeR

      Kahit hindi siya pumasok sa UST nakuha niya ang parangal dahil sa ginamit niya ang kanyang ‘influence.” “Kapal muks” talaga!

  • el_latigo

    Lahat naman yata dito kay CJ ay PEKE: Consider: 1) His appointment as CJ by a pekeng president is peke, because it is unconstitutional 2) Some of his  claimed and suppsed to be academic achievements are peke (ask Ateneo for this), his doctorate degree is semi-peke kasi walang dissertation which is a mandatory  academic requirement before you can be called a doctor. 3) His allegations against some personalities particularly Omb Carpio-Morales are dubious that is, her asking for a raise in her  separation pay when he claimed that she was asking for more,  when he gave her only P500T while the last justices’ amounts to P1.5M (his word against hers. Anyways this can be checked by looking at the records of the SC Personnel Dept.) and now 4) His plate nos. are also peke. If this is the CJ that you want tehot, victorts and other Corona fanatics, pls spare us.

  • D L

    tommorow they will report that the vehicle plate was not ZEE 868, but it was ZFE 866.

    inquirer gone сrazy.

  • anak_mahirap50

    This time,hindi pa rin kay  tj ito!

  • Gil del Rosario

    The corrupt HPG wants to squeeze the CJ to make PNoy happy. May katapusan din ang termino ni PNoy, ngunit ang corruption ay wala. Our country needs a bloodbath to change.

    • Benito Chung

      The complaint was made by a private citizen (President of Nutripharm) – not HPG

    • Michael

      yes i agree with you we need bloodbath badly….and it starts with corona’s blood… 

      • D_BystandeR

        Dapat gayahin na niya ang ginawa ni Gen. Angelo Reyes para mabawasan na ang malaking kahihiyan na iginuhit niya sa mukha ng kanyang pamilya. ‘Yong pera niya at milyon-milyong dolyares ay huwag na niyang pag-isipan pa yan dahil kahit isang kusing ay wala siyang madala kung siya ay haharap na sa hukuman ni San Pedro sa Purgatoryo. Bwahahaha…

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Yeah, even WordPress, the program used by inquirer to publish this story, the webserver, Meralco to make sure that there’s no power interruption as PDI delivers these news, the makers of this chair i’m using, the manufacturer of this computer etc. They all want to squeeze the CJ to make PNoy happy.

    • parekoy

      A bloodbath because of a thief justice?well,it is a given that HPG are corrupt but for a CJ of the SC to use a vehicle with a stolen/questionable plate no, its unacceptable…He is indeed to be removed and vanished into the moon to completely gid rid of corruption in the SC…He exemplifies a  crook to the highest level…from bank accounts to flip-flopping decisions and declarations summary, he is a thorn in the flesh of the nation…

      • D_BystandeR

        Excuse me, partner. Hindi nagsimula sa HPG ang nalamang pekeng car plate ng sasakyan ni TJ, isang businessman from Cebu ang nag-report sa authorities dahil sa nakita niya sa TV footing ang plate number na pareho sa car plate number na ginamit sa kanyang Mitsubishi. At dyan nalaman kung bakit peke ang plate number na ginamit ng sasakyan ni TJ (Thief Justice).

  • BillyGregory

    Corona’s security personnel may have been made the switch — to strengthen Corona’s safety.

    So what was the original plate numbers?

    • D_BystandeR

      You are stretching your imagination too far. Huwag kang masyadong partisan sa “bossing” mong Thief Justice. Kawawa ka naman. O baka may buwan-buwan kang tinanggap na kabayaran galing ni TJ at pwedeng mapatawad ka ng tao. Pero masyado kang personal, alalahanin mo ang kabutihan ng bayan huwag yong sarili mong bulsa, Okey?

      • BillyGregory

        Have you seen my other posts?

  • $17848434

    Corona is going to issue a waiver to ownership of this SUV on condition that the HPG will also issue a waiver for whatever…So as the police say:  He is known to police or birds of a fetaher phuck together

  • Filipinoflash

    Maniwala kaya kayong ni rentahan lang niya ang sasakyang yon? Mayaman ka, tapos nag rent ka ng SUV? 

    • virtual nook

      hindi naman po sya ang nagbabayad ng renta kundi ang taong-bayan, este supreme court pala … matipid nga po kasi sila pag sa sariling pera.

  • JJF724

    Ito ang gamit ni Corona pag meron syang sina salvage.

  • isellnuts

    Poor Corona, he’s always in controversy now.

    In the article at Philstar it says that ZEE 868 was registered to an L300 belonging to Nutripharm based in Cebu. Bonifacio Gomez, owner of Nutripharm in Cebu noticed the plate number of Corona’s SUV is the same on one of their co. vehicles. This prompted him to report the matter to the proper authorities.

    • sonic99363

      ito rin gamit nila ni midas pag pumupunta sila sa gay bars hehehe

  • pinoydinako

    Ganyan talaga mga magnanakaw…..ang get-away car gumagamit ng stolen license plates…..

    • lonewolf

      natawa ko don bro. thats a good one.

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Walang hiya ka muntik kong mabitawan itong kape ko.

  • First L

    Lahat ng butas hinahanap !! Crook or by Crook !! hahahahaha !! It only shows how the current administration is desperate enough to remove Corona from his position. It’s more fun in the Philippines !!

    • Michael

      oh comm’n read first before you comment…..don’t just read the headline……it wouldn’t have known if there was no complain from the owner of that same plate number…..but you know a thief will do everything just to hide what was being stolen!!!!

    • Mengay

      Matuto ka ng wastong pagsusuri kung hindi ka man pakawala..beripikado na ngang licence plate ni bonifacio yung nakakabit sa suv..ang rason ng kampo ni corona nirentahan daw nila suv.. kasalukuyan pang iniimbistigahan ngayon yan.

    • gatak

      It only shows one thing First L. That CORONA IS A CROOK.

  • MG

    Talaga naman. Yellow brigada at work, parang. Hindi talaga titigilan ang mama. Malalaman na lang natin sa Martes ang husga ng court. Tama na sana ang inpluencia muna.

    • anodawateglow

      Corona deserves it.  Who will trust this man who has the habit of lying!  Maybe except for few people like you!

      • adminmycom

        Actually si TUPAS ang LYING. Sabi niya 80 properties daw ang pag-aari ni Corona. Yun pala 5 lang. LOL

      • dominga

         I do not agree that Tupas was lying. He was presenting evidence that the prosecution thought was true. And how do we know that he does not have properties in the provinces and in Baguio? Because he lied under oath, nothing he says can be believed.  I believe that the  prosecution was lazy and rushed this case to trial.  They seemed to be rather amateurish. I  would not want any of them representing me.
          Also, even if the CJ did not have as much money as the Ombudsman testified to, she could not determine the exact amount because of the secrecy laws. . Anyway, how did the CJ legitimately accumulate almost $5 mil total ? That was never satisfactorily answered.

      • sprint_netms

        A top caliber corporate lawyer can easily earn 1B in 10 years. Ang tawag dyan Attorney de Campanilya. Inggit lang yang mga Attorney de Culiling

      • mapicchu

         anong 80?  cgurado ka?

