Senator Pimentel doesn’t agree with Corona’s interpretation of law



Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said Friday he does not fully agree with Chief Justice Renato Corona’s explanation on why he didn’t disclose the amounts in his bank accounts.

“I was supposed to be the next one to ask questions to him but he already got tired. I was supposed to argue with him. I didn’t agree with his interpretation of the law, even on the dollar accounts I don’t agree,” Pimentel told reporters.

Corona testified that he didn’t declare his $2.4 million dollar deposits because it was considered absolutely confidential under the Foreign Currency Deposits Act.

He also said the P80-million bank accounts under his name was “co-mingled funds” from his own savings, his wife Cristina’s money from the sale of a Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc. property and their children’s money.

He said it was not his money that’s why he didn’t declare it in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

“The only question was if [the impeachment court] agrees with [Corona’s] interpretation of the law on why he didn’t disclose [the deposits] in his SALN,” Pimentel said.

He said that “if [the bank deposits are] in your name and you are a public officer, you are duty-bound to disclose [them]. Unless you can cite to me a law exempting public officers from disclosing.”

“He knew he is a public officer, he should not have allowed the co-mingling of funds that he doesn’t own in his account,” Pimentel said.

“He will get into trouble if he allows that, and precisely that is what is happening now,” he added.

The Senate has scheduled the final oral arguments on May 25, Monday. The senator-judges will render their decision through a vote on Tuesday.

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  • ernie

    co mingled yer azz in other words ! ang mga anak nya ay malalaki na at living on their own . may kanya kanyang pamilya na sila tapos walang sariling bank accounts ?

    • Cricket

      Mas mataas daw interest rate pag sama sama ang funds.  Pag lumitaw na may kanya-kanyang accounts din yung mga anak niya or si Cristina, patay ang argument na yun.

      • drifter

        Mahina prosecution kase. Puro sila ngoyngoying kaya di nila alam pano dumiskarte.

      • Andrew

         of course meron, especially in the US if they live there. But they still have funds deposited with their father here in the Philippines regardless, for easy movement of money here while they’re abroad.

        I know that because I’m also on a similar situation. Half of my funds are not mine, but they still maintain their own accounts and moves them accordingly if needed.

    • Russell Ariola

      Pakiramdam ni THIEF JU$TICE pre mauuto nya lahat ng tao.

  • tatabu

    if someone is telling lies, it is either he knows he is telling lies or the person he is talking to know that he is lying..if corona didnt know he was telling lies, at least senator Koko knows that Corona was lying..also if senator santiago believes that corona was saying the truth, corona himself know that he was lying…lol…

  • filipinaskoh

    Perfectly explained.
    The peso account is under his name only so it’s his. If it’s co-mingled funds it should have been named to all the owners as “OR’ accounts or “AND accounts”, he is a public servant he should have practice discretion and prudence.  
    Though the dollar confidential in nature but they are still assets. Much more he is using them to earn.

    I just can’t believe when Corona said he doesn’t know the Debit and Credit or anything about accounting because he is a lawyer, But he works in SGV. Even high school student knows what a debit and credit is.

    • gardy_versozi

       majority of high school students do not know what a debit and credit is. majority of high school students do not know that letter size paper is not the same as A4, or legal is not 8 1/2 x 13 but rather 8 1/2 x 14, and copying and pasting is different from researching.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        And some didn’t research what RC did at SGV while working there.

      • filipinaskoh

        Are you referring to high school batch 1930’s
        Not the high school of today.
        Remember Corona is the Chief justice at least he have an idea what is credit, debit assets and liabilities- what a shame those are the basic of all basic.
        What Corona knows is the basic of ” DEBIT CREDIT KUPIT”
        JPE is well verse with the financial statement – he is a lawyer too.

  • MonMayuga

    CJ Corona claimed that the 80 million pesos in the bank account under his name was con-mingled funds.

    For the sake of argument, let us take this analogy:

    A gun used in the killing of a person was licensed in the name of Juan de la Cruz and was found in his possession after the crime was committed. Assuming that the money used to buy the gun was shared by two or more other persons which he may also claim that it was not entirely his own, can that be accepted as alibi?

    Under the law can Juan claim innocence?

    • gardy_versozi

       no, simply because a gun is different from a bank account. you ignoramus.

      • MonMayuga

        Thank you for your very intelligent most civil reaction, SIR. Of course they are different but that was only an analogy, a parallel example.

        Where did you learn your manners, if you have any at all?

      • Ben Tampadong

        totally and entirely different, ehehehehe

    • dennis

      Partly Yes and partly No.This was just my opinion Mon.Why “Yes”…If the crime happened in a Socialist/Communist Country,The one who pulled the trigger will be convicted! Wala ng paliguy-ligoy pa! But unlike in the Philippines,upon which we need to disect everything due to Democracy,the roots of everything,if there is accomplice involve aside from the principal,then..No.Depende na lang kung may batas na nag-go-govern sa ganitong bagay…….May point ka!

    • Russell Ariola

      Ang layo pards. Paghawak ng pera di kailangng ng lesinsya kahit ilan ang naghahati-hati. At yung SALN naman nauukol lang sa mga opisyales ng pamahalaan.
      Kahit sabihin pa nating tutuo yang mga katwiran ni THIEF JU$TICE, ang batas ay batas at tumutukoy sa lahat, kahit na Chief Justice ka pa.

      Eto dapat tanong key THIEF JU$TICE. Bakit yung isang SC employee ay tinanggal sa trabaho dahil di nya naisama sa SALN nya na meron pala syang karenderya na pag-aari naman pala ng kanyang asawa at mga biyenan?

      • Default

        Exactly! What a double standard that only benefits the powerful and the greedy.

    • dennis

      Philippine Laws has “loopholes” Maraming pasikut-sikot pa! If you still remember the case when Secretary Llamas his car involved in a car accident? Afterwards,nahulihan pa ng may firearms sa ilalim ng Driver´s seat!….Pero sa tutoo lang,ang issue dito was all about “Car Accident”!

      • tantra101

         In this case…accidental discovery ito…kung illegal yung firearms…dapat me kaso pa rin sya tungkol dito… halimbawa, nahuli ka ng pulis ng “beating the red light” tapos nung hiningi yung lisensya mo, may nakitang baril sa kotse mo in plain sight and without searching… kung illegal yung baril…huli ka. Sa kaso ni Llamas…nakita lang dahil inilabas nila sa sasakyan…so dapat ma-question kung legal ba na may Russian made AK-47 siya…

    • Lea

      co-mingled funds, if he can prove that this is their joint account (by his children and his wife) and well documented in the banks with signatures, I will accept his explanation.

      Kung baga sa chess check mate na si Idol Thief Justice and tingin ko parang ordinaryong lawyer lang sya na hindi marunong itama ang mali.

    • tantra101

       Yes Juan can “still” claim innocence, because the real question would be…who fired the gun? Ganun kahirap maging abogado…

    • MonMayuga

      And to make it easy for you to understand the ANALOGY, you genius, let us now say as it is, the 80 million pesos was found in his name but which was not included in his SALN which he was bound by law to declare as a public official, who would buy his contention that is was not his?


  • Freddie73

    The CJ’s explanation was plausible except for the fact that the account should have been opened jointly and severally in the name of the owners!  And as pointed out by Neil Tupas, Jr. the prohibition from disclosure of the dollar account is addressed to the depository bank not to the depositor!

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      True. I agree

      pero considering na some of the daughers are in the states, so hindi sila makakapag bukas ng accounts, lalo na kung time deposit accounts na every other roll over is another account.

      for that to happen, they daughters would be here every 30,60,90,120 days.

      meron dati 20%pa pero 5 years naka deposit.

      • wyl5326

        their names can be included during opening of accounts, another palusot !

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        You mean, come to the Philippines, open an account, then go back to the US.

        Sounds plausible. How bout if I just get a lawyer, give him a power of attorney, then let him handle the financials?

      • Default

        Have you not heard of online banking? Which century do you live in?

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Then if you are in the philippines, try opening a bank account in Washinton DC. if you can using your online banking system.

        Well if your in the US, try opening a bank account in BPI Ayala Main if you can.

  • AbdullahZahir

    stubborn ijot…

  • Benjamin

    Now we know how idiotic and stupid Corona is.  Even an ordinary lawyer will tell you what he did in not disclosing his dollar and co-mingled accounts are illegal. Now we know he does not deserve to become a CJ because he does not know about the law.  Imagine, trying to insist that a Republic Act was better than the Constitution?  Nakakahiya na naging Chief Justice siya.  Walang utak  o kung meron man ay utak biya.  Sa mga pro-Corona bloggers, eat your heart out. The only Senators who will vote for Corona’s acquittal are Miriam, Joker and Bongbong.  The rest who will join these 3 will surely lose in the election.

    • balut123

      eh ang purpose lang naman niya sa SC is to protect GMA by all means kahit wala siyang alam!

    • Honeymae

       Really? The only Senators who will convict Corona are: Drilon, Pangilinan, Trillanes and Guingona. The rest will acquit him. ha ha ha ha ha! eat your heart out!!!

      • Default

        Let’s see next week who’s wrong. (Hint: It’s you.)

      • Sarkasmos

        The main story is about Koko Pimentel disagreeing with Corona on the SALN. And yet you claim that Koko will not vote for conviction since only Drilon, Pangilinan, Trillanes and Guingona will convict him. Please, sabi nga ng GMA, think before you click.

    • tantra101

       ”  Imagine, trying to insist that a Republic Act was better than the Constitution? ”

      Hindi po ganun kasimple yun. Ang Constitution po ay general guidance ng lawmakers. Ang nangyari po ay may specific laws na medyo conflicting or inconsistent. Ang tanong ay ganito…kung bakit nagawa ang FCDU law na iyon kung labag pala sa constitution? 1973 po iyong na sign into law…the Martial Law years….

