Corona appearance in Senate ‘immaterial’, lawmakers say


Bayan Muna Party-list Rep. Neri Javier Colmenares. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Chief Justice Renato Corona’s possible appearance on Friday at the Senate impeachment court can no longer save him, lawmakers said.

Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares deemed the chief magistrate’s appearance as “immaterial” after senator-judges heard Corona’s three-hour speech.

He said that even that could not make a dent on the prosecution team’s case.

“His statement was just a general denial with no amount of evidence to back it up.”

He and another Bayan Muna Representative Teddy Casino saw Corona’s appearance before the impeachment tribunal as an attempt to appease the senator-judges which would no longer affect their case.

It was the defense panel’s way of trying to “salvage the situation and again try to draw sympathy or divert the issue,” said Casino.

“Corona and his defense team may have realized that his walkout last Tuesday was a  tactical error that may cost him a conviction. But the people and the senator-judges can see through these antics.”

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  • jaygibi

    this bulsa muna represantatives  knows well than the senate-judges..  

  • kilabot

    flip-flopping statements. kabado na naman. baket ba everytime the cj confronts them face-to-face e nanginginig mga labi ng prosecution kasama si drilon. pirma na kasi.

    • ernie

       o cge , walang iyakan at tapos escapo sabihin mo sa idol mo. ha ha ha

      • dlanyer

         strategy lang yun pre……

  • fugeee

    hahaha opening speech ulit ng tatlong oras si dramatic thief justice ngayon…LOL

  • quirinomayer

    If you believe Corona will be convicted, vote this comment. 

    • dlanyer


    • OpinionKo


      • quirinomayer

        Delikado yong sinasabimo. Pag nagyari yon, lahat kami ng mga bomoto at boboto pa sa comment ko e pupunta sa Faura. Magsamakami ng mga grupo namin. Magkitakita kami doon sa mga bomoto rin kontra sa amo nyo sa mga surveys kagaya sa Yahoo at dito sa PDI. Magsama din sila nga sarisariling grupo. Mapupuno Faura at Taft harap ng SC. Lalong mastress ang idolo nyo at baka matuloyang ma heart attack pag wala siyang daanan palayas sa SC kagaya doon sa Senado. Makulong uli siya sa building. Kaya sumama ka na lang kasi alang-alang sa health ng idolo mong minamahal.

  • ernie

    Possible Scene Today @ The Senate Floor

    enrile : mga bata . alisto lang kayo mamya.a ….

    balajadia :wen manong .all my men are ready !

    enrile : ok ngarud. o baket may hawak kang supot ? anu bang laman nyan ?

    baladjadia : manong . naniniguro lang ako..kaya nagdala ako ng maraming… bokayo .

    enrile : ayus…

    • politics201138


      You made me laugh!!

      That’s one of the many assets of Filipinos – jokes and laughter is always present even in the midst of serious situations and danger.

  • deadlyshooter

    the proceeding will just put on record the discharging of the witness…that’s all…the CJ has  already judged his conviction the last time, remember?…

    • dlanyer

       no…. i disagree!

      • deadlyshooter

        however strong your  disagreement will be, it will not change the verdict he has brought upon himself…witness discharged…

      • OpinionKo

        I too disagree… conviction coming from brilliant senators is still impossible.. remember this is also a political affair as some of the senators always claim.. read between the line..

      • deadlyshooter

        disagree at will, it will not either…he has sealed his verdict…he will just be properly discharged…

  • hubblecoke

    another expert mind reader…

    • deadlyshooter

      factual observation might suit it…just my opinion…

      • hubblecoke

         factual may be but it does not mean truth. it is like watching the transgender dude who joined the miss universe canada pageant. as you are watching it, the dude is there strutting across the floor (fact) but is the dude a real she?

      • deadlyshooter

        you just said it…his statements were not truth…just as you said of the transgender…

  • OpinionKo

    I the CJ will be aquitted The prosecution wil be helpless… But if the CJ is convicted His defense can try their luck to seek help from SC…

    The prosecution team should hope that the CJ will not go back to the Witness stand instead of saying it is immaterial…

    This prosecution team should take note that before the Trial begun some of the Senators keep saying that This is also political…

  • GProf007

    For a lawyer the CJ didn’t have any documentary evidence to back his claims. As of this point the AMLC report even though the Defense claims is not validated is even more solid evidence than the CJ’s speech. 

    Heck, even the AMLC in interviews (search “AMLC stands by report to Ombudsman”) stands by the report and an official of the AMLC (Atty. Dooc) even said “They should have subpoenaed us so we could have established authenticity. – that’s actually the best way to “destroy” the credibility of the report… by forcing the AMLC to authenticate.

    The PS Bank President even said (Prior to the TRO) that the CJ had 10 accounts with them and 5 of them are dollar accounts. This basically contradicts what the CJ just said in his speech.