      • kolambogan

        You are the one lying, it’s on the record of the IC proceedings its 5 out of 45. So don’t make it more confusing like what your idol is won’t to do.

    • sprint_netms

      Yes MG meron epidemic ng yellow fever sa PDI at Star, Kaya ang sarap mag comment pagkatapos ko magbasa ng Daily Tribune at Manila Standard, bumubula bibig nila sa inis, parang si Budoy. Tingnam mo, marami na mamang bubula bibig sa kamumura…

  • boyetigas

    Sa ilalim nito ay mga comments na naman na inaapi talaga ang idolo nila. Tsk, tsk.

    Parang sinasabi ng magnanakaw “Bakit ba buong puwersa ng kapulisan ginagamit para mahuli ang pagnanakaw ko, it’s unfair?!”

  • titod

    Malinaw talaga ngayon na ang media nabili na. Mabuti pa nung araw kay Marcos alam mo na lahat ay propaganda. Ngayon free press kuno pero ang mga nilalabas naman basura lang. Mahirap talaga kumita ng pera sa atin. Survival mode pati yung mga sinasabing free press !

    • I_kabod

      noong kay marcos kasi ang press ay naka su-press hehehe

  • kalaban_mo

    pakicheck ng wheelchair nya baka fake din. ung sakit, fake n sakit, fake na position, fake na saln. mahilig sa fake tong taong to, kaya pala galit kay llamas e. 

  • gatak


  • Coty

    ha ha Chevrolet Suburban SUV 5.3 l V8 321 HP 6AT which will set you back some four (4) Mn PhP, if this is his idea of a simple life, just think wala pa nga daw silang household service worker! i am not sure if there is a logic to this! this is sick! and it sucks!

    • mapicchu

       the vehicle is rented…paid for by the SC! how much does it cost monthly? grabe..walang pakundangan sa ginagastos for him, anyway, SC naman pays for it. and how come they havent checked the cars papers right away? all cars are supposed to have their registration dox inside the car, at all times. that should have been easy enough to determine. obviously delaying tactics again, to protect corona. baka sya rin may ari ng car rental? hmmmm…just a wild guess

    • jiroarturo

      Baka naman rented for 1 day.

  • dead_pixel

    Paki check narin ang Porchse ni noyAbnoy baka the same yung plate number ng wheelchair ni CJ!!!

    • anodawateglow

      you are nonsense bro hahaha!   better eat peanuts and take sacks of salt rich in iodine!

      • dead_pixel

        Buhay na buhay ang mga bayarang replyers ni carandang!
        PAgbutihin ninyo!

      • anodawateglow

         hahaha…in fairness brother, ok naman work ko, marunong lang ako mag-isip kung sino ang dapat supurtahan at kung sino ang talagang nagnanais na mapabuti ang bayan.

        Mabuti na lang meron Noynoy na presidente, kung hindi namamayagpag pa rin ang mga mandarambong ng bansa!

      • dead_pixel

        At sa tingin mo nawala na ang mga mandarambong sa gobyerno???
        Galing mo rin mag isip!
        Huwag ka nang mag isip! Masasayang lang ang kakaramput mong utak!

    • adminmycom

      Binenta na niya yung Porsche, ‘dre.

      • dead_pixel

        Bakit nandoon pa rin sa SALN ni noyAbnoy???

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Paki check narin mental sugar ni dead_pixel, mukhang bumababa na.

      • pololoy


      • dead_pixel

        Di ba pwedeng hairline muna ni noyAbnoy ang bilangin???

  • Arnold


  • Let’s go, Bob!

    CJ: Sa sobrang pagtitipid nga po namin nanghihiram nalang kami ng plate number. Actually po co-mingled  plate number iyan.

    • pinoydinako

      Jeff……good one!  Grave talaga si Corona, nabrainwashed narin ako……..arrrrggghhh.!

      Hey……sabe ni Ombusman Morales “certified liar” si Renato.

      • Let’s go, Bob!

        Oo nga po, “Certified” talaga according to AMLC or Anti-Mandurugas and Liars Council.

    • eae_eg

      loool..kya inde pude isama sa SLN..LOOL

      • Let’s go, Bob!

        Actually po, iyan ang last ploy ni CJ, “if all else fail” eka nga (tama ba English ko). Iyan ang huling baraha, CJ will show all his “SALN Forms”(signed) from the date in question up to 2011. He will say “everything you claim that I didn’t declare in my SALN it’s there, and you may scrutinize it!!!” after 5 hours of inspecting, looking scanning, mag-tatanong ang inspectors “Bakit wala po talaga?”, Sasagot naman si CJ(smiling) “Did you check the back of the form?”


        There’s no law that states that we can’t use the other side of the form to declare our assets.

    • pnoy0612

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! super like 1M times!

      Co-mingled plates….BWAHAHAHAHA!!! ROFL…

  • sprint_netms

    Chevy SUV and Mitsubishi AUV with the same plate no.??? This could easily be done in LTO-Tarlac. Ask Virginia Torres how this is done.  Please also check the license plate of the Porche.

  • Hunter421

    A Chevy Suburban for rent? Strange. Also, why rent a car when you have more than P90-M and $2-M in the bank?

    • adminmycom

      Corona does not have a vehicle big enough to allow him to be transported from the hospital to the Senate in a comfortable manner demanded by his medical condition. Mas malaki ang leg room ng Chevy SUV, kasya sa isang kotse.

      Alangan namang bumili siya kaagad ora-mismo ng SUV, same day as he was being discharged from the hospital.

    • mapicchu

      yes i believe rented ang car, not by corona but the SC pays for it…corona has no cars reported in his salns…ang tanong ko..sya din kaya MAY-ARI ng car rental company?  malaking negosyo yan, a lot of foreign companies do that..they ask the rental co. to buy a hi-end car, their choice yon, and they pay for it on a monthly rental basis…it doesn’t become their property at all…  ayaw nila ng ganoong assets na mabilis ang depreciation. am quite sure this is the philosophy of corona
      since he is entitled to a fancy car by virtue of his position in the SC.

      • Hunter421

        Wonder why the SC wouldn’t just buy an official car for the CJ rather than rent?

      • mapicchu

         the SC surely has funds to buy the CJ his choice of a vehicle-one of his perks.  the manner i described above is usually resorted to by multinational cos. who do not want to be saddled by fast depreciating assets. this could have been adopted by corona..or maybe, a close friend or close family owns the car rental co. whatever, that is common practice. its really ok  for foreigners who do not want to pay cash for their vehicles/maintenance of such, but for someone who claims he is frugal…its a different story. its like throwing away a substantial amount of money, monthly. btw, rental arrangements such as this are usually on an  annual basis.

  • adminmycom

    Yung mga hindi pa naka-experience na magpa-rehistro ng sasakyan sa LTO, magkakamot sila talaga ng ulo kung paano nangyari ito. Tanungin natin kung uso ang Tuwid Na Daan dyan sa LTO. LOL

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Pwede kang magrehistro sa LTO ng sasakyan mo kahit hindi mo dala.
      Basta alam mo lang Ang Tamang Daan papunta sa may ” Nakakaalam”.