  • John

    plausible deniability… corona says if i want to hide it i wouldnt have used my name… haha have u heard about hiding in plain sight?

  • Russell Ariola

    Daming palusot ni THIEF JU$TICE.

    Sa dinami-dami ng mga abogado dito sa atin, siya pa, ang pinakamataas na hukom, ang di marunong imintindi sa Saligang Batas.

    O talagang sunod-sunuran lang ang Saligang Batas sa lahat ng mithiin at ginagawa ni THIEF JU$TICE? Wadapak!

  • alexdgreat

    Re elect pimentel for senator! 1 vote for conviction….

  • Efren

    The Chief Justice interpreting a law on the basis of personal convenience !? So, the law does not apply to all !  Iba ang interpretation para kay Juan Janitor !

  • albert

    most people use Corona’s interpretation of law.


      most corrupt people you mean.

      • Andrew

        most corrupt people, meaning most politicians, meaning most politician allied with Pnoy, and those that are not.

        Drilon & Enrile has more undeclared funds than most, add Tupas, GMA, Binay…
        i mean, i-impeach na lang lahat. hehe

      • Guest

         You don’t impeach congressmen or senators..wait for the next election and don’t vote for them. The impeachable officials are the President and justices.


        You have such an amusing logic. 
        Are you new here in this country?…

        Tama po yun, they are allied with Pnoy for this administration.
        Remember, they were once allied with GMA as well last administration.
        And who know who will be their allies next admin?
        It is politics.

        But you heard him doing Corruption? (Dont throw me that 
        non-issue  HLI  again)
        Gets mo? So?… will you blame Pnoy for that?

        Are you mad that the President is taking initiatve to cleanse the judiciary?
        If you were in his position, how are you going to clean up the system in a political manner.

        Kasi for sure, pag armed revolution ang gagamitin, kulang-kulang 10% lang ang matitira jan. thats how we focked up ourselves.

        And since you are on the opposing side, it seems you are against cleaning our government.

  • Benjamin


  • FernandoBusi

    I bet Drilon and Cuckooed Pimentel also dont put all their dollar accounts in their SALN

    • Russell Ariola

      Lahat naman ng SALN ng mga opisyales at namamasukan sa pamahalaan ay naka-file at pwedeng tignan ng kahit sino basta mey katwiran. Sa Supreme court lang ang maraming ka-ek-ekan dahil kasi sila ang pagpapasusog ng batas.

  • albert

    koko .. mga taga cagayan de oro ayaw sayo..

  • Margie

    I think Pimentel should file a bill to make the SALN law more specific. They should put the word dollar account and peso account included in SALN statement not the word assets which is subject to a lot of interpretation. Imagine one bar topnotcher from UP(a government subsidized school) and one law professor from Ateneo with differing opinion, how much more is an ordinary lawyer.  

    • marlaw

      Be it peso or dollar, it’s an an asset at dapat ilagay ito sa SALN. Malinaw ang SALN Law. Ang pera regardless of currency ay liquid asset so dapat ilagay sa SALN. 

      • ConcernedAko

        And yet there’s the “absolute confidentiality” clause sa FCDU law. I don’t know what else can be above “absolute”. But that is just one interpretation.

        The point therefore is that there are conflicting laws and neither is specific enough when it comes to the disclosure of assets in the SALN.

        Solution? Revise the law. Make it more specific such that there is very little room for interpretation

  • Dynamic

    Don’t we have a law that freezes assets while being indicted?There were some bank activities starting Dec.2011.A “mickey mouse” thing like hide and seek…

    • marlaw

      Di na-freeze ang malaking halaga ng pera ni Corona dahil na withdraw na ito nung araw mismo na na-impeached si Corona sa House of Representatives noong December.

  • uragon_ako

    Considering that Corona did not declare some of his assets in his SALN, would it constitute to an impeachable offense? 

    Failure of an official or employee to submit his/her SALN is punishable under Section 52 (B) (8), Rule IV of the Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service, with the following penalties:1st Offense –   Suspension for one (1) month and one (1) day to                      six (6) months2nd Offense –   Dismissal from the service

    • levis2012

       $2.4 Million at P80Million ang pinag-uusapan dito at Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ang position na pinag-uusapan dito…..  Hindi ito simpleng sari-sari store na hindi na ideclare sa SALN….  Hindi ito basta offense lang… sobrang malalang OFFENSE ito… tantamount to money laundering at plunder…. CRIME ito!!!  Crime na nagtatago sa Foreign Currency Deposit Act…  IN FACT based on AMLC records $10M to $12M ang ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH ni Corona… Crime of Plunder yan!!

      • badboy24

        wow! ang galing mo.. dahil hindi dineclare sa SALN ay ill gotten wealth na??? hindi yan ang usapan dito.. tanong mo prosecution mo.. ang rinereklamo nila bakit hindi dinesclose sa SALN ang dollar accounts at hindi kung magkano. Ngayon kung ang sinasabi mong FACTS ay ang AMLC report.. ayun na.. pumirma na ng waiver.. tanungin mo sa bpi kung magkano ang $ accounts.. 2.4 nga diba??? nanonood ka ba ng impeachment? baka sa media ka lang at sa prescon ng ombudsman ka lang nanood… ngayon kung i-ll gotten ito or hindi.. ibang usapan yan.. ngayon kung may proof ka na ill gotten yan eh di ilabas mo na yan.. puro ka haka-haka.. assume ka ng assume.. nagmamagaling ka lang…

  • True Orient

    What can be scarier than the certainty of corrupt officials converting all their stolen goods into dollar deposits simply because the CJ interpreted the FCDA to suit his crime? 

    • ConcernedAko

      It will be stupid of our lawmakers then if they will not amend the law. It is obvious that the laws involved are not specific enough. It has become open to interpretation. Our lawmakers should avoid this scenario again by amending or repealing laws that are not specific enough or obsolete.

      If they do not do something about these laws, then your scenario is a big possibility.

  • jau73

    Loopholes.  Corona is not right nor wrong. its the law.

  • vlademir

    pwede pong mag tanong…

    kasama po bang judge si Pimentel?

    akala ko pinag babawal iyan ng presiding officer. (ang mag comment sa media regarding sa impeachment dahil mga jundge sila)

    pumirma narin po ba siya ng waiver? sana pumirma rin siya para maboto ko uli siya…

    pag napaalis po ba si corona gaganda po ba ang ating Bansa.. kasi po napaalis na natina ang dalawang presidente wala parin pong magandang nangyayari sa Pilipinas?

    Pag tapos po ba nitong kay CJ sino naman po ang tatangalin natin… pwede po bang isama pati mga kaalyado ng Presedente sa tatangalin uli natin o yung mga kaaway lang ng ating mahal na pangulo?

  • Honeymae

    Granting that the Chief Justice’ honest interpretation of the law is wrong because Koko Pimentel is right, does that mean the Chief Justice was in bad faith when he did it? I don’t think so. If he is in good faith because that is his interpretation of the law – which by the way, is not clear – then he is allowed to do the necessary corrections and not be convicted for not declaring his dollar accounts.

    • marlaw

      How about the 80M that he didn’t declare? It’s in the name of Corona himself. 3.4M lang ang naka-declare. Alam ni Corona mismo na ang SALN law dapat i-declare ang lahat ng asset na nakapangalan sayo. Kung hindi pala niya pera lahat yun dapat joint account ang ginawa niya para mas malinaw. Since pumayag siya na ipangalan sa kanya responsiblidad at obligado siya i-declare ito sa kanyang SALN. Wala naman nakalagay sa SALN na kapag ang deposito mo ay hindi mo lahat pera ay wag mo ilagay sa SALN mo. Alam niya ang batas na ito kaya di ubra ang kanyang mga palusot.

      • levis2012

         Pera lahat yan ni Corona… Kasinungalingan lang yang co-mingle, co-mingle lang yan… IN FACT, since proven na sinungaling si Corona, mas naniniwala pa ako sa AMLC report na more that P200M ang peso deposits at $10M – $12M ang dollar deposits ni Corona, dahil hindi nagsisinungaling ang records ng AMLC….

  • Apolinario

    Parang yung itatanong ni Pimintel ay nasagot na ni Corona ng tanungin siya ni Cayetano. Kaya ganon ang interpretasyon nya ng batas sa dollar denomination. Yung batas ng dollar denomination ay panahon pa ni Marcos. Yung batas ng SALN ay panahon ni Cory na nakasaad din sa bagong constitution ni Cory kaya nagkakagulo tuloy kung ano talaga ang mananaig. 

  • epros

    Comingled Corona ha ha

  • levis2012

     $2.4 Million at P80Million ang pinag-uusapan dito at Chief Justice of
    the Supreme Court ang position na pinag-uusapan dito…..  Hindi ito
    simpleng sari-sari store na hindi na ideclare sa SALN….  Hindi ito
    basta offense lang… sobrang malalang OFFENSE ito… tantamount to
    money laundering at plunder…. CRIME ito!!!  Crime na nagtatago sa
    Foreign Currency Deposit Act…  IN FACT based on AMLC records $10M to
    $12M ang ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH ni Corona… Crime of Plunder yan!! 

  • marlaw

    Magaling talaga si Corona magbaluktot ng interpretasyon ng batas. Ginawa na niya ito kay Gloria tungkol sa Watch List Order. Noong panahon ni Gloria constitutional ito pero nung ginamit ito kay Gloria sabi ng gang ni Corona unconstitutional ito. Heto ngayon nag interpret uli siya ng RA 6426 na self serving sa kanya. Dapat talaga tanggalin at hindi karapat dapat maging CJ.

