Corona is object of Aquino’s sarcasm


‘LONG SPEECH, NO MEANING’ President Benigno Aquino III on Chief Justice Renato Corona. INQUIRER AND AP PHOTOS

President Benigno Aquino III made no mention of Chief Justice Renato Corona by name but the sarcasm in his voice and his reference to long speeches that supposedly have no substance left no doubt he was taking a potshot at the country’s top magistrate.

Speaking on Thursday before bureaucrats at the National Career Advocacy Congress, Mr. Aquino began with an ad lib about keeping one’s message succinct.

“I stress in the Cabinet to keep it short, direct to the point … We can do away with the speeches especially when we don’t say anything meaningful while we speak lengthily,” he said.

Then he went into his prepared speech, “lest I be accused of saying nothing after speaking for three hours.”

The President’s mention of “three hours” was obviously an allusion to the length of Corona’s statement in his trial on Tuesday, during which Corona defended his bank accounts, lambasted relatives and accused Mr. Aquino of getting back at him after the high court voted to distribute Hacienda Luisita, which the Aquino clan owns.

Unanswered questions

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte told reporters Corona’s statement proved nothing.

“He failed to answer the questions that were raised by those who followed the impeachment trial,” Valte said.

“While the existence of the foreign currency deposits have been established before his testimony, the questions that remain include how much is in those accounts and whether it was declared in his [statement of assets, liabilities and net worth],” she added.

Originally posted at 01:01 pm | Thursday, May 24,  2012

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  • Abnoy tupak

    corona is just telling the truth..

    • Tristanism


    • BayanBangon

      It is the other way around, walkout during a Session?  Even in smallest Court in the province a Witness cannot just turn his back and just go without the Judge permission lo leave the Stand.  The CJ is the highest man in Judiciary and he himself defy the very basic Rule of the Court. He must be charge in direct contempt and get jailed for that.  But anyhow he will be jailed soon in Bilibid just like his Pandak President who appointed him during the last hour.

      • dgboy

         what do you expect sa alias palang, abnoy tupak, haha

    • Gerry

      hahaha abnormal lang naniniwala kay corona, i like your name i speaks volumes about your intellect or the lack of it.

      • orlyrondo

        tumingin ka kung sino talaga ang abnormal? si corona? wala yata sa lahi nila!  ang isang normal na lalaki, pag nasa edad na eh nagkakapamilya at namumuhay ng huwaran. hindi parang nagpapalit lang ng damit pag nagpalit ng nobya. sa gaganda ng mga naging nobya niya bakit di sya nakapag-asawa? di ka bva nagtataka? eh lolo na na siya di ba?

    • dennis

      Saying he is telling the truth is GOOD! But proving it in the Impeachment Court that you are really TELLING THE TRUTH IS MUCH BETTER!

  • cantonese

    Na budol budol ka na ni Chief Justice Corona ha? Hoy Gising, ang dami ng mga insik sa kanilang scarborough shoal daw. Mag yuniporme kana as commader in chief at puntahan mo . Dahilhin mo ang bullet proof car na gusto mo. KUNG SAAN SAAN NA KATINGIN.

    SIGN NGA SIGURO ITO NG KA KULANGAN PAG IISIP….. …………………………………………………… KUNG ANO ANG PRIORIDAD.  SUS KA INDO. Nothing personal Lasierda at prsidnt Noy.

  • kilabot

    noynoy kapon has nothing to say with substance. so that doesn’t make him competent to comment about speeches. he is just all sound and fury signifying mental disturbance.

    • dgboy

      look who’s talking, wahaha

    • bahaykubo1015


  • Opel

    Its the dollars from the CJ’s bank accounts blogging. Dollars at work!

  • ronie

    dami mo nga lagi sinasabi pnoy eh. nung presidential campaign nun sabi mo dami ang gusto mag invest sa bansa pag ikaw ang manalo. sinundan pa nga ito ni joey salceda ng albay eh na madaming investor papasok sa bansa pag ikaw ang manalo. nung nsa U.S. ka din nun sabi mo bilyon dollars ang investment papasok sa bansa at just last week sabi mo trillions pesos ang investment na papasok sa bansa. ngayon sa dami ng sinabi mo san na ang mga investments na yon. ayun sa latest sws surveys ang dami walang job. ang investment na dapat mag generate ng jobs at mag pataas ng dgp natin ay saan na. bat ang economy natin eh from 7.3% nun ay last year ay 3.2% na lang. kaysa sa pansinin mo kung mahaba ang sinasabi ng ibang tao dyan, mabuti tigilin mo na din ang pambobola mo dahil kawawa naman ang karamihan ng mga mamayan painiwlang pinawala sila sa u kahit puro salita lang at wla naman sa gawa.

    • dgboy

      dami mo stats, hindi maintindihan yan ng nakakakrami, mahirap magbulagbulgan

      • CesarBelmonte

        Mahina lang ang comprehension mo or kaya mahina ang I.Q mo.

  • Ka_Beesy

    Sa akyen mik-kay colona mulaklak sa colona pala sia ngaling na sakit sa ulo.  

  • Lord_patawad

    the president should say nothing. let corona sink himself in the quicksand by his own words. the message that corona sent to the filipino people clearly defines that he is not worthy to be a member of the grand magistrate , let alone be a chief justice.

  • Night

    susme pwenoy…. pareho lang kayo mahilig sa walang kwentang dakdak ni corona! 

    kamusta yung dakdak mo sa Luneta Hostage Crisis at pa ngisi ngisi ka! tanga!

    • dgboy

       magwalkout kanalang boy!

  • Tan Koon

    The Chief Justice Corona ‘3 HOURS TESTIMONY’, is BELIEVE to be a “REAL GOOD PIECE OF MIND”, for the World’s to ‘KNOW’ and to “ANALYSE” in HUMAN RIGHTS on ‘HOW AND WHAT’ he was “HUMANILATED” as a Chief Justice of Philippine, Is it too “PERSONAL” or IS it the way of taking “REVENGE”?????

    NOTE: I do NOT know them (either side), but, feels that is VERY WRONG of people “BULLYING” a person right to the CORNER. 

  • gemini2011

    With all due respect Mr. President, you should also observe proper decorum.

    Please do not think that I am pro-Corona because I am not. I am pro-Filipino, a law-abiding taxpayer of our one and only country. All I want is peace and progress, order, stability and direction.

    Kindly lead us to the right path. Show us concrete output. Decide for the welfare of the majority and not for a few.Make us proud. Inspire people to unite for a better Philippines.

  • maypakialamako

    “sandali na lang” sabi ni corona ng patay when being asked by jpe how long his “speech” would last. sandali lang ba ang more than 3 hours?! doon pa lang SINUNGALING na!

  • ernie

    3 oras nga naman ang speech, err,  testimony (kuno) ni corona noong martes. at may pa iyak iyak pa na wala naman luha.’yun talaga ang tinatawag na ‘crocodile tears’ ! talagang galing sa tunay na buwaya.

    pero hintayin nyo sa viernes. kumpleto props yan si corona. hindi ako magtataka kung pumunta sa senado yan si thief justice na naka hospital gown at may dextrose na nakakabit sa braso !

  • Al Japney J. Loredo

    You’re the President of this country, shouldn’t you not comment on this anymore? I mean, be an example. Namana mo ata kay Kris yan e. 

    • Philcor

      with “due respect” to Kris, sa kuya pala niya nakuha ang ganyang pag aasta,haha 

  • john_constantine

    I agree with some people here — PNOY should refrain from commenting about this case anymore.  the Court will now do that.  Problema sa mga Aquinong ito puro dada.  Puro patama, puro paintriga.  Samahan mo na nga lang kapatid mo sa TV.

  • marco

    napakadaldal na pangulo gaya ngkapatid na kris……..marami na syang kapalpakan gaya ng mga cabinet secretaries nya

  • EdgarEdgar

    Mr. Aquino is an amateur and immature. No wonder China sees no risk in pushing him around.

