Walkout sealed Corona’s fate, says Sen. Estrada



Senate President Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada

Would Chief Justice Renato Corona’s returning to the Senate impeachment court Friday save him from a fate he had sealed for himself by walking out on the senators on Tuesday?

Senate President Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada on Thursday said most of the 23 senators had already “made up their minds.”

“He virtually hanged himself with that walkout,” Estrada told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a phone interview. “It’s practically suicide. Or he’s killing himself slowly.”

The defense panel insists Corona, a longtime diabetic, did not walk out on the senators, but left to seek medical attention for an attack of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

But his sudden departure after making a statement in his own defense did not look like spurred by an emergency.

“The Chief Justice of the Philippines wishes to be excused,” he said, then stepped down from the witness stand, shook hands around, and headed for the door.

He failed to get out, however, as the impeachment court’s presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, ordered a lockdown.

The Senate sergeant-at-arms, Jose Balajadia Jr., said he stopped Corona and his wife at the exit area.

“It made life easier for the senator-judges,” Estrada said, but stopped short of saying the court would hand down a unanimous verdict against Corona.

Another senator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Corona’s behavior might have swayed “three or four” of his formerly “undecided” colleagues to vote for Corona’s conviction.

“He placed himself on the defensive when he disrespected the Senate,” the senator said.

Still, the defense is not losing hope. Tranquil Salvador III, one of Corona’s lawyers, said the Chief Justice would return to the impeachment court this afternoon despite being under intensive care at The Medical City in Pasig City as of Thursday.

“He will appear barring any more medical complications that might arise,” Salvador told the Inquirer.

“I believe we could still swing it given the right circumstances,” Salvador said. “Until the clock is ticking, you cannot really say it’s over.”

Until fat lady sings

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III said the outcome of the trial remained unknown despite mixed reactions to Corona’s testimony on Tuesday.

“There may be some leanings (among senators) but for all you know, the closing arguments may be compelling,” Sotto said. “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.”

Corona offended most of the senators by leaving the trial without being properly dismissed.

Senator Gregorio Honasan said Corona should not have left the court nor imposed a condition on disclosing his bank deposits.

“Whether it’s in a normal court proceeding or the impeachment trial, I cannot imagine a situation where a witness imposes a condition on the judge and the prosecutors,” Honasan said in a separate interview.

Estrada said Corona had been doing fine until he suddenly left.

In a three-hour-long opening statement on Tuesday, Corona explained his finances, admitting he had four US dollar accounts, not 82 as claimed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

Morales had said Corona had $12 million in those foreign currency deposits, but Corona denied he had that much. He did not disclose, however, how much he kept in his four US dollar accounts.

He said he and his family had been investing in foreign exchange since the 1960s. At certain points during the trial, he looked senators and prosecutors straight in the eye and denied ever stealing from government coffers.

Substance of testimony

Salvador said the senators should “look into the substance of [Corona’s] testimony,” which was “lost amid all the high drama that was instead highlighted in media reports.”

“The case should not be decided based on the perceived disrespect of the impeachment court,” he said.

Senator Francis Pangilinan  played down the importance of Corona’s return to the impeachment court.

“Considering the prosecution has expressed willingness to waive cross-examining him and that no less than the Chief Justice himself has said that the defense can rest its case should there be no waiver on the part of the 189 members of Congress, then his appearance on Friday can actually be dispensed with,” Pangilinan said.

Senator Franklin Drilon, the 189th member of Congress dared by Corona to sign a waiver for the investigation of their bank accounts, said, “Even without Corona returning, the senators already have enough materials to render a decision.”

Senator Panfilo Lacson did not exactly agree with his two colleagues, who both belong to President Benigno Aquino III’s Liberal Party.

Full circle

“It is very crucial for CJ Corona to return [Friday] and subject himself to further direct [examination] and [to] cross-examination for the simple reason that a witness must go full circle in his testimony before any court of law,” Lacson said. “Otherwise, we will simply appreciate his opening statement at its face value and nothing more.”

Lacson said he would decide “after hearing the final arguments” of both the defense and the prosecution next Monday.

“That’s why during our caucus yesterday (Wednesday), I asked that we hand down the verdict on Tuesday, not Monday, to give us at least a day to weigh all the pieces of evidence even if capsulized in the final arguments,” he said.

How they will vote

The senators’ caucus decided to hold the vote next Monday night or Tuesday afternoon after the closing arguments of the defense and the prosecution.

The senators agreed to vote in alphabetical order, with Senator Edgardo Angara voting first and  Senator Manuel Villar voting second to the last. Being the presiding officer, Enrile will vote last.

The senators will vote first, then they will have two minutes to explain their votes. They can ask for an extension.

Unlike in the US jury system, the senators will not retire to deliberate before they vote.

Three articles

“Impeachment is different—it’s an individual decision, not a collective decision,” Sotto said. “There’s no need to argue with each other.”

When the House prosecution panel rested its case in late February, it only prosecuted Articles 2, 3 and 7 of the eight-article impeachment complaint transmitted to the Senate on Dec. 13, 2011.

The senators, then, will decide only on those three articles.

Once a guilty verdict is reached, there is no need to proceed with the voting on the other two articles.

“The penalty is removal,” Sotto said. “You can be removed only once.”

Sixteen votes are needed to convict; only eight are needed to acquit.

Truthfulness, moral fitness

When decision time comes, it will all boil down to whether Corona has been truthful in disclosing his finances.

Regardless of how the prosecutors and the defense close their cases, which a senator said would just be a summation of evidence, it may be over except for the vote.

In a text message, Senator Pangilinan said the issue would boil down to this: “The truthfulness of the entries in the sworn statement of assets, liabilities and net worth, as mandated by the Constitution, and his moral fitness to stay in office.”

Failure to report

Senator Drilon said the issue at Corona’s trial was his failure to report an asset. “A dollar account is an asset,” Drilon told reporters. “If you have a dollar account, you either report in foreign currency or in peso equivalent. But what is required is the reporting of the asset.”

Senator Sergio Osmeña III said senators had to come up with individual verdicts based on key issues. Osmeña said in a text message: “Has he betrayed public trust? Is he fit to be our highest [judicial] official? Has he conducted himself in a manner that has earned for his position, the high court and the entire judicial system, the admiration, respect and confidence of the Filipino people?”

How crucial is the issue of moral fitness?

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said: “Moral fitness is a major issue because he has the power to deprive a person of freedom as a consequence of certain acts so justices/judges should be above every other ordinary citizen in that regard.”

Besides, he added, Corona was not an “elected official who gets to submit himself to public scrutiny and judgment every election.”

“I am ready [to vote]. To be swayed at this point by the closing arguments would be a very long shot,” Trillanes said.

Damaging testimony

Drilon said that should Corona fail to appear today and explain his accounts, he would conclude that at one point the chief magistrate had US dollars in 82 accounts, as reported by the Anti-Money Laundering Council to Ombudsman Morales.

The damaging testimony came from Corona himself and Morales, whom the defense presented as a hostile witness, Drilon said. With reports from Michael Lim Ubac and TJ Burgonio

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  • Filipinoflash

    Lets give a big hand to the Senators who finally see the light. CONVICT THE THIEF JUSTICE! 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGHIQL77XJQRNAD2SH4VSXU4FE kim hernandez

      i’ll give you a big hand in the face just for saying thief justice. RESPECT.

      • wil15

        Why, is he not? Did he not steal the position of Chief Justice by accepting an obviously illegal appointment from an illegal president? Why is he unwilling to disclose his peso and dollar bank accounts, which he admitted if those monies were not stolen or came from illegal source? Threatening to use force can not and will not win arguments.

      • Wackawackawacka

        He didn’t respect his position or the Filipino people who entrusted him to embody the constitution.  Instead, he is a self-serving, biased disgrace to the nation.
        When your Chief Justice is corrupt, the country is corrupt in the worst possible way.

  • deadlyshooter

    The defense panel insists Corona, a longtime diabetic, did not walk out on the senators, but left to seek medical attention for an attack of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

    tell this to balajadia, he will tell you…all rise…the end!!!

    • juantamadnatamad

      He did not walked out? How can anybody even say that? It is on national TV, live pa naman. Now that the proceedings is almost done, is this all the defense can do? Lies, technicality, TRO, drama, and more lies?

      • deadlyshooter

        tell that to balajadia….he can silence these defense…

      • hustlergalore

        true, we should ask atty. roy and the tappings. LOL

  • deadlyshooter

    “I believe we could still swing it given the right circumstances,” Salvador said. “Until the clock is ticking, you cannot really say it’s over.”

    that’s the spirit…attaboy!!!

    • ofwme2807

      still this atty tranquilizer is in deep sleep or hybernation…he never stops making irresponsible press releases

  • deadlyshooter

    Senator Gregorio Honasan said Corona should not have left the court nor imposed a condition on disclosing his bank deposits.

    yes, right…this is challenging all there present who heard it…..they are all government men whom he accused of like him, having huge dollar bank deposits…thus a direct insult !!!

    • kolambogan

      Just asking, how can an alleged deceiver insult persons whom he believe is like himself? Unless, maybe he’s throwing the questions or implying to everyone, even the non-corrupt government officials are also deceivers like them, whom in my opnion will not be offended nor insulted cause they are never the same in the first place. No harm no foul. What Midnight Appointed CJ corona did was just dug his own grave in his non defense.  

      • deadlyshooter

        yes you’re right, he dug his own conviction…his desperation, having no arguments to substantiate his defense to proved his case, sold him out…thus, the easy way out, challenge them, having in mind, the jews, who  one by one departed away from the sinner…but, he failed, he already admitted, he sinned…

  • quirinomayer

    This is a classic case of “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

    In a way, Renato Corona did an Angelo Reyes. Not with a .45 but with his arrogance.

  • nti_boohaya

    Yes, it’s not over until the fat lady sings but she is humming right now in the tune of “another one bites the dust.”  I can’t wait to hear the closing arguments.  Except Tupas, both panels have great orators.  My barbershop opinion sways towards conviction simply because Farinas will take the podium last.  History is on his side. He has won all the cases he represented, including his own. And the outcome of this case will be no different- IMHO, a win for the prosecution.   

  • Concur_Dissent

    Corona has another not-to-far-out exit strategy… once worse really comes to worst, corona’s supreme court with a vote of 8 to 6 will declare corona incapacitated to discharge the duties of his office for reasons of physical and mental instability , under section 11, article 8 of the constitution…. thereafter, corona will voluntarily resign claiming that he NO LONGER WANTS to divide the people any further, notwithstanding only 10% believes in his innocence…  

    Being declared incapacitated by reason of mental instability (an official depression diagnosis would suddenly be disclosed by the family) will effectively prevent the senate from convicting him given that he can not intellectually defend himself…. Corona will then have a golden parachute of enjoying his pension without a conviction ruled against him…. perhaps even run for a senate seat next year!!

    • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

      err, mental incapacity disqualifies you from running for office. also, if he can voluntarily resign, that will invalidate his claim of mental instability. since resignation requires the power of reason.

      also, a defense of insanity will not protect him from anything. if he resigns, that means the criminal cases against him will continue. conviction from this impeachment will have no effect in his pension since conviction in impeachment is merely removal from office. all his benefits would be intact. it is a criminal conviction that would remove those.

      • Simplify1

        depression is not permanent in nature… next year’s election is still quite a bit away… it would not take a miracle for someone to recover from depression…. the government would not have to establish anyones power of reasoning if they want to resign but the government has to establish that an accused is capable to fully discern charges and appreciate consequences of someone’s action….. I do agree though that the criminal aspect against corona will continue…but those 8 to 10 cohort-friends in the SC who were also appointed by GMA will still be handling his final appeal…   

      • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

        depression is different from mental incapacity. i hope you can appreciate that difference.

        naturally, the govt doesn’t need to establish sanity if Corona wants to resign. was that my point? my point was, resignation is a sign of sanity – since resignation requires the power of reason. is that hard to understand? so if Corona resigns, then that means he is not insane. get it? smh at ppl like you that need to have everything explained to them fully.

        as for those remaining justices on Corona’s side, many of them will change their stripes once Corona falls. or else they’ll suffer the same fate as Corona’s. look at Mereceditas Guttierez. hardly anyone ever remembers her impeachment and the criminal liability she still had. is anyone even actively pursuing her case? remember, her resignation never removed her culpability. yet she has been forgotten, and now lives a quiet life. those remaining in the SC would not be remiss to notice that difference. if they would like to avoid Corona’s fate, they’d follow Mercy’s way. otherwise, it is impeachment and criminal cases awaiting them.

      • Simplify1

        I wish to inform you that mental incapacity encompass a wide range of mental impairments including but not limited to psychotic illness,  emotional disturbance, dementia, acute confusion and yes….depression!

        I think it is you who need detailed explanations for everything… you still can’t get the point.  So let me explain… If corona is “certified depressed” he would not be able to perform his function as a judge, surely you wouldn’t want a depressed individual making decisions that may impact on peoples lives, right?  Similarly, he wouldn’t be able to fully defend himself in court, right? On the other hand, he can still very well resign and nobody can stop him.  A resignation is a resignation…it is a unilateral act and does not bind anyone to it except the executor and this is the reason why the test of sanity is not required.  get it??

        as for the remaining justices, only time will tell… ..

      • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

        ok, i concede depression can be classified as a mental impairment. however, his resignation, again would not be valid, because if his thinking is impaired, then how does that make his resignation not impaired?
        if a resignation does not bind anyone except the executor, then how does that free the organization from hiring a replacement if the resignation is only binding for the resignee? the individual can just go right back and claim he was illegally removed because his resignation should not have been valid because he was suffering depression when he signed it. and since you said it is not binding being a unilateral act, what protects the organization from suit?
        so to clarify, since resignation is unilateral, and since a judge with depression cannot make good decisions, he must be replaced because we don’t want him judging cases. so we must accept his resignation on his word that he is depressed. a test is not needed because a man with impaired thinking can judge for himself whether his thinking is impaired. the resignation is binding only for the resignee. what else? i miss anything?

      • Simplify1

        The unilateral act of resigning binds the executor to his desire (in this case, to be separated from the organization). The organization will naturally declare the position vacant and thus need replacement… The person who resigned is “estopped” from reclaiming his old position because he bound himself to his own separation regardless of his state of mind…

      • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

        oh wow. haha. so an unstable person is bound by his actions? is that what you’re trying to say?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RRS2ZMUIBDUCQ5Z3L5CITMRE6Y Precy

    The people Corona exhorted bribes from must be laughing and relishing the misery he is experiencing now especially Lucio Tan who paid him a lot. I bet the PAL workers are all saying “good for you!”

    • juantamadnatamad

      And Supreme Court employees will go back to work.

      • labcu

        my question is are they being paid for their absences because instead of working they went out in support of the CJ?

  • joshmale2004

    The 4 senators mentioned in the news that may have been swayed from undecided to conviction are probably, jinggoy, enrile, sotto and honasan

  • deadlyshooter

    remember his story about his frugal life, one time he said that their lives improved when he became a lawyer, what did this implied ? becoming a rich lawyer has so many implications, having many rich clients as well as super rich guilty opponents, know what I mean??? amazing, just amazing !!!

  • Godio

    Corona already sounded like he delivered his closing argument last Tuesday. But in case he testifies again, I hope the Senators will ask for the account balances of his dollars before they were drained. 

    I noted in his speech that his waiver would be “Specifically the Opening balance and Closing balance”. Hmmm very sneaky.

  • filipinaskoh

    “Has he betrayed public trust?” “Is he fit to be our highest [judicial] official?”
    ” Has he conducted himself in a manner that has earned for his position, the high court and the entire judicial system, the admiration, respect and confidence of the Filipino people?”-Sen Osmena

    I hope all the Senator-Judges will base their decision on the basis Sen Osmena laid for himself. These questions are very crucial, they correspond to the requirement for a justice as written in the Constitution article 8, sec 7, par 8-of proven competence, integrity, probity and independence.