  • wawa2172

    Koko statement on his interpretation of what CJ said about his $2.4M and co-mingled funds is the senators personal opinion and he cannot state any legal basis that it have to be included in SALN. Simply government SALN form is full of subjectivity. The form does not even require the filer to disclose his $ and Php bank deposits. Its funny that its only Corona who is required to disclosed his. I had a copy of dad’s SALN and it contain more liabilities than asset because of loans. No space in the form that require one to write his bank deposits. Simply the form recognizes the bank secrecy law reason why most government employees don’t write their bank deposit. It is also difficult to write it down because the bank book maintaining balance frequently changes from high  millions to zero. The co-mingled funds is not new as my dad keep several accounts as such. I have and a joint account with my dad because of an agreement that he will match part of my monthly salary deposited in a cooperative savings account. It is now worth million…shhhhh..baka ma ombuds si dad. My dad and I plans to put up a training center the he could manage when he retires few years from now. I guess most of our politicians have $ and peso accounts whose deposits are covered by secrecy law. But most of them are big liars even if its obvious they keep the dough somewhere else.

    • levis2012

      Your dad is not the Chief Justice of the Philippines… do not compare apples to oranges….

      • wawa2172

        There is no significant difference between a lowly government employee and a CJ. Both are government employees covered by the CSC rules on SALN. My dad is not a CJ? I don’t by the logic because both are government employees and recite the same “panunumpa sa tungkulin”. You mean lawmakers are immune to law and could not be punish. Hindi lang dapat ang CJ magsisiwalat nang kaniyang SALN.

  • quirinomayer

    Corona’s defense of the gaping discrepancy in the peso deposits in the SALN  is SALN – Sa Akin Lang Nakapangalan. 

  • jimjones111

    anong say mo lola conchita baket parang galit na galit ka.tinamaan ka ba ng bala ni corona? ikaw ha special pala hinihingi mo na retirement pay.pera ng taong bayan po yan lola.buti na lang d pumayag si chief justice.. mas maganda po may check and balance sa gobyerno.kasi wala hawak na ng mga lefttist ang ating bayan..NPA na po ang mamumuno sa atin.

  • 711sense

    What do we expect? if Senator Koko Pimentel can’t agree with his wife, we can’t expect him to agree with anyone else including CJ Corona.

  • levis2012

    He was the Associate Justice and now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and he allowed a co-mingled Peso Account in his own account?? He is either stupid or plain arrogant or totally ignorant.. to serve as CARETAKER of someone else’s money… Or because he was extremely confident that his SECRET PLUNDERING will be forever SECRET, because SC Justices’s SALNs are KEPT SECRET inside the JUDICIARY and will never be exposed…. But because of this Impeachment, Corona’s secret ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH is publicly EXPOSED.

    • JoelN

      hindi naman ill-gotten wealth ang in-accuse kay corona. ang in-accuse sa kanya ay misdeclarations sa SALN.

      sabihin na naten na me misdeclarations sya sa SALN, ibig sabihin ba nun eh tatanggalin na sya sa pwesto?

      ill-gotten wealth ang gusto i-prove ng prosecution pero napunta lang ang usapan sa SALN.

       legal luminaries in the senate will surely point that out. and with that, i see an acquittal!

      • adelpaddemar

        kapag na acquit si CJ mo,wala na talgang asenso ang pinas dahil sa mga utak na abogado gaya mo.

  • Dana

    Lets keep it simple. If the account is in your name it is yours! Period.  I want Senator franklin Drillon to sign a waiver to open his bank accounts in the Philippines and around the world  to the Filipino public.  SENATOR FRANKLIN DRILLON, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE RIGHT?  So, sign na !!!!!!

    • JoseG

      In fairness to Drillon, he is not on trial here but Corona.  One at a time, but that would take forever!  LOL 

  • JosephNess

    “He knew he is a public officer, he should not have allowed the co-mingling of funds that he doesn’t own in his account,” Pimentel said.

    Pimentel is right, if the CJ can go away with his reasons, then other SALN filers will follow his line of reasoning, thus, everyone will mock the SALN law because of this…this should not pass now, but should be dealt with accordingly, to prevent precedent…

    • Zorro

      yup. or the best way for corrupt government officials is to convert all their peso account to dollar and reason out that it is a commingled fund.. hay if that commingled fund reason is acceptable then it gives the corrupt official ideas on how to hide their kurakots. walang kwentang reason namn un ke CJ

  • Andrew

    Co-mingled funds are very common practice. Half of the funds under my name are not mine. But I’ve got funds & properties entrusted to my immediate families.. That was the reason the prosecution were saying some of those properties belongs to CJ even if it was not on his name. Maybe they should have looked at his brother’s or daughter’s accounts and see if it belongs to CJ, coz the prosecution were implying a similar idea before.

    SALN needs the CASH THAT IS OWNED, NOT THE ACCOUNTS BALANCE. My son’s money is deposited under my name too, but it is not mine.

    Now about the dollar account. HE ADMITTED THAT HE OWNS IT.. I guess CJ should be convicted because of that. $2.4 is a lot, unless it’s a common practice too not to declare that, as with the case with Drilon’s accumulated wealth, the primary reason he was not willing to sign the waiver.

    • JoelN

      the question is “are inaccuracies or misdeclarations in the SALN constitute removal from office?” napakabigat naman na parusa yun. perjury, yes, but removal from office, i don’t think so. those who will vote for his acquittal will surely cite that line of reasoning.

      also, what the prosecution actually wanted to prove is that corona had ill-gotten wealth which can constitute plunder. they just erred in their preparation of articles of impeachment that’s why napunta lang sa SALN and usapan. 

  • Guest

    If the 80 Million pesos was a co-mingled  funds, how much was his from the 80 million? He should declare his share. But again, I doubt that the 80 million was co-mingled. No evidence to support his claim.

    • Andrew

      the check issued by the city of manila for the expropriation fund is one evidence. Bank records and transactions during the time his mother entrusted her money to him would prove another point. Remittance records from the US to his accounts would prove another.

      For the dollars, yearly balances starting in the 1970s would have shown if there were significant increases on the years when he became a public servant. (i wanted to see these records because the dollars were suspicious and these would have proven if there were surges of deposit when he became the CJ.

      The defense wanted the bank managers to testify to prove the transactions, but the impeachment court turned them down, reason being not wanting to prolong the trial.

      • Brian

        Correct.  Those you mentioned would have proven that.  Unfortunately the defense won’t present them.  As it is, Corona’s testimony is still not backed up by evidence.

        I would have loved to see the paper trail of how the BGEI money found it’s way to Corona’s account.

  • Allan_Ongpin

    can’t blame koko with his view. he needs to ensure that he doesn’t land in the last 3 in the 2013 senate election – or lose – by taking an anti-populist view, having served the senate barely a year or so…he knows that the ultimate question is whether corona acted in good faith or not in his interpretation of the SALN law.

    Do you think that Lito Lapid or Bong Revilla are aware of this finer details of the SALN law? I doubt it. So iimpeach din natin sila?

    • ConcernedAko

      I agree. Ang issue na lang is did he act in good faith. It is hard to fault a person for having a different interpretation, in good faith, of an unclear law or laws.

      What’s bothering with this news is that Pimentel is now telling the nation of his verdict prior to the actual voting. He seems to be posturing for the 2013 elections.

    • Brian

      I can see your point.  Problema lang if legitimate yun reasoning ni Corona regarding his peso and dollar accounts, kahit na magsign yun 189 ng waivers, gawin nila same reasoning din…eh di wala na mahuhuli sa kanila.  I think these congressmen are also corrupt.

  • Baboykayo


    • Andrew

       yup. hindi nila kikitain yun kaya nga pinaliwanag na hindi sa kanya ang ibang pera.
      Inipon ng magulang niya yung iba, yung iba pera ng BGEI sourced from real property (one disputed property of the BASAs even cost in the billion peso range, yung galing sa anak niya na PT sa US na may asawang doktor sa US din…

      pero yung dollars niya na sinabi niyang sa kanya lang, medyo nakakaduda. Kaya nga kelangan sanang ipakita ang bank records kung magkano ang dollars niya noong 1970’s and 1980’s, nung matagal pa siya bago naging public servant.

      And the defense team wanted to summon the bank managers to explain, but they were turned down.

      • Jomjom

        wow, may naniwala pala kay Corona!

  • notmeitsthedog

    Does Jose Pidal owns a part of this funds?

    • pinayPYT

      Siguro nga!

  • Man_e

    Whatever amount that CJ mentioned na co mingled, bakit tinatago at Hindi ini explain in the first place? There’s something hidden behind it! A sin is a sin, big or small kaya CJ is liable!

  • Brian

    Let’s say legitimate yun excuse ni Corona about his peso and dollar accounts.  And ganun din si Drilon…as in corrupt din siya.  Eh di hindi rin mahuhuli si Drilon.

    Yun peso accounts ni Drilon ay co-mingled din.  Yun dollar accounts ni Drilon ay protected din ng Foreign Currency law.  So yun mga Chief Justice supporters…pano rin nila mahuhuli si Drilon?

    • ConcernedAko

      I’m not a supporter of Corona but he issued a challenge. Those who does not sign the waiver can be perceived to be hiding something. Some of the lesser known congressmen has already signed a waiver, why can’t the others follow suit?

      • Brian

        Let’s say Corona is acquitted.  And the others follow suit and sign the waiver.  The corrupt ones use the same reasoning as Corona.

        Meron ba talagang mahuhuli pa?