    • maximus commentus

      And your statement is asinine. It was actually Pnoy who ordered the Coast Guard not to leave Panatag Shoal inspite of being outnumbered by the Chinese.

      If it were GMA, she would just connive with her minions to sell the islands to Chinese businessmen, similar to her secret ZTE deals. This is why she needs Corona as CJ real bad.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Thank you for making your hatred for Mr. Corona and Mrs. Arroyo so obvious. As for China, check their Xinhua website and CCTV in English. Their low regard for Noynoy was expressed earlier on, when Noynoy made a statement in Brunei. Your patriotism is admirable, but your hatred misguided.

      • maximus commentus

        Of course, the Chinese hate Noynoy because he did not give in to Chinese demands. Noynoy has got balls of steel and is currently defending the shoal with just 2 old ships vs 80+ chinese vessels.

        The Chinese were all praises for GMA back in her days because she was their puppet and they were cohorts in illegal deals like ZTE. For years, she’s allowed the Chinese to fish and poach within our territory.

        It all makes sense. Thanks for reminding me about that Xinhua news.

        And yes, I do not like GMA and Corona like most Filipinos nowadays.

      • EdgarEdgar

        The Chinese said: Noynoy is an amateur and immature.

        And that’s what I quoted. They never said they hated Noynoy. For all we know, they even consider Noynoy as one of their own. Which explains why Noynoy’s a lemon, because he’s made in China then exported to the Philippines. At least some parts of him.

      • maximus commentus

        OK, let’s change the word “hate” to your choice of word, “low regard.” It basically means the same thing: the Chinese government do not like Pnoy. Why? Because he stood up to them and they were shocked that a poor country would stand up to a giant.

        So, your original statement that Pnoy was easy to be “pushed around” by the Chinese was senseless. It was GMA who was “puppet” to the Chinese because they knew about her secret deals.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Space is limited, I’ll give you the last word on this. For begging China to accept our bananas and send their tourists, Noynoy is now a China bully apologist. Indeed, he’s one of their own.

      • maximus commentus

        Not true either. Pnoy never begged China for anything. He wanted an investigation into their allegation that our bananas are infested. He also asked the exporters and travel agencies to just look for other markets like Japan or Korea.

        Edgar, I know that you’re an intelligent man, but you just like to play dumb to support Corona or GMA. Stop twisting facts, we read the news too you know.

      • TGM_ERICK

         Who would respect a person smiling at the scene of tragedy?  Nobody but the out of mind like P-noy showed in that incident!  10 000 likes!

    • Let’s go, Bob!

       Kampi tayo diyan. Parang batang pinagbantay ng naka park na sasakyan.

  • jenna

    Aquino III and Corona.  Ateneo’s pride. Lol! Wag na natin idagdag si Mike A at si Judd Roy. Jesuits must be asking, “where did we go wrong?”

    • grhof265

      There’s a saying that goes,”There is no bad school for a good student.  There is no good school for a bad student”.

    • $17848434

      How about Fr. Bernas, SJ for starter?


       Ateneo de  Manila is unaffordable by the ordinary intellect middle class with exceptions of truly bright ones who can get scholarships .  It is the school of  politicaL SCIONS AND OLIGARCHS  who have some vested interests to protect.

  • Leo Baltazar

    CJ Corona admitted under oath that he did not declare his dollar account in his SALN.

  • UsoUso82

    Uneasy to work with others and that is the big action for Pnoy. what is next after this? to make Pnoy’s ship easy in governance? i suggest that we will change into parliamentary form of governance so we can bundle all these politikos today. afterall, impeachment is a costly exercise of liberty since it takes so much time if we follow Pnoy way of governance. He might consume his tenure in digging of the past, and nothing has been done afterwards.

  • John_Galt_II

    Sige nga kalbo!  sumbong mo nga siya kay Manalo! Yung ilong mo kulay brown pa sa paghimud mo ng puwet ni Manalo!

  • balut123

    I am for the conviction of this Thief Justice……

    But everytime this president open his mouth about the impeachment…it is so UNPRESIDENTIAL!

    • Hiniral

      kasi kung hahabaan nga naman ni President Simeon ang mensahe nya eh baka mapunta sa PSP ang istorya…kaya short na lang….

    • kolambogan

      Just wondering, baka ang iniisip mong presidential ay katulad nina Marcos, Erap at GMA? Tama ka wala nga ni sa kalingkingan nila si P’NOY. If I got your drift.

  • Hey_Dudes

    See how our country had been turned upside down by supporters of this scumbag?  What?  the illegal midnight appointee can lambast anyone in his story telling but when one of those he castigated on the witness stand turns the table on him – galit sila?  Anong kalokohan yan?  Pati nga yung patay na BASA family member tinira niya anong klaseng tao na pati patay na binabanatan ng masama?

  • marlaw


  • manggoding

    Corona is object of Aquino’s sarcasm…..

    Simula ng maupo itong si Pnoy nawalan na ng respeto at dangal ang lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno.
    .Si GMA bali ang leeg ayaw ipagamot sa ibang bansa, si Corona may sakit kung ano ano pang masasakit na salita ang ibinabato.

    He is not only sarcastic but cruel rude nasty president, walang modo.

    • 1bravo9

      manggoding kung pahirap din lang sa bayan kulang pa ang sarcastic dapat sa mga mandarambong na yan punasan ng bukayo o matamis na bao tapos budburan ng bahay ng langgam para wala ng lumitaw na mga mandarambong at madala na silang mga mgnanakaw para umasenso naman pilipinas kaya tayo ganito m,asyado tayong mabait tingnan mo mga marcos at erap di napaparusahan kay maraming gumagaya alam nila mapapaikot nila ang lahat sa pamamagitan ng kinulimbat nilang pera

    • Hey_Dudes

      manggoding, buhay pa ba si GMA?  Sabi mo bali ang leeg e di dapat matagal na itong patay dahil na rin sa walang modo ikamo itong presidente na mahigit ng 2 taong presidente wala pa rin ninanakaw sa gobierno di tulad ng tiyahin mong si Gloria?  Si Corona ba ikamo e me sakit?  Me sakit ba yung 3 oras na nagsalita at pati patay na tao e pinagsabihan ng masama?  Ganito ba lahat ang kamaganak mo?

  • sojusakitofu

    Corona knew he was marrying the night the moment he accepted his appointment from GMA.
    He wants to follow the little girl’s footsteps, lying to people, questionable claim to position and even the landing in hospital has all the flavors of little girl’s theatrics. And it would not be surprising, Corona too will soon be fallin from grace just like his idol GMA .

    • Peter L

      Sojusaki, Pnoy promised all 18 ladies that he will marry them but nothing happened. Four more years and your idol will fall. And his corruption will be exposed. Just wait! 

      • ray

        malapit na yang MABUWANG…  first sign is….napakadali nyang MAIIRITA,,, naaapektuhan sa mga bulong-bulungan…pinapatulang ang mga issue na di dapat patulan,,,,,tingnan nyo, sumugod agad sa KOTA ng mga INC…at saka di papatol sa babae yan YAKKKKKKSSSSSSSS…..KADIRI……

      • sojusakitofu

        Everything has its own season under the sun. If after 4 years, Pnoy turned out to be a scum he too will have a dose of his own medicine. While we are not at that point yet, let’s focus our attention to Corona. He’s the current object of scrutiny and the one facing impeachment and not Pnoy. Peace!

  • mikerocky

    There is no doubt PNOY can wield his awesome presidential powers. But he would do well to be humble sometimes and not use the pulpit to get back at his percieved attackers, UNLESS there is a more substantial reason behind the same. To be sarcastic is ungentlemanly and actually a sign of weakness. Kaya tayo nabu-bully ng China because they already measured PNOY’s capability as the Chief Executive. Learn from your mistake Mr. President and grow from it. Likewise, calculate the showcase of your transparent emotions. Remember, your strength is our strength as well, and vice versa.