      • sprint_netms

        Jeff, puntahan mo si Torres na kaputukan ni Budoy, saglit lang rehistrado na kotse mo

      • Let’s go, Bob!

        Ano naman gagawin ko kung maparehistro ko tong Pison ko. pinalitan ko na ng blacktop yung makina hirap parin humatak

      • adminmycom

        Ewan ko lang kung saang LTO Branch ka ‘pre. Pero sa LTO Branch ko, hindi mo kailangan pumunta dun sa “Nakakaalam”. Yung “Nakakaalam” mismo ang pupunta sayo. Minsan papasok ka pa lang sa gate, hinaharang ka na ng “Nakakaalam”. Kasi sa dami nilang “Nakakaalam”, pinag-aagawan ka nila.


  • William Tyre

    ay sus, another demolition campaign. Fcku off aquino.

    • Leo

      How is this a demolition campaign? Is ist not possible there was a mistake somewhere? I honestly think people just comment based on what side they’re for, not really about the facts.

      • Kalapok

         okay na sana na demolition pero sasabihin na nirentahan lang yan mukang spiral of kasinungalingan namn  yan.

    • raffyb0i

      as expected, typical reaction from a close minded pinoy. Baka sabihin mo sa susunod yung nag complain eh affiliated kay Pnoy? haha

    • tower_of_power

      Hey … you are running on flat tyres! You know what works in a demolition derby.

    • pnoy0612

      Fcku off…  Back off… pare-pareho lang talaga ng linya ang mga hinayupak!

      co-mingle na mga utak ng mga ‘to!!!

  • thvmskhsdlsu

    Such a misleading headline PDI!!  Now, I’m a hundred and one percent convinced how irresponsible some people in the media have been!!!

    • Leo

      How is it misleading? The article and the headline seems to match..

      • pnoy0612

        co-mingle naman di ba? hehehehe….

  • joeybg

    panibagong baho ng mga corona na naman, gayan talaga ang mga kawatan, puro ilegal ang gawa.

  • SojuSaki

    Corona doesn’t own the Chevy. It’s a comingled car from Bulacan.

  • aSwedishguy

    If this car was stolen,smuggled or whatever would it not be to amateurish to take a license plate belong to a totally different car model?, atleast the same brand

    • kolambogan

      Professional criminals always start out as aspiring, then amateur but they are all criminals anyway, so who cares if they bungle one work, there are lots of victims and alibis and palusot for them to fall back on, besides backers and protectors from in and out of government. Even criminals of their own kinds if they get on their way will not be safe.

  • tower_of_power

    Hindi-na-Coronado … according to Ayn Rand … “you can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality” … by all means fake everything … from your scholastic credentials, your assets and liabilities, the ownership of your properties, health conditions … even you car plates. Co-mingle this … co-mingle that … in the end you will be co-mingling with the criminals at the bilibid!!!

    • pnoy0612

      super like!!!

      co-mingle or criminal orgy???

  • tweener

    Pano nya naging woe yon e hindi naman kanya yon? Pinalalaki mo, isa ka ring bayaran.

  • Pork_Republik

    Oy, senate property custodian paki-check naman kung sinauli na ni Corona yun wheelchair ninyo.

  • archangel uriel

    nasa likod ng LTO ang gumagawa ng duplicate plates….alam ng mga military officials yan…pro walang ginagawa……kasi ang ibang units na carnap…. ang pamilya nila ang gumagamit nito…papalitan lang nito ang plates# like the above……ipaimbestiga ninyo ang karamihan na military officials…..

  • agong1

    can you check his brief too..baka sa neighbor nya yon nag hahanap nung bago pumunta sa IC 

  • Kenneth

    Wow naman,, ang bilis ng action ng HPG to conduct immediate investigation regarding “kambal” plaka ni CJ. Bakit me award ba kayo sa Palasyo..Please there is hundreds of car being carnap every-week and all of you HPG are sleeping in your quarter. Now beacuse CJ is tried by alll government agency coniving with all false evidence and illegal acquiring of proof, pati ba naman kayong mga taga HPG padadala sa palasyo. Just go to QC, at the back of LTO naroon ang factory of duplicate Plate number,  bakit hindi kayo doon mag-raid? bakit kasi yang naka-upo sa LTO QC me lagay sa mga sindikato doon..Pag-nakalusot si CJ at nademanda kayo,,,,bitay dapat ang parusa sa inyo mga…bulok.

    • sprint_netms

      Kenneth, alam mo rin pala yong gawaan ng KAMBAL PLAKA sa likod ng LTO na malapit s opisina ng DILG. Sa tabing ilog ng Apalit malapit sa boundary ng Calumpit naman and bilihan ng carnap. Bro, Pulido pagka tamper ng motor at body number at pwede irehistro sa Tarlac LTO Office. Dyan yong dating opis ni Virginia Torres na KAPUTUKAN ni Budoy. 

      • dgboy

         kasuhan na kasi kung may hinala

      • FernandoBusi

        di nga ginagalawan ni Carpio parang si Merci Gutierrez nung panahon ni GMA … 

    • Kalapok

       okay na sana na walang kinalanaman si CJ, pero ang bilsi naman ng bobong abogago na magsabi nagsabi niretahan lang yan.

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Pag mabagal ang action sasabihan ng noynoying pag mabilis naman may “award”.

      I Kenneth understand what you guys want.

  • Jasmin

    Ano’ng gagawin ni Corona dito? Siya ba gumawa’ng plate nya? It was given by the LTO. Habulin mo yng LTO na yan. nagbibigay nga sila Driver’s License to Chinese citizen indicating that his citizenship is Filipino, kasi yan daw sinulat ng appicant sa application form.  Sinisinggit nila pa liturato ng iba’ng tao sa records ng registered owner of the vehicle. Maraming manloloko don sa LTO na yan.

    • Russell Ariola

      Mey fixer nga dun sa parking ng LTO sa East avenue. Cubacub ang pangalan pero malakas kaya antaatsabel ng mga lispu.

      • Jasmin

        yan din sinasabi ko.. maraming fixers don.  may nagsabi na saken dati nah ako raw yng Notary public sa LTO kasi meron daw don isa’ng atty na lalake lagi nakabarong na luma. Anyway, I am a woman and Jasmin Cubacub is only my blogname.

      • Russell Ariola

         Oppss.. ahihihiii..
        Ay am solii maam.

  • sprint_netms

    Hmmm… After de Lima’s testimony in the senate, a witness against the Rodriguez Carnap Group  who is under the witness protection program of the DOJ was murdered and a lackluster investigation is being conducted and no suspects arrested. This carnap group operates nationwide but their hideout and warehouse for stolen vehicles is in Bulacan. Nearby is the province of Tarlac with an LTO Office formerly headed by Virginia Torres. Based on newspaper reports, this LTO branch is notorious for manufacturing fake registration papers for stolen vehicles. 
    VIRGINIA TORRES, one of the very trusted friends of BS Aquino and a prominent member of the KKK, is now the Chief of the LTO Central Office. On the other hand, CJ Corona, the archenemy of BS,  is being investigated by another corrupt agency, the HPG for allegedly owning or hiring a vehicle with duplicate license plate.
    Something smells fishy or another fishing expedition?