      • ConcernedAko

        Meron, by immediately amending the law. It would be stupid of our lawmakers if they do not do so. Kung hindi nila i-aamend ang obviously flawed law, then yes, mahihirapan manghuli ng mandarambong sa gobyerno. The key is recognize the shortcoming of the law and immediately remove that shortcoming.

      • Brian

        I agree with you.  But immediately amending the law obviously would suggest Corona was acquitted because of a flaw in the law which I believe would be doing more harm than good.

      • Jomjom

        How can I believe you when THOSE who DOES not sign the waiver and the lesser known congressMEN HAS already signed a waiver?? Can you at least make your subjects agree with the verbs? Pang Grade 3 yan ah.. LOL

    • JoelN

      di ba nga ang sabi ni drilon kaya ayaw nya pumirma ng waiver ay protected ito ng foreign currency deposits law? pag sa kanya hindi pwede pag ke corona dapat. nasan na ang pagkakapantay-pantay sa batas?

      sabi pa nya nun ke corona, pumirma ka ng waiver para buksan accounts mo. nung pumirma ng waiver ayaw na nila kase mabibisto na imbento lang lahat ang kanilang ebidensya.

      nakakahiya sila ombudsman morales at COA commissioner heide mendoza!

  • Guest

    According to Corona last Friday he does not know what assets, liabilities, networth, credit, or debit because he is not an accountant. And he is working in the government for so long and still does not know those things? Very low intelligence.

  • Rey


    • JoseG

      He never also heard of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  Only a ignorant and/or corrupt Senator would acquit the Cheap Justice.

      • Jomjom

        and a brain-damaged, a joker, and a bong bong bong!

    • Apolinario

      In fairness maaaring hindi kasi abogado sya hindi accountant o auditor. 

      • Brian

        He worked in SGV as an officer for the company’s Tax Department.  You cannot suggest or help a client about his taxes if you don’t know anything about accounting.

        Besides, would a prestigious firm like SGV hire anyone to be a senior officer without any basic or working knowledge of accounting?  Not rank and file ha.  But as a senior officer.

  • Jose

    you are right senator! hope other senators will see it that way too. amidst all the theatrics that this actor showed, he still a very wily, cunning, brilliant strategist. I hope there will be a sufficient number of senators who will not be fooled. See you in the next elections, hopefully people will vote wisely.

  • Concur_Dissent

    I believe a reasonably intelligent individual will disagree with the ICJ’s (impeached coward justice) interpretation of the law…The SALN was conceptialized precisely to monitor graft and corruption.  By properly disclosing assets and liabilities on the SALN, government watchdogs (ideally the ombudsman) would be able to determine the growth of public officials networth year over year.  By comingling funds with other people and undeclaring dollar assets, the ICJ’s year over year growth or decline in networth is effectively “masked” and therefore will fall under the radar of government regulators…

    And please enough with the sorry explanations of some quarters that these were legal loopholes.  For surely there are no legal loopholes… While the bank secrecy act provides confidentiality, it was also clear that the depositor may unilaterally declare these deposits.  the ICJ need not declare his assets in dollars, he could have reported these in its peso equivalent…As for the comingled funds, he should have reported the total funds under his direction and simply identify (by way of a footnote perhaps) which are his and which aren’t his!!  Had he done this, the regulators will be reasonably guided on the year over year growth or decline in his networth…

  • joeldcndcn


    • Jomjom

      and he is faking illness. Binobola ang mga senador.

  • WillyJ

    //He said that “if [the bank deposits are] in your name and you are a
    public officer, you are duty-bound to disclose [them]. Unless you can
    cite to me a law exempting public officers from disclosing.//

    Then the 189 should have signed the waiver promptly without any hedging. They are also public officers and duty-bound, right? Senator Pimentel is already making a personal interpretation of the law. Is that the realm of the impeachment court? At any rate is non-disclosure of FCs in the SALN an established impeachable offense? Cite the jurisprudence. There is none, Sir.

    • Migosatel

      Bago ka magsatsat check mo muna ang LAW sa SALN ha…yung FC niya e under ng assets yun at ayon sa bats lahat ng assets again uulitin ko  lahat ng assets at liabilities ng isang public official e kailangan niyang ideclare at sumpaan na tama iyon. E di niya isinama e di non disclosure na yun. Basahin mo muna lahat ng lawsd ukol sa SALN bago ka humirit ha…..

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    His make-believe that he doesn’t know the difference between his @ss and his @ssets will finally get his @ss kicked from the Supreme Court. No doubt about it. But on second thought, in his case, could it be that there really is no difference? Everyone knows there’s none in Mr. Marquez’s case.

  • buchibuchi

    Iboboto pa ba nyo si Bongbong Marcos? Hanggang ngayon in-denial sya sa mga corruption ng Dad and Mom nya. Bakit naka-position si Imelda at Imee sa public office? Are Filipinos really forgiving or just plain stupid?

    • etnarolfawa

      yung mga  filipino na may lahing kastila ang  mga tanga,stupido corrupt……pero yung mga filipino na may lahing insik at amerkano ay  matitino………tignan mo si imelda  ang angkan nila ay may lahing kastila kaya mga kurakot…..ang tanging kasalanan ni  F Marcos ay boss niya si IMELDA.

    • Tama Lang

       In local or provincial level, wala tayong magawa dahil sikat at supportado pa rin ang mga Marcos ng mga constituents nila. But in the national level, this Bongbong, Imelda, or his sisters should not be elected.

    • leubas


  • mahuli

    anak ni corona: itay uwi na lang kami ng pilipinas hirap magpalaki ng mga anak dito sa US kasi walang kasambahay at yaya.
    corona:  pero anak napalaki ko kayo ng walang kasambahay at mga yaya.
    anak ni corona:  itay wala kayo sa impeachment tama na po ang drama.

  • rbsamba

    ignorance of the law excuses no one!

    kung sa tingin nya ay di dapat i declara ang dollar account nya at ang pinagsamama nilang mag anak na pera sa pangalan nya….kung ganoon sya ka tanga, baki sya naging chief justice?pero kung aminin naman nya na ayaw nya kasing magbayad ng buwis kaya nya ginawa ito ay baka makulong sya. di naman sya pwedeng ikulong kung katangahan lang ang kasalanan nya. matalino talaga si corona.

  • etnarolfawa

    sabi ni corona mayroong milyones na ipon ang bawat mga anak niya……..saan naman kinuha ng mga anak niya ang mga milyones na yan …sabihin mo naman na ang anak niya  na P T sa US ay 80.00 dollars per hour na hindi ako naniniwala, papaano siya nakaipon ng milyon  out of  her  payday…….papaano na  ang mga  monthly bills niya  at ang mga  maintenance ng mga  cars nila  o di kaya eh  mga insurances nila ang mga pagkain  nila ….sobra naman ang mga sinasabi ni corona  akala niya ay siya lang ang  nakarating sa US…….bakit walang nagtanong kung  siya  ay residente ng US……

  • Godio

    Not a good example from the highest justice of the Philippines.
    Now I can:

    1. Declare my peso accounts under “co-mingled funds” and are no longer part of my SALN;
    2.  Put my money is dollar account and they become untouchable and therefore non-taxable;
    3. Put corporate money into dollar account and they also become untouchable and therefore non-taxable too.

    And consider the BGIE scandal and all the TROs he issued, I would say GUILTY.

  • junpaxx

    Certainly, we are all flawed human beings, whichever side we are on. But this is a moral universe; there is such a thing as goodness and badness, however these are defined by societies. And when the opportunity presents itself, one has the potentially historic choice to be on the side of good or on the side of evil.
    This is the choice that now confronts our senator-judges.

  • isalexus

    Senator Pimental- you got a point. Please make it more credible by signing a waiver so that the media can also see your banking assets and compare it to your saln. AND while we are on the subject– all those “impeachable” people should also sign a waivers to countermand the Foreign Bank Deposit secrecy LAW!

  • marco

    how can you understand…simple..ur marriage was as simple but you still dnt and unable to save it.

  • Jovy

    For a chief justice to interpret laws that way, shows that he is not competent to be the final arbiter of the laws of our land. For him not to know basic accounting principles is also a sham as he is supposed to have worked in SGV as a senior officer. The reason he had all these accounts in his name was because he just feels so arrogant and untouchable in his position as CJ that he never expected that it would finally hit the fan. How in the world can you amass so much wealth? Do the math, for him to have saved that much even with interest that means he would need to have saved Php200,000 a month for 42 years. Impossible, he thinks everyone is so dumb not to see this.

    • scorpio22

       You are obviously uninformed how investment and compounding interest work.

      • R

         LOL…yep, that guy will take a job for P100/hour instead of saying yes to 1 centavo doubled everyday for 1 month.

      • TatayMo

         sige nga anak, ipaliwanag mo nga ang compounding at investment kung paano talaga kumikita ng napakalaki…

        pagkatapos mong ipakita na ganon nga kalaki isunod mo na rin na ipakita kung paano ITAGO at hwag ideklara… at nang maintindihan nila kung paano inayos ni CJ ang lahat!

      • scorpio22

        I’m afraid that at this stage ( I am presuming you are already old based on your  handle) it is too late for you to learn investment and compounding interest. It is a complex subject and you need to be open minded.

      • Ramil Abalon

        kahit anong sabihin mo baluktot pa rin ang katwiran mo….public officer ang usapan hindi finance manager

  • Apolinario

    Sa mga di nakaka-alam. Kapag ang pera ninyo sa banko, dolyar man o piso, ay tumubo na o nagka-interest na, ang banko ang magkakaltas sa tinubo nyo para sa BIR tax. Walang pinagkaiba sa witholding tax ng mga namamasukan sa pribadong kompanya.