  • sojusakitofu

    There’s a saying in Chinese ” it doesn’t matter whether it’s a black or white cat as long as it catches rat”. 
    Pnoy might not be the best or ideal president for some of us but definitely he’s working his assto death to clean our institutions of scums. 
    And one of the scums he’s getting rid of is the fat rat Corona.

    • Peter L

      How about Neil Tupas’ father who was convicted of corruption by the Ombudsman? He was appointed by Pnoy in a new position. Maybe, it doesn’t matter whether the cat is clean or corrupt! Sojusaki open your eyes. 

      • sojusakitofu

        File a case in a proper court, I’ll be happy. I don’t like scumbugs in my hometown and I’m against political dynasty.Only support good governance..

      • jexo

         alam mo sir, ang tinitira lng ng ibinoto nating presidente ay ang mga tao ng past admin…. bakit po ang mga taong nakaupo ngayon wala siyang ginagwa… corruption in the BIR is still the same, sa Camp Crame ganun pa din…. sa mga LGU’s ganun pa din, sa Govt agencies ganun pa din…. para kay KGG Pnoy, ang corrupt lang ay mga tao ng past admin, sa kaniya wala…. Bulag na Presidente

      • Bart Simpson

        tga iloilo ka noy? sang si tupas governor, wla stl (legalize jueteng),sang ng bag o governor may ara na, kon corrupt c tupas gn pasulod ya na na ang stl sang una kg ang kickback amo na gn gamit ya pamakal boto ng daog na na sa. galing indi ya gusto mga illegal e. 


       What? OInly Corona, Abalos and GMA?  How about Quimbo ?

  • R

    Better to be thought of as having said nothing after speaking for three hours…than having accomplished nothing after speaking for three years.

  • Ommm

    Straight to the point….impeach him Friday!

    • ray


      • maximus commentus


        Ang dami ngang evidence, siya na nga mismo umamin na may mga dollar accounts siya. Bu-ang ka pala eh.

      • orlyrondo

        sa palagay mo kaya yung 188+1 at pati na si presidente eh walang dollar acct?  nabasa mo ba yung mga saln nila? walang dollar diba? isang hacendero, anak ng isang naging pangulo at ngayon ay isang pangulo, WALANG DOLLAR ACCT?

      • maximus commentus

        Sinabi ko bang wala silang dollar account? Ituro mo nga sa akin kung kailan ko sinabi? Malay ko kung meron sila, hindi naman lahat ng tao sumusugal sa dollar market. At saka hindi naman sila tinatanong ng korte dahil hindi sila under investigation.

        Ang masama, yung sasabihin ng tao sa korte na wala silang dollar account kaya wala sa SALN, iyon pala meron. Gaya ni Corona. IMPEACH NA YAN 4 SURE.

      • orlyrondo

        inamin nicorona na me dollar siya!  ara sa akin lang naman eh full transparency. lahat ng nag-akusa pati si pres. eh pirma din sa waiver para magka-alaman na. presidente, walang dollar acct. imposible!  pero wala namang nakalagay sa saln niya di ba? 

      • Pilar

        tulad ng sinabi ko. di pala kayo nakikinig! ilang ang dollar accounts nya? pinalabas na 82? mayron bang tao dito na may ganun? nakakahiya at nagpagamit pa yan si heidi mendoza at amlac e mali naman premise nila! grabe talaga propanganda laban sa kanya na maraming di nagiisip na naniwala naman!

      • Pilar

        ilan ang inamin nya? 82 tulad ng sinabi ni conchita morales ba? di masama ang magkaroon ng $accounts ha, basta ba’t galing sa sarili mong sikap! BUKSAN ANG ISIPAN. btw, ako rin may $ account! hahaha! hwag kayong mainggit, at tulad nya, pinaghirapan yun!

      • Ommm

        Be sure to not mix that red shirt in with the whites at laundry time….

    • last_mile

       impeached na sya..sus

  • Peter L

    When Coronas speaks, Pnoy comments. When hacienda farmers speak, Pnoy no comment. When Corona speaks, Pnoy say he is corrupt. When Corona challenged Drilon, Pnoy no comment. When Llamas bought pirated CD, Pnoy no comment. What kind of President do we have??? No comment!!! LOL

    • ray


    • Pilar

      teka, teka!naghihintay pa yan ng “cue” sa mga dabarkads! di yan marunong magisip ng anong mga nararapat at kung kailan!

  • ray

    Pansinin Nyo kapag nagdadadaldal sI PENOY parang BIBIG NI ABUNDA ANG MGA LABI….

    • joanne

      very true : )

    • maximus commentus

       At least hindin naman 3 hours dumaldal, at saka hindi tumatakas at magsasakit-sakitan!! Hahahaha!

  • Felipe


  • maximus commentus

    Hahahahaha!!! Renato got OWNED big time!!!

    What Pnoy doesn’t have in looks, he made up for with his wit. He doesn’t have Ninoy’s looks or charm, but he got his sense of humor and honesty.

    • tongti

      Wit?….You mean WIG.

      Doesn’t have Ninoy’s looks or charm?…..Ninoy has looks and charm?

      Honesty?….. fooled for decades and is still fooling the HLI farmers.

      Sense of humor?…..this doesn’t make him presidentiable.

      Wake up MORON and have a blood transfusion for you certainly have too much yellow blood in your system

  • pepengkabayo

    Akala ko noong una itong mayayaman ay good manners and right conduct.
    Na mayroon etiquette at breeding.
    Sa ipinapakita at pagsasalita ni Pnoy nagkamali ako ng akala.
    Mabuti pa nga ang mahihirap at nasa squatter naturuan ng mga magulang na gumalang sa matanda.

    Pnoy kung wala kang paggalang kay Chief Justice, igalang mo na lang siya bilang Renato Corona, matanda at maysakit.
    Sana naturuan ka ng paggalang sa matanda hindi yan ang trato mo kay Renato Corona ay isang bata.
    Presidente ka pa naman.

    • maximus commentus

      Ang corny mo! Ang bata pa ni Corona 63 lang. Konti lang ang diperensya nila ni Pnoy ng edad, Mga matatanda nga na 80+ hindi naman ico-confine sa ospital kung hindi rin lang inatake na at kailangang operahan.

      Sa ugali naman, eto ngang si Corona na mayaman din at Atenista, sinisiraan at pinipintasan ang patay para lang bumango pangalan niya?? Grabe naman sa sama ng ugali talaga… legend na!

      Kaya tumigil na kayo sa pagka-OA ninyo, wala nang magpapasweldo sa inyo sa martes. At saka, Tandaan ninyo, Hindi na bobo ang mga pinoy ngayon. Laos na ang style-bulok ninyo.

    • pinoydinako

      Reply to pepengkabayo

      Kayo mga bayaran pro Corona bloggers dto buti look for a decent job ‘cuz your false idol has clay feet and has fallen.  Baka makarma pa kyo pag patuloy nyo ang masamang gawain nyo dto.

      Walang respecto dapat ibigay sa isang demonyo Corona!  Fake CJ, fake Ph. D., fake SALNs and now fake sakit sakitan (salamat sa SC security who prevented him from escaping.)   I have no respect for this creep…..sinugaling (sandali na lang daw sabe kay Enrile and talked for three hours), magnanakaw (ninkaw ang oras nang mga tao nanonood for nothing), manloloko (pa powerpoint presentation pa, wala naman documentary evidence submitted), manipulative (may sulat daw ang anak nya sa kanya),
      walang hiya (pati nanay nyang patay at in-law patay ginagamit din), mayabang (Now the Supreme Court Justice of the Republic of the Philippiines is excused….he should have added “I will not be interrogated, I came here pagalitan mga Congressmen pati si Senator Drilon…and I will stay in office no matter what.”