    • paul

       padre….masyadong marami ka ng napapanood sa tv….conspiracyBS 101 yan! based on newspaper reports huh…tribune ba yan….hmmm….gutom lang yanpadre…

      • sprint_netms

        Sir I am one of those well informed and discerning reader who is “gutom sa katotohanan”. G

    • robertcarino

      i’ve been a victim of carjacking so i have a personal stake in this issue.  virginia torres should have been held liable for that, but that’s a separate issue.  wala dapat yung “dapat walang silipan dahil gawain naman ng lahat yan!!!”  corona has a lot to answer for using that plate.  kung yan ang binigay ng LTO sa kanya, wala siyang kasalanan.  all he has to do is prove it.  but i bet you, if totoo nga na fake plate ginamit, smokescreen na naman gagawin niya.

      • sprint_netms

        Robert, we’ve got the same fate. I lost a Brand new Nissan Estate 3 mos. ago. My driver was stabbed, bounded and thrown in a river in Pampanga. The van was recovered in Bulacan with a different plate registered in LTO Tarlac.. I know it is my van because the dent and scratch on the rear left door from a previous minor accident was still present.Now I am having a hard time to collect from my insurer because I’m having the run-around at LTO and HPG.
        Sir take note of the personalities involved in my earlier comment and connect the dots. Be the judge. Good day…

    • kolambogan

      Where are the dots and who is the Judge?  And masybe you mean Dominguez Carnap group, can you not be more precise, and don’t just be like a quiz master? But if you are a spin master I withdraw my suggestion, moreso if you are just an errand boy, it’s not your fault an investigation and conclusion of a crime requires a deep and unbiased mind.

      • sprint_netms

        Yes Sir, I mean the Dominguez Group, the names got messed up in my mind and I’m sorry for that. Thank you for the correction and I never intended to give you a quiz. The facts I’ve stated are based on actual experience when my van was stolen 3 mos. ago. Up to last Friday, I still can’t get the certification from LTO and the report from HPG which I need in filing my claims with my insurer. If you will care, listen to the radio program of Mon Tulfo on Monday where I will air my predicament. So if you think that I have a biased mind, I cannot fault and prejudge you on that. Good day, Sir… 

      • kolambogan

        Sorry for your misfortunes, though problems such as yours really are rampant in our country because of the proliferation of corrupt and undeserving public officials who in most cases are being cornered and sorrounded by interest groups knowingly and unknowingly. But out of necessity a leader must have all the help he can get, but to imply that a leader is weak and corrupt also reflects on the population. So my point a leader acknowledge or not must be supported and not villified, especially if his public pronouncements are for the good of the nation and no one has the moral authority to undermine what his proclamations, even if he is the most unpopular (which I doubt) because before one could be a president at least he has the majority of the population behind him. Now if one was wrong in his belief in putting him in that position, his time is limited and next time lets be sure of our choice in order not to fall in the same trap, but refrain from berrating the person who is the representative of our country among the leaders of the nations of the world, for to do so shows our lack of propriety, civility and decorum. Normally I’m not judgmental, but some people I read are just hecklers, agitators and uncivilized in their comments that sometimes I can’t help meeting some in their own language thoug most often with little caution. Exchange of ideas is a wonderful gift of democracy, but it seems that tyrants would want their cakes and eat it too.. We can agree to disagree base on what we truly and honestly believe in, thats what I believe is true democracy. Good day to you too.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2012 10:00 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: SUV with fake plates adds to Corona’s woes

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        sprint_netms wrote, in response to kolambogan:
        Yes Sir, I mean the Dominguez Group, the names got messed up in my mind and I’m sorry for that. Thank you for the correction and I never intended to give you a quiz. The facts I’ve stated are based on actual experience when my van was stolen 3 mos. ago. Up to last Friday, I still can’t get the certification from LTO and the report from HPG which I need in filing my claims with my insurer. If you will care, listen to the radio program of Mon Tulfo on Monday where I will air my predicament. So if you think that I have a biased mind, I cannot fault and prejudge you on that. Good day, Sir… Link to comment

      • sprint_netms

        Sir, thank you for your empathy and I am very sorry if I hurt your sensibility with the way I made my comment on this article. This is because of my exasperation in dealing with the LTO and HPG. I know you are an intelligent person and you could easily detect who are the hecklers and paid hacks who post comments in this paper. There are lots of them here and I am telling you honestly that I believe you are not one of them. You might have chanced upon or read some of the comments that I have posted here and in other fora and you will notice that never have I attacked or tried to knock out anyone whose views are contrary to mine. In the very rare instances that I make a reply, it is only to those whose views are similar to mine. This is the freedom of expression that I strictly adhere to in all the fora that I post comments in. I also like to tell you that this might have been the first time that become subjective in my comments regarding the two offices and I beg your understanding because emotions got the better part of me. Good day sir

      • kolambogan

        You don’t have to be sorry, Your exasperating experience is no easy matter, just consider our postings as some sort of an eye opener for the both of us and hopefully to others who might be able to read such exchanges. Hoping that you will finally overcome all your frustrations in following up on your losses and also to the Filipinos by virtue of whats going on now at the Senate Halls. Good day and good luck

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 2:31 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: SUV with fake plates adds to Corona’s woes
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        sprint_netms wrote, in response to kolambogan:
        Sir, thank you for your empathy and I am very sorry if I hurt your sensibility with the way I made my comment on this article. This is because of my exasperation in dealing with the LTO and HPG. I know you are an intelligent person and you could easily detect who are the hecklers and paid hacks who post comments in this paper. There are lots of them here and I am telling you honestly that I believe you are not one of them. You might have chanced upon or read some of the comments that I have posted here and in other fora and you will notice that never have I attacked or tried to knock out anyone whose views are contrary to mine. In the very rare instances that I make a reply, it is only to those whose views are similar to mine. This is the freedom of expression that I strictly adhere to in all the fora that I post comments in. I also like to tell you that this might have been the first time that become subjective in my comments regarding the two offices and I beg your understanding because emotions got the better part of me. Good day sir Link to comment

      • sprint_netms

        Ok sir, that was a really nice and decent  exchange, unlike those hecklers and paid hacks which you are saying. BTW, what is your take on the senate decision? For me, corona may be a crook but what happened in the trial was a very dangerous precedent. It will leave a bad lesson for future students of law. First, the prosecution went to court unprepared, bringing no evidence that will stand rigorous scrutiny. It was like convict now and try later. Second is the keen and portentous interest of the president in the case, unabashedly using the entire machinery of the bureaucracy and media without compunction. Honestly, does this not give you an eerie feeling of a potential despot? Hoping to hear from you again… 