  • Tama Lang

    CJ Corona is a brilliant businessman but not fit to be a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. When a person do not have ‘delicadeza’ or ethics deserving of a chief justice, the distinct line between honesty and hustling fades. He excused himself with omissions by stating that he is not an accountant but he worked at SGV, one of the most prestigious accounting and auditing firm in Asia. There is actually divine intervention in this whole episode. CJ tried to redeem himself Friday, but bits and pieces do not add up:
    1. Early part of the impeachment trial, he denied publicly of having dollar accounts yet he admitted Friday.
    2. We were in awe when we saw the SALN of some SC associate justices with 40million in deposits, but CJ admitted having 80million pesos.
    3. Complete with security details, the SUV he used may have fake plate numbers.
    4. He cut the retirement lump sum amount of Ombudsman Morales into half, yet Friday he distorted the facts of the matter.

    I could go on and on, but one thing positive happened that we can find satisfaction is the reconciliation of the Basa family which shows that these families are decent and honorable.

    This impeachment trial is a wake up call to all elected officials including members of Congress that politics with the advent of the social media, internet, print, and networking, accountability in public office is readily available and exposed to the general population.

    • scorpio22

      If you worked for Philippine Air Lines as one of the top executives does not necessarily mean that you are a commercial pilot does it?  So does that mean that Corona being a lawyer for an accounting firm should make him an accountant?

      “1. Early part of the impeachment trial, he denied publicly of having dollar accounts yet he admitted Friday.”

      I don’t recall him denying having a dollar account. Perhaps you can post an article regarding this to back up your statement.

      “2. We were in awe when we saw the SALN of some SC associate justices
      with 40million in deposits, but CJ admitted having 80million pesos.”

      Whose SC associate justices’ SALN did you see that showed 40 million in deposit? Perhaps you can also post a copy of these SALN as I seem to have missed it.

      “3. Complete with security details, the SUV he used may have fake plate numbers.”

      And your point about this is… should he be acquitted, this could be a ground for a next impeachment?

      “4. He cut the retirement lump sum amount of Ombudsman Morales into half, yet Friday he distorted the facts of the matter.”

      Corona has nothing to do with Carpio-Morales’ lump sum “retirement” money so how can he distort something that he has nothing to do with?  It is the “budget” of retiring justice not her “retirement” that Corona spoke about.
      Perhaps you can be more circumspect on your statements.

      • Ramil Abalon

        kahit anong paliwag mo baluktot pa rin he he he..maaring abogado ka nga pero ang pananaw mo ay para sa magnanakaw….kaya kung lalantad ka at tumakbo sa election marami ka paring maibulsa

  • thunderbolt01

    Kokok Pimentel probably the most decent thing for you to do right now is to shut up your mouth until it’s time for you to give your verdict. While expressing your opinion before the verdict is delivered, you are trying to influence the judgement of the others and you are trying to convince the people that Mr. Corona is guilty. Tigilan mo muna ang pagpapa epal at gusto mo halos araw-araw ay nasa diaryo ka  ng kung anu anong problema mo. Nakakasawa ka na. Para kang si abnoy na masyadong self centered. Mabuti pa kaya magsalamin ka at isipin mo kung paano ka gumandang lalaki. 

  • dead_pixel

    Presscon lang ang katapat ni PIMENTEL!!!
    Politcal tv mileage!
    Like dog-father like dog-son!!!
    Aside sa dramang hiwalayan ng asawa mo, anu-ano ang ginawa mo diyan sa senado???

    • linsanity17

      isa pang nagawa nya o patuloy na ginagawa is to continously use zubiri as his platform to gain more media mileage…nkakasawa ka na KUKO…you don’t need to agree with corona’s interpretation of the law…since from the beginning alam na ang kulay mo sa impeachment trial..another yellowtards…

  • pepengkabayo

    Senator Pimentel doesn’t agree with Chief Justice Corona’s interpretation of law….

    It is funny how Senator Pimentel doesn’t agree with Chief Justice Corona’s interpretation of law.
    Why elevate yourself to the rank of Chief Justice?
    Senator Pimentel cannot even interpret and follow the law on marriage or in short, Pimentel is bad example on family law.

    This is diversion tactic from young senator. Does he think we forgot the news of his legal separation.
    Fix your problem first, before fixing others, Mr.Senator.

    • TatayMo

      ang layo naman nag sipa mo, anak? ang ibig mo bang sabihin na diversion tactic yong interpretation ni sen pimentel sa interpretation ni cj corona tungkol sa SALN declaration ng public officers… o diversion tactic mo ang pagbanggit ng legal separation ni sen pimentel na wala namang kinalaman sa impeachment ni cj? 

      alin ba talaga ang pinagsasabi mong “diversion tactic” dyan?

  • Baboykayo


  • Peter L

    I respect the father more than the son. The father is an example of a good lawyer, while the son has been longing to hug the limelight yet he lacks the luster of a clean personality. How can the Filipinos vote for him when he could not even forgive his wife and former Zubiri? Senator Pimentel, please look first in the mirror!

    • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

      Mr Pedro. The issue with his wife is a family issue not a government or national issue. Ngal ngal ka ng ngal ngal hindi mo naman alam ang pinagsasabi mo.

      • linsanity17

        look who’s talking? prang may laman nman sinabi mo…after trying very hard to drag the corona and the basa issues to the impeachment trial, being that a family issue, now you’re saying leave family problems by politicos out of government issues? galing mo nman “magtuwid ng daan”…loser!!!

  • EdgarEdgar

    “Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said Friday he does not fully agree with Chief Justice . . . ”

    Does not fully agree? Is that reasonable doubt or allowing oneself room for maneuver at a later time? Or extracting tit for tat from UNA? Only Koko can answer. Meanwhile, make the most of it Koko. This is your last stab at being famous.

    • KarmaGMA

      you are a disgrace to the filipino people. 

      • scorpio22

        And what is your ground for saying that EdgarEdgar is a disgrace to the Filipino people? Just because he doesn’t share your views and opinions?

        I highly doubt if you represent all views and sentiments of the Filipino people.

      • KarmaGMA

        you are one of them, i won’t argue w/ u….isa ka rin magnanakaw cguro dahil ipinaglaban mo sya.

      • dagundong

        Hwag ka nang magsayang ng oras mo bro sa mga bayarang iyan, pag sinabi ni coronang tumalon kayo tatalon ‘yan.

      • R

        kaya pala ang daming nagtatangol sa presidente…feeling nila presidente rin sila….by your argument.

      • scorpio22

        It appears that your rationale is lacking in substance.

        It seems that you take your presumptions as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        It wouldn’t hurt if you use some factual matters than presumptions only.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Co-mingled funds? adult children with their own family? kapag ito ay nakalusot na alibi ni corona ay hindi mga bobo ang mga senator-judges na maniniwala, yung mga simpleng tao na maniniwala sa alibi na ito….ang mga sentor-judges ay may personal na interest na pinapahalagahan kaya nagbubulag bulagan. Kung ang mga anak nila corona ay minor maniniwala pa ako, pero sa katayuan nila ay normal na pinag-oopen ng sariling bank account/s ang bawat anak para matuto hanggat maaga kung paano mag manage ng sariling finances. Pero ang issue dito ay hindi diniklera ang peso at dollar na parehong asset kahit ano pa ang mga alibi niya na hindi naman kapani-paniwala!

    • KarmaGMA

      tama ka bro. di ba parang awkward yan? ang lalaki na nila tapos sya pa tig hawak nang pera? kalokohan itong alibis nya, not worthy to be acquitted.

  • jimjones111


    • leubas


  • KarmaGMA

    precisely, who would be stupid enough to handle the money that is not yours? what if his sons & daughters need the money? would they ask there father for it? isn’t it awkward? what if he dies suddenly? paano ma kuha nila ang pera? these are BS alibis. he needs to be convicted. he is truly a certified liar and also a good actor. he is the father of all liars!!!

    • scorpio22

      Many fund managers and banks handles money they do not own. So in your view they are all stupid?

      • KarmaGMA

        fund managers – that’s there job, they know what to do w/ your money. saan ka maka kita na sa isang pamilya ay ang father humahawak nang pera? kahit mai sariling pamilya ka na ipa handle mo pa ba sa father mo? awkward nga sabi ko, meaning alibi lng yan. all lies. now if you are stupid enough to believe him then your one of him, i pity you. pathetic.

      • scorpio22

        It appears that Corona knew what to do with their money as he made it grow. What’s wrong with that? You are missing the point of Corona’s argument that they pooled their money together to come up with a bigger principal amount so they can collect a bigger interest. What’s wrong with that also?

        What is important is that Corona testified under oath that he never stole money from the government which seems to be in agreement with the prosecution as they never manifested to the contrary during his testimony.

        Furthermore, unlike Tupas, Corona has no pending graft case in the
        Sandigan Court or any court, nor is he being accused of stealing money from the government.  These are facts not presumptions. 

      • Ramil Abalon

        I think you are wrong corona is a public officer and he should follow rules under the constitution as CJ

      • TatayMo

         anak, hwag masyadong overkill…. on the contrary fund managers and bank handlers are among the sly type of people and they are not (all) stupid… they manage other people’s money and earn from them regardless whether or not, the owners of the money they manage gain or lose in the end… perhaps CJ is just honestly stupid or stupidly honest in his declaration… ano sa tingin mo?

      • scorpio22

        Corona’s non-declaration is of a legal argument as you hear many lawyers say. Be that as it may, is this an impeachable offense… what do you think?

      • KapitanBagwis

         Yes it is. On the basis of the lady court employee who lost her job for failing to include her little flea market business in her SALN. The decision of the lower court was upheld by the supreme court and the ponente was written by Corona.

