Corona can’t invoke mistrial – Lacson, Drilon



Senator Panfilo Lacson. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – Two senators on Thursday said any attempt by Chief Justice Renato Corona’s camp to bring his impeachment trial before the Supreme Court either on the ground of “mistrial” and denial of due process would be useless.

Senator Panfilo Lacson said a decision by the Senate acting as an impeachment either to acquit or convict Corona may not be appealed in court.

“The court’s decision is not subject to appeal. Its possible error in judgment is irreversible by any entity, not even the Supreme Court,” Lacson said in a text message.

“Only the Filipino people can sanction the senator-judges who represent them,” he said.

But asked what if Corona claims he was being denied of due process when the tribunal set the Friday deadline for submission of his defense, Lacson said: “He can try but the court will assert its authority and mandate under the Constitution.”

Meanwhile, Senator Franklin Drilon ruled out a mistrial in the impeachment proceedings, saying it does not exist in the country.

“The mistrial is in the jury system in the United States. I don’t know who’s hoisting this idea of a mistrial. Obviously a mistrial has no place in our system,” Drilon said at a weekly forum at the Senate.

“There’s no such thing in our jurisdiction so there could be no mistrial…certainly there can be no mistrial in an impeachment proceedings.”

“Absolutely no basis to claim that there is a mistrial,” Drilon added.

Drilon reiterated that the Senate’s sole power to conduct impeachment proceedings against any impeachable officers.

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  • Ommm

    A trial is a criminal proceeding and this is an impeachment…so how could there be a mistrial if its not a trial at all?

    Now Coronas defense has  degraded to “what came first…. the chicken or the egg?”….

    For a guy who graduated from Harvard Law he sure doesn’t know a lot. Did he get that degree fetching coffee for the professors?? And this guy holds the highest legal position in the land… no wonder they are firing him.

    • Guest

      The way he delivered his opening statement, parang ordinary employee who’s giving his side after being reprimanded dahil naiwan bukas yung ilaw  sa office before umuwi.  Binabasa nagkakamali pa.

  • anu12345

    Drilon is maybe right that mistrial happens only in the jury system, like deadlocked or hung. But of course, the Final Arbiter, whose chief and perhaps around 8 members, can always act and say as if they are above the law. They are runaway monster that even a people power can not subdue. Why? If there’s people power on Monday, come Tuesday the justices are back again. Unless there is permanent military intervention.

    • Lord_patawad

      ha? anu raw?? hindi ko na gets. 

      deadlock? meron ako nyan sa pinto ng bahay ko. 

  • Let’s go, Bob!



  • P G

    Interesting, I think Corona will appear to invoke his right to finish his testimony because what he did last Tuesday was only Preliminary. 
    But the defense will insist that Corona is not physically and mentally capable to finish his testimony to further delay the trial.
    The defense wants to create a mistrial scenario so that they can go to SC which they did 2 times (walkout and 100 million bribe to senators). 
    They are cooking another mistrial scenario if the senators finish the trial without finishing Corona’s testimony.
    The evidences and public demand for conviction is overwhelming so the only way out for them is a mistrial.
    Remember, TJ cannot resign because he will lose his immunity to lawsuit so he will cling to his position till death as he promised.

  • alkatipunero

    Iinom ng VALIUM (or the likes) na galing sa son-in-law niyang doktor para mag mukhang lantang gulay uli yan. Watch out !

    • adrenalyn_high2011

      pwede parang maging groge o hilo…epekto ng Valium…sabi ni Cuevas…”Your Honor, my client cannot continue with his present condition (kc sinabotahe namin)”….LOL

  • doublecross

    mistrial??……only in the Philippines. corona is dreaming.

  • Francisco

    8 boto lang yakang yaka ni corona, 16 boto mag noynoying ka diyan himala lang para makuha ni Pnoy yan.

  • gerp

    he could not even look straight to the people’s eyes…imagine why he still clinging to that position?… in the first place Pnoy embarassed him from the beginning by not taking an oath from him.

  • Chester

    8 votes to acquit. 16 votes para maimpeach.
    we have 22+ judges.
    is abstain vote means vote for CJ (acquit)?

    • TOMA_NA

      ang importante lang dyan, 16 votes to convict pag hindi umabot sa bilang na yan acquitted na automatically. 3/4 of the Senate (23)

      Open voting ang mangyayari, malalaman natin kung sinong Senador at dahilan nila sa kanilang boto. Each Senator is given 2 minutes to explain their vote

      • indiosbravos2002

        Thing is senators perceived for Corona are not running for reelection


        It only takes one more vote to acquit.

      • legnasagra

        Sotto to complete

      • indiosbravos2002

        Nah, i think he will follow the lead of Enrile, afterall, he belong to his block.