      • kolambogan

        The verdict was rendered already, but since you ask me, I will oblige you with my honest opinion. Like you, the complainants here were the Filipino people. So their only recourse were their representatives since it is the only way it could be done. Probably they got their cue from P”NOY but P”NOY had legitimate reasons to be as exasperated as you were, He wanted to start on a clean slate upon assumption to his office but the SC was always blocking his attempts thru Midnight Appointed CJ corona and his associates who were all GMA appointees. I guess you really know by now how patronage plays an important features in the GMA administration and I am hard to believe that all the reasoning of the Midnight Appointed’s court blocking of P”NOY’s initiative were done thru the majesty of the laws they are sworn to uphold, to me it was very apparent that what they had done were to undermine P’NOY’s administration which has the effect of validating but protecting some anomalous charges against GMA and company. They were able to do so thru an elaborate legalistic cover for enforcing their preference because they can do it, they are the SC, which was magnified in their so many rulings in favor of their patroness and their flip-flopping decisions.
        Corona’s folly will not see the light of the day if he remains in the Supreme Court, not only his and his associates’ undeserved loyalty to an accused former President but also by his being adjudged dishonest by his own admission tantamount to confession. Whatever the process resorted to by the Congressmen Prosecutors resorted to bringing their charges to the open is their own look-out, but still I am inclined to believe that having the required number of votes to uphold the same was met, not to mention the substance and form required. If you may recall so many attempts in the past were scuttled merely by lack of any of the three requirements. So I believe they ought to have the benefit of the doubt in doing what they believe they should do under the circumstance and left the determination of their case to the Impeachment Court which is under the Senate’s sole jurisdiction to act and decide on the same. If they were wrong on their actions the same will be dismissed and the respondent corona will be acquitted, but as it turned out they were right and duly so vindicated, regardless of their misgivings, for what they had done somehow put a dent on their own personalities and capabilities, but they withered all such negative perceptions to their persons for the greater good of the country as a whole and it is what’s important after all.
        Up to this day I cannot believe that such prominent lawyers of the Defense Panel could be so rattled and un-ordinarily argue their case in favor of their opponents and against their client. For me this is the lasting legacy of the Impeachment trial to future law students “How to lose or win a case thru blunders”

        From: Disqus
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        sprint_netms wrote, in response to kolambogan:
        Ok sir, that was a really nice and decent  exchange, unlike those hecklers and paid hacks which you are saying. BTW, what is your take on the senate decision? For me, corona may be a crook but what happened in the trial was a very dangerous precedent. It will leave a bad lesson for future students of law. First, the prosecution went to court unprepared, bringing no evidence that will stand rigorous scrutiny. It was like convict now and try later. Second is the keen and portentous interest of the president in the case, unabashedly using the entire machinery of the bureaucracy and media without compunction. Honestly, does this not give you an eerie feeling of a potential despot? Hoping to hear from you again… Link to comment

  • calipso_2100

    ZTE 868 daw yung kay Corona gift ni GMA after the ZTE deal. Kaya lang may kaso na sa deal na yan kay pinalitan nya ng 
    ZEE 868 para hindi sya ma sali sa gulo.

  • EnriqueV

    Clueless ang commenters dito. If he used his official SC vehicle, it wouldn’t have sported a regular plate number. Pag ginamit niya ang SC service vehicles for his senate trial ang sasabihin ninyong mga Yellow Tards “personal problem niya ang trial sa senate, bakit kotse ng SC ang ginagamit?” The fact that this vehicle does not bear a special plate number (I believe the CJ is allocated the number 5), means he didn’t use his personal vehicle. Mga hindi nagiisip.

    • robertcarino

      NO! ikaw ang di nag iisip.  ang punto nito e, kung totoo ngang nakitang ZEE 868 ang license plate ng sasakyan na ginamit ni corona, and it is registered to another vehicle… at yan ang ginamit niya, then either he or his people are liable! does not matter who owns it.  get it? pa yellow tards yellow tards ka pa dyan!!!

      • Let’s go, Bob!


      • FernandoBusi

        actually its the fault of HPG kasi inside job lang naman mga registration na ganyan eh. 

    • John

      Obviously one can own not just one car Einstein. :)

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Ang punto Registered po sa iba yung plate number, kaya kung nasangkot sa krimen yung isa sa kanila damay yung isa. And for someone na pinaghihinalaan na nangungurakot medyo nakakahiya lalo, Ganyan po ka-sensitive ang position ng C.J., my dear Watson.

      “I believe the CJ is allocated the number 5″-  ahhh I thought it’s 45 :)

    • junave

      kaya  nag rent na lang ng isang fake plate ng suv?

    • Russell Ariola

      Ikaw ang clueless pards.

      Una, yang nangyayari sa IC, function ni TJ yan hindi personal. Impeachment yan nakapaloob sa saligang batas. Mey subpoena nga si TJ ng senado eh.

      Pangalawa, di lahat ng kontra key TJ ay yellowturd na sinasabi mo. Di ako supporter ni PNoy. Mas lalong ayaw ko sa napakasinungaling na THIEF JU$TICE.

  • magsasakasanayon

    pati plaka “co-mingled?” haha. joke lang. it’s too far fetched to think corona has anything to do with that. give the guy a break.

    • sojusakitofu

      No, not the plate number but the Suburvan car itself is the one co-mingled.
      Corona owns only the backseat. The engine belongs to Big Mike. The steering wheel compliments of the little girl.

      • Felix Manalo

        SuburBan. Not SuburVan.

    • junave

      break in the neck?

      • magsasakasanayon

        haha. puwede.

      • Russell Ariola

        Bat neck lang?

      • junave

        jejejej ano gusto mo pati  lahat ng buto niya?

  • Rey


  • Squiresquared



    • HEEEEY2011

      Tumpak! Dapat ma-convict ang Corona na iyan.

  • botets

    SOS uli sa SC, TRO lang ang katapat nyan, ikaw na ang maging coronupt.. Anyways I hope whatever will be the outcome of this impeachment hearing will be for the good of the country…

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Renato Corona is a fake ?
    Why am I not surprised ?

  • JosephB

    Sa palagay ko hindi akalain ni CJ na may maka pansin sa plate number niya.  Dapat walang sagradong tao sa investigation ng LTO.  Kung may katiwalian sa bagay na yan, ang parusa sana ay mas higit kay sa sa pangkaraniwang tao sa dahilan na sila ang interpreter of the law.  Sigurado na ang sasabihin na naman ay hindi sa akin yan, renintahan ko lang yan.  Kung tutuo, sabihin niya ang pangalan ng tao upang siya ang papanagutin.  He can give an amount as high as 1 million just for them to accept that they are the owner of the vehicle. I hope that this “Plate number ” issue will not put him down all the more.  Mas marami pang mga tao dyan na mas malaki ang nakulimbat sa pera ng gobyerno na hanggang ngayon ay natatawa lang sa nangyayari kay CJ.  Ito sana ang simula ng cleansing of the government.  If the President is really true with his words in the cleansing of the government, let us back him up until all the big kurakoters will go to jail. 

    • dan4321

      I agree with you,and certainly PNoy’s is an uphill battle,and the more he needs everybody’s support.Just as they say,the road to heaven is narrow.

    • HEEEEY2011

      Tapos iaapila iyan sa SC. Karamihan tuta niya ang taga SC eh di ligtas nanaman siya. Hayop talaga sa kasinungalingan iyang si Corona.