        Corona have millions of $$ and pesos and high end properties undeclared in his SALN. He must be found GUILTY.

  • Freddie73

    CJ’s interpretation of the SALN Law and the FCD Law is conducive to the commission of graft and corruption!


    Ito ang tamang interpretation. Go koko!!

  • tiktikrobong

    kung sino mang senator/judge ang magsabi na tama ang pagkakaintindi ni Chief Justice Renato Corona ay ibig sabihin na itong senador na ito ay marami na siyang dollar o kayay may balak na magkorap at ibili agad ng dollar o euro o pounds . 


  • andrew lim

    Koko’s absolutely correct.

    If you accept Corona’s explanation, it would mean all grafters can get away with it by just converting their loot into dollars.

    Also, by saying “co-mingled” yan, lusot na.

    Tama ba yon?

  • JV Velarde

    According to Certified Liar TJ Corona, the money of the Basa Guidote Corp. was in his personal bank account for convenience & safe keeping. 

    In 2003 or 2004 he borrowed 10 Million pesos from the Basa Guidote Corp, to pay for his condominium units all over metro manila, meaning he withdrew 10 Million pesos in his personal bank account. 

    And as per the certified liar he paid that amount full in cash & check to wife Cristina, which she regularly deposit back to TJ Corona’s personal bank account because that’s where the Basa Guidote money is, intact and full according to the certified liar TJ Corona.

    An incredible foul smelling excrement of a story !!!

  • Ommm

     2.4million dollars is quite a lot…P100 mil…then add P80mil= P180million….plus 5 properties, cars, sustaining a lifestyle all these years… seems hard to justify with what he has said so far.

    Why would Coronas children, having their own life in the USA be leaving their money in daddy’s secret account when they could be using that as collateral for properties there etc?…doesn’t really make sense.

    If we all put our money in dollar accounts and claimed it was “my friends money” then no SALN would be filed or taxes paid in this country at all….

    • pololoy

      That’s what the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines teach all corrupt government officials and employees should do…

    • tweener

      CJ is an accomplished private finance lawyer prior joining the government. 2.4 mil dol is very achivable considering the length of his service before he became govt employee as stated by GMA7’s guest lawyer yesterday. Masyado kang mapaghinala baka kurakot ka rin at ang pinapakain mo sa anak mo ay galing din sa kurakot.

      • Ommm

        And i bet you have a job…do you save every peso earned?

  • anak_mahirap50

    Hndi sa yo, pero nasa yo.

    maloloko ang baliw dito!

  • ramilarcilla


  • anak_mahirap50

    pag si tj, na acquit, he he he, dadami and corrupt at lusot pa si gma, atb.


  • Juan

    Ano ba kayo! He is the CJ of the SC. He can interpret the law and stick to ” as prescribed by law”, while the rest of the members will follow without thinking. . Look what happen in the IC, I am the chief justice of the Republic of the Philippines, I wishes to be excused. . Pag ganyan ang trato, delikado tayo. . Alisin ang mga ganoon clase at baka sabihin pa nila na “what we are in power for”. .

    • KapitanBagwis

       Galing galing. Sama ko sa iyo. ;o)

  • KapitanBagwis

    Corona is a great Spin Master. His cosa in the supreme court spin the meaning of the time prescription for appointments in the Constitution and made his midnight appointment legal. 

  • BillyGregory

    More questions have cropped up by the submission of the Corona waiver instead of putting things in their perspective as was hoped for.

    Here’s another one:

    Why didn’t Corona bring records of bank transactions, instead?  Apparently he and his team were looking at records when they made their Powerpoint presentation.  Or were they just making things up?

  • nice_boy

    There are as many interpretations of the law as there are lawyers.  That is why we have the Supreme Court to be the final interpreter of our laws.  Why not just let the SC interpret the law.  Better still amend the law so that there will be no conflict.

  • oracle888

    CJ Corona’s defend on his exclusion of his multi million dollars and his 82 millions pesos in his SALN is (1) Foreign currency deposit confidential law and (2) Co-mingled fund.

    The fact is: our Constitution requires all government employee to declare their ASSET in the SALN to discourage them from graft & corruption. The foreign currency act allows the owner to disclose his dollar account voluntarily thru a waiver. An honest person with integrity who abides the law and supportive of our government’s drive for clean government, who also hold the highest judicial position with the responsibility of upholding our Constitution and rendering its correct interpretation, will ABSOLUTELY include his dollar account in his SALN. But CJ Corona did not include them, instead, he used the foreign currency act as an excuse to hide his unexplainable millions of dollars.

    Secondly, nobody can legally claim those cash under his name as co-mingled. It is tantamount to an “you say I say” claims. The point is if it is under your name, then legally it is YOURS. Otherwise, why did he not open a joint account?

    Is is a surprise that a Chief Justice did not know the right from the wrong. But it is not a surprise that C J Corona purposely did it to hide his loots.

    • Tony

      As far as I know yong pera natin sa bangko ay automatic na kinakaltasan ng buwis kaya walang problema kung di man naideklara. Yong SALN law naman wala naman syang provision that would constitute an impeachable offense. Sabi lang doon pag d nakapag-file ay pwedeng masuspende ng hanggang anim na buwan. At kung sa pangalawang beses di pa rin makapag-file ay pwede ng tanggalin sa pwesto bilang public servant. Aba’y ang dami dyan na ilang taon ng di nagpa-file! Dapat sa mga ito magsialis na! Kaya lang SALN law now is being use to bully a selected few. That’s the objective of the present administration. 

      • Homer Guo

         magbasa ka para tama yang sagot mo re saln. balikan mo din ang pinonente ni tj re saln case ng isang taga mindanao na natanggal sa trabaho dahil di nya naisama lahat ng pera at ari-arian nya.

  • oracle888

    The 34.7 million belong to BGEI. I just kept it for them. – claimed Corona.

    But who own the BGEI?

    Is it not his own daughter Carla?

  • Margie

    One solution is to repeal the Foreign Currency Deposit Act so that nobody can make this as an excuse for not declaring the dollar accounts.

    • bogart73

      Maganda yang mungkahi mo, para lalong mamulubi ang pilipinas at mapadaling mapaalis sa puwesto si abnoy..

  • dodot


  • JJF724

    In another story sabi ni Corona… hindi daw nya alam yong Assets kasi hindi naman daw sya accountant…  Tapos TAX Lawyer sya and SC CJ at hindi nya maintindihan yong ASSET sa SALN.  So Corona supporters, what do you think of your boss.  A LIAR or just DUMB?  your choice.  Either way to me, doesn’t deserve to be CJ and must go.

    • pololoy

      He was with the famous Sycip, Gorres and Velayo Accounting firm before joining the government. And he doesn’t know anything about “assets”?

  • juy u


    • leubas


    • Tony

      Magaling na sana kaya lang wrong grammar naman at nagmalaki pa! Capitalize lahat eh.. 

      • King

        grammar is not the isyu. it does not follow na kung magaling ka sa grammar magaling na rin opinion mo. 

        si corona nga kung mgsalita, parang pang high school classmate mo lang na ngrereport. statements nya parang pang bata lang na umiiyak. still, we listen.

  • Tony

    Hay naku senator Pimentel! Ang tanong na dapat mong sagutin ay kung impeachable ba ang di pagdeklara ng ibang assets under SALN law. Paki-paliwanag naman ng mga provisions dito..

    • diegogo

       impeachable! Betrayal of public trust.

      • Tony

        Hehe! Fine! And the accusers are true to the Filipino people! How pathetic!

      • diegogo

         ano daw? tagalugin mo kaya ng mas madalian ka

      • Tony

        HEHEHE! ayan naintindihan mo na..

  • diegogo

    pag na-acquit si Corona may pangdepensa na mga kawatan: “Sir, 100 million nga po nasa bank account ko pero hindi po sa akin lahat yan…yung 20 million sa anak ko, yung 25 million sa pinsan ng asawa ng kapitbahay ng ninong ko, yung 20 million naman po ay sa aso ko, yung 10 million sa pusa ko, yung 15 million po naman ay sa apo ko na ipapanganak sa 2015….kaya hindi po lahat dyan ay akin”

  • Benito Sopena

    Nagta-tanga tangahan lang si corona.   Alam niyang kasama sa assets and dollar deposits.  Even a lowly government employee knows this.  Nagpapalusot lang siya.  GUILTY!

  • diegogo

    pag na-acquit si Corona sigurado tataas ang dollar reserve natin…..mga kawatan ico-convert mga nakurakot nila bwahahahaha.
    “Tengkyu Chief Justice….di na nila mahahabol mga nakaw ko, you’re my idol” bwahahahaha

    • Tony

      Siraulo! ayan tagalog yon..

      • diegogo

         ganyan nga….pinapahirapan mo pa sarili mo sa english eh hindi naman kaya ng utak mo bwahahahahaha…para kang si Chief Justice bwahahahaha

  • Francisco Chay

    Kung ang dollar deposit ay hindi kasama sa SALN eh di papalitan ng lahat ng magnanakaw sa gobyerno ang peso ng dollar at ilagay sa dollar account. Ito ba ang gusto mong mangyari CORONA?

  • markx2012

    a dollar account that you own is not your asset! REALLY?

    OMG! that corona really is not fit and must resign or be impeached!

    PAANO SIYA NAGING LAWYER… THEN CHIEF JUSTICE if even with that hindi nya naintindihan?


    • mapicchu

       funny ka markx but this is so true.