    “Has he betrayed public trust?” 
    Yes,definitely, no question or doubt about that. The whole nation knew that.

     “Is he fit to be our highest [judicial] official?” 
    Never! From the day he accepted his midnight appointment!

     “Has he conducted himself in a manner…?” 
    Absolutely not! That is undeniable! With the manner he carries himself, with his display of sheer arrogance not only last Tuesday but from the day he was impeached.

  • JosephNess

    what transpired last tuesday, has a great impact to this case…it showed his other hidden character which is one of the requirement for a chief justice… as sen. osmena mentioned, ”…
    Has he conducted himself in a manner that has earned for his position, the high court and the entire judicial system, the admiration, respect and confidence of the Filipino people?”…this alone can ruin all his defense…

    • Simplify1

      the reality is that he did not earn his position…it was merely illegally rewarded to him by an equally illegally elected and disgraced GMA…. in effect, he did not lose any respect and confidence from the people because there was none to begin with.  The people did not admire, respect nor had confidence in a midnight appointee…  

      • JosephNess

        meaning…with respect to the supreme court…he did not exist…just, non-existent…a ghost !!!

  • Simplify1

    I believe that the walk out was just the icing on the cake of corona’s conviction… I’m sure many undecided senators were convinced on corona’s guilt after corona declared a conditional waiver for disclosing his dollar accounts… corona was effectively saying in open court that “he is merely hiding from public knowledge his unreported dollar accounts that he knows is also being done by other politicians”….  such audacity by the guilty!! 

  • juantamadnatamad

    If the Impeachment Court would like to show the people that they are not biased for or against anybody, they should find the chief justice for contempt for walking out of the court. His doctors can attend to him now but once the doctors release him he should serve time in jail. 

  • pnoy0612

    Sen. Trillanes…. You’re the man!!!

  • w33k3nd3r

    If it’s THAT URGENT for you to leave the room due to hypoglycemia, where would you find the time/comfort to shake people’s hands?

    • hustlergalore

      baka daw kasi nahihilo na siya at kailangan niya ng maraming kaakay. LOL

  • butumo


  • sojusakitofu

    To save a tree sometimes it’s necessary to cut a rotting branch.

    To restore the integrity of Supreme Court, Corona must go.
    And he can bring his lapdog Midaz Marquez with him.


    To be fair to everybody, I think what the chief justice would like to tell the prosecutors and the senator-judges is that they are all similarly situated. They all enriched themselves while in public office. Although, he categorically said that he is not guilty, he acknowledged that he has wealth, hard earned that is. But this is essentially being challenged.

    His waiver challenge to the 189 prosecutors-senator is an indication that he is telling us that all the prosecutors and the senator have their respective hidden wealth also.I was hoping that the prosecutors-senator would sign their respective waivers, but only very few of the prosecutors agree to sign a similar waiver. He is correct, all those politicians are as dirty! MAGNANAKAW SILANG LAHAT. All hypocrites!

    By it as it may, this case is about the CJ. His “walk out” is akin to the digging of his own grave, sad to say. He was doing very good for the three hours talk, but the “walk out” really sealed his fate!

    • hustlergalore

      corona is a politician. magnanakaw din siya. LOL

      • TEAM PNOY

        All in pari delicto! No question about it.

    • JosephNess

      this is what puzzling to his dare…what if all their suspected hidden wealth were not hidden at all having declared them in their SALN, what would this dare prove? nothing, just exposing their dollars for all the people to know…as one blogger wrote…file a complaint of misdeclaration and nondsiclosure…let’s see if they can prove anything…
      and you are right…this is all about a man who dared to escape but caught, so he challenged everyone…. 

    • wil15

      I am in favor for the signing of the waiver, but it should not be limited to the 189 mentioned by Corona because that would be selective. All senators and congressmen – to start with – should sign the waiver. However, the signing of these waivers should not be used as a condition for Corona to open his dollar accounts. In the first place, it is Corona who is on trial and needs to prove his innocence. In the second place, that condition could not be met because the Arroyos will not sign their waivers. Never in my life  did i expect a lawyer, much less a Chief Justice, to impose such a condition in submitting evidence to prove his innocence against charges leveled against him. He is a disgrace to the legal profession, to the judicial system and to the country. He is not fit to be a Chief Justice.

  • John_Galt_II

    Kahit ano ang sabihin nitong si Jinggoy mukhang tanga pa rin! Mga mangmang iboto niyo ulit ito!

  • thestoic5

    I am just wondering why Sen. Santiago is so meek a senator these crucial times of the Impeachment. Sobrang galit niya kasi when one lawyer merely covered his ears, how much more kaya sa naka-upo sa witness stand and walked out.

  • manggoding

    Walkout sealed Corona’s fate, says Sen. Estrada….

    Jinggoy, make your decision on the evidences presented and not on the alleged walkout of the Chief Justice.
    Make it substantive, make your decisions based on the substance of the law, evidences and not a witness mistake of walking out.

    Besides, the Chief Justice because of low sugar, he became incoherent, he became confused, he did not know what he is doing. That is the effect of low sugar, losing one’s senses and discretion, totally blackout, he did not know where he was.

    If I were the Senate Impeachment Court, ask the opinion of the doctors on what is effect o low sugar and why Corona suddenly got up.
    Again, Jinggoy, an intelligent and wise Court uses wisdom and law in deciding a case and not on a walk out, that is another case.

    • desperb

      I see. So, is he still fit to be a CJ of SC?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    Senator Honasan,This is my first time to hear from you and you’re beginning to see the light right where you are.From this time on-I’ll try to forget your past…

    • Good_Governance

       Presumably you have forgotten, perhaps even forgiven, his mentor’s past too.

  • thestoic5

    I am just wondering as to the reason why Sen. Santiago is so meek a senator during these crucial times of the Impeachment. Sobrang galit niya nuon when a lawyer merely covered his ears, eh itong naka-upo sa witness stand, although he asked to be excused, the presiding judge did not dismiss him yet, biglaang umalis and it looked like a walk out. Tahimik ang senadora o hindi lang yata siya na-interview sa media??

  • Hey_Dudes

    In the greatest interest of truth this scumbag illegal midnight appointee walked out in sheer arrogance knowing for all intents and purposes – he is done no matter what he says or do.  His returning to the impeachment court is now insignificant and it would do well if he will spare the nation and citizens all this additional theatrics reserved in today’s occasion.  On a wheelchair, hospital gurney or a coffin it does not matter.

    Get rid of this scumbag once and for all and clean up that court of plagiarist and influence peddlers.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

      like .. 

  • jesussaints

    Pag si Honorable Senator Jinggoy na ang nagsalita tapos na ang laban. E napakalinis nI Senador Jinggoy e. bwahahahahahaha

  • 135qet

    Convict him and all of you will become ex-senators, I assure you that.

    • dan4321

      In all honesty,you still want the likes of Corona to be the Chief Justice? or even a Judge? Tsk tsk,that’s why the Philippines can not move on.Will when you do your simple share?When will Philippines improve? When will corruption lessen at least?When will you be proud of your country?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5XZ7DG3V4IM5BX3ZX5GTPDTU4 cane-juice

       hahahahahahahaha…. AND where will you get the ‘power’ behind your “assurance”…?

      • victorts

        He might be friends with the Chinese who might invade the country.  So I hope.

    • richard ortega

      kawawa ka naman naputol ang pagnanakaw mo kaya ganyan ka ano?

    • doncleo

       INC ka siguro kaya para kang nagbabanta???..mas wala silang chance mare-elect kapag inabswelto nila si Corona..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Bluff? You have the control of more than 50 million Filipino votes? What I know INC has maximum of 1.8 million. Mahiya kayo sa mga pananalita ninyo. If you base how sentiment of the people still majority wanted that Corona be convicted both on the national surveys or through on-line surveys ngayon ang tulis ng dila magsalita those senators who vote for conviction will be ex-senators? O baka ang hindi boboto ng conviction ang magiging ex-senators?.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

        haha, bong, tama ka.. kaya mukhang masyadong aggresibo itong si 135qet ay dahil pala INC member. hehe.. you explained it well bong .. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

       ru out of this world? sws survey says 74% of the Filipinos want corona convicted.. Unless you have the same thinking as his lawyers stating the survey was manipulated without even proof or evidence to present such claim. Ganito ba ang style ng katastaasang mahistradong punong?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7IGQYIPU6AFTVRJ742XT2X44M4 Jef

    Where are you now…….Brenda and Joker umpisa ng impeachment trial para kayong Tigre at Lion  ngayon para kayong TUPA….Tsupaing….shame on you

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

      They are busy tweaking “tornicles”on their minds,who knows they can flipflop anytime…

  • 135qet

    What do you mean truthfulness, moral fitness?  ‘
    Who hasn’t told a lie?  What is morality?
    This is about courage and standing for one’s principles and beliefs.

    You won’t admit this but the CJ exposed all of you as “OGAGS”.
    That’s what you are.

    • Ceazar

      Goodbye. See you next year,

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

       oh, he exposed nothing but his stupidity and lack of respect to the judicial system he swore to protect . .

  • ddano

    Hindi daw walk out yung ginawa ni atong sabi nung mga abugago niya. I agree , hindi walk out yun, Frustrated Attempt to Scape!  Buti na lang nai-utos pa ni JPE ( kahit delayed reaction) na ikandado ang mga pinto. Failing to complete his scape, nakipagkutsaba si atong sa mga abugagos niya na mag sakit- sakitan. It’s really More Fun in da Pilipins, but many are crying !

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EDHYGVZEP5YPXJQ676K3TEMLJE bulik

      sana nga hinayaan nalang na makaabot sa mabagal na shutter(lockdown} para nakita natin kung paano cla magslide palabas habang nakaabang yung black chevro!! more fun..next episiode fri. 2pm…don’t miss….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

    Di hamak na mas masuwerte si Corona at si Enrile ang Presiding Judge hindi tulad ni Erap na niluto nina Davide at Pimentel.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5XZ7DG3V4IM5BX3ZX5GTPDTU4 cane-juice

    “the wages of SIN is DEATH.”
    “the wages of CORRUPTION…, ay nagka-kasakit”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Leon-Yobar/100002513487017 Leon Yobar

    You can easily spot the vote of tanda Arroyo and weirdo Santiago by being silent on the mere walkout of SC Corona.

  • diegogo

    I am more interested in what the usually outspoken, who has suddenly turned tight-lipped, Honorable Miriam Santiago has to say. Waaaaaaaah!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

      ako rin . .

  • tiktikrobong

    Kahit na ano pa ang gagawin nilang paghuhugas sa kanilang nagawa na panlilinlang ay hindi na nila agad maibalik ang tiwala ng taong bayan.

    Sobra kasi ang tiwala ni corona sa sarili. Wala siyang respeto sa kapwa tao niya. Akala niya ay siya palagi ang nasusunod. Akala niya malulusotan niya ang lahat. Akala niya ay hawak niya ang lahat.

    Nasanay siya sa akala niyang mababaliktad niya ang lahat dahil siya ang CJ of the Supreme Court dahil ito ang nakasanayan niya.  Akala niya ay sobrang galing ang mga abogado niya na magtakip sa kanyang kasalanan.  Nakalimutan na niya na siya ay tao lang at hindi superman o kaya’y Apo Dios.

    Wala ka nang magawa. Tanggapin mo na lang ang katotohanan. Huwag ka lang mag-suicide para hindi madagdagan ang kahiyaan ng iyong pamilya. Ang mga apoko mo ang isipin mo. Wala silang kamalay malay sa iyong mga nagawang katarantadohan.

    Umamin ka na lang. Total wala ka naman ng maidagdag pa sa tatlong oras na drama. Huwag mo nang  dagdagan ang galit ng taong bayan sa iyo. Mas maawa pa sila sa iyo kung tanggapin mo na nagkamalika.

    Hindi masyadong galit sa iyo si Manong Johnie. Maintindihan ka niya.

    Kakaunti na lang ang oras natin sa mundong ito.  Bakit gustuin mo ba na ang mga huling araw mo ay palaging puno ng kaba at takot ang iyong nararamdaman…..?


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

       tama ka ..

  • KarmaGMA

    how could he be doing well until he left? all he was saying during his opening statement were lies, i don’t get the logic there…..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

       I would say, heresies ..nothing more nothing less.. since the right of the prosecution to cross examine him was not given by corona, himself . .

  • cogito728sum

    Corona’s return to the IC, with the invidiously insidious caveat by the hospital doctors  obviously crafted by the defense and Corona himself-meant mainly to further deceive the people- the imperative of closing oral arguments, and the unnecessary cross by the defense to sustain its position, are now relegated to the sideline.  They are now mainly procedural not substantive issues to arrive at a verdict in compliance with legal requirements of the trial.  Of course, in compliance with the law, the IC has to adhere to the procedural requirements to mitigate claims of mistrial on the part of this devious Corona.  But the paramount issue now is the moral fitness of this despicable creature, a disgrace to a noble profession and to the Filipino people, to return to the Padre Faura compound.  His arrogant utter disrespect to the IC as an august body said it all.  He should not be allowed to return to the Supreme Court.  To do so would more than rub salt to a gaping would.  The Filipino people do not deserve this.

    • mad_as_Hamlet

      I think the Impeachment Court should just declare immediately the penalty of “Removal from Office with Warning that He Cannot Take Home Any Government Property from the Supreme Court.” The penalty can even be proclaimed this morning before the hearing starts in the afternoon. The verdict can come later. Anway it’s just a mere formality. It can just even be txted to Mr. Corona to save him the trouble of going to the Senate Building. Nothing like being a step or two ahead of the situation.

      • cogito728sum

        You know what my friend, I’m in deep thoughts right now trying to fathom the rationales for Corona’s embarrassing behaviour the other night.  I don’t believe that his last utterances (now the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused) were part of the script.  I view them more as the impulsive and spontaneous assertion of air of supremacy in an individual the same flaw in character that inflicts that distinguished lady from Iloilo.  Ever conscious of their higher position in the rung of social order, these people cannot suppress their egotistical urge of superiority over others.  And this is really sad.

        Corona knows but he purposely forgets that the constitutional protection of his removal from office only thru impeacement is to insulate him from the pressures of politics, not to shield his illegal and morally questionable behaviours from the scrutiny of the people.  A people that, thru their elected representatives, want him now to account for those infractions.  But rather than comply, his lies go on.  And now he’s on a scorch earth policy.  Idamay na ang lahat.  I don’t think the president who can cleanse the germs that bring decay in our government and society as a whole, even with the most potent antiseptic, is already born.  This makes the success of Aquino in mitigating corruption extremely doubtful.  And I don’t envy him at all in his position.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

      exactly . .

      • cogito728sum


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

    That’s really funny.  Corona is convicted because he walked out. “He virtually hanged himself with that walkout”,

    Does it mean then that Corona would be convicted of CONTEMPT, and not the charges under the articles of impeachment?

    Come on Senators….guilty as charged, or innocent of the charges, nothing else.  To find Corona guilty of contempt is not an impeachable offense.

    Because he walked out, Corona is guilty of not including some assets in his SALN? Because he walked out Corona is guilty of betraying public trust?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RVUPQ6G477GUPUISDLVUWAL2EQ True Orient

      Grasping at straws, huh? He is guilty as charged AND contempt. He should be jailed for 10 days for contempt, booted out of office for not declaring his assets and hung by his balls (if he has any) for arrogance.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        I am sure you are very excited to hang him by his balls. Arrogance is not an impeachable offense nor a crime….lucky for you too.

    • johnllander

      Humahabol ka pa, kahit na hindi niya binastos ang senado noong Martes, guilty na rin talaga kasi wala naman si corona naibigay na mahusay na depensa kundi panlalait lang sa kanyang mga nakaaway sa politika at sa pamilya.