    The irony of things is that the Defense team were the ones who opened the can of worms, and looking at how Justice Cuevas was last Tuesday… it seems that there are factions within the CJ Defense team with Atty. Roy loving the spotlight.

    • JosephNess

      they will not do that…it will be like jinggoy said…sealed his verdict, thus, will be suicidal…cuevas never entertain the notion of calling the AMLC to corroborate the factual evidence, they know that they will be doomed if they do, even the judges never lined up berating its authenticity, because they knew too…and, the statements of the CJ will be akin to the story told by lola basyang or a komik strip…

      • GProf007

        Yep, they were caught by surprise by the AMLC report. Lesson is… always be upfront to your lawyer.

  • PeteJrfern

    Dr. Ramos is a scam artist.  They have ruled out cardiac attack within 2 hours with the negative cardiac markers plus EKG.  There is another Troponin test which is I not T that is more specific for the heart aside from the CK and CKMB.   They performed serial tests to confirm the preliminary markers and were all negative.  Tapos pa waiver waiver pa sila.  He will carry his risk lifetime since Corona is Obese and diabetic.  Corona should have been disharged after 6 or 24 hours the most.

    • Hannah

      pay must be good (“,).. for him to keep the thief in the ICU prior to an attack is a very special arrangement. yes i know those tests because when my husband had a bleeding ulcer without the pain and he fainted, they did that test and he turned negative.. heart attack was ruled out..

  • JosephNess

    they will not do that…it will be like jinggoy said…sealed his verdict, thus, will be suicidal…cuevas never entertain the notion of calling the AMLC to corroborate the factual evidence, they know that they will be doomed if they do, even the judges never lined up berating its authenticity, because they knew too…and, the statements of the CJ will be akin to the story told by lola basyang or a komik strip…

  • Tony

    Bitter kayo dong?

  • Hannah

    Damage control is very bad.. the doctor’s announcement that his condition is very fragile, is another stage preparation for his next dubious “exit”.. he can fake another fainting spell when he is cornered… then the defense can appeal to the SC to declare the whole trial a failure… he is very predictable.. his performance last Tuesday sealed his fate… whatever doubt i had before he spoke vanished into thin air, confirming he is not fit to sit in any chair even in the dining area of the SC because he is the king of lies and the king of thieves… he can not be trusted… he has “0” credibility.

  • dark matter

    Mga ogag na law makers, ang dahilan kung bakit pinipilit na maging present si corona ay para ma-cross examine. Paano naging immaterial yun.

    • deadlyshooter

      ang korte ang nagpapabalik sa kanya hindi prosecution sir, at si cuevas hanggad niyang madirect si CJ para maging substantial ang mga sinabi niya noong martes, at di pa siya formally discharge sa witness stand, kaya nga ganoon na lang ang pagporsigi ni cuevas maconvince si CJ bumalik…remember, tupas even said that they can waive the cross if he will not return…

  • Xela

    Isa pa to puro daldal,,,pro gusto pa rin namin ma convict na si Nato!!!

  • junolivo

    Noon, ay gusto ninyong papuntahin si Corona dahil sabi nyo nga’y siya lang ang makapagbibigay liwanag ng lahat (ng ginawa ninyong kagulohan). Ngayon na gusto nang pumunta ni Corona kahit ayaw pa ng kanyang mga duktor ay biglang “immaterial” ang presence nya! Ano ba talaga kuya…

  • kismaytami

    Ilang oras na naman kaya tayong patutulugin ni Corona?

  • watot

    bring in medical apparatus. attached a BP and heart monitor, stand by oxygen, doctors, nurses, surgeons, the best ambulance, a sacks of sugar. this actor will definitely show another scripted lies and acts. dont forget to attach lie detector to monitor Atty Roy

  • Cerise David

    So far the only case left is not filing / misfiling SALN.

    I wouldn’t really put my hopes up for a conviction.  The SALN thing is not one of the *high crimes* the law requires for impeachment.

    • marienkind

      What is a high crime? Murder?

      Misdeclaring in the SALN is tantamount to betrayal of public trust. Yes, it’s just a piece of paper. Yes, a lot of people take it for granted. But just because everybody’s breaking the rule doesn’t make it right.

      • bogusman

         then let your good people take the challenge: sign the waiver! Let’s see if they have been taking SALN religiously. Let us not single out CJ.

      • Donardo Cuago


      • alexfrommactan

        Are the congressmen removed via impeachment? Where do you got that idea?

      • Mao Mao Chamn

        Yes, the people will sign the waivers as demanded by Corona.  However, they will sign it once Corona is convicted.  