    • roy


      Voting Forecast:

      Arroyo –  Acquit..GMA
      all the way yan. Saka last termer. Nothing to loose. Unless gusto nya bumalik
      sa gobyerno at paapoint na ambassador. Hihihi..

      Cayetano A – Convict..Dami kasalanan mag –asawang Arroyo sa

      Cayetano P  – Convict..
      mahaba pa political career. Kasama sa boto ng kapatid.

      Brenda – 50-50 pa ito.. Sempre ayaw rin nya ma strike 2,
      biruin mo zero out of two siya sa Impeachment pag nagkataon. Hehehe

      Drilon – No doubt, for conviction.

      Estrada – Convict. Vote dedicated to Erap. Mahirap para sa
      kanya na tatay nya lang ang lagi pinag uusapan na naconvict sa impeachment , di
      ba Jinggoy?.

      Escudero – Convict. Reelectionist eh. Kahit san siya tumakbong
      partido kailangan nya ng boto.

      SP Enrile – Dati 50-50, pero ngayon CONVICT na boto nya..siya
      ang higit na nasaktan nung binastos sila ni corona, gusto nya tirisin si Cuevas

      Guingona – question about it.

      Honasan. Another 50-50… reelectionist eh. Pero dahil certified
      na oportunista, malamang at the last minute convict din boto nya.

      Lacson – Convict. Last termer, he is already preparing for
      his next post..DILG?.

      Lapid – Convict. This political exercise suits him. Di na
      kailangan mag isip ng kung ano anong legal technicalities

      Osmena – Convict. Walang ka amor amor si Corona sa kanya.

      Pangilinan – Convict. Also preparing for his next post.

      Pimentel.. Convict, kailangan nya ng boto at suporta ng Admin.

      Revilla – Kung ang pagbabatayan ay ang pagkalas nila with GMA
      coalition, coconvict na rin ito palagay ko.

      Sotto –  Convict. Pag sinabi upo, uupo yan parang aso..Mahilig
      sa aso si SP Enrile..

      Trillanes – Convict
      boto nyan, sure na sure..hehehe..


      Heto, kayo na magsabi kung ano boto nila Angara,
      Legarda, Villar, Recto at Marcos.. Ipaliwanag nyo rin ha …hihihi..

      • R

        Pansin mo ba….lahat ng boto ng mga judges mo ay hindi base sa ebidensya….lol

    • Wowie Sg

      it doesn’t matter if there are abstain votes.
      as long as maka-16 votes to impeach, impeached.
      less than 16 votes to impeach, acquit.


    Once the I.C. will convict Corona, expect that the defense will go to the SC and appeal for a mistrial. Tama sinabi ni Lacson and Drilon, walang jurisdiction ang SC sa impeachment court kasi sila ay inutusan ng taong bayan, taong bayan lang ang pwedeng magsabi sa I.C. na mali sila.

    Sa lagay na ito, pagka convict kay Corona….. 8 out of 10 Filipinos (at least) will approve, guaranteed yan….unless tuta ka ni corona

  • indiosbravos2002

    If the SC will issue a TRO, gulo ito sigurado… big time. Pero it also emphasize the fact the current SC does not stand for the welfare of the Filipino people. Eto ang korte na di na dapat magtagal.

  • pol tan

    Nag release na ng report ang Medical City, ruled out na ang heart attack kay Corona. Wala talagang sakit, ginoyo lang mga tao dahil di nakatakas agad. Kaya ngayon iba nanaman style ng defense, gusto mistrial. Lahat ng gulo dahil lamang sa thief justice na ayaw magsabi ng totoo.

    • cora_s54

      hindi talaga bababa ng hindi naghahasik ng kasamaan, kapal talaga ng mukha!

    • MariaVaerewyck

      hindi nga heart attack yung sakit niya eh dahil PANIC ATTACK yung umiral nang di sila palabasin ng senate security, hahahaha.

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    sabi sa GMA news as of 5:20pm (May 24)…Corona will sign hospital waiver for his plan to beat the deadline tomorrow…anu kayang uri ng akting ang ipapamalas nya? shrewd as he is, there is another performance of my life during cross-exams …you cannot ask me TERRIBLE questions or you want me dead…huhuhu …(pa-kunsensya effect)…then, Mr. Drilon will dare his challenge …to the effect, saying to Mr.Corona, please die in peace before the national TV….HAHAHA…watch out , folks…another comedy/ suspense thriller , courtesy of CJ Corona…