      Funny ka talaga!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        pinili mo lang yata yung gusto mong pakinggan.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSOV6X7PQ57FMQJMHHNLX2ID2E butch_25_2003

         And I think you too only choose what you wanted to hear . . The prosecution was confident for a non cross examination of his testimony last Tuesday for the very reason that he did reaffirms their accusation on non disclosure of his dollar account in his SALN. As what senator Pimentel earlier stated that if corona was his law student, he would have failed him for using the interpretation of the law as his defense . .

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        Firstly…wrong…Prosec would drop their cross to bring the case up for resolution already (while Enrile is mad, and the senators have an easy reason to “convict”), that is the tactic there.

        Corona’s tactic of the “walkout” actually exposed the “voting”, which he suspected all along.

        Koko…lol….if he does not understand how accounts flow in banking and likens it to bacteria…then no…Koko is a very poor professor. In the first place, koko is being presumptious about his law proficiency, he is just lucky he is a senator….  does not make him an expert nor an authority in law.

        I heard koko and I heard all the others.

    • gerrkits

      You don’t get it do yo? His walkout proves that his testimonies are purely lies, if he is telling the truth why is it that he don’t want to be cross-examine,with common sense one can simply realize the implication of his action. We don’t have always to rely on strong evidence to give our judgement, we should not forget that the SOLOMONIC way of dispensing verdict is more accurate than today’s scheme where in technicalities and the rule of law sometimes undermine the truth and what is morally righteous. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        If the prosec’s evidence were true, then it must be attributable to someone definite. If they claim 45 properties, then show the evidence.Not a list from BS Aquino’s appointed classmate. If it’s $12M then show proof, not surmised reports. 82 accounts, that has been explained.

        Rule of law always.. mob rule, never.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

        Yup, you got it right that CJ walk outs prove he unfits to his post…SO Corona supporters it better to hung yourself nakakahiya na kayo…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        get the words right then maybe I’ll take you seriously, otherwise….well…I’m not the one who seems to need some lessons.

      • TagaKalos

        Ah, isa ka na naman sa marami dito na nagAABOGAGO!! Hoy, kayo na mga kampon ng presidente sa malakanyang na bakla at inutil, magingat kayo, dahil yung yellow ribbon na simbolo ng inyong idolo ay malapit ng maging lubid para gamitin sa inyo na PAMBIGTI at ng mabawasan ang malas dito sa pilipinas mga OGAGS!!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        tama ka…yung yellow ribbon ay isang pang-daigdigang simbolo ng pag-alaala sa mga nag-suicide

      • boyod

        hoy wala kana bang ibang magawa you are exposing your idiocity and slumic attitude, wag kang magasta nang ganon dito baka doon sa kapitbahay nyo pwde ka, NONSENSICAL IDIOT!!! 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        I get what I get…similarly, you don’t get it.

        You have your judgement I have mine.

        Solomonic, you say….if you want to judge by the method of long ago, you are welcome to it.  I prefer Forensic.  It would have been unnecessary for Solomon to pull out the sword to test, if he had a DNA kit.

        Morally righteous….where…which among the judges?

        Rule of Law, always…mob rule, never.

    • wyl5326

      Guilty for Betrayal of Public Trust. He was forced to admit he had hidden wealth by not declaring dollar accounts on his SALN. While I have never believe he stole any money directly from government, he did so indirectly by Tax evasion. However it is very possible he have corrupted our Judicial system by selling decisions ! I was definite sure that he was responsible for wresting the BGEI property from the Basa-Guidote family even as he twisted the fact on the Libis property and make it a cause to wrest away BGEI by all necessary means ! I hope this will mark the beginning of true Judicial Reform and the end of TRO that is wield by judges wantonly to favor litigants and drag cases indefinitely ! I have high school classmates who’ve used corrupt officials (including law enforcers/military) to wrest business controls from foreign partners who’ve used them initially as dummies for our ultra-nationalist policy of banning them from local businesses. Those are just a few examples of corruptions and the Thief Justice have clearly participated as such. I’ve long hated Thief Justice from the time GoLiar appointed him as her spokesman and then he dip his hands to the BGEI property dispute where the late Art Borjal exposed his shenanigan in that case ! I was horrified to find we have such kind of lawyer aspiring to join the SC then. FVR must be made to account how he have allowed this craven cretin eventually corrupted our entire Judicial system in his own image ! That is the big damage that Thief Justice have inflicted on the country and leave us a legacy that may take a while to clean up as he left us a Judicial bureaucracy that may be as dirty as he is ! We could clearly see by the posters here who are probably mostly from the Judicial bureaucracy valiantly defending Thief Justice and then excoriating PNoy for his determination to get rid of him. While we can now see the dawn on getting rid of corruption, we should continue to be vigilant to prevent it’s resurrection in other forms. Perhaps PNoy can institute a policy for amnesty for those who’ve enriched themselves similar to Mandela’s policy for true reconciliation with complete admission of guilt by those who’ve committed crimes against the country. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        Good to see you Wilson.  How’s the old IBM mainframe?

        It would be interesting to see  Filipino society where, prejudice and bias does not exist. Why are most of the people here quick to judge and surmise like they have these special abilities to read thru a man’s soul, or guess someone’s background thru a computer monitor.

        I will venture a guess….the anonymity of the internet! People can just hide behind a screen name and not have to be responsible for whatever it is they say, whatever words they hurl, or what demeanor they may display.  It merely shows the immaturity.

        Free speech…yes, but that comes with responsibility.  Free speech does not mean that anyone can be highly opinionated and then force themselves on someone else. Fora, such as this, are meant to be places where ideas and opinions are exchanged….not rammed down someone else’s throats.  There is an utter lack of respect. Posters who do not have the same views as the most active commenters are often pounced on with accusations and insults.

        If I say I like Coke and someone else happens to like Pepsi….they can say so, but for them to criticize my choice and intimidate me into agreeing with their choice is just so grade school…schoolyard bullies on the internet.. but what will that ever prove or accomplish.

        So…do you want to talk about changing society in the Philippines? Let’s begin by respecting one another regardless of the differences in politics and opinions. You can’t force anyone to admit what you say is their their guilt.  That is pre-judgement, or much worse, duress, coercion or torture. No, utopic changes can not happen without basic respect and a sense of responsibiity in each and everyone. You and I included.

        I will defer discussing your comment  and the more esoteric things until such time.

      • wyl5326

        It’s good to see your post. Keep touch with me by email at yahoo, I’m using the same handle names here as well and hope we can collaborate on some IT projects that I want for the Comelec as an alternative for the PCOS machines. I’ve submitted my suggestion years ago after 2010 election in the hope that someone can response, but got no reply. Now, Comelec seems going back to scrambling at last minute to look for alternative and no time to find one now. I really hope we can keep touch by email where we could discuss things at length and exchange ideas. Keep faith and have good health ! Since you have not given me any contact info, I’ll just wait for you to contact me from  

      • TGM_ERICK


    • willbillywilly

       Atty roy, who among you did the script. i saw you congratulate tj on the way out

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

         you are misplaced and very unoriginal.

      • willbillywilly

         show me your evidence then

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        LOL….spoken like a pro. Lucky you you are behind the screen….here….do you see the evidence…it’s right here…do you see it?

      • willbillywilly

         no, where is it… go ahead show it

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

         you don’t see it?  it’s right here…see it?

      • willbillywilly

         no, so your the new kid on the block. just tell me what exactly would you like

  • adoremus

    Come on Jingoy, even before the start you already knew what to vote. As most of you, honorable senators keep on repeating, this is a political exercise and as such your priority is how to stay or gain more power.  Aquino is in power, and as “trapos”, your favorite sport is power play. If this is a lie, the country should have been much, much better economically. Unfortunately, we are not.

  • Ommm

      “Has he betrayed public trust? Is he fit to be our highest [judicial]
    official? Has he conducted himself in a manner that has earned for his
    position, the high court and the entire judicial system, the admiration,
    respect and confidence of the Filipino people?”

    First of all he didn’t “earn his position”, he was appointed illegally by his soul-mate Gloria.

    Secondly it was 10 days? ago he denied the existence of any dollar accounts… then he admits to 4 before the senate and nation…so he’s a proven liar…does that betray public trust or inspire admiration?

    Thirdly, whatever is in those accounts are not peanuts… he has never claimed them in his SALN or likely paid BIR tax on them…does that gain his respect?

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    The Senate President should have sentries posted around the Senate Building today and advanced monitoring teams in the vicinity. Upon information that Mr. Corona and his convoy are now approaching the Senate, the Senate President should order another immediate lockdown. Mr. Corona must be taught a lesson.

    Let him knock first. He should not be allowed inside until and unless he says the magic password. If he doesn’t, let him stay outside. That’s where he wanted to be anyway.

    But I bet that upon being told that he cannot enter unless he says the magic password, Mr. Corona will say “WAIVER”? And, upon being told that it’s the wrong password, he will try again saying, “OPEN SESAME”?

    He should be given only three tries.

  • HaizzPinaz0l

    Sen. Estrada, why are you commenting about the trial? You are a judge and should leave that in the court. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JE5V2J4RM6VHWHPMBWXA4R63WM bellevill

      I suggest you also ask Drilon and other senators who prejudged Corona. Even at the start of the trial obvious na na gusto nila maimpeach si Corona.

      • willbillywilly

         why pick on them  & totally close your eyes at the most scandalous of all, brenda

  • Belekoy

    How will CJ Corona acquit himself? He should sign an unconditional waiver and make his bank accounts — in peso & dollar deposits — an open book for the senator-judges and the public to find out. If those amounts that were excluded in the SALNs were huge, he must explain why in a very, very clear manner, using his knowledge as a lawyer and as the Highest Magistrate of the land. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

    So the 23 senators almost made up their minds for conviction…tapos na maliligayan araw ng Corona at mga kampon niyang masasama. magdasal na kayo!?

    • victorts

      Sana ang araw ninyo matapos na rin.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

        Just pray and the Almighty will answer your prayers. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/guiller.bonghanoy Guiller Bonghanoy

        Isa lang ang araw natin, Hoy!  Pag tapos na ng araw natin, tapos ka rin…

  • Pinoy_tayo

    It was his chance to prove himself innnocent and spare him and his family further embarrassment and ridicule but what he did was prolong the process. What is normal is for a man to immediately release him and his family from anymore negative effects of the impeachment by telling directly the truth and not do a walkout and leave some conditions for an evidence to be opened.

    Only those without the right mind would say he is not guilty…

    SENATORS, you are now on trial here. I will be waiting for Miriam and Joker to cast their votes. These are the so called fighter of corruption.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Absolutely nobody will react with you that the 2 senators you mentioned are fighting for corruptions or maybe defenders of corrupt officials…

  • pcosmachine







    • VeryDisgusted2

      Remember, Corona and GMA cannot be convicted of any crime as long as his cohort-justices are still sitting at SC. Can we afford several impeachments to remove these Arroyo dirts sitting at SC?

      To tell you frankly, the only practical way to remove these dirty SC justices is thru “extra judicial” force.

      • willbillywilly

         No, but after morales came out with the amlc report do you think they would still risk being antagonistic towards pinoy. all it needs is one complaint & their own hidden wealth are out in the open

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

        Don’t be too harsh, give them ample time malay mo magbago ang isip at mag repent pa..Hindi natutulog ang God..

  • tra6Gpeche

    On what I saw and read, Mr. Renato Corona planned to walk out of the Impeachment Court. He even mentioned his being the Chief Justice of the Philippines casually & walked out without any sign of hindrances or illness. His wife, Mrs. Cristina Corona was even ready to go with him. To me, this is a big insult and disrespect to the authority of Mr. Enrile and the IC. This only shows how arrogant Mr. Renato Corona became. He must have lost his sanity and to him he is the most powerful man in the Philippines. He should realize that as a government servant, he gets his paycheck from the Filipino taxpayers. The Filipino people should never forget that Mr. Renato Corona is working for them and not the other way around.

    • victorts

      So do Pnoy and Drilon, and the prosecutor congressmen who do not want to sign a waiver of their bank accounts.  Are you paying their salaries?

      • willbillywilly

         what do they have to do with coronas impeachment

      • ptoprin


      • tra6Gpeche

        You are right! But I will go a little farther. Every Filipino working for the Philippine government gets their paycheck from the Filipino taxpayers. That includes Mr. Aquino, Mr. Drilon, Mrs.Gloria Arroyo as a Congresswoman (not a President, anymore), all the Prosecutors, Mr. Marcos, Jr, Mr. Enrile, Mr Jinggoy Estrada or Ejercito and even Janitors, Janitress in the government. The only difference, right now, is Mr. Renato Corona is the one on trial as an impeached government official. If you read one of my blogs, I said that after the trial, convicted or not, of your man, Mr. Renato Corona, the lawmakers should pass a law to compel everyone in the government to sign a waiver. If they do, this will serve an obviation to the out of control corruption in the Philippine government. If it happens, your man, Mr. Corona, might even be remembered for initiating this measure and the Filipinos would say: At least something good happens out of the impeachment of Mr. Corona in 2012. This supposed law will definitely improve the lives of the impoverished people of the Philippines. No one will dream anymore of going to the dangerous place like the Middle East to be a servant or slave (domestic helpers) of the Arab people, no more Filipinos will live under the bridges and on the side of the railways, no more squatters, professional or otherwise and no more urchins walking like zombies in our country, Philippines.

  • victorts

    Trillanes does not know what he is talking about so he is excused for his unreasonable comments.  But Jinngoy and the other senators who have brains should not be guided by emotions over Corona’s leaving the impeachment court.  As it turned out, his medical condition was the big factor in his leaving.  These senators who are not embarassed to get their porks and more, should not be so onion-skinned in discharging their duties.before thinking about them. 

    These senator-judges may not have experience in impeachments, but that should not be an excuse for not weighing the evidence presented before they render judgment.  I don’t believe the laypersons in a jury in the U.S. have more fairness in them than these supposed to be knowledgeable and honorable senators. 

    If these senators blindly convict Corona, the whole impeachment process should be abolished because the senators are not up to the task to  be fair and objective as judges.  If their reason for their judgment would be Aquino’s lobbying, the senate itself should be done away with. 

    Salonga, Tolentino, Sumulong, Pelaez, Puyat, Marcos, Perez, and others as brilliant, are really sorely missed in the erstwhile august chamber.

    • boyod

      ibig mong sabihin mas mautak si sen lapid ki sen trillanes kung sakaling iboto nya si CJ for acquittal what do you think mr you or you may just follow the footsteps of your idol, glorya and corona . . . “I will follow you” from the movie sister act 

    • fran_co

      Only fools would believe he was sick when he walked out. In fact, he looked very strong as he determinedly walked toward the “escape hatch” (elevator going down to parking level). And remember, the chairman of Medical City is Midas Marquez’s father in law.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DNFLV4L4IJHZNDM7OINLKZSKBA Mark

       So you mean fair judging is aquittal of TJ Corona?

  • Taiko_Kauna

    If he indeed walkout (which Mr. Balajadia sounds more credible) it is tantamount to escape. And flight and guilt are ‘synonymous’.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    Does Jinggoy wants us to believe he will vote for Corona’s conviction based on stolen and fake evidence? Is the senate ready to make an unjust and wrong decision? Corona’s walkout is not an impeachable offense.

    • willbillywilly

       If the evidence were fake what was the purpose of tj taking the witness stand? was it just to prove his dramatic skills

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCPULYOR6SCK7QEPO25HZA3FXY arthur i

      a fool will always be a fool, and vir_a, what part of the AMLC report was stolen, or was faked?????? a fool and a fools belief will soon be parted……

    • sangandaan

      vir-a: dig this in your brain: corona is the CHIEF magistrate of the land, he supposed to know the rule of law, he is supposed to defend the mandate of the law, he supposed to have the highest moral ascendancy, he is the first among equals in the highest court of the republic, and he knows the consequences of his actions, whether in or out of the court. tapos sabihin mo: walkout is not an impeachable offense? sus, Ginoo, hindi yun meeting ng barangay council, pre. impeachment trial yaan. wag masyado tangengot dito at mapapahiya ka. nagsi-alisan na ang ibang corroyo supporter dito, hehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

    Probably only 3 out of 23 senator-judges will vote for acquittal namely; Sen Meriam, Joker and Marcos…Others almost made up their minds..Thanks God the Filipino people deserve a better Chief Justice than the accused…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQZQEJUYXLJW5Z4Y2F65AA7RQE Francisco

      So sisiw ang kulang na 5 boto di panalo na, mag novena na kayo sa baclaran para makuha niyo 16 na boto.