      • wil15

        I am in favor of the signing of the waiver, but it should be by all congressmen and senators, including the Arroyos. However it was not right for Corona to impose it as a condition for his signing of his own waiver because he is the one on trial – not them. His demand was a publicity stunt and I never expected that it will come from a lawyer, much less from the chief magistrate of the land. His action was very demeaning to the position of the Chief Justice and he does not deserve to be one.

    • Rex_Ranhilio

      the “high crime” does not refer to the nature of the crime. it refers to the position of the person who committed it.
      secondly, the complete phrase is “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

      • Cerise David

        Really now? Here’s the complete text from the 1987 Constitution, please tell me what’s your source.

        Article XI

        Section 2.

        The President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Supreme Court, the Members of the Constitutional Commissions, and the Ombudsman may be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. All other public officers and employees may be removed from office as provided by law, but not by impeachment.

      • Regd

        Useless arguments, the Constitution supersedes any laws enacted by congress. Our Constitution, the one you’re presenting now, prevails over any Republic Act including the foreign currency act. Transparency is transparency, accountability is accountability, there is no other way about it! Arguing with you is fruitless, I’m presenting my opinion here so that people will be aware with your brand of twisted reasoning.


      • Cerise David

        Oh Cmon@yahoo-HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4:disqus .  Paid bloggers like you who threaten and bad-mouth other people without presenting any intelligent argument should just shut up and go away.

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        My source is the US constitution from which that particular article of the Philippine constitution that you cited, was copied from.
        Anyway, you addressed the second sentence of my post but not the first. So what’s your point?

    • RubenC

      Yes, only mere betrayal of public trust.

  • Herculian

    Sana, pagkatapos ma convict ni Corona isusunod naman ang iba pang mga walanghiya sa Senado, Congreso, Executive Branch at iba pa dyan. Otherwise, all these are just all about the the Cojuanco-Aquino losing the Hacienda Luisita!

    • RubenC

      Don’t worry, nasa loob na sina GMA at  Abalos,nakapila na si Mike and Mikey Arroyo, Bolante, Pichay, Morato, Mendoza at marami pang mga malalaking isda na nangurakot sa panahon ni GMA. 

      • Bernie

        If we (as Filipino people) can ‘urge’ the good Senators to CONVICT Corona, who is already the Chief Justice, I believe we can also ‘request’ them to CONVICT the Arroyos and their cohorts. Good strategy PNoy, simulan sa taas! The Arroyos are next for clearly mas maraming kasalanan ang mga ito.

      • Herculian

        isali mo na ang mga KKK! bakit di mo mabanggit-banggit yan?

  • billygunn23

    heard from a very reliable source that the impeachment was already decided upon by the senate
    as early as last week. aquino’s meeting with the INC was to dissuade
    the latter from supporting the CJ to which the INC outrightly rejected.
    as to the truth on the alleged lobbying, well, you can use your imagination. in the end, aquino is a sitting duck. and yellowtards here are on a hopeless crusade to, as usual, mislead readers!

  • KarmaGMA

    korek ka dyan, blunders after blunders will definitely crucify you in the end….

  • RubenC

    Three strikes and Corona’s out.

    1.  Spreading the rumor that Pres. Aquino was bribing the Senators
    2. Forcing the Ombudsman to testify
    3. Walking out  of the Impeachment court
    So so except if he resigns, whatever he does is no longer material.

  • gisingyu


    • jclarendo

      Hey Mr. Corona, by chance do you know Esteng Pagaspas, the father-n-law of Freddie Webb and grandpa ni Hubert Webb? He is the gambling lord of Pasay City and he can buy everything he wants. That answer the question why Hubert Webb was freed  by
      SC out of his lifetime imprisonment. Kawawa talaga si Mang Lauro Vizconde kasi wala siyang milliones para ibigay kay RC. Don’t worry mang lauro baka sakali saiyo ang huling halakhak. Hak,hak,hak, at hak, hak.

  • -XO-

    His mouth may say sorry, but his actions don’t. He’s hurt the country too much. There’s no resurrection without penance. 

    • billygunn23

      you know what carl, you should try a second look at things around you. it’s as clear as daylight that the president is the one hurting the country.

      • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

        The Coronas and the bonehead like you are the one that hurting our country. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga HUNGHANG na pagiisip na tulad mo.WAKE UP DUDE.

      • antilikongdaan

        Hindi mo pa rin ba naiintindihan? nilagay ni Arroyo si Corona pra protektahan ang mga ginawa nya…kaya nga hindi rin matatapos tapos ang massacre na ginawa ng ampatuan eh… hay pilipino nga naman.

  • Carrmela

    The Chief Justice is not alone in his fight. We support you. These prosecutors hurled everything in your way, now when you want say your piece they want to limit your time in defending yourself.

    • antilikongdaan

      ‘limit’ his what? please wake up. hindi naman 2 araw lang ang impeachment, last year pa nagsimula yan.