      Para kay Cristina Corona, I hope our duly elected President PNoy will just declare a temporary martial law to get rid of Corona and all Associate Justices and the clown clerk of Court Midas.

      • Pilar

        hay naku! talagang mahirap magpaliwanag sa mga nakasara na ang isipan, at sa mga nalason ng propagandang galing sa tabing pasig! imulat ang mga mata at magisip kung gusto nyo na lahat ng kapangyarihan ng bansa ay mapunta sa iisang tao na wala naman maipagmalaki na nagawa!! sa kanya nga ang congresso, salamat sa pork barrel, pati hudikatura ba e aangkinin pa nya? sino ang maaring magpatigil sa mga kabalastugan ng taong itoat sa kanyang KKK? magisip nga kayo! lahat ng paninirang-puri ginawa na na walang sapat na batayan.  marami naman naniwala! buksan ang mga mata’t isipan!

    • Pilar

      tama ka, pero ano pa ba ang maaaring asahan natin dyan, e talaga naman walang modo yan!disyembre pa lang harapan na nambastos yan. napaisip lang tuloy ako kung di sya naturuan ng tamang asal sa paaralan, o di kaya ng mga magulang nya,o baka masyado silang busy sa pamumulitika o pag-mahjong. hummmmm.

      • TGM_ERICK

         4  to 10 years old where character is best molded more likely mahjong!

    • Pinoydin

      Tatanda din si Noynoy at magkakasakit at higit sa lahat mamamatay!

  • Jonald

    “And now, the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused…MGA YELLOW ZOMBIES YAN PALA AY WALKOUT?

  • Philcor

    ganito siguro ang palaging naririnig ni Grace Lee,Liz Uy, at Shalani tuwing intimate moments nila kaya nilayasan….

  • Joonee

    Sana kung paano pinakialaman ni PNoy ang impeachment trial ganun nya rin pakialaman ang kapakanan ng mga Pilipino. Sana kung paano nya ginamit ang resources ng government para magkaroon ng ’45 properties’ at ‘$12 million transaction balance’ si Corona gamitin nya rin sana ang resources ng government para makaahon sa kahirapan ang mga mamamayan. Kasi pag tungkol sa impeachment laging handa siya na magbigay ng opinyon. Pero pag may mga mabibigat na problema laging sa iba ipinapasa (tulad ng hostage taking sa Luneta, pagtaas ng presyo ng langis, kawalan ng trabaho) o kaya’y di agad na pagtugon pag may mga kalamidad na nangyayari sa bansa (uunahin pa party ng PSG bago ang mga nasalanta sa CDO at Iligan). Sana pag natapos impeachment trial tayo na ang susunod na pagtutuunan ng pansin ng pangulo.

    • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

       kayo natoon sa pangulo, sa sarili ninyo kaya po pinatuunan din niyo ng pansin? tanong lang po!!

      • Joonee

        bakit mali ba ko? di ba trabaho rin yun ng pangulo? ako personally di nya kailangan pagtuunan ng pansin, maayos naman buhay ko. Pwede nya ko ibawas sa problema nya. Pero kailangan nya pa ring pagtuunan problema ng nakararami. Di naman ako kontra PNoy, binoto ko nga yun. Pero di pwedeng dahil binoto ko di ko na makikita mga pagkukulang nya. 

  • 189COWARDS

    What do you expect of a low grade decadent Lemon that likes eats lemon every morning… to sign a waiver to open all of his bank accounts to public scrutiny?
    Who was going to universities to make a show with hour long power point presentations?Who was absent at the ASEAN meetings, missing hours of crucial meetings?Who talked hours every day on the phone with his latest girlfriend… while at work?Who spent hours last Monday to leave his palace to go pray a Church Leader to help him out?Who spent hours at a party while People where struck by floods?Who spent hours every day quarreling with the Chinese and now backing off like a child?Who didn’t show up at important conventions without few hours of pre-advice?Who had a full-time secretary and best buddy taking girls phone numbers so he can meet at night?And the list goes on and on…  

    • maximus commentus

      Who got involved in numerous scams involving millions of dollars, cheating elections, etc. so numerous that you can’t count them anymore? GMA.

      Who has multiple dollar accounts to hide his ill gotten wealth? Who is hated by his wife’s family, including a nun for illegaly taking over their family’s corporation? Corona.

      Pnoy can talk on the phone and hit on girls as much as he wants to. He’s not stealing our money and he gets the job done.. that’s all that matters.

      • 189COWARDS

        Who guarantees you that he is not doing “hokey pokey” stuff???

        Your allegations are still unproven… I only saw false documents at the Trial… but this said, for sure Corona is not totally white… who is white in the Philippines?  The poor ones because they have nothing, so nothing to hide!!!

        If the great leader wants to show real fight against corruption, why he is not asking all politicians to sign a waiver to open all of their bank accounts?  Why he is not forcing the 189 (minus 1 now!!!) to sign the waiver???  He is the God of Clean and Reliable New Age Country… as per yellow’s sayings… why he does not ask for real changes, no more pork barrel, no more secrecy in bank accounts for all politicians and government officials and employees???


      • last_mile

         mag contribute n kayo kc ng ebidensya, wag yung puro kayo akusa..kawawa nman ang tao n hindi kinakampihan ng PDI at ABias-CBN..ang lagay ba e pikit mata sa kurakot n kakampi at todo banat s iba..lahatin nyo sila

      • Pinoydin


        Pnoy can talk on the phone and hit on girls as much as he wants to. He’s not stealing our money and he DOES NOT get the job done..

    • joanne

      cowards they are……

  • Opel

    The remark was will within the bounds of presidential decorum, it would have been funnier had the president delivered his speech sitting on a wheel chair and wearing a neck brace. It was far more subtle than his previous statements. He knows he don’t need to hit harder considering that the CJ  already dug his own grave and prepared for his own funeral. 

  • orlyrondo

    ms. valte,m sinagot naman yata lahat. meron daw talaga siyang  dollar. hindi niya inilagaysa saln  dahil daw sa confidentiality. oo nga naman, paano paconfidential kung nasa saln eh ang daming makakakita doon.  ok naman siya na i-waive yung confidentiality pero kasama yung l88+l. dapat sigurto pati si presidente, i-waive din kasi wala yata akong nakita sa saln niya, diako makapaniwala na isang anak mayaman at dating pangulo pa ng pilipinas eh walang  dollar! 

    • joanne

      isali dapat si p-loy sa waiver on all accounts

      • dlanyer


    • Pinoydin

      Wala daw dollar account kasi Korean won at Chinese yuan daw…. di ba hindi ito dollar, kaya hindi nya ito nilagay sa SALN…. hindi din daw maintindihan nung tatanggap ng SALN nya kasi chinese character ang ilalagay nya dun. 

  • brunogiordano

    “Corona is object of Aquino’s sarcasm”

    hindi na ito balita.

    si AQUINO at  CORONA ay matagal ng naglalaro ng SARCASM GAME.

    ang mapikon talo.

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Agree… Nakakahiya pareho, parang mga bata. hinihintay ko nalang ilas yung mga dila nila.

  • maximus commentus

    Hirap na hirap na siguro yung mga bayarang bloggers dito ni Corona at GMA gumawa ng multiple accounts. Sigurado, may mga araw na nakakalimutan nila passwords nila sa dami ng accounts nila. Kaya kung ano-ano na lang ang username nile eh. Minsan nga bastos pa. LOL. Kawawa naman… para kumita lang ng kaunti lalabo pa mata nila.

    • thunderbolt01

       Sira ulo. Ano ang piangsasabi mo.

    • Da Ma Tsing

      napaka walang kwenta ang comment mo……. tsk.. tsk… tsk…
      kapareho ka rin ng presidente mong abnoy.. panot-penoy

    • AmBoy24

      ayos,tsonggong dilaw.hehehe….