    • jaygibi

      so you’re a mind reader already? as you know who’s who for the acquital and conviction? very intelligent(moron)!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

        Much moron than you..

      • antonioluna

         i bet you failed in abstract reasoning, logic and reading comprehension because you cannot read between the lines hehehe

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MDXLKAW4OOT5YTT5P6IERKUJ74 Robert


  • zahraff

    We hope this comment goes through. CORONA’S leaving the Senate Impeachment Court without permission is a “BLATANT INSULT” to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, & the Senator-Judges. His alibi that being a DIABETIC, his blood sugar went down (termed HYPOGLYCEMIA – refers to a blood sugar level that must be below 50 mg/dl) was found out to be 167 mg/dl at the time he WALKED away. Normal blood sugar level is between 70 – 105 mg/dl. So, in short, CORONA’S blood sugar was very normal (a little high, but that is an acceptable range because CORONA has already eaten (termed  POSTPRANDIAL blood sugar).  His also alibi of having a “HEART ATTACK” was also a BIG LIE, and that’s why he is going to the Friday, May 22, 2012 trial (against medical advice) – well it’s because CORONA is just pretending to be sick just like GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO. We hope that CORONA will attend his much awaited trial and will not do another premeditated, well planned tactic to point fingers to others and will say I WILL SIGN A WAIVER with the condition that Senator Drilon, etc. will also sign a waiver. CORONA must remember that he is the one on trial before the Senate Impeachment Court and nobody else, and therefore must be GRILLED regarding his already admitted DOLLAR BANK ACCOUNTS and must justify with credible supporting documents how CARLA (Daughter of CORONA) is now the owner of the BASA-GUIDOTE ENTERPRISE, INC. business. Sister Flory Basa must be summoned and testify as to what really happened to this BGEI ownership issue.  

  • bgc4vrbtravels

    The CJ is returning to the witness stand against the advice of his doctors.  That would give the senators and the public the opportunity to know first hand why he wanted to be excused.  Our perceptions can do us in, because not all of them are true and could be a misreading of events only.  I remember somebofy in one small community who was considered a witch only because of prejudice and perception and she sufffered a lot.  The fact was she was not, even heroic in a calamitous moment.  It doesn’t pay to be rash or come to quick conclusions because somebody appeared to “walk out on you.”  Better clarify first, and this opportunity can be the moment when the CJ returns to the IC. If true that he walked out on the senators, the verdict should not be conviction; it could be contempt which is not impeachable.  I think it is misleading the public to say that now that he admitted that he has 4 dollar accounts, therefore he should be convicted.  If I rmemeber correctly, what he denied was having 82 dollar accounts which his powerpoint presentation smothered to the ground!  We should not belittle his knowledge of the law; it was his belief that due to the absolute secrecy of the Foreign Currency Deposit Law,  the same may not be included in his SALN.  We could differ in our views about it, but nobody could be convicted out of sincere, honest belief.  You could believe the CJ to be a thief and nobody can stop you; that is your belief.

    • willbillywilly

      No matter what he says wont change anything since he has no
      credibility at all & besides, the senators have made up their minds

    • wyl5326

      While I respect your personal opinion, I based my conclusion from his track record of lying for so long starting with embellishing his own academic records and lying as GoLiar’s spokesman by brazenly twisting facts to deodorized GoLiar’s accomplishments.  Then he masterminded the wresting the BGEI property from the Basa-Guidote family even as he twisted the fact on the Libis property and make it a cause to wrest away BGEI by all necessary means ! I’m no psycho analyst, but I try to draw psychological profile of Thief Justice as I try to analyze his actions (past and present) to fully understand who are we dealing with. In my amateur practice, I have correctly anticipated his moves and reactions and have drawn a profile of an EVIL hiding in a sheep’s clothing no difference from GoLiar who is as public to show her fervent prayers for photo-ops ! While you may be impressed with his apparent knowledge of the law, I beg to disagree with you because he twisted them and I’m no lawyer to see it clearly but you easily swallowed his lies like how Fr. Bernas have twisted them also to let knaves like Thief Justice get away with impunity ! Remember the saying, for EVIL to Triumph, it only takes Good Men to Do Nothing ! We have been under an Evil regime for a long time under Macoy and it was very hard to get rid of him and took a lot of lives from the cream of our youth that most of us have probably remembered them like Enrique Voltaire Garcia II (or III) a UP student leader who became the youngest 1973 ConCon delegate and imprisoned by Macoy. While he died outside of prison, he was released only by Macoy when it was clear he was dying and not wanting to be blamed for his death ! I’m glad that JPE finally saw the Evilness of Macoy when Ninoy was brutally killed and solemnly/secretly vowed justice for him. While it looks like EDSA I was an easy venture in retrospect, JPE was forced to put his life on the line upon the discovery of the plot to remove Macoy. That should be a lesson for us to get rid of Evil, before it can take it’s root in the country and my own little effort to wage a battle against the Thief Justice. I’m no lawyer but have successfully engaged a lawyer in the Midnight Appointment decision and willing to debate the stupid Ponente named Lucas to destroy his ponencia and reversed his decision that marked his association with the Evil Thief Justice ! While stupid Lucas will never accept my challenge to debate me on his stupid ponencia, making it as unchallenged is a big mistake that should be overturned, because it overturned a precedent decision under the Narvasa court that was decided unanimously while the overturning was by a mere majority only. That happened because then CJ Puno did not have the courage to defend the ponencia where he also voted with it.  Thus I hated walang bayag Puno for acquiescing to GoLiar’s wish, while CJ Davide flatly turned down Thief Justice’s initial ascension to SC during FVR’s attempt to appoint him during the same transition period for Erap and clearly explained to aspirant Thief that it falls on Midnight appointment that is banned by Constitution (who was salivating for the position then). 

      • http://entrebankph.com Eleazar Acampado

        His body language revealed what he is.

    • pinklace88

      You must be intelligent enough to sense what is genuine & what is fake, see all angles not just what you perceived is right. Accroding to Cuevas, he insisted CJ to go back to the senate court, what do you mean by this? he is actually going back to the senate IC not because he is eager to but again, he knows the gravity & the implication this will make for his defense. 
      he is returning t the senate against the advice of his doctors? what a crap. c’mon don’t make it like his returning is like “utang na loob” of the filipinos. he is doing this for himself alone, not to the benefit of the public, not even to the benfit of the senator judges.
      can’t you see how this whole BS now is unraveling, it’s all insulting to the whole country. the world is watching us, the very chief justice, the highest magistrate of the country who is expected to have the most respect of the law has the nerve to disrespect the IC.
      sometimes, the real truth is not seen or heard, it is felt.

  • F_U_FedUp

    The audacity of the man to plea bargain: “I’ll open mine if 189 others open theirs”. He, not they, is the subject of the impeachment.

    Today if he appears he should come with his bank statements (all 82 of them) to show which ones are still current (4 accounts). This would produce hard evidence, evidence that was not capable via AMLA. Time is of the essence and he was aware of this yet he chose to waste 3 hours and 3 days after his walk-out.

    As for other matters he stated, unless they can be supported by hard evidence, then such would be regarded as hearsay and not admissible. He as a law professional is expected to know the rules of evidence.

    His justification for what was done to the Basa Guidote people smacks of envy and had nothing to do with what was right. The public cannot expect to receive just treatment from any institution presided over by such a person. The position of Chief Justice demands the highest level of morality; sadly, this unscrupulous person is devoid of this quality.

    I eagerly await today’s theatrics.

  • Ka_Beesy

    Singulo sasami sa colona….oki oki kayo tangal sa akin sa pwesto, oki oki yan.  PELO, isa kondisyon ha….laha lahat nin kayo TANGAL sa pwesto.  Kunni pwenne, hinnne sa akyen lelesayn sa pwesto.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RRCJ4AON2FPCMXK72I5WIHWISQ romeo

    “He said he and his family had been investing in foreign exchange since the 1960s”… How could he have a family during that period? Born in October 1948, he would be 21 only in 1969 and maybe just out of college? At that age I have not yet graduated in college.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

      That Shakespearean hero’s got no family.
      BTW, I got a friend whose dad graduated at 19 in the nineteen-fifties.

      • willbillywilly

         but not as a lawyer

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4 Regd

      LOL! You’re old! But excellent observation there. Must be referring to his parents & siblings? It’s a poor alibi still.

    • GProf007

      Yes he hasn’t graduated yet. He graduated in 1974, Bachelors of Law in Ateneo.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    The senators should, maybe, excused Corona just this once because they tolerated one officer of the Republic that walked of a court to sit mongst them as a senator.

    Let’s just call it even-steven. 

  • awietheking

    Ipagdasal na lang ni Corona na ang kanyang deposits ay hindi lalampas  sa 3M  para valid ang kanyang saln….heheh

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Distribute to the SC supporters para ihatid siya uli mag motorcade pa…

  • kayumanggui46

    Si Pingky Lacson ay tuta ng Iglesia ni Manalo kaya boboto ito pabor kay Corona maliban na lang na makita na talo na si Corona at sasama na ito sa winning side…ganyan ang ugali ni Lacson. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

      Sino ba si Pingky Lacson?  Ang alam kong Senador ay si Pampilo Lacson.  Nasisiguro ko na hindi boboto kay Corona si Ping Lacson dahil galit ito dito.  Nahuli na sa bibig si Corona nung inamin niya ang dollar accounts niya at ang pera ng Basa Guidote na nasa peso account niya.  Di rin niya inireport ito sa SALN.  No more arguments.  Convict the Thief Justice

    • AlyasPogi

      Actually tingin ko tama si Lacson. Di dapat nagbibigay ng clue kung ano iboboto ng mga senator judges.

      But I think he will vote to convict him. Ang nakikita ko lang na against is si Miriam.

      • antonioluna

         at bongbong

  • sangandaan

    This is one of the Articles of Impeachment that the prosecutors missed to include:

    1. Ang ating punong mahistrado ay pinalaki sa magulang na walang modo, walang respeto, tarantado, maninikil, magnanakaw at bastos. Then the prosecutors will proceed with evidence such as the poking of gun on the face of his poor and helpless tenant, the BGEI trail, the acceptance of his appointment in the middle of the night, etc.

    After all, I realized it was not Drilon who helped the prosecution strengthen its case; it was Corona himself as he walked his way out.

    • tjcrown

      i agree w u sa ipinakinatang arrogance ng taong eto na kayang bastusin ang senado sa harap ng taong bayan napakaliwanag na kayang kaya niyang manutok ng baril lalo na sa isang caretaker lamang.
      Sa mga Basa naman ang tatay nina Ana na si Jose ay lumalabas na paborito ng kanyang ina o lola nina Ana at noong panahon na yon ay walang magawa ang magulang ni Cristina na nagngingitngit at etong c Cristina hinintay ang tamang oras ng mamatay na ang mga magulang nila at doon na nag umpisa ang kalbaryo ng mga Basa sa tulong at impluwensya nitong c corona. Kasalanan ba ng isang anak tulad ni Jose III na malapit at paborito ng magulang? Mag isa yatang lalaki etong c Jose III. Masama ba na lumapit ang anak sa magulang para humingi ng tulong para mapag aral ang mga anak? Ke Corona at Cristina alam na natin ang sagot sa mga katanungang eto. Kaya nangyari ang ganito sa BGEI. MORAL, eto ang importante sa isang tao.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4KOCK3E5LUQP6V772U3FDMAA2E alvin m

    Ay naku Jinggoy epal ka na naman pare-pareho lang kayo kurakot! di ka na mananalo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGHW3MTR5GW2M6XF3FLTS44CI4 Jarde C

    CJ, your days are numbered and so are your nights. Give to Ceasar what is due to Ceasar. Everything has its own end. 

  • beatmanny

    Buti na lang at may Diyos na magpaparusa sa mga taong mahilig manghusga kahit kulang ang pruweba. 

    • AlyasPogi

       ang tanong kung sino ang Diyos mo. Yung nasa taas ba or nasa ilalim.

      • antonioluna

         si felix ang diyos nya ang sugong manyakis

      • beatmanny

        ang Diyos ng small lady at 45 properties.

    • antonioluna

       tama ang pruweba na ayaw ibigay ni asong corona dahil protektado daw sya ng foreign currency deposit act na maliwanag naman na ginawa ang batas na iyon para magbigay ng protection sa mga foreign investors hehehe, ang galing mo

      • beatmanny

        karapatan nya yun binigay sa kanya ng batas hindi lamang sya kundi kahit sino kaya dapat maging patas tayo at gamitin ang tamang proseso sa paglilitis at siguraduhing walang karapatan ang mayuyurakan. kung sa tingin nyo ay ginagamit ang batas para pagtakpan ang mga kabalbalan ng mga kurakot, amiyendahan ang batas. kaso yung mga congressman lalo na sa kampo ni noynoy sila mismo ang ayaw pumirma ng waiver.

      • antonioluna

         kung hindi mo naiintindihan ang batas na iyan ay para sa protection ng mga foreign investors para mahikayat silang mag invest dito sa pinas at ginagamit namang protection ni asong corona para hindi mahalungkat ang mga dolyares nya na kailanman hindi nya maipapaliwanag ng legal

      • beatmanny

        paki cite po ang batas na nagsasabi na hindi absolute ang fcdu law para naman malinawan ako. kaya nga pinapapirma din ni corona ang 189 congressman + drilon kasi alam nya hindi rin pwede basta bulatlatin ang kanilang mga accounts kung meron man. at agree si drilon dito (alam mo yung response nya).
        mukhang wala ka po kasi alam mawalang galang na butas butas ang paliwanag mo at inconsistent pa.

      • antonioluna

        basahin mo po ang kasaysayan ng batas na iyan para maintindihan mo
        at basahin mo na rin ang salitang batas na nagsasabing lahat ng assets ng isang public official ay dapat ihayag at walang sinasabing exemption kaya doon pa lang palsu na kaagad ang sinasabi mong absolute, oo maaring absolute iyan kung ang layunin mo ay manggulang
        at bilang isang karaniwang tao sa palagay mo mas mataas ang kapangyarihan ng isang republic act kumpara sa salingang batas?

      • beatmanny

        oo nga, kaya nga may SALN sila pero hindi mo pwede basta basta tignan yung mga accounts. kinokontra mo na si Drilon nyan hehehe.. kitang kita ang pagka inconsistent mo boy.

      • antonioluna

        huwag mo akong itulad mga zombie na kahit anong mangyari ay ipagtatangol si asong corona dahil yaon ang utos ng kulto sa kanila, napakatanga mo naman para isipin na kapag anti-corona ka ay automatic na pro admin ka na

      • beatmanny

        again, hikayatin nating ang mga kongresista na amyendahan ang batas para waiving all public officials their right about foreign deposits. mas maganda yun kaysa naman tirahin mo si corona lang at pagkatapos ay wala na.

      • antonioluna

        tama yan pero naiintindihan mo rin ba ang strategy ni cheap dog? maari mo bang usigin ang lahat ng akusado sa pinas ng sabay sabay?sabihin na nating lahat ng tao sa gobyerno ay magnanakaw sapat na dahilan ba iyon para hindi ituloy ang impeachment?
        tama ang sinasabi mo huwag ng amyendahan ang batas irepel na lang parehas dahil puro magnakakaw lang ang nakikinabang sa mga batas na iyan samantalang kung walang kang itinatago ay bakit ka aasa sa protection ng batas na iyan

      • beatmanny

        hindi ako agree kung sinasbi ni corona na dapat kasuhan din kaagad ang mga kongresman. pero ang pagssign ng waiver ay isang napakagandang step kung sakali man in the future ay maakusahan sila sa tamang pamamaraan ay magagamit ang waiver na ito para mabusisi ang kanilang mga yaman. yun lang naman. napakasimple. kung ipipilit na litisin si drilon sa korte ngayon kasama ng 188 ay naku sasama ako sayo sa pagtuligsa kay corona.
        napaksimple hindi mo kaya intindihin.. tsss.