  • montalban

    Everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.  And as the bible puts it, ‘let he who has no sin cast the first stone.’  I am not a fan of the Chief Justice but let us try to be fair and objective in our analysis and comments.  Let the evidence produced in a lawful and honest way speak for themselves.  Let us not be taken by emotions and sympathy for one side against the other. 
    What can be the motive behind all these?  Good governance?  Remember, many are living in poverty and the impeachment trial is using the people’s money!  Who will benefit from this?  Will the people in general benefit from this?
    And whether the farmers of the Hacienda Luisita benefir from this or not, it is just but fair and proper for the Cojuangco family to give the land to the farmers.  Remember, they should have done this 60 years ago and the documents say so.  Whyare  the Cojuangcos refusing to do this? They have amassed wealth from the land for the last 60 years!  Doesn’t this qualify as land grabbing?

    • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

      Everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty? Were you born yesterday? Not in the Philippines Dude! Kung MAPERA KA, ang hatol sa iyo ay not Guilty lalo na kung ang Chief Magistrate ay si Corona dahil NABABAYARAN. GET MO?

      • montalban

        That is the problem with some people. Just because there are those who are corrupt, they already are holier than thou to make a general sweeping statement that all the people are corrupt!  Indeed some or many are corrupt but to say that (as you wrote it) NOT IN THE PHILIPPINES, that is totally unfair.  Every now and then we can hear and read stories of the heroic acts of our kababayan.
        That is the problem with some people like those shouting IBAGSAK, IBAGSAK. Kung lahat nakabagsak, anong nakatayo?  That is the crab mentality at work!

    • AprilFool

      Well said. Dagdagan pa natin: 
      “Never point an accusing finger at anyone, for your three other fingers are pointing at you.” 
      “Judge not and you shall not be judged.” 
      “Bago mo punahin ang muta sa mata ng ibang tao, manalamin ka muna at baka mas malaki ang muta sa mata mo.” 
      “What you think of others, is what you are”

      • antilikongdaan

        So suma tutal pabayaan na lang natin yung mga kurakot kasi tutal lahat naman tayo makasalanan ganun ba gusto mo?

        kung ganun pala interpretasyon mo, dapat tinanggal mo nalng yung ‘april’ sa pangalan mo.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Why? Why just now Mr. Chief Justice? This is another blunder of the defense. If only Corona testified and opened up everything, and reconciled with the Basas a month earlier, he could have easily pulled it off with his award winning drama. Now is not the “in due time”, its too late.  The defense vigorously kept damaging the CJs credibility ever since they started presenting their evidence. Reconciliation with the Basas earlier could have done the trick, they could have just said its all BGEI money right from the start. The CJ is too high to reach, he needs to be broken in order for him to give a little respect for the impeachment court.

    • George

      A BIG AMEN! to your post. Unfortunately for CJ, it was his and the entire family’s arrogant attitude that actually did it. Shaped by long history of being able to get their way at will unimpeded because of lofty power of political, social positions only prevented them become get grounded back to where they were once before.

  • virgoyap

    When corona made his dramatic walkout he had finally thrown his towel. What more can we expect?

  • kaAndresBonfuego

    Hahaahaha Immaterial pala ha eh ang Impeachment court presiding judge Juan Ponce Enrile ang nagsabing kailagan si Corona ang bumalik sa witness stand.Kasing dami ng mga lubak sa mukha ni Mr.Colmenares ang kanilang nangalap na maling evidenysa,Sino ngayon ang BIG LIAR 82 DOLLARS ACCOUNT MRS.CONCHABA CRAPIO MORAL LESS GOT HER SOURCE OF ACCOUNT FROM AMLAC.INAMIN NA NI CORONA GOT 4 DOLLARS ACCOUNT.ALSO SIGN A WAIVER TO AUTHORIZE THE BANK TO OPEN IT.WHO LIKE TO PROLONG THIS HEARING DI BA ANG PROSECUTION EVEN SABIHIN NILA THEY HAVE 100 WITNESSES TO PRESENT.

  • scank


  • albert

     Colmenares na tamaan ka lang kasi sa dare ni corona.. 
     takot ka sa waiver..
     mga corrupt takot sa waiver.

    • montalban

      If they are not hiding anything, then they should graciously accept the challenge.  Their silence is deafening and the public deserves to know why. Are they hiding anything?
      Maybe perhaps some of their money came from the pork barrel that was meant for their constituents but eventually ended up in their fat savings/bank accounts? 

  • renatwacoronwa

    Hahahaha! Sarap mang-uto ng mga tanga! Konting drama at punas ng uhog, paniwala na silang lahat sa mga palusot ko! Hahahahaha! Sa mga nagtatanggol sa akin dito, maraming salamat sa pagiging uto-uto ninyo, hahahahahaha! Babalatuhan ko na lang kayo kapag na-acquit ako!

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