    • Russell Ariola

      Kaya nga eh. wala na silang maibato kaya puro pagmumura na lang at paglait.

      Pero baliktad eh. Kasi ang trabaho ng PR eh magpaganda ng personality.
      Sa inasal ng mga troll ni Corona dito sa forum, kahit na pro-Corona maiinis eh.
      yung mga neutral imbis na maawa key THIEF JU$TICE eh mas lalong maaasar.

      • dlanyer

         tulad din ng pagka – asar ko sa iyo….

      • Russell Ariola

        Ayos lang na maasar ka sa kin dahil bayaran kang poser ni THIEF JU$TICE eh.
        Ganyan ang papel ng mga troll dito… asarin yung mga nagpopost ng katutuhanan.

      • D_BystandeR

        Ako nga ay napagud na sa kababasa ng mga walang kwentang comment dito galing sa mga kampon ni Thief Justice at GMA. Aabutin ka lang ng sakit ng ulo mo at wala kang makuha sa lahat ng sinabi nila. 

      • Russell Ariola

        Karamihan naman sa mga post na maka-Corona eh gawa ng iisa o dalawang tao lang pero maraming username.
        Halata naman pare-pareho ang argumento na salat sa pag-iisip at pangangatwiran.
        Kung mag-asar parang bata pero pag pinatulan mo ring asarin, mababasa mo sa mga post parang umiiyak na sa galit.

        Yung ibang mga pro-Corona na nagpo-post maganda rin ang pagpapaliwanag. Kasi maigi rin malaman ng iba yung saloobin ng kabilang panig. Maraming disenteng mga ngpo-post dito yung iba na-friend ko na sa fb kaya pasensyahan lang pards.
        Ganyan talaga ang forum.. ang pikon talo.

  • Ernesto

    Hindi ko na maintindihan kung naka intinde ba talaga itong si Benigna nang batas, e compara nya yung mesages ni corona sa kanyang paglalandi, na napakawalang laman. kung may-isip ka abnoy, nasagot ni corona ang lahat na mga tanong tungkol sa mga bintang mo sa kanya na walang basihan infact kasama pa yung pag langrab ng pamilya mo sa hacienda Luisita. ano pa ba infact napaganda ng hamon for good government para sa mga alipores mo na magsign sila ng waiver para sabay buksan ang mga bank deposit na sa tagal nang panahon hinihingi ng kumare francia drilon mo. ano pa ba ang gusto mo. inilihis mo na naman ang katotohanan nitong mga delegates sa national career advocacy congress. ngayon lang ako makakita nang lalaking Presidente na mahilig makipag-away nang baba-e halata na talaga na binaba-e ka na puro kanalang gloria. asikasuhin mo naman yung problema natin trabajo, peace and order. huwag kanang makisali sa kalandi-an ni drilon.

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    Ito naman ang problema kay Pnoy, wag ka nang sumaw-saw. Obvious na guilty na si Corona, tapos na dun. ZIP na dapat. Ginugulpi sa nga sa Legislative eepal pa ang Executive, hamunin mo nalang kaya ng suntukan. Very Immature. tsk. tsk. tsk.

    • D_BystandeR

      Maawain ka talaga. Ibig mong sabihin “overkill” na ang nangyari kay Corona kaya dapat hindi na mag-comment pa si P-Noy? Tama siguro yong naisip mo dahil ang mga kampon niya dito ay makita mong nag-“wild” na sila dahil sa inabut ng kanilang “bossing” na malaking kahihiyan na bigla na lang tumakas pagkatapos ng tatlong oras na walang kwentang sinabi. Bwahaha…

      • Let’s go, Bob!

        Keyword “Chief Executive”.

  • MG

    Typical Penoy. Childish and unbecoming. Let the Senate decide. In the meantime how about fixing the Chinese impasse. Mindanao growers are waiting for deliverance. Crime is still a big issue. And smuggling is still big business. Yung lang naman.

  • kilabot

    notice the panis na laway ni noynoy kapon habang nagsasalita. no wonder dinump siya ni glee. in addition to being incoherent.

    ano nman kaya pinagsasabi nya sa kanyang speech? as usual, “i did this, i did that…daang matuwid…etc..”. did he talk about the worsening unemployment? increasing tuition fees? increasing prices? mindanao power crisis? wala ! walang kwenta.

  • virgoyap

    For three long emotional hours Corona wanted to air his side before the Impeachment Court but  by walking out it only shows that he doesn’t want to answer questions either from the prosecutors or from the senator-judges. What character does that show to himself as a chief justice?

    • Da Ma Tsing

       we will know the answer this afternoon when cj corona return in the impeachment trial….

  • DondonSantosJr

    etong so Valteliling talaga o, epal na naman, meron bang presidente, senador, congressman, mayor na naglagay ng dollar accounts nya sa SALN nya? kompletuhin nga yun detalye ng SALN hindi magawa eh.
    Kaya please lang, Valteliling wag tayong nagmamagaling, pareho prareho lang naman na hindi kompleto ang SALN ng president, senador, congressman, mayor
    Wag tayong magsalita na parang kay tino tino natin please lang, pare-pareho lang naman kayo.

  • Bart Simpson

    Nice one Pnoy!

    • Da Ma Tsing

       anong nice dun…???? yung tulo laway niya???

      • Bart Simpson

        i like sarcasm. :D honestly didn’t see any. oh well, we only see what we want to see, so obviously your expecting pnoy to salivate, why not make it foaming in the mouth dude to make it more hilarious. 

      • sal292012


  • Pinoydin

    Bomoto kayo sa susunod na election ng tamang congressman para sa susunod na impeachment trial, si NOYNOY na ang igigisa.

    Tignan natin kung matatapos nya ang pagka presidente nya.

    • Da Ma Tsing

       tama! weather-weather lang yan…..

    • sal292012


  • Jon

    It never fails to amaze me each and every time Pwehnoy reaffirms his unpresidentiable, crass, and immature character.
    Does he think the Presidency is so low as to degrade it by his arrogance and gutter behavior?
    Is the Presidency a schoolyard piss_ng contest where the best pis_er wins?
    A heartfelt appeal goes out to his lackeys and minions:
    Teach this man some manners that his family failed to impart on him.
    It really makes him look bad.
    Really bad.

  • Huwes_dkutsilyo

    Tinamaan si haciendero sa salita ni Corona. Wala kasing dahilan bakit i impeach si Corona, walang solid evidence.. Pag na acquit si Corona precedent na ito na kaya palang patalsikin ang isang government official kahit walang dahilan, personal interest lng ng presidente. woohuhuhuwo parang martial law.

    • sal292012

      tama ka huwes……………….hehe!…

  • dlanyer


  • FernandoBusi

    We’ll i guess being a rich kid we can’t run after Penoy from a purely financial corruption angle atleast not his personally but may be for protecting family interest. But the better bet is on incompetence and mental deficiency. 

    • D_BystandeR

      Didn’t you remember what God has said of those people who treat others as of “low character and incompetent?” Hindi mo pa sinabi ang pagkatao mo ngunit alam ko na kahit saan ihambing ay wala kang ikapagmalaki kay Noynoy, sa tutuo lang.

      • FernandoBusi

        I’m not one of those people who bring ugly friends to a party to look beautiful … i don’t even want to undergo such a comparison thats just too embarrassing.

  • namaste2011


  • isalexus

    Stop Noynoying with sarcasm– go to work- lots of Filipinos are saying they are suffering with poverty and eating pagpag! Start distributing the Hacienda Luisita land and don’t hope that your Cojuangco clan can resurrect the case once Corona is out without repercussions of the peasant class!

    • D_BystandeR

      Relaks ka lang, isalexus, para kang kung sinong emperador kung magsalita sa ating Presidente. Alam mo bang kahit “barangay councilman” ay hindi ka pwedeng manalo dahil sa subra kang abusado kung magsalita.