      • antonioluna

        ikaw ang mahirap makaintindi dahil alam mo naman na hindi gagawin nila drilon at 183 congressman iyon na para na ring sinabi ni asong corona na wala talaga syang balak magbigay ng waiver sa dollar accounts nya katulad ng ipinangako nya, wala syang palabra de honor sabagay ang mga taong sinungaling ay wala talaga nyan
        itanim mo sa isip mo na si cheap dog ang nakasalang sa impeachment hindi si drilon at 188 tongressman, hindi ako ganyan kabobo para kumagat sa diversionary tactic nya.
        sa ibang banda sa palagay mo aalisin nila ang dalawang batas na nagpuprotekta sa mga magnanakaw?kahit mga magnanakaw may self preservation din at kung lalawakan natin ang argumento, hanggang ngayon ba hindi mo alam na ang mga nakaupo ay mga negosyante kaya ang mga ipinapasang batas ay puros pabor sa mga negosyante at karamihan sa mga negosyanteng iyan marami diyan gumagawa ng illegal kaya ano ba ang inaasahan mo tangalin nila ang mga batas na nagpuprotekta sa mga illegal na gawain?

      • beatmanny

        walang imposible sa 188 congressman. napatunayan nila nung pirmahan nila ang complaint sa loob lang ng 1 1/2 hour. kaya di ko na binasa rest of your post una pa lang sablay na.

      • antonioluna

        natural na hindi mo babasahin dahil hindi ka naman sanay sa mas malalim na usapan at kulang ka talaga sa pang unawa dahil hindi mo pa rin naiintindihan ang salitang self preservation hehehe

      • beatmanny


      • antonioluna

        hindi ba halata, simpleng diversionary tactic nga lang sakay na sakay ka na hehehe, manatili ka na lang sa mababaw ng parte ng dagat dahil hindi ka marunong lumangoy hehehe

      • beatmanny

        you say you are not pro admin and yet tahimik ka sa kabalbalang pinagagawa nila?

        inconsistent ka talaga.

      • antonioluna

        ahahaha tsaka na pagkatapos ng impeachment pero ikaw naman ay consistent na talagang tagasunod ni asong corona

      • beatmanny

        bobo. sinabi ko na nga na ako mismo sasama sayo batikusin sya kung sakali hilingin nya na kasuhan din at isama sa impeachment ang mga hindi pipirma.

      • antonioluna

        mas bobo ka dahil gusto mong pagsabay sabayin hehehe, unahin at antayin nating matapos ang impeachment hindi yaong ginagamit mo iyang argumento para mapigilan ang verdict

      • beatmanny

        ungas. hindi pinapapirma ang 189 para pigilan ang verdict. yun ay para i-waive din ni corona ang right nya na hindi naman kailangan pala kasi di naman pala kailangan i-submit sa SALN yung dollar account (bago ka mag lecture bigyan mo ako ng batas para pasinungalingan ito wag mo pabasa history gawain ng tamad yan)

      • antonioluna

        mas tamad yata ang ayaw magbasa hahaha, kung ayaw mo sa history ng batas na iyan basahin mo na ang ang constitution article eleven

      • beatmanny


      • antonioluna

        may paraan para malaman mo kung totoo ang sinasabi ko pero ayaw mong gawin, ano tawag don hehehe

      • beatmanny

        next time n lang at nasapul ni corona ang prosecution ngayon hehe. have a nice day!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XEWG6VQX3MDXKXOQ6SDNYBETE BS

      Buti na lang talaga at may Dyos. Kung wala, hindi na mapaparusahan si Corona. Mahilig syang maghusga eh. Hinusgahan nya ang sarili nya ng GUILTY because of his walkout (sabi ni Jinggoy).

      • beatmanny

        ang galing mo mangbaliktad at mag twist ng mga actions base sa iyong kagustuhan. lahat ng paratang mo bumalik sayo mas masahol ka pa. BS ka talaga

  • reydomingo

    baka naman pumunta nga siya sa senate pero dala nya medical records na nagbabawal sa kanya magsalita… mabuti pang nasa icu na lang siya kahit wala siyang sakit…  it maybe that he is taking some time out of the impeachment court to manipulate the supreme court na magbigay agad ng decision regarding sa kanyang isanampang kaso dito…. maunahan ng supreme court ng decision ang senado… wala talaga akong katiwa tiwala kay corona… he is an evil schemer. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Only crooks believe a crook…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAMHA43JHH74XLZOLUEAUO2OT4 P G

    I will not be surprised if there will be a unanimous decision for conviction.
    But I am predicting at least 1 (Joker) and maximum of 3 will acquit him.
    Agree with the Senator that the walk out and his baseless and malicious testimony sealed Corona’s fate.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Your guess is the same with mine…probably only 3…

      • AlyasPogi

         Yeah. yung tatlo rin nakikita ko. Si Joker at si Miriam kasi mukhang na ambunan or naputikan ni GMA same with Corona.

        Marcos because he is historically corrupt.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UJFIHEYFTMFPXK4XXCOCGNHJS4 Jeni

        Marcos is not historically corrupt…..CONGENITALLY CORRUPT could be the right term!

  • AlyasPogi

    San ka ba nakakita ang lakas lakas na nag speech pagbalik naka wheel chair na. 

  • Tonypogi

    Mirriam Santiago,  Joker Arroyo, Tito Sotto, and maybe Lito Lapid are diehard Arroyo and thus Corona fans  Manny Villar and Gregorio Honasan are probables,

  • damatannapo

    Tranquil in your sleep dream

    for there is hope in dreams

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PHPM7ZIPGE5DYHRUYRZBPQGHZQ AlexC105

    Mga kabayan tandaan po natin kung sino ang mga senador ang mga boboto na i-acquit si CJ.At siguraduhin natin huwag na silnag botohin uli. Period. We need to say “enough is enough!”

    • adminmycom

      Wala rin yan. Si ERAP nga PLUNDER ang conviction, nag-2nd place pa kay Noynoy noong nakaraang eleksyon.

      Mga bobo ang botante sa Pilipinas. Isang endorsement lang ni Judy Ann Santos dyan, mananalo ulit yan.

      • calipso_2100

        sad but true.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGHW3MTR5GW2M6XF3FLTS44CI4 Jarde C

    mahirap talaga pag ang isang bagay ginagawa sa kalagit naan nang dilim (midnight appointment).
    everyone can see now what is happening.  Justice for all is justice for everyone not to one and only person. What is just is good and what is unjust is evil. remember that money is working for the rich people and the poor people is working for money. 

    • adminmycom

      Matagal nang practice yang Midnight Appointments sa gubyerno. Ngayon lang naging issue, dahil nga matindi ang galit ni Noynoy kay Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

      • SimounIbarra

        No, kasi si PNoy lang ang naglalakas loob na tignan lahat ng mali sa govt. 

      • adminmycom

        Balikan mo lahat ng mga naging presidente ng Pilipinas pagkatapos ng diktadurang MARCOS. Yan din ang sinabi nila.

        Hindi ba’t sabi ni ERAP sa kanyang inauguration speech: “WALANG KAIBI-KAIBIGAN!” Sino ang nagpabagsak sa gubyerno niya? Hindi ba’t ang pagsanib niya sa mga kaduda-dudang kaibigan ?????

        How about GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO ????? Hindi ba’t sabi niya titignan niya ang mali sa gubyerno ni ERAP ????

        Wag na tayong magbulag-bulagan sa mga gimik ng pulitiko.

  • sitsiritsit

    hindi ko sure kung binoto ko si Sen. Estrada.. pero agree ako sa sinabi nya… bastusin ka ba ng harap harapan pagkatapos mong ibigay ang buong araw hehehehehhe

  • sitsiritsit

    si cheap justice talaga oo.. ginawang libangan ang pumirma ng waiver… hehehehhehe di bale babawi yan mamaya.. yung waiver nya sa dollar account aalisin na nya ang condition…. pag ginawa nya iyon eh gaganda uli ang laban… sige sir boss cheap thief justice …. ipakita mong “kaya natin ito” este kaya mo yan hehehehehhe 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Anti-GMA naman talaga si Jingoy. Kaya lang yan sya nasa panig ni Corona ay dahil kay Enrile kahit pa man masakit sa loob ni Jingoy na kampihan ito. Pero dahil sa ginawa ni Corona, nagkaroon ng dahilan si Jingoy na salungatin si Enrile at malamang pati si Enrile ay “guilty” na rin ang hatol nya Corona!  

    • adminmycom

      Actually, gusto lang ni Jinggoy na ipa-mukha yung maling paraan daw ng pagtatanggal sa tatay niya nung na-impeach si Erap. Sa totoo niyan, mas mabigat pa yung kaso ng tatay niya kaysa kay Corona. PLUNDER ang kaso ni ERAP. Si Corona ay paperwork deficiency lamang.

  • kilabot

    the independent-minded senators will decide based on the ff:

    prosecution strategy:
    1) diaz-morales theory on prostituted arithmetic:    45 to 5; 82 to 4;
    2) umali-banal-keh theory on prostituted evidence: given by small-lady, gate-inserter, anonymous;
    3) henares-delima theory on prostituted agencies:  minority decision prevails;
    4) roque-drilon theory on prostituted media:           defense lawyers abandoned the cj;
    5) prosecution theory on prostitution:                    never sign a waiver to open anything;
    defense presentation:
     1) aquino-cojuangco:                                          land grabber; vindictive;
     2) omb morales:                                                closet prostitute; liar and deceiver;
     3) jm basa III:                                                    swapang; fugitive from justice;
     4) cj:                                                                challenged everyone to sign waiver;

    of the 189, only 3 takers of the waiver challenge. what cowards!

    there is only one obvious verdict: acquittal. wanna bet?

    • alvin_sy_lee

      adik ka ba? ako kinikabutan sa pinagsasabi mo. naka high ka ata

      • jalov

         yan ata ang tama kapag humihitit ng katol…

    • Joon Famoso

      asan ang amount ng 4 dollar accounts???? his interpretation of dollar deposit in SALN is completely WRONG!!…..yan ba ang Chief Justice???? OMG!!….kaya pala and daming maling desesyon ang SC…..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/H5ZLSEBL4UIRWCWMTNNRVWM6RQ tito

      nonsense lahat cnabi mo, padamihan lang yan ng nmbrs at nakabawas ng nmbrs nya ung walkout nya.

    • antonioluna

        mga kasinungalingan at pandaraya ni cheap dog:

      achievements and awards sa school peke

      nagkaroon ng degree ng walang dissertation

      simple daw ang pamumuhay pero ang barong tagalog ay 20K ang presyo

      simple ang pagkain pero nagreimburse ng kinain sa restaurang na halagang 15k
      nagreimburse din ng 100k para sa krismas gift

      binago ang resulta ng enbanc session ng supreme court noong nov. 18,
      2011 at pinalabas na nakasunod sa tatlong kundisyunes si pandakekak

      ginamit ang impluwensya para mabili ng anak ang share ng basa guidote sa halagang 28K

      patay na yong tao siniriaan pa, jose basa

      magbibigay daw ng waiver para sa dollar accounts pero hindi pala, walang palabra de honor

  • UsoUso82

    Presidential system of governance has a lot of damaging effects if not properly maintain its independence. If an appointed Supreme Court Justice will be like a Good Follower, then what happen next to our Democracy? A big bargain and a waste of time of having this type of government. Pnoy will consume his time be-witching the past, and not good for the progress of 
    this nation. Parang natulog ang lahat sa panahon ni Pnoy!

    • adminmycom

      Ganyan din naman ang nangyari noong panahon ng gubyerno ni CORY. Puro paghihiganti sa pamilyang MARCOS naubos yung term niya.

      • Royal_Flush

        Troy, kung di ka lang kapangalan nung close sa akin… Anyway, pwede ba kitang i-enlighten konti? Di sayang yung ginagawa ni Pnoy na isa2x nyang pinapanagot ang nakaraang rehimen at para di pamarisan. Bilyon2x ang nabubulsa ng mga opisyales ni gma at maging kultura at pag-iisip natin ay naging corrupt. Kelan natin umpisahan magbago kung ating mga anak ay matuto na ring mangurakot at sabihin nila na tama ang magsinungaling para takpan ang krimen? Of corz, di agad perfect ang “daang matuwid” ni Pnoy but what better way to start it than with jailing gma and corona. Big fish muna para matakot na yung mga small fries at di na pamarisan. Don’t worry, on schedule pa rin si Pnoy at di mauubos ang term nya marami na tayong naipakulong na mga tiwali at magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, kahit sino pa sya, ok ba , Troy? May na-miss tuloy ako. .;-)

      • adminmycom

        I support Noynoy’s actions in getting rid of corruption. In fairness, wala pa namang nagiging issue kay PNoy na siya ay corrupt.

        The only issue i have this early, is that nilalagay niya sa pwesto yung mga taong miyembro ng kanyang KKK. Which is a standard practice ng mga TRAPO. Ang daming mga more QUALIFIED career civil servants sa bansa natin, and yet mga KKK ang kanyang nilalagay sa pwesto.

        At DEFENSIVE siya kaagad nung mabulatlat yung isa niyang cabinet member at napatunayang mali din yung nilagay niyang property appraisal sa kanyang SALN.

        Isama mo na yung pagiging DEFENSIVE niya dun sa opisyal ng gubyerno na inakusahang humihingi ng bribe sa isang public bidding ng PAGCOR.

  • justjarred

     It’s not over till the fat lady sings.”
    or until the palengkera senator shouts!

  • agxo3

    Hypoglycemia? All he needed to do was eat some crackers or drink a half-can of Coke to stabilize his blood sugar. He didn’t need to run to a hospital. That was just an excuse. And, yes, I AM diabetic and I have suffered from hypoglycemia several times when I was not careful.

  • Satticus

    So what’s the point of the deadline for Chief Justice Corona to appear in court when most senator-judges have made up their minds? 

    • SimounIbarra

      Because there would be a hearing today and Corona is supposed/expected to say something that might turn the favor to him.

      I doubt it though.

    • adminmycom

      Procedural in nature.

      • Satticus

        Yes. Of due process. But it’s as if Sen. Estrada have struck CJ Corona before hearing him “wholly” first.

      • adminmycom

        Your observation is true.

        Kaya nga DOUBTFUL talaga ang tinatawag na pagiging IMPARTIAL ng mga Senator-Judges. Dahil ang mga ito ay mga husgadong mayroon ding VESTED INTEREST dahil sila ay mga pulitiko na ka-alyado ng mga partido.

        The least the could have done is to shut up and avoid talking about the case in the media, until the impeachment trial is over.

      • Satticus

        You’re right. He should have kept his mouth shut pending judgment.

      • Satticus

        Yes. Of due process. But it’s as if Sen. Estrada have struck CJ Corona before hearing him “wholly” first.

  • virgoyap

    CHARACTER is essential for a Chief Magistrate. Corona’s walkout is self destructive. It destroy the necessary quality that is needed for a Chief Justice.

    • adminmycom

      CHARACTER is also essential for elected officials in CONGRESS, and all cabinet officials and including the PRESIDENT.

      UNFORTUNATELY, pare-pareho silang lahat pagdating sa character. IN FACT, kahit maitim ang character ng isang pulitiko, ibinoboto pa rin ito ng mga Pilipino.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

        Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said: “Moral fitness is a major issue because he has the power to deprive a person of freedom as a consequence of certain acts so justices/judges should be above every other ordinary citizen in that regard.”

        I hope you got the point..