  • Pio Gante

    one MO of car theft/smuggling groups is to register a stolen/untaxed vehicle in connivance with LTO and HPG people as a “mirror/duplicate’ of a legitimate vehicle which is called ‘kambal’. in this case asec torres had already certified (usually only the chief of mid does this) that the mits van is the one in their database. each car has a file number assigned to it and this number can be used to track what lto agency had initially registered that car and the papers submitted during it’s original registration phase. if the hpg can get hold of the or/cr or the suv itself then they can get a better picture of who has the authentic registration and if they manage to impound it, they will check if it’s included in the list of stolen vehicles and at the same time the  crime lab will do a macro-etching examination to determine if the vin’s/chassis/engine numbers had been tampered;

    if the vehicle is proved to be stolen then it will be impounded and if the original owner can still be traced, it will only be released to him/her only after paying the obligatory reward, afterwards the person where the vehicle was seized or it’s present owner can be charged in violation of RA 6539;

    if it’s just a matter of illegal transfer of plates, just like what report says, fine of 5k or six months jail time, if the vehicle is indeed a rental then the company that rented it out has the liability and not corona.

  • Glenn

    “One of Corona’s lawyers, Tranquil Salvador, said the SUV was a rental vehicle.” 
    Mahirap bang intindihin ‘to?

    • mapicchu

       ang mahirap intindihin is why did corona need to spend for rentals when he has a vehicle assigned, provided by the sc. or that was the vehicle assigned to him on a regular basis.

    • tower_of_power

      That is what one gets when he/she co-mingles too much … hindi mo na alam kung sino sino ang nakakadeal mo … smugglers/carnappers/LTO racketers … sigurado ka ba na na ang mga kaperahan na nakaco-mingle sa accounts ni TJ ay legal? Tanong ko lang si Tranquil na napakagaleng magpalusot!!!

  • kismaytami

    Mati-TRO ng SC ang investigation ng HPG.

  • indiots

    ang galing tumanggi nitong tranquil salvador na to. take note: yan ang sususnod na sinungaling.

  • pinoydinako

    Apo ni Corona:  Lolo, bakit po ba fake ang plate number natin.
    Corona:  Ganito yan, matagal na sa atin ang plate number na ya, even before you were born, sguro may nag copy lang.   Isa pa, di totoo fake….kasama lang yan tsismis sa lantern of lies ni Morales. At si PNoy ginagamit pati LTO para sirahin ako.

    Nag press conference si Midas: Syempre naman po, para terno terno…fake plate number, fake SALNs, fake Ph. D., fake sakit-skitan….para sa ating fake CJ.  Ganda noh?

  • jiroarturo

    Pati car plate peke. Ano ba yan?

  • gising me


  • thunderbolt01

    Isa na namang paninira ng mga hypocrites kay corona na katulad ng iba ay pawang kasinungalingan lang. Hindi na ba kayo nagsawa sa inyong kasinungalingan? Mapapatunayan din na ito ay hindi tutoo gaya ng iba at sino na naman ang mapapahiya?   Kagat agad kayo sa mga paninira, gamitin naman ninyo ang inyong utak. Hindi na ba kayo nadala?

  • $8278216

    LTO paki check po ninyo ng mabuti at hinde lamang si gng. Corona, marami na rin po ang nag reclamo ng ganito na may ka double ang kanilang car plate number…..masama pangitain ito kung ginamit sa masama ang sasakyan. Kawawa naman ang lihitimong may ari pag nagka gayon dahil sya ang una aaristuhin ng uturidad..malamang may sindikato sa loob ng LTO.

  • hubblecoke

    one thing i found out after this impeachment- ALL people but for cj corona in the judiciary, executive and legislative  are really good and holier. all candidates for canonization.

  • pinklace88

    Bakit nag re rent? wla bang official vehicle ang SC? or better yet sarili nya?
    Hoy Corona, wag ka naman sobrang kunat bawasan mo ung milyones mo sa bangko, kahit second hand lng pwede na un, anu b yan, gustong gusto mo talaga sa fake anu.
    Intsik k ba????? bwahahahaha :)

    • Russell Ariola

      Meron. Marami. mey 2012 prado yan na plaka ay “5”.

      Yun ang legal na plaka ng CJ ng SC ng pinas.

      Si Cristina naman Cadillac ang personal na ginagamit niya sa Baguio.

    • HEEEEY2011

      Sinungaling pa iyan tungkol sa retirement ni Morales. Sinabi niya humihingi raw si Morales ng dagdag sa retirement party niya. Hindi naman daw at dati raw, 1.5M ang ibinibigay na retirement sa mga nagreretire na Associate Justice. Noong panahon na ni Morales ang magretire, 6,500 pesos na lang. Hindi na lang daw umimik si Morales. Ngayon siya pa ang makapal ang mukha na nag-open up yungkol dito at puro kasinungalingan ang pinagsasasabi. Kung ma-aquit talaga iyang si Corona, wala na talagang pag-asang mabago pa ang pagiging kurakot ng mga opisyal sa Pilipinas. 

      • white scorpion

        sa lahat ng ebidence (kuno) ni cj. puro denial, mangdadawit ng ibang tao. provocative, …. lahat lahat na except……………….THE EVIDENCE ITSELF.
        pag prosecitor ang nagpresent, kailangan ng ebidensiya. pag depensa, SALITA lang puwede na. lalung lalo na kung si cj ang nagsasalita. puro DRAMA pa. pati mga basa sisterS. mukahng MAIISAHAN nanaman tayo…..

  • R

    That’s a bullet-proof Suburban rental.

    Of course…it can’t be the fault of the LTO,…the head of LTO is Virgie Torres.

  • ang_panday

    pag na aquittal si CORONA lagot kayo mga senador boycot kyu lahat sa 2013 senatorial election di naman hamak mas marami di pabor kay CORONA baka kayu ang ma impeach nang taong bayan…kaya take care sa desisyon

  • R

    Published : Monday, March 12, 2012 00:00
    Article Views : 1,999


    CHIEF Justice Renato Corona is now using a bulletproof car because of the numerous death threats that he has been receiving.

    Corona told The Manila Times that he had been advised by “friends”
    in the Philippine National Police (PNP) to take all precautions and not
    dismiss the threats on his life.“Marami akong nata–tanggap na
    mga death threats ngayon. Pinayuhan ako ng mga kaibigan ko sa PNP na
    mag-ingat dahil seryoso ito sa mga panahong ito [I am getting plenty of
    death threats now. I was advised by my friends in the PNP to be careful
    because of the seriousness of these threats,]” Corona said.Recently,
    three motorcycle-riding men surrounded his house in Xavierville in
    Quezon City and stayed there for three hours. Corona said that there
    were also instances when he was followed by unidentified persons.Corona admitted that he was forced to lease a bulletproof car and hire security personnel for him and members of his family. “Inuupahan
    ko ang sasakyang ito dahil sabi ng kaibigan ko sa PNP hindi biru-biro
    itong nangyayari sa iyo [I rented this car because my friend said this
    is already not a joke,]” he said.The Chief Justice said that the death threats that he has been receiving are had something to do with the impeachment trial.