    • ronnie

      he will ask for acquittal by reason of insanity.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    A mistrial is premised on rectifying a miscarriage of justice which occured during a trial. However,  Mr. Corona was handled  with extreme care and extraordinary deference by the Impeachment Court.  The footages of him on board a wheelchair will show that the ride was smooth and safe all the way, including the parking maneuvers even in a crowded area.  Had an accident happened and the wheelchair had turned turtle resulting in Mr. Corona being embarrassingly subjected to the law of gravity, a miscarriage of justice may conceivably be made out.  But nothing of that sort happened. Besides, that mode of transportation was resorted to on account of events the proximate cause of which is traceable to him, and therefore he is legally presumed to have assumed the risk inherent in such a contrivance.  Considering further the fact that he left the Barber’s Chair upon his own volition and without even leaving a tip, in blatant disregard of a good custom followed all over the world including China, I say emphatically that no miscarriage of justice happened as to provide a basis for a mistrial.  Even Ms. Marquez can attest to the events herein mentioned.  This discussion even grants, for the sake of argument, that there is a court known as the Court of Impeachment Appeals, which court, unfortunately for Mr. Corona, has not even applied for a building permit for the last 100 years or so.

  • EdgarEdgar

    This is why JPE is the presiding officer. Instead of engaging in speculations, JPE would rather take action. He schedule Friday for last testimony and so should it be done. Lacson and Drilon could go on speculating till kingdom come.

  • Abnoy tupak

    what drilon now is doing is a mistrial.
    he acts like a prosecutor..  not a judge..

  • alvin m


  • alvin m


  • alvin m


  • marlaw

    Tapos na ang SCENE 1 nung Martes at nasa SCENE 2 na tayo na gaganapan ni Corona mismo ngayon Biyernes. Baka mas galingan pa ngayon ni Corona ang kanyang akting at tipong hihimatayin pa sa witness stand o doon na mismo aatakehin sa puso. Pag nagkataon at naatake siya sa puso doon sa withness stand at binawian ng buhay magiging moot and academic na ang kaso. Acquitted na siya by virtue of his untimely death. Parang si Angie Reyes pero ang pagkakaiba nga lang ang kay Corona ay heart attack hehehe.

  • Regd

    I’m going for the mistrial route! Why not? There’s always a first time. Go ahead! Hence, a constitutional crisis will ensue. That’s where we step in and pull the plug! Pakita natin sino ang totoong BOSS! 
    It’s the ideal situation to clean the Supreme Court. Pakialam ko ba if some people accuse the administration of taking over other branches of government. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! WE MAKE THE CHOICE TO GET RID OF CORRUPTION & RESTORE ORDER!
    We’ve done it before, we will do it again.

  • alvin m

    1. Gloria Arroyo ( Pelikulang “Hulihin si Ate Glo!)
    2. Mendoza – Best Wheel Chair Award
    3. Ampatuan – Best Hospital Award
    4. Manoling – Best PCSO Award
    5. Miguel Arroyo – Best Chopper Award
    6. Renato “Atong” Corona – Best SC Kurakot Award
    7. Miriam Santiago – Best Sira Ulo Award sa Pelikulang “Tuta Din Ako ni Ate Glo!”
    8. Benjamin Abalos – Best Supporting Actor sa pelikulag “Dayain Natin Ate Glo!”.

    • Wowie Sg

      dapat #1 si Corona sa…
      Inatake Ka, Ngunit Kulang.

    • Jherald Doing

       9. alvin m-best corny blogger

    • bangkok thailand

      this is goooooooooooooodd, hahahahah

  • nti_boohaya

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that there is indeed a mistrial and Corona prevails.  Despite the new faces of both houses, there are now more solid evidences to pin Corona down on the next impeachment case.  Trial will be a breeze and judgement will be swift. At any case the impeachment is a painful but necessary event for us to grow as a more democratically mature country.  

  • Jon

    “Absolutely no basis to claim that there is a mistrial,”

    Courtesy of Lead Prosecutor Franklin “Fatboy” Drilon.
    No wonder special mention ka bukod sa 188 na Tongressmen.
    Dapat pala doble ang bayad mo.
    Juror ka na, Prosecutor ka pa.
    Tamang tamag, pambili ng darak.

  • robrano

    Drilon and Lacson, really the two who can say that. Lacson, with the helpof Noy, enjoyed even a “no trial” and was exempted by deima and Noy from checking his travel documents, even the DFA declared it as proven fake, since the original numbered document was still there and never delivered to any embassy or consulate.

  • WAJ

    No one can appeal the judgement of the impeachment trial. The verdict resulted on the impeachment proceedings (guilty or not guilty) is absolutely final and no reversal as it is mandated by the constitution of the country. Constitution is the number one law on top of any laws of any country and therefore must be adhere with. The absolute power as stated by the constitution for the senate judgement during the impeachment trial of the convicted ex-Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona is absolute and final. Rest my case. Anyone who will attempt to appeal the case of Renato Corona to the highest magistrate is ignorant of the law…much more if the Supreme Court accepted the appeal they are more ignorant than the others…

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