  • yumcha08

    Iba to si PNoy. For all his faults, hinde Ito magnanakaw. Our prayers are for you Mr.President especially in your quest to weed out the magnanakaws of your beloved Phil’s!

  • robertcarino

    we hear this kind of talk a lot from Pnoy, Corona, Gloria, Bongbong, Miriam, mga retired generals with legal issues, etc. etc.  it’s a very sad reflection of what kind of people we have in the highest offices of this land. 

    fortunately, we still have the more dignified ones. many including myself may disagree with the politics of Enrile, but at least here is one person who has always maintained proper decorum while in public. the other retired Chief Justices are good examples, too.

  • yesyesyo

     Go PNoy! keep it up!! Thank you for exposing corona.

    • jomar

       …….and thank you for exposing yourself as immature president!

  • Alajero

    …to inquirer…so what did he said in the speech…apparently it’s not worth mentioning in this news piece…?
    …okay…what will he say anyway…

  • raul n

    bato bato sa langit ang tamaan ay huwag magalit. LOL

  • dlanyer

     sa totoo lang, may sustansya ang mga sinabi ni cj corona last monday.
    1. si penoy ang may pakana ng lahat para sirain ang reputasyon at dignidad ni cj corona para ma-impeach si cj corona kahit walang malinaw na ebidensya.
    2. ginamit ni penoy ang lahat ng pwersa at makinarya ng gobyerno masira lang si cj corona dahil sa galit, inis at paghihiganti kay cj corona dahil sa hacienda luista.
    3. si penoy ang nag-utos sa LRA na maglabas ng maling information sa mga ari-arian ni cj corona.
    4. si penoy rin ang nag-utos sa AMLC na ilabas ang maling informasyon laban kay cj corona.
    5. si penoy rin ang nag-utos kay omb. conchita morales na idiin si cj corona sa U$ account nito na gawing 82 ang $ account niya na may 10 – 12 US$.
    6. mag-sign din ng waiver ang 188 congressmen pati na rin si drilon.
    7.  ipinaliwanag ni cj corona na 5 lang ang properties niya hindi 45, 4 lang ang $ account niya hindi 82 at 3 lang ang peso account niya hindi 31.
    8. ipinaliwanag ni cj corona na alam ni conchita morales ang totoong balance ng dollar account at ayaw lang aminin dahil mag-contradict sa sinabi niyang 10 – 12 US$.
    tanong ko lang kay kgg. na pangulong penoy, ano ang hindi masustansya dito???

    • junolivo

       Hindi masustansya dahil hindi makakabuti sa kanya! lol. Dagdagan mo pang isinawilat ni CJ na “land grabber” lang pala sila sa hacienda luisita, naku po, talagang nakakasira’t wala talagang sustansyang maidudulot.

    • bicolano_ako

      am not a member of yellow brigade, and I know already what Corona has said. What is lacking is substantive evidence, otherwise, the same is hearsay.

    • jomar

       hindi masustansya dahil mababalewala ang pagiging haciendero niya….

    • Crescente

      And who should be impeached? How unbecoming this president is…vested interest…power abuse…bribery…no finesse…incompetent…faking evidences..manipulator…etc etc. And he still has 4 years in power!

  • White24

    This is NOYNOYING<<<<

  • Tony

    Ba’t kailangan pa ni Valte na malaman kung magkano ang ipon ni Corona, may share ba sya? Kahit 50 dollars lang laman noon e dapat naka-declare yon sa SALN nya. Inamin na naman ni Corona na di nya diniklara d ba? How stupid of Valte..

  • alfredo

    Did you say anything meaningful with those statements? How contradicting. You talk of  not talking garbage, but here you are talking trash.

  • Andy

    Garapal naman yung ginawa ni Corona. Tatlong oras na opening statement. Pati patay na kamag-anak siniraan niya. Sabi niya wala silang katulong. May lumatang na dating katulong nila ang sabi may driver, cook at  all-around na kasambahay sila. Pati ba naman yun lies pa rin.

    Sa halip na sagutin ni Corona ang mga isyu laban sa kanya, kaliwa’t kanan ang batikos na ginawa sa kanyang mga kaaway. Kaya tuloy lalo lang siyang nalubog sa putik.

    Dapat buksan niya ang peso at dollar accounts niya. No ifs, no buts. Baka sakali maniwala sa kanya ang taong bayan at mga senator judges.

  • bogart73

    kaya pala tinanggal ng americano ang mga armas sa pangalawang barko na binigay sa pilipinas dahil alam nila kung anong pag uugali mayroon ang presidente ng pilipinas.. nabigyan lang ng kalawanging barko na gregorio del pilar eh sinugod agad ang panatag shoal, akala yata eh siya na ang superpower sa asia..

    • JJF724

      Isa ka ba sa nawalan na nang delehensya sa GOCC?  Walang maitutulong ang mga pangungutya mo.  Mag abroad ka na lang…  join us OFW.  Kung wala kang qualification, mag aral ka sa TEDSA ba yon?  Ang then work to gain experience.  Tiaga lang dre. 

      • jomar

        pre… ofw din ako pero hindi ako bilib kay pinoy…..  he is a silent killer…. what he did today will bounced back to him tomorrow…. and one thing, he has no originality.  ginagaya niya ang style in obama.. sa paglalakad na parang nagmamadali.. whew!!!! gaya-gaya.. puto-maya…..

      • jabbawookie

        You used a lot of words to say nothing–just like Corona.  Bobo ka, ano?

      • bogart73

        ano ang koneksyon ng gocc sa pagpapadala ni abnoy ng barkong kalawangin sa panatag shoal.. isang pagpapakita ng pag arogante ang ginagawa ng presidente ng pilipinas. ang mga desisyon nya ay padalus dalus na parang wala sa tamang pag-iisip.. biruin mo magpapadala ng kalawanging barko sa panatag tapos aatras din pala dahil sa takot na resbakan ng tsina.. eto pa sabay pasaklolo sa amerika..

    • teraytaray

      “sinugod” alam mo ba istorya? tapos pag walang ginawa, me sasabihin din kayo. ikaw bumili ka ng barkong pantapat sa China para naman me kawawaan yang pinagsasabi mo

  • takerenatoout

    God Speed Mr President!!!

    Ubusin lahat ang mga Magnanakaw at Tamad!!!

    • southbound

      ang pagbabago ay sinisimulan sa sarili, sa sarili mong bahay at sa mga taong nakapaligid sa iyo.  pag nagawa mo yon, saka ka lumabas at sugpuin ang lahat.  ng sa gayon walang maipupukol sa iyo pabalik ang mga magnanakaw.  


       Sabi ninyo magnanakaw si Corona at si P-noy walang ginawa bilang senador cogressman at kaunti lang ngayon, impitsment lang.


  • Alajero

    …childlike pettiness…rude and uncivil…totally unpresidential…that’s all I can say…
    ….i know, i have nothing good to say…
    …it’s just so the president maybe aware…
    … is so embarrassing for its citizens…

  • xander1993

    If the Chief Justice will undergo a polygraph test or you might say lie detector test, %100 he will not pass it. All those things that he said are all made up and fabrications and comparing him and his wife integrity to the Basa family….its  a slam dunk for the Basa family cause I find them more credible than the Coronas.. Good luck CJ I think that what goes around comes around and this time you will not have the backing of any higher ups because she too will be ala Erap and will stay in a Kubo, maybe the Coronas too….

    • jomar

       did you watch the impeachment today? anong say mo????

      • xander1993

        Wala akong say cause I was not able to watch it kasi maraming trabaho, balitaan mo nalang ako….OK?….