  • markx2012

    jung ang isang lowly government worker na hindi delikado o critical ang posisyon ay nataTANGGAL sa trabaho at nawalan mga benefits dahil sa hindi pag deklara sa kanyang SALN ang kita nya sa ibang trabaho o negosyo sa halagang P1,000 buwan-buwan, si corona pa kaya?

    acquitting corona means A GRAND CELEBRATION IS COMING sa lahat na mga corrupt, crooks and twisted!

  • kilabot

    koko is not thinking rationally. effect of being dumped by wife just recently for another man. let go, senator. you may cry if you want. real men cry. only homosexuals don’t cry. then, move on.

  • RyanE

    “In 1981, he was accepted to the Master of Laws program in Harvard Law School where he focused on foreign investment policies and the regulation of corporate and financial institutions.  He was conferred the LL.M. degree by Harvard Law School in 1982″  – Judicial and Bar Council

    Do you think a person with the above qualification lacks knowledge about assets? It’s very clear that Corona was just using all those alibis to evade conviction.

  • gisingyu


  • gising me


  • Mike

    His children are married and they co-mingle funds with their parents. What kind of a weird family does that? There must be some kind of a financial recording of transactions to keep track of interest earnings for each family member etc. There is none? Who did you think you were talking to, Mr. Corona? A nation of kindergarten students?

  • Brian

     Eto yun Foreign Currency law……

    “Sec. 8. Secrecy of Foreign Currency Deposits All foreign currency
    deposits authorized under this Act, as amended by Presidential Decree
    No. 1035, as well as foreign currency deposits authorized under
    Presidential Decree No. 1034, are hereby declared as and considered of
    an absolutely confidential nature and, except upon the written
    permission of the depositors, in
    no instance shall such foreign currency deposits be examined, inquired
    or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office
    whether judicial or administrative or private: Provided,
    however, that said foreign currency deposits shall be exempt from
    attachment, garnishment, or any other order or process of any court,
    legislative body, government agency or any administrative body

    San dyan nakalagay explicitly na ipinagbabawal si Corona i-declare yun dollar accounts niya?  Ang nakalagay…examined, inquired or looked into…..asan yun cannot be declared?

    • tower_of_power

      the SALN does not require anyone to open their bank accounts … all that is required is to state how much money you have in deposits … no need to mention which account with which bank.

      Ang pinagbabawalan lang naman ay ang ibang tao or entities na bulatlatin ang bank acounts or FCDU account na hindi kanya. Walang namang sinasabi na bawal idibulge ng account holder.

      • adventure366

        I agree with you.. it’s so difficult for the bright people to interpret a simple law if they are against on it.. low IQ people can easily interpret a law if they will follow and obey for GOOD.

    • adventure366

      Pag dating sa batas dito maging BOBO ang tao kung may itinatago o kasalanan nagawa…

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    Ang lawyer na nagigipit kahit anong batas pinapalipit.

  • Harry

    To show their total trust and allegiance to the government they are serving, no government officials must have deposits in any other currencies than the Philippine Peso.

    • aSwedishguy

       why not if declared as normal, it works in the rest of civilized world

      But if you have a CJ that interpret his own laws then ofcors

      The most funny with Corona are that if any economical system would use his “way” they would go state bankrupted, but i guess Corona have a to little or criminal brain to understand that.

      • Harry

        By having foreign currency deposits it means that those officials have no confidence in the government that they serving or operating. If there is any need for them to transact in foreign currencies, they can always purchase them through the banking system.

        I believe many countries like the US and Canada discourage foreign currency accounts.

  • larry

    corona is just one vote in the 15-man juctices of the SC.  whatever he believes as an individual juctice does not bind the rest of the SC.  it would be better to raise the issue to the SC itself for a resolution

    • tower_of_power

      Why is there a need for a chief justice kung pareho land sila? He is just one vote but he can do something else as the chief justice … say … influence the vote!?!? Meron mga evidence to that effect … di ba?

    • Uzi

      Yea, 1 vote lang sya. Pero nakita mo naman halos maparalyzed ang Supreme Court ng halos lahat e umalis para suportahan sya nung tuesday. Meaning, malakas impluwensya nya sa mga tao dun.

  • aSwedishguy

    Not one single number are right or non questionable  in Coronas Affairs, both in  property’s and monetary assets carry millions of ?????????

    His story about dollar savings from the 1970 are just to MUCH!

    Neee,, i am more convinced then ever there hide “monkey money” down the line here

  • Harry

    How can Pimentel agree with Corona when he cannot even agree with someone closest to him?

    • tower_of_power

      Pimentel is man enough!!! Si Hindi-na-Coronado … puro pakitang tao … puro fake. How about this someone close to Hindi-na-Coronado na nakikita sa mga pictures … close pa rin ba sila? Pakitang tao lang yata ehh???

  • edward8805

    Senator Pimentel if you don’t like the interpretation THEN sign the waiver authorizing for the public to inquire also on your foreign deposit accounts and also urge all 188 Phil 
    congressman including Senator Drilon to sign the waiver.  If this is a publicity mileage or your signal that you will vote for CJ guilty verdict and IF YOU DO VOTE GUILTY THEN FORGET getting re-elected AS A SENATOR because you know from the VERY start this IMPEACHMENT CASE THROWN was a conspiracy by President Aquino III AND HIS LIBERAL PARTY it was rush, RAILROADED, and unverified.  This current administration is more worst than President Gloria Arroyo’s nine yeas of reign.

    • Jonathan

      I agree, sign the waiver and show to us that they are clean! Just because corona ayaw ni Pnoy sa kanya…he will suffer? ang dami hindi nag declare ng account. For the sake of transparency, Pls don’t vote ang kanidato na ayaw open ang account nila sa public, we should support this waiver…

    • adventure366

      Don’t think of POLITICS??? Think the future of this country and your children if you have… If this mentality of CJ will continue expect our country will be the same in AFRICAN country like somalia because of corruption.. your comment show what side you are?? Better search more on the laws and cases that you can compare on this situation before you make a comment.

      • edward8805

        You know the impeachment case was railroaded by your President Aquino III, hash your mouth about the law. When your President use the full force of his administration to bully the CJ and other associates justices to whom he did not appoint. Do you call that “Daang Matuwid”? Every body knows that the Ex President Cory Aquino conspired with Ex Vice President Arroyo to stage a coup de tat agains ex President Joseph Estrada and later own apologize to Ex President Estrada for a political capital in order to gain support for Aquino III’s electability to the Philipine Senate  now that Aquino III is the President his totally drunk in power to control branches of government for what he long for the revolutionary power her mother had, he is scared that when he is out office whatever his doing to Arroyo will happen to him, and also he plan to reverse the SC ruling on Conjuanco’s 50+ year rule of Hacienda Lucieta.  Enough is enough if you love your country you will see the real villain. I choice CJ to be Acquitted to check the dictatorial nature of your President Aquino III and his evil administration. He will sleep with the devil the communist and ampatuans to get what he wants. God save the Philippines to your way of thinking and to the Yellow tyrant in Malacanang!!!

    • D_BystandeR

      Ano ka ba? Ang pag-iisip mo ba ay katulad din kay Thief Justice? Siya lang ang na-impeached bakit gusto pa niyang idamay ang ibang tao na walang kinalaman sa mga kagagohang ginawa niya. Ang sinabi mo ay pareho sa isang taong nahuli sa jaywalking. Gusto ipahuli ang lahat ng tao dahil hindi lang daw siya ang nag-jaywalking. Ang kitid ng isip. Hahaha…

    • D_BystandeR

      Palagay ko ay kasama ka sa isang katerbang tagapagtanggol ni Thief Justice na ang oras ng pagtatrabaho sa opisina ng Supreme Court ay ginawa ng “free time” para lang maka-post ng comment para idepensa ang “bossing” nila. Sana gamitin ninyo ang working time sa pagtrabaho ng inyong mga assigned work dyan. Sana makonsensya kayo sa perang isinahod ninyo na pera ng bayan.

  • aSwedishguy

    If you was a morally and  honest Justice you would ask you self,,what i am doing are against all comment sense.

    Not to declare a asset just bcs it sits in a “dollar account”?? what kind of intellect do this person have?

  • aSwedishguy

    If Corona get away with this i believe  “The fun in Philippines” will be put to rest for another decade

    It will continue as the joke of Asia, no serious businesses/ investors will even look this way

  • tiktikrobong

    kung hindi sana siya ang nasasakdal ay ang interpretasyon niya ay parehas lang sila kay Senator Pimentel. 
    si pimentel ay nasa tamang landas. c corona ay nasa kalokuhang landas.

    ang yaman: dollar, euro, yen o peso ay napakasimpleng intindihin na ito ay iyong napundar o nahanap sa magandang paraan o masama man.

    ang foreign money ay napakadaling i convert sa pera natin para mailagay sa tamang suma ng lahat ng ating ari-arian.

    ang kaso ay naniniwala si corona o ipinagpilit na may nagawang batas para maitago ang katotohanan…….!


  • Jasmin

    I would like to know if there is any law which prohibits co-mingling of fundsamong family members.

    • tower_of_power

      I’ll bet there is none … kaya lang if a litigation of whatever nature arises … just be prepared … nasa pangalan mo ang assets ehhh.

    • bong

      Napaka babaw ang isip ninyo Jasmin? Hindi ko alam kung isa ka pa sa mga taong mga kawatan…Huwag mo sabihin walang silbi ang purpose ng pag file ng SALN as requirement sa lahat na nakapasok maglingkod sa bayan kung ang pinaka mataas pa ng Judge sa bansa ay nagtatago ng yaman gamitin lang ang mingling of funds with the inlaws ng hindi isasali SALN ng makabayad ng tamang tax, samantala tayo mga ordinaryong tao nagbabayad ng tamang buwes! Alam mo ba ang hindi bagbabayad ng buwes ay isang  kasalanan sa bansa? Tax evasion iyan!…At ang pag gamit sa Foreign Currency laws, na para hindi mai declara sa SALN ay isa sa pinaka malaking panluluko ng isang government emplyeado gaya ni CJ Corona. Ini-interpret niya ang Foreign Currency law para sa kanyang kapakanan jaya hindi siya nararapat maglingkod bilang pinakataas na judge dahil baluktot ang mga pagkakaintindi sa batas..