      • adminmycom

        Ang sabi ni Trillanes: “…above every other ORDINARY citizen. ”

        Ang sabi ko naman, kapareho lang yan ng President at ng mga members ng Congress. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches are CO-EQUALS.

        Ang Supreme Court ay taga-INTERPRET lang ng batas na sinusulat ng mga miyembro ng Congress. Hindi yan pwedeng maging diktador.

        I hope you got my point.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WFPNF4G3MOXPABMZECBA63ST6M Eric

        yang bwisit na CO-EQUAL na yan ang sinasamantala ng tulad ni Corona…co-equal ang roles ng branches pero hindi ang namumuno ng branch! Pwede ba namang ang Pangulo eh equal lang ng Chief Justice?? O kaya ang Pangulo ay equal lang ng Speaker of the House?? 
        Kaya itong si Corona..akala niya..sing powerful siya ng Pangulo.

      • adminmycom

        Nasa Constitution yan, dre.

        Although hindi mo pwedeng iboto ang Supreme Court. Pwede mo namang iboto ang mga uupong Presidente at Congressman. At itong mga ito ang pumipili ng Supreme Court justices.

        Kaya pakiusap sa mga BOTANTE, wag nyo nang iboto ang mga PAYASO at ARTISTA sa gubyerno. Maawa kayo sa sarili ninyo.

      • mark11_1

        jaywalkers can not demand that other jaywalkers be prosecuted as well – rene saguisag

      • adminmycom

        That was Rene Saguisag’s opinion.

      • muddygoose

        Si Gloria di naman PAYASO at di din naman ARTISTA. Paano yan? Baka maging prime minister kapag napalitan ang constitution? =P

      • adminmycom

        Naging tuta kasi siya ng kanyang ASAWA na nasangkot sa maraming anomalya.

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    “He failed to get out, however, as the impeachment court’s presiding
    officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, ordered a lockdown”

    The Chief Justice, lockdown ng senate building?
    Sa special news lang ng mga radio mo maririnig iyan. Matatawa ka nalang

  • generalproblem

    ngayon ko nalaman na si corona pala ay hindi isang batikang abogado kundi isang batikang linta na kakapit sa mga makapangyarihang tao para kumita. di ka naman kasi yayaman eh kung paggawa lang nga notoryo at SPA o kaya affidavit ang gagawin mo hehehehe. Diko lang alam kung meron din yang napanalo na kaso.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    “I am ready [to vote]. To be swayed at this point by the closing arguments would be a very long shot,” Trillanes said.

    Unsolicited advise to the prosecution panel.. K I S S  – Keep It Short & Simple.. Goodluck!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESOLZFVKAWYGCVFPVUANFVV4W4 Efren

    Suppose umabot ng 3 oras ang direct testimony ni Atong – –
    Suppose after giving his direct testimony ay biglang magkasakit-sakitan !
    Suppose the bodyguard-security-lawyer doctors “make a motion” to give Atong rest
            at the hospital !
    Suggestion :   Start pa lang pag upo sa witness chair banatan na !

  • http://twitter.com/akonroan akon roan

    It would be hard for some senators to convict corona because they are in the service of the INC and not the entire nation which had been in the “gullible mode” by repeatedly electing politicians to government positions. Kung bad ka,panalo ka.

  • Alberto Valerio

    I hope I’m wrong but he was arrogant by walking out of the proceedings. “The Chief Justice of the Philippines wishes to be excused.” C’mon, di naman kayo pinanganak kahapon lang di ba?

  • pepengkabayo

    Walkout sealed Corona’s fate, says Sen. Estrada….

    Jinggoy kung ang basehan ng yong decision ay ang pag excuse ni Corona, yan ay Kabobohan.
    Sa dami ng ebidensiya, yan walkout ang pagbabasehan mo.
    Ibig sabihin niyan, walang laman ang iyong ulo, wala kang reason o intelligence.
    Kaya di ka na dapat pang maiboto as senador.

    • mark11_1

      hmm, unfit to be chief justice kasi ubod ng bastos.

      “The CJ of the republic wishes to be excused” sabay alis meaning -> “Tapos na ako magsalita, leche kayong lahat”. 

      Parang hindi naman kabobohan

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6S5WY2V6JJ3CCL42UZAZCBH3JQ Third

    Perceived disrespect, Atty. Salvador? if you don’t see that (Atty. Corona walking out) as a gross disrespect not only to the impeachment court, prosecutors, and more importantly to the Filipino people, then you don’t deserve to be a trial lawyer. Try a new career as a notary public instead. 

    • adminmycom

      Hindi naman niya kasi pwedeng sabihin na disrespect, dahil DEFENSE counsel siya.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6S5WY2V6JJ3CCL42UZAZCBH3JQ Third

        he could have said that the “case should be decided based on merits, and not on what transpired after the opening testimony of the CJ”, so as not to further antagonize the public by making them believe that what his client did was not disrespectful, right, Troy? so wag ka nang magmarunong. Wala namang kwenta mga responses mo in any of the comments here.

      • gilmano

        Tama ka po Mr. III. Ganda ng analysis mo. Mas marunong ka pa kay Salvador. At mas bagay nga ata na mag notary na lang siya.

      • adminmycom

        So bakit naman namemersonal ka pa, eh komentaryo lang naman ito? Wala naman akong sinabing wala kang utak, diba?


      I think he is the one Atty Salvador who orchestrated that pre meditated walk plan.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6S5WY2V6JJ3CCL42UZAZCBH3JQ Third

        I wont be surprised if he was the one who planned that walkout.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EF3X4VIS3STTX4QPEQKH4KJW5Y Brad

     “He virtually hanged himself with that walkout. He was doing
    fine until he suddenly left.” Sen. Estrada, on the alleged CJ walkout.
    “The case should not be decided based on the perceived disrespect of the
    impeachment court.” Defense lawyer Tranquil Salvador.”

    What is the
    “fine” testimony, referred to by Sen. Estrada, before the CJ left?
    Should that be set aside by the perceived disrespectful actuation of the
    CJ? All judges are humans, they’re offended at the slightest
    manifestation of disrespect upon their office. If they decide based on
    this incident, are they judging based on the evidence presented or the
    personal hurt inflicted on them by the CJ? Or, have they found the
    convenient excuse, “sapagka’t kami ay tao lamang?”Atty. JDC, Founder,
    MPB, May 25,

  • kajaime

    i hope for conviction on this case to save the phl political integrity and credibility in an international keen eyes…

  • Russell Ariola

    Ano pa nga bang kelangang marinig mula key THIEF JU$TICE eh umamin na sya at GUILTY na sa Article 2.

  • Maximumaries

    “CONVICTION” must be the verdect for his being arrogant to the Impeachment Court plus his unexplained dollar and peso accounts and other properties acquired beyond his MEANS!!! 

  • http://twitter.com/chasingdwind ody

    Nobody can tell the outcome yet.  It’s all political.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Gozum-David/1463044512 Will Gozum David

    Which means his vote is for guilty verdict. 1-0 against Corona

  • FernandoBusi

    What we want to know now are what about the 185 tongressmen and 1 senator who wont sign waivers? Is it because they too have dollar accounts they didnot put in SALN as most of the politicians seem to be doing? Lalo na yang si Drilon na ubod ng yabang kahit airport security procedures bina bypass. He even admitted signing a waiver by him would be damaging to the banking sector. Kasi the banks will be seen as complicit to their corruption.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CCEXBBAOQK4V2SJQBGKILA4V4U yahoo-CCEXBBAOQK4V2SJQBGKILA4V4U

    na preempt na ni jinggoy ang  hatol ng senado, akala nia cguro pang showbiz pa din mga interview sa kanya, manahimik na lang muna kaya sya..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XFJDY5LCTTGI3V34DIXRKFQGJI Felipe

    Well, let us see what will happen this afternoon. If it is true that 4 then undecided senators might vote for conviction, then that will raise the number of senators who will go for the eviction of the CJ to 13. It is still short of 3 votes.

    Remember 16 votes are needed to  convict him.

  • bisdakis

    Even a grade one pupil can make up his mind after Corona walked out!

    • adminmycom

      So parang gantihan lang pala itong buong trial, kapag ganun ang nangyari.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSFBL2UPAYEEIHSZWI35OB3ZEQ jun

        He was given a day in court but he lost the chance due to his arrogance. Kelangan pa bang i-treat sya as special? Ano yan estudyante, may grade na incomplete? He is a chief justice and he should know…

      • adminmycom

        Wala namang nagsabi na kailangan siyang i-treat ng special, pagkatapos niyang mag-walkout.

        He can be cited for contempt. His testimony can be thrown out. But to say na GUILTY na kaagad ang hatol dahil lang nambastos ito, yun ang parang pang-GRADE 1 na ganti-gantihan.

        The Defense and the Prosecution panel have already submitted their evidences and positions before. The prudent thing to do for the Senator-Judges is to judge based on the evidence at hand. Corona’s arrogant behaviour is irrelevant to the case.

        In the US, many accused people have been arrogant to the Judge (for example, Lindsey Lohan). But their behaviour only affected their sentencing, not the verdict. The verdict is still based on evidence.

      • JOSE RIZAL

        ang tan ga tan ga mo, troy.

      • adminmycom

        Hanggang mura na lang ang kaya mong sabihin, ‘pre. LOL

      • levis2012

         Ang TANGA MO! hayan i second the motion!

      • pinklace88

        Not in this case, because part of the judgment is the moral fitness of the respondent where he is failing big time. If Lindsay Lohan is being tried for moral fitness, what do you think would be the verdict? you will say, the chief justice is not comparable to Lindsay Lohan? so there goes your analogy…

  • ofwvnpsh

    i really have started to like sen. jingoy. this is what we need to change the country for good. pagbabago ng may tsansa pa. pgandahin mo mr. senator ang imahe ng pamilya nyo. tulongan nyo mahhrap. ipamahagi ng totoo sa mahhirap ang sobra nyong yaman ng mahalin kau ng bayan. kay pres. noynoy, cge ipmahagi na ang hacienda sa mahhirap at ikaw ay hhrangin na talagang tumtulong sa bayang nghhirap. mabuhay ang pinas!

  • adminmycom

    Kung ako ay isang Senator-Judge, ang una kong itatanong kay Corona mamaya — Bakit hindi niya sinabi sa microphone na masama na pala ang pakiramdam niya??? Nakapag-speech siya ng tatlong oras tuloy-tuloy, pero hindi niya masabi sa isang sentence lang na kailangan siyang itakbo sa ospital ?????

    Corona needs to cook some very convincing ALIBI this morning, to explain his action. His medical condition is not enough to convince that his walk-out was not pre-meditated.

  • kilabot

    cory, the goddess of yellow, kneeled and beg erap’s forgiveness for leading the yellowish mob in illegally ousting the then seating president. they even invented a new legal term “constructive resignation”. now, the yellowish mob led by the retarded noy-pimp, is trying to do a repeat on the cj. who knows, they might come up with another legalese. “constructive impeachment” maybe?

    the senators now see the same dirty tricks employed by the mob to oust the cj. fortunately, the senators see through this and are reminded of the erap debacle. will they allow this to happen? i don’t think so. not after being shown the real reasons for the ouster campaign.

    there is only one verdict: acquittal. let the yellowish mob do people power if they must. nobody cares.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIMLWXQS7UWUZ7OGPTR2RO3TFM ronnie


    • andy0974

      Talaga ngang kakila kilabot ang blog mo, Kilabot. How I wish mangilabot ka sa pinagsasabi mo.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      I think you need to have enhance your reading comprehension to understand what Sen Jinggoy who had said that the 23 senators had almost made up their minds. Kulang lang sabihin niya ay lahat sila nakapag isip na ano ba talaga ang resulta ng voting, he is insider as one of them beside his group has the most influential group in the senate control. Kaya alam na niya ang pulso ng mga kasama niya sa senado. Your speculation is 100 % wrong. See the decision next week? CJ Corona was convicted of the Art of Impeachemnt. That’s what would be the senators verdict and the same expectation by the majority of the Filipino people….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PNX7KBR3JGU7ODE3EOSL6Z3ODU Nonoy

    I may not have been abreast with all of the press releases, press conferences and news coverage to confirm this, but Senators Miriam Santiago and Joker Arroyo seem quiet on the alleged CJ Walkout…what is their view on this given their treatment of the prosecution team.

    • ramser

      Well i think not many people noticed the big cat (that got their tongues) walking out along with corona

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Because whatever happened, either there’s evidence presented or not against CJ Corona, ethier strong or weak, solid or substantial, the 2 senators will vote for acquittal. In my opinion even Sen Marcos will vote for acquittal to affirm his hatred to Pnoy for rejecting the quest for the Marcos family to heroe’s burial of the late dictator…..Probably these 3 senators are for acquittal, others according to Sen. Jinggoy had almost made up their minds….

  • jedzion

    Sen. Jinggoy, what you pronounced.. is it from your own conviction or pang show biz lang. Ika nga para di halata.

  • animal62

    Senator Drilon said the issue at Corona’s trial was his failure to report an asset. “A dollar account is an asset,” Drilon told reporters. “If you have a dollar account, you either report in foreign currency or in peso equivalent. But what is required is the reporting of the asset.”  
    I don’t understand why so many government officials don’t understand the SALN.  The instructions are very clear.  Foreign currency is to be converted to peso based on the value of the currency as of Dec. 31.

    Maybe someone needs a power point presentation to show government employees how to fill out their SALN.

    • adminmycom

      I think the issue is because they are trying to DISPUTE that foreign currencies need not be disclosed in the SALN by virtue of the FOREIGN CURRENCY DEPOSIT ACT.

      Pwedeng pagtalunan na yung non-disclosure ni Corona ay dahil lamang sa “interpretation issue”. Hindi pa naman na-e-established na ito ay dahil sa CRIMINAL intention.

      Mga PAYASO kasi ang binoboto ng mga tao na siyang sumusulat ng mga DEFECTIVE na batas. At pag itong mga BATAS na ito, ay mali-mali ang interpretation, nagagalit sila.

      Kasalanan ninyong lahat ito!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

        Sa CSC law doon nakasaad sa SALN ang sinasabi ni Sen Drilon ang lahat na assets, local or foriegn sa lahat na government employees ay required to fill up,  meroon pang space provided na waiver na pipermahan, doon nag base si Ombudsman Morales makakuha ng tulong sa AMLC. Alam na lahat ng sino man naging Government employee kc when I was in government nagpi fill-up din ako. Palusot lang iyan foreighn Currency Secrecy law na dahil daw kung i declare pa sa SALN ang dollars nila y hindi na secrete. That’s illogical reason, para bang nagpapa inosente sa batas. Mali ang interpretation nila. Sen Drilon is correct. Corona is Chief Justice pa naman, iyan pa logic niya? Aba kaya pala flip flopping ang mga decision nila sa SC dahil mga bukok ang pagkakaintindi sa batas, o talaga sinasadya nila sa pag interpret sa mga batas ay para meroon sila pinapaboran?

      • adminmycom

        Maaring tama ang interpretation mo.

        But to qualify this as an example of BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST, kailangang ma-establish na merong deliberate criminal motive to hide an asset. Kaya nga ang tanong ni ENRILE nung simula pa lang ng impeachment: “Is it a HIGH CRIME?”

        Ang mga high crimes, ay tulad ng PLUNDER ni ERAP. Accepting BRIBES in exchange for a favourable decision. etc.

        It’s the reason why the Supreme Court is a COLLEGIATE body. Maaring magkaka-iba ang interpretations nila.

        Tulad halimbawa, magkaka-iba ang decision nila nung ACQUITTED si HUBERT WEBB. Pero yung majority decision syempre ang masusunod.