  • athenapallas

    kahit ano pa sabihin nyong mga korap kayo, at least, si pres. Aquino gusto nyang sugpuin ang corruption at hulihin ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno. e ang kampo ni Glorya at itong si Corona ano sila? mga korap na nagtatangkang tumakas ngayong hindi na nila panahon. pagod na ang taong bayan sa korapsyon at kahirapan dahil dito kaya kahit hilahin nila pababa si Pnoy, hindi nila mahihila dahil suportado ng karamihan. 


      haha sugpuin? eh ang daming appointee na corrupt at yung iba galing pa sa administration ni arroyo na hnd nya pintanggal.. katulad nalang si Niel Tupas Sr. tatay ni Neil Tupas jr. na inappoint ng amo na may kasong Graft and Corruption sa ombudsman at kilalang magnanakaw sa ilo-ilo inappoint biling executive ng isang GOCC? yan ba ang sinabi mong sugpuin? isang malaking imahinasyon lang yan..

      • athenapallas

        di ka ba marunong maghintay? iisa-isahin yan maghintay ka lang. uunahin muna yung mother ship/queen bee/protector/ugat para mas efficient at effective.

      • jomar

          did you watch the impeachment today? anong say mo????

      • athenapallas

        ang say ko, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. and what transpired today only proved that he truly is one manipulative lying son of a leech – he lied in his SALN by not reporting his dollar accts. may it be 88 or 50 or just 4, and that is the very point of this impeachment.
        he manipulated last tuesday’s trial by his 3 hour jabberwock na walang tigil na papuri sa kanyang pamilya at sarili, at pagsasakit-sakitan. but after everything is said and done, maliwanag pa rin: hindi sya karapat-dapat na chief justice. he lacks elegance, he lacks dignified manner, he lacks true intelligence (!), and he is a liar.
        they are still digging though and many more will come out regarding his hidden wealth. it’s just the beginning. 

      • Brian

         anong aantayin,,ang paglilinis dapat walang pinipili………..yang tupas may kaso yan ….ano na ngaun nangyari…………so walang paingiba si pnoy kay gloria.,.,..basta kaalyado……di makakasuhan……..

      • athenapallas

        talagang walang dapat pinipili susmarya ka naman, di mo ba ma-gets? kailangan isa-isahin yang mga korap na yan dahil paano mo naman maiimbestigahan ng sabay-sabay. unahin muna yung makakapag-protekta sa kanila tulad ng erring judge or justice para hindi talaga maka-alpas. 

    • jomar

       agree ako dyan na sugpuin niya ang mga corrupt pero hindi yung siraan niya ang dignidad at reputasyon ng isang marangal na tao…. sana hindi siya ma-karma sa mga ginawa niya….

    • Brian

       sigurado ka na gusto nya sugpuin lahat ng corrupt,,,,,,,.dapat simulan nya sa cabinet member nya at sa 188 na yellow brigade congressman nya na pag katanggap ng prok barrel ay  diretso sa mga accounts nila……….alam yan ni pnoy…….very selective ang pagsugpo nya………..lahat ng maka gloria na hanggang ngaun di umaalis dun sa kampo na yun ay corrupt para kay pnoy,,,pero ung mga tongressman na dati kampi kay gloria at ngaun ay nasa likod nya ,,,dapat habulin din nya…porke ba kumampi na sa kanya……

  • elena banquilla

    pnoy should be magnanimous enough.  sometimes he’s like a child as observed by professional heckler in twitter,  making parinig which is so unpresidential conduct.

    • patawad

      Pagpatawad po.  Hindi parang bata, ugaling ton to lang.  Napakapangit pala ng ugali ng BS Aquino, katulad sa hitsura.

  • sal292012

    pag nag comment kau akala nyo si corona lng ang corap, bkit nandyan ba kau ng nangurakot si corona?lhat nmn ay haka haka lng.tas aquino sugpuin ang nangu2rakot, sus! takot lng yan,lalo na pag mga kaalyado nya mga kurakot rin..kya mag malinis at mapag mataas at bka bumaliktad ang lahat at kainin nyo mga snasbi nyo…..kya corona mag pagaling kna at labas u na ang katotohanan at wag kng mag cnungaling god is always watching us what we are just tel us the truth let us see your dollar and peso acount pra mtpos na ang lhat…at mtahimik na ang bumabatikos sa iyo. 

    • panaloangtotoo2

       para kang si Thief Justice…haba-haba ng sinabi pero parang posporo na si nakasindi…

      • jomar


      • sal292012

        mlakas ang energy ko ngaun eh, di hababaan mo rin ang sasabihin mo pinipigan kba?ano knalaman sa posporo sa sinabi ko?masyaho kng hyblad, buti nlng dka nging abugado cguro mauna kpa na empeach sa ky corona….

  • sal292012

    lahat na man tau ay may kanya kanyang opinion…kya pra skin kng ano ang totoo dun ako..

    pra sa ky corona……sana mtpos na lhat ng ito, sna kng tam ang ebedinsya laban sau panindigan mo, at kng mali ang lahat ng bingtang sau labanan mo blik u sa knila lhat ang sinasbi nila sau.

    pra ky noynoy gawin mo tama ang trabaho mo, kng gusto mo masugpo ang lahat ng corap sa gobyerno unahin mo sarili mo at mga kaalyado mo, pra sa sunod na my gusto kng e empeach na wlang buong katotohanan hindi ka mphiya sa madla…

    pra ky corona kyanin mo lhat ng pagsubok sa buhay mo ngaun lalo na at my sakit ka, dhil pag sumpungin ka ng skit mo sbihin ng madla na nag sakit sakitan ka lng.

    pra ky noynoy wag kng gumanti sa taong tumulong pra ibigay ang hacienda luisita sa mga magsasaka..dhil di ba sbi mo gusto mong guminhawa ung taong mahihirap ?tyka mayamn kna man lhat sna inyo na, msma pa ba ang loob mo dhil sa hacienda luisita na nwla sa inyo?

    pra ky corona…kung totoo man ang mga binibintang sa iyo tangapin mo at aminin mo dhil ang lhat ng katotohanan ay lalabas din sa bandang huli.

    sa dlawa gud luck:   ito ay comment lamang katulad nyo..slamat

    • jomar


      • sal292012

        wla kming tv..kya sa youtube nlng ako ma nood…

  • edgar

    another childish act again by the president. wala ng masabi ang pangulo kundi ang magparinig. bakit di nya masabi na si corona yun? natatakot ba sya? kapon yata ang ating pangulo eh. di kayang magsabi ng totoo. bakit natatakot ba na mabawian? nasan ang bayag ng presidente? 

    • dlanyer

      baka nagpakapon na….  o kaya baka hiwa na lang meron….

      • ray


    • sal292012

      tama ka..

  • Jose

    Breaking news: President makes quick joke before speech, internet commenters get b utthurt.

    • ray

      kala nya,mapapatawa nya ang mga matatalinong tao…isip bata sya….

      • Jose

        At alam mo ba na di natawa ang audience niya?

  • Carrmela

    I did not vote for him. He is not fit to be president. Most of all he is bastos.

  • Brian

    ako din di ko rin cya binoto kc in the first place walang kagaling galing …… bka matapos lang ang termino nya sa selective na  paglilinis ng mga corrupt ….look at your cabinet…look at the 188 congress man na kaalyado mo….

  • $14141131

    Lest you are accused of doing nothing after your speech… topics of which are limited to two subjects, GMA and Corona. You are living on all talks but no walks. Mindanao is suffering from brownouts but the Malampaya $1Billion advertized for energy development was never used to solve the problem. GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines) is now denigrated to GPH (Government of the Philippines) sans Republic by no less than Nhoynhoy’s Mr. Leonen, the negotiator with the MILF.

    • Linu p

      cge pagtanggol nyo yan corona nyo…..nakakatuwa at nakakaawa ang mukha…..binanatan ang patay susmaryosep….may tino pa ba yan….katulad nyong mga alipores nya wala na ring tino….