    • yonp

       He he he. Palusot na naman. CJ Corona, magpakatao ka! Noong tatakas ka sa Senate Hall after saying, “I am the CJ and I want to be excuse” tapos, bigla kang umalis pababa. O, bakit umaandar na ang makina ng sasakyan mong may fake plate? Di ba ito ay nagpapatunay na matagal mo nang ginagamit ang sasakyan dahil may “coordination kayo ng driver, na tatakas kayo sa Senate?”

      Kung inupahan mo yan, saan galing ang pera? Ang ordinary Van like Toyota Super Grandia, ang commuter type, P6,000 per day, hindi pa kasama ang diesel diyan. Eto, fuel guzzler ang sinasakyan mo! 36, 000 cc ang makina niyan, ang Vios Toyota taxi, 1,300 lang. And having fortified with armor, the engine must have been increase to further to make an immediate get away. Ang mahal niyan! Si Juan dela Cruz ba ang nagbabayad nito? O, galing ito sa Judicial Development Funds na nagkakahalaga ng billions of pesos?

      Sabi nga” A public service is a public trust.” You were merely given the privilege of occupying the position of Chief Justice, but it does not mean that you have to abuse it by squandering people’s money.

      • R

        Sige nga…maglabas ka ng Vios na bullet-proof.

        Eh kung yung mga director sa DOJ at NBI naka Montero at Fortuner…ang Chief Justice gusto mong isakay sa taxi?

        Sabihin mo yan kay BS Aquino…ang presidential Mercedes Benz na -inorder nya ay mahigit P40,000,000. P40 Million! galing sa pinipigang bulsa ng mamayang Pilipino.

        Ang bagong Presidential Plane at tatlong Presidential Helicopters ay hihigit sa P600,000,000.  P600 Million!

        Who is squandering the people’s money now?

      • yonp

        Ang mga pinagsasabi mo ay binili ng “Boss” ni CJ Corona na dili iba kundi si “Bansot!” Je je je je he he he he! You are knocking at the wrong door. Bobo.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2012 5:13 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: SUV with fake plates adds to Corona’s woes

        Disqus generic email template

        R wrote, in response to yonp:
        Sige nga…maglabas ka ng Vios na bullet-proof.

        Sabihin mo yan kay BS Aquino…ang presidential Mercedes Benz na -inorder nya ay mahigit P40,000,000. P40 Million! galing sapinipigang bulsa ng mamayang Pilipino.
        Ang bagong Presidential Plane at tatlong Presidential Helicopters ay hihigit sa P600,000,000.  P600 Million!
        Who is squandering the people’s money now?
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      • R

         Sino kaya ang Bobo…Magbasa ka…Tanong mo sa Congresso…tanong mo kay Abad. Mag-research ka naman!

        eto: galing sa ibang diariong dilaw:

        “President Aquino has given the go signal to buy 2 bullet proof, bomb
        proof cars at an estimated price of $12 million each. Expect some
        resistance from the general public.”

        Sino kaya ang BOBO ngayon

      • yonp

         Lasing ka ba? Hindi si PNoy ang bumili nitong mga sinasabi mo. Binili yan ng “Boss” ni CJ Corona na dili iba kundi si “Bansot.”

      • R

        lumang Benz na iyong sinasabi mo….na-Ondoy na iyon,  Iyan ang rason na ginamit ni BS Aquino….bagong Presidential car iyong P40 Million.

        Cebuana ka day?

        Hindi ako na-inom ng maski anong alcohol.

      • yonp

        Bigay mo ang website ng sinasabi mo.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2012 5:30 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: SUV with fake plates adds to Corona’s woes

        Disqus generic email template

        R wrote, in response to yonp:
        lumang Benz na iyong sinasabi mo….na-Ondoy na iyon,  Iyan ang rason na ginamit ni BS Aquino….bagong Presidential car iyong P40 Million.
        Hindi ako na-inom ng maski anong alcohol.
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      • R

        search mo sa internet ‘Day baka ma-delete ng admin kung ipost ko dito.

        hanapin mo lang sa internet

      • yonp

        Inuunahan mo naman ang admin. Ilagay mo na ang website!

      • HEEEEY2011

        Hindi raw niya alam ang terms na liabilities, assets at income. Ano ba iyan, simpleng accounting terms lang iyan. Chief Justice pa naman siya. Dapat janitor na lang para hindi nakapagnakaw. Pre-law course makukuha mo na ang accounting subject. Business partnership law. Talagang napakasinungaling ng hayop na Corona na iyan. Ginagawa niyang tanga ang mga senador at mga mamamayan.

      • bernabep

        Tama ka, bakit hindi niya alam kung ano ang assets, liabilities and networth, e sa SGV siya dati. Hindi siya nahihiya sa SGV, ginawa niyang walang alam sa accounting. Pag nagkataon maraming clients ng SGV ang lilipat sa ibang accounting firms.

      • R

        Has nothing to do with the Suburban. 

        You may post this comment elsewhere.

        Just the same….ang narinig ko ay hindi niya alam ang debit at credit…refering to Drilon’s question which was in turn leading to Drillon’s question of what is the natural balance of an asset, such as cash and other investments.

      • john

        R, talagang sinungaling ang idol mo!!! sigi lang pre, ituloy mo lang pag depend kay corona, lalu mo lang pinadadami ang maghusga ng guilty kay corona. o baka naman galit ka din kay corona dahil sa ginagawa mo???!!!

      • R

        ang bilis mung tumalon sa malalim na bangin.

        I do not depend on Corona or anyone else for that matter.

        Mali ka naman dyan….marami na ang humusga kay Corona…pero ang alam ko sa Tuesday pa ang verdict.

        Ang malinaw ay…ikaw ang galit.

      • white scorpion

        naniniwala akong wala siyang alam. hindi na nga lumalabas ng bahay. nagiging …………. GG na.

      • white scorpion

        kaya pala sabi niya hndi niya ginagastos ang pera niya.    

      • yahoo-FGX44RTAD4HCDQ6KZ7XJAJP4G4

        ahh… meyroon bang 36,000cc na sasakyan?? lake naman… parang barko na yata yan… o bulldozer kaya… hehehe

    • white scorpion

      i’ll prayed heavily na hindi ko sana siya masundan sa kalye. since my work require me to be on the road lagi. baka mapagkamalan akong threats sa kanya.

  • FernandoBusi

    Pure harassment PNP mag trabaho kayo habulin nyo yung mga batang kriminal na mamamatay tao … yung bukas pinto boys … di yung press con lang kayo para pasikat sa boss nyong kasing mentally deficient nyo.

  • bernabep

    Hindi ako naniniwala na inuupahan lang iyon ni CJ Corona. Baka kasama siya sa carnapping syndicate? Tama siguro ang sinabi niya na hindi siya nagnakaw sa gobyerno, baka galing ang yaman niya sa carnapping.

  • Francis

    Nagkamali na naman si CJ..Sana Toyota Corona na lang ang ginamit nya na sasakyan para iwas gulo.hehehe

  • kishbuff

    Ganyan talaga ang napapala ng certified liar! Pekeng plaka para sa pekeng thief justiis na inappoint ng pekeng presidente!