        I’m not sure if a wrong interpretation of the law, by itself, is impeachable. So ibig sabihin it is criminal for a Supreme Court judge to make an error in interpreting the law.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

        Have you not remember bago itong impeachment trial ni CJ Corona ay meroon ng 2 government employees na nasibak sa serbesyo tungkol sa hindi nila na declared sa SALN nila ang mga ari-arian? Latest of that cases was uphold by the SC headed by CJ Corona a decision of lower court dismissing a BIR collector who failed to disclosed in his SALN a market stall he owned. All his retirement benefits were forfeited pa. Pipetsugin ba naman empleyado, Kawawa siya diba? Kaso wala ka magagawa dahil if you break the law, so be it! How much more if higher officials of our country na dapat ay mga modelo who are facing the same case? Eh ano ba ano ba talaga ang batas pag ang nasasakdal ba ay ang pinaka mataas na JUDGE sa bansa ay hindi impeachable or dismissal? Ito ang ginagamit na argumento ng taga depensa na the SALN’s undisclosed properly is not impeachable offense which is in my mind is a double standard interpretation law again used by the Defense team. Mismo nga si CJ Corona ay isa sa nag vote noon i- UPHOLD ang kaso ng ordinary BIR collector, eh ngayon ito-tolerate sa kanya na non-impeachable offense? O dahil ba iyon BIR Collector ay nasibak dahil walang kakayahan mag hire ng gaya ninanina Atty Former Justice Cuevas?

      • adminmycom

        Ang argument kasi ng DEFENSE is that may reason daw naman na hindi i-declare yung dollar accounts ni Corona by virtue of the Foreign Currency Deposits Act nga.

        So meaning to say, if we will follow the Defense argument, hindi niya ito nilagay sa SALN dahil ito ang kanyang interpretation ng batas.

        Unlike the poor man who was convicted, he had no reason why he did not include his assets in his SALN.

        So what is now being disputed is the interpretation of the law, and NOT the motive to hide the asset. So if you WRONGLY interpreted the law with a clear conscience, how will it be tied to being a BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST?

        Betrayal of Public Trust is you know it is wrong, and yet you still committed the act. Corona did not include such asset in his SALN because he believes the Foreign Currency Act allows him to do so.

      • turkak

        I worked at FNRI-DOST for 7 years, evrytime period to file a SALN arrives. the institution just gave all the SALN forms to all employees without the benefit of educating the employees how to fill up such form properly. Now if we apply the law that filing incorrect is a crime, then all government employees in the government service are guilty of such crime. No one will be innocent because all of them filed incorrect SALN.

      • pololoy

        Guilt is determined by the court…

        The proper way in accordance with the rule of law, is;

        1. File a case against those whom you think committed a crime.

        2. Present evidence and witnesses to substantiate your claim.

        3. Let the accused rebut your accusations by letting him present his own evidence and witnesses.

        4. Let the court judge whether your accusations have legal bases or not.

        5. Let the court judge the case based on evidence and witnesses presented by both parties.

        6. If the accused felt that he was deprived or there was an error in the judgement, he can pray for reconsideration or make an appeal to the higher courts. (However, in the case of an impeachment of an impeachable official, it was provided for in the Constitution that the Senate has the sole power to try and decide an impeachment case. It means, there is no way to make an appeal.)

      • pololoy

        Art. XI Sec. 17 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution

        “A public officer or employee  shall, upon assumption of office and as often thereafter as may be required by law, submit a declaration
         under oath of his assets, liabilities, and net worth.

        “In the case of the President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Cabinet, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Commissions and other constitutional offices, and officers of the armed
        forces with general or flag rank, the declaration shall be disclosed to 
        the public in the manner provided by law.”


        Section 8. Statements and Disclosure. – Public officials and employees have an obligation to accomplish and submit declarations under oath of, and the public has the right to know, their assets, liabilities, net worth and financial and business interests including those of their spouses and of unmarried children under eighteen (18) years of age living in their households.

        REPUBLIC ACT No. 6426


        Section 8. Secrecy of foreign currency deposits. – All foreign currency deposits authorized under this Act, as amended by PD No. 1035, as well as foreign currency deposits authorized under PD No. 1034, are hereby declared as and considered of an absolutely confidential nature and, except upon the written permission of the depositor, in no instance shall foreign currency deposits be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office whether judicial or administrative or legislative, or any other entity whether public or private; Provided, however, That said foreign currency deposits shall be exempt from attachment, garnishment, or any other order or process of any court, legislative body, government agency or any administrative body whatsoever. (As amended by PD No. 1035, and further amended by PD No. 1246, prom. Nov. 21, 1977.)


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    I expect this afternoon to be the start of GENUINE CHANGE everybody is looking for:

    Corona will go back today, apologize to the court and sign an unconditinal waiver.

    The prosecution and Penoy senators will then grandstand and try hard to humiliate Corona publicly and dissect his bank account.

    The defense will prove that there are no anomalous transactions worthy of impeachment.

    Based on this evidence, the people’s minds and perception on Corona will change, proving that there is still hope for the Filipinos.

    Oral arguments will be set, the pro Corona Senators will have a field day saying why they will acquit,  The anti Coronas will still ride on emotions of the people, muddle up the issue and convict based on an unimpeacheable offense – that he did not declare his FC in the SALN.  Well, who even does that declaration? Drilon?

    Ultimately, CJ will be acquitted, making Penoy lose his face once again.  He’s fuming mad now.

    The people will clamor for the 188 Congressmen and the Senators who convicted Corona to release their waivers…  everybody’s a suspect now.

    And that will be the change everybody is looking for..  that is genuine change, not the Aquino fabricated, media-hyped, all-talk, vindictive type!

    • Royal_Flush

      Dear, Venereal Disease.

      Hoy gising! Kulang lang yan sa ligo.

      Ano ba yan, hanggang ngayon talagang umaasa pa rin kayo. Ano bang nakain nyo at mukhang na-gayuma kayo ng husto ni tj. Matindi na talaga ang tama nitong mga to. Sige na nga, i-acquit na si tj at pawalan na si pandak at ang mga ampatuan. O ayan, balik na tayo sa kasinungalingan, pandaraya, pangungurakot at patayan. Masaya ka na? Ewan ko ba sa inyo!

    • pinklace88

      Whatever he does today is just damage control & a desperate attention/ sympathy seeking move, remember the article of impeachment was about non declaration in the SALN and he already admitted that with a reasoning non acceptable to those literate of the constitution.
      signing the unconditional waiver will only benefit the search for the ending balances, amounts in the accounts, then how much was not declared will be answered. at the same time, this will make the investigation of the OMB easier as supporting evidences on ill gotten wealth. got it?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    Corona has rendered himself irrelevant, incompetent and immaterial in this afternoon’s proceedings!

    Tapos na ang boksing e, TKO na siya. 


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSFBL2UPAYEEIHSZWI35OB3ZEQ jun

    Sana sa sunod, if they want a wheelchair, give them an electric chair.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNRACIOGR7D4LD5UFCPPXB2SYY Rominis Macaroni grill

    Yah! Yah! It’s not walk out, It’s walk in. He! He! he! Poor Philippines , even lawyers don’ty know the work walk out!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

    Gringo quotes “Whether it’s in a normal court proceeding or the impeachment trial, I
    cannot imagine a situation where a witness imposes a condition on the
    judge and the prosecutors”  – Right, Corona is the Chief Justice dapat alam niya eto, yun complications ng actions niya ang tagal na niya sa korte bakit ganito siya mag-isip… ito po yun sinasalamin ng ating Judicial branch at sa buong gobyerno. halos lahat trapo!

    • adminmycom

      Tinakot lang ni Corona yung mga buwaya sa Kongreso na nagmamalinis. Actually, pumayag na si Corona na buksan yung mga accounts niya WITHOUT any conditions.

      • mark11_1

        baka waiver sa ospital ang nabasa mo

      • adminmycom

        Sabi ni Cuevas kanina sa radyo eh. Ipabubuksan na daw ni Corona yung mga bank accounts niya ng walang conditions.

      • kismaytami

        Si lolo Cuevas mo lang nagsabi nun. It should come from the horse’s mouth, instead.

      • pinklace88

        at naniwala naman si Cuevas nang sinabi sa kanya un n Corona, baka sedated pa si Corona nang sinsabi nya un… incoherent kumbaga..hahahaha :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

        Kahit takutin niya or hindi… dapat hindi siya gumawa ng makakasira sa kanya, sa kanyang integridad, baka sa huli tuluyan na siya i convict. hindi kasi biro ang impeachment or kahit normal na paglilitis pa ito. Ang batas dapat laging sini-seryoso.

      • adminmycom

        I’m not sure if you are referring to the WALK OUT, or yung hamon niya kay Drilon at sa ibang Congressmen na i-waiver din yung mga bank accounts nila?

        Alin sa dalawa ang tinutukoy mong ginawa ni Corona na nakakasira sa kanya?

        Sa palagay ko, magandang “dare” ito dun sa mga Liberal Party congressmen. Tutal si Noynoy naman ang nagsabi na TUWID NA DAAN, then hindi dapat mahirap sa kanila na patulan yung hamon ni Corona. Tutal bubulatlatin lang naman yung bank accounts nila? Madali lang gawin, diba?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

         Well maganda kung sa maganda para mahatak na lahat ng trapo. Pero dapat hindi niya ginawa yun hamon, kung may alam siya na katiwalian din, eh di mag sampa rin siya ng kaso, ihabla niya rin… humanap siya ng ibidensya. Alam niya naman ang batas eh… di ba madali lang? di ba?

      • adminmycom

        Mahirap humanap ng ebidensya, lalo na kung tungkol sa SALN at bank accounts. Nakita mo nga si TUPAS gumamit pa ng ILLEGAL leakage ng bank account ni Corona.

        Pero kung ang Liberal Party ay isinasapuso ang tinatawag na TUWID NA DAAN ng kanilang padrino na si Noynoy, wala pang 15 seconds ang PUMIRMA sa waiver, tapos na! Tama ba, dre?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

         So wala ng silbi ang ebidensya, dahil mahirap makahanap nito? tsk tsk tsk at ang “tuwid na daan” that you keep referring to is just words that does not really mean anything, kaya nga marami ng nawawalan ng kumpyansa sa presidente dahil sa ganyang puro salita. The bottomline dre? I disagree. So respect that and I will respect what you have.

      • adminmycom

        Wala naman akong sinabing walang silbi ang ebidensya.

        Ang sabi ko, MAS MAHIRAP kumuha ng ebidensya, kaysa pumirma ng WAIVER na wala pang 15 seconds, tapos! Yun ang sinabi ko, ‘dre.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

         Well dre wala pa sa batas ang Waiver, kaya may right parin silang tumanggi, nag agree naman ako sa iyo na dapat isa batas ang ganyang waiver, pero sa ngayon with respect dre eh may karapatan silang hindi pumirma at dapat hindi siya gumagawa ng ganung condition lalo na kapag ikaw ang nasasakdal.

      • adminmycom

        In effect, PWEDE ring tumanggi sa waiver si Corona.

        Problema ito ni TUPAS kung paano mako-convict si Corona kung hindi naman niya nakikita yung laman ng bank accounts ng nasasakdal.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

        Sige dre ako’y mag trabaho na.

      • TsuPaeng

        B*ll Sh!t, ano naman kinaganda ng dare na ito??!, Mas maganda yong suggestion ng ibang blogger dapat isinama rin nya lahat ng mga SC Justices para parehas.

      • adminmycom

        Well, ang pinaka-maganda dyan GUMAWA na lang sila ng BATAS na lahat ng opisyales sa gubyerno eh i-publish sa public ang kanilang mga bank accounts, local man or foreign.

        Mga mambabatas sila, diba? Bakit AYAW nilang isa-batas ito para hindi na kailangan ng WAIVER ?????

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

         Well dapat ganyan nga… may batas na gawin!

      • adminmycom

        Puro BOKSING kasi at COMMERCIAL ENDORSEMENTS ang inaatupag ng ilang mambabatas natin. Binabayaran lang nila yung mga taong hindi naman natin kilala, na sumulat ng batas para sa kanila.

      • dudzlab2012

        Hindi po iyon! kasi takot sila sa mga magnanakaw. Ibig sabihin once na publish ang kanilang yaman.. Makikita iyon diba?

      • kismaytami

         Weh… Di nga.


    Kahit mag tumbling pa si corona mamya hindi na mababalik respeto sa kanya ng publiko.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

       Dati sa pagitan lang ako medyo ngayon doubtful na ako kay Corona.

    • petropao

      Gusto ko makitang mag tumbling yung 188 na pumirma ng impeachment complaint, si Drilon at si PeNoy pag naacquit etong si Corona. LOL.

  • al gero

    wala ng buhay na panatiko si corona, nahiya na ang mga paatiko niya. nalaman na kasi nila ang pagkatao  ni Corona,lumabas na ng mgwitness siya sa impeachment court.nkita ng tao kung paano siya mgsinungalin kasama ng mga abogado niya.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      …hindi lang iyon pati mga taga supporta dito sa mga threads…

  • $16638896

    puro kabatak ni abnoy ung maiingay at nainterview hehehe

    • pinklace88

      mas abnoy ang kunwari chief justice pero hindi alam ang batas sa korte, hindi ba mas ka abnuyan yun

      • Ramil Abalon

        ha ha ha yan ang resulta ng too much expectation sa testimony ng amo nyo ha ha ha ayaw nyo kasi tulungan….ha ha ha di ba top notcher sa ateneo pero ang galaw at isip parang sa elementary ha ha ha..malamang gumagaya din kayo…

    • turkak

      kasi kabatak din ung newspaper nag-conduct ng interview !!  hahahahaha

  • http://twitter.com/judefawley Jude Fawley

    Mag Flip-Flop to ng position si Miriam Santiago ngayon. Matatalo na manok nya eh, tingnan nyo boboto yan for impeaching Corona.

    • turkak

      malabo !!!

  • junolivo

    At nagsalita rin ang magaling. Buti’t hindi isinama itong si Jinggoy sa hamon ni CJ. Kunwari kasing patas pero alam rin naman natin kung saan talaga ang boto nito sa huli. Di ba’t inaamin naman nitong galit siya kay CJ dahil isa si CJ sa nagpatalsik sa kanyang ama? 

    • adminmycom

      Actually si Chief Justice HILARIO DAVIDE ang nagpatalsik sa tatay niya, nang sabihin ni Davide na pwedeng gamitin yung DIARY ni ANGARA as proof na nag-resign siya sa pwestong pagka-Presidente.

      Wala naman siyang RESIGNATION LETTER na binigay sa Kongreso. Isipin mong DIARY lang pala eh pwede nang gamiting official resignation???

      Hindi ko gusto si ERAP, pero natawa talaga ako dito sa ruling ni Chief Justice DAVIDE. Only in the Philippines.

    • $25214711

      Naniniwala akong may tagong yaman din itong si Jinggoy. Heck, I’m sure pati si Enrile at lalo na si Fatboy Drillon. Pero malapit na tayo kay CJ. Sya muna ang ma example at isunod yang ibang kawata.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U2J4DJQPQ4PON73N3KBZYXCNCM Francis

    kaya madaming nagkakasakit at sa ospital tumatakbo ang mga nasasalang jan sa senado dahil sa germs, bacteria na nagkalat jan..madumi kc mga konsensia ng mga taong nakapaligid jan..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

    Whoever want to believe this non sense senator…

    • turkak

      not me may be SACREBAKLA !!!!!  hahahahahahaha

  • sacrebleau

    It’s time to dispense of all of Corona’s drama and convict him.

    • turkak

      SACREBAYOT  !!!  BUHAY KA PA PALA ?   hahahahahahaha ano naman kabaklaan ang pino-post mo ? hahahahahahaha Parlor time na ano ba ?

      • alejandro9am


      • SignTheWaiverNow

        libre daw tsupit kay sacrebayot!

        gupit na may kasamang tsup tsup!


  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Napakalaking pagkakamali ang ginawa ni corona nuong lumisan siya ng korte ng walang paalam…Hindi ko lubos maisip na magagawa ito ng Punong Mahistrado!!!! Ang pangyayaring paglisan ay maituturing ko sa isang daga na nakakita ng pusa…(at kumaripas ng takbo ang daga upang hindi mahuli at makain ng pusa)…

    Sayang na pagkakataon,Ginoong Corona.Kung tinapos mo lang sana ang paglilitis ay maaring nakakuha ka pa sana ng simpatiya sa mga hukom at taong bayan…

    Mariin kong sinasabi na nais kong mapawalang sala si Corona sa dahilan Bukod sa minadali,may mga nilabag na batas ang mga nag-aakusa sa pagkuha ng mga ebidensiya laban kay corona..Pangalawa ay hindi din busilak at malinis ang mga nag-aakusa sa kanya. at pangatlo,bagamat ito ang nakasaad sa konstitusyon,ano ang karapatan humatol ng mga senador kung ang mga ito ay may bahid din ng katiwalian??? Ngunit tulad ng una kong nasabi at opinyon,tapos na ang boksing para sa mga hukom…Nasuntok na ng labis ang nasasakdal at unti-unti bumagsak sa lona…At malamang na magtagumpay na naman ang Asinderong Pangulo ng Republika…At dito matatapos na ang panununkulan ni corona sa pamahalaan!!!!

  • $25214711

    I almost believe your sincerity until you walked away and tried to escape. I never like PeNoy with all those manipulative dirty people around him but now I hated you more. 

  • http://twitter.com/judefawley Jude Fawley

    Where is Miriam Santiago when you need her? How come she’s very quiet now? 

    • turkak

      she is busy writing justification for her vote of acquittal.

  • dudzlab2012

     I hope CJ Corona will continue his fight if he thinks he is innocent of the charges.     

    • Rolly257

      do you think so? To me, and many others in the populace, he is guilty.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Sino itong Jinggoy Estrada na ito?

    Kapal ng mukha nito, tatay niya ang plunderer diba? at napatunayan na yan sa korte!

    ngayon may mukha pang iharap ito sa bansa at kala mo kung sinong malinis!

    Kapal ng mukha nitong lokong ito! pwe!

  • MaySenseBa

    Ayan na naman ang inquirer bannering their “favorite” senator…

  • pepengkabayo

    Walkout sealed Corona’s fate, says Sen. Estrada…..

    If I were Chief Justice Corona, I would do the same, Walkout.
    Seeing the composition of this court, Jinggoy,Lapid,Trillanes,Sotto, sa palagay nyo ba, makakaasa kayo ng reason o law sa kanilang decision.
    Magaling pa ang Barangay Court dito, at least yong barangay officials may training.

    Poor Chief Justice, master of laws, ang hahatol sa kanya, master of none.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBVT7BRVFRJHALTUBDQWJ2RC4Y elviraa

      Master  of  manLAWLAWko,  kamo

  • Melmina

    Its not over til the small lady sings ba kamo

  • gltanglao

    I can’t believe a ‘walkout’ would ‘seal the fate’ of any one in this allegedly democratic country! whatever happened to evidence and testimony? ganun na lang ba kababaw ang senado natin? sana man lang sinabi na dun na lang nila ibabatay desisyon nila sa kasalukuyang ebidensya hindi yung ganito parang pinapakita naman na iresponsable at biased yung senado. di sana kung may desisyon na sila eh tigilan na nila yung hearing ngayon na, pinabayaan na lang nila sa ospital si corona tutal ‘sealed’ na ang fate nya diba? what a mockery of our justice system! nakakahiya talaga.

    • Jazzeroo

      They ( Filipino politicians without exception)  have been making a mockery of our justice system for eternity as soon as they can, for however long they can, until death they do part.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000532465679 Donardo Cuago


  • gregandymar

    With what happened in the impeachment last Tuesday, Corona’s sudden walk-out after his three-hour lambasting of his perceived enemies and proclaiming himself and his family as clean and frugal, and admitting he has dollar accounts – Corona has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is unfit to be our Chief Justice. But I wonder if there is still a senator/judge who will acquit him, and why?

    • indiosbravos2002


    • Sarkasmos

       Brenda, because she is brenda.  Joker, because he no longer has a political career to protect.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N743A3SZJETSZBXTMQDCO6C42A Stag

    Chief Justice Corona is unfit of performing his duty as defender of the highest court of the land. His “midnight” appointment follows him where ever he goes.His succeeding actions and decisions exhibited that he serves not the people of the Republic of the Philippines but his Master Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. While all men are corrupt without exception there must be modest justice to observe. Chief Justice Corona just full paid the price of his mistakes…         

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FKE56ZWNI2XKEVVLZQGRWG7WBI BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    ITs ALL over CORONA——–
    Let the Philippines MOVE FORWARD—-

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    Seriously, I still don’t understand what Corona was thinking with that strategy.  Sure, it played well to his proponents, but THEY’RE not the ones he has to convince.

  • JuanCrisostomoIbarra

    hahahaha…hahatolan na ang punong manggagantso!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OODGNEQ7QD4MPKVKSR6CW6T3HA Carrmela

    Mr. Senator, did you have 2 bypass operations, diabetes and kidney problem? I hope you will be more sensitive before judging. I think the Chief Justice did not want his illness to be an issue last Tuesday which you and the media considered a walkout.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Then the more he should resign. BAKA kung ano ano na yang ginagawa nyang decision sa mga kaso. Pag mataas sugar… FLIP. Pag mababa sugar….FLOP. Pag mataas ulit…. FLIP.

      Kaya pala ganon na lang ang decision sa PAL. FLIP FLOP.

      If i know fake lang yan… di ba FAKE JUSTICE.

  • Diablo_III

    Maysakit pala eh di mag resign nalang. Ba’t dati nasa Courte pa siya walang sakit. Hahahaha. Nag sakit-sakitan lang. Malingerer. Pweeehhh…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7K5YUZTNSI46EA32EAAXMSELSQ James

    pareha lang yan, clang lahat magnanakaw, tanong lang dyan cno ang less at sobrang kawatan, pagdebatihan pa ba yan? common knowledge nayan di ba?  asus ko tayo lang naman ang tanga.

  • H J

    May naniniwala ba sa opinion ni Jinggoy?

    • Reynilda de vries

      ok HJ palitan mo na si Jinggoy baka sakali maniwala ako sa iyo …

  • paulmart

    May I know if Drilon and other senators also declared their dollar accounts in their SALN? Why are they deciding the case based on Corona not declaring his dollar accounts? Let them look themselves on the mirror before judging.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KF6R6UNV6EUFKNCYYDJJ4BC2WM Estrella Alia

      well, somebody should also ask (file) for the opening of their accounts, maybe through the ombudsman IF they will allow it.  Wonderful if it will be Drilon first.  As i see it, this impeachment is very shallow in substance.  Most of these congressman should have their pork barrel investigated.

  • Matambaka


    Open na ang SALN at PESO/DOLLAR ACCOUNT…ano pa ahnap nila? lol

    ANg galing nga eh..last day na inopen kaya “NGANGA” ang PROSEC haha…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBVT7BRVFRJHALTUBDQWJ2RC4Y elviraa

    With  RCorona  at  SC,  the  innocent  will  be  convicted  and the  guilty  will  go  scotfree. 

    For a hefty fee. If the price is right.

    To  correct the  system,  I  go  for  his  conviction.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ONVMNQANSYWDETR4F557DLSA5Q Joey

      kaya nga cheap justice eh kasi nabibili ang desisyon ng korte paayon sa mga me pera na kayang bumayad. yan yata yung money trading na sinasabi hahaha

  • coronapig6

    Dorobo ha ne! Kawkaw de nae Arroyo ne? Habada manggagantso ta ne! Susmarya hahatulan na ang hari ng mga manggagantso! Nalambat na rin sa wakas ang animal na are,,, hahahaha.

  • pecpec


    • walaKA

      The senators agreed to vote in alphabetical order, with Senator Edgardo Angara voting first and  Senator Manuel Villar voting second to the last. Being the presiding officer, Enrile will vote last. The senators will vote first, then they will have two minutes to explain their votes. They can ask for an extension.
      Simply means an open voting for senator-judges..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YHN4TKPGDEGB47VWLGWUX74C6Y Aj Opini


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/V7K27TUUYXHSFCG4MZDBZXE3P4 Ac

      Asa ka pa! lakas ng fighting spirit mo.

    • AllaMo


  • kaipepo

    Itong si jinggoy parang kanto boy kung magbitaw ng salita. Dapat sa senatong na ito sa beer house na lang maglagi. Salaminin mo muna sarili mo jinggoy at tanungin ang sarili kung dineklara mo rin ang tago mong illegal wealth. Tingnan mo tatay mo parang bumili lang ng isang kilong bigas sa 80 milyones na bahay sa sta mesa. Tanungin mo si chavit, plunderer tatay mo.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5WQNZSWJKJUDSHKTK5DRVKZFM Baboykayo


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

    In my opinion, a senator should consider his/her decision to
    Corona Trial for possible violation with the Art II of Impeachment filed
    against him.  We have 3 laws very important in connection with this Impeachment processes to observe. 1. The Art.XI Sect 17 of 1987 Philippine Constitution; 2. The Rep
    Act 6713, An Act Establishing A Code Of Conduct  And Ethical Standard for All Government
    officials under  Sect . 8  Statement and Disclose (SALAN) ;  and the 3. Foreign Currency Act # 6426.

    If Corona, on his self serving interpretation, as he claims
    not guilty for these mentioned above laws in keep maintaining  Accounts in US Currency and failed to
    disclosed in his SALN  as not impeachable
    offence then this will give precedent  to all government officials or
    employees to hide their ill-gotten wealth to open and deposit these US Currency
    under Foreign Currency Act to protect their personal self serving purposes.

    The very  purpose of
    the Impeachment trial is to investigate the Impeachable officer if he/she is
    qualified to continue his/her post or be  removed from office for possible
    culpable violation of the Laws.

    Therefore, as CJ Corona as the highest Judge of the country,
    must have the highest integrity, probity and he should know how to interpret
    the Philippine Constitution with highest integrity for the interest of the
    Filipino people not for self-serving interest like he did in hiding his US
    Dollar in his US Dollars Accounts. Therefore,  he deserves a  guilty verdict. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1519597608 Francisco Chay

      Correct ka dyan!!! Guilty beyond reasonable doubt!!!  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UEHZP52OVNUUPVT3VJNWPUGVLU Peter L

    Jinggoy has forgotten that the INC has supported him and his father. He has now sealed his fate. If you are running for reelection, Sen Estrada, there is a probability you will lose. Anyway, you have not proven anything when you were in Congress. See you as mayor of San Juan again!

    • KapitanBagwis

       The more it is a political suicide for him if he vote for acquittal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1519597608 Francisco Chay

      Sinabi na ng INC kay PNoy na huwag silang isama sa issue ng impeachment na ito so kung ano man ang maging verdict ng senado ay hindi mamasamain ng INC.

    • archangel uriel

      hindi na yan makauupo sa san juan…..nandyan na si guia…. dapat umalis na rin yan sa senado…. kulang ng modo…..nagpapagulo lang ….. ta nyo kung anong ginawa niya kay atty. aguire

  • Mortz C. Ortigoza

    Conviction of Corona depends on the oral arguments of the prosecution panel (problema mukhang kulang sa charisma sila before the eyes of the people who are the real McCoy of this trial). Prosecution should exact the most persuasive and irreparable damage to Corona that no rebuttal of Justice Cuevas could sustain otherwise the chief goes out of court with an acquittal. 

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Corona game over
    Fake SC Thief Justice(Midnight Appointment)
    Fake BGEI  (34.7 million sold 28 thousand to Carla Corona)
    Fake Doctorate(no Dessertation and residency requirement.
    Fake Saln
    Fake illness
    Fake drama  actor

    • pepengkabayo

      wala ng mailabas itong si fertilizerscam5.
      kokonti na ang mga fake niyang accusations.
      ika nga pahinga ka na otoy, wala ng bumibilib sa yo, lumang tugtugin ka na.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SJCLV6XFW6QQP4SKL2QHRFZIBM ROYCE

    Fake Chief Justice….he is a certified THIEF Justice !

  • saditon

    is he not ashamed in the whole nation that the fact is this…. fie nationwide chronic corruption sitting on the government including senators…why shouldn’t accomplice of the defendant because nothing may want to react of  what’s CORONA/AROYO said after alll.. ..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CD363KESHISQ73WMKIDDYEDYRM Tagumpay




  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CD363KESHISQ73WMKIDDYEDYRM Tagumpay



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VYF2VMUGITZMGD2XFLVTJJKU7A juliabillmendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CD363KESHISQ73WMKIDDYEDYRM Tagumpay




  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VYF2VMUGITZMGD2XFLVTJJKU7A juliabillmendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TCWNFD23D4YGKYUWNWZUMBU6IA Crisostomo Ibarra

    even before pa lang magumpisa ang impeachment decided na talaga, nacondition na nila ang isip ng mga tao simula sa 45 properties up to 82 dollar accounts, gagawin nilang scapegoat si corona since malapit na election. ito ang pagkakataon nila humakot ng tao lalo na majority sa tao pa rin ang mang mang – kung titingnan mo ang mga prosecution, de lima at morals at nasundan mo ang impeachment kahit saang naggulo titingan walang laban prosecution from hearsay na ginamit as evidence up to papers from unknown sources pero siyempre sabi nga trial by publicity ito so alam na, dun pa lang tanga na lang magsasabi pa na panalo pa prosecution. well kung si Corona lang rin lang hindi rin naman malinis yan eh doon pa ng alang sa paawa epek nakakinis na eh pero kung pagbabsehan mo kasi ang mga ipokrito tumutuligsa sa kanya halatang personalan at wala naman talgang balak sundin ang sinasabi na tuwid na daan eh. kakampi sana ako kung alam ko malinis ang intention kaso hindi eh, masyadong obvious at pinagtanggol pa ni Pnoy ang mga Akbayan na kesyo socialista daw hindi komunista, sino bang niloko niya? kaya nga bingyan niya siguro ng 10 million budget ang mga NPA eh. yang Akbayan na yan na handa ata tayong ibenta sa China, asan sila nagababanta ang China? mga kauri nila andun pa sa US Embassy nagrallly dahil sa balikatan excercise na maarning makatulong sa Pilipinas pero sa Embassy ng China? psssh

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RCRALOOBIXDTB3A2YZCMXUTP5Y benny

      Konti lang ang bilang ng mga binanggit mong makakaliwang grupo Igan kumpara sa nakakaraming nanahimik at ayaw sa kanila…kaya lang naman sila napapansin dahil kumikilos sila at aktibo para sa kanilang adhikain at paniniwala. Sana tayong hindi nila kapanalig na mayroon ding dakilang adhikain at pangarap para sa ating Inang bayan ay wag manatiling tagamasid bagkus sumuporta sa mga grupong nagtataguyod ng mabuting pamamahala.

  • pantas_uno

    whatever decision the senators would have on Tuesday, one thing is for sure. all I want is a Chief Justice who can interpret our laws very well, that simple.

  • pepengkabayo

    Walkout sealed Corona’s fate, says Sen. Jinggoy Estrada…

    Senator Jinggoy, your fate is sealed.
    Dahil hindi ka na mananalo sa susunod na election. You have done nothing in the Senate.
    It is now time to elect with brains and ideas. No more decorations.

    Just like your father said, hindi lang walkout sa Senado ang aabutin mo, Pupulutin ka pa sa kangkungan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SKIOLCJAEBNFN7EF5RL6UMTM4E Lexmark

    Acquittal 29.11%  (10,269 votes)  
    Conviction 70.89%  (25,002 votes)  
     Total Votes: 35,271

  • renatwacoronwa

    Yeheeeeyyyyy! Maa-acquit ako! Ang galing ko talagang umarte, naniwala sa akin ang mga SENADOR! Hahahahaha! Nauto ko sila! Hahahahahaha! Ang daming nauuto, pati na mga nagtatanggol sa akin dito! Hahahahaha! Mga uto-uto!

  • mark11_1


  • H J

    sabay sila ni noynoy para masaya!

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