  • pepengkabayo

    Corona is object of Aquino’s sarcasm….

    Not only object of Aquino’s sarcasm but Corona is the object as his Toy.
    Parang si Pnoy ay mababaliw kung wala si Corona, matindi ang galit o pagmamahal.

  • katabay1106

    Inaagaw na ng mga tsekwa ang Panatag Shoal at itinataboy na ang ating mga mangingisda. Kumilos ka naman Pnoyt at ipagtangol mo ang ating teritoryo. Puro ka impeachment pero wala kang ginagawa para ipagtangol ang ating bansa sa mga tsekwa. Pabayaan mo na ang senado kay CJ Corona at magtrabaho ka naman. Noynoying..

  • vir_a

    As usual, P’noy is just following the script of his handlers. Whatever speech they prepared, he just speak it without thinking

  • andres1999

    It was said by senator chiz escudero that they are making law to include
    dollar accounts in the saln for all government officials.  This is one
    way of cleansing philippine politics..

    By the way, if the president is planning for another impeachment for the
    CJ,  let it be voted thru referendum.  Taxpayer’s money was used, time
    of the senate wasted.  Every juan is now asking the motive of this
    impeachment.    Let it be decided by all, not to be mandated by one
    person only…..

  • skyrockettt

    PNoy, pls stop denying the fact that you have personal grudge against the CJ. You simply cannot hide it.

  • phantomofhope

    incompetent president

  • 189COWARDS

    Its OK, we all do sarcasm on this incompetent that is the laughing stock of Asia… Corona??? Who cares outside the Philippines…

    PNOY is the image of the country… After a mum, an ex-associate to the dictator, a movie star and a corrupted economist… the son of the incompetent mum!  Image of the PHI… 

    • rosamistika16

       189COWARDS+1 (ikaw yong plus), you know what? PNOY is not a laughing stock of asia but a “Sick Man of Asia”. you know why he is called “Sick”? because PNOY is the only president or man in asia who has no fear to declare he would fight corruption and no fear to vocally challenge china even before the scarborough shoal standoff! Fortunately, PNOY is being praised by other countries for that and not being laugh at.

      Corona? i read a lot of articles from newspapers published by a country where i am now about corona’s trial printed right in front of the newspaper! and even this international reporter already have his conviction analysis for corona!

      so, how could you say that only PNOY matters and Corona does not?  You are just talking out of your narrow mind! so please think 189cowards+1, ok?

  • LabkoPinas

    So who cares about Aquino’s sarcasm? I do not even care to listen to his words. “All sound and fury signifying nothing” That is Aquino.

  • Joel


  • opinyonlangpo

    If I remember it right, the two began to dislike each other starting when Corona accepted the midnight appointment from GMA, that was even before PNoy became president. Then PNoy did not make his oath under CJ and CJ fought back by declaring the first EO – Truth commission – of Pnoy unconstitutional. This went on until CJ can no longer hide the fact that he is a stumbling block for PNoy’s anticorruption drive. As he emphasized that he can influence the SC to his desires, he then issued a TRO to GMA HDO and later wanted to disbar De Lima, a lieutenant of PNoy. With the CJ toying the executive branch and its departments, it is no secret that PNoy wanted the CJ impeached which his allies in the congress dutifully did. If Corona is object to Aquino’s sarcasms, then Aquino is also subject of Corona’s sarcasms on the witness stand. These two just can’t stay in power together, one must go otherwise its the divided country that is going to suffer.

  • imjerome

    magsalita itong si ABnoyMAL kala mo sinong matalino. sinuerte ka lang dahil namatay at nilibing nanay mo at ayaw ng tao kay villar. hindi dahil sa mas marunong ka. sa totoo sabi ng tao HINDI NA BALENG ABNORMAL, WAG LANG CORRUPT NA NAMAN. at totoo naman yan. kahit naman cguro tatlong normal mong maria kapatid, alam yan. pwera na natin yung isang kapatid mong abnormal din. pag nasilat ni corona to, tapos ka na sa 2016, nandyan pa si corona. sa kanya huling halakhak. 

  • Aj Opini

    ACQUIT CORONA! MORALES RESIGN!  Oy mga empleyado nina Carandang, Coloma at Lacierda, naka-quota na ba
    kayo sa pag-comment at pagboto sa mga mini-survey? Dali, sayang ang
    bayad. Piece rate ang bayad sa inyo.  

    • Templar Society

       GMA is that you? :))

  • pepengkabayo

    Corona is object of Aquino’s sarcasm….
    Not only Corona is the Object of Pnoy’s sarcasm, Pnoy is obsessed with Renato.
    Pnoy is what we call stalker, lagi na lang binabantayan ang kilos ni Corona.

  • GKid

    Reveal your Bank Accounts and Assets, Mr. President, if you are truly against corruption.  After the massive Black Propaganda campaign against the CJ, I give him Props for signing the Waiver and confessing to having a $2.4 million in foreign currency deposits.
     It is now up to the people to demand that all government officials reveal all their assets, not by Waiver, but by amending the FCDA and bank secrecy law. NO official should hide behind it ever again! CJ Corona should just be the start not the end in removing ALL corrupt people in government. 

    • Templar Society

       Nasa SALN na nga naka-file. pwede makita for public viewing kulit. Palibhasa sawsaw issue kasi.

  • Go

    what else do you expect from a gay president with limited mental ressources?  

  • dipakosigurado

    Finally! The end is obvious…vindication for the Chief Justice, and a revelation of the grand conspiracies surrounding this whole impeachment fiasco….and the best outcome of this?
    The “real” call for a matuwid na daan…ang nakakatuwa, Chief Justice even stole this away from
    Pnoy….ito ang tunay na matuwid na daan, pag lahat ng kakandidato pa lang ay willing to sign the waivers agad! Go CJ…dapat ikaw talaga ang maging next president….I will vote for you! Ikaw lang ang matapang….! Yan ang lalaki! And I admire the Basas to finally reconcile with the Coronas,
    what a wondersful sight to see that…there was indeed an unseen hand guiding the events of that day…!

    • juan_liwanag

      Signing a waiver after the defense and the prosecution have rested their cases? This is what every sane people call CHEAP JOKE! Your own description betrays the character of Corona – “STOLE THIS AWAY”! What have the Basas and the Coronas’ reconciled about? The admission by Corona that the money he kept and sold to his daughther Carla is after all really the property of the Basas? So he has admitted that he did not properly file his SALN and that he really stole from the Basas? I think I could also reconcile with those admissions. Then, the punishment should follow!

    • Templar Society

       yeah. nung december sabi ni corona – WALA AKONG DOLLAR ACCOUNT. NUNG MAY: 82? di naman, 4 lang. and shwing.. 2.4million dollars ang laman ng dollar account. So who’s lying now? :))) betrayal of public trust.

  • pepengkabayo

    “I stress in the Cabinet TO KEEP IN SHORT, direct to the point … We can do away with the speeches especially when we don’t say anything meaningful while we speak lengthily,”PNOY said.

    Tama rin si Pnoy, his speech is short.
    Besides, being Short or Limited vocabularies, Pnoy speech is only one word, CORONA.

    On the other hand, I would rather listen to Corona’s statement or speeches whatever, at least may kuwento ng buhay niya at may feelings pa.
    Si Pnoy, sarcastic na nanggigil pa sa galit.

  • Alamid123

    Natural lang yan kay Pnoy. Madalas sarcastic kay Corona, kasi hindi nga malinaw ang ORIENTATION niya. Sana, bilang Pangulo na nagtataguyod ng matuwid na daan ay maging matuwid din sana at hindi baluktot ang paraan.

    • brianitus

      Exactly, as president of the country, sana siya ang may malinaw na mataas ang EQ sa bansa.  Hindi makatiis eh.  Disappointing.  Walang class.  Considering hacienderong mayaman.

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