    • cute79

      peke s lahat ng mga peke!hahahha

  • tonto_ka

    ANO BA E2 THIEF JUSTICE??? dumami ang peke: peke ang scholastic awards, peke ang doctorate, peke na supreme korakut, peke na plaka ng sasakyan….ano pa ba ang idagdag natin SA LISTAHAN NG MAG PINEPEKE MO???.nde ka nAhiya para sa mga apo mo na TATAWAGIN ang LOLO  nila RENATO MANDARAMBONG aka RENATO PEKE…

    • white scorpion

      buti na lang hindi nagwiwig si cj. kung hndi pati buhok…..peke!!!   LOL!!!



    • Jun_Lost_Zada

      di nmn cguro, malamang co-mingled lng yung plate #

      Z – akin(renato) po itong 1st letter ng plaka, unti-unti lng po itong nabuo
      E – sa asawa ko po tong 2nd, mga year 1999 po ito binigay sa akin ng asawa ko
      E – kay carla po ito, 2004 n yta nabuo tong 1st three digits ng chevy

      8 – eto po, sa una ko pong apo, kawawa nga po sya, masyado n pong naapektuhan
      6 – eto nmn po, sa husband po to ni carla
      8 – eto pong last digit, nakakahiya man pong aminin ,eh… eh… kay MIDAS po ito

  • renatwacoronwa

    Hahahaha! Marami pa rin ang naniniwala sa akin, maski maglubid-lubid ako ng kasinungalingan marami pa rin ang di makahalatang inuuto ko lang sila! Hahahahahaha! Lalo na yung mga nagtatanggol sa akin dito! Hahahahaha!

    • Russell Ariola

      Dami mo kasi dolyares ser at lagi ka daw namimigay pera. Pingi din ow?

    • white scorpion

      we’ve been HAD again, including the basa’s sisterS. i’m beginning to suspect the basa’s sisterS.

  • Martin

     The LTO still maintains a lot of records using paper files…..nothing is digital so to screen if previous plates have been issued takes a long time.   I would not be surprised to see many more occurrences of multiple plate numbers.  

    • white scorpion

      ZNN868 plates is not too long ago. one of the latest plates yan. so possible andyan pa sa records yan. di pa nagrecycle ang “Z” series.

  • ka iii sa

    The Aquino government is using all its might in trying to impeach the Chief Justice. Paging VIRGINIA TORRES OF THE LTO.

    • bangenge

      troll, di na uso pager. it’s so hot in the phil, the aquino govt sucks! lol.

    • marienkind

       Torres is a known placeholder for INC’s stake in LTO’s services.

  • FernandoBusi

    If they HPG really have something then do the leg work and file there after … press con lang yan to smell good with the tenant in Malacanang

  • Popskief

    HPG di dipper baka yang si Corona ay link sa Dominguez brothers (Carnapers)

  • white scorpion

    it’s not true. mali un businessman from cebu, and so with HPG. don’t you know, he is the cj. what he said is gospel truuuth. he don’t know how to lie, he live a simple life, he doesn’t spent his earnings since time immemorial. lahat ng kinita niya nasa banko. he doesn’t go out. don’t you guys understand that. mayroon lang siya suburban, condo at belagio, what else, wala ako maisip. simple life nga lang talaga.

    • Popskief

       Oo nga pala ano, his word is the Lie este Law pala….

  • albert

    kasalanan ng LTO yan..

  • aSwedishguy

    should be easy to track this identity,,

  • aSwedishguy

     But aside from this violation, the Suburban also has another problem: it has not been registered with the LTO.

    Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo revealed that
    the owner of the Suburban, a certain Logie Santos, managing partner of
    the Viking Haulers and Auto Trend, approached the HPG office last
    Saturday to submit to queries surrounding the vehicle.

    Santos told investigators that the 2005-model Suburban was imported
    from California, United States back in 2009. Santos, however, could not
    show any LTO documents, including the car’s OR/CR. Santos claimed the
    application for registration papers was with a certain Danny Castillo,
    but the latter died two months ago.

    Castillo was also not an employee of Viking Haulers. “He (Santos)
    gave no explanation why this has remained unregistered for the past
    three years,” Robredo said, quoting HPG.

    Authorities are also checking the relationship of Castillo to a
    certain Susan Castillo, purportedly the first owner of the L-300 van
    with the original plate number ZEE-868 but who had executed an affidavit
    of loss in 2008.

    Santos said a certain Mark Lopez was the contact person of the
    Supreme Court in the lease of the Suburban. It was leased for P12,000 a

    • tower_of_power

      Pls check what is the relation of this Danny Castillo to TJ’s son-in-law. Or even to the one who is now the owner of TJ’s property….

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    hahaha. grabe na ang gobyernong ito.  pati kasalanan nila, ibinibintang sa iba.  so corona is also a carnapper?

    and by the way, yan bang mga plaka na ginagamit ng chief pnp at ni espina ay hindi mga security plates din na walang record sa lto?

  • kumandertangkad

    Malamang iyan smuggle na naman ang SUV na iyan at colorum.

  • billy31

    investigate the LTO!!!

  • PinoyAkoPinoyTayo

    How could it not be LTO’s fault eh sila lang nag-issue ng plate number??

  • kumandertangkad

    Malamang ang SUV ay smuggled galing sa ‘Tate kaya walang rehistro at peke ang plaka at colorum pa dahil pinaparenta.

  • Rednaxela VD

    Penoy should run after her favorite shooting buddy, LTO chief Virginia Torres and ask her to investigate why there are 2 plate numbers.

  • Isabel Carolino

    Bigyan ko na kayo ng tip:  punta kayo sa LTO – Tubod, Lanao. Marami kayong makukuhang sagot doon.

    • Isabel Carolino

      not the LTO per se, pero yung mga umaali-aligid doon.

      • kings_2tc

         lto tubod cannot issue Z plates

  • Jean R

    Up to now the guns found in the car of one of the President’s cabinet men has not been investigated yet but anything on CJ is exposed to the maximum. The President is a one-sided president. When his men commits a mistake, it is okay but when CJ makes one, he shouts to the heavens. 

    • kings_2tc


  • aSwedishguy

     Already 2010 “Luxury car dealers face smuggling, P68-M tax evasion raps”

    guess who?

    Viking Haulers Inc

    The Bureau of Customs filed before the Department of Justice on Thursday
    complaints of smuggling and a P68-million tax evasion against the
    officers of a luxury car dealership.Customs
    Commissioner Angelito Alvarez said the car dealer Viking Haulers, Inc.
    allegedly brought in 10 luxury vehicles from January to May this year
    and paid only P17.4 million in taxes and duties, or P68-million lower
    than the correct amount of taxes and duties. The alleged undervalued cars include three Lamborghinis, three Porsches, three Mercedes Benzes, and a Masserati Quadroporte. Alvarez
    noted that the most glaring discrepancy was the entry of a
    P17.4-million 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago, which carried a P25.2-million
    customs duty. However, the dealer only allegedly paid some P3.3

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