      • Josephine

        ang sinasabi ni corona na law kaya nya di inilagay sa saln ang kanyang milyones na dollars sa kanyang saln, yan ay batas pa noon ni marcos na inilabas, kaya tingnan mo si marcos ang daming pera naitago sa ibang bansa kagaya ng swiss bank

    • botets

       abakada.. ina hahahaYan nga ang gustong palusot ni TJ na gusto mo namang patulan e halata naman ngang palusot.Wlan ngang nagbabawal sa co mingling of assets but since TJ is a public servant he should havent have named the ACCOUNTS under his name since he knew hes obligated to do so. hahay pinoy nga naman kaya di umaasenso wala ng sense of nationalism..  mag saing ka na lang Jasmin

    • R

      There is no such prohibition. 

      If the co-mingled funds are ever put under litigation….documentary evidence such as letters, contracts, agreements, assignments and Special Power of Atty documents among parties determine co-ownership, the extent of ownership, and amounts owned by each party.

      I am surprised, this is even an issue.  There are many families with co-mingled accounts.

      Of course, there will be no such law prohibiting co-mingled accounts among family members, as it violates a person’s Civil Rights. Gov’t officials, be they Clerk or Chief Justice or President, do have Civil Rights protected by the Bill of Rights (Section 10) under the Constitution of the Republic.

      • John

        its improbable, given the ages and occupation of corona and his family that theyd have (at a minimum) p80m + $2.4M accumulated in less than 10 years. The only way they can do this if they had a company (aside from bgei) where they struck gold.. there being none and lahat sweldo lang.. very unlikely. and take note the deposits are not even in staggered amounts like that of a salary, but in single big ticket deposits!

      • R

         you have just shown your knowledge is very limited.

        Answer this  as fast as you can:

        What would you choose $100/hr salary or 1 cent doubled everyday for a month?

      • R

        Here…couldn’t wait for your answer. This is classic.

        “Beginning with one cent and doubling it daily for one week, you’ll have
        $1.27. Continue doubling your accumulated earning every day for one more
        week. Your cumulative total at the end of week 2 is $163.83. At the end
        of the third week, you’ve accumulated some serious cash – $20,971.51.
        And at the end of the last week, you’ve amassed a fortune of nearly $2.7
        million. Since a month is usually 30 days, let’s keep doubling it for
        another 2 days. Ultimately, you have over $10.7 million in only one
        month and you started with one small penny.

        How does that $100/hour job look now? You’d still only make a
        fraction of $10.7 million if you made $1,000 an hour. And that’s working Monday through Friday for 8 hours. You didn’t even have to
        work to amass your $l0.7 million fortune”

        That’s how compound interest works…and NO…no need for a company that struck gold.

  • Wadav

    ang mga kawatan pagnahuli mo ay tlagang magpapalusot! ang kaso habang nagpapalusot sila ay lalo silang nababaon! Moral lesson.. be truthful always.. di ba tinuro ng magulang ni Corona yan s kanya?

  • joycesm

    Senator Koko Pimentel should put his feet on ground. Had it not been for the “vindictive” man who lives by the river…all these “true” to life happenings of not including your family’s money as part of your SALN would have not been everybody’s “talk.” How about you? what is the talk about your wife and your SALN. Does she have her income as part of your SALN? Or she does not have any income at all??? AS if CJ Corona is the greatest “criminal” who walked this planet to have him crucified!!! I pity you Senators who will be on the side of Penoy…don’t be part in noynoying our economy!

    • tower_of_power

      The SALN is clear … Hindi-na-Coronado did not truthfully declare his assets and liabilities. Kung co-mingled ang assets niya … he could have declared everything and put those other monies na hindi kanya pero nasa pangalan niya as liabilities. Hindi ba pwede ang ganun? Kung sa  bagay .. what can you expect from a Thief Justice who cannot differentiate what an asset is from a liability.

      • lcl_omn11

        hindi ka basta ordinaryong abogado na hindi mo alam ang asset at liability sa basic accounting lalo galing ka sa corporate law practice…

  • ekalaM_ngek0P

    “Senator Pimentel doesn’t agree with Corona’s interpretation of law”….No one does I’m afraid

    • AbdullahZahir

      speak for yourself pokeng_malake

  • pepengkabayo

    Senator Pimentel doesn’t agree with Corona’s interpretation of law….

    Mr.Senator, we don’t need your interpretation of Corona’s whatever.
    Mas intresado kami sa yong paliwanag kung bakit naghiwalay kayo ng asawa mong is Jewel, napakaganda pa naman niya para iwanan.

    You are a senator, you are a public servant, you should have set an example on family values, filipino values on marriage.
    That is important for us….why successful couples separate.
    We need your interpretation on marriage and legal separation law.

    • D_BystandeR

      Huwag mo nang tanungin pa si Koko tungkol dyan. Give him the privacy that he deserves. It’s not easy for him to get a situation like this, lalo na meron na silang dalawang mga anak. I repeat, please, respect his privacy, okey?

      • agong1

        beside out of topic..

  • Mananandata69

    Clean your own backyard before looking at the other’s mistake. 

  • nolibalasi

    the reason for the co-mingling of money is to generate a bigger interest.  but if  he doesn’t own all the money, like the bgei funds, isn’t it unethical for him to acquire its interest?

    • agong1

      corporation.. therefore belong to the Family…sole corporation was name to corona

  • albert

    Corona’s interpretation of law is done in good faith.
    pimentel`s interpretation of law has selfish motives..
    done in bad faith..

    • John

      hay naku heto pa ang isang tanga… doing something detrimental to public interest but done in “good faith”?

      • albert

        detrimental to public interest  << you mean according ba sa sws surveys? haha

  • Romeo

    Bad faith, all things corona for sure.

    Ano kaya say nila meriam,arroyo,marcos, honasan ngayon? Pano yan,inamin ni corona di nya declare 180 million nya .

    Maryosep, laking pera ! Mamya, tuyo ulam namin, pero di naman kami nagnakaw.

    • Pio Gante

      loverboy, mahirap paniwalaan yung sabi mo na tuyo ang ulam mo dahil can afford ka maka-pag internet,

      for sure ba?

  • Pio Gante

    kung imo tong gilubot, wa ka niya biya-i,

    saba,yabag ka lang diha

    • botets

       Bakla ka diay dong kay mahilig ka sa lubot.. Your comment is a disgrace to this forum.. Is that the reason why your wife didnt leave you or your mom didnt leave your dad.. English lang dong para mapraktis ang natun an mo sa grade skul hahaha fagg@t

  • agong1

    this is debatable since everyone was caught by the inaccuracy of the law. which is quoted by  CJ ! and almost all business owner and institution. Politician “Trapos!”

  • boyetigas

    It’s sad that cj up to the end dictated the flow in the impeachment court. It would really be interesting to hear on oath, corona’s answer questions by Pimentel and Osmena.
    Prosecutors had a chance to expose the charlatan but against common sense, a consideration for public opinion, much less for aspiration of truth, waived cross examination. An old adage goes – leave no stone unturned in search of justice and truth.

  • doublecross

    IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE….cj cannot twist the law, tanga lang si corona.

  • renatwacoronwa

    Hahahaha! Paniwala sila sa drama ko, konting singhot at punas ng uhog ay nauto ko na ang mga SENADOR! Sarap mang-uto ng mga uto-uto, naniniwala agad! Hahahaha! Pati na rin ang mga nagtatanggol sa akin dito, hahahahaha!

  • edward8805

    Senator Pimentel III You know the impeachment case was railroaded by your President Aquino III, hash your mouth about the law. When your President use the full force of his administration to bully the CJ and other associates justices to whom he did not appoint. Do you call that “Daang Matuwid”? Every body knows that the Ex President Cory Aquino conspired with Ex Vice President Arroyo to stage a coup de tat againts ex President Joseph Estrada and later own apologize to Ex President Estrada for a political capital in order to gain support for Aquino III’s electability to the Philipine Senate  now that Aquino III is the President his totally drunk in power to control the three branches of government for what he long for the revolutionary power her mother had, he is scared that when he is out office whatever his doing to Arroyo will happen to him, and also he plan to reverse the SC ruling on Conjuanco’s 50+ year rule of Hacienda Lucieta.  Enough is enough if you love your country you will see the real villain. I choice CJ to be Acquitted to check the dictatorial nature of your President Aquino III and his evil administration. He will sleep with the devil the communist and ampatuans to get what he wants. God save the Philippines to your way of thinking and to the Yellow tyrant in Malacanang!!!

    • mangdo

       until now I still believe in Pres. Aquino’s sincerity to serve this country…kahit ano ang sasabihin ninyo,,,

    • Rolly257

      sumama ka sa tamang landas para Makita mo ang daang matuwid.

      baka makita ng mga anak mo or apo ang katwiran mo.

  • henry21

    masyadong bilib sa sarili ang sanador kaya siguro iniwan na ng asawa nya…

    why don’t you ask the supreme court… sila ang tagainpret ng batas at hindi ikaw… 

    maging judge ka muna…

  • poison

    kahit sa pag aartista d pede c corona d marunong umarte,umiiyak wala nmng luha,tsk tsk